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08-25-2014, 04:38 PM

It is another hot day here in the ♥-Land but it is still summer so it is expected.

I will take Will into the hospital tomorrow morning at 7 am so they can get him all prepped to insert that pick line thingie in behind his collar bone so they can give him his chemo treatments through it. We haven’t yet been told just how many treatments he is to have. Since he is currently cancer free it probably won’t be very many treatments to kill some suspicious cells that may be lurking in there. Hallelujah he is cancer free but the chemo treatments are just a precaution.

Not much out of the ordinary going on around here. I am still gathering up the necessary supplies for my doll making enterprise and just am waiting for some specialized color pencils that the local folks at the office supply place have on order for me. I like to have all my ducks in a row before I start a project.

DONNA FAYE :congrat: on your weight loss. That blanket is adorable and I am sure the person you made it for will love it.

JEAN Sounds like that secretary has a screw loose somewhere that you have to tighten up for her occasionally. Good thing you check and re-check things like you do.

SUSAN Sounds like you are in for some weather. Stay safe.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

08-25-2014, 06:18 PM
Maggie, thanks for starting the new thread. :cheer: I hope all goes well for Will's treatments. I'm sure the dolls will be a fun project for you. :yes: It has clouded over and cooled down some more. The Sioux City weatherman just said it is raining there.

08-26-2014, 08:30 AM
Good morning to you girls. I turned off the ac, but I doubt it will remain off too long. We are still looking at high 90's all this week for temps.

I did get the vacuuming done yesterday but that was it. Something upset my stomach pretty badly and I felt sick all day. It must have been something I ate on Sunday evening. I am fine now.

I am starting on Jackson's socks today. I had Thomas's one sock finished except to sew up toe and had Jack try it on. I felt the ankle was too loose so tore the whole thing out and am going to make the ankle just a bit smaller then increase the stitches to make the rest of the sock. I don't want it baggy around the ankle and it rub when he is running since they are ankle socks.

Maggie: Hope Will has good success with the chemo.

Jean: Boy that secretary is a pip. I am sure it drives you nuts for her to be so disorganized and basically causing you all so much more work. Sure hope your last weekend at the cabin is warm and sunny and enjoyable. This is our last commissary weekend before the cruise. Since the next one is only a few days before we leave we are not going to shop except to get us a few things to tide us over. I don't want to be throwing out a bunch of produce, bread, milk etc before we go. Can't believe we are finally winding down to it. :lol:

You gals have a wonderful day. I am going to tackle the mopping first thing this morning before it gets too hot. Faye

08-26-2014, 11:29 AM
Good Morning! It's a cloudy cool morning in my corner of the world. The weatherman says it's going to rain, but he said that yesterday and it didn't happen. I am home today! I need to make a food list for the weekend and clean out the fridge. Also have laundry waiting and fur bunnies to vacuum.

"Gma," glad you feel better today! Saturday is the only day in the weekend without rain in our forecast. It will be the revolving door at the cabin this weekend. Ian has football practice late Sunday afternoon (grr!) so they will come Friday night and leave after lunch on Sunday. Beth has to work Friday night (grr!) so they will come Saturday and head home on Monday. We are celebrating Maddy's birthday, a couple weeks late, on Saturday. I'm sure the time has seemed to take forever, but it seems like you just started planning for this cruise vacation.

Guess I had better get busy if I want to accomplish anything this morning! Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

08-27-2014, 08:46 AM
Good morning to you all. Sameo weather, hot and sticky and we are expecting a lot of rain this week too. Seems like it always wants to rain on commissary weekend.

I am going to call later and find out if the Walmart vision center will be open on Monday. If so, I am going to wait until Monday to get my nails done and then just pick up my contacts then. I only buy my insurance allowance from them because their prices are higher than online. I paid $46 a box on line and another 15% discount on top of that and free shipping. They should be here tomorrow. With Walmart, I paid $60 a box plus fitting fee, which means I was able to buy a box for each eye, which lasts 6 months if none of them tear. I have a $150 allowance, but they charge me a $35 fitting fee so I only have $120 towards the contacts themselves.

I have started on Jackson's socks and am almost done with the leg on the first one. They are certainly bright colors. I have to make sure and block the color when they are done as I don't know if the lady that makes the yarn does that or not. They baby yarn should be here tomorrow so I will stop with Jackson's socks and get the baby socks done as her shower is October 4 in Indiana I surmise as my dil's house. I will wrap them and get a card and ship the whole thing to her so she can have them at her shower. The baby socks will only take a day or so as they are newborn.

I bought some expensive dry shampoo to take to the hospital. I got it yesterday. I sure hope it works. I hate nasty hair and it always seems that I can't shower when I am in the hospital. Like I said before, this last time I actually washed it in the little sink.

Jean: Sounds like a revolving door weekend at the cabin. Hope everyone has a nice time though. I need to put some baking soda in the freezer. It has a spoiled milk smell and I can't figure out where it is coming from. I checked everything in the fridge and nothing is spoiled in it. I have been wracking my brain to think whether or not the smell came before or after our electricity was off all day. I didn't open the refrigerator much, just a couple times so nothing got hot or defrosted so who knows?

