100 lb. Club - Two-teens Into One-derland, a Land of Wonder! #2

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08-15-2014, 07:08 PM
Looks like we hit out 500 posts per thread limit! Time to start anew. Here's a link to our previous thread (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/100-lb-club/293592-two-teens-into-one-derland-land-wonder-34.html).

Also, for convenience, quotes of the last few posts. :)

:) Happy Friday all!

I had a good interview... I am hoping.. (we talked 2 hours) but I had a good interview with this company over a year ago and thought I had the job.. This time thoooooooooooo It just felt better and I would be replacing someone retiring.. so a better chance!... Still need prayers... Now I get to go to my old job to pick up my check and sign the papers from the boss (who wants to meet with me.. but won't give me a time to meet GGRRRRRR) saying that I have not stolen any company information. But its FRIDAY! and that is always a feel good day for me (and I hope to you all too)

Streudel.. I am so glad you posted.. I was wondering where you were! Doing Ok I hope??!! I bet you are!! :D

Dreaming... I tried to extend the pity party.. but realized that I did not Want to have to relose even more lbs! That thinking just stopped me this time and going on job interviews looking my best also kicked my arse! :)

Thank you SeeMyFeet those comments people actually made - made me laugh! LOL at least I don't say those things! LOL But also looking like you are too anxious (ME) is ny trouble!

Hey Jessica.. you made it here.. so yep.. you can make it to Onderland.. YES you can! We all will do it together! as it is a WONDERFUL and awesome goal to achieve! :)
Oh.. I have made it back to 211.4.... just shy of my all time low.. which will occur again.. hhhmmm in a day or 2 I think! :D

Happy day to you all... Dance, smile and LAUGH alot today! :)

So today, 218.6 lbs got recorded. Of course, my scale kept giving me 217.2 lbs over and over but I'm not about to put that in the record book as official yet, either. I know Tuesday's like to shoot back up and I don't want to set myself up to feel like a sad panda. :) In other news, the scale did also show me both 214.0 and 215.0 lbs the first and second time I stepped on. Every time after that was 217.2 lbs.

7/15 = 210.5
7/22 = 210.1
7/29 = 209.8 !!! !!!
August 5 = 209.4
Aug 12 = 208.9
8/15 = 208.8

You're doing so awesome, AAD!

08-15-2014, 10:10 PM
Thank you Jessica for starting the new thread! :)

I have some small good news.. I was offered a chance at another job.. Yikes... its alittle less money.. but very flexible and NON stressful... I would have to get another part time job.. but.. I would not have KNOTS in my shoulders at night... oh decissions!

08-16-2014, 02:14 AM
WannaSkip, whether you take it or not, what a great confidence boost! They like you! They really like you!

Garnet, what a mindf*** that scale is giving you! I vote go with the lowest number.

AAD, doing great!

Welp, here I am, on the internet on Friday night. Oh, the exciting life I lead! It's been about a week's worth of celebrations surrounding my mom's 60th birthday. I've enjoyed them but am glad it's over! I did really well, food-wise, but it's so much easier to not have to make the choice to not eat cake, you know?

08-16-2014, 01:00 PM
WooHoo! WannaSkip! Congrats on the job offer! That’s gotta feel good.

Well, Dreaming, we’re in competition for most exciting Fri night! I spent Friday night Exorcising, muttering and swearing at LesMillr the whole time! 5-600 exercise calories per day! :dizzy: Catching up with Les may kill me!

I managed to get 450cals exorcised off: 2 ten min hula sessions (I’m so bad at that), a 30min c25K (I’m so bad at that), and ten min arm weight session. I didn’t have time to get started until 10pm, but I did it!

Oh! And Day 4 of abstaining from coffee and alcohol. When I told DS that I was now alcohol and coffee-free, his response was: “I’ll drink to that!”. Ha. It’s high time that I gave up the coffee….I’m sleeping better and feeling better in general…..let’s see if I can keep it up this weekend…..cross fingers

The bloat is finally coming off, ladies!!!

08-16-2014, 04:45 PM
Not a problem, Sue and congrats on the job offer, whether you accept it or not. :)

Dreaming, I'm tempted at times, believe me. But it's a lot less disappointing to take a higher number on the chance that the scale decides to bump back up the next day. By the way, my Fridays are always spent working freight at the Home Depot. Making your night officially far more exciting than mine.

So many people are doing C25K, SeeMyFeet! Or at least some variation of it. I'm doing a variation, myself. I don't have a stop watch or any way of tracking my distance in miles. I'm also running cross-country with a dog in tow so I've had to adjust how I measure my progress. Lol. Mostly I aim to listen to my body while not underestimating what I can accomplish.

Thank you for the warm welcome, Easily Amused. Don't stress about the lack of movement on the scale. It will catch up with your body eventually. Do you tape? I'd be interested to know if you've lost inches with all the running around you've been doing even though the scale hasn't moved.

I have to amend my night being the least exciting... it was with the exception of the fact that I used some extra time before work to try on jeans and found myself hopping around the dressing room in excitement when I squeezed into a size 16 - and a regular 16, not a plus size 16 at that! They made my *** and legs look so good but the tummy tuck inset on them, while making my lower abs look awesome, reminded me of just how big my muffin top is. Sigh. Even having lost the most inches from my gut, it is still huge and it tends to take the longest for me to shrink it up. Oh well.

Also, the scale came in at 217.6 lbs. That's 2 lbs down from last week's weigh-in. Nervous about whether or not I can shave off a few more tenths of a pound by Tuesday.

08-17-2014, 01:29 AM
Hey all I finally saw those glorious numbers!!

On cloud 9 today.

08-17-2014, 02:24 AM

08-17-2014, 03:36 AM
Toot Toot-Too Toooooooo!!!!!

TheWalrus MADE IT!!!!! Roll out the red carpet ladeees and place the crown on her head! We'll all curtsey and bow as she walks stately past us and into that wonderful land of the 190s....leading the way....holding the candle for the rest of us to follow...

Don't get too far ahead, Walrus...we don't want to get lost!! (We'll try to keep up!)

you GO, grrl !!!

08-17-2014, 03:33 PM
Thank you all.

08-17-2014, 03:57 PM
Well done Walrus :)

Hey SeeMyFeet...450 is right in the middle toward the higher end of my daily target so you're in no need of catching up. You're there LOL

Trainer day tomorrow so that means weigh-in day too. Hoping for some downward movement since last week was no change. Eating has been on and exercise has been on so there's no reason it shouldn't come down a bit, right?

Have a good week everyone :)

08-17-2014, 11:09 PM
Congrats Walrus!!

So. It's been an odd weekend here. My two older kids haven't seen their bio dad in 6 years. He was here for the weekend. It was a planned visit, but for SO and I, it was awkward. He stayed here at the house, we felt it would be easier for the kids to see him in their most comfortable environment. SO and I have a strong relationship but it was still...awkward. My ex is 'that dude'. Most of us have that person we still kinda have feelings for. And he and I are actually pretty good friends. But. Yeah. Weird. I managed not to eat everything in sight. We went hiking and to a nature center, took kids fishing an to the park. Had a picnic.

And to top all that off, my scale is on crack. Stepped on it this evening (every once in a while I like to get a night reading to see the difference between day and night), it says 99.2. Yeah. 99. O.o slide it micro inch to right, step on it again. 220.9. Again 220.9. Slide it a micro-inch to left, 99. I live in a very old house, circa 1911, obviously my floors are uneven, but it's been acting weird lately anyway, may just need to give in and buy another one, which is frustrating as it's only two years old. I've change batteries etc, but it may need to go.

Hope you ladies had a great weekend!

08-17-2014, 11:51 PM
Popping in to say a quick Hi in the new thread. I am down slightly to 198.0 because of this boring, post-oral-surgery soft food diet I'm on. I'm ramping up to more and different foods, however, so I'm anticipating a bit of a bounce up in weight over the next week. Would seriously love to not go bonkers eating, like, footlong hotdogs with everything or huge plates of nachos, and stay under 200 lbs though!

NSV alert - I can fit back into my size 14 jeans, yay! I have to wear my shapewear, otherwise I muffintop all over the place, but technically I can get back into them and I look alright. Another NSV - I fit into size XL jackets and winter coats! I'm finally ready to invest in new outerwear. My old coats/jackets were size 3X. Third NSV - I weigh less than my husband for the moment because he's gained a bit of weight :D

I had a wonderful conversation with a customer this past weekend (I work part time retail.) When I asked to see her driver's license, she asked me to compare the picture on it with her current face... she has lost 130 lbs. with gastric sleeve surgery! She looked so healthy and happy. Her story really encouraged me to keep working toward my goal. Do any of you ever get asked if you have utilized gastric surgery to lose your weight? On occasion I get asked that. It's very weird, but at times I get the impression the person doesn't believe me when I say No! It annoys me that someone would think I would lie about that, and it also annoys me that they think life post gastric surgery is an easy out, when it actually requires hard work and dedication.

08-18-2014, 10:32 AM
Yay got my drop :) 11 to go to be under 200 for the first time in over 20 years. I'd love to be under 200 by the time I go visit my dad on Sept 5th, but that's a bit of a tall order I think. I'm just gonna be happy with my -4 this week and take what I can do in the next 3 weeks.

Happy Monday everyone!

08-18-2014, 11:17 AM
Sue - Congrats on the job offer. I hope it all works out.

Dreaming - I totally agree about the cake. They have celebrations at work for anything and everything, it can be mighty tempting sometimes.

SeeMyFeet - Great job on the coffee. I gave up caffeine a few months ago, it was rough.

Easily - I'm sorry things didn't work out in Vancouver, but I'm sure everything will work out alright in the end.

Garnet - Great job on fitting into a new size and great job on the weight loss.

Walrus - :congrat: on Onederland!

LesMills - Hope your weigh in went well.

Angihas - Glad your stressful weekend didn't turn into a binge fest. I had to buy a new scale a few months back. It is much better than my old one.

TooWicky - I too am starting to fit into 14s too, but my muffin top is out of control. Might have to break out the shapewear too. ;)

I got down to 206.8 this weekend after 3 weeks of hovering in around 209. I upped my calories and it seems to have done the trick. Which eating more an still losing weight makes me very happy. :carrot: Hopefully the downward trend continues.

Also I have a pair of jeans that I wore when my hubby and I got together over 11 years ago. They are size 13 (jrs). I decided to be crazy and try them on this weekend, just to see if I could get them up over my thighs and I actually was able to button and zip them. I couldn't breathe, but I got them on. :D Was a very good day indeed!

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful Monday!

08-18-2014, 04:14 PM
My scale has officially lost its mind. To begin with it wanted to read variations of 213.x and 214.x. This seemed huge and unnatural unless I was happening to drop a lot of water weight, which is possible. I decided to take the scale out to the garage and see if I could get a weight that wasn't influenced up floors. Usually, it reads slightly higher on the concrete. No, it decided to read 209.0 lbs on the concrete and I had to fight with it to even get a read to begin with. Took it back inside and it decided it wanted to "zero" at 4.2 lbs instead of 0.0 lbs. I've decided that I give up today and I'm going to play it safe by sticking with 217.6 as today's weight.

Also, wvuchick, that is AWESOME! Sounds liker there are a lot of us who've been hitting new sizes! TooWicky did, too! Congrats.

08-19-2014, 01:52 AM
You guys and your skinny-butt pant sizes are making me depressed!! Wear them well, ladees!

And Garnet's scale is going out of its way to flatter her, too!

As for me, I'm still feeling like a melted marshmallow michelin man. Did my C25K tonight, third night in a row, which is prolly not a good thing. As the windows looked out onto the street where I was "running", I heard them mutter "Good for her" and "Bless her Heart" a bit sadly. I'm sure I woke up some of the young parents behind those windows with my loud screams of "CRAAAP!"....they couldn't hear the woman whispering in my ear "Begin Running". I wanted to kill that woman tonight. It's definitely more fun running with DS13. He provides good entertainment, but he's running his skinny butt off in soccer practice these days.

Hey! I'm finally getting better at the hula hoop. But I need to find or make one a bit bigger so I don't have to work so hard to keep it going.

Well, I've been doing exceptionally well (for me) for a good solid week. The challenge is to avoid being so impatient and keep it up. The scale has been going down, but I know the rate of weight loss will taper soon.

This is a slow process, and I just cannot accept that fact. Grrr.

08-19-2014, 10:20 AM

I am on my third day of sub-220 weight, so I am joining this thread, with some trepidation. I feel overwhelmed and excited that I may have finally broken through the rubber floor of 220. I always seem to hit that number and bounce back up, and I spent 10 days seeing 220.x on the scale. I am also super excited to be within 20 pounds of Onederland.

Seemyfeet - I am doing C25K, too, and I HATE that woman. She says it so cheerfully. I am sort of on Week 4, by which I mean - I have been inconsistent with running because of a wonky knee, but have been trying to push cardio on the elliptical so that I can smoothly transition back to running, so I jumped in at Week 4 and got almost all the way through it. Okay - I took a very long walking pause before completing the last 2 minutes of the last 5-minute segment.

Jessica - I'm hot on your heels, baby. Haven't actually gotten a whoosh, but I am secretly hoping for one. However, I am getting some slow and steady losses these last four days, and I'll happily take that as well.

08-19-2014, 10:47 AM
garnet - That's crazy! Who knows what to believe.

Seemyfeet - I tried to do C25k (had to stop due to missing a piece of my heel bone...long story) and I always went early and where people wouldn't see my jiggling all over the place! :D Keep it up, before you know it, you'll be talking about moving on to the 10K program!

LaurieDawn - :wave: Welcome!

Well today I hit 40 lbs lost today and got to add another :encore: to my signature! So I'm happy about that!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

08-19-2014, 05:17 PM
Hi everyone! I've made some of the not-greatest choices, and my weight is back up to 204 after seeing 203.x and 202.7. I'm starting to think I'm sabotaging myself. I'm not bingeing, just making dumb choices, second helpings, cooking meals with butter, etc. Nothing awful but NOT the way to live every single day, you know? I'm wondering if it has to do with the fact that I've been getting more male attention and, now that I'm separated, might have to/want to/eventually DO something with that? I haven't dated in 8 years, and I'm scared. NOT THAT I AM READY yet, but I wonder if that's what's going on? Whatever it is, it has to stop!

Walrus...YAY!!!!!! Congrats, lady!

Easily, I am right there with you on the recommitting. We've got this!

WVU, congrats on the 40 pounds!!

Laurie, welcome!!! You're doing great. :)

SeeMyFeet, I have never been good at hula hooping. So major props to you on that AND on the C25K!

TooWicky, congrats on the smaller sizes!

Garnet, I said it on your blog and I'll say it again here--get yourself a new scale!

08-19-2014, 05:37 PM
LAURIE!!! I knew you'd be able to break through and join me soon enough. So happy to have my life/weight twin back in the same little circle as me. It means I don't have to pop into as many threads to see how you're doing. LOL.

SeeMyFeet - C25K (or any variation thereof) is the devil. I love it, but falls squarely within my "The Devil" category. Along side side planks. :D

wvuchick - Congrats on hitting 40 lbs lost!

DreamingSmall - You've noticed the bad choices, now you can make the adjustments needed to get yourself back to where you want to be with your habits. :)

Also, I get that a lot about my scale. It's not actually mine but my brother's fiance's. Otherwise I'd have thrown it out a long time ago. If I do end up moving into the living quarters out where my horse is boarded, then I'll most definitely have to invest in a new scale.

Thanks to everyone for all the sweet comments. The scale bowed to my superior will today and gave me 216.8 lbs. That puts me at 3.2 lbs lost this week and I'm super excited about. Only 1.8 lbs from my next mini goal of 215.0 lbs. I think I can say with confidence that I'll hit that mark by the end of the months. (Jumps around in a happy dance.)

08-20-2014, 01:47 AM
Whelp, I diddit. Another round of C25K. I got waylayed for about week a bit abo, so I started the program all over again, and I’m plugging along every day this week. I’m guessing I’ll have to lay off next week again, so I’m trying to build up some stamina. I dunno ‘bout a 10K, WVU….I don’t think I’ll ever finish this program!

Still trying with the hula hoop, Easily….I’m still no good at it, but getting better. I need find a larger one. Boy, I would be sooo happy if it really would whittle at my middle…..hmm….thinking of a crafty home project that involves razors…..

Hang in there, Dreaming…..huh…my weight always fluctuates…..and a lot more than what you're seeing!….

Today was a Mother Nature day (%*&$#), so I don’t know what the scale has in store for me tomorrow. I do know that my brain seems a whole lot lighter. Gaw! When I’m really, really working at this weight loss thing, that seems to be all that my tiny dinosaur brain can handle. It’s sooo depressing, because I got lots to do ladees.

08-20-2014, 09:40 AM
216.4. Post TOM whoosh has not happened. Which is completely my fault. I've been grazing on everything. With an attitude of defiance. Which is ridiculous, since I'm basically denying my own 'food rules'. It's leftover food issues from childhood I'd thought I'd come to terms with already, apparently they can be recurring. I know I need to get better at daily posting, and I need to do it first thing, it's an accountability that truly does help me stay on track.

First week of school has been hectic. Kids are doing well. In our school district the elementary schools are split based on what they offer. One school specializes in performing and visual arts, one in multicultural studies, one on languages, and my kids go to the one that specializes in society. They apply for jobs where they earn 'money', that can be spent on goods and services in the school. They learn finances and money management, the justice system, etc. it's very interesting and they love it so far, although watching them fill out their 'job applications', kinda made me sad. They can apply for up to 3 jobs, even if they can only take one, so it was a chance to explain to them how job hunting works and why you always want to end professional relationships on a good note and how to build a resume. They're 9 and 10. It was a bit surreal. My school start wasn't nearly as smooth. I'd had a sitter lined up to come to my home two days a week to watch our 2 yr old, called, text and face booked her throughout the weekend just to touch base, no response. Began looking for someone else Monday (my classes started Tuesday), in a state of near panic, a friend of SO's offered to watch him Tuesday to give us more time. He ende up not showing. My SO works a 2nd job Monday and Tuesdays, 11-5, I have an 8, 11 and 3pm class as well as 2 online classes. Thankfully my 11 was cancelled since it's the lab for 8 o'clock class, but SO ended up leaving work early so I could go to my 3 o'clock class. I hate days like that, I hate more he had to leave work to be with our son so I could go to class. We talked about stuff like this coming up throughout semester and how to handle it, but for it to happen the first day is mind boggling. Especially since it's my 2nd bachelors and SO made the statement that he doesn't know what he'll do if I eventually pursue my masters or doctorate. He's supportive to a point, about higher education. He doesn't have a diploma or GED and thinks he's fine. Needing a 2nd job tells me a different story. But I can't say that to him cus it'll hurt his feelings when it's not meant to, it's just a statement of fact.

Hope you ladies are having a less hectic week!

08-20-2014, 09:57 AM
Internet's down, so just a quick phone post this morning. 216.8. Finally got my whoosh. Really hope it sticks around, but I feel more like I belong here now. =) Thanks for the welcomes. Can't wait to get to know everyone.

08-20-2014, 11:58 AM
Easily - You've come so far already. I'm sure your body just needs a chance to catch up.

Dreaming - I think you have something with the attention causing you to slip. I had been maintaining a 60 lbs weight loss for 2 years when I met my now hubby. He was so good to me and always complimented my looks that I became less diligent about my weight and gained it all back and them some. :( Just stay on track and don't do what I did! :D

garnet - Great job on the 3.2 lbs lost this week, that's amazine! :woohoo:

seemyfeet - If you find a way to whittle your middle let me know. I need to whittle my middle AND my backside. ;)

angihas - Give it a few days I'm sure you'll get your whoosh. *Fingers crossed*

Well I'm just plugging along. I just realize last week made 4 months of my 19 hours a day fasting. It's become such a part of my life that I don't really think about it. I wouldn't have realized it if someone hadn't said something to me about it. :carrot: My weight fluctuated up a lb today, not sure why. My body really doesn't like this heat and humidity. The air is so thick here I think you could cut it with a knife. I for one will be glad for cooler and dryer weather!

Hope you all have a great day!

08-20-2014, 01:03 PM
Hello threadmates!

wannaskipandlaugh - have you made a decision on the job you were offered? I have always defaulted to whatever job was the least stressful. The jobs I have enjoyed the most were mind-numbingly boring but physical jobs where when I quote unquote punched out, I was done.

SeeMyFeet - are you still caffeine free and how is that going?

garnetrising - gratz on the size 16 jeans and your loss last week!! well done!

