Support Groups - The Worldlies Are Burning Up Calories In The Aug. Heat(August Thread)

08-01-2014, 08:45 AM
I came to post in this thread and saw that there wasnt a new one so I thought I would make a new one for us, I hope everyone likes the title for Aug.

08-01-2014, 08:56 AM
Laura ~ Thats cool that you still have cd's you want to get on the computer so you can put them on your cell phone's MP3. I will definitely enjoy my walks today.

Michelle & Susie ~ Thanks, Im looking forward to the first session on Thursday.


I woke up at 5:00 AM this morning so chances are I'll definitely take a nap before we go run errands at 2:00 pm today but anyway so far today I've done my everyday morning duties and now Im just watching t.v and posting on here and on 2 other forums while ripping cd's to the computer so I can put them on my MP3 Player and thats all Im doing right now. I'll get my 30 min outside walk in this morning and I'll get my 5 mile walk in tonight as well.

08-01-2014, 10:07 AM
Good morning everyone. Just popping in to say Hi. It's bright and sunny in Ohio today. I posted a long post on our July thread last night, just in case you want to read it.

Today we are getting an oil change in the car, going to see the movie about James Brown and trying a new rootbeer stand. Last day of vacation for me--I have so enjoyed my week off!

Terra: Thanks for starting the new thread--I love the title! 5:00 a.m. is early to get up! I only get up at close to that time (5:30 a.m.) when I'm working. My normal get up time on the weekends is between 7:30- 8:00 a.m.
Enjoy your nap later on today and doing your errands.

Hello to everyone else! Have a great day!

08-01-2014, 01:05 PM
Susie ~ Thanks, Im glad you love the title of the Aug. thread. Yeah 5 am is early to get up but I couldnt fall back to sleep so I decided just to get up. I love running errands so I'll definitely enjoy it. I normally get up any time between 7 am and 9 am. I usually cant sleep past 9.

08-01-2014, 01:29 PM
Good morning everyone,

Terra - thanks for setting up the new thread. It's August - we should be sweating! Except for Shad of course. ;)

I'm a tiny bit concerned we may be in for another dreadful winter like last year. :yikes: I told DH that the hummingbirds were swarming - that means they are in a frenzy to drink up and get as much food as they can before they start their long trip south. He said he felt we just had a lot of birds but sure enough, yesterday their numbers dropped substantially. We still have quite a few but they were drinking 8 cups of sugar water - yes - 8 for 4 feeders a day at their peak. He said it's too early for them to leave - they should be here until almost the end of September but I said nature and instincts tell them what to do, not the weather channel. ;) He's pulling out the cucumber plants - they are not doing well with 40 degree temperature swings between night and day. I'm so glad I didn't put in a garden this year although I will have a huge job of clearing weeds when I get back.

Sorry I haven't been posting much - I have been heads down trying to get everything I need to completed before I leave next week. 6 days and counting up busy. I did get my pension buyout papers. An extremely cheap and disappointing buyout but the company has changed hands 3 times in 16 years and I am tired of chasing them and will have to do so for the next 5 years if I continue to leave my money there. So I'll take it and hope DH can grow it into something decent. Pity how companies expect loyalty and give very little back to the employees. :mad:

Anyway... Laura I am sorry to hear of your plumbing issues. We had to deal with the exact same thing in 2003. You are right about the sewer pipes busting up. We had a tree right by the pipe and we suspected the roots broke the pipe but the plumber said it just died of old age. With us I noticed soap suds in the window well after I had washed dishes. At least you didn't have a huge basement mess although it is quite inconvenient and costly too - on your dime as insurance does not pay anything towards it. Glad the weight loss numbers worked in your favor too.

Michelle - have a good time at the wedding celebration this weekend.

Shad - sounds like you have your work cut out for you now that you are back home again. At least you have some tomatoes to give you sustenance ;) :lol: I'm sure you'll make quick work of getting things in order again. Sorry to hear about the plumbing woes. Hope it is not costly.

Annie - hope the interview went well.

Ceejay - take some time to enjoy yourself on the weekend.

Susie - glad you had a good time on vacation although you sound as if you were busy every minute. It sure went by fast, didn't it?

I have to get ready for my afternoon shift. I wasn't going to go in by my partner got sick with bee stings last week and wasn't able to make it in and we wanted to spend some time together before I leave so I said I'd come in.

Happy August everyone - hope this will be a successful month for us. I finished out the month 9 pounds down - hit 10 but then I had a salty dinner yesterday.

08-01-2014, 05:06 PM
Terra - Thanks for setting up the thread. We're definitely sweatin' here in the upper 90s in Northern CA.

Susie - Enjoy the movie.

Happy - Good that you got your pension buyout. Your DH is smart. He'll find a way to make the most out of it. Have a good afternoon at the shop. I imagine you have a lot to check off your to do list before you go.

08-02-2014, 12:36 PM
Hello Eveyrone. We have a rainy morning here in Ohio. DH is about to do the grocery shopping and I will clean the kitchen, bathroom and dust two more rooms.

We really enjoyed the movie yesterday. The new rootbeer place that we tried was ok. We still like the one that we usually frequent in the summer better.

I plan to get on the treadmill today for 30 min as well. I'm toying with signing up for a 4 mile walk in October. It's a race and there is a 4 mile walk as well as a half and full marathon. You can run or walk and for me it is all about doing my personal best. It is for Women only. I can register by the middle of September. I told myself that if for the next 3 weeks I stick to a training schedule of doing the treadmill 3 times a week and the bike of ellipitcal 1 time a week for at least 30 min I will sign up. I haven't done a organized race over a year and so I think it might be time.

Michelle: Sounds like it is pretty warm in your part of CA. Stay cool!

Happy: You do have a lot to get done before you leave on your trip. I think you are the most busy retired person I know! :)

I'm sure your husband will do well with your retirment investment options and you will have the peace of mind that you don't have to chase the funds all over the place if/when the former employeer keeps being sold or changing the group that is handling it.

It was interesting to hear about the humming birds. I hope we won't have a early/long winter but I keep telling my DH that most days, it feels like late September here instead of early August. I have enjoyed the cooler summer days and nice evenings but I sure don't want a long winter.

I best get busy and get some things done. Have a great day everyone.

08-02-2014, 03:28 PM
Happy ~ Yeah I agree we should be sweating, Since Shad lives in another country is that why she wouldnt be sweating? Just wondering. I used to know a woman who had a condition that caused her not to sweat ever. I wish I didnt sweat when working out but then again how would I know if I was burning calories if I didnt sweat you know?

Michelle ~ Your welcome, Yeah its been pretty hot here in Kansas too.


I woke up at 10 AM this morning which I havent done in a long time I usually get up anywhere between 7 am and 9 am, I usually cant sleep past 9 but I sure did today. So far today I've done my morning duties like always and I just got done eating breakfast, Now Im just watching t.v and posting on this forum and on 2 other forums, I havent didnt do my morning 30 min walk this morning since I didnt get up until 10 am and Its too hot already at 10 am but I'll still get my 5 mile walk in this evening and I'll make sure I get up at 6 am tomorrow so I can go walk by 8 am tomorrow morning.

08-02-2014, 11:37 PM
This is a quiet place. I was getting to many pop ups on this sight at work.
I worked an extra day on Friday and thought I may have to work today but luckily didn't have to. My co-worker's son was involved in a wreck on Thursday afternoon. Thankfully he's okay, cut's and bruises.
Went to Jonesboro today mainly to eat fish at my favorite place and stopped by Bed bath and beyond. Didn't find what I was looking for which was a new garbage can that was a certain size.
Got back home this afternoon needing a nap so I laid down on the couch and slept till 8 p.m. Thought I had overslept for work tomorrow.
It's late so I'll try to post more tomorrow.

08-03-2014, 12:47 PM
Where is every one?

08-03-2014, 02:58 PM
Hello, hello. Sorry guys. Head down, working on stuff. Forgot to come here.

Ceejay - sometimes I seem to get a deeper sleep when I take a nap. Hope that didn't interfere with your regular sleep cycle for the night. I'm with you on the garbage can hunt - why is it so hard to find a decent trash can? And the prices of some of them are just insane.

Terra - Joy lives "down under" and on the other side of the world from us. So her seasons are the opposite of ours. When we are in summer, she is in winter. The craziest thing to me is that she celebrates Christmas in the middle of summer. :dizzy: I suppose when that is what you are used to, that's normal - right? Christmas with no snow just isn't Christmas. ;) I don't like to sweat (intensely) either but I feel sorry for that woman who can't sweat at all. That is dangerous as her body doesn't have a way of cooling itself off. How is your quilt coming along?

Susie - how fun that you are doing the race walk. That is on my bucket / ambition list too - to do a walking 5K. I think it's great to train on the treadmill and then get some practice in on uneven terrain on the walking paths. Glad that you were able to enjoy your vacation, even if it did zoom quickly by. I'm not sure if I am the most busy retired person :^: but I know that I sure do enjoy my "busyness" a whole lot more than my work busy. :rofl: I still tend to not get to the things (like stacks of books to read) or drawing or writing that I should be doing. I think I will leave that for winter in the house activities and then I don't get to it. :dizzy: Must plan my life better :lol: I hope you got all your housework done. That's nice that DH helps with the grocery shopping. I cringe to think what we'd be eating if DH did the shopping although he is very good about going and picking up things if I give him a specific list. He's just not good at off the cuff thinking of things to cook.

Michelle - hope that you are having a great time at the wedding fun this weekend. Hope they had a nice ceremony and reception. Are you up to dancing? :lol:

Annie - saw your post on FB :( :hug: I can only imagine how sad and frustrating this whole job hunt is going for you. I hope you do not let it get to you and start to doubt yourself. I don't EVER remember the job hunting being as bad as it is now. So many people competing for very little to offer. Don't take it personal, it's the hard times we are facing. Try to direct your energies to good things and the kids although I know kindness does not pay the bills or buy food. Still sending you good thoughts. :hug: :hug:

Laura - are you busy outside in the garden? I am having a very difficult time getting people to commit to specific things on my trip so that I can firm up plans. Everyone is like... we will decide when you get here or see what the weather is like. :dizzy: I am still hoping we can meet up in OB. I guess I will have to call you when I get there. Would you rather do a weekend over a week night? Does Sunday work for you? I hope the plumbing issues got fixed.

Same for you Shad - is everything taken care of? Welcome home. Are you hot now? :lol: Weather must be much warmer at home. How is Sunday the cat reacting to you? Is she rather indifferent now that you've been away?

I am making headway on my to do list. So far I don't have to be in panic mode which is good. DH wants to go to Minneapolis to take pictures of a live butterfly exhibit they have at the zoo. I told him I am not comfortable with him going away so far when I am not at home. If something (God forbid) happened to him on the road, the cats would be abandoned. Call me stupid but I do worry about stuff like that. So he agreed to go while I am still here as the exhibit will close the weekend I return. That gives me almost an entire day to bat things out which is good for me. Sometimes you can get a lot done when you are by yourself, even if the other person is not bothering you.

It sure was chilly last night. Hot during the day - DH was worn out from doing yard work but I went to bed with a light blanket and woke up in the middle of the night curled in a tight ball (which was not comfortable) because I was so cold. So I got another blanket and went to sleep. 89 during the day, 42 at night is rather drastic temperature swings. Like living in the desert. Anyway I should get busy here. Tomorrow is going to be a super busy day for me - lots of errands to run, I have my 2 hour shift standing out and begging for donations for our tag day fundraiser so I'm not sure if I will get in here in the morning - most likely not. But will catch you on the other side. I do feel bad that I sent some copy for an article and a mention for Tag Day in our local paper and it did not appear. I thought I was careful with the email address and darn if I didn't put an extra double LL in the name (misspelled). :mad: I am rather ticked that it did not kick back as undeliverable. Given the circumstances I did not want to bug the newspaper people but I should have just dropped the paper copy off at the newspaper office. I am mad at my stupid mistake. Oh well I hope it does not affect our donations.

Anyway, happy Sunday to you all.

08-03-2014, 07:43 PM
Morning all,
Been busy round here. The weather is 'interesting' as it has been hot (up to 30C) during the day and around 4C at night. We expect 20C drops at night but not the 30 during the day. 23 or 24C is more normal.
So yes I have been busy - cutting the hedge, doing some gardening, poisoning the weeds, cleaning the house, paying bills and thinking about my taxes. Not a pretty thought.

Miss Puss is very happy to be home. She is eating better and drinking some water and purring, dribbling and dropping fur all over the bed. Apparently I am very good for sleeping on top of and she is never amused when I need to change position in the bed.

Today - since it has rained overnight I might just go down the road and do some shopping for garden plants and then come home to dig over the garden. The laundry is up to date and I just need to sweep and wash the floor in the house. So I guess it might be time to get into it. I also need to make appointments for dentist, eyeman and vet.

So I won't do personals just now. Will try for later. Gotta make hay while the sunshines (need it for mulch in the garden) and then other things will no doubt make themselves known.

See ya

08-03-2014, 10:27 PM
Heading to bed her soon--but I have a load of towels to fold and put away.

We stayed close to home today and just relaxed. I took a nap from 2-4. It felt great! I love my Sunday naps.

I guess I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow--I was just getting used to being off.

We took a walk over to see DH's dad this evening. It's 10 min over there and then 10 min back. It was such a pretty evening so I said to DH, let's skip the treadmill and just walk over to visit your dad.

Terra: I think you slept in because you were up so early the other day. It's ok to get some extra sleep. Did you get your walks in?

Happy: My DH does all our cooking--he always has. We talk about what meals we would like for the week and then I make a list and off he goes to the store. He loves to grocery shop. He does get some items that weren't on the list but he does very well.

I know you feel badly for not getting the Tag day add in the newspaper but I'm sure you will still have a successful sale. Don't be so hard on yourself.

You should do a 5k! That is 3.5 miles I think. I LOVE doing them and just being around that "race" atmosphere. For most it is about doing your personal best and you feel amazing after you do it.

Ceejay: What size trash can are you looking for? I love to walk around Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Shad: It sounds like you are busy. Did you get some gardening done today?

Hi to Annie, Michelle and Laura.

08-04-2014, 12:10 PM
Morning all,

Busy, busy day. Will be back tonight. Have a good one everybody.

08-04-2014, 12:12 PM
Good morning ladies,

I'm going to keep this short and sweet (like me, at least the short part - LOL). Had a very busy weekend with all the wedding activities. The wedding was very nice. Yesterday, I ran some errands and went to the gym. I did 1/2 hour on the bike, worked with a personal trainer for 45 minutes, and then went to yoga class.

I just saw that Annie posted to the July thread that her interview with One America went well but she hasn't heard anything, and her interview with Wells Fargo was postponed until 11 am today. Since she's in the Eastern timezone, she's having her interview right now.

Annie - Sending you lots of positive energy, good vibes, prayers and got my fingers and toes crossed for you. :crossed;

I'll be back later for more personals.

Much love,

08-04-2014, 12:14 PM
Morning all.

Terra – Thanks for starting another thread for us. I like the title!! :)

Michelle – How were all the wedding festivities? Are the bride & groom off on a honeymoon now? :love: If so, where did they go? Oh, and how’s your brother doing?

Annie – Keeping you in my thoughts and praying the right opportunity comes along for you. It’ll happen for you, I know it.

Susie – I’m glad you enjoyed that movie. I’ll have to get out and see it. I can’t make it to the movies with the girls on Tuesday, but maybe later this week bf & I can go see it. Don’t envy you going back to work after a full week off. Good luck with Mt. Email. Doing that 4 mile walk sounds like a good way to get motivated and the training will definitely get you moving more. Nice you got a walk in last night.

Ceejay – Glad you didn’t have to work another extra day – makes the weekend too short! Hope you find the right size trash can on a future shopping trip.

Happy – Trying not to think of winter, and maybe we should ban that word here!!! :D Probably a good thing you did a buyout on that pension, why keep having reminders of the poor treatment?? Re the big plumbing thing – we’ve known this was something we’d have to deal with eventually, and even though it was expensive, I’m glad it’s not hanging over our heads anymore. And I’m glad we dealt with it before it resulted in a big mess in the house. Re meeting up in OB when you’re in town, the weekends are filling up now, but I think I’m good for either the 23rd or 24th, otherwise, most weeknights would be good for me. Just let me know how it’s shaping up for you once you get here. Those are big temperature swings – definitely need to be prepared with extra blankets!! Good luck with the tag day frundraiser!! :goodluck: I think the presence of tag people on the street is what will remind people to donate, so don’t fret about the newspaper thing.

Shad – Sounds like you’re keeping very busy at home. No, no fun thinking of taxes. I felt very poor and “woe is me” last week because of the big plumbing bill and property taxes were was also due on the 1st. Bleh. Thank goodness for savings. We put the plumbing bill on the credit card so we can at least earn some points out of the deal. Glad kitty is happy to be back at home again with you. Sounds like you’ll be busy for a while yet. I need to get some lists going – not much got done this past weekend and there’s a whole lot that needs doing!!

Sorry I was MIA all weekend. Saturday morning I went to Jazzercise. The gym floor was being redone, so we had class downstairs in the parish hall – they use it for bingo. I was pooped afterwards – got through the cardio part fine, but it was the strength portion that I struggled with.

I stopped at Trader Joe’s for a few things afterwards, then went home and showered and did a couple chores/errands before taking doggy in for his bath. We did the DIY bath at the grooming salon nearby and then we went home and I took another shower, LOL.

After that, it was off to my sister and BIL’s house for a cookout. Everything was wonderful, from the weather to the food & drink. But I did get stung by a wasp out on the deck…not too horrible, though you wouldn’t know it by the way I freaked out, LOL.

We got home around 8-ish and a I walked doggy around the block in the dark, him wearing his little clip-on light and me carrying a flashlight.

Yesterday I lazed around with my book and newspaper for the morning. I did one last load of laundry and I’m finally caught up (for the most part). Bf and I went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory with a gift card, and then went to Lenscrafters to check out eyeglass frames. I didn’t see anything I liked, so I’d like to go to another place or two to check out other brands. I already looked a bit at Costco a couple weeks ago, but their selection is rather small. Too warm for the dog park, so it was another short-ish walk for doggy.

I discovered I left my sunglasses by my sister’s house on Saturday, but we will both be attending a wrap-up party on Tuesday evening for the Relay for Life fundraiser we were part of, so my sister will bring them with her then.
The boss is out today, so it’ll be quiet. I have work to do on our budget, so I will be busy with that and other things. Off to do them! TTFN!

08-04-2014, 02:26 PM
I hate these pop up ads. Not sure it's the wok computer or this sight.
I'll be back later and see if my tablet will do the samething.

08-04-2014, 03:48 PM
Best interview ever today at Wells Fargo.....I am hopeful for a change. Thank you for all the thoughtful prayers, thoughts and crossed items, even if they are unmentionable.

Love and Hugs

08-04-2014, 04:13 PM
Happy ~ Thanks for explaining to me why Joy isnt sweating where she lives. Yeah Christmas just isnt Christmas without snow. Yeah I feel sorry for my friend also even though I didnt know it was dangerous not to sweat. I guess I learned something new today LOL.

Susie ~ Yeah thats probably why I slept in. No I didnt get my walks in yesterday but I'll be sure to get my evening walk in tonight and then I do my 30 min walk outside tomorrow morning and then Friday I'll start all over again, I dont walk in the mornings on Wed and Thursday cause thats when I have school but I still get my evening walk in on those days.


I woke up later then I normally do, I woke up around 10:30 am but I still got my morning duties done for the day, Now Im just posting on here and on two other forums, Waiting for mom to get home so we can go to Dillions. As always the only plan I have for today besides going to dillions is to get my evening walk in tonight.

08-04-2014, 05:06 PM
Annie - I am so glad to hear the WF interview went so well! It makes me smile to hear the optimism and hope in your voice! I'm praying for you, and crossing everything, that you get a great job offer soon. :hug: :hug:

08-04-2014, 09:03 PM
I survived the 1st day back and it went pretty well. I'm down to 62 unread emails. I have read them, just to make sure there wasn't something that had to be done and I flagged them days that I can tackle them. Hopefully this weeks email won't be to heavy and by Friday I will be in a good place.

Also it helps knowing that come next Monday both my managers are in Asia for 2 weeks and that will free me up a lot. I do have a report and spreadsheet to put together. It's a new thing for me. The person who did it in the past moved to a new position and so I'm taking it on for my Director, it has to do with our headcounts. The previous person showed me how to run the reports and how the spreadsheet they kept worked. I just need to set it up for this year as well as the reports in the system. That I will tackle next week when they are gone.

I just finished a 2 mile walk on the treadmill. I got it done in 31 min. It feels great!

I had a little set back with food. I came home and I was just starved...I always am. I think it is a bit of hunger but I think it is the stress of working all day and when I come home I want something comforting to "settle" me. So I had a 3 peanut butter cookies and a glass of milk. I get upset with myself for doing that. I think that I will allow myself to do it but it has to be a Herbal Life shake. At least I will have good calories and protein. What do you think?

Michelle: What sort of workout did you do with the trainer?

Laura: You had a busy weekend and it sounds very active. Good for you! What book are you reading?

Ceejay: I don't get popup ads...I wonder why you are getting them? That would be annoying.

Terra: You are in a good routine with getting your walks in. You should be very proud of that.

Annie: I'm crossing everything and praying hard about the Wells Fargo interview. I know it's tough. :hug:

Hi Shad and Happy!

08-05-2014, 12:49 AM
Susie ~ Thanks, I am proud of myself

08-05-2014, 11:39 AM
Morning all,

Just 2 days left before I leave. Lots to do but I am getting stuff done at a comfortable pace so I am not worried about finishing. Tag Day went ok, a lot of people said no in a gruff voice - especially the ones with out of state license plates. DH said one guy was especially rude, said he had no money and came out of the store carrying 2 large bags full of booze. Like they said, you can't take no personally. Our relief workers did not show up for the last shift of the day. I am especially proud of DH - not the kind of thing he'd want to do and it was hard on him physically to just stand in one spot for 2 hours running. I hope they did well. We had nice weather unlike last year's soaking rains.

Not much else to say on my end here.

Susie - holy cow - 62 unread emails - and that's what's left :faint: :dizzy: You sure have a busy work life. Good for you for getting a treadmill walk in. I get where you are coming from walking in the door famished. I think you have to prepare ahead of time to grab something quick when you walk in the door - like peanut butter and an apple, or a bit of cheese and some grapes - something to satisfy but not ruin your appetite. Of course it would be better if DH had dinner waiting right when you walked in - or maybe a glass of wine ;) but that doesn't always work out that way. I would find when working if I had a light protein type snack around 4pm before I left for the day, the famished part stuff my face wasn't quite so bad. Part of it as you say is stress. The shake is a good idea, but may not satisfy the need to decompress. Try some "sassy water" - chilled water with slices of cucumber, a few mint leaves, lemon slices and some sliced fresh ginger. Let it chill in a pitcher and when you come home, pour a glass, put your feet up and take 10 minutes to wind down and catch up with DH and relax and leave the day behind you. In the winter you can swap for a cup of tea. I think you need a decompress type of routine when you get home if it's stress or a late afternoon snack if it's true hunger that is getting to you.

Terra - did you get anything at Dillions or just go window shopping?

Annie - hoping, hoping, hoping that you get a wonderful job offer. When things FINALLY get into place, I think you will understand why it took so long for the best thing to come into place. :hug: :crossed: :crossed: :cupgold::luck2you::angel:

Ceejay - very often my computer gets hung up on web ads too. Hate them and I never buy anything from the ads. Especially when they track my browsing history and show me stuff I ALREADY PURCHASED!!!!

Laura - ouch on the wasp sting! Those suckers hurt! But it's part of the outdoors experience. Good to know you are open to meeting on a weeknight - that gives us more options. I figured by the time you got off the train and drove over it wouldn't be worth it. Glad you and my sister are early to bed people - no late night partying here. :hat: :lol: Keep up with the strength training - one thing I can say is that we sure lose muscle tone fast as we age so it will be a big help if you can maintain that on a regular basis.

Welcome back home Shad. Glad Miss Sunday is happy you are home or maybe she is happy to be back in her palace. I trust you had a nice time visiting everyone? What a the plans for the short term? DH and I talked about one last big vacation in our lives. I said I'd love to have you show us around your part of the pond. Something we have to think about and plan very, very carefully but would be a few years out. I think he'd go crazy with the camera. So many wonderful things to see.

Michelle - glad you had a nice time at the wedding festivities. Now it's back to work. Keep up with the gym workouts!

I'm off to get things done myself. Have a good day everyone.

08-05-2014, 12:15 PM
Good morning ladies,

I went to the gym last night and did 1/2 hour on the recumbent bike. It feels good to be back exercising again. Tonight, I have yoga class.

After the gym last night, I went to a weight loss surgery support group. What an excellent group! Along with a few other "pre-ops" (like me), there were people who were anywhere from 6 weeks to 10 years post-op. I picked up some good pointers on how to get enough protein, as that is what "post-ops" need to focus on. It's educational to hear patients' struggles, and it's very inspiring to hear their successes (getting off meds, being able to be more active, how they tackle challenges like dining out and vacations, etc.).

I've got 11 more pounds to lose before I can have surgery. I just have to keep moving and eat better. I mentioned to D's brother (who is one of our roommates) that I would be having abdominal surgery. He asked what for and I told him the truth. He's now made it his mission to help me lose weight without surgery. I really do appreciate his concern, and of course, if he comes up with suggestions that seem feasible I'll try them. That being said, my mind is made up on having the surgery. I've done a lot of research, and talked to several people who have had weight loss surgery, and not one person regrets it. I think it's the best option for me to lose weight, keep it off, and reclaim my health.

I'll try and get back for personals later. I've got a graphic design project to finish up.

Much love,

08-05-2014, 12:41 PM
Morning all. :coffee2:

Happy – Glad the tag day went well and the weather was good for it. How crummy the relief workers didn’t show up, but how very nice your DH agreed to fill in. :) Glad a weeknight works for you as well because the August weekends are getting goofy for bf & I – juggling things around because we set a date for one thing, but forgot about a previously scheduled other thing, etc. Duh, it's called a calendar. :D Re the strength - or any type of fitness for that matter – it goes so quickly when you stop doing the exercise. I definitely have to get back into it. This morning I did a measly 10 knee pushups – what a struggle.

Susie – Wow, 62 unread e-mails, i.e. what was left after you went through all of them??!! :yikes: Congrats on surviving that. It’ll be nice when your managers are out of the office next week. I understand your food setback – I get upset with myself when I buy something crummy to eat on the train home from work, or eating mindlessly once I get home. I guess if every weeknight were spent the same, it would be easy to just get home and start preparing dinner right away and eat at a reasonable time. But we don’t do that either because one of us might be going to work out, or has a chore to do, or we just don’t have dinner planned. I think having a planned snack is a good idea so you just don’t end up with the first thing that catches your fancy. As for books I’m reading – nothing special lately. Though a firm book club date hasn’t been set yet, the book Gone Girl has been chosen because the movie is coming out in October. We read another Gillian Flynn book for book club and it was good, so I'm looking forward to this one.

