South Beach Diet - Say Hello to August! Beach Daily 8/1

08-01-2003, 07:44 AM
Morning Cuties,

Here it is a start to a new month.

What kind of month shall it be?
Lots of rain? Heat? Lazy? OR full of wonderful new recipes to try, activities to keep us moving and inspiration to keep us healthy.

Laughter is a great way to start the day and I thank you for tickling my funny that I can now SEE & FEEL!

We are what we eat and today I chose to eat? YOU fill in the blanks.

Have a great day.

Lady :flow1:

08-01-2003, 07:53 AM
Lady, are you a psychologist? If not, I'm pretty sure you could make BIG bucks at it. You're a DREAM!! :D

Sil, how's your hair? :)

Kim, I'm glad to hear that Kinsey is doing well with the cast. :yes:
My Mom is a faller, too. But when SHE falls, she's got some little trigger in her brain that shuts off, and she falls like a tree! Doesn't put her hands down, but falls FLAT on her face. :rolleyes: She scares the heck out of me.

Hello to everyone else... have a wonderful weekend. I'm going up to work on the rental apartment with DH. I'll feel so much better once the walls are covered again. We had to gut the apartment to rewire it, and it looks like h%** up there. :( I just want to paint and be done with it. And then renovate OUR kitchen!! :D

love and hugs to all... :grouphug:

08-01-2003, 08:46 AM
Hello August and all you Chickadees!

So far the beginning of the month looks like a lot of rain here in Connecticut...hummm.......I wonder if Sil in in our state.

Kim ~ ditto what Ellis said, good news about your liiile one! You must be so creative! The only thing I sew is my dog's toy monkey...he just loves that ratty old thing. I have not been able to find another one so I just keep patching this one back together.

Ellis ~ Good luck with the remodel don't work too hard!

Lady ~ Always so nice to see your positive posts!

Coton~ Too funny about your hair I can relate! I will be fine now as long as I don't see a grey one!

To All the clumsy people~ I was so bad as a kid my parents sent me to dance class hoping it would help....all it did was mess up the dance line!

I did ok yesterday I actually think I was too busy to eat! Nothing major just garage cleaning...yuck, but now we might actually be able to fit the cars in! :dance:

Hope you all have a beachy day!

08-01-2003, 08:59 AM
August is going to be a wonderful month! It will have hot summery days and some of those days when you can smell the crispness of fall. It's the last month of real summer so I plan to enjoy it. It's also tomato, cucumber and corn month and I do intend to indulge in a corn feast before the end of the month.

Lady, you may not be a psychologist but you sure are a cheerleader!

Ellis, gutting an apartment is a **** of a job. I did that to the little house next door. I learned a lot but will never get involved in a major renovation again. Just don't ask me to help or for advice, OK?

It was great to hear that Kinsey has finally decided to walk again. I'm sure she will be much happier now - and so will Mom!

Sil - did the hair make a good comeback?

Sflake - I had a giggle over Coton's post too. By the way, it does turn gray - eventually. As a crone, I just had to share. When you have finished the garage, come and tackle my barn!

I wish I had time to comment on everyone's yesterday post. It's so nice to see so many Beach Beauties posting. This section of the Board is so supportive and enthused!

Yesterday I felt I had eaten too much (2 ricotta desserts) but was pleased to see another half pound bite the dust this morning. I am not sure if it's the SBD plan which I love or the cutting waaaaay back on wine at night. If I do have a glass, it's only a half glass mixed with soda. I got some diet cranberry on my shopping trip yesterday and will start adding about a tablespoon of that to soda in a wine glass. Old habits die hard and I've been drinking wine with dinner since 1980. (Hmmm - that's when I went over 200. Do you think there might be a connection? :lol:)

Miss Lucy and I are off to Kingston for Lesson 3 in Advanced Obedience. I think the lessons are really for me. I am rather inconsistent with her as she is so damned cute with her light brown round teddybear eyes. However, I will persevere because I want another perfect dog like Hershey.

Have a wonderful day on The Beach .

08-01-2003, 09:05 AM
I weent hog wild last night....I need a shrink! What is wrong with me?

08-01-2003, 09:07 AM
Happy Friday Morning, Beach Babes :sunny:

Lady~~Thanks for the Thought for the Day. (You are what you eat...) I choose to eat healthy today .

Ellis~~~When you said that you were going to build a handrail for your Dad, I almost asked you how the apartment drywall was coming along :lol: I feel for ya, but you will be so happy when it is completed.

