South Beach Diet - Say Goodbye to July! Beach Daily 7/31

07-31-2003, 07:27 AM
A sunshiny GOOD morning to you all,

Here it is the end of a month. It sure has been an interesting one.
We have gathered together here as a family to help us all on this path to healthier eating and a new WOL and a new WOE.
We are doing it. We are learning. We are finding out that if we make a slip we can and WILL immediately start again with our next bite.
We are finding support from "strangers" that understand us and our feelings.
We know that this is possible.
We have new attitudes that amaze even us.
We know that we are worth it and what a GREAT feeling this is.

I was amazed to see that my BMI is going down as well.

If you are doing a journal I have found a new place on the web for making your OWN questions. It is called:

Have a great day and remember to take a minute JUST FOR YOU, pat yourself on the back and say: ATTA GIRL!


07-31-2003, 08:18 AM
Good morning to you too Lady Sunshine :sunny: , and to all of the other beach beauties as well.

I had a much better day at work yesterday. :) Thank you everyone for your support when I was feeling bad.

I finally found the Laughing Cow cheese around here, and it's wonderful!! If you haven't tried it yet and can find it, I recommend it highly!

Hey Ellis, when you have your next rock concert, will you remember to let us know so we can all come see you? :lol:

Speaking of long hairs where they shouldn't be....have you ever gone to brush off what you think is a loose hair somewhere, only to find out it's attached? Then you wonder how long it's been there and how many other people saw it! :eek:

To you ladies who are finding your bones again (ribs, hip, and collar bones) mean they really are still there? I had given up hope of ever finding mine again, but you've given me renewed hope! ;)

Den, I hope you neighbor and your friend are doing better. How awful for both of them.

To those who have stayed OP and have avoided "bad" food and temptations, Way to Go! :cheers:

And to those who have strayed a little, remember today is a new day...don't look back and beat yourself up...just move forward! :flow2:

Have a great day at the beach, and enjoy this last day of July!

07-31-2003, 08:32 AM
Morning All! :dance:

Just wanted to check in ... busy day today and a lousy day yesterday, ah but that is in the past and nothing I can do about it now.

Have a wonderful day and be kind to yourself!

07-31-2003, 08:39 AM
Good morning, Lady!! "Say Goodbye to July" ... You're a friggin' POET, girl!! :lol:
I'm going to print off your "prayer" and hang it on the wall. I love it... thank you, sweetie. :)

Twodog, I can't think of anything WORSE than standing in front of a crowd of people PERFORMING!! :lol:
I'd LOVE to have all of you come up for a visit. If you each lose 5 pounds, we should be able to fit everyone in. :D
I'm so glad work was better yesterday, hon. Here's to another good day! :hat:
(and "yes" to the hair question. :rolleyes: YUCK!!)

Sflake... new day today... hang in there, sweetie! :grouphug:

love and hugs to all... back later...

07-31-2003, 08:41 AM
Wow! What a bunch of cheerleaders we have on The Beach! This is certainly a great and supportive new group.

Do any of you use the 3FC journals? I checked out the URL Lady posted and think it's much the same. Of course, there may be an option to keep it private. I use the 3FC journals which are not private and let it all hang out! The most liberating thing I ever did was to tell my husband my weight so I really have no secrets left.

Yesterday was a great day with no big problems. I did take a bite of a donut when I was at the Fair Office - force of habit - but spat it out. I've decided the Fair Office is a trigger place as opposed to a trigger food. Good thing I'm not there all the time as I was last summer. Aside from that, I was OP all day but still am not drinking enough water.

Gorgeous day underway here and it's going to be a scorcher so the AC goes on before I do my walk to the Lake with the Doggage. I have to plan cool meals today. DH will BBQ for sure. That man is a hero! He did the steak the other night in the middle of a thunderstorm. I should have taken a snap of him in my poncho and a sombrero with a glass of red in his hand!

Have a wonderful and thrilling Thursday! I can't believe it's the last day of July!

