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08-02-2014, 10:32 AM
Good Morning! It's another beautiful sunny morning in my neighborhood. I have cat chores this morning and the usual laundry waiting. This afternoon we are heading up to the lake, but not to our place. Every fall the county board from Bob's office hosts a bar-b-q in a country park. One of the new board members has a year around home at the lake and is hosting the group this time. The couple belongs to our church and over the years has had many gatherings, so we have been there before. They are at the opposite end, and on the east lake so it is a totally different atmosphere for us to enjoy.

Maggie, I really enjoy watching the birds who come to our feeders and also the deck. The orphan cat has been here for breakfast and is gone again so the birds have moved in. We have three adult doves, and they are sure scrappy towards the other birds and squirrels. I think the cat food eating robin has moved on as I haven't seen him for a few days. I'm sure you have said, but what kind of dolls are you going to make? I have lots more sorting to do! Stuff accumulates too fast! :rolleyes:

I need to get dressed and get busy. Hope you all enjoy a nice day! :wave:

08-02-2014, 11:42 AM
Good morning, ladies! A nice 72 degrees but rainy again today. We had a much needed all day soaking rain yesterday.

I'm re-arranging furniture today. I'm getting rid of the computer desk I have and also the printer stand, some books, kitchen stuff. Disabled American Vets pick up on Monday so want to have plenty for them and open up some more space in my house.

Faye, I hope Jack is feeling better today.

Jean, I love watching the birds, too, and so does Casper - only he'd like to catch a few.

Maggie, making dolls should be a lot of fun and very lucrative.

Have a wonderful day!

08-03-2014, 10:09 AM
Good Morning! The sun is shining and it looks like it's going to be another beautiful day. Church, cat chores, laundry, and more sorting are on my agenda for today. Our internet has been off and on for a couple days so I called tech support yesterday. It seems we need a new modem which we currently rent for $7 a month. The tech suggested buying our own; when I asked if there was a preference as to brand or source, he said Best Buy or some place like that. He laughed when I said the only place where we live is WM. Then he said I could also order one online. Guess we will be modem shopping either in Sioux City or Sioux Falls the first chance we get.

Susan, we could use a day of gentle rain and showers are in the forecast but a very low % which usually means it won't happen. I could/should get rid of some furniture as Bob thinks he needs a desk of some sort when he officially retires. I need to replace the love seat where the tv is; Bob tries to lay down and has a dent in both arm rests. :( From day one it has been the most uncomfortable thing to sit in. I really have to be in the mood to furniture shop so maybe after harvest. :dunno:

I hear Bob in the shower so time to make the coffee. Hope you all enjoy a nice day! :wave:

08-04-2014, 02:00 PM
Good Morning! It was cool this morning but it is heating up and the humidity is rising. Still no rain even though it's been in the forecast. Church counting turned out to be a challenge; we balanced but then my part got "lost." I had everything entered in the computer and was set to hit the post button when I realized I was $9 short. I had printed the reports so went back and double checked each entry. I had entered a $1 instead of $10 for one giver. Normally simple to correct but I couldn't get back to the main screen to fix it. The secretary had to reverse the entries since I don't know how, and lost everything. I'm just glad it was a fairly light giving Sunday! Our main street, going into town, has been under construction all summer and is now closed from where we would get "on" and past the hospital. There is supposed to be room for homeowners and the ambulance to get where they need to go. So I went to the other side of the hospital and there were six of us driving up and down looking for a parking spot. I decided to skip picking up the money and came home! I suppose Monday is extra busy for the clinic as well as the hospital. I will do cat chores after lunch and get the money later in the week.

It is kind of lonely here lately! :twirly:

Bob will home for lunch shortly so have hamburgers ready for the grill, sweet corn, and fresh cucumbers. Yum! Hope you all enjoy a nice day! :wave:

08-04-2014, 05:25 PM

Today has been a busy day for us here. The dogs are now back from the groomer and we are home for the duration of the day.

Will has to clean out his system today for he gets to see the doctor for his session tomorrow. Incidentally are you folks aware of what he has is experienced by Ĺ million people a year and men get it twice as much as women do and we all need to be checked regularly. I hope yíall are getting your regular checks and your husbands get theirs also.

JEAN Your meal sounds wonderful for I love burgers cooked on the grill. Wonder why they made that program so you couldn't simply just change a number.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

08-05-2014, 09:26 AM
Good Morning! It's cloudy and cool here this morning, so maybe the rain will come. We are meeting Amanda's sister to pick up Ian and take him back home for football practice. Will come home through Sioux City and visit with Beth and family. Maddy and Kolby have been picking up walnuts in their yard for our squirrels. We will have happy squirrels! Best Buy is on the agenda to purchase a new modem, and Target to return a duplicate gift item.