I was so proud of myself yesterday while I was at the mall. I resisted all the wonderful food to be had and just bought a diet coke from the cookie :cookie: factory. I sat on a bench and had my nuts and string cheese in between shopping. Came home and had a grilled salmon salad from leftovers.

My hair turned out great! She fixed the darker roots and lighter ring that the last lady left, but OMG was it expensive! They even charge $30 just to blowdry the hair, not counting the root re-color, foil highlights, deep conditioner and I did get my eyebrows waxed:dizzy: But I figured that I have been coloring my own hair for so long that I deserve to have a professional do it now.

I have finally reached a point that I am motivated enough to start exercising on a routine basis. I'm going to start today and I know that once my family room/exercise room is completed (in a few weeks) that I will love to go down there to a DUST FREE area :strong:

Good morning to all to come and I'll check back in later to see how ya'll are doing. I'll be spending this afternoon cooking my food for my weekend at work.:chef:

08-01-2003, 09:08 AM
I just KNOW this is going to be a great month! I mean we have Lady to say just the right things at just the right times! Bless you, Lady.

Ellis, good luck with the renovations. I have been redecorating for the time I get around to finishing a room I am already tired of it and want to do it again! :?:

Sflake, you inspire me! I have a brand new car and no room in the garage! :o Someday....

Sil-so glad your hair turned out well. And glad you splurged on a professional job...You deserve it! And I know you must be very proud of yourself for resisting the mall temptations! Good for you!

I didn't get a lunch break at work last night, so no walk. We have been inundated with warrants to enter into the computer, plus it has been summertime running rampant, etc! :s: Good for you! Sometimes I wish the city would enact a curfew. Sigh...

Anyway, my high protein breakfast yesterday worked...I did wake up because it is too hot, but at least I wasn't hungry! :cool:

Here's to a wonderful day on the Beach! Cheers!:cheers:

08-01-2003, 09:16 AM
Morning to All beautiful beach Chicksters!!!

Welcome to August...:cool:

I'm happy to report another 1.5 lb loss this week!! That makes 4.5 total so far...:yes: :yes: :yes:
I originally put my start weight at 205....It was actually higher (around 208) but I know it was probably water retention, so I weighed myself the next day at 205 and put that as my start weight...
Anyway...I'm just thrilled at 4.5 in 12 days!!! YIPPPEEEE..
I love this way of life!!

Glad to see all of you this morning...since I"m at work it's hard for me to address everyone (without being caught..:lol: ) a big hello to all....

I'm so glad to see so many new people here...what a great thread...

I'm here all day....(maybe I'll try to actually work today)...:D


08-01-2003, 09:17 AM
Horray for Ruth, she's back on track :bravo:

Ellen~~I'm glad that the protein allowed you to sleep better :D

SFlake~~Do you have time to help me clean out my garage;)

Whimsey~~Come on gal, I know that you can do it. Your strong and determined :high:

Di~~~Congrats on more weight lost. :cp: :high:

08-01-2003, 10:17 AM
No Sil....I am freakin hungry!!!

08-01-2003, 10:24 AM
Whimsey, I haven't started the SBD yet, but from what I've read in the book, you can eat if you're hungry! There is a whole list on Page 126 and some on Page 127, phus many great sounding recipes. In fact, that's the reason DH and I are starting on Monday.

08-01-2003, 10:36 AM
Whimsey ~ I hear ya...I wish freakin Ben had never met Jerry. Can you tell I have an ice cream problem?

08-01-2003, 10:43 AM
Good morning all. I am glad to report that I am on day 5 and the headaches are over. Also, I had been on Sugar Busters for two years and was looking for South Beach to move me off my plateau, where I have been living for two months. I am happy to report it has and I am down 2.5 pounds. Yesterday, I was feeling completely burned out on chicken. I went out to dinner and ordered fajitas, without the tortillas or sour cream, and ate it as an entree. It was very good, but probably over a "normal" portion size. Anyway, have a great day-Ash

08-01-2003, 11:49 AM
I love Ice cream too....I don't want to eat the foods that are good for ya!! I have not lost my cravings for sugar AT ALL!! I could careless if I ever ate another potato really.....but I would dance naked for a hot fudge sundae!!!

