South Beach Diet - Fab Friday at the Beach...DAILY 8/8

08-08-2003, 07:21 AM

A new beginning for mom, dad, grandparents, relatives and son. How Joyous. CONGRATULATION'S! :)

We all have had a second chance at a new beginning. We have looked at our old life and told ourselves that we have to change. Whether it be for health or for wanting to look better and feel better.

We were the ones that had to search our soul to find the inner strength to bring about this change. It is a rough road to walk down at times, but the effort is worth the pain.

We have grown in spirit, mind and body.

We have made some new friends. We have told things that we never thought we would and we have found out that it didn't matter to any of you.

What is important now is what we do with this new beginning. We know that we are feling better and as a gift, we are looking better.

We have a new attitude, we have a new WOL and a great new WOE. We won't fail this time because we have faith in ourselves because we are doing it this time for the right reasons. AND we have all of you for support, tips, "kicks" in the rear end and for laughter and pats on the back.

Just as this new bundlw of joy is experiencing a new beginning one filled with love and lots of kisses and hugs we will too join him in experiencing these things once again with a newness that we will remember for many days, weeks and months to come.

ANTS!! The old expression is Ants in your Pants, but ours are in the PANTRY this time eating some of the things that I used to love...a blessing in disguise or a PAIN in the ----?! LOL :)

Off to the farmer's market for some cantaloupe and other "new" things.

Have a bright and shiny NEW day.

Lady Marcie....thanks GOFISHIN :flame:

08-08-2003, 08:02 AM
Good Morning Lady and Ladies...Gentlemen too if there are any here...
I found today I couldn't wait till you posted Lady, how nice to start the day with your posts....
Today I am still in the first week of phase 1...haven't lost anything, need to throw the scale away..I do have *the headache* so I must be doing something right. I am SO glad it's Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy our new beginning (as Lady so beautifully illustrated)

stay the course,

08-08-2003, 08:24 AM
TGIF!! It's been a long week, I'm glad Friday is here.

Marcie, thanks for the cute baby card, it's so sweet. :) And your post this morning was really hit home with me, because I do feel that with this new WOL I am giving myself a second chance at life. I've been overweight (with varying degrees of overweight) for so many years now that it will definitely be a new life for me to be thin....and I can't wait to experience that new life!!! And you're right, I'm not going to fail this time, as I have with so many diets, because this is not a diet, it is a WAY OF LIFE!

Hang in there tina, the headache will soon be gone, and so will the pounds. They may come off slowly, or they may come off quickly, but believe that they will come off!!

I hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday!!! :grouphug:

08-08-2003, 08:26 AM
Thanks goodness for Lady! Your inspirational messages are a highlight of this new WOE.

Frannymae...been thinking about you. I hope things turn around for you, but if she decides to'll both grow stronger and may end up becoming even closer in adulthood. Let the bird fly and with freedom it will return anew. I know this doesn't help in the now moment, but believe that your future holds a richer connection. Don't stop believing in yourself.'re down to 128? I'm so happy for you (so insanely jealous too...but we'll just let that ride). Congratulations! What is your goal?

Did anyone see Brittany Murphy on Letterman last night? I looked at my husband and said, "See, I want to look like that." He looked at me like I was completely out of my mind. Do you guys think celebrities struggle with weight as much as we "commoners" do?

On a happy thought, it's Friday and I think I was supposed to go to Day 1 of Phase 2 yesterday. I totally forgot. Isn't that crazy? I bought yogurt late last night at the store but I didn't want to eat it first thing for breakfast and waste it. I think I'll have it late this afternoon and savor it. I never thought I'd say that about yogurt.

Have a fab Friday everyone!

08-08-2003, 08:39 AM
Morning All!!

2Dog ~ How sweet, a little boy, congradulations!!

Franny ~ so glad to hear you got the address, hope it makes you feel a little better. it's a small step but a step forward nonetheless.

Sil ~ way to go girl!!

Ellis ~ prayers go out for your Dad

Lady ~ As always much appreciated.