07-31-2003, 08:51 AM
Dang! It's going to be a hot day!? Curses. :mad:
Ruth, I HATE those new journals! They are WEIRD!! (okay, I just don't get them, and I'm too lazy to figure them out... :lol: )

07-31-2003, 09:20 AM
Hello beautiful Chicksters!!!!:wave:

Another great day at the beach!!
Lady, what a nice way to start the inspirational and soooo true

I did so well yesterday until I went to the grocery store on my way home from work....The BIG Kit Kat bar was calling my name and I bought it...but, it's done with and it didn't trigger me into a binge...I promptly went home and made salmon and steamed zucchinni and summer squash....then a 2 mile walk with the puppy. I also did go to the gym during lunchtime and did upper body workout.
I didn't have any snacks yesterday so I think that attributed to my wanting/having the Kit Kat bar...
( I need to go thru the tabloid/candy free checkout from now on...)

Enough about me....How are you all doing?????


07-31-2003, 09:54 AM
Feeling pretty mischievous this morning. Not sure why, as work was grueling...tons of paperwork and actual criminal activity to boot! I have to make this quick as my DS needs to get to daycare so I can get some sleep.

I have been having problems waking up in the middle of the day RAVENOUS:mad: Yesterday it occurred to me that when I was 'On the Beach" that problem went away. I attributed it to the added protein I was eating in the morning. So today I made sure I ate a high protein breakfast...eggs cooked over 'shrooms, sliced ham, and tomatoes. It tasted great...I'll let you know if it helps me sleep through the day! :smug:

This was my first full day without making a bad food choice! Hooray for me! The momentum is there, I can feel it! I even walked on the treadmill during my lunch break. I tell ya, that is a major accomplishment these days! :strong:

It sounds as if you are all doing so well! It gives me hope and inspiration! :grouphug: And as much as I would love to hang out and "feel the love" I have to run! Take care, Beauties!


07-31-2003, 10:01 AM
Good morning, good morning :cool:

Oh my gosh, I could not believe how many posts there were yesterday! It's fantastic to see so many positive and motivated women here.

Den~~My prayers are with you and and your friends. :angel:

Gofishin~~Your computer skills are just fine. :bravo:

Ellis~~The brunch you had for your friend (food, table setting, flowers) sound wonderful. I hope you had a fantastic time ;)
Some of your comments yesterday were literally LOL funny
:lol: Are you sure that you're not a comedian????

Lady~~Thank you for the morning inspiration~~I love what you wrote this morning :cp:

Ellen~~How lucky you are to have your very own "body guards" while you walk at night:smug:

I had a great day yesterday. Yes, it rained when I went for my hair color consultation (I hate when that happens~it doesn't make for a good hair day :eek: ). I have an appointment this afternoon (yes, it will probably rain again) to get more highlights and some carmel glaze added to the "too dark color" that the last girl gave me. I hope the carmel glaze is sugar free !!!!

I found the exact furniture that I've been looking all over for and when DH came home , we went back over there to show him what I picked. He fell in love with the leather sofa and 1 1/2 chair and ottoman for him, so all the rest was a piece of cake to talk him into. NOTE: the Mexican food and margaritas he had before seeing the furniture didn't hurt either.

This year my goals were to "GET MY HOUSE IN ORDER" including my spiritual, physical and actual house, and I'm working hard on all three.

Everybody here this morning, and all to come~~~have a wonderful day and stay OP and drink that water.

07-31-2003, 10:16 AM
good morning everyone...ellis...I am with you on the new journals...I know how to use them and I don't care for them at all!!! My tummy didn't start feeling better till this morning...I didn't finish my work yesterday but will get it done today... laters guys!!

07-31-2003, 10:30 AM
Hey to all BEACHIN BABES:wave:! LADYWINDSONG~~Loved ur post this a.m. U r the "WIND BENEATH MY WINGS"(Bette Middler):angel:U also reminded me that I hv 1more month of 100+ temps left:flame: ROCKSTAR~~(aka ELLIS),I lurked around this am waiting 2c if u wld post:lol: !! Guess no circular saw massacre last night,hu? :yikes:What wld we do w/out ur daily hoots and hollars??? RUTHXXX~~Spitting is aloud,drinking water flushes lbs down the toilet :dizzy: ,my water bill is going 2b over the top this month!! TWODOGMOM~~LAUGHING COW CHEESE rocks:moo: !! Glad u found it DIDI123~~KitKat :nono:? :bravo:What a great recovery,,beachin!! SFLAKE~~:grouphug:Get bk on that horse and ride high today,,have some fun!! FRANNYMAE~~May u sleep w the angels today:cloud9:..Ur r on track w/food choice & exercise,shld help I started bk jogging yesterday,1st time in 5yrs(acl replacement in knee then 1yr later came off curb and broke my ankle jogging:cry: ) My doctor had the nerve to tell me I was accident prone aft 8 xrays in 7 yrs,,what nerve!! Hitting the pavement again w/thanks to this board:strong:,,Just hope noone watching my fanny fly and celulite squaredance behind me :s: HAVE A BEACHIN DAY TO ALL U BABES,GOFISHIN:dancer:

