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07-26-2003, 07:22 PM
God Bless America!

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
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We recently started a Topic of the Day.

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Welcome! :wave:

07-26-2003, 07:26 PM
:drill: Okay posting police, I'm making a post. Even though I don't really have anything to say. :shrug: I just saw that it was time for a new thread and jumped in there.

Sure wish I had some great revelation to share, but I don't. Hmmm.... All I can say is I hope to see some of you in chat tonight and I hope all of you are having a great day.

Lori-The Brian story is just too much.

Terri-A manicure-what fun!!!

07-26-2003, 11:56 PM
Hi, I'm back...Did you miss me??

Don't all answer at once...

We had a great week, but now it's back to business...I'm off to work in a few minutes...

Welcome to the new kids on the block!

I'm unofficially up three lbs, but I just weighed myself now...I really need to check a morning/haven't eaten for 8 hrs/buck naked/no jewelry/makeup/hairspray/glasses weight...

Just to be official!

See you all tomorrow!

07-27-2003, 12:45 AM
Hi all! :wave: Just checking in after chat. We had a nice size group show up tonight. That was great!

Did my 'showgirl' stuff all by my lonesome today. #1 son and honey had a nice time at the air show. It was overcast all day and threatening rain, but we didn't get more than a few drops. :rain:

Went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday's. I love their Killer Fish Sandwich. It has a cajun seasoning on it and it's wonderful. :T

My mom called this morning and said that her brother, my uncle passed away this morning. This is the uncle that I always take my mom to see when we take or pick up the 'baby' from college. This is her last living sibling so it will be hard on her. My father was the last to go of his siblings too. Guess they have the gift of longevity.

Anyway, the visitation is on Monday and the funeral is on Tuesday morning. Since it's in Frankenmuth (about an hour and a half from here) I think we'll take a motel on Monday night. Sooo, if I'm AWOL, you'll know where I am.

Deb: Your situation sounds like my son's. He was laid off and the government paid for his last two years of college, books and all. AND gave him un-employment. That was a pretty decent deal. :D

Andria: Your small town sounds like so much fun! :) Fingers crossed :crossed: for the new job, whichever one you want.

2Big: Where abouts in England are your family? My husband (not my husband at the time) and I were in the lake district for 3 weeks some years ago on a high school choir tour. It was so beautiful up there. We made the rounds to a bunch of churches and cathedrals and sang. It was a wonderful trip.

Amanda: If hubby can walk to work from your new place, that means you get the vehicle back! YIPEE!!!

JoeAnne: Sounds like you've got a nice little enterprise going there. You know, we all expect a burrito in our mailbox next week! :lol:

Mary: Good to see you in chat.

Tina: Unbelievable about your kitty! That's terrible! :eek: Max runs up the stairs behind me in the middle of the night and nips at the back of my legs, but never to the tune of bite marks and blood. OMG. I don't know what I'd think. [[[hugs]]] Almost sounds like she's gone very territorial on you since she's had the kittens.

Barb: You will love your new manicure set. I have something similar and I've been using it for over a year. My natural nails are so long and strong it's unbelievable. * I bet your hair is really cute.

Lori: You are just having a terrible time! First TOM, then a tendon, and now an enthusiastic neighbor...geez you just can't win!!! * I'm probably going to stick my foot in my mouth :foot: again here, but this little temper tantrum of Brian's sounds like he needs a mommy more than he needs a lover. I'm with Terri, ship his A$$ back to California!

Kat: Good to have you back, kiddo! :D Hope to get a few more details of your trip the next time you stop by. :o Hope it was wonderful. And YES :yes: you do need to do a "morning/haven't eaten for 8 hrs/buck naked/no jewelry/makeup/hairspray/glasses weight...Just to be official!" Your evening with clothes on is always going to be waaaaaay more!

Well girls, I think I'm going to say goodnight! :yawn: It's been a long day.

"Optimism: A cheerful frame of mind that enables a tea kettle to sing though in hot water up to its nose."

07-27-2003, 01:21 AM
Hey everyone :)

That was a seriously long drive for one day, but we had such a great time! Dad and I talked and talked and talked on the drive. My grandfather slept almost the entire visit, so we were able to spend four hours with my grandmother as well. She really seemed to enjoy the company and the catching up on the entire family. They are moving some time in September, for the first time in 51 years. She isn't thrilled about moving, but this is going to be a lot more convenient. Grandma was sick for three days this last week and my grandfather took off for "home". He was trying to get into the house he lived in as a child. It is amazing to me how he can remember how to get there and can't always remember the names of his closest family members. :( I know that is how Alzheimer's works, but it is still so hard to comprehend. Anyway, family will be only two doors away in the new house, and if she is sick or something, they can hopefully come to the rescue. Also, it should make grocery shopping and everything else a lot better. Right now she has to make a list and hope they come back with something close to what she wanted.