LesMillsLuvr - wow, that was a substantial loss, incredible! I think the biggest week loss I ever had was 3 lbs., and that was sometime last year.

wvuchick - I literally can not even imagine fitting into 13 jrs jeans :D Holy crap! nice!

DreamingSmall - I have really conflicted feelings about increased male attention. I did not anticipate all these warring feelings. Sometimes I like the attention, and sometimes it seems very intrusive and rude, especially when men brazenly check out specific body parts >< I know it's partially reflex, but I wish they would show better manners especially when I'm out with my young daughter because their behavior is not lost on her. The extra niceties such as making small talk and male employees being more helpful in stores is always appreciated, however. Age will soon cloak me as morbid obesity once did, though!

Angihas2 - my mind really craves education, I'm envious! My husband and I also have a huge disparity in education achieved, but he supports us all with his rock steady blue collar job. We live in a small town in the midwest - it's not very expensive to live here. Our oldest is in middle school. There is not enough time to divert funds to furthering our own education if we chose to, and then be able to reap the benefits of a new career, before we would need to start paying for and helping to pay for our children's college. I can live vicariously through your posts, though :D so keep us posted on how school is going! Sorry for the childcare stress!

LaurieDawn :welcome2:

I went up a pound to 199.2 from my post oral surgery low of 198.0. I did not realize how much of my previous diet food was uber crunchy stuff. I can eat pretty much anything now except for really crunchy stuff -.- Tomorrow I am officially restarting calorie counting and ditching some of my high calorie soft food like pastas, mashed potatoes, ice cream. Oh, and the cake icing straight from the jar. I'm gonna miss that. I had some free time yesterday so I tried on some dresses. I found a size 16 stretchy black sheath dress that has an hourglass shaped chevron pattern on the front of it. It's kind of tight all over, but it doesn't look bad. With a shrug it looks even better. I might buy it tonight! I have not bought a dress in years and years.

08-20-2014, 05:30 PM
7/22 = 210.1
7/29 = 209.8 !!! !!!
August 5 = 209.4
Aug 12 = 208.9
8/15 = 208.8
8/20 = 208.5

08-20-2014, 05:50 PM
Oh my gosh.... LOOK at all the postings here! SUCH (mostly) GOOD News for you all! :D I have missed posting here as I have just done the weight posting and ran.

I have been helping a friend pack to move (this weekend) and took a day off to travel to Disney (Epcot) we had a blast! and taking care of my parents house/cat and ............ after my 2nd interview I GOT THE Job! Hooray! Alittle less money than the last one (Lord my salary is less than 1/2 of what I was making 3 years ago sigh) but I will get a bump in 90 days.. No insurance.. but with losing weight.. I am healthier than before (went to the doctor last year and only had watchable blood pressure and it really should be lower now as I have lost almost 60lbs since August last year) :).... so... een tho I am an old lady. eh.. will get insurance when I can afford it! OOOO I am also down to 210.8 today! HOORAY! Lost all my water weight gain from the pity party job loss sadness days! And TooWicky.. it is the more stressful tho busier job.. eh... the other job is available if this does not work..

BUT... you all!

WELCOME LAURIE! WOOHOO! Glad to have you here.. I saw you holding onto the 219's for a day or two and NOW you are in the 216's! :D TOO COOL!! Hard work does pay off!

TooWicky... oh I am glad that the surgery is over and you can almost get back to the "crunchy" foods.. stay away from ICE CHIPS!.. But look at you.. you still held strong into Onderland! :D YAY!!!!


JESSICA - You do have a WACKO scale.. But.. it always averages out LOWER! :) and that is the best! but. I think its time to get a newer scale.. Is there one at a local grocery store you can try out.. or a friends house?

SEEMYFEET... HULA HOOPING! I think that that is neat! I saw an old poster who used to do Hula Hooping in a contest format... Its a good dance workout truly!.. and low carb... yep... its a kicker when you start the process.. drink ALOT of water and try alittle squeezed lemon - for some reason it helps with the sugar craving. You will knock those carbs (along with coffee and those Liquid Donuts) out of the park! :)

WVUCHICK... Oh I love your NSV.. 14s!!!!! and 40 lbs off! :woohoo: :D AWESOME! Doesn't it make you feel younger too again!? Amazing what a number can do.. and look at you .. you are still ahead of me. Chugga Chugga Chugga (as a fellow poster in Atkins posted today) I need to hang onto the loss train and try and keep up!

Angihas2.. WOW.. you are busy! I wish I lived near you as these last 2 weeks I could help drive. I hope everything works out!

Dreaming..... Don't let situations distract you! You can get to onderland... Male attention (of course) happens all the time.. you know that. Its just that now you are putting out the "available" somewhat vibes/looks - even subconsciencely... Just enjoy the looks and strut your awesome stuff. You are amazing and it is showing to the world! Looks don't hurt.. just words and touch! Smile and try not to be afraid!

Oh HUGS to you all.. I wish I could share more joy with you all as I am so much happier (and feel safer) having a job to start! I won't be homeless - YET LOL

LOVELY evening to you all! :)

Easily... OH I am so glad you made it home.. I hope you have rested enough (yes - traveling stress and LACK of sleep causes weight gain) and it looks like you really did not gain that much.. A WHOOSH is due you!

LesMillsLvr.. Congrats on the wonderful loss! HOORAY :congrat: :)


08-20-2014, 07:19 PM
Hello TO ALL YOU CHICKS OUT THERE. It has been almost 2 weeks since I have posted. Early last week after a mountain bluegrass family reunion, I started to feel sick. I ended up in the ER on Thursday and had emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder which had 2 golf ball size stones. The pain was unbearable. Finally home from hospital and getting better. Lost some weight from not eating for a whole week.

I have a lot of posts to catch up on, plus :welcome2: to some new posters! Good to be back and on the way to recovery. Doc said 6 weeks before I can train again. Already going thru that withdrawal.... Hope you all have a great rest of the week :):)

08-20-2014, 09:46 PM
Yikes, sorry to hear about your gallbladder Doris, but glad it's been handled so you can get to feeling better.

And thanks all for the kind comments everyone :)

Well, usually I train on Mondays but this week my gal was training a new employee in on the desk so even though she weighed me, I'll get an extra weigh-in tomorrow morning after our rescheduled session. I hate double weigh weeks because I tend to fluctuate up and down a little throughout the week, but I couldn't wait the 3 extra days to see what happened from last week so I guess there's no getting around it. I just have to hope whatever I get tomorrow can hang on until Monday so I don't have an up-tick over the weekend. Haha I'll be the sodium police to make sure I don't retain water LOL

Wannaskip, congrats on the job!

TooWicky, get that dress and enjoy it :) I bet it looks fabulous!

wvuchick, I'll send you some cool vibes from Upper Michigan. We haven't even reached the 70's all week and it's freaking August :P

AAD, wtg on your steady downward trend!

Angihas, here's to hoping your chaos slows down soon :)

Hi LaurieDawn :)

SeeMyFeet, I say @#$! Mother Nature...hang in there!

garnet, you'll get that 215 in no time!

Dreaming, no fretting over the possible sabotage...awareness will get you back on track and into Onederland :)

Easily, if only it was as easy to lose our back sides as it is to lose a post haha

Have a good Thursday everyone :)

08-21-2014, 09:38 AM
No weigh this morning, but looser clothes and a healthy breakfast, with apples and nuts in book bag to keep me out of the food court. We found a center for our two yr old, we're calling it 'school', so he'll go. He was very excited to have to get up, get dressed, get his backpack and go. Until we got there, then, not so much. We spent about 20 mins with him, playing in various centers and with classmates so he'd be ok. He was still screaming when we left, I know he'll be fine, but my mamas heart wants to stay with him.

Have a good Thursday ladies!

08-21-2014, 10:41 AM
Good morning! Well, an unexpected happy result on the scale...down 5 :) Now if I can convince my body that it wants to stay there and not just be a dip-in-the-week, I just might make it under 200 by Sept 5th yet!

08-21-2014, 11:15 AM
215.6 this morning. I feel like I really belong here finally! Though it's not a guarantee, my weight usually doesn't bounce up randomly by 4.4 pounds, so I am feeling confident that 220 is but a memory. =) (And, yes, I did knock on wood. Why tempt the fickle weight loss gods?)

Thanks everyone for the welcomes! This thread is super active, and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone.

LesMills - A full five pounds? You make my whooshes seem small. Congratulations! I hope you keep it!

Angihas - I feel your pain. Transitioning a child to a new setting can be heart-breaking. But yay! for planned snacks. Planning can be exhausting, but it is a lifeline for me.

Doris - Glad the surgery went well. Putting off training is tough, though. It's so much easier for me to eat well when I plan my food around my work-out times. But you clearly know how to deal with unexpected difficulties. People don't lose 70 pounds without navigating challenges.

Wannaskipandlaugh - Congrats on the new job! And thanks for the welcome. I have wanted to join y'all for so long, and really thought I was much closer than I was. Stupid scale. But now, I legit belong here! Excited to hear about your lower-stress job. And congrats on the good health news.

Toowicky - Oral surgery is the worst. Glad you are on the mend and that more food options are opening up to you. But really - do you have to ditch the icing straight from the jar? That can be part of a healthy weight loss plan, right? Right?

Wvuchick - I flirted with IF for about two weeks a month ago. My difficulty with it was social eating. Work lunches. Dinners with family. I'm amazed that you have done it so successfully for so long. Four months and 40 pounds! That's so great.

Seemyfeet - I, too, am grappling with C25K. I am dealing with a wonky knee, so I have taken some time off to do the elliptical, but still pushing the intervals so that I was trying to get sufficient cardio work to jump back in to C25K. I am on Week 4, which I have done for 3 days. I only finished the last day successfully, but I still think I'm going to move on to Week 5. It kicks my butt, but I kind of love it.

Dreamingsmall - The male attention is tricky, isn't it? Weight loss is so much more than calories in versus calories out. Hopefully, you work through the head issue and keep going. And losing a relationship sucks. So sorry you're going through that.

EasilyAmused - Not to be rude, but -- it would be so wonderful if you finally left this thread! I think we all have our sticky numbers, and you seem to have encountered yours. I am so impressed by your patience and persistence.

Jessica - My weight loss twin! As always, I am so glad we are doing this together!

08-21-2014, 11:42 AM
Well, based on my google search terms over the past 24 hrs (2nd career ideas, dealing with teenagers, chocolate for weight loss, I hate my life, etc etc), I guess you could say I'm majorly bummed.....Prolly due to Mother Nature, low cals, low carb, stress of life and job, the 3lb upswing on the scale yesterday, oh and worry about my bad eyes and upcoming surgery. After all this moping around, I have concluded 1) There's a Wiki How for everything....including How to Pick Your Nose--I checked!, 2) Wiki How is really dumb, and 3) cracked.com is terribly, terribly crass and irreverent, but I still find it funny, especially this one today: http://www.cracked.com/article_20398_5-ways-your-brain-tricking-you-into-being-miserable.html.

I wasted a lot of time yesterday, and spent too much time trying to figure out how to get out of doing some unpleasant things--I didn't figure anything out and I'll be doing those things anyway. I ended up having some wine and a pita w/hummus, which for me is a major cheat. I didn't get any exercising done.....but at least I'm still coffee-free:carrot:.

08-21-2014, 01:00 PM
Les, or should I call you QUEEN WHOOSHY? Is that like 9 lbs in a few days? Amaze balls!!! :high:

More like 10 days...I was 214 on Mon 8/11, then 210 on Mon 8/18 and 205 today. Yet another reason off-schedule weigh-ins bug me...they can be good like this one or so easily go the other way like the last one did where I stuck at the same # for 3 weigh-ins and it felt like 3 weeks instead of 10 days.

SeeMyFeet, I wish I knew what to say to help you out of the slump but I don't other than with all the stuff going on, if all you splurged on was wine and a pita with hummus, you're a better woman than I. ESPECIALLY staying coffee free! Good on you for that, honeypie :)

08-21-2014, 04:22 PM
Weighed in at 210 today!! Im so happy to see this number , project onederland coming soon!!!

08-21-2014, 05:02 PM
Almost to the 50 pound goal Matilda - that's great!

08-21-2014, 05:12 PM
Geez. The thread done blew up on me. :D I hope I don't miss anyone.

TooWicky - I agree about hinking it rude when men blatently check out women. Are there no gentlemen left? Congrats on the dress! I don't have the body for one yet, but maybe someday.

Aida - You're doing great!

Sue - 210...YAY! You're doing great considering your troubles as of late. Keep up the great work!

Doris - I had two similar sized gall stones and had to have my gall bladder removed 4 years ago. I know a lot of people have issues with digestion after surgery. I have lucky and have had no problems, hopefully you'll be the same.

Les - It's been a cooler summer than usual, but still hot enough to bother me. This winter is supposed to be unusually cold, but I once read years ago that being cold burns calories, so there's that at least! ;)

Angi - Yay on the looser clothes, that's so much more important than the number on the scale!

Laurie - Good job on getting the 15s so quickly.

Easily - My husband wants to move south and in the winter I'm like yeah totally. Then after about one week of summer temps, I'm like no way jose. :dizzy: Glad to see you are back at your pre-trip weight. Keep it up lady!

Seemyfeet- It's ok to have a pity party every now and then. We have to have bad days to appreciate the good, right? :hug:

Matilda - Great job on the weight loss. Keep up the good work and keep in touch!

Well it's Friday eve! :carrot: Heading out of town this weekend and don't plan to stick to my fasting plan if I don't feel like it. Hopefully I won't go crazy, but I think my body will appreciate the short respite. Hopefully it will help me get to Onederland sooner!

Hope you all have a great evening!

08-21-2014, 07:06 PM
Sue - Friends? What is this friends you speak of. LOL.

No, I actually came home last night to a dead scale so I changed the battery and it seems to behaving a little better. Only a 0.2 variance between step-ons today. Of course, it read 213.4-213.6 without clothing and I don't trust that number yet so I went with the 215.4 that I saw last night after work (and changing the battery) and today with clothes.

Hope everyone has a good day, going to try and get some writing done on my manuscript before work. :)

08-22-2014, 01:18 AM
So today my scale read 201.5.

Umm...HFS! I'm almost scared to step on it tomorrow.

Real post to follow.

08-22-2014, 01:40 AM
Garnet, why don't you trust that new number? You are doing great and losing weight! OWN IT!

WVU, have a great weekend!

Matilda, way to go!!

SeeMyFeet, I'm sorry things are so rough right now. When is your surgery?

Easily, my reboot is going really well, thanks for asking! I'm glad you're losing the bloat. And not backsliding IS progress!! The ability to maintain is huge!

Laurie, you're doing awesome! The only way you're leaving this thread is by "graduating" to the 190s thread.

LesMills, amazing drop!! Is that typical for you? LMAO at "sodium police". Did you know cheese is high in sodium? Broke my heart to learn that. :(

Doris, that's awful! I'm so glad it went well. I wish you a speedy recovery.

WannaSkip, thanks for the kind words. And CONGRATS on the job! Woohoo!!

TooWicky, that dress sounds amazing. I vote buy it!

I'm doing really well. I've handled the two emotional events I had this week (son's preschool orientation--waaaahhh, my baby!--and other son's neurology appointment) without turning to food. I'm participating in an online blogging challenge and that's proving to be really motivating. I had a tiny NSV--broke my PR on the elliptical. Shattered it, more like. BOOM!

08-22-2014, 10:14 AM
garnet - I'd go with the smaller number. The new batteries should definitely give you a more accurate reading.

dreaming - PR? I'm guessing that's a good thing to break, so way to go! :D

Short work day for me today. Then weekend out of town. I think I am going to go off plan and take a break from fasting (just for the weekend). My weight loss has stalled this month and I think the break my help kick it back into gear.

Happy Friday ladies and have a great weekend!

08-22-2014, 11:01 AM
Happy Friday everyone :)

Dreaming, first of all - woohoo on the BOOM shatter! And secondly to answer your question, I typically get about a drop of 2-4 per week for about 3 weeks and for the 4th week I tend to stall. Then I either go back to the 2-4 per week for another 3 weeks or sometimes, if the stars align and Jupiter is ascending in the 4th quadrant with Gemini and Pisces, I might see a big whoosh anywhere from 5 to as high as 9 (though the 9 has only happened once). 5-7 is the typical star/Jupiter influenced whoosh. I had just come off a stall week so the double mini whooshes of 4 and 5 a few days apart while not expected were also not shocking. I should settle back down to 2 and 3 lbs drops for the next couple of weeks :)

Well, fun fun for me next Wednesday. A retired co-worker nominated our entire department to do that ALS Ice Bucket Challenge so even though we're supposed to do it within 24 hours, its just not possible to organize a group that fast. We've already donated, but we're aiming for the cold shower on the 27th. The only bright side is I get to pay it forward and I have just the people in mind MUHAHAHAHA Yup, I'm gonna nominate my personal trainer because the only thing more joyous than the side planks she makes me do (oy!) is a bucket of ice water dumped over her head. You're welcome :)

Have a good weekend all!

08-22-2014, 11:08 AM
Howdy, chatty ladees!

Thanks for the kind words--whew! I think my hormones got the better of me. After privately venting a bit to a few folks, I started to feel better. (I have that weird "need" to vent, and I hate that about myself.) But, I'm still bummed about the weight loss, or lack thereof. In an effort to be more realistic and help ride out the bounces, I'm paying more attention to the weekly averages. I lost every day for 9 days in a row, and now I'm gaining :dizzy: . Weekly averages. Gaining. Ugh.

I broke my coffee fast this morning. I'm not taking my vitamins, so I used that as an excuse to caffeinate. Just one cup.

Surgery is on Monday! I hope!.....a lady at work came back from vacation sneezing and coughing and another fellow has had pink eye for almost two weeks! :yikes: I've been encouraging him to go see a different physician and change up his meds. (Washing my hands A LOT.) I haven't told anyone about the surgery, because that will just start nasty rumors at work that will lead to bad things for me.

OK ladees, you're holding out on me! What' your secret? What are you doing? HOW are you losing weight? My average calories for the week last week was 1201 (thanks to the pita/hummus/wine mistake yesterday), and I had 5 days of 450+ calorie exercise. Evidently, I have to add something else to the mix. (Eying the vacuum and thinking liposuction.)

Dreaming. They grow up so fast. Get lots of hugs now.

PR=private region?

08-22-2014, 11:19 AM
SeeMyFeet, with your exercise are you focusing on cardio or mixing it up? For me doing strength training at least 2 times a week has helped my metabolism get a little faster. Muscles = calorie burning machines. Not that I'm all Arnold Schwarzenegger or anything, but I've gained some muscle mass/definition over the past 6½ months and I believe that's been a big plus. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy getting my sweat on with cardio classes, but I wouldn't give up my barbell. Low weight, lotsa reps for lean muscles :)

PS - Haha "private region"...I sure wouldn't wanna boom-shatter that! Hmmmm, or would I???

08-22-2014, 12:36 PM
EasilyAmused - Fingers crossed that the water weight will pour off quickly.

Seemyfeet - Loved that Cracked article. And should I ever need to pick my nose, I love knowing that there is a tutorial out there to assist. PR = personal record, I think. But I love your guess at it. =)

Les - I have bouncy weights too. I weight daily, and I was down 1.2 pounds for yesterday's weigh-in, and back up 1.2 this morning. I try (with varying degrees of success) not to let it mess with my head. And the only way to treat a side-plank-demanding demon is a shower of ice water. I am also thrilled to hang with a fellow heavy lifter. Ain't nothing more fun than to follow a testosterone boy on the lat pulldown machine and increase the weight. =)

Matilda - Onederland! I am almost scared to think about it. It's so exciting to be within range, though.

Wvuchick - I love that you can get respite from your plan, but come back to it and get so much weight off so successfully. Have a great trip!

Jessica - So glad you're getting slightly less scale craziness. And look at you - always a bit ahead of me. I love that!

Dreamingsmall - Thank you! Onederland is definitely the way I want to leave this thread. Yay for dealing with life events and staying on plan. And yay for SHATTERING records.

I'm up 1.6 pounds this morning, after being down 1.6 yesterday. Sodium. Maybe water retention from weight lifting yesterday. Who knows? But I feel good about what I'm doing and the clothes I am now able to wear, so not even gonna worry about it today. Today's a run day, and I'm gonna try to increase my previous best of 1.05 miles of straight running (no walking intervals) to 1.1 miles.

