Chicks up for a Challenge - 30 Day Shred Competition, Let's DO THIS

07-13-2014, 05:48 PM
:jig:30 Day Shred Challenge!:jig:

This won't be so much a competition as more of a challenge to just go for it! The 30 day shred is a Jillian Michael's work out that helped me achieve great results my first time losing weight. You can purchase it online or at most video stores (that I've found). You can join this challenge at any time!

The challenge: :hyper:
I'm challenging as many people who want to get involved to not only get through 30 days of 25 minute work outs, but to hopefully see a difference. We can come here for support or things we noticed. We can post if we were on target that day with diet (what ever diet you do!), if we did other exercise such as running or walking, as well if we were on target with mini goals such as drinking water or eating more veggies (for a few examples).

After each week, or section (3 parts), post your new measurements! At the end, we should all post our changes, both measurable and unmeasurable (such as feeling stronger). I'll update this post for TOTAL inches, sizes, and lbs lost for all involved!

Everyone who wants to go 30 days for the shred, start by posting the following info Pre-Shred: :goodscale
~Start Weight:
~Dress/Pant Size:
~What "Diet" are you doing:
~Mini Goals:

For Additional tracking Add:
~Waist Measurements:
~Thigh (R):
~Thigh (L)
~Calf (R)
~Calf (L):
~Bicep (L)
~Bicep (R)

If you want to do once a week or once every level (there are 3 levels) then update the above and we can all see how fit and fabulous we are!

07-13-2014, 05:55 PM
I'll start:

I will be using 3lb weights, doing this at night, and I plan on doing the easy version for all 30 days. I will start on 7/13 (TODAY!)

~Start Weight: 185.6
~Dress/Pant Size: 18
~What "Diet" are you doing: Calorie Counting, 1200 Net calories
~Mini Goals: Drink 8 glasses of water.

For Additional tracking Add:
~Waist Measurements: 41"
~Thigh (R): 23"
~Thigh (L): 23"
~Calf (R): 16"
~Calf (L): 16"
~Bicep (L): 13"
~Bicep (R): 13"
~Hip: 50"
~Bust: 45"

07-15-2014, 01:42 AM
hey, i see you've just started the shred! there's 3 of us who all started on Monday, if you'd like to pop over we'd love to have you. :)