Staying OP on the trip wasn't as bad as I thought. I'm a little shy on my water intake and totally lacking in exercise for the day, but overall, I'd say it was a good day. :) Now, if somebody could try to convince the craving monster inside me that I don't need a cookie or bit of chocolate to go to bed, I'd sure appreciate it! This is my absolutely toughest time of day to get through, even after two weeks. I'm going to solve the problem tonight by going to bed and ignoring the saboteur inside my head.


07-27-2003, 03:51 AM
I can't believe how many people post to this thread! It must be hard to keep up with everyone's info.:dizzy: I guess you get to know people over time.

:write:Can someone who keeps a journal tell me a little bit about it? How do you like it? Can others read it? Is it helpful for you? I have never been much of a writer, but I think it might be helpful for me to use one. I have a lot of issues to work on with regard to my weight and things that happened to me in my childhood (it has only taken me ten years of therapy to finally uncover and discover some of the basis of my problem). People have told me I have a lot of anger to work through, even though I don't feel angry :chin:, I thought a journal might help.

Anyways, I did get to curves today, actually I went regularly all month and I am very proud of that because I haven't been getting there consistently over the last little bit. I weighed myself (just to see - I have been retaining water and bloated because of TOM - don't you hate that?) and I lost a pound and a half :cp:. Not bad since I have mentioned that I am having a hard time staying on plan. I get measured and weighed officially next week so I will have to report in when I get my results

I also went and had my hair cut - wow I feel bald. I normally wear my hair shoulder length and I had it cut up to my chin, all one length - too short!!:rolleyes: But it is only hair and it will grow.

Other than that it has been pretty quiet for me except chasing around my 16 mos old :bb:. He is a ball of fire and he has the temper to match (unfortunately he gets that from me), but I love:love: him to death!!! I'm sure all you Mommy's out there know how I feel - there really is nothing like a child to make you smile.:)


All I can say is WOW ! Let me also put my foot in my mouth :foot: by saying I would be the third vote to ship Brian back to California. Let his Mommy deal with his temper tantrums.


I have 3 cats and I have to say that if one of them did that to me - I would be tempted to toss them off the balcony (and you have never met a bigger animal lover than me). Maybe it is time for a trip to the vet to get a professional opinion on her behaviour. Make sure you clean out that cat scratch well as they can get badly infected very quickly.


Night time is a bad time for me too :cbg:. I haven't yet figured out how to conquer it. If you (or anyone else) has any suggestions, let me know.

Well ladies, my little guy just woke up so I will have to go tend to him - sorry I don't have time to respond to anyone else. I look forward to posting again tomorrow.

Laura aka lola

07-27-2003, 07:57 AM
Good Sunday Morning Girls,

I was having major withdrawals yesterday and evening before being away from all of you, my phone was dead from mid afternoon Friday till abt 11a yesterday morning! Sooo no phone line no:comp: talk about separation anxiety:bb:

Couldnt begin to reply to all of your posts, so I will start fresh today and get back on track..all of you have been busy, isnt being active and feeling fit better than being sedated and bloated and in a stupor from all of that compulsive overeating??? I will take this anyday!:D :lol: :)

Check in with you all later. Don't have to go into work till 2p today!! :p most Sundays I go early, almost a whole day at home!!!.well it is when you get up this early!:dizzy:

sw 356/June 5th/348.8 June 24th
cw 336.5 July 24th - down 19.5 lbs! - I am SURE my tennis shoes and clothing weighed 1/2 lb!!:D soooo, I will whisper a 20 lb loss:D :D :sssh: :D
next goal: lose 10 more lbs by August 31st
next goal:lose 50 lbs
final goal: 130

later chicklets:wave: stay :strong:

Terri in MO
07-27-2003, 10:19 AM
Good morning ladies!

Just want to say hi before we head off to church. I enjoyed chat last night - asked DH to rearrange his eating times to feed me beofre 7:30 from now on! :lol:

Two things on my agenda today. Make that three. One is to order a new Video Cycle tape. Two is to do 45 mins on the spinner today and three is a NAP! Its going to be 103 today so staying inside as much as possible.

Lola - I use the journal and love it. I've switched over to the new journals. You can mark them as private so no one else can read. I'd like it better if they had the link to the new journal here like they do the old journals. But oh well. Can't complain if its free.

Everyone else, have a great Lord's day! Stay cool and stay away from the food!

07-27-2003, 11:38 AM
I enjoyed seeing so many in chat last night. What fun!!! I'm sorry I left when I did, but I was kind of groggy and had to spend time with the hubby. :rolleyes: Anyway, I have to get going to make breakfast, so let me do some replies real quick.

Terri-Hello, sounds like good solid goals for the day!!!