08-01-2003, 12:20 PM
Whimsey-How about sugarless ice cream and making some sugarless chocolate sauce? I know that it won't be quite the same as the full sugar/full fat hot fudge you are craving (I love 'em too!) but maybe it would help. I ate a tortilla chip the other day (my downfall!!) and found it didn't really taste that good!!! You might find the same too!!!! Listen, I don't want to sound bossy, or like I'm nagging you, but I think you are WAY too hard on yourself, and THAT is your main problem. We are trying to make LIFETIME changes, and we are all going to have slip ups and cravings. Unfortunately this will probably be a lifetime battle for all of us. But maybe we can get to the point where the battle is to KEEP it off rather than to lose it. You are a good person, and you deserve to feel good about yourself and be happy. I don't know about you, but I tend to overeat when I am feeling bad. And then I feel bad when i overeat so i eat more. I'm trying to break that cycle, learn to forgive myself and move on. Treat yourself the way you treat others!! You are WORTHY!!!!

Jackie-YAY!!! Good for you!!!!!

Sflake-Too funny!!! My hubby would go into mourning!! He considers Ben and Jerry's one of the major food groups!!! (He is thin though!!!:mad:)

Sil-Glad the hair turned out nicely! When you mentioned "carmel glaze" it really made me giggle...I imagined walking around all day sucking on my hair!!!

Di-You are doing GREAT!!!! :D

Franny-WARRANTS! I nearly missed that one. How strange!

Ruth-HI!!!!! Are you done with the fair for the year? You are always so busy...I admire your "get up and go!"

Ellis-Wish I could come and help you out! It is silly of your Dad not to teach you. You are more likely to get hurt WITHOUT the training!!! My FIL taught me when I was building a passive solar panel, but I was so scared I have never used it again!!! I prefer the spackling and sanding part of the project!!!!

Windsong-Thanks for keeping us all so UP all the time!! Sometimes I drag myself in here feeling awful and you just brighten my day.

Coton-FUNNY!!! I can't see mine yet!! But my tummy isn't quite as big as it used to be!!!!!

HAVE A GOOD DAY AT THE BEACH EVERYONE!! I'm going to try to get out for a walk today. Haven't been exercising, and it is PAST time to do so!!!

08-01-2003, 12:39 PM
I want August to be a lighter month. (a tad cooler would be nice too Lord, are you listening? This 98 to 100 is getting old)

I have discovered a cure for the old constipation issue.. try eating too many peanuts (maybe they should change the name to poo-nuts) Just like a bird with it's grit.. the amazing little peanut can grind its way through your guts and sand out anything hanging around... absolutely amazing!

arie... (I'm no longer full of s***!!!)

08-01-2003, 12:43 PM
Good Morning ladies,

I am happy to report that the 3 pounds on put back on in my 4 day carb fest was able to come off in 4 days too.

All of you are very funny and inspirational. I promise someday I will take notes and respond to everyone. But until then keep up the good work and continue to stay positive.

08-01-2003, 02:50 PM
:wave:Hey to all u beachin babes! 2nd time to post tday,were oh were do my 1st post go dear Dell god :chin: SIERRAHIGH & TIPPY~welcome aboard:flow2: DIDI123 & TAHOEMOM~congrats on ur weight loss:cb: WIMSEY~Eating Lite is r,eating wrong bgone,,grab the book & find things to eat on allowed food list(do not go hungary till u binge)..We r here 4u:grouphug: LAKED~I miss that popcorn smell shaft from my on kitchen:( DENTRASSI~Exercising is addictive,,watch those curbs(they get me everytime):strong: SFLAKE~R garages for cars? I'll pass that on to my DH:rolleyes: RUTHXXX~I miss my Salty Dogs:cheers: &happy hr w/DH(who partakes w/o me:rollpin: 2BFIT1~Wl u get ur hair done @my hse nxt time,we need some rain:rain: BOBO1968~(aka)Grace,,My famous say"well,that wl leave a bruise":stars: BEACHPIT~What does "fanny" mean were u live?:s: ARIELA~Peanuts/poonuts,long as it works, r?;) JACKEI0~Fajitas r my great trigger food:cbg: Good 4u:cp: ELLIS~Hope u didnt do the rewire job:fr: LADY~Help,any inspiration for **** born Texas :shrug: Happy beachin today ladies..............GOFISHIN:dancer:

08-01-2003, 03:26 PM
Hey gofish....I thought I saw your first post on the menu thread.

08-01-2003, 04:13 PM
Hey girls! Thought I'd take a little break...
I'm FILTHY!! I've been using my new circular saw (only kicked back on me once :rolleyes: ), drywalling, ripping out walls, and bruising myself.
We've got company this evening, and he's getting TAKE-OUT!! :D Thank God for good, easy-going friends.