Maggie, thinking of you and Will. Hope the surgery goes as planned and he is on the mend. I think the glitch yesterday was that there is a three step process to exit the program, and I had completed/printed two. :dunno:

I need to get dressed and get rid of the counter pile. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday today! :wave:

08-05-2014, 09:48 AM
Good morning, ladies! Another rainy day in the 70s today. I hope it holds off while I'm grocery shopping (senior discount day today) after I go to the Y this morning.

I had my bone density and mammogram yesterday afternoon. I wish all tests could be like the bone density. I'm anxious to see the results from that for it will determine if I have to go back on medication for that or not.

Being retired is great for I have all my house work done for the week and can play - that means quilt.

Jean, I used to teach computerized accounting when pcs first came out. It sounds like it hasn't improved much.

Maggie, prayers going up for a successful surgery for Will and a quick recovery.

Have a great day!

08-05-2014, 02:04 PM

The surgeon just called me to say that all went well with the operation on Will. I was so pleased that he called for I didnít expect him to call me personally. What a nice doctor. Will doesnít want any visitors today but me so I will go in later this day and take him some things he wants me to take to him which he has packed in a back pack. The dogs sure miss him and Cecil could care less. :lol: Thank you Magnolias for all your nice thoughts and prayers for him.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

08-05-2014, 04:11 PM
Good afternoon gals. Well I spent the last 5 days in hospital! I just got home about an hour ago. I am fine. I had horrendous pain last Friday afternoon and Jack took me to the emergency room. I had two shots of morphine, 2 of dilaudid and nothing eased the pain. I have never felt anything like that in my life and it lasted 5 hours before I finally got relief. They did a cat scan and thought I had a bowel blockage, but the next day I had xrays and every day since and there is nothing there and the doctors don't feel anything either so I got to come home. Dr Wheat, my surgeon from my previous surgeries thinks it was adhesions on my intestines and unfortunately it can rear its ugly head again. He also found a hernia so after the cruise I have to go back in for surgery on it. The hyperplasia wreaked havoc while I was in the hospital too so had to wear pads. Ugh, I am glad to be home and feeling fine.

Jack is fine and went back to work on Monday. I told him to as I was fine by then and no sense in him having to take time off work.

I will do individual posts tomorrow. Right now I am pooped and trying to get my house back in order and get laundry done.


08-05-2014, 04:59 PM
Susan, I get to do the mammogram and bone density dance :dancer: next week. Don't know if it's Medicare, or not, but have to have the doctor call in the order first, then I can make the appt. We have a 3D state of the art machine which I missed by a week last year. No way could I ever be an accountant! Kudos to you!

Maggie, glad th surgery is over and went well. Somehow animals sense when things aren't right in their world. :yes:

"Gma," so glad you are home and feeling better! :cp: Take a nap!

08-05-2014, 07:51 PM
Jean, it isn't Medicare that requires your doc to make the appointment because mine gave me the order and I called my hospital of choice. I was in, filled out paper work, hand my palm print stored and that will be used for future check ins, had the test and was on my way home in 45 minutes. Mary Immaculate Hospital where I go has the digital mammogram.

Maggie, I'm glad Will's surgery went well and hope he'll have a quick recovery.

Faye, I've had intestinal blockage and the only thing I could think of was I hoped to die soon for the pain was so bad. I have a tiny hernia and have had it for 20 years and it hasn't gotten any bigger so the doc just watches it.
I'm so glad you're feeling better now and that this didn't happen on your cruise!

08-06-2014, 10:16 AM
Good morning gals. I am hard at work already. I am cleaning the downstairs, did two loads of laundry when I got home last night so that is done for another day, am experimenting with a converted regular recipe for banana muffins into a low car sf recipe that has a cream cheese filling in the center for 4 pts each. I will let you know whether they turn out ok or not. My one splurge was using real butter. I am using truvia in place of sugar and whole wheat flour instead of white. I am using whipped cream cheese instead or regular or lite as it is less calories too. I am using regular eggs in this recipe instead of egg substitute because it needs a little richness where I took it away and would only lower the pts 1 I think. I am not sure how this will work so hang onto your hats. I am not a food "designer" so we shall see. :lol: I am going to use up my older cleaned blueberries and make more blueberry biscuits and freeze them using wheat flour this time too. My fruit that I bought on Friday went belly up for the most part. I had to throw out a whole large box of strawberries that molded while I was in the hospital and my brown bagged fruit is now overripe, but I am going to try and see about using it in smoothies or something. I heard you can peel ripe bananas and freeze them so am going to take the extras and freeze them for another time. I had just bought bananas on the Friday when I had to go in to the hospital and came home and they were ripe, ripe, ripe! I have part of the house cleaned now and am also working on this adorable newborn hat for my dil's sister who is having a baby in November. Busy, busy, but I like that.

I am down 1.2 lbs for the week which is ok by me. I have lost 8 lbs since going to the doctor's 3 weeks ago so she should be pleased and my blood sugar is really good too. All things considered I am good.

