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07-27-2003, 04:45 PM
Chat on Ladies!!

I'm excited...Peter slept from around 8:45-5:10 this AM, then again until 7:30!! :dancer: Hopefully this is the start of a new trend! Maybe he's just all tuckered out from working on crawling?! :lol:

07-27-2003, 05:23 PM
hi guys,

i think i have created a monster....alex does not let me put him down for longer than 5 min at a time. however he is sleeping around 8 hrs/night in his bassinette. i dont want to chance messing up the nighttime scedule by insisting he sleep in the bass. during the day. have you tried to open a can of tuna and make tuna salad while holding the child? i did today and now alex smells suspiciusly fishy!!

lauren: thanks!! the bd was fairly quiet. we were at the inlaws on fri and out w/friends last night. i was going to go to pa yest to dh's base to get a new id....it took me 1 1/2 hrs to get from exit 10 to exit 8 on the tp!!!! there was no end in sight to the traffic so i turned around !! for 1 solid hr the baby screamed. my nerves were absolutely shot. what do you do when you can't get to the little one like that?

rr: so glad that you are feeling better.

hope everyone is having a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-27-2003, 11:03 PM
Happy Late Birthday Karen!!!!:hb: I am late for everything!!!

Yeah on the baby's sleeping!!! Kaylee has been soo snotty with brown/yellow junk pouring out of the right ear.She slept horribly lst night cuz mom forgot to give her the Pediatex and she was soo congested that she couldnt nurse or anything...She now sleeps normally from 8pm until 2 am..

Karen--that is the most helpless feelings in the world to be in that situation. There is hope, kaylee used to screamm all day when i was home with her..She is soo much better now...

We can now sit up, have 2 teeth and can pull up and "walkvb " holding the sofa@@@
NGJGotta run..shje is banging teh keys and pul;ing my hand


07-27-2003, 11:10 PM
Karen, that sucks...nice weekend, everyone was headed south of course. DH drove down to AC yesterday AM. He left at 7:15 and got there at 9:30...amazing, took him longer to get home though. All that for a sports convention to get a Tiki Barber figurine...and some NBA guy. They cost 15. ea., and were selling on eBay for like 70.!! Some limited edition thing. They were allowing 4 ea., but it started Thurs. and by Sat. they were only allowing 1 ea., so he got one of ea. figure. I told him now he must sell at least one and make at least 50, to pay for the trip!! (20 gas, 30 figurines, 12 admission, 7 parking...not to mentions tolls!!) :rolleyes: Oh well...

Peter's in "mommy don't leave my sight" mode too. He's getting a little better, I guess since he's been concentrating on getting to all 4's.

One time he screamed the whole ride home from my mom's...about 20 minutes...he was overtired and exhausted. I nursed him and put him down when I got home (it was late, probably close to 10) and for a good 1 1/2 hrs. he was sniffling in his sleep!! :( I was soo upset that his body couldn't calm down. I say sniffling, but it was more a "jump" in his breathing...hard to explain...you know how kids are when they've been crying hysterically and they finally calm down, but it takes a little bit before they're completely back to normal? That's what he was doing...but in his sleep.

He was kind of like that when I picked him up at my IL's last week after I went to Unemployment for a meeting. They said he cried the whole time I was gone almost (3 hrs.) They got him to sleep briefly, but he woke up after like 20 min. and was crying again. They said it was separation anxiety...and that he doesn't know them, because he doesn't see them often enough. I just about laughed in their faces because he sees them more than their other grandkids did when they were little...and they said the same thing about them back then!! :lol: I told DH what she said and he laughed. It's like, hey, call and invite us over if you wanna see him!! Heck, my mom calls and tells me she wants to see him!!

Anyway, the point being, I guess short of stopping and calming him down, there's not much you can do!

07-28-2003, 08:23 AM
Good Morning!!!
Kaylee is in the major"OMG--I CANT SEE MAMA-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" mode. She has hit the separation and stranger anxiety phase in her development...Jerry got upset last night because now that I am weaning her, only I can give her the bottle... Gotta love them little munchkins!!!!
Well, off to work!!!

