Diabetes Support - August Diabetes/Prediabetes Support Chat

08-01-2014, 10:24 AM
Welcome to the August Diabetes/Prediabetes Support Chat. Let's continue chatting and supporting each other.

08-01-2014, 10:54 AM
Thanks for starting the new thread, Trish. It's so hard to believe it's August already. For me, that always means summer is ending, even though by the calendar there's still another 6 weeks. The flowers all start dying off. It's still hot and humid and will be for a while, but once Labor Day comes it's time to put away the shorts and get out the sweaters.

I'm doing somewhat better, but I had ice cream last night and now I don't want to talk about my FBS. It will go back down. I'll have to get DH to finish off the ice cream!

My grandson is here for the day. He will be 6 tomorrow and they are leaving for Virginia Beach. So far he has had a brownie and 2 donuts. I don't approve of all the sweets, but mom allows him and pap pap allows him so I get voted down. I had my scrambled eggs with mushrooms, lentils and kale. That's MY yummy! I will probably eat some left over pot roast for lunch with veggies and will go out for baked fish for dinner. DH will have pizza. That's what I like about eating out. We can each order what we like.

Liliann, not everyone can stick to low carb. Most get constipation. I combat it by eating fiber. Lots of vegetables, and beans. Luckily I love beans. They have a high carb count, but the fiber offsets that. I cannot eat bread, even if it's whole grain. I guess I could do it if I ate 1 slice, but it is a trigger food for me and I tend to binge on it. So I stay away from it. I need to start drinking more water, too.

Hi Billie, I'm glad you decided to post. I think exercise and weight loss will be best for you because your FBS and A1c are still pretty low. The best way to test when you're starting out it to test 2-3 hours after a meal. I think the ADA says you should not go over 180 post-prandial but others say not to go over 140. That's not going to happen for me, but some can sustain it. If you go too high, make note of what you ate and you will know that that's a food you should avoid, or eat in moderation. My biggest problem is bread and bread products, baked goods, pizza crust, etc. Another bad one is obviously ice cream as I found out last night!

Are you on medication for your thyroid? That should help with weight loss. I don't know much about PCOS but I do post a little on the PCOS thread when people have questions about Metformin.

If you have any questions, ask away. One of us will have an answer or be able to point you in the right direction. We have learned that different foods effect people differently and you just have to test to find your problem foods.

08-01-2014, 11:01 AM
Well here it is August and I'm actually starting the month with a .2 gain from the beginning of last month. :(

My veggie soup which was probably thickened with carbs and the corn muffin was a bad idea. I should have stayed with the fish and 2 veggies. Went from yesterday's fbs of 128 to 162 this morning. Grrrr :mad: The only good thing is that my weight was down .4 from yesterday. I changed my ticker to today's WI.

Well, back to my regular plan today. Since I've had the cornbread muffin with no porblem before then I think it probably was the veggie soup. It was very thick and the veggies seemed to be only corn, peas and green limas. Come to think of it, that is a lot of carby veggie grains. I never eat corn and cornbread together. I just know not to order their veggie soup any more. I would have been better off with the baked potato. From now own, I will know to stay with the meat and 2 veggie dinner when I go there. Another lesson learned.

I'm back OP this morning headed for a normal low carb day. I'm having my coffee and Atkins shake with blueberries and 1/2 banana which has become a regular morning breakfast which I alternate between strawberries and blueberries. Would love to use blackberries but the seeds get under my bridge. Any way I've gotten use to them.

I've been eating the Atkins dinners to learn more about how to cook low carb meals and for quick meals. They do have so much more fat that I really like to use so I'm thinking of begin to make some of my own. It will get me moving more that is for sure. I like the idea of beans like the pinto beans mixed in with my food. So I'm thinking of taking some ground meat or chunks of chicken etc and mix them into some sort of bean mixture. It isn't uncommon for me to mix all my foods into a bowl like a casserole. DH teases me about the fact that I will mix anything and eat it. Unlike my picky hubby who doesn't like foods to touch, I figure it is all going the same place. I love crock pot cooking. I figure I can make enough to last a few days. I'm not giving up. I figure was a lesson day and today I just move on. I do know that I can eat corn, peas and limas. However, I also know that I can NOT eat them all at one time in one meal. I think I would have been fine if I had not eaten the soup. A good thing that happened at that meal is that I did not eat any of the croutons. I pushed them aside and I was not tempted to eat the crackers. Croutons and crackers used to be 2 favorite parts of a salad meal for me. So while there was some bad, there also was some progress seen. I am learning and that is part of learning to get control of diabetes.

Sorry this is so long. Just sharing what I'm going through since we are all going through, I hope it helps each of us to grow when we see what we are all experiencing. I learn from y'all what mistakes not to make and also I learn some things to try. This is the important part of our chat thread for me. So please continue to share.

Billie Again WELCOME to our thread. Please feel free to jump in and share what you are learning etc. That is how we all learn.

Shannon Does this mean that the sellers agreed to fix the problems but are just getting estimates? Sure hope things go in your favor. I know time is just ticking by, but probably when things work out things will be moving fast and before you know it you will be in your new home. Praying for God to do a quick work there for y'all.

Lillian You are really doing good and you are learning what does and doesn't work for you. That is what we have to do.

Carol Sue Hope things are going better for you today.

Rennie, Donna, Moonkissed, dgramie and others :wave:

Have a great day!!!

08-01-2014, 12:32 PM
Happy August, looking forward to the last day of VBS! This has been a crazy busy week and is perfect ending to a crazy busy last month. August looks a little less hectic well at least it will after tomorrow. My girls are singing at a festival tomorrow which means packing up early (including a stand up bass) and driving for an hour and a half. I think I'll bring food with us as it will be an all day affair and I know that the choices are going to be limited to hot dogs and chips and soda. Not exactly D friendly food.

177.8 today. All that dancing around at VBS is paying off :)

08-01-2014, 12:57 PM
Trsih...Good luck today with low carb food choices...sorry about the gain..just keep at it and that pesky gain will be gone once you know it.


Donna...Bravo on your weight loss...Nice pic of you and your hard work is paying off...Congrats!!

Carol Sue...Glad that you are feeling better...I like red kidney beans, canned, that is I sometimes eat..to get that extra fiber..I am more of a fruit eater than veggies...I guess low carb plans is not for me...and also not a cook. I had learned eating high fiber when I was doing weight watchers points years ago..and my mindset is high fiber...

My morning FBS is 114...I walked 80 minutes this morning..and am done for walking today...Need to get more lancets next week to continue checking my sugar.

Thursday night had talked with my male friend, his aunt dealing with this disease and had to remove 1 leg from his aunt..So sad..This is my more determined to avoid sugar laden foods..and plenty of exercise. I had stopped using raw sugar in my iced coffee. and went shopping ,food and brought sugar free jam with fiber...high fiber buns and breads...

Ladies have a good one and keep plugging along on making wise food choices. My home scale is kind to me...high and lows...Be well all.

08-01-2014, 07:10 PM
They have not agreed to anything yet, I guess they are just questioning our quotes. Hopefully by Monday we'll know for sure....closing is a week from Monday.

So, it looks like I'm going to be in 'All You' magazine.

08-01-2014, 07:15 PM
Shannon...Wishing you much good things of your moving this month..Hoping everything goes well for you and family.

My food choices was an great high fiber day!! plus 5 12 oz..of water in!! Could be more rest of the night. I am hoping my fbs number in the morning agrees...with my high fiber food choices ..

The upcoming week I might do and push myself to do exercise in the evenings..Maybe dancing...I see how the new week goes..July was a very stressfull month...so am hoping August will shine on for me to dance.

Enjoy your evening all....and have a great weekend..Checking in later..

08-02-2014, 08:07 AM
Friday morning FBS..114
Saturday Morning FBS...106

08-02-2014, 09:48 AM
Liliann, you are doing wonderful with your FBS! Keep on doing whatever you're doing!

Shannon, so you're not going to be in Health magazine? I will have to google "All You" and see what's up with that.

The sellers are dragging their feet, probably hoping you will cave on wanting the repairs done. An 8 year old house should not need any repairs IMO.

I finally faced the scale this morning. Back up to 197. Up, down, up, down. I just want down, down. LOL I'll deal with it.

08-02-2014, 10:32 AM
Quick flyby this morning. Getting to run out the door. Regular Saturday go to beauty, store and get pizza. Haven't decided if I'm eating the pizza. I can usually get by with it but I'm trying to stay on track.

Carol Sue I know how you feel with the up down, up down. Seems like I take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back or whatever. Never seem to really get ahead. Weight is at 223.4 this morning is exactly where I was on July 1st. Strange how I followed no plan on vacation and was down to 219 when I came home and now I'm on this roller coaster again. Maybe dieting per se doesn't work at least not for me. I just don't know and don't understand this stuff. FBS was down 10 pts from yesterday to 152 so I guess that is progress, it is just that I was staying below 120s for a while there and now I'm back to this fighting it again. But I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE UP. I know I've don't it before so I know I CAN DO IT AGAIN!!! We will do it Carol Sue. Hang in there.

Lilliann You are doing great.

Shannon So sorry about those peoples attitude. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

You girls have a good day. I'll try to get back later.

I just had to post to keep me keeping on. I know when we have a tendency not to post is when we have a tendency to get into trouble. I know I do.

08-02-2014, 11:43 AM
Do you think its our age that the weight level goes up and down? I also dealing with weight cycling...under 400 and back..and I check my home scale each morning. I am 47 y/o..Maybe its tougher as we aged.It was so much easier in the past..do not know now...but hanging in there.

Trish and Carol Sue....I am with you on the scale...We all are winners anyway for not giving up this battle.Some how,some way...we will make it happen. Let's not give up hope!! Stay strong ladies...:hug:

Have a better food choices day...Weekends are tough and loose my fiber count..My sister always order take out foods and I always give in..either pizza or chinese ..I do good during the week..but weekends is a different story. What I had learned from weight watchers is making half my day whole grains...

Stay strong ladies..

08-02-2014, 03:03 PM
Lilliann Yes, I do believe that our age does have something to do with the way we struggle. I've heard that our metabolism slows down. I've also heard that fiber is the key to slowing down insulin release. I just have a problem with all the gas from it. But I think I'm going to rethink that.

I've about decided to just count calories. I've been kind of doing that any way. I know I'm not going to give up some carby foods. I've gone to MFP and let the site figure my daily calories count to lose 1 lb a week. I can't afford to buy the Atkins dinners because they are almost $4 a piece and not all of them are all that good. I do like some of the WW Smart Ones and did purchase a few of them at 2 for $4. But I am thinking about eating more greens, beans and a few grains. Old fashioned way of eating that I've seen people in my family and my deceased hubbies family eat who lived to be into their 80s and 90s. I think I could learn some things from them. They had no high bp, no high bs and were basically healthy. In their 80s they could do a heck of a lot more than I can at 70. At any rate, I'm going to get this fbs under control.

Lilliann Thanks for the pep talk.:hug:

08-02-2014, 11:25 PM
Hi Billie, I'm glad you decided to post. I think exercise and weight loss will be best for you because your FBS and A1c are still pretty low.
Are you on medication for your thyroid? That should help with weight loss.

FBS was 113. That's better than the last few mornings. It was 140 a few hours after dinner. I just checked it again a few hours after dessert and it was down to 129. I have major mental blocks with taking the metformin. I know plenty of reasons why I should but the stubborn part of me seems to think I don't need it. This last A1C is hopefully the wake up I needed though. Doc only has me on 500 x2/day but I have a tendency to take all 1000mg at once. Only a day or two of side effects and then I'm okay. Now to remember to take them consistently.

I've been on Levothroid for over 9 years. That has never helped with the weight that I've noticed in the past. I should go look over my weights from the past 10 years and see if there was any correlation between my weight and needing an increased dose though. That might actually explain some weight gain over the years.

I've been larger ever since I hit puberty and have fought off and on for the last 20 years. The lightest I can remember being as an adult is down to 228 and that is when I got pregnant. I was almost there one other time after the twins were born but it didn't last long before I gained everything back plus some.

They have not agreed to anything yet, I guess they are just questioning our quotes. Hopefully by Monday we'll know for sure....closing is a week from Monday.

So, it looks like I'm going to be in 'All You' magazine.

Hopefully your sellers fix what needs fixing. We moved into a rental 5 years ago. After living it in for almost three years the owner decided to put up a for sale sign. Never even asked us if we were interested in purchasing. We hemmed and hawed for a few months and decided that we didn't want to move and put in an offer. It took us 3 months before we closed. She ended up doing a short sale and she had to have the porch leveled before closing. One corner had sunk almost 5 inches in 11 years. It was so frustrating waiting on everyone else to get their stuff done all while not knowing if we were gonna have to move because I our lease was coming up also.

I was in 'All You' a few years back. Just a little snippet on how to make your school year bedtimes smoother. I look forward to reading about whatever helpful advice you have.

08-03-2014, 08:26 AM
Hello all...

Today FBS...116... I have decided to check my sugar and weight every month..I am sick and tired of these high and low stats..So Sept 1st..I will check in both.

Have a good Sunday ladies...Be well.

08-03-2014, 09:18 AM
Fbs is 94 today and yesterday. I am pleased with it being and staying in the normal range. Hubby's fbs is running under 100 all the time.
I worked a clothes giveaway at church yesterday. It was a lot of work but rewarding. We served about 100 families.

08-03-2014, 09:38 AM
Good morning girls. There's one more Klondike bar in the freezer and I'm going to have to get DH to eat it. LOL I have to get back to low carb. I support any of you who can fit carbs into your diet and still lose weight and manage BS, but I can't. I have been taking my glimiperide every day and that was not my plan. It was supposed to be my support if I screw up, but I have convinced myself that I can eat that carbs because the glimiperide will bring my sugar down. Glimiperide is known to cause weight gain, and that's the last thing I need with all my medical problems. I need to get down to business and get rid of this belly!

Billie, if you can get your blood sugar down without Metformin, go for it. The 500 mg is meant to be taken twice a day, 12 hours apart, to keep your level of meds steady throughout the 24 hr period. But if it works better for you to take the 1000mg at one time then do it. I did talk to someone who was on Metformin but took all of hers at bedtime because her blood sugar was steady throughout the day but spiked in the morning. The Metformin at bedtime lowered her FBG. My DR had be taking 850mg 3X a day, but when I took it at bedtime I got up in the middle of the night nauseated and throwing up, so he cut me back to 2 X day. It never entered my mind to take 2 of them with dinner instead of waiting until bedtime. That might have worked better. Might try that. My rx is still for 3 X day.

Liliann, it seems that your blood sugars have been running pretty steady, so it's really not necessary to test so much. It isn't going to change anything, just tell you if you're doing well, and you are. That's why insurance doesn't usually approve many strips for non-insulin diabetics. A person on insulin needs to test regularly to know how much insulin to inject. And it's the same with weighing. For some people, weighing make them accountable, but for those who just get stressed out by the numbers on the scale, it's more of a hindrance than a help. Do what works best for you.

Trish, maybe you can just get the Atkins chili since you liked it so much and keep it on hand for when you don't have time to prepare a meal for yourself. I have never been one to eat frozen entrees. They are convenient and are good for portion control, but it is usually healthier and cheaper to prepare your own food. Some people make their own frozen entrees with leftovers. Sometimes I cook extra so I have leftovers for later meals, like chicken, meatloaf and roast. DH won't eat leftovers unless it's lasagne or stuffed cabbage rolls. And usually he will eat them for lunch the next day, but not for dinner. He wants all his food cooked fresh. I forgot to put that on my list of requirements when I was looking for a husband. LOL

Donna, good job on your weight loss! Keeping busy and active is the key, and it sounds like your family does a good job of that! Hope the singing at the festival went well. Keeping the kids busy with activities keeps them from being bored and out of trouble. You're a good mom!

Shannon, what are we hearing about the house?

How's it going Dgramie?

:wave: Waving to Bonnie, Ruthie, Mad, Rennie and all others who are MIA.

08-03-2014, 09:40 AM
Dgramie...:cheer: of your FBS !! Keep it up...Great job!!

08-03-2014, 09:46 AM
Carol Sue..Thank you for the kind words..

Thank you all on sharing your struggles and allowing me to vent on somedays..I am new to the pre-diabetes thing and what is a learning journey..again..Thanks ladies..

Have a good one..:)

08-03-2014, 06:45 PM
Finally heard from sellers, they agreed to the repairs we requested. They are using folks from their church to do the work....hope it is done well. So, now I can breathe. First time since this started that I feel like the path is now clear and I am not waiting to hear "we aren't moving".

I have no idea why All You is running the story instead of HEALTH. Maybe the writer who interviewed me is freelance and HEALTH didn't want the story but All You did? No idea! I will let you know when I have more details on it.

Today is day 2 of being back on plan. Hoping the headaches stop soon. I was really carbing it up I guess. I was sort of thinking of just putting diet on hold til after the move but I was feeling awful. My change in eating must have been helping my heartburn/reflux more than I realized because I was having horrible issues with it the last week and had started adding tums to my prilosec regimen again. My stomach was bloated again and I have been feeling more angry and depressed than I had been. So, forget waiting til after moving, getting back on plan now and hoping for the best through the next two crazy weeks.

This coming week I have Olivia in a half day camp so I can get more packing done and some dr appts. My blood draw was Friday and I will get the results this coming Friday. Also having a dentist appt which might lead to some work. I've been having some sensitivity and one of my root canals might need a new crown due to some issue with the margins. Hubby is also gone for work two days this week so I need to get the rest of my sewing stuff in his office area packed. Busy, busy. Someday I will be back to personals, I promise!

08-03-2014, 08:14 PM
Hello ALL ...

I was doing well saw some double digit FBS reading and then forgot my evening dose of Met after eating cake, ice cream and other junk and woke up to 147 this morning, smh. When will I learn

Sorry I haven't read the July thread or this one to catch up so I hope you are all doing well :hug:

08-03-2014, 09:14 PM
Just a quick flyby to let y'all know I'm having problems trying to keep my battery charged on my pc. :?: Just wanted to let you know in case I'm not here for a few days. Not sure why my connection isn't working. It won't stay connected. :?:

Shannon I'm so thrilled that things are starting to work out for you.

Y'all have a great evening and I'll try to get back to y'all tomorrow.

08-04-2014, 08:19 AM
Fbs was 103 this morning. I ate a bit more yesterday. Back at it hard today.

08-04-2014, 09:38 AM
Good morning girls. I think I figured out what's wrong with my hands. I think it's tendonitis from the way I hold my paperback books when I read. I am always in the middle of reading a book. One right after the other. I noticed this morning as soon as I picked up my book and started reading, the pain started to shoot, and if I changed position it stopped. I am prone to tendonitis, in my shoulder from my previous job, the way I had my desk set up, and when I did data entry it was in my thumb...what I called "space-bar thumb." I may need to go back to reading on my e-reader for a while. My friend gave me a box and 2 shopping bags full of paperback books and I figured I should read them instead of going with the e-books, but it might be necessary.

My blood sugar is slowly coming back down from my big screw up. 130 this morning. I wish that was my weight! LOL Haven't checked that lately.

Hi Rennie, good to see you. How is the job going? I wouldn't worry about 1 slip up as long as you don't let it turn into a habit, like I did. It will go back down. You're doing great!

Dgramie, 103 is still good in my book after all the really bad readings I've had.

Trish, hope you get your computer working. That's really annoying.

Shannon, I'm glad things are working out with the house. Soon it will all be over. When my BIL and SIL sold their house, they had already moved out of state and the sale etc was all being done without them here. It was a 100+ year old house. The inspection showed that they needed to put a bannister on the rickety steps going down to the dungeon of a basement, and also going down the front steps leading to the street. It's a busy street and the front entrance is never used. They had told the realtor to have the repairs made and bill them. We went over afterward and all they did was attach a 2X4 and call it a bannister. I can just imagine what they were charged for that. Now, the new owner has let the front steps become completely overgrown....you can't even see the house or steps from the street. It's a mess. My BIL and SIL never used the front steps, but they kept the front hill trimmed and the steps cleared. I can just imagine how many critters they have living in that mess. I'm surprised the boro hasn't cited them for it.

I will be waiting to hear the results of your blood draw. Hope it's good news!

08-04-2014, 10:56 AM
Well, the battery is fully charged and working so not sure what was going on with it. I just prayed for it to start working because I can't buy a new computer right now. So I'm just thankful it is working.

I'm just counting calories trying to eat as healthy as possible. Going to try to put more fiber foods into my diet. I read once in a Prevention book on diabetes years ago that you could eat just about anything you wanted to as long as you had fiber with it. The theory was that the right amount of fiber slows things down and the sugar works more efficiently. Of course, that doesn't mean go wild/crazy, I'm sure. This morning I got up and decided to eat my oatmeal with blueberries and 1/2 banana and yogurt. I didn't realize that I had the quick oats as I've always bought the old fashioned. Any way, I actually enjoyed it.

So that is what I'm going to eat this way counting the calories so that I don't go wild and see how that goes.

FBS was 139 this morning and weight was up .4 but that isn't unusual for me to bounce. So the bs is slowly coming down. And today, I get back to my exercising too. Which I better go do before I talk myself out of it.

Have a good day.

08-04-2014, 10:57 AM
Good morning ladies! I'm getting ready to put on my super cape and morph into my alter ego 'Super Packer' but thought I'd say hello! Next week we will be sleeping in our current house but spending alot of time at the new house (me and Olivia) cleaning, moving boxes from the storage unit to the garage, etc. so I feel like it's my last week here in this house. Very excited!!

Today is day 3 of getting back on plan and I think the headaches have stopped. For the entire month of July I really didn't lose anything since I was gaining towards the end, hoping to meet my July goal of 173 in August now. I'm at 179.2 today. I have not checked my FBS lately. I think I last checked a week ago and it was ok. Sometime this week I will recheck. I was on a playdate last week and a friend passed her refined coconut oil to me. She likes the unrefined better and I had mentioned my bulletproof coffee to her and said I needed to try the refined oil in it. So, today I added a tsp of it to my coffee and I couldn't even taste it so if you don't like coconut flavor the refined is the way to go. Some folks say when they add the coconut oil to their coffee they get mental clarity so we'll see. I'm going to try it this week and see if it's any different from my regular coffee with the grassfed butter. I've been drinking that for a couple months now I think so I should be able to tell if I feel any different. I'm still having some heartburn from being off plan for the last couple weeks but I can tell it is getting better already just after 48 hrs.

Ok, off to change our sheets and get to packing!

08-04-2014, 11:51 AM
Shannon, it's not the taste of the coconut oil but the greasiness that bothers me. I think I would like it better if it tasted like coconut! LOL I don't feel that it actually has a taste. I just checked mine and it is refined. Today I finished up with my bottle of coffee creamer and am supposed to be cutting way back on coffee, but I will try it with coconut oil one time, because I don't believe in saying I don't like something without trying it. I'm just not enthused about this!! LOL

Keep on packing!

My son and his family are vacationing in Virginia Beach right now and they're having nothing but storms. Hope they get some sunshine before the week is over. That's such a bummer. They have nothing else to do but stay in the house and heat and drink! LOL

Trish, glad your computer is working. Mine was doing something weird last week but it seems ok today. I figured it was something I picked up.

08-04-2014, 12:04 PM
Didn't mean to fly out of here without doing indies, but I was getting that mood where you want to talk yourself out of exercising etc. So I did one circiut of the kettlebell dvd. I can't believe what one week of not doing it has made me bad. I was huffing and puffing, but I made it. I decided to do 25 minutes on my recumbent bike today as well. That added to my 10 exercises for my back before I get out of bed makes a total of 55 minut I've got done today. I still have lots of house work to do today. Not sure how many days a week I will do this. I'm just going to take it One Day at a Time. It really helps to see the exercise calories earned on the MFP. I've lost weight before just counting calories and exercising so I'll see if it will work that way for me this time too.

Shannon Funny thing is that I've been playing with putting the CO in morning foods and coffee meaning I alternate it... one day in coffee and one day in food. I never thought about it, but this morning I had it in my coffee because I forgot to put it in the oatmeal like I would have normally done. I was amazed at how alert I felt afterwards. I thought it was the oatmeal because I haven't had it since winter, but perhaps it was the coffee or even the combination. I will have watch that more.

Lilliann You are doing so well. If I could get my FBS to get below 120s and stay there, I would be very happy and so would my doctor. So just keep doing what you are doing. The exercise you are doing is probably helping it loads. It dawned on me this morning that when I got my fbs back down to normal and kept my weight down for a period of time although weight was not at goal, I was not only dieting (I was using Richard Simmons Deal a Meal diet) but I was exercising 45 minutes a day besides all the other activities I had going on carpooling daughter and her kids around. So I really think you are on track. Sad thing is that I lost the RS Deal a Meal cards in a move and have never been able to get back on his diet since then. I think the fiber is helping you as well. KOKO :)

Carol Sue Sorry about the tendonitis.:hug: Hope it gets better soon. I don't think I want to eat tv dinners too much as they do have loads of salt. I think all of this has just been a process for me to get settled back into my way of eating. I am going to do this Intuitively however, I am also going to do it with calorie counting. I know many on IE would disagree that I am doing IE if I count calories, but obviously they aren't 70 almost 71 dealing with diabetes. I have no other health problems but the weight and the diabetes and I have to do this the way it works for me. Knowing your health situation, I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about.

DH is suddenly tired of his snacks and really missing his sweets so I've got to start finding healthy foods that I could make for him so he can have them. I told him yesterday that we are going to have to start adding beans to our plan as it will help with the bs. He won't always go along with me on some food choices, but if it will help lower our bs, he is more likely to listen. So I'm thankful for that and will take what co-operation from him that I can get.

Rennie Good to see you here. I know you are busy with the new job and how it is to adjust to everything. So just keep in touch when you can to let us know how you are doing.:hug:

dgramie You are doing great. Happy for you. :)

Donna, Moonkissed and others :wave:

08-04-2014, 02:02 PM
Carol Sue we may have already discussed this but did you blend it well? I honestly felt it was no different with the oil than with just the better. It isn't greasy at all to me. It froths up in the blender and has a frothy feel but not oily. But, that being said, each person is unique so it may feel completely different to you.

08-04-2014, 08:19 PM
Shannon, I have never tried the coconut oil in my coffee. I just don't like it when I use it for sauteing. That's when it seems too greasy for me, and that's what makes me feel that it would be too greasy in coffee. I do need to try it one of these days. I can always dump it out if I don't like it. No one is going to force me to drink it, are they? LOL

Trish, I finally got back to exercising today. It was a snap decision. It was almost time for my soaps to start and that's when I always used to exercise. At the last minute I grabbed my water bottle and went downstairs. I did 15 min on the treadmill, 15 min on the elliptical, then went back to the treadmill for a 5 min cool down. I really had to push myself to get that 15 min on the elliptical. I just didn't want to do it, and I just watched that timer as every minute went by. I used to exercise every day while watching my soaps. I made a rule for myself that I could not watch them unless I was exercising. That rule went by the wayside when I had my surgery and I never got back to it. I would like to get back to that rule again. I rarely just sit and watch them. Usually I am cooking or cleaning and going in and out of the room while watching.

My son and all his in-laws went to Virginia Beach for the week and I just looked at the weather forecast and it says storms all week. It will get sunny on Sat, but that's when they are coming home. I feel bad for the kids. The adults are there to eat and drink so they don't care, but the kids want to play on the beach. We bought my grandson a bunch of beach toys and he isn't going to get to enjoy them. I feel bad.

08-04-2014, 11:27 PM
Carol Sue we may have already discussed this but did you blend it well? I honestly felt it was no different with the oil than with just the better. It isn't greasy at all to me. It froths up in the blender and has a frothy feel but not oily. But, that being said, each person is unique so it may feel completely different to you.

Are you blending coconut oil in hot coffee or cold? I drink my coffee with a scoop of hot cocoa and a spoonful of caramel creamer. I've tried stirring in coconut oil in the past but I didn't care for the greasy feeling either. And speaking of cold coffee makes me want a caramel frappe from McD's. I should experiment and make my own.

I didn't check my sugar at all today. Spent half the morning with the kids going over the new chore charts for back to school. Then a few hours shopping for back to school clothes and supplies with my boy. They don't go back until Sept. 2nd but I'm gonna start transitioning them now. I don't like to cold turkey their bedtimes from 10:30-11pm that they are now to before 8pm that they will need for school.

08-05-2014, 09:18 AM
Are you blending coconut oil in hot coffee or cold? I drink my coffee with a scoop of hot cocoa and a spoonful of caramel creamer. I've tried stirring in coconut oil in the past but I didn't care for the greasy feeling either. And speaking of cold coffee makes me want a caramel frappe from McD's. I should experiment and make my own.

I didn't check my sugar at all today. Spent half the morning with the kids going over the new chore charts for back to school. Then a few hours shopping for back to school clothes and supplies with my boy. They don't go back until Sept. 2nd but I'm gonna start transitioning them now. I don't like to cold turkey their bedtimes from 10:30-11pm that they are now to before 8pm that they will need for school.

Hot coffee (though I have made it hot then poured it over ice). The trick, I promise, is using a blender to suspend the particles of oil into the liquid. You can use any kind of blender including an immersion hand stick type. Stirring it with a spoon will not break it up and suspend it.

08-05-2014, 09:20 AM
Stopping by early to share a recipe.....french toast! This is made like the OMM but I did pan fry after as the author suggests and I think that does add to the yumminess! Here is a pic of mine and the link.


08-05-2014, 11:36 AM
I feel really draggy today. I slept pretty good. I don't know what's up. Maybe it's just the humid weather. I wish DH would just leave the air condition on. It's cooler, but the air condition helps with the humidity. He's working in the yard right now. Maybe when he comes in he will be so hot he will turn it back on again. I don't touch it. He's in charge in that department.