TGIF, I agree. It has been rainy and humid here in Connecticut for so long I don't remember what the sun looks like, But I will take it compared to Gofish and the 109 degrees she is having.

Brady ~ LOL, I hear ya, yogurt not exactly my idea of a treat.

Tina ~ hang in there. I didn't get headaches but I understand that the are only temporary.

:dance: Have a great day!!!

08-08-2003, 08:43 AM
Today is going to be a packed day, not that I'm packed yet! :lol: I leave shortly after lunch to drop off my darling brat, Lucy, at the kennel and then go to Ottawa. I'll see Ellis tonight and then go to the Days Inn for a short night. Darn early planes! However, staying in Ottawa tonight means I don't need to get up at 3:30 to drive to the airport. Today would not have been a good day to do that as we are so fogged in - it feels like living in a pail of milk!

I still have a load of laundry to do and a pair of new pants to finish shortening so have to get cracking. I'll try to check in from LindaBC's or my DD MEW's over the next week.

I promise to do my very best to stay relatively on Plan. It will not be easy but I'll give it my best shot and forgive myself if I slip.

Have a great week, Beach Beauties. :grouphug:

08-08-2003, 09:11 AM
Good morning to all!!

I love getting up in the morning, and first thing I do is check the daily post. Very inspirational each day.

I also want to thank everyone for the great support on yesterday's thread. I am still trying to learn about everyone here since I have only been here 5 days, but I felt like I really belonged here after reading yesterday's thread!!

Thank you all so much!! I really need the support.

As for the meat,cheese, and eggs - I have been eating alot of salads. yellow beans, broccoli, and yellow squash. And Pistachio nuts. FF Cottage Cheese.

Take care all of you! Have an awesome Beach Day!! I am learning that the water is just fine :)


PS...I bought those Somersize Carmel Softies in anticipation of Phase II, I had to try one last night - if you like Carmel they ROCK!!!! I highly recommend!

08-08-2003, 09:20 AM
Good morning, darlings! Marcie, thank you for your inspirational words. :)

Tina, isn't that a wicked headache? It's your body saying, "Where the heck is the sugar?!" It'll be gone soon. ;)
Hang in there, hon.

Twodog... congratulations on the latest addition to your family! :hat: And thank you again for the prayers. :)

Brady, those celebrities' lives revolve around their weight! They exercise everyday for work, eat for work, look good for work...
I suppose it wouldn't be TOO bad. But I always think about how inferior they must feel when they are no longer "flavour of the month". It really must burst their bubbles. I'm glad just to be me... I don't give a damn WHAT anything thinks of me. :D Like you, I WOULD like to be thin, though... ;) Enjoy your yogurt, hon.

Sflake, thank you for your prayers, sweetie. :)
This weather is miserable. :yes: I'm trying not to go outside too often. Or to move too much.

Ruth, just as well you're not sleeping here tonight. My SIL is here now, and she's asleep on the guest bed. She'd probably enjoy sharing with you, but I know you're not into that sort of thing. ;)
Besides, she's got her two yappy dogs in the bed with her. shudder. Horrible little things.
Can't wait to see you!

Hello :wave: Coton (thanks hon... had a good sleep. Shelled pistachios! I need the exercise!), Franny (continued hugs and prayers... so glad to hear you got an address...), Nikki, Didi, Sil (WHAT?!! 128!?!? That's me in college!!), Dentrassi, Tina, Bobo, Gofishin', Linda, Whimsey, Laked, Tippy, Jackie, and everyone else and ALL the new girls. I love you all. :grouphug:

08-08-2003, 09:47 AM
Ruth, have a safe trip, and have fun!

08-08-2003, 10:01 AM
GOOD MORNING BEACH BABES!!!!:wave: Hope we will all have a good day at the beach....I hope I don't get mistaken for a whale!!! I am having a fat day happens...ya know? The balsamic chicken recipe in the book is only just so-so....but it was easy...well gotta get movin'!! laters!

