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07-01-2014, 04:13 PM
Okay, new thread, new month, new aspirations.

My goal for the month will be to stay warm, dry and maybe the same weight since I will not be able to eat regularly

What's your goal?

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07-01-2014, 04:18 PM
Morning all

Probably not too much of anything remotely diet friendly over the next 3 weeks or so. Then I am on holiday for a couple of weeks. It will be as much as I can do to stay steady. I will be getting a bit more exercise in as I hope to do some walking (not necessarily in the woods) while I am touring the South Island which many people have said is the last place God made since he found everything that was good and grand around the world and plonked it into one small place.

The office has gone nuts and me probably most of all. It's stressful because I can't get ready answers out of our colleagues and consultants. The answer is always 'No can't be done'. Say that once too often to me and I feel like slugging them. Enough already. I am out of here in 6 working days. Less because I have already done an hour here this morning.

I'll be back to add the links shortly. Better get this coffee inside me and get on with some work.

07-01-2014, 06:16 PM
Afternoon all. In this little airport waiting for my flight to leave. Actually, I'm waiting for the TSA to open up so I can get thru security. Not many flights per day here so they (TSA) close shop in between them.

Difficult trip between the wake & funeral and cleaning out my brother's house to start getting it ready for sale. Living in the same town and being able to help each other, my mother will have a hard time of it without him. However, she has already decided to move back to where my sis & I live. This will be a busy year if my mom tries to make this happen before winter..

Anyway, happy to be going home today & to have tomorrow off work.
Shad - Thanks for getting us going on July's thread. The official start of summer has not been happy for my family, but I hope July is better. I'm sure the next 5 days of work will go by quickly with all the madness there. Then on to vacation in a wonderful place - I sure would like to see NZ someday. We're all lucky we get to enjoy it vicariously through you!!

Happy - Keep at the yoga and you'll reap the benefits. Just hope the next session of classes is not so early in the morning! Sorry to hear about the medical issues with the kitties. :(

Michelle - Enjoy the beach tomorrow!!

Terra- Sounds like great progress on the quilt.:)

Susie- Nothing like a challenge to get the motivation going. Great loss last week!

Ceejay - Hope you're feeling better. We were eating out each day for three days - big meals. Thankfully they were the main meal and acted as both lunch and dinner. But there was a lot of fruit in the house & I ate a good amount of it yesterday & today.

Okay, gonna post this before I lose it. TTFN.

07-01-2014, 06:21 PM
Thanks for setting up the new thread.

My main goal is to get more rest and sleep. I've hired someone to mow the lawn for the rest of the summer. Last time I mowed I almost over done it.
This week I have one day off because I'm working a couple of days for L. Yep the 4th and 5th. But then I'm taking off a full week in September.
The maintenance man and he's young is not putting up his stuff. I'm trying my best not to say anything. but it's getting on my nerves.
I'm going to start my own liquid diet this week. My colonoscopy is Tuesday. The sheet said to have clear liquids the week before. Why I don't know.
Woke up to early this morning so I did 10 minutes on the bike and will do 10 more tonight after work.
Day one of the friend/boss not being here but all is well in my little corner.

07-01-2014, 06:26 PM
I'm glad that your mom has decided to move back with you and sis. At least she will have some since of security. Glad you are taking time off tomorrow as well.

07-01-2014, 07:23 PM
Laura ~ Im still making great progress on my quilt but I havent done any sewing for a couple of days now but Im definitely gonna work on it tonight. I usually work on it from 6:00/6:30 pm until 8:30 pm when I then go on my evening walk.

Im looking forward to going on my evening walk tonight. I didnt get my morning walk in today but I will be sure to go for my morning walk tomorrow morning and go for my evening walk tomorrow night.

07-02-2014, 03:58 PM
Had my epidural injection in my low back today. I'm sore and it hurts to walk. The pain may get worse once the lidocain wears off, and worse tomorrow. Hopefully by Friday, the steroid will kick in.

Had a great time at the ocean yesterday. Very relaxing. I walked a little on the beach and around one of the quaint seaside towns. But that was it for exercising yesterday. Not supposed to do much today, so I'm going to go lie down. I might get back to the beach with Santa tomorrow or Saturday.

Hope you all are doing well.

Much love and many hugs,

07-02-2014, 05:30 PM
Hi everyone. Not much going on today.

07-02-2014, 10:16 PM
Not much here Ceejay either

I'm getting ready to go home to start packing for my Adelaide trip. I wasn't going to take a suitcase, but there will probably be too much stuff for my backpack. So a suitcase it will be.

I went to print out my boarding passes today, but Qantas have changed their website and I can no longer check-in. Good question for tomorrow. They are going to love me (NOT) whinging about the website at around 5.00am tomorrow.
So I should have plenty of time to catch up on your doings tomorrow. I'll be back then.

07-02-2014, 11:08 PM
Shad: Thanks for getting the new thread going. Your trip to Adelaide is fast approaching. I would love to see pictures of South Island.

Ceejay: I am glad to hear that things are going ok and are well in your little corner of the world without your friend/boss there at work with you.

Laura: I hope the trip home was easy and non-eventful and that your day at home tomorrow is restful and allows you to ease back into things. :hug:

Terra: Sounds like you are making good progress on the t-shirt quilt. I saw you posted that you had gone to a interview. I hope it went well. What sort of job were you interviewing for?

Hi to the rest of the Worldlies!

My aspirations for July is to really work on my work/life balance so I can start giving more time taking care of me and really getting back to working my processes to get this weight off and see the scales going down.

I am feeling a bt under the weather. My throat is sort of sore and I have no energy. I'm heading to bed early tonight hoping that getting some extra sleep will be helpful.

I'll see you all tomrrow.

07-03-2014, 08:55 AM
Good Morning Ladies..

My goal for this month is to try and be happy. This up and down roller coaster of emotions is just nuts. I know think of all the things I am grateful for in my life. It is just hard when I am home alone a lot with crazy thoughts going on in my head. sorry for your loss of your brother. That is so sad. Big hugs and love coming your way. you feeling? Has the pain ease any? I, too saw Maleficent over the weekend by myself. It was really really good. I am not a Angela fan (boycott since Mr. and Mrs. Smith), team Jen here, but she did this movie very well, great story and acting.

SHADDIE...thank you for starting the new thread. I am going to say the C word in honor of our MELLIE...tomorrow starts Christmas movies for a week on the Hallmark channel. Christmas in July...Enjoy your time off.

CEEG...Glad you get the 4th and 5th off, but don't plan on much sleep and rest as all the fire boomers will most likely be going off. My neighborhood started last week and going strong. I think there should be a law that you can only let off fireworks on certain days.

HAPPY...Glad you are keeping up with yoga. I wish I had the gumption to go to yoga. I just feel so guilty spending any money on anything these days. That is not the excuse for not doing yoga tho...hehe

SUSIE...good for you taking better care of yourself and putting you in the forefront. Hope you are feeling better and your throat stops hurting. Gargle with salt water.

TERRA...keep on trucking, the walking will certainly pay off.

Let's see...had to travel to northern Indiana to the grave site my momma and daddy are buried. My Uncle Bob passed away, he was 94. He was the uncle that my dad grew up with and they were best friends. He was 7 years older than my dad. Needless to say this did not add any happy to my week. I did get to see some cousins from way back and meet some that I had never met before. Mostly kids from the older cousins.

Yesterday Curtis and I took lunch up to his parent's house where his brother met up with us. Between the two of them they cut down 13 dead trees on their back lot. Pretty tall ones too! Thank God they did not have to cut them up as someone else wants the wood and he can do that.

Still looking for a job. I guess I am just too old, fat and frumpy. Funny how they can see that on-line. lol. I apply for about 3-5 positions a week. All I get is reject emails saying the position is already filled. Bleh.

Supposed to go over to Sam's in-laws tomorrow for a cookout. They have a built in pool, but I am not comfortable in a bathing suit in front of people. So I am not sure if I will go or not. C has to work so it would just be me. Other than that not much going on.

Have a great holiday weekend, SHAD have a great weekend and time off.

Love and hugs

07-03-2014, 01:12 PM
Morning all. Back at work today. Glad it’s Thursday and it’s just the one day this week for me, and the office closes early today. :carrot: I’ll take an early (3-ish) train home. I have an eye doctor appointment today at 5 pm. Kind of wishing I’d rescheduled it for another day, but I’m on my last boxes of contact lenses, so I want to get in there and get it over with so I can get prescriptions for my contact lenses and glasses. This year I will get new glasses. I’m not liking my current frames anymore and I don’t think the prescription was quite right anyway. I’m sure they’ll try to tell me that it’s because I need reading glasses now…I don’t know about that – I do fine when I read with my contact lenses.