Shannon, I guess I was thinking of just stirring it into your coffee. Now I understand about using the blender. I have a generic bullet system and I think I would use that. What kind of coffee/butter do you use? I was reading online about Bulletproof Coffee and they were using some special coffee beans and grass fed unsalted butter. I won't be buying special coffee or butter. I would just use the Maxwell House we use, and I buy regular salted butter, but I could try it with the coconut oil. How much do you use in how much coffee? Also, they said online that that was their breakfast. That's all? I would still want my eggs. I will probably try it but I don't see me doing it on a regular basis. What does it do other than giving you energy?

The french toast looks good.

Zinke, I always drank my coffee black I have recently been using flavored creamers. It all started when I heard about the International Delite Almond Joy creamers and tried them. I liked them and now keep them in the house. They are sold in the coffee aisle and don't need refrigeration. One time I couldn't find them so I bought a bottle of creamer from the dairy case. I really like them! I have tried several different flavors...Girl Scout Cookie flavor, Vanilla Caramel. Because of them I am now drinking too much coffee. I ran out of the bottled kind and am trying not to buy more. I would like to get down to 1 cup of coffee in the morning and that's it, but with the flavored creamers I was up to 6 - 8 cups per day. Waaay to much for me.

EDIT: DH just came in and put the air on. YAY!

08-05-2014, 01:12 PM
Carol Sue You feeling draggy could be the heat, but I bet it is the exercise you did yesterday. I say that because I slept good last night and had to just make myself get up at 9 am. I never sleep past 8 if that long. I think the exercise makes us rest better. I am still draggy today. I didn't do the kettlebell exercise this morning, but I am thinking about doing the recumbent bike later today. It will be another one of those times of forcing myself to do it because I just don't really feel up to it. It was so late when I got up that I didn't have time to do the exercises I do for my back before I get out of bed. I do them in the bed because it is so hard for me to get up and down off the floor to do it. I may do those later today because they do keep my back from hurting so much.

Shannon and Zinkie I use a small amount of the CO in many ways, but I've learned that I like the feel of it on my lips. More like a lipstick feel to me. I know I'm weird. :dizzy: However, I have put it in my morning shakes when I drink them. That's how I learned that I liked the way the oil in the coffee felt. I actually missed it in the shake. I've been going to try blending it in the coffee, but I keep forgetting it. I have gotten hooked on the Coffeemate French Vanilla so I know blending it would really be great.
I had to learn to cut my coffee drinking back down to no more than 3 a day because I was wanting the Fr. Vanilla taste so bad that I was probably drinking up to 5 or 6 c a day when we came back from our trip. Knowing I'm counting the calories really helps me to drink less coffee with the creamer.

Amazing experience again. I just ate what I wanted yesterday and had a lot more carbs than usual. Granted they were Fiber carbs. But I fried chicken legs for DH and me and we had cabbage and pork'n beans for lunch. I finished my dinner off with a serving of ice cream made with Splenda. I didn't eat again until I got really hungry last night around 7ish and I had turkey kalbalsa and 1 corn on the carb. I did drink plenty of water and my green/black tea combo. I wasn't sure what was going to happen when I weighed and tested. I was shocked this morning when my FBS was 124, my bp was down and my weight was down .2. A .2 weight loss isn't bad as that is how I seem to lose. So now I am beginning to wonder if maybe carbs are not my problem. Maybe for me it is the type and amount of carbs that I eat and I just need to learn to eat differently. Maybe the idea of the Prevention Diet plan I read years ago about controlling diabetes is the way for me. It says eating plenty of fiber is the key to controlling diabetes. Maybe that is why the Richard Simmons diet worked for me. I also believe that the counting calories to learn portion control is also key for me.

Carol Sue I found something interesting that you shared about the way of taking Metformin. I've been taking 1000 mg with my main meal at DH and my main meal. I do this because I seem to remember my doctor telling me to take it with my largest meal of the day which that one usually is. However, yesterday, I realized that I forgot to take it until my suppertime. That might be why my fbs was lower this morning. I will be trying it that way for a while to see.

I want to say again thanks to everyone for sharing you experiences. I think it really helps those of us whether we post or lurk. I know I sure learn a lot from y'all and from lurking on other sites and threads.

This is a great group here.

08-05-2014, 02:30 PM
I feel really draggy today. I slept pretty good. I don't know what's up. Maybe it's just the humid weather. I wish DH would just leave the air condition on. It's cooler, but the air condition helps with the humidity. He's working in the yard right now. Maybe when he comes in he will be so hot he will turn it back on again. I don't touch it. He's in charge in that department.

Shannon, I guess I was thinking of just stirring it into your coffee. Now I understand about using the blender. I have a generic bullet system and I think I would use that. What kind of coffee/butter do you use? I was reading online about Bulletproof Coffee and they were using some special coffee beans and grass fed unsalted butter. I won't be buying special coffee or butter. I would just use the Maxwell House we use, and I buy regular salted butter, but I could try it with the coconut oil. How much do you use in how much coffee? Also, they said online that that was their breakfast. That's all? I would still want my eggs. I will probably try it but I don't see me doing it on a regular basis. What does it do other than giving you energy?

The french toast looks good.

Zinke, I always drank my coffee black I have recently been using flavored creamers. It all started when I heard about the International Delite Almond Joy creamers and tried them. I liked them and now keep them in the house. They are sold in the coffee aisle and don't need refrigeration. One time I couldn't find them so I bought a bottle of creamer from the dairy case. I really like them! I have tried several different flavors...Girl Scout Cookie flavor, Vanilla Caramel. Because of them I am now drinking too much coffee. I ran out of the bottled kind and am trying not to buy more. I would like to get down to 1 cup of coffee in the morning and that's it, but with the flavored creamers I was up to 6 - 8 cups per day. Waaay to much for me.

EDIT: DH just came in and put the air on. YAY!

Yay for air conditioning!! It is horribly hot and humid here!

I do not buy special beans, just use my regular favorite, dunkin donuts. I do buy grass fed butter just for my coffee. The benefit is the vitamins, I consider it my multi vitamin, lol! I get it at Costco and they sell 3 large blocks for $7. Each block has 16 tbsp so a block lasts me about 32 days. (So, if 3 blocks lasted 96 days it would be 7 cents a day I think). I only drink one mug of coffee per day (on my coffee maker I fill the water to the line 2.5 which yields a totally full mug and a tiny bit that doesn't fit....that's after adding my heavy whipping cream, butter, coconut oil and sugar sub and blending it to frothy). On days I am very busy, that might be my only breakfast but time permitting I always have my omelet or something else in addition to the coffee. The main benefit to me is feeling fuller throughout the day and giving my body good fats to burn in place of the carbs.

08-05-2014, 03:34 PM
Fbs was 94 today. Carol sue I drink 1 mug of coffee a day. I am hooked on flavored creamers. Sugar free hazelnut is my favorite right now.

08-06-2014, 12:47 AM
Maybe when he comes in he will be so hot he will turn it back on again. I don't touch it. He's in charge in that department.

EDIT: DH just came in and put the air on. YAY!
Are you in my house? My husband is the exact same way with the air conditioner and the furnace. No one touches them. If you are cold you cover up and if you are hot you go to the basement.

I only drink one cup a day of my coffee. I'll admit sometimes it is a large cup. I have one that is 16oz and one that is 24oz. I'll try the blender trick in the morning.

Ate dinner. Ate ice cream. Went for a short bike ride and a walk. Visited with the neighbor while drinking a wine cooler. Three hours later BS was 124. That sounds good. I think?

08-06-2014, 11:41 AM
Well school starts here tomorrow so I'm back to babysitting full time. Summer sure flew by. My weigh is down about 10 lbs from the first of June but I was hoping for more.
My squash plants are done for the yr and if we don't get rain tomatoes and peppers will be also. To be honest I think I'm ready for cooler weather. We really have had a mild summer but I'm ready to be outside with the kids for hours. Right now about an hour twice a day is all they can handle.
My oldest grandchild starts kindergarten tomorrow. I sure can't believe she is old enough. They grow up so fast!

08-06-2014, 12:01 PM
Zinke, I think the key is that you rode your bike and walked after eating. When I was having the real high bs readings I started walking for 15 min after dinner and that helped tremendously. Exercise is important for controlling blood sugar. I really have to push myself to do it until I get into the habit again.

Trish, I really think it was the humidity because after the air was on I felt so much more energetic. They always say that heat and humidity is bad for the elderly and with my heart disease, I am in that category whether I like it or not. Exercise always increases my energy and drops my appetite.
I don't exercise hard enough to get muscle soreness. LOL

Yesterday my fbs was 130. When I ate breakfast I took 1/2 a glimiperide to help get my bs down just a bit. I had eggs with mushrooms and lentils. I know the mushrooms and lentils are actually carbs, but I consider them veggies and consider things like bread, potatoes, and pasta as carbs. 2 hrs after breakfast my bs was 160. I didn't think it should have been that high so I took the other half of the glimiperide. I wasn't really hungry at lunch time but DH made hot dogs so I ate one with chopped onion and mustard, no bread or bun. I felt pretty good and wanted to eat a small baked potato for dinner with my grilled chicken and veggies so I checked my bs. It was at 67. I was not feeling any symptoms! So I think that the glimiperide does not work as fast for me as I thought, and I probably didn't need that second half pill. My breakfast and lunch are relatively carb free. Because the blood sugar was so low I did eat the baked potato and loved it! I made sure I ate half of the chicken before I ate the potato. At bedtime my bs was 97. I ate a celery stick with cream cheese and this morning I am back up to 130. Even with a low bs, a bedtime snack raises my fbs. I need to put a big sign on my refrigerator "A BEDTIME SNACK WILL RAISE YOUR FASTING BLOOD SUGAR." LOL If I wanted that celery and cream cheese I should have had it with my dinner. I think I buy too much food. I keep thinking I have to eat it all so it won't go bad.

Shannon, how much of everything do you put in your coffee before blending?

Dgramie, I have not tried the Hazelnut creamer yet. My husband has always put cream and sugar in his coffee but he tried the Hazelnut and said it was too sweet. He probably put too much in. I do not buy the sugar free, that's why I try not to have too much of it. Most of the flavors I like don't come sugar free. So far I have had 2 cups, but in my mug, they are more equal to a half cup each.

08-06-2014, 12:10 PM
A quick flyby this morning as I'm really running late. I couldn't sleep last night and didn't go to sleep until sometime after 3 am. DH has a blood test to check blood thinning now that he is back on the warfarin. We will go out to eat and also run some errands. And we start a new study series at Bible study tonight and I don't want to miss any of it.

Either the fiber and/or the taking Metformin in the evening is working. FBS was 124 yesterday and is 123 today. Carol Sue I never thought ob taking the Metformin in the evening. Thanks for the info. My problem is that I don't like the flatulence of the high fiber in my plan. Plus I don't like the stuffed feeling it leaves me with either. I think that is why I couldn't sleep. My belly felt so heavy/bloated. So I just may have to see if I might be able to tweak this. Perhaps the fat in the low carb actually does the same thing that the fiber does. I think maybe just adding beams in my plan would be helpful. This is truly a learning experience.

Had my eggs this morning with bacon and toast. I tried Shannon's frothy coffee. It was good, but I think if I drink it that I will not be eating fiber like my high fiber bread with it in the morning any more. I couldn't understand it when you said some have it by itself as a breakfast by itself, but now I can see how it would. The fat makes you feel full and satisfied. I also think adding it to the fiber makes me groggy, but then I haven't had a lot of sleep either. So I can't judge too much of anything this morning. However, I do think it would help me give up the bread in the morning.

So now I've come to the place to where... how I feel after eating is much more important to me than what I eat. So all is not lost here. Learning, learning, learning. I think moderate fiber may be important for me, but a high fiber is not.

Sorry, this turned out long than I expected. I'm always thinking things out with y'all. I better get going. I'll catch y'all tomorrow. Y'all have a great day.

08-06-2014, 12:24 PM
My son and his inlaws are having the vacation from H**L. They rented a huge beautiful beach house in Va Beach. There are 12 people I think. The weather is not cooperating, then this morning he called and said his MIL was having chest pains and was admitted to the local hospital. His FIL spend the night at the hospital with her. She is in her mid 70's and has a heart issue and takes meds for an irregular heart beat. I don't think she has ever had a heart attack or a blocked artery. They are taking turns cooking and are eating a lot of elaborate meals. I'm thinking that maybe she was having indigestion from eating unusual foods, or maybe I'm just hoping. Women don't usually present with chest pains. Mine is always pain in the jaw, and my friend usually has back pain. They are doing a stress test today and hopefully they won't find anything and release her.

08-06-2014, 11:04 PM
Carol Sue I put heavy whipping cream in (not really sure how much bc I just pour til it hits the bottom of the blade in my vitamix, it's probably several tbsp, coffee is light brown when done), 2.5 packs splenda or 3 packs truvia, 1/2 tbsp grass fed butter, 1 tsp coconut oil and the coffee (2 tbsp grounds added to machine with 2.5 cups water....cups on machine, not measured before putting in).....that is how I like it but it's totally up to you what combo you throw together!

Still packing like crazy!

08-07-2014, 12:14 PM
My son's MIL was in the hospital overnight. They did a stress test that showed nothing so they released her. When we talked to Dave yesterday, she was sitting on the deck drinking a glass of wine. They are all drinkers in that group! I guess I was right when I said it was indigestion from all the rich food they are eating. She is normally a healthy eater.

My bs is better and my weight is back down, but not lower than before. I really need a loss to keep up my morale.

Shannon, I mainly wanted to know how much of the coconut oil to add. I will put a tsp in a full cup of coffee and go from there. Thanks! How is your eating plan going through all of this?

Trish, I have tried several times to find out exactly how Metformin works and when it should be taken. Today I read that it slows down the release of glucose from the liver during fasting and helps the absorption of insulin by the cells. It should be accompanied by reduced carb diet and exercise, the amount of carbs to be determined by each individual, depending on their own bs spikes. Taking Metformin and not changing lifestyle is not going to help diabetes. As far as when to take it, it says to take it with meals to avoid unwanted side effects, but it also says it should be taken at the same time every day to keep the levels of med in the body even. That was what I thought. And this is in regards to regular Metformin, not extended release. My 3 meals usually occur within an 8 hour period. If I took my meds with those meals, I would be going 16 hours without meds and my levels would drop greatly during that time. This was why I was taking my pills at breakfast, around 9 or 10 and with dinner, around 4 or 5, and then at bedtime, but when I did that, I got up in the middle of the night throwing up. Good for my diet, but not fun! LOL After adding the glimiperide twice a day, the doctor told me to stop the bedtime Metformin and I have not been sick since. I usually take it with breakfast around 9 or 10 and then later in the evening around 9 or 10. 12 hours apart, even though I am not eating that late. I don't get any side effects taking it this way. If it's true that it keeps your liver from dumping glucose, then taking it later in the evening would cover you overnight and should be lowering your fasting glucose. I still have a higher fasting glucose if I eat in the evening. That's just me. Others do better with a bedtime snack.

I really hate that when you are diagnosed they give you a prescription and tell you to take it, not understanding what it's going to do to you. Most people think that it's going to correct their blood sugar reading and without correcting your diet and exercising, that's not going to happen.

As a note to Shannon, one article I read said that going completely low carb can cause your cells to be excessively sensitive to carbs, and I remember you said that you thought that happened to you after going with low carb. Some mentioned that you should have SOME carb at every meal, and others said it was not necessary. I wonder if they are counting the carbs you get from vegetables? Do they count? Or is it only starchy carbs that count as carbs. Is a carb, a carb? I never take them into consideration. I usually eat some vegetables at every meal, such as chopped veggies in my eggs, but I still consider that and my veggie lunch to be very low carb. I consider my dinner to be more carbs because that is the only time I ever eat starchy carbs, if at all.

I guess if each person takes their Metformin at the time that works best for them then that's the right thing to do. There was also mention that Metformin protects against heart disease, so that is a good reason to continue taking it, even if you are able to control bs with diet and exercise.

As far as the flatulance is concerned, Trish, I found that it deminishes in time if you start out slow and increase gradually. I still eat beans, but not as many as I once was. I am starting to eat some yogurt as a snack and putting Fiber One cereal in it, because from what I saw on my Fitday tracking, the Fiber One cereal has more fiber than beans, cup for cup. I am thinking of making some more Fiber One Haystacks again, but I get tempted to eat them all at once, which defeats the purpose. I know that when you add fiber it ups the total carbs, but we need fiber, and it helps me with constipation. I am still trying to lower my total calories for the day and see if that will jump start my weight loss. I really need that more than anything right now.

Yackety Yak! I got carried away again. Sorry!

08-07-2014, 12:34 PM
Carol Sue just a word of warning, the first two days adding the coconut oil on top of the grass fed butter resulted in diarrhea but the past two days I haven't had that so I think the body adjusts but just wanted to give a full disclosure, lol!

Eating is good, back on plan since last Fri I think. Scale is moving again. Dr appt for physical is tomorrow morning.

08-07-2014, 10:03 PM
Sorry I haven't been here earlier. I've really been tired today and then I got a call from my sister this morning that she and my BIL had been at the ER for about 4 hrs last night with my Daddy. His bp was too high. They got it down and sent him home and then it was high aga in this morning and he went to his doctor. They are sending him to someone to help decide if any of his meds are causing the problems perhaps working against each other. I also think he is so afraid of having a stroke that he has an anxiety attack and that makes it worse. So I spent a lot of time on phone with her and then with my son when he called.

As I said, I've been really tired. I don't think I'm eating that much, but maybe it is just not the right stuff for me.

I had Shannon'sdrink for breakfast today and it was very satisfying. Since I'm kind of bored with everything I'm eating right now, I could make this a regular breakfast for a while. Good luck with your physical tomorrow. Hope all goes well.

Carol Sue Although I do like beans, they seem kind of heavy for a evening meal for me. However, I use to eat Fiber One mixed with yogurt for breakfast years ago. I don't remember it feeling like a heavy meal so I just might get some and try eating that some in the evening.

Evidently the Metformin at evening meal works for me as my fbs was 124 again today. Seems to be hanging in that area since I changed to taking it at night. My doc has me taking 1000 mg pill. I just might try taking 1/2 of it in the morning and then having the other one at night and see how that works.

I find it interesting what you read about becoming carb sensitive after eating very low carb. I've been thinking a lot about the fact that maybe a little bit of carb (1 serving) might be good at each meal. I also wonder if the veggie carbs count.

Catch y'all tomorrow.

08-08-2014, 10:19 AM
Trish, I am going to go to another diabetes board and see what they say about vegetables being considered carbs. I don't go there very often because they are soooo strictly carb free that I just don't fit in, but they always give me good answers. They might ask 10 questions before they answer, but in the end the answer is good.

Trish, I don't know if Metformin can be cut effectively. You could try it, but it might not be as effective as it would be using 2 - 500s. If you really want to do that, ask your doctor if you could get 500s instead of 1000s. Look to see if the tablet is scored in the middle. If it is, it CAN be cut.

Shannon, waiting to hear about your dr visit.

Dgramie, where are you located, if you don't mind my asking? School starts very early for you! I don't think ours starts until the end of August. My GS is going to kindergarten. He just turned 6....they held him back a year due to behavior problems. I told him if he doesn't listen to the teacher they will send him back to pre-school and now he's afraid to go to kindergarten. He likes to do what he wants to do and not what he's told to do. You have to make sure you have his attention before you tell him to do something or he just blocks you out. I think his parents overindulge him, but I keep my mouth shut because they are the parents, I am just the step-grandma.

08-08-2014, 11:35 AM
My doctor's visit was kind of a disappointment unfortunately. I need to look over my labs again when I'm not in a hurry and then I will post an update.

08-08-2014, 03:23 PM
checking in here! I have had a lot of trouble logging onto this site over the last couple of days. The satellite must have moved LOL! We live in the boonies and despite what they say on TV - satellite is not fast or reliable LOL.

177.6 today and my blood sugar was 94 this morning (which means it could be anywhere from 104-124 I use a contour but the relion usually measures 20-30 points higher)

I've logged 28 miles of walking this week and this weekend hope to bump it up to 30. We'll see! We have the company picnic tomorrow - at a place called Craigs Cruizers - pizza bar, etc. going to be a day of terrible temptations! Hopefully I can find a salad somewhere :)

08-08-2014, 03:32 PM
Carol sue- I am in western ky. We get a wk off for fall beak and one for spring nreak. It's nice!
My granddaughter lives in IN and school started there also.
I had been eating very few carbs and the past 2 days I am starving. I had a sandwich and chips and I think it triggered something bad!! I am thinking of skipping dinner. My stomach hates when I over eat!! Fasting blood sugar was 106 today.

08-08-2014, 03:38 PM
Shannon, I love bulletproof coffee! I add a tbsp of whey powder protein to it and it is my breakfast before working out, anymore than that makes me feel bleah when I'm walking. I put it all in the blender. I don't add cream though, it looks like I do by the time I finish :) Today I added a tsp of un- flavored gelatin, added a nice creaminess to the finished product. I put it in while my blender is going (I take the small insert out of the lid.)

08-08-2014, 05:20 PM
Carol Sue My Metformin is the kind that can be divided. I took 1/2 at 8:30 when I had my bulletproof coffee and I'll take the other 1/2 at 8:30 tonight and see how it works. I get refills when I go to the doctor in September and will know by then if I need to get 500 mg pills.

It will be interesting to see the answers you get from the other diabetic group.

Today was DGS last day in summer school. He is out for 2 weeks and will be working a lot between now and when school starts again. He isn't living on campus this year because he is short his 3.0 for his college scholarship, but I am ready for him to be living here this year. We have been having a few moments the last few morning having coffee and talking. He is actually DH DGS and we seem to be bonding lately which is really nice. DH is teaching responsibility as he said he made his son pay rent when he moved back in after leaving home and he told Ty that he would have to pay some to help on the utilities. I think it was good for DGS. He has been more respectful etc since then. He is becoming a pleasure. So I think it is going to be a good experience for all of us.

Donna I was wondering if my bulletproof coffee was going to keep me satisfied in the morning until I get back home, but adding a little bit of whey/protein powder definitely should do the job of making sure that I'll be good till I get through with my trip to beauty shop and shopping before I get back home. Thanks for sharing this.

dgramie I have the same problem these days of overeating. I don't know if it is the satisfaction from the fat in my diet or what, but I have to eat less because my tummy just does not like feeling full.

My parents used to eat 1/2 grapefruit and 2 slices of bacon. It tasted so good. I love grapefruit (carb friendly) and I love bacon. My son calls me the "bacon queen". Around 11 to 11:30 I had this more like a snack. I asked my Daddy today when I talked to him if they had a diet reason for eating this combo and he said, "Yes, it is supposed to burn fat". Well, this is now going to be my "new" norm for a daily snack at least Mon - Friday. The bulletproof coffee will work great those days made without whey/protein, but since I won't be home where I can have the grapefruit and bacon in the morning I'll move it to later in the day on the weekend.

I read something interesting about fat in this months Prevention Magazine. Unsaturated fats builds muscle from fat where as saturated fat build fat. It said to fill our diets with unsaturated vegetable oils, nuts and fish. Later I read somewhere else that if you are eating a hamburger that you should add sliced avocado to it for good fat. It seems they are learning all fat isn't bad. In fact, it might be the difference in whether we have belly fat or not. Of course, they still pooh pooh butter. However, I have to wonder if they just aren't ready to admit they are wrong about some of that. Except for the bulletproof coffee where I use some butter(not organic), I mostly use CO or EVOO.

FBS was 129 this morning. I think that was from eating before I went to bed as I stayed up really late with DH. But my weight was down .4 lbs so weight is moving back down vvveerrry slowly. But any amount of down is good.

Have a great week end everyone.

08-09-2014, 12:56 AM
I have answered two sets of questions for the magazine article in the last two days and I actually just got to read the first draft.....I think it's really happening, lol! It's not an incredibly exciting article but it is longer than I thought it would be and how they spun my story was kind of neat - I had wondered what caught their eye about my story but it was basically that I started making changes by giving up soda for Lent, lol!

Okay, so let's get to my doctor's appointment today. My fasting was normal for my lab draw but my A1c was the same, maybe actually 0.1% worse. And my lipids are horrific. Everything I have read gives me hope that my lipids will improve and the high fat part of my diet is really okay despite all the hype of past days but of course seeing my worsening results scares me. I am on an antifungal regimen right now (since my last appointment in May) and finishing it in a week. My dr told me it is possible that the antifungal is causing my statin to not be effective and that is why my results are so bad. They are both metabolized by the liver and she said in some people they compete and thus, the statin becomes less effective. (I have a double whammy bad gene for cholesterol from both parents, my brother does too, we are both on meds and have been for years and he is MUCH younger than me - my levels have been bad since high school - I just tell you all this so I don't get a lecture about statin use, I know it is controversial and I did a great deal of research and consulted with the medical director at my last job before concluding it was necessary. I did go off of it prior to and during pregnancy.). So, she was not concerned at all and just wants me back for repeat in December. But, I just feel like a big ole fake especially reading this article about how much healthier I am. It's true but then these results just make me worry. Especially the A1c....I really expected it to go down. I'm a little bummed.

We had our reinspection of the home repairs tonight and it was kind of dramatic. Long story but basically the sellers had no idea anyone was coming to their house and thought we were burglers. They were not home and we were in their house when they arrived. There was a major scene, they were very upset. Everything got checked though and they were nice to us, they were just really upset with their agent for not telling them and got very angry with the inspector. They did apologize later, it was uncomfortable.

I am more than ready for this move to be over. I still have so much to pack, after packing 75 boxes plus many that are un-numbered since hubby packed them. I think we've made 6 trips to the storage unit now. Tension and stress are high in our house right now, my husband is acting crazy/angry alot, my daughter is behaving terribly (because she is not getting enough attention and is bored with me packing all the time), we are eating out way too much because of being away or just too busy to cook....it is just wearing on my family. I look forward to a couple weeks from now when hopefully we are in a routine again. Of course then the stress of selling our house will be in full swing....sigh.....

We close Monday and I will be back in my current home Monday night but then Tuesday and Wednesday I will be at the new house (and spending the night at my mom's in the next town over) with no internet. So, don't worry if you don't hear much from me.

08-09-2014, 10:33 AM
Shannon I think you just have and have had so much going on the past few months. Trips like vacation, stress of keeping Olivia entertained while looking for and buying a new home etc. not to mention the stretch there you went through not even sure if y'all were going to even move. I just read how one of these stressful situation takes a lot out of us especially those of us fighting diabetes. I'm sure when you get things settled and get back to your routine that you will get these health issues under control again.

You know statins are tricky. I used to take a natural statin. Can't remember the name. I think it was Red rice something. I didn't even know it was a statin until my doctor mentioned it. I read up on it and couldn't decide if it was good to take it or not so I quit because of the way he asked me more than anything. The strange thing is he has DH on a statin prescription. Go figure.

Well, I split the Metformin and took it 12 hrs apart and my fbs was 124 this morning. I've found a website of a doctor in Sweden www.dietdoctor.com through another diabetic thread on another site. I haven't had time to read a lot on his site, but he lowcarbs and teaches people how to lowcarb. I learned about him on MFP from a blogger who said the medical field in Sweden is the first nation who has dropped the western lowfat protocol and they have made LCHF their "new" dietary protocol. I don't have time now, but when I get back this afternoon, I will find her blog and give y'all the link to her blog as her walk with diabetes is quite helpful.

Got to run. Can't be late. Long day at BS as I'm getting along needed perm. My hair just goes limp in the humid weather we are having.


08-09-2014, 11:04 AM
Shannon, I don't understand lipids, really. I have been on statins for years and my cholesterol varies from year to year. It has been below 200 since 08 when I had my heart surgery, but a lot of that could have been contributed to weight loss, exercise and low carb. They are lower when I'm exercising regularly and sticking to low carb. I have never been one to eat high fat, though, and I probably won't change that. It could be that yours are due to family history, but if the meds aren't working, why take them? Atkins followers always say that high fat does not contribute to high lipids but do all Atkins dieters get their lipids checke? My triglycerides are MUCH lower when I'm eating low carb and exercising. I still think you are doing well, though. You are losing weight, and in the long run, that should really help.

I don't think my next A1c is going to be as good as the last one was unless I get my bs under control now and keep it that way for the next 2 months. This past month has been bad. I think the last time I was trying to prove a point and I was more diligent. Now that I got a good A1c I have been more lax and eating more carbs, my thinking being that I can always take the glimiperide to bring it down. Not what I wanted to do. My bs was high last night and high again this morning. Last night we ate dinner at the casino buffet and although the only carbs I had was a small piece of potato, I really had a lot of meat and fish. I have to keep in mind that small meals are necessary for blood sugar control, not just low carb.

This move will all be over soon and once you get settled in the stress should subside. I hope! Now to sell your house. It is ready to go on the market?

Trish, the replies from the other diabetes board were OK. Yes, veggies are carbs, and quantities need to be restricted. No "eat all you want" which is basically what I do. They stay under 20gm per day, which is almost impossible for me.

I have always heard that belly fat is from carbs and has nothing to do with fat that you eat. Glucose that is not burned is stored in the fat cells. More carbs, more glucose. There is so much contraversy over sat fat and unsat fat, I don't know what to believe. I don't think I eat a lot of sat fat, but I don't go overboard avoiding it. I don't like greasy foods or fried foods. They just don't taste good to me so I avoid them, but it's because of the taste and feel of the foods, not because I'm avoiding fat. This one restaurant we go to makes a good baked Walleye. I know they cook it in butter and sometimes it's ok, but other times it's served sitting in a pool of butter and I don't like that. I prefer when most of the butter is cooked away.