Terra – You probably mentioned it already, but when do you start your fitness class? Have you cooked anything interesting in your cooking class lately?? :hun:

Annie – Glad your interview went well yesterday!! :)

Ceejay – Sorry you’re getting the pop-ups. I haven’t had that problem. I hope you can figure out what’s causing it. :?:

Michelle – I missed the part about working out with a trainer on Sunday. How was that? Good job on the workouts! You’re the workout queen! :queen: :D You’ve really done your homework and soul searching on this surgery decision - it’s very interesting how strongly some people feel about it one way or another.

Hi Shad!! :wave:


Nothing much to report. It began raining right as I got off the train yesterday evening, so I was rather cold and wet when I got home – and that’s only a 5-6 block bike ride. Oh well. I don’t mind that much when it’s on the way home.

Tonight’s a wrap-up party for the fundraiser I participated in. I still haven’t decided if I will go home and go to the restaurant by car, or go straight from work (the train stops about a block from the restaurant). If I do the latter, I’ll have to watch the clock to get the train home, and then ride my bike home and it’ll likely be dark by then…okay, I’ll probably drive.

That’s it for me. Everyone have a good day!!.

08-05-2014, 03:30 PM
I did several things to the work computer and wrote to Suzanne about it. Today this sight is back too normal on my behalf.
More good stuff. My co-worker finally picked up the furniture last night.

You know what is right for you. Proud of you for doing all the exercise.

That was nice of DH to help out. I don't like people standing around asking for money either. But if it's for a good cause I will donate. Are you getting excited about your trip.

Talk about a mountain of email, you've had it. You sound like one that is very organized so things will go smoother.

I could shout from the roof tops. Fingers are crossed and good vibes are being sent.

Have you gotten your walks in for today? Have you worked on your t-shirt quilt anymore.

08-05-2014, 07:53 PM
Seriously?! The cookies in the vending machine are calling my name. LOUDLY! And they aren't the lousy cookies either...these are delicious shortbread cookies with a dollop of jam on them. Sadly, I have to walk right by that evil machine every time I go to the bathroom...and with all the water and Crystal Light I drink...that's quite often. Sorry about the TMI.

I've had Greek yogurt, string cheese and an apple. I think my willpower can hold out for another hour (time to go home). Rats! I just heard someone pop the top on a soda, and even though I can have soda now, I'm trying to eliminate it because I can't have it after surgery (the bubbles can cause big time gas pain on a teeny stomach pouch).

Annie - I'm definitely saying prayers and crossing everything that you get a great job offer soon. Don't get too angry about companies that don't hire directly from submitted resumes. Some companies (like the major tech companies out here) insist that you start as a contract/temp employee first so they can "try before they buy".

Terra - Some weekends I wish I could sleep in until after 10 am, but Santa always needs to potty by 8 am. If you have any good, easy, low-cal recipes from your cooking class, please share. This group LOVES recipes (even me - and I don't like cooking).

Susie - Nice that your managers will be out of the country for awhile starting next week so you can get caught up and maybe even get ahead on some projects. Good on ya' for doing so well on the treadmill! You and Terra are truly the walking queens! :queen: The workout I did with the trainer was all about strengthening the core and back (both upper and lower), along with other moves. He had me doing planks, squats, chest presses, shoulder presses, and the rowing machine. The gym offered a special on training sessions so I purchased a 10 visit package and I start next Wednesday. I usually plan for a snack or something right before I leave work or have something in the garage. Because by the time I go to the gym or run errands and then pick up Santa, I'm so hungry I make very poor choices. Sometimes I'll have a greek yogurt before I leave the office. Or a protein bar on the drive home.

Happy - I'm glad you're able to get your stuff done at a reasonable pace and are not frantic. As for tag day, I guess some people aren't charitable. I always tend to donate, especially where animals are concerned. So nice that your DH helped with the tag sale. The Shelter is very lucky to have you both. I'm considering volunteering as a dog socializer for a local shelter, but I'll probably wait until after my surgery. One of these days I'll have to make some of that sassy water. Especially after my surgery as it's vitally important for post-op patients to drink enough liquids (and soda, tea and lots of other beverages are not allowed).

Laura - I hope the wasp sting is doing better. Those are painful. I hope you and Happy can meet up while she's down there. Bravo for getting back into pushups. Don't be down on yourself that you did 10. That's 10 more than I can do. I'm going to start adding pushups and planks to my at home post-gym and dog park but pre-shower routine. You are right that so many people have such a strong opinion about weight loss surgery, and they think it's there duty to tell me because in their view I'm just making a foolish, desperate, drastic decision on a whim. I think I just need to be more selective about who I tell going forward. And once I start losing weight, if someone asks my "diet plan", I'll just say portion control and exercise, which is 100% true. Bummer you got caught in a rainstorm on the way home yesterday. Glad to hear you're going to drive to the restaurant tonight. Riding a bike in the dark is so dangerous. Cars just can't see you.

Shad - Are you enjoying time at home? Are you seeing much of DS2? So nice of Miss Puss to be happy to see you.

Ceejay - I'm so glad to hear your co-worker finally picked up the furniture. Must be nice to have the extra space.

Well, I'd better sign off. I've got a few more things to get done before I leave for the day.

Much love,

08-05-2014, 10:05 PM
Happy ~ I bought a bus pass for 68 dollars and a bag of salad and alot of diet soda cause it was on sale.

Laura ~ I was gonna start it this Thursday but I think Im gonna wait and start it next Thursday. Nope we havent made anything interesting lately in cooking class, Last week we made Shi-Ka-Bob's...I dont know how to spell the actual word but Im sure you know what food Im talking about.

CJ ~ Nope I havent got my walks in yet, I dont walk outside on Tuesday morning cause we are usually busy in the morning but I'll be sure to walk outside tomorrow morning and I'll do my 5 mile walk tonight before bed.

Michelle ~ Yeah I usually cant sleep in too long because Clyde needs to go outside, We dont cook using recipes, The stuff we cook we already know how to cook, I dont know if thats defeating the purpose of cooking class or not but if even we dont cook something new we are still learning either way at least I think we are, Like one of the students are famous for using paper towels to clean the counters,stove and eating table when your suppose to use dish towels so your not using alot of the paper towels so he is learning not to use paper towels.


I woke up at 7:00 AM, I let Clyde outside and then Mom and I went to her doctor's appointment and then we left her appointment around 10:00 AM and then we came back home to pick up my boyfriend Scott to take him to CD Trade post so he could try to get money for 2 dvd's but He forgot to put the dvd in one of his cases so he only got money back on one of the dvd's, We're gonna go back next Tuesday so he can get the money for his other dvd. I tried to get money from a dvd I had but they were only gonna pay me a dollar and some change when I bought the dvd for 15 dollars and some change so Im gonna keep my post on craiglist to try to sell the dvd for 10 cause I know I wont get 15 for it but oh well, If I get 10 back I'll be happy with that but I wasnt gonna give it to CD Trade post for a 1 and something when I paid 15 dollars and something for it. Anyway after CD Trade Post we came back home and cleaned house and then we made lunch and thats all we did today. I still need to do my 2 mile walk this evening which I will do for sure.

08-05-2014, 10:51 PM

I had a busy but good day at work today. My email is always insane. I came in to 91 new emails and when I left tonight I have them down to 57. It's like that for everyone. I'm so OCD that it really bothers me to have anything above 50 left in my inbox before I go home but I'm learning to just let it go. I've read them, but some of them I leave unread so I know I have to do something with them asap.

I came home, had a cup dry Fruit Loop cereal that I bought so when I come home I have something to just crunch and chew. Happy is right, for me it can be that I'm hungry but it is more about decompressing. So I ate that cereal, drank a glass of water and put my feet up for 15 min. After that I was ready to get on the treadmill and do my 30 minutes. Right now, I focusing on doing 30 min daily at least 5 days a week. I think I'm going to add a bit of strength training, 30 min 2 x a week and do that at lunch starting next week. With my managers out I will be able to get away for that amount of time and by the time they come back I should be in the habit.

I have trained them to expect me to always be at my desk when they need me but I talked to them both this week and let them know that I would be taking my lunch hours and that a couple days a week I would be in the gym. I told them I would flex the time I went if it was very busy or a big meeting going on but most of the time I would be gone from 11:30-12:30.

Happy: I hope you and Laura can meet up..what fun that will be for the both of you! Your DH is a special guy to help with the tag's because he loves you! :D

Michelle: Your training session will help you get that 11 lbs off. Were you able to say no to those cookies?

Ceejay: I am happy to hear the popups are not happening for you anymore and that the furniture is gone. What will you do with the empty space?

Terra: Do you take the bus a lot? How was your walk today?

Laura: What did they do for the wrap-up party for the fund raiser and did you end up going? Be proud of yourself for doing those 10 knee pushups. Many people are just sitting on their couch doing nothing.

Hi Shad and Annie: I hope your day went well and that we hear from you soon.

Ok..time to read a bit and then head to bed.

08-06-2014, 08:24 AM
ooops flat out busy day. back tomorrow

08-06-2014, 09:44 AM
Susie ~ Yeah I use the bus twice a week


I woke up at 5:00 AM so I would be awake and ready to go on my 30 min walk outside this morning. I just got back inside from my walk. I have a meeting to go too at 9:30 this morning. I'll be sure to get my evening walk in tonight as well and thats all of my plans for today. Of course I got my daily duties done this morning also.

08-06-2014, 12:00 PM
Good morning,

Lots to finish before I sit down at the computer so hopefully I'll be back later. I am doing ok as far as tasks, just a lot to do and the clock seems to be ticking by quickly. Later chicks.

08-06-2014, 12:14 PM
Good morning ladies,

I woke up to a very unusual sight. The street was wet! My first thought was it must've been the street sweepers because it doesn't rain in August. Then as I left the house and stood on the covered front porch, I noticed the sidewalk and driveway were also wet, and it was still raining (or more accurately sprinkling). Very unusual weather for August, but we so desperately need the rain, even though this is just a little bit, we'll take what we can get.

Last night's yoga class was good, and after class I took Santa to the dog park. Today after work, I'll ride the bike at the gym and take Santa to the dog park after.

Not much new and exciting in my life, but with last weekend being so hectic, I don't mind a bit. :D


Terra - Bummer that the CD Trade post wasn't going to give you much for your DVD. I hope you can do better on Craigslist. Wow, up at 5 am? and walking for 30 minutes? Very impressive! Well done!

Susie - Wow, you get a crazy amount of email. I'm glad I don't get that much. Good for you for getting on the treadmill. And :bravo: for letting your managers know that you would be away from your desk at lunch time! Like you, I need to incorporate more strength training. To answer your question, yes, I was able to say no to the cookies.

Shad, Annie, Laura and Happy: :wave:

I'll try and check in later to see what's new with everyone.

Much love,

08-06-2014, 01:24 PM
Morning all.

Ceejay - Glad you resolved the popup issue. What an annoying thing. Nice that you got rid of the furniture. It feels good to know something perfectly useful is going to get a 2nd life somewhere and stay out of our landfills for a bit longer.

Michelle – I can certainly empathize with you on the constant challenged of resisting the food temptations all around us. I did succumb to the salty snack urge on Monday, and not with a single portion package either, groan. Yay - you were able to resist the shortbread cookies!! Just pretend they've been sitting in the vending machine for ages and are stale and yucky, lol. Good for you signing on for the training sessions. I think you’ll definitely work harder with a trainer than without – they’ll make sure of that, LOLOL. Just be sure not to overdo it with your back!! Yeh, I think I agree with you about keeping quiet to avoid getting into discussions about your surgery decision – people can be so judgmental, and they don’t even know you well enough, or about the surgery either. Re the rain – now I have that song in my head – It Never Rains in Southern California. I know you’re in northern CA, but still, it popped into my head. Just thought I’d pass along that earworm to the rest of you who might remember that song. :D

Terra – Shish kebobs (I’m not sure of the spelling either) are yummy. I like the kind you can get in Greek restaurants – probably because I like the cucumber sauce they serve it with, LOL. Anyway, maybe in one of the cooking classes coming up they’ll teach you something you’ll enjoy cooking at home and it’ll become part of the meal rotation. I agree with you trying to sell the dvd for more money on craigslist than at the trading post. I love finding stuff on craigslist!!

Susie – Good for you that you told your bosses you’d be taking a lunch hour away from your desk. You need that break during the day!! You’re really ramping up the exercise – that upcoming race is motivating you!!

Hi Shad!!

Happy – Hope you get everything done that you want and/or need to!!! If you don’t get back here (or I don’t), wishing you safe and happy travels. I look forward to getting together with you during your visit!

The wrap-up party was at a restaurant the next suburb over from where I live. It was no biggie to take a slightly earlier train home from work, go home and change clothes and drive over to the restaurant. The restaurant used to be something else that bf and I had gone to several times, but since it changed, we’d never been to this one. It has a nice menu and a large beer list, so I think it will be a nice place for bf and I to try on our own. On Tuesdays it’s build your own burger night, so all but one of our table did that. I ate the entire burger, which was large, and my side of tater tots (which I feel I got shorted on in terms of quantity, but that was definitely a good thing) – I should have taken home part of the burger instead of eating it all. Live and learn. Or that’s the hope. Anyway, the party was nice and a lot of ideas were tossed around for a better fundraiser next year. The best idea - IMO - is switching it from Friday night/overnight to Saturday day/night. We figure more people would come because they could work it around there other weekend activities, and there would probably be more kids who could come than on Friday nights. I hope that's one idea that gets implemented.

I did 10 more knee pushups this morning and the last few came more easily today. I’m going to dig out that plank workout I found in the magazine a while back and take a stab at some of the moves tonight.

Probably a good thing my friend cancelled our lunch date today. I can choose someplace/something better than I would have done otherwise...

I have to crank on the budget work today – the boss wants to go over it tomorrow morning and get it to his boss on Friday.

That’s it for me. TTFN.

08-06-2014, 01:40 PM
Laura - Thanks a lot for the earworm! Thankfully, my trainer is aware of my back issues and with every exercise he had me do, I told him whether or not it hurt my back (they didn't), and I also assured him that if my back objected to any of the exercises, I'd let him know right away (just like I do with my yoga teacher).
Oh, and thanks for getting me drooling with the talk of Greek shish kebobs and cucumber sauce. You're two for two, young lady! :rofl: :rofl: Nice that the wrap-up party was convenient and had yummy food. Well done on continuing with the knee pushups. Good luck on the budget work.

Happy - I can imagine how busy you are preparing for your trip. Are you flying? If so, which airport are you flying out of?

08-06-2014, 01:53 PM
Morning all. Don't know who's been adding stuff to the computer but I wish they would stop. Guess that when the friend/boss left they thought all things were okay. I'm still unsure of one thing, but I'll ask J when he comes back from lunch.

I agree with Laura about the personal trainer. The rain in California reminded me of the song Laura mention also. How are the fires doing out your way?

I need to do some Pilates and stretches. Might try the Yoga DVD tonight instead of the bike.

When will you start your cooking class? I've always wanted to take one.

I'm like Michelle there is nothing going on in my neck of the woods.
Have a good day.

08-06-2014, 08:15 PM
Morning all,
Got caught up yesterday dealing with maintenance problems in the house. Landline phone doesn't work, just makes a crackling noise and won't ring with incoming calls. n So I have called the company who assure me that there may be a problem !!!!!!! :yikes: thought I had already figured that out. Anyway they are supposed to be here before 7pm today to check out the outside line. How they are supposed to see in the dark at 7pm I don't actually know but I will wait for enlightenment. Then it was haircut day. Since my normal hairdresser is on maternity leave I had a new one. She was very nice and the hair looks just fine. Following on from that was a trip to the vet for Miss Puss who definitely did not want to go. I have been wiping up the blood and changing bandages. Miss Puss then had her claws clipped and I went to wash the car only to find out that the carwash is out of order. So I went to visit DS2 who is on leave following an operation on his hand to remove a large cyst or ganglion. By the time I got home from there was just time to dig a bit more garden and clean the loo before it was time to get dinner ready after which I watched a bit of tv and went to bed. Miss Puss got over her snit around 10.00pm and decided to sleep in my part of the bed so there wasn't much room for me and a whole stack of free bed over the other side.
I still have a long list of things to do around the house but I am slowly working through the list and not stressing about it.

On the weight loss front, I seem to be losing weight reasonably steadily at the moment. I came home from NZ at 86.4. Some of that was aeroplane gain. One tends to collect fluid up in the clouds. But since then it is going down and this morning I weighed in at 83.9. That is 2.5kg or about 5.5lb. Not sure where it is coming off but don't really care too much. My appetite is just about gone but I do still eat well. Just not as much and having the garden back in production will be a blessed bonus.

Happy - good to know that the tag day wasn't too bad. Hope you made a reasonable profit on your effort. Things are getting so tight now that people just can't afford what they used to be able to.
Hope you get everything done before you go.

Laura - Hope the budget comes out right for you. Back to the pushup challenge I see.

Ceejay - good to know the furniture is gone. Nothing like space to make life easier.

Michelle - You don't have to justify yourself to anyone. You are the one in charge of your life. It doesn't matter what they think. Just smile politely and say - thank you for your opinion, however I must do what is best for me.

Annie - Sounded like you had a nice dinner (facebook) Hope you get something to do shortly. It is always a pain doing interviews. Can you get temporary work which might get you an in, somewhere in the corporate world.

Susie - Back in the world of go, go, go I see. Glad you had a nice break and good for you blocking out an hour for rest and relaxation during the day.

Terra - thank you for setting up the thread - hope we all do burn up the calories this month.

Okay - garden calls. Coffee is finished, gotta go.

08-07-2014, 08:38 AM
Morning all,

I'm leaving on a jet plane... that song is running through my head. Just hoping no one with Ebola was on my tiny transport and that it won't be a crowded cattle car. Oh well if it is, it's a short flight and I have a pill to ease the tensions although it probably won't take effect until I deplane :lol:

I thought I had everything under control yesterday but DH wanted an unplanned visit to a door showroom in a town a distance from here. Turns out they have to come and measure before we can proceed anyway so while we had a nice lunch outdoors at a roadside stand, it was still 3 hours out of the day I could have done better with. And then when I got home the clock sped to double time - was after midnight when I tried to push out both cats who decided that my bed will be theirs for the next 3 weeks and they were taking residency last night. Sleep was short and fitful as it always is the night before I have to leave - so afraid I will oversleep.

Finishing coffee now and I need to jump in the shower so I must apologize for no personals. I will be back on when I get to my sister's next week. Till then have a good August and I will be thinking of you.

08-07-2014, 11:32 AM
Quick hello. Finishing up budget work and meeting w/ my boss shortly. WW meeting after that. I'll try to get back later today.

08-07-2014, 11:47 AM
Good morning ladies,

Yay! It's Thursday! If I stand on my tiptoes, I can almost see the weekend! :woohoo: After work yesterday, I rode the bike at the gym for 45 minutes, and then took Santa to the dog park.

Today, I'm leaving work at lunchtime to go to a workshop on WordPress (which is what I use to build my company's website), and then I have an acupuncture appointment, followed by the gym and the dog park.

Please, if you don't mind, keep my friend Bob in your prayers. He got some very bad news at the doctor yesterday. I'm too upset by the news to type all the details, but best case scenario is he loses the use of his right leg, second best case is he loses the right leg, right side of his pelvis and becomes "half-arsed" (his words), and worst case scenario....I lose a good friend. :cry:

Ceejay - Thankfully the fires aren't near where I live. They had some near Yosemite National Park which is about a 3.5 hour drive east, and now there are fires burning in the Shasta and Lassen National Forests, both of which are several hours drive north. When I drive to Washington State (where they've also been having fires), I'll be driving near and possibly through the Shasta and Lassen National Forests. The little bit of rain we got yesterday was nice, but we need so much more. And we especially need rain that doesn't come with thunder and lightning. Lightning strikes hitting our dry forests and mountains is just bad.

Shad - Congratulations on that great weight loss! Well done!! I hope the phone line is now fixed. Glad the substitute hairdresser did a good job. So sorry to hear about your son's hand. I hope he's doing better. Thank you so much for your suggestion about what to say to people who want to tell me what decisions to make about my own life and body. I really appreciate that. :hug:

Happy - Wishing you a smooth and relaxing flight, and a lovely visit with your family! :hug:

Laura - I hope both meetings go well (boss and WW).

Terra, Susie and Annie - :wave:

Much love to all,

08-07-2014, 05:05 PM
Afternoon all.

It was a busy morning for me. I worked on the budget and then walked the boss through it all - took much longer than the one hour he allotted for the meeting, but now he knows what I do for that, and we made several adjustments on the spot. I finished with the rest of it after the meeting, and now I just finished eating a late lunch.

I missed both of the two WW meeting times that were options for me today. There's a meeting at noon tomorrow I can go to.

It's bf's birthday today. It will be up to him to go out to dinner tonight or tomorrow night.

It feels like today is a Friday, but alas it isn't. At least the day is going by quickly.

Michelle - I hope the WordPress workshop is helpful. That's really bad news your friend got. :( I will keep him in my prayers. I'm glad your trainer is aware of your back issues and will watch that during your sessions.

Happy - I guess you won't see this for a while, assuming you're enroute to your mom's as I type this. Hope you're having safe & smooth travels. Enjoy the time with your mom.

Shad - You sound busy as heck! Whose blood are you cleaning up and whose bandages are you changing - yours or kitty's???!!! Bummer about the phone - everything just goes to heck while you're gone??? At least the hair appointment went well. Speedy recovery wishes to DS. Yay for the weight loss!!! Must be all the gardening! :flow1: I bet you're having a ball now that you can get your hands back in the dirt. :D I'm doing some pushups, but not doing an official challenge at the moment. Just trying to not be such a sloth since the sum total of my weekly exercise lately has been one Jazzercise class. Today I managed 13 knee pushups.

Ceejay - Have you figured out who's adding stuff to the computer? Maybe that's what was causing the popups?? Is today your Friday??

Hellos to Terra, Susie & Annie!! :wave:

That's it for me! TTFN!

08-08-2014, 12:12 PM
Good morning ladies,

I just found out late last night that a dear family friend passed away. Very sad. He was in his 80s though, and his health had been failing the past 6 months so his passing was not unexpected Hard to believe he's gone though...he was always the life of the party. For my dad's milestone birthdays (50, 75 and some in between) this man would dress up in costume and jump out of a cake! He was always quick with a joke and a laugh, and he was very kind and caring as well. I'm going to miss him. I'm going to the viewing on Sunday. The funeral is Monday morning and I'm not sure I can take time off work to attend, with my vacation coming up in 4 weeks, I don't have any vacation time to spare right now.

The WordPress workshop went well. After the instructor went through his presentation, there was time left and he asked if anyone wanted to demonstrate their WordPress site. Since my company's site uses a lot of cool WordPress plug-ins and functionality, I volunteered.

After that was acupuncture and then I went to the gym. I only rode the bike for 1/2 hour though...but better than nothing.

Not going to get to the gym today. I'm picking Bob up after work and we're going out to dinner and then I'm dropping him off at his parents and I'll be getting together with some women friends.


Laura - Glad you got the budget sorted with your boss. Happy belated b'day to your bf. Did you go out to dinner last night or will you tonight? Any fun plans for the weekend?

Pretty quiet around I'll check back in later today to see what y'all are up to.

Much love,

08-08-2014, 01:38 PM
Michelle ~ Yeah I wish I could of got 10 for the dvd but I hope I have better luck on Craig's List, I didnt make it 30 mins, I have to work up to it but I will.

Laura ~ Thats cool that your like Kabob's also, We just made white chicken chili on Wed. night and that is a recipe I got from school, We made it in the first cooking class I joined, Not the one Im in now, The meal turned out really good.

CJ ~ I've been a member for my cooking class for awhile now.

Shad ~ Im glad you like the new thread title, I hope we all burn up calories this month too.


I woke up at 8:00 AM this morning. So far today I've let Clyde outside and I've taken my pills, I have also cleaned my tube and mask and thats all I've done today. Im gonna do laundry today and do my 5 mile walk tonight and thats all my plans for today. Im Bummed, Im back in the 290's....Grrrr.....Oh well I'll just have to try harder.

08-08-2014, 02:32 PM
Afternoon all. Happy Friday! Still doing some more tweaks to the budget info, and I also submitted my input for our department’s July report. The boss is under the gun today – trying to finish up the budget data and get it to his boss before he’s out next week for meetings/vacation. I have a feeling the tweaking will be going on all day. Also had a meeting that ran into the time for my ww meeting, so I guess I'm just going to miss this week.

Michelle – So sorry for the loss of your family friend. :( He sounds like he was a great person to know. You had a busy day yesterday, and another one today. Your posts make me tired just reading them! :faint: Enjoy your weekend.

Terra – White chicken chili sounds tasty. I’ve heard of it before, but never made it. Ever since my bf found an award-winning chili recipe, he’s used that one. I don’t even make the chili in our house anymore! Get back on track with the exercise and eating and your weight will go down again. That’s the big lifelong struggle – keeping at the good habits the vast majority of the time and not letting the bad ones take hold again. In my ww meetings, even the lifetime members (who’ve made goal and maintained their weight) say it continues to be a struggle. Just know you’re not alone in this!! :hug:


After work last night I picked up the book “Gone Girl” from the library – it’s the next book for book club. The movie version of this book is coming out this fall, so I’m looking forward to reading the book first.

Bf and I went out to eat at the restaurant I went to for the fundraiser wrap-up party the other night. They have an extensive beer list and small $1 samples, so we tried several. Two of the three I tried I enjoyed - Crispin Pear cider and Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat. Bf and I each had a cup of soup, and we split a sandwich and truffle fries between us. It was nice not to fill up, because we both wanted to eat the slices of birthday cake my sister sent home with us last weekend. She made a really delicious carrot cake for my birthday.

This weekend I will go to Jazzercise class on Saturday morning and then meet a friend for a late breakfast. Nothing else planned. BF is having a friend over on Saturday evening, and on Sunday he’s going to a car show with some friends. I plan to spend some time doing yardwork over the weekend. I need some new sneakers, so I might go out and try on some of the Brooks brand shoes since I hear they're very supportive.

That’s it for me! Everyone have a great weekend!! ;)

08-08-2014, 02:48 PM
Terra - Laura is right about getting back on track with eating and exercising. Portion control is key, as well as tracking. I track what I eat on MyFitnessPal, even when I'm not making the best food choices, so I can clearly see what foods I need to do a better job of limiting. It also helps me see that if I want to eat the (insert high calorie food here), I'll have to do so many minutes of exercising to balance it out.

Laura - Your dinner last night sounds yummy. I've never heard of truffle fries. Those beers sound mighty tasty. Have a great time at Jazzercise tomorrow and at breakfast with your friend.