08-22-2014, 04:42 PM
Good for you for staying focused on how you're feeling and how your clothes are fitting rather than just on the scale's numbers, Laurie. <3

For the second day in a row, the scale showed me 213.x. Yesterday, it was 213.4 lbs and I refused to accept it, instead taking 215.4. Today, it showed me 213.6 lbs. Again, my mind and my heart are so reluctant to believe it because of this feeling that the success of being below 215.0 lbs is going to be ripped away from me the moment I accept it as truth. But I can't argue with a scale that's been flirting with the 214-213 range for a while now so I decided to meet the scale in the middle. I averaged yesterday's recorded weight with today's scale weight to make today's recorded weight 214.6 lbs. I'm under 215.0. I don't want to believe it and I think the prospect scares me a little. XD

08-23-2014, 01:43 PM
Jessica - Your crazy scale. Oh, your scale. I get being reluctant to accept lower weights, though. I know if my weight loss was a reliably lower number every day and I never got whooshes, this would be easier on my psyche. But I find myself getting used to the bounciness, and the whooshes are a huge amount of fun, so I'm learning to accept the bounciness. I lost my first 100ish pounds while weighing every day. I lost my second 75ish pounds while weighing infrequently (including, at one point, a long-term scale-free challenge). Now, I'm finding it essential to my focus again. Who knows?

I got another whoosh today. I lost all the water weight from Thursday's sodium/muscle soreness (though I am sore today from walking/running about 6 1/2 miles), plus an additional pound. I was thrilled when I saw 214.0 on the scale this morning. Onederland, here we come!

08-23-2014, 02:00 PM
Wow, Laurie, 6 1/2 miles! That's awesome :) I felt super accomplished finishing a 5K so going more than 6 miles must be twice as nice! And wtg on the whoosh to 214. Won't be long to the 1's :)

08-23-2014, 03:59 PM
Hi guys!

I stuffed myself silly yesterday with all sorts of calorie-laden food and treats, and somehow dropped back down a pound this morning >< to 198.2. I drank a lot of water, so perhaps I dropped some sodium weight, concealing some of my poor food choices. I did make it to the grocery store today, buying a lot of better and diet-viable options in foods that work well for my post-oral surgery. Some things I miss that I used to eat on a near daily basis are tortilla chips and salsa, natural almonds, crunchy dill pickles, big salads with sliced vegetables, and apples slices with PB2. Will start tracking actual calories tomorrow.

Regarding the dress, well, I went back the next day to buy it, and decided to try it on one last time. I don't know what happened, but it didn't wow me like before! It seemed... boring, lol. I tried on a few more dresses just for kicks. The good news is, I can definitely fit into 16s no problem, despite my bustline, so that is encouraging. I'm still on the hunt for a dress. I have nowhere to wear one, but I just want one!

I sure would love to get to 191 lbs again. That is no longer obese for my height - just merely overweight.

Good luck everyone! I have to get ready for work, but have loved reading all the updates. We can do this! :dust:

08-23-2014, 06:45 PM
The scale showed me my birthday in pounds today - 212.0. Over and over and over. As a result, I am allowing myself to embrace yesterday's 213.4 lbs. I'm also allowing myself to indulge in some Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. We'll see where that gets me on the scale tomorrow. Lol

In other news, I finally talked myself into it being okay for me to by free weights so starting today, I get to slowly start building up my arm muscles. :D

08-24-2014, 10:27 AM
What a dreary day...just sitting around watching movies. Nothing much to do but I guess its nice to have a down day now and then. if only it wasn't raining I could mow the lawn...I'm "that house" on the block at the moment so I really need to get that done LOL

Back at it in the morning with my regular session with the trainer and a weigh-in. I've been good with keeping the sodium in check so fingers crossed for a little drop.

Hope the rest of you are enjoying your Sunday, lazy or otherwise :)

08-24-2014, 11:50 AM
214.0. Second day in a row. But after dropping 5 pounds over 5 days, I can't say I'm surprised.

LesMills - Lazy Sundays are great! And rest time for our bodies is good too. I feel like a fraud, though. I am trying to build up to do a 3K running. So, I did Week 4, Day 3 of C25K in the afternoon, then went for a long walk (interspersed with a very little running) in the evening. It wasn't 6 miles in a row.

Toowicky - Yay for fitting into smaller sizes! And I know what you mean about the dress. I bought a "goal dress" (thrift store find) and was so excited that I fit into it today. Then, I decided I sort of hate it.

Jessica - IMHO, you are 212.0. And, also - you need a new scale. =)

08-24-2014, 12:14 PM
Hi all and Happy Sunday to everyone,

I'm still plugging away, just not getting the time in front of the computer to stop in to 3FC much. Looks like things are going really well for a lot of you. :D Me, I'm pretty happy with the progress I'm having. 212.5 this morning. :)

Sue, congrats on the new job!!! :hug: :D:D:D

Sorry I'm late on the welcome wagon, but it's so nice to see you here, Laurie Dawn!! :D

Good luck with your surgery, SeeMyFeet! :goodluck:

Keep up the great work everyone!

08-24-2014, 01:57 PM
Hey, Laurie, if you traveled 6 miles, it doesn't matter if it was all in a row as far as I'm concerned. And anything more than a walk is "running". When I say I ran a 5K, it means I jogged with intermittent moments of walking. I still think your 6 miles are awesome and by no means fraudulent!

08-24-2014, 04:33 PM
Dreaming, I realize this explanation is a bit late, but hitting this low of a range is incredibly intimidating for me. The lowest I've ever been in my adult life was 205 lbs. I'm approaching that threshold with a vengeance and it scares me. Being back in this range is also, I think, dragging up a lot of emotions associated with the previous two times I've gotten down this low - both of which coincided with emotional low points in my life. I'm in a much better place emotionally, but I'm still terrified of failing. With 199 being so close that I can almost touch it, that fear of back-pedaling seems to grow a little every day and all I can do is keep pushing. There's also the recurrence of a negative self-image in regards to my body. In spite of all the weight I've lost and the fact that my butt can fit into a pair of size 16 regular jeans (and look good doing it), my stomach - the absolute least favorite part of my body - is still huge. It's a sore spot for me and as the inches come off only so fast, I tend to focus in on how big my gut is and feel a little bit like no matter what I do, it's never going to really disappear. Last night, I was even a little depressed about my boobs... I LOVE MY BOOBS. But last night, all I could think about is how low they already hang. I'm something like a 38I. With out a bra on - well even with one right now because I've lost so many inches between my breasts and the area under them that neither of my bras fit properly anymore - they're not at all perky, really. Because they're huge and gravity pulls them down. :( But yeah, I digress.

Laurie, my scale refused to show me anything other than 211.6 lbs today. I'm pretty sure that first step on yesterday was one of those fluke moments because after that it wouldn't give me anything but 212.0 lbs.

Today, I've split the difference between yesterday's official weight and today's scale weight, bringing my official weigh-in in at 212.6 lbs.

08-24-2014, 07:46 PM
Weighed in at 210 today!! Im so happy to see this number , project onederland coming soon!!!You're doing great, Honey! Keep it up!

08-24-2014, 07:48 PM
7/29 = 209.8 !!! !!!
August 5 = 209.4
Aug 12 = 208.9
8/15 = 208.8
8/20 = 208.5
8/24 = 208.2

08-24-2014, 09:22 PM
ARGH! I just spent 25 minutes writing things and WHAM and I hit the backspace key and EVERYTHING disappeared! GGGRRRRR I will do the best! I just am so thrilled at everyone who is HERE! WOW! I love everyone posting! I haven't posted in 2 days and I missed ALOT :) too cool what has happened to you all (and hopefully not too bad for a few).. Okay if I can remember:

DorisOh Gosh.. I am so sorry about your Gallbladder attack (happens when people diet... sigh)I had mine 33 years ago (and have an 8 inch scar) and know that you will feel better.. Sometimes you might get the sympathy pain (happens).. but its NOT real! You will feel better really soon!

Angihas2 Very happy that you found a place for your baby.. :) and those cries are so hard (I don't have kids and other's children's cries make me want to help).. but soon they will go away once he feels safe :hug:

LesMillsLuvrI have to say WOW on that 5 lbs off (I know a few days ago!) but :woohoo: :) You are getting so close to Onderland ! :)

LaurieLook at you LOSE! :D WOW... It seems like 220 was the dam that kept you stuck.. Once you blasted that DAM! SHAZAM! LOL you are heading downstream with FULL STEAM! :) I see you flying by me.. Be sure to WAIVE! :lol:

Easily I am so glad you are back home safe and sound! Those travel lbs of water will shed fast.. Shoot - stand outside and you will sweat them off! LOL I hope your trip was full of wonderful and happy memories.. ..Did you find a place that you wanted to move too?

SeeMyFeet I love it! you have proved that you can find ANYTHING on the internet! LOL and WIKKI too... That is so fun... Gotta think of some fun things to look up! I hope your surgery is an easy one and for nothing drastic! ??? I hope you heal soon and post to us that you are ok! How did the caffeinee affect you when you drank it after abstaining?

Matilda HOORAY for you! 210 and Getting SOOOOO much closer to Onderland and 50 lbs off! WOW.. that is a HUGE milestone! Good for you! :D

wvuchick I hope you had a great time this weekend. Did you go back to the camp you own.. or go somewhere were you did not have to work??!!! :) I hope you did get time to relax.. tho I bet your wore off any extra food eaten! :)

Garnet We are all your friends and we will all YELL at your scale (non friend Sometimes) if you need us too.. but it looks like it has been nice these last 2 days! NICE Loss! :D COOOOOOLLLLLL

Dreaming O M G!! Look at YOU! You are just "-" this close to Onderland.. Its RIGHT THERE! Just a have a glass of water away! WOW! So glad and thrilled for you! You are THERE! :)

TooWicky I am so glad you are healing from your Teeth and their troubles...... I bet your body is using that food you ate to aid in the healing process! :) I have this feeling that you will be at 190 before the end of September. I just BET! :)

AIDA Ms Consistant! I don't know what I would say if you did not lose! I bow at your feet ! :)

Streudel OH MY GOSH to you too! LOOK at you! 212!!! Holy Cow! You TOO are sailing right thru this thread! You really won't be here long! OH MY.. those people in the 19o's thread better make room for us all! (tho some of them are in the 180's)

I hope I remembered everyone and did not mix anyones stories up! (I am old.. so the brain cells sometimes are NOT Perfect! ) LOL I want to Thank YOU ALL for your kind words and wishes and I am sure prayers for my job hunt! I am so happy to have a job as that is the important thing in my life it seems. I did get a call from another Attorney (he called me directly) on Friday offering me a job that had been filled the day I was laid off.. I guess that other person he hired did not know all the things she said she did... But I am a person of my word and I accepted this 1st job and it should be good for me! (and only 5 minutes from home... OMG!) I start tomorrow and am alittle scared as the boss already told me that the girl I am replacing is training me and to be careful as her nose is out of joint as she does not think she is replaceable (tho she is moving to the West Coast of Florida and her & her husbands idea).. So I have to watch out. Getting used to others schedules too... eating lunch (as a group I was told .. tho I am going to try my darndest to stick to my plan). My last really good friend has moved up to Northern Florida (Bronson.. just West of Gainesville) and so my little world has gotten even smaller... So alot on my mind.. Fear and sadness... But we did get Disney annual passes (Florida Blackout days) and plan on meeting up a few times! I also replaced a broken TV and had to put it together (all my friends with Technology minds are gone) and I did it.. tho I had to call Vizio for help setting the channel.. but proud of myself. I was happy to see 209 flat yesterday and weighed alittle more today.. but I sweated it off, I know, trimming rose bushes, cleaning my screened porch and repotting some not happy plants... Taking care of my parents cat - but they have a pool and it was WONDERFUL to jump into it with all my aches and pains today! (it was 87 degrees too YIKES Bath water!).. This post has gone on long and I will probably be chastised! LOL Just wanted to say hello and hope you all had a GREAT WEEKEND and that fear goes away SeeMeFeet! :hug:

08-25-2014, 10:43 AM
Wannaskipandlaugh - You called it! The dam broke, and I am sailing through this decade. Can't explain it. Not gonna try. Just hope that it continues. I'm so excited for you with your new job! I also work in the legal field. And it sounds like you were super productive this weekend as well.

Streudel - I'm so excited to see you pop up! We were on the 220s/230s thread together. I can't wait to progress to the 190s thread with you!

LesMills - You're very kind. I ran for 10 minutes straight yesterday as part of my C25K program, and I thought I might die. Tomorrow, I'm slated to run 20 minutes straight. We'll see how that goes. =)

Jessica - It appears that we have matching weights again. At least yours from yesterday and mine from this morning. 212.6. I think you're still short-changing yourself, so I don't think they are actually matching, but I still think it's cool. Also, I dreamed that my scale broke. I blame you for this dream.

Aida - A consistent downward trend! That's awesome!

I'm traveling for work today. I am a member of Anytime Fitness, and I love to check out new gyms. Don't ask me why. It's a daytrip to a podunk town, so their Anytime Fitness will probably not be as nice as the one by my house or the one by my work, but I don't care. A new gym is a new gym! Weight lifting today. Can't wait!

08-25-2014, 01:08 PM
Seemyfeet - I hope your surgery goes ok. You asked what we are doing to lose weight. I fast daily for at least 19 hours. I also count calories trying to hit in the 1400s. I don't "exercise" but I do a lot of work around the house and outside to make up for it.

Laurie - Congrats on the 14s!

Jessica - I say you trust all those low numbers you've earned it!

TooWicky - Wow eating crazy and still losing weight, good on you!

Streudel - Welcome back and don't stay away so long next time. :D

Aida - Great job!

Sue - We didn't go camping we went to visit my husband's brother in Ohio. Good luck on your new job today. Sorry to hear about your friend moving away. It's good you have plans to meet up. And 209...whoa lady look at you go!

I ate way too much this weekend and was in the car a lot, but that was the plan. I gained 1.6 since Friday, but I know I need to get my body back on schedule and that should fix it. ;) I ate breakfast for the first time since May 15th yesterday and it was good but I can honestly say I don't miss it. I'm glad to get back to fasting today, which I know sounds strange but I enjoy eating until I'm full and not feel guilty about it.

I hope you all have a great Monday!

08-25-2014, 01:53 PM
wannaskipandlaugh Thank you for the kudos :D! I am trying to be present in my victory, but it seems like I am consistently moving the lever for what success is :dizzy:. I am so proud that you are still around. 209! Cannot wait for Onderland for you! You definitely deserve it, with all that you have been through hun :hug:.

08-25-2014, 04:32 PM
Sue - You are hall hereby granted permission to yell at my scale this morning. After two days of behaving and giving me steady reads, it decided to give me every thing from 211.0 lbs to 214+ today. I didn't realize how nice steady reads had been until I felt like throwing it through the wall... Yay for the new job, by the way. Good luck and you'll be awesome!

Laurie - As far as I'm concerned, we have matching weights again. :) Given the scale's decision to be an a** this morning, I'm sticking with yesterday's weight. My biggest concern is that my weight spikes on Tuesdays and I'm just hoping that it "spikes" at the 212.6 lbs I was willing to embrace yesterday rather than something higher. Here's to hoping. CONGRATS ON YOUR WHOOSHES!

wvuchick - Days like today are why I don't trust my lows. Because my scale decides to be a jerkface and so me crazy numbers, different numbers every. single. time. I step on it. Ugh, I can relate to the eating. While my weekend wasn't bad, I munched more than I should have after my walk last night. It took me longer than it should have to think "peanut butter toast" which, of course, satiated the hunger so in addition to those calories, I have to live with the ones that came from the crappy snack food like potato chips. Oh well.

The scale lost its mind this morning and reverted to showing me a different number every time I stepped on the scale. As a result, I'm holding fast to yesterday's 212.6 lbs and really hoping that tomorrow's spike isn't a ridiculous one. Because my weight ALWAYS spikes on Tuesday. :/

08-25-2014, 04:52 PM
Happy start of the week, everyone. Not a big drop with the trainer today, but a little one of 1½ since Thursday and I'll take it. I'd have been happy to stay at Thursday's 205 - just didn't want the "bounce up." I hate week's with 3 weigh days and those of you that weigh-in every day are much stronger/patient than I could ever be. I believe I would go insane :)

As for all the whacked out scales, I think all of the moon events this year are playing tricks on electronic things. Super moons, full moons on Friday the 13th and now what will appear to be a double moon with Mars passing so close on Aug 27th. Yep, tidal effects and scale effects :) It's a theory haha

Laurie - Enjoy your new/travel destination gym, I'm lifting tonight too (Pump class).

Wanna - I have never been to Disneyland, though I have been to Epcot once decades ago. I plan on getting there this year though to see the new Diagon Alley attraction since my parents moved to Sebring and I'll be visiting at some point. Those annual passes would be so cool!

Have a great night all!

08-26-2014, 01:24 AM
Wow, you ladies sure are chatty!

I am alive but insanely busy. My weight has been like this: 200.5, 200.5, 200.2, 200.1. Will it be tomorrow??? The cracking of the mythical barrier between fat and "well, let's just say she's curvy"? Who the he!! knows. Anyway, I did great with a very emotional week. I suck at getting my exercise in--really need to work on that. A tiny part of me is looking forward to weaning my baby (in 6+ months!) just so I can have a titch of freedom.

Is titch not a real word? Tich? Tittch? All getting those red squiggly lines. Anyway...

LesMills, you're doing great!! Daily weighing keeps me accountable. When I don't step on the scale, bad things happen. But I'm (usually) not emotionally attached to the daily weight, and Saturday is my "official" day. I hope you had a good class!

Garnet, I get it. You'd think loosing weight would always be fun, but it's scary. Like, who would I be if I weren't overweight? And everyone could see me? I'm playing mindgames with 200 right now, so yeah. But you have earned every ounce you've dropped, b!tchy scale or not.

WVU, I have heard of intermittent fasting. That must take a lot of willpower! Way to go!!

WannaSkip, sounds like a lot of changes! Scary but the potential to be really good. I love swimming--jealous of your dip!

Laurie, you are killing it! Hope your field trip to the gym was fun.

SeeMyFeet--bwahahaha! No! PR=personal record! I hope your surgery went well. <3

TooWicky, sorry the dress didn't continue to thrill. Congrats on the size 16!! 191 is also my magic not-obese number--we must both be 5'7". ;) It's within spitting distance for us. We can do it!!


08-26-2014, 09:10 AM
Laurie - I am so glad that your downward trend is still going strong! :) HOORAY for you! (Now .... please tell the whoosh fairy to come back and visit me! )

wvuchick... I apologize... I did not remember that you were visiting someone instead.... and driving is tough on the body (holding water) and being in new places (food wise) is also tough. But you are home and can get back into the good habits :) Hug to you!

MARLIQ Oh it is so good to see you.. tho I know I will have to post again in your thread! I know what you mean..... When you lose weight you start thinking of different endings (weight wise etc) and how much do you really want to lose.. such questions to ponder. But in the mean time... you need to celebrate your hard work! :)

GARNET.. Did you HEAR ME? I just YELLED REALLY Loud at your scale (Tho I don't know its name and I think my scale is now scared too!) STOP THE BOUNCING NUMBERS!! LOL It had better behave now! I told it so!!!!!

LesMills... Nice downward on the scale in less than a week... you are just inches from Onderland! I think that Daigon Alley is at Universal.... :) But anywhere where Joy is set out and people are (mostly) happy campers.. I love to be!

Dreaming... TALK about a TEASE! GGGEEEEZZZ Well today I would love to see the drum roll and hear (read) your posting of a "1" !!!!! :)

Me... up these last 2 days. I am really stressed out (changes in life affect me that way) and I have gained 3 lbs. Getting used to new people and their quirks and not offending them... New computer programs, new rules (just found out that our hours at work at 9-5:30 or later and that really cramps my ability to walk at night with my friend as I have to drive 20 minutes plus 1 way to my parents to take care of their cat /mail / house and then try and fly home to change to meet my friend by 6:30 to walk our 4+ miles. NOT happening.. not enough time.. so I am stressed trying to figure out what to do these 2 weeks that my parents are away. Oh well.. it will work itself out.. I have to remember that others have worse troubles to worry about...

I wish you all a great Day!

08-26-2014, 10:42 AM
Hi everyone

wannaskipandlaugh, I loathe routine in work, eating, sleep, anything, which I know is completely illogical, because I feel 1000% better and more productive with routine in my life. Hope you get back to yours soon!

DreamingSmall, yes, we have similar stats - it's going to be so exciting to be just overweight lol. I would be so very happy to see that goal in a couple of months. Fingers crossed for us! Are people generally active and slim where you live? I live in a small town in the midwest. Even though I'm basically 200 lbs, I'm positively svelte compared to others, in some situations. Obesity is the norm here. Sometimes I feel somewhat "thin," but then I drive to the nearest big city where the population is not quite as obese, and then I'm like, uh, whoa. I still have a ways to go.