Donna, the reason I am not too keen on the Bulletproof coffee is that I look forward to my scrambled eggs so much and don't want to give them up. It's not that I wouldn't like the bulletproof coffee or that it won't satisfy me, but my eggs with or without the veggies is very satisfying to me. I was so happy when my cholesterol came back at 125 because if it had been high I would have quit eating the eggs. My husband nagged me to death about how I was putting myself at risk, and now that he saw my lab results he had to leave me alone about it. He eats french toast, which is covered with eggs and lots of baked good, made with eggs, but he says he doesn't eat eggs. LOL

You are doing so well and seem to do a good job of sticking to your plan. You inspire me to try harder!

Dgramie, our schools here start at the end of August until early June, depending on how much time they lose due to snow. The only long break is between Christmas and New Year, 2 weeks or so. Spring break is just a few days, Friday and Monday over Easter weekend.

08-09-2014, 06:00 PM
This is the link I promised y'all so you can read this girls blog about her diabetic journey experiences as she found her way from the recommended lowfat diabetic diet and found her way to the LCHF diet. She shares some of her research experiences etc... she comes from a family of diabetics and shares their results of following a typical diabetic diet that set her on this research journey looking for a better and healthier way of dealing with this disease. I thought it might not only be helpful to us on our journey but may even give us new places to read and learn more of the LC/LCHF way of eating in order to get better control.


I'm not eating a LCHF diet either although I am eating good fats food. Although I have no desire to do the bulletproof coffee everyday,I decided that I probably will do it once in a while. I was putting CO in my coffee for months now, but I never was a latte drinker. However, making a bulletproof coffee would be a tasty quick drink on Sunday morning before church when I'm usually in a hurry.

After skimming over some of the Sweden doctors info, I've decided to give up the fruit. So I won't be eating grapefruit and bacon. I'll go back to bacon and eggs and I got some avocados to add slices to some of my meals.

Carol Sue I always think of lowcarb as 20 grams because of Atkins. However, I had forgotten about the 30 grams that Dr. Bernstein suggests in his book until I read this girls blog. Some start out at 30 grams until they get their cravings for sweets under control and then add more. I saw where some ate between 50 to 70 grams a day while some even ate more. I read somewhere else, I think on a newsletter by Livestrong that most people who do South Beach cannot do the 1st 2 phases we are always told to do, but some doctor or nutrition said many do well just getting on the maintenance plan and staying there. One thing about SBD is that you are allowed to eat the beans. Although they go more for lowfat, I have seen people do a modified SBD where they use the healthier fats. I think I would like a modified version of SBD like that. Maybe we could do that since we both do have some carbs that we like such as the beans. It is a thought. :)

Well, I'm out of here for today. I've typed a whole message once already and lost hit a button and lost it in cyberspace and had to start over with this one. So I better go while I still have this one. :dizzy:

Y'all have a good evening.

08-09-2014, 08:30 PM
Trish, I heard that although the beans are high in carbs, the fiber in them offsets the effect of the carbs. I don't worry so much about my total carb number as long as my blood sugar is good, and I can accomplish that by avoiding the starchy carbs, like bread, sweets, rice, pasta and potatoes. Pasta and potatoes don't do me much harm if I eat them in very small quantities, if I want just a taste with my meal. Bread and pizza are the big no-nos for me that really spike my blood sugar, even in small amounts. Ice cream, too.

I hope I don't sound like I'm an authority on this. I am just speaking of what works for me.

08-09-2014, 08:41 PM
Trish, I heard that although the beans are high in carbs, the fiber in them offsets the effect of the carbs. I don't worry so much about my total carb number as long as my blood sugar is good, and I can accomplish that by avoiding the starchy carbs, like bread, sweets, rice, pasta and potatoes. Pasta and potatoes don't do me much harm if I eat them in very small quantities, if I want just a taste with my meal. Bread and pizza are the big no-nos for me that really spike my blood sugar, even in small amounts. Ice cream, too.

I hope I don't sound like I'm an authority on this. I am just speaking of what works for me.

No, I didn't take it that way. One thing I've learned in all this is that everyone is different. And hearing how foods affect someone else has helped me a lot. In fact, the fact that I couldn't eat 1/2 c of oats without it spiking my bs was always surprising since it usually helps keep insulin level for most. Even my doctor was surprised. The girl I read about yesterday mentioned that just a 1/2 c serving of oatmeal raised your bs to around 200. She is the only other person I've seen who has shared that.

I'm thinking that if I am going to have starchy carbs like potato or pizza that I have to balance it with protein and I MUST NOT have any other starch with it. It seems like when I have more than one starch bs goes up and I get brain fog.

Always feel free to share with me.:)

08-10-2014, 10:33 AM
The only way I can eat oatmeal is if I eat a scrambled egg first. The protein slows down the carbs. I just remember that from when I was in the hospital and they gave me both at breakfast. I always ate the egg first. I cannot eat pizza at all. I do, but then I have to take the glimiperide. The pizza my husband gets is really good, but usually I just pull the cheese and topping off a slice and just eat that. It is medium thick crust. They say thin crust is a better choice, but DH hates thin crust. I could never eat more than 1 starch at a meal, but that doesn't really appeal to me anyway.

I was thinking about you Trish, and the fact that your doctor didn't want to give you glimiperide. I didn't realize you were only on 1000 Metformin per day. They usually increase the Metformin before they prescribe anything else. At least that's what my DR did. How much Metformin does your husband take along with her glimiperide? I think you're better off controlling it without it, but I sometimes like having it when I get a really high reading. It's like a crutch, though. I know I can control it without it, but knowing it's there makes me more likely to slip carbs in. That's not good.

08-10-2014, 09:18 PM
I cooked beans yesterday and they were so good I ate to any of them. My tummy blew up. So I'm back at it tomorrow. Hubby can eat the leftover beans.
My fbs was 82.

08-10-2014, 10:05 PM
LOL Dgramie! Too many beans! When I first started eating beans I was trying to eat 2 cups per day of black beans. Way to many to start out. Now I eat maybe 1/2 cup per day, sometimes more if I make chili. I love beans.

08-10-2014, 11:32 PM
Carol Sue DH takes 500 mg once a day. He couldnít handle the side effects of more than that. I don't know if I can eat pizza or any other starchy carbs or not since my FBS was 142 this morning. I feel like I'm back to square one sometimes. But I still believe I will eventually get it right.

I didnít divide my Metformin today. I took it tonight. Iíve eaten a LCHF diet today. I evidently ate more high fat than my body can tolerate. I know that someone said that you will experience a loose bowels for a while, but I had it a little yesterday and a lot tonight. I really donít want to experience this everyday for any length of time so Iím going to have to cut back on the fat. I realize it takes time to get used to a strict low carb which I really didnít intend to do today, but it leaves me lethargic and I have no desire to live any length of time that long.

Iíve got to figure out where the grains fit into my diet since I donít want to eat a lot of grain or fat. I guess I'm still in the process of figuring out how to make this diet work for me.

08-11-2014, 12:21 AM
Behind in reading but just wanted to pop by to say our closing is in the morning! We are still in packing **** but we did reserve our movers tonight for next Saturday so I guess in less than a week the majority of the stress of moving will be over and we can work on the unpacking (which I plan to do very slowly and only as needed, lol) and putting our house on the market. We have not done that yet because hubby works from home and is totally unable to just leave at a moment's notice plus our house was such a mess from the packing there was really no way to get any good pictures until we vacated so once we are out, I will clean it up, finish painting a room we started in March and only got 3.5 of the walls done in (yes, you read that right!), fix all the holes from pictures, etc., touch up the paint and get it listed ASAP.

Hope everyone has a good week and I'll be back around once the dust settles!

08-11-2014, 09:52 AM
Shannon, things are moving right along! This is exciting to me. I love to look at houses and I like change, so I would be happy moving around a lot. DH's family lived in the same house from when he was 2 years old until his brother finally sold it a couple years ago. When I was growing up we lived in several places, never more that 8 years or so in each place. We have lived in this house for 33 years, and that's the longest for me. Is your new house on Zillow, that we could see it? Don't want to seem to nosey! LOL

Trish, when I list my food on Fitday, it seems that my fat is high, but I don't think I eat a lot of fat. I have to keep in mind that a hamburger patty has a high fat content, and if I saute in butter, that's high fat. I do use a lot of olive oil, too, so I guess the fat is there, but I don't deliberately go looking to eat fat but don't avoid it either. DH makes me so mad. He will not eat beef or pork that has any fat at all, even if it's marbled, which makes the meat more juicy and tender and basically cooks away, but he wants me to buy 80-85% lean ground meat. I prefer to buy the 93% lean. It tastes so much better to me. When I make stuffed cabbage rolls with 85% lean ground beef the sauce has a lot of fat floating on it. Yuk!

Yesterday we ate out and I had a stuffed pork chop and ate all the stuffing! I took my glimiperide, but still at 3 hrs my bs was 192. I think it took a while for the glimiperide to kick in and I was at 140 this morning. This is something I rarely eat, but this restaurant really has good homestyle cooking and it was delicious. DH will eat that out but not if I make it. I think that was the first meal I cooked for him when we started dating. Back then he was trying to impress me and ate whatever I cooked. LOL

I think if you're eating most of your carbs later in the day, then that's when you should take your Met. Just my opinion. Does it seem to work better for you that way? I think they reason we are told to space it out through the day is because they think we should be eating carbs evenly through the day.

Does anyone here watch public television? Our local public station has a program running right now by Joy Bauer, relating to food and health. In the segment about weight loss, she has 4 rules. 1) 2 cups of veggies at both lunch and dinner, 2) 2 cups of water before each meal, 3) no liquid calories such as juice or soda and 4) no carbs at the evening meal. I'm backwards. I usually only eat carbs at dinner, but that's because that's the meal I eat with DH and I always have to make carbs for him. When we eat out, I can choose my own meal and usually don't order carbs, but I was so weak when they had that stuffed pork chop yesterday and could not resist it. Bad girl!

08-11-2014, 12:04 PM
Shannon I thought of you closing on the house today and said a prayer that everything will go smoothly. That done you will be busy for sure, but it will be a more exciting busy. Check 2 things when you put an empty house on the market. Make sure your insurance you have on it is in effect and that it covers any unforeseen loss while no one is living there. You may have to leave some items to make it look lived in. I say this because deceased hubby and I sold a house in the country. The company we were making mortgage payments to did not pay our insurance (they did this to many, may people). When the house caught fire, of course the buyers backed out, but we then found out that in TX (I don't know about all states) that our insurance was had not been paid by mortgage company and that if they had the insurance would not cover an empty house. We had to sue to get anything out of it, but of course it was only a small fraction of what the house was worth. Just a warning of things that can happen.

Carol Sue I don't think I'm going to worry about the fat. I'm not going to add fat to my coffee. I do like using the CO and cooked my eggs in it this morning. After reading about healthier fats etc, I bought 3 avocados. Doing low carb, I like to fry 2 eggs, add whatever meat I want such as bacon or sausage, a slice of cheese and 1/2 avocado. I really don't think that I have to add any more fat.

According to what I understand as I read on the website of the Swedish doctor, he says if you eat low carb faithfully most of the time (sorry can't remember the % he gave) one meal like you had yesterday once in a while really shouldn't be a problem. It shouldn't mess us up. I have always suspected that after reading Dana Carpander's book. Probably spelled her name wrong. I think we just have to get rid of that guilty feeling we get like we do when we are not 100% OP. You weren't a "bad girl", you just chose to have what my DGS calls a "cheat day". I prefer what I read somewhere in some low carb site or book... you chose to have a "Planned Off Plan" meal. Stress makes diabetes worse. I believe that I get sssooo stressed out when I do what I think are "bad" things that maybe sometimes the rise in my fbs may be more from that stress than the fact that I ate off in the first place.

I ended up with one very low carb day. From the breakfast I had this morning and posted on MFP today, I might have had between 20 to 25 carbs yesterday. I'm not going to shoot for Atkins 20. If I can stay between 30 and 50 g a day, I will be happy. But I'm going to calm down and stop stressing about it. Except for the one planned meal with DH around 2 pm, I'm going to be eating only when I am hungry.

I'm still having some bowel reactions to all the fat I had yesterday. However, I'm not sure it is the fat only. I read somewhere that green tea, fat and curcumin are a detox combo. I had all that extra fat yesterday, then I took my curcumin. I seemed to be okay until I had a glass of green/black tea. I have not been able to stay far from potty room since. So no extra fat and absolutely no curcumin or tea for me today. I probably need to drink more water today any way.

Carol Sue Thanks for sharing about the Bauer rules. Interesting.

dgramie I have to be careful with beans too. I love them, but DH does not. I have several favorites like pinto, butter and great white northern. DH who is so picky will only eat the great white northern beans loaded with ham hock or pork 'n beans or baked beans depending on sauce in baked which is usually sweet and not very often on those. I guess that is why he has to take 2 glimiperide pills a day.

Slept in today so running late. I better get busy before my DS calls me this morning. I think he is headed home for a 3 days off so I won't hear from him while he is home.

Catch y'all later. Have a good one.

08-11-2014, 12:05 PM
Fbs was 85 today. I am wondering if my potassium being dangerously low affected my pancreas. Now that I'm taking a supplement my glucose numbers are all back in the normal range. Hubby and I both ate the same dinner and his fbs was 135. He takes 1000 mg of metphormin twice a day and 3 mg of glyburide twice a day.

08-11-2014, 12:26 PM
You may have hit the nail on the head, Dgramie! Read this:

http://www.wellnessresources.com/health/articles/low_levels_of_potassium_linked_to_increased_diabet es_risk/

What was your A1c when you were diagnosed? Were you diagnosed as pre-diabetic rather than diabetic? It amazes me that doctors would not connect the two issues rather than just saying you have diabetes. Reading this could lead some type2 diabetics to take potassium supplements, which is really unsafe without knowing that you need it. Too high potassium is also bad. When I was in the hospital after my last surgery my doctor said my potassium was low and gave me some in an IV but did not continue it after I went home. It might have just been a temporary effect of the surgery.

What were your symptoms of low potassium?

08-11-2014, 12:26 PM
dgramie I'm sorry I don't know if potassium affects the pancreas or not. I think it might be good to know. I've been thinking about checking some things out about the affect of potassium so I'll have to do that later.

DH just got up and we are going to have to go buy a new microwave as mine went out yesterday. So much for any of my plans today.

I forgot to share earlier that my FBS was 118 this morning and weight down another .4 lb. So my question is why in the heck do I mess with this and fight doing low carb? Is there really anything that I really have to eat that is worth having my bs out of wack? Even my bp is excellent this morning. I need someone to :kickbutt: :?:

08-11-2014, 12:42 PM
Even though I said I was not going to buy any more diet books, I did. At the Goodwill Store I bought The Dukan Diet. It was only $1. They believe in high protein along with vegetables, but low fat. They say the low fat is for heart health, but I feel that my recent lab work indicated that fat intake did not harm my lipid readings, in fact they were lower. I think they improved because of the low carb.

Today in the mail I received a book I ordered online for 1 cent. LOL They charge $3.98 for shipping and that's where they make their money because the actual postage was much lower. It is Eat Fat Get Thin. I will start reading it later. I read these books for informational purposes, then I do additional research online to see what is being said regarding the information they provide. I try to use this information to tweak my own diet even if I'm not following their instructions to the letter. Maybe not following it to the letter is why I don't show good weight loss, but I have a problem doing things I just don't believe in. If I get one good idea from these books that helps me, I am ahead of the game. After my good lab results I don't believe that fat is the problem as far as my heart disease goes, but I cannot eat foods that taste greasy to me, and too much fatty food effects my gerd. But I have to find something to get this fat off my body. NOW! I have even briefly considered weight loss surgery, but DH would never let me do it, and I don't think I manage my eating well enough to do it safely. And if I could manage my eating better, I wouldn't need the surgery.

Trish, I would agree that 90% on plan is good except with my diabetes, every time I eat a meal like yesterday I spike my blood sugar, and every spike causes more irreversible damage. It might be OK for a normal person just looking to lose weight but I feel that I should stay more OP because of the blood sugar. JMO. This is why I get the guilts over it.

Edit: Trish, we were posting at the same time and I agree that we need our butts kicked! LOL That meal was really good, but was it worth the BS spike?

08-11-2014, 12:54 PM
I went back and read that article about potassium. I have some of the symptoms they list for low potassium, but they could be from other things, too. I am having blood work done again in October and will ask my DR how my potassium levels look. I don't eat many bananas or potatoes, which both have potassium. I like avacados but don't buy them a lot because they go bad fast for me before I can finish them. I will have to look up other sources of potassium. I would not take supplements unless I knew I was low.

08-11-2014, 04:25 PM
My potassium level was 2.6. Should be 3.5-5.0 I didn't have any idea it was low. I did have lots of upper body pain. We got a new matress and it's firm so I blamed it. I also had some chest pain. I also noticed a flutter but assumed it was from caffeine. Now that my levels are up I don't have those issues.
My a1c was 5.9. I was told I was prediabetic. I was watching my carbs super close and my fasting blood sugar was 131.
Dr put me on 20 mg of potassium twice a day. We will recheck it and a1c in oct.

08-11-2014, 06:46 PM
The symptoms the article mentioned are sensitivity to heat and also sweating easily when exercising. I don't have to go too fast to break a sweat, and I am always hotter than everyone else in the room and also can't stand to be outside for long periods of time in the heat and humidity. I guess I am one of those old people that they warn to stay in air conditioning during hot weather, and I am very happy to oblige.

08-11-2014, 07:05 PM
This morning, since my bs was a little high, 140's, I took 1/2 a glimiperide with breakfast. That must have been the perfect dose. I had eggs for breakfast and veggies for lunch and before dinner my bs was 92. I made stuffed peppers for dinner. I used 2 big peppers, one yellow and one red, ground beef equaling 1 hamburger patty for each pepper, about 1/4 cup of brown rice, onion, celery tomato sauce. I had made more brown rice than I needed so I ate the rest by itself, about 1/2 cup or so. I am curious to see how that quantity of brown rice effects my blood sugar. I rarely eat any rice and I am thinking that it will spike my bs, but the only way to know is to eat it and test!

08-11-2014, 08:31 PM
Ok, 3 hours after and my bs is 156. This is with no other meds than what I took this morning. Not a really bad spike. Pizza puts me well over 200. But I don't think I will be eating excessive amounts of brown rice. I took the other half of the glimiperide to bring it down by bedtime. I think if I had only eaten the brown rice that I put in the stuffed peppers I would have been fine. In the future I just have to learn how to judge how much to make.

08-12-2014, 07:45 AM
Carol sue I use to never sweat but sweat like a pig now. Wonder if my potassium is low. It was 3.1 at the last check. I'm talking to my dr about changing my blood pressure med. hoping to get off potassium.
Fbs was 91 today.

08-12-2014, 11:09 AM
I finished the book Eat Fat Get Thin. A lot of it in the end was just menus and recipes. It was basically the same plan I am following now...protein and veggies. It does not promote high fat, but says not to do low fat either. That's what I do. I eat fat, but don't go out of my way to add extra fats. It is supposed to make you lose, but I think because I have trouble keeping the carbs out, here and there, I am not losing, plus my metabolism is so low. It explained a lot about how the body works and the effect of protein, fat and carbs. That was interesting to read, but I am not putting this on the "must read" list. We've heard it all before.

Dgramie, as much as we hate sweating, it is really good for you, unless it is really excessive. It controls the body core temperature and removes toxins. I think it comes with post-menopause, but can also be caused by other things such as meds. A friend of our has a medical condition that he doesn't sweat and it's considered life threatening and he has to be careful, and take meds for it. Is it your blood pressure meds that make your potassium go low? Some people take diuretics for blood pressure and when I was on them I had to take potassium pills. The doc didn't test my potassium, but just told me if I took the Lasix I had to take the potassium. I have been on the same blood pressure pills for years. They are ones that are also supposed to protect my heart due to my heart disease. I was put on so many different ones in the beginning and had side effects from all of them until they put me on these. I would like to lose enough weight that I don't have to take them. Same old story.

08-12-2014, 12:30 PM
Carol Sue and dgramie Y'all talking about potassium made me think maybe I should see what mine was at last blood draw. Mine was 4.3 which is right in the middle. It shows that normal range is 3.5 - 5.2. I take OTC potassium because of the diuretic I take. I just did it on my own because I always believed the reason my 2nd husband died was because a new young doctor came in to take over when the other doctor left and started playing around with Bill's meds. It had a network of doctors months to get Bill's medicine regime down to where he was improving (using 20% of heart and had just improved to 25%). He changed the meds and put him on high doses of diuretics with NO potassium. Within a few months he was dead. I remember my daughter telling me (she worked in VA hospital) that it was just as dangerous to take too much as too little. So I don't really know all it does which I didn't have time to check it out yesterday, but will make time today.

Well, my fbs was 133 this morning. We went to eat at Huddle House when we went to buy a new microwave. The loose bowels gave me a few hours break and I thought I was over it. Any way, I didn't see the pork chop on the menu that I usually get so I got the country fried steak with green beans and a salad. I brought the salad home and added smoked oysters that I rinsed the oil off of to it and the buttermilk ranch dressing that came with the salad (carbs was only 2 g) and had it for supper. I thought I did pretty good because with the exercise I only went 25 calories over which low carbing doesn't matter. The carbs were less than 100, the fat was high enough that it should have covered the carbs okay according to what I read on Swedish docs site, but the protein was a little low. Oh I also about a handful of mixed nuts for a snack.

Then the diarrhea hit me again. I finally took some anti-diarrhea medicine and went to bed around 9 and didn't get up until almost 9 this morning. This diarrhea with the CO has just drained me of all energy. My weight was down to 221.4 this morning and my bp was good maybe a little low. But that isn't unusual for me.

I am beginning to believe that I do not need the CO. Carol Sue I appreciate you sharing what you read in the book because I think I just need to NOT eat ANY lowfat foods. I think if I just eat normal foods such as regular sliced cheese rather than reduced fat, whole milk rather than lowfat for example that I just might be okay. The main carby foods that I like is an occasional potato/mashed or baked, but not often and beans and corn. I noticed when I was eating the beans and corn, I had no problem with constipation. And as we know the beans slow down rising insulin. I do like avocados with my eggs and bacon or sausage, but I don't think I need a lot of it so I just used 1/4 of one today which will make 1 avocado last 4 days which is good considering the price of them.

I am doing low carb kind of using the Swedish doctors diet plan as a guideline. I noticed he said that it is up to us as to how low we go on the carbs reminding us that the less carbs the faster you lose. I would just like a steady loss, I don't care about fast at my age fast means wrinkles. :?: Don't want any more of those than necessary. Fruit can even be a part of the carb count if I want it as long as it is low sugar fruit such as berries. I honestly believe that eating this way I do not need to add any fat to my diet.

I'm still doing what I call Moderately Low Carb, but not LCHF. Maybe my age shows here, but I still think there needs to be some kind of balance. I hope that isn't what keeps screwing me up. I honestly felt good when I did lowfat all those years, but I'm not sure lowfat is all that good either because of the things they substitute to make it lowfat. Plus we know that a lot of the sweetners used to make it work isn't good for us either. I'm shooting for living the years I have left as healthy as possible. I don't want to be feeble.

My 91 yr old daddy does pretty well but he just believes anything and everything his doctor tells him. He is having problems getting his bp under control. However, I am beginning to hear him say "I guess I just have to learn how to do this myself". I sit and think "yes". If he will learn how to do it himself, he will do better. He did have one really good doc years ago who taught him to use vitamins for some things so he is open to new ideas. It bothers me that some things they tell him is wrong. However, the last doctor he saw told him to stay away from anything in a can. So he thought that he could eat anything frozen. I have taught him that just because it is frozen doesn't mean it is good for you. He had been eating Hot Pockets and one day noticed the high sodium content. I then was able to tell him that you have to read labels especially on processed foods whether frozen or not. Thank God he is learning. He too has the same problem I do though.... bouts with NO Energy.

I'm thinking maybe I just may be allergic to wheat. I asked the doctor once about me doing the gluten-free diet and he said you don't have celiac. But I've heard lately that you don't have to suffer from celiac to be gluten sensitive. I just haven't thought about it much any more.

Sorry jabbery today. Y'all are my sounding board. LOL


08-12-2014, 02:08 PM
Trish, I don't know anything about gluten sensitivity, but didn't this diarrhea come on just recently? It could be a lot of things. I would just eat normally, no extremes with anything. Do you eat yogurt? That might help. If it doesn't clear up, you might need to go for a colonoscopy if you haven't had one.

This might sound brash, but if your Daddy made it to 91, he must be doing something right. It's one thing to avoid extra salt for blood pressure, but if by the grace of God I live to be 91, I'm going to eat whatever I want and enjoy it!!!

My doctor does not give me a copy of my bloodwork results. Also, the only time he tells me about any of them is if something looks bad, or if I ask him outright.

08-12-2014, 03:35 PM
Carol Sue The diarrhea seems to happen when I have starchy carbs with the CO. I was also using it for cooking after all HF is supposed to help lose weight. But I'm not willing to spend my life in the bathroom to do it. Also, when I purposely add more fiber also causes problems. First was the bloating from high fiber and then add the CO and stay close to the potty. :?: So I agree eating normal with no extremes is the best way for me to go. I think you can eat a "normal" low carb somewhere between Atkins and South Beach. I have to look at the SBD again because it might be a good basic guide. I actually could start with the Phase 2 which someone (I think Ruth) suggested to me years ago. I say use it as a guide, because I do not want to use lowfat products or margarine. I've seen a woman on a low carb site that has done a modified form of SBD and has kept her weight off.

I think the only thing that keeps my Daddy from eating just anything he wants at 91 is the fact that his Daddy and his maternal Grandfather both had strokes before they died and he doesn't want to have one. However, I have also read recently that they aren't even sure salt is the culprit for that any more. I only use salt when I cook for the family as DH has to eat salt for his heart. Another good reason for me to do low carb is that it is salt friendly.

I really don't want to get into gluten stuff. I hope that if I can get myself doing lowcarb at least 90% of the time that the few times I do eat bread starch won't hurt me. And who knows, when I stop the CO, I may not have any problem at all. Another possibility is a virus as DH was nauseous all night he said and was not able to eat all of his cauliflower he normally eats before he goes to bed. His stomach hurts today and he never eats CO as he doesn't like the taste and he didn't eat anything that I ate the past 2 days. So far I've had no problems today.

Carol Sue I never in my life heard of anyone getting copies of their blood work until I married Tony. He worked in a hospital as respiratory therapist for almost 20 yrs and he is the one who taught me to always get a copy. Our doctor always give us a copy and so do his specialists. All you have to do is ask. I keep them in a folder. The problem is sometimes I forget where I put the folder of the older ones. LOL

08-12-2014, 06:06 PM
When my cardiologist does bloodwork for lipids they call me and give me all the numbers. I have a record of them from 2000 and 2001, and then from 2008 until now. For some reason my cardiologist hasn't been doing them so my PCP has. I have to call them for the results, and his girls just want to tell me "everything is good." I make them tell me all the numbers so I can write them down. Last time I went in for an office visit and I had him read them off to me, but only the lipids and A1c, not all the others. I have to go back in Oct and I will ask him for a copy of the other one. I have compared my lipid readings over the years and I noticed that they were best during the time that I was exercising regularly, 60 min per day, 5 days a week. What does that tell you??????

I think the reason my cadiologist hasn't been doing them is because they were pretty good for so many years in a row and he decided that as long as my meds stayed the same and I felt good there was probably no change.

08-12-2014, 07:52 PM
Well, I did some reading on potassium and I found out that the bp medicine that DH and I take are not to be taken with potassium supplements. In fact, I learned that we should probably keep potassium foods limited which obviously our doctor doesn't know as he has a list of the supplements we take. Also seems that potassium might prevent diabetes, but diabetics need to be careful eating potassium foods like bananas, cantaloupe, mango, peas, potatoes with skin etc. I find this interesting because I had read that potatoes with the skin on is diabetic friendly. ???

I still don't know that was the problem, but the info is good to know. I learned about the food on Livestrong.com .

I'm not having any starchy carbs today and other than the flatulence, and I am pretty good. I only had baked chicken and broccoli with a little butter on it. An hour later, I was wiped out so I laid down a while, but decided to check bs before and it was 133. I really thought that was good and 3 hrs later it was 122. I really don't know what it should be. But I think that is good.

By the time I am finished eating today, I will have 1062 calories, 23 g carbs, 78 g fat and 72 g protein. So I think I have done well. And tomorrow, no more potassium supplements.

08-13-2014, 11:11 AM
Good Morning Chickies,

Still feeling tired even after a fairly good nights sleep, but I remember in the new book Atkins Made Easy that is really normal. I just think that the one day eating off Monday and having the stomach virus or whatever didn't help.

I ended up only eating 2 meals (breakfast and late lunch) and a snack. My snack was about 2 oz of the free range chicken and a handful of mixed nuts. I only ate that to take my pills. Interesting thing I learned when researching the potassium yesterday was that the pill I take at night that I thought was just a mild diuretic is actually a bp med and it has to be taken with food in the morning. :?: I had been taking it without food and at night. I will start taking it with my breakfast tomorrow morning or even later in the day. I don't want to take it at the same time I take my regular bp med. I don't even know if I should. So for precaution, I will not. I stay up late so I could even take it at suppertime. Does my doctor even know what I've learned. I know he knows some things because he is good about warning me about things. However, it makes me wonder, do these pharmaceutical companies tell these doctors anything about these meds they dish out to us? We really have to read and stay on top of this ourselves. Thank God for the websites where we can learn these things.