I'm having the munchies today. I really wanted something crunchy, but thankfully I have a couple apples that I usually save for the afternoon snack, but I cut one up and it seems to have satisfied the need to crunch. I'll have lunch in about 90 minutes. Unfortunately, since I'm not going to have time to workout today and since I'm going out to Chinese food tonight with my friend Bob, I'm going to go over my calorie allotment for the day. :-( I'll just make sure to get to the gym tomorrow and Sunday for at least 45 minutes. These last 11 pounds are being quite stubborn, and I just can't have that. I want to have surgery in November before Thanksgiving, which means I should try and get these pounds off by the end of this month (or mid-September at the latest). And yes, if I have surgery before Thanksgiving chances are I won't be able to eat most of the yummy Thanksgiving foods....but I'd like to visit my sister and relatives in Southern California for Christmas...and the doctor doesn't approve of travel for the first 4 weeks post op, which means a pre-Thanksgiving surgery (just gotta lose the pre-op weight).

08-08-2014, 03:43 PM
Hi Everyone. I am not a happy person right now with my weight. I went to TOPS last night and I thought "I am going to be down; I have been watching my food, eating in my calorie range, on the treadmill" and the scales showed a 4 lb gain!! :(:mad::?: I just couldn't take it. I left after I weighed and when home and cried. I just don't understand.

It has taken me a lot to come post this. I am mad, hurt, depressed, feeling unmotivated. I know I will get back on the tract because I can't stay at this weight...I just can't! But I have no energy for it right now.

Any do I get through this "BLAH" feeling?

08-08-2014, 04:08 PM
Susie - Sorry about the gain. A few it at or near that time of month? Have you been eating a lot of foods high in sodium? Restaurant foods, pizza and processed/packaged foods have a lot of sodium. Have you been drinking enough water? (caffeinated beverages don't count toward fluid intake, and diet sodas have a lot of sodium).

Are you eating any of the calories earned while exercising?

I would suggest keeping up with the tracking, even if you have a bad eating day, track everything, then you might be able to see where you want/need to cut back.

Also, is your MyFitnessPal set up for a certain daily calorie allotment or a number of lbs per week goal? Try and go for a lower calorie allotment or a higher number of pounds per week.

One other question...I'm not sure what percentage of your food is carbs versus protein, but I have heard that unburned carbs turn into least that's what a doctor once told me.

Have you been under a lot of stress at work or home? Stress causes our bodies to produce cortisol which is our body's fight or flight hormone, that causes us to hang on to calories in case we need it to fight or flee from the threat causing the stress or in case there's danger of a famine.

As for the "Blah" feeling...just take the scale as's just feedback. Even when you're doing everything right and there's no way to improve, sometimes our body just holds on to calories/weight.

I can almost guarantee that if you keep exercising, don't eat the calories earned by exercise, eat a higher percentage of lean protein and veggies and fewer carbs, and limit sodium, you should see the weight come off over time.

One last thing...are you sure the scale was set to "0" before you stepped on? Just a thought.

08-08-2014, 06:41 PM
Total attack of the munchies...except this time I really feel hungry. I was just about to try and justify in my head why I "deserved" to purchase some of those yummy shortbread cookies from the vending machine, and then I remembered I have even more yummy (or differently yummy) Quest protein bars in my desk. Almost the same amount of calories, but at least the protein bar has 20 grams of protein and lots of fiber to balance out the carbs. While I would've preferred to avoid these calories all together, at least it's better than the cookies' empty calories. *Bummed that I don't have time to hit the gym today to burn off some of these calories.*

08-08-2014, 07:42 PM
Morning all,
Just a brief post before I go out in the garden again. I have some timber sleepers to cut and fashion into garden beds. That should make my garden easier to manage since I don't seem to be about to keep to a straight row in the normal garden and then can't find the carrots or the onions or whatever.
DS2 came over for dinner last night. Neither of us could finish the dinner. Never the less I am up today on the scale. :cry: Still just have to hitch up the pants and get on with life.

Susie - so sorry to hear that after all the effort, you are up again. DO NOT GIVE UP. Much as we try it is not going to all come off in one go. It didn't go one in one day, so why should it come off in one day. Just keep going. Keep exercising, watch portions, drink the water. Ensure you get enough sleep and balance your life. Once you get all the things of a good life in balance - health, wealth, spiritual, physical, etc. then you will find the answer. It is never easy. (

Michelle - get your fingers out of the snack machine. It isn't good for you. Those 11lbs will always be the hardest of your life and feeding the munchies won't help.

Laura - pity you had to miss weighin, but you will no doubt make sure you get there this coming week. Happy birthday to B/f.

Okay - better get on with it. Otherwise today will slip away from me and I will achieve little. I'd like to take a trip to the mountain tomorrow - day off from the hedge, the garden, the house, the car, the cat and the cleaning and clearing. I'll be back.

08-08-2014, 08:29 PM
Will call my uncle in a few minutes to tell him I'm not coming this week end. I just am not in the mood to drive that far. Plus I'll need to go next week end for the concert.
With the furniture gone I do have more space in the living room. Was busy rearranging the furniture yesterday.
Thunder woke me up early this morning around 5.30 and we've had more rain this afternoon. We were beginning to need it. It's supposed to rain sometime during the day through out Tuesday.

Don't let this weight gain get you down as Michelle said there are a lot of factors that could have caused it. Sodium is my worst enemy.

So you are back home and in the garden and getting things done around the house.

I'm very proud of you for taking the "bull by the horns" on your weight loss. I didn't realize that your surgery was scheduled for November. Sending good vibes to your friend Bob.

You are a busy girl. What is truffle fries?

Have a safe trip

08-08-2014, 09:48 PM
Laura ~ Yeah, The white chicken chili was very good but it was a little on the spicy side due to the seasoning packet my mom added to it, She added 4 packets cause she double the recipe but it was just too spicy for me so I cant wait until she makes it again, She said next time she isnt gonna add as many seasoning packets so hopefully it wont be so spicy next time.

Michelle ~ Yeah I track on my fitness pal also, I walked outside Monday Morning trying to do 30 mins but since its been awhile since I have walked outside I could only do 1 time up the street and back to my house when usually I could do it 4 times in a row but I'll just try harder.

Susie ~ I went from 284 back up to 293 so I have gained also so your not the only one :), Im here if you want to talk since right now we are in the same boat. We just have to try harder.

08-09-2014, 10:37 AM
checking in early. don't have that much to do today, except rest and relax. I am going to finish decluttering in the spare bedroom. I had moved most of the small stuff in there to get it out of the way of the workers who put down the new flooring. I still have a lot of things to go through before I move out of the apartment next year. And move to Missouri. I also have a lot of questions for my sister.
I need to plan out a menu for next week. Think I will go with the whole foods. That seems to work best for me. I'm going to keep it simple.

One walk down the street is a good start to getting back on track. If we didn't have so many young hagglers on my street I would do that. I may start going back to the gym. I'm thinking very seriously about it.

08-10-2014, 10:22 AM
Thank you everyone for all your support and advice. It took me a couple of days but I have my head back on straight and my mind set is back in place.

Michelle: Good for you for not getting those cookies. What you deserve is to be at a healthy weight and to feel good about yourself. Those cookies can not do that for you.

Terra: I'm sorry that you have gained back some weight. You are right, we just need to try harder. We can both DO THIS! I am here for you too!

Shad: Thanks for the advice and the picture. I printed it out and put it in my dairy (that I had not been using but am back to it....writing and reflecting helps me to balance.

Ceejay: Did you get your menu planned out for the week?

Laura: How is your weekend going? did you get to try on the new shoes and did you buy any?

Hi to Happy and Annie.

08-10-2014, 06:40 PM
Morning all,
The best laid plans of mice and men go astray, as they say. Seems that I am going to have to plan my activities and plans for the house around the times that my friends and family work and have my weekends free for 'other activities'.

Hope Happy got away alright on her trip to Chicago and Mum. No doubt we will hear from her at some point.

Susie - good to hear that you are back and stronger than ever to get this weight off. With you and Terra being 'buddies' it should help to plan the war on weight. Maybe swap menus from time to time and critique each others food. Always helps.

Ceejay - Good for you to decide not to drive all that way every weekend. For those of us who work, there is a need to have a bit of ME time during weekends. And driving is not always a pleasure these days.

Hope Michelle is not munching. Maybe she is enjoying the weekend. And Laura is no doubt celebrating the B/F birthday. Have fun whatever you are doing.

So my weekend is over. I have been out to dinner with friends, had the DS2 over for dinner and regained a bit of weight. Need to try harder too, Today, I need to get over to the DS2's place and pick up some bits and pieces to get on with the garden beds. Apart from the other stuff I need to do, I want at least one of them in place today. The plants I bought wont sit in the punnets for much longer.

So having said that, have a good day. Think before you eat. Ask yourself do you really want to add that whatever to your food diary. Drink the water and get on with the exercise.

08-11-2014, 09:45 AM
CJ ~ Yeah I think walking down the street and then coming back to my house is a start to getting back to walking outside, What are haggles? Just wondering.

Susie ~ YES!!!!! We CAN do this, I believe in the both of us.


I woke up at 6:00 AM this morning just an hour later then I had planned. As always I got all of my morning duties done. Im currently eating breakfast before I do my 2 mile walk with my Leslie Sansone DVD. Im also gonna do a 1 mile walk at noon and then I'll do my 2 mile walk again later on tonight so then I'll have my 5 mile walks in before I go to bed tonight so thats good. Im also looking forward to going to Walmart today at 2:30 pm. We are gonna do some food and non food shopping.

08-11-2014, 11:52 AM
Good Monday morning ladies,

I had a busy weekend, and it went way too fast. And I've got a big graphic design project to finish up that I've barely started because I'm having trouble with a few of the key elements.

Anyway, I hope we all have a great week! Just as an FYI, my weight loss surgery isn't scheduled yet. It won't get scheduled until I'm at or within 5 lbs the goal weight the surgeon set for me. And then I absolutely HAVE to be at the surgery weight or below by the time of the operation. I'm hoping for November, which means, I'd better get these stubborn pounds off.

I'll try to check in later.

Much love to all,

08-11-2014, 01:43 PM
Morning all. Sorry I was MIA over the weekend. No reason for it except I hate to sit at the computer after I’ve done that all week long. :shrug:

It was a nice weekend, but not productive. I went to Jazzercise class Saturday morning. Breakfast with my friend was cancelled because her cat was very sick and she needed to take him to the vet. :( I did some laundry, swept the 3-season room, and that was about it. It was a beautiful day, so I did some reading in the 3-season room as well as outside in the yard. I also took doggy to the dog park. Bf had a couple friends over, but I was wiped out (Jazzercise did it) and hit the hay early.

Sunday was more lounging – reading the paper, reading my book. A couple more loads of laundry. Sewed on some buttons. Dog walk. Ho hum.

Michelle – Truffle fries are really truffle oil fries, and truffles are some sort of mushroom, so they give the fries a really rich flavor. I’m not a huge fan of French fries and usually seek a substitute for them, unless they're seasoned nicely, and these fries were yummy. I hope you did okay with the Chinese food on Friday – it can certainly be a calorie bomb since the American stuff is all about gravies and sauces, as well as deep-fried stuff. And let’s not get into the sodium content! You’ve certainly considered the timing of the surgery carefully, so I hope you can get those 11 pounds off so the surgery can be scheduled as you want it. And then you have to make sure you stay at the weight by surgery date – not too much pressure! :stress: Re the snacking…when you’re truly hungry, it’s easier to justify “I need to eat something” – be it a junky something or a healthier something. All weekend I was jonesing for something chocolate, but there was nothing in the house. Same for salty junk. I ended up eating Laughing cow with a few crackers, and some almonds - could have been worse. But why wouldn’t I choose watermelon or a hard boiled egg? Sigh. It’ll always be a struggle. That’s all there is to it. But we won't give up!!! :no:

Susie – Sorry the scale wasn’t kind to you, but I agree with the others. There can be many reasons for scale fluctuations. One I don’t think I saw mentioned was the muscles holding onto the weight after they’ve been worked hard, so maybe the walking and your other activity caused that. Regardless, it’s discouraging when you’ve been doing the right things. Like Shad said though – never give up!!! Get back on the scale this Thursday and keep plugging along. Re the shoes – nope, didn’t get out to even try any on. Shopping isn’t one of my favorite things to do.

Shad – Yes, I will get to a WW meeting this week. You were making me tired just reading about all you were doing!!! Did you get a chance to get away from the house/garden yet??

Ceejay – Nice you decided to stay home this weekend, especially if you want to make progress with your decluttering project! My mother is still working on getting my brother’s house in shape to sell (not by herself –she’s getting help), and then she’ll be working on her own house. She’s got a lot of decluttering in her future… So I have the same question as Terra – who are these hagglers on your street and what is it they want with you??? Must be annoying for you to not want to go for walks in your neighborhood.

Terra – That’s something I don’t like about cooking – the first time you try a recipe, it might not be exactly to your taste, so you have to tweak it a bit the next time. I always try to take notes so I can refer to them the next time. How did the walking go over the weekend? There’s definitely a difference between doing indoor walking and outdoor walking. Outdoors, you might not even realize there’s a slight incline making it more challenging for you - until you compare it to an indoor routine. Keep at it and make sure you’re challenging yourself!!

Hi Happy – Hope you’re enjoying your visit w/ your mom.

Hi Annie!! :wave:

Where did the morning go? :?: I got interrupted with a request from the boss and it took me longer than I thought. Oh well, makes the day go by faster. :)

Everyone have a great day.

08-11-2014, 02:06 PM
Laura - Glad you had a nice weekend. So sorry to hear about your friend's cat. I hope it's doing better now. To answer your question, I asked my friend Bob if he'd mind if we went to Applebees instead since I knew they had a lighter menu and it would be easier for me to eat within my calorie budget there. He's totally supportive and wants to help me lose the pre-surgery weight, so he didn't mind at all.

08-11-2014, 03:51 PM
Hi Everyone. I needed a moment of me I'm taking a short break at work.

I woke up this morning to pain in my left foot...not the one that hurt in the spring that was the right foot.

This one is painful in my instep. Not sure what is going on but it is hard to walk. It might be from the walking as I have been going at a good clip on the treadmill--4.2 miles an hour for the most part. DH thinks I bruised my instead. So I'm icing it, and will do a gentler walk or a walk away the pounds DVD tonight and then ice again. I don't know what the heck is up with my feet! :?:

Laura: It sounds like you had a nice weekend. You got a few things done and also relaxed. YES, you WILL make it to the WW meeting this week...I have faith in you.
I hope your friend's cat is doing ok.

Michelle: That is really nice that you could go to AppleBee's and that your friend Bob supported you in that way. I hope your graphic design project is moving along well.

Shad: I feel that my friends and family feel like I should keep my weekends open for them but with working I can't always do that. I loved the way you put it that "For those of us who work, there is a need to have a bit of ME time during weekends". I will be sharing that with them. ;)

You are very good with the pep talks..your "Think before you eat. Ask yourself do you really want to add that whatever to your food diary. Drink the water and get on with the exercise." quote is going in my diary.

Did you get your garden bed in place like you wanted to?

Terra: I like the way you have broke up the walking to get your 5 miles in. How was the trip to Walmart.

Happy: I hope you are having a great trip!

Annie: :hug: How are you doing?

08-11-2014, 05:20 PM
Hello All....

Just had my 3rd interview at Wells Fargo....I think I aced this one as well.
Thinking I may get an offer before week's end or next early. EXCITED....feelling blessed and happy....still need prayers for a great result....thank you all for everything thus far.

SUSIE...sorry to hear you are having foot pain....nothing like it. We have to walk and when it gets difficult, everything is messed up. Hope it gets better soon.

LAURA...glad you had a nice weekend, but sorry about your friend's cat. Just hate it when our pets are sick cause they cannot talk and tell us what is going on. Sass went through a day of having to piddle every couple of hours, outside, on the kitchen floor and once on our bed. I made a vet appt. but my the time Monday rolled around she was fine. Weird. I think she has issues when I give her the Trifexa pill once a month.

CHELLE...I am praying for your weight loss and surger. Just one thing...and I mean it with all my heart, DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOLIC drinks anytime after EVER.. Very addictive. You don't know how bad it is. Just sayin. is the walking going...are you currently working?? laid plans by man...the saying I like best is...Man Plans, GOD old boss used to say that. Seems true in my life.
Also like your never give up cartoon...fits me perfectly!!

LAURA...talking about beer samples. I went to a wine fest a few years ago and really enjoy this promegranit (sp) wine that I do not remember the brewery, dang it. But it was very tasty.

CEEG...sounds like your move to Missouri is getting closer and closer...good for you for decluttering and getting ready.

HAPPY...hope your visit is going well and your momma is not driving you nutso!!

Sissy's water heater is out, they cannot afford to replace it just yet so they have been coming here for baths and laundry. Cool for me I get to see the babes every day. I may try to come up for the money for a new ont, but up to them to get installed.

Baby Boy will be coming up for his birthday meal on the 23rd. He will be 26, where does time go. He wants my homemade pizza, breadsticks, and something strawberry for his celebration. Also serving salad with my ranch dressing. A veggie tray on the side.

Babysit over the weekend. The babes were at my house. Sis finally called at midnight and said she and Chris would be coming over and would just spend the night with us (due to water heater being out). It was very nice, however I missed church on Sunday due to the chaos and not getting to bed till 2 am, and to sleep at 3am... Fix breakfast and they didn't leave till about 3 pm. What fun and chaos.

Bout it for me, homemade chickie noodles and mashed tators for dinner, will think of some kind of veggie to serve with, probably greenbeans.

Make it a good week ladies.

Love and Hugs

08-11-2014, 05:27 PM
To me a haggler is someone who makes smartelick (sp) remarks. These particular guys are young black guys. They watch my house most days. I'm not afraid of them. Just don't like them hanging around. Most people do not like city employee's and I do work for the city.

Good choice with Applebee's. And nice that Bob didn't mind.

I love my sister's sun room. She has a deck at her condo in Branson. Sometimes we just need to chill out. I have that same problem with the sweet and salty things. I bought a lot of fruit this week end.

Bless you on the foot pain. I hope it is just bruised. Yes I did make out my menu. I did fairly well this week end. And so far so good today. I've chosen times to eat today and that's really helping.

Is work doing things around the house?

Not much is going on in my neck of the woods.

08-11-2014, 05:32 PM
You were typing above my head, Annie,
This job at Well's Fargo does sound very promising. I see those truck sometimes when I'm at the bank. I bet they have to be very particular on whom they hire for any position. Sending you good vibes. Sad about the hot water heater going out for your daughter's family.

08-12-2014, 11:58 AM
I'm still so sad about the passing of Robin Williams. I think what gets me the most is that I've been there in deep despair and depression. A couple years ago, I was at a point in my life where I thought ending it was the only (or at least the best) option. There are no words to adequately describe it. So ever since I heard the news of his suicide, I keep thinking, there but for the grace of God go I, which makes me so sad for him...and so grateful to be alive.

I hope his passing serves as a catalyst to those suffering with depression or other disorders to get the help they need so they don't feel the need to leave this life.

I also hope his passing helps to life the stigma about addictions, depression and other mental health disorders. These are diseases and can be just as deadly as cancer or heart disease.

08-12-2014, 12:16 PM
Morning all.

Ceejay – Re your "hagglers" – I agree with you - I wouldn’t be comfortable walking down the block if I had people hassling or heckling me.

Annie – Keeping you in my prayers that an offer is coming your way! Nice you’ll have your son over for his bday dinner – so nice that you make him the dinner of his choice. Sorry to hear about DD’s water heater going out. It’s always something, isn't it? Nice that you got to see the family, but I hope they’re able to have a new water heater installed soon. Big brother should help with that – he does plumbing work, right?? Next time you have a wine you like, you should take a photo of the bottle's label, or the name of it on the menu.

Susie – I hope your foot is feeling better today.

Michelle – So nice your friend Bob didn’t mind the change of restaurants. Good idea to go to a place that has lighter menu selections. Re Robin Williams – it’s so very sad. I hate to think of someone suffering like that and feeling that was the only way out. I’m so very, very happy you got through that horrible time and are enjoying life once again.


Nothing much to report. I worked on the mail basket last night and it doesn’t even look like I made a dent in it! :mad:

One of the movies I “voted” to see tonight was “Boyhood”. Now I learn it’s 2 hours, 45 minutes long!!!! Really??? Why does a movie need to be that long?? Answer – it doesn’t!! Anyway, I wish they’d chosen my other choice as the final – “Get on Up” – the one about James Brown. I’ll still go, and I’m sure it’ll be good, but I’m sure I’ll be ready for it to be over at the 2 hour mark.

08-12-2014, 12:32 PM
Hi Everyone. The foot it a bit better today. When I got home last night I put it in the boot that I had for the other foot and that seemed to help a lot. I think it is just bruised and will take time, ice, and back to gentle walks or get to the work gym and use the bike.

I got on the scales this morning to see how I am doing since that big gain last Thursday and I was down 3.5 lbs so almost all of that 4 lbs is gone. I can smile about that and keep working at it. I would like to go on Thursday and have the 4 gone as well as 1-2 more. I am trying to not eat my exercise calories and also to eat in the middle of my calorie range. I think that it helping.

Annie: Praying, praying and praying for the Wells Fargo job. Sorry to hear about DD water heater issue. I went through that 3 years ago and it was expensive. Of course I had to have a special order water heater because mine is in a older home and is smaller and has to be for the "closet" it is in. I hope they can get it fixed soon but it sounds like it was a fun Saturday night/Sunday morning at your house!

Ceejay: Good for you for getting those menus planned and sticking with them!

Laura: I haven't even heard of the film that you are going to go see. It does seem like a long film. Get on Up was very entertaining and enjoyable...I hope you will get to see it sometime soon. How is your exercise/challenges coming along?

Michelle: It is so very sad about Robin Williams. What pain a person must be in to think that dying would be the best thing. Depression is real and it does hurt. I have watched my DH going through it and I experienced a bit of it after my dad died several years ago. It is awful to not feel like yourself and even when you try you just don't feel happy. It is a medical issue...your brain shows low levels of seriton (sp) and if anything else would be low in our bodies we would take something or do something to get them right; with depression there is this silence that is a very bad thing because really that persons body/mind is screaming for help and many times not heard.

Hi to Happy--I hope your visit is going well.

Hi to Shad!

Hi to Terra!

Ok..back to work for me. I will stop at noon for stomach is telling me it is time and I'm giving it water and telling myself that perseverence is good for the soul! ;)

08-12-2014, 12:41 PM
Susie - Congrats on the weight loss! :bravo: I'm glad to hear that the foot pain is easing up too.

08-12-2014, 01:17 PM
Susie - Glad your foot pain has eased up. Good idea to baby it for a while until it's back 100%. Yay for the weight going back down - yup, probably something other than a true gain causing that fluctuation.

My exercise challenge - at this point it's just doing some pushups - is going fine. I'm almost able to do 15 knee pushups now.

Hellos to Happy, Shad & Susie!!

08-12-2014, 01:21 PM
Laura - I haven't heard anything about "Boyhood". That is a LONG movie. Ugh. I've heard Get On Up was good. Good for you on doing the pushups!

08-12-2014, 02:22 PM
CJ ~ Thanks for explaining what Hagglers are.

Susie ~ Hi to you too

Michelle ~ I was very shocked when I got on facebook yesterday and saw all of the R.I.P. Robin Williams messages, I cant believe he is really gone, He was a great actor and comedian, He will be deeply missed.


I woke up at 7:30 this morning and I got ready for the day and then around 8:00 am, Mom,Scott and I left to go to his appt. and then after his appt. we went to pick up my mom's meds and then we went to cd trade post and then we went to Walmart cause we forgot some things when we were there yesterday and then we came home and now we are home for the day. I just plan to get at least 1 of my 2 mile walks done today and then I'll go for 5 miles on Friday.

08-12-2014, 04:23 PM
Not much going on. I'm with the rest on the passing of Robin Williams. I liked all his movies/shows, his funny attitude, but who knew that he was suffering from depression.

Happy Birthday Michelle :balloons:

Glad your foot pain is better. Think you've given it to me, except mine is my bunion. Must be going to rain. Congrats that the scale is down too.

My exercise challenge is just try to exercise a bit every day. Last night I rode the bike for 15 minutes and did 10 minutes of toning. I'm a whimp. I can't even start out with 2 pound weights. UGH.

Shad, Happy and Terra
Hello :wave:

08-12-2014, 04:46 PM
Ceejay - It's not my birthday (not until next month). But thanks for the good wishes. :D

08-12-2014, 08:41 PM
CJ ~ Hello to you too

08-13-2014, 11:15 AM
For some reason my FB account has your birthday in august. I'll change it.
I'm pleased with my eating plan this week even though I stopped and bought a foot long cheese cony. I thought that the sodium content would put my body out of sinc but I eaten enough produce that's loaded in potassium this week to offset it, I hope. Plus I have exercised twice this week. Tonight I'm dong a Yoga DVD.

More later.

08-13-2014, 12:33 PM
Morning all.

Ceejay – What’s a cony? Is that a hot dog? I still love hot dogs, but we have them very infrequently these days. A good garlicky kosher hot dog…yum. Good job with the exercise!! If you keep up with the toning workouts, you’ll eventually get to higher weights.

Hi Terra! How much walking did you get in yesterday? I have to get over to Walmart. I still haven’t bought a fresh battery for my pedometer!!!

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!! :wave:

I enjoyed the movie “Boyhood”. Ethan Hawke starred as the father, and I especially liked his performance. Yes it was a bit long, but didn’t feel quite as long as it is. It was really interesting to see the same young actors who played the son and daughter growing up over the years – that’s how it was filmed, over the years from age 6 to 18. Nice movie.

It was quite a contrast to get home and find bf and a friend of his watching the 2nd Hunger Games movie on dvd, with the booming audio coming through our sound bar, LOL. Different movies by 180 degrees for sure.

Tonight I’m attending a library program about advanced directives – getting your medical treatment preferences documented in the event you are unable to communicate them yourself. Should be informative. It was a late bedtime last night, so I hope I don't run out of steam by the time the program starts tonight.

That’s it for me. TTFN.

08-13-2014, 01:24 PM
Hi Ladies,

It is quiet at work today and I LOVE it! I can actually think. I'm getting a lot of things cleaned up with my two managers gone this week. I do have a few meetings scheduled today and so that is breaking my concentration on what I want to get cleaned up but that is ok.

Tomorrow I will work for about 2 hours and then we have a offsite meeting with all of our Business Unit. It is a "fun meeting" where they will serve up lunch and there will be games to play and compete in. It's about a 40 min drive from our worksite and it is down on the river at a place called "The Sandbar". I think it would be fun to go there with friends, but I am not a fan of this sort of thing at work.

