Overeaters Anonymous - No matter what I cannot stop binging :'(

07-24-2014, 03:12 PM
Hi not sure if this is what
I'm supposed
To do on here but just wandered if there is anybody out there who can perhaps give me some advice on overeating? I have tried every diet going weight watchers, slimming world my latest attempt are the orlistat tablets and up until yesterday I was doing really well then it happened a sudden out of the blue binge :( purposely didn't take a tablet why do I do this? When to be a healthy weight is all I want and I want it so much why can I not do it? :(:?:

07-24-2014, 11:13 PM
the simplest advice: yesterday is over. it doesn't have to affect today.

honestly, finding out why you overeat/sabotage is a long process that is full of little steps towards self-discovery and acceptance. take a little step today by forgiving yourself for yesterday and deciding that today, just today, you'll be kind to yourself and do whats best for you. :):)

07-25-2014, 04:35 AM
Thankyou they are very wise words :) I have a counselling appointment next month hopin to shed some light on why I punish my body the way I do. Xxx

07-26-2014, 08:34 PM
Is the compulsion to binge so strong that you'll get in the car or otherwise travel to the store to buy food?

I wonder about shopping for the day, each day. Never more than your daily food in the house. Or buying only foods that must be cooked from scratch - when you have nothing but fruit and veg that can be eaten out of hand, it is much harder to eat piles of food. The chicken breast is raw until mealtime, when you cook it, and then its gone.

Something to break the cycle of frequent binges - knowing that you've gone 3 months on plan, have lost 20lbs, etc is more powerful than trying to pick yourself up again and again, multiple times a week.

07-27-2014, 08:41 AM
Counseling is a very good idea.

Maybe stop dieting until the appointment. Tell your brain "let's hold off on dieting and binging until our counseling appointment." Even just saying "let's hold off on the binge until tomorrow." Or "let's hold off on the binge for 2 hours." Or one hour or 5 minutes. or 30 seconds.

Whatever period of time you can get through. Set a timer. Then when the timer dings set it again. Keep setting it until the urge passes. Or doesn't and you binge. Either way you will have made a new neural pathway that made it possible for you to wait to binge.

While you are waiting, do something else. Clean the toilet, vacuum, write a poem, draw a picture, go for a walk. If your brain starts to tell you that you need to eat now, thank it and show it the timer.

When I sought treatment for my binging I remember my therapist saying, "most people have difficulty with things because they simply can't sit with an uncomfortable feeling." I remember it hit me like a lightning bolt - just sit and feel uncomfortable?! Was she crazy?! And then - oh, ok, I can try that. I had been shoving food down my throat to try to kill the knots and anxiety in my stomach. After learning I could choose to feel those feelings (and realize they'd pass and not kill me) my binging stopped. I remember nothing else from those therapy visits except that one line, and I still hold on to it these 15 years later.

07-30-2014, 02:02 AM
What would happen if you washed your hair, or took a shower after drinking a tall glass of ice cold water, and then going for a walk w/ or w/o a dog by your side, or a relative, or a close friend? Would A Distraction Method help you? After I have dinner, I head straight for the gym after 1 hr of news, and then having digested my dinner, I will drink another cold water and go workout for an hour. Then when I get home I drink another cold water with 1/2 milk and ice cubes. Then take a epson salt bath for my back aches, and watch some tv, or computer, or read mags, or look at fashion catalog and decide what clothing I would like to see myself in when I lose my 20 lbs. This technique helps me to focus on my goal and to keep me from eating way too much.