I remember, when Tony was going to the urologist who did his surgery, how he set in front of us with his laptop and pulled up WebMD and read info that I had read at home. Is this the way they keep up? The same way we do? That has always been one of the reasons that I trust WebMD. Bless their hearts, they know about as much sometimes about the meds they give as they do about nutrition. They just blindly follow what they are told by the AMA. I say that because I'm still shocked to know the doctor at our church who has experienced so many surgeries and complications as a diabetic. I am shocked to have learned that he was the diabetic expert for this area and he obviously still believes the crap the ADA spouts about diets and eating all those carbs. I seem him on Sunday morning eating donuts for breakfast at the church cafe before breakfast and I want to scream at him... THOSE CARBS ARE YOUR PROBLEM!!! Sad so sad. Sorry that is my rant for today.

I am thankful that my doctor does let me find my own way with diet etc. I know my A1c won't be good this time because of the 2 1/2 months of higher readings. Might be in the high 7's, I hope not in the 8's even lower. I had told him how it would be if I had to eat the carbs during trip. And he knows I know my body so he will accept it whether he understands or not.
My FBS was 112 this morning and my weight remained 221.6 so I'm thankful for that. Hopefully I can keep the fbs below 120's everyday between now and bloodwork. Might even have a weight loss. If I can keep that going down, I might at least get back down to the 219 I saw when I got home from the trip. Would be nice to have the loss when I see the doctor.

So I guess all in all this has been another learning experience. I'm not exercising right now. The new Atkins book says not to exercise during the 1st 2 weeks while your body is adjusting to switching to burning fat for energy. I'm just waiting for the energy surge your supposed to get from lowcarbing to hit and then I'll go ahead and start adding it back into my plan.

08-13-2014, 02:32 PM
I posted earlier, but it wouldn't post. :( I probably said too much anyway. LOL

Trish, I don't know what could be causing your fatigue. There are so many things. The only time I felt real fatigue was when I had blocked arteries and needed a stent procedure.

If you don't mind my asking, what BP meds are you taking that don't interact with potassium. Maybe that's why the DR did not prescribe Potassium with your diuretic, but you did say he knows your taking it over the counter. Doctors have Reference Books and bulletins that are updated regularly and have seminars available to update their knowledge. It's up to each of them to make use of these. I don't know if there are any requirements that they have to do. I know Shannon is busy with her moving, but she would probably know more about their requirements. It pays to research each med that is prescribed to you. I feel badly for elderly patients who blindly do what the doctor says. I have heard of many people who are found to be taking meds they don't need, meds for duplicate therapy, and meds that interact. The pharmacies are supposed to be set up to catch things like that. The best person to talk to about your meds are your pharmacist. They specialize in that and the doctors are not as well informed since their education covers a much broader spectrum.

I agree with your feelings about the diabetic from church who eats donuts. Even the ADA and diabetes educators do not recommend eating donuts or other baked goods. The carbs they recommend at least contain nutrients. There are so many diabetics who continue to eat their old diet and expect their meds to fix it. They are the ones who end up with complications. Complications do not get better if you improve your diet. Once the damage is done, it's done. All you can do is stop it from progressing. Look at the ADA website. You will not see donuts on their list of acceptable foods. It makes me angry, too, Trish.

I think at the worst your A1c might be in the 7s. When I was getting readings in the 200s, 300s and at least 1 in the 400s my A1c was 9.7. I know mine will be higher next time because I am not being as diligent as I was before, but I have only had 1 or 2 readings over 200. My FBG is never under 100, but my readings throughout the day are good as long as I stick to low carb. There are so many factors that can cause FBG to rise. My doctor never asks about FBG, as long as my A1c is below 7.

I have to make an eye exam soon as I have not had one since 2011. I am afraid they will take away my drivers license. I have the hole in my macula of the left eye. It doesn't effect my vision over all...only if I cover the right eye. I guess the right eye take up the slack. Recently when I was driving I noticed that all of a sudden I was right on the bumper of the car in front of me. It was as if my depth perception was off. It was scary. If he had stopped suddenly I would have rammed right into him. DH drives most of the time, but I don't want to lose my privilege to drive if necessary.

08-13-2014, 04:15 PM
Carol Sue I guess I didn't make it clear, but I am not supposed to take potassium with my Lisinipril and I couldn't find anything for sure on the other pill. I did find that DH is not supposed to take potassium with his bp medicine either. I stopped taking it.

I just read the symptoms of reactions to the lowcarb diet in the book The New Atkins Made Easy. Fatigue is one of the symptoms on Induction and it means not enough salt. I had forgotten that you are not supposed to take diuretics on Atkins. Probably because I had not thought of myself as doing AI, but I seem to be doing it automatically. Since the doctor didn't volunteer to give me the diuretic, but I asked for the mild diuretic I take, I probably should stop taking it while on Atkins since lowcarb is a natural diuretic on its own. I was originally supposed to only take it as needed. On Atkins, I obviously do not need it. According to the book if I eat enough of the recommended veggies they have plenty of water, fiber and some natural sodium, and then drink enough water, the symptoms of fatigue should go away. I'm just not good at using my salt shaker. I only use it when cooking for DH.

I know I don't have any heart problems as he always checks my heart and talks about how strong it is. So I'm good there. So glad to know what is going on. That means in a few days of being sure to eat right on this and I should have energy even better than before.

I haven't had any 200 FBS reading in a long time and I still have not had readings that high even after meals. So that is good. I think my highest reading in the past 3 months even after meals was maybe one around 170's or 180's. But I did have several in the 140's and 150's there for a while. I am so glad that I seem to have it going down since I'm seeing some readings under 120 now.

I am so relieved to learn that the fatigue isn't unusual and how it can be corrected. Thanks Carol Sue for thinking this through with me. Hope all goes well with your eye test.

08-13-2014, 06:28 PM
Trish, I thought you were on a diuretic such as Lasix. I think that's what I misunderstood. Either way, it's good that you know to stop the potassium. I cannot take Lisinopril because it is an Ace Inhibitor. Well, my doctor took me off it because I had a cough and he thought it was from the Lisinopril, but the cough continued and I don't think it's from the BP med. I think it's because of my hiatal hernia.

I received this info in Email. You might want to read it.

http://www.webmd.com/diabetes/features/is-diabetes-making-you-tired?ecd=wnl_dia_081214&ctr=wnl-dia-081214_nsl-ld-stry&mb=HpSunk8ip3Uc5kSGWbvGfeHnVev1imbC%40yNm4PCC9sE%3 d

Dgramie, this might show you the difference between the growing season in KY compared to ours here in PA. We picked our first red tomato today! There are a few more almost ready to be picked. We planted 8 plants and one died. We have a lot of tomatoes on them, and if the hot humid weather continues, they will start coming faster than we can eat them in the next few weeks. Sometimes I can them if I have enough and sometimes I just give them away. My son plants a big garden. He cans tomatoes and also makes home made salsa, all from tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos and herbs he grows himself. He learned this from his friends, not from me. I didn't start canning tomatoes until he taught me how. Our zucchini plants did not get 1 zucchini. I think we had too much very very hot weather earlier in the summer. The flowers came, but they dropped off without producing zucchinis. I used to get a lot of zucchinis from the neighbors but now no one plants them anymore.

08-14-2014, 12:31 AM
Carol Sue Thanks for the link. I think the potassium and the diuretic is the problem. I think I'm going to add some fruit to my diet too. I have to go to the store to get milk tomorrow so I think I will pick up some yogurt to eat with my frozen blueberries.

#1 I haven't been eating quite as healthy as I should and #2 I'm not exercising. The link says diabetics need to exercise to have energy and I haven't been doing that.

I will keep an eye on how I'm feeling and if I'm not better by the time I go to see my doctor, I'll discuss it with him then.

08-14-2014, 12:08 PM
I hope you're feeling better, Trish.

I had a very good food day yesterday. I would say perfect for me. To start with, I got up late. DH made scrambled eggs and he doesn't put veggies in them like I do, so that was different. Since I had a late breakfast I didn't eat any lunch. For dinner I cooked chicken on the grill with baked potatoes, and DH grilled some corn on the cob. I ate the chicken without the skin, a small baked potato topped with Greek Yogurt and 1 ear of corn. Normally the potato and corn would not be a good idea, but somehow my blood sugar only went up to 135 at 2 hours...below 140 as recommended, and this was with only Metformin, no Glimiperide. I made sure I ate my chicken first. That really seems to help me with blood sugar spikes. My meal was so satisfying that I had no thoughts of eating again the rest of the evening! At bedtime my BS was at 87. Very rare for me to be under 100. You know how I am...I get scared if my bedtime bs is that low, so I ate a piece of cheese. I don't know why I can't break myself of that. BS this morning was at 147. I know I can't eat at bedtime. But I consider yesterday to be a success and will try to do the same today. One thing I like about making baked potatoes at home is I can use a very small potato. In a restaurant, I have to cut off a small piece, and I hate to waste food, so I end up eating more. I think I am learning how to fit small portions of starchy foods into my diet. It's about time! LOL I think I will enter my food in Fitday and see how many calories I actually reached yesterday.

EDIT: 1242 calories. Right where I want it! Most important, I felt satisfied, not deprived at all!!

08-14-2014, 01:49 PM
I am feeling much better today. Did not take the diuretic last night and no potassium yesterday. I don't remember if I explained or not but the Lisinopril is supposed to keep the potassium levels balanced so I probably was overdoing it. Was nice to get up and not feel like I had to push myself.

I had to make a quick trip to the grocery store. I did notice that when I the heavy bottle items from the checkout counter to put in my basket that it was very tough on my muscles. I couldn't tell if it was because the angle I was in to pick them up or what. But after reading the link you shared Carol Sue and other things I've read about diabetic's muscles, I think I better start my exercises again today. I have some regular weights that I use when riding my recumbent bike so I think even 15 minutes would be better than no exercise at all. I just don't think that I can wait until 2 weeks into this way of eating. I sure don't want my muscles to atrophy.

I haven't been eating enough meals especially veggies. I also saw from the Atkins book that I need to be eating more veggies. I've been bored with cooking and with salads. Although Atkins book says no diuretics, it also stresses the importance of having carbs from veggies which have water and fiber in them. So I'm getting my act together today and eating more healthy, balanced meals.

I did decide to eat more lowfat (2%) since I don't think my body likes a lot of fat. Like you said one day Carol Sue we do get enough fat in hamburger meat etc so as not to have to add any. At my age I think it is important for me to get my calcium from dairy products. I usually drink 1 glass of milk each day and I bought yogurt to have kind of a yogurt/blueberry shake for a snack.

I am contemplating having a homemade hamburger today and put 1/4 - 1/2 avocado on it. I read somewhere that makes it a really healthy burger. I think I will start eating a salad each evening with EVOO and ACV for my dressing instead of regular dressing. I just can't drink ACV water either but I can use it as a dressing and it does lower my FBS. Richard Simmons and other low calories diets like his allows 4 bread exchanges for 1400 calories, so I think eating only 2 just might work.

Hopefully this will keep my calories and carbs in check and give me some more energy.

Carol Sue Great on the calories yesterday and good food plan.

My FBS was 115 this morning. I know less than 100 is best, but if I could just keep it under 120, I'll be happy. My bp was 128/73 which I consider to be good to and weight was down to 221.2 down another .2 lbs. Hopefully by adding my exercise back into my plan and keeping my calories between 1200 and 1400 (MFP allows over 1500 I prefer less) maybe I can keep the fbs under 120.

Have a great day.

08-14-2014, 03:26 PM
Trish, it sounds like you are getting things worked out. That's good. You know you have to do what is best for you in the long run.

I finally got on the scale today and I had a 3 lb whoosh! I was so shocked! I am still above my previous low of 193, but it's going in the right direction. I forgot to mention that I also increased my water yesterday, so I'm sure that helped. I am just taking this one day at a time. I will try to stay OP today, and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. I was reading a lot about Dukan recently. I think the plan I am on now is a good one for me, but I did pick up some tips from reading about Dukan. My plan has always been my own, reinforced with things I have picked up here and there from many different eating plans.

08-14-2014, 05:35 PM
Carol Sue YEY!!!:carrot: for the 3 lb whoosh. I too increased my water and I also switched to the decaf tea. I will also be weening myself off of regular coffee and switch to 1/2 and 1/2 coffee.

I ended up doing 30 minutes on the recumbent bike instead of 20. So I ended up with 40 minutes of exercises for the day. I will end with 1360 Calories, 90g Net Carbs, 74g Fat and 64g Protein. I am happy with the way this is going today. I too am going to take this one day at a time.

08-14-2014, 11:14 PM
Hi strangers. I just got back today from spending the last week with my parents. We had a potluck family reunion and a few to many meals eaten out of the house. I'm more than a little afraid to get on the scale in the morning. I did have some good exercise days though while gone. But not being home for a week did a number on my tummy. I'm bloated and 'full' from not being able to 'go' properly while I was gone. Hopefully that straightens itself out now that I am home again.

I'm all caught up on the reading but I doubt I will do any personals tonight. I am glad to see everyone talking about potassium levels. I just grabbed my test results and I see that mine was good. I've also learned to ask for hard copies of any blood work done. I don't like hearing that things are normal. Normal for me may not be normal for you or some random lab. Like my thyroid. I feel much better if I run on the low side of normal and not the high. Took my doctor a long time to get that through her head.

So tomorrow I'm back on the scale. Then I have a little housework to get done. The husband doesn't make much of a mess really but he also doesn't clean anything while I'm gone. Then I'm off to the grocery store to stock back up on fruits and veggies for the weekend.

The kids don't start back to school until September 2nd here in Michigan. I cannot wait to get back to a good routine instead of the free for all we've been having this summer.

08-15-2014, 02:06 AM
Still alive....friday is last day before movers come....still packing old house and prepping in new house

08-15-2014, 10:49 AM
Yesterday I made tacos and we had our first tomato from the garden. Very juicy and good after all the store bought tomatoes I've been buying. Now there are 2 more on the window sill and a couple more turning red on the vine. Have to start eating them!

Hi Zinke! I'm glad to hear you had a good time. It's always nice to get away and also nice to get back home. I wouldn't worry about any gain, it was a vacation..not a time to be watching every morsel you ate. If you get right back on plan it will come back off.

My thyroid is weird. It was always in the 2.4 range. One day last year I felt so terrible with an irregular heart beat and spiking blood pressure. They did tests and said everything looked good except my TSH was 7.9 and advised me to go to my PCP. I called him, and instead of seeing me or doing more tests he just put me on synthroid. I was good for about a week then I felt terrible again. I quit taking the synthroid, the DR tested in a month, and my thyroid was back to "normal." Lately it has been creeping up again, like to 3.7 but doc says it's still normal. I have heard that it's a sign that the thyroid will eventually go hypo. Guess I'll just wait and see.

I will have to start asking for hard copies.

Thinking about you Shannon! Hope you have good weather for the move and all goes smoothly!

Trish, hope the changes you're making work well for you. We will find our nitch!

Hi Dgramie, Ruthie, Donna!

Where are you Bonnie, Mad, And all the others MIA?

08-15-2014, 11:57 AM
FBS was 116 and weight has been 221 area for 4 or 5 days. So changed my ticker. FBS has been under 120 for about 4 days. So I'm happy with the way that is going. Woke up and ready to get up this morning so I am feeling better.

Had a banana/blueberry yogurt smoothie for breakfast. Planning wings for lunch and have my eggs for dinner tonight. So will have around 1000 to 1200 calories today. I've switched to 1/2 and 1/2 coffee. Making my own right now with regular and decaf. Maybe I will finally just go to decaf. Not sure. Will see how this goes for now.

Zinkie Glad you are home and had a good time. I had my doc check my thyroid because my dad and mama had to take thyroid meds. I guess am always at the low end of normal because they say I'm borderline. I don't think they even check it unless I ask plus I've heard that there are to things to check for and at this time can't remember the 2, but I read they don't really check the one that should be checked. AMA doesn't think it is necessary to check the other.

I have noticed the past few mornings that I have had dry mouth really, really bad which I makes me think that I almost dehydrated myself terribly. No wonder I was so fatigued. It was better this morning, but still dry mouth. I think I caused that because I was drinking caffeinated coffee and tea, taking the mild diuretic and eating lowcarb. I didn't think about stopping the diuretic and never really worried about drinking caffeine even though every lowcarb diet I've seen says "Do not take diuretics and drink decaf coffee/tea". Atkins goes so far in the newer books to say "Do not take any diuretics a week before starting the diet". So I think it was crazy for me to not heed the advise of the lowcarb diets. It was my fault. Thus I will switch to all decaf drinks if I have to. Fatigue is part of the symptoms of switching to fat burning lowcarb diets, but the diuretics/caffeine combination made mine extreme.

Carol Sue Thanks. I already feeling better and really believe that I will continue to feel better each day as lowcarb becomes my normal way of eating. I've been reading more on the Dietdoctor.com and he has helped me to see that the modifications I'm making to my way of eating are good healthy changes. The carbs that I'm keeping such as a small amount of fruit, the dairy in my diet and occasional grains will not hurt me. It might slow down my weight loss a little, but I really believe that at my age the benefits out way the speed of weight loss.

Shannon Glad you checked in. Hope the move goes smoothly. Soon you'll be in your new home and this will be behind you. Look forward to when you can post regularly again.

Bonnie, Rennie, Ruthie, Mad We miss you and would love to hear from you.

dgramie, Donna and anyone else I missed :wave:

Have a good day/weekend.

Edit: Did the 20 minutes using the Kettlebell. Boy that makes me sweat. LOL Also have the energy today to get some much needed housework done that I haven't felt like doing this week. YAY!!!

08-15-2014, 03:34 PM
Trish, I bookmarked Dietdoctor.com. I did breeze through it a little bit and I have read some things on some of those stories. The one about the woman who stopped craving sweets and carbs by eating LCHF hit home. I do not eat HF, but after I started eating all the vegetables I no longer was interested in sweets so I can relate to that.

I had heard about Statins causing high blood sugar, but I googled mine and it is not one of the ones that causes high blood sugar. I have been on it for a long time. It's one of the older ones. A couple times my PCP wanted to switch me to a newer one but my cardiologist is satisfied with the results with the one I am on and realizes that I need generics because I cannot afford the copay on brand.

08-15-2014, 10:13 PM
Well, I know what caused the diarrhea. It is curcumin/turmeric that I've been taking. I didn't take it for a while and started it back up last week. Took it out a few days and got better. Took one today with lunch and it hit me again. I read up on 2 things today. Lactose intolerance and curcumin. Some of the symptoms of lactose intolerance were what I was experiencing, but I'm sure it was the curcumin. It says while there are usually no problems when cooking with turmeric, that some people can not take it in pill form. So at least I know where all this is coming from. While I'm sure it is the curcumin and won't be taking it, I am going to lay off of the dairy for a few days as well just to give my digestive track time to really heal.

Y'all have a great weekend.

08-16-2014, 09:04 AM
Trish, I'm not surprised that it's the tumeric. You really have to watch with those supplements. I'm glad it wasn't something worse.

I slept straight thru for 5 hours last night. I'm surprised because I usually wake up every couple hours. It must have been deep sleep too because I feel rested this morning. I know I should get more than 5 hours, but for me, that's good. Sometimes I can fall back to sleep but today wasn't one of those days. I have gotten into the habit of taking a Benadryl tablet at bedtime for sleep. Sometimes I don't take it, but I put it on my night stand and if I wake up during the night and can't fall back to sleep then I take it. Many nights I don't need it. I don't want to become dependent on a sleep aid but I know I need my sleep. When I was in the hospital and I asked the doctor for something to help me sleep he said No, but he said he would give me Benadryl, so I figured that must be safe. I do have allergies, so I have 2 reasons to take it. Next time I am at the pharmacy I will ask the pharmacist if it's safe to take it long term. It's one of the ingredients in Tylenol PM. I don't want to get into the habit of taking Tylenol on a regular basis.

My step-daughter ate milk on cereal all her life growing up, but now she says she gets a belly ache. I don't know if that's really true, because from when they first got married she told me her husband eats cereal without milk and she might not have wanted to buy milk just for herself. She does eat yogurt and ice cream though. I don't have any food intolerances, unfortunately. LOL I have to watch fatty fried foods because of my hiatal hernia, but I don't like greasy foods anyway. My mother fried everything when I was growing up and DH loves fried foods, but I got away from it once I moved out of my mother's house.

I guess today is a busy busy day for Shannon! We miss you girl! Hope everything is going well!

08-16-2014, 10:53 AM
This move has started off badly but I am not the least bit surprised. I warned my husband we shouldn't use this moving company because of bad reviews. The movers themselves are perfectly fine but the owner gave us alot of wrong info on the phone and supplied the wrong size truck (though we conformed the sise with her mutiple times). We are now looking at having to do two trips with this smaller truck. Of course the owner is conveniently not answering her phone. I'm really excited to get everything in the new house (though I've now decided all our furniture is old and ugly against the backdrop of the new pretty house, lol!) but I am just sick over how much stuff I will have to come back to continue packing nd moving. I did as much as I could but hubby hurt his kneee three weeks ago moving that washing machine and has not been able to do much plus with working all day there hasn't been much time for him to help anyway. I estimate I will spend the next week coming back everyday to move stuff out....by myself with a 4 yr old who will have absolutely nothing to do in an empty house. I was doing that in the new house all of this past week but .i had TV hooked up and toys there that I had moved in already. So, I am just dreading it. I am in love with my new house though. Having spent this week moving boxes into it and cleaning it, I love it even more than when we put the offer in. We had a painter come and turn Olivia's room pink....it looks like bubble gum now, lol! Anyway, just thought I'd drop a line while waiting on the movers....can't really do anything til they get the truck loaded. Hope to be back soon. Have been eating out 3 meals a day for a week....turning into a quarter pounder....

08-16-2014, 11:27 AM
Good to hear from you Shannon! You know things NEVER go as planned. It will be over soon. We moved ourselves and the truck we got was too small. Had to make 2 trips, but we were only 10 miles away. I wanted all new furniture too, but it took a while before I could do that. I'm excited for you and would love to see pictures if you want to share. Is it on Zillow?

08-16-2014, 11:39 AM
Shannon So sorry about the movers screw up. This move has been a trying of your patience dear girl. So glad you have fallen in love with your new house. One thing for sure, there will be a day this will be behind you and lessons learned if you ever have to move again. I know I learned a lot when we had this built and moved. The contractor was a relative of DH 1st wife's brother's wife. I learned that my Mama knew what she was talking about when she said "Don't do business with family". So many things were not up to what we asked for. #2 If I ever am blessed to have another house built, I will have an architect and legal papers drawn up to hold the contractor to my specifications. One of the movers stole what I'm sure he thought was a real pistol. It shot bbs. Hope the old saying "Bad start good ending" works for your.

Carol Sue I am learning about supplements. I looked up some of the other new ones I'm taking too. I'm slowly doing away with most of them except what the doc said for us to take.

I've been sleeping pretty good. Still wake up to go potty but not as often as I used to. I'm glad you are going to check about the Benadryl. I had forgotten it would help me sleep until my friend took it last night and mentioned that she got a good night sleep. I had just told her this morning that when I didn't get a quick response from her this morning, I figured she was sleeping in because she took it last night. I don't like taking sleeping pills, but I realized that I could take a Benadryl when I need help to sleep. However, I've kind of learned that on days that I get enough exercise I sleep really good that night.

When I read about lactose intolerance, it said that some people can eat cheese and yogurt although they can't drink milk or eat ice cream. I do know that when I eat a whole lot of dairy... too much cheese, I do get stuffy. My Daddy has really, really bad allergies and he knows that he may have an allergy to dairy, but he says he doesn't want to give it up. :?:

I had my eggs this morning without the cheese and the avocado. Just kind of laying off of things that might be aiding in the diarrhea until I get it completely out of here. Then I will add the fat back in slowly even the cheese.

FBS was 123, but I know that is probably because I ate some crackers for dinner. I wasn't in the mood to eat anything and I decided if there was acid in my stomach that it would help. So I had slices of meat with crackers. I also had a little bit of peanut butter, but didn't eat much of it because it didn't taste good to me. :?: Strange I used to love PB. Weight was still 221 although up .2 not a bad fluctuation. BP was kind of low so I didn't take my bp pill yet. I will take that later today.

I got up thinking I would love to have some beans and cornbread, but I won't do that not right now. I really want to ride out this moderate lower carb although it was a little high yesterday because of the crackers. I'll do better today. At least, my fbs was only up a little bit over 120. I really want to learn to keep it under. I just may have to keep my carbs between 50 to 90ish at all times to do that. It was over 100 yesterday. Who knew cracker carb grams were so high. At least now I have a plan that works.

We are learning. :hug: :)

08-16-2014, 12:34 PM
I need to get back to tracking so I know what my daily carbs are at least. I checked back to the day before I had that big weight drop and that was the day that I ate a good bit of chicken because I love it, but also had the small baked potato and corn on the cob. That day my total carbs were 83. The potato and corn came to 75, so I would have only been at 8 carbs without it, but I probably would have still eaten some type of vegetable which would have upped it a bit. Because I ate the protein first, my BS was great that day. The 3 lb whoosh could have been cumulative from the previous days, plus I drown myself in water that day. LOL I need to track. On my list of things to do. On the days I eat beans my carbs are higher too.

08-16-2014, 08:34 PM
Got up this morning and went to the beauty shop at noon. Didn't take any chances by going to women's meeting at the church. Came home and at a couple of franks and put cheddar cheese on it. No more dairy for me. Within one hour I was racing for the toilet. I read that if 30 minutes to 2 hrs after eating dairy, you are most likely lactose intolerant.

At first I was upset, but then I think of all the things that I have friends dealing with such as cancer, cysts etc and decided that this isn't all that bad. It could be worse, so I will gracefully learn to live with it and thank God that it isn't any worse. This will sure make lowcarbing easier.

08-16-2014, 10:33 PM
RE: Gluten - I went without wheat/bread for about 4 months. I had some good french bread recently and my stomach was not happy a few hours later. Extremely distended and achy. I don't think I have celiac but definitely have a reaction to wheat/gluten.

New topic - Relion meter and strips from Walmart. When I was diagnosed, my PCP gave me a Freestyle. Loved the ease of use, so little blood needed, seemed consistent readings. Strips are astronomically high priced though!

Bought a Relion from Walmart. Have brand new strips that do not expire until 2016. The readings are anywhere from 6 to 43 points higher than my Freestyle. 6 points higher was when I had lower readings. Readings are all over the place, but always higher with the Relion. Using the control solution, my Freestyle was almost exactly in the middle of normal at 94. With the Relion it was 137. Have you guys checked your Relions against other meters? I'm not sure I can stick with this cheaper meter. Think the meter is faulty?

Glad to see everyone is doing well.

08-17-2014, 10:46 AM
Hi Kris! Good to see you here. I haven't used a brand name meter for a long time, several years. Before I bought the Relion I had a Target brand meter and switched to Relion when Target raised the price on their strips. After I retired and went on Medicare it was hard to buy strips. First of all, insurance limits the number of strips you are allowed. In order to test as often as I want to I had to switch to the Relion meter until I was allowed to get more strips. Plus, the brand strips could not be bought at a pharmacy. They had to be bought from certain Medical Supply companies, such as Liberty. Liberty was hard to work with. Some orders were cancelled without them notifying me, and other times they would send lancets when I only ordered strips. Now I heard that we can once again buy them at certain pharmacies but I would have to get an RX for them and still would only get enough strips to test once a day. I think when I first got my Relion I was still using the One Touch strips I have left and although the readings were different, they weren't drastically different. Because I am now getting readings in the 100s instead of 200s and 300s I know my blood sugar is under better control. When you are full blown diabetic is is harder to have your reading in the "normal" range and you learn that getting to a "better" range is satisfactory. I can understand wanting more exact readings when you're dealing with Pre-diabetes. You want to keep from becoming diabetic. Also, when you are Type 2 and you get a high reading, there's not much you can do about it except exercise. It is much more important for a Type 1 to get a more accurate reading because they need to know how much insulin to inject and to avoid a dangerous low caused by insulin.

Also, are you using control solution on your Relion meter? I saw a big change after I finally got control solution. And, I guess any meter could be faulty. No meter is exactly right on, and you can get a different reading even if you test with the same meter minutes apart, but if you are getting a difference over 10-20 points then one of the meters is wrong.

Don't be a stranger! We appreciate your input.

Trish, I have heard that you can develop dairy sensitivity at any time, so it sure sounds like that is the case with you. That's a shame since you enjoy it, but like you said, there are worse things. A co-worker had an allergy to eggs. I would DIE without my eggs, LOL, but she would die with them.

08-17-2014, 10:48 AM
The moving disaster turned into blessing....God is faithful even when I do not see it. Will post more later.

08-17-2014, 10:51 AM
Using the control solution, my Freestyle was almost exactly in the middle of normal at 94. With the Relion it was 137. Have you guys checked your Relions against other meters? I'm not sure I can stick with this cheaper meter. Think the meter is faulty?

Glad to see everyone is doing well.

On reading your post again, I have a question. Are you saying that you did a control test on the Relion meter and the result was 137? If so, I think something is wrong. My Relion strips say a control test should be between 97 and 121. Sorry if I misunderstood something.

08-17-2014, 12:00 PM
Shannon So thrilled and looking so forward to hear how your move turned into a blessing.

Kris I compared the Relion reading with my Touchtone when I first got the Relion meter. I don't remember it being that much different. I've already eaten breakfast this morning, but I will compare them tomorrow and see if there is a big difference and which way. I do remember Fatmad RN who used to post here said they were allowed to be off by a certain % but I can't remember what it was. I do know that when I've compared with my blood work it isn't that far off so I never worried about it. I didn't mind it because my A1c was almost always lower than my home fbs reading.