Well we figured out what is wrong with our garage door. There is a beam thing that goes across the door itself and it broke so we can't even get into the garage now and Jack had to park on the side street last night. Our little guy that works on our garage will be over on Saturday to fix it and it is going to cost us about $150 dollars or so. Sheesh keeps eating into my vacation fund. :lol: I just worry about Jack walking to the suv in the morning and night as they have welded the gate closed you used to be able to walk through into the complex so he has to walk about half a block around to the front and then half a block to our condo. The heat is oppressive again so I do worry about him, mostly getting mugged! God is just going to have to protect him so will put it in his hands.

Our family seems to be catastrophe central this week. Besides me, my nephew has to have cataract surgery this morning and his little boy, who is 5 is having his tonsils out. They have 6 kids so I am sure Kelly his wife is harried. Also my brother fell yesterday and broke his hip at the library of all places so has to have surgery and he is a brittle diabetic so it will be a challenge.

Susan: Thank you for the info about your hernia it makes me less anxious about going on vacation. Hope you are doing well and glad your mammo came out ok. I have mine the first week in November and they will do a sonogram with it as I had that surgery in February for the calcium deposits and they want to make sure they haven't returned.

Maggie: Hope Will rested comfortably and is doing ok.

Jean: When do your grandkids go back to school? I guess Thomas really likes his new high school even though he doesn't know a soul. Jackson starts 2nd grade in about 2 weeks or so I guess. Hope all is going on well with you. You would get a laugh out with me at the hospital. I have been there so many times everyone knows me. I would go to xray and they would know me, get blood drawn and the phlebotomists knew me, the CNA and nurses. I told them I should have some kind of rewards card or a hospital suite or something since I have been there so much. I found out they actually have a surgical suite for vips though. :lol: Guess the mayor could hang his butt out with us peons if he was up there.

Everyone have a great day. I am off to make magic with banana muffins! Faye

08-06-2014, 05:53 PM
Good Afternoon! It has been raining all day, and we need it so it is welcome. I kept thinking it would quit but finally gave up and ran a few errands this morning. The "road closed" is still posted going into town. Since it was raining I decided to at least try it to the hospital and see what the rest of the street looked like. There is another section blocked off further from the hospital, then it's open on into downtown except for the closed signs. Not a piece of equipment in sight. They need to paint the center line but it looks pretty much done to me. They promised to have it finished by the time school starts on the 25th. We have a pot luck supper tonight and I made a salad which I'm not too sure about but I had a smiley face on the recipe. If no one eats it, I will pitch the recipe!

Bob has a client who had a bad accident at a gravel intersection yesterday. He didn't have his seat belt on (stupid!) and was thrown out after his pickup rolled several times. His back is broken but no injury to the spinal cord. He's had surgery to fuse vertebra and now waiting for the swelling to go down, then will be fitted with a brace. He has no feeling in his legs which they say will come back. After he is stable, he will be going to Lincoln or Denver for extensive rehab. He's a farmer but has brothers and close neighbors who will most likely step in and do the harvest.

Susan, last year was the first year I had to have a doctor's order before making my appointment. This time when I called to make the appointment I said I knew it was in August last year but didn't remember the date. The receptionist said that with Medicare it didn't have to be a year in between, but could be in the same month. When Bob had his physical, his doctor told him it wouldn't be billed as a physical because Medicare wouldn't pay on it. I think someone must sit up nights changing the rules. :)

"Gma," sounds like things are back to normal if you are cleaning up a storm! ;) Banana muffins sound good! Yum! Congrats on another loss! You are doing great! Maddy and Kolby start school the 18th. They picked up walnuts for our squirrels, and we stopped there on our way home last night to get them. I wanted Maddy to have her birthday clothes in time for school in case they didn't fit or she didn't like them. Beth was marking each pencil and crayon with their names -- everything has to be marked. Ian and Zowie start back the 21st. Ian said he wasn't ready yet! Zowie is in a play Friday night so that is her focus right now. It's not good when the hospital staff knows you! That means you've spent way too much time there!

Maggie, did Will get to come home today? Hope so! :D

I need to figure out what I'm wearing to this shindig tonight. I'd really like to stay home! They are grilling brats and hamburgers; the last two cookouts we've been to, my hamburger "mooed" and I didn't eat it after one bite. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

08-06-2014, 05:57 PM

They have Will up and walking around today and eating soft foods to get his system working once again. They are doing other things to him this morning and so he asked me to wait and come see him this afternoon so I went at one and it almost 4 now so we had a nice visit in between his being checked and his exercise. I certainly don’t want to interfere by getting in their way to do with their making him better. Me and the dogs sure miss him around here. Right now Cecil and Beanie are snoozing on the bed and Ragg Mopp is outback.