Annie – Great goal for the month, I’ll be doing that too. Thanks for the hugs. My condolences to you for the passing of your Uncle Bob. Keep plugging away on the job search – something will come up that’s right for you that’ll work out. I hope you go to the cookout tomorrow. Think of how fun it’ll be getting in the pool with the kids!! To heck with caring what other people think of you in your swimsuit!! Or just wear a t-shirt and shorts over your swimsuit if you’re self-conscious. ;)

Susie – Yes, my trip home was generally uneventful. It’s good to be back home. Today I’m working on Mt. E-mail. :faint: I hope you feel better today!!!

Shad – For some reason I thought DS1 lived in Melbourne...

Ceejay – Hope it’s still quiet at work for you. Bummer about working the 4th & 5th, but the OT $$ will be nice. :D Yeh, we’ve been wanting my mom to move back here for a while, and now that my brother’s gone, there’s no other family out there. We’ll be glad when she’s back here. She has a lovely home and the Ozarks is a pretty area, but it sure is hard to travel to/from there to compared with large metropolitan areas.

Michelle – How are you feeling today? I hope the pain from the injection eases up and brings you relief from your back pain. Good you have the time off right now to take it easy. Glad you enjoyed the beach! :beach:

Terra – How did the job interview go? How far along are you with sewing the quilt? Re sewing - I put on a pair of slacks this morning that when they came out of the laundry the other day I’d noticed the hem on one of the pant legs had completely come down. I actually re-hemmed the pant leg on the train today, LOL. And I did a pretty good job of it, if I do say so myself. :D

Happy – Are you busy with shifts at the shop? Sorry the root canal is giving you problems. :(

Nothing much to report. I took a vacation day yesterday and didn’t do much of anything except get a mani & pedi later in the afternoon. Oh, in the morning I also cut all the peony foliage down to the ground in the one overly-crowded flower bed out back. It wasn’t until after I did that that I wished I’d weeded the front landscape beds instead. They are sooooo weedy. We didn’t buy any mulch last year and are now paying the price with weeds - what a mess.

It rained in the afternoon into the evening, so the soil will definitely be moist enough to make pulling weeds easier this weekend. And when that’s done, I have to trim the shrubs. And when that’s done, we can make 2 or 3 trips to the garden center for umpteen bags of mulch. I sure hope there’s a good sale on it – I really hate paying good money for something that’s just going to be blown away in the wind and/or washed away by the rain. Do not suggest rocks instead – I hate those even more!!

According to my scale at home, I gained a pound since last week. We’ll see what the WW scale shows today.

Everyone have a safe and happy 4th of July, holiday or not!! :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:

07-03-2014, 02:41 PM
Happy 4th July to you all.

Just sitting here in the airport thinking of the million things I must do before I go home at the end of July. The list is getting longer and longer. Damn

No personals at the moment. Can't think straight and it's not long before the flight is called anyway. Got to visit the little room as well so I'll take myself off and get emotionally prepared for a tension filled weekend with the mother from hades.

07-03-2014, 06:46 PM
hi ladies,

Sorry this got a few days into the month before posting. Busy Lizzie here. :rolleyes:

Thank you Shad for setting up the new thread. Love the title. My hope for this month is to keep off the weight I lost, lose a bit more and get everything in order before I head off to Chicago next month.

Shad - thanks for the holiday wishes. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow but my partner and I agreed if it is slow, we are closing early. I hope you have a good trip AND you don't let baby girl's momma fill you full of her drama. :yikes: Just focus on S and the son and give her the stink eye when no one is looking. Teach S to say "momma is a drama queen" :rofl: I hope you have an enjoyable time, really I do. Please take lots of pictures of the South Island. How I wish we could be there with you. Jealous... but happy for your trip.

Laura - welcome back home. How will Mom take the culture change from the laid back Ozarks back to the Midwest? Will she be able to tolerate the winters? The weather just absolutely does a number on my Mom's arthritis and knees. I agree with you about landscape rocks - if you have trees, leaves, needles and those oak tree helicopter trees, rocks are horrible to try and keep neat. How about a nice moat with fish instead :rofl: Seriously, I remember the trials of landscaping in that area. What about low growing groundcover?

Annie - I am sorry for your uncle's passing but if he lived in relative good health to age 94 - is that not something to celebrate a wonderful person's life and all he no doubt touched in many happy ways? Also sad to hear about the job hunt - I think many positions advertised they already have candidates in mind for - at least it was that way at my former employer. I wish I had something of value to offer you. I agree being home with thoughts all day is NOT good. Can you volunteer for something - one day a week? Will make you feel good, get your mind off of being home all day (which to me is deadly) and sometimes you can connect with people or things that might lead to something else. One of our volunteers is going through the exact same thing you are up here. :hug: We are all trying to find her a job - I'd add you too but the commute would be a bear across 3 state lines :D Go to the party, wear cut offs and (not a white) t-shirt and sit on the edge of the pool and cool off your legs. Don't forget to shave before you leave :lol: Don't worry about your body - I'd sit next to you to make you feel better but I already have plans. :^: Together we would look like a lower case b standing close together. :rofl:

Terra - good luck on the interviews!

Michelle - lovely pictures of the beach. Hope you had a good time and that you are feeling a bit better from the back epidural. Soak in the sun and sand for me please. :D

Hi Ceejay - yay for a quiet day, eh? You working the weekend?

Susie - hope you sleep off the throat schumtz and get some rest. I think your goal for the month is well needed. Just keep remembering it!

Had the monthly thrift shop meeting yesterday. I am so used to organized meetings from work it is hard to listen to everyone yakking over each other. No Robert's rules of order for these ladies. The chair person was tired and not up to banging the gavel. I was glad it was only over an hour. Not sure we accomplished much. Today I had a mish mosh of things to get done and got interrupted by phone calls. I have to put together the Facebook page for the thrift shop. Also have to work my shift tomorrow - wish I was off instead. No holidays for us unpaid people. ;) I think we are supposed to be doing something on Saturday but I forgot at the moment. :o Don't think we will be going to any fireworks - the Mongolian Hoardes are in town for the holiday and traffic is heavy, people are rude and discourteous and we are all hunkering down. That's about it for now. DH just walked in from a photography walk about - I'd better get the pasta salad made for our bratwurst dinner tonight.

More later. :wave:

07-03-2014, 10:24 PM
Susie ~ Yeah I am making good progress on the t-shirt quilt, No the interview didnt go good, I didnt get the job, It was for a bus monitor, The interviewer said I had to be able to drag 460 pounds and I said I couldnt do it so thats when the interview ended

Annie ~ I will definitely keep trucking

Laura ~ Im not that far on the quilt yet, Im still sewing it together, Thats great that you did a good job on your pants even while you were on the train.

Happy ~ Thanks for wishing me luck on the interviews

I went on my morning walk today and Im gonna go on my evening walk here in a few mins.

07-04-2014, 10:43 AM
Happy fourth of July. Yep I'm at work. Working for my co-worker. It's no big deal. Good news is that I don't have to work tomorrow. But come in Sunday. Then I'm on vacation next week. Tuesday is my colonoscopy
My aunt has been wanting to go to the Johnny Cash music festival in Jonesboro. I had an email this week and went online to buy tickets. Whoa all the good seats had already been sold. The first six rows sold for 200 dollars. These were for VIP's. I bought two seats which are higher up and less expensive than what I wanted especially for a 63 and 82 year old women. My aunt is in good health though. Loretta Lynn and Reba McIntire will be the two main performers. She wanted to see Loretta Lynn. I'm sure his 2 children will be there.
I'm in the patriotic mood today. Think I may go out to the fire works display tonight. Except I hate the crowds and the mosquitoes will be awful. I'm thinking about going down a bit farther to the community center and stay in the car to get a better view. Hopefully no one else will think of that.
Wasn't going to say anything about this. This past week end at my sister's reunion our high school coach was there. Still looked the same but has white hair. I got the stare down from him probably because of all the weight I'd gained since high school. It made me feel terrible. Thought he was going to tell me to drop and give him 20 push ups. I got that feeling from several others also. So this is my new motive to get back at it in full swing.

Sorry for the loss of your uncle. I've come to realize that we need to celebrate one's life instead of instead of mourn. Some times though that's easier said than done.

Think I would close early also. If I had that option I would. I dislike unruly meetings. Don't blame you for hunkering down.

I'll post more tonight. I can't concentrate right now. It's honestly to quiet but praying it stays this way.