Everyone have a good middle of the week. Faye

08-27-2014, 04:27 PM
Good Afternoon! It's another cool cloudy day in my corner of the world. This was my morning to work in the gift shop, and I even sold a few things. Bob came for lunch in the coffee shop and then I took him to pick up his tractor that he had painted. I'm home for the rest of the day, I think. I could do some more laundry but sure don't feel like starting any big projects now. :no:

"Gma," we have had rain predicted for several days but nothing so far, except lightning at night. Most likely it will rain all weekend. :( I hope your weather cools down soon. It doesn't seem possible August is almost gone. This summer really flew by too fast. Fall must be closing in as a few trees are starting to drop their leaves. We've had hummingbirds for a week and the orioles showed up yesterday. The hummingbirds are a scrappy bunch for some reason. They weren't like that this spring but we didn't have so many flitting in and out either. They dive bomb each other and are fun to watch.

I need to change clothes and unload the dishwasher. That will be my effort for the afternoon. ;) Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday wherever you are and whatever you are doing today. Enjoy! :wave:

08-28-2014, 08:42 AM
Good morning to you all. Another hot day, but so far, like Jean, no rain. They have been predicting it all week but nothing so far.

I am halfway done with the foot on Jackson's sock so am buzzing right along. I keep being worried about having enough yarn though it said it is 400+ feet so should be plenty for kids socks. I am going to cut Thomas's ankle down 4-6 stitches to make the ankle a bit tighter without making it difficult to get over his foot when I start it. The baby yarn should be here today so I can get those itty bitty baby socks done. I will have quite a bit of yarn left since I bought a skein of each color, but I am sure I will find a use for it. :lol:

I paid all the bills this morning and will do countertop and appliance cleaning this morning then I will be done for the day. I did a load of laundry yesterday and then another load last evening because Jack missed the uniform guy and needed uniform pants washed to get through next week until he comes again. I use those pod things and I stuck two in to wash those pants. The stench of the plant on them is horrible, but when they came out of the washer they smelled just like Gain! :lol:

I have a ton of stuff coming either by mail or UPS today. We order this thing that fits in the cup holder and gives you USB connections to plug in phones, Ipads, the GPS stuff like that. We have a cigarette lighter that has two on it, but this one has 7 combined so it will fit all of them. Since we have 4 cup holders, two between the drivers and two between the seats we can sit it in one of the seat ones and still plug it in to the cigarette lighter. My Ipad has internet data ability, but Jack doesn't. We figured why pay for both of them when only one of us can use one in the car as the other person is driving. In hotels and such they have free wifi so Jack's works in those and such.

Jean: The hospital I go to has a lousy gift shop, but they do have a whole vending machine room where you can buy food of all kinds, sandwiches, soups, candy, chips, drinks, etc. They have rotten cafeteria hours and the cafeteria has just ok food. They have yummy mac and cheese though and this to die for red velvet cheesecake. (I filched a couple tastes of Jack's when I was in the hospital and supposed to be on clear liquids! I was starving after 4 days with no food. :lol:) Did Bob get it painted red?? Our cicadas have been really, really noisy here the last week. Don't know what that means, but I am sure it means something. They are such huge ugly things and I imagine I will find some out on the deck dead as I usually do when they make a lot of noise.

You all have a nice day. Keep plugging along. Hope you all are going to have a nice holiday weekend! Faye

08-28-2014, 01:52 PM
Good Morning! We got up to rain, rain, and more rain. I guess the weatherman was serious last night. I needed to run some errands this morning and left when the rain let up. Five minutes later, as I'm driving down the street it is pouring but I kept going anyway. Sonny was about out of his diet food, which I don't think is working but we keep trying. We are supposed to go to soccer games this afternoon, and pick up the kids at 4:30 from the sitter. I'm betting they won't play since they got rain yesterday and again today, but maybe they will. Also need to stop at SAM's for a few things and want to stop and see our friends.

"Gma," I will share some rain! They are predicting 3" for here. In driving downtown on the "new" street, water is standing along the curbs and not running to the sewer drains. That could be a problem imo. You are a whiz at knitting socks! Do you even have to look at a pattern? Hope all of your things get delivered today. :yes: When our hospital remodel/addition job is done the coffee shop and gift shop will be located on the back side of the hospital, close to the cafeteria. The main entrance where they are now will be the emergency room entrance which is now located in back close to the helipad, and in turn will be moved closer to the front of the building. The employees contributed money towards a garden setting off the cafeteria which has tables, benches, flowers, plants, and garden statues. It will be removed and employees are upset about that. Employees and visitors often eat out there or just go there for a break. Makes no sense to me to get rid of it.

Guess I should be thinking about lunch fixings. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Thursday! :wave:

08-28-2014, 02:04 PM

Not much happening around here these days. Beanie was playing with a turtle that came into our yard and it was so cute for he would bark and lunge at it and it would draw its head back into the shell. He didn’t hurt it and pretty soon the turtle wandered off under some things under Will’s work bench in the patio. We should get some turtle food and feed it.

Since Will has agreed to be in a national study of cancer survival folks we won’t be leaving here full-timing in our RV as planned. We will opt for nice vacations though. The 6 months of treatment was an arbitrary picked number and the doctors don’t really know if it takes that long for chemo treatments to be effective. The study will see if 3 months will work. They have found that Celebrex inhibits cancer cells from growing and will do a blind study. I used to take that med for my authorities in my knee but the med company we have to use now that won the contract won’t supply it and I have a different med. This will be very helpful to the doctors and a worthy study done all around the world. Will can’t start the study until the place where they made the small slit in his stomach heals for it is still draining a bit. I am his nurse and change the soft gauze pads regularly and every day the drainage is smaller so maybe it will stop within the two weeks it is before his Chemo treatments are due to start. His blood count has to be up and the drainage stopped before they can give him his treatment.

