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07-22-2014, 08:21 AM
Good morning gals. It is going to be a hot one today it feels like. You walk out and start sweating just from the humidity.

We are now officially under 8 weeks until vacation. I found a broomstick skirt and sleeveless sweater in my closet yesterday and ordered a knit shrug to go with it for dinner one night on the cruise. I also found an aqua pantset shoved in the back that fit so I am taking it too. I have a lot of clothes that are still a bit snug, so will probably be too big for the next cruise, but that's ok by me.

I am going to try and tackle at least some of the downstairs today, but the pharmacy doctor is going to call about my glucose numbers for the last week to see if she wants to change my meds. I doubt it as my numbers are good and I am losing weight now. I don't want to be cleaning the bathroom or mopping or vacuuming and not get to the phone in time so I am probably going to do the vacuuming when I get done here to get it done and then do other stuff after she calls.

We have county voting in a 3 weeks. We will vote, but in this town our vote doesn't count for much as they only vote democratic and black candidates. Ahh well it is our duty to vote so we can then gripe about it. :lol:

Jean: You sound like you are running the show now at the gift shop. You are becoming a regular ole accountant. Too bad it doesn't come with a fat paycheck. I talked to my best friend yesterday and they are struggling so badly. No one will hire her full time and her husband is disabled, or at least he says he is, and they keep getting more and more behind. She can't find a second part time job and the one she is in only pays her $7 an hour for 20 hours a week. She is way too young to draw social security and he started drawing his early because of his back problem. She told me they come up about $150 short a month to make it. I just keep praying something will break for her and she can find a permanent job or a second one. She works for Marshalls right now. She has skills but there are no jobs in her field of work.

Maggie: Did the doctor say anything about having to wear an ostomy to let the colon heal? That's what they did with me. Hope all things come out fine.

You gals have a nice Tuesday. We are having chicken and amish noodles tonight for dinner so I have my chicken going in the crockpot already. faye

07-22-2014, 03:24 PM

Will is getting his PET scan now and when he gets through with that then his next appointment for that will be his surgery on the 8th of August. His dentist has moved his tooth surgery up to tomorrow from the 31st which is another phase of putting that permanent post type tooth to anchor his partial on. After he gets the rest of that post in then he will go to his regular dentist to have the crown put on. That has been a long process for sure.

DONNA FAYE Nope ~ no bag for Will for they are going to staple it all together and close the slits up they have made. He will have to be very careful for several days as it heals so as not to pop the staples. They say they won’t let him out of the hospital until he has a bowel movement which indicates all is working properly.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

07-22-2014, 06:32 PM
Good Afternoon! It's another warm, 82 degree, very humid day in my neighborhood. I just got home from the luncheon. The committee chose a different party room which was at the other end of the building and had just a small parking area. We were early enough to park close which was good since one of the gals has two artificial knees and can't walk very far. They were not nearly as organized as last year so it seemed to drag out much too long. :( The program was by Accessorize Me which is big jewelry, scarves, purses, hats, and stuff you find in catalogs. We thought the stuff high priced and didn't see a thing we couldn't live without. The meal was a lettuce salad, vegetarian lasagna, baguettes, and carrot cake. The lady sitting next to me choked on a piece of lettuce and scared us to death. She managed to cough hard enough to get it down but she was scared too. I didn't realize she was in trouble but the gal on the other side of her did, and got up to help her. There was a nurse at another table who came over too. It's too late to start any projects now. ;) Bob is working on his tractor so may finish that before he comes home.

"Gma," thank you for starting the new thread. :cp: It's fun to go shopping in the closet and find clothes that fit once again. I am really dreading the next election as well as the one in two years. I wish there was a "none of the above" choice on the ballot. When I pick up the gift shop money, there is always a group of coffee drinkers who put two tables together right in front of the card rack. If I can see some spaces need to be refilled I go back in the afternoon and do that. It's good I live close!

Maggie, I sure hope the PET scan will show every place else is clear in Will. When my dad had his 12 years ago Medicare didn't pay for them. I had to talk long and hard to get him to do it, but he finally did. Will Will be all done with his tooth, except for the crown? That has been a long process for sure. :yes:

Guess I will check the mail and see if there is anything interesting besides the usual junk. Hope you all have had a good day and enjoy your evening. :D

07-23-2014, 08:27 AM
Good morning to you all. It never cooled off much last night so it is starting the day hot and sticky already. I turned the ac off, but it only stayed off a couple hours as the house got hot so I turned it back on again.

I sat around all day waiting for that stupid doctor to call and she never did. I didn't do any housework as I didn't want the vacuum noise to keep me from hearing the phone and didn't want to be too far away from it so I could get to it before it rolled over to voicemail. I am really irked about this and frankly since my glucose numbers are way under what they are supposed to be she can call and leave a message and I will get back to her when I feel like it or if I answer the phone I am going to let her know it is not okay to leave people hanging. If she couldn't call she could have had someone else call and let me know she was tied up and reschedule. I didn't like her to begin with and this doesn't make her like me any more.

I bought a couple things from Publishers Clearing House of all places and they came yesterday. I bought this hanging bright light to put in the closet in Jack's office where my clothes are as there is no light in this closet. It will do a great job I think. They I saw they had these clear canisters and I bought 4 of them to eventually put my sugar, flour, etc in. I figured they would be easy to clean. I am waiting for them to ship those hats and I ordered a shrug sweater to wear with the broomstick skirt and they shipped it but it is coming from Britain so will take awhile. Then I should be caught up for the moment shopping. :lol: My nail polish came the other day.