I don't like doing the physical games (and P&G is very much into that and very competitive). I might enjoy them if I was smaller and in shape? I usually try to find the least physical game and participate there..most likely it will be corn hole.

Terra: It sounds like you were busy yesterday! You have a good walking plan in place.

Ceejay: Sorry that your foot hurts too. A friend of mine had bunion surgery last year; she's really glad that she did it. She said her pain wasn't too much more than the pain she would have after walking distances.
Good for you for getting back to the exercise. It's ok to start small and are being good to yourself and that is important.

Laura: I'm glad you liked the movie. I am interested in hearing about the topic you are going to find out about tonight.
:carrot: Yeah for you for being able to do 15 knee pushups! That is an accomplishment.

Hi Michelle, Shad, Annie and Happy!

Time for me to get back to work. I might not get here tomorrow but I will try.

I have TOPS tomorrow night so I'm anxious about what the "Official Scales" will say. Fingers crossed for a loss!

08-13-2014, 02:10 PM
Happy Hump Day ladies,

I went to a weight loss surgery support group last night. It was interesting to hear about the successes and challenges. There were three other "pre-ops". One of the women at group who was 9 months post-op had hit a weight loss "stall" and was having issues with her body using her muscle tissue for energy because she was working out over an hour every day and not eating enough healthy carbs (veggies and fruit) for the body to use those as fuel. The doctors and nutritionists tell wls patients to "eat protein first", but sometimes, especially when newly post-op, your new stomach doesn't have room for much else after the recommended amount of protein is eaten. But by 9 months, she should have at least some room in her stomach to increase her healthy carb intake, and she may have to reduce the amount she exercises. I guess too much of a calorie deficit (between eating and exercise) causes the body to not only hold on to weight and, if not enough healthy carbs are consumed, cause the body to start to use/burn muscle tissue for energy rather than fat. I don't understand the why's of it all. I'll ask my niece the bariatric nutritionist next time I talk with her.

Tonight, I'm working with the personal trainer and then taking Santa to the dog park.

I've been finalizing my plans for my road trip to Washington and Oregon next month. I've got the car rented, the first three nights of lodging booked, and I'm working out with a friend to see if she can fly into Portland rather than me having to drive 2-3 hours out of the way to pick her up.

Ceejay - Great job on the exercising, and good for you for doing well on the eating plan. I don't eat hot dogs much anymore. How do you like the Yoga DVD?

Laura - I'm glad you liked the movie "Boyhood". From your description it sounds very nice. Interesting that they were able to use the same actors for the children as they grew up. Definite contrast to "Catching Fire" (the second Hunger Games movie). Good for you for attending a workshop on advanced directives. I have to fill out a form and get it on file with the doctor/hospital before my surgery. They also recommend that patients have their will made out. Those serious complications are extremely rare, but any surgery has risks, and it's better to be safe.

Susie - Glad you're having a quiet day. I don't like super physical "team building" competitions. I hope you have fun playing corn hole. The company I used to work at everyone was younger than me and wanted to do PaintBall or Xtreme Obstacle courses. I suggested bocce ball or going to a music festival. :rofl: Good luck at TOPS.

Terra - How are you doing with walking? How is the quilt coming along?

Hi Shad, Annie and Happy!!

Well, gotta get back to it!

Much love to all,

08-13-2014, 04:54 PM





08-13-2014, 04:59 PM
Congratulations, Annie!! I am over the moon happy for you!!! :woohoo: I know you will do great in your new position!! I'm so proud of you, girlfriend! Enjoy these next three weeks with the kids and grandkids.

08-13-2014, 06:40 PM
Congratulations Annie. Well done. It's been a stressful time for you but now it is time to relax a little and enjoy the next chapter of your life. You go Girl!!!!! :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

Can't stop now. On a roll in the garden. Time to get those plants in the ground and start thinking about the next medium sized project while working on the pros and cons of the next big project.

08-13-2014, 11:44 PM
Laura ~ Yeah its alot challenging to walk outside then it is to walk to my Leslie Sansone dvd thats for sure.

Susie ~ My trip to walmart was good. Im glad how I broke up my walking to get my 5 miles in too.

Annie ~ The walking is going good, I just got back at it since gaining some weight back. Im currently looking for work. Congrats on the new job, Thats great.


I woke up this morning at 5:00 AM, As always I got my morning duties done and I've already done my morning walking outside. I have to start watching for the bus at 11 AM and then I'll come back home at 3:30 pm. I'll be sure to get my evening walking using my Leslie Sansone DVD tonight though and thats all I plan to do for the day.

08-14-2014, 11:57 AM
Quick check in for me this morning.

I worked out with a personal trainer last night. He really pushed me, but I was sure not to do anything that would hurt my back. He and I agreed that if any move caused pain or if the weight to be lifted was too much, I would tell him right away. And he made sure to correct my form so I could avoid injury.

This morning I woke up with a migraine, but I took some Excedrin and I'm doing better. Good thing too because with vacation coming up in 3 weeks, I can't afford to miss any more vacation days are stretched pretty thin as it is.

Today after work, assuming the migraine doesn't come back, I am going to go to the gym to ride the bike for 1/2 hour and then go to a weight loss surgery support group.

Tomorrow after work, D and I are going out to dinner and a movie. :D Not sure what movie we'll see. I'm not even sure what's playing now.

Annie - Congratulations again! I am so very happy for you! I knew that you'd get a great job offer, and you got to enjoy some very precious time with the grandbabes. Love ya, sweet sista!

Terra - Well done on getting your morning walk in. I'm learning that while exercise is very important, what we eat is even more important when it comes to losing weight. This is something all the Worldly Chicks tried telling me months and years ago, but I was in denial. Now I'm finding I can work out like a fiend, but if I don't eat healthy and watch the calorie intake, the weight doesn't come off very easily (if at all).

Shad - Will we get to see photos of the garden? Are these medium-sized and big projects sort of DIY on the house or landscaping or are they income generating (i.e., work)?

:wave: to Ceejay, Laura, Susie and Happy!

I'm going to post this now and try and check back in later.

Much love to all,

08-14-2014, 01:13 PM
Morning all.

Annie – Big congrats to you on the new job!!!! :congrat: So, SO happy for you girl!! :cp: Enjoy the next three weeks!

Michelle – Glad the migraine eased up a bit. Hope it doesn’t come back and you can get your workout in tonight. You’re so right, what you’re eating is definitely the bigger part of the weight loss equation. Not that long now before your vacation. :) I’d really like to get back to the Pacific NW and see more. It’s so beautiful out there.

Terra – I agree with Michelle – exercise is very important, but eating is a huge factor in weight loss. Need to watch both!!

Shad – I’ve got plenty of garden projects, c’mon over! ;)

Susie – I hope you enjoy the offsite outing today. Even though you’re not into the physical games, at least it’ll be nice to get away from the office. Fingers crossed for a good TOPS weigh-in tonight. :crossed:

I took doggy for a walk after work yesterday (bf was mowing/edging/weedwacking).

After that I went to the library program about advance directives. A man from an area hospice led us through an advance directive form called Five Wishes. I agree it’s definitely way better to have one of these types of forms completed than to have nothing at all. However, I also feel based on the questions and comments from the other attendees that it’s not always all that easy for the person you select as your “Health Care Agent” to actually make sure your preferences are executed. It sounds like once some sort of life support measure is started, such as a respirator that breathes for you, it’s awfully difficult to stop that treatment if that's the wish – you might even have to move the person to another medical facility to achieve this. One very interesting statement was made – for medical staff and facilities, who’ve been trained to keep people alive, a death means failure, so they will often keep doing everything they can to not have a death. Very interesting.

I have my WW meeting in a little bit.

Nothing planned for tonight. I’m really into my book – “Gone Girl” so I will probably want to try to finish it.

Gotta run! TTFN.

08-14-2014, 07:11 PM
Had a 0.8 gain at my WW meeting. Well-deserved.

I've been mulling over cancelling my ww membership for a while now and actually did it just now. I just don't have the right attitude about it to justify the monthly cost - even with my employer footing part of the cost. But...I'm NOT giving up. I can do everything I do on ww elsewhere and plan to. I think I'll do better not feeling guilty over not wanting to count points (vs calories), not using etools, not reading the weekly brochure, etc. I've been successful losing weight on my own, so I know I can do this.

Next up- cancelling my LA Fitness membership....

08-14-2014, 07:19 PM
Laura - Sorry to hear about your gain. But it sounds like your head is in the right place and your making good choices for you now. I am enjoying using MyFitnessPal to count calories (and proteins and carbs) as opposed to counting points like I used to (or like I used to NOT do). Everyone has to find what works for them. Kudos to you for doing that.

08-15-2014, 02:00 AM
Just lost my post ugh

Wanted to say congratulations to Annie on her new job. Doing a happy dance for you :dance:

Got my hair cut today.
Dreading tomorrow night's concert. Once I get there I'll be okay. Just hate all this driving.

08-15-2014, 11:34 AM
Getting ready to go to the uncle's this afternoon. Don't really want to go. I'm tired. Concert is tonight.

08-15-2014, 11:38 AM
Ceejay - Safe travels to the uncle's. I hope you have good weather in both directions. Enjoy the concert.

08-15-2014, 12:21 PM
Hi ladies,

I didn't get to the gym yesterday because I had to pick up some prescriptions that I was nearly out of and the line was really long. By the time I left the pharmacy, there just wasn't time to go to the gym, change, workout and then get to the weight loss surgery support group. I'm SO glad I went to this support group. I almost didn't go because it's roughly 1/2 hour drive to get there.

At a meeting last night, the leader (a bariatric RN) asked people to do a short writing exercise. The pre-ops were asked to write a few things that they hoped would happen as a result of having weight loss surgery (most of ours were related to improved health and quality of life, as well as living longer). The post-ops were asked to write the lessons they have learned since surgery (which mostly centered on the physical, emotional, social and relationship changes). It was very insightful!

Then the leader shared this post she found online of "lessons learned" from a man who is 20 years post-op.
Please don't think that by sharing this I am, in no way, encouraging ANYONE to have weight loss surgery. It's major surgery and it's a very personal and individual decision and DEFINITELY not for everyone. I just thought you might be interested in reading this.

One other thing happened yesterday. I had a bit of an epiphany...or at least a realization. I've been engaging in compulsive eating behavior and trying to pass it off as "food funerals", which is the term used by some weight loss surgery patients that refers to eating a favorite food once more (or twice more or x number of times more) before surgery because I may never be able to eat it again and even if I could certainly not in the same portion size as now. Anyway, I had a really good chat with a friend who happens to be a health coach today and I realized that the "food funerals" of nearly nightly Taco Bell runs and McDonald's ice cream runs are truly examples of "compulsive eating". It's the kind of eating that got me to my highest weight. It's the kind of eating that sabotages all my weight loss efforts because a part of me wants to keep this armor of fat. It's the kind of eating that is DELAYING my surgery when I truly want to have the surgery ASAP and get on the road to better health. It's the kind of eating that weight loss surgery will not permit. I have to build a new relationship with food for the rest of my life because I can no longer use food to "numb out" my feelings or use fat as a shield or a protective wall that I can "hide" inside. Dang, sometimes epiphanies can be rough. :faint:

But this epiphany is definitely helping me to make more conscious and less compulsive decisions about what to eat.

Thanks for letting me ramble on.

I hope you all are doing well and have a fun weekend ahead.

Much love and many hugs to all,

08-15-2014, 12:31 PM
Michelle ~ Yeah I know both are important but thanks for reminding me. By the way I forgot to answer your question about my quilt, Its coming along nicely. I'll post another pic soon.

Laura ~ Yeah I agree with Michelle also.


Today I woke up at 8:30 am and as always I got my morning duties done. Im currently watching the Selena movie while posting on here and on two other forums,reading my facebook news feed and reading and replying to emails. Im gonna jump in the shower at 11 am cause at noon I need to start watching for my bus cause my friend Wilma and I are going to the movies today. I'll get back home between 4:30 and 5 pm. I'll be sure to do my 2 mile walk tonight and then tomorrow morning I'll be sure to make myself get up so I can walk outside. Usually when my alarm goes off at 5 am I usually just turn it off and I got back to sleep but I really need to stop doing that, I need to just make myself get up at 5 so I can be awake and ready to walk outside at 7 am. So I'll definitely work on that.

08-15-2014, 04:06 PM
Afternoon all.* I’m at work, but feeling under the weather.* On top of that my eyes feel irritated.* I just used some rewetting drops, but if that doesn’t help, I’ll just take out my contacts.*

Terra – What movie are you seeing?* Looking forward to another quilt photo.

Michelle – Sorry you didn’t get to work out last night.* Good you did make it to the surgery support group.* I think it’s wonderful you’re going to those meetings.* The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be.* I thought I posted a comment on fb re your epiphany, but didn’t see it theretoday.* Way easier said than done, but you can hopefully ask the question “is this worth it?” when faced with the compulsion to make a bad food choice.* Re what works for me – I wish I listened to myself more often – two stints of gym memberships later, I know that didn’t work for me.* Going back to my park district group fitness classes will work better. *

Ceejay – Enjoy the concert*tonight!


Nothing much to report.* Beautiful day outside – I hope the weather holds for the weekend.**Tonightmight be a fest near my old neighborhood.**Tomorrow*will be jazzercise class.* I have a hair appointment in the early afternoon. BF and I are going to an outdoor concert with another couple in the evening.* Sunday we’re going out to eat with bf’s mom to an iconic fried chicken restaurant.* Full weekend.* Not quite the way I like it, but that’s the way it came out on the calendar.*

I need to take some vacation time.* If I knew my boss’s boss was going to blow off his review of our department budget this entire week, I would have definitely taken a day or two this week while my boss was out/on vacation.* Next week probably won’t work out that well for any time off.* I’m definitely going to take some time the following week.*

Okay, the eyedrops didn’t do it – I’m taking off these contact lenses.* Everyone have a great weekend.* TTFN.*

08-15-2014, 04:10 PM
Have no idea re the *'s. I emailed the text from ms word, then cut & pasted it into here. Hmmm.

08-15-2014, 04:31 PM
Terra - Have fun at the movies. What movie did you and your friend see?

Laura - I'm glad the park district classes work for you. I tend to like to be spontaneous about the days I exercise, so gym memberships work for me - that way if there's not a class I like (or am physically able to do yet), I can always ride the bike or do the rowing machine. I'm glad my insurance and surgeon requires attending support meetings. I'm learning so much and I think I'll be fairly prepared for what can happen after surgery. I think your "is it worth it?" or "was it worth it?" response might've ended up under Dera's post, but it was applicable there too. In fact, once you start looking at the calories or fats or carbs or whatever you're helps you to make an informed this food worth it? For me, because my hospital is already booking surgeries into October and November...NOTHING is worth delaying my getting to the 5 lbs left to go mark...and I just have to remind myself of that when I get the compulsion to make bad choices. Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned! I hope the weather stays nice AND that you have at least a little downtime.

My weekend is filling up too. Tonight, D and I are either going out for dinner and a movie, or if he has a meeting, then I'll go to the gym and take Santa to the dog park. Tomorrow I'm taking Bob to a workshop on Social Media Marketing for Writers. I'll eventually need to know this info too once my book is written, but mostly I'm attending because it's nearly an hour drive and Bob can't drive that far with the pain he has in his leg. After that, I'm hopefully going to the movies with my step-brother, and then taking Santa to the dog park. Sunday I'm working out with a personal trainer and then doing website work until the evening when it'll be dog park time again. :D

Three weeks from today, Santa and I will be starting our road trip. The first leg of the trip is driving from here to Portland, OR...a 10 hour drive. I'm so looking forward to the trip.

Much love to all,

08-15-2014, 06:11 PM
Hi everyone,
I did make it to Chicago just fine although the flight was full of crying kids. It was a tough week at my Mom's - not much to do, there are lots of muggings on the public transportation system so I am not comfortable at all heading downtown or doing much of anything. I napped alot, read alot and watched tv.

I am at my sisters for a few days - unfortunately she is having big time problems with an abscessed tooth right now. I told her she didn't have to come get me but she wanted to spend time with me even if she is feeling poorly. So we aren't planning on doing much except hang around the house and I may cut my visit here with her short if she is still miserable and in pain.

I will get back on later to read over and comment on personals.

Congratulations Anne on getting a wonderful job offer. I know how hard it is to believe that the sun will shine through, I'm glad it finally did and that you will have the start of a great experience.

Gotta run for now. Later chicks.

08-15-2014, 06:15 PM
Happy - I'm glad you made it to Chicago. Sorry you had a tough week at your mom's. That's a shame that you couldn't get downtown. Are you going to get a chance to see Laura at all? So sorry to hear about your sister's tooth. Are you going to head back to your mom's before you go back home? Even if you can't do much, I hope you're still enjoying your visit with family. :hug:

08-15-2014, 09:57 PM
Michelle ~ I did have fun at the movies and so did my friend, We saw Blended which stars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, It was a really good movie, Im gonna have to buy it when it comes to dvd.

08-15-2014, 11:05 PM
Hi guys,

Will try to catch up. Sister has her computer set at a really high resolution and the print is super tiny - it's really hard for me to see and she has Windows 8 which I am totally unfamiliar with and I don't want to mess up her computer so I'm trying to deal with this as it is.

Right now it is not looking good for meeting up with Laura. My sister is feeling badly - I have had abscesses before and I know the pain. She can't eat much other than very soft foods between the tooth pain and the abscess and I really don't want to ask her to drive all the way to the mall and then kill time if she can't eat herself. She is on antibiotics now and I might even have to take her to get her 2 teeth extracted later towards the end of the week if she makes that decision. I hate to see her in such pain. Sorry Laura :(

Shoot... hold on. Mom just called...

08-15-2014, 11:29 PM
I'm glad that my aunt wanted to leave the concert early. After all she's 80 years old. We got to see the main attraction for us which was Loretta Lynn. She can still sing. And sang for about 45 minutes. I felt like I got my monies worth. And the M.C. was Mark Lowery who used to be with the Gaither vocal band. And I had no problem what so ever going up and down the steps.
I bought the movie Noah and watched it last night. Both the DVD and concert is part of my birthday presents to myself.
No exercise last night or today but will get started back tomorrow.

What is park district classes? Sounds like you will be busy this week end. Try to get some 'me" time.

I've always been a compulsive eater especially after I got out on my own. No mom to make restrictions for me. Thanks for sharing your wls meetings with us. They are very helpful to me.

Thanks for checking in. Hope your sister feels better soon.

Have I missed your posts?

I most always wait till the movies come out on DVD's. It's too loud for my ears in the theater. I like both of those actors so I'll probably be buying that one too.

08-16-2014, 08:53 AM
CJ ~ Oh thats a bummer its too loud for your ears, I enjoy going to the theater, I would be really upset if I could go for some reason. Yeah I always love it when Drew and Adam are in movies together, I dont know why they arent a couple off screen either, They would make a cute couple. I know they are both married to different people but I just dont know why they never dated off screen when they were both single.


I woke up at 6:08 but then I fell back to sleep and when I woke up again it was 6:30 am so I thought I better get up so I did Im still gonna go for my morning walk outside at 7 though. I already let Clyde outside and I gave him food and fresh water. Now Im just posting on 3 forums including this one, Im reading my news-feed on facebook and emailing a few people. Im about to eat breakfast. My plans for today are to do my laundry and do my afternoon 1 mile walk and then my 2 mile evening walk and thats it.

08-16-2014, 01:50 PM
Ceejay - glad you had a nice time at the concert. Sounds like you were all dolled up and ready to have a good time. It's great that you didn't have any trouble with the stairs. That's really encouraging.

Terra - I like Drew in her movies. She seems like a fun friend to hang around with. Seems like you have a nice routine going on there. You should track how many miles you walk and post the total at the end of the month. I'll bet you'd be surprised.

Michelle - I admire your dedication to the food and exercise. I guess it's good to tell yourself no to temptations because it's good training going forward when you will have to live with restrictions post surgery. Also good to get in the exercise habit and try new things so you know what might be too tough as you heal up. Surgery is a huge committment with no turning back so it sounds like everything you are doing right now is setting you up for success. :D I'm very sorry to hear about your friend's battle with cancer. I hope that they can find something that helps him with minimal surgery. Thank you for talking about "food funerals" - like the others, I really find the information you share with us very enlightening.

All your talk lately of fitness and the gym has me motivated to get cracking once I get back home. I still have 20 visits on the pool passes I never used - however they don't expire and I prefer to use the pool when it's more quiet and summer tourist season (and 10,000 wild children) keep me away from the pool. Should be better in September when things quiet down. I also want to clean out the 3rd bay so I can use the treadmill and start to train to do a 5k walk come spring. We have so many I could probably do at least 10 between spring and fall. I think DH would walk with me.

Gotta get ready to go out with friends tonight - will get back on here tomorrow. Have a good weekend all.

08-16-2014, 07:05 PM
Seems I have been mia again. It's a bit hectic over here right now. I've built one complete garden bed, have another one ready to put together - would have done it yesterday except it rained. The lettuces, baby leaf spinach and the beans are in and getting ready to grow. I have corn and peppers to put into the next bed along with parsley, chives and another couple of herby things. Yesterday was very wet so I got stuck into household chores, cleaned the venetian blinds, swept up the danged cat fur (again) and cleaned out some of my wardrobe. So the work is moving along. I am rubbing things off the list as I go. Still, I am a long way from finished.

Happy - nice to know you are out and about in Chicago. How much longer before you go home?

Ceejay - everyone seems to have to have the music and the film turned up to jet decibels. The world will be deaf in their later years. I have problems with that as well. Did I miss your birthday - geez I need Mel to keep these things up to date.

Annie - dinner sounded good on facebook

Michelle - hope you get that last few pounds off soon. It sounds like you are doing just great.

Laura - good for you for quitting what you no longer enjoy. Everything serves its purpose but there comes a time when it no longer does and you are best to move on to something else.

Terra - are you doing the walking? It is not good that you are putting back that hard earned loss.

Susie - still snowed under? Seems you and I are the missing ones.

Ahh well, my old neighbour from across the road has just had a visit from the Ambulance. I fear that the end is either close or already here. Better go over and check on Bonnie this morning. He hasn't been well for a long time and when I got back from NZ, she told me he only had months to go. Seems like maybe his passport may have expired, poor man.
Another job for today.

Better go and get my world under control again. Coffee is done.

08-16-2014, 08:05 PM
My birthday is at the end of the month, august 27. I'm like my mom and celebrate all month.

Don't blame you for not wanting to use the pool while its full of kiddo's.

I did enjoy my concert last night. Today when I got home my neighbor came over and told me she was rousted out of bed with 2 guns pointed to her head. They broke in through the front door and she didn't hear them. They put her in the bath room and she escaped through the window. Unfortunately I wasn't home. We watched the camera's from last night but all we saw were flash lights.

More later. Need to work off some of this excess anxiety.
I don't feel very secure right now. but thankful I have a security alarm.

08-17-2014, 03:18 AM
Hi, just a quick post before I head off to bed. Had a good time with my friends tonight. We don't get to see each other very much any more.

Ceejay - that is darn scary about your neighbor!!! Especially since that means they were not far from your house. Good thing you have that security alarm. I'd be unnerved too. I'm glad you are ok. Good call on celebrating your birthday all month long. I thought it was a bit early for your special day. I will not be home in time to wish you a happy day so happy EARLY birthday :hb: :yay: and I will wish you a belated HB when I return.

Which would be August 28 Shad. You sound like ever the busy little bee. Glad you got the garden in. I have a huge weed bed to clean out when I get back - not looking forward to that and I hope I have not done permanent damage with the weeds in there. Sorry to hear of your neighbor's last days. I hope he had a long and good life. How long are you going to be home now? Is Sunday the cat appreciating you again?

Laura - I hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy your busy weekend. What iconic chicken place do you speak of if you don't mind naming names? I can understand you taking a break from WW - if you are not getting what you need out of it right now, no sense in wasting money. And you have other tracking options to keep you from a big bender so do what feels right. There is another book by the author of "Gone Girl" called "Cutter". The book ladies at the shop said that was also a good book so you may want to check that out too if you like her writing style. I read "The Fault in Our Stars". A bit slow and I almost gave up but it got interesting from page 200 on and I did enjoy it. Reading Jodi Piccults (sp?) "The Storyteller" now. I hope you can manage to schedule a few vacation days - enjoy the last of summer when you can. I am hoping that the heat holds off for a while. I am noticing it is much more humid here than at home.

Annie - I hope you can finally relax and truly enjoy these last few days of freedom before you start with the job schedule again. Hug those babies, cook some good meals - get the last bountiful goodness out of the garden patch!

Susie - I hope you are catching up and not buried in work. Did you do that team outing thing you dreaded? I hated those too. Was not teambuilding or motivating for me at all. I despise competitive stuff totally. I hope you did well. How's the walking coming along? Your foot holding up too?

It's almost 1:30am so I had better get off the computer and get to sleep. They rise early in this house and even though we aren't doing anything special - Sis is still resting up, I don't want to sleep the morning away.

Happy Sunday everyone.

08-17-2014, 10:02 AM
Back to work this morning. And back on this silly computer. it will crash if it's not fixed.

I had a lot of anxiety last night but I'm not going to let it get me down with what happened to my neighbor. I will tell my sister today to see what she says. My aunt will be down here herself moving me back to Paragould.

Thank you Happy for the early birthday wish. That will be here before I know it. I would love to sleep the morning away and I will Thursday.

Not much is going on this morning and I hope it stays quiet.

08-17-2014, 01:56 PM
Morning all.

I felt pretty awful all day at work Friday. I felt like I got enough sleep, but still felt crummy mainly because I am having more digestive issues - no details except that it requires a laxative.

Slept well Friday night, skipped Jazzercise Saturday. Had a hair appointment early afternoon, then a light lunch and a dog walk. Met the other couple for the ravinia show. Lovely weather for an outdoor concert, such a lovely park-like atmosphere there. Tony Bennett still sounds great and he had a fantastic jazz combo accompanying him- piano, guitar, drums, bass. I'm glad we went. Glad I got to see him. At 88 years old, he won't be doing this forever.

Relaxing the morning away today, but we're going to pick up bf's mom early this afternoon and go to white fence farm for dinner. They're specialty is fried chicken.

Shad- You sound busy but content. Okay, happy with the outdoor stuff, not so much with the housrwork. Can't blame you- cleaning up cat fur and Venetian blinds=no fun. You make it sound so simple- if it's not working anymore, give it up and move on to something that will. Me, I try to stick it out, overthink it, feel guilty over it, blah., blah, blah. Silly me. I should stop that.

Ceejay - How scary about what happened to your neighbor!!! Don't blame you for your anxiety! I'm so glad you have a security system. I hope the local law enforcement is taking actions that will make you feel safer. I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. Great you had no problems with the stairs!! Nice treat for your birthday. :) The classes offered by the park district are held at a park facility near my house. In the past I've taken Pilates & kettlebell classes. I've also taken the various classes under the punchcard program - take any of those classes I want to fit my preference/schedule. I'm going to check the catalog for fall & register for something.