I have gotten the materials that I will need now to get started making a doll. Now I need to clean out this room of the glass which is in racks along one wall and the grinder and other items that are on my table. I plan on tackling that job this afternoon. I will take all my glass works that I will be selling to the consignment place and let that gentleman sell them. By the time we hit the road, if we ever do now, I will have made a few dolls.

When Will gets to feeling better we will bring the MH home and we can load all the items we have purchased for it into their proper place. There are a few things now I will have to “borrow” from the house when we do take a trip.

JEAN I certainly do hope the soccer field isn't too soggy and the rain lets up and the kids can play.

DONNA FAYE The smell of Gain is much more pleasant than the shop smell on those pants for sure. Graceous sakes you plug a lot of stuff into your vehicle, but if you do how neat they make those cup holders with all those ports.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

08-28-2014, 08:25 PM
Good evening, ladies! A nice 83 degrees right now. It was 89 this afternoon. More rain on tap for the weekend but the hurricane has turned far out to sea.

There are men digging at the edge of my backyard - telephone and cable tv both. At least both boxes are open. They are replacing a large cable or - I hope - finally installing FIOS.

The Y closes tonight and will not reopen until Tuesday. It's time for the semi-annual cleaning and floor refinishing. I will be walking and doing my yoga and pilates dvds.

Faye, the delivery drivers must surely know the way to your door blind folded! I hated it when Stan missed the uniform man because there is nothing that takes that smell of grease out of uniforms.

Jean, is there no room to relocate the garden, too? It's a shame to lose it.

Maggie, that's a very good thing Will is doing. I'm sorry it's messing with your RV plans, though. I hope you can post some pictures when you get the dolls made.

Have a wonderful evening!

08-29-2014, 10:10 AM
Good morning all. I had to take Jack to work today so I can drive across town and have it out with the delivery supervisor at the post office again. Jack was standing out at the box when the mailman drove up yesterday. He handed Jack two pieces of mail, but I was supposed to get a box of contacts and the two skeins of yarn. I was mad as this happens all the time. It says out for delivery and they don't deliver it. Well, we ate dinner and then I looked online at the USPS site to see what it said and it said they couldn't deliver because there was no secure place to leave it so they left a notice. Uh, no they didn't. Jack looked in the mailbox and out front and no notice, plus the gate was unlocked as UPS delivered later on. On top of that, online it showed the yarn delivery attempt was 3:30 PM and the contacts were 4:50 PM attempted delivery. Now why would they have an hour between them as they were both mailed standard first class mail, no special delivery. I even checked both addresses to make sure the addresses matched up and were right and they were perfect. My bet is it was the relief driver who is too lazy to get out of the truck and walk 10 feet. I am taking my Ipad in and showing this woman the evidence and I am going to let her know I am not pleased as this has happened at least half dozen times. I am going to tell her I am going to call the news stations and report the post office that they aren't delivering the mail if she doesn't do something about this lazy jerk. It is bad enough we have a post office just a mile from the condo and 6 years ago they moved us clear across town to another post office out by the airport, but then to keep having to go out there and get mail when it should have been delivered takes the cake.

One sock done and the second one I have most of the leg done. I am whizzing right along, but really want to get the baby yarn and get the baby socks done so I can wrap and ship it to my dil for her sister's shower.

Jean: Hope Kolby is on the mend. Yes and no with sock patterns. I have a sock book where I go and get measurements for socks and then I take it and the needles size and use the chart to give me my cast on. From there I don't need a pattern. Cuffs are always 2 inches and the rest of the leg is about double that then to do the heel you use half the stitches and on and on and I have done so many I know what I am doing. Basically, I use the book to give me length from heel to toe so I make them long enough. I did find a chart to make different kind of heels though and I use it. What most knitter use is a dutch heel but I like a more rounded heel and it is done a bit differently. This thing I found on the internet gives me about 7 different kinds of heels to choose from.

Susan: Yep, they should know how to get here with as much as I buy online, but as I said above the post office is sorely lacking. No wonder no one wants to use them. Have a good time walking and doing your yoga!

Maggie: Glad Will is on the mend and will be able to get proper medications soon.

Everyone have a great holiday weekend. We have commissary this weekend, our last one until we get back from the cruise. Faye

08-29-2014, 04:22 PM
Good Afternoon! We've had a few more rain drops this morning, and I'm ready for some sunshine! We were sprinkled on at the soccer games last night, enough for me to go get jackets and my umbrella from the car. The fun part was a beautiful rainbow afterwards. Both Kolby and Maddy had good games. Kolby made one goal and almost had another one, close but not close enough. Maddy was goalie and caught several balls flying her way. Ian also had a game and made two touchdowns, score was 32-0! I had my nails done this morning and then braved the grocery store.

Maggie, not much out of the ordinary happening here either. :twirly: So Will has to do the three months of chemo to check his results against a six month course? Different people I have talked to say it's hurry up and wait. They have to have their blood drawn, checked and ok'd by the doctor, and then wait for the chemo itself. I know you are both anxious to get your motorhome outfitted and ready to roll.