Laura/Lola-Just a thought, if you don't want to do a 3Fatchicks journal then you might consider checking out www.Fitday.com They have journals and a lot more and best of all they are free!!!

Andria-Sounds like you had a good day. You have been spending a lot of quality time with your dad. That is cool!!!

Thin-I already told you I'm sorry about your uncle, so I'll just say have a safe trip.

Kat-Welcome back!!! Yes, we missed you. You should know that. :)

07-27-2003, 12:01 PM
Tina I don't know - I think it might be a "cat" thing because I have heard of this happening to people I know. How old is the cat that attacked? My Sweet & Lovable Dusty will attack anyone in this house if I am not here. I do have him declawed so he can't do any damage - they always get away before he gets his teeth into them.:lol:

I had a cousin stay with me a couple days and Dusty sat on his lap or by him most of the time - very cute but , we were going to a funeral and I left early to go and get my Dad. My cousin said that as soon as he heard the door click shut, Dusty turned on him.:devil: He said he started hissing and swinging his paws at him whenever he moved.:yikes: It had to be a territorial thing since he was fine while I was here.

Dusty is also that way when my sister, BIL, and nephew were here at Christmas. He was fine while I was home but when I went to work he started the same thing - hissing and swinging. My sister even called me at work to talk to Dusty on the phone !!!:lol: She wanted her purse but Dusty was sitting by it and when she would try to get it he would get :mad: As soon as I got home he just sat around like everything was "cool".

Since Dusty is a cat and thinks this house is his, I suppose I should consider myself lucky he doesn't treat me that way. :lucky:

Well I have a mini goal, and will need all your :goodvibes.

I want to see how much weight I can lose by Sep 11th. (no, nothing to do with that. I am meeting some friends to shop and goof off) I thought maybe a mini goal would help me.

Well, off to sit on my heating pad/vibrator :s: . I somehow hurt my back and need to give it some attention.

07-27-2003, 12:14 PM
Hey gals! :sunny: I still feel pretty crappy....but I'm going to force myself to be cheerful. :ziplip: I would like to give you an update on the cat attack however. What I thought was a scratch, was actually a bite. :( Dh was looking at it yesterday because it hurt so much and what we've concluded was..... at the back of my right leg (calf muscle) there are four puncture wounds. (where she dug in with one of her paws) Around the bottom of my ankle, there are 3 pretty big gashes. (that's where her other paw was) The deep gash has two points, one about an inch and a half away from the other and it's bruising badly. We've concluded that she actually bit me and the marks were from one of her top and bottom fangs. I am still very upset about this and not sure what to do. I really love my new kitten Peanut, and do not want to give him away, but I fear as long as he is there and she has the tie to him, we could be in danger. Part of me just wants to give her away or take her to the pound. I know that sounds cruel perhaps, but you weren't there when it happened....it was terribly frightening. Not to mention that as much as I think of her....my family has to come first. Still thinking on this...... :?:

Secondly, I was running a fever last night. Dh rolled over next to me in the bed and said I felt hot to him. I took my temp twice and it was 102.7 and 102.8. I've been taking my antibiotics faithfully for my kidney infection, so I'm not sure what's going on with that. I'm not nauseated or vomitting though and that's what he told me to watch out for and the pain has almost subsided. I hope it's not associated with the cat bite. :eek:

I am actually at work today... One of the first shift girls that rotate with us went on vacation, so I am filling in for her today. That means I will miss most the race though, so I am none to happy about it. :mad: I should be home before it's over though, so at least I will get to see the finish.

My friend that I work with (my best friend) is here with me today and I just have to tell you how special she is. She knew the kind of week I've had and she decided to cheer me up. When I came in, she had already went to Walmart this morning and picked me up a Lean Cuisine for lunch that she had tried and really liked. She also had got a french manicure set so we could do our nails today. (Sundays are slow) She also knows how much I like to write and she got me a notebook and set of colored pens. AND, (don't panic) she got me a bag of yogurt raisins. Yes, I know they are my downfall, but before I got here, she had already sorted it out into individual servings and had them bagged up. Could you even ask for a better friend? :love:

Ok, on to replies:

Sandy: THIS IS THE POSTING POLICE! :drill: Where in the world are you? You can't very well lead the posting police if you do not post yourself. If I'm not mistaken, you didn't post the whole last thread and I know you've been here because I saw you posted on another thread. Get your butt in here gal....we need you! :grouphug:

Kat: I still feel a little embarassed posting to you even though I know I'm being silly. I don't think I have the words to tell you how bad I feel about not being able to meet up with you. :sorry: It just seems like I was totally swept up in the situation around me at times. However, I have learned one lesson....an important one. DON'T plan a vacation with other people. Even though I had a great time with them, I didn't get to freely go where I wanted to without having to consider someone else. Next trip that way....I'm doing things myyyy waaaay. (said to the tune of "My Way" from Elvis) Yes, Elvis...not Frank Sinatra. I'm from Tennessee, remember? :lol: Glad you're back. I've missed you sweetie.