Today is going to be a long day. I woke up very hungry and had breakfast. I was still hungry, so I ate my lunch calories. Then I ate my snack calories, too >< Weight is pretty steadily 198-199+. So far I have not bounced back up to 200 yet. I hope not to.

Dress quest update: I found another dress to try on later today. It's a long dress with a panel down the front that is an animal print. I hope it doesn't look tacky because I like that it is a little hotsy totsy while covering everything up. It's really amazing how I have no idea what looks good on me anymore until I try it on at least once. I'm still not used to this newer physique. NSV - bought several size L shirts, down from XL. They're pretty tight, but they don't look bad.

08-26-2014, 12:20 PM
WVUchick - I love reading about your IF. I do a version of it. I started doing it when I realized that my new husband makes a lot of dinners, and I had to choose between weight loss and offending him. Now, instead of straight IF, I eat very low cal foods during the day (mostly leafy greens). But I know exactly what you mean. Going off plan is fun for a bit, but I feel much better mentally and physically when I'm following a plan.

Marliqq - Thanks for popping in. Your ticker is so inspirational! Can't wait until mine looks more like yours.

Garnet - Hope Sue's lecture works on that scale of yours! Hope the dreaded Tuesday weigh-in goes better than expected as well.

LesMills - Yay for strength training! I am losing at an unexpectedly fast pace right now, and I know that part of it has to be muscle loss. So, being at the gym and proving to myself that I am maintaining (and even gaining) strength is really good for my psyche.

Dreamingsmall - I saw your weigh in when I checked in on the daily weighing thread. Man, oh man, would I be going crazy. You are SSSOOO close. I am absolutely cheering for you.

Wannaskip - Your posts are so much fun! Your new job/new schedule sounds challenging. Maybe morning work-outs? I have to admit I hate them, though, especially when I have kids to get to school. And I will see what I can do with the whoosh fairy, who's suddenly and unexpectedly become my bestie.

Toowicky - Clothes shopping is both fun and challenging. It's also frustrating to find the perfect-fitting/looking outfit, only to be too small for it within a month or two. Not sure what the event is for, but I'm all for a touch of hotsy-totsy.

211.4 this morning. Yes. That's 7.6 pounds in the last week. Granted, I was stuck at 219/220 for almost two weeks. But it's a bit perplexing as well as exciting. I even traveled for work yesterday, ate a relatively large meal out (though I admittedly get full fairly easily now), and stopped for ice cream on the way home (kiddy cone, but ice cream nonetheless). I am just going to embrace it, though, because if my pattern continues, I will be whining about being stuck on 210 for weeks soon enough. =)

08-26-2014, 12:32 PM
I did it!!!!! ONDERLAND!!!

Here's a little post about it on my blog: http://dreamingsmall1.blogspot.com/2014/08/pop-quiz-hot-shot.html

I'm so excited!!

But I think I'll stay in this thread for a week or so, if that's ok. I like you guys a lot, plus I'm scared to move out for fear of moving back in.

08-26-2014, 04:50 PM
Dreaming - Way to go on hitting the Promised Onederland. :D And you are so right about it being scary. Especially for those of us who have seen ourselves this way all of our lives. Crossing that threshold to Onderland is indeed a terrifying - though exhilarating - prospect.

Sue - Stress has a way of causing our bodies to act up but it'll pass. I promise. As you get used to the new environment you'll adjust and everything will fall back into place. Who knows, you might even get a bit of a whoosh to compensate for the gain.

TooWicky - Speaking of shopping. I went out yesterday with the intention of trying on bras. And I walked away with one. It's really hard for me to justify spending money on anything (I've had to argue with myself about buying a $1 tape measure before), but when you put on a new bra that both fits and isn't worn out and see how great the girls look, what are ya gonna do?

Laurie - So officially, you are lower than me today! CONGRATS ON YOUR WHOOSH, MISSY! I'm perplexed by my 4.8 lb loss this week. XD I can't imagine being down 7.6 lbs.

The scale half listened to Sue. Prior to taping - only down 2.0 inches this week, but that's okay - it read a solid 211.0 lbs. Then after taping, it gave me a solid 212.8 lbs. For a moment there, I was almost willing to put 211.6 down as today's official weight but after the 212.8, I averaged and took 212.0 lbs even. It's not even disappointing because it's still 4.8 lbs down from last week. Lol. Besides, it's kind of funny to have a weekly weigh-in weight that is the same as my birthday.

Got lots to squeeze in before I head to work today, though. Extra hours again this week so yay for that. :) Have a great day everybody!!

08-27-2014, 10:16 AM
Dreamingsmall - I spent some time on your blog yesterday when I saw you hit Onederland. How amazing are you? So many challenges, yet you have such great focus. Plus, you slipped up and got right on plan, proving that this requires persistence but not perfection. SO very happy for you!

Garnet - Look at us moving through the two-teens with such velocity. As you say, it's really hard to even fathom (at least for me) being so close to Onederland.

Dreamed I was on a cruise ship. Did I see the beautiful destinations? Faces of loved ones enjoying the cruise with me? Even the ocean? No! My entire dream was about the rows and rows and rows of every different variety of dessert. And I ate and ate and ate and ate and ate. I HATE those dreams. But I wasn't hungry when I went to bed, having just eaten a substantial (if not excessive) dinner, and I have had reasonable portions of ice cream and a cookie this week, so it's not excessive deprivation. I think I just have to accept that the occasional food dream is part of this.

08-27-2014, 03:54 PM
Morning all. Congrats on the numbers today, Laurie. I'm boycotting the scale. Between the two times I stepped on, it gave me a 4lb variance and I'm not in the mood to deal with that today. Like at all. Besides, I came home last night after work and ended up finishing off the last 1/2 cup of the pint of ice cream I bought last week and it's bound to have had some negative effects. Whatever.

Emotionally feeling off. Like wants to breakdown... I've got several theories as to why but I don't really want to analyze it right now. Maybe I'll feel up to it in the middle of walking Luna, but right now I just want to push it out of my mind. Good luck with that. XD

08-27-2014, 05:05 PM
:bravo: DreamingSmall!! :cheer2::congrat:

08-28-2014, 12:05 AM
Well, my DS still has his head. After a week of putting up with his Little Gestures--closing in with his fingers as if he's plucking out my eyeball, licking it with his big ole cow tongue, polishing it on his shirt, then plopping it back in my eye socket.....well....he's lucky I didn't lop off his head! ha!

So the night before surgery, as I'm working late, I get a call....death in the family....soo sad and broken hearted....Then after midnight, my poor DS wakes up complaining of allergies. He has no allergies. And never complains. HooBoy! A sicko in the house the day before surgery.

God Bless Drugs! Tho I couldn't get loopy enough to suit the anaesthetist. I was nervous/loopy when I went in, so he couldn't tell any post-med difference. (When asked if I was post-menopausal "Don't I wish!" Have I had a hysterectomy? "You offering a 2 for 1 deal.?" ha) So they juiced me up reeel good. I remember everything, but wasn't bothered much. While the sterile field paper covered everything but the one eyeball, I asked the surgeon if he needed a sandwich...I was concerned that he would be too shaky from lack of food. I told him it looked like he was using an egg beater--I really meant wire whisk so maybe I was out of it. I think they were laughing at me. How rude! Then when the nurses were chatting while wheeling me out, I blurted out "Whee! Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!" cause it kinda wuz

Slept off the meds. My regular opth was impressed with the handiwork of the surgeon the next day (a miracle considering how chatty I was during), but not so impressed with my eyeball's response. Six different drops at all different times of the day, one eye or the other--hard to keep up. I downloaded a great app to help me keep track. (How DO these 80year-olds manage?) Then we hopped in the car for a two-hour drive to the funeral home. We stopped for a bite when we first got into the town, then got rear-ended in the parking lot while leaving. HooBoy! Kept sicko DS away from all the older relatives--tho he slept all day and was already cured. (tough kid) Coincidentally, my 80yo aunt had cataract surgery a few weeks ago. (Is it wrong to feel victorious that I was doing better than she was? ha) I didn't tell anyone about the surgery (or the accident)--and, amazingly, no one noticed! (They were prolly just seeing all my fat.)

Gaw, I hate funerals. Trying to appreciate the folks you haven't seen in so long, feeling guilty about chit-chatting when you're heart is breaking and you just want to bawl (but can't!)....but that's the story of life, isn't it? Stiff upper lip. (Flabby belly.)

So...back to work today....big 5:00 deadline with my eyeballs glued to the computer screen. Was kinda tough. I've got a contact in one eye and am already seeing better in my new bionic one--can't wait until the blurriness goes away. My poor brain is still trying to adjust--I'm trying not to bump into walls at work or fall down the stairs...but I'd rather my cow orkers think I'm drunk than know about the surgery. Oh...that guy still has pinkeye! Another workday tomorrow, another eye appt, and hosting relatives from out of town. I can't explain why, but I'm in a better mood than I was a week or so ago. Makes no sense. None at all.

Oh....weight loss.....I'm sure that pink loopy stuff made me gain 10 lb.

08-28-2014, 01:31 AM
Still in Onederland and kinda fitting into old size 12 pants!! I have too much muffin top, but they zip up nicely. About 5 years ago, I lost weight down to a size 10. I'd never been that small (well, maybe in 5th grade!), but it didn't last. So I haven't had to/gotten to buy any new clothes this time around. It sure will feel great to buy 8s someday! (Single digit????) But not yet. And my post-twin (plus a singleton 2 years later) body is not what it once was. Above my belly button is this weird pocket of skin/fat. Me no likey. I wonder if I could date a plastic surgeon? Ha.

Laurie, thank you so much for reading my blog. I mainly write it for me, but I'm kind of lonely with everything that's been going on, so it's nice to have a virtual community. I haven't had any food dreams, but I have had dreams about being hugely fat (like, 900 pounds) and trying to move my body. Ugh.

Garnet, do whatever it takes to get your head on straight! I need to weigh daily or I slack, but I know scale-strikes work great for a lot of people.

Wicky, thank you!

SeeMyFeet...what kind of drugs are they giving you, lady? LMAO. I'm really sorry about your loss, though. *hugs*

08-28-2014, 09:13 AM
Laurie... I love that dream but I can see how it can be alittle unnerving! Its funny what our subconscience does to us and shows us what we want (unless its that little voice directing it). The best thing tho... its calorie free! WOOHOO!

Dreaming.. WHOOHOOOOOOO again.. SIZE 12's! WOW!! That is such a wonderful NSV! truly and the clothes will only get smaller ... = more room int he closet and drawers for MORE clothes! :lol:

SeeMyFeet.. Oh my gosh.. I am overwhelmed from your last few days and my life seems steamlined (not) compared to yours.. You are amazing getting thru all that (Eye Surgery, Sick DS, Death of relative and eye drops) and Work! Oh LORD! You must be very organized! I am glad you are healing and hope that the eye drops work so that your eye will be the last thing you need to worry about. Your DS is healed and AOK! and that the loss of your relative.... Hard I know.....is full of lovely memories...

I am still on my upswing from being out of my routine and getting wacked out and stressed. I can't wait till I don't feel so outta sorts.. (older you get the longer it takes). 213.4 today... Sigh...4 days ago I was 209 and closer to Onderland.. now I am heading back to 220.. :( Need to give myself a good talking too.... when I can.. hmmm. Maybe Saturday! LOL Take care all!

08-28-2014, 11:03 AM
Sue - Thanks for the hug I definitely needed that. You'll be back on track soon, don't worry too much about it.

TooWicky - Great job on the lower size!

Laurie - That's cool about your eating habits. I started out doing a 14 hour fast and after a few weeks I got tired of thinking up tasty low cal lunches (I don't do salads) so I decided to skip it too. I love it and don't even think about it anymore, it really has become second nature. And WOW on your 7.6 lb loss this week. Are you calorie counting? If so how many calories a day do you try to stick to?

Dreaming - :congrat: on Onederland!

Seemyfeet - So sorry to hear about your loss :hug: Meds that make you loopy are the best part of surgery! :D

Well I'm sorry I've been MIA this week. Just been trucking along as always not much new to report. I'm just really boring; I do the same thing everyday, eat the same thing every day, and wake up and do it all again the next day.

I am taking off tomorrow to have a 4 day weekend. We are mostly going to be working around the house. We have a lot to get done before the snow starts flying which is supposed to be early this year and as hot as its been the last couple days you'll won't hear me complaining when it does!

Have a great day and if I don't get to check back in have a great weekend!

08-28-2014, 04:18 PM
Feeling so much better emotionally today. Maybe it's the fact that I slept really well last night, who knows. The scale's back to giving me steady readings, which is good. But it's also giving me the reading of 212.0 lbs. Oh well, it would have been really nice to see something below Tuesday's weight but at least it isn't higher. :)

08-28-2014, 10:14 PM
Not much to say today but checking in and reading. Hope you're all having a good week :) And buckle down for the holiday weekend...here's to good results on the scales next week!

08-29-2014, 10:29 AM
Happy almost-holiday weekend everyone!

Seemyfeet You must have been a HILARIOUS patient. I have no doubt they loved you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Dreamingsmall I loved reading your blog. Hearing someone else succeed despite the challenges is incredibly helpful to me. And I am still so excited you are in Onederland! And you did it so quickly. It really does give me hope.

Sue I am finding myself doing some sabotaging behavior as I get closer to Onederland. I saw in your daily weighing thread that you have discovered peanut butter Snickers. Oh, man, are those good! We'll still get there. It might just take us a bit longer. ;-)

Wvuchick I am not calorie counting. Just being "calorie aware," I guess. I am really just trying to minimize my calories during the day. So, unlimited spinach, cucumbers, celery, etc. with a sprinkling of fruit. Then, during the evening, trying to make reasonable choices that won't make me physically uncomfortable and overfull, but will make me feel satiated. I also try to avoid eating when I'm doing it for entertainment, but allow myself to do it occasionally. Pretty loose plan. I also exercise pretty intensely. It's working for me. For now. =)

Jessica - Grateful you're feeling better! Onward and upward!

LesMills - Feeling a little cheaty these past few days, so kinda scared about the weekend. So, I'm going in with a full-fledged PLAN to defeat it. We'll see how it works.

Weekend with the family camping. Boating. Hiking. Should be lots of great physical exercise, and lots of food that I shouldn't eat.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

08-29-2014, 04:19 PM
That's it. I'm going to suck up the cost and get a new scale. I'm so irritated with this one (it had a 6lb variance today). Not to mention that the long week of extra hours and pulling hard to make up for the guy who's called out all week is wearing on my patience a bit.

And then my brother decided to be obnoxious, but that's a whole other story.

08-30-2014, 05:23 PM
Garnet—sounds like you’re having trouble with the men in your life. Feelin’ your pain, sistah…feelin’ your pain!

Let’s all push Dreaming out of here…..wait! wait! Let me take the rope that’s tied around my waist and lasso her foot first….at the rate I’m going, that’s the only way I’ll get out of this thread...

Wannaskip—how’s the new job going?

LaurieD—funny I had a dream about you ladees the same night. In my dream, I found out 3 of you were meeting IRL and I planned to join you. We sat around quietly trying to match faces to screen names. I had the feeling you all were irritated with me because of something I posted and wasn’t quite sure I wanted you to know my screen name. OK so here’s the good news: although you ladees looked a bit…erm….hippy-ish (in my dream) YOU WERE ALL SKINNY!! Bwahaha!

Well…I’ve been sneaking into work with my post-op, beekeeper sunglasses….strutting in with a ‘tude while channeling my inner Jackie O….then sneaking the glasses off before I enter….I’m feeling victorious that I’m getting everything done yet still kept this eye surgery a secret….it’s challenging tho with the boys’ after school sports activities, relatives popping in and out, training five new starters at work, and keeping up with 14 eye drops on a 7,12,2,5,10 schedule. I had a nap today, which helped, but I need to go in to work all weekend.

Oh ladees….I went to my DS’s sporting event today….lots of fashionably dressed tanned and muscular moms in shorts and sleeveless, …the sun was blinding, I had my beekeeper glasses on, and, naturally, was dressed as my usual frumpy self…..YOU know…one of those situations that inspires one to start weight loss… made me so sad to still be so fat….and I’ve been advised against running, weight lifting…#%**! I’m even supposed to avoid getting constipated. (wish I knew how to accomplish that!)…..you know, those situations are better when you have that confidence that you’re on track and losing….which I’m not….My bionic eye is still cloudy and my vision is wonky and bothering me. When I have the other eye done, my vision should be more balanced, but I have to wait to heal and see how the first one goes first. I can't really consider glasses until then, and these dime-store glasses just don't cut it! Haw! I do sound glamorous, don't I?

Today I will start a new routine of walking--I'll go at least twice around my usual 5k route. I need other exercises that don't involve straining or jarring. Suggestions? I've GOT to start losing weight--my mental health depends on it!

08-30-2014, 05:51 PM
If any of you are fans of dark chocolate, I think I just stumbled onto a treat that fits with the healthy eating. Yes it's a protein bar, but it looks, feels and tastes like a chocolate bar. It's like a Special Dark with crunchies in it that are somewhere between a krispie and a nut in firmness. I've only had one so far so I don't know what effect it will have with me yet, but the counts are more or less in line with what I've been consuming when I want something sweet and reach for a bar. Power Crunch brand "Choklat" bar, Protein 10g, Carb 16g, Fat 14g, Calories 220. If my next weigh-in doesn't go bonkers from the new addition, I'll have found acceptable chocolate because I prefer dark to milk so yay!

SeeMyFeet, well done on the eye-stealth but don't strain it over the weekend! Hope it heals quickly and with results that make having the other eye done possible.

Laurie, I had an experience at the YMCA this morning that you would laugh at I think. My club is closed for the long holiday weekend so I found an 8am BodyPump class to jump in at the Y. The Y's weights are in pounds while my club's weights are in kilos, so I'm doing mental math converting and even though you're supposed to multiple by 2.2 to go from kilos to pounds, I figured just keep it simple and double it - close enough right? So squat track comes up and I'm used to using a 10kg plate on each side and so I grab four 10lb plates, two for each side. The instructor says to me, "Ma'am those plates are 10lb each. That's 20lb you have on each side, are you sure you want to do that?" and I said to her, "You know, you're right. I need at least 5 more lbs for each side." I got an eyebrow lift haha - was kinda funny I thought :)

garnet, I think you're right about the sleep making you feel better. Sleep is super important! I found out that you actually start burning calories about 5 hours after falling asleep for "maintenance"...the body working to repair tissues and cells and such. So I always try for at least 7-8 hours a night to take advantage of that natural bonus burn session.

wvuchick, hope you got lots done around the house! After the brutal winter we had last season, I am NOT looking forward to an early one this year. Summer here hasn't even started really (60's in August ffs), so an early winter is especially dismal to contemplate.

Nothing much planned for the weekend. Just a little work and some household chores. Maybe a trip to visit my parents on Monday since they'll be getting ready to head south for the winter in the next month or so.

My next training session was supposed to be Monday but with Labor Day I'm pushed to Thursday, which is okay because I'm flying out Friday for a week to visit my Dad in Oregon. I've got a shot at breaking 200 (possible, but not probable given 2 weeks of decent drops) plus its a testing day. Every 4th week I get remeasured and do a few simple tests to check grip strength, blood pressure, redo resting metabolic rate, etc. Maybe a good testing day literally right before I leave will be incentive enough to watch myself while I'm away and not go crazy with the excuse that I'm on VACATION!!! haha

Take care everyone :)

08-30-2014, 08:40 PM
Finally saw some progress reflected on the scale. Only about 0.6 lbs, but it's better than nothing. Of course, I haven't done anything physical yet today and I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to get done or when I'm going to do it. I'm feeling lazy. >.> Thinking about loading up Luna and taking a drive out to visit Will.

08-31-2014, 01:34 PM
August 5 = 209.4
Aug 12 = 208.9
8/15 = 208.8
8/20 = 208.5
8/24 = 208.2
8/29 = 207.9

08-31-2014, 03:52 PM
I saw 209.0 three times before the scale gave me 210.6, 212.4, and 212.6 lbs. While part of me trusts the 209.0 lbs, the bigger part of me decided to do averages for today's official weight of 210.4 lbs. At least it's moving again. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised, too. I slacked off a lot last night, consumed way more sodium than necessary and my calories were rather high. Not to mention all of the calories I couldn't track from bits of frosting here and there... I made cream cheese frosting from scratch last night. And then frosted cupcakes. The tip fell out of my frosting bag and it turned into a bit of a mess...

09-01-2014, 11:43 AM
Happy Labor Day chickies! :wave: Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. :)

I keep telling myself I'm going to get back here sooner, but life has been hectic. Good hectic, mind you, but still. All the kinds of hectic you expect with a teenager in her senior year of high school. God, where does the time go...