08-08-2003, 10:25 AM
I couldn't start my day without coming here first. marcie's posts really help to start the day out right.
There were lots of people that I want to address but I have to go back and take notes. Gotta go right now to help DH finish removing the last of the heavy exercise equipment (bench, bike and the pull-down rack) so the carpet can be installed today. I'll come back later.............. :wave:

08-08-2003, 10:46 AM
Good Morning to Everyone, hope you all have a fab weekend ahead...Thanks to Lady for her eloquence in the daily thread. You are amazing!!!!
Ruth- have a great trip and a nice visit with Ellis!
Whimsey- It's "ok" to be having what you refer to as a "fat" day, but young lady, I am not going to tolerate that kind of negative talk about yourself "hope I don't get mistaken for a whale". You better rewrite your post without the DISCLAIMER. You are Beautiful.....
BradyDave-If that is your pic on your avatar, brittney murphy better jump back. You are 10 times more attractive than her. I thought we already discussed that weighing 112 was not normal!!!!!!
2dog- Congrats on the bouncing baby boy.
Ya'll have a great day- Ash

08-08-2003, 11:14 AM
Good morning everyone. Hope your Friday morning is going great. I'm on day 12 of Phase I and feeling pretty good.

2dog -Congrats on the new baby - what a joy. My baby is almost 15 now!

Whimsey - please don't say things like that about yourself - it's just one day and tomorrow is a fresh start!

Ya'll take care and have a great day - Joyce S

08-08-2003, 11:47 AM
Quiltlady-Glad to hear you are doing so well!

Jackie-Good advice!! How are you doing?

Sil-Sounds like the room is close to being done! VERY exciting!!

Whimsey-Sounds like you are really getting on track! jackie is right though, don't cut yourself down. it just makes it HARDER (and I used to be the self-cut down queen, so I KNOW what I'm talking about!!) Love You!!

2Dog-CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your sister is getting better, AND you're a great aunt!! WONDERFUL!!! Had a great time at my parents' house!

Ellis-HEY HON!!! Try to put the worries on the back burner and enjoy your visits with your SIL and with Ruth!!! Give Ruth a BIG liss from all of us!!

Ruth-And then YOU give Ellis a big kiss from all of us!!! (And Linda too of course!!) Have fun on your trip sweetie!!!!

Luvkitties-I think I'm staying away from those caramels!! sounds like they are TOO good!!!

Sflake-Sounds like we are having the same type of weather. I agree though, it is a LOT better than 109!!!

BradyDave-It is actually pretty cool that you forgot about going in to phase 2!! Enjoy your yogurt today!!!

Tinabrul-Are you drinking your water? I think it helps with the headaches AND the weight loss. At any rate, I found I'd go along the same weight and then lose a few seemingly overnight!! Stick with it!!!

Marcie-Thanks again for making my morning!! I have a hard time waking up, and your messages help get me on the right track right from the beginning.

Yesterday my youngest son and I visited my parents. 16 year old stayed at home for a band practice. (A friend of a friend of his is having a "fondue party" Saturday night and the band is the entertainment!!) Well, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. Had a salad that was made of shredded cabbage, chicken, basil, peanut bits, and onions. The sauce had sugar in it (I was sweet and spicy.) so I went light on that. WOW it was good!!! Had a wonderful time visiting with my parents as well. DH is getting back from the conference tonight....been missing him, so I'm feeling happy that he's back soon!!!

08-08-2003, 12:23 PM
Ok...I sorry :sorry: I already feel better....I just caught a really bad angle in the mirror this morning...I looked like HUGE!! That is not a good thing when you first get up either...I looked like a sumo :sumo: wrestler!! :lol:...I am going to do something constructive today...that always makes me feel better....I am going to look for a new quilt pattern...and get ready to start a new quilt top...Hum...fall must be in the air!!!

08-08-2003, 01:30 PM
Hi guys :wave:

Whimsey~~I want you to go right back and try a new post (3rd time's the charm) and I do not want to see anything negative in it. Now, go!!!!! :drill:

Welcome to all the newbies~~~ I'm afraid that if I try to list you all by name. that I will surely leave sombody out by mistake. So hello and glad to see you here:cool:

2Dog~~A special "WELCOME TO THE WORLD" to the new baby boy:bb: And a happy birthday to him also:gift:

Marcie~~What a wonderful morning post! You rock :cheers:

Laked~~32 pounds since May 12~~ :eek: WOW!!!!

