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08-03-2003, 11:14 AM
Good Morning!!!!
It is a nice non raining day today and I am gonna enjoy the outside!!! I have decided to get back into the running game this week..It is soo weird, now that I have stopped taking the "mini Pill" I have more energy and feel soo much bettter about things..I think hormones can make U crazy!!!

Tech--It was 40 degrees and wonderful!!! DH and I put the baby in a backpack and walked to Tech every morning..He toured me around the Engeneering building and I saw all the labs and things..It was nice!! We bought stuff in the Book store and he even played some hockey at the rink there...Great place in the summer, but dont want to be there in the winter!!!

Well, off to school shop for SD#1..It was disaster yesterday after hitting every store in the mall, crying, DH fussing etc etc!!! I am glad I just have a 7 month old!!! ;) ;) ;)
Have a great day all!!

08-06-2003, 09:50 AM
Gosh there really is no-one around this week.

Was pretty supprised at WW last night I'd gained at home in the morning but had missed 2 weeks at WW so the combined was up .5 but at WW I lost 2lbs :eek: must have been something weird in the morning. (notice I pick where I'm up not down)

Anyway...our family picnic was fun the rain held off, I drank too much and stayed up too late, but I'd expected that :lol: I'm trying to decide if I want to go to my work picnic tomorrow, employees only no spouses which I find odd.

RR - Sounds like you had a great time, must have been the Chem-Eng building you were touring since Refman is a Chem-eng most of the buildings there are an engineering building of some sort. And did you really mean it was 40 degrees, it's been a cool summer but I didn't think that cool. K and I are hoping to head up there next summer.

Well everyone who's missing, come back please I miss you.

-Tech :goodvibes