I received a couple of the Cloth Doll Workshop books today which are great for they have pictures of dolls made and instructions and patterns for the bodies and clothing and bead work and the list goes on for the “how to.” The other books in the set have been shipped also so should be here any day now. I will now begin gathering up the colored pencils and beads and such to decorate them with. The instructions for each doll comes with a list of all material needed so I need to decide which doll to make first. I have a lot of the pencils and items that I can use from my sewing days. I can see where I may miss my Bernina but I have a nice little light weight that will travel well so I will get used to it in a hurry for it will do all the things I will need to build dolls.

Sound like all you gals are set for mameograms ~ not time for mine just yet. :cp:

JEAN Google up cloth doll books by Patti Medaris Culea and you will see a picture of her books.

DONNA FAYE Isn't there anything that can be done for your situation? Seems to me that they should be able to unstuck what got stuck.

SUSAN Hope all is well with you today.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

08-07-2014, 08:19 AM
Good morning to you gals. We are having a very hot and sticky week this week. It is August so that makes sense. It has gotten to be time to start watching the Atlantic for hurricanes and tropical storms. We start watching around 6 weeks before our trips.

I have to call and make another apt with my gyno and get the biopsy done. Was going to wait until after the cruise, but since I have to get the hernia repaired and will not be able to drive etc for about a month I guess I should just try and get it done before I go. I also have to see my regular dr again, but I called to make an apt and she doesn't have her new schedule up. They want to see me 2-3 days after being in the hospital but yet have no appts. Sheesh.

I finished the baby hat. It is so cute. The top of it makes a star pattern from the decreases. I have put the blanket on the needles and am work on it, but am going to start the striped baby socks too I think.

My capris were huge so have to send them back. Their measurement sizing is way, way off. I ordered a couple other things from them and hope they aren't huge too so am keeping my fingers crossed. I hate to try on clothes and usually get stuff that fits when I order it online, but this was ridiculous. The capris were so big I think I could have put Jack in them with me. They actually went clear to the ankle they were so big.

Maggie: How are you going to have enough room in the rv for doll supplies? They can't do anything about adhesions. This is one of the situations with my uterus is that adhesions make it cling to my colon so surgery is very, very difficult. I didn't have any blockage, just the adhesions that can gum up the works and nothing can be done about that. It is a fact of multiple surgeries.

Jean: I think people who don't wear, long pants, long shirts, closed toed shoes and a helmet and ride motorcycles are stupid and people who don't wear their seatbelts in cars are stupid. I feel sorry for this man, but it is what happens when you don't protect yourself. They are in vehicles for a reason and if you don't use them then frankly what happens to you is your fault. I hope that things improve for him. They have a huge construction project going on here on the interstate and it is going to take about5 years. It is coming along, but it is a mess during rush hour. They are putting in another lane on each side so there will be 8 lanes instead of 3 on each side to help with rush hour traffic, which comes to a stand still and bottle necks badly in areas. We have 2 major interstates that go through this town and an interstate loop that goes completely around and comes back so it can be a mess. Going through surface streets can be a nightmare sometimes though too.

Hope you all have a nice Thursday. Today is election day for us. I sometimes wonder why we bother as this is a black democrat town and we are the wrong color and the wrong party to have anyone elected we vote for. Faye

08-07-2014, 12:03 PM
Good Morning! It's another rainy cool morning in my neighborhood. I am home for the day with NO commitments, and trying to decide what project to work on first. I kind of feel guilty; :o the church rummage sale starts this afternoon with a funeral tomorrow. The ladies had to move all the junk from the "gym" to the basement, and then set up the tables for the funeral lunch. I should have helped, but once you show up they expect you to continue. I didn't get through everything here but will continue to sort and pitch.

We got another recall notice on my Enclave which we thought we had fixed when they worked on it before. Come to find out it is something else. Last night a lady scraped my front fender/wheel area pulling in to park. :hyper: She had the whole front half of the block to get parked so don't know why she cut it so close. At least she admitted it and said she would pay for the damage. Bob didn't think it was dented but will need paint. Something else to schedule and work around. :(

Maggie, I did look up the doll website. I didn't look for details but are the faces ceramic and painted or decorated cloth? They look interesting. I don't remember you talking about making dolls, just your glass creations. :) Hope Will is home soon.

"Gma," I love the hat -- so cute! I've been watching the hurricanes heading towards the Hawaiian Islands. It seems like "someone" might be sending some sort of message with all the crazy weather going on this year. :dunno: It is frustrating to order clothes and not have them fit. Too big is good! The interstate construction around Sioux City is going from two lanes to three on each side. The one is getting too close to the Missouri River imo, but there is a separate highway and bluffs on the other side. The biggest snafu is too many exits getting off into the city. You can see what there is to see as the interstate is that close, and Sioux City isn't that big that they need so many exits.