Happy- Sorry your sister's having a painful dental problem! How awful. I hope she gets relief soon. Don't worry about us getting together on this trip - I know we'll manage it eventually! !! Your sister needs relief, not extra running around right now. The chicken place is White Fence Farm. I know there's another down south called Delray's I think. Maybe we'll try that out someday too.

Michelle- Busy weekend for you. You will be strengthened in resolve by that epiphany you had and all the soul-searching you've been doing. You will make these goals a reality!!!

Terra - Glad you enjoyed your movie.

Hi Annie, hi Susie.

Gonna get this posted before I lose it, then get in the shower & get dressed before heading out for lunch. TTFN.

08-17-2014, 02:45 PM
Sorry you haven't been feeling well. I know about those digestive issues.
Your park district kinda sounds like our Community Center. I have free passes to the work out area but if any other classes are held I would have to pay.

Was looking on the camera's last night and I did see two young men around 12.30 next door. Due to this I'm pretty sure who did this awful act. I'm just so glad they didn't rape her or kill her. I'm ready to leave right this minute if some one would come help me pack up.
I'm going to ask B about some things tomorrow about the computer. It has a a warning sign on the icon in the device manager section. I wish I was more computer savy but I'm not. I went to and did a search. I think it's wanting to upgrade to window's 8.
More later. I'm trying to keep busy so I will not think about this week end's

08-17-2014, 05:04 PM
Laura ~ Yeah I'll post another quilt picture pic soon. Yeah Im glad I liked the movie I went to see with my friend.

Happy ~ Yeah I like Drew's movies too, Yeah my friend is very fun to hang out with. Yeah I do need to track my steps, I probably would be surprised how far I've walked.

Shad ~ Yeah I've been walking, I know its not good that I've gained some of my weight back but Im sure I'll lose it again so Im not real bummed out about it anymore.


I woke 5 something this morning but I fell back sleep and when I woke up again it was 7:30 AM, I slept way too long this morning because when I woke up the 2nd time my back was hurting so I went ahead and got up. I let Clyde outside and gave him fresh food and he has fresh water still. At noon Im gonna do my 2 mile walk using my dvd and then I'll do another 2 miles tonight after 6 or 6:30 so I'll only get 4 miles in today but thats better then 0 so Im still proud of myself.

08-17-2014, 11:07 PM
Hi! I went off the grid for a couple of days. Work hasn't been to bad..and I only worked 40 hours last week and the week before. I haven't done that in over 2 years!

I did have a 2.2 lb loss at TOPS on Thursday.

My foot is killing me. I'm pretty sure it is planter fasciitis and I'm sure it is due to my weight.

I looked up exercises on line to help with the pain and I am going to do them twice a day. I am also going to start using my boot for a couple of weeks and let the foot really rest.

I am also going to find a new podiatrist and see if they can help me. I didn't like the one I saw in the spring--I didn't feel like she was very attentive. I have a recommendation for another one that a lot of my co-workers go to so I'll call tomorrow to get an appointment. This pain is different than what I had last spring and it is the left foot and hurts back by my heel where in the spring in was the right foot and hurt along the side and under the front of the foot by the little toe.

I am going to have to not use the treadmill for a bit so I think it will be back to the stationary bike. I'm going to look into buying one for home, but before I do that I will use the one at work 3 times a week for a couple of weeks and see how my foot does with it.

Annie! :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot:! Congratulations on your new job!

It's getting late ladies and I'm going to head off to bed. I will see you tomorrow and do personals.

08-18-2014, 12:07 PM
Hi ladies,

Don't have time for personals, but a big :bravo: to Susie for your loss at TOPS!!

Santa is not feeling well. I don't know what made him sick to his stomach because he was with me all afternoon. He got sick twice at the dog park and then I took him home. I withheld food, but not water. He got sick a couple more times at home, including once in the middle of the night.

I had to go into work this morning, so I dropped him off at the day care and asked them to keep an eye on him and to NOT feed him (normally they feed him lunch). I'm going to try and get him in to the vet today, and also prepare some chicken and rice or the vet tech recommended (over the phone) that I try chicken baby food and rice.

Can you please say some prayers and and send healing energy for my little guy?

08-18-2014, 01:46 PM
Thunderstorms during the night and early this morning. Looks like we will be hit again soon.

Hope Santa feels better soon.

congrats on the weight loss. Hope the foot gets better also. My podiatrist gave me injections in my foot for awhile which helped some.

Not much more to report. I've been having trouble sleeping. Probably due to the week end event next door. For some unknown reason I have a headache.

The boss switched us to Google instead of Yahoo. Things seem to be a lot better. Plus I've uninstalled a bunch of things.

08-18-2014, 02:31 PM
Hi all,
Boy it sure is humid here in Chicago - I really notice a difference from back home. I am not happy to see that the temps are heating up when I head back to Mom's again for the rest of my stay. I do miss my hubby and my kitties. Wishing I had made this for 2 weeks instead of 3 but oh well, my Mom is happy to be with me except she tried to asphyxiate us last week when she decided to heavily spray the kitchen chairs with Scotchguard protectant the night before my nephew came to visit with his 2 little tots. Mom turned a fan on but left all the windows closed because "the air conditioning was on". I had to go upstairs and open a window so I could breathe...

We are having a quiet day here - trying to figure out something for supper which accomodates my BIL's diet plan, Sis's sore tooth (which is easing up with antibiotics but is still painful) and nephew's limited range of acceptable food options. Wednesday I am meeting cousins for lunch and looking forward to that as my cousin is pretty busted up from when he was a cop and was hit head on by a truck. He's had a multitude of health issues every since. I will probably go back to Mom's on Thursday. I hear my other cousin down the street got 2 new kittens so I will at least have something to play with even though D is not up for lots of company. Too bad :D

Susie - I am sorry to hear about the foot issues. My sister has the PF problem and said that she got a foot brace - it's like an Ace bandage - is supportive - looks like a toeless sock and that has helped alot. She also is supposed to ice the foot and use a roller to massage the foot - you can roll your foot on a bottled water bottle that does the same thing. She said the stretching and icing help the most. I do remember when I had it the pain was mostly in the heel and very uncomfortable. Sis also has a tracker for steps and said sometimes she pushes it to 15,000 steps when she's feeling good and that always irritates the foot again so I said find something like 12,000 that is challenging but not hurtful. Her doc said to NEVER walk around barefooted (which S did) so Sis wears GoWalks or something with good support in them in lieu of barefoot or slippers. Hope you can get some relief!

Ceejay - I can totally understand you being unnerved at the break in at the neighbors. I would sleep with the phone and a knife by the bedstand!!! Thank goodness you have an alarm system - I hope it makes noise if it's tripped - that's usually enough to scare most people away. Did you offer your camera's recording to the police?

Michelle - I am sorry to hear about Santa. I hope it's just the heat or exertion that got to him. Sending good doggie wishes for his health. :hug:

Laura - hope you are feeling better today - just in time for work again! :^: The concert at Ravinia sounds wonderful. We never did get to go there but I always wanted to - it seemed as if they had lovely grounds and it was the perfect place to enjoy a summer's night. I am glad the mosquitoes are not as bad here. I even saw some lightning bugs the other night which I don't recall seeing up by me. I have heard that Tony Bennett puts on a wonderful show. How nice to be that popular at his age - just like Betty White - we should be so lucky to do that well at that age. I am also surprised at all the free standing yoga studios they have out this way. And I am envious of all the grocery stores and food joints and just about anything you could ask for as we pass by on the roads. However, Sis reminds me there is a price to pay for all this convienience and she would trade it all for my life in a New York minute :D

Shad - sounds like you are settled in and getting busy. I was really laughing at you being cold at 72 degrees which is my perfect temperature. :lol: I think I'd melt in your summers. Would probably have to visit in the winter, opposite of what you'd have to do here. In fact our summers might not be warm enough for you. I hope the garden is in and planted. Good luck on the battle with cat hair - it never ends!

Hi Annie and Terra :wave: Best get going - it's time for a shower while the water's still hot. Have a good one everybody.

08-18-2014, 05:52 PM
Started a post in Word this morning but didn't finish it. Then I forgot I never posted it and I ended up not saving the document. Oh well. I'll try to get back tonight. I noticed many sites on my work computer are now blocked, so i will likely knock off the internet at work altogether.

That's it for now.

08-18-2014, 11:43 PM
Happy ~ Hi, How are you doing today?

08-19-2014, 10:23 AM
Morning all. Never did get back here last night.

Happy - Hope you can enjoy the last few days in Chicago. You've got some nice hot humid summer weather for the next several days- Chicago for sure, lol.

Susie- great job on the weight loss last week! :bravo: Sorry you're suffering from the plantar fasciaitis. Happy's suggestions are exactly what I'd advise as well. I went through a bout of that and ultimately a cortizone shot seemed to end it & I haven't had a recurrence. Then again, I've been very careful about wearing supportive shoes. Good luck w the new foot doc.

Hi Terra! :wave:

Michelle- How's Santa feeling today?? I'll keep praying.

Ceejay- What a scary thing to happen to your neighbor! Was it random or does she know her attackers? Glad you have a security system!

Hellos to Shad & Annie!

The chicken place on Sunday was disappointing as to food - expectations set too high I guess.

I ordered a new pair if sneakers yesterday - Brooks. We'll see how I like them.

Okay, train's pulling into the station downtown, so time to post. TTFN.

08-19-2014, 11:28 AM
Did my Yoga DVD last night. This really stretches my muscles. Not sure what I'll do tonight. Food has been pretty good too. Just the stress of the week end. I need to check on my neighbor but she has had a lot of company. I will Thursday.
Heard from my friend in Jonesboro. She's free this week so I may go over there this week end for a visit.
Got some good sleep last night. I've been keeping a finger nail file under my pillow at night and keep the hall light on too.

What kind of sneakers did you buy? I like the Easy Spirit brand.

Hello to the rest. I'll catch up with you later.

08-19-2014, 11:34 AM
I went to dinner last night with a friend from work (who recently retired) and so I didn't get time to post. It was 9:00 p.m when I got home. It was very nice to sit back and relax with my friend and just catch up.

I'm a little sleepy this morning from not getting into bed until 11 p.m. last night.

Michelle: How is Santa feeling today?

Ceejay: YIKES about the break-in at the neighbors. That is alarming for sure! I am glad to hear that you have an alarm system.

Happy: It sounds like you are having a nice visit at your mom's and seeing family but I'm sure you will be glad to get back home.

Thank you for all the info on how your sister handled PF. I looked a bunch of things up on the internet and found the same advice about the ice, the stretches, using a water ball or tennis ball to massage the bottom of the foot and stretch the fasica. I will look into that Ace Bandage thing. I saw some info about that online too.

I think the "not walk around barefooted" is key. I know with it being summer I do that a lot or in flat sandles. I've been wearing sandles with a little heel or wedges and my foot is feeling better. I think that a cortizone shot would be helpful as well.

Laura: I'm planning on getting some new sneakers and I'm thinking about New Balance. I heard you can go to the store and they will measure you and fit you for a pair. Let me know how you like your Brooks when they arrive.

I'm already looking at boots and stuff for fall/winter. I didn't buy any last year and black ones and brown ones will need replaced. I like to buy two pairs of each, just a bit different from the other so I can have a variety.

Hi Terra and Shad :wave:

I must get back to work. Have a great day everyone!

08-19-2014, 01:47 PM
Santa is doing a little better today. The vet said that since he didn't vomit at daycare yesterday, and he didn't have a fever, I could try a small amount of his regular food. She gave him an anti-nausea med. She said if he doesn't get back to normal in a day or two I should bring him back.

He ate his dinner last night. Per the vet's instructions, I gave him a little less than his normal amount of food...and it was all canned food rather than mixing with dry. He kept that down. And when I walked him last night, he had a bit of a spring in his step.

This morning, he was still pretty low-energy. I'll call daycare later to check on how he's doing...but I think he'll be fine.

Thanks for all the support and well wishes. I'll try and check back in later for personals.

08-19-2014, 08:48 PM
Laura & Susie ~ Hi Ladies, How you are two gals doing today?


Today I woke up at 7 am and Mom,Scott and I went to Habitat Restore to buy some area rugs and then at 10:30 am Mom and I went to my older brother's house to visit with him and his family and then we left there at 1:30 pm and then we came home and I took a nap from 1:30 to 4 pm and then we ate Free Birds Burrito's at 5 pm (Dinner) and now Im about to do my first walk of the day with my Leslie Sansone dvd, I did get my laundry done yesterday like I planned and I also got my room cleaned which I didnt plan but I still need to clean the bathroom, I'll probably do that tonight before I go to bed.

08-20-2014, 09:12 AM
whoops, day went past on me again. Back tomorrow.

08-20-2014, 10:07 AM
Morning ladies
I'm out of energy today. Last night I decided it was to late to do any exercise so I cleaned and mopped the kitchen and did a load of laundry.
Tried to call my neighbor last night but no one answered the phone. she may not had had it fixed yet as the intruders ripped it out of the wall. Her son is staying with her. I'll go over there tomorrow. I normally don't turn the alarm on in the day time but I do now.
It's supposed to be another hot one today.

Hope the foot is better. I know how painful that can be.

Glad that Santa is feeling better also.

Hello to the rest.

08-20-2014, 11:44 AM
Super quick check in as I have LOTS of graphic design work to complete and that always takes me longer than programming. At least it's a fun diversion.

Santa is doing better and seems to be his old self again. Either he ate something he shouldn't have or he came down with very short-lived stomach bug. Very grateful that he got over it quickly.

When I picked him up last night from day care, he seemed fine, and they said he didn't get sick, so we went to the dog park where he got loving from all the humans and got to "talk" to all the doggies. He was a happy boy. :D

Well, these images aren't going to create themselves. Hope you all are doing well.

Much love,

08-20-2014, 12:10 PM
Morning all.*


Ceejay – The sneakers I bought are Brooks, Adrenaline GTS13.* Brooks has come out with a newer model GTS14, so I was able to get a good deal on these at an online shoe site.* They are supposed to be a very supportive shoe and are rated well, so I hope I like them.*


Terra – I’m doing pretty good – my gut is finally feeling more back to normal.* I hope this “irregularity” doesn’t become a frequent issue.* Sorry if that’s TMI, lol.* I hadn’t thought about the Habitat store for area rugs.* Did you find some nice ones?*


Michelle – Hope Santa’s well on his way to being back to 100%.* I caught Coal eating something in the yard this morning.* Aaaargh!!* It happens so fast you can’t do much about it once they’ve got it in their mouth!!* Hope* whatever it was doesn’t give him problems.* Speaking of eating…Coal has a tendency to eat his dinner so fast, he sometimes even gacks it back up.* And I know eating that fast can lead to all kinds of other problems.* We just bought a doohickey with a suction cup that gets stuck to the center of his food bowl and has a big dog bone-shaped rubber piece sticking up and therefore blocking the entire center part of his bowl.* We’ve used it a few days now and it certainly forces him to eat more slowly.* The other option was a bowl with a built in dome in the center of it, but this thing (Gobble Stopper?) allows us to use our existing bowl, which is great because BF made Coal a raised feeding station that fits his food and water bowls perfectly.* Is Santa a gobbler or does he let his kibble sit around until the mood strikes him?* Do you have all of your travel plans firmed up for your upcoming vacation?*


Susie – If I weren’t trying out the Brooks brand of sneakers, I’d be staying with New Balance.* I was thinking of going to a store and getting fitted, but I still think it’s a matter of trying them out a bit longer at home to get the feel of the shoe and then making a determination if they’ll work out.** So I ended up ordering online.* I want to buy some new boots this year too.* I definitely want to buy a pair of taller snow boots – my only pair is a short pair.* I also wouldn’t mind trying to find some leather boots.* I imagine they’ll still be as popular as they were the past couple years.* I’d probably go with a very low-heeled, almost flat boot.*


Shad – Funny how days get away from you when you’re keeping busy.* Hope you’re getting some downtime too.*


Happy – You must be missing your dh and kitties a LOT by now.* I don’t recall you mentioning dh coming to pick you up from Chicago or some other point in between, so I’ll assume you’re flying back.* Enjoy the rest of your time here, and don’t let your mom drive you too bonkers, LOL!*


Hi Annie!*


Nothing much to report*today.* I set up an afternoon training session (to be conducted by the software company) for the software our department uses.* I hope it goes well.* I’ve had bad experiences in the past.*


That’s it for me.* TTFN.*


08-20-2014, 12:12 PM
Again with the *'s. Oh well.

Michelle - Glad Santa's back to his usual self. :)

08-20-2014, 12:39 PM
Helloooo Seesters.....

Been spending a lot of time with the grandbabes lately. So much fun and growing like weeds. Jacob is fight a sinus infection. Royce is healthy as a horse. Ainsley went back to school last week so don't get to see her much these days. Her school is about 15 minutes north of Indy and of course we all live on the SE side of Indy. She is turning into a beautiful young lady.

Going to cut grass here shortly, then mop the floors. Got the sheets on beds done early and the beds are back together.... Tomorrow is dusting, vacuuming and scouring....then Saturday is cooking for my son's bd. They will all be here around 5 pm, so I will have all day to get my act together.

Got my fingerprinting done on Monday. This is the second job I have had to be fingerprinted and background checked. I passed the first time and am certain I have not committed any crimes since that

Got one batch of salsa made so far from the garden. I just know all these tomatos are going to turn at once. I have been freezing my jalapenos as they are growing like crazy. I have harvested chives twice and ready to again, basil is an ongoing harvest weekly. Had 4 zucchini's then the plants took a nose dive and died. Only had two yellow squash. Cucumbers are not doing well either. bleh. Too much rain.

That is about all for me, excited to start work on the 8th, then will wish for days off. haha.

Love and hugs sweet sisters.

08-20-2014, 06:18 PM
I'm going to write this now so I won't come back here tonight and have to say whoops the day got away from me. Yesterday was dentist day, so I came out of that somewhat lighter in the wallet and need to go back Friday week since a filling or two have cracked. The one up the front is to be replaced next week, and one other will have to be done soon. Dentists are expensive. Bah humbug.

So I have finished making up the garden beds and two are planted out with lettuces, spinach, beans, capsicum (bell peppers) corn, beetroot and onions. I have some peas, snowpeas, and more onions to plant in the third bed this morning. Then I need to start tidying up the rest of the yard and finishing off the hedge. I've also done half of the venetians around the house and washed more floors than I thought I had floors to wash - some have been done twice already.

Michelle - good to hear that Santa is getting better and not being sick anymore. So hard when they can't tell us what is wrong.

Ceejay - terrible thing to happen on your street. Can understand the fear that you and the neighbour are experiencing. The whole world seems to be going to **** in a handcart.

Laura - Interesting layout with all those **** in the text. Wonder what is causing them. Must be a setting on the phone. Should have let me know, I would have come over and done the training for your software rollout. It can't be much harder than some of the SAP training that I have done.

Susie - good luck with the new shoes. I find I have to wear 'Dasics' shoes because I have such wide flat feet. Anything else is too narrow for me.

Annie - so bright and cheerful today - you must be overjoyed at working again. Hope it will be a successful relationship and a happy job for you. You deserve it.

Terra - how's the walking going?

Happy - must only be one more week away for you. Enjoy the time with Mum. Don't let the 'foibles' get at you. Nice to hear that you met up with friends again. They are the best, the old friends.

Better get out and put these plants in the ground before the heat hits this morning. We've had a couple of days without wind and it has been very pleasant but it seems like it is back today. Seems funny to say that there is wind chill factor when you are in the tropics but that wind from the west and straight off the desert is cold. See you later.

08-21-2014, 02:11 AM
Hi ladies,

Not much going on. Met with some favorite cousins for lunch - had a nice time. He is a retired policeman - hit by a truck on duty and he is just messed us so bad. But he was in good spirits and it did him good to get out and have some social time. We had a very nice lunch and BIL and nephew enjoyed a nice dinner from our abundant leftovers. Sis is doing a bit better - the pounding throbbing in her jaw has subsided - tooth is still tender and she's on soft foods but as long as the abscess pain has calmed a bit she said she is good with that. We are sticking close to home - this is a quiet "vacation". I will go back to Mum's over the weekend to finish out the week. Not looking forward to it as the temperatures are climbing into the 90's with sticky heat indexes. Mum promises to run the air conditioning. I am trying not to be a whiner and to remember that I came to visit her and it's only a week which I can handle. DH said it's cooler - in the mid 60's up by us so autumn is on it's way. He is having a ball - NOT - with resealing the basement and ripping out the last of the carpet and moving things around. I do wish I was there to help him. He said the cats are really vying for his attention and the younger one wants to play with the string at least 5 times a day and is getting quite vocal in her demands. :lol:

Shad - no kidding about the expensive dentist. Insurance doesn't cover much at all there. I have a couple of crowns to replace, my mouth costs more than my cars ;) But we do need teeth... Sounds like you have a nice cool weather garden going in. I take it that it's too early for the tomatoes? Have you finished the interior remodelling that you had planned? All done now, only the outside pavements to finish up or did you complete that project too? Do you still have the rain tank? Thank you for the reminder to enjoy my time with Mum - I will remember that when she hollers at me for setting the thermostat one degree lower than she likes it or when I open the blinds to let some light into the dark house. :^:

Annie - sounds like you have a nice couple of weeks to relax (??) and at least tackle some things with a positive feeling that you have time off and a paycheck will soon be on it's way again. Doesn't make up for the last few months of fretting but it's good to know that happy days are hear again. Enjoy them like you say because you will be shy on any time off until the end of the year. Glad you are having fun with the kidlets and getting some of that garden produce picked and packed. What do you do with your chives? I have a huge clump of them but I heard they will lose their flavor if dried out - do you freeze them?

Very odd - my nephew who gave up his room for me to sleep in and is a night owl much more than me appears to have gone to bed for the night. Already. It's midnight - guess I should head upstairs myself.

Laura - yes, this year I am flying back, next year I might fly in for a week and DH come down for a few days and we will get a hotel up north closer to the places like the Botanical Garden we want to visit and drive back together. And I do miss DH and my kitties very much by now. I have video chatted with him on FB but I still miss him. Yuck about Coal's tasty yard surprise but like you said - not much you can do about it after the fact. That bone thing sounded interesting. I used a small tart like ring mold for Nina when she was a kitten to slow down her eating - coming from a shelter she had to fight for food I imagine as she was one of the smallest cats in the common room so she was a bit of a piggy. Those devices do work.

Susie - my sister said there is an Asics running shoe that was recommended to her for the plantar fascitis. I can find the exact model if you are interested. SHe also had to break her habit of walking around barefoot but got some nice open shoes with good support so she can keep that barefoot feeling. I like New Balance myself for all around support and comfort.

Ceejay - oh my gosh - that break in had to be just horrid as more details come out. That poor woman! Did she have a window open or something? I hope you are not still unnerved about it. Good for you for burning off all of that energy cleaning.

Terra - have you had any chance to do more work on your quilt? What did you decide on for dinner at Free Birds?

Michelle - hope you got your project well underway. As you say, a nice diversion - got all the kinks caught and fixed from the name change? I'm very glad to hear that Santa's illness was a short blip. Maybe the heat is getting to him sometimes also.

I'd better get to bed now. Have a good night everyone. :wave:

08-21-2014, 02:59 AM
Laura ~ Im glad your gut is feeling back to normal, Dont worry your message wasnt TMI. Yeah the area rugs we got are really pretty I'll post a picture of them.

Shad ~ My walking is going good. What do you do again for exercise?

Happy ~ Yes I have, I will add a picture to this post. I had a free bird burrito from freebirds. It was very good.


I woke up at 5:30 am this morning and I was out walking by 7 am and then around 9:30 am I waited outside for my bus and then I got to school a little after 10:30 am and I was there until 3:30 pm and thats all I did today. Since I got up early this morning I took a late nap and I didnt set my alarm so I didnt wake up until 9:30 pm so I'll be sure to set my alarm if I take a nap again so I can still get up and do my 2 mile evening walk. Well its taking forever to load and its almost 1 am so Im gonna go ahead and go to bed but I'll try to up load the pictures again tomorrow morning. Night all.

08-21-2014, 08:11 AM
Good morning. Work day today is a play day. We have a Department canoe outing. More team building......:p

Tomorrow we go for DH's CTA Chest scan. This is the mapping of his heart that they will do before his ablation surgery next Friday morning. I am a bit anxious about the test tomorrow. I hope it all comes back good with no additional problems so that we can get the ablation over with the next week. THAT I am a anxious about.

I am posting before leaving for work so I will have to do personals at another time.

I do want to let Michelle know that I am happy that Santa is feeling better. It's scary when our fur babies are not themselves and we don't know what is wrong.

Have a great day everyone!

08-21-2014, 09:01 AM ( ( (

08-21-2014, 12:32 PM
Morning all.* Muggy and rainy today*– that made for an icky walk to the train station this morning.* And downtown, the sidewalks were crowded with pedestrians and their umbrellas – makes for difficult navigation.* But I’m here, cool and dry now.*


Annie – I’m so glad you’ve got this extra time to spend with the grandbabies, and during the summer!* :) I know a paycheck would be much appreciated by now, but enjoy this free time while you can.* Sounds like a nice harvest from the veggie garden this year, except for the squash and cukes…I have a ton of tomatoes on my plants, but only the cherry tomatoes are ripening much so far.* Fingers crossed the plum tomatoes start ripening soon – I’d like to make some salsa too!!

Shad – My sympathies to your wallet after the dentist visit and for the appointment to come. What a lot of work you’re doing in the garden and around the house!* I confess to being pretty horrible with the housework.* I think I need to shift my mindset to getting it done on weeknight evenings.* A lot of that time all I do is sit around watching TV – waste of time (when I should be exercising…).* Re the software training – I have no doubt you could have done this session with ease – this is a very user friendly application vs SAP.* I’m a very casual user of SAP, but I still remember way back when so much of the German was still evident on the screens, lol.