Maggie: Glad they have things sorted out with Will and hope they can get it all when they get in there.

Jean: How scary for that lady. I choked on something last night and here I am coughing and coughing and Jack asks me if I am choking. Well duh! :lol: I was eating a piece of soft pretzel and I went to take a drink of diet soda and swallowed the piece before it was chewed up and it caught for a couple seconds. Hope you can get your card rack all full and ready to go.

Well girls you all have a nice middle of the week. I am going to knit for awhile they make myself some breakfast. Faye

07-23-2014, 10:34 AM
Good Morning! It's a beautiful morning in my corner of the world -- cooler, low humidity, no wind, and sunny. This is my morning to work in the gift shop, and I also have a board meeting so will be on the move. Not sure about the afternoon as Bob mentioned going up to the cabin. I really should stay home and work on pitching. The church rummage sale is getting closer and I'm not getting as much done as I had hoped. I also volunteered to make something for the hospital bake sale on the 31st. I was asked in a weak moment so said I would. :rolleyes:

"Gma," I hate waiting for phone calls to be returned and repairmen to show up. I know they are busy and have schedules but still; I hope you hear from you doctor today. Hope all of your goodies that you ordered arrive in great shape. I have choked on pickle juice or vinegar dressing. It just takes my breath away and I cough, but even though nothing is caught it is embarrassing. My thumbs have been achy so have put the afghan aside for awhile. Can't say they are sore from over use cleaning, must be the weather! ;)

It's time to round up my magazines and head for the hospital. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

07-24-2014, 09:21 AM
Good morning to you all. It is nice and cool this morning after a hard rain last night. It is sunny right now, but they are calling for more rain today. I sure hope not. We have had a lot of rain this summer.

I have a hair appointment for a cut and color today so that shoots the morning all to heck as it takes 3 hours. I then have to run by the store, probably WM and pick up a few things, drop them off then get gas and go get Jack. Going to be a full day for me.

I got a call around 5 PM from the pharmacy resident and I told her I was not happy no one called me on the day they were supposed to. I told her I sat all day Tuesday and Wednesday waiting for a call. She apologized, but I didn't say anything back to her except did she want my glucose numbers for the week. She said they looked great so they aren't increasing my metformin, which I am thrilled about. I am now on just one pill a day for the diabetes. I can also stop having to take my blood sugar more than once a day and don't have to go back until January, which is ok with me. I do have to go in on Wednesday and have another uterine biopsy done so I will load up on Advil before I go to help with the pain as boy oh boy do you have cramps afterwards and mine lasted 3 days before they went away.

I am having peanut butter toast on whole wheat and a banana for breakfast this morning. I am fixing a ham steak and hash browns with green beans for dinner tonight so it doesn't take too long. Tomorrow I am going to finally get the downstairs cleaned since I don't have to worry about phone calls.

Jean: Hope your achy thumbs are feeling better. When mine flare up it is right in that joint area and man does it every ache when that happens. I worked some on T's first sock and when I get it done I am going to have Jack try it on because it looks huge. It will be too long for Jack but I am more concerned about the ankle being baggy and if so will rip out the whole thing and redo it. I don't envy you the pitching. Next year I have to start that job and hauling stuff to goodwill and getting rid of it. I got my clear plastic canisters and they are going to work just fine to put flour and such in. I kind of wish I had order a couple more sets though I am not sure how sturdy these things are going to be. I know I am ready to get rid of this stuff for good and paint and get going on the house.

You all have a great day. I am going to finish my toast and get things going to go to my hair apt in awhile. Faye

07-24-2014, 09:58 AM
Good Morning! It's another cool sunny morning in my corner of the world. We got up to an unhappy raccoon in the live trap! Bob's been trying to catch him/her for a week! Bob would just put a pile of cat food in the trap, and the coon would shove it over and eat the food. Last night Bob put the food in a plastic dish so the coon had to go in the trap. He/she demolished the inside door so we will be buying a new trap! Bob took it to the country, by a stream, where he's taken all the possums. Lots of corn fields so he will be happy there. I think I am home for the day unless I decide to go have a pedicure. I should go to the grocery store but need to make a list first.

"Gma," sounds like you have a busy day planned! It all sounds good except the WM visit. ;) I'm glad you finally got the pharmacy call you were waiting for. It's wonderful news for you! :cp: I took "generic for arthritis" yesterday and it did help my thumbs. I remember my mom having the same thing when she was sewing doll clothes for Beth. I hope you don't have to rip the socks out and redo them.

I hear the crop dusting plane buzzing around. I hate it when he flies over our house to turn around because he flies so low. :( I need to get dressed and get my day going. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Thursday! :wave:

07-24-2014, 04:00 PM

I just got back from having lunch with the museum crowd at the Q. They meet there every Thursday to have lunch and it is always a fun place to be yacking it up. They always request that Will bring me so I go sometimes.

I will be home alone at dinner time for I have opted to not go to the dinner meeting the museum folks are having with a guest speaker who dresses up like Abe Lincoln and looks just like him and knows his history.

Not much going on here this day for me and so I am just putzing this afternoon and getting things ready to put them in the MH when we bring it over here from the place that stores it for us. We have some of the things that we want out there sitting in the front room now. I am going to take some more things out there that are in my office closet that I have in nice plastic bins.