07-04-2014, 01:15 PM
Morning all,

Happy Independence Day ( ooo ( ooo (

Looks like it's going to be a nice day for picnics and fireworks. Wish I didn't have to work this afternoon :(

Don't know what we will do for dinner - haven't had a fish fry in a while - I sort of have a taste for that but I don't get out of the shop until late and there are a ton of people in town so places might be busy. Then again, people might just be at their cabins cooking out so it may be quiet at the restaurants. We'll see how busy the shop is this afternoon and play it by ear. We can always bbq if we need to.

Ceejay - I am always suspicious and sometimes frustrated that the good seats sell so quickly - I tend to think that scalpers buy them up so they can sell them at ridiculous prices. I hope you got some decent tickets and don't have to climb a thousand stairs at the event. After all, you are there to listen to the music more than actually see the performers :lol: Hope your workday is quiet for you. I totally understand how you feel about your encounter with the former coach. I sometimes think the same but then again, there are few people who haven't changed a bit in 40 years :lol:

Terra - sorry to hear about the interview. Keep trying.

Laura - I am impressed that you were able to hem your pants on the train. I'd be stabbing myself with the rocky motion.

Hope your back is feeling better Michelle. The beach photo looked wonderful.

Enjoy your trip Shad.

Hi Annie and Susie :wave:

Guess I'd better go get some lunch before my shower. Have a good weekend everybody.

07-04-2014, 01:46 PM
Happy ~ Its okay I'll have other interviews and maybe after one of them I'll get hired somewhere.

I didnt get my morning walk in today cause my alarm didnt go off cause it was turned off, Im not sure how it got turned off but I'll be sure to walk tomorrow morning and I'll be sure to walk tonight as well. I need to clean the bathroom and dust the computer desk area and everything on the computer desk.

07-05-2014, 08:39 AM

07-05-2014, 10:31 AM
A very happy, happy birthday to you Laura. :celebrate::bday2you::celebrate:

My computer is slower than frozen molasses and the last time DH tweaked things he knocked out our internet service. So I will try an post a proper birthday picture later.

Sears is coming shortly to try and sell us a new front door so I have to run (away - very fast :rofl: ) Have a good weekend - back later.

07-05-2014, 12:36 PM
Happy Birthday Laura! :bday2::bday2you::celebrate::gift::balloons::woo: Enjoy your special day!

I had a 1 lb gain on Thursday at TOPS. :mad: I seem to do that whenever I have a loss over 2 lbs the week before.

I have noticed that I have been drinking a lot more soda that I usually do and that is a sugar trigger for me. So this weekend (I started Thursday evening) I'm detoxing from soda and other sugars. It usually takes me 5 days to get through it and not be mean (my poor DH!).

Yesterday I was craving a Coke so badly and I was home by myself for a bit. I had to talk to myself (our loud) and I kept saying the TOPS pledge and drinking water. I felt like an addict. And you know, really it is like that for me. I use food, sugar, etc to keep myself from feeling...feeling tired, feeling overwhelmed, feeling's my drug. I really have to keep that in mind and ask myself when I'm not having food to use as fuel and nutrition why am I eating.

Happy: Did you get away before the Sears person showed up?

Shad: I hope your trip is going well.

Ceejay: Your vacation is right around the corner. When is your concert?
As for the coach; it seems that he has gotten you thinking you need to get back with the exercise and use that to get you going.

Terra: Sorry the interview didn't get you a job, but it wasn't the right one for you and I know something else will come along. Did you get your walks in yesterday?

Michelle: How are things going? I think you are on vacation this week and next?

Annie: Did you go the cookout and did you get in the pool? I never feel comfortable in a bathing suit and I so wish I did!

That's all I have today. DH and I are moving furniture and mopping wood floors. We did 3 rooms yesterday and have 2 to do today. We have an adult birthday part to attend today in the early evening. It will be a fun time. I keep telling myself I'm there for the fun, the conversation and a small piece of birthday cake. This party is a 70th birthday party for my friends mom (who was like the mom to all the kids in the neighborhood when I was growing up and my friend makes the best cheesecake and that is what he is making for her party--I LOVE his cheesecake so I will allow myself a small piece).

I'll see you all tomorrow.

07-05-2014, 01:37 PM
Susie ~ Yeah Im sure I'll find something, Yeah I got my evening walk in yesterday but not my morning walk because my alarm didnt go off yesterday morning so by the time I woke up and got ready to walk it was already too hot outside to walk, I'll try again tomorrow, Im gonna have to start getting up at 6:00 am every morning again cause getting up at 7:30 isnt giving myself enough time to wake up before its time to go for my morning walk.

Laura ~ Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday to Laura! Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday Laura, I hope you have a wonderful birthday today.

07-05-2014, 02:07 PM
Quick check in for me to wish Laura a Very Happy Birthday!!

I'm having a fun and relaxing vacation. Sadly, it's coming to a close. I've got some freelance website work to do today, along with taking Santa for a few walks to practice his training, going to the gym, and running some errands.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Much love and many hugs,

07-06-2014, 09:51 AM
Happy birthday to Laura. Hope you have a good day.

Yum that cake looks good enough to eat.

Yep seeing my high school coach made me realize that I have to do something.

I've been thinking about going back to the gym. I really need to have some motivation to get this done. And I think my sister chastising me last week end made me mad enough to do it and seeing the coaches expression did that for me. I told her that work was getting to hard and stressful. She said is it work or is it your weight. That infuriated me. I told her that she didn't know what I went through each day and what the stress levels were at my job. I think I shocked her for sticking up for myself. Just because she was a physical education major doesn't give her the right to make judgments.
Since I've been watching Extreme Weight Loss I'm going to go with this and set my first 3 month goal weight loss goal which will be to lose 20 pounds.
This may not sound like a lot but to me it will be.

07-06-2014, 04:45 PM
Hi all,

Happy Sunday.

Michelle - love the cake for Laura but do you think you can resize that picture? It's gigantic and is throwing off the resolution on the web page. Thanks! Hope you get to relax with what's left of the weekend and the last bits of your vacation. How is your back doing?

Ceejay - I think that's a pretty good 3 month goal. Start small - sometimes we get too enthusiastic and then get frustrated if we aren't perfect. I like setting goals that are non weight related - ie walking 3 times a week at 20 minutes because it's soooo hard to control the scale and we all give it so much power over our feelings. Good for you for not letting your sister intimidate you.

Susie - I'm glad you can take the scale fluctuation in stride. Sometimes that happens - don't let it derail you. I can totally relate to your struggle with the Coke - that's wonderful that you wrestled it to the ground. Coca Cola has an amazing mind grip on me also. I think the addiction is as bad as nicotine once was. Hope you have a fun time at your party.

The Sears man did show up - a bit late but he did show. Nice guy who had to drive 2 and a half hours from Minneapolis but he said he covers all of Minnesota, northern North Dakota AND northern Wisconsin. I'm glad HE likes to drive :^: He was very nice, knowledgeable but not pushy. But dear Lord - $10,000 to replace a set of doors. :faint: :faint: :faint: Our house is a bit weird. They "reversed the layout of the house on the lot so that we get the most sunshine (south and west exposure) in the main living quarters which is how I would like it. Our house would have fit better if we were on the south side of the road instead of the north side. Being that, our "front door" is on the back facing part of the house. Our entrances are a single door off the laundry room which would not have been so bad if we had left it a combo laundry room / mud room but instead they put much needed cabinets in the "mud room" part since the kitchen is tiny and has stupid, narrow, useless cabinets for the most part. The other entrance is what should have been sliding glass patio doors but instead is our main entrance which consists of (non standard size of course) double doors - one stationery which does not open and the other is the entrance door. We have a sliding screen track running the length of both doors although the screen is a single door width. The 10 grand door would be a replacement of 2 double doors that opened in the center. Not a good option for winter up here. And that's for METAL doors - not even wood doors! The "cheaper" option is $7,000 for what we have now - 2 doors, one fixed, one opening. There is no screen option, only the ability (at $900 extra) to install a storm door which would look mighty dumb with the double door layout. I MUST have a screen because I like my air flow. We asked if that can be converted to a single entry door with sidelight glass panels. Nope :no: since it's a patio style entry hole - even though it is smaller than a standard size patio door, it's still too wide to be converted to that type of layout. We have no markings whatsoever on the current door so we can't even tell what kind it is to replace it. The bottom rubber track is worn and broken off which lets in one heckova breeze - not good for bugs, or minus 30 degree (F) winds in the winter. DH tried to replace it but the new stuff doesn't fit and in the humidity the door swells. It's French style doors with mostly glass around a small frame (I try not to think of security here :eek: ) so we don't want to be forcing a swelled door open and possibly wrecking the frame or busting glass. Every house we lived in - EVERY one - had a non standard size door. What's up with that?????? We will continue to look but we don't have many options and I have a feeling the cost will be horrendous. I told DH we need to sell the house :rofl: Always something :shrug: :^:

Not much else going on. I did manage to get the downstairs tidied up nicely for the Sears guy's visit. Now I have some papers I set to the side to go through and toss or file. That's next on the agenda. Then I need to work on the Thrift Shop's Facebook page.