Susan, some of the "powers to wannabes" here want to build a Y. I know you will miss going. They tried 30 years ago and the money backing didn't happen. The college offered their pool and gym for walking, which has turned out to be at their whim and convenience. The pool glitch is lifeguards when the students are gone. Even when the outdoor lifeguards offered to fill in the college wouldn't let them. That's caused hard feelings towards the college naturally. I haven't heard of any plans to relocate the hospital employees' garden spot. Parking will become a premium item as well. Bob is chairman on the Board of Adjustments; the hospital had a ground breaking and big announcement in the media before getting the needed property easements from the board. That upset Bob and made the hospital neighbors mad because they put up their construction fence and moved in the equipment before they were "legal." They just remodeled the surgical area, coffee shop, gift shop, lab, and maternity ward within the last eight years and now they are redoing all of that, plus ER, and adding a new wing of private rooms. :rolleyes:

"Gma," I wonder if your mail carrier is related to our sub that I named Idiot! He is always at least one hour, if not two or three, later delivering our mail than our regular guy. :hyper: Kolby was in good spirits last night and went back to school the day before. I know I will never knit socks, but thanks for the explanation. Hope your trip to the commissary is an easy one tomorrow.

I need to get busy and fix food for the lake tomorrow: baked beans, Snicker salad, fresh veggies, and also put together in one place the "not in the cooler" items. As I've said before, life would be so simple if we didn't have to eat! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and the long weekend ahead! :wave:

08-29-2014, 05:38 PM

YIPEKIO I got a surprise today that Celebrix is being discounted and I have a coupon for a huge discount and it will be only $4 instead the huge amount we used to pay. The reason being it will go generic in a year or so. I made an appointment with my Doc and will see her on the 2nd of next month and she can write me a prescription. The meds I am taking for my authorities do not work nearly as well as the Celebrix does and I didnít have any of the negative side effects that some folks have when taking it.

The local market is grilling ribs and so we bought a rack which we will have for dinner along with some salad. I donít think of what to cook this evening. :cp:

After I post this I am going to clean the glass and items out of this office and get set up for doll making. I have two nice tables in here that will be great for all my stuff to be easily gotten to and I can leave my sewing machine out also. Right now it has a place sitting in the floor of the closet in this room. It is a nice double closet with sliding doors. My things are in plastic containers neatly stacked in it and easily gotten to. I just need to get my glass works out of here and that is the plan for today.

DONNA FAYE You sure have some sloppy delivery folks there and dishonest also. Will is doing fine and wants to do more than he really should. He is healing up nicely from the small slits they made in him. I am so glad we have insurance and piggy back insurance for that bill was huge and all we had to pay was zero. Just a great big 0. Life is good.

JEAN How can they get away with remodeling before they get the approval to do it? They haven't yet told Will if he is going to be in the 3 month group or the 6 month group. He will find that out when he has his first chemo session I guess. Yes that is how it works ~ they draw blood to make sure the count is up before they can give the chemo that day. If the count isn't up then you go home and come back later and go through the blood count test again.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

08-30-2014, 11:51 AM
Good morning to you all. It is very overcast this morning, but not cooler for sure. It makes the humidity skyrocket. We are staying in today, but it is supposed to full on rain tomorrow of course since we have commissary duty.

We went out to eat at Cracker Barrel last night. All I can say is UGH! I don't like going there because the chairs are so uncomfortable, but Jack wanted to go since we hadn't been there in a long time. I got meat loaf with no seasoning and the meat was mushy tasting, the mac and cheese was wayyyyy overcooked and mushy, the green beans had no seasoning in them at all and were mush also. :mad: Whoever is cooking there needs lessons. We won't be going there again for a long time.

Here is Jackson's first sock and the baby sock. All the thread is from switching colors and I haven't woven them in yet. I just had to get a pic as they are so tiny and cute. I don't know that I would want to knit them very often though. Sheesh it was like knitting with toothpicks and thread! :lol: The pattern I found was totally goofed up so I just took her needle size and cast on number and ran with it like I always do. :lol: Won't fit a baby for very long, but it will be born in November so it can come home in some nice warm socks, hat and a blanket at least.

I have a menu to plan and a grocery list to make for tomorrow. I am going to leave cleaning upstairs until Monday and do it then as we have no plans for the holiday at all.

Jean: I am sure my sock lesson was clear as mud. It just comes natural to me now though I wouldn't even try it for 8 years because they scared me to death. Once you learn they are a breeze because unless you do fancy stuff, basic socks follow a certain number of circumstances that make it easy. Glad he is feeling better. Sorry you got rained on. I think St Francis could use a big upgrade. The most they are doing is putting in new elevators. There are two sets now besides the freight/patient ones and if you get on the wrong one, you go to a different building and can't get across to the other side without going back and starting over even though it is one big building and not really two. Confusing as the devil if you haven't used them before. It is a big hospital though Baptist is bigger, but it is several different building in a "complex."

Maggie: We have what is called "non-formulary" drugs, Celebrex being one of them which you have to get approval for to take, but then it is fairly inexpensive. I take a bp diuretic, a beta blocker, and a regular bp med drug and my diabetes drug and it doesn't cost me one red cent and they send them 90 days at a time. Jack takes a bp drug, a beta blocker and niacin and doesn't pay anything anymore either. He used to pay $9 for 90 days, but they pay it completely now.