JEAN How nice of Bob to take Peter Possum out to the country where he will be happier than living in the city.

DONNA FAYE Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you, I hope you like the cut and color job you are getting. I have let my hair grow out from being colored and it actually looks thicker now. I still wear it way short though.:D It is good that you can now readjust the amount of your meds you were taking.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

07-25-2014, 08:36 AM
Good morning to you all. I am sitting here figuring out how to pay my bills for the budget of September 26th because we don't get back into Florida until the 29th. Most of them I can pay online so can just pay to use their computer on the ship and pay them but two of them have to be mailed and I send them certified each time because I don't trust them. So, I was figuring out where I can go ahead and pay them and send them off so guess it will be in Chattanooga when we get there. Both the Lake City post office on Friday and the Fort Lauderdale post office on Saturday are only open until noon and we won't get there before then. My budget is pretty strict so I can't pay them earlier than that, but I did figure out what do so I am all clear. I will just pay them out of my vacation money and then take that money back for the trip home out of the budget for the 26th. Geez! :lol:

Got my hair done and it looks great. She put a brighter red on and then put on a toner to make it really shiny. She razor cut my hair, which I really like and it all came out super. I got done right at noon and one of the main drags through Memphis which runs east and west I have to take to go back towards home and to WM and it is narrow and very busy all the time and at lunch time it is nuts. All these people trying to get to restaurants for lunch and get back to work in time. I drove from one end straight through to the other and prayed I wouldn't get creamed by someone in a hurry. :lol: Did my WM shopping, which I hate and went by Wendy's and got a chili and went home and put groceries away and hurriedly ate my lunch and then picked up and went back out to pick up Jack from work. It was a busy day.

Jean: I came home last week from getting my nails done and a toad or frog was on the deck and jumped and scared me half to death. I have no phobias except rodents it was just the jumping as it blended in to foliage and stuff. We don't have to deal with raccoons, possums etc in the city, but when you go out where Jack works you do. They have a state park out there and you have to deal with those and coyotes, deer especially and turtles in the spring. They even have a turtle watch because they come up on the highway and get smooshed in the spring when they are going to lay their eggs or the little ones have been born. Funny to be in the city and have country animals though. Did you decide what you are going to make for the bake sale? When Jay was born we lived in the landing path of the Naval station and jets would fly over our little duplex so low you thought if you stood on the roof you could touch them. Since he was born while we lived there, he learned to sleep through the noise and so nothing ever bothered him. If parents would not coddle their new babies and subject them to noise when they bring them home babies would adjust to the noise as something in their lives. I watched this diy show where the parents were buying a new home and their current home had the baby's room next to the kitchen. They couldn't even go into the kitchen and get a glass of water because it disturbed their son and he would start crying. I mean how stupid is that? You could lose weight that way though! :lol:

Maggie: Hope Will enjoyed the talk last night and you weren't lonely while he was gone.

Have a great weekend. I have to take my Ipad in tomorrow and Sunday is walk in the mall day. Faye

07-25-2014, 11:14 AM
Good Morning! It's windy, cool, and cloudy in my neighborhood this morning. We are supposed to hit 90 this afternoon and rain tonight into tomorrow. I think the weatherman is dreaming. More of the same planned for today -- nothing newsy nor exciting on my agenda.

Maggie, sometimes the putzing kind of day is the best kind. :D I know you are anxious to get things moved into the motor home. Our grocery store is showing "back to school" small appliances. I need one like I need another cat, but there is a 1 qt., bright red, crock pot calling my name. It has the low, medium, high, control which I could use for dips, etc. :yes:

"Gma," before we left for Maui, I paid a couple of credit card bills by calling the customer service #, and having them debit our checking account. I hate trying to second guess the USPS these days. I can never find a mail box when I most need one. :( Glad you like your new hairdo. :) Bob's sister posted a note on their front door when their baby was sleeping. Jason never slept longer that a few minutes at a time so I never worried about noise. He slept wherever he finally would give up and catnap. I never thought about the airport noise but we lived near the airport in Ohio. Planes were still pretty high because of the high rise apartment buildings near us.

I need to get busy and accomplish something before the morning slips away. May you all enjoy a nice day, and do something nice for yourselves! :wave:

07-26-2014, 10:10 AM
Good Morning! It's a cloudy, humid morning in my neighborhood today. The sun is peaking through the clouds and there is no hint of any air moving through the trees. We are heading to the cabin for the day. Jason and family will be there too. Beth's family has a birthday celebration in Will's family so can't come. Tomorrow is church and Bob says he is going to mow.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are, and you enjoy a nice day! :wave:

07-26-2014, 10:38 AM
Good morning to you all. Looks like a sunny day outside. I am under the weather today as the female stuff is acting up pretty much. Not a lot I can do either as most of the time medication doesn't help with pain much. I just have to deal with it.

Nothing going on here today. I canceled my Apple apt as I didn't feel well enough to go today. I am just going to stay home and stay indoors pretty much.

My dil's sister is expecting her first baby and it is kind of exciting as they have been trying for a long time, so long in fact they were looking into adoption. She is having a boy so I found a cute blanket to make that has sail boats on it and then I am making a hat and pair of baby socks to go with it. I bought a baby blue yarn and a bright white yarn. I am going to do the blanket border in white and the blanket in blue and the hat and socks are blue and white striped. Hopefully I can get the yarn next week and get started on it as my dil just told me yesterday and her baby is due in November.