Happy – So nice you’re getting to see friends and family in the area.* Are you enjoying not having so much going on – no volunteer work, no gardening – just hanging out and socializing?* LOL re the AC battle – I got a chuckle out of a TV commercial I saw the other day in which the hubby unsuccessfully tried to teach the family cat to adjust the thermostat while he distracted his wife. *I find when I’m just sitting around, I’m fine with a higher temp setting and a glass of ice water.* Once I start moving around though, that’s it – crank the air!* Yes, I think those pet food bowls with the dome in the center (I’ve learned they’re called “slow feeders”) act much like a ring mold – keeps the pet from getting their entire head in the bowl and gobbling up massive quantities in one go.*

Terra – Sounds like you were up late after that long nap, LOL.* I always worry if I take a nap I’ll end up not being able to sleep at bedtime.* Not a good thing on a Sunday night with work the next day.* Every time you mention the burritos I want one too!* I love Mexican food!!* Just saw your photos – I like the M*A*S*H t-shirt!* And the rugs are pretty – especially the one with larger leaf design.* Nice.*

Susie – Nice when work is a play day.* Canoeing?* That doesn’t sound like something that would have wide appeal (though I’d like it, weather permitting).* What’s the alternate activity??* I hope your dh’s scan goes well*tomorrow!*

*Michelle – How’s the graphic design going?* Must be a nice change of pace from your usual work.*

Hi Ceejay!! :wave:


I didn’t do much of anything last night.* I’ve been quite the sloth lately.* I finally put a new battery in my pedometer and wore it yesterday for the first time in a long time – had about 6600 steps.* So far*today*I have 3,339 steps.* It helps when I have to walk from home to the train station.* I don’t think many steps register when I ride my bike.* I might have to check it right before I get on the bike and right after to confirm that.*

I missed my pushups*today, but it seems I can only do 10 or 11 the past several days, so I try to do another set in the evening as well as the morning.*

Today’s a WW meeting, but I have a lunchtime session that overlaps both possible WW meeting times, so I might just go and get weighed in and not stay for the meeting.*

I’m taking a half day off work tomorrow.* My friend D invited me to the annual lake cruise held by her Industry group.* We board just before*4 pm, but my friend was going to pick me up from my office before that.* Now that I’ve decided to take a half day off work, I’ll have to work out a different something different with her because I plan to leave the office around*12:30-ish, take myself out to lunch, and maybe go to the Art Institute or walk around Millennium Park for a bit before meeting her.* I still haven’t seen the Lurie Garden over there!*

Okay, enough rambling.* TTFN.*

08-21-2014, 01:43 PM
Good morning ladies,

Had a fairly typical evening yesterday. After work I went to the gym and did 45 minutes on the bike, then grabbed a Subway sandwich, and then went to the weight loss support group. Each time I go to group I learn something new. One woman just had her surgery a week ago, and she was feeling nauseous, but she said that each day it gets a little better. After group, I picked up Santa and even though it was about 1/2 hour 'til sunset, we went for a quick visit to the dog park. Tonight will be the gym, followed by the dog park. I'm roughly 2 lbs away from where I can call in to get my pre-surgery psych eval scheduled. They're kind of backed up, so I want to lose the 2 lbs ASAP!

Speaking of the dog park, one of my friends from the dog park found out yesterday that a very good friend of his was killed in a hiking accident. He was just 46. He left behind a wife and daughter. So very sad.

I'm finalizing the logistics for my trip to Washington and Oregon. And I'm using to find accommodations for the nights when I'm not staying near the wedding location or with friends. Also, I ordered several protein powder samples because since I'll have Santa with me on my trip, my food options will be limited. No sit down restaurants, at least not when it's hot out. I intend to keep some healthy food in a cooler (like string cheese), but it will be super convenient to just throw protein powder in a shaker bottle with water and call it lunch. :D

The graphic design is going well. I'm just waiting on comments/revisions from my director.

I watched the Extreme Weight Loss episode from a couple weeks ago where a woman who is a "little person" lost a lot of weight and took up running. Within the first three months, she ran an entire 5K and by 6 months, she ran a marathon. She said she always admired people who run. Running's never been my thing...too hard on the knees, feet, back, hips, etc. But I am always envious of those who hike. My cousin Sue has been posting photos from all her hikes. She did a month-long trek of the Appalachain Trail. I don't mean I want to take up backpacking. I like camping, but prefer to haul my gear in a car rather than on my back. But I REALLY REALLY want to do some hiking by spring or summer next year.

Laura - Good on ya' for getting new sneakers. I really need to do that too, but I keep postponing it because I don't do very much weight bearing exercise. I'm glad your gut is back to normal. Thanks for the tip about the food bowls. Yes, Santa does eat fast especially with wet food so that may have contributed to his not feeling well. It was also kind of hot when we went to the dog park on Sunday. We should've waited an hour 'til the air cooled off some. Glad you got to work ok, despite an icky walk. Do the trains ever have delays due to rain? I totally hear ya' about watching TV on weeknight evenings. I would do that too if I went straight home after work. That's why I go straight to the gym. I always keep workout clothes in my car. Since you take public transportation, it would be quite a lot to lug around to and from work. Pedometers don't always work well with bike riding, you could use MyFitnessPal to calculate your calorie burned based on time spend riding. Good luck at weigh in. So nice that you're going on a lake cruise with your friend. I've been to Millennium Park (that's where the "Bean" is right?). But I haven't seen the Lurie Garden.

Annie - Glad you're enjoying time with the grandkids. So sorry to hear that lil Jacob has a sinus infection. Bummer that the rain hampered some of your garden harvest. I wish you could send some rain our way.

Shad - Why is it that dentists cause so much pain to our mouths AND wallets? I wish insurance would pay for more of the services. Good that you're getting your garden plants in. Are you planting any rocket (that's arugula, right)?

Happy - Glad you're enjoying a nice time with relatives. And good to hear that your sister's mouth is doing a little better. I can also echo the sentiments to be grateful for the "drive you crazy" moments with your mum. Do the ring molds you're talking about to slow feeding look sort of like a mini Bundt cake pan?

Terra - You're quilt is really coming together. And I really like the rugs you got.

Susie - I hope you're able to find something to relieve your foot pain.

Ceejay - Your cleaning and mopping does count as exercise. I hope your neighbor is doing ok. Such a frightful situation.

Well, time to get back to it.

Much love to all,

08-21-2014, 01:55 PM
Laura & Michelle ~ Thanks for commenting on my t-shirt quilt and rugs. I sorry every time I mention FreeBirds Burrito's it makes you want one Laura. I like mexican food too.

08-21-2014, 07:30 PM
Morning all,
Cool and drizzly here this morning so I guess some of the indoor chores will get done rather than working outside. The garden planters are now all planted out and they are starting to forge ahead. The rain can only do good at this point. Now that is nearly done, I can get on with something else now. It's not as if there is a shortage of work around the place. (

DS2 is going away for the weekend, so I have inherited his cat for tonight and Saturday night. I will go around there this afternoon to take the food scraps for the worm farm and pick up the cat. Miss Sunday will not be amused.

So, on today's menu is finishing off the Venetian blind cleaning, getting into my wardrobe and clearing some junk out of there, clean out the fridge and pantry and dust, tidy and sweep the lounge room. Then I want to plan out how the shed is going to be set up and finally organise some stuff for the front yard. I think I might deserve a glass of wine after that lot.

Happy - No kidding, the cats are vocal. You need to be here to get VOCAL. She just never stops talking. You can hear her from the minute she steps inside the house. It runs something like 'feed me, feed me, don't feed me that, where are you, why aren't you at the fridge yet, why is my dinner cold, I don't want that, sit down I want to sit on your head/ shoulder/ stomach, get up, the kitchen is that way, bedtime, I want under the covers, no I don't'.
I still have the raintank, but the house guttering has to be redone so I guess I might update that system at the same time. Damn, might have to go back to work.

Terra - for exercise, I walk, I garden, I swim, I do housework, generally just keep moving. Sitting around only makes me stiff and feel old.
Is there more to go on the teeshirt quilt?

Susie - hope all goes okay with the medical stuff for the DH. I can understand the reluctance at the 'team building'. Used to hate it myself. Always seemed that someone was determined to get noticed and therefore imposed him/herself on the 'team'.

Laura - rain here today too. Not muggy tho. Cool 18C (64F) out there and I don't think I will be doing much out there today. I generally tend to do my housework day by day. I divide the rooms up into Monday to Friday and it tends to only take about 15-30 minutes per day. Any really heavy stuff like the fridge/ freezer clean or maintenance is done separately or, when I am working, at the weekend. Once you get into the routine, it's pretty easy and if you do it the minute after you walk in the door, kick off your shoes and take a deep breath, then it is done for the evening.
You don't get much German in SAP these days. It's pretty rare. Takes all the fun out of trying to work out what they want you to do.

Michelle - well done on the weight loss. You will be there any day now. Just lose a couple more pounds after that to ensure you stay at the correct weight. We all know how easy it is to put it back on again. Glad to hear that Santa is well again.

Annie - Cherish the time left at home. Work comes around too soon.

Right, well it is time to get off here, I will not get everything done if I don't. Life gets tedious don't it.

08-21-2014, 11:31 PM
Shad ~ Yeah there is a little more to do and then I can move on to step 2

08-22-2014, 10:24 AM
Morning all. TGIF!

Michelle - I've heard good things about airbnb. More planning required when you're traveling with Santa. Will you be using a doggy daycare during the wedding activities? Yup, the bean is in millenium park.

Shad - LOL re your vocal kitty. At least she's already familiar with your son's cat, right? I agree a little bit each day is preferable to giant blocks of time spent on housecleaning, except for the big projects that require it.

Terra - what's step 2 of the quilt project?

Hellos to the rest of you. Be back later. Train's pulling in the station. Time to walk to the office. :running:

08-22-2014, 01:27 PM
Good morning ladies,

Happy Friday! Other than website work, the daily trips to the gym and the dog park, and watching the season premier of Doctor Who, I don't have anything planned. And I'm so happy about that!! I'm really quite exhausted, so I will make sure this weekend includes plenty of R&R time. :cloud9: I've worked out for 45-60 minutes 5 of the last 6 days. The frustrating thing is that my scale at home isn't moving at all. My clothes are getting a little looser, but I need the numbers on the scale so I can jump through the last pre-surgery hoops. I'm going to a Weight Loss Surgery support group today at the hospital where I'll be having my surgery, and while weighing isn't required for the meeting, I'm going to drop in to the Bariatric department and hope the scale there has a better number than my scale at home.

I am eating over 1,200 calories, but I enter in my exercise into My Fitness Pal and ALWAYS have a calorie deficit (sometimes by as much as 400-600 calories). And with all the exercise I do, I'm a little worried about sticking strictly to a 1,200 calorie a day diet because I might get too few calories. At one of the WLS support groups, someone mentioned replacing a meal with a protein shake to bust a stubborn pre-op plateau. I think I'm going to try that.

Shad - Your garden beds look lovely! I miss gardening, but D's backyard doesn't get much sun and there's not much dirt area in the front (it's paved in front of the house to allow room for more parking (which is at a premium since we live in a downtown area. I hope Miss Sunday and your DS2's cat will get along or at least tolerate each other. I get exhausted just reading about your "to do" list! I got a laugh out of your translations of Miss Sunday's vocalizations. I totally hear you about how sitting around makes you feel stiff and old. My yoga teacher says, "motion is lotion for the joints" and I'm finding that to be true. Even right after weight loss surgery, they want patients up and walking pretty much right after coming out of anesthesia. Excellent system you have for housecleaning. Thanks for your comment about my weight loss. I have a couple more pounds to lose to get scheduled for the last of the hoops to jump through, and still have to lose 5 more pounds after that to get to surgery weight, but I'm planning on getting at least a few pounds below my pre-surgery goal weight so I have a bit of a cushion.

Susie - Saying prayers and sending positive energy for your DH. I hate the "team building" activities.

Laura - Yes, I will be using a doggy day care during the wedding activities. Other than that, he'll be with me pretty much the whole time, except if I go out to dinner with J & K, then he can stay in one of their bedrooms (so he doesn't harass their cats and they don't harass him while we're out). I hope you have good weather for the weekend. Any fun plans? (Sorry if you've already mentioned them and I forgot.)

Ceejay - Your birthday is next week, right? Any special plans?

A big :wave: to Annie, Happy and Terra!

Much love and many hugs,

08-22-2014, 02:25 PM
Laura ~ Basting, Putting the backing,badding and front of the quilt together and then I can go onto the quilting, I guess Sewing and Quilting arent the same thing LOL.


I woke up at 8:30 this morning and like every morning I got my morning duties done. It just turned to noon, Already today I took out the trash and cleaned inside of the trash can and Im about to make Deviled Eggs to take to a picnic Scott and I are going to at 5 pm today. Im also gonna do my 2 mille walk after I get done making the Deviled Eggs. Im really looking forward to the picnic, DA4A has one every year and this one will be the 2nd one I've been too, I wasnt able to go last year so Im really glad I can go this year and of course tonight before bed I'll do my 2 mile walk again so I'll walk 4 miles before the day is over.

08-22-2014, 02:35 PM
Hi Everyone and Happy Weekend! I am ready for it.

I let my emotional eating get out of control this week and was back up on the TOPS scales. I really must break this pattern. I know I just need to do a lot of "talking" to myself when I feel that food will make it better.

The test today went well. The ablation is still on BUT they saw a nodgle on his kidney and they sent that to his primary care physician to evalute what should be done (tests?). We just did this in January and so while I am a bit concerned I'm just more weary of this whole medical thing and so is my DH. Thank you for your prayers and if you will continue to pray about the kidney thing I would appreciate it.

Terra: Thanks for posting the pictures. You are making good progress with the quilt and I really liked the rugs that you found.

Michelle: Good idea to weigh-in at the Bariatric department . I hope those scales have good things to say.
I have a friend who hikes and she loves it! Also, I have been told that doing cardio at a lower pace and longer time period is what burns fat, so I think hiking would be perfect. I am sorry to hear about your friend from the dog park.

Shad: Your garden beds look lovely! You have quite a bit of cleaning planned..won't it feel good to get it all done?! I keep telling myself that as I want to get all the floors in the house mopped tomororw--I mop the wood floors about every 5-6 weeks. Otherwise I sweep them and also dust mop them weekly.

Ceejay: Housecleaning does count as exercise. It is even listed in MFP. What are you planning to do on your actual b-day next week?

Happy: One more week with your mom correct? I bet you DH is missing you just like the kitty's are. :)

Annie: just a few more weeks and you will be back to work...I bet these days are just flying by now?! :D

Laura: Good for you for putting that pedometer. I need to get back to being motivated by my fitbit. I just haven't been focused.

08-22-2014, 04:33 PM
Hi ladies,

I decided to get weighed at the clinic close to my work. I just got back. No change. Still 230. Just 1 pound away from the weight where I can get scheduled for my pre-surgery psych evaluation. Just 6 pounds away from my surgery weight. I may still get weighed at the bariatric department this afternoon...depends on how much I eat between now and then. :lol:

Based on what I'm hearing from other pre-op patients that have already had their psych evals scheduled, they are currently scheduling psych evals for October, and there's a backlog. I really, really want my eval soon so I can have my surgery in November so I can travel to Southern CA for that holiday in December that shall not be named. :rofl:

Terra - I love deviled eggs. I'm not going to make those this weekend, but I am going to boil up a bunch of eggs so I have a quick, easy protein packed snack.

Susie - Sorry to hear about the emotional eating. I do that all too often. In fact, on Monday, when I thought Santa was really ill, I went to In 'n' Out burger. I avoided the fries and their famous Double Cheeseburger, but I did have a single cheeseburger and a chocolate shake (both of which were very yummy). And then I wonder why I haven't lost weight this week. :nono: I'm glad your DH's test went well. Hopefully the nodule on his kidney is nothing to worry about. Continued prayers for him and for you.

08-22-2014, 10:11 PM
Susie ~ Yeah but I was watching videos on how to make a t-shirt quilt last night on youtube and I didnt do it exactly like your suppose too, I guess I was suppose to put a boarder around each t-shirt oops.

Michelle ~ Yeah I like Deviled eggs too but I guess they dont do good in the heat, I ate one before Scott and I left the picnic and they were dry after an hour sitting outside in the heat so next time I'll make something that can stand to be in the heat lol but then again hopefully when we have our picnic next year we'll choose either a cooler day or have it in doors.

08-23-2014, 02:33 AM
Hi ladies,

Last check in for me for the remainder of the week. The first 2 weeks went by rather slow, now things are ramping up quickly. I talked to my cousin on FB today - the ones that live north of me and they are also down here for some weekend activity. They offered me a ride home on Tuesday with them. It was VERY tempting - I would love to get home a few days early and decompress before we have plans for the Labor Day weekend but in the end it did not work out and I am sticking to the plan of flying home on Thursday. I hope everything will be ok, shortly after the cousin's call I was watching the afternoon news and a plane just like the one I am flying on the carrier I am flying had problems at take off and had to land in the middle of a cornfield in the middle of the state. Oh my! I guess stuff happens but everyone was ok. Except for being stuck in the middle of a cornfield. :rolleyes: I am going back to Mom's to finish out the week, I sure do hope she will keep the house a bit cooler with the upcoming heat this weekend. I am also having to pack up a box to send off in the morning with some of my extra clothes - I had some extra stuff shipped here and need to send it back because it would overload my suitcase. I needed to wash some of the stuff I'm packing (poor planning on my part) and Sis's washing machine stopped in the middle of a cycle. An extra 40 minutes to reset things. Then I put stuff in the dryer and set it on low as I do at home and her low is very low. When I came back an hour later my stuff was still wet so I am up after midnight waiting 45 minutes for clothes to dry so I can pack them. We will drop the box off at UPS tomorrow and then go pick up DH's favorite Italian sausage at Portillos. He was excited that I might be driving home with the cousins - "now you have room to pick up some bbq ribs" :lol: Sorry honey. :no: :lol:

Terra - there is a big difference between quilting and sewing. I know how to sew but not how to quilt - always wanted to learn. I made a patchwork quilt once - like you I wasn't sure what I was doing but I loved that quilt and used it until I wore it out. I'm sure the same will be with yours - made from love and that's what counts ;) I like your new area rugs - very pretty.

Michelle - I can imagine how frustrating it can be to be so close to scheduling your surgery yet a pound is standing in the way. You are doing very well with the commitment to food and exercise - don't give up. It's good training for post surgery including the protein packets. When one of my friends hit a plateau dieting on WW, they said to increase the protein by a touch - a few ounces of a bigger chicken breast or an extra poached egg in the morning and she said tat helped her past the hump. I know you will get back to hiking one day - as you said it doesn't have to mean carrying a heavy pack - just being able to enjoy some gentle trails in that wonderful place where you live. I'm glad to hear that Santa's whoops was temporary and he is back to goodness again. And yes to your question about the ring molds - mini bundt pans for individual cakes and such. Works for kitties - not sure if that would work for a dog of Santa's size - same concept though as a centered dome in the bowl.

Susie - good thoughts for DH and his ablation :crossed: Bummer about the kidney but I am reminded of several instances in which people got pre-op tests and they discovered something totally treatable that might have been otherwise missed so try not to get too down on it. I can understand the desire to "just be healthy again, so tired of doctors". :hug: So you have a Fitbit too? My sister has one and she just joined MyFitnessPal so I will have to look into that also. I really would like to do a walking 5k come spring time. Do you get your steps in on the treadmill? Yes, I miss hubby and he said he misses me too. The kitties? Well maybe not so much :lol: The little one is driving him nuts with constant cries to play all the time. I hope you made it through the team building exercise unscathed.

Shad - your garden looks like mine but your beds are in WAYYYY better condition! I need you to come over and help me but you'd probably freeze and we aren't even in autumn weather yet. I think Miss Sunday is more vocal than both of my cats put together. She knows who is the boss. Had DS finished up all of your home projects? Is he still flipping houses with his girlfriend. Lucky he inherited your "handy genes". :lol:

Laura - I thought you were quitting WW or are you just finishing out the current session? Are you looking forward to the heat this weekend? Last hurrah of summer perhaps. Lucky for you that you didn't get the rain we did the other night - my Mom's area got 4.5 inches - by the grace of God her basement did not have water. We didn't get as much down here but the city got whacked pretty hard. I have envy of all the shopping and grocery stores out here. We were picking up a few things at Meijer's today and I told my sister it is just incredible to me the abundant variety of things like detergent, pasta and cereals. I told her she will miss that when they retire. It's a good thing we have less to pick from - I can't afford my old grocery trips any more :D I was emailing a thrift shop volunteer the other day and she lived in Wrigleyville for 25 years and 18 in your town. It just amazes me that we were all travelling in the same circles and just passed as strangers only to meet later in life!

Hi Annie and Ceejay! :wave:

Guess I'd better go check my laundry. Typically I am up for another hour but because we have a busy day tomorrow I would like to get up early and for once I can't get to bed. Have a good week everyone and I will catch up with you next weekend.

08-23-2014, 07:26 AM
Seems the crazies are moving in. Hope that the moderators delete the above post. That's the second crazy message in as many weeks.

Been very cold today. By our standards anyway. Got to about 16C today with rain and a cold wind blowing. Not nice out. I guess the rain is good for the garden - all the little plants are standing up and thinking about getting on with it. A bit of warm wouldn't go astray tho.

DS's cat is here. Thought I had lost him today and was wondering what to say to DS when lo and behold this black shadow appeared. He makes little noise and sort of slinks around the shadows. Anyway, he is back and I don't have to grovel to the the son.

Not much else to report. I've cleared and dusted and swept today. Mr Puss had a bit of an accident on a rug so that had to get dragged outside and cleaned as well. Might get on to washing all the wooden floors tomorrow - after the cat has gone.

Footy was on earlier so I shouted myself some chicken and chips. The boys won, can't say the takeaway meal did. Couldn't eat them all - cats got some of the chicken, the didn't seem interested in the chips - can't blame them since I won't be getting them again for a long while.

Anyway, I'm off to hit the hay. I'll be back tomorrow with personals.

08-23-2014, 11:23 AM
A police detective called me to see if I he could view the video of the camera. He did. He filled me in on some things that make me want to leave concerning my neighbors son's. He actually told me to watch my back.
I'm not like this heat wave at all.
Got out Thursday and trimmed the bushes. Nose was running all the time. Later that afternoon I had a full blown allergy attack. It's better today but I've coughed so much that I've made my back sore.

Yes my birthday is the 27th. I will be going to my sister's in Missouri on Thursday.

08-23-2014, 02:15 PM
Happy ~ Yeah I've noticed now that there is a big difference between sewing and quilting lol but yeah your right all that matters is that it was made with love.


I woke up at 7:30 this morning cause I forgot to turn my alarm on to go off at 5 am so I could get up and be ready to walk outside at 7 am. Oh well I'll be sure its on when I go to bed tonight. As I do every morning I got my morning duties done. Right now Im just watching t.v while eating breakfast but after breakfast Im gonna do my 1st 2 mile walk of the day and then I'll walk again at 1 pm and then again at 6 or 6:30 tonight and Yes I still need to clean the bathroom before I go to bed tonight. If you couldnt guess Im a put things off for another day type of person when it comes to house work LOL.

08-23-2014, 04:16 PM
I had planned to go to the gym between when I got off work yesterday and the weight loss surgery support group, but traffic was so horrible, I didn't have time for the gym. I did have a bit of a victory though...since I didn't have a chance to eat dinner before the meeting, I had a Quest protein bar (yummy, lots of protein, very few carbs). And then when I got home, I had a protein shake. It was a great meeting! Really nice people and I learned A LOT!

This morning, in an attempt to make up for not exercising yesterday, I did 10 minutes on the rowing machine and 60 minutes on the bike while watching a Robin Williams standup comedy routine on my phone (great way to make the time pass faster). And today's going to be a healthy eating day too because I'm going to be home and doing website work.

Ceejay - How scary for you regarding your neighbor's son. Sending prayers your way.

Shad - So is "shouting" chicken and chips like ordering take out or delivery? Glad you didn't lose your son's cat.

Terra - good for you for getting your walking in.

Happy - I just love to read your posts. I'll miss you when you're at mom's. I'm definitely not going to give up. Every time I want to eat something that's got too many calories, fat or sugar/carbs, I ask myself if it's worth delaying my surgery, and the answer is always a big NO. As for hiking, I don't think I'll ever be a backpacker, day hikes are more my thing.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I've really got to get some work done.

08-23-2014, 09:24 PM
Morning all,

Rain has stopped - yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. We might dry out a little now. Not that it wasn't welcome mind you.

Ceejay - you just have to be careful - that's all. If you give in and move because of the neighbours son, you have let him win. Never give them the satisfaction. If more of us stood up for our right to live in peace and harmony then we wouldn't be in the situation that you have at the moment. Take care but don't let the ******* ruin your life.

Michelle - well done on upping the exercise to make up for the lack of it yesterday. Good move.
'Shouting myself dinner' or shouting anything is where you give yourself or others some sort of treat. You might shout a round of drinks for those at your table (pay for drinks for the girls!) Or you might 'shout' your B/F to the movies. Hope that clarifies it.

Happy - good luck on the last few days 'at home' with Mum. They will have come and gone before you know it. Loving the DH's wildlife pics at the moment. The DS is not doing anything around my place at the moment. He is busy with his own place - putting an extension on two bedrooms. Doing quite nicely too. I've got a few projects lined up. They will have to be planned, budgeted and sourced before they can come to fruition. I might have to go back to work.

Annie - likewise the food porn on facebook. Hope you had a good birthday dinner for the DS.

Laura - Hate housework, that's why I divide it up into segments of time. Then I have the weekends free to do my own thing whatever that may be.

Susie - Bad luck on the weight gain. Do you keep a food diary? Can you work out what may have caused the gain?

Okay - time to get out amongst it. I can hang the washing out now. It's fine enough. Then I might get on with doing some planning for the rest of the vege garden. I need to put some weedmat and mulch down between the beds and also pot up some herbs. I'm working on a design for a herb garden. Laundry first.

08-24-2014, 07:30 AM
Michelle ~ Yeah I feel good after I walk


I woke up at 3 am this morning and I've been up ever since cause I went to bed way too early last night so when 3 am came around my body and back was telling me "GET UP, ITS TIME TO GET UP" LOL. So I went ahead and got up, I dont know if I'll take a nap today or not but what I do know is not to go to bed so early again. Since Im up so early though I definitely plan to get my 5 miles in today and I'll definitely have plenty of time to clean the bathroom today LOL.

08-24-2014, 08:33 PM
It's been a busy weekend. DH worked yesterday so all the house cleaning was mine to do. I clean a bit deeper than DH does and so I didn't get finished until today. Things look nice in the main rooms of the house.

I need to give the office and exercise room a bit of attention but that will come this week after work.

It always seems I have so many things that need done and don't get to them. There is always a closet to clean out, something to organizes, etc. So I decided to make a list of things I would like to get to and I've told myself that when I feel like I want to eat and it's not a "meal". I will get some water and tackle one of those things on my list. I'm trying to break the list down to be something I can do for 45-60 min. That is about how long it can take me to get over a craving.

Today I took a nap this afternoon and then finished cleaning the living room and dining room. DH is grilling a steak for him, and corn on the cob for us as well as vegetable k-bobs. It's going to be yummy!

Shad: Yes I do keep a food diary but when I'm eating bad I tend to not put it down and that is something I need to work on. I'm logging it all in MFP.

I'm glad DS cat came back. It sounds like you had plenty to keep you busy with the potting and the laundry.

That weird post is still here. I've never seen those before. I hope the moderator will remove it.