Down to 210 even today. I'm really starting to believe this is going to be the time this lifestyle thing sticks. I'm afraid to believe that after 30 years of trying and failing, but I also know I need to believe in it if I'm going to make it a reality.

One of the reasons I think it might happen this time is because I'm not really dreading or looking forward ( foodwise ) to the holidays. I don't feel like I need an excuse to indulge because I'm satisfied with what I eat every day. It doesn't feel like a diet at all. On the other hand, if I do overindulge a bit I'm not too worried about it because it's only a couple of higher weigh-ins. I weigh every day, so these swings are just that: spikes on a line graph that's steadily trending downwards.

Anyhoo, even if I don't get right back, I'm still plugging away at this thing and rooting for everyone's success.

Have a great week! :D

09-01-2014, 06:11 PM
Hey! Garnet's scale must have a virus. It infected mine yesterday. Saw a glorious number (197.5-six times, even!). But I knew better. Sigh.

Well.....Ladeees......Today is Sept 1st......Time to step on the scale, write the number down, stare hard at it, and get busy. August was a royal bust for me....gained 5lb. I tell ya, I just cannot lose weight when feeling stressed.

But September is going to be better. Turn the calendar page and start all over. With A Vengeance.

09-01-2014, 06:47 PM
Up to 211.0 officially this morning. A few hours later, it gave me a solid 209.8 over and over but I'll stick with the original from first thing this morning.

09-01-2014, 10:04 PM
Garnet... Lord that scale is testing you! LOL Getting a new one - I think - will keep you saner! :)

Yep.. you are right SeeMyFeet!.. Time to start a new month.. With a new attitude... Have you started walking? Is the eye healing? ... remember.. no itching or rubbing the eye! ARRRRGGGGGGGG (Pirate Talk here!) LOL

Streudel... WOW look at you ... losing while being busy! WHO RAH!

Laurie.. LOL you read that about the Peanut Butter Snickers.. LOL even being a year old they were yummy.. tho.. now that I think about it.. what kind of preservatives do they have to keep them a year (in the fridge I know.. but still).. Yikes.. More preservatives in my body! Woohoo! I can stay 56 years old now! :lol:

Me...working on keeping the insanity at bay (new job is a HUGE piece of stress and learning my 4th software program in 3 years is getting to this old aged brain of mine!) I am back up to 216 today (was 217.8 yesterday) I am talking to myself as much as I can to say.. NO MORE PITY PARTY or BAD FOOD CHOICES until I get to 199.. YEP! That is my mantra now!.. Now if only I could reach Onderland in a day or two! :lol:

Hope everyone had a good holiday! and stayed away from the baked goods! :lol:

09-02-2014, 09:59 AM
199¾! Won't be official until Thursday if it holds, but its been just over a week since my last weigh-in and I had to know how close I was. Now if I can just keep the dreaded bounce-up from happening before Friday, I can get on that plane to visit my dad under 200 wooo! Time to call the SP again (sodium police) I think :P

Just under 9 pounds to go to hit my 100 pound goal....argh just before a vacation week. Not gonna stress though - I can still do it if I stick to my plan of going to classes at a local gym while I'm out of town. And sip the wine rather than drink it down when we inevitably hit the tasting rooms LOL That last part could be difficult HAHA

Wannaskip, I bet you're doing awesome at your new job. That's a lot of software to learn in a short time, but if you did it three times before, this 4th time will come through too. You've been exercising that brain as much as anything else! PS - excellent pirate impression :)

SeeMyFeet, how's that eye doing? We'll have to rename this month to See-ptember for your sure-to-improve vision :)

Garnet, if I could kick your scale I would...hard! I've given up on home scales because I wouldn't have the patience to handle wonkiness.

Dreaming, size 12's?? So cool! I can't even imagine that because I can't remember the last time I could fit into a 12. It was pre-High School I know for sure, so yeah that's so good! Keep on going, lady!

If anyone is interested, over the weekend we tried making pizza crust out of cauliflower. Yep, cauliflower. And I'll be dingdonged if it wasn't good! We know to bake it a little extra next time to firm it up more, but it turned out so well I was shocked. I'm sure you all may have seen the recipe pop up here and there, but in case you haven't and you want to try to get the carbs out of your "pizza", this is how we did it:

Grate an entire head of cauliflower with a cheese grater (raw)
In a microwave-safe bowl put the grated cauliflower and mix with your choice of seasonings (we chose finely minced garlic, onion powder and Italian seasoning). Don't add any water! Microwave covered for 8 minutes. Then put it in the refrigerator until completely cooled.

Preheat oven to 375°. Once cauliflower is cooled, mix in 2 eggs and 1 to 1½ cups mozzarella cheese (low fat if you want). Then spread/press that mixture onto a cookie sheet that has been lined with foil sprayed with cooking spray. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until top is golden brown. Remove from oven, then top how you wish with sauce, veggies, meats and cheese. Return to oven for an additional 15-20 minutes or, as my mom said, it looks like a cooked pizza LOL

We let ours cool for a few minutes after taking it out to make sure the crust was set. We sliced it into 12 squares and they slid off and kept their shape with no issue. It's not exactly like a piece of pizza, but the taste is darn close! And no bread :)

09-02-2014, 10:55 AM
LesMills - I LOVED your gym story! Weight lifters unite! And it looks like you are almost outta here! The only cure for that, of course, is for me to join you in Onederland. Totally working on it! CONGRATULATIONS! Onederland is SUCH a huge accomplishment. Especially if you had to lose over 90 pounds to get there. I am in awe.

Sue - I had a boss that used to stock his candy dish with peanut butter Snickers. It was the worst. During the day, I was fine, but at night, when I was there alone. . . . Well, let's just say that the candy was not safe. And I agree - you totally got this new job with its new software. That'll keep you young better than the Snickers. ;-)

Jessica - You genuinely have my admiration for how gracefully you handle your scale woes. I'm gonna kind of miss the 12 numbers it gives you each morning, and your rationale for deciding which of the numbers most likely represents your weight. The scale is just a tool, of course, and the trick is to figure out how to use it without allowing it to completely mess with your head. It's hard enough with one that actually works. The fact that you're keeping the scale craziness in check with your bonkers one is that much more impressive.

Seemyfeet - Here's to rocking the new calendar page! With a bionic eye. You're totally right. We gots this! And I would love to totally meet up IRL. And be skinny on top of that. Loved the dream. And I bet you rocked your Jackie O shades.

Streudel - Being satisfied with our daily food choices is the key, isn't it? And it seems like it's absolutely working for you. Glad you found a few minutes to check in.

AAD - Slow and steady is exactly the right description! Way to end August lighter than you began it!

Was feeling out of sorts this morning. Kind of like - When is the 'I'm so skinny now' fairy going to change my life? You know what? 1 - I'm not 'so skinny.' And 2 - I have never expected her participation in my life before. I know losing weight only fixes a limited number of problems, and causes unexpected problems along the way. But I am feeling much better now. This group approaches life's challenges with such grace and humor. I am grateful to be a part of it and my other thread. I get so much from 3FC. Thanks to everyone for your awesomeness!

09-02-2014, 12:51 PM
212.4 today, slowly moving downward. In spurts. Waiting for a lab to start, so I'll catch up in a bit. Managed to bust the screen on both my iPhone and my iPad, so now I've got to decide to upgrade phone early and repair iPad or repair one and deal with the other. Chances are, it'll be my phone, small shards keep coming off :/.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

09-02-2014, 04:46 PM
Sue, I actually baked this weekend. :) Spice cupcakes, that came out drier than I like. I've decided to tweak that recipe by adding some pumpkin puree. Also, I made cream cheese frosting.

Les, Congrats and I hope it holds for you. :D I know the dreaded weigh day spike all too well. And that crust sounds curious... I might just have to try it.

Laurie, I feel the same way about the group, and about the journey. The skinny fairy has never been one to visit me and there are days when I look in the mirror and just wish that for once she would. But, really, I think that deep down I'm glad that she hasn't. It means I can take that much more pride in getting healthy because I'm the one that's getting me there.

Also, welcome back and hope you had a good weekend.

Angihas2, ouch. Sorry to hear about the phone and iPad. :/

So I got myself that new scale last night. I ended up going with a traditional one over a digital one for two reasons. One, it was cheaper. Like $10 cheaper. Two, given the experience with my brother's digital scale, I think it'll be nice to have a break from something that has a greater chance of malfunctioning. That being said, it does mean that I'm going to have to adjust to life with out tenths of a pound. Honestly, I think it might just do me some good. When the scale isn't measuring tenths of a pound, you don't notice quite so much variation every time you step on and step off. :)

Today's weight? 210.0 lbs. Yup, finally officially hit the 210 mark after a weak of wanting to break a scale and, more importantly, that means I've lost 50 lbs in 19 weeks. <3

09-02-2014, 09:36 PM
Yay Garnet on the new scale but more so about the 50 pounds!

09-03-2014, 01:22 AM
Hello, I still exist!! Things have been crazy around here. My kids have been sick (again!) and I've gotten, like, zero sleep. I had a bad Monday and it scared me straight--my weight today was 199.8. NOT GOING BACK!!!

I'm gonna go through and greet you all properly now. Assuming my baby doesn't wake up wanting the boob (can we say that word here?). I feel badly that he's sick, but I wish he'd take a bottle just once, you know? Argh. He turns 6 months old tomorrow! Can't believe that. That also means tomorrow will be my 6-month-anniversary of my lil healthy lifestyle.

Man, what I would give for a big plate of Thai food right about now! I wonder if I could do Thai in moderation? I can with what I make myself, but those are just the curries. I'm talking noodle dishes...pad si ew, pad ki mao... *sigh*


Les Mills!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! I've heard of cauliflower pizza crust before. And cauliflower mashed potatoes. Maybe I should give them a chance?

Garnet, yay on the new scale and BIG YAY on the 50 lbs! Way to go!

Laurie, I'd love a visit from that fairy. She's quite derelict in her duties. I'm glad you're able to pull through this. And I agree, this is a great community and offer so much to us!

WannaSkip, one thing that has helped me with the pity party trap is realizing that it's NEVER going to get easier. I can't just wait out (eat out) a rough patch because there's another right around the corner, which is what got me to 300 lbs. The whole curse the rain or dance in it thing.

SeeMyFeet--how's your recovery? And is your ticker showing what I think it's showing?????

Streudl--great attitude!

Hope I got you all!

09-03-2014, 09:36 AM
LesMillsluvr Woot Woot! :woohoo: ONDERLAND! Hooray for YOU! and I bet it sticks.. tho.. not too strong as lower you go! How wonderful to go see your father being wearing a low number on that scale! I think I see you floating over this Florida Sky! :D MARVELOUS!

Laurie I tell you.. when that dam burst - it is NOT beign rebuilt! Look at you and your daily (I swear) losses! SHAZAM! and I am so happy for you. Its hard to stay away from the Peanut Butter Snickers Bosses candy jar.. when noone is around (same for living alone! :D) But they are ALL GONE! and I am NOT wandering around Walmart looking for more.. NOPE, NADA, NYET, NIEN, NO! LOL (I am saying this outloud as I type!)

Angihas2 Well I am so happy for your scale lower no.. but sad about your screens... Gosh.. How much do those pads/phones cost everyone??!! (I am still in the stone age and just call.. don't even text! LOL)

Jessica OOOOOO That Cupcake sounds good and really YUMMY (Slap my face argh.. can't think about it!.. tho drooling is aloud.. loss of water??!! LOL) and WOOHOO for getting a new scale! and MAY it bless you with consistancy and low numbers EVERY DAY! :)

Dreaming Oh gosh.. I am so sorry that your kids are sick and not being good about eating... YOU need sleep! Helps keep the weight down.. THO - :) You are still in Onderland. HANG ON! and Let GO Lbs! :)

Okay.. Happy Hump day all! :) I wish you all a great day. Work got better yesterday. I feel alittle more accepted and I caught onto the system at least 35% now LOL But everyday will get better. I have to figure out now...how to get my walking in as I don't get home until after 8:00 pm.. hhmmmm Maybe laps around the inside of my house as I wait for dinner to cook (so I don't eat too late)... Gotta work it out for just 3 more days... Then Parents are HOME Sunday! 215.4 today... GOT 16 lbs to go to GO!

09-03-2014, 10:56 AM
I love seeing all these "1"s on the front of people's ticker weights! I can't wait until it's me!

Sue - So glad things are improving at work. And I love your metaphor about the dam. I was so worried about it being rebuilt at 210, like it had been at 220 and 230. But no signs of beavers around here. =) (Knock on wood) Glad your parents are back and you can re-focus.

Dreamingsmall - Mmmm.. Thai food. Lots of kids. Lots of needs. Newly separated. How you manage to accomplish so much, without nearly enough sleep, is amazing.

LesMills - You should get used to the clothes shopping. Yay for cool friends to help with that! Cuz once you start to get into the 190s and 180s, etc., sizes change much faster. But it's also kinda fun.

Jessica - 50 pounds! 19 weeks! Both of those things are amazing. I heard someone talking about Chris Pratt losing all that weight for Guardians of the Galaxy, and apparently he aid, "Six months. Anyone can commit to six months." So, when I get discouraged, that's what I keep telling myself. Not that six months will get me to goal. But it will get me to a much better place than when I started.

Angihas - I'm having electronic device woes too. And lack of sufficient cash flow to properly address them. =(

I am within 8 pounds of Onederland, and within 4 of when I got discouraged and gave up in December 2012. I had lost from 278 to 203, but just couldn't seem to push it under 200, so I became much more lax. I bounced for about 18 months between 210 and 240 before starting again (after countless starts that didn't stick) with some seriousness in July. A little nervous, but I am feeling good about pushing through this time.

09-03-2014, 04:23 PM
AIDA Ms Consistant! I don't know what I would say if you did not lose! I bow at your feet ! :)

LOL Sometimes I stay the same for a few days, but if I only post here every few days it looks like I always lose! ;)

09-03-2014, 04:25 PM
I did it!!!!! ONDERLAND!!!

Congratulations! Tell them I am coming and will be there eventually! ;)

09-03-2014, 04:28 PM
Dreaming, CONGRATS! You hang on to Onderland with all the passion of all of us. Can't wait to see it myself!

Sue, sounds like a plan. Might not be ideal, but it's better than nothing and, like you said, the parents will be home soon and then you'll be able to make your regular walks.

Laurie, the two of us just need to hang in there. We can stick with it and we will stick with it this time. We've got each other, after all and that goes a very, very long way. I can't believe I'm only 10 lbs from 199. I can definitely hit that by Halloween, don't you think? And it's only slightly more than 1 lb a week. :D

Thanks to everybody on the cheers for both the new scale and the very big milestone. :) It's something that I'm infinitely proud off. I keep thinking about all the progress that I have made, that I'm still making and it makes me a little less worried about the fact that I've had to essentially give myself a week off to try and feel less worn down. I've been maintaining my good eating habits and Luna and I are still walking, but some part of me wishes that I was able to do some running and strength training. I plan on re-starting my strength training tomorrow since I'll have more time to squeeze in a warm soak in the tub if I need to before work. Really looking forward to this. :)

09-03-2014, 04:31 PM
Aug 12 = 208.9
8/15 = 208.8
8/20 = 208.5
8/24 = 208.2
8/29 = 207.9
September 3 = 207.6

09-04-2014, 02:08 PM
:cheer3: It held! The 199¾ was still there this morning and a total of 39¼ inches lost. I think I'm hanging out here for a little bit though because now I go on vacation for a week and I'm bound to bounce back up over "the line".

Trainer says we've entered "goal phase"...kinda freaks me out a little. It's one thing to say you wanna do something and fail because you can keep trying, but there's something about getting there and then falling back that seems so much worse. It's almost a fear of accomplishing the goal because of what comes next. Does that make any sense?

Well, I hope you ladies have a great weekend. I fly out to my Dad's in Oregon tomorrow evening and don't know how often I'll be able to check in. Wishing you all whooshies and scales that behave :)

09-04-2014, 02:55 PM
Well, it's been over a week now, so I think it's time for me to leave this thread. Best wishes to you all!!!

09-04-2014, 03:47 PM
Scale was high today. Expected as much. Sodium was on the high end, didn't drink enough water, and based on the aches in my back and the slight nausea as well as hunger I woke up to, purdy damn sure that time is coming. I hate that time. Add that to waking up to my brother hitting me up for money and trying to find out if/when I'm going to move out to the farm so that he can rent the room out that I'm in... Yeah, it's going to be an awesome day.

09-04-2014, 07:14 PM
207.4 today. 207.4 yesterday. 207.6 the day before. Sue, the beavers have returned.

Just a quick check-in today, but so excited that Dreamingsmall has left our ranks. Looking forward to the day LesMills does it with confidence. And, of course, looking forward to rejoining them on the next thread soon.

09-05-2014, 11:12 AM
207.8. Thought when I got past 210 without stickiness, I had broken my "every ten pound" scale stickiness issue. 207 was just laying in wait for me. =)

Welcome 19Deltawifey! You are sssoooclose! Can't wait to see you finally break through to Onederland.

Have a great weekend everyone!

09-05-2014, 04:49 PM
19Deltawifey, welcome to the thread. You're so close I can't imagine you'll be here for very long. :D

Laurie, aw snap, I might just be able to get a leg up on you while your body builds up for another big whoosh. :D It's funny to watch how closely our journeys are and yet see how very different the weight loss pattern is for each of us. You'll unstick here soon. With a vengeance I'd imagine.

Scale gave me 207.0 lbs this morning. The funny part is I'm so not used to traditional scales yet. You know how it's got the dashes every 10 lbs and the dots every five in between? Yeah, well, I saw 207 and about broke something before I realized it was two pounds above the 205-lb dot, not two pounds above the 210-lb dash. :D

09-06-2014, 11:39 AM
206.4 this morning. Down 1.4 from yesterday, after four days at 207.x. Weird how that stupid scale works. Closing in on my lowest weight since 2008! After that, ONEDERLAND!

Jessica - I love our neck-and-neck results. It's so weird that we are so in sync, even if the specific patterns are so different.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

09-06-2014, 05:42 PM
Lol. It really is, Laurie! I can't say that I'm down at all today... the no tenths thing. But while I didn't see 206, I also didn't see higher than 207. So, holding steady there and I'm good with that. :)

09-07-2014, 12:00 PM
Happy Sunday all!

Congrats Dreamingsmall and LesMillsLuvr!! :bravo:

I know what you're saying, LesMills. Thiinking about goal can be a real mind%(&*. Don't worry, you've proven to yourself that you can be successful and there's no reason why that won't continue.

In the past, I have failed when reaching anywhere from 10-30 lbs from goal. Failing being gaining all the weight back +10. This time I've told myself that if I can't move the ball forward any further, it's OK to move the goalposts. :lol: It's just not OK to run backwards to the other team's goal. :o

Today brings me into the 2 oh's after a week of hanging on to 2 lbs. of water weight. ( ovulating ). :D Going to enjoy the resulting whoosh until the TOM stall.

Have a good week ladies!!:D

09-08-2014, 10:48 AM
Good morning all!

Decided to binge for a day and a half, and go up by 6 pounds. So, at 212.6 this morning. Time to get back on track.

09-08-2014, 11:33 AM
Ladies - Hello! I'm back. My family reunion was Saturday. I think it was a great success. We had 18 more people than last year and 4 that got sick and couldn't be there and another 10 who weren't there because there was a new baby born during ther reunion (so I guess that's 11 more :D ). So I'm pretty happy with that!

My goal was Onederland by the reunion. Well I didn't make it, but I'm awfully darn close. Yesterday I was 202.8 so I am almost there! :woohoo:

I'm sorry I've been mia but life should get back to normal for me and I'll get to check in more often. Now I'm ready to set a goal of 175 by Christmas. It's a pretty lofty goal I think just under 2 lbs a week, but it's something to shoot for! Anyone else have a Christmas goal?

Have a great Monday!

09-08-2014, 04:13 PM
Streudel, congrats on hitting the 2-ohs.

Laurie, ouch. And I was feeling irked that the onset of tom caused me to go back up a pound to 207 this morning. It's okay, though, you have the ability to nip it in the bud and get back on track.

wvuchick, I'm so happy for you, being so close to Onederland. Look at you go! I originally had a goal of Onederland by Christmas. At the rate I'm going, though, I should be able to hit Onederland by Halloween! It means I'm going to have to re-evaluate where I want to be by the end of the year which is both exciting and scary!

Sodium + tom = Water weight gain. Back up from 206 to 207 this morning. It's still 4 lbs down since last Monday. So it's all good.

