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07-30-2003, 01:11 AM
a couple of questions..........i have been watching my carbs for about a week now. i think i am doing a combo atkins-sb type of plan. i drink an atkins shake every morning for breakfast and they fill me up until lunch. is this ok? what about the sugar free candy bars? are they allowed? what does this net carb count really mean? are avocados allowed in phase one? i had some on a salad and stayed full for most of the day. can i use ff half and half in my coffee if i stay within the 20 gram carb count for the day? well, i guess i had more than just a couple of questions. i really would appreciate the help. i am on 4 different bp meds and my bp is stilll way too high. it's either lose weight, have a gastric bypass or die. i dipsticked my urine and i am in mild ketosis. one last it ok to eat olives and onions in stage one??? thanks in advance for any help....:)

07-30-2003, 08:18 AM
Hi There, I probably cant really help you, but I am a former Atkid, Ive been doing the SBD for 2 weeks now, I dont know how much Ive lost, I dont want to weigh myself yet ... I might 2day.
Do you have the book? theres a very helpful of list of food to enjoy, if youdont, search the net, thats how I found out more b4 I got the book, Some atkins bars have 22 carbs 2net carbs,
I'm having a brain fart I cant really explain it --:?:
I know someone will be able to help you, or look threw the net, or call a health food store, GNC .. or something like that,

How much weight do you want to loose? Or have you lost?
Were are you located? Im in Ontario Canada,

Well I probably didn't help you, but good luck,


07-30-2003, 08:33 AM
Hi Tinaclaire~~
I can only answer as to what you are allowed on SBD because we don't count carbs.
~~yes you can have onions and avocado on phase 1 (recipe in the book for Pistachio Chicken Salad with an avocado dressing)

~I know you can have low fat milk in the coffee and I think the FF half and half is OK, I'll have to check on that.

~the Atkins shake would be best when you get to phase 2 due to the milk and whey products that are in it.

You are aallowed 70 cals of sugar free foods per day. I'm not sure what you are referring to as SF candy BARS. Atkins bars and other protein bars still have other carbs (glycerin for example) that are not included into the carb count.

Net carbs are the end amount of carbs once the fiber count or the the carbs that trigger insulin have been subtract. Some bars will also call the end carb count "Impact Carbs".

Hope this helps to get you started but it would really be best to get the book and check it out.

07-30-2003, 08:35 AM
i'm not sure how much weight i want to lose,,,first i want to see if i can lose it. then, when i start to see a loss i will start setting short term and long term goals. i am in south louisiana.. i am of cajun descent and have grown up surrounded by good food and an even better appetite! i have had previous success at weight loss when i did nutrisystem, but when i stopped eating their food i gained it all back, plus extra pounds. in fact, the only thing i permanently lost as the result of weight loss plans was my gallbladder. the surgeon said that gallbladder disease is very common following drastic weight loss. i have the scar to prove it. i don't really consider gastric bypass to be an option for me. i have a friend who went through it and although she is a shadow of her former self, every bite she puts in her mouth is a calculated one. she said 4 kernels of popcorn is all her stomach can handle, for example. she said although she had the surgery for medical reasons, she would not recommend it to anyone unless it were a life-threatening situation...i guess my bp is life threatening but i want to try a more conservative approach before considering surgery. anyway, i have 2 health insurance plans and neither one of them covers the procedure.... i am a size 20 right now. that should give some idea of my current situation. i will not weigh until i go to see my bp doctor on aug. 19. he knows i am on a low carb diet, and has agreed to closely monitor me while i try this. the first few days were hard,,,especially at night between dinner and bedtime when the snacks were all callling my name from the kitchen, but it seems the cravings are slacking off. i have 2 friends dieting with me. it helps to have support. that is why i am glad i found this board.

07-30-2003, 09:02 AM
Tinaclaire~~I'm proud of you for wanting to improve your health and taking the first step. I've done Atkins before and I REALLY reccommend the south beach diet . It may slow down after the first 2 weeks but it is a plan that you can stay on for the long-haul. That was my biggest problem with Atkins~ too many restrictions and I do not like going into ketosis.
If you get a chance, check out the book. Go to the bookstore and just browse through it or get it from the library. Then if you like it you can buy it ($13-15). I have tried every diet (just about ) that is know to man , and THIS IS IT FOR ME. Good luck.
Come join us on the daily thread for lots of support and encouragement.

07-30-2003, 09:03 AM
Welcome...I use the FF half& half I refuse to give it up. so far I have lost 10 pounds with slip ups here & there. This WOE really works for me but everyone is different. I am also a size 20 or should I say was, my clothes are quite roomy now. Its amazing what a few pounds of loss can do to your attitude.

I also miss my snacks. Try sugar free pops they seem to help me with my ice cream cravings. I know all about the good southern cooking, my family is from Georgia an boy do I miss biscuits! We used to have them with every meal!

Good luck and hope to see you on the daily threads.

07-31-2003, 12:50 AM
Those Atkins bars (not the Endulge candy) have lots of fiber and protein for around 220 calories. If I eat one of those with a very large glass of water, I'm full for awhile. Yaay! :)

I read about these bars on the Atkins site:

They only count as two or three carbs, whatever it says on the label. You minus off the fiber and those carbs that don't raise insulin like 2B said. They better be telling the truth or I'ma have to go hurt 'em!

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