Well girls, I want to get the other little sock made so I can get them washed, dried and then get it all wrapped to ship. You all have a nice Saturday. We are now only 19 days until we leave for Florida and 22 until we leave on the cruise! :carrot::carrot: Faye

08-30-2014, 04:28 PM

I am making a change in my eating routine by drinking a health drink for my first meal that is said to help metabolism. I have low metabolism and am hoping this will help me out. It is called Almasedģ and has been well tested for years and is diabetic friendly. It is rather spendy but actually less than if you bought food for the meal you replaced. We found one health food store here in town that does carry it and I bought a can. It comes plain but I can make it any flavor I prefer. I wanted to get it today because I will start this new part of my program on the first. The first day of a fresh month is always a good day to start something for me. It is 4 p+ per serving when added to water. I can add the points if I mix it with milk and fruit. Since I only eat 2 meals a day I can replace either of them but will mainly replace the first meal. I am really looking forward to giving this a whirl.

DONNA FAYE The sox are darling. You are sch a good knitter. Some of our drugs don't cost anything either. It all depends on ones insurance & piggy back plans. I think it is about time that time has allowed Celebrex a generic to be made so their cost comes way down.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

08-30-2014, 04:53 PM
Good Afternoon from the cabin! We got up to fog and a cloudy sky on the drive up here. The sun is out now and it's really nice. The boat just left with Bob, Jason, Beth, Amanda, and five kids. Maddy brought a friend to help celebrate her birthday. Will and I are holding the fort down on the shore!

Maggie, I took Celebrex many years ago; I don't remember anything about it since it was for a short time period. Glad you can have it again if it works for you. :yes: The hospital, college, and packing plants just go ahead to buy, or condemn, houses to expand their space and to he** with the city codes. The boards usually go along unless the move is illegal and/or harming another individual. In this case the neighbors are upset about temporary fencing and a mobile "office" moved onto the building site. The helicopter has been landing in the neighborhood for several years now, and has avoided the houses, trees, power lines, etc.

"Gma," we are supposed to have more rain tomorrow too. The farmers are saying they will have trouble with muddy fields if it doesn't dry up before harvest is ready. Sorry about the lousy CB meal. :( I've never eaten at one as the closest one is in Des Moines. The baby sock is so tiny and cute! I love the colors in Jackson's sock, they are so fun! He will love them! I find it interesting you can get 90 days of drugs when you aren't on Medicare yet. We could only get 30 before Medicare, but maybe that has to do with the insurance coverage.

Since there are a few lunch dishes soaking in the sink, (mine!); guess I will wash them and get them back in the car so I don't forget them when we leave. Hope you all are enjoying a nice day! :wave:

08-31-2014, 11:02 AM
Good morning. We are sticky and rainy today. Of course, we have to go grocery shopping so it is going to rain on us. It usually does. :lol:

I finished the baby sock so now will just quick wash them in woolite and let them dry and then wrap it all up and box and ship it to my dil for the shower. I hope she likes them.

I am back to working on Jackson's second sock. I am about done with the heel flap so I can put in the gusset, which is the part I hate the most. Not that it is difficult, but time consuming and you have to watch your rows because you decrease a row then knit a row straight then repeat until you are back to the correct number of stitches.

The cruise is 3 weeks from today. We are watching the Caribbean for storms now for sure. I haven't heard from our friends so am a bit worried what is going on with them. I sent her an email this morning to check in but she didn't answer the last one I sent which was 3 or 4 weeks ago and she usually answers fairly quickly.

Jean: Tricare uses a mail order drug program and if you use it you get 90 days supply. Jack gets to keep it when he goes on Medicare in October as our prescription program doesn't change. He just goes to Tricare for Life as his supplemental and that is premium free. He will just pay the Medicare premium and hopefully between the two most if not all of our dr stuff will be paid for. I don't go on Medicare for 4 more years so I will just pay a single person premium with Tricare Prime until then.

Maggie: Good luck with the meal replacement. I have trouble just drinking something and staying on plan. I get hungry then next thing you know I am over points. I usually eat a light lunch though, but have a good breakfast and then dinner. I don't worry too much about dinner since we eat so early and I just have a light snack around 5 or 5:30 than nothing until morning. It keeps my blood sugar in the good range. I don't know what the heck is going to happen on the ship since dinner isn't until 6 PM every night. I am hoping a lot more walking will help with the blood sugar and off set the later eating.

Well girls, going to leave soon for the commissary. Have a good day all. Faye

08-31-2014, 04:32 PM
Good Afternoon! Our sunshine has disappeared and it's getting darker as the afternoon goes on. Bob is mowing in hopes to beat the rain in the forecast. I've been sorting through receipts to file and working on the laundry piles. I really should work on the afghan but it's just too humid and sticky.

"Gma," I hope you hear back from your cruise friend. :yes: It won't be long until you are on your way! My dad had Tricare and my "mom" is still on that plan. She has been very happy with it. How was the commissary on a rainy day? Hope it was simple and fast for you!