Jean: Have fun at the cabin today. Hope the weather is nice and warm and dry for you all.

You all have a nice weekend. Faye

07-27-2014, 09:36 AM
Good morning gals. I still feel crummy but I need to get out and walk so we are going to go to the mall later. I just hope it doesn't mess with my glucose too much. I am going to eat some peanut butter crackers on the way over there to help with that.

I gave up trying to do anything yesterday and probably won't get anything done today except dinner tonight. I feel really rough and it is a lot harder on a 60 year old than someone 30 or 40. I guess that's why God made it so we couldn't have babies. I have to tell you it is no fun at my age to deal with this when it gets bad. Nothing much I can do except weather the storm. At least my husband is supportive.

It looks like it is overcast here today so I wonder if they are expecting rain again.

You all have a nice Sunday. Faye

07-27-2014, 06:02 PM
Good Afternoon! It's a windy cool afternoon here. The sun can't decide whether to hide or stay out. Went to church this morning and all the lights were on, so guess we will be going back. At least will be there in September when we go back to two services. Have laundry going and the paper read. Talk about a lazy day!

"Gma," I hope you feel better soon! :hug: It will be fun to knit the baby things for a change of pace. I hope you will post the pictures when you finish. It was a beautiful day at the lake yesterday. It was cloudy when we got there, and rained for about a half hour. The sun came out and there was just enough breeze to keep the cabin cool. Amanda's mom came with Amanda's two year old nephew so it was nice to see them. There are ducks that come begging because the summer renters down the line feed them. The kids get a kick out of them as they are pretty tame and come close thinking they will be fed.

The dryer is buzzing so time for the next load. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

07-28-2014, 08:25 AM
Good morning to you all. Gosh it is warm already this morning. I turned the ac off around 2 am or so and it is ok right now, but it won't be long and I will have to crank it back on again.

I am feeling some better but still achy in a lot of places. It is what it does. I think the reason I cramp so badly is that hormones are telling my uterus to expel something that is no longer there as the spotting and stuff has stopped again pretty much. I just go on about my business as best I can what more can I do? I am not going back on any hormones ever again!

I have decided to wait to do the biopsy when I get back from vacation. It isn't something that has be to done at any certain time and there is no emergency about it or even indications of problems just a "let's be sure" kind of thing so I am going to wait until I get back. I will cancel the appointment this morning then.

This morning is weigh day and I was down 1.5 lbs so that is ok with me. Considering how hard it is every time the female stuff starts up I am ok with that for sure. Jack is now down 31 lbs. The man is amazing. Of course he keeps from cheating by taking no cash money to work so he can't buy stuff from vending, only has a bowl of cereal every morning for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch then dinner and a snack in the evening. This is the guy who quit smoking cold turkey too 22 years ago and never looked back. :lol:

I made this low carb pancake recipe this morning. I was really skeptical about it, but it is very good. It does come out more like a crepe though as the batter is really thin, but they taste great. Susan, here is the recipe in case you want to try it.

¯`*•.¸¸✿ Low Carb Cream Cheese Pancakes ✿´¯`*•.¸¸✿
2 oz Cream Cheese
2 eggs
1 packet Stevia or any sweetener
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Put all ingredients in blender. Blend till smooth. Let sit for the bubbles to calm. Heat and Grease pan. This recipe will make 4 pancakes. Pour 1/4 of the mixture in pan. Cook for 2 minutes until golden, flip and cook for 1 more minute. Serve with sugar free syrup and fresh berries.
Serving Size 4 pancakes
2.5 carbs per serving

Jean: I can't wait to get the baby yarn and make baby stuff. I love making baby stuff, but don't have anyone anymore. I imagine Thomas would object to me making him man sized booties! ;) Glad it was a nice cool day at the cabin. I wouldn't mind the heat so much but the humidity here is so high all the time you walk outside and you are automatically sweating and when the heat is high it is hard to breathe even.

Everyone have a great week this week. I hope to get two hats, a shrug type sweater, my medications and yarn this week so guess I will have to leave the gate unlocked all week. :o Faye

07-28-2014, 02:23 PM
Good Morning! It's a cool sunny day in my neighborhood. The church secretary "forgot" to set her alarm so missed out on counting this morning. There wasn't a whole lot but one couple gave $7500! We have a campaign going on to adopt a day and contribute $75 to help pay the utilities. We've had a fairly good response. There wasn't much cash from the gift shop but mostly credit card and payroll deduction sales this week. Took that to the bank and stopped back with a check to pay an invoice. The road guys are grinding up half of the street going into town so it's one lane traffic for awhile.

"Gma," we are supposed have a cool week in the 70s, almost feels like fall. :( :congrat: on another loss this week! I wish I had Jack's determination in losing weight. He sure doesn't eat much to keep him going during the day at work. The pancake recipe looks interesting. Do you have a bullet or use a blender? I have a friend who makes a protein breakfast drink in a bullet every morning. I'm not sure I'd enjoy "cold" every morning.