Amanda: Thanks for the kind words sweetie. Just remember, even though you've had a tough time lately, we can do this. I've been floundering a bit as of late too, but I'm heading back to WW on Monday and I'm getting my crap back together!

thin: I'm sorry to hear about your uncle passing. Were you close to him? I know this must be hard on your Mom too....especially with him being her last living sibling. My granny had a real hard time last year when she lost her last two sisters and the worst part of it was, they passed away within two days of one another and she had both of them in the funeral home at the same time. :( I will say a prayer for your entire family.

Andria: I'm glad you had such a good time on your trip. Sounds like you spent some really good quality time with your Dad. I'm sure your grandmother isn't looking forward to moving especially after so long, but living close to family is good...especially if something happens. I know when you take a trip it can be hard getting water and exercise in, but good job staying OP!

Lola: Hey there sweetie! Whatever you do, don't get overwhelmed. It is hard to keep up with everybody sometimes, but that's ok. It just takes time. What I usually do is open to thread windows on my computer and then read each post individually so I can respond better. Also, don't feel like you have to respond to each and every person on each post. You don't. :no: Just come in and tell us how you are. :) Congrats on the pound and a half. Good job! :cp: I know how you feel about "being bald" too. I've always had hair down to my butt and just got it cut above my shoulders a couple of months ago. It is a big change and I love it! Also, my 2 cents on the journal. I think it is nice that they offer you one here....but I prefer to simply write in one that I can carry around. JMO

Pam: Sorry you were having trouble with the phone line. Doesn't that stink? I had trouble with my cable/dsl forever and was down more than I was up, but they finally have it fixed, thank goodness. Isnt being active and feeling fit better than being sedated and bloated and in a stupor from all of that compulsive overeating??? I will take this anyday! Isn't it the truth? When we know how good it feels to be on program, why would we EVER go back to overeating? :no:

Terri: Glad you enjoyed chat. I missed it as usual. I'm going to make an effort to get in there next week for sure. I can understand what you said about Bear attacking you....we used to have a rottweiler too. (I think I told you that--his name was Bear too) Anyways, she's never done this before though. I think that's why it's so distressful for me. :( Since you have an agenda today, I will have one too. Go home and watch the race! :lol: AND...do my WATP video....at least the one mile.

Ok guys... I have responded to everyone that has posted so far, so I am heading out for now. Much, much love to everyone else. I hope you all have a terrific day. I'm off tomorrow, so I will probably hop back in her before the night is out...you never can tell! :lol:

07-27-2003, 12:20 PM
Lucky: You snuck in on me while I was posting, you evil monkey....so I must respond to you, especially since I miss you so much. :( Although beggers can't be choosers I suppose and we have been seeing more of you lately. Some Lucky is better than no Lucky anyday. ;) My cat is actually almost three years old and has never portrayed any of this behavior before, so that's why it is so startling. Part of me just wants to give her away, but the part that is still attached to her wants to hold on. But I'm still scared.....and I do not want to be scared of her.

Whatever I can do to help you on your quest to see how much weight you can lose by Sept. 11, I will do and will you return the favor? :lol:

Good luck sitting on the heater/vibrator. :s:

Take care and always remember we love you gal.

joe anne
07-27-2003, 12:40 PM
Here are my miles and minutes for the week;


11.25 miles
254 minutes
:snail: I could've done more, but I've got no energy when the evening comes.

07-27-2003, 02:16 PM
Hello fellow chicklets
I am so sore But I guess tahts to be expected when you fall on concrete.

Tina I hope your leg gets better. Watch out for infection though.

I cooked lots of veggies today. DH is going to mexico Tues for several days so son and I are going to eat veggis. I cooked collards, peas, butterbeans. I have corn to cook tomorrow so thats what we are eatting.

I am so uptight about all the extra work that is coming but theres nothing I can do. They will find some one eventually

Chat was great last night with all the people there.

Well I'll run need to do some work here at home.:dizzy: ;)

Terri in MO
07-27-2003, 02:42 PM
Thin -

I'll be adding you to our prayers. So sorry to hear about your uncle. Have a safe trip and give your mom a hug from all of us.


We love ya!

07-27-2003, 03:02 PM
It's Sunday. So far, I have my sanity :lol:

My foot is feeling better today; a nice soak in epsom salt bath, as well as a nice foot massage after a pedicure helped greatly. I'm even breathing better today; not as much pain as yesterday (maybe it helped that I slept better last night and the cat brats didn't get me up till later this morning).