09-08-2014, 09:53 PM
Now I'm ready to set a goal of 175 by Christmas. It's a pretty lofty goal I think just under 2 lbs a week, but it's something to shoot for! Anyone else have a Christmas goal?

Welcome back, wvu! :D Wow, you're right on top of Onederland!

I think having an ambitious goal through the holidays is a great idea. I think I'll shoot for 185. 210 today. Yummy salty stuff for dinner last night.

Hang in there Laurie Dawn! It's just a blip. You've got this thing. :hug:

09-09-2014, 03:08 PM
Thanks Streudel and Jessica. Nothing to do but to either go up or go down, yes? (I have never been able to stay the same unless I am trying to lose.) So, onward.

Up another 0.8 pounds this morning. 213.4. From a low of 206 when I weighed Saturday morning.

09-09-2014, 03:28 PM
Jessica - My orginal goal was Onederland by Christmas too. :D You're doing great!

Streudel - You can totally get to 185 by Christmas!!

Laurie - The weight will come back off before you know it. Keep the faith!!

09-09-2014, 06:01 PM
207. Also, deep long sighs about life issues.

09-10-2014, 07:26 AM
Hi everybody! After a long, wonderful summer I'm back to calorie counting and taking a run at Onderland.

09-10-2014, 09:39 AM
Jessica.. I send you a BIG :hug: about that sigh... I hope all is well... remember.. time passes and things straighten out..

Welcome back Wahine! Onderland will NOT stand against you! :)

I am more settled now since all H*ll broke loose in my life. Parents are home... I can finally walk again at night with my friend (amazing what exercise does for your brain and thoughts!) and after 2 weeks of crying and breaking out in hives at the new job.. yesterday was Great! (the girl who was training me was gone for the day and I relaxed and it went GREAT and I helped others and the boss and she hugged me!) I feel sooooo much better... I see a future of happiness instead of crying. Hooray!

NOW for the weight I gained GRRRRR (my coping mechanism.. that I am still working on since I can't spend money to satisfy that need) ... so starting AGAIN to getting to Onderland!... 215.6 today... so have gained 6 + lbs since Labor Day. Time to REMOVE them from my life! and More too!

I wish you all a really good day and may you all laugh at least 5 times today!

09-10-2014, 10:37 AM
Sue - I am so excited about your work triumphs. Trainers are great, but sometimes trying to do something exactly like someone else is more exhausting than helpful. And it looks like you and I are on the exact same page with weight. I am 215.0 this morning, up from 207.6 on Saturday morning. And you're right. Nothing to do but buckle down.

Jessica - I meant to comment to you on the other thread, but I'll just do it here. I'm sure you've already considered it, but can you get a deferral on your student loan payments? Maybe that would help make ends meet? Not having a food budget is the absolute worst.

I thought I would breeze through this thread. Or at least hoped I would. Instead, I am hoping that my impossible rapid regain stops while I am still eligible for this thread. <sigh> But I am here. And I am still working. And sometimes, that's the best I got.

09-10-2014, 03:44 PM
8/15 = 208.8
8/20 = 208.5
8/24 = 208.2
8/29 = 207.9
September 3 = 207.6
Sep 10 = 207.2

09-10-2014, 06:37 PM
Saw 206 again, but not gonna record it as official. Too soon in the week. :)

Laurie, I have thought about it. My biggest thing is I owe less than $1500 on them and in another 4 payments, they'll be caught up and I'll be eligible to reapply and go back to school. This is my biggest goal in life right now. To stay afloat until I can re-enroll in January. Of course, I'm pretty sure it would help if I could make a decision about my choice of degree program by then, too.

09-11-2014, 10:54 AM
216.6. And I am still weighing daily and recording. Cuz I am still in the middle of a successful push to get to and maintain a comfortable weight. Up 10 pounds in 5 days, but hopefully, it will come off reasonably quickly.

09-12-2014, 08:51 AM
Laurie..... I KNOW that these extra lbs (water I am sure) will flow away. It has taken me 2 weeks to finally start on my down track... (Mind set for me as I ate the wrong food and not on plan - coping mechanism). But yours will go down.. IT WILL! I promise! ONDERLAND is just there on the other side of the hill (well mtn sometimes) but its alot closer and attainable than it was a month ago! :)

Garnet.. I am sorry that I did not read all your previous posts.... I did not realize that you are not starting school until the winter session. I hope that the oustanding bills diminish quickly! :) and so will lbs too! :D

I am going back down... very happy. Still 4 lbs above my low.. but at 213.6 this morning and I feel better. I have not been perfect on plan.. but I must be in my whoosh week anyway as I have lost ALOT of water and am grateful for whoosh week. Now I need to do my part and STAY on PLAN! :)

Happy Friday all!

09-12-2014, 10:50 AM
Sue! - We are finding our way back! Your parents are back, and you have been relieved of that extra responsibility, and your job seems to be getting under control. I really believe that if we are going to maintain for the rest of our lives, it's invaluable to be able to get back on plan when life throws curves at us. And it appears as though we are doing exactly that! Woot!

215.2 this morning. Down 1.4 from yesterday. Finally, the scale is going in the right direction. Not on track to lose the 10 pounds I gained in five days as quickly as I gained it, but I am trying to celebrate every fraction of a pound I lose. Onederland is still within view, and I know how desperately I wanted to be in the 2-teens when I was stuck at 219/220, so I am celebrating being here now.

Have a great weekend everyone! Onederland, we're coming for you.

09-12-2014, 05:13 PM
Glad to see the scale shifting back in the other direction for you, Laurie!

I got a nice 205 lbs on the scale this morning. Also, life has been busy the last few days. Wednesday, I got a call on a job that I'd applied for over two months ago. Yesterday, I had my interview and while I was at work last night, they called to offer me the job. It's a full-time position at Verizon that makes more than I currently make at Home Depot plus it comes with commission and shifts that don't start before 830am and a store that closes around 8pm. There's something to be said for that. I'm definitely going to take the job and, while I wish I could do both, I really don't think that I can physically.

09-13-2014, 06:33 AM
Yesterday, I had my interview and while I was at work last night, they called to offer me the job.

Congrats! :carrot:

09-13-2014, 05:05 PM
Thanks, Wahine.

I hit 204 lbs today. From here on out, every drop on the scale is officially a new lowest weight ever. I'm in the final stretch to Onederland and I am so excited, and nervous, to get there.

09-13-2014, 06:02 PM
Hi all - good to read about everyone's little triumphs while I was away. And as for the setbacks, they're only temporary and triumphs waiting to happen.

I've had a horrible week. My trip to see my dad was cut short after 2 days when I called home to find out my mother had died unexpectedly Sunday morning. So I got my ticket changed and headed home early Monday morning, and while I was waiting for my 3rd plane in Detroit, I got the call that my father had passed away as well that evening. His passing was expected as he has been in decline after a 4 yr battle with colon cancer, and that was the main reason for my trip - to see him, but it was still not a call I wanted to get.

My eating has been WAY off, but I've actually been at the gym a couple of times this week to have an hour or two to myself where I wasn't thinking of anything. It might seem too soon to be doing that, but just to have that break from reality has helped me keep my sh*t together. I guess I can't worry about what anyone thinks and do what I think I need to stay in control until all of the hard stuff is over (wakes, getting my stepdad on track with financials, etc). There's time to crack later, right?

Hope to be back at some point. Keep doing great things, ladies!

09-13-2014, 08:16 PM
I've had a horrible week. My trip to see my dad was cut short after 2 days when I called home to find out my mother had died unexpectedly Sunday morning. So I got my ticket changed and headed home early Monday morning, and while I was waiting for my 3rd plane in Detroit, I got the call that my father had passed away as well that evening. His passing was expected as he has been in decline after a 4 yr battle with colon cancer, and that was the main reason for my trip - to see him, but it was still not a call I wanted to get.

My eating has been WAY off, but I've actually been at the gym a couple of times this week to have an hour or two to myself where I wasn't thinking of anything. It might seem too soon to be doing that, but just to have that break from reality has helped me keep my sh*t together. I guess I can't worry about what anyone thinks and do what I think I need to stay in control until all of the hard stuff is over (wakes, getting my stepdad on track with financials, etc). There's time to crack later, right?

Hope to be back at some point. Keep doing great things, ladies!

Wow. "Bad week" is the understatement of the year. I'm so sorry. But let me assure you of one thing -- you are allowed to deal with this in whatever possible way you can. Exercise is a great way to work through emotions, whether that is anger, grief, or just stress. Use it as much or as little as you want. Remember, you have to live through this, so you make whatever decision supports your ability to do that. Please know that I'm thinking of you as you face these challenges.

09-13-2014, 08:17 PM
Jessica - I am THRILLED to hear about your new job. Congratulations!

09-14-2014, 12:45 PM
OH LesMillsLuvr I am sooooooo Sorry about the loss of both of your parents. Oh my gosh.. To be in transit and have no control to be where you want and needed to be - that is tough... but not as tough as not having your wonderful and loving parents there for you (in physical form). I know that they are still watching over you and you can talk to them anytime (I still talk to my sister who passed and my grandmother). But the losses - toughest thing we live with I swear. I send you a Huge :hug: of whatever comfort I can. Deal with this situation that keeps your soul and mind safe and sane and know that we are here for you. :hug: again and I am so sorry.

Laurie... I was glad for your mini loss and don't sweat it... sometimes this short term gains just happen (In my case - I was not eating right).. but the water will go away once the body lets it go... it will. We will march into Onderland THIS YEAR! and WAY Before the holidays, I SWEAR! I am at 211.0 today.. so still have 11.2 to go. Work was horrible again on Friday - my judgement is now being questioned (like am I able to open a door for a co=worker??!!! as it was locked ??!!! and getting yelled at because the lady in charge of welcoming did not believe me when I said it was an employee and not a client) sigh... walked this morning and talked to God and asked for direction again and I think I am giving my notice tomorrow (I have no money and just cashed in more of my IRA and don't have much left).. so need prayers to find a NICE HAPPY JOB where I can laugh, smile and learn and help! That is what I need in my life :) I know that...

Hugs to all and wish you all a terrific Sunday.. may your team play well (if you watch Football - Bears Fan here and late night game against 49's - Yikes - Jay Cutler better watch those interceptions! grrrr)

09-14-2014, 07:50 PM
My loss to 204 lbs held strong through this morning. :)

09-15-2014, 11:42 AM
Sue - Oof. I'm sorry that your job has gotten so bad that you are putting in your notice. It seemed to be improving. =/ But we spend so much time at work that it really matters to quality of life. Good luck. And Onederland by the holidays! Let's do it!

Jessica - Yay on 204! And yay for the new scale! You are sssoooclose to Onederland!

219.8. Barely hanging on to this thread. But I am going to hang on to it!

09-15-2014, 05:00 PM
Laurie, I want to beat your scale into submission. I can't imagine it's a valid gain. I wish I knew what was up that's got you spiking so bad.

09-16-2014, 09:04 AM
Laurie.. I agree with Garnet.. Something is Wackadoodle with your scale! Drink some squeezed lemon water for a day or two and see if some of that held water goes away! You are part of this team that has Onderland in its sights! We need to win that prize! :)

I lost a lb of my water weight gain.. yeah.. but have cheated on Peanut Butter Snickers again (Does NOT go well with Atkins and low carb! GRRRR They are now at work and I won't go near them!) I want Onderland before Thanksgiving!!! (my earlier goal was Onderland by 7/4 then Labor day.. 3rd times the charm as they say!

09-16-2014, 10:23 AM
Sue - Oh, those peanut butter Snickers. I, fortunately, don't have them at work. You're a rock star for staying away from them! I haven't tried squeezed lemon water. I downed a ton of straight-up water yesterday. Maybe I'll buy a lemon today and have at it tomorrow!

Jessica - Meh. I have decided to accept it as actual gain so that I can be happy when I see losses. The scale messes with my head, and I know it. But I also know that weighing daily and checking in at 3FC is preventing a complete meltdown for me. 206 was almost exactly where I was the last time I quit. (I think I was at 204 or 203.)

218.2. Had another Day 1 on plan yesterday, and it paid off to the tune of being down 1.4 pounds. Need a Day 2.

Onederland is around the corner for you, Jessica. And Sue, can't wait to celebrate it with you when you conquer it by Thanksgiving!

09-16-2014, 05:01 PM
Sue, it's not cheating. Merely an indulgence. So long as you don't make it a habit, you are allowed to indulge once and a while. :)

Laurie, that's what I'm talking about! So proud of you for getting a day 1. And seeing such a big drop has to be so motivating! Bring in that Day 2 and then keep each singular day coming. You've got this and I will not let you walk away from all of your hard work. You and I are in this together, no matter what comes and you are going to reach Onederland just like I am! <3

Did something I don't usually do. I can't be 100% sure that the scale was 203 and not somewhere between 203 & 204, but since it doesn't give me tenths of a pound, I let myself embrace 203 today. I'm so nervous and excited.

09-17-2014, 12:19 PM
So I've been super MIA lately and unfortunately it's not because I moved down to the next thread. My brother was in the hospital for two weeks and then I've been busy at work and that just hasn't left much time to come here and talk.

My brother was released from the hospital but has a long road ahead of him, so if you are the praying type, please say a prayer for him.

My weight has pretty much stalled out but I am not gaining, so I am happy with that. I need to keep in mind that this is not a race, it is a new way of life. Seeing what my brother has been through, I've come to realize that at times I focus two much on getting to a certain number but I need to remember the most important reason to lose weight and that's to be the healthiest me I can be and that is an on going journey not a destination.

I hope you are all having a great day!

09-17-2014, 05:56 PM
\8/20 = 208.5
8/24 = 208.2
8/29 = 207.9
September 3 = 207.6
Sep 10 = 207.2
9/17 = 206.7

09-17-2014, 11:31 PM
Well, kick me in the butt and call me stoopid. More than once, 'cause I don't listen the first time. What'd I say all those many many months ago?...that I would get myself all checked out, tuned up, and lubed, and get movin' along in the right direction healthwise. Did I get checked out? No! :dizzy: Why? Prolly 'cause I was too ashamed to step on a scale. (Hey, I did say stoopid!) Well anyway, I finally went to an MD, made my complaints, and had lotsa blood and weewee tests. Low thyroid and low VitD. Why am I not surprised? All this time, I've been sooo tired and getting more and more depressed....just thinking it was due to getting older and being bummed about my eye situation and failure to lose weight. So now I have a ray of hope that I will start feeling better and start losing this fat. (please, please, pretty please with a cherry on the top) Had my first dose of TH....AND....itchy hives!....ugh!.....still, I'm hoping this will eventually work out.

:hug: wvuchick for you and your brother. I hope you see a ray of sunshine soon. Take some comfort in not gaining--I wish I could say that. What a fantastic and loving sister you are!

Garnet--sooo jealous!

wannaskip--What!?!? Did you give notice at your new job? What happened? ooooo I hope things got better!

:hug: LesMiller--sooo sorry for you loss! I just don't know what else to say. It must be an awful lot for you to handle all at once. I hope you find peace and keep your good health as you deal with these blows.

Wow! Everyone has a lot to handle, yet you're all doing so well with the weight loss. Hope the extra butt-kicking exercises I gave you help burn a few extra calories, ha.

09-18-2014, 10:06 PM
SeeMyFeet, my mom got hives when she started her thyroid medication. She had to be switched to the non-generic form. I'm okay with the generic form but she needed the "better" stuff to not have that reaction. I think its natural form? Not sure but its the non-generic option.

Doing ok considering. Went in for a session this morning since I haven't been with a trainer for nearly 2 weeks. Weighed in at 195, but this weekend its back out to cheese/wine-land so I'm sticking around for the more than possible bounce up.

Take care all :)

09-19-2014, 10:04 AM
Laurie.. I am so happy that the scale has turned around and its starting to come down! :) Yay!!

WVUChick... Oh I am so sorry about your brother. I am sending prayers of strength and wellness to him (and you for your worry) I pray he will be ok soon. I also was wondering how you were/now are doing. Hugs to you!

Aida! :) Your weight posts just keep inspiring me!

SeeMyFeet: ah yes.. Thyroid and its regulation of our bodies.. Amazing what one gland (well a few) do to us. Vitamin D(3) is wonderful. I started taking it over a year ago and it does help your system and in my case, my anxiety and stress. It really is a needed vitamin :)

LesMillsLuvr.... It is nice to see you.. and I bet that even with the Wine/Cheese weekend.. you will be staying in the "1's" :) But just in case.. I send you strength!

I am almost down to my low... at 210.4 this morning. That is helped by quitting that new job I started 3+ weeks ago as it was so toxic for me. I felt and saw unhappiness and was schooled and yelled at alot. Not for me. So Looking for another new job. I have 2 attorneys who wish to talk to me about a position in their firm (tho I am not a paralegal) so here's hoping!

I wish everyone a lovely and Peaceful (tho giddy!) Friday!

09-19-2014, 04:47 PM
I've had 201 lbs for two days in a row now... starting to feel real. :)

09-19-2014, 05:06 PM
Seemyfeet - I hope the meds work out for you too. fingers crossed*

Les - I hope you are doing ok. You're in my thoughts.

Sue - Thanks for your kind words and prayers. and Yay on getting close to your low and quitting the job. You definitely don't need to stay somewhere that tries to bring your down, your too wonderful to let others affect you. Good luck on finding a new job!

Garnet - I'm in the 201's the last two days too. I'm ready to move into Onederland. How about you? ;)

I'm 1.3 from Onederland, but don't think you're going to lose me soon. I want to get well into the 190s before trusting it. :D Hope you all have a great weekend!

09-20-2014, 12:32 AM
Hello everyone, I'm excited about joining this group and phase! I weighed in at 216.4 on Wed, I'm not sure how long I'll be here but I'm looking forward to chatting with you all.

09-20-2014, 03:39 PM
:welcome2: Caramel! Glad to have you join us for this part of your journey! May I wish you a short stay on your way to Onderland :woohoo: You have joined a truly fun and lovely group of people here! :) I am looking foward to your posts!

wvuchick and garnet... May this last 1+ lb be the easiest you have to lose! That is my wish! :) (Tho I don't want you both to leave - Posessive here!

I am down (.2) to 210.2. Argh I want single digits I WANT SINGLE DIGITS!.. Maybe all this stress coming up this next week (I have 2 interviews with major law firms Eyk... as I am used to Title Companies and not law firm.. but will put my best foot forward and be honest!) :)

09-20-2014, 08:17 PM
You'll be in the single digits soon, Sue! I promise.

I don't expect to see Onederland until after Tuesday's weigh in. Thought I did see something in between 200 and 201 this morning. In other news, I finally broke down and bought a new pair of jeans. They're size 16s, but I was also able to fit into 15 juniors. What? Crazy, right? I might have gotten some 15s, but the ones at Walmart not only cost more but actually made me look bigger than the $15 16s by Faded Glory. :)

09-20-2014, 10:07 PM
So I've been super MIA lately and unfortunately it's not because I moved down to the next thread. My brother was in the hospital for two weeks and then I've been busy at work and that just hasn't left much time to come here and talk.

My brother was released from the hospital but has a long road ahead of him, so if you are the praying type, please say a prayer for him.

My weight has pretty much stalled out but I am not gaining, so I am happy with that. I need to keep in mind that this is not a race, it is a new way of life. Seeing what my brother has been through, I've come to realize that at times I focus two much on getting to a certain number but I need to remember the most important reason to lose weight and that's to be the healthiest me I can be and that is an on going journey not a destination.

I hope you are all having a great day!

Will keep your brother in my prayers.

Congratulations to all of you, hopefully I will be able to join you soon

09-21-2014, 12:12 AM
I've been hanging out at 216 for a couple days. I'm so anxious to get under 200 I just can't stand it.

09-21-2014, 02:30 AM
Sue Thanks I hope this is a short stay for me too
gonnab I see that we are both at 216, I'm sure we'll be out of the teens sooner than later.

I have not been able to go to the gym more than 2xs this week due to other engagements. I went to the lab for my 2hr glucose test today. I am looking forward to Monday evening and getting back on track at the gym. I got on ghe scale today and the scale moved in the wrong direction.

09-21-2014, 10:20 PM
Hi there Caramel, MaryBB, and gonnabfitmom! :wave: Welcome to the thread. :)

LesMills, I am so sorry for your loss. It would be so heartbreaking if it was one parent, but both at the same time is so unimaginably overwhelming. 20 years ago, I lost both of my brothers at the same time, so I can imagine to a degree. I wish I had the words that would help, but as you know there are none. My heart goes out to you and your family.:hug:

wvu, I hope your brother is doing well in his recovery. I'm glad that you've managed to keep taking care of yourself despite the stress.