Carol Sue I would have cried if I had to give up my eggs too. Eggs are so full of good nutrition. I will never take turmeric in the form of a pill again because they have found some side effects that they didn't have out when I started taking it. It just isn't worth taking the chance. Info says you can get sufficient amount by eating mustard and some other foods with it or even cook with the spice, but not sure I'll even do that. Not for a long time any way. As for dairy, I am not willing to take the chance with it either. I am using Coffeemate French Vanilla in my coffee and read this morning on the box that it is Lactose Free, Gluten Free as well as free of some other things which I can't remember right now. I was surprised that it has coconut oil in it. Maybe that is why I had problems when I added the CO to my coffee when I used it. It was too much. So I thank God I don't have to give that up.

I did have another interesting experience last night. You know I cut the Metformin in half to take about 12 hrs apart. Well, the one I took yesterday morning caused me no problem. But about an hour or so after I took the night one, I had the potty issues again. I didn't have that problem when I took the whole one at night. However, according to Atkins and other lowcarb plans people are able to reduce amounts and even come off their bp and diabetic meds. My FBS was 111 this morning. Except for yesterday, I've had readings below 120 all week. And my bp this morning was 111/59. and I'm only taking the Lisinopril. Not ready to worry about the bp meds yet, but I will watch that because I am eating more salt as recommended when doing lowcarb. But I'm thinking I need watch my reactions to the Metformin and may have to cut back and take only 500mg. It was the second one that caused me the problem last night.

DH and I talked last night and I'm coming off of the Metformin and all my supplements for a couple of days to flush that stuff out of my system. Then I will add 1/2 the Metformin at night and see what happens. I may not have to take those supplements any more. I will get blood work the 1st week in September and I will be able to talk to my doctor about all this then.

I seem to be doing more of an Atkins Induction mainly because I can't eat grains or (dairy) cheese right now any way. If this is what is going on, the up side will be that my body is correcting itself and I am actually experiencing the benefits of Atkins/lowcarbing. If that is true, then this will turn out to be a good thing and not bad and I will be happy about that. And if what they say is true, I will have energy again and feel better than I have in years.

Had my eggs and bacon this morning without cheese. :( However, it wasn't really too bad. I plan to cook chicken wings for our main meal today. Not sure if I'll eat veggies, but since DGS is going to be home to eat, we'll probably have broccoli. I read that a large serving of broccoli will help replace the calcium I won't get from the dairy. May fix a chicken stir-fry for dinner with soy sauce for the sodium.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday.

08-17-2014, 12:24 PM
Trish, this is really funny, but my FBS was 111 this morning, also! LOL I had a bad day yesterday and had to take my glimiperide so today, since I'm starting off with a low bs I will work to stay low carb and not need the meds.

Bedtime Metformin makes me throw up during the night.

I would worry if I had a blood pressure that low, but I used to get them that low when I was in the hospital and they never seemed alarmed to see it. Watch the sodium. My BIL gets his sodium too LOW and ends up with seizures. I think it's caused by a BP med his first doctor put him on, but his new dr just keeps telling him to up his sodium intake.

I like to snack on cheese, but I don't like it with something else. I don't like it with eggs or bacon. Don't like cheese on a sandwich or burger. I used to love these things, but my tastes have changed. I just buy blocks of cheese that I can cut off a portion. At a party, I am always working on the cheese plate.

I did some reading about Coconut Oil and have decided to give it another chance. Although it is a sat fat, it contains 50% lauric acid which is different than other fatty acids. That's what makes it healthy and gives it heart health benefits. I have used half of my jar, so I will go back to using it for sauteeing but just use a little less since it seems so greasy to me. I still like my current coffee creamer too much to try the CO in the coffee.

Yesterday I made some breaded fried zucchini. I haven't eaten any fried foods in so long that although it tasted really good when I ate it, I paid for it in tummy troubles the rest of the day and ended up taking antacids at bedtime. Greasy just doesn't agree with me.

Shannon, I too, am anxious to hear how moving problems turned out to be a blessing. i have had several bad luck incidents turn into blessings, too. Every cloud has a silver lining....well, most of them. LOL

08-17-2014, 04:01 PM
I read some more on dietdoctor.com and most of my symptoms the past week was normal except I see nothing about diarrhea so I'm thinking maybe I'm not needing 1000 mg Metformin any more on the lowcarbing. It had a place to write the doctor and ask questions so I wrote and told him my experiences so will see what he says. I also thought about writing the girl on MFP who was able to come off her bp and diabetic meds and see what her experiences were when she knew she didn't have to take them any more.

I ate baked plain wings with seasonings on it and broccoli. I decided to eat the protein first and then eat the broccoli. I have not had any medicine or supplements and I actually feel better. Of course, it has been 24+ hrs since I ate dairy. I'm having another cup of coffee with the Coffeemate. Not recommended on the dietdoctor's LCHF diet, but it isn't causing me any trouble. After reading some of what I have on lowcarbing, I am going to start drinking decaf tomorrow. Something is still causing me to wake up in the mornings with dry mouth.

Carol Sue I like the benefits of CO and I think when I get myself straightened out that I will try it again in small amounts. I do like the idea that it is in the Coffeemate.

Edited: I wrote the woman who came off all her meds doing LCHF to see if she will share with me her experiences when she knew it was time to stop them or cut them in half. Of course, I will let you know what I learn.

08-17-2014, 08:07 PM
Finally got my calorie count up to 1268, net carb 23, fat 86 and protein 88. If I can even eat it. I may not be able to ever eat the 168 calorie snack.

I assume that doesn't really matter because I read on dietdoctor.com that some people can only eat 2 meals a day, but to just shoot for 3 and that is basically what I'm doing.

08-17-2014, 09:44 PM
Kris Just checked my blood sugar 1 hr after eating dinner. I used same blood stick of blood with the Relion and on my old Touchtone I got from the doctor. The Relion read 115 and the Touchtone read 116. So I think a 1 pt difference is pretty accurate. Maybe it isyour meter. Maybe Walmart would exchange it.

08-17-2014, 11:42 PM
Thanks for feedback. I guess I just got a really bad meter. Glad to see you are all doing well.

08-18-2014, 11:06 AM
Kris, I would do another control test on the meter and check again. Make sure you have the right control solution. The other option would be to take it back to WalMart and tell them you got a control test that was too high. The meter and the strips came from them, so either way, they should be responsible.

Trish, I would not assume that your potty issues are being caused by the Metformin based on a few days. Potty issues can be caused by a lot of things. I don't think it would hurt you to quit taking it for a while. It does not lower your blood sugar...it just keeps your body from releasing glucose and raising BS more. If you quit taking it and your BS stays low, go for it. It's not a life and death situation. I know you are not supposed to quit taking meds without your doctor's consent. I have done it myself on a med that is not a life and death matter, and I am just suggesting it as a possibility. I always add that disclaimer anytime I suggest that someone change their meds from what is prescribed because I don't want someone to scream at me. I always consider that I pay my doctor to assist me, but in the end, I'm in charge of my own health and the final decision should be mine. You are going to discuss this with your doctor in Sept anyway.

I think this new coffee creamer I'm using is raising my BS. I can start the day out with a decent BS but after a few cups of coffee it goes up. I just bought a new 32 oz container. I had intended to cut way back on coffee, to 1/2 cup in the morning like I used to have, but this creamer makes it taste so good and now I'm back to several cups. It doesn't even taste like coffee. I just looked at it. I thought it had 3gm carb and 3gm sugar per TBS, but it's 5. OMG. No wonder my BS is going up. I can't stand to waste that whole bottle, so I will try to cut back to one cup per day until it's gone. They make creamer that is sugar free, but not in the flavor I like. I will probably try one to see if I can find a substitute.

Diabetes sucks.

08-18-2014, 01:49 PM
I heard from the lady who wrote the blog I shared with y'all. She said she experienced exactly the same GI symptoms (diarrhea and gas) I did when it was time to lower her Metformin. The symptoms were similar to what she had experienced when she first started taking Metformin. This is how she knew she didn't need 2000 mg. She then went from 1000 mg of Metformin 2x a day to 1000 mg once a day. It is her suggestion that since I had no problem with the one dose of 500 mg that I might try taking it with my dinner and be sure that I'm eating enough when I take it. I think I will probably try that but I will wait until after Wednesday to do that. I had to miss church yesterday and last Wednesday because of this stuff and I don't want to miss Wednesday night Bible study. If I have a reaction Thursday, at least I'll have a day or two to get over it.

Her doctor told her that Metformin stays in your system for 3 weeks when you stop it. She stayed on 1 Metformin 1000 mg a day until she saw her fbs staying under 100 a day. She knew if it started going back up 2 weeks, she could go back to a lower dose.

She said that someone named Jenny Ruhl's blog - Bloodsugar 101 helped her learn about metformin tweaking and changing the timing and learn more about the drugs capabilities to help her get better readings before she started the LCHF protocols. I haven't looked that up yet. Will do that later today.

On 2000 mg metformin she got readings between 128 - 148. After cutting dose in half, her readings were between 110 - 115 for about a week and then went back down. Now without any meds she can hit 80's, but when tweaking she can get a 111 like she did yesterday. Her A1c reading probably now is around 5.3 - 5.5 but she will know that when she goes to her doctor in Sept.

She recommended that I take up weights which I hope my Kettlebell weights count as that and exercise. And she recommended reading Volek and Phinney's short book. I'll be checking that out as well.

We are going to Charlotte to Costco today. Not sure where we will eat. I hope DH will be in the mood to go to Sonny's BBQ because I can get sliced pork and a double order of green beans there and stay OP. I'm doing so good, I just don't want to mess it up.

My FBS was 115 this morning and my bp was 121/80.

08-18-2014, 06:27 PM
On 2000 mg metformin she got readings between 128 - 148. After cutting dose in half, her readings were between 110 - 115 for about a week and then went back down. Now without any meds she can hit 80's, but when tweaking she can get a 111 like she did yesterday. Her A1c reading probably now is around 5.3 - 5.5 but she will know that when she goes to her doctor in Sept.

My FBS was 115 this morning and my bp was 121/80.

Trish, this sounds like you are saying that when she took less Metformin, her BS went lower. Is that right?

Also, when she said to take the 500mg at dinner, she might have meant at your largest meal, and isn't your largest meal at midday and a lighter meal at dinnertime? That might make a difference.

You are definately doing good! That 121/80 is perfect! Keep up whatever you're doing, except for whatever is causing the tummy troubles. LOL

I don't eat first thing when I get up and this morning DH mentioned something he wanted from Target. The ad said "limited quantities, no rainchecks" so we left right away to get it. We did some shopping there, then went to Kohls and did some shopping there, then went to Goodwill and did some shopping there. We still hadn't eaten and I didn't want to stop and eat something. We were a little hungry but not starving. So when we got home I made a quick dinner and we ate around 3:30, first meal of the day for both of us. I think when I'm home I eat just to eat, but when I am out and about I forget about food. Before dinner my BS was 87. I think I am going to try to go longer without eating. Not to the point of starving. I think back to when I was thin. I used to eat breakfast and lunch but not much dinner, sometimes no dinner. Now that I eat with DH I am used to eating dinner every day. Adding that on top of breakfast and lunch is so much more food than I need to eat. Many times DH gets busy in the garage and doesn't think to eat until dinner time. I might try to be more like that now that I'm eating dinner with him. I never wanted to be like that...wanted to eat 1200 cals per day and 3 meals, but that just isn't working for me anymore and I need to do something to shake things up.

08-18-2014, 08:00 PM
Trish, this sounds like you are saying that when she took less Metformin, her BS went lower. Is that right?

Also, when she said to take the 500mg at dinner, she might have meant at your largest meal, and isn't your largest meal at midday and a lighter meal at dinnertime? That might make a difference.

No, I'm sorry, I guess I didn't say it right. She said when she was taking 2000 mg that her fbs usually ran between 128 - 148 until she started eating LCHF. Then it began to go lower. Then she started getting GI symptoms like she had when she first started the metformin. So she decided to start taking 1000 mg instead of the 2000. That is when her reading stayed between 110 and 115 for about a week and then started going lower. She had to come off the metformin when she had to have some sort of surgery and she stay off of metformin to see what would happen. She knew she could always go back to taking it if her bs started going up again. After 4 weeks off the metformin, her fbs was still lowering to where some times she hits in the 80s depending on when she tweaks. She tests bs after every new food she introduces into her diet. She tests it 2x and if it spikes too high, she scratches it and will not add it into her list of foods to eat. She says she has no problem of ever taking the Metformin if she ever had to, but right now the way she eats and the exercise she is entering into her plan, she doesn't need it.

I heard from her again today. She is so full of info and I see that another big plus for her is that her DH eats this way too. Wish I could get Tony interested in doing this. I read all the information I had from her today as we went to and from Costco. When I finished he said "Well the bottom line is that my high cholesterol and diabetes is caused from the carbohydrates I eat. So what do you eat?" I'm not pushing. I'm just hoping that I will have such a big change in my health that he will get seriously interested. I gave him the dietdoctor's website hoping he will go there and read.

We did eat at Sonny's. I had pulled pork, green beans and shared cole slaw with DH. I came home and put it in my MFP log. I am actually eating roughly 1200 calories, net calories are around 20 and high fat and moderate protein on average. If I can keep this up, it won't be long until my doctor will be taking me off my meds.

I don't have a larger meal any more. Since I eat no starchy foods or dairy, I eat pretty evenly portions at lunch and dinner. I had started taking dividing my Metformin and took 1/2 at breakfast and I ate a snack with just enough food in the evening in order to take the other 1/2 about 12 hrs later. However, since the GI problems, I am mostly eating just 3 meals a day now that I don't really get very hungry because I'm eating more healthy fat. So I think she just thought I might like to take it at dinner. The thought behind that is that metformin is supposed to keep us from getting a big insulin spike during the night. So taking it later in the day will help my fbs to be lower.

I do the same thing when I'm not home Carol Sue. I used to go till 1 or 2 in the afternoon without eating and my fbs was always lower. That's why a Intermittent Fasting works so well for some people. I did read on dietdoctor.com that a lot of diabetics who are doing the LCHF protocol are eating only 1 or 2 meals a day and off all meds because they just do not get hungry.

08-18-2014, 08:43 PM
Ok, now that makes more sense. It would be good if your DH would start eating that way because it would make it easier for you and it would be healthier for him. If he can stick to LC. I have absolutely no delusion that my DH would EVER eat that way. LOL Never. He told me that he wants to be happy eating what he likes (carbs and sweets) and it it happens that he dies sooner, so be it. He made it to 71 and considers every year he has after that as a bonus. He told me that I can go ahead and eat my kale and yogurt etc and in the end, I'm still going to die. And he's right. But I have come to like these foods and no longer like the taste of sweets and greasy fried foods. I, too, am eating what I like, with the exception of bread. That is the main food I have had to give up that I really miss.

08-18-2014, 11:52 PM
My thyroid is weird. It was always in the 2.4 range. One day last year I felt so terrible with an irregular heart beat and spiking blood pressure. They did tests and said everything looked good except my TSH was 7.9 and advised me to go to my PCP. I called him, and instead of seeing me or doing more tests he just put me on synthroid. I was good for about a week then I felt terrible again. I quit taking the synthroid, the DR tested in a month, and my thyroid was back to "normal." Lately it has been creeping up again, like to 3.7 but doc says it's still normal. I think I would feel like a zombie at 7.9. I can tell when mine is over 2.0 because I start sleeping all the time and am an angry mess. It was 1.8 at my last checkup. :)

I have absolutely no delusion that my DH would EVER eat that way. LOL Never. He told me that he wants to be happy eating what he likes (carbs and sweets) and it it happens that he dies sooner, so be it. I think I've heard that come out of my husbands mouth almost word for word. He turns 40 this December. His idea of vegetables are peeled cucumbers or ketchup. We will eat a few more fruits thankfully. A banana every day he works and apples, melons and canned fruit. He won't touch pasta or rice for anything. I don't think he has met a fried potato he hasn't liked. And we won't even discuss the amount of sugar the man eats. :dizzy:

We are slowly trying to get back into school mode. Only 11 more days before we start. I do much better with a schedule.

I have decided to create a vision board of sorts. Obviously I need to lose some weight for my health. But it gets in the way of me having fun with my kids. While I was gone for the week we went to the county fair. I've never had problems while riding the Scrambler type ride before. This was a different amusement company though and they had the Sizzler. It was basically the same thing. Except my fat belly didn't fit in this one. He got the bar closed and I had hoped that my bulk would just sink down around things like it has in the past. It didn't. :( I had to have him come over and let me off the ride before it even started because I was in so much pain. My son had to ride alone because mommy was too fat. They had 3 or 4 other adventure type rides I would have loved to try but by then I was to ashamed to even try. I didn't want to go through the humiliation of not fitting again. So that is one goal for next summer. I know I won't be skinny but hopefully I can be small enough to ride comfortably. Both of my kids have also been taking horseback riding lessons for the last two years. I would love to go trail riding with them. No way is that possible at my current weight. I know I'll have to be at least under 250 but probably best under 200 since I'm not an experienced rider. So that is 90 pounds in the next year to get off. Hard but doable.

08-19-2014, 10:33 AM
I start sleeping all the time and am an angry mess. :)


Hi Zinke! This describes me to a T. LOL Do you see an endicrinologist or just a PCP?

I was shopping in Target yesterday and the store was crowded with parents and kids, school shopping. For a second or two, I wished I could be school shopping again, but then I realized what else that would entail and the feeling passed. I remember every year how much I loved going back to school. The year after I graduated I got up early and watched all the kids going off to school and I felt so sad. It wasn't that I loved school so much, it was the comaradarie. I was usually just as happy to see the last day of school come every year. It surprises me that I can remember back that far. LOL

I'm sorry to hear that you feel bad not being able to do things with your kids. This is something to focus on in the coming year. Next summer you will be able to ride those rides! You can do this!

08-19-2014, 01:38 PM
Trish, I remember you said that an avacado can last you several days. How do you keep them from turning brown once you cut them?

08-19-2014, 02:09 PM
Trish, I remember you said that an avacado can last you several days. How do you keep them from turning brown once you cut them?

I'm sure there is a better way to keep it, but I scoop out the amount I want to use and always keep the seed in it. Then close back together like and I wrap it with a paper towel then put it in a glad bag and place in veggie compartment in fridge. It will keep for a couple of days like this depending on how wripe it is when you cut into it. If it turns too dark, I ditch it. I think I read somewhere that you can sprinkle lemon on it, but I haven't tried that.

08-19-2014, 02:11 PM
My fbs was 95 this morning. I had a small biscuit and a slice of bacon. About 9 I had a string cheese. At 11 I felt shaky and checked and it was 66. I have never recorded a low reading before but wonder if I have had others. Sure didn't like feeling like that!!

08-19-2014, 02:38 PM
Thanks, Trish. I read somewhere about leaving the pit in. When I make guacamole I put some lemon and lime juice in it so the juice might help keep it from turning brown.

Dgramie, you are pre-diabetic rather than diabetic, right? Not on any meds? Even Metformin will not drop your blood sugar. It's possible that you have hypoglycemia. I used to get those shaky feelings if I went a long time without food, but that was before diagnosis and I had no way to test. Some people with pre-diabetes have hypoglycemia. I get shaky sometimes if my BS drops quickly, but when I test it's not low...just low for me. The only time I had a reading in the 60s was when I had taken glimiperide, which does lower BS. Maybe someone who has experience with hypoglycemia will post a more informative reply.

08-19-2014, 03:11 PM
I am prediabetic and on no meds at all for it. I had a thick ham sandwich and a few chips for lunch and 1.5 hrs later it's 105.
My oldest daughter had hypoglycemia when she was younger. She really had a rough time with it.

08-19-2014, 05:07 PM
Dgramie, a friend of mine had it. She was a tiny little thing...no diabetes or anything. She was told not to eat any sugar unless it was eaten with the rest of her meal. If I ate a sandwich I would be over 200 1.5 hr later!!

Trish, my step-daughter eats a lot of avocados. She loves guacamole and makes it several times per week. She had to go for a physical for her insurance and the doctor told her she has high cholesterol, and needs to quit eating avocados! LOL Where did that doctor get is medical license???? It's mono fat! It is very heart healthy!

08-19-2014, 05:34 PM
dgramie I had hypoglycemia when I was in my 30s. My MIL worked in the hospital and in doctor's offices back then. In those days they didn't know that hypoglycemia was a precursor to diabetes. She used to tell me "Well, at least you know you will never have diabetes". You can imagine how shocked I was when I was diagnosed with it.

Zinke and Carol Sue My 1st 2 hubbies (both deceased) would eat just about anything. Then I married Tony and he is soooo picky. The only green food he eats is broccoli with butter and cheese and small green peas. He eats a whole package of cauliflower every night before he goes to bed. So at least he is eating some healthy veggies.

I couldn't sleep last night so I looked up some of the other people that the lady on the other diabetic site told me about. Turns out that Drs. Volek and Phinney are the co-authors with a Dr. Westman who wrote The New Atkins for A New You books. The 2 doctors have written another book called The Scientific and Art of Lowcarbing. They have written it showing the from research etc from different parts of the world that prove how and why the LCHF diets like Atkins work. I understand this book and another one they have written can be taken to your doctor or tell you how to prove to your doctor how and why it works.

I will probably get in trouble with the old Atkins people who don't like the new, but I think it is really great that they have learned through scientific testing and research how and why the Atkins way of eating works. To me it is a tribute to Dr. Atkins because he got so much criticism and ridicule for how he taught people eat fats to take the edge off of hunger in the face of a medical community was saying "No fat is bad for you. Eat more carbs". Now doctors, not just these doctors, are proving that Dr. Atkins was absolutely right to say eat less carbs and more fat. It is amazing to me that the fats that are pushed on us today as healthy are full of omega 6 which raises cholesterol, triglycerides etc, and the fats they tell us that are bad for us don't have the omega 6 and some even have omega 3. The reason some lowcarb doctors say we can go ahead and use Canola oil is that while it does have omega 6 that it also has omega 3 which they think balances things out to make it safe. It is a shame that Dr. Atkins didn't get to live to see the science behind what he promoted. JMHO

I've decided to read the Atkins book again and to be sure to take note of the how and why it works to better understand what I am doing and why and can explain it better to those who question me about it. I also looked up the Jenny Ruhl website. I thought I had one of her books, but can't find it. While looking through my books, I did find the book Wheat Belly by Dr. Davis that this lady also recommended for me to read. So I can read Ruhl online. That and the 2 books will keep me busy for a while.

I did start my meds again. Just decided that I didn't want to take a chance of losing ground. So I took 500mg of metformin with dinner last night. So far no problem. I used a very small amount of CO today and took my bp med today. So I will see how it goes just taking the one 500 mg Metformin each day.

I am pleased to say weight stayed the same this morning and my FBS was 111 and bp was 126/70 before I took my Lisinopril. So I think I'm really doing pretty good. I'm just not able to even eat 1200 calories these days. More like between 1000 - 1100. Since I need to learn to eat more fat, I just add a little more as it needs to be higher than the amount of protein that I eat. I did read in Atkins early this morning that this is not unusual as most lowcarbers do not really eat high calorie because they just don't get hungry because of the fat they are eating.

Oh reading about Metformin on Jenny Ruhl's site, I learned that tests have shown that diabetics who take Metformin have less chance of having cancer because it blocks the growth of cancer. It isn't 100% full protection but it does lower the risk. I found that encouraging. I think that is a bad side benefit of taking it.

Y'all have a great day.

Edit: I forgot to share. I forget to check bs 1 hr after eating, but yesterday and today 1 1/2 hr after eating lunch my bs was 116. Not bad.

08-19-2014, 08:15 PM
I'm so behind in reading but Trish did I read you had problems after cutting a metformin in half? Isn't that med one that says "do not crush or break"? I thought I remembered mine saying that....maybe it releases something that causes issues? I was on metformin last year briefly and had major stomach pain, even with the extended release version.

Ok, so going back to the move....because they brought the wrong truck and had to make two trips I had 4 hours alone to pack more stuff that the movers then had to move for us. We got 40 feet of truck instead of 26 feet we would have had if they had done right. We came in under $1000 bc we only had to pay for the time moving not driving. It ended up saving us money in our own gas in the long run. I am still going back to the house to pack! There was so much stuff still in closets and the garage that I couldn't get to (had no help from hubby since he got injured). I spent several hours packing at the old house Monday and am going back tomorrow. Hubby has to take a test there on Friday so he will go pick up more stuff from our old storage unit. What a mess trying to finish vacating!! We can't put our house on the market til it's empty.

I am still unpacking in the new house too. I am really happy with it though. So much more room! We had workers start renovating one of our attic spaces today. It will be hubby's office. Carol Sue here is a link to zillow but you can only see the front of the house, the other pics have come down already but I will hopefully soon do a blog post with pics and I will share the link then.

08-19-2014, 08:41 PM
Trish, why does Tony eat the cauliflower every night? Just curious. It's healthy!

I think you are doing fantastic. Keep up the good work. I have never had any bad side effects from Metformin. When I first started taking it I had some nausea and could only eat a small amount, but I thought that was from my heart surgery. Now that I know people get it from Metformin it was probably from that. It actually helped me, because I lost 25 lbs by the time the nausea went away. I wish it had stayed because it kept me from over-eating. I have heard about the heart benefits and also cancer fighting benefits of Metformin so I really don't care if I have to continue taking it. I do want to stop the glimiperide though because that burns out your beta cells and also causes weight gain. So far I haven't been gaining, but I don't take it every day. Just if I need it. Trish, did Tony ever gain weight from it? Maybe it doesn't do that to everyone.

I wouldn't worry what anyone else says about which Atkins you follow. You are doing what works for you and that's all that matters. I will listen to what others have to say but in the end I make my own decision. I have learned not to waiver from my low carb plan because no matter what else I try, low carb is better for me. Also, I don't care how my doctor feels about low carb. When he asked me how I improved my labs I just told him I changed my diet, but didn't elaborate. I don't think he would think there was anything wrong with it. I have been going to him for over 15 years and I think if I found a way to lose weight and get healthier he would be all for it. I don't do everything he tells me to do and he knows it. He just tells me that it's his job to advise me and I understand that.

I have not been eating any beans for the past several days. I want to see what happens to my blood sugar and my weight. I was reading a site where a woman said that it is not true that fiber lowers your blood sugar if it is soluble fiber, only if it's insoluble. She is just a regular person like us, so who knows if she is right or wrong. But I will quit eating the beans and see what happens.

I am finished eating for today and my BS is 98. That is very good for me.

08-19-2014, 08:43 PM
My daughter had to give up all sugar. She would eat a cookie from time to time but only as part of a meal. She had to balance protein and carbs as snacks. She had to eat every 3 hours. Didn't take much to keep her sugar up but it was really scary. We saw her glucose in the low 30s a few times. She is a math whiz and couldn't tell you what 2+2 was.
So starting tomorrow I will do random
Checks. I will also really watch what I eat. It scared me and I know I have had other spells where I felt the same way.
My reading at 5pm was 120. I hadn't eaten anything since lunch.

08-19-2014, 08:47 PM
Shannon, that is very nice! I'm so glad that it turned out so well for you. I'm sure you will be happy with it. It really is a hassle going back and forth between houses. At least when you get things settled in the new house it will make it easier. Just unpack the boxes you need right away. The rest can be done at your leisure. Hmmm leisure...what is that? LOL I hope Olivia settle in well.

08-19-2014, 08:53 PM
Dgramie, that is why I am happier when my BS is around 100. Since I started taking the glimiperide it puts me at a higher risk of having a low and it's scary. I don't want to have to start eating more food to keep from going low. The thing I fear the most is going low while sleeping. That happened to my son's father-in-law and luckily his wife woke up and recognized the symptoms. DH wouldn't have the first clue! That man is on insulin and something got screwed up. Either he injected too much or ate too little.

I think this is why they sometimes tell diabetics to eat every 3 hours or so, but how can you do that when they also tell you to lose some weight.

08-19-2014, 10:24 PM
Shannon My Metformin pill can be broken in half. It has the line in the middle so I put it in my pill cutter and break it in half. I think the timed-release is the one that cannot be broken. I was taking 1000 mg. I tried 2000 mg years ago on my own with docs approval, but I couldn't handle the diarrhea with that much so I dropped back down to the 1000. Although I followed the instructions of the pharmacist when I started taking Metformin even at 500 mg, and then when he upped it to 1000 mg, I experienced diarrhea for about a week or so, but my body adjusted to it. Since I've started eating more like Atkins with less carbs, my body was not able to take the 1000 mg. I have no problem taking it if I need it but the 1 dose of 500 mg seems to be working at this time.

BTW the house is beautiful and it looks like you have a nice big front yard. I am happy for you and know you will love it when you get things settled.

Carol Sue As far as I know Tony has eaten the cauliflower almost every night like that all of his life. He just loves it. I never worry about it because I know it is so very good for him.

I am reading the New Atkins for the New You and it has you do 2 weeks of Induction. Then move to phase 2 where you learn how many carbs you can eat and still lose weight. There are 4 phases a pre-maintenance where you spend time preparing yourself for maintenance which is phase 4. I haven't read far enough yet to learn when, but the Atkins does allow legumes sometime after Induction. I thought of you when I read that and I will let you know what they say about them when I get to that part. I am anxious to learn how they implement it as I think eating beef, pork and chicken are going to get boring. I read on some other lowcarb plan somewhere maybe even dietdoctor.com that they allow legumes where many lowcarb plans do not. It would be nice to be able to learn how work them into my plan effectively if my body can tolerate it.

BTW I have read so much lately that I'm not sure where I read it, but I saw where it was suggested to test after you add new a new food to see how it affects the blood sugar. If it spikes it then do as the MFP woman told me she does, you scratch it because your body doesn't tolerate it. If it doesn't spike it, then add it to your list of foods that you can eat. This way as I read by a doctor or some one, you make your own list of acceptable food that your body tolerates making your lowcarb diet yours personally. It goes back to always learning what works for our bodies individually.

dgramie 30 reading is awfully low. I don't know but I think that was dangerous. I'm sure it was very scary.:hug: I know I would have been scared.