Ceejay: I don't even know what to say about the neighbor's son! That is just downright frightening. At least you know now and can be more aware. You might want to buy a baseball bat to keep beside your bed or in the car!
We have a heat wave here in Ohio as well. It's going to be a miserable week if you aren't in air-conditioning. My DH doesn't work in it and I don't know how he does it. He will be a bit more tired this week due to the heat.

Michelle: I hope you had a healthy eating day being at home today. What was on the menu?

Terra: Your quilt is a labor of love and your memories. It is also a learning project and I know that you will love it and feel accomplished when you have it finished and you will have learned something new. All those are good things.

Happy: Enjoy the last week with your mom and stay in the air-conditioning!

Hi Laura and Annie!

08-24-2014, 10:23 PM
Evening everyone. Not doing much at the moment. Bf went out to pick up the pizza we ordered for dinner. I know, not the best thing that we could have chosen. But we like our pizza, what can I say??

Let's see, what did I do this weekend?

Friday late afternoon was the lake cruise with my friend D. It was a nice time, as usual. There was no rain or storms, but it was hot and humid. We stayed inside for a while in the air conditioning and then went out on deck where it was nice if you were in the front of the boat ans caught the breeze.

Yesterday morning I went to Jazzercise class. We had a routine that included across-the-floor exercises. The exercises were walking in squat position alternating with walking on your tiptoes. Another exercise in the routine was lunges across the room, 2 lunges with the right foot & two lunges with the left foot, alternating all the way across. I'm actually pretty sore today from that.

After that, the early afternoon was spent getting ready for our friend to come over for a cookout. Since it had already been so hot and so humid that day I knew we wouldn't be spending any time on the patio. And about a half hour before our friend arrived it stormed and then it kept raining for a while afterwards but it let up enough for BF to grill the steaks. We had a nice afternoon. Bf and I watched a movie in the evening.

Today I did some laundry & copied some old Body Electric episodes from a VHS tape to our DVR hard drive. I plan to copy the episodes onto a DVD. I'd like to get into doing those workouts regularly.

Well, my phone is about to die and I'm sure bf will be back with the pizza soon, so I will get this posted and be back tomorrow with personals. Have a great evening everyone

08-24-2014, 10:40 PM
Taking one day at a time with the neighbors. Like Shad said they will not get the upper hand. My aunt wants me out of here yesterday and she is very persistent to the point that I'm getting peeved I'm not being persuaded by her opinion. Told her I could not just up and move that quickly. It's my life not hers.
My allergy attack Thursday got worse on Friday but today it is a lot better. Still have a been of a sore throat.

08-24-2014, 10:57 PM
And by the way Susie, I've thought about the baseball bat as that is what my mom kept under her bed. I've got my dad's 22 single shot in the closet but like Barney on the Andy Griffith show I have no bullets. At least he had one.

I'm happy that you have a good support group with the weight loss surgery. I really need some kind of one on one support.

Yum pizza. I didn't realize what Jazzercise included squats. But with the walking around part that probably would not be to bad.

That's why I like to keep the same schedule. But I realize that's not always going to happen. My back tells me the same thing when I lay there to long

08-25-2014, 07:51 AM
Can you guys believe its the last week of Aug. already? It went by so fast.

Susie ~ Yeah I agree, I just hope it doesnt fall apart on me cause I didnt look at the youtube video before I started it :(

CJ ~ Yeah I usually go to bed and get up at the same time also.


I woke up at 3 am again this morning. So I definitely probably take a nap later on today. As with each morning I already have my morning duties done. Right now Im about to fix breakfast, Its 5:30 am right now. My plans for today is to FINALLY get the bathroom cleaned and hopefully I FINALLY get 5 miles in. At 2:30 pm we're gonna go to Walmart to do some food and non food shopping and those are all my plans for today.

08-25-2014, 12:43 PM
Good morning ladies,

I had a good weekend. I spent most of it at home for a change. I went to the gym both days and came home and did website work, and then went to the dog park in the evening.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend coming up as we get next Monday off for Labor Day. And then I'm taking my road trip vacation from 9/5 - 9/14, and I'm really looking forward to that!


Shad - I wish you could've sent some of that rain our way, but I guess you need it too. Thanks for the clarification on "shouting". Is Ds's cat still there? Do that cat and Sunday get along?

Terra - Wow, waking up at 3 am would suck! I don't sleep in too late on the weekends, maybe an extra hour or so. I find that when I do stay in bed too long, I either wake up with a headache or backache or both. With the extra time from waking up early, I hope you can get your cleaning done and also get your walking in.

Susie - Bummer that your DH had to work over the weekend. Good for you for coming up with the idea to create a to do list of things you can complete in an hour and to do those when you feel like snacking or feel a craving coming on. For years I would choose not to track my eating when I wasn't on plan, like if I didn't write it down the calories wouldn't count. Sort of like, if no one saw me eating the ice cream, the calories wouldn't count. I'm so glad you got me using MFP. I really like using it to help me figure out the best options...sometimes it's really shocking when something that's seems relatively healthy ends up being off the charts in carbs, fats or sodium. I did pretty well at eating healthy both Saturday and Sunday, and then the evening came around and after the dog park I got an ice cream...I have GOT to stop that. :tantrum:

Happy - I hope you're enjoying your time with your mom.

Laura - I love pizza. I just wish it didn't have so many carbs. I've heard of a recipe making pizza crust out of mashed up cauliflower. It sounds weird to me, but maybe I'll try it one of these days. Glad you had a nice time on the lake cruise. My ex and I did the Chicago architecture river cruise a few years ago, which was really nice. OMG, just reading about your Jazzercise class routines has my legs hurting. I was doing lunges yesterday, but more for balance. I did that and also stood on one foot (which was on a wobbly pad). It was very challenging, but I really need to work on my balance. Glad you had a nice cookout with your friend.

Ceejay - I understand your aunt's concern, but you need to do what's right for you...whether that's to stay or move sometime in the future. I know you're under stress right now with your home situation. Do you have a friend or minister/pastor you can talk with? I hope your sore throat is better today.

Annie - I hope you had a great time celebrating your DS's birthday! Did your daughter, Chris and the boys come over too?

Well, gotta sign off for now! Here's to a great week for all of us!

Much love,

08-25-2014, 02:57 PM
I probably should not have done it but I wrote my aunt and uncle an email this morning stating that I'm 64 years old and make my own decisions. I want an apology for the way my aunt acted yesterday. And I did get a phone call this morning but I'm not taking personal phone calls at work. I know this may not be good since they are both in their 80's but I don't have to put up with it. I told them I forgave them both and will forget it even if they do not produce an apology. I'm tired of people young or old trying to take over my life. I don't really blame my uncle at all and I hope this will not cause hardship on him. I know how she is.
I read on FB this morning that my niece was updating her earthquake supplies. I was concerned as she lives in Fresno.
I'm not in the mood to post right now but every one have a good day.

08-25-2014, 03:57 PM
Ceejay - I understand your wanting to send an email to your aunt and uncle. I'm sure their trying to control your life is just out of concern and love, and I understand how you feel too. You're absolutely right to want to make your own decisions. As for your niece, it's good she's updating her earthquake supplies even though the earthquake was 200 miles away. It's always important to be prepared as after a big earthquake some people go for days without water or electricity. I really should have an earthquake supply kit containing water, a flashlight, a blanket (for during the winter) and things like tuna and other food that doesn't need to be refrigerated or heated. Candles aren't good because sometimes big earthquakes can break gas lines.

The earthquake in Napa would've been much worse if it had happened further south in a more densely populated area. The Napa area is more rural (mostly farms and of course, vineyards).

08-26-2014, 12:08 PM
Last one here yesterday...first one here today. So rare that this happens to me. I just have to say a big :woohoo:

I dropped another pound and I am now within the range to complete the pre-surgery "test" which my surgeon and insurance require of its patients to show that we've read the informational binder, and we know the inherent risks and major lifestyle changes associated with surgery. And we know what to do to get and keep the weight off and what behaviors will put the weight back on even with a smaller stomach. I mailed my completed test yesterday and will hopefully hear from them later this week or early next week to schedule the psych evaluation, which they do to make sure we know that surgery by itself won't take the weight off or keep the weight off. There are lifestyle changes, challenges, and they want to make sure we are aware that we will have to follow the vitamin and eating regimen forever. Anyway, I'm thrilled to be within 5 pounds of my surgery weight!!! I know they're backlogged for psych evaluations, but I'm still hoping to have mine in September or October and hopefully have surgery in November! :crossed:

Tonight is yoga. I'm hoping to find time for some cardio, and since I probably won't have time to hit the gym, I will try for a short walk at lunch time and after yoga.

08-26-2014, 03:36 PM
Afternoon all.

Michelle – Congrats for being within five pound of your surgery weight!! :bravo: Hope you can get the evaluation done on your timeline. Re emergency supply kits – everyone everywhere should have one – you never know what can happen. Sad to see what happened to Napa (just so happens my friend B and her hubby were out there on vacation – they’re fine, but may cut short their trip). But it’s good it wasn’t a more populous area! Re those wobbly boards – those are tough! But you can just feel your body’s muscles working to maintain its balance!!

Ceejay – I’m sure you’re aunt and uncle were just concerned and scared for you, but it’s your life and how you handle that incident with your neighbor is your decision. Re Jazzercise, the class is an hour long and consists of a warmup routine and then the cardio routines for 40 min, building up the intensity and then coming back down. After that are about 3-4 strength routines – that’s where that squat/lunge routine fell. Other strength routines include using hand weights and doing ab/core work. The class ends with a cooldown/stretching routine.

Terra – I hope you’re catching up on your sleep after waking up so early over the weekend! Have you been getting your walking miles in? Re the quilt – nope, sewing and quilting are definitely two different things! My bf and I visited his niece in Paducah, KY a while back and they have a wonderful quilt museum there. Some of those quilts were pieces of art, but I also loved seeing the ones that gave you a bit of history, just by the type of fabric used.

Susie – That’s a really good idea to have a list of to-do’s for when you feel like you’re wanting to eat – good way to distract yourself and accomplish something you need to do anyway.

Shad – Hope the weather’s been cooperating with your outdoor activities. There’s never an end to what needs to be done out in the yard!

Happy – I hope all is well at your mom’s place. Too bad you couldn’t catch that ride home with your cousin. At least you’ve been lucking out today and yesterday with the weather– the rain coming through has kept the extreme heat at bay. Re WW, my current monthly pass is good until 9/6, so I have two more meetings to attend now. Re Meijer’s – I agree, they really do have a good selection of items.

Hi Annie!
I forgot to mention that I lost 0.4 pounds at WW last Thursday. Eating has been off track the past several days, so I better watch myself or I’ll end up with a gain this week.

Yesterday I got outside early and finally weeded and then Preened the other landscape bed in front of the house. Now it needs to have mulch spread on it. I puttered the rest of the morning and in the afternoon we went to the eye doctor so bf could get his new eyeglass frames measured for lenses. After that we went to a Greek restaurant not too far away that I rarely get to visit anymore. Back at home, I walked the dog, and that was about it. TV and reading in the evening.

Today I got outside early again and trimmed the rest of the shrubs that needed it in the same landscape bed I weeded the day before. Now it’s ready for mulch. After that I did some more weeding in the backyard.

After a shower, I ran some errands – went to Costco for gas for the car and also picked up my contact lenses. I brought my cushy sport sandals to the shoe repair place – the Velcro doesn’t keep the sandal secure on my foot so I just had the strap stitched in place permanently. I stopped for a Danish at the bakery down the block (I'd skipped breakfast specifically so I could have that instead), then went on to the thrift shop. I ate part of the Danish in the car where I parked, then went into the shop.

I bought a stretchy top that’s really a layering piece for the winter, a small bird figurine, a pair of ankle height leather Enzo Angiolini boots, and an umbrella. Such a deal – everything was $13 and change. The boots were a particularly good buy – very good condition, couldn't have been worn much. The umbrella was needed because I’m almost positive I left mine on the train last Thursday. I’ll stop by the lost and found in the Metra station downtown, but I have a feeling I’m unlikely to get my umbrella back. Darn, it was a nice Totes umbrella. Oh well, the one I just bought cost me only $3 and it’s also a Totes brand.

Not sure what I’ll do with the rest of the day, but it’s almost lunch time. TTFN!

08-26-2014, 04:13 PM
Laura - How scary for your friend B and her husband to be in Napa during the quake. Earthquakes can be unsettling (pardon the pun) even for California natives. I can only imagine how scary it would be for a tourist. Napa has has several aftershocks the past couple days including some measuring over 3 today. I love going to quilt museums...some truly are works of art. My step-mother has made gorgeous quilts. Congrats on the loss at WW. The scale is going in the right direction for you. Are you off work all week? You have me drooling over your Danish for breakfast. Wow! You really got some great deals at the thrift shop.

08-26-2014, 05:10 PM
Hello Sweet sisters

I know I have NOT been posting personals...just so much going on and my time is limited.

Just started my second batch of salsa. Not much to work with on garden since all I have gather lately is tomatos, jalepenos and banana peppers. So salsa it is. At least I can freeze it.

It is thundering and lightening at the moment, no rain as yet, but really do not need has destroyed my garden. dang it.

HAPPY...yes on the chives...I cut them, wash them, let them dry, but not dried, then freeze them. I have given a batch to my DD and 3 of her neighbors. I just harvested a new batch last night and have no idea what to do with them other than freeze them. I am sure I will be greatful this winter.

LAURA...great job on the WL. You know a loss of any amount is better than a gain of any amount. Go with it....Scary on the earthquake for friend....glad everyone is ok. glad you are not in the line of fire on the forest fires. Man how scary. Glad that Santa is back under control and doing well. I am sure he enjoys the doggie park. Sassy will not even consider a leash....just flips over on her back and waits for you to carry her. Little stink,.

CEEG...really. I am so proud of you for sticking up for yourself...DO NOT take any kind of mistreatment from ANYONE. You are a grown woman and deserve fair treatment. Good for you sweet sister....

TERRA...good for you on not letting the sleep getting the best of you and going on with your routine....wtgg.

SUSIE...good for you not letting you hubby's work schedule not to derail you. Cleaning and getting things organized sometimes goes better when we are on our own. I am proud of you for forging on!

SHADDIE...the bd dinner for DS went well. We all had a good time. Hope you get all your projects done at home. Seems like when we finish a list it doesn't take too much to make a new list...bleh

Hope I have not left anyone out of personals... I suck as a posting sister, this I know. Know that I CARE AND LOVE you all....

My life....DDs dinner went well. Everyone had a wonderful time. He posted a great thank you on FB..

I am trying to keep up on the house and yard as I know once I go back to work things will change. Starting the job on Sept 8 is bittersweet. Enjoying my time off with the babies and kiddos but also looking forward to a paycheck. One more week at home then work will take over. Will wish for days off. I will at least feel like I am contributing to this household.

Have a great night/morning. sorry if I missed anyone..

Love and hugs.

08-26-2014, 06:01 PM
Morning all,
List is slowly lessening. Not that I can't think of other things to do with my time but I want this list finished before I start another.

The weather has gone back to being typical sub-tropical which means that things will start to grow in the garden and no doubt the weeds will too. Got to keep on top of that. there are many things around the house to do that will require money. I need new guttering (eavestroughs) and that won't be cheap. The bathroom requires redoing and I want to push one end of the house out to give me some more space in the bedrooms. Again more money even if I can do some of it myself.

Annie - good to see you back posting. Life has been a bit difficult for you I know and sometimes you don't want to post because you think that you put a downer on the rest of us, but it's okay. I don't post as much as I used to either.

Ceejay - glad you got that niggle off your chest. No point in changing addresses for the length of time you have left working. Shift once, when you are ready, and go where you want to be.

Laura - dang, losing the umbrella. I hate it when I leave things behind somewhere. Congrats on the weight loss.

Michelle - congrats on your weight loss too. Hope you get that psyche test done soon and can get on with the rest of the weight loss.

Hellos to Terra, Susie and Happy - wherever she may be.

I have a list of things to do today. Tomorrow I have a skin scan scheduled (try saying that fast) and I thought I might just go on and have a day out to see what's happening around the place. So tomorrows list should be done today as well. I also have an unpleasant job to do ending a 14 year friendship - well it was friendship on my account but apparently not on the other side. So be it.

08-26-2014, 06:36 PM
Annie - Glad your DS's dinner went well. I understand about mixed emotions about the new job...but you'll still have time to see the kiddos and contributing to the family income as well. :D

Shad - So sorry to hear about the friendship. That's rough. But if it was only a one-sided relationship, it's probably for the best. I laughed about saying "skin scan scheduled" fast...but then the question popped into my you say "scheduled" like it starts with an "sh" (the British way) or like it starts with an "sk" (the American way). :rofl: Those are pretty expensive improvements you have on your list for when you have the money.

I just wanted to mention something...I really, really appreciate you wonderful ladies not saying anything like, "Michelle, you've lost 15 lbs already...don't you think you could lose the rest on your own without surgery?"

I just have so much to lose (100 lbs) and the sooner I lose it the better for my degenerative disks. I *might* be able to lose some of the weight on my own, but probably not all, and I honestly don't think I could keep it off without the surgically altered stomach.

Anyway, thanks! :hug:

08-26-2014, 07:03 PM
I'm putting negative Nancy,my aunt, behind me and getting on with my life. Yes I understand that they were concerned, so was I. But life goes on, As of tomorrow I have 365 days until I can retire. I just didn't like her attitude. and I think she is having emotional trauma with me leaving. But like I said I don't have to deal with it.

I need to get my earthquake supply list together and start gathering things. After all I'm on the New Madrid fault line. You are right to have an emergency supply for any occasion. Bet your friends had a jolt of the nerves. We have had EQ's that big before also.

Wow, getting close to the actual time for the weight loss surgery. That's great and I know you are excited. I'm pleased with all the work you have put forth for this goal. Thank you for your concern.

I'm glad you used the word mistreatment cause that's exactly what was going on. She honestly doesn't want me to go to my sisters in Missouri. With out getting into any details she sent my sister and bil to ****. That's what I really got upset with her about. She's very judge mental, a racist and a know it all. I've tolerated her all these years because of my uncle.

Good grief, girl. You are all time doing renovations. And yes my "niggle" of negative Nancy has been put behind me. I'm looking forward to visiting with my sister in Missouri this week end. I may spend a couple of extra days this time.

hello to Susie, Terra and Happy

It's time for the light office to pass over the phone so I'll close for now. More later

08-27-2014, 11:47 AM
Happy Birthday, Ceejay!!
:bday2you: :bday2: :hb: :woo:

08-27-2014, 12:12 PM
A really quick check in as I have lots of projects to work on today.

I'm totally doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!! The Bariatric Coordinator called me yesterday afternoon and I have the psych eval for the weight loss surgery on September 15!!!! Granted, I have to drive 2 hours each way to Sacramento for the appointment...but heck, not a problem. I'm happy to do that if it means I get to have the surgery sooner! Looks like I might even meet my timeline of an October or November surgery! :D :dancer: :dance:

Ceejay - You're right. You don't have to deal with negative people. I find that I don't necessarily need to tell them off. I try and just let their words and negativity roll off me like water off a duck's back as they say. Your aunt has the right to feel the way she feels about you moving to Missouri. Apparently she's made it clear how she feels to you...but you have the right to do what you want with your life.

Not everyone agrees with my decision to have weight loss surgery. There is a woman I know who attends the same woman's group I go to every other week. She weighs probably close to 400 and is proud to be a part of the Beautiful Big Women's movement. And I have nothing but positive things to say about the Beautiful Big Women's movement. Bravo to those women who feel comfortable in their own skin and beautiful at any weight!! I'm doing this for my health and mobility. She made some very judgmental comments when I mentioned I'm having surgery. She said why would you amputate your stomach? I was shocked into silence when she said that. But it really bothered me for a couple weeks. The next time I saw her. I explained in a very nice way using "I" statements that I felt judged when she said that, and that this is a decision I have made and she definitely has the right not to agree with it or support it, and I have the right to do it anyway because it is my life. She apologized for her judgmental statement, and we are now able to get together without all the tension and negativity. She respects my decision to have the surgery, and I respect her right to have her own opinion.

Okay...enough rambling....Time to get some work done. I'm still so thrilled that I'll be able to check another thing off the pre-surgery checklist by mid-September!!

Much love,

08-27-2014, 12:56 PM
Happy birthday Ceejay!!

08-27-2014, 02:45 PM
Morning all.*

Michelle – Glad the timing of the eval is working for you!!* You’ve done serious thinking and research about this surgery – who am I to judge your decision?* All I want for you is to be healthy and be able to enjoy your life.* :hug:* No, I’m not off work all week.* I just took off work yesterday and*today.*

Ceejay – Oh, so it’s not just the incident with the neighbor that bothers your aunt, it’s also the planned move to MO after you retire.* Oh well, same thing – your life, your decision.* They’ll have to adjust.* Change isn’t easy.* So now you’re getting closer and closer to retirement – how exciting for you!!!* Hope you enjoy the time with your sister this weekend.* Re the emergency supplies – I know many people don’t even think of it, or just push it off to do “someday”.* If it was something I could just do and then forget about, that would be fine.* But if you gather a few gallons of water and some non-perishable food items, those things would still have to be switched out occasionally so it doesn’t get too old just sitting there.* I wouldn’t want to eat a tuna packet or peanut butter that’s been sitting around for five years, LOL.*

Annie – Glad DS’s bday dinner went well.* Countdown is on for your new job.* How will the commute be?* Is it closer or further than the old job?* Enjoy these last couple weeks!!

Shad – Those are some big projects you have in mind!* Sorry to hear about ending the long-term friendship, but people change and so do their priorities.* Why keep it up if it’s no longer making both people happy?*

Hi Terra, hi Happy!

Saw the movie “If I Stay” last night.* Nothing special, felt longer than it was.* Pretty sad too.* I don’t recommend it.*

Meeting a work buddy for lunch.* It’s quiet around here – two dept members are out of the officetoday.* Nice to have a short week this week, and then a long weekend coming up.*

No plans*tonight.* My forearms are sore*today*from using the shrub trimmer yesterday.* Oh well, at least that’s done.* A lot more to do though…* TTFN!


08-27-2014, 06:22 PM

08-27-2014, 06:24 PM
Happy birthday Ceejay. Hope you have a wonderful day.

I'm off to the skin scan. Have no idea where the new office is, so I will have to use the navigation tool in the car. Hope I can remember how to set it.

08-27-2014, 07:56 PM
Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I have had a good day. Many texts and FB wishes also.

Just a note--This is not the first time that negative Nancy pushed my buttons to the breaking point. Yes I was nice in the e-mail. They have been so good to me. I can't stand the negativity anymore.

I'm ready for the day to end and it's just about here. Need to make my last round for the day and clean off my desk for the next operator. Unfortunately we have an insurance meeting at 7 a.m. at the fire department. I sure did want to sleep in. But it will be worth it. They wanted us to sign up at their web sight and I've done that to earn an extra floating holiday, and they want every one to have a routine physical. I can do that, after all they are paying for it. I'll get to earn another floating holiday when I do but it's got to be done by September 30th.
More later.

08-27-2014, 08:47 PM

Happy Birthday Ceejay!!!

Sorry I haven't been here. I have been really, really tired and when I come home from work every night I have been falling asleep for about an hour or so. That has cut into my personal computer time.

I figured out why I was so sleepy. Most of you know I have a bladder disease that is called IC (Interstitial Cystitis). Sometimes it will just flair up for no reason (or you think it is no reason) and for me when it does, I usually am very, very tired a few days before it happens...well, this morning I woke up with what feels like a UTI (that is what the disease feels like but when you test for a UTI it shows none is there).

Stress can bring on a flare and with my DH's upcoming ablation procedure on Friday I think I might be even more stressed than I realize. I have been through flares before and have meds to numb my bladder that get me through it as I use ice and heat and am very careful with my diet and no acidic food or drinks (I am good about avoiding them but sometimes I just give in and over time that can get me in trouble). Also resting helps.

Annie: It was nice to see you here posting. enjoy these last few days before joining the paid workforce again. I say "paid workforce" because we all work at something, we just might not be getting paid for it.

Laura: Your shopping trip sounded very successful. Whenever I see umbrellas at a low price, I always buy one. I'm always losing one and I have found that they make nice gifts if you need to give someone a's an appropriate year-round gift and everyone can use another umbrella.

Shad: How did the scan go? Is this something that you do routinely or yearly?

Michelle: I'm so excited for you and how things are going with your journey to your weight loss surgery.

Hi Terra and Happy! :wave:

08-27-2014, 10:46 PM
Michelle ~ Yeah I get a headache and or a backache if I stay in bed for too long also, Yes I got my cleaning and walks in on Monday.

Laura ~ Yes I got caught up on my sleep and I have got my walks in Monday and from then until yesterday.

Annie ~ Thanks, Im glad Im not letting my sleep get in the way of my routine.

Shad ~ Hi Shad, How are you doing today?

CJ ~ Hi CJ, How have you been doing? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I hope you had an awesome birthday.


I woke up around 6 am this morning, Wanting to get up at 5 am but when I woke up at 6 am the alarm was turned off but I know that I turned it on before I went to sleep. Anyway today I went to school for a meeting. I took a nap at 3:30 pm today until 6 pm and then I got up and ate dinner and now Im just on here while watching t.v. I'll go to bed at 10 pm tonight so in about 2 hours. I finally got the bathroom cleaned yesterday though so thats good. I took today off from exercising but I'll start back up tomorrow morning when I go for my morning walk.

08-28-2014, 09:04 AM
I woke up at 6 am, I heard the alarm clock this morning so that was good. Im really for school already, I wait for my bus at 7:20 this morning. Its almost 7:00 am now. I have cooking class today, We're having build your own salads, so Im excited for cooking class today, I LOVE salads. After cooking class Im just gonna read until 3:30 pm which is when I go home, I usually have peer support after cooking class but its been cancelled for today.

08-28-2014, 12:01 PM
Morning all.

Shad - I was going to ask if your insurance treats the skin scan as a preventive service and covers the cost 100%, but your insurance is different over there isn't it?

Ceejay - The extra time off is a nice incentive for getting more involved in your own health - especially of it's something you'd do anyway.

Susie - Sorry the stress brought on the IC flare up. I hope it eases up - you don't need that right now!!

Terra - Today's cooking class sounds good. Let us know what kind of interesting ingredients are added to the salads you make.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!
Nothing much to report today. Yesterday the village came by to do some tree trimming and as we expected, they determined the Emerald Ash Borer - a beetle type thing- has killed our mature ash tree in the parkway in front of our house. Our tree now bears a splash of orange spray paint, meaning it's marked for removal in the next couple weeks. We're sad to lose this tree. The village has a program to plant new trees. We either wait for a new one for free as the village budget allows or pay up to $300 for one that is slightly larger and that we could get sooner. We'll see what our choices are for the latter - we don't get to plant whatever variety we want.

I did a load of laundry last night and otherwise just relaxed.