07-28-2003, 11:39 PM
Hi guys,

Little Guy is down for the night so I get a chance to come post with two hands!! For the past two nights he has been wanting to go to sleep by 8!! He slept until almost 6 this AM so I wonder how long he will sleep tonight. We went out shopping today and he did so good in Target. He rode in his sling and went to sleep and slept through getting back into the car seat. I decided to leave him in the carrier for the grocery store. Yikes was that a mistake. He lasted about two minutes before he started doing that shrill scream that echoes off the shelves!! I thought surely someone would come to see how I was killing the child. I ended up having to take him out and carry him. That was SO much fun.

Lauren/RR: I don't know how I am going to make it through separation anxiety. He only likes for anyone else to hold him for about 5 min. Even DH. I can't imagine what that's going to be like.

Lauren: Yep, I know exactly what your talking about. I call it crying hiccups. Those break my heart. Worse than the actual crying I think.

RR: Kaylee got better with daycare? I'm going to check out Gymboree classes. At least he will have exposure to other kids. Providing it's not too expensive. I'm not going to pay $50/class like the YWCA.

OK, hope everyone is having a great day!!

07-29-2003, 09:32 AM
Karen, I think Gymboree is pretty expensive, I checked them out a long time ago, for future reference, and I seem to remember I was like, WHAT?! I was at the WalMart Supercenter up in Monroe, NY with a friend of mine yesterday and Peter decided he didn't want to ride peacefully in the cart. I had bought one of those shopping cart covers at WalMart a couple weeks ago, so I used it for the first time and he couldn't care less. He chewed on one of the little squishy toys, and that was it. I ended up taking him out and holding him so he would stop screaming!! People are funny though, the parents look sympathetically at you, and the old people joke about it....I just rolled my eyes and mumbled something about DYFS!! :lol:

Today is Peter's 6 mo. appointment. Can't wait to see how big he is now. RR, is this the last of the shots for awhile? I'm going to ask the Dr. what and how much he should be eating. He loves what I give him, but I'm wondering if he should be getting more, because he seems a little fussy sometimes. He's also not nursing good lately, so I'm wondering what's up with that.

07-29-2003, 10:41 PM

we had a quiet day today. we went to the mall tonight and i took the sling. it works like magic. he rode around as quiet as could be sucking on his fingers or my hand until he fell asleep. it was so much better than the grocery store yesterday. i got a pricelist for gymboree and it's $124 for 11 weeks. i don't think that's too bad. i think i may wait for the six month old sessions. the only problem is that it's in westfield. can we say snobby?!!

ok, gotta go. hope everyone had a great day!

07-30-2003, 10:04 AM
Lauren--How did the MD visit go????
Kaylee is sick today with the hoarseness and the snots and ear drainage!! We are off today to take the kids to see the Wiggles!!ok... fighting the hands on thkeyboard now!!!! LAter

07-30-2003, 10:27 AM

Drs. appt. went great! Peter is 20 lbs., 10 oz., 28 5/8" long, 17 3/4" head. Of course 90-95th % for both. :lol:

Dr. gave me an RX for vitamins and said he can have any veggies, and any fruit, except citrus (includes tomatoes) and berries. He can have chicken now too, but we're gonna hold off until Thanksgiving.

He only got 2 shots this time, goes back at 9 months, but no more shots until a year. :cb:

He was pretty fussy yesterday afternoon, and was getting really bad by evening so I gave him some Tylenol. He slept from about 8-3, up til almost 4, then asleep til 7. He just went back to sleep about 5-10 min. ago...hopefully for a couple hours, because he's been a monster this AM.

RR, have fun at the Wiggles!! Peter likes to watch them, but usually just when they're singing...Sesame St. is still his favorite. I thought the tubes were supposed to clear up the ear infection problem? Hope she's feeling better soon!!

Karen, no, I guess that's not too bad. I thought it was more. I think waiting for the 6 mo. session is probably a better idea...he'll be doing more then. I've heard Westfield is snooty.