I need to change laundry loads and get busy. Brought home leftover salad last night so that is a start on lunch; we had a choice to bring a salad or dessert to share. No one brought a dessert, and those with gardens brought extra to share. Have a terrific Thursday and enjoy your day! :wave:

08-07-2014, 03:05 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 80 degrees and sunshine so a lovely day for a change. It's been raining during the night.

After I got out of the pool at the Y this morning, one of the ladies who was still in it called me over and asked me to meet her in the lobby after I got dressed because she had something for me since I had been there since day 1. I didn't even know her name. She had 2 other ladies from the class meet up too and she had brought lunch for all of us! She had been coming to our class after her physical therapy and today was the end and she's going back to Charlotte, NC. She had broken her knee in 3 places 2 years ago and was using a walker when they sent her to Mary Immaculate here for knee surgery (not a replacement) and physical therapy. She now is walking well on her own, no walker or cane. She said the 3 of us had been so nice to her and friendly and encouraging she wanted to do something for us. Just goes to show you never know how your actions will impact on someone else.

Maggie, I hope Will is improving and will be home soon.

Jean, you have too many exits and we don't have enough. The interstate runs parallel to the train tracks so all exits have to be overpasses and they say it is too expensive. They are widening US-17N that is our only through road in Yorktown. Currently it's 2 lanes in each direction and they are making it 3. They have to widen the bridge over the reservior and that has been going on for over a year. It's really needed for rush hour is nearly at a standstill with traffic in both direction.

Faye, I sure don't want any hurricanes either! Here's hoping for a quiet season.

Tonight is First Thursday Bee so that will be fun. Have a wonderful evening.

08-07-2014, 05:23 PM

I just got back from seeing Will and making calls to folks. It rained last night and it is sure still and humid today. The talking heads think it will rain again tonight and that would be great for we can sure use it.

DONNA FAYE There are cupboards all around the bottom of the MH that can hold things and besides I donít plan on working on more than one doll at a time. I have my tools all in a nice carry case and they can live in the MH basement or an inside cupboard. I donít plan on having a ton of stuff like the authors of the book have. :lol: If I were staying living in a house I just may do that. The things to make the dolls doesnít weigh much but my glass works weigh very much and way too much to take on the road.

JEAN The heads are made of the same material as the bodies. The faces are put on with such things as permanent ink pens, colored pencils, and powdered eye shadows and blushes. After the face is as you want it is sprayed with art fixture such as Kraylon. The books tall folks exactly what kind of colored pencils to use etc.

SUSAN What a nice thing for that lady to do for you gals in the swimming class. She made good progress on that knee being able to walk without a cane now.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

08-08-2014, 08:14 AM
Good morning everyone. We did our duty and voted last night then went and got some supper and came home. We had a senate seat and governor primary and then 15 pages of county offices to vote for! I have never seen anything like it. I only voted for offices I actually knew who was running so it didn't take a terribly long time.

I have to get upstairs first thing this morning and tackle the bathrooms. I noticed yesterday Jack has both bathroom trash cans full of stuff so it will probably take 2 grocery bags to gather it all up. I have to take my cloth shower curtains down and bleach them again. I use Tilex on them every week when I clean, but have to take them down every so often and bleach them in the laundry. I will leave it to Jack to put them back up.

Hopefully the guy that works on our garage door can come early tomorrow and fix it so we can park in the garage again and it starts working properly again. I sure don't like Jack parking on the street and having to walk around to get into the complex to come in, especially in the morning.

Maggie: Good luck on your doll making!

Susan: I find that a little kindness goes a long way and always comes back to you in a pleasant way. Every time I am in the hospital I make sure I thank anyone who does something for or to me and that includes the little elderly lady that comes in and empties my trash and mops and such. You get back what you give in life.

Well girls, I need to go. I am trying a new breakfast recipe. It is a low carb cream cheese ham omelet. It is 5 pts which is not too bad. Have a good one and a great weekend. Faye

08-08-2014, 11:24 AM
Good Morning! It's another cool, damp, and gloomy morning in my neighborhood. I'm more than ready for some sunshine and to have the sliding doors open again. I wonder if we are done with summer weather? The only "have to" for the day is to make the Snickers salad for tonight. We are going to have a light supper at Jason's in-laws and then going to see Zowie's play. I could chase fur bunnies with the vacuum -- maybe, or maybe not. They don't show as well with no sunshine. :)

Susan, how nice of the lady to treat you, and the others, to lunch! :) I try to treat others like I would like to be treated in return. My mom always said if one couldn't say something nice, they best not say anything. I try to remember that!

Maggie, you are much more creative than I to make the doll faces! :) Are you all done making glass creations? Come to think of it, you haven't mentioned working with glass projects for awhile. Any idea when Will gets to come home?