I'm so proud of you and garnetrising! Onederland awaits!!:carrot:

Fingers crossed for you, Sue, on the job and the single digits! You'll do it. Nothing seems to keep you down for long. :)

SeeMyFeet, what a relief it must be to have a doctor tell you what's going on! I hope the find a medication that works for you.

As for me, the young' un is nearly finished with driving school, so hopefully I'll get in a little more 'puter time.

I'm at 206.5 today. It's so hard for me to believe that 6 months ago, I was at 255 and feeling as hopeless about my weight as I can remember ever feeling. Thanks in large part to 3FC and the Beck Diet solution book, I'm feeling like I've finally got this thing if I just don't give up.

09-22-2014, 01:34 PM
Caramel - Welcome and boo on that scale going in the wrong direction, but don't let it get you down, it's part of the process. We'll kick that scale's butt in the end!

Sue - You are so close to the singles. You got this!!

Jessica - I know what you mean about the jeans. I have 2 pair of 14s from walmart. The faded glory ones are way tighter. I don't get it. I have a pair of 13 juniors that fit about the same as the women's 14 FG. weird. :D

Mary - Thank you for the prayers and welcome!

gonnab - I know what you mean about the anticipation it is nerve wracking isn't it?

Streudel - You are doing so great! Just remember what it felt like 50 lbs ago compared to now when you need a little extra motivation.

Well this chick is suffering with terrible allergies and sinus issues. It started yesterday and had me up all night. So yesterday I ate out of comfort and the scale showed it this morning. It is very tempting to eat while I'm at work (for those of you who don't know I do IF, where I fast 20 hours a day). But I don't want to go down that road. I did have a cup of coffee with cream and sweetner this morning (the cream being a no no when fasting), but the warm coffee feels so good on the my throat and I can't drink coffee without milk, unfortunately they didn't have skim milk to choose from. :( Oh well I should be ok and hope that sticking almost to plan helps me get back to yesterday's weigh in before the comfort food.

Fun day at work for me today. My boss isn't here and I'm the decorating person for my company's chili cookoff on Friday so instead of boring old accounting today I get to make signs and fun stuff. :D

Hope you all are having a fantastic Monday.

09-22-2014, 03:38 PM
Streudel, keep it up!

wvuchick, it's crazy. Honestly, I prefer the cut of the Faded Glory ones, too. :) So sorry about your allergy issues today. Feel better. :)

In other news, the scale's at 200 lbs today. I found out last night that my soon-to-be-ex-husband was having an affair back at the beginning of the year as I suspected and that he got engaged back at the beginning of July. The ONLY two things that frustrate me about that knowledge are that 1) he lied about the relationship back in March when I confronted him about texting some strange number heavily between February 11 and February 14 when he couldn't even be bothered to call and wish me a happy birthday on February 12. And 2) he still hasn't signed my divorce papers.

Also, I had a store meeting at 6am yesterday that ran until 730am but I didn't start home for the Olympia/Lacey area until nearly 10am. Why is this, you might ask... Oh... nothing. Just, you know, a guy asking if I wanted to grab a coffee, paying for my coffee, and then us proceeding to talk for like two hours....

09-22-2014, 10:47 PM
Happy Monday and happy first day of Fall chickies!

It's hard to believe it's Fall already! :dizzy:

wvu, I hear ya on the allergies thing. I sneezed all day, as did a great many of my co-workers. I hope you feel better soon.:getwell:

garnet, I'm happy to hear you're discovering there are pleny of fish in the sea. Your exes loss will be someone else's gain. :D

I'm at 206 today. Hoping to get as close to 199 as I can before the next TOM stall.

09-23-2014, 03:12 PM
Aw, streudel, you're such a sweet heart. <3

Also, Ladies... (drum roll) I hit 199! I'm going to stick around in here for at least a few more days to be sure it doesn't bounce back up, though, if ya'll don't mind. :)

09-23-2014, 09:27 PM
Also, Ladies... (drum roll) I hit 199! I'm going to stick around in here for at least a few more days to be sure it doesn't bounce back up, though, if ya'll don't mind. :)

Woohoo!! :carrot::carrot: Congratulations! :congrat: Happy to have you for a couple more days, but I think it'll just be onward and downward from here. :)

09-24-2014, 07:45 AM
:woohoo: and :congrat: Garnet! Onderland is YOURS! :) I am very happy for you! (and sorry about the soon to be ex.. but nice to talk to a new man and enjoy the conversation!)

I am taking a break.... I did find a new job and start today.. but I have eaten so much bad stuff lately that I don't even want to step on the scale. I will read and Cheer you all on.. and hopefully all you accomlishments will kick my Arse!

09-24-2014, 02:33 PM
After two weeks and flying on 11 different planes back and forth across the country, I'm finally home and can start trying to get back to normal. Well, a new normal I guess.

Mom's memorial at her local Senior Center was really nice and we had 3 times the number of people we expected, but the ladies at the Center had it covered and did a wonderful job with food and keeping it all going. We had asked for people to consider donating to the Center in lieu of flowers and now they have a little over $1000 to do something nice there. She would have liked that I think.

Dad had the military honors ceremony at the cemetery. Color guard, flag folding, guns firing - all of it. His American Legion Rider buddies escorted us all to the cemetery...a 45 min trip involving the freeways and somehow they didn't let anyone get separated the entire way. I had never seen a military service before and it was beautiful. Sad, but still beautiful. "Taps" won't sound the same again.

Went in to the gym this morning after 4 days off and stepped on the scale. A couple pounds found me again (too much wine and salt), but the bounce didn't find the imaginary 200 lb line...barely...199. So, I'm sticking around for a bit longer.

gonnabfit and Caramel - Hi and welcome :)

wvu - Best wishes for your brother and geez the allergy/sinus crap is really getting a lot of people. Hope you're on the mend soon.

Streudel - Wishing you a pre-TOM whoosh for some breathing room

garnet - WTG on the coffee date AND the 199 :)

wanna - Wooo on the new job!

09-24-2014, 05:25 PM
8/24 = 208.2
8/29 = 207.9
September 3 = 207.6
Sep 10 = 207.2
9/17 = 206.7
9/24 = 206.3

09-25-2014, 10:49 AM
Two miracles!!

First: Last week, I purchased THREE peaches that were sweet, juicy, and deeelicious! From the Grocery Store! I KNOW!

Second: I can hula hoop like a BAWS! I haven't hula-ed the hoop for a month, and when I picked it up for the first time again last night, that thing just floated around my waist over and over and over. I don't remember having such skills even as a girl.

Whell, I've been on the thyroid hormone for one week now. Sure has helped in the poopy department. (thank goodness!) I've also been gulping the Vitamin D horse pills. I'm feeling so much better, and I don't care if its a placebo effect--I'll take it. It was just becoming impossible to maintain any kind of a good mood and I'm so sick and tired of feeling exhausted and brain dead. Maybe now I can see some progress with weight loss. :crossed:

My eyeballs are finally starting to stabilize, so I'm trying to stop acting like a big baby and start picking up some light exercises: hula hooping, arm weights, squats, walking. Oh ladees, I have GOT to start making progress.

:hug: LesMillr I cannot imagine how tired and hollow you're feeling. I hope you find little joys in your life to help you through this tough time.

WannaSkip: holy cow! another job alREADY! You go, girl!

Well, gotta get back to work. And get back on track with losing weight. (I feel like I should post in the Introductions again!)

09-25-2014, 05:01 PM
SeeMyFeet, so glad the meds are having a positive effect. Placebo effect or not, it's the end result that matters. :)

LesMills, my heart goes out to you every time I think about your loss. I can't imagine what it feels like to have them both go so closely together. We lost my grandmother at the end of April and that was hard enough. :(

Sue, please don't be sorry about the ex at all. I'd know it was coming for a very long time. He was never faithful in the relationship - the first time I found illicit messages was two months after we'd gotten married... so... - Honestly, it was a matter of building up enough confidence in myself to believe that I could be okay alone. It may have taken a complete nervous break down and about five and a half years, but I found it back in March and that's why I filed. And look at all the good that has come from finally riding myself of such a negative life influence!

Scale's somewhere between 198 and 199 today. Which is pretty impressive given that my calories were somewhere around 2,000 yesterday. Oh well, one day of over-indulgence isn't going to hurt me. :)

I got the call and start my new full-time position with Verizon on Monday, the added income might just put me in a position to invest in a cell phone! I also decided to pop out toward work early yesterday and got to spend a few hours talking with the guy from work again. LOL. When I messaged him stating that I was at the Starbucks near his house, reading, if he wanted to join me, he threw around words like "aforementioned" and "lackadaisical"... Never underestimate the power of a good vocabulary! :lol:

09-26-2014, 08:02 PM
Streudel , Wvu , and LesMills thank you for welcoming me to the group.

Garnet Congratulations on making it to ONDERLAND!!!!

Wvu I hope you are feeling better.

The scale decided to be nice and move in the right direction, I'm down to 213!!!

09-28-2014, 12:27 PM
Hey ladies!! Popping in quickly. We've moved and our net isn't set up yet, highly frustrating considering I've got two online classes. School is going well for everyone but the extra curricular is a killer!! My 9 yr old son has football practice everyday but Tuesday and Wednesday, his games are usually on Tuesdays. My 10 yr old daughter also has softball games on Tuesdays and practices thought the week. Combine that with a highly active 2 yr old, hubby's two jobs and my various clubs and activities for my classes and the gym is a fond vacation! But we've moved out in a more rural area but only about 10 minutes from town and we get plenty of movement. We spent three hours in our field last night throwing the football, practicing with the softball and I held the baby's hand whe he kicked and chased the soccer ball around. Roughly 45 mins of a slow steady jog, then an impromptu family jog down our road and driveway and back and I was wiped out. We've been living out of the crockpot, micro and electric skillet and grill. Our stove is gas and trying to set up a connection date with the gas company's schedule and our schedule is ridiculous. Right now we're betting it'll be holiday break before it's hooked up :/ dinners have been creative but yummy and we've yet to resort to a drive through. Although we did have subway one day. Scale also got broken which is helping me keep closer track of what I eat, when I eat it and why I'm eating it. It's amazingly freeing to eat and know I'm eating from hunger not routine and not have that inner dialogue when I get on the scale. I'm assuming it's going down since I've taken my bras down to the smallest hook and my panties are rolling down under my jeans :( but it's seriously freeing to just be without being a #!

I'm so axed at the weight you guys are conquering and the stumbling blocks we're all stepping over, keep up the good work!

09-29-2014, 12:25 PM
got down to 209! Very proud to say that

09-29-2014, 10:13 PM
AAD - love the steady downward movement :)

seemyfeet - hula hoopin' is awesome! And so glad you're feeling better with the thyroid pill on board...it affects soooo much. At least it does for me.

garnet - a good vocabulary is sexy ;) Hope your first day on the job went well!

Caramel - nice drop!

Angi - you sound like a super busy gal these days...takes a strong woman to keep all those balls in the air. Keep on juggling like a champ :)

Matilda - breaking into the single numbers is fantastic!

Well, trainer session this morning and the weigh-in puts me at 194 so I think I'm pretty comfortable saying I won't be bouncing back up. If all that airport crap food and constant picking at food and drinking way too much wine didn't wreck me, I think I've finally moved solidly into the 190's. Does that mean I have to leave? This thread has so many nice people, I don't wanna go :)

09-29-2014, 11:37 PM
Way to go Caramel and Matilda! :carrot:

Angie, I'm tired just thinking about what you do. You are amazing, lady!!

LesMills, we could share you with the 190's thread. :D

I'm up 1.5, but it's hormones so I'm not worrying. I'm just happy to have my cycle that regular that I can tell it's just hormones.

Anyhoo, hope everyone's had a wonderful National Coffee Day! :coffee2:

09-30-2014, 04:35 PM
Second: I can hula hoop like a BAWS! I haven't hula-ed the hoop for a month, and when I picked it up for the first time again last night, that thing just floated around my waist over and over and over. I don't remember having such skills even as a girl.
YouTube, Baby! Show us the HULA!!! LOL :carrot:

09-30-2014, 04:36 PM
The scale decided to be nice and move in the right direction, I'm down to 213!!!

got down to 209! Very proud to say that

Beautiful, Ladies!

09-30-2014, 04:37 PM
8/29 = 207.9
September 3 = 207.6
Sep 10 = 207.2
9/17 = 206.7
9/24 = 206.3
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September

10-02-2014, 12:30 AM
Thanks everyone!
Today was weigh in day but no loss....I had a fun weekend ;)

Les Congrats on being solid in Onderland! :bravo: :cp:

Matilda Congrats, you'll be in Onderland soon. I can't wait to be that close. :carrot:

10-02-2014, 07:41 AM
LesMills... WOOHOO yes I would say you are solidly in Onderland :) :congrat: again! Hold the door open for us all and thank you for visiting with us here too! :)

Matilda... Single Digits! Oh I remember that feeling.. you are on the doorstep to Onderland too! :)

AIDA..getting closer! :)

Struedel! YOWZA... you are getting so close to Onderland! WOOHOO!

Caramel - sometimes staying the same (after having a "fun" weekend) is a WIN! :)

SeeMyFeet... Hula Hooping.. Fun Fun Fun! and glad that you are getting better!

Me... well... hovering around 215 these days.. (Not being good again) I think the rain (not as much walking) and the New Newer job stressed me out for awhile that bad food tempted me and I gave in. I even had Burger King the other day (YIKES!) so time to talk to myself seriously... I want to get back to the feeling of being in control and the feeling of not "feeling Full" like I have had these last 2 weeks... I like feeling not full... it motivates me.

Well Happy Thursday to you all! May it be a SPECTACULAR DAY! :D

10-03-2014, 12:01 AM
Hi All! Hope the day is treating everyone kindly. :)

Sue, it's great to see you're hanging in there. It sure isn't easy to do when life starts tinkling on your parade, but you're still here being accountable.

I'm starting to see a little of the mid-cycle bloat go. 204.5 today. I can't wait to see 199.5. That will be my halfway point in my weight loss journey.

10-04-2014, 10:25 PM
Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. Dreary, cold, rainy weekend here in Upper Michigan. But the morning was fun. The gym had a "new music launch" event for the new versions of the classes and I managed to do all four back to back. Had to take a 1-track break during the 3rd class because I was WIPED OUT and had to pee so friggin bad and had to change my clothes (things were beyond nasty at that point), but it was a sweaty hilarious fun 4-hour marathon. Four of us were attempting to do all four and two of us managed it so yay for me and Brit LOL The other ladies managed 3 so yay for them too :) 1433 calorie burn...holy smokes! They did it up really nice - they ended classes with 5 min breaks in between so you could go to the "refreshment" area for complimentary fruit, veggies, protein bars, protein drinks and/or coffee (pumpkin spice and regular). Lights down, disco balls on full blast and 50% sales on clothes/equipment. Anyway, had a blast but I certainly felt the effects all day. I fell asleep for about 2 hours not long after I got home and when I got up I was all OMG I'M SORE haha

Keep doing awesome things everyone!

10-05-2014, 01:07 PM
LesMills.. That sounds like a BLAST what you did and :woohoo: that you made it through all 4 workouts! :) I bet you and your friend laughed alot too! :) I burned 5 calories just thinking of what you all did! but 1400+! WOW! you deserved the nice nap (tho the miscles stiffened up I bet)

I am up again... a friend came down (who moved away a month ago) and we went out for wings and beers 2 nights in a row.. OUCH! LOL 100 calories per wing Jimminy!

Happy Sunday all! :)

10-06-2014, 02:44 AM
Les that is awesome!!! I would like to try a challenge like that, although it seems like a big challenge!

Although I had a good weekend and did not go to the gym because I had to work I think I will see the scale go down....I did good with my eating.

10-06-2014, 08:56 AM
Goal #4 out the door! Hit the 100lb lost mark this morning with a pound to spare :) Got to ring the fighter bell at the club and everything HAHA

Have a wonderful Monday everyone :) And wannaskip? Don't worry about those wings...they'll fly back off soon! Fingers crossed for you Caramel...good eating trumps exercise in general so I'm sure you'll do great!

10-07-2014, 08:29 AM
:woohoo: and :congrat: LesMillsluvr! 100 LBS OFF! :woohoo: actually 101! AWESOME JOB!!!

10-07-2014, 03:48 PM
September 3 = 207.6
Sep 10 = 207.2
9/17 = 206.7
9/24 = 206.3
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5

10-08-2014, 11:37 PM
Les WOW CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :carrot::bravo::cb::cp:

Today was another weigh in day and I'm down to 211.4 :) I'm looking forward to being in single digits...... hopefully next week.

10-12-2014, 02:00 PM
Hope everyone's weekend is going well :) I ran in another Zombie themed 5K yesterday afternoon and came in 4th in my age group (out of 10), 44th overall (out of 70). I'll take that LOL It was a fun way to spend the day and our group hit the "quarantine afterparty" for free chili and beer :)

Also, if anyone is looking for a decent side dish, or even doubling the serving for a vegetarian main dish, I tried one last night that turned out pretty good. It has an Italian taste to it thanks to tomatoes and basil - like a spaghetti bake - only without the sauce. Figured I'd share it. Protein 8, Carb 13, Fat 5.5, Calories 130 if you divide it into six portions:

Spaghetti Squash Casserole
1 medium/large spaghetti squash
1 medium onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
4 plum tomatoes, diced (or 1 can no salt diced tomatoes drained)
½ cup fresh parsley, chopped
½ cup shredded low fat mozzarella cheese
1 cup 1% cottage cheese
¼ cup grated parmesan cheese
¼ tsp dried basil
¼ tsp salt (optional)
1 tsp olive oil

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Prepare one baking dish (13 x 9) and one baking sheet by spraying lightly with cooking spray. Cut the squash in half lengthwise and place cut side down on the baking sheet. Bake for 30 minutes or until tender when poked with a knife. Once cooked, use a fork to pull the squash flesh out of the skins (will shred and look like spaghetti noodles) and put into a large bowl.

In a skillet, sauté the onions, basil and garlic in the olive oil until the onions are translucent (about 3-4 minutes). Add the tomatoes and continue to cook until dry (about additional 4-5 minutes). Put the tomato/onion mixture into the bowl with the squash strands. Add cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese, parsley and salt (if desired). Mix thoroughly.

Dump the squash mixture into the baking dish and spread out evenly. Sprinkle parmesan cheese over the top. Bake for 30 minutes or until casserole is bubbling and browned on top.

10-13-2014, 08:00 AM
LesMillsLuvr.. that run sounded fun..(zombie). I would love to do one (color or the glow in the dark one too).. but it would have to be a walk :lol:

I have gained too much weight and flew right outta this thread... will lose and come back soon I hope in a day or 2...

Be well all and have a great day!

10-14-2014, 06:10 PM
Sep 10 = 207.2
9/17 = 206.7
9/24 = 206.3
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
10/14 = 205.1 = -.4 this week

10-16-2014, 07:35 AM
I am getting closer to coming back.. 220.2 today... soooo close

Where is everyone??

10-16-2014, 09:49 PM
Hey Sue! I'm still here. :) Haven't had much to report. I've been bouncing between 203 and 204 since the first of the month. Not unexpected at this point in my journey, but still a little frustrating.

Yay on your 220.2! But don't wait until you're back in the teens to post again. It's all about the support, not the number. :hug:

Boy, this really is where it gets tough, isn't it? It seems like it gets to be a lot more 2 steps forward and one back at this point in the game. Still, if we don't give up we can't fail.

10-17-2014, 04:30 PM
Hi all - cold and rainy outside all week so haven't been doing much fun stuff. Going out to dinner tonight with a cousin and aunt that I haven't seen for awhile so that should sabotage weigh-in on Monday nicely haha.

Enjoy the weekend everybody :)

10-18-2014, 02:56 PM
Happy Saturday everyone!

201 today. It's hard to believe I'm almost there. So excited!! :carrot:

10-18-2014, 05:36 PM
Wooohooo Streudel! Almost there, lady :)

I didn't do too badly last night - though I did indulge in the butter on the lobster. The cousin paid so of course I got steak and lobster haha - just kidding. I did get that, but we ordered before he said he was paying so I wasn't taking advantage LOL

Enjoy the rest of the weekend...we had snow flurries today so ICK for me!

10-19-2014, 01:04 PM
199.5 this morning!!!

I did manage to restrain myself from naked happy dancing right on top of the scale. I stepped back to a safe and dignified distance and then cut loose. :D


LesMills, if indulging in a little butter with lobster is wrong, I don't wanna be right. :D Sorry to hear about the flurries. It is WAY too soon for that crap.