07-31-2003, 10:42 AM
Good Morning All! Habitat just came to pick up our old couch and my pooch is sitting here wondering what happened to his "lay on the back and look out the window" perch! "His " new one arrives this PM. Managed a great day off yesterday- stayed legal through Sea Biscuit even though the popcorn smell shaft must have been placed directly under our seats!;) Went to Perkins and had a Salmon dinner with salad and steamed broccoli--such a change from our Sonny's BQ days ( an all you can eat ribs, FF, cole slaw, beans and garlic bread place!) When I drive by it I simply blow them a kiss! To all the new chicks out there - stay with it-it works! To the "old" crew - keep at it! Here comes Aug.!

07-31-2003, 10:51 AM
Hey 2BFIT1:wave:!! I must have been posting at the same time u were(accidentially wiped out my 1st attempt again)..As u can c i still need better posting skills,,the edit button couldnt even save me this time:shrug: !! Congrat :cheers: on ur new furniture,,sounds really nice,,,doesnt alchol do wonders:D..........................GOFISHIN:dancer :

07-31-2003, 11:01 AM
Den, how is your dear old neighbour? Thinking of you, hon. :grouphug:

Hey, what's with all the new furniture, Laked and Sil?! :D
Sil, your new stuff sounds GREAT! Congratulations on "getting your house in order"! And thank you for thinking I'm funny... that's very sweet of you. In real life, I'm a complete BORE! I'm serious... ask Ruth. My eyes glaze over and I have no idea what to talk about. I'm at my best when I'm alone. :lol:

Gofishin', I thought I should read the instruction booklet before starting up the saw. ;) I HATE reading instructions, but ... danger danger!! :nono:
I was going to read it in bed last night, but I figured it'd put me out for the count.

Bobo, how is your little love? I hope she's doing alright with the cast.

Oh Didi... PLEASE don't talk about giant Kit Kats!! Aren't they just wicked!? :T

Whimsey, I'm glad your tummy is better. :(

Franny, could you send a car up here to pick up a couple of dopers, please? :D

07-31-2003, 11:12 AM
I've been around even if I don't post! Well, tomorrow night we're grocery shopping and starting SBD on Monday. Our biggest problem will be the first few days with DH's lunch. The veggies won't be a problem because he eats huge salads, but hasn't found a low carb dressing he likes. Also, I usually pack him an entree from leftovers. ( I cook with planned leftovers in mind). Until I have some of those in LC form it will be a trick!

Not much else exciting here. Had a scare this morning. I opened the blind and saw a dead cat in the road. For those who don't know, we live in the country and have a lot of outside cats...too many, but we love our kitty kitties. We also have a farm across the road (unoccupied) where more cats live, so there are a lot of cats. Anyway, this wasn't one of ours and it was wild, but still we'll miss it.

As for the weekend, well, DH has to fix the automatic outside light as it is black as pitch at night. I have laundry to do and I want to wash out the refrigerator/freezer combo. Sunday brings church and still another meeting after.

Have a good weekend everyone. BTW, I don't usually greet everyone individually as I'd forget someone and feel bad.

Luv My Coton
07-31-2003, 11:23 AM
What a way to wake up, Lady! Keep it up, your very loving and inspirational!:angel:

2dog...I'm so glad you had a better day! :flow1: You inspired me to have some laughing cow this morning. When i started 2 wks ago I bought the cheese and celery, but couldn't stomach the celery, never could. Not until this morning when I tried it with the ham roll ups.It was great!!:T About the hair,yes just under my ear lobe. Since we're talking hair, I can actually see my pubic hair!! Sorry if that's too graphic, but that's more exciting to me than finding my ribs ( I'm a woman again!!):devil:

Ellis...are you related to Elvis and what kind of music do you sing?LOL

sflake...Have a great day and your right, don't beat yourself up. Your doing great!

