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07-25-2003, 11:10 PM
A year ago last April I had surgery for a cyst on my heart. All went well with the surgery. Before surgery I weighed 130lbs and smoked a pack of cigs a day. I did quit smoking after the surgery. While I was recooperating from the surgery I was on all kinds of pain meds. When I quit taking them and went back to work my weight went from 131 to 170 in 4 months time. I do not drink alcohol nor eat like a pig. I eat around 1200 calories a day. I am on xanax for anxiety. Mr DR tested me for thyroid and put me on 0.05 levoxyl a day. I also did the Atkins diet for a while ( lost a whole 4 lbs in three months )I went to another Dr who switched me from levoxyl to synthroid. She also prescibed Fluoxetine. She said I showed signs of depression. She also says this medication will help me lose weight. I also am on wellbutrin 150 mgs twice a day. I excercise reg and watch what I eat ( no bread, sugars, salt or butter ) I also drink about 64oz of water a day and no soda. I apologize for being so long winded but if anyone can give me some input I would greatly appreciate it.