Ugh, I hate to be cold. :(

Happy Sunday everybody!

10-19-2014, 01:12 PM
Streudel - I haven't posted to this thread for a bit, but I just wanted to join in the WOO HOO! Onederland at last!


10-19-2014, 01:38 PM
Hey LaurieDawn, it's great to see you! Congrats on getting to Onderland to you too! :carrot::bravo::cp::cb:

10-19-2014, 04:13 PM
WTG Streudel and Laurie!

Had a funny moment this morning - decided to play with the Wii for a bit and for kicks I loaded up the Wii Fit program. This was the first time I stepped on the board and the damn thing didn't groan at me and call me obese LOL Isn't technology fun? :/

10-19-2014, 11:07 PM
STREUDEL and LAURIE! Shazam!!!!!!!!! and :woohoo: and a HUGE :congrat: to you both! You have crossed that huge hurdle! YOU DID IT! Oh I am so jealous! but THRILLED and HAPPY For you both! LesMillsluvr.. you have more compatriots now in the Onderland section... Oh I will join you all sometime and I hope sooner than later! I am tickled pink for you wonderful ladies! and yep the dance of joy is well deserved! :) COOL BEANS!

10-20-2014, 10:19 AM
Streudel - I feel like I stole your thunder! I am sorry. I really did just want to congratulate you. Having said that, though - thanks to you and LesMillsLuvr and Sue for celebrating with me! It does feel like it's been a very long journey.

Sue - You are so positive and committed! I can't wait until you see that "1" on the scale.

LesMillsLuvr - Love that the Wii was finally a bit kinder to you! Looks like you have left Twoderville far behind!

10-20-2014, 03:27 PM
9/17 = 206.7
9/24 = 206.3
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
10/14 = 205.1 = -.4 this week
10/20 = 204.6 = LESS THAN 5# to go!

10-20-2014, 04:28 PM
Hope you're having a good Monday ladies...I'm about to break into the 70's thread after a pretty huge drop of 7lbs this last week. Doesn't happen much (only once before) so I'm going to enjoy it and hope there's no bounce back next week. Probably get a good stall like last time, but that's ok. No movement isn't upward movement at least :)

I'll be looking for you all to join me soon! You're all very close!

10-21-2014, 07:51 AM
WOW LesMillsLuvr! SHAZZAM! :woohoo: You are doing GREAT! Someday I will find you! :) Keep going on and WOW!

Me.. Back into the teens after adding Disney lbs.... we have 5+ weeks til Thanksgiving and I need to lose this 9 lbs of gained weight (from the last 5+ weeks).. GOING TO LOSE IT!! Yes I am!! I wanted Onderland wayyyyyyyyy long time ago and way before the holidays.... Now I have to get there thru the holidays. I can and WILL! grr!!

10-24-2014, 07:39 AM
I hope everyone is doing well.... I am not... I float in and out of this thread :(... I just don't know how I got stuck in this rut! I actually have a job I like (very busy.. but just the way I like it!) ... tho getting less sleep as I have to drive 50 minutes to get there everyday. I am eating carbs.. and I don't know why. I see me picking them up and putting them in my mouth and not feeling guilt. I really need to get my ARSE kicked! For more than a year, I was able to ignore them..... why now??! I was in the single digits-so close to Onderland. hmmmm Need to read thru my old postings I think. I truly truly truly want to get back into the good eating habit again and finally get to "1".

How are you all doing?! I think that this is the quietest I have ever seen this thread. Hope all are well and have all gone onto the 190's thread! I will be there ... before the end of the year... I will work on it!


10-24-2014, 05:04 PM
Save me a place my weigh in is tomorrow and I have a REALLY good feeling :) Looking forward to meeting you all and being on the teen train to ONDERLAND.....wooohoooo!!!!!

10-25-2014, 12:11 PM
Made it 219.8......seems like this thread has been quiet!!! Hope everyone is well and cannot wait to meet you all!

10-27-2014, 01:12 AM
Welcome Jenni
Sue you will get there, remember tomorrow is a new day.

I have not been posting in here regularly, the past few weeks have been busy. I am in single digits 207, I want to get to Onederland so bad! I've been so busy that I didn't go to the gym for 3weeks :( but I went today and did 2miles just to get some sort of cardio in.

10-27-2014, 01:47 PM
9/24 = 206.3
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
10/14 = 205.1 = -.4 this week
10/20 = 204.6 = LESS THAN 5# to go!
10/27 = 204.2

10-27-2014, 05:02 PM
Thank you Caramel! Seems like a very quiet thread....are there not many of us???

10-29-2014, 01:52 AM
Jenni I think some have moved on to Onderland used to be a busy thread.

Weigh in day is tomorrow I hope I lost at least 1lb.

10-29-2014, 12:59 PM
Good luck Caramel.....I have had the stomach flu....not sure how this is going to play into the weight loss...afraid of a drastic loss then a gain as I am not really eating and hardly drinking....we will see...

10-29-2014, 10:41 PM
Hi gals...I know I'm not officially in the thread anymore but everyone was so nice here I like to try to keep up with you all :)

I'm doing something tomorrow that has me a ball of nerves tonight. Now that I've past my 100 lb mark, the owner of the gym I'm at asked me to shoot a commercial. I said I would a few days ago, but the closer it gets the more I wish I had said thanks but no thanks LOL They do an interview first just kind of talking and answering questions that they'll edit into sound bites, and then my trainer is putting me through a usual workout during which they'll be videoing for clips. Yikes!

Hopefully it goes alright and I don't look like a fool! Have a good week all :)

10-31-2014, 08:06 AM
Jenni! Welcome! :) GLAD to have you here! :) I promise to start posting more....

Caramel! you are doing so well... you are flying right by me.. :) Cool.. I hope that the scale gives you a kiss this morning!

LesMillsLuvr.. WOW that is awesome that your gym wants to (in a way) celebrate you and your milestone loss and I think that this video will also act as a success story (YES YOU MS SUCCESSFUL!) to others and help keep them motivated. I hope that they don't ask you anything uncomfortable.. but I bet they have the best in mind for you! :) TOO COOL! :) Me.. when I lost 100lbs... my parents finally noticed that I had lost weight LOL that was my reward! :)

Me... well I am finally legal to start posting here again. 219.8 LOLOLOLOL talk about being here by the skin of my teeth :lol: I had gotten up to upper mid 20's and that bothered me ALOT.. tho I still could not stop eating the cr*p food.ggrrr...... I am taking it day by day again (like I did 1 1/2 years ago ) to get back into the good habit of eating and not letting food be so important. My 209 from 6 weeks ago is my first goal... I WILL do it and then I can start looking at Onderland again (BEFORE 1/1!!!!!!)

:haphal: Happy Halloween all and I hope that the pounds get scared today! :haphal:

10-31-2014, 12:25 PM
Happy Halloween!!!!!

Carmel...hope you lost that pound!

Les...a commercial how awesome!

Wanna! Nice to meet you and I know how frustrating it can be and sometimes we have to wrap our heads around the process all over again! I don't know what plan you are following but for me it helped to find one that I didn't feel deprived and I could have an occasional cheat!

Still feeling like crapo chewed 4 pepto's in the last hour....I really don't want to find my face in the toilet again...uggg!!!

11-01-2014, 03:00 PM
Wanna - Wooooo on being officially back in!

Jen - I hope you're feeling better...face-in-toilet is not a fun position :(

Caramel - I'm betting that pound is gone!

Well, filming day thank God is over. What an experience though. They switched it around and did the work out first, and this camera guy was like a freakin' monkey climbing on stuff to get angles. At one point they had me standing in front of a post with a target 10 feet up and then doing a deep squat, throwing a medicine ball to hit the target and then catching it going into a deep squat - rinse, repeat lol. He wanted to get the ball coming at the camera and they're telling me "hit the target, but don't hit the guy". No pressure right? After 4 rounds and my legs catching fire, they finally got what they wanted. Then they had me running as fast as I could (not very fast haha) toward the 400-lb tire stood up on edge with the camera shooting through the tire hole and they say try to stop *just* before the tire. Um, right. Took 6 tries for that one but they seemed to get what they were going for LOL The talking part after was what I was dreading...I'm just not a speaker, but yeah I got through it and my trainer seemed happy with the result so hopefully they can edit something together that doesn't make me look too foolish :)

Have a great weekend all, and I sure hope you enjoyed Halloween!

11-03-2014, 02:37 PM
Les...I am glad the filming went well! Sounds like you rocked it!

I am still recovering. This thing has now turned into a digestion thing that is lingering ...but I am bound to be on plan and eat all my calories ...I have only been averaging 500 a day! Upping me water too!

11-03-2014, 04:54 PM
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
10/14 = 205.1 = -.4 this week
10/20 = 204.6 = LESS THAN 5# to go!
10/27 = 204.2
November 3 = 203.8

11-03-2014, 11:15 PM
OMG 500 a day? Girl, get some Ensure or something until you can handle the food intake! Take care of you and feel better soon :)

11-04-2014, 08:01 AM
Jenni.. wow.. 500 calories a day is really low... I hope that you can get the digestive issues cleared up. I am sorry you had been sick... Better every day is my wish! :)

LesMills... It is so good to see you and see what you are accomplishing! I thank you for the reminder and YOU TOO AIDA! about continuing this journey! :)

I am still creeping down.. 219.4 today.. but had eaten Fried Foods on Sunday... so I have that to deal with as it is not Atkins friendly... Darn it! LOL Back on track yesterday and today. I have so so busy at work that I don't get home until 7:30 or so and it is so dark.. I have to walk... gonna get over it and just do it... tho for some reason now... I am alittle fearful for walking at night (had some attacks happen in the neighborhood last spring).. but I have to do it! YEP (see me talking myself into it!?! LOL)

Have a great day all!

11-04-2014, 01:09 PM
Less...thank you...thankfully yesterday was a turning point!!! I actually felt hungry and I was happy LOL and I went right back to my eating plan which was a huge NSV after being sick!

Wanna...yep yesterday and today is so much better I got in 1200 yesterday and feeling better today YAY! You can do this! Sometimes we get in a rut but its the coming back that helps us win this journey!

217.4 today

11-05-2014, 07:51 AM
Yeah Jenni for feeling better! :) Good!

Happy Hump day all.... and I am tired.. watching all those election results (I am just curious) LOL gonna be a LONNNGGGGG day today. I hope my mind stays sharp - Sigh..

Well I am down tho.. Hooray 218.6 so only 9 lbs over my low from 7 weeks ago. I am holding alot of water and even the lemon water is not working as fast. Keep plugging.. Thanksgiving is coming fast and then the Christmas parties.. YIKES!

11-05-2014, 11:34 AM
Wanna...I was gonna stay up but got frustrated with what people voted in...LOL

Mid week weigh in 216.2, hope it holds for Saturday weigh in!

11-05-2014, 11:35 AM
Hello its been a while since Ive checked in but today I WI at 204!! 51lbs lost

11-06-2014, 12:59 AM
Hi all - hope your week is going well :) My commercial was finished today...it isn't too embarrassing. Don't know when it will air, but the gym uploaded it on Facebook. Figured I'd share...


No laughing! haha - ok you can laugh a little :)

11-06-2014, 07:58 AM
Shoot LesMillsLuvr,,, MSN (my web browzer) is blocking this. I will load this when I log into Google Chrome later... I bet it is an AWESOME Video! Just bet! :D

Good to see you Matilda and you are getting SOOOOOOO Close to ONDERLAND WOOT! :D

Me.. backtracked.. but I had a slice of crumb cake (GRRRR - bad Sue!)
Up to 219.0. and I and my walking partner can't seem to get out walking. Its been a week already and I feel restless (hate walking in the dark by myself)

11-06-2014, 01:02 PM
Les...what a wonderful video so inspirational!!!

Sue...hang in there and remember your goals. That always helps me anyway!!!

Non weigh in day but another kid is pukey today that's 4 out of 6 now!!!

11-07-2014, 07:53 AM
Yuck for sick kids Jenni... I hope that they get better!

I walked last night (boy it felt good) 4.8 miles a pop... I feel so much better and the stress in my neck and shoulders diminishes too.. All around Good! OKAY I am going down again.. Hooray.. 218.4 Still 9 lbs over my low and Onderland is not happening this year (SO VERY SAD about that and losing my way these last 3 months). But I WILL get there! Commitment. That is the key. Determination gets you started, but commitment keeps you going! I WILL get to Onderland I WILL I WILL I WILL!

HAPPY and FANTABULOUS Friday to you all! :)

11-07-2014, 11:46 AM
I weighed in at 209 this morning. Getting closer...

11-07-2014, 12:46 PM
Sue...wow that is a great walk! I cannot wait to start working out again! I love lifting weights! And you CAN do this! This is the hardest thing I have done after losing weight gaining losing gaining, but it gives me more perspective every day!

gonnabe....great job!!! Onderland is close.

So 216 today. I have an interview next Thursday I am getting really nervous. My husband is retiring from the Army so I really need to find a job! It's not that easy these days even when I do have my Masters :(!

11-08-2014, 02:02 PM
Jenni.. I bet you will WOW the interviewer! Just believe in yourself... Learn some neat things about the company and SHAZAM! :) I am happy you are getting closer to single digits. It is a good feeling!

Gonna... Looks like you can make Onderland before the end of the year! :) Looking good!

Me.. creeping down still... Did 4.5 miles last night .. but stopped for chicken wings in the middle (my kind of walking LOL).. But still lost .2 oz down to 218.2... Eh... I realized that I must have wanted to sit here at this weight for awhile (been 3 months now) and that is okay. I am starting to feel FAT again and that means I should be back into the game and lose fast again (when I can stay away from off plan food) LOL and have a nice whoosh.. hhmmmm wooshes or whooshes feel great... I could use alittle of that feeling.,,,, good incentive to stay ON PLAN today! :)

Have a great weekend all. We have festivals galore here this weekend. The Navy Seal museum in Ft Pierce is having their annual Muster and alot of the Seals will be attending, Jensen Beach is having their annual fair and concerts (Atlantic Rythym Section and the Pointer Sisters tonight) and 2 Art Walks. Lots of stuff (tho my yard needs attending.. need to spread some Weed and Feed to ward off the cooler weather weeds that are sprouting.

11-10-2014, 06:01 PM
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
10/20 = 204.6 = LESS THAN 5# to go!
10/27 = 204.2
November 3 = 203.8
November 10 = 203.4

11-11-2014, 11:25 AM
H'lo everyone. I thought I would try coming back to visit for a while in hopes of picking up on your good moods. I've been wallowing, and it has been difficult to come here and read about your perky progresses....And all that optimism! Yowza! You see, my vision has been getting worse, and I've been frightened out of my mind. I'm ok for now...I can drive, cook, clean, get my job done and lots of other things done with varying degrees of success and faking it, but reading is becoming increasingly difficult. I dare not talk about it at work. I keep things to myself. There are times I want to bawl like a baby. But I don't. I'm trying to stay busy and not feel sorry for myself, and with teenagers in the house, there's distracting drama daily, so that helps. (What am I saying???? That doesn't help at all!!) I have to admit, it's difficult to stay away from the self pity party.

Anyway, I've been keeping to a good diet, but not counting calories. And it doesn't take much for me to gain. Maybe if I come back here regularly I will see that this is one area of my health/life that I can control and I will get some empowerment out of that. (And I really don't care if that sounds like the anorexia mantra.)

Sorry to be such a downer ladies. You are all doing so well. I hope I can find some way to crawl back onto this trail and join you in the march to thin-ness.

11-11-2014, 01:15 PM
Holy snow storm, Batman! Just spent 2 hours digging out of the first snow of the season and we've gotten about 16 inches so far and it's still coming down. Got the driveway clear only to find the road hasn't been plowed yet so I couldn't get out if I wanted to anyway. Arghhhhhhh - hope everyone else is much warmer and less white and icy than I am :)


11-11-2014, 07:08 PM
Seemyfeet....I sure hope stuff gets better for you. We all have down moments so don't feel bad about that!

Les....holy cow .....I remember last year we got 18 inches and that was horrible for an area that never really gets snow or we get 1-3 at a time...we were definitely not prepared. Hope you got warm!

I haven't weighed well because I have been SUPER busy LOL ....I have an interview Thursday that I am really nervous for ...Friday early am I leave for Disney so won't be on for a week or so! I feel like I haven't really lost this week hoping that is not the case!

11-14-2014, 11:31 PM
Our total snow for the snow-pocalypse was 42½ inches and I think I shoveled every one of them twice haha. This winter is gonna be even worse than last year's brutal cold I think :( Oh well, maybe I can literally freeze my butt off :P

11-17-2014, 09:17 PM
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
10/27 = 204.2
November 3 = 203.8
November 10 = 203.4
11/17 = 203

11-21-2014, 01:00 PM
2lbs to go....Onwards and downwards.

11-22-2014, 07:34 PM
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
November 3 = 203.8
November 10 = 203.4
11/17 = 203
11/22 = 202.6

11-23-2014, 04:08 PM
It's been really quiet here! I am back from Disney and back on plan! I have figured out that I am going to be on plan until Thanksgiving and treat that as a reward day....then I will go from there. I was doing a reward day each week but I may reign that in a little because Christmas is coming and really trying to lose as much as I can before the end of the year or get as close to Onderland as I can!

11-28-2014, 04:41 PM
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
November 10 = 203.4
11/17 = 203
11/22 = 202.6
11/28 = 202.2 = -.5 this week

12-01-2014, 05:16 PM
Thank you rebelle!

It's been a hard couple of months. I have stalled out still at 215 so looking at other plans. I would really like to be as close as I can to Onderland by the first of the year!

12-01-2014, 05:53 PM
[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]AAD, looks like you will be outta here by the end of the year! I so admire you continued focus!!! :high:
:sunny:That's what I'm hoping for!

12-01-2014, 05:54 PM
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
11/17 = 203
11/22 = 202.6
11/28 = 202.2 = -.5 this week
December 1 = 202

12-03-2014, 01:12 PM
Stalling sucks...well we can do this together! I am hoping we both go downward!

12-05-2014, 10:30 AM
I finally got into the Two-teens today. I weighed 219.8! I haven't seen this weight in I don't know how many years! Good Luck, Everyone!

SW: 219.8
CW: 219.8
GW: 199

:cheer2: :congrat: :cheer3:

12-08-2014, 10:24 AM
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
11/17 = 203
11/28 = 202.2 = -.5 this week
December 1 = 202
December 8 = 201.5

12-12-2014, 07:03 PM
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
11/17 = 203
December 1 = 202
December 8 = 201.5
12/12 = 201.2

12-18-2014, 07:52 PM
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
11/17 = 203
December 1 = 202
12/12 = 201.2
12/18 = 200.8


12-24-2014, 02:10 PM
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
11/17 = 203
December 1 = 202
12/18 = 200.8
Christmas Eve = 200.3

12-29-2014, 12:06 AM
Hi all. Just joining. Had a hard time locating a thread for working to the 100's and was directed here. :-). I weighed in at 209.8 this morning. That is te heaviest I have ever been. I'm excited to get out of this century for good and glad there are others working towards that same goal. Today is my first day counting calories this time around. I went over goal by 25 calories and worked out 20 mins elliptical and lifted weights.

All in all a decent enough day.

12-30-2014, 12:16 AM
Today went ok. The scale was down a smidge and I got my exercise in. 208.8 this morning.

12-30-2014, 01:04 AM
Starting again after a big pig out over xmas.
202.4 today.

12-30-2014, 01:31 PM
After working to lose it (half-heartedly) since Feb 2014, and really jumping on the weight loss bandwagon in September 2014, I am down from a high of 237 to 201 as of this morning! I haven't weighed as low as 201 since high school (but it also isn't my high school low of 178).

So excited to get back into one-derland!! Only 2 more pounds until I'm there!

12-31-2014, 01:44 AM
English- how exciting! Looks like you won't have to stick around here for too long.

I was down a bit this morning 207.2. I've decided to change the ticker only once a week instead of daily. But I am tracking daily weighing on a daily weigh in thread.

12-31-2014, 05:33 PM
9/30 = 206 = Lost 1.8 in September
October 7 Official Doctor's Office Weight = 205.5 = -.5 this week
11/17 = 203
December 1 = 202
Christmas Eve = 200.3
New Year's Eve = 199.7 = -30.7 in 2014

I can't believe it!

01-01-2015, 11:33 AM
New Years was fun and low key. Over indulged, but compared to other times really not too bad. I was 206.8 this morning. That's a smidgen up from yesterday at 206.6. I just looked it up and the gym is open today. I'm almost mid decade. It will be awesome to see a 1 as the first number again :-).