I can't remember an hour after I eat to check bs, but I checked an hr and half after lunch and it was 116 and then I remembered to check 3 hrs out and it was 127. Not really bad, but does y'all higher reading come 3 hrs out. I really thought it would be higher earlier. I had just rode 2 miles 20 minutes on my stationary bike so do you think it was higher from the exercise or just that my higher reading after eating is 3 hrs out. I really don't understand about the reading.

Sorry another wordy post. I'll say Goodnight. See y'all tomorrow. :)

08-20-2014, 07:58 AM
My daughter had to learn how to eat to be healthy. She couldn't eat like other kids. She had issues until she got married on went on birth control. Her dr believes hormones can affect glucose. She knows she is at a high risk of being a diabetic.
My fbs was 95 today.
Still working on learning names. I love reading here and so thankful to be part of this thread.

08-20-2014, 11:55 AM
dgramie I am not good with names myself. When I see something I want to comment on, I have to back up to see what was said. My niece has PCOS and has been on birth control pills since puberty. Besides the fact that her working Mother (my sweet sister) fed her a lot of Happy Meals and she was a chunky baby. I know my sister thought she was loving her with the "special" meals because she was able to be home with her first 2 kids until her divorce. I think she felt guilty because she had to work when she married her second husband and had my beautiful niece and pampered her with the those meals. I kept her until she was old enough for preschool and she ate healthy with us because I was always dieting. Bless her heart she has now developed diabetes, but although she hasn't lost much weight, she has got her diabetes under control. She controls it by eating vegetarian. I'm just thankful she has learned to keep it under control at this young age. Glad you daughter has too.

My BS was 110 when I went to bed last night. FBS was 114 this morning. I took the 500 mg Metformin with an evening protien snack of sliced baked ham and a slice of cheese. YAY :carrot: no lactose intolerance. As long as this is working, I will only take the one dose in the evening. I don't mind taking the Metformin with the benefits it provides and my goal has been to get under 120 FBS. I have reached that. I also like the benefits that Lisinopril and my cholesterol medicine provides me. My doctor says they prevent me from having a stroke or heart attacks, so I can live with that. However, if I am blessed to be one of those whose health improves with LCHF the way it has for others then that is just a plus. Either way is fine with me as the goal right now is to be healthy.

Now that I've reached this goal, I have decided that Atkins recommends 20 grams net carbs and Dr. Bernstien recommends 30. So I am going to shoot for keeping my net carbs between 20 and 30 grams a day.

My system seems to be back to normal now and thank God I don't have to give up the cheese. I did learn from the lady on MFP that has kind of become a mentor to me on this said that if her hubby eats too much protein and fat that he has diarrhea. So that may have been what happened to me. I was eating high fat with drinking the coffee with the butter and CO. I think that was too much for me. Plus I was also eating beans during that time within the carbs I was eating and I think it was way too much for me.

So I try to keep the carb gram between 20 and 30. According to New Atkins, because I am just a little over 5'2" I should be eating between 68 - 142 grams of protien, I choose to keep it in the middle some where between 68 and 78 g. LCHF just means to keep the fat higher than the protein so I try to keep it in and around the mid 80s. Just enough to stay within the LCHF guidelines. I'm not really going to worry about the calories because MFP sets my calories at 1560 to lose approx a lb a week and I'm doing good most of the time if I even make 1200 calories. Most of the time it is mostly around 1000 to 1100. On days that my hunger diminishes, I'm having a hard time getting to 1000 calories. My exercise is becoming easier too. Been harder to do this week because DGS is in and out. But I wasn't supposed to start exercising according to Atkins until the 3rd week on this way of eating. But I have continued some and will increase it next week with a goal of reaching a minimum of 45 minutes 5 days a week.

I now have a plan that I know will not only work, but will eventually help me lose weight and be healthy and bring the diabetes into what some doctor I heard about calls "remission". I am thrilled and so grateful that I have found this way.

Busy day today. So y'all have a great day and I'll catch y'all tomorrow.

08-20-2014, 01:07 PM
Trish, does Tony eat the cauliflower cooked or raw? I don't really care for raw veggies unless I have something to dip them in. Hummus is my favorite for dipping. Back when I didn't eat dinner, I would sometimes eat just some cooked veggies...more of a snack than a meal.

I have the original Atkins book and also The New Atkins for a New You. I buy these books at Goodwill...$1 or $2. For a long time I couldn't do induction because I was eating all those vegetables and beans. In the past week I have changed my eating. I still think the veggies and beans are a necessary part of a healthy diet, but I decided to make a change in an effort to get my weight loss moving. I will not stay away from veggies and beans long term. I have read that sometimes if you follow the same plan for a long time your body stagnates and you quit losing. Hard to believe, but I haven't eaten my morning eggs for several days, and when I did eat them, they were plain...no additions. Last night after I was finished eating for the day, DH made an egg sandwich for himself and cooked too many eggs, so I ate the excess, which probably amounted to 1 scrambled egg...no bread. It tasted delicious, but I am still going to stay away from them a little longer. This does not mean that I consider them bad, just part of my effort to make changes. When I was thin, I ate a decent breakfast and lunch and no dinner, or very little dinner. Now, since DH wants me to eat with him, I am eating very little breakfast and lunch and a controlled, low carb dinner. I still believe that you should eat most of your calories during the day when you are more active, but I'm trying to fit into the life that I have. KWIM?

Trish, I don't think the beans contributed to your diarrhea. Fiber makes it easier to pass your stool, but does not cause diarrhea. It was more likely the Metformin and/or the bullet proof coffee. Some have said that it can cause diarrhea.

I can't say that I eat high fat, but I don't go out of my way to avoid it. Yesterday, I made pork and sauerkraut. For DH I used boneless loin pork chops with all visible fat trimmed. For me, I used pork country ribs and left the fat attached. I just think they have a much better taste than the loin chops. Most of the fat renders away and when I eat it, I do cut off any fatty pieces remaining. When I make my yogurt I use skim milk. Someone convinced me to use full fat milk last time and I did not like the yogurt as well, so I am back to the fat free next time. I don't add any flavoring or artificial sweetener to it so it does not contain the harmful things that are in the commercial fat free yogurt. It's just the taste and texture I prefer. I don't buy any low fat products. When I eat bacon or sausage I eat the full fat versions. I eat dark meat poultry rather than white meat. For the most part, I don't add any extra fat intentionally unless it's used for browning or sauteing. I only avoid fat when it's going to make the taste of the food too greasy for my tastes.

Trish, I get wordy the same as you! We probably scare some people away! Don't be scared. We don't bite! LOL

Dgramie, we are glad you are here, too. Just remember, don't take the things we say as gospel....we mostly are discussing what works for us, and everyone is different. This is not reliable medical information!

When I had my first bowel surgery the doctor removed one of my ovaries because it was stuck in all the infection I had throughout my abdominal cavity. At 65, I wasn't using it. LOL But I noticed some changes after that and I think it had to do with the fact that removal of that ovary changed my hormone levels somewhat. Hormones can be good, or bad.

08-20-2014, 05:08 PM
Trish, I was thinking about your comment about 1hr testing vs 2 hr or 3 hr. It differs for different people, and I think it has something to do with what you ate. I tend to spike at 3 hr. I just tested about 1 hr after my meal and I was at 103, but I know it will be higher later. I tend to spike 3 hrs out. Also, if I take glimiperide and I am still high 2 hrs out I am tempted to take another half pill, but later on it will drop quickly. I had grilled fish that I cooked on my stove top grill pan. I had some french style green beans leftover from last nights dinner and I just threw them on the grill pan with the fish to just heat them up. DH had 2 hamburgers with a huge serving of fried potatoes. I grabbed several pieces of potato, 5 or so. I'm curious to see just how high that spikes.

08-20-2014, 09:00 PM
I had a busy afternoon, but I just can't stay away from this place. So here I am.

Carol Sue Tony likes his cauliflower cooked with cheese and butter. We used to snack on raw cauliflower and broccoli florets, but I don't know why we got away from it. I made the mistake of making the chex snack party mix just with the stuff in it that he likes and leaving out the stuff he doesn't like and he is stuck on that now. I used to make it just with butter but now I cut the butter back a little and replaced what I took out with just a bit of CO hoping it would make it healthier. But noticed lately that he doesn't eat it as fast as he used to.

Thanks for sharing about the spike you have 3 hrs out. It isn't all that high any more and seems to come back down by the 4th hr so I think that is a good thing.

I really didn't think the beans caused my problem. I agree that it was the Metformin and the bullet proof coffee. Of course I was adding fiber and I thought maybe the combo of the high fiber and all the fat in the bullet proof coffee just might have been a problem as well. I don't shy away from the fat either especially since I've learned so much about how it works for us in keeping us satiated, but I don't use a lot of it like I did at first.

Today we went to DH favorite hamburger joint. Five Guys Hamburger and I decided to order a double cheeseburger all the way so I could have the veggies with it because I was going to take the stuff of the bun. I ordered the burger and I'm not sure what the man said, but I told him that I was not going to eat the bun and he said, "You want us to make you a bunless double cheeseburger in a bowl all the way?" I said, "You can do that?" He said yes and asked me "Do you do this because of an allergy or preference?" I told him it was my preference. I was so thrilled. Later we were sitting at our table eating and Tony read the bottom of the big sign that said "Hamburgers and Hot dogs also served in a bowl without a bun". Neither on of us had ever read that on the sign. Duh!!! :dizzy:

I got home and tracked it on MFP and my calories today will be below the 1500 and I may have counted all of it a little high because it didn't have any info about a double cheeseburger without bun and ketchup in a bowl only a small cheeseburger or a bacon cheeseburger. So I took the small and counted it as if I ate 2 of them just to be safe. I ate about 10 fries and their small order is ridiculously large and MFP has them counted it as 227 g and I didn't know how to figure that so just counted it as a 20% which was high because 10% counted it as all zeros and I know that isn't right. We never make a dent in those fries. So my carbs today are over 40% and fat is pretty high, but according LCHF that is not a bad thing just more than I usually would eat. The protein is in my normal range, but the sodium is a lot higher than MFP recommends, but according to Atkins that shouldn't be too bad either because lowcarbers need a little more to keep from having leg cramps and fatigue. I never eat enough salt. Just never was a big salt eater. I'll try to drink a lot of water between now and bed time.

We did a lot of shopping so we must have spent a good hour and a half walking and I really was sweating today. Does anyone else who does lowcarb sweat a lot? I mean sometimes I feel drenched. I had to come home and wash under my arms. Sorry more than you wanted to know. LOL
I hope that is a good thing. I've been doing that lately when I do any type of exercise.

Glad you gave the warning to other Carol Sue as we do share what we experience and works for us. I know that what works for others may not work for me. Like the bullet proof coffee turned out to be almost a nightmare for me. But now I know not to do it. However, I must say that when things are going as it should, I can put a small amount like a tsp of CO in my coffee. I just can't add butter to it. I just can't add a lot of fat to my way of eating.

I'm through now for tonight.:dizzy:

Good night!!!

08-21-2014, 08:10 AM
I need a hug :(

This morning my FBS was 228.... It is safe to say that I have fallen off track BIG time.

I am still taking my meds so that is a plus. But I had stopped testing my BS. I started slowly eating bad and now I am just eating junk nonstop not even trying.

IDK why I do this. Its a continued pattern of me screwing up sigh. I am feeling really down about it and beating myself up even though I know that won't help. I just have to do better.

08-21-2014, 11:13 AM
Moonkissed! I will give you a big hug! :hug:I know the feeling. This LC can be really hard to stick with. I still get a 200+ every once in a while because of something that pops up in front of me and I eat it. I stopped testing for a long while and that's how I ended up with the high A1c. But we know that is not the answer. Not knowing your BS reading does not make it OK. We need to get right back on the horse and try again, and never stop trying. Every time you have a high reading you do more damage to your body that is not reversible. You might improve your BS, but once the damage is done to the organs, it's done. Try to keep that in mind when you want to eat something that is going to spike your blood sugar. Try to find low carb alternatives that you like. For one thing, I have grown to love a hamburger patty without the bread. I just make sure I have lots of lettuce, tomato and onion to eat with it. Some people like cheese on it, too, but cheese on meat is not my thing. If you want a sandwich, try wrapping it in a lettuce leaf, or find some low carb high fiber wraps. There are things like cauliflower mashed potatoes. Although they don't really taste like mashed potatoes, they are tasty. Your taste buds will adjust eventually. If you can't give up sweets, there are recipes online for low carb options. I prefer to just pass on the sweets. You can do this, and we will help you. Think about the damage...you don't want to lose your eyesight, or your feet, or cause damage to your kidneys and need dialysis. This is real. Diabetes sucks big time, but we unfortunately have it and have to deal with it. With dietary changes and exercise we can lower our readings, but we can never again eat the way we used to.

Keep coming back here, we will give you support.

08-21-2014, 11:14 AM
I need a hug :(

This morning my FBS was 228.... It is safe to say that I have fallen off track BIG time.

I am still taking my meds so that is a plus. But I had stopped testing my BS. I started slowly eating bad and now I am just eating junk nonstop not even trying.

IDK why I do this. Its a continued pattern of me screwing up sigh. I am feeling really down about it and beating myself up even though I know that won't help. I just have to do better.

:hug: hugs! I can relate. I've been off plan for at least two weeks with moving. I have no idea when I will be able to get back on either. I have only tested a couple times in the last month. I feel down as well and also just feel like a big fraud since I'm still answering questions for the magazine article in the midst of this. It's ok. We will both get back to it. Baby steps. Let's plan one thing we will do today that is good for us. For me, I'm going to drink water. I've not had much water at all lately, way too much diet soda, I know I am dehydrated.

08-21-2014, 11:50 AM
Trish, for whatever reason, I have always felt warmer than everyone else in the room. When I feel cold, I know everyone else is freezing. I also perspire a lot, but most of it is on my head and face. I don't exercise at a high intensity, but by the time I'm finished I'm drenched. I have to wear sleeveless things to bed, even in the dead of winter, or I will be too hot to sleep. Many times I wake up in the middle of the night and turn my pillow over because it's wet from sweating. I never related it to LC eating, but it could be from that because I have leaned toward low carb since my 30s.

I looked up french fries on Fitday. Here is what I found for one french fry.

From Fresh, deep fried 3-4in length 21 cal 1 gm fat 2gm carb.

From Frozen, deep fried 3-4 in length 27 cal 1 gm fat 2 gm carb

There were a lot of other categories, but these are the two that I saw that seemed to apply if you want to consider how many french fries you ate.

Here's what I don't like about ordering a hamburger without the bun. They will always give it to you without the bun, but they never deduct anything off for the cost of the bun. We go to this place that has a giant fish sandwich and comes with a hoagie bun. It has 3 big pieces of fish. We always split it and request an extra bun and they charged us $1 for the extra bun. Now that I don't eat the bun, we no longer ask for an extra one. But if we said we wanted it without a bun they would not deduct anything. They are happy to do it, because every time they do it, it saves them money. I have never seen a place that reduces the price if you don't want the bun.

We have never gone to Five Guys. Jerry prefers a sit down restaurant where they serve your food to you. It is more expensive that way, but he doesn't care. He's not the one who has to figure out how to get all the bills paid. LOL I have heard that their burgers are very good.

Have you ever gone to Red Robin? We went once and DH didn't like it. They specialize in all those hamburgers with a big variety of things on them. DH ordered a hamburger with lettuce and tomato because they came to take our order before we even got a chance to look over the menu to see what they had. I got a grilled chicken salad. We could have gone out for steak dinner for what they charged us. LOL

08-21-2014, 02:13 PM
I need a hug :(

This morning my FBS was 228.... It is safe to say that I have fallen off track BIG time.

I am still taking my meds so that is a plus. But I had stopped testing my BS. I started slowly eating bad and now I am just eating junk nonstop not even trying.

IDK why I do this. Its a continued pattern of me screwing up sigh. I am feeling really down about it and beating myself up even though I know that won't help. I just have to do better.

MoonKissed:hug::hug: Bless your heart, I know exactly how you feel as I have done that so many times over the years since I came out of yrs of remission. And I promise you that this thread has heard me ask many times "What in the world is wrong with me? Why do I keep doing this to myself?" And on and on and on.

I am so proud of you for coming here and telling how you feel, how you are dealing with it and asking for help. BIG COURAGE AND STEP!!! You may be struggling, but you are trying. You don't know how many times I started everyday OP to only fall off. I have learned that although I am doing good right now DOES NOT mean I've got this thing licked. It means that RIGHT NOW TODAY, I am working the plan. I have learned to take it ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!! EVEN ONE MOMENT AT A TIME!!! It helps that I give my permission to screw up without letting it screw me up. That means that I get up and start over not tomorrow, but at the next meal or the next snack. I am NOT saying it is easy to do, because sometimes it isn't and sometimes I have failed. However, I have created my own plan in which I allow for days that I might NOT BE SO PERFECT at this.

I have learned that while most of us are really good at many things, we often feel that we gave to be perfect at following our diet plan. Did you know that even thin people have off days when they eat off plan? Why have we allowed diet plans to make our life so miserable that we beat ourselves up and end up giving up on our plan because "we" had a bad day or moment and ate off plan. You are NOT a bad person. YOU ARE A NORMAL PERSON WHO JUST HAD AN OFF DAY. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW IT TO CAUSE YOU TO GIVE UP!!!

Treat yourself like you would a little child learning to walk. Pick yourself, dust yourself off and get back On YOUR Plan. I say "Your Plan" because I think you have to learn how to take a plan that works for you and tweak it into a Personal Plan of your own that you can live with. Maybe you are failing at your plan, but maybe the plan you are using is failing you.

I follow my plan 100% most of the time, but I do allow for times when it doesn't. The main reason I do this is because I am a Perfectionist personality that believes I MUST be perfect at what I'm doing. So I have to take a plan for me LCHF and tweak and make it fit me, my personality and my lifestyle. So I shoot more toward 85 to 90% OP and allow for those 10 to 15% times that I may be off plan... even rare occasions that I have no real power over when I might even be 20% off. This way My Plan does not allow for something to derail me. There is no such thing as Off Plan or Failure in my plan. I knew a lady who said "Life happens" there are going to be times we lose control because of stress or whatever, but we don't have to let it screw things up for us for good.

Thank you for allowing us to be able to encourage you. Just by coming here and sharing with us is your first step back OP. I call those moments you are going through Learning experiences. What was I thinking? How did I feel? Was I really hungry for it? Maybe I should give myself permission to have this particular food once in a while so I don't feel deprives. I would say make it be a learning thing that is a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block rather than beating you down so much that you feel the way you are feeling.

Hope this helps. :hug:

08-21-2014, 02:53 PM
Shannon I know you are doing the best you can considering your situation right now and I am just as confident that you will be back OP when things settle in your life. :hug: So you shouldn't feel like a fraud. You are such an inspiration and many will be helped by your LC experience.

Carol Sue No, 5 Guys didn't lower the price and I didn't mind the cost in money as I did the calorie expense. :dizzy: I don't think we have a Red Robin here in our small town. However, I Charlotte or some other town around us who have grown a little faster than us especially in NC may have one.

Thanks for the info from Fitday. Calorie difference in fresh and frozen fries is quite interesting. 5 Guys fries or fresh, but I make frozen at home when I make them for DH. I usually don't eat them at home any more.

I think we will be going to KFC today. Our KFC in York has lots of veggie choices. I will get 2 pc of dark meat and take the breading off, and my 2 sides will be greens and green beans no biscuit. I always tell them no biscuit, but they put it on there any way which is sad because DH and I don't eat them and they go in the garbage can. But I will be OP. An exercising will be walking stores. DH likes walking and I do good walking in the stores usually using a cart. However, I forgot to share that when we went to Costco this week, I had to go to the restroom. I was amazed as I walked to the restroom that I was not only walking with now awkwardness like I used to feel walking without a cane or the cart, but my breathing was nice and easy and I wasn't out of breath when I got in the stall. It is a long walk to the restrooms in that store and it used to wear me out. So what exercise I have been doing has really helped me to get back a lot of what I had lost.

I knew a pharmacist who quit working in a pharmacy to start his own Health Food store and learn how to help people Naturally because he didn't like what he saw the medicine doing to people he was selling them to. One day I was working in the office with him and he stopped working and turned to me and said "Pat, always remember that there is no health problem that you cannot reverse and get back, if you only new how too. Don't let anyone ever tell you or convince you otherwise." I've never forgotten that.

I am sure there might be some damage that we may wait to long to do anything about. However, I am walking proof from my own experience that he was right. When I married Tony, I had lost weight but I did not do it in a healthy way. By the time we married, I wore pull over blouses because I had damaged my body so that I could not button a shirt, I could not put my earring in my ears. When I wore shirts with button or wore earrings, Tony had to do them for me. I was not in great shape. Over the years of eating healthier since marrying him, I now can do everything for myself. I may be too optimistic, I just believe that if I work hard at doing healthy things that I will be able to get back even more. I know my doctor did tell me a few years ago that he didn't think the diabetes has damaged any of my organs. So the reason I work so hard to make myself do things I know are good for me is so that I can get back as much as I can. After reading these LC doctor's websites, I am even more convinced that I while I know I can never be cured of diabetes, I now know I can get into remission and I will work harder to do that. All this is just my experience besides what I have seen done in other peoples lives as they did the same thing.

I'm not saying you are wrong Carol Sue because I know how this disease damages bodies as I've seen that too. The diabetic doctor I know at church having his feet rebuilt which will take yrs. So you are right. I'm just saying that we are blessed to know these days how to eat, exercise and live so we don't have to go through those complications. I guess it just comes down to us making the decision of which path we want to take.

I read somewhere that our bodies will heal themselves IF we give it the right stuff to do it. Thank God we are learning new ways of how to do that everyday. Maybe someday people won't have to have any damage to reverse at all.

Love you guys.

08-21-2014, 03:34 PM
Trish, I understand what you are saying that you can get diabetes into remission...control your BS levels and get off meds, but I am sticking to my belief that once you have organ damage, that damage cannot be reversed, and your body cannot heal it. I'm talking about things like diabetic retinopathy which damages your sight, neuropathy which damages your nerves, and can cause gangrene in your feet, and kidney damage. I know that this usually happens over a longer period of time, but it happens to people who don't work to control their diabetes the way we do. As far as that pharmacist is concerned, I know that pharmaceuticals sometimes just mask the symptoms but don't cure the problem and can do more harm than good. I know that many health problems can be reversed by other means, but I also believe that there are some that once they occur, they cannot be reversed. Once the damage is done, it's done. There are ways to halt the progression, though, keep it from getting worse. A good example is when a heart attack causes heart damage. You can condition the rest of your heart to take up the slack for the damaged part if you are diligent and do what is needed, but the damaged part will never heal and go back to normal. And, if kidney damage could be cured by the body healing itself, people would not need kidney transplants. I am not trying to change your opinion, but this is mine. :)

08-21-2014, 05:38 PM
Carol Sue I don't disagree with some of what you say because I absolutely agree that when a person loses eye sight, and damage to kidneys etc that it can't be reversed. I actually don't know how much of some things we can get back, but I do think we should all work at making our bodies as strong as we possibly can.

I think we are really on the same page. :)

08-21-2014, 06:00 PM
I just logged my meal at KFC on MFP.

Calories 1276, Net Carbs 2, Fat 28, Protein 29. This is because I took the breading and skin off the chicken and had 2 thighs. I ordered the original because I don't like it, I prefer the Krispy and knew I might be tempted to cave. Dodged that one. I at 3/4 of the greens and 3/4 of the green beans. :carrot:Yay!!!

My end of the day food today will be

Calories 1076, Net Carbs 20, Fat 90 and Protein 72... Calories low but the ratio within my plan. I am truly enjoying this way of eating. :D

08-21-2014, 06:25 PM
Well, you chicks know how good I am at "forgetting" to get bloodwork done. Well, I did this month and went to see my dear Dr Jack this afternoon. It was great! HA1C is 6.2 down from 7.2, BP is good, haemoglobin is back up to normal where it should be and he considers me "a perfectly controlled diabetic". So good to hear. Weight is 180 as of this morning - down 12 pounds from when he last checked me. "Whatever you are doing, keep right on doing it."

So you see, it can be done.

My apologies for not checking in here more frequently. As you probably know, I don't monitor my blood on a daily basis - in fact, I've not tested for a couple of months. Carefully watching my carbs and choosing "good" carbs seems to work for me. I'm doing a modified Atkins along with South Beach.

08-21-2014, 11:47 PM
Ruthie So glad to hear from you dear friend. I think of you and wondered how you were doing. So glad you went to see your doc and got such great results. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are doing great!!! :carrot: Looks like modified Atkins with South Beach works for you. I've seen a lady on another lowcarb website that does a modified South Beach Lowcarb combo and she has been able to stay OP for years. I hope to join become one of those modified Atkins success myself.

Check back in whenever you can.

08-22-2014, 08:27 AM
Good to see you here, Ruth! And congratulations on the big drop in your A1c and also your weight! You are definitely doing something right. I agree with you that it is not necessary for a type 2 to test often when they are following a low carb diet like you are. You know what foods not to eat and are confident that your diet is keeping your BS in line. You are an inspiration to all of us!

Trish, the only reason I said anything is because I wouldn't want a newly diagnosed diabetic who might be lurking here to get the idea that they could do whatever they want and then if they get a problem they can reverse it. I think doctors should make a point of warning patients of the gravity of long term high blood sugar. I know from discussions we have had in the past that we are on the same page.

Remember when I quit eating the kale? Well, I ended up buying some again. I ate 1 serving last week and 2 servings this week. The past 2 days I slept good with no pain in my back or my hands. Some people on another board told me I am giving credit to kale when it could be something else I'm doing that is easing the pain, but I consider the past couple days to be proof. There's something about giving your body the vitamins it needs that makes a difference. I'm convinced. It might not work with any old pain...it might be that the certain pain I have is helped with the vitamins in kale. I am not going to go back to eating it every day like I was because of the excess of folic acid. I will buy small bunches and eat it once a week or so, and I mixed it with shredded cabbage instead of eating it by itself.

I haven't had KFC for more than 10 years because DH doesn't like it. When I did eat it, I ate the extra crispy. I also take the skin off all my chicken. Not because of the fat, but because I just don't like it, even if it's crispy.

I have once again lost the 3 lbs that have been jumping on and off my body. LOL This time I will concentrate of getting lower rather than gaining it back again. Water, water and more water!

08-22-2014, 11:31 AM
Carol Sue I'm glad you made the clarification because we never want to mislead anyone who comes to this thread. I really think we are one of the best diabetic groups I've seen on line and we don't want to mess it up. Thank you so much for having my back.:hug:

I don't know if it was something in the KFC or what, but my fbs was 123 this morning. UNACCEPTABLE And we are going out to eat today for my birthday. Not sure where. So I am thinking about adding back the other 1/2 of my Metformin. I know tomorrow will probably be higher too. Nothing was different with my other meals/snacks so it had to be there. I will try to be careful today, but I will wait and see how I do in the next few days. We have been out to eat 3x already this week and today will be 4. I will give myself a few days because tomorrow I will go back to doing all the meals at home.

I do notice that my system has settled down and doing better today. I actually woke up at 6:45 and decided there was no reason to get up. I got up sometime after 8. Life is going to settle down around here too and I will get back to my routine of eating and exercise next week. Just will have to see if the fbs comes back down when things get back to normal. If not I will definitely go back to 1000 mg of Metformin again. I just realized that I usually eat a small snack later in the evening to take the 500 mg Metformin, but I ate my dinner so late that I took it with dinner instead. I will try that again tonight before deciding to take the 1000 mg. Maybe I am one who needs to take it later with a snack. And my weight is still good. It has been about the same with only a bounce of .2 lb all week which seems to be my pattern of things. I may just have to do some more tweaking and really not eat out so much. By using MFP to track my food, it will help me to see where I need to make changes. Another thing I'm learning from others is that I should have tested with my meter 3 hrs after eating at KFC then I would have known if it was caused by eating there.

This is going to be a new part of this journey, but at least if I learn to do it right it will hopefully be a journey to success. I told my sister that my health is going to become my new hobby and it looks like it is. LOL

Carol Sue We are so alike in some things. I had not realized the connection of the greens and some things I feel until you said that. I haven't been eating my greens and I'm out of kale and I'm noticing it in how I feel. I noticed this morning after eating the greens yesterday that I am better. Strange things you remember, but in the old Weight Watcher's plan I was on 30 yrs ago, we were required to eat a helping of greens everyday. Think they had something right there. I do so much better with the greens. I still have some avocado I have to use before it ruins, but I think I am going to go back to putting greens in my eggs. A lot less expensive that's for sure. :D

Well, I have to get busy around here. My youngest son surprised me calling me on his way to work this morning and sang happy birthday to me. Was a "special" surprise and treat. Surprise because I don't hear from him too much. He is one who calls on birthday day, Thanksgiving and Christmas and Mother's day and it is usually sometime after 7 or 8 at night because he works such long hours. Since all my family lives in other states, who doesn't say something on Facebook will be calling me. Got a lot to get done before the phone starts ringing again.

Y'all have a good day.

08-22-2014, 12:07 PM
Well Happy Birthday Trish!!!


Your are starting off the new year with a whole new you! That's wonderful.

I'm surprised that your BS went up with the KFC meal because you took off the skin and breading and only had veggies with it. I wonder if it's in the way they cook it. I don't think an occasional 123 can hurt with all your other readings being lower.

Our town isn't real big, but we have a PA Turkpike interchange 5 miles from our house so we have just about every restaurant and fast food restaurant you could imagine. No Cracker Barrel, but that is at the next exit several miles away. There are only certain ones we go to. It's mostly based on what DH likes, because I can find something to eat just about anywhere.