Gofishin, I DID try to cut through a phone wire! :lol: DH said I wouldn't get a shock. Huh. That's the last time I listen to HIM! (that's a tip, girls... don't cut through phone wires unless you're looking for a little excitement)

Tahoe, congrats on getting the 3 pounds off again!! :cb:

Ariela, too many pistachios will have the same effect. Experience speaks. :lol:

Den, I WISH you were here!! You could pull out all the nails low down... I wouldn't have to bend. :D
Can you teach me how to build a solar panel, please? I'll put them on the roof... no, YOU'LL put them on the roof! :)
Did the tortilla chip taste like a little cardboardish? :yes:

Whimsey, you're not doing any worse than I am right now. Don't give up, hon... we can do this!!

Ash... so glad your headache is gone!

Di, you're going to be in the 190's in NO time!!! :dance:

Franny, the protein is a GOOD idea! Works for me, too!

Sil, how did the tiling go? That's something I must learn how to do... I'm thinking of going to one of the sessions at Home Depot. My sister and her partner will soon be laying a slate floor, and I'm going to watch and learn from THAT, too!

Sflake, congrats on getting your garage cleaned out! I'm so glad not to have one at this house... I know it would be FILLED with junk! :lol:

Ruth, make sure you're fit enough to climb stairs when you come over, because I'm taking you up to the apartment so I can get some sympathy from you. :D

love and hugs to all... back to my renovating! :wave:

08-01-2003, 05:28 PM
thanks Ellis...its nice to know I am not alone!!

08-01-2003, 06:21 PM
Hey y'all,
I guess I'm just hanging out here because I love you all, because it would appear I've totally abandoned the plan. I'm so weak. but I am walking still. You all hang in there, and maybe I'll get back on track....

08-01-2003, 08:58 PM
Kim~~ You WILL get back on track: when you're ready, and we will still be here for you. I have a feeling that you will be ready TOMORROW. Come on girl, you can do it, I know you can. :yes:

Ellis~~~ The tiling went great. DH helped with the measuring and cutting the stone tiles and I layed them down. I even did the grouting myself. The bathroom looks like it belongs somewhere in the mediterranean. I just love how it turned out.
If I can do it, so can you:p

Are you using your saw on the drywall? I have always scored it with a razor and then it just snaps when you bend it. Then you have to score the back side so it doesn't tear.

hey, how did the handrails turn out? I hope your Dad tests them before his surgery, just to be on the safe side :lol:

08-01-2003, 10:14 PM
No, Sil... I'm NOT cutting drywall with my new circular saw. :lol: I'm not THAT stupid!! heh heh heh. I do the same as you... I love "snapping" the drywall over once I've scored it. :)
I'm actually building a closet, and I'm using the saw to rip the 2 by 4's, etc. Such a thrill not to have to use my rusty hand-saw or my pathetic little jig-saw.
Your bathroom sounds BEAUTIFUL!! You lucky girl, you! No, not lucky... talented!
The handrail is holding up so far. To my surprise, my Dad (King of Perfection) said we did a good job. ;)

Whimsey and Kim, this will not do!! :drill: Enough of this "abusing our bodies"!! For the sake of a few bites of CRAP, we are sacrificing our health (not to mention our LOOKS, damnit...). We're going to have a good day tomorrow! Hear me!? :drill: Listen, as soon as you cheat ONCE, you're screwed. Right? One bite and you think, "Oh, what the heck... may as well have another." Well we're not doing that, got it?! Don't make me swear at you. I've got a huge vocabulary in profanity, and I so rarely use it that it would be a TREAT to curse at you!

So, getting back to my renovations... DH went out this afternoon with DS, leaving DD watching TV on the first floor and me drywalling on the second. Well, didn't I fall over a piece of wood and fall FLAT onto a stack of drywall. Not to be melodramatic or anything, but I swear I saw my right arm SNAP backwards. I swear it. And my foot. Snapped backwards. I lay there on the floor, arm gripped in my hand, thinking, "Oh God. It's broken. I'll just try to relax a little. Then I'll try to bend it. Then I'll scream uselessly for DD, who will NOT hear me, and I'll pass out, and DH will find me prostrate on the floor." Well, needless to say (note how QUICKLY I'm typing) it's NOT broken. However, a couple of hours have passed since my fall, and I'm starting to feel like I've been thrashed with a cane. Maybe I have a concussion. I may slip into a coma tonight.