Bob will be home for lunch soon so guess I'd better get a move on. Hope you all enjoy a marvelous Monday! :wave:

07-28-2014, 06:39 PM

We just got back from being out and about to pick up some needful things and seeing the buffalo. The owner now has opened the connecting gate between the pastures since the calves are big enough now so he won’t harm them. What was interesting the big bull was in the pasture that the females were and the females where in the pasture where the bull was before. They just switched sides. Guess the grass is greener on the other side. :lol:

Not much out of the ordinary happening around here to speak of. It is cooler :cp: today without so much humidity that is noteworthy since I wilt in high humidity and am not a fan of 100+˚ weather. :no:

They are making some neat collapsible kitchen items that will work out great for the MH. Will picked up one today which is a plastic colander and can replace my heaver metal one and be kept in a drawer. I have a set of collapsible measuring cups that are kept in my flour, etc. containers which work great. We are always on the lookout for neat lighter things which will replace the heavier ones for the MH. I don’t have to get rid of my favorite appliances like my rotisserie which can be stored in the room we can use in Texas like we will be taking a freezer and washer and dryer along. When the time comes to move our friend in Texas will come and take them in a trailer along with the oak dining table and chairs we are giving to them. It will be nice that way to have a “home base” and not have to get rid of everything.

JEAN I certainly am with you for I wouldn't enjoy a cold thing like that for breakfast. Those bullet things are sure good for making one serving. I also have another container so if two folks want different kinds of smoothies you don't have to empty the first one for they are made to drink out of them. I like to make an afternoon WW smoothie snack in them on occasion.

DONNA FAYE I am glad for you that you had a loss this week and a :congrat: to you. It is also nice that you are feeling better. I am so thankful that I never suffered from cramps but had some friends that sure did. Thanks for posting that recipe ~ it sounds like one we would like for sure. I put your recipe into my program and it calibrated it to be: 6 Points per serving: Calories 228, Carbs 2.1, Fat 19.1, Fiber 0; Prot. 10.3. That is calibrated without the syrup or fresh berries.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

07-28-2014, 08:25 PM
Good evening, ladies! 85 degrees right now, in the 90s earlier today. No storms for a change.

I've had something to do every day for the last 2 weeks and sometimes 2 things and that's in addition to going to the Y. My boss called me to see if I'd come in and do a special project for him and of course I couldn't say no so some of those days were for that.

I had my check up at the doc and she called today and said my labs were great except for Vitamin D so I'm going to be taking 50,000 units twice a week for the next 6 months to try to get it up.

It has been so hot and humid I'm not getting to enjoy the outdoors at all. I don't know how people could stand it before AC, especially those who worked in the fields all day.

Faye, you're doing great with your weight loss, too. Thanks for the recipe. I'll give it a try this week. Have you read the new Stephanie Plum book?

Jean, I have a protein shake every morning. In the winter I make it with hot almond milk. The one I use has 30 grams of protein and that keeps me feeling full all morning and I usually don't have lunch until around 1:30.

Maggie, prayers going out for Will to have a successful surgery and quick recovery. I think having a MH must be like having a big doll house. What fun to find things for it.

Have a wonderful evening.

07-29-2014, 12:37 AM
Faye, I have read your posts about your extreme cramping and flooding and I wonder, have you ever had a sonogram to determine if you might have adenomyosis? It is just a thought. I have this and they say, and I believe, that the cramps can be as bad as labor pains. I am 53 years old and am now on birth control pills and this does help with both the cramps and the flooding. Without the pills, I flooded so much that I couldn't go anywhere during my TOM.

07-29-2014, 08:31 AM
Good morning to you all. It was 69 degrees at 4:30 this AM but I saw it is going to get mid 80's today which is a lot better than mid 90's which it had been. You never know these days. I saw a friend of mine posted on FB last night it was 59 degrees up there at 9 PM so colder up north for now.

Jack brought home some zip ties so we can put our luggage tags on when we can print them out. We bought plastic sleeves for them this year so we can just fold them and slide them in and not have to laminate them like in past years. I think people are nuts to just put the paper ones on as they print them from their computers and it isn't like the heavy duty stuff you get with airline tags. Even if you wait and get them at the terminal they are computer paper so rip pretty easily. One more thing accomplished before the trip. I have started my "lists." I have one with to dos, one hygiene, meds and stuff to take, one with stuff like electronics, knitting, etc to take and one things to buy yet. I haven't even started my clothing one yet. I want to wait until I have the little sweater and hats then I will start. We plan on packing over the holiday weekend and then lugging it all downstairs. We always pack early so we can just load stuff up the night before and be on our way the next morning. We are leaving later this year as Jack wants to run by chick fila to get a breakfast biscuit. I will probably get their whole grain bagel as they are really good. The hotel has gym equipment in Chattanooga, but I think I will get a nice walk in just in the area the hotel is at as it is a type of side street that they are building up so there is little traffic as there is no place to go past the hotel yet or at least there wasn't last year so we shall see I guess. I know I have to get walking in so I don't gain weight as I have no control over what they serve other tha to make decent choices as best as I can.

I am feeling much better today so I hope to finally tackle downstairs at least part of it. I need to work on Thomas's socks too and get one done so Jack can try it on to see if I need to make the ankle part smaller than the foot circumference. Can't wait to get the baby yarn though. :lol:

Jean: I have a full sized Ninja blender that is their most powerful one. I have to tell you it works like nobodies business. I haven't ever put ice in it, but Jack did when we bought it and man it pulverizes for sure so smoothies and such would be great I would think. I tend not to drink my meals just because with this hormonal stuff I get so hungry. I have a friend that uses slimfast powder and ice and water every morning. Ick! I find all that kind of stuff tastes so metallic to me. You are so very diligent in your volunteerism. The other gal that overslept gets paid to do it, doesn't she? would think utilities and repairs would be the big expense for a church nowadays.