Bob is dragging out the big ladder so I'd better go see what he is going to fix. :hyper: Hope you all are enjoying a nice relaxing day! :wave:

08-31-2014, 07:34 PM

I am looking forward to tomorrow when I start using the meal replacement mix. I wonít bore you the details each day (maybe) :lol: but since it is a well balanced meal replacement drink I think it will be fun. The literature that came with it says it is as filling as if you have eaten a meal. The success of the Almased Dietary Supplement has been proven by scientists. Nutritional scientist of the University of Freiburg Germany, conducted a comparative study of various dieting methods. The Almased Diet turned out to be the most effective one by far. During the use of this product the metabolism is sped up and improved and remains balanced. That is why I researched it because of the metabolism thing ~ mine in very low. I am willing to give it a try. I will still be doing my meals the WW way and counting my points+.

JEAN Wish we had some of your cooler weather.

DONNA FAYE If you have trouble drinking something and staying on plan then this program I am going to start isn't for you. You seem to lose by chunks when you stick to your plan. Time is going to whiz by now until your cruise. The folks you knit for will be very joyed by the neat work you do. :yes:

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

08-31-2014, 08:40 PM
Maggie, what do you mix together for your drink? I have to admit that I'd much rather chew, than drink, and the crunchier the better. :twirly: I have a slow metabolism too, so will be curious to see how it goes for you. When I'm determined and motivated I do much better. It seems I have lost both in the last few months, :cry: and I need to make a plan. :carrot: It is very humid and sticky right now; the sky was kind of green, but it is very dark now. Bob says the thunder sounds like hail -- kind of rumbles. We are in a watch right now. Both cats are staying low to the floor. :lol:

08-31-2014, 11:04 PM

JEAN To mix up the Almasedģ they say to only use cold or lukewarm liquids, otherwise the metabolism-enhancing properties will be lost if you use hot water. However you will lose more weight by using plain water (filtered or bottled) then dissolving it in skim or low fat milk. You can flavor it with the bottled kind of flavoring such as lemon, coconut, or vanilla to name a few. You can also mix it in unsweetened almond or soy milk. Most people prefer mixing it with some other liquid than water. I hope this has answered your question. BTW ~ I do plan on munching on celery and carrots to get in my crunching need.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

09-01-2014, 11:17 AM
Good morning girls. We are heading out in just a few minutes to do a couple errands. We need to go to Krogers to get some things the commissary didn't have and to UPS box store to drop off return to Amazon that doesn't work.

I guess I won't get any work done today like I thought, but there is always tomorrow. :D

I finished Jackson's socks and will try and use duplicate stitch and put a Lego figure on the leg of the sock. I have only done a few duplicate stitch projects and only letters and a shamrock so I don't know how well this will go, but am going to give it a shot. I will post it if it comes out ok.

Jean: It came down hard on the way to the store yesterday, but tapered off when we got there so we didn't get wet. We finished it up and the store was quiet and not many people so we whizzed right through even through checkout, which is unusual. Tricare beats every insurance plan I have ever seen. We have $12 dr visits, $30 hospital stays and nothing on an medical procedures like blood tests, cat scans, xrays, stuff like that. My 5 day hospital stay was $131,000 and we will be billed for $30. Most prescriptions as I said we pay nothing for and get 90 days at a time. Our yearly premium has gone up, but it is only $556 a year or $139 a quarter for family. My single will go down to $69 a quarter and under $300 a year. Most people pay anywhere from 2 to 5 times that and have higher copays if they even can get an HMO.

Maggie: Again, good luck on your new plan. As long as it contains what you need nutrient wise and isn't stiffing you health wise go for it.

You all have a nice day. Jack will be down in a second so need to get my shoes on and get things gathered up. Faye

09-01-2014, 11:17 AM
Happy Labor Day! Heading for the 90s today with rain this evening.

Kohl's is having a big sale and I have a $30 off coupon so I'm going to try to find a new pair of ASCIS Rythmic 2 Cross Trainers. These are suitable for Zumba and the Y is starting a new Zumba for Seniors class this week.

Faye, Such a tiny sock! They are lovely. I see the cruise countdown is now at 20 today. Such excitement getting ready and finally sailing off!

Jean, exercise is one of the best things for improving metabolism. Losing weight is all about choices. We choose to do what is necessary to make the lifestyle changes or we choose to continue down the other path and probably more weight gain.

Maggie, I read up on Almsed and I don't see how it can improve metabolism because it is soy protein. Soy inhibits the thyroid and my RD told me not to use it in any form. I'm currently on 275 mcg Synthroid. Since the scientists were hired by the manufacturer, I think their report is biased. I'm not opposed to meal replacement shakes for I used one for breakfast myself. I like Body Fortress Whey Protein (Cookies and Cream - 150 calories, 30 gram protein, 6 carbs, 1 fiber, and 3 grams fat). It'll be interesting to see how you do.

Have a fun day!

09-01-2014, 01:39 PM
Good Morning! We got up to a cool, bright, and sunny morning but the sun has disappeared. We had a storm roll through last evening with a greenish sky and strange rumbling thunder. We got an inch of rain in less than an hour, but no hail nor wind damage. We are becoming water logged! I bought a new filter water pitcher with a "guide" to the lights on top. I remember where I put the book but it has sprouted legs and took off. Bob even helped me look; I know I will find it someday when I'm looking for something else. Our friend, Danny, died this morning. I feel so sorry that he and his family's had to go through this, but glad he is finally at peace.

Maggie, let us know what flavor you choose and how it tastes. I remember trying a powdered breakfast drink years ago and thought it tasted gritty like powder. I didn't have a blender so imagine that would have helped. I pitched the whole box after one try. :lol:

"Gma," the housework will be waiting for you tomorrow. ;) I find it harder to clean when Bob is home. Good luck with the Lego figure on Jackson's socks. I wonder how many other people your insurance paid for when you were in the hospital.