We are going to the casino today. I love their buffet, but I will eat too much. I will not eat any carbs, other than vegetables, but even too much protein can up your blood sugar. But it is planned and I am OK with it. Their pieces of meat are all small, but they have delicious roasted chicken, baked fish, poached salmon, and grilled steak, and I will sample some of each. They also have crab legs but the line for them is usually long. I won't eat any of them unless I notice that the line goes down. I had scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast and won't eat again until dinner at the casino.

When I eat my kale I usually buy it fresh, but I have started buying frozen kale and collard greens for when I want to add a bit into my eggs. It just makes it easier.

Have a good birthday!

08-22-2014, 08:12 PM
Thanks Carol Sue for the B-day wish. :) It has been a super day.

We ended up going Tig-Friday to eat. We have to go almost to NC to go to one and I had heard Tony say he wanted to go there so I decided "It's my B-day so why not?" I love baby back ribs and their half back isn't so bad price wise. When I got home I found it was wwwaaaayyyy too many cals. And I didn't now to as them not to put the bbq sauce on the ribs. I'll know next time. I did get broccoli and the Lime slaw so that wasn't bad. Tony wanted to try their Jack Daniels sample plate. We shared the shrimp (I love fried shrimp) and he had half back ribs on it. We had a couple of pieces of the fried chicken pieces and brought back the rest of them for DGS to have as a snack. It was wwwaaayyy too carby as well as it was very sweet, but it was a planned off plan. My new lowcarb friend read that when you eat off like that to exercise after dinner so I'm going to try that. It is supposed to help a diabetic get their numbers down the next day.

As for KFC, she said she quit eating there because she had eaten there a few times and took the skin and breading off and still had a bump in bs readings after. She said there must be something else that they do to the chicken. So I will know if I eat there again (one of Tony's favorite places) that I'm going to have a bump. I thought they had baked/roasted chicken, but I have never seen it there.

Back OP tonight. Not going to have any dinner. Just a snack later to take my 500 mg Metformin. She also said that sometimes she will get a bump reading like that, but it stays low most of the time and she doesn't worry about the occasional bump. So getting right back OP should make it all okay.

Have a great weekend.

08-22-2014, 09:05 PM
Fbs have all been great this wk. I am doing better with my eating. I caught a cold / sore throat from my little ones. So glad to get antibotic and be feeling better. Hubby seems to have it now.
I push mowed the yard this evening and really worked up a sweat. Came in and temp was still 92 with heat index of 98. I plan to do more yard and garden work tomorrow evening.

08-23-2014, 12:09 PM
Dgramie, it sounds like you got some good exercise in. I have heard that mowing the lawn is one of the best forms of exercise that you can fit in just by doing what needs to be done around the house. Good job!

Trish, I saw grilled chicken on the KFC online menu but it did say Menu Items May Vary By Location.

We also don't go to TGI Fridays. We went there once. The next time we went the line was so long to wait that we went somewhere else. It is next door to a Tx Roadhouse and DH likes their steak better. I have had the ribs, but that was long ago before I had diabetes. They have great pulled pork. Once I asked if I could have it without the sauce and they said it's cooked in the sauce, but sometimes when they give it to me I get a serving that doesn't have a lot of visible sauce. I eat some at the restaurant and bring the rest home for the next days lunch. At home, I rinse it in a strainer to get the excess sauce off. It still has the taste of the sauce cooked in, but not all the sugary sauce. It's only an occasional thing so I don't worry much about it. DH doesn't like pulled pork or I would make it at home where I can control the sauce. I do the same thing with baked beans....rinse the sauce off. We do differ in our food choices, Trish. I don't like fried chicken or fried shrimp. Prefer grill on both! I think I grew up with my mother frying EVERYTHING and I got tired of it. After moving out on my own I became familiar with other types of cooking.

08-23-2014, 04:45 PM
My FBS was 134 this morning, but I don't consider that high considering what I ate yesterday. I believe a few days back on lowcarbing, I will get back under the 120. Weight only went up .4 lb from yesterday so I think I'm good. :)

We usually have pizza on Saturday, but I told DH that I wasn't going to get one because I wanted to get back OP. I went to Walmart and got some frozen catfish, called Pizza Hut and ordered a Personal Pan Pizza and went by and got it for him. I came home and pan fried 2 fillets and mixed the last of some frozen broccoli with a deluxe stir-fry veggies and nuked them mixed them all together in a bowl and had an OP lunch. For breakfast, I had eggs, bacon, cheese and chopped frozen baby kale.

I don't know if I'm going to eat dinner or not. I checked a diet my new lowcarb friend told about on a thread on MFP called Egg Fast Diet. I looked it up. From what I understand, those on keto diets use it to break a stall. They do 3 to 7 days of it. Also, I read that if you do it for 2 meals on a day you are going to eat a more carby starch meal that some how it will keep the carby meal from being so bad on the glucose. Don't know if that is true or not. If I had known about it yesterday, I would have tried it to see. You can google it. That is what I did. It was late and I didn't look to see if there are any variations as there were several references to it. I found it through this website http://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/about which has some interesting info about how healthy eggs are and why. You might like to read it. I have a friend wants me to go out with her Wednesday for a late birthday celebration, so I just might try the 2 meals of eggs that day to see if it helps. She has a coupon for us to go to Charonda's. However, I do like taco salads so I can still stay close to plan eating one of those.

I did think about having eggs for dinner if I decide to eat, but a lot of times I'm not hungry so I may just wait and eat my late snack when I take my Metformin. I bought some more 0 carb sandwich meat and some cheese I thought I would cut up in smaller sizes and nuke them into lowcarb chips for snacks. I really want to get into this so that I can enjoy staying OP and not get side tracked by some food I liked before that won't fit lowcarb lifestyle.

Carol Sue I actually like shrimp fried or broiled. When we go to Sonny's BBQ I can get sliced or pulled pork without the sauce because they have bottles of sauces at the table. I didn't use it when DH and I went last week because I was afraid it would have some sugar in it. I don't know if I could have gotten the ribs without the sauce or not. When I cook them at home, I eat them without sauce on mine because I just like the flavor of the ribs with the seasonings on it.

I feel so encouraged and empowered with what I'm doing. While am going to follow this way of eating at least 90% of the time, I am also going to allow myself at least 10% leeway to enjoy the few times that I want to do something else. I really do not believe one meal from time to time is going to ruin things. JMHO After all, Carol Sue we have to have our beans from time to time. :dizzy:

08-24-2014, 12:55 PM
Good Morning. Just checking in this morning but I don't have much new to say. I was looking back through my tracking from past years, especially 2011 when my lab results were the best, and I noticed that I was not eating as low carb back then as I am now, but I was exercising regularly, so I have come to the conclusion that exercise was key. I know that, but seeing the results in black and white makes it clearer. Back then I was eating bread, and my carbs were between 100-200 daily. I am now eating fewer carbs, but struggling to get good results, and now I blame that on not keeping up with the exercise. It's sporatic at best. I have about 6 weeks until my next labs, so I am going to try to see if 6 weeks can make a difference.

Shannon, if you're around, you might find this interesting. I am reading a book I got from the library called Cholesterol Clarity. Basically, they are saying that statins don't do enough to make it worth the harm they can do. They lower total cholesterol and LDL some, but that's not the key element in heart health, but instead, HDL and Triglycerides, which are improved by low carb high fat diet. Statins have no effect on these. Also, it says that having cholesterol too low can also be harmful, and I am having one of the problems they discussed. Since the last time we talked about statins I have cut mine by half. Now I am considering cutting by half again, and eventually quitting them altogether. I read somewhere that if you quit cold turkey you could have a rebound effect, raising your cholesterol excessively. It's interesting, and it brings to mind the fact that DH refused statins from day one. I hate to tell him he was right.....LOL

08-24-2014, 03:36 PM
Although I don't agree with all of it, I knew the answers they wanted and got 100%.

http://www.webmd.com/diabetes/rm-quiz-diabetes-and-food?ecd=wnl_diaD_082414_tempD&ctr=wnl-dia-082414-tempD_ld-stry&mb=HpSunk8ip3Uc5kSGWbvGfeHnVev1imbC%40yNm4PCC9sE%3 d

08-24-2014, 05:10 PM
Carol Sue Interesting info about statins. Thanks for sharing.

I came home and cooked my eggs in CO and had maybe 1/2 Tbsp in my coffee and about an hour after brunch had to run too the potty. I don't think I can use CO. I seem to have no problem cooking in or with any other fats... bacon, EVOO, canola, or butter, but when I use CO, I get into trouble. So sad because I got about half of a huge jar of it. My system just does not like CO. :(

My weight is back down to 222 this week, but I would love to get back down to the 221 or 119 before I go see the doctor in September... 2 weeks from now.

I am not doing Atkins Induction now. I am just going to try to keep my carbs around 40 grams. I rinsed a can of pinto beans and put them in the crockpot with a serving (2 oz) kielbasa and water after heating it in the microwave. I plan to have half of it tonight with tomatoes and chopped onion and save the other half for later in the week. Can't remember the carbs for it, but my calories at the end of the day will be around 1400 calories, total net carbs 33. So I think that will be good.

Carol Sue There are just a few things that I want to keep in my food plan which may mean that I will be eating lowcarb, but not extremely low. However, I really don't want to even get near 100 g at least while losing weight. Since I've pretty much decided to eat whole fat foods instead of FF or LF, I don't really want to add fat to my food either. I know what they say about HF and I really believe so far that some of the foods that I like that are not FF/LF makes the fat intake at the end of the day higher than the grams of protein which seems to be the way I understand things should be on LCHF.

I cannot do the Egg Fast either or I choose not to. The one I read recommended a certain amount of butter/fat with each egg. Sorry can't remember if it was tsp or tblsp, but I don't want to eat even 1 tsp of fat to 1 egg ratio. So I don't think that is acceptable for me either with the results issues I seem to have with too much fat intake. I'm not ready to take a chance of that.

Shannon Hope the move is getting better.

Rennie Hope things are going well for you.

Donna, dgramie, and Everyone else :wave: Hi

08-24-2014, 10:15 PM
Happy belated birthday Trish!!!

OMG, this move is killing me!! We all spent 7 hrs at the old house Sat filling up the truck and a UHaul trailer! Our new house is filled with boxes, you can't even get through the garage anymore. The good news is we are very close to being done at the old house. We have a painter repairing holes, touching up paint and repainting the worst areas and I've convinced hubby to pay to have someone else clean it. Hopefully we can get it on the market within the week. I am so ready to be in the new house full time....it is in crisis mode here...boxes everywhere!

08-25-2014, 10:36 AM
Shannon :hug: This will get better, but I know how you feel. It seems so far away. When we sold our house in FL, there were things we were going to give away. The lady who bought our house said for us to leave whatever we didn't want and she would either use it or give it away. Sure made that end easy for us. Tony had already done a lot of clean up as we went, touch up paint etc. We still have boxes we never opened. We just don't have room for all of it especially since his daughter and her family moved in. Then when they left DGS stayed here. I would love to have that room to put things in. Oh Well. Two more years before he graduates from college so that is just a dream for now.

Well, DH and I had a bad eating day. I did so well for a while, but then last night we were both starving. We decided we wanted popcorn. Well, totally ruined my diet yesterday. I know it was just a snack, but fbs was 147 and weight up 1.8 lbs. I was so mad at myself.

As I laid in bed beating myself up, I thought... "What would I say if it was one you ladies?" So I decided, that was yesterday. Today is a new day and all isn't lost if I get up and get back OP. I've decided to go back to moderate low carb the way I was eating before I got caught up on the LCHF stuff. I think I can do Moderate LC Moderate Fat, but it just screws up my system to do HF. It just doesn't work for me. In trying to do LCHF, I'm not eating balanced even for LC. Eating LCHF needs more sodium and that isn't me either. So I will do a what I will call a MLCMF way of eating.

Company coming in a few minutes so I'll be back later.

08-25-2014, 10:56 AM
Shannon, believe it or not, the worst is over. Just open the boxes you need right away, then open the others as they are needed. We went through that when we moved. At least you have a very big house now with room to have the boxes sitting around for a while. It was a good idea to hire someone to clean the old house. You have enough to do!

Trish, everyone tweaks to fit into their own lifestyle. It will work out fine. What will you tell the woman who was advising you? Maybe you can fit the LCHF in, but not every day.

I wanted to change something to shake things up, at least temporarily. I am considering 5:2. Four days of low carb, two days of 500 cals and 1 carb day. Also, I am going to try to fit this into IF with an 8 hour eating window. I realize that 5:2 is a form of IF. I don't know how many calories I'm going to go to on the 4 LC days. I will have to decide on that. But I have to allow a carb day for days when DH wants lasagne, or pasta. In the book I am reading Cholesterol Clarity, they said that the way to raise HDL and lower Triglicerides is to do LC and exercise daily, and also IF with a 16 hr fast. I did the 16 hr fast after dinner until this morning. It was a little tough because I'm used to some snacking in the evening but I made it, and I'm still not really hungry for breakfast yet. I am already down 1 more pound this morning and FBG was 114. That's great for me. I'm still not sure how I will do the 500 cal days, but I have some ideas I picked up from reading about JUDDD, which is 500 cals every other day. A little too strict for me. LOL I think between now and when I get labs done again in October I should be able to make a difference in my labs. If not, then I know I tried my best.

I also wanted to ask you about the Tumeric/Curcumin. Are you still taking it? What were you taking it for? I have to take back what I said about not taking supplements, because there was mention in the book about Curcumin helping with heart disease and also blood sugar, so I bought some and am going to give it a try.

08-25-2014, 02:12 PM
Carol Sue I was taking curcumin because it was supposed to help with the blood sugar and some other things, but I can't remember right now. Since I've learned that the CO was my problem, I just might be able to use it. May try it again in a few days. I've got busy days for the next few days so may try it again when I will have time to handle any discomfort if I have any problems.

I still may follow the ratio of carb to fat to protein, but just not as high as others do. I'm not sure. My lifestyle just seems to have to have a few days to allow for some carby foods once in a while. I'm just not sure how to work that in. If I decide not to go as strict as the lady does, I will just be honest with her that my system just cannot handle it. I'm shooting for lowering my fbs below 120 and I will do what I have to do to do that.

I do know that I can do IF 12 to 16 hr fast everyday. I've done that. I also know that I like to do 3 meals and preferably no snacks. So I might could do a 6 day low carb with the fat a little higher and allow one day for carbs. I just know I have to figure this out so I can do it so that it is something I can live with and that works for me. MFP does help with me being able to see the ratios so that I might can still the carby day, but use the ratios even on those days. I will figure it out.

Good luck with your plan.

08-26-2014, 09:36 AM
I got way off track the past few days. I ate my weight in fingerfoods. My stomach is reminding me that I will pay the price for bad eating.
My fbs was 83 today. I skipped dinner last night because I had grazed all day long.
My goal for today is only drink water, no soft drinks. I can't believe I allowed myself to ever get hooked again.
I am going to really watch processed carbs and portions sizes today.

08-26-2014, 09:55 AM
I have a new grand baby coming in march. All my others live out of town and we just keep them from time to time. Well #6 will live in our town and I will help keep it while mommy works. Mommy is a bouncer and walker. So it's time for this Grammie to get in shape!! My energy is at an all time low and I'm sick of it.
When my first grand baby arrived ( 6yrs ago in oct.)I was 30 lbs lighter than I am today. Time to stop beating myself up for gaining and get off the weight. I have 30 wks.

08-26-2014, 09:57 AM
I have a new grand baby coming in march. All my others live out of town and we just keep them from time to time. Well #6 will live in our town and I will help keep it while mommy works. Mommy is a bouncer and walker. So it's time for this Grammie to get in shape!! My energy is at an all time low and I'm sick of it.
When my first grand baby arrived ( 6yrs ago in oct.)I was 30 lbs lighter than I am today. Time to stop beating myself up for gaining and get off the weight. I have 30 wks.

That's great news and incentive for you!!

08-26-2014, 10:08 AM
I am so off plan. I am going back to my 1000 mg Metformin. I am also going back to Intermittent Fasting. I am going to do the 16/8 daily. The only way that will change is when I get into it again, there are days I will do 19/5 when I'm not all that hungry. I will take the Metformin with the last meal of the day.
I know there are days when I will be eating carbs, because that seems to be my lifestyle, but I will work at keeping them to a minimum. Maybe more of a modified paleo/primal diet.

DH doesn't like a lot of fat and actually now that I've been trying to eat more fat, I know that I don't like it either. I do know I like beans and greens and some fruit. Primal gives room for those minus the beans although as I was researching last night there are those who modify primal and eat some beans and grains. So there must be room to make a plan that can be modified and work for me.

I just decided today that I've tried things a lot of different ways and I need to figure out how to put them together to work for me personally. I caught myself wanting sweets yesterday and I am not going to get on that merry-go-round again. Stopping it in its tracks today. I think that shows me that I'm not being satisfied with what I'm doing and so it is time to change it.

I know I feel better when I don't eat anything until around 11 or 12. I've always been that way. I think getting up and eating right away has become a habit, not hunger. I need to listen to my hunger signals (Intuitive Eating) again like I did on my trip. I seemed to have more control on my trip than I do now. I realize that was because food wasn't available all the time like it is at home. It's kind of like the experience you had Carol Sue the day you and DH went shopping and went so long without eating. You said you didn't get hungry and didn't even think about food. We did the same thing on our trip. And when we did eat we even ate some things that were REALLY NO NOs like the caramel coffee on the way home that you would have thought would have shot our blood sugar to the moon, but it didn't hurt us. In fact, it was so sweet we couldn't drink all of it and with all the things I did eat on the that trip, I came home with a weight loss. FBS was a little high, but not as high as it could have been.

I think it was because I also made a lot of good healthy choices.

Anyway, the first step is to get back on IF/IE again and to go from there. I think my friend and I are going to a Mexican restaurant tonight because she has a coupon. It is one of my favorite places to eat that DH hates. So I have decided that I will either get tacos or taco salad. I won't eat a lot today since I know that is going to be more carby. Might even try to have only a 5 hr eating window today.

Have a good day chickies.

08-26-2014, 10:10 AM
I have a new grand baby coming in march. All my others live out of town and we just keep them from time to time. Well #6 will live in our town and I will help keep it while mommy works. Mommy is a bouncer and walker. So it's time for this Grammie to get in shape!! My energy is at an all time low and I'm sick of it.
When my first grand baby arrived ( 6yrs ago in oct.)I was 30 lbs lighter than I am today. Time to stop beating myself up for gaining and get off the weight. I have 30 wks.

Congratulations!!! Great incentive. What a joy to look forward too. :)

08-26-2014, 10:38 AM
Well girls, I may have blown that magazine article. I got a little po'd with the photo editor in an email yesterday. My 15 seconds of fame may be cancelled, lol!

Last night I spent 3.5 hours on kitchen organization and finally saw 75% of the counters cleared off and nothing on the floor. I am seriously considering tossing any unopened boxes marked kitchen, lol! I think I am going to stop opening anymore boxes til what is inside is put away.

I keep trying to get back on plan but blow it by afternoon. Eventually I will get there. I'm up to about 182 from a previous low of 176 point something. I was 178 just a few days ago so there might be some water retention in there too. Anyway, I am still, for the most part, maintaining a 30 lb loss so I'm not going to stress too much right now. There are too many other things to think about.

I think I mentioned that we are overseeing the renovation of my MIL's house. It was on the market well over a year, maybe close to two, with no bites. It is being completely gutted inside. It has past termite damage which is all being replaced plus a complete update of floors, walls, fixtures and kitchen. We have picked out appliances, fixtures, etc. and drive over at least once a day to check the progress. Yesterday they dug up a ginormous tree in the front yard with an extensive root system, going to the edges and slightly under the house. They are also clearing the back yard of overgrowth. My MIL refused any updates or repairs to the house that were not critical. She was paranoid about workers. So, this house is dated back to the 70s with all the original carpet, etc. and has a yard (with lots of trees and shrubs) that has not been maintained, other than mowing, for 20 years.

08-26-2014, 12:02 PM
Shannon, it sounds like you MILs house is going to be a big job. I hope she's going to get enough for it to cover the cost of the renovations.

Do NOT throw away boxes marked kitchen. I will give you my address and reimburse you for shipping. LOL (just kidding)

As far as the magazine article, you should have some say-so about it! After all, it's going out to the public for all to see and read.

I have no doubt that you will get back OP. You did so well, and it is understandable that you should have a bit of a setback after all you have been through the past couple months. That's the past, this is now!

Dgramie, the same with you. Forget the bad eating day and move on. It happens to all of us. Congratulations on the new grandbaby. That gives you a goal to look forward to. We will give you encouragement to help you reach that goal!

Trish, as far as what plan you should follow, you did well with the LCHF except for the tummy issues. I think you are trying too hard to find a plan to follow 100%, and you don't have to do that. Do the LCHF on the days you are able to stick to it and don't beat yourself up on the days you don't. No one does 100%. Keep your fat level where you're most comfortable. Don't worry about keeping ratios. Just eat the best you can for you BS and your weight. Enjoy your little splurges and go on. I have found that every diet plan has something that I can't stick with. That's why I have "Carol's Plan." I am not setting any records with BS and weight, but both are improving slowly. I am going to aim for the plan I laid out in my previous post, but I know it will never be 100%. The IE is good and so is the IF. I think whatever food plan you decided on will work for you, but make it "Trish's Plan."

08-26-2014, 01:20 PM
checking in, been awol for the past couple of weeks mostly due to my horrible internet. It seems better now - we'll see though

I'm bouncing from 180 to 177, not too worried as I seem to need to just maintain for awhile. Still walking 5 miles about six days a week and my blood sugar is good.

08-26-2014, 01:59 PM
Always good to hear from you Donna. It sounds like you're doing great. That 5 mile walk is motivating to me. I need to get back to it badly.

Has anyone here ever watched the show The Doctors? I watch it sporatically. It's on at 12 noon and also at 10 PM in our area. One of the doctors has written a diet book. (Who hasn't?) Tomorrow, they are going to feature a diet sure to work for anyone, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's his diet. This might be a repeat because his book has been out for a while. According to the description on Amazon, his diet is adaptable to different eating styles, such as meat lovers, etc. I will be watching the show to see what they have to say. I am also going to check his book out of the library. It might not be for me, but reading about different diets gives me pointers and encouragement to you in my own plan.

Just wanted to mention it in case anyone is interested.

Also, I have been trying to buy all 93% lean ground beef, as I really don't like fatty ground meat. It's been hard convincing DH. One time one of the meat cutters at the supermarket told him a fattier meat makes a better tasting burger. I disagree. When I eat out, I will only order an Angus burger. I finally got him to try one and now he likes the Angus beef. Recently when we were shopping he saw Angus hot dogs by Oscar Mayer. We bought a pkg and he's sold on them. They are more than double the price of the hot dogs we normally buy, but they do not contain any nitrates and are much tastier. I compared the nutritional info. They are the same calorie count. The Angus burgers are higher fat, but they are all beef compared to the others that are pork and chicken. They have a 1gm lower carb count and a 2gm higher protein content. So I think that's favorable. We don''t eat a lot of hotdogs, but DH eats them often for his lunch and we do have them occasionally when dinner has to be a quick one. Maybe I can get my DIL to switch to them because I read somewhere that children under 10 should not eat anything that contains nitrates. My DGS eats hot dogs, breakfast sausage and smoked sausage. I wish she wouldn't give them to him. The nitrates are said to contribute to childhood cancers.

08-26-2014, 02:53 PM
Shannon Sorry about the article. I know you will get back OP. Sounds like you still have a lot going on with the sell of your house and your MIL's house. You are one busy lady.:hug:

Donna You are doing great. Good to hear from you.

Carol Sue Of oourse, you are right. It does upset me when I can't do 100%. I think that comes from being raised by perfectionists. :D I have no intention of doing IE per se except that I do need to think about foods that I like. I thin I read in the New Atkins book that there are certain foods that you should not decided that you cannot eat especially if they are important for you. I don't need the bread and can usually do without them. However, I do miss fruit. That is why I think I am not going to forbid them. I will just allow myself a little more carbs as I have no desire to eat only 20 or 30 carbs a day. I will continue to use some healthy fats, but not worry about having higher fat grams than the protein grams. Sometimes it just doesn't calculate. However, I am going to watch the calories.

For example, today I am doing an 16/8 IF day. I am going out for Mexican food with a friend this evening. I planned my eating to be between 2pm and 10pm. I have figured my calories etc already on MFP. My calories for today is less than 1200, net carbs will be 88, fat I think is around 58 and protein 68. I'm not going to worry about it because the calories are low.

I've been reading the IF thread here on 3fc and there is a pretty good group here. I'm learning quite a bit from what I've read so far and may end up joining the group eventually. Right now just reading.

You know, DH and I like the better cut of meats too. I like the Angus cuts and I didn't know about the Angus hot dogs. Thanks for the heads up; I will look for them. I have always loved bacon which I know has nitrates. Eating the way I have decided to eat, I won't be eating it very often any more.

Went shopping because I had to go get meds for DH. I got some zucchini and also some butternut squash. I've never eat it that I know of but decided to try something different. I got a bell pepper to make DGS and me some stuffed bell pepper. DH doesn't like it, but I do so thought I would make it like previous DH grandmother did. Cut the bell pepper in half and fill with meatloaf type meat and share it with DGS. He can take it to work the next day.

Most days will be LCMF, but allow for those days when we eat out. I think I just got upset because I thought my eating out in carby places was done for a few weeks. I go to the doctor in 2 weeks. It won't be a good thing like the last time I went. :( And I know it. But I have 2 weeks and 2 days before I go and while my A1c won't be great, maybe I can get a lb or 2 off by then. I hope.

08-27-2014, 09:21 AM
I had a op day yesterday with 5 bottles of water. I worked in the garden pulling up tomato plants and mowing. I have 5 pepper plants left. I will leave them till frost. I enjoy having them in the freezer to throw in chilli and meatloaf and fajitas.
My goal for today. Water , no dessert at church and only half of a roll. I'm really working on cutting processed carbs. We are having fried chicken so I will not eat the skin. I may ask for extra green beans and no potato casserole. I have lost weight before and got to get my head back in the game. I think I have the same issue as Trish. I have to be 100% or I give up. I have to learn gray areas are ok.
Fbs was 96 today.

08-27-2014, 10:12 AM
dgramie Yes, I too have to learn how to handle the gray areas. However, I also have lost weight before and we can do this. :congrat: YAY :congrat: We both had an OP day yesterday. We are on our way!!! Your FBS is great.

My FBS is coming back down and was 133 this morning. I ended up having a great IF day with an eating window of 5 hrs. My friend ended up working until almost 5 pm so it was about 5:30 before we ate. I even cooked for DH and DGS. I made shrimp scampi (my own lowcarb version). DH eats it with broccoli w/cheese and I made extra and added noodles to a serving for DGS to take to school for lunch today. AND I WAS NOT EVEN TEMPTED TO TASTE ANY OF IT!!! YAY!!! About 3 pm I finally ate some yogurt with a cup of grapes.

I couldn't find the food values on the food at the restaurant I went to. I know that I love Mexican food and don't get it very often. Didn't eat it while in TX like I usually do. So I planned ahead of time. I knew on IF that I could have what I wanted within reason. So I found the menu online and planned in advance. I ordered the cheese dip to eat with the chips and sauce that always comes with the meal. And I ordered the chicken taco salad instead of the beef taco salad that I usually would order. I could only go by Taco Bell food values and there the chicken taco salad had at least 200 calories if not more less than the beef. The only problem I found with the chicken t salad was it was too watery so I didn't eat all of it and I didn't like their taco bowl. Either it wasn't as good as it used to be or my tastes had changed. I brought 3/4 of the cheese dip and chips home for DGS to eat. Came home and just before 8 pm I ate a couple slices of sandwich meat with a slice of cheese so I could take the 1000 mg Metformin.

Today, we go to Sam's and DH said we will go to Cracker Barrel. I will be able to have the catfish (it is farm raised but with IF it will be okay. I'll have greens and maybe coleslaw and 1 corn muffin. I always drink water with lemon. I'm actually eating 2 snacks and 1 meal each day. Today may be just 1 meal and a snack.

Carol Sue You said something about using IF. I found this link that you might like reading.

He tells that there are many different ways to do IF and I noticed that to be true on the 3fc thread. I don't know if you have read their thread. I didn't purchase his book because I can read a lot online.

I told the lady on MFP that I was not going to do LCHF. Seems her DH is having the diarrhea problems with so much fat too. She did say that she often does IF along with LCHF. I told her that I was going to do more of a LCMF. However, I'm not going to make it a written in stone day to day rule. I know there are times that like today and yesterday that I am going to want to eat a little more carbs. (I guess that is the gray area dgramie was talking about.) On most days, I can do more LCMF than others. I think I have to allow myself that leeway in order to not feel like I've done a bad thing. And the weight is coming back down and hopefully I will finally get back down to that 219. I don't know if I'll get there by the time I go to see doc in 2 weeks, but I think this will give me a better chance because we know stress is a BIG enemy of diabetics. If I eliminate the stress and can relax with my plan, then that will help the bs to come down as well.

My system is something else lately... age maybe. I tried the curcumin again and sure enough had to run to the potty. Can't have that especially when out somewhere. Turmeric is in mustard so evidently the curcumin is too strong for me so I'll just have to get mine from mustard or adding a little bit of turmeric as seasoning.

Guess I rambled enough. Again, wordy today.