Susan: Do you think I might like almond milk? I hate the taste of cow's milk and always have. I am not much of a cereal eater, but I thought maybe I would eat more whole grained cereal if I liked almond milk.

Maggie: I know Will is gearing up for his surgery soon so prayers go out to him and you too. I just bought these clear plastic canisters I am going to put stuff in once we get rolling on the house stuff. I have I love Lucy canisters now, which are cute, but they are metal, hard to keep the plastic top clean and can get rusty if I don't keep them dry around the bottom.

Well girls I need to go. You all have a good Tuesday. Faye

07-29-2014, 04:16 PM
Good Afternoon! It's another beautiful day in my neighborhood, partly sunny and a cool 70 degrees. I braved the grocery store this morning for ingredients to make a snack mix for the auxiliary bake sale. One is called Mexican Mix so am wondering if I should rename it in remembrance of the Mexicans who work in the hospital. :dunno: It has taco seasoning so maybe Taco Mix. That is my sole "have to" project this afternoon.

Maggie, that is funny about the buffalo switching places. :lol: It's nice that Will is on the lookout for items to outfit the motor home.

Susan, how nice of you to help your boss! He just doesn't want you to forget him. ;) What is the difference if something is measured in units rather than mg, etc.? I just looked at my Vitamin D - 3, and it says 1000 IU. Also, do you use whey protein? Not sure what that is but saw it in a recipe.

"Gma," I'm so glad you are feeling better! :cp: I'd rather chew than drink, but have seen articles pushing the protein drinks. I rarely use my blender simply because I don't like cleaning it. Bob likes almond milk on his cereal. The church secretary is way over paid!!!!! Her "summer hours" are 7:30-3:30, and school month hours are 7:30-4:30. She is on the school schedule for late start, early dismissal, or no school because of weather. She has the pastor buffaloed because she is a computer whiz but does NOTHING above and beyond. She gets volunteers to do things while she sits at her desk and answers the phone and greets people who might walk in the door. She is "sick" quite often and either comes in late, leaves early, or doesn't come in at all. All for $30,000 a year!

I need to sort through my cookbooks and decide which ones I'm going to part with. Maybe after I make the snack mix. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

07-29-2014, 07:27 PM
Good evening, ladies! A wonderful day in the low 80s with no humidity.

All I did was go to workout at the Y this morning and then I read the afternoon away.

Faye, Most people like Almond Milk. I also like the Almond and Coconut blend. I get the unsweetened so it is very low calorie.

Jean, I'll move to Iowa and thake that secretary job! I'd love to get paid to sit and greet and talk on the phone. I use whey protein or a combination of whey and casein. Drinking 30 grams of protein fills you up until lunch!

Hi, Maggie!

07-30-2014, 08:15 AM
Good morning all. I have a sick stomach this morning. Weird. It happens sometimes with me and it goes away all by itself with no vomiting or anything, just a queasy feeling for awhile. I am nothing if not original. :LOL:

Boy, I am seriously a slacker this week. I still haven't started on cleaning again. We have had such humidity that my arthritis in my knees have been acting up for a couple weeks now. It is not serious, but it makes me a bit lazy on days when they are really stiff like yesterday. I have to get on the ball today though and get something done. Jack just left for work and I started a load of laundry and am going to get up from here and start on some of the cleaning and get the stuff done early. We are going to be cooler for the next few days and tomorrow I am going to get my nails done and such so need to get stuff done today.

Jean: Wow that's a pretty good paycheck for sitting on your heiny and answering the phone. She obviously has your pastor bamboozled. What does your snack mix have in it? I saw a recipe yesterday for John Wayne casserole. :lol: Don't have any idea why it had anything to do with John Wayne, but it certainly looked a lot like seven layer dip except they put mayo in it, ugh! They mixed the grated cheese, sour cream and something else with mayo. That part just didn't sound appetizing when you baked it up. I am not anti mayo but it just sounded icky. I should get rid of cookbooks too. I have some I haven't opened in years. I tend to get a lot of recipes online these days.

Susan: Thanks for the info, I may just try it. I would like the almond coconut as long as it wasn't coconut flakes in it, which I doubt is the case with it being milk.

You all have a nice Wednesday. Trash day today so anybody's guess as to whether it will get picked up today or not. :^: Faye

07-30-2014, 04:00 PM
Good Afternoon! It's another beautiful cool, sunny day in my corner of the world. I spent the morning with my monthly coffee date friend. I didn't tell her but I almost forgot! Over the weekend, Monday, and yesterday I kept thinking I was supposed to be someplace or remember to do something. I kept checking my calendar and nothing stood out. I finally checked my purse calendar and there was my coffee date! I'd forgotten to write it on the kitchen calendar; I was thankful I found it in time! I made one snack mix yesterday and will make another one when I finish here. I need to do some laundry too.

Susan, I admire you for going to the Y in such hot weather. :yes: I guess since I am in and out of the church office, Bob is lay leader (go to guy) for the church, and we both are on different boards, I know too much about what does and doesn't go on with the secretary. Other members will ask me why she is gone so much so it isn't just me.

"Gma," I sure hope you are feeling better. :crossed: I hate that "icky" feeling when things just don't feel right. I will send you the recipes. Our weather has been so nice, it's kind of weird. Usually it's hot and humid in July.