Hope you are all having a nice Sunday. Bummer that for many of you, the 3 day weekend is over. For others, it's just another "Saturday" :lol:

07-06-2014, 09:06 PM
Hi Everyone. I'm feeling blue as my 3 day weekend is coming to and end. BUT I will be off Tuesday and Wednesday (not sure why I didn't take off Monday too?! :?:) Tuesday night is the Rick Springfield and Pat Benatar concert that me and my friend are going too and I took Wednesday off so I didn't have to get up early.

I might end up working 4 hours on Tuesday sometime and only claim 1/2 day vacation that day. I need to finish my self-evaluation for the year as it is due on July 30. It's an exercise in creative writing in describing our Results Achieved for the year against our work plans that we set in place last July. It can take a couple of hours to get it all in place.

We had fun at the surprise b-day party yesterday and I felt I did good with my food. I also did 30 min on the treadmill (yeah! my foot didn't hurt). I watched a DVD I have been wanting to view from a speaker I heard last year and it was on Life Balance. I'm trying really hard to find tools and put them to use towards my goal for this month.

Happy: WOW! The price on those doors. I would sell the house too! :yes::rofl: That is so strange that every house you have had doesn't have standard size doors...this happens to us too, but it is water heaters. We always have to have the smaller size as the water heater is inside this little closet in the kitchen. I almost didn't buy this house when I saw it had it like that too. But I loved my wood floors and so it sold me on it.

I tell DH, that when the water heater gets to 7 years old I plan to buy a new one and store it in the garage so that when this one goes we have it on hand. It always has to be ordered and it can take up to 7-10 days to get one sometime.

Ceejay: I think that is a great goal! I watch Extreme Makeover too. Did you see the episode last week?

Terra: I am like you, I have to have a few minutes to get up and get awake before I can start exercising. I was doing the treadmill in the morning before work, but that means I have to get up at 4:30 a.m. or 4:45 get going and be on the treadmill and finished before 5:30 a.m. so I can get ready for work. That got old very fast!

Michelle: I hope you have a great first day back to work tomorrow. Give yourself time to ease into it and don't plan a lot after work so you can relax when you get off.

Hi to the rest of the Wordlies.

07-07-2014, 10:28 AM
Morning all. Thank you all so much for your lovely birthday wishes. I had a really nice birthday Saturday although I was a bit tired during the afternoon because I was still not caught up on my sleep. I skipped the special Jazzercise class on the 4th as well as on Saturday morning because I was feeling tired. We had lunch with BF's mom and then a delicious steak dinner with bf at a steakhouse for which we'd received gift cards at Christmas. After that we met some friends for drinks at a bar near the house.

Happy - Your door situation sounds tough. It almost sounds like you'd be better off investing in construction to convert that 2 door setup into a single door (standard size! ) and be done with it.

Ceejay - Good 3-month goal. Maybe you'll look back & appreciate the jolt the coach gave you...As for your sister's comment - if she knew your job better, she'd know the stress comes from more than just the physical aspects of it.

Michelle - How was your weekend? We were subjected to a lot of loud fireworks in our area too. I was so tired that night we didn't go to our village's fireworks display. Instead bf went in to see some friends in the city (cookout) & I stayed home with doggy. Even though it was cool out, I wish I'd shut all the windows & turned on the AC. Coal did really well regardless - just the really loud ones bugged him.

Train's pulling in, gonna post & continue this later.

07-07-2014, 11:43 AM
I'm back again.

Ceejay - Forgot to wish you a happy vacation week, and I hope your colonoscopy goes smoothly tomorrow.

Michelle - How's your back feeling now? Did the shot help at all? Take it easy back at work today.

Susie - I hope you enjoy your concert - that sounds fun. Well, even though you have to work today, at least you know you'll have two days off. (Or maybe 1.5.) Ugh, hate doing performance appraisals. We're supposed to do mid-year reviews of our progress year-to-date and this is the time...but the boss hasn't said anything about it yet. I hope you have some inspiration and write a good one for yourself. Good for you doing well with food at the party - that's tough. And good job with the treadmill - glad your foot didn't hurt!

Terra - I also need to get up early to give my body time to wake up before exercising. I don't feel like I do as well at morning Jazzercise as I used to do in the evening classes because of that. I think if it's really hot out, you should go ahead and give your Walk Away the Pounds video a try so you can stay indoors!! Thanks for "singing" "happy birthday" to me - how's your voice?? :D

Annie - How's it going sister? Hang in there with the job search!!

Happy - Re my mom adjusting to being back in IL...I think she'll be fine. She probably won't drive when she gets back here because she's intimidated, but honestly, the one road she's accustomed to driving on down by her is a very busy road, and it's a lot more hilly there. But she's 80 now and has never been a good driver, so it's probably good she won't drive.

Shad - Hope your trip to Adelaide was good and you had fun with DS1 and little S...and that your time around S's mom was bearable. Is the countdown at 5 now??

Nothing much to report. I already told you about my Saturday. Friday I got out and weeded the front landscape beds, finishing one completely and starting another. Felt like I was at it longer than I was. Bf went out there late yesterday afternoon and re-edged the completed bed and even pruned some of the shrubs. I heaved the bags of mulch he'd bought from the car to the bed with the wheelbarrow, placing them at various points so they'd be ready to cut open and spread out, but bf never got to that point yesterday. He better do that today. I don't want the weeds to start growing back before that mulch gets spread!! We had storms overnight and so it'll be easier to finish weeding the other landscape bed - if I get to it anytime soon. Tonight we really need to do some shopping, and tomorrow I think I'm gonna go to the movies.

I think I'm finally caught up on my sleep now - I wasn't sleeping well when I was out of town (2 nights on a hide-a-bed didn't help), and I kept waking up early to boot. Yesterday I slept until nearly 9:30 am - I never do that! I must have really needed that sleep.

I think that's it for me. Everyone have a good day.

07-07-2014, 12:07 PM
Looks like rain is moving in and will probably be here about the time I need to leave to go to my uncles. Ugh.

Glad you had a nice birthday. Some times low key is the best part.

Whoa on the cost of the door. Think I would check into the reconstruction of that area to see which would be more feasible.

I need to get some motivational DVD or cd's to listen to. Our concert is on August 15th.

I like your goals. I need to cut my calories back down to between 1200-1400.
But I am also going to be watching my carb intake.

How are you doing on the quilt? Can't wait to see the finished project.

I've gotten several things done this morning. I'll be spending tonight and tomorrow night with my aunt and uncle. They take very good care of me.
Now it's time to get my bag packed to go to Paragould.

07-07-2014, 01:24 PM
Good morning ladies,

It was tough to get out of bed this morning after a week of sleeping in. I had such a lovely week off, getting a lot of medical appointments out of the way, going to the beach and taking Santa to parks (both onleash parks and off-leash dog parks).

I've been feeling a bit dizzy/lightheaded the past couple days. Not sure what's going on. It's usually worse in the morning (I think). It doesn't feel like the dizziness that comes with low blood sugar though as it isn't accompanied by sweating. Speaking of blood sugar crashing, I've got to do some research on the best pre- and post-workout snacks for diabetics. I've had two episodes of blood sugar crashing....both happening on Sundays (yesterday and a week ago). The first time it happened, I had gone to the gym to ride the bike for 30-40 minutes before going to yoga class. Silly me, I didn't think to bring an energy/protein bar to eat before yoga, so shortly after yoga started, I had all the classic symptoms of low blood sugar (dizzy, weak, sweating). Luckily, my instructor had candy in her purse and she made me rest for a few minutes. Yesterday, the low blood sugar hit me WHILE riding the bike. I was only able to ride for about 20 minutes (and normally I ride for 30-40). I ate a protein bar that I brought with me, but it didn't seem to help much, so I stopped for a fresh fruit smoothie on the way to yoga. I was ok after that. I need to pick up some hard candies or glucose tablets next time I'm at CVS so I can always have something on hand. And I have to figure out what I can do to prevent these crashes. Time to post to the 3FC Diabetes boards again.

Today, it's water aerobics after work. I so enjoy that class! It's the best part of Monday!

As for my back injection, I had a couple good days with much less back pain. Now I still get some pain when walking or standing, but less than before. Still a bit frustrating though.

Now to try and catch up on personals....