Sflake~~~Aruba for your 15th sounds wonderful :cool:

Gofishin~~I love seeing your skinny self on that treadmill :cp:

Kathy~~Hey, you are 10 pounds down :bravo:

Erika~~Enjoy the yogurt: you earned it :yes:

Ruth~~Enjoy your time with Ellis and Linda. BTW, are you guys related or friends?? I think there is a story there...

Den~~That Vietnamese lunch sounds great. Isn't it funny how much we miss the DH's when they are away???

08-08-2003, 01:32 PM
Please forgive my typos but I'm too tired to back and make corrections:p

08-08-2003, 01:43 PM
:wave:Top of the morning to all u lovely BEACHIN BABES! Got out early &did the jog thing in the sun & heat:mad:,now its cloudy w/thunder,,weatherman said coldfront movin in,high today "only" 101 w/possible showers,105ystrday!! Hoping for rain,best time 4 jogging :dance: LOOKOUT,I SEE SPRINKLES COMING DOWN..YAHOO!!:jig: My chihuahua"s(Chiquita Mommasita/Macho Nacho) r having their 1st litter of puppies as I post:cb:,3 that I can see(typical female in labor,,panting and grouling as she goes)Nacho is hidding under my chair in fear:eek:!! LADY~thank u soooo much :lucky:,hv fun at the market WHIMSEY~ :nono: :sumo: /whale,ur a hoot! Hv fun quilting! RUTH~Hv a great trip,the real trip is "ELLIS",u ladies hv a great visit and behave :cheers: 2DOG~CONGRATS :balloons: ELLIS~Is it true ur welcome mat says "GO AWAY" :lol:? DENTRASSI~Enjoy DH's homecoming :smoking:,I miss mine when he goes to work everyday :love: 2 all on this post 2day :grouphug:,hv to chck on pupster,wl chck bk later.......OH YEA:rollpin: :rollpin: ,WHO STOPPED THE RAIN???...........have a BEACHIN TGIF.........................GOFISHIN:dancer:

08-08-2003, 01:54 PM
:wave:2BFIT1.............LOVED UR POST TO WHIMSEY,,U GO GIRL..still wish we could get a kicka#$ aviator,,sure wld come in handy:lol: :lol: :lol: ,,guess we could use this one for now:rollpin: :rollpin: :rollpin: ..............GOFISHIN:dancer:

08-08-2003, 01:56 PM
When my daughter was born, my sister brought a big sign into the hospital to hang over my bed. It said, "Happy Birthday!!" A nurse came in and said, "Whose birthday is it?" DUH!!!! :lol:

Sil, Ruth is actually a sexy, 15 year old boy. The perfect internet pal. :lol:

Gofishin'... puppies!! How wonderful!! :hat:
Yes, it's true about my door mat. Although it's getting quite faded... :lol:

Den, I'll be sure to give Ruth a big liss from you. :D (liss? snicker)
Glad to hear that DH is back soon. Hey, we're having Vietnamese tonight! Come and join us, hon!

08-08-2003, 02:10 PM
Ellis-OOH!! Wish I COULD join you!!! Make sure you get a liss back from Ruth too, okay?!? Are the dogs behaving themselves? I know that they tend to "disrupt" things (SEE, I can be genteel too!!!)

Gofishin and Sil-Yup!! Almost 22 years of marriage, and I am still crazy about him!! He left a note on my pillow with hugs and kisses, and wishing me "good sleep vibes" (I have problems with insomnia sometimes.) He is such a sweetie!!!

Whimsey-I have those moments too, but you need to stop those thoughts and replace them with good ones. I lose weight from the top down, so after I lose a few I feel heavier in the stomache. But look up a few inches and you will see that your chest is smaller, or your face is thinner. There is ALWAYS something good to find to drive away those bad feelings. I have had to battle with this a LOT, but after a while you automatically start thinking the good thoughts!! It is LIBERATING!!!!