Tonight I should spend some time sorting my paperwork & try to purge it - there's a document shredding event this Saturday and it would be good to bring a bag or two of papers so I don't have to shred it myself.

That's it for me. TTFN.

08-28-2014, 12:44 PM
Hi Everyone. It is so blazing HOT in Ohio this week! It feels horible to even be outside for 10 min. Thank goodness for airconditioning!

I had a couple of minutes so I thought I woud stop in and see what all was going on. It's quiet here but it is still early for many of you to post.

If you would, please keep my DH in your thoughts and prayers his abation procedure tomorrow I would appreciate it. I am taking or tablets with us to the hospital since we will be staying there overnight so I should be able to give an update some time tomorow.

It's almost September (can you believe it?!) and we need a new title for our September thread. I thought I would share a suggestion (or two) ;)

The Worldlies Slimin Down in September
The Worldlies shaking of the pounds in September
The Worldlies making strides in September

Laura: Sorry to hear about the tree. We have that happen to trees here in Ohio as well.

I have a bunch of document purging/shreading to do as well. I don't think our community has a document shredding event but would be nice if we did. I think I will talk to my council man about that. We have tire amniesty days and another day where they will allow drop off of old applicences and things so why not a document shredding event?

Terra: I love salads too! What kind of salad did you make today at school?

I should be back to work now. TTYL!

08-28-2014, 02:00 PM
Good morning ladies,

Well, for Annie and Susie, I think it's already afternoon, and no idea what time it is for Shad.

After work yesterday, I went to the gym and then went to a weight loss surgery support group, which was very interesting. There were two women who both had their surgery 2 weeks ago. One was doing very well and had no nausea or trouble eating, the other was still on a liquid diet and was having trouble getting in all the water and protein powder required and she was pretty miserable. The good news is that even for her, this challenging time will pass and within another week or two she should be able to eat soft foods. And even she was still happy she had the surgery. And of course the woman who was doing well was elated. It's interesting how different doctors have different requirements for how long their patients have to stay on liquids. With Kaiser it's roughly 2 days on clear liquids - broth, water, sugar-free popsicles and sugar-free jello, and then to creamier liquids and soups (tomato soup, Trader Joes butternut squash soup, etc.).

Today after work is an appointment with my personal trainer followed by either another support group meeting or a trip to the dog park with Santa (haven't decided yet).

Yesterday I was a bit stressed out because of my upcoming psych evaluation...I've been on anti-depressants off and on since my parents were diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal cancer in 2003. And I've had a few emotional issues. After talking with a good friend who had surgery a few years ago and also to my niece who works with bariatric patients in Southern CA, they both said that the psych eval is mostly to ensure that I understand this is permanent and requires major life changes and that I have a good support system in place. I think I'll be ok with the evaluation, and I know I'll do well with the surgery.

Shad - How did the skin scan go? Hope it went ok.

Ceejay - I don't like being around negative people either. I hope the insurance meeting this morning went well. I would definitely sign up and have a physical to earn an extra floating holiday.

Susie - Sorry to hear your IC has flared up. I hope you're able to rest some and feel better soon. :hug: Sending lots of prayers for your DH's ablation. Keep us posted on his condition. Sometimes the document shredding events are sponsored by banks.

Terra - Hope you have a great time at cooking class. I really like salads too. Don't forget to walk. :walk:

Laura - Sorry about your tree. Those bugs were running rampant in WI when I left, killing lots of trees. I've been to those shredding events...taking big huge garbage bags full of paperwork for shredding. Very helpful to get those shredded.

:wave: to Happy and Annie!

I like all of Susie's ideas for the title of the September thread.

Well, I've got to sign off for now.

Much love and many hugs to all,

08-28-2014, 09:55 PM
Laura & Susie ~ I had pepperoni, Cheddar and Mozz. shredded cheese,Radishes,Cucumbers and crouton's on a garden salad with House Italian dressing which I like better then Zesty Italian dressing.

Laura ~ I like all things titles for Sept. but the 2nd one is my favorite.

Michelle ~ Yes I'll be sure to walk,walk,walk.

08-28-2014, 11:57 PM
I've got a lot done today as far a getting ready for the trip tomorrow to Missouri. I broke down and went to the doctor today. Insurance meeting was informative and I'm taking some options that they are offering, health wise.
Unfortunately these allergies has turned into bronchitis. I felt myself wheezing last night and I've been having to prop myself up on pillows to sleep.
Checked on my neighbor last night. She's staying with her sister. This has been an ordeal for her.

I can fully understand about the flare up of the IC. My intestinal issues flare up with stress. Any of those titles will be good for September.

Your salad sounds good. I like salads and should eat more of them.

It's hard to loose some tree's. Are you going to Jazzerize tomorrow?

Are you going to have a relaxing week end? As busy as you have been you need one.

08-29-2014, 08:22 AM
Travel day today. I have my suitcase to pack and a couple of errands to run before I leave. Pharmacy opens at 8 and I need to pick up my blood pressure meds.

Hope all this went well with your DH's procedure. Sending good vibes.

08-29-2014, 09:27 AM
CJ ~ Thanks, The salad was good. I like Salads too


I've been up since 4 A.M. and now its 7 A.M. and Im wide awake now. Im about to go on my morning walk. Just got back from my morning walk, Its 7:25 am right now though. I need to do my afternoon and evening work out to my dvd and I also need to do the dishes sometime today as well. Those are all of my plans for today.

08-29-2014, 09:37 AM
Hello000000000000000000 = Robin Williams...

My Godbabe in St. Louis had her baby yesterday weighing in at 8 lbs, 20 ins long. She has beautiful dark hair and her name is Brynne Rose. Can't wait for my next trip out there to see all the babies. That make 5 g-babes for my bff. 3 girls 2 boys. Two families. travels and have fun.

SUSIE...hope DHs procedure is going great. I like the 3rd title about strides....

CHELLE..Kaiser's way on eating sounds similar to St. Vincent-Carmel, In. creamy. scan, must be looking for the C word.

LAURA...if I couldn't pick the tree I wanted to plant, I would just wait on the free one, no matter how long you have to wait.

HAPPY...welcome home. I saw on FB that you made it safe and sound. Yeah!

TERRA...have fun in cooking class that sounds more like fun than school.

Runny errands today, mopping and vacuuming later. Have to get a few grocery items as SUPPOSEDLY Cs daughters and their boyfriends are coming over on Sunday for dinner. The tend to cancel at the last minute, so I am planning on things that can keep and leftovers, just in case.

Brad Paisley is rocking GMA today. He is so darn cute. What a hottie. Of course I have DirectTV which means if they do not come too an agreement I will not get one of my local channels. bleh

Make it a great Friday/Saturday all.

Love and hugs

08-29-2014, 09:52 AM
PS....I just fixed my dang IPhone. Proud of me....

08-29-2014, 12:08 PM
Morning all.* TGIF!

Susie – Best wishes to your dh for a successful procedure*today!!* I like all the titles you suggested for next month’s thread, especially the 2nd*and 3rd ones.* Good idea to suggest a shredding event in your town – I think it would be very popular given the risk of identity theft these days.* Our village belongs to a consortium of area towns that join together for various recycling events.*

Annie – Congrats to your friend and your goddaughter on the new arrival.* Pretty name!* I hope you have a great weekend and that C’s daughters don’t cancel on dinner and actually behave themselves.* Good strategy to plan a meal that can keep for leftovers.* Re the tree – now that I’ve thought about it, I think we should just wait for the free tree.* There’s not going to be any substantial shade in our lifetime from whatever dinky tree is planted over the next year or two, so why pay for a tree that will legally be owned by the village anyway?* What was wrong with your iPhone??

Ceejay – Safe travels*today*and I hope you have a lovely time with your sister this weekend.* Hope the bronchitis eases up – did the doc give you anything for it??* Re Jazzercise – yes I plan to go to class on Saturday morning.* There’s also a special Labor Day class on Monday morning which I may attend.* We’ll see – if I’m up late on Sunday, I might just skip it.*

Terra – Up at*4 am?* :yikes:* Wow, that’s early!* Have you been taking naps during the day?* Maybe that’s why you wake up early…The salad sounds yummy.*

Michelle – Don’t stress over the psych evaluation – if it’s really limited to making sure you understand what this surgery can (and can’t) do for you and to ensure you’re aware of the realities of life post-surgery, then you should do very well.* You’ve got to be one of the most well-prepared surgery candidates out there!* Re the trees – the loss of all these ash trees has been devastating.* I’m pretty sad about losing our large tree out front.* I also feel pretty bad that we’d removed another tree, an oak- also out front - a few years ago and now we’ll have none out front.* That tree had some storm damage, but I don’t think it was really necessary to remove it – bf was the one that really wanted it gone…oh well.*

Happy – Welcome home!* I’m sure you’re glad to be back and anxious to get back into the swing of things.*

Hi Shad!!

Everyone have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the holiday (you too Shad – it’s highly likely you’ll be laboring on Labor Day, LOL).*


Nothing much to report.* I have a 10:30*meeting this morning with outside parties, so I had to be dressed presentably*today*when I really wanted to be pre-holiday weekend casual.* Oh well, I’ll get over it.*

I did not go to WW yesterday – the week got away from me and the scale at home was not kind to me yesterday morning.* I’ve been overindulging all week, and NOT tracking, so what did I expect??* Back to it…at some point…

I started a different 30-day squat challenge last night – this one has 5 different squat variations which should make it more interesting.* Here’s the link:**

I added a few items to be shredded to my shopping bag last night, but nothing significant.* I really need to get serious with my paper purging!* This weekend might be a good time to catch up on my filing.*

The office closes at*3 pm*today.* No big plans for the weekend.* As mentioned, one Jazzercise class for sure, possibly two.* We also have a festival to go to, but that’s about it.* Oh, and I’ll drive over to the Public Works facility to drop off my bag of shredding.* That’s about it.* TTFN.*




08-29-2014, 12:26 PM
Happy Friday ladies,

Fridays are awesome - especially the Fridays before a long weekend...and this Friday is made even better by a 3 day work week next week followed by 10 days off!

Yesterday, I went to the gym after work. I got there a little late so I was only able to do about 25 minutes on the bike before I met with my trainer. Man, she worked me HARD! This Sunday will be my last session with her as she is going to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. She's only 23, and I strongly encouraged her to work hard for her dream.

I'm working on a list of all the things I need to pack for my road trip. Since I am renting a car for the drive, I can't pack up the car until the night before. I've got to stop by the pet store this weekend and pick up some treats for Santa, and get some more canned food for him.

No big plans for the long weekend, just the usual going to the gym and the dog park, along with website work, and going over to my step-mom's for dinner on Saturday.

Susie - I'm keeping your DH in my prayers for his ablation. I hope everything goes well and that it helps him. :hug:

Ceejay - Safe travels sweet sister. Have a great time with your sister and bil. So sorry to hear you have bronchitis. Did the doctor give you anything for it? Antibiotics? Inhalers? I hope you feel better soon and are able to enjoy your weekend.

Terra - I actually woke up at 3:30 am, and didn't fall back to sleep until 4:30. Believe me I did not want to get up when the alarm went off at 6 am.

Annie - I loved your HelloOOOOOOOO. I could hear Robin Williams saying it as Mrs. Doubtfire. So nice that your bff has another granddaughter! What a lovely name! I hope C's daughters don't cancel on sunday dinner. I'm impressed you were able to fix your phone! Well done!

Happy - Welcome back home! I look forward to reading your posts here again. Are you working at the Thrift Store this long weekend?

Laura - Thanks for the kind compliment about my preparation for surgery. I just figure the more I learn (good and bad) from others' experiences, the fewer surprises I'll have. A squat challenge? Good stuff. I may just try it. Nice that you are able to go home early! Have fun at Jazzercise and the festival.

Shad - How was the skin scan? I hope everything is ok.

Gotta get back to it.

Much love,

08-29-2014, 03:54 PM
Hi everyone,

Back home safe and sound. :D I got 2 offers for (car) rides back - one from my cousins who were in town for a wedding and another from the wife of one of the guys I volunteer with at the thrift shop. Although I would have gotten home faster if I flew, I opted to ride with R because I know it would make B happy if she had someone to ride with and we got to know each other better. Besides, we were able to hit up the Polish deli and the Lithuanian Bakery and bring more food home than if I was to have flown. I pretty much blew my ticket - although I cancelled it ahead of time and have a year to use that flight, it will cost me $200 to activate that ticket and the entire round trip fare was only $220 so unless the flights go up drastically - which they can, that leg of the trip is probably just down the tubes. I'm glad the 9 hour drive went faster than I thought it would - I hate being in the car that long and by the end of the trip my tailbone was complaining from sitting too long. I did enjoy my trip for the most part, Mom was very glad I was able to come - she said she enjoyed the company. Didn't get to see everyone I wanted to and my biggest concern was just too much sitting around (both at my Mom's and my sister's houses) - but it did give us great opportunities for long conversations. I am very happy to see that I did not gain any weight - a big concern of mine. I enjoyed some Chicago food but did not overeat and in some cases while I enjoyed the food, it wasn't that stupendous so I must be losing my taste for some things. DH happily scarfed down the bbq ribs I brought him back last night. We changed our pontoon ride until tomorrow - good thing as not only am I jet lagged but it is pouring something mad out there. Heavy downpours of rain so I hope tomorrow's 20 percent chance of rain will dissipate to nothing.

It did feel good to sleep in my own bed last night and my arthritis aches are not nearly as intense as they were in the city.

Susie - I hope all goes well for DH and his ablation. He will look pretty wretched today but should be back to himself in 24 hours. I sincerely hope this is successful for him. I'm sorry to hear of your IC flare - I hope it calms down quickly. :hug: I like your 3rd suggestion for the September title - I am hoping myself to make strides in several areas now that I'm back and settled in for a bit.

Michelle - you are doing so well with your commitment to surgery - I'm sure you will be very successful. Although I am not a big fan of the surgical route, I would never question someone else's choice for the procedure - I truly understand where you are coming from. I think I hit a speed bump on this decade birthday in that the arthritis is here to stay and is giving me mobility issues too so I am committed to doing some things to get in a better place. I do enjoy the Extreme Weightloss tv show but I realize I don't have capability to get through a bootcamp routine as the people on the show do. So I understand how you are totally motivated to work on your back pain, yet limited in the range of motion and intensity needed to get the weight off quickly. Something has to happen and I can see how this is a good choice among limited choices for you. Everything you are doing keeps you going in a positive direction and you know it's not an easy thing or a quick fix so I'm sure you will pass your eval with flying colors! I sure hope you can get your surgery date scheduled soon. How exciting to have a 2 week vacation to look forward to. And no, I am not working the Thrift Shop this weekend - I will return after the holiday although they did call me today looking for bank deposit books...

Shad - are you looking forward to the onset of summer? I'm sorry to hear of the breakup of a long term friendship but I keep going back to the friends for a reason, friends for a season... I hope it was just a time to end things and not an injustice which brought this about although I too have walked away from friendships when it seemed like I was the only one interested in maintaining it. What's this about a bathroom update? Is this a second bathroom as I remember you remodeling one a few years back (with some lovely blue tiles ...)

Laura - bummer on losing the tree but it seems as if periodically there are pests which ruin the tree population. We lost oaks and something else on our parkway. I was sitting on the front stairs at my Mom's and noticed how the tiny twig of a tree the city planted a few years ago has blossomed into a nice shade tree. So I'd probably wait and see what the city puts in for you. It will probably grow rather quickly in 5 years if you can wait it out. Sad to lose mature trees though. :( Yay for getting out early today. Hope you can make the 3:30 even if it's a local train. Sorry we did not get an opportunity to meet up but as you said, there will be other chances.

Terra - a salad making class sounds like lots of fun. I hope you got some new ideas. I like Zesty Italian dressing myself.

Ceejay - happy belated birthday. So you have set your retirement date at long last? A year will go by very quickly. But it gives you a good chance to get some things in place, purging where needed and picking up some things in advance of your new career as a retiree :D I hope you have a great trip this weekend. Take care of yourself and that bronchitis!

Annie - I hope C's daughters show up for dinner and don't disappoint the poor guy. OR waste your grocery money. I hope you enjoy this last week of "vacation" before you hit the bricks in the work world and get sapped into another routine again. Make the most of every last minute before you are too tired again.

Such a dreary, cold and rainy day - DH and the kitties are all snoozing. Well I guess this will make the big job of weeding the unused garden bed so much easier when I get to it on Sunday. There's a big mess in the basement too - DH was sealing the floor and stuff is tossed about. He removed 2 walls of poorly constructed shelving from the prior owner but replaced it with only about 1/3 of the amount of much better sturdy shelving. He will have a fit when I tell him that's not enough for a food pantry AND storage. :rolleyes: I also read 2 books when I was in the city - The Fault With Our Stars which was so-so until I got to page 200 and then I really enjoyed it and I also read a long, but interesting book by Jodi Piccoult - The Storyteller. It has to do with a girl who's grandmother was in a concentration camp during World War II. It really was a good story and this comes from someone who has a lot of problems finding a book to hold my interest.

I guess that's about it for me, I was going to go take a shower but it's thundering out there and I am not keen on showering with lightning in the vicinity. We are on the edge of some rough storms so hopefully there will be a break when I can dash in the bath.

Hope you all have a good weekend - safe travels if you are out and about. It's good to be back. :D :hug:

Talk to you later chicks...

08-29-2014, 10:04 PM
Morning all to a beautiful South East Queensland winter/spring day. It's warm out there - around 22-23C and little breeze. My wee tomatoes are starting to leap out of the ground and will need tying up again soon. The lettuces are going great guns. The rest is moving slowly along. I should be able to pick lettuce leaves next week. It will have to wait however until I have finished the last pack of purchased leaves. Waste not, want not.
Out the front the Azaleas are putting on a bit of a show and I really need to get into that garden and finish putting soil and bricks and watering in. It's a long term project and it will take a long time. I don't want to get anyone in to do it since it is stuff I can do myself even if it takes some time.

Happy - good to see you home safe and sound. I'm sure you will get to use the ticket at some point. 200 sounds an awful lot of cancellation fee - especially considering they have your money. Normally it only costs me around $38 to change a flight or put it on hold.

Ceejay - happy travels, hope you have a good time with the family.

Susie - hope the DH is well and recovering from his procedure. Worrying time, but I am sure he is in good hands.

Michelle - a 3 day work week and then 10 days off. Sounds like a good time. Do yourself a favour and don't pack heavy. I always work on the theory that there are Laundromats and friends who have laundries so regardless of whether I am away for 2 weeks or 6 weeks, I only pack enough clothes for 5 days. Then I add one pair of good shoes, one pair of sandals - depending on season, 1 pair sneakers and my boots. If I know that I will be doing some walking, the tramping boots get in too. Then there is a jacket/ raincoat in case of cold temps and weather, one outfit for wearing at night and my washbag. My carry on contains jewellery, kindle, cosmetics (of which there are few and travel size) a spare set of underwear and my shoulder bag has my money, travel papers and phone/s and tissues. The whole lot comes to less than 15Kg usually (about 33lbs).

Laura - A new tree is wonderful. It will grow up pretty fast too especially if it is native to the area. I often buy tube stock of shrubs and trees (seedlings). Cost very little. Might be a good thing that you missed ww this week by the sound of it.

Annie - Hope the company did arrive and on time and bringing gifts of great pleasure. I can hope can't I?

Terra - how's the walking going, are you getting plenty in. Unfortunately the only way to lose weight successful is when the expenditure of energy out is greater than that going in. Sad but true.

Okay - I'd better get on with my day. Oh yes, I meant to mention to Michelle that when she posted yesterday, it was 5.00am in my morning. So you are close to 18 hours behind us.

Gotta go. The kitchen, lounge and garden awaits.

08-29-2014, 11:06 PM
Hi Everyone. It has been a long day. The ablation was successful and DH is doing well. He has been up and brushed his teeth and washed his face. He said it made him feel human. He just got the catheter out so we are waiting on his first "go".

I have been up almost 21 hours ! Heading to bed in a minute. I am sure that we will be woke up several times in the night. I am looking forward to sleeping in my bed tomorrow.

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and support. You all have been wonderful!

I will do personals tomorrow.

08-30-2014, 09:57 AM
Annie ~ Yeah its always a fun class to belong to.

Laura ~ If I get up early I only take one day during the day. The salad was very good.

Michelle ~ Yeah that would suck to wake up at 3:30 and then not be able to go back to sleep until 4 and then have to wake up at 6 am.

Happy ~ Actually its not a "Salad making" class, Its a cooking class but we just had "build your own salads" Thursday, Thats what we chose to make in cooking class.

Shad ~ Yeah Im getting at least 4 miles a day except for 1 or 2 days when I take the day off from working out.


I've been up since 7 A.M. which has only been for 30 mins. Anyway I didnt set my alarm so I didnt wake up earlier enough to get woken up before going for my walk. Oh well I'll be sure to work out to my dvd at 9 am and then I'll work out again at noon and then again at 6 or 6:30 tonight. I also need to fold my clothes and put them in my dressers. I have a bad habit of just leaving my clean clothes in the basket after Scott brings them up from downstairs which is where the laundry room is and they sometimes get wrinkled so I really need to start folding them and putting them away as soon as Scott brings them up.

08-30-2014, 10:21 AM
A quick check in for me. Stayed in Branson last night. Getting ready o go eat breakfast. I'll probably gain 10 pounds this week end. Oh well.

Glad you made it back home

More later.

08-31-2014, 09:30 AM
I woke up at 5 am but I fall back asleep after I turned off my alarm and when I woke up again it was 5:30 am so I got up, Its now about 6:30 am, Im gonna go for my morning walk at 7 am and then at noon I'll work out to my dvd and then at 6 or 6:30 pm I'll work out to my dvd again after mom goes to bed. I need to clean the bathroom today, I cleaned it Tuesday but I've noticed that it needs cleaned again. I still need to fold my clothes and put them in my drawers I'll do that today too. Well those are all of my plans for today. I hope everyone has an awesome day today.

08-31-2014, 01:35 PM
Hello. We got home from the hospital yesterday and slept most of the afternoon. You don't get much sleep at the hospital.

We stayed home from church today. I don't want to tire DH out to much and we are going to Walmart this afternoon to buy groceries so I thought that would be enough for him today.

I just finished paying bills and filing things in my home office.

Terra: You are so disciplined with your workouts. I need to get that way again with mine. I have cleaning the bathroom on my to-do-list today as well.

Happy: You were right, DH didn't look to good that first day but is looking more normal today. I'm glad you have made it home from your trip. You will be returning to your routine soon.

Ceejay: Enjoy your trip! and try not to gain 10 lbs! :D maybe 2-3?

Shad: I'm staring to get jealous that you are moving into spring as our summer is ending. Will you be starting to get out and take your walks? I remember you did a lot of walking hills it seemed last year.

Laura: What are you doing this holiday weekend?

Michelle: Remind me again when your trip is? I know it is coming up soon.

Anne: What are your plans for this upcoming week? I know it is your last one before going to work.

I must get going and get this bathroom cleaned and hope to get the kitchen swept and mopped too.

08-31-2014, 01:36 PM
Happy Sunday everyone.

I have a terrible cold and I am such a bad patient - no tolerance for illness. :^: I will post later - going to hop in the shower and hope it clears my head up. Later folks... have a good weekend.

08-31-2014, 08:08 PM
Susie ~ Thanks, Thats cool that you put the clean the bathroom on your to do list for today too.

09-01-2014, 07:13 AM
Spring has sprung. It has been warm today. If this sticks around it will be a blazing summer on the way.

I had to go to the doctor today because I had found some lumps on the old body. Two of them had been there for a while, and were not painful, but one came up rapidly, in a very embarrassing place and was painful. Given that I have that skin condition (lichen schlerosis) which can turn bad in some people, I wasn't very happy about this lump so off I went to see what it was. Apparently I have an infection and some discharge as well so I got a pap smear at the same time. This is turning into medical month again! The skin scan was more or less fine - one sunspot (my first), I've had the eyes checked, the teeth checked, now the skin and tomorrow I have a mammogram lined up. Great!!!!! I shall be very tired of the medical profession by tomorrow. Which reminds me I have to fill in a questionnaire for that before I go, so that will need to be done tonight. I best go do it now before I forget. So I will be back with personals tomorrow.

09-01-2014, 10:21 AM
Everything is going well. We had a big birthday celebration yesterday. All the nephews and families were here. My niece came later in the day. And my step niece came to church then came to the house afterwards.

I woke up to thunder and lightening early this morning and it's started again.

My doctor gave me an injection with antibiotics to take. I'm feeling a lot better. I've had a deep cough but that's better also.

09-01-2014, 06:22 PM
Afternoon all.

Ceejay - The birthday celebration sounds nice. Glad you're feeling better. I'm sure you didn't gain 10 pounds during this trip, LOL. Are you heading home yet? Safe travels!

Shad - That's a lot of medical appointments! Glad the skin scan was mostly good, and sounds like the other lump has been addressed. Hope it's gone soon. I think I spread my appointments evenly throughout the year so I don't tire of it.

Happy - Sorry you caught a cold. I hope it's gone soon. Are you back in your routines? Did you get to go out on the pontoon boat yet?

Susie - I'm glad your dh's ablation went well. Hope he's getting plenty of rest. Can he go back to work this week?? We haven't done much this long weekend, but we did go to a festival that we go to every year. We met up with some friends, and of course we always run into someone we know. This time it was a couple I know from my Relay for Life team.

Terra - Ugh, that's the problem with housework - it keeps needing to be done.

Michelle - Hope you have most of your trip preparation done so you're not running around this week.

That's about it for now! Off to eat a late lunch/early dinner.

09-01-2014, 10:15 PM
My plans are to head home in the morning if the rain clouds doesn't hinder me. I have permission to stay another day if the weather is nasty tomorrow.
Not much else is going on.
I'm pooped.

09-02-2014, 02:19 AM
Afternoon all.

Well I am declared fit. At least I have declared myself fit. The boob squish went fine, I went in early to finish the paperwork, and got taken early - there's a novelty, and was told to get dressed and go straight away. No hanging about is a good sign. They have some great new machines in there - they judge your height so you don't end up on tip toe and suspended by the boob. However the pain is the same. The words 'lowering now' always mean hurt of some sort. But we are done for another year. I like to get it all over and done with at once.

Susie - I am so pleased that the ablation was successful. One stress factor out of your mind.

Ceejay - happy travelling. Not good to be sick though.

Happy - welcome home. Always good to be home.

Laura - Put them all together and try to get through them before I get another job. Not that I am looking for one just now, but when the lumps arrived at about the same time as the dental reminder and the skin scam and mammogram, I decided it was good to go this week. Budget = blown to heck and back.

So, today it is my turn to clean the bathroom, loo and laundry and so far I have done a thing. Might be time to get the A into G and get on with it. I've been a bit lazy lately.

09-02-2014, 10:48 AM
Don't POST here any more. Terra set up a new thread for September.