"Gma," I don't vote for people I don't recognize either. I am so sick of the political ads that have been on our tv lately. Instead of telling us what they plan to do to fix things in Washington, they bash the opponent. :mad: I just replaced my shower curtain and was very embarrassed by how grubby the liner was. Since I don't have my contacts in when I shower, I can't see the grime as well. I want to paint the bathroom a color besides white, but can't decide what. The shower curtain has pink, yellow,and blue flowers with green leaves and butterflies on a white background. Not sure if it will stay or go.

I need to get busy on my salad. Have a terrific Friday and enjoy the day! :wave:

08-08-2014, 07:19 PM

Wow it is already past 4:30 and I didnít realize I was gone that long at the hospital. Will was sleeping off and on and poor guy canít have any food yet, nothing ~ not even any ice chips or drinks of water can pass those two lips. Guess you can have a bowel movement without any food or water though for your body will fluff off ďstuff.Ē I can bring him home after he has one which is a good thing to wait for. He has been up walking the halls and up and down stairs so that may help. But poor guy he usually drinks mega amounts of water throughout the day is so thirsty. Iíll go back and visit some more after I have something to eat for dinner. I have been enjoying a variety of LQ dinners.

I quit with the glass works because I needed time to not be used to doing it before we head out. You know, wean myself away. What I need to canít be too stinkiní heavy to travel with so I chose the doll making which I have done some of and enjoy doing it for I need to have something to do and not just vegetate.

JEAN The books have nice detailed instructions on how to draw the faces and I think I can do it. I have had some experience in making doll faces so am confident that they will turn out fine using those detailed instructions and proper tools to do the job with.

DONNA FAYE Sounds like you are back to exact and have gotten back to your usual cleaning. Hopefully that garage door can be fixed soon.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

08-09-2014, 09:01 AM
Good morning gals! It is hot and sticky here already this morning. The guy will be here at noon to fix the garage door so then we can park back in the garage again.

I am feeling pretty good, even slept in the bed for about 4 hours last night until my back starting hurting so am able to start moving back to that each night at least for a little while. I imagine when I get this hernia fixed I will be able to go back to sleeping in the bed full time as I am surmising that is why I haven't been able to because rolling on my side was always painful and sleeping on my back gives me a backache eventually.

We booked our cruise for 2016 this morning and are excited about it. We booked a jr suite and the cruise is 11 days and 7 ports so it will be a lot of fun. It is all places we have not been except Jack has been to Barbados when he was in the Navy. We got a buy one passenger get the second half off on a sale so that is why we booked now even though the cruise isn't until March of 2016. We saved a lot of money.

I got my clothing yesterday and as I was afraid when the first one came, the one set was huge so back it goes. The little cotton button down shirt and seersucker capris in orange are really cute and with be very cool for the tropics. The capris were a little baggy but seersucker is notorious for shrinking so I was ok with that. I have these cute orange Clarks sandals to go with them. Jack just shakes his head. :lol: I have two capri sets still coming that I ordered 2 sizes down so hopefully they will not be too small, but the reviews said they run large and considering the other fiasco I erred on caution so we shall see.

I have dusting to do today then I am done cleaning for a few days. I may run the mop over the floors again because the humidity makes the darn things sticky feeling.

Jean: Looks like Zowie did a good job on her play last night. We had a thunderstorm roar through here for about 15 minutes yesterday then the sun came out. Just enough to make things even more sticky.

Maggie: Yep, been there done that. I spent 5 days this time in the hospital 4 of which were no liquids, no food. I imagine he was told bowel movement and gas that is what they told me.

Everyone have a great Saturday!! Faye

08-09-2014, 01:44 PM
Good Morning! It's another cool cloudy morning in my corner of the world this morning. I have the washer and dryer doing their duty, read the paper, and gotten dressed. I think Zowie had the most fans at the play last night; there was 19 of us! A great aunt, her mother-in-law, and two second cousins, came from Sioux City. It was a cute play put on each summer by a theater group of children in the third through eighth grades. An interesting fact was that five states were represented because some of the children were grandchildren of local people, like Zowie.

Maggie, I'm surprised Will couldn't have water and at least broth the next day after surgery. I'm sure he will be glad to get home and enjoy your cooking again. Even with detailed instructions I don't think any doll face I created would look very good -- more like a two year old's art work. :( I enjoy watching artists, craftsmen, and women at work when we visit the shows in the parks. There is a local chain saw artist who has created tree sculptures around town. He always has an audience.

"Gma," hope your garage door is a quick and easy fix. :yes: Do you have to put a deposit down when you book a cruise that far in advance. I was thinking about possible price and calendar changes. It's nice to plan ahead as '16 is when we were thinking about taking the kids back to Maui. Right now there is a five day "special" to the big island for $600 including air fare. Not sure I'd want to chance their weather right now.