Laura - I'm glad your mom has decided to move closer to you and your sister. One of my neighbors has a lovely groundcover instead of a lawn. The leaves are about 4-5" long and it blooms in the spring. It always looks lovely and doesn't require mowing or weeding. Glad you had a nice birthday, and that Coal did ok with the fireworks. I wish D's house had A/C, just so I could've closed the windows to lessen the sound of the fireworks. Your mention of heaving bags of mulch made my back twinge up just thinking about it. :rofl: What movie do you think you'll see tomorrow? D and I saw "Chef" over the weekend with Jon Favreau (he wrote and directed and produced it) and Sofia Vergara. Really good, feel-good, uplifting story.

Shad - So just a couple more working days, right? I hope you had a lovely visit with Miss S and your DS, despite the partner's dramatics.

Ceejay - Good goals of getting more rest. And good for you for hiring someone to mow your lawn for the rest of the summer, will be especially good in the hottest months of July and August. Clear liquids the WEEK before a colonoscopy? Wow! Good luck tonight, the night before a colonoscopy drinking that nasty tasting, clean your guts out liquid is the worst! I hope everything goes well tomorrow and that you have a lovely rest of your vacation week. That's wonderful your aunt and uncle can take care of you before and after your colonoscopy. So nice of you to get tickets for the Johnny Cash music festival for your aunt. Don't beat yourself up for having gained some weight since high school. I'd say 99% of Americans over 30 are heavier than they were in high school! I'm reading this book called "It Ain't Over 'till the Thin Lady Sings" and one of the writing exercises is to track how much you weighed (approximately) by decade. For example, in high school, I weighed (insert number here), in my 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s I weighed (insert numbers here). It really got me to look at the periods of weight gains. Then I just had to think back to what happen, and for me, I could make a direct correlation to either an extremely stressful or emotionally difficult period (like the demise of my first marriage, the passing of my parents, the demise of my second marriage) or a time when I had an injury that made exercising difficult (when I hurt my back in 2004). Your work is very stressful, especially lately. When you get stressed out, can you take a walk outside to get your mind off the plant and the filters and the tanks? I've been watching Extreme Weight Loss too. Some of those stories are heartbreaking. Just goes to show that a lot of people (myself included) use food to soothe themselves from feeling uncomfortable emotions. 20 lbs in 90 days (roughly 1 lb per week) is a good goal. Those people on Extreme Weight Loss can lose so much in 90 days because they work out like crazy with 2 trainers and have their food prepared and monitored.

Terra - Bummer you didn't get the position you interviewed for. At least you got practice interviewing, which is very valuable. Why on earth would a bus monitor have to drag 460 lbs? That's just crazy! I have friend who is a bus driver in Oakland, CA, and I know for a fact she couldn't do that!

Susie - I'm glad to hear you want to have more of a work/life balance. You work such long hours. Good for you for detoxing on sugar and sodas! Sugar is a hard one to kick. It's my drug of choice too. I'm really impressed you were able to fend off that soda craving! What is the TOPS pledge? I may check online to see if there are TOPS meetings near me. The Rick Springfield and Pat Benatar concert sounds awesome! I've never seen Rick Springfield, but Pat Benatar is AMAZING!! I've seen her a few times in concert, and she can still sing just as well as she did back in the day! Good for you for doing well at the b'day party and for getting moving on the treddie!

Annie - Thanks for all the wonderful support and information about RNY. That's what I have decided to do. I have to lose roughly 15-20 lbs before they'll do the surgery. And since the surgeon says to plan for 4 weeks off work after surgery, the most convenient time for me to have the surgery is in December, when my company shuts down for 2 weeks. I totally understand about how difficult it can be to stay positive and upbeat when you're home alone with nothing to distract you. Can you go over to Sissy's and play with the boys every day? So sorry to hear about your uncle's passing. What a long life he had. Oh, and girlfriend, I don't EVER want to hear you say you are too old or fat or frumpy. You are NONE of those things. You are gorgeous!! I think Happy's idea of volunteering is a great one, even if it's just one day a week, you just might meet people who know of opportunities that aren't advertised.

Happy - I love all the photos your DH is taking and posting on FB! Your mention of a bratwurst dinner had me salivating. I haven't had a really good brat since I left Wisconsin! Sorry about the cake photo being so large. 10K to replace a set of doors? :yikes: The double doors (one stationary) you described sound similar to what my ex and I had in our family room that went out to the patio, right down to the screen track (that had a screen and a sliding storm door). They were non-standard size. After a few years, we started to have problems with the door security latch/locking mechanism so we had someone come to look at it. It would've been many thousands of dollars to replace because it was non-standard size, so we just lived with it being tempermental. Thankfully, not my problem anymore.

Well, I'd best get back to it.

Much love and many hugs to all,

07-07-2014, 02:01 PM
Susie & Laura ~ Im glad to know Im not the only one that needs to wake up before starting to exercise.

Laura ~ Your welcome for the B-Day Song, I LOVE Singing, I do it every day, Im always listening to music.

CJ ~ Yeah, I'll be sure to post a picture of the quilt when its done although Im a little scared too, Im sure it wont look as good as the one I did with my grandma.

Michelle ~ I think the reason why they wanted me to be able to drag 460 pounds was in case of an emergency I would be able to pull kids off the bus and I guess kids can weigh up to 460 pounds, Although when I was a kid I dont remember seeing any kids that weighted 460 pounds LOL.

I've decided when I sleep in I need to still do WATP's DVD to get my exercise in instead of just waiting to go for my evening walk or waiting until the next morning to do my morning walk so thats what Im gonna start doing if I happen to miss walking in the morning or in the evening cause like last night I forgot to set my alarm for 8:30 pm when I took my nap so when I woke up it was 9:45 pm, Too late to go for my evening walk.

07-07-2014, 03:05 PM
Michelle - I hope you figure out what caused the blood sugar crashes. I imagine keeping a food and activity diary is especially helpful in dialing in on what to eat and when. I love the idea of a natural groundcover - sure would save the $$ spent on mulch. And of course it's natural. Way in the back of our yard where it backs up to our neighbor, vines started growing into our yard from theirs and I let them stay because it's either that or weeds, and the vines look nicer, LOL. But with the skunks in our area, I can't let the vines get too out of control - I don't want the skunks thinking it's a nice place to nest!!! Enjoy your water aerobics class tonight! :swim:

Terra - Ah, now I can see why they would want you to be able to lift a certain amount of weight, but 460 pounds seems way out of range...

I forgot to mention that I did go to my WW meeting last Thursday. I was expecting a slight gain, but I had a 0.4 pound loss. I'll take it!

I really want to get back into regular exercise, I'm feeling pretty flabby and jiggly lately. I photocopied the plank variation workout from the magazine, so now I have that to try out. I also need to get back to the gym for classes. I'm just not "feeling it" with this gym, so I might just let the membership go and do something else with the $$.

07-07-2014, 04:55 PM
Morning all,
Back from the land of Oz once more and only 4 more working days to go. I have work to keep me going for at least 3 of them so I might be able to drag it out for the fourth.

Adelaide was cold and on Saturday night very wet. Sunday was a beautiful day fortunately as parts of Adelaide got flooded overnight. We had a nice visit. I bought wee Miss S a gold locket for her birthday which she will be able to wear for special occasions now and M is to have it engraved for me. I will buy the chain to match for her Christmas present. It pleased the mumma so I am in the good books for a while. Nothing quite like gold for softening the hard feelings.
Miss S is doing extremely well and her speech is very good. She has good ears and is a quick parrot study so one has to be careful what one says in front of her. She is constantly on the move and food is not a motivation - much to mummas distress (constantly trying to feed her - which rather defeats the purpose of a good meal time anyway IMHO).
Sunday we went to a birthday party for another little girl. It was a butterfly dressup party. I'll post some pictures when I get time tonight.

With that I should also get on with some work - I'll be back as time permits.

07-07-2014, 07:45 PM
I'm really disappointed. I'm still feeling dizzy/lightheaded so I'm skipping water aerobics tonight. My blood sugar is right where it should be, so I don't know what's going on. I'm just thinking that driving 30-40 minutes to and from the gym, and getting my heart rate up by jumping about in the water is probably not a good idea today. I'll walk Santa and maybe take him to the dog park around 7 after it cools down a little.


Terra - What kind of music is your favorite to listen to and/or sing?

Laura - Congrats on the weight loss!! That's very good, especially considering your difficult and emotional week. :hug:

Shad - Good that M's feelings can be mended with gold. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of Miss S.

07-07-2014, 08:37 PM
Laura ~ Yeah I agree it does seem way out of range.