Ruth...:bravo: Just spit it out!!! I'll try that next time too!

Di...I didn't know there is a checkout with no candy :m: thats going to help me out! Thankx

Ellen...Great job staying OP and working out!:bravo: I hope you slept through today.

2bfit...Sorry about the rain! My DH colors my hair, most of the time we procrastinate and I run around with a skunk stripe! We finally colored it Monday and now OMG, my roots are bright red!!With the rest dark brown!! We'll get it right yet. Your a smart lady getting your DH tipsy! I'm sure your excited about your furniture!

Whimsey...I also argree with you about the journals, but I really want to do it. Maybe I should take Ruth's advise and let it all hang out!!

gofishin...Way to go, girl!!! I won't look!You're so funny!!!:lol: I call it Hail damage!

I went to bed early last night (11 pm) and I still got on late!! It's a beautiful day here in Fl. Took Antonio out at 8am. Thats mega early for me. It's normally 11am. I feel great today! I think I'll go to bed early from now on. Waiting up for DH to come home by 1:15 am every night and going to bed by 2:45 will end. I'll see him in the late am from now on! You all have a great day on the BEACH!!:grouphug:


07-31-2003, 12:29 PM
good morning beachies!!! Feeling much better today (day 4). Thanks to all your feedback about my headaches and dizziness. Worked out early this morning with my trainer and had a great workout. I think eating the protein for breakfast before working out really helps. I hope all of you have a great day. I enjoyed reading your posts. Especially the idea of giving the husband margaritas before going furniture shopping. That is plain brilliance!

07-31-2003, 12:56 PM
IMPORTANT WEATHER WARNING~~~for all those in the Southern States.........

I am now on my way to get my hair done so expect major rain and thunder storms to come into the area :rain: :fr:

07-31-2003, 01:30 PM
Thanks 2B! I took the cloths off the line and am boardin up the windows as we go!!!!!!!! At least you'll be purty as you blow down towards us in Florida! That happens when you lose weight!

07-31-2003, 01:38 PM
Luv My Coton!!!! You made me almost choke on my water!!! I'm so happy that you can see that you're a woman again!! :lol: :joker: :lol:

07-31-2003, 02:09 PM
Morning everyone! I am mostly a daily lurker, as there is not a lot of time for reading and posting in my life but I just had to pop in and say you all are so fun! I'm still chuckling over Coton's hair, I curious about Ellis's performance-rock, comedian ????-I'll go back over yesterday's post to see what I missed.
It was interesting that Lady mentioned BMI-I thought I'd check mine last night, (I was reading Eat Drink and Be Healthy), not realizing that it would have gone down, and felt pretty good because it's down a couple points! I'm at a stage where I'm comfortable with the 15-17 lb loss (I'm bouncing about right now) so I need to find motivation to forge ahead and keep focused.
Everyone have a wonderful day-almost afternoon for some of you-and I look forward to checking in tomorrow. Jann

07-31-2003, 10:32 PM
Well I was right ~~Just before I left the hair salon, it started to POUR :rain: Thank goodness I was going straight home.

08-01-2003, 12:22 AM
lol Gofishin50!! Where I come from "Fanny" has a VERY different meaning!! Just can't get that mental picture out of my head!!

08-01-2003, 01:42 AM
Hey Ellis, Kinsey is finally walking on her cast-a week after she got it. I think she wsa just afraid it would hurt. She's getting around pretty well-too well......

GoFish-I am accident prone too. I fell down the stairs twice in a month where I take my daughter for Mother's Day Out-keep in mind we only go once a week-so that means 2 out of 4 times I fell-ANYWAY, the lady who runs it came up to me and was saying she was all concerned and stuff, said "Maybe you ought to get some neurological testing or something" I was like PULEEZE!! I've always been clumsy!!!! I fall ALL THE TIME-but I'm good at it!!!!! My grandmother nicknamed me "Grace"!!!!! I'm the one who walks into those big beams in the middle of big buildings-you know the ones that go doioioing when you hit them and everybody turns to see who the idiot is that just got creamed?? Yeah that's me!!!!!