I hear the dryer buzzing so need to fold undies and start the next load. I'm ordering some sunshine for the afternoon! Have a nice day and enjoy! :wave:

08-09-2014, 06:32 PM

I just got home from visiting with Will and they are going to keep him through the weekend and maybe by Tuesday he can come home. The doc said that some folks insides take longer than others to wake up from being put out than others and Willís are still sleeping. Actually that is a good thing for it gives his innards a chance to heal before he gets out. The doctor is real pleased with Willís progress so that is what counts. Will has some leather braiding that he is working on to help pass the time. When I go back to visit with him this evening I will take him his electric shaver to him for he is getting itchy. He didnít take it with him for he thought he would be coming home today but that didnít happen for his system isnít ready yet.

I received the neatest little gadget in the mail today which allows you to make stuffed burgers. I have been stuffing burgers by hand and this will make it so much easier. Plus it is dishwasher safe! I like them stuffed with bacon, sharp cheddar and jalapeno slices. You can stuff burgers with anything you want ~ even mac and cheese. :lol: Mushroom and Swiss cheese stuffed ones are yummy.

Beanie is being a pest whining for he put one of his toys under the dresser and he canít get it out and I canít either without moving the dresser out and it is way too heavy for me alone to navigate. He will just have to leave it be. I shut the bedroom door and he is laying by it in the hallway. Poor thing.

JEAN That was surely quite a nice large gathering for Zowie's play of relatives there. You could trace the doll face and iron it onto the material that way if you wanted. The books have actual sized drawings.

DONNA FAYE Do you get your booking money back if you can't go on the cruise in 2016? They let will drink some 7-UP today and eat some jello hoping that will help wake up his system. I'll find out later when I visit him this afternoon if they let him have any soft dinner foods.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

08-10-2014, 10:28 AM
Good morning to you all. It is going to be hot and sticky and predicting a bit of rain today as well. We are going out this afternoon to see a movie then grab a sandwich afterward as there is a deli right next to the movie theater.

I am sad to say that there will be no sailboat blankie. I kept having to rip it out and do it over. I did the first section 4 different times and finally discovered the reason. Because I am left handed the sailboats come out backwards. I just didn't feel up to rewriting the pattern reversing it and it is technical enough I would have to do that so I wouldn't screw it up so I gave up on it, found a pattern for a waffle pattern blanket in stripes, which will go along with the little stripe hat and socks so all is good. I started on it last night and so far no problems. :lol:

The young man fixed our garage door and so it is good again. I can't say good as new as the thing is old as the hills, but at least it is working again. We found out yesterday that they have quit having people towed because it costs too much and quit selling parking places because according to our agreement each condo has one parking place in the unit besides the garage. That is nonsense because there isn't enough spaces for the condos here, but they can no longer charge you to park in them. Wish we had known that as Jack wouldn't have had to park on the street everyday, but what's done is done.

Jean: Sounds like you were busy yesterday. I sure wouldn't want to be vacationing in Hawaii at the moment. Sheesh they got slammed with all kinds of things.

Maggie: You can get all your deposit or money back up until around 4 months or so before then gradually you get less and less money and then around 6 weeks out there are no more refunds unless you have purchased the vacation insurance. You can also change your cabin type up or down and either get a refund or pay the difference. So say you decide you want a smaller cabin type and you have paid for the whole thing, they would refund you the difference between them or if you decide to go to a larger cabin then you pay them the difference.

You gals have a nice day. Faye

08-10-2014, 03:06 PM
Good Afternoon! It's a strange weather day with clouds and humidity. The weatherman said sunshine so maybe later. We had planned to go up to the cabin but they have fog and are cooler than we are here, so decided to stay home. Bob is trimming tree branches and I've been out picking dead geranium blossoms. Next week has something on the calendar for every day, and I don't much like that but that's the way it goes. Tomorrow night is Bob's annual dinner meeting but this year there will be entertainment rather than a speaker. :cp: I have to remember to take a jacket or sweater because I about froze to death last year.

Maggie, hope Will's innards are awake today. When we lived in Minneapolis we used to eat a sandwich called Juicy Lucy, in a neighborhood bar close to Sears where we worked. It was a thick hamburger with melted cheese in the middle. :T I just found out the bar is still there and still serves the Juicy Lucy. Have fun with your new gadget!

"Gma," I'm sorry about the sailboats not working out. Couldn't they sail backwards? :lol: Glad you found something else that will work. What movie did you go see? Hope your garage door will stay fixed for a long time.

Guess I should think about something for lunch. Sweet corn and fresh cucumbers for sure. :D Hope you all enjoy a nice day! :wave:

08-11-2014, 11:19 AM
Good morning to you all. It is supposed to be a couple days of cooler temps, not cool just cooler. It looks overcast outside today but it is hard to tell just looking out from the window as the tree and garages block a lot.