Michelle ~ Right now my favorite band is Shinedown so I like to listen to them alot and I like singing their songs as well.

Next Monday Im gonna buy some purple fabric for my t-shirt quilt, Im looking forward to going to walmart to look at what different kinds of purple fabric they have.

07-07-2014, 11:37 PM
I just did WATP's DVD and I did the 1 Mile walk, You can choose between 1 mile or 2 miles and I did 1 mile since it was my first time tonight but Im sure after a couple months I'll try the 2 mile walk.

07-08-2014, 05:07 AM
Can't seem to upload any photos to Photobucket. @#%$@#%#$%

Try again tomorrow.

07-08-2014, 05:21 AM ( (

I've lost patience with Photobucket. I can (sometimes) upload one photo. I've managed to get two up there, but now I am all out of enthusiasm. More tomorrow.

07-08-2014, 05:25 AM (

07-08-2014, 08:45 AM
What a beautiful little girl! I know you are proud of her

That scary to have those blood sugar crashes And don't blame you fro not driving that far to a gym. I wouldn't drive from where I live to Paragould
just for gym access.

I hear my aunt in the kitchen so I'll start to get ready.
I can't have any food so I may just stay in my room.

07-08-2014, 11:26 AM
Good morning ladies,

I woke up feeling just a little bit dizzy. I'll see how I feel in an hour or two and decide whether I need to call the doctor.


Terra - Haven't heard of Shinedown. But I googled them and since they're a rock band, I'll take a listen. I like most kinds of music, with the exception of some thrash metal and gangster rap. But I do enjoy hip-hop, some rap, rock (60s through current), and some country. Oooh, purple fabric for the quilt. Purple is my favorite color! Bravo on doing WATP! Sounds like you enjoyed it! Good for you!

Shad - Miss S has really grown!! She's absolutely beautiful! I love the photo of her with the butterfly wings, and the one of her and her dad in the pool is cute. :D

Ceejay - I hope everything goes well today. :hug: The gym I normally go to is about 15-20 minutes from work and 5 minutes from home and the doggie day care. But that gym only has water aerobics on Fridays, so if I want to do water aerobics on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have to drive further, which I usually don't mind doing because water aerobics is so much fun, but yesterday I wasn't feeling up for it.

I'll be back later to check on the rest of you.

Much love to all,

07-08-2014, 11:59 AM
Morning all.

Shad – Glad your visit in Adelaide went well. Good to hear little S is doing well. Yay for the locket going over well. Nice idea, and now you know what you’ll buy her for Christmas – since you said the C word, I figure I can get away with it, hahaha. Thanks for sharing the photos – what a beautiful granddaughter you have!

Ceejay – Nice your aunt and uncle are helping you out today. Hope the worst part is over and the rest goes well.

Terra – Is the purple fabric for the back of the quilt? How did you like doing WATP?

Michelle – Sorry you couldn’t make the class last night, but better safe than sorry. Hope you’re feeling better today. Do you feel like maybe you have an ear infection or something?

Meeting now, so maybe I’ll be back later.

07-08-2014, 04:48 PM
Morning all,
Michelle - sounds like middle ear infection to me.

Ceejay - yeah, she is a happy healthy little girl. There are problems with food but other than that she is pretty okay and yes I am proud of her.

Laura - unfortunately natural groundcover doesn't suppress all the weeds. Some will get through. Much as I like it. So I tend to use sugar cane mulch in thick lumps. As long as I water thoroughly before putting it on, it is fine. Our weeds are particularly tenacious.
Congrats on the loss. Every bit helps. Oh and happy birthday for last week. I saw but couldn't post.

Susie - glad to hear that you had some time off over the long weekend. A bit of life balance for you.

Happy - you must be busy since you haven't posted since Sunday. Hope you are avoiding the bear and so are the deer and the turkeys.

Annie - get with the program girl. Where are you.

Terra - good on you for doing the WATP program. Looking forward to seeing the quilt pictures.

And there is nothing here to report. I have one more document to produce and that is causing complete angst. It's going to take all my knowledge and expertise with the u-Perform program to get this one straight. How we like to complicate things.

So I better go look at the news for the day. See how many shootings there have been in the US, check out the tourist target for the day - we have had the tourists driving over here and managing to kill a couple of people. Mind you one of them has a mind problem. Check out the flooding, mining disasters, sporting people who have misbehaved and likewise your A listers. Is there any good news in the world. Probably not, good deeds don't tend to sell newspapers.

07-08-2014, 06:03 PM
Shad - Yeh, I do get some weeds that come up through my overcrowded beds of hosta, daylilies, etc. Thankfully it's much less than if there were a lot of space. Good luck with that last document. I had 4 reports to run and all ran just fine, 3 exported to Excel fine, but the 4th would not export. Sigh.

Nothing much to report. I'm not ready to plow onward with the next big work project this late in the day, so I'll hold off until tomorrow. The boss is out for the next couple days at a training thing so it will be quiet around here.

I'm going to movie night tonight - we're seeing "Jersey Boys". I liked the stage show, we'll see how the movie is. I think I'll leave the office a wee bit early so I can pick up a snack to sneak into the movie tonight.

That's it for me. TTFN! :wave:

07-08-2014, 10:49 PM
Michelle ~ I hope you like Shinedown when you listen to them, I've been a fan of theirs since 2008 and I now own all of their albums to date. Yeah Purple is my favorite color also, along with Zebra colors,(black and white)

Laura ~ Yeah the purple fabric is gonna be mostly for the back but Im also gonna get extra to put some on the front too., I enjoyed doing WATP's, In fact I did the dvd again today and I'll do it again tonight, I didnt have time to go on my morning walk this morning so I did the WATP's dvd instead and its been too humid even in the early evening to go for my evening walk so I've just been doing the WATP's dvd.

Shad ~ Thanks, I'll be sure to post pictures of the quilt when I get a little farther along with it.

I got up at 8:00 AM and left to go to my doctor's appt. at 8:30 AM and then I was at my appt. from 9:15 am to almost 10 AM and then mom and I came back home and loaded up the car with the stuff I needed to take to school for tomorrow and then from there we went to my brother's to give my niece her birthday present and then we came home for a couple of hours and then we went to dinner at 3:30 PM and then we came back home at 5:00 PM.

07-09-2014, 07:55 AM
sounds like you had a busy day yesterday. my favorite color is purple also.
did you get your walk in.

Glad you don't mind the drive. I really need to get back into exercising. Probably tomorrow.

How was the Jersey Boy's?

Happy and Annie
Hello :wave: I'll catch up later with you two.

Yesterday went very well. The doctor came in before I was put to sleep and asked me what was going on. I told him. He found diverticulosis. This is treatable. I still don't know the difference between the two. "osis or itis" No polyps this time. I'm good a to go for another 10 years. Itis should be a form of infection, such as tonsillitis. I have a diet sheet to follow now as to what foods to eat and not to eat. for the diverticulosis.
I'll be going home today.
I'm sore this morning but I'm sure it's from the procedure.

07-09-2014, 08:46 AM
Good morning. Last nights Rick Springfield and Pat Benatar concert was AMAZING! My best friend and I had so much fun...just like teenagers again! I sang and hollered so much I'm horse this morning.

Rick looks amazing! It was a warm night in Cincinnati and he took his shirt off the second song and played the rest of the show shirtless...let's just say, this ole girls heart was racing! lol. Pat is still tinny and has that amazing big voice.

We got home at 1:00 a.m. DH just left for work. I am catching up here. I plan to work this morning for a couple of hours on my portion of the performance review. I worked late Monday night and so all I need to put in today is about 2 hours and I can save 1/2 a vacation day and get the performance review out of the way. Other than that I'm piddling around the house today and taking a nap this afternoon.

Ceejay: I am glad to hear you are on this morning and that the test was clear for polyps. My husband has diverticulosis. He is able to manage it well with avoiding certain foods. There is a lot of discussion about if staying away from seeds and kernels is helpful. DH knows if he eats those things he has a lot of trouble and pain (even runs fevers is there is an infection due to those getting stuck in a pocket of the bowel) so he just stays away from them. His thought is I know when I feel good and when I don't so I'm going to do the thing that makes me feel good.

Just rest today and you should feel 100% tomorrow.

Terra: I am so glad that you like the Walk Away the Pounds DVD. I enjoy them when I use them. I have one that I can choose a 1-3 mile walk.

Shad: First I want to say thank you to that lovely country you live in for giving us Rick Springfield! ;) :dizzy: !
It sounds like you had a nice time on your trip. The locket sounds lovely and it earned you "points" too! lol
How many days of work left? 2?

Laura: Congrats on the loss at WW. Hey, a loss it a loss! How was "Jersey Boys".?