I've really thought about what has happened over the weekend and, risking another tantrum on his part, told Bri it would be best if he went back to California after his court date (if his butt doesn't go to jail and he's allowed to leave the state, that is). It's wasn't just about the blowup I thought about. Based on both personal experience in the past, as well as reading up on current issues on domestic violence, I really took a long look at the situation in general. I didn't say this out loud, of course, but what if something like this happened again, and this guy decides to haul off and whack me one....or two...or more? No way. Never again. I promised myself after the last experience that no relationship is worth going through that again. Let Mom deal with this one. This kid definitely needs to grow up. :yes:

07-27-2003, 03:50 PM
Okay...NOW I can talk. I worked so hard last night, I think that I manage to eradicate most thoughts of vacation from my brain...but I'll do my best to recapture some highlights to share with you.

First, I have to say that I agree with Tina...vacationing with family is not the best way to go! Too much worrying about stepping on other people's toes...

We had rented a house at the shore with my sis and her family. the house was really nice, very close, right over the rise to the beach. Any kid's dream, right? OH NO...not if you bring the stupid, moronic, &@%$#&%! VIDEO GAMES and a television. :?:
The house came with a TV, but they had to bring another so that while one son played the games, the other could sit and watch TV. God forbid you miss a minute of cartoon network. (I'm on a roll now...bear with me) My nephews are 14 and 12, plus they brought a friend of the older one down to kind of balance out the boys. (My son is 12) Now given half a chance, my son is more than happy to plop his butt down in front of the TV too...when I would try to shoo them outside, my sister would say, "Oh, they're on vacation too." GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I KNOW!!! So give the boob tube a rest...The beach is right at our fingertips! Go run and frolic and play and swim and use the boogie boards and skim boards and wiffle balls and bats and footballs and frisbees that we brought with us!!! It disgusted me that they would allow that all the time. So of course when we were at the beach, my one nephew would think of any and all excuses to go back to the house. It's a shame, because my son LOVES the ocean, could stay in it all day...but nobody else wanted to. (said with a whiny voice) :p

I just deleted a whole 'nother rant...I don't want to bore you with what I should have seen coming. We've done this before and I swore, "Never again!" My bad. but thanks for letting me rant. :)

So here's the good stuff...The weather was wonderful, sunny and warm...not too hot/not too cold... except for one day, it was too cold and windy to sit on the beach, so we sat on the front porch instead. The beach is lovely, the water clean and clear and cold---just the way I like it! Yes, I did swim...in a bathing suit. :yikes: We ate well...by that I mean good seafood eatin' a few nights out, some at home...I really didn't over-indulge. (much) I read a great book while I was there, "White Oleander," by Janet Fitch. Excellent. Hubby and I got a chance to reaffirm how happy we are with our mundane, low key lives...(by comparing it to my sister's, which only runs smoothly when there's alcohol involved--sad) oops, I forgot, no more complaining. I didn't really shop much, but i did get a Christmas ornament and some cute Christmas cards a sweatshirt, some sunglasses...that's about it. I told you it was going to be very restful. and so it was. And I have a great tan! :cool:

So now...back to business. Lucky! I will join you in a renewed effort to get back on track. Back to the gym tomorrow. DH and I both agreed it was time to get serious about diet. Whew...it really helps to have him on board...

I have to follow my own advice and get my big butt away from the computer and outside to where the weeds are calling me!

Have a great day gals...it's good to be home!

07-27-2003, 03:55 PM
I missed a day of posting yesterday cause I was too busy stuffing my face with banana pudding and lemon merengue pie...Piggie, Piggie. I did a double workout this morning to get rid of the junk and today I'll be eating light to compensate so it's OK. Not too much harm done.
Tom and I are planning on going to this awesome blues club on Friday and I want to be sure I can enjoy lots of "soul" food so this week I am working my butt off (literally) and eating light. That basically means working out everyday and staying at or under 1500 calories. It's going to be so worth it! Mmmmmm, fried chicken. YUMMY!

There's a lot of drama on the thread today so I'll get right to replies.

I was shocked to read about your Brian situation. This guy is definitely more trouble than he's worth. This makes strike 2 for him and that's enough. I completely support your decision to send him back to West Coast. You are a strong woman, great to see you stand up for yourself!

Those veggies sound just wonderful for summer. You've made me hungry for stir-fry now. ;)

Joe Anne,
Keep on walking honey, you are doing great! Plus the more you walk the more energy you'll have. YAY!

I am really concerned about the cat bite and the fever. I would go to see the doc and tell him what happened as soon as you can. Cat bites are the worse thing for infection. I hope you and kitty work something out. I know it must be heartbreaking for you to think about giving her up. Have you talked to your vet about her behavior? Maybe it's just a temporary thing, she could be feeling threatened by something or actually be sick herself. Good Luck :(

I would love to give you some good vibes for your goal! I have a similar goal. I want to be under 200 by 9/22 (my 28th birthday). We can work on it together if you like. :)

Hey Phoenix,
Just wanted to say HI!