08-08-2003, 02:40 PM
Whimsey - get that material out and start the quilting - it does always make me feel better. What type of pattern are you looking for? I hand quilt in the evenings and it keeps my hands busy (too busy to nibble on anyhting!).

08-08-2003, 02:41 PM
"liss"? Do I have to shave my legs? Too bad - I'm into the tub right now and then off to the kennel to drop off damned Lucy who had another village run just before lunch. Grrrrrr!
Bye to everyone and enjoy the week on the Beach. I'll be lurking in the fringe of palm trees up by the beach bar.

08-08-2003, 03:09 PM
quiltlady....I think I am going to do a simple 9 patch....I have some plaid blocks that I have gathered....I want to make what I call a 'wollerin quilt' (thats what my nanny use to call them) for my oldest daughters boyfriend!! Do you know what kind I mean??? One that you don't care if you see them wrapped up on the floor, with the dogs, watchin TV???? That kind of quilt....not a 'this is for the bed when company comes quilt'...:lol: Some of my quilts are like that and some are for 'wollerin'. hahaha Got it? :D: I usually don't quilt much in the summertime...but give me a cold snowy day and I can get busy. Just have a hankerin' to start getting my stash out.....fall must not be to far away!!

08-08-2003, 03:12 PM
Oh how I love to I love thinking about NEW recipes that are healthy and good.

A NEW dessert....yogurt and cool whip!

NOT just the plain dessert, NO!

Take one Light yogurt (black cherry is yummy!) and a tub (8oz) of FF cool whip and mix the two together. Freeze!


Your own ice cream!

Ruth, Have a great vacation and may God watch over you and yours.

You Ladies put :):):)'s on my face and light up my life with happiness.
Lady Marcie :flame:

08-08-2003, 03:33 PM
:wave:Just checkin bk in w/u BABES:comp:,4 pups so far :smug: ,,I was just noticing:chin:,my aviator looks just like me:fr:..LONG HAIR,FLAT CHESTED,BIG HIPS & BUTT:dance:,my feet arent that big though:joker: :sp: :flow2:...........LADY~yum yum,I am definetely going for that recipe :cbg:,,Question though,can u eat the whole thing at once :^:,seriously??.........RUTHXXX~can u pick me up on the way to ELLIS'S:shrug: I promise I want ask "HOW MUCH LONGER TILL WE GET THERE"!!!...................GOFISHIN:dancer:

08-08-2003, 04:12 PM
Hi ladies: Lady- thanks for the inspiration. Tomorrow I start the first day of Phase 2. I'm looking forward to Oatmeal. I have missed that, even more than toast.

I think I am finally finding my way around this thread. Been doing a lot of reading, and gleaning information. I have been trying to follow the menus in the book as closely as I can without having to go out an buy a lot of stuff. I really like the Balsamic Vinegrette Salad dressing.

Lady: your "Ice Cream" sounds like it would be very good. I like all the blue Bunny FF SF treats.

Quiltlady: I took part in one of those Quilt chain letters, and I have a whole bunch of 6" squares in various shades and prints of purple. Any suggestions on how to make a good 'wallerin' Quilt. I've been trying to figure out just what to do with them.

Have a good weekend all Ann

08-08-2003, 09:37 PM
Marcie, thanks for your thoughtful post. It really fits with what I have been feeling this past week.

As usual at this time of day I am short on time, so I can't respond to everyone as I would like to. I did want to say THANK YOU to everyone who posts here! It is helping me through a rough time to just read the words of encouragement, tidbits of your personalities, and success stories. I don't feel quite so alone when I am here!

I got my WATP set of tapes today so I tried the 2 mile....and I did it without any trouble at all! Yahoo! It felt good, too! I also received the Polar heart monitor that I was fun to see my heart rate go up and I "walked away the pounds"!

I have managed to get up every day this week and exercise. I think it really helping my attitude towards life! Working my schedule I often feel isolated from the "real world" and this is helping combat those feelings.

Enough about me....You guys ROCK! Thanks again!