Hi Happy, Michelle and Annie. :wave:

07-09-2014, 08:51 AM

a picture of Rick Springfield from last nights concert.

07-09-2014, 11:12 AM
Morning all.

Terra - Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday. Glad you like the WATP dvd - no excuses now, LOL!

Ceejay - Glad all went well yesterday. I had to look it up: Diverticulosis occurs when small, bulging pouches (diverticula) develop in your digestive tract. When one or more of these pouches become inflamed or infected, the condition is called diverticulitis. Guess that means you better stick to the special diet to avoid the "itis" one.

Susie - Sounds like a great night out for you! RS looked great - I looked it up and he's 64 years old!!! Unbelievable. I still remember seeing him on the soap General Hospital all those years ago! Enjoy your half day off. :)


I enjoyed the movie "Jersey Boys". As I thought, it being a movie and with Clint Eastwood directing it, it was definitely darker and more in depth than the stage show. (Stage shows like that one, IMO, they're mainly about singing and dancing, not drama.) But the music was great and I did learn a bit more about Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons. How much was distorted for dramatic purposes, I don't know, but it was good. I did, however, think that the acting by some of the 4 leads was lacking - but then again I believe 3 of the 4 have done the stage show and not a lot of screen work. Also, they sure didn't age the characters like they could have. With all the makeup advancements available, they really missed the boat on that. Christopher Walken was in it and he's always entertaining.

That's about it for me. No plans for tonight. Back to work and I'll check back in later.

07-09-2014, 12:06 PM
CJ ~ Yes I did have a busy day yesterday, Thats cool that your favorite color is purple also, Yes I got my walk in last night.

Susie ~ Yeah Im glad I liked the WATP's dvd too, Thats neat that you have one where you can choose 1-3 miles.

Laura ~ Yeah I did have a yesterday day yesterday, Yeah Im glad I like the WATP's dvd, Your right there are no excuses now.

07-09-2014, 12:38 PM
Good morning ladies,

Still pretty dizzy today. I couldn't get in to see the doctor yesterday, but I have an appointment for 11:30 today. It does sound like an inner (or middle) ear infection. Just so annoying because other than the dizziness I feel fine...not even any ear pain, but I'm concerned about how exercising will affect the I'm hoping that the doctor gives me the all clear to exercise.

Last night, I went to a Weight Loss Surgery Support Group, which my insurance (and doctor) require prior to having surgery. It was a very welcoming group. Approximately 20 people were there, 5 "pre-ops" and the rest were anywhere from 2 weeks to 10 years post-op. It was very inspiring and educational to hear from the people who have had surgery, the tremendous amount of weight they lost in their first year (typically 80-150lbs), and the regain (which was anywhere from 0-20lbs). People shared their challenges as well as what they're doing successfully, all really good information.


Shad - Good luck with the last document. Only 3 more days, right?

Laura - Bummer that last report wouldn't export to Excel. I used to hate it when that happened. Is it too many rows of data? Does Excel still have that 72,000 (or whatever) row limitation? Like you, I still remember Rick Springfield from General Hospital too. Dr. Noah Drake if memory serves me correctly. And I think I still remember all the words to "Jessie's Girl". :lol3: Glad you liked "Jersey Boys", even if it did miss the mark in a few areas. I really like Christopher Walken. It would've been funny if he had a line saying he needed more cowbell (from a Saturday Night Live skit many many years ago). :rofl: :rofl:

Terra - Good for you for doing WATP! That's wonderful!! :bravo: It's a nice alternative to walking in the heat and humidity. Sounds like you had a very busy day yesterday with all that running around. I hope your doctor appointment went well.

Ceejay - I'm glad your procedure went well and no polyps were found so you don't have to go through it again for 10 years! I hope you're able to stick to the diet regimen to avoid the pain and infection that comes with the "itis".

Susie - I had a feeling you'd have a great time at the concert. Pat Benatar has an amazing voice and puts on a good show. Nice that Rick Springfield still looks great too! A few years ago, my ex and I saw Eddie Money in concert. He didn't take his shirt off (thank goodness), but at one point he lifted it up trying to be sexy. Shudder. That terrifying image of his jello beer gut is forever etched in my memory. If he had abs like Springfield, I wouldn't have minded. But sadly, he didn't and unfortunately I wasn't able to turn away fast enough. I just remember thinking, "Dude, no one wants to see that." :rofl: Nice that you're able to work from home today.

Annie - I'd love to see photos of the grandbabes. Can you please post some when you get a chance?

Happy - Have the hordes of rude tourists left? Are they mostly there weekends and holidays or all week long?

Much love to all,

07-09-2014, 02:41 PM
Hi ladies,

Very sorry I haven't posted in a while. Thanks for the nudge Shad. Something odd is going on with my internet service - not sure if it's the firewall or the internet provider but I am starting to "hang" more than I ever did and pages don't respond. Last time DH tried to tweek this he knocked out our internet for a day and a half.

Monday was the usual get up at the crack of dawn and get to yoga. She made us do hard things for a long time :faint: :^: One of the poses she had us fold a blanket into a roll - think like a blanket type of Styrofoam pool noodle and had us lay on it with the blanket aligning our spine to open us up. As I was laying there, I got a sudden rush of sinus congestion. Finished my set, drove home, hit the farmer's market and we were supposed to go meet a friend for pizza but they called and said the pizza place was closed on Monday so we rescheduled. I did some things around the house. Tuesday I woke up and as I turned to get out of bed I was hit with a horrible bout of vertigo. The room was spinning so badly that I was highly nauseated and got sick. I could not stand without wobbling. I now realize that some of the yoga moves seem to upset the positional vertigo and even though the physical therapist said the sinus has nothing to do with the vertigo, it seems like I get a sinus problem as a precursor to a vertigo episode. I was supposed to work my shift at the thrift shop - called in sick and also much to my reluctance, had to reschedule my dentist appointment - tooth is still very sensitive. Holding my head slightly tilted up for the dentist to work on it, just aggravates the vertigo and I could not risk being nauseated. Each episode seems to be worse than the last. I had DH help me with the "reset" procedure and I went back to sleep until the nausea passed. Felt better when I woke up and got a call from one of the volunteers that I had forgotten I was supposed to meet to help out with our tag day collection drive (also known as Beggar's Day ;) ) next month. Time to get ready for that. I drove over to the shop as it was important to meet with her. I'm glad I looked sick as several people commented on it. Did the reset procedure again in the evening and only had mild problems this morning when I looked down at the ground. I spent yesterday evening with some thrift shop stuff. I was going to help DH with the lawn today but that won't work if I can't look down. :( So instead I will focus on things around the house.

Michelle - I hope they find the source of your dizziness. That is no fun, especially if it compromised your exercise. The meeting with the Surgery Support group sounds like an excellent venture. Good to get opinions from real people who have gone through this and may share the same struggles or concerns that you have. I wonder if any of them have had problems with "head games" after surgery - especially when it comes to missing favorite foods or do you just hedge on the fact that you are not hungry so therefore things are not tempting? As to your question about the tourists - we have a steady stream until mid September. The locals just do their best to work around them :lol:

Terra - one thing I like about the WATP videos is that with the 1, 2 and 3 mile ones - you can fit in a workout to as short or as long as you have time for. Your quilt sounds like it will be pretty.

Laura - glad you enjoyed the movie Jersey Boys. I heard that some of the people in the movie were actually people who did the stage version. I'm sure acting on film is a bit different than a stage production so that might have shown in the film. Interesting point too that Clint Eastwood may have taken a different tact on the story line. :chin:

Shad - oh my S is such a gorgeous little girl!!! And I can see from the pictures that she does not suffer for a lack of toys :lol: - just like most kids. I think the locket is a wonderful idea - something precious that won't get tossed aside after 5 minutes. Glad you had a decent trip with the rellies. You have that right about good news not selling newspapers. We have our priorities all wrong - sad thing. That's why I bury myself in the cooking channel news :rofl: New ways to make healthy things. :chef: Is this your last week at work?

Susie - glad you had a wonderful time at the concert. I love being a part of the excitement. Rick looks amazing - wonder how he managed to avoid the softening that comes with age? He must shave his chest too as I don't know of ANY post 40 year old man who doesn't have gobs of steel wool chest hair :rofl: :eek: :yikes: I really had to laugh at your turn of a phrase - creative writing - to describe your performance review. For a moment I actually thought you were taking a writing class :rofl:

Ceejay - I'm glad they didn't find any polyps and thank goodness that is all over. I can never remember the difference between osis and itis - my sister said one is the disease and one is the condition - something like osis is the disease and when the pockets get inflamed because of the disease, the flare up is the itis. :dizzy: too hard for me to remember. I also heard that they were encouraging people to eat more roughage but that was because people tended to go too much the opposite way and eat little to no fiber which made the disease even worse. I guess you need a good bout of fiber to keep the insides scrubbed up properly. I tried to explain this to Mom but she said the inflammation pain is so bad, like Susie's husband - once you have it you're not going to chance eating something to cause a flare up again. So do what is right for you.