103 degrees! Yikes, I thought 90 was bad for us yesterday. I could never make it in that heat. No way. Good girl, nap it all away :lol:

I'll take active anyday over fat and sedated. ;)

I just started a journal here and I am finding it to be very helpful. I find that people are actually reading me and when they leave comments it motivates me even more. You should really give it a try!

Have the cookie and do a couple extra sit-ups tomorrow. No problem. If I am really craving something I'll eat it and make certain I burn off the calories the next day. So far, so good.

I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. We'll be here for you if you need us.

Eh, 3 pounds will be gone in no time. Just be extra good this week. We all deserve a break sometimes, as long as it's not an extended break we'll be fine.

Ok, I think I got everyone. If not I'll catch up with you tomorrow. Everyone have a wonderful Sunday!

07-27-2003, 06:18 PM
Hi everybody! :wave: WOW, after being pretty slow around here Friday and Saturday everyone sure showed up in the last 12 hours!!! It's nice to see. :D

I figure I better catch up or I'll really be behind when I get back. I have my schedule rearranged so I can get out of town. Had a HUGE "bra girl" project scheduled for Tuesday that needed to be moved into next week. I still have to head out in the morning and get 3 jobs done before leaving town.

We decided since it's a 1 1/2 hour drive that we would stay up there overnight. I just booked a Hampton Inn. They have a nice continental breakfast so at least we can feed mom (like that excuse???) before we head to the funeral on Tuesday morning.

Andria: I'm so glad you had a nice trip. That sounds like some nice quality time with your dad on the journey. I like those 'captive audiences', gives you time to catch up. * I'm glad you were able to have a nice visit with your grandma. I'm getting the picture that your grandpa is still cared for at home??? I know all too well about the wandering. My dad wanted to go 'home' too, but at the time he meant to Florida. Walked off several times and then the last straw was when he took the car and got found all the way across town. [[[hugs]]] honey. I know all too well what you're going through. If you need to talk, you know how to reach me. * It will be good that your grandma is moving closer to a family member. Just remember that Alzheimer's patients don't do well with changes to their environment, so if your grandpa takes a down turn in confusion after the move, you'll know why it's happening.

Lola: You know what they say, "the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is about 6 weeks!!!" :lol: I bet it's cute, you're just not used to it. * As far as keeping people straight, it does take some time. I've found that I make a 3x5 card for each person that posts. I list whatever info they share and then even as time goes on, if they share something extra, the names of their animals, husbands, boyfriends, etc. I add that to the card. It's alot easier for me to keep up then. Also when someone comes back after being AWOL for awhile, I can quickly bring myself up to speed. The old memory is not what it used to be (thanks, dad. She says looking heavenward). But as someone else said, don't feel as if you always have to respond to everyone. We all understand and we're more interested in you being here and being able to share than we are in if you miss somebody. :)

Pam: I'm sure your clothes and tennis shoes weighed alot more than 1/2 pound! You're doing GREAT!!!

Terri: Isn't that sweet that you are going to change your eatting habits for us???? Whatta girl!! :D

Amanda: I know about time with hubby. I'm sure mine wasn't happy to be sitting alone watching a movie while I was chatting with all of you, especially when we had the house to ourselves for a change. That doesn't happen often. :eek:

Lucky: Too funny how animals react to different situations. Max was out with honey this morning on the porch and kept wanting to go romping through the flower beds. For me, he'll mostly stay on the porch. We try to keep him contained to the front porch, but he's a cat, so how easy is that???? :rolleyes:

Tina: I'm really concerned for your leg. That fever does not sound good at all. It should be subsiding by now from the UTI with all the anti-biotics. I think I second the idea of going and having it checked out....professionally. * What a great friend your co-worker is. How wonderful that she is in tuned to just what you need. * I wasn't real close to my uncle, but he is the one that I always took my mom to see when I was either dropping off or picking up "the baby" from school. I just feel really bad because this last time he had to be picked up our plans got screwed up at the last minute and I had to run fast and get him the day before my mom and I were SUPPOSED to go and so she didn't get to see her brother in June and now he's gone. This will be hard on her now that she's the only survivor. :(

JoeAnne: You are doing such an awsome job! Good for you!!!

Mary: Boy, I hope you get over all the achyness real soon. I'm sure you're hurting. * Getting uptight about all the work isn't going to make it go away. Just do what you can do and go about your job. They'll have to get someone in to help eventually or the work just won't get done. It's really too bad.

