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08-09-2003, 10:49 PM
hi julbee again... last week i orderd from hsn ,suzanne somers flourless.. sugarless brownie mix.. i just made some they are dangerous and iam not a choclate lover at all... humm anyways they are made with her sommersweet and the only thing is it takes 4 tabl. of butter and one third cup of cream.. iam just starting phase 2 the only thing iam using different so far is some fruit.. and some yougart for a smoothie otherwise this week anyway thats all my husband and i are adding... with the exceptions of these brownies i like them a lot they are more the cake like.. seems more like choc. cake to me... well anyway anyone craving choclate can go to her thinsgs are all quite pricy for what you get but there are some things i really like i like her salt rubs.. finishing sauces and she has candy bars made with sommersweet too has anyone else tried her items.. i have to say i get quite disgusted by her prices but some things make this diet easier so i do buy some... julbee