I need to get busy. Bob was late coming home for lunch and just left to go back to the office. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

07-31-2014, 01:26 AM

We didn’t do much out of the ordinary today but sure had fun. It is so much better now that the baby buffalo girls are old enough to have their daddy the big Male Buffalo in the same area with them now. :cp: We are getting things rounded up that I will need while Will is in the hospital so I won’t have to go shopping.

DONNA FAYE I made those pancakes you posted and I call them more like crepes so I renamed the recipe and call them Cream Cheese Crepes. They were tasty with fresh strawberries rolled up inside of them. I can imagine using outer fruit in the future for they are a definite do again for Will likes them also.

JEAN That is great that you found you had that date by looking in your purse calendar. :cp: You would have felt molded if you had missed it. I mostly just use my small purse calendar for things for I add items as I get them and refer to it.

SUSAN Today the buffalo were all togegther in one end or the other end of their pastures. There is shelter in both sides along with a source of water. That almond milk is great for smoothies. :cp:

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

07-31-2014, 09:35 AM
Good morning to you all. Today is do errands and get my nails and toes done day. It is nice and cool here but totally cloudy and we are supposed to get rain so I am going to have to hunt up an umbrella. A purse, cane and umbrella is going to be interesting to deal with to say the least.

My knee is giving me absolute fits today. It is sore behind the knee, which makes it hard to sit in chairs, but not much I can do. I put icy hot on it and that didn't help and then the heating pad on low last night, which felt better as long as the heating pad stayed on it. I can't carry the heating pad around though. :lol: Part of it is losing weight though. The muscles do this in my thighs and tushy cheeks when I lose weight so I imagine that is what it is here too as it feels the same way. It is not the front of the knee but the very upper calf and very lower thigh right at the knee.

I changed our reservation in Fort Lauderdale to advance pay then called them because they didn't ask for a new credit card. Their national website is irritating as the devil as it is all automated. I finally gave the voice some nonsensical stuff so he would transfer me so I could make sure they were going to charge me. We have never stayed at a Hyatt House which is like Residence Inn by Marriot. We have a two room suite and we got it for $117, which isn't bad at all and that includes breakfast. We decided to go with it instead of a higher priced hotel that including parking because we added it up and it is cheaper this way. We prepaid to park and the shuttle takes us right to the terminal and back for $53 for the whole week of parking and it is in a secured lot that way too.

I got my hats yesterday and my sweater and both of them are going to work out great. I bought a white hat and one called mist, which I thought was either a very light green or blue, but it is actually a really pale lavender and very pretty. They will be easy to pack and you can adjust the inner band if you want it more snug. It provides a shade to the face and neck too and is cooler than the straw hats I have. My shrug is perfect as I bought it to go with a brown sleeveless turtleneck tank that has gold sparkle in it and a broomstick skirt in brown and tan patterns with little jewels in the skirt. The shrug is oatmeal colored and has gold metallic thread in it so it is perfect. I have brown sandals I can wear with it to dinner.

Maggie: I totally agree they are much better called a crepe and I found them very tasty. I just ate them with syrup, but I think next time I will put fresh fruit in them instead of on them and mix a bit of cream cheese with a syrup and roll them all together. Glad you liked them.

Jean: I always keep all my appts on little post its on my computer. I take them off and throw them away when they come. I also put future stuff up there like I have one that says to make an apt with my regular doctor in January. I should use the calendar in my Ipad, but I don't mess with it much. Thanks for the recipes they look great. I will make some for Jack to take on the trip. I may be able to adjust them somewhat for me, but I have to be careful snacking on carbs.

Everyone have a great day. I need to do my blood glucose and eat breakfast. Faye

07-31-2014, 03:25 PM
Good Afternoon! Another beautiful sunny, cool, NO wind day in my corner of the world. I went to get my fingers and toes done this morning; the shop was busy so it took a little longer than usual. Then I braved the grocery store. Made another batch of Mexican Munchies for the bake sale this afternoon. Bob liked it but I think it is too salty maybe. For some reason I kept thinking the bake sale was tomorrow even though I knew the supper part is tonight. Each Thursday a different organization prepares food to coordinate with the Farmer's Market. I think they are grilling chicken tonight.

Our brain tumor friend ended up in the hospital and has been transferred to a rehab facility where he will get daily therapy. An MRI showed the cancer cells in the tumor are dying but he is so weak that he can't help with shifting his weight from one place to another. The therapist and cancer doctor - surgeon say they have to retrain his brain to do/move his body to do what he wants it to do. I hope it works!

Maggie, tell me again when Will's surgery is scheduled. I tried to find it in a previous post but could not. :no: Do you have to drive far to visit the buffalo? We have noticed some late calves lately as we drive through the country. They are fun to watch chasing around in the fields.

"Gma," we could use a nice gentle rain if you care to share. ;) The grocery store was super cold this morning. I know the check out gal and overheard the lady in front of me say it was too cold in her opinion. All of the clerks and baggers had on sweaters or jackets. When it was my turn, she said they had been working on the air conditioners all week. Glad you like your hats and shrug. I put post it notes on my cupboard but usually it's something I want to remember that day or the next, or to tell Bob.

I need to bag my last batch of snacks and get them ready to take to the park. Hope you all enjoy a nice day. :wave:

07-31-2014, 03:31 PM

It is a lovely hot day here in the ♥-Land. I just got back from having lunch with the museum crowd and we had a lovely time yacking it up. The director has become a great friend of ours and we are so glad he has a good sense of humor as do most of the folks that work there. Will will get home around 3 and then we will go out shopping so I will have all I need when he is in the hospital.