Lori: I'm so glad your foot is feeling better. It just seems like your whole body feels awful when your feet (or back) are hurting. I can go with almost any other kind of ache, but not those two, they just really get me down. * I'm afraid to ask but, how did Brian take your decision to send him packing???? It sure doesn't sound like he's dealing with life in a very mature manner. I hope you don't have any repercussions from sending him back to California. [[[hugs]]]

Kat: OMG!!! You really had a time of it. Your story so reminded me of why I begged off going back to my best friend's lodge in the woods this summer. I had shared with you last summer about how it was the 3 days from **** and I was NOT going to put myself through it again. TOO MUCH DRAMA!!! Sounds like you knew better too, just didn't pay attention to yourself! :lol: I bet you'll know better next time!!!

Justme: The blues club sounds like alot of fun. Good to see that you're planning in advance for it.

2cute: I see you're too busy drinking wine in your hot tub and swimming in your new pool to be here with us. Just remember you have friends here that miss you when you're gone! :o

Thanks, everyone for your condolences. I really appreciate all your thoughts. I know for a fact I won't get back in here before I leave so I will see you all when I return. Love :love: you bunches.

"If you count the sunny and the cloudy days of the whole year, you will find that the sunshine predominates."

joe anne
07-27-2003, 08:23 PM
Hi Friends
This is so unexpected but nice, come check it out at the Ms Woman of Color (http://www.mswomanofcolor.com/index.html) Website, just click on Pageant to be taken to the winners tour. Or just go to this page directly


07-27-2003, 09:20 PM
JOe Anne That is great

07-27-2003, 09:25 PM
Ok Tina I am here, you dragged my behind back in here yet again.
I hope you are making a Dr. appointment to see about that leg. I know that you can get a pretty bad infection from a cat scratch or bite.

I'm sorry about the laps in posting, I will get back to it. I just needed to gather my sences again and realize I need to do this. No excuses here, I have just been plain bad at my eatting. So tomorrow is the start of a new plan and I have been grocery shopping and gotten plenty of veggies and fruit, so no excuse to shove the devil dogs, suzi q'a or cookies in my face.

Can you freeze cherries like grapes and eat them that way? HUMMM, think I will try that, they are in season and I love em.

Thin: My condolences on your uncle. You will be in my prayers tonight. Glad curves is going good. It was nice seeing you in chat lastnight.

There are so many replies to do, but I think, this time I will skip them sorry about that, but boy there is a lot of posting going on, how is a girl to keep up? I know I will bet better at it. Ilove to read them, and I usually always do, just don't post all the time you know.

Here is a big :grouphug: & :chockiss: for you all, and know that I care about you all and am reading.


07-27-2003, 10:02 PM

07-28-2003, 12:52 AM
Hello Everyone:)

My son has just gone to bed and I have a few minutes to finish up what I started early (very early) this morning.

First, what does HB stand for. I see a lot of people using it but I don't understand.:?:

Second, how does one get into the new journals?

Third, when is chat again, Wednesday and Saturday?

I looked in the mirror today again at this "brand new do" and I have decided it is growing on me, but it is still too short.;)

Today my husband, son and I went on a long drive and then went out for dinner. It was nice to spend some time together. My husband works shift work so over the last week we haven't seen each other much. But today, we got to catch up. Unfortunately, my son Ross, decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to have the biggest temper tantrum that he has every had in his entire 16 mos of existence. It went on for over and hour!!! I could not for the life of me figure out what was wrong with him (except that he is getting his molars) and let me tell you, this little guy has lungs like you wouldn't believe. The driving and screaming was lovely! Other than that, it was a nice day.

I think you are smart to make the decision you did. You need a guy who is mature, understanding and able to empathize with you. Relationships are a two way street and it doesn't sound as if Brian gets that (from what you said happened the other day) - stay strong and beautiful.;)

I didn't get a chance to offer my condolences about your uncle. I lost my Mom back in October to cancer and it was very difficult. I miss her everyday. I hope that your Mom knows that even though her brother's physical presence is gone, he is still with her.:angel:

Joe anne,
Way to go, keep up the good work!!!:bravo:

Keep up the great work!:cp:

I still think you should consult a vet about your "wildcat". Also your leg sounds nasty and if it is a bite, they get infected almost immediately upon contact. :mad: Go see your doctor about it - a good topical antibiotic is called bactroban (only by perscription) (seems to work on everything). Ask your doctor. Take care of that leg! Also, what an awesome friend you have. We all need someone like that in our lives, who knows us that well. Treasure that friendship, it is rare to come by.:cool:

Anything I can do to help support in your quest - just ask.;) :D

That's it for me.


07-28-2003, 01:50 AM
Hi guys :wave:
Sorry I have been awol for this weekend. We are STILL moving stuff. :o
We hired 2 men and a huge truck and they worked for 9+ hours and did not get it all moved. :no:
We have brougnt over another 4 pick-up truck loads full .. and we have not started on the garage or shed. :eek:
I was up until 4:30am last night and up again at 8am this morning. I have not been hiding... I have been WORKING HARD.