Susan, it's a good thing I don't live close to a Kohls as I get online coupons all the time. The last time I was in the store, the shelves were a mess, and sizes all mixed up on the racks; my first thought was they had cut back on hours so straightening, etc., didn't get done. I wish you lived closer to me! I always feel inspired after reading your exercise efforts! :cheer:

The dishwasher just finished so will unload that and check the dryer. A woman's work is never done! :lol: I wonder how they ever got everything done before dishwashers, washers, and dryers. Scary thought for us! Have a super Monday and a great first day of September! :wave:

09-01-2014, 06:27 PM

It is going to be a nice day here in the ♥-Land for the wind isnít blowing. We had a nice little bit of rain last evening and since it is still Will is out spraying some weeds. Those sticker weeds are not good for the dogs for sure for they get tangled up in their hair.

This is Willís birthday and we are going to grill burgers for the evening meal. He hasnít decided yet just what he wants me to get him so I will wait until he does to get anything for him. I am getting a golden fox vest for mine. :cp: The fur coats I had in the past were just too warm for me to be comfortable and so I think this vest will be great.

Our electricity just blipped ~ wonder what happened. Now my printer wonít work so I have to set it up.

This is my first day of the diet supplement drink and I used it for lunch and it was delicious. I put a tad bit of almond flavoring in it and mixed it all up w/some milk using my hand wand mixer. It came out thick and smooth as silk. My next one I think I will add some fiber powder and use a different flavoring. I may have to add some water because that fiber may make it too thick to drink.

SUSAN I take 0.2mg of Levothyroxin a day for my missing thyroid. I take my thyroid meds right when I get up so they can be dissolved before I take any other of my meds. I see my doc tomorrow and will ask her about this drink mix. I could find nothing about adverse things in all the research I did on it.

JEAN :lol: I have a small blender and a couple wand blenders which are great to use.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

09-01-2014, 08:25 PM
:bday2you: Will! Hope you had a nice day! :balloons:

09-02-2014, 09:19 AM
Good morning to you ladies. I can't tell whether it is cloudy or not. All I can see from sitting here at the computer is one little slice of sky between all the trees and it is hard to tell. For an urban area our complex has a lot of trees, oak, maples, magnolias, which are gorgeous when they bloom and a lot of pine trees for some reason. Our tree here in the back yarn is a maple tree. Every spring I end up with strings of sap all over the deck.

Lego socks and Lego man finished!!! I say every time I do this that I am never going to duplicate stitch again. This one was a real corker because the sock is striped in the bright colors and the "man" is duplicate stitched in the same colors so there were sections where I was stitching over the same color and a couple times I lost my place and had to tear our a few and start over because I had laid it down before finishing a section. He turned out cute even without him being outlined. I found outlining his body just did not work well. It is sort of like cross stitch as you use cross stitch patterns, but you use yarn instead of thread and instead of making "x's" you color in the "v's" of a knitting stitch. With cross stitch you have a blank canvas though and with knitting you are covering up another color so it can be tricky. I just hope the little bugger hasn't moved on to something else by Christmas and refuses to wear them. :^:

Jack has a short work week, then works all next week, then only Monday and Tuesday of the following week. He is taking Wednesday off so we can go out to the bank and get money and we can get the car washed and cleaned, and gas up and stuff like that. We hope to leave around 6:30 AM the day we leave. I hate taking out so much cash though as it makes me nervous. The thing is, I don't trust foreign credit card transactions as we have had a couple issues though we have never even used our credit cards in foreign countries. Last year someone made a bunch of phone calls and charged our credit card during the dates we were on the cruise and they were from one of the port countries. We have to give the cruise company a credit card for onboard purchases and somehow they got our number from that. I take $500 in cash to spend when we are in port, $300 in cash for car travel and then about $150 for tips on the ship and the shuttles and such. When it is gone that is it no more souvenir buying. :lol: We are getting the guys something Jack saw that the ship sells so it will be charged to our credit card. I am thinking of getting Thomas a tank top of some kind as he could wear it when he is jogging. He has to wear uniforms to school and he only wears Aeropostale, Holister and one other brand of tshirts with logos. Teenagers! :lol:

One of my friends from school makes these cool quilts out of tshirts and such for people that are Nascar fans or want a college logo one, etc. I asked her how much she would charge to make me a wall hanging one that has Navy stuff on it. I would have to find stuff to go on it though so I would have to go out to the exchange and buy some tshirts and such I imagine. I thought he would like it for his office. We shall see.

Susan: We are certainly ready to sail away! I will get my exercise on this ship for sure as it is huge. It has around 6600 passengers. It will be like being on an aircraft carrier again only with bigtime luxury perks. :lol:

Maggie: Send best wishes to your hubby for his birthday. Hope he had a nice one. I am coming up on one this month and Jack's is next month. I believe all you ladies have birthdays coming up too.