07-30-2003, 11:46 AM
Lauren-The tubes do nothing for the infection..They just keep the mess draining out..When U see the drainage, U start the ear drops but if there is fever involved, then U have to have the oral antibiotics!!!I say, wash the sheets and the ears but keep that junk out of her head!!!!
Yeah, on Peteys checkup!!! We can start meats at 9 months...She is soo happy with the veges and fruits I am not pushing anything else!!!
Kaylee is up to 15lbs 5 oz!!!!!!

Karen--Daycare is great..SHe loves the kids and is really interactive with her friend Sebastion...THey fight and then hold hands--I just laugh!!!!She is learning Spanish songs and they have reading sessions etc...I hate to leave her, but I think the interaction is good for her...I am gonna start working 4 days a week soon, and then have off on Wed to spend some extra time with her.....

Off to Babys R Us and then New ORleans to see the Wiggles!!!
Have a great day!

07-31-2003, 12:20 AM
Hi guy,

Alex rolled from his stomach to his back today!!! but, boy, was he mad when he did it!! i had him on the bed taking a picture and he started to roll and cry at the same time. i left him to see if he would go all the way...and he did!!

RR: how was the wiggle show?? i turned them on once but we both fell asleep.

gotta go...here's the before:

07-31-2003, 12:22 AM
and here's the after:

07-31-2003, 07:54 AM
Kaylee enjoyed the Wiggles!! She watched and danced with me holding her of course to the songs...SHe would get upset and pout when the clapping and screaming for the Wggles occured..I guess too loud for her..

Karen--Too cute!!! They are soo funny when they roll over...Kaylee thinks it is too funny to crawl and make it somewhere else..She laughs and cant continue....

Off to work....have a great day all..She slept horribly last night..This nasty nose bit is getting us both!!!

07-31-2003, 09:14 AM
Great pic karen!!! That's soo funny!! Peter used to get soo mad when he'd roll from back to tummy and couldn't get back. :lol:

RR, glad you had fun, hope Kaylee has a better day today!

07-31-2003, 09:09 PM
Hi guys,

Well, we got the pictures from JC Penny today and they are SO cute. I caved and spent the $15 on three extra sheets. They sent two others that I didn't order. So now I have tons of pictures!! The other night DH bought me a necklace with a little April boy charm. It's so cute. I'm thinking of getting a charm that I saw at JCP of a boy's head and having his name engraved on it. I'm not sure though. That mgiht be a little overboard :).

I tried to get him to roll over again today but he wouldn't do it. I think he's a little bit stubborn. He's sitting with DH right now and he's SO cute.

OK, think I gotta go now. He's not being so cute right now!! Hope everyone is having a good evening.

08-01-2003, 09:09 AM
Cool...can't wait to see the pics!! I really need to get Peter's 6 mo. pics taken!

Peter is such a Daddy's Boy.. Last night we were sitting on the sofa and he kept lunging himself at DH. THen he was leaning on DH's chest looking up at him with his hands on the side of his face (like together for prayer, if that makes sense?) and it was soo sweet...I wished I had the camera, but he was still half on me so I couldn't get up w/o disturbing the moment!!

08-01-2003, 06:13 PM
Hi guys,

I only have a sec. Alex is sitting in his swing (NOT swinging) looking at the toy on the tray and the news (strange kid!!). He did watch a few minutes of PowerPuff (I think that's the name) while I was folding laundry earlier. I put the stroller in the utility room and he just propped his foot up on the tray and started watching TV. So I put on Cartoon Network and let him watch. It was all about eating broccoli so maybe some of it sunk in!!

We are having yucky TStorms here today and probably tomorrow. It's so MUGGY!! Ugh. We were supposed to go to PA to our resort and hang out at the lake tomorrow. Who knows now.

Opps, gotta go!!

08-02-2003, 02:25 PM
Karen, Peter will occasionally stop to watch PowerPuff Girls!

Here's our future linebacker trying to take off...he thinks he can skip crawling and go straight to walking!!