I am happy to say that we got a LOT done Sat and Sun... but still a LOT to do.
I have a lot of antiquey type stuff and a LOT of kitchen collectibles... and I have displayed them totally different than the in the other house. It looks good. :)

My POOR husband... every suggestion he makes on decorating we three women shoot them down... and then when we do what we want... we want him to tell us how good it looks. :lol:

We have a photo of our three kids that is over 6 years old.... our youngest daughter who is 21 now was only 15 years old. He wants to hang that photo on the main fireplace but I want something newer since she is 21 now. We just don't agree at all... but luckily he always says...."What ever you want honey" :D

Monday my day is FULL again.... and Tuesday.
Hopefully Wed I can find some time for a long post.
I have got to run. I have to get up at 6am.
Sorry for not responding to everyone. :o
But Tina... Get yourself to the doctor !!!! NOW !!!!
Thin... sorry to hear about your moms brother.

07-28-2003, 09:29 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Sounds like all of you have been pretty busy, my life almost dulls in comparison, work, come home, go to work, come home, :blah: well at least on the weekends, when all of you are out playing, but I am off today and tomorrow! yipppeee!

doing well on program, food id still good and I am still doing the watp tape 6 days a wk, (today marks the beginning of my 4th week----never thought I could do that again), feels wonderful!:strong: :jig: :dance:

thought I would share a few sentiments with all of you I found in this month's Oprah magazine, it is primarily an issue about weight, you should pick it up, very good articles inside:


....a u-turn beats no turn: It's never too late to stop a binge. Six oreos are better than six oreos and a peice of pie.

Give what you need: Find a partner you can support when she's feeling weak - and let her do the same for you!! (we do this well girls!!)


Get great at the wait: be patient - the ability to persevere is what separates whiners from winners.


Hope you can find something you need from that girls, and here's to you! all of you are doing great, we can and will do this!:hat: :grouphug: :goodvibes

07-28-2003, 11:29 AM
Good Morning Gals!
Wow! You were all busy little posters yesterday. Nearly and entire thread went by me. I only have a minute, but wanted to stop in and say Hello to everyone. I'm thinking about all of you and hoping your day is off to a good start.

I am sore and achy today. I started my bedroom project and spent nearly 7 hours yesterday starting to paint. It was an entire day of up and down the ladder and my neck craned up to do the ceiling. I could barely move this morning. I just kept telling myself that it was a good workout. I've still got a LOT of work to do, I'll just have to squeeze it in when I can.

I will try to stop back during lunch and catch up on my reading! Have a great day!


Stepping Out
07-28-2003, 02:07 PM
Gone for just the weekend, and look at all that happened!:dizzy:

Thin: I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. My condolences to you and your mom.

Tina: PLEASE get to a doctor and have your leg checked-it could be infected. Could your kitty be acting wild because she's sick? :?:

2 Big: Don't worry, your hair will grow out-been there! As for keeping everyone straight, you're not alone. :) Someone I forgot already! suggested writing down info on each person. I'll have to try that!:D

Lori: WOW, you've had quite a time! I'm glad your foot is feeling better. I haven't had pleursy, but my dad used to get it in the winter, and I know it's painful :( Take good care of yourself!

As for Brian, I concur with everyone else: SEND HIS HEINIE HOME!
The boy sounds like he's got a lot of growing up to do, and you don't need a child to raise-leave that to his momma. You need a MAN who can appreciate the special person that you are. Don't settle for less than the best!

Have a great day everyone!

07-28-2003, 02:25 PM
Hi guys :wave:!

Considering I survived the weekend from :censored:, I am doing mucho better today :D....! My foot has been coming along well with the epsom salt soaks and the foot rubs; who knows, I may actually be able to take a short walk by the end of the week. Maybe.

Anyhoo, the "talk" with Brian? Well, kind of strange, really. The reaction on his part was....calm. Too calm. Word is out to be on the lookout for him if he causes any more problems with me or anyone else in the neighborhood to call the cops--one of his conditions of bond is to stay out of this part of the neighborhood (I had to talk to him on the phone). Thank goodness he didn't get the job he was supposed to interview for today; his little "incident" on Friday night got in our newspaper's police blotter section and got back to the pharmacy's management, and they conveniently called him to "cancel" the interview for today. (Gee, wonder why :smug: ). Nevertheless, pending the outcome of his court date, his butt is going back to California. The landlady who was going to originally rent him the apartment he was supposed to look at won't even rent it to him. She gave it to a college girl :lol:

I CAN BREATHE TODAY! No pain at all! And the humidity is down! For the second day in a row, the cat brats also let me sleep in. I think the little fur creatures are getting lazy too. :lol:

07-28-2003, 04:44 PM
I guess sometimes love just doesn't conquer all...

07-28-2003, 05:05 PM
Stop!!!! Do NOT post here. Come join us over on 300+ and Ready to try again #379