Jean: Oh, I am so very sorry for your friend losing her husband. I know she must find some peace though with him being in such pain and how horrible it was for him and now his struggle is over. Do they live close enough that you can go to the funeral? The pictures of your grandkids and you and Bob were great. You look like young 30 yr olds! ;)

Well I guess I should take my bsugar and get myself some breakfast. You all have a great day. Busy, busy for me today. Faye

09-02-2014, 03:36 PM
Good Afternoon! It's a bright sunny day in my neighborhood, but cool. It was 55 degrees at 6 am! :brr: There wasn't much money at church, and we were done counting before the bank opened. Bob took my car in to have the scratches repaired and recall done. The loaner is just like mine only four years older. It's even red. Makes me happy!

"Gma," I love the socks!!!! They turned out so cute! :cp: I'm sure Jackson will be so tickled with them. I have seen the t-shirt quilts, here they used the sports shirts from the beginning all through school. The mother bought two each year and kept one for the quilt. Our friends live about an hour away, in Bob's little hometown. The town is big on a prayer service the night before the funeral. That will be in Sioux City so plan to go to that and the funeral. Bob and Jason are supposed to leave for MT on Friday, so will see when the funeral is, still haven't heard. Jack is really on the count down at work! I've never heard of Thomas' favorite t-shirt brands. :o Ian likes Underarmor (?). I never know how much cash to take on vacation, and usually come home with most of it. I tend to use credit cards, but never my debit card. Beth put the pictures on FB -- I think I look like an old hag! :rolleyes:

I have to run a couple errands and stop by the card shop so better get going. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

09-02-2014, 06:26 PM

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood and we had a lovely drive to a neighboring town to see my doc. I will go see her again in 6 months and be checked to see if my drink is helping with my weight loss among other things that may need to be checked.

SUSAN My doc said as long as I keep taking my thyroid meds as directed that the drink with soy in it will NOT interfere with it since I take it in time for it to dissolve and be in my system before eating anything. Different strokes for different folks and your system is certainly different than mine and you need to heed what your health provider tells you. But thanks for bringing my attention to the fact that I may not be able to use the product. I flavored my lunch with orange today and it was yummy. I am looking forward for it helping me to lose weight. And BTW my doc is going to test my thyroid for my dosage may be too much since I have lost almost a 100 pounds. Life is good.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

09-02-2014, 08:09 PM
Good evening, ladies! A 105 degree humid day. My breathing is terrible and I've had to use a lot of Proventil at the gym. Not only the heat but they varnished the wooden floors in the exercise rooms and the smell is still pretty strong.

Maggie, I think it might make a difference that your thyroid has been removed so no further damage can happen to it. I still have mine. I take my meds as soon as I wake up and wait an hour to eat. Did you shake taste like a creamscicle?

Jean, you don't look like an old hag in the pictures. They are really nice. We're pretty wet, too.

Faye, I'll bet Jack is like a kid waiting for Christmas now that the cruise is so close.

Have a wonderful evening.

09-03-2014, 08:39 AM
Good morning to you all. Another hot sticky day here. I noticed at around 10 last night the heat index was still 100! UGH!

Today is vacuum and mopping day. I cleaned bathrooms upstairs yesterday and got that finished. Seems like there is always something to do here.

I am on to the next project. I have started Thomas's socks again, took the needle size down two sizes and it seems a better fit for the yarn. This yarn is from Britain and seems thinner than regular fingering yarn I noticed when I had Jackson's leftover yarn still not put away so I thought using smaller needles might tighten it up some and it seemed to. So I am at the heel of his ankle socks and will get that in today and try and get some of the foot done.

I take all of my meds and one dose of fiber right before breakfast, then another dose of fiber at lunch, then my other Metformin before bed. It seems to work better that way and keeps me from having diahrrea, which this med is notorious for. My blood sugar levels are great and I don't ever have elevated levels so once I get enough weight off I imagine I will be able to get off the stuff. I am sure glad I am off the insulin.

Susan: Oh, I am so sorry you are having breathing problems. I haven't ever heard of the med you use, is it an inhaler? Hopefully you have improved now. Are you still working part time for your old boss? Are you going to work in the tax office next year? With Jack going on Social Security next year we are having to move our income around some for tax purposes. I am never going to have to pay taxes again and since they don't take out taxes, Jack is having more taxes taken out of his city pay so when we file we are still at the same level. Tennessee so far won't pass a state income tax so we don't pay state.

Maggie: I have a healthy thyroid, thank goodness though both my sisters have thyroid issues. I read an article about problems being hereditary and my mother had thyroid issues all her life so I guess so far I have dodged the bullet. I get tested for my kidneys, liver and A1C twice a year for my diabetes, my thyroid twice a year because of family problems, biopsies once year for my female stuff and a sonogram to go along with my mammogram once a year since I had the calcium deposits last year. I am a testing fool! :lol:

Jean: You and Bob look fabulous. Old hags have long pointy noses with warts anyway so that ain't you! :lol: :lol: We never use our debit card on vacation out of the country either. I figure if they want to steal all that's on my credit card and mess it up well that is different than screwing up my bank account where we have direct deposits and such. They can only take whatever credit you have on a credit card, but they can really steal and keep stealing on you bank account. I have had my bank card replaced several times because someone has charged something on it, but since I balance everyday, I catch anything before they can clean me out. On a cruise you have no access unless you pay enormous fees to use your Ipad or pay around a $1 a minute for their computers. We do use those when we are expecting a deposit to come in or in this case, I have a couple bills that have to be paid with the deposit made before we get back. It usually only takes about 5 minutes or so.

Well gals, I need to go. I hope you have a nice day. Faye

09-03-2014, 01:01 PM

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