I ran across a great deal on 100% cotton multicolor cloths ~ 13 ½ long and 13 ½ wide ~ which come in a set of 10 and if I order them soon they will send me 10 more. These will be great in the MH for various jobs around the place besides the kitchen for they have a strong scrubbing texture. :cp: Will is always needing a rag for use with something or other and these cotton ones will be the ticket for him also. I am always on the look-out for things that will be of helpful service in the MH.

DONNA FAYE Isn't it wonderful that your latest order came and you don't have to return the items. Your sweater sounds yummy for sure ~ wear it with a smile on your face.

JEAN It is a beautiful day here also and still ~ no wind for a change. Will's surgery is scheduled for early on the 5th of August. The surgeon wants this to he his first of the day. He had to quit taking his vitamins and arthritis meds today so his system will be cleaned out by then. Then on the 4th he has to drink lots of gator aide along with some other bad tasting stuff to get his system more cleaned out so as to get the operation prep done at home. I will be getting up early with him on the 5th so I can drive the Jeep home so I will have some transportation. I have had many people offer to drive me anywhere but as long as I can use the Jeep I will be fine. Nice of them to offer for sure.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

08-01-2014, 08:39 AM
Good morning to you all. I have a sick hubby on my hands this morning. Mainly stubborn because I can't get him to take any immodium, which would probably clear it up. Men! He must feel bad enough now, because he just ask me where it was. He took a vacation day so if he is better in a few hours I think we will go commissary shopping today instead of Sunday.

Got my nails and toes done yesterday and spent $75 at WM mostly on fruit for heaven's sake. I also buy ham steaks there because the commissary hasn't been carrying them and mash potatoes because they are hit and miss at the commissary.

I got my yarn for the baby stuff yesterday but discovered I don't have a short circ needle in the size I need to make the hat so I had to order one. I bought one of every size they have in the shorter cables so where the heck is the thing? I also found navy capris so bought a pair because I have been looking for them and haven't been able to find any.

Maggie: As one person who has had two colon surgeries, 2 lower GI testing and Jack had a colonoscopy and did the same thing, I suggest he get Miralax and mix it with gator aid instead. It does the same thing and it doesn't make you gag. They want the colon clean to go in there and cut and if the stuff tastes so bad you barf it back up it does no good. This is what was suggested to me by my sil, who has been a nurse for 35 years and when Jack had his colonoscopy, the doctor told him to use it. It is tasteless and mixes well in the gator aid. Just be sure he is close to a restroom the whole time as once it starts it takes about 6-8 hours to completely be clean. Wishing him well!

Jean: Oh, I hope that is positive news for your friend and eventually he will regain strength. You can have our rain. It didn't rain yesterday, but it was dark and cloudy all day and is supposed to rain today.

Everyone have a grand weekend. Faye

08-01-2014, 04:00 PM
Good Afternoon! It's another beautiful day in my corner of the world. I started going through a few things in the basement and hauled them out to the garage. Actually I went down to vacuum kitty litter, and decided a few things could/should go. We don't spend any time down there so the less stuff, the better! I need to go visit my cat chore cat and do a few dishes that didn't fit in the dishwasher which is doing it's job as I type. Plan to do some more sorting when I get back. Not much going on here today.

Maggie, I know both you and Will will be glad when his surgery is behind him. It's nice of your friends to offer their help should you need anything. :yes:

"Gma," I hope Jack is feeling better! Does WM mark their fresh produce as to where it comes from? Both of our grocery stores do, but since I don't shop for groceries at WM, I've never checked there. You will find the missing knitting needle when you are looking for something else. ;)

I need to go visit the cat! Hope you all enjoy your day! :wave:

08-01-2014, 07:08 PM

It is a lovely warm day here in the ♥-Land once again this day. There are many happy birds twittering on the wires over the back yard. Their feeders in the form of little wooden houses are full of seeds and other items that are good for them. We feed them and Cecil watches them ever so closely and nails one on occasion. I don’t mind that but what I do mind is when he wants to share his catch and brings it inside and lets them go. Some aren’t even hurt a bit so we free them out back. Some don’t fare so well though. Cecil is so quick to catch one. He lays and waits patiently then pounces. He is a good hunter.

I have quite a number of freezer meals now so I can fix what I want when Will is in the hospital. I’ll be spending most of my day in his hospital room so I won’t have to “cook” for myself and just zap a box. He has spread the word that he doesn’t want any visitors on the 5th which is the day of his operation. He will give me a call on that day and let me know if he wants me to come there. We have our doubts for we think he will just feel like sleeping. It is a good thing they can do this operation through a few small slits and not have to open him up completely but they will knock him out for the process.

We are still planning to leave in the spring so hope all goes well with our plans. Our home base will be there in Texas on our friends ranch where it gets hot and humid. We will probably go to spend some time in a small town near Loss Vegas NV where we have stayed before years back. It will be a good place to sell some of the “high falutin” dolls that I will be making. :lol:

JEAN I imagine you will feel so much better getting things out of the basement if you don't use it much. How nice of you to do cat chores for a friend. I need to tackle some things in my kitchen that can't be washed in the dish washer.

DONNA FAYE Miralax is what Will did buy for he knew about it and got the unflavored kind ~ but thanks anyway for the heads up for that is something a person should be aware of.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up