We went to the movies and saw "And so it goes" with Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas. To tell you how good it was, we were in their smallest theater tucked back behind their arcade and ended up with 5 other women in the audience. It was ok about half an hour in, but I wouldn't pay to see it again and wouldn't buy it on dvd either. The snacks are what you get ripped off on. Jack and I shared a drink and a snack and it cost us $11 bucks! We went out to dinner afterwards and enjoyed sitting and talking more than we did going to the movies.

Weigh day today and I am down a lb.

I finally have my yearly eye apt next Monday and boy am looking forward to that. I desperately need new contacts that I can actually see with. :lol: Walmart prices on their contacts are awful so I get a box of each and pay a bit extra from my allowance then I order the rest online at visiondirect,com.

Nothing much going on here today. I have a load of laundry in and will do up the dishes but mostly going to work on the baby blanket. I finally found a pattern that is nice, fairly easy and looks lovely so am sticking with it.

Jean: I have seen that restaurant with the Juicy Lucy on the travel channel and a couple other places on tv. It does look good, but looks like you could burn your tongue and lips pretty good with the hot cheese. Try to find time to take it easy this week since you said you were so busy. I am going to start getting things arranged to pack. It looks like the upstairs had a hurricane blow through with clothing and stuff laying all over the place.

Everyone have a good week this week. Faye

08-11-2014, 03:19 PM
Good afternoon! I'm waiting for Bob to get home for lunch; he's been hauling tree branches to the landfill. I helped him pick up yesterday and can feel it today. It turned out to be a bigger job than he thought. Money has been counted with no glitches this morning. :cp: :cp: I'll go to the bank after lunch and stop at the grocery store. I also need to return the cat chore house key.

"Gma," it was 49 degrees here this morning! :brr: :congrat: On another pound gone! I don't remember that the hamburger had an excessive amount of cheese, just that they were big and hmm, hmm, good! Have fun with the blanket!

I hear Bob so better get started on lunch. Hope you all have a cool sunny day like I do, and enjoy! :wave:

08-11-2014, 05:59 PM

YIPEKIO Will called me early this morning and told me I could come pick him up for he was being discharged from the hospital. We went to Walmart and got his prescriptions filled and he is to see the doctor next week for a follow up. What a wonderful day it is for I have my main squeeze back home where he can take it very easy until those inside stitches have dissolved. He certainly doesn’t want any of them popping lose from doing too much things such as heavy lifting. He will definitely follow the doctor’s orders and ease back into his active routine. All the animals are happy to see him also. He got a head start on building up his stamina by walking the halls of the hospital. It is so neat that one of the nurses gave him a pair of cotton pants to wear instead of just the backwards gown that flops in the breeze.

The rest of my doll books arrived today so now I have a total of 5 by the same author and her associates. I will have fun going through them and making up a shopping list for the first one I will be making. I will make the list then check off the tools I already possess.

JEAN It is a great feeling to get the money counted without any glitches isn't it ~ you go girlfriend.

DONNA FAYE Thanks for the heads up on that movie. I was wondering about it for I like those actors. I never buy snacks at the movie. What I want fits in my tote. :lol:

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

08-12-2014, 10:47 AM
Good morning to you all. Another sticky day here for sure. Just normal stuff for this part of the country.

I got the cutest card from the couple who are cruising with us. She is such a sweetheart to think of me and I hope I can find her a Pandora style bracelet on the ship as she likes them.

Was it not a shocker to see Robin Williams committed suicide? I know he struggled with alcoholism and was having money problems. They said he had ongoing depression. You wonder what takes a person from point a to point c. It is so sad he was a real talent. He was a big supporter of St Judes too.

Today is vacuum day. I mopped floors again yesterday as the humidity makes them sticky.

I am coming right along on the baby blanket. It is going to be pretty. It is a fan and feather pattern so very lacy looking. I am doing panels in blue then in white then blue, etc. I still have to make the baby socks too and start on Jackson's socks and finish Thomas's so have a lot of knitting to be done before November.

Maggie: Glad Will is back home. He just has to take it easy for awhile.

Jean: Brrr you have some chilly mornings already. Your weather has been a little screwy this summer. It is hard to believe we are zooming through August already, but for Jack and I it is nice as it puts us closer to our trip. We have just 5 weeks to go.

You gals have a nice Tuesday. My female stuff is acting up so I am shaky. Not my blood sugar because I took it just a bit ago and it was a great 96 so it is female stuff. GRRRRR! Faye

08-12-2014, 12:31 PM
Good Morning! It's another beautiful cool sunny morning in my corner of the world. I've been for a mammogram and bone density scan this morning. Now we are on our way to the lake. Beth and the kids are there plus relatives from Florida are in their place next door. They have been renting it most of the summer, and planned to come for just this week so we are taking advantage of the nice weather to go see them.

"Gma," it is so sad about Robin Williams. What a waste. :( August seems like fall now with schools starting so early and the cooler weather. Your cruise date will be here before you know it! :D

It is getting too bumpy to type! Hopeh you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

08-12-2014, 02:55 PM