Shannon, Donna and others:wave:

Have a great day Chickies.:)

08-27-2014, 10:12 AM
I got the Doctor's Diet book from the library and started reading it yesterday. It's interesting. He includes all food groups as I expected, but in the weight loss stage there are no potatoes, pasta, or rice. You are permitted 1 grain selection per day, choosing from 1 sl of wheat bread, 1/2 C of Oatmeal 1/2 C of sweet potatoes or 1 C cold whole grain cereal. That is not very much carb. The portions of everything are smaller than most people eat on the standard American diet. He tells you to get rid of the sugar totally. He says that sat fat is not bad, but monounsatured or polyunsaturated is better, but fats are still limited. There's an extensive list of fruits and vegetables permitted. Nothing is unlimited, however. He says that even if you're eating healthy choices, you will gain if you take in more calories than you are burning. That's a big part of my problem. He explains what each food group does for you body and why they are necessary. I think it's based on 1400 calories for women. He doesn't take the one-size-does-not-fit all theory which we have found to be true. I guess you could tweak the calories to your own level. No weird unusual foods. He says at times they come out and say that a certain food is bad for you, so it's better to not eat any one food excessively so as not to over do it on something that turns out to be harmful. While I am glad I got to read the book, I wouldn't recommend going out and buying it. If you can get it from the library or borrow from someone, it's a good read.

Dgramie, I always have gray areas and I will say that my weight loss is extremely slow. If I did 100% I know it would be better, but I just don't think I'm programed to do 100%. DH's attitude is he wants to enjoy what he eats for whatever time he has left on this earth. I somewhat agree with that, but he doesn't have a weight problem or diabetes, and I do, and should be a little more stringent.

Trish, my husband didn't like stuffed peppers until I started making them with red and yellow peppers instead of green. They are a little sweeter and have a better taste. I don't know if it's the pepper or the filling that your DH doesn't like. I know some people only eat the filling because they don't like the peppers. We like stuffed cabbage a lot better, but that is a lot more work and time consuming.

Trish, we must be eating the same thing! LOL I checked my tracking for the past several days and I am averaging carb grams in the 80s, fat in the high 50s and protein in the high 60s.

I rarely buy bacon, but recently I was talking to someone on another thread, saying that I miss eating a BLT now that my tomatoes are ripening so fast, and she said she makes a BLT salad...lettuce with chopped tomatoes and bacon, so I might buy some bacon and try that. I can't eat straight bacon because it is too salty for me.

08-27-2014, 12:01 PM
Carol sue I make BLT salads. I love them!!

08-27-2014, 01:47 PM
Carol Sue Thanks for sharing from Diet Doctor's book. I guess he believes in eating more variety of foods than most lowcarb diets allow. I think he must be more Primal with a few carbs. I like the idea of allowing 1 grain a day although I would tweak and allow myself corn and maybe the sweet potato on occasion. Perhaps a couple of days a week. Today, I plan to have the corn muffin. I think eating IF will make it doable for me. With his plan tweaked, I would not need gray areas to worry about, as it would just be part of my plan. I'm not a 100% person either so I guess that is why I need a more flexible plan.

As for the peppers, Dear Mr. Picky eater isn't willing to try any color pepper and he doesn't like meatloaf either so he won't even eat the stuffing. It is a mind thing. DH #2 who would eat almost anything didn't like bell peppers either, but he would scoop out the filling and eat it and give me the pepper. he didn't like cucumbers but loved pickles and he always told me "Don't ever buy zucchini because you won't like it. It tastes awful". When he died, I bought a zucchini and cooked it. I stood in the middle of my kitchen and said, "Well Bill, you were wrong, I love zucchini". LOL My 1st husband would eat anything. I've never made stuffed cabbage. I don't really know how to do that. I will have to google it to see how. Might be another healthy thing DH may not like, but I could probably make it for DGS to take to school for lunch.

I think since I'm trying to keep from becoming bored with the food I eat or getting in a rut, I will try making DGS and me stuffed ones with the other colors of peppers sometime. Thanks for the heads up on that. As for DH, he does love a BLT once in a while and I will put that on the menu for him in the future and make mine as a salad. I think that would work beautifully.

I wanted to get an egg plant to cook for my dinner sometime, but they are so big. I want to pan fry them in some olive oil, but I don't know how long they will last in the fridge cooked or uncooked and don't know if I would like them after freezing.

08-27-2014, 08:27 PM
Trish, I don't think the DR Diet is Primal. I thought Primal was a lot of meat.

I had typed a big paragraph about the Dr Diet and then I found a site online that gives all the information if you want to read it.!!


I am going to stay on my current plan because I want to continue to eat a late breakfast/lunch and then dinner. But I am going to try to eat the portions he suggests instead of what I'm used to eating.

I bought a small eggplant and grilled slices on my grill pan. I just started eating it recently. DH won't eat it.

Guess I'll have to buy some bacon for BLT salads since you and Dgramie gave it the thumbs up!

08-28-2014, 11:56 AM
My ticker is finally true again, but my fbs is up again today, however, I know what I did so at least I know NOT to do that again. I can eat fruit in the morning or 1st part of my 8 hr eating window, but not at the end. So fbs was back up to 145. I'll get that back down.

Carol Sue The website you gave was Doctor's diet, but the Swedish doctor's site is dietdoctor.com. It is a different. But it got me searching some more on lowcarb dieting and I found this site called the Dr. Chase Diet. I thought you might be interested. I printed out the foods he allows which isn't really paleo/primal either because it allows more carbs although he does say the more carbs you eat the slower you will lose. However, the thing I liked about his site is that he shows 3 body types and how many carbs, protein and fat you should be eating. I am the Endomorph body type. I used his formula for eating for normal body weight. Had to have Tony help me because I'm not at working with grams and kg. Carbs for my normal size should be between 30 to 59 g. My protein should be between 50 -56 g and Fat around 84 to 100g. He said for weight loss everyone should keep their ranges Protein between 60 to 100 g, fats 120 to 200 g and carbs at 30 g for the 1st month or 2 until your body starts burning fat.


So I'm trying to figure that out on MFP, but still don't have it right. Right now I've got mine set on there at carb g 53, protein 88 g, and fat 95 g. But then I guess it is hard enough. It is difficult to get them right because MFP goes by percentages evidently rounded off.

I'm still going to do the IF and combine it with the LCHF. It does help with the fbs and hopefully my body will catch up and adjust to it. I can live without potatoes, bread, pasta and rice on a daily basis and of course sweets. After a while I won't even miss the bread. I do like veggies and I notice that while some LCHF do not recommend eating fruit, some do say use fruits to satisfy the sweet taste. I do plan to have some kind of grain at lunch like beans or corn just count the carbs. My second meal will be more of a protein salad. Today is going to be egg salad.

08-28-2014, 12:56 PM
Still alive over here just bogged down in the daily ins and outs of unpacking/organizing while also dealing with the old house. Going this afternoon to drop off more paint and get a key to the realtor. We have to replace carpet and counter tops there so dealing with that too. Sigh..... House goes on market Sept 11 and we go on vacation Sept 14.....can't wait to finally be done in the old house and leave the selling to God! Still not on plan....some meals are, most are not....someday....lol! Here in the new house I attended preschool orientation and it seems ok enough, it's hard getting used to a smaller community sometimes but I remind myself regularly that I grew up with simple and turned out fine, lol. Then yesterday I went to the local MOPS meeting. Being a smaller community, it's a small group, around 50 moms (versus 150+ at my last MOPS), they seem nice so hopefully I will make some friends. We still need to start checking out churches.

08-28-2014, 01:44 PM
Trish, the Doctor's Diet I was referencing was the book I'm reading, by Dr Travis Stork from the Doctor's TV show. The more I read that book the more optomistic I feel about my own weight loss. He thinks like me. I bookmarked the site you posted and will check it out later. Thanks!

My weight was up yesterday but back down today. This is why I don't weigh every day. The fluctuations annoy me and give me false information. I know that numbers don't lie, but a higher weight does not necessarily mean you ate too much. There are so many things that cause these fluctuations. My highs are getting lower and my lows are getting lower. That's all I care about. My BS was better today. I finally bought the Bragg Vinegar. I started drinking it in my water yesterday. DH came to bed last night and said "What were you doing in the kitchen? It smells like you ate a salad." LOL I think I spilled a "little" vinegar on the counter!

Shannon, it sounds like things are working out fine for you. You will make new friends and eventually get used to the smaller community. I think you made a good move. Hopefully your old house will sell quickly.

I wouldn't worry about being OP right now. Halfway is better than nothing. You'll be fine!

08-28-2014, 07:41 PM
Carol Sue I'm having trouble with too much fat. I ordered the Doctor's Diet book. I would like to read why we should eat from all the food groups. I noticed from what I read online even interview he did with Prevention that you should start by making small changes and he says it r.eally isn't a diet. I also read about it on WebMD and he stresses eating more veggies and fruits than the usual 5 servings a day. Any way, I think I can learn from him and perhaps tweak my plan so that I don't have such drastic reactions to the LCHF. Maybe I will learn how to eat more balanced.

I am continuing with lowcarb dieting until I get the book and then make any adjustments I might feel I need to make after reading the book. While I feel sure more fat has its place, I just don't think I can eat high fat the way LCHF diets recommend. So I look forward to seeing what he has to say. And perhaps it will be something DH and I can do together.

I am impressed with what you shared about how he has us eat smaller portions. When I was doing Weight Watchers, I ate smaller portions than they recommended and I was told by someone that you had to eat the whole portion size. I always did better when I did it on my own and lost weight as long as I did it my way. Strange, huh?

08-28-2014, 08:40 PM
Trish, I hope you like this diet. I thought about you when he mentioned eating fruit. There are carbs, but not a lot of them and I think the small portions would be good for a diabetic. I am glad I found that website I posted because I will be able to refer back to that after I have to return the book to the library. I can go online and renew it up to 4 times. I still haven't finished it, but I keep reading parts of it over and over. He says not to be afraid of fat because the body needs it, but he does not promote high fat. I am on the fence about fat. I do not eat low fat, but I don't go out of my way to add extra fat. I think anyone could do this diet. It seems to me that it's just normal food.

When I went to WW they stressed eating all your points, but there were other members who said they did not eat all their points every day, and some days ate more. I am trying to cut back a bit on calories by reducing my portions. We went out today and I had a hamburger with lettuce and tomato without the bun and a cup of vegetables soup. I will always do my own plan, but I'm taking pointers from Dr Stork's diet.

08-29-2014, 11:37 AM
Carol Sue I went back to the site you shared and like it better than the other sites I found of his. So I deleted the other one I had found and bookmarked the one you shared. I think what I'm going to like about his book is that he allows the grains like beans and I assume that means I can have my corn too. I think I read where he said eat the carbs earlier in the day. So yesterday I decided to make a steak, corn and broccoli for our main meal and I had grapes for dessert. Then about 7ish, I had scrambled eggs with chunks of butternut squash, a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese and pepper/onion blend and added a splash of HWC. I used butter on my lunchtime veggies and I cooked my scrambled egg mixture in a little bit of Olive Oil and I took a whole Metformin 1000 mg. I was completely satisfied and ate in a 5 hr window.

My weight this morning is down another lb to 220, but not going to change the ticker just yet. Monday is my WI day and since the scale bounced between 219.8 and 220, I just might be down to the weight I was when I got back from my trip. My FBS was 120 this morning. So things are working. I think the Doctor's Diet will probably help me tweak this so that I can live with this. I also like idea that he says lowfat not necessarily high fat. I'm not going to worry about things like eating only 7 eggs a week or adding or not eating fat, because I don't really think that is necessary. And you are right, I like the fruit allowed. I think DH and I used to watch The Doctors tv show, but don't remember what station it was on. I don't think we get that network any more.

I will follow his idea of using berries and grapefruit instead of the sweeter fruits. I do love strawberries which are always plentiful in this part of the country and I also love grapefruit. Can't remember the other fruit he recommended right now.

I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with all this. I have bloodwork next Thursday and have my A1c the Wednesday after that. But I know it isn't going to be great because of my screwing around with all this since I got back home from the trip. However, I do have a plan that will give me much better results in November. I'm not sure I will tell him what I'm doing until he can see the good bloodwork then.

Going to beauty shop this afternoon instead of tomorrow. Beautician is going out of town this weekend. It will be nice not to have to go anywhere Saturday for a change. I will be doing my shopping tonight with all the people getting off work this evening instead of tomorrow when they are busy with kids or watching games etc. :dizzy: But will be a nice change.

08-29-2014, 11:54 AM
Trish, the first phase is stricter than the second phase, and then you alternate back and forth between the two phases. Remember, you are allowed to have the carby vegetables, such as corn, peas, squash, etc, but only once a day and only 1/2 cup. My personal opinion is if you're calories are low enough, I think you should be able to have them twice a day. Each person is different, and if it doesn't raise your blood sugar or weight, go for it. In the first phase the fruits are apple, grapefruit and berries. In the second phase there is a larger selection of fruits, but quantities are still limited. I don't usually eat fruit, but grapefruit is a favorite, so since I am stopping my statin, I'm going to start buying the little single serve cups of grapefruit. You are allowed a whole grapefruit!

The beans are allowed from day one I believe, but they are a protein choice, so if you have them, that's your only protein choice for that meal. He does say that you can have 2 protein choices at a meal if you take the protein from another meal. That was mentioned for people who like a bigger breakfast and a smaller lunch or dinner.

In the book, I get the impression that veggies are unlimited, because for each meals it says "2 or more" veggies. When you get the book, tell me what you think about this.

I also get the impression that white bread, pasta, rice, or sweets are never added back to this plan, but he does state that no one is perfect and if you stray, don't beat yourself up.

I was really surprised that I found that website. It's not the Doctor's website, but someone else posted the whole diet program, which makes it convenient for us, but really makes it unnecessary to purchase the book. I might print it out, because it's possible that it will be taken down eventually.

08-29-2014, 12:22 PM
Good morning girls!

Yesterday was an awful day!! We went to our old house and discovered the painter we hired did a horrible job, got paint all over the trim and carpet (which we fortunately had already agreed we should replace to help with the sell) and made such a mess of things we are now going to have to hire someone to essentially repaint the entire house. We are sick!!! This character is also refusing to return our key so now we will have to pay to change the locks. SICK!!! Another house in our neighborhood just went on the market priced about $10K less than what we are planning to list ours at but ours has a few features the other doesn't so I think it's alright but I'm now starting to get very anxious about the house actually selling - I had not let myself think too much about that before since so many other things needed to happen first but I guess this is where prayer takes over and worry has to surrender.

I have been doing some reading and I think when I get back on plan I'm going to go backwards and start over with giving up wheat and sugar....not necessarily try to eat "low carb" or "high fat". I still believe that those two are the biggest issue with weight and insulin issues so I think I'm going to focus on them and not worry as much about other stuff. I've lost almost half of what I want to lose so the rest may come off slower with not giving up as much of the fruit, etc. but I think it will help me to get back on plan, not being as restrictive. I also need to get back to testing with making those changes and if something I am allowing is causing spikes then that has to be considered as well. I will, however, continue with my coffee the way I had been making it because I love it like that.

And for some good news, the magazine article is finally "a wrap" - I am done with answering questions and submitting photos. It got dicey there for a bit because they were wanting pictures and our camera has not surfaced yet in the unpacking but I was able to get them something that was not quite what they wanted but good enough so I think I'm finally done dealing with it. The article is supposed to run in All You for November. I will let you know if that changes!

08-29-2014, 12:40 PM
Shannon- so sorry to hear about the painting job. I would be sivk over it.

I really need to read some of the websites on different diets. I have a hard time finding time for Bible reading sure can't find time for other reading. Reading is my favorite thing to do for relaxing. I did finish up knitting a dish rag. Got another one started. I need to get busy if I'm using them as Christmas presents.

Food has been great the past few days. I am sleeping better but scales are not moving yet. Fbs was 100 today.

08-29-2014, 01:01 PM
Shannon So sorry you have bad experience with the painter. Mother of deceased hubby #2 and her sister had the same problem with a painter years ago. DH walked in and asked them who painted the woodwork which was all that had to painted as the rest of the house was paneled. The painter had used water base paint over semi-gloss and ruined it. I think they ended up having to get someone else do it all over. I'm looking forward to the magazine article. I don't usually by too many mags, but surely will purchase one that you are in. I surely do wish I could drink one cup of coffee like you do, but my body says no, no, no, no. :?:

Carol Sue I thought about printing that myself so I would have it as kind of a guideline while waiting for the book. Also can take it and read at the beauty shop this afternoon if my beautician isn't talkative. We are good friends and sometimes she plans for me to be there without any other customers so we can visit. :dizzy: But it would be good to have it until the book gets here. It may not be here for over a week. It must be popular because Amazon had a note on it that it may take 2 extra days for it to ship. Apples, that was the other fruit. Apples are so good for you too. Thanks for reminding me. Actually, I am eating my carby vegetable at 1st meal of the day. I didn't realize squash was considered a carby veggie. I had it last night and didn't stop me from losing or my fbs from going down. Maybe it is eating within the 5 to 8 hr window on IF. All that is where the book will come in handy. But I am trying to eat at least 1200 calories a day and I am having to struggle some times to reach it. I seem to have to add the carby veggie I eat and the little fat I add like butter and EVOO to reach it each day. Thanks for the reminders though. It will be fun to explore this way of eating with you. :)

I've got a pork chop in the oven which I will have corn on the cob and asparagus with for lunch. Staying OP is so much easier this way. I am eating earlier because I'm going to beauty shop at 3 which is when I usually start eating. So today will be more of an 8 hr eating window. Another thing I love about IF is the flexibility.


08-29-2014, 01:08 PM
Dgramie, I can understand giving Bible reading top priority! Believe it or not, I lost weight a lot better when I just cut back on quantities and junk food, before I started reading about different diet plans. The information started to run together. I would start the day on one plan and finish up on another. That doesn't work. You will do this. Slow and steady wins the race. You are eating well and keeping your blood sugar in line. That's a big start.

Shannon, I am so sorry to hear about the painting fiasco. This guy should be ashamed of himself. And keeping your key? It's sad to pay to change the locks, because the buyer will probably do that also. I will keep you in my prayers, that the house sells quickly.

08-29-2014, 02:28 PM
I am really having a problem getting my calories up even to 1100 today. Have my plan for today and can only get it to 1088. :?: I guess as I'm satisfied that is all that counts. My doctor did give me permission NOT to eat when I'm not hungry.:D

08-29-2014, 03:03 PM
Honestly, Trish, if he had said NO would you stuff yourself because he said so? No one decides how much or what I eat except me.

I just made hummus. Flavored one with roasted red peppers and the other with grilled eggplant. Yum, yum, yum. This will be my snack protein with my celery sticks.

08-30-2014, 12:10 AM
Carol Sue No, I wouldn't have any desire to stuff myself if the doc had said I had too. I have enough of those telling me I have to eat when I'm not hungry.

08-30-2014, 10:58 AM
Good Morning Chickies,

I was so tired when I got home last night, I just had an Atkins dinner, the Chili Con Corne and had cashews for dessert. Boy did it hit my system early this morning. I'll have to remember not to eat both within the same meal. Although Atkins does use a lot of spices and they may mess with my tummy that just isn't use to that stuff. Any way the pay off was good when it comes to my weight. I am down another 1.4 lbs to 218.6 this morning. If I can keep this, it means I've finally lost 20 lbs since Christmas and I weigh less than I did when I came home from my trip in June. My fbs was up to 127 :?: not sure why. Maybe because I had an 8 hr eating window instead of a 5 hr., but it is still better than being up in the 130s and 140s. So I'm not complaining. Some of the reaction could also be going back to 1000 mg of Metformin. I'm taking the whole thing at night. Maybe I should divide it again and take it 12 hrs apart. I might try that.

Today will be a lowcarb day for me. Wings and zucchini or eggplant. I finally found a smaller eggplant at Walmart last night so grabbed it.

Lazy day today I hope. My big mini-blind in my front window broke when I opened it yesterday. DH may want to go get another one, but I'm going to try to talk him into going tomorrow after church or even Monday. I kind of like having a lazy day once in a while. I say lazy, but of course I will be cooking. I got the Angus beef franks that Carol Sue for us to eat on the Monday for the holiday.

08-30-2014, 11:43 AM
Trish, I hope you like the Angus Beef Franks. They cost a little more, but it's not like I'm buying enough for a big family, just the two of us, and I like the fact that we're eliminating the nitrates in them. We still have some of the other ones in the freezer but we will use them eventually.

There are a lot of reasons why you should not force yourself to eat more calories. As we age, our metabolism slows down a bit and we don't need as many calories. If you're not hungry, you're fine. Also, using an online food tracker can sometimes be wrong. You may be underestimating your portions or not including hidden calories. I think you're better off erring on the low side. I could learn from you. I struggle to stay at 1200 or below.

I have taken the tumeric 3 days now and I am not having any issues so far. I'm thinking that you have sensitivities. Not many things effect my tummy like the fats and spices effect you. My mother always said I had an iron stomach and could eat everything and anything. That could be part of my weight problem. LOL

I have also been drinking the water with the Bragg Vinegar. I don't notice any drop in my BS. In fact, I've had some higher readings. I bought a small bottle, so if I don't see any improvement eventually I won't buy it anymore. Maybe it just doesn't work for me.

Enjoy your day. It will be a busy one for me because I've been having lazy days all week!

08-30-2014, 12:29 PM
Carol Sue I never had any issues with foods in the past. However, I just realized that they really started with the sugar alcohols in the Atkins bars and when I tried the coffee with all that fat. Last night I had an Atkins dinner. I'm beginning to think maybe there are things in the Atkins foods that I cannot handle. So far I haven't had any problems with the shakes, but I don't have them very often either. Also I did chew some diet gum last night which I've been staying away from too.

I'm thinking maybe I cannot eat any kind of foods called/marked/considered diet foods any more especially if processed. Although, I have had some WW Smart Ones dinners with no problems. So just may have to stick to more home cooked foods and stay away from any processed foods.

I agree about the need for so much food at our ages. I remember thinking when I was younger and had a SIL who usually ate a candy bar in the afternoon and then a meal in the evening. I had always heard that as we age we need less food. I used to wonder what was going to happen to her when she gets to the age where she had to cut back. Where would she cut back. Haven't seen her since she and my BIL divorced. But I often wonder about her. I have places to cut back, she doesn't.

Actually, I've decided not to tell my doctor what I'm doing this time. If I mention IF, he will say I need to eat and I've decided that I'm just not going to eat when I'm not hungry. I remember years ago dreaming of people making me eat when I wasn't hungry and how miserable I felt. I've already lived that dream and I'm not doing it any more. Actually, I think my dieting and insisting on my DH eat more "healthy" just may be why he has a belly now. I especially thought that after reading Dr. Chase's website and seeing the different body types. When we married, he ate what he wanted although he would eat the food I cooked. I age pretty much the way I wanted and he ate the way he had always ate. We both were thin. It is when we started following whatever diet I read was healthy that I gained weight and he gained belly fat.

Neither one of us ate breakfast, but I loved fruit. Almost was a fruitatarian if there is such a thing. He loved soup and ate it often. I didn't so I ate a lot of tuna salads which was my favorite. He had a big bag of potato chips that he would eat a few bites out of each day, but I never touched them because I knew I could not eat just one. We ate whatever we were in the mood for... Chinese food, hamburgers, subways, and even fried/broasted chicken on occasion. We usually shared the Chinese food. And I made desserts on special occasions. I did not gain weight and he had a flat tummy.

I had not reached my goal so I started looking online for support diet groups and they would tell me I couldn't eat certain foods on whatever diet I was on. And of course, I started eating breakfast again because that is the most important meal of the day and changing the way and what we ate and I got fat and he got a belly. Sad thing is that it didn't take long to put back on almost all the weight I had gained. Should tell me something shouldn't it?

Now I'm pretty much eating 2 meals a day again and eating pretty much what we like and want within reason and the weight is coming down and so is the fbs. In fact, the Doctor's diet may end up being almost like the way I ate when I married DH with just a few variations. Like I said once before, I don't worry about eating whole eggs when I eat them. I looked on Amazon and the book is actually on its way and already in Knoxville. Still scheduled to be here by Thursday, but it just might get here sooner.

Well, I'm wordy again. So I'll close.

Have a good day everyone.

08-30-2014, 12:52 PM
Trish, when it comes to IF, I think your doctor hears the word "fasting" and thinks of those people who go days without any food. I know there are some IF plans where you only eat 500 cals on some days, but otherwise, it is just not eating from dinner until breakfast the next day. To me, that is how we were intended to eat. Even if you don't eat breakfast when you first get up, and even if it's not traditional breakfast food, the first meal you eat for the day is "break fast." Natually thin people have eaten that way for years. When my doctor asked me how I improved my labs I just told him I changed my diet. He didn't ask how and I didn't elaborate. He was just happy to see the changes however I did it.

When my DH goes to the doctor I go in with him because he doesn't pay attention. The doctor asked me why DH doesn't come in with me for my appointments and I told him "I don't want him telling you things I don't want you to know!" He just laughed.

08-30-2014, 01:29 PM
Here are some neat ideas! Not necessarily low carb of diabetes friendly.


08-30-2014, 07:13 PM
Had a little bit more carbs, but still under 1400 calories that I allow myself. I had 2 fruits and also had veggies as he Doctors diet suggests. Will see how it affects fbs and weight tomorrow.

08-30-2014, 11:37 PM
Spent another day at the old house. My dog has been sick since I got him groomed Monday so we made a trip to his vet. They think it's bronchitis and not his heart disease or cancer thankfully. After that we went to the house to pick up old paint, chemicals, etc to take to the dump since it is only open for that type of waste on Saturdays. Got the last few remaining items from the attic and garage. Took alot of bigger unwanted items to dump that had been in backyard and garage. Everything is finally out now.

We took a closer look at the paint fiasco. Looks like poorly repaired nail holes, paint put on with rollers that were being reused from color to color and/or from cans not mixed well (old paint being touched up) which left a chalky looking shiny residue when painted over the (not) repaired nail holes. Then the two rooms that were being freshly painted (not touch ups, supplied brand new paint) have paint drips on the carpet (splatters as well marks that look like paint cans with paint on bottom were sat down on it), terrible quality of painting on wall (including one room looking "dirty", I suspect he used a roller that had a different color on it first), paint drips all over trim and paint all over faceplates and fan remotes. Some rooms have different color paint splatters on the walls so I'm sure he reused rollers and brushes from color to color. I have painted about 10 rooms across two homes in my time and truly I can say that this person was incredibly unprofessional in his workmanship, my paint jobs were far superior and I'm not trained or anything. Very very disappointed. We have gotten some quotes and are looking at $2500 to repaint house on top of $1600 in new carpet and $2000 in new countertops. We do not live in a market where "as is" sells well. We did not really plan on all this. We expected the countertops and thought maybe on the carpet but were hoping to not change it. We certainly weren't planning on a complete repaint. Sigh.... What a mess!

I will quit talking about all that now but just needed to rant a little more. At the new house I'm working on organizing the hall closet by my daughter's room which is really big and where a lot of misc stuff will be stored. I need to pick up some clear plastic bins with lids that can stack. I have a bazillion baskets and bins but none that work well in that closet....go figure! I still have kitchen boxes to unpack but I'm holding off because right now everything in there that is unpacked is organized and I don't want to add clutter.

I haven't unpacked Olivia's books yet because I need to find a bookcase for them. What I had in the old house has a new purpose in the new house. Oh blah blah blah, ya'll probably don't want to hear all this...LOL! I just have nothing diet to say....we are eating out a ton still!

08-31-2014, 10:06 AM
Carol Sue Thanks for the website. I saw 2 recipes I liked the pot pie and the white bean salad. Saw another one, but not sure about it.

Shannon The painter you had does not sound like a professional. So sorry about the mess and extra money you are having to spend. Glad you got everything out and hope your experience with the other people you have to deal with on the old house are better. Prayers coming your way.

Last day of August my weight stayed at 218.6 again today and my fbs was down 2 pts to 125. I had some sugar yesterday in the bbq sauce I made bbq beans with and contrary to the rules of Doctors Diet, I had them with my wings, however, I didn't add any sauce to the wings. I BBQ the guys wings, but I like mine just plain. So considering that blip, I guess things aren't too bad. I did stick to eating only in a 5 hr window. Not sure about today. Since we eat earlier on Sunday and DH and I have to go get a blind to replace broken one for the front living room window, we will eat out somewhere around noon. So may end up with an 8 hr eating window today.
But that is how we are learning to make our plan work for us personally so that we don't screw things up long term knowing that we will have days that will be the norm. I consider 5 hr window my normal way of eating and days that are a little different are usually 8 hrs. I do plan to be careful today though as tomorrow is WI day when I will change my ticker.

Have a Super Sunday.

08-31-2014, 01:03 PM
I am back down to 194 this morning.

Trish, I allow for an 8 hr eating window, but sometimes it's less, sometimes more. I do try not to eat anything after dinner, around 5PM and go as long as I can for my first meal of the day. Yesterday DH was going to the car cruise so I had to make something fast. I made some sauce and cooked frozen meat ravioli. I ate 3 of them and had 3 meatballs with it to add more protein. It was more carbs than my plan, but I still lost weight, probably because my total calories were down. I must not have had enough dinner, because I was really hungry at bedtime, so I cooked a scrambled egg. I lost weight in spite of it, but BS was 132, even though the egg was protein. I can't eat ANYTHING before bed without raisinig BS.

When I eat baked/barbeque beans, I rinse the sauce off. They still retain the flavor of the sauce they are cooked in, but it removes a lot of the sugary sauce.

Shannon, it's too bad you can't go back and recoup from the painter. Maybe you should have agreed to half up front and the other half after inspection. I would definately report him to the Better Business Bureau. Most people want a house to be in move-in condition. Some will buy a house for a lower price so they can choose carpet, paint colors, counter tops as long as no major repair work is needed. It's all in finding the right buyer. I hope it sells quickly for you.

09-01-2014, 01:16 AM
New thread for September here