100 lb. Club - Listen while you walk, sweat, shop, just about anything

08-09-2003, 02:13 PM
I do not work for the site I am going to describe but I do want to recommend it. I have been an audible.com user and listener for sometime. There is a little corner thread and somone mentioned A Walk in the Woods on audio they bought for their dad. I bought it also but haven't listened to it yet. But I have listened to Seabiscuit, a book by Jane Goodall (the 'chimp lady') called a Reason for Hope which is fantastically interesting, and many other books and magazines.

The way it works is you buy books or magazine subscriptions and they show up in your library after you create an account. You then download software on your computer so you can get them to a desktop or a laptop. Then you have the option of listening to it on the computer of transfering it to a mobile device. I use a pocketPC which I love but almost anything that plays mp3s will work.

And here is a cool deal. If you sign up for a year plan at $15 dollars a month which will let you get any one book and any one subcription you can get something called an Otis player for free. This is a small mp3 player that has only 64mb of space but that I have heard has very good sound quality and also has accessories that will let you hook it up to a cassette so you can listen in your car.

Audible is great for getting me to exercise. Sure I like listening to music but I feel like I am learning something wonderful when I listen to a book while I am on the eleptical or walking or whatever. Imagine finishing a book at the same time you get your exercise? Pretty cool huh? Anyhow you should check it out at audible.com BTW I just checked the website and the Otis player accepts something called Secure Digital (SD) cards for more memory and you can also hook up a device to the headphone jack that will then broadcast an FM signal and you listen to your book through your FM radio in your car. Pretty cool huh? And you can get a $100 off an Ipod player instead of the Otis player if you sign up for a year.