Hi Annie - :wave: Hope you are keeping your mind on pleasant things and keeping busy.

I should find me some lunch and get moving. Interrupted this to make DH some lunch. Should have eaten something myself. I did put a pot roast and potatoes on to slow cook. It smells absolutely delicious but won't be ready for hours yet.

Have a good day all, I will try to be more diligent. :^:

07-09-2014, 05:28 PM
I went to the doc. She doesn't know why I'm having vertigo. I didn't have a fever, my blood pressure was low, and my ears, sinuses and throat all looked good. She gave me some "head turning" exercises to do that usually reset the inner ear. She also told me to get some Dramamine in case it gets worse. She said that it would be fine if I do my usual exercise (water aerobics and stationary bike), just be careful with things like no treadmill or elliptical in case the room starts spinning. Also no yoga (due to bending over) until the symptoms subside. So my plan is to do water aerobics tonight. :D

The best news from the visit is I'm down 2.8 more lbs! Not bad considering I haven't exercised since Sunday and my eating hasn't been pristine (D**n sugar addiction).

Happy - I'm curious as to what your "vertigo reset" exercises are. The support group meeting was really good. It is helpful to hear from people who have been through it. And I'm so grateful to our dear Annie and another friend of mine for being willing to answer my questions. It seems that the "head stuff" (emotional eating, eating out of boredom, craving for carbs, justifying that one little piece won't hurt)...all that stuff, happens to most patients. As my niece who is a bariatric dietitian says, Weight Loss Surgery is not a cure-all. It's just a tool. It won't keep you from emotional eating. My surgeon explained that all he does is shrink your stomach...nothing changes with the "head stuff" until the patient deals with that.

Some patients rely on "dumping" to keep them from eating high sugar or high fat foods (which honestly is what I'm hoping for), but then again not everyone "dumps". Also different foods agree (or disagree) with different people. Everyone is different so there are no set rules, just guidelines on what to eat, how to eat and beyond that, it's trial and error what each patient can tolerate. At last night's meeting, the members were discussing protein drinks. And most of them commented how some things that were delicious prior to surgery were just disgusting (either in smell or taste) after surgery). No one knows why that changes. It just does in some people.

Also, from all I've read and heard from people, the key "weight loss period" after surgery is the first 12-24 months when the surgery actually inhibits the release of the hormone that makes you hungry. All the post-op patients I've talked to say take advantage of this timeframe to lose the most weight possible, because those hunger hormones come back. And patients who are not careful with their portions do occasionally stretch their stomach pouches.

So that's it. Weight loss surgery is a tool that can help a person eat less and lose weight, but patients that don't commit to a lifestyle of portion-controlled healthy eating and exercise aren't going to have as much success as those that do make the commitment to themselves. My surgeon said that if I didn't try very hard, I'd probably lose about 50 lbs after surgery, but if I did make the commitment and stick to it, I could lose up to 100 lbs. :D

Sorry for being so long winded.

07-09-2014, 11:06 PM
Last 1.5 days.
1.5 days to freedom.
It's not been all bad here but it really is time to move on. Some of the ladies and I went out to lunch today to the Crab Shack. As the name implies, lots of crab stuff on the menu but there was other stuff as well. I had crab and prawn cakes with a rocket and manchego salad which was nice. Wasn't overimpressed with the cippolini and caper mayo but it was okay. Wash it down with a glass of craft beer. Yum. Good conversation and a barrel of laughs.

Happy - good to see you back again. Must have been rotten with that vertigo. Of course your sinus are linked to it. ENT - Ears, nose and throat. Always linked.

Michelle - sounds like you and Happy ought to get it together to confer over.
Congratulations on the weight loss. That is good news.

Laura - Jersey boys movie sounded like it might be good. If I remember, I will look out for it here.

Susie - Didn't realise that Rick Springfield was an Australian. Same age as me too. Wickety Wak was a good band. I had to look it up though.

Ceejay - glad everything went well and looked okay for you. Now you just have to stick to the diet.

More cleaning and packing tonight. It's all coming together okay. Just hope I can put everything in the 2 suitcases I have. Don't really want to buy another one and will I actually get a third one on a plane anyway. It's a hard life - packing and unpacking.
The washing machine in the unit seems to be on the blink and is not doing its thing properly. Sent a message to the apartment owner this morning so hope that can get done shortly. I would like to take clean clothes home with me if I can.

Now I should (since I have a bit of time) go and work out where I want to go for my South Island tour. Can't go anywhere near Queenstown because that will be jam packed for the skiing season. Hopefully I will be able to find some out of the way accommodation and the skies will be clear and the days sunny.

So I will go dig out some maps from Google and see where I want to be.

07-10-2014, 03:16 AM
Michelle - I suggest you try and find a physical therapist who treats benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or BPPV. I actually was seeing a therapist for my knee and asked him about this when one of the thrift shop volunteers mentioned this to me. He did his doctorate on it. I then switched therapists and my other guy specialized in older patients - this often occurs in older people. Both guys were happy to send a request to my primary care physician to get an approval for treatment. I suffered from vertigo for several years and the regular doctors - like yours - examined me and then blew me off saying you can get vertigo from a number of things and it's hard to treat. Then one day I was talking to one of the volunteers and she told me how the physical therapist we were both seeing cured her of her vertigo. It was something that happened to me more frequently in the winter and lasted for months on end and I thought I had to deal with it. The PT will examine you to rule out any possible neurological reasons for the dizziness. Then they perform something called and Epley Procedure - or a variation of it to see how the patient responds. They watch your eyes while they are doing the procedure - if you have BPPV, your eyes will roll around, particularly if you are hit with a very dizzy episode when they move you. One therapist said he can actually tell the location of the crystals in the inner ear by the way your eyes respond. The procedure is far more effective if the therapist does it. And you want to make sure they show you the proper way to do it so that you don't injure your neck. It's worth checking into although right now you might be tired of seeing doctors. I was very frustrated that the doctor in Tennessee just poo poo'd me - but then again, I realized after the fact that she was not a very good doctor after all. My doctor here in WI knew exactly about BPPV. I think each therapist does the procedure a little differently - I saw this on YouTube and its a bit different than what I was told to do. Good luck - I hope you get some relief as this is very annoying! I can see why the doc might have said no yoga, but actually - both times I had problems from yoga I was lying flat on my back and it was when I got up from a prone position that I got all dizzy. Congratulations on the weight loss for the week! Sounds like you kicked your metabolism into gear - or the power of positive thinking ;) thanks for all the info on the surgery - I don't think you are long winded at all and I am curious myself and appreciate you sharing information.

Welcome back Shad - sorry to hear that you have a cold. Is that from travelling and being with sniffly people? Or will you leave a parting gift as you leave the office this week? :lol: I hope you can travel and air travel won't aggravate your head. I don't envy you having to live from suitcases - do you have the weight restrictions that we do here? They charge up the whazootie for bringing suitcases and charge horrendous overcharges if the case is over 50 pounds. But then again, if they didn't people would try to board with steamer trunks. I hope the washer gets fixed before you have to leave. It is nicer to travel with clean clothes. Crab lunch sounded nice. I just bought some sheeps milk manchego cheese at the farmer's market this week. The guy said it is popular in Mexican dishes. I was asking him what you use it for. Is rocket arrugala? DH likes it, I find it a bit too peppery for my tastes. Did they just add crumbled bits of the manchego cheese in the salad? I am in love with the pecorino at the moment. A nice balance for the greens, some fresh fruit and a nice light vinaigrette. Stop - I am making myself hungry and it's time to go to bed.

Catch you guys in the morning. Good night all.

07-10-2014, 11:14 AM
Morning all.

Michelle - Sorry to hear about the continued dizziness. :( I sure hope it isn’t the BPV that Happy suffers from. I’m glad the doc gave you the clear to do some exercise. Congrats on your weight loss!! I’m sure the support group is enlightening and helpful as to what to expect. Re the export to excel – no, it definitely wasn’t the amount of data…just goofiness. I could swear all 4 of the report names were more than 30 characters in length (which supposedly causes the wonkiness), but there was just the one that gave me that problem. Whatevah. Eeew re the Eddie Money beer gut. You’re right – no one wants to see that!!

Happy – Sorry the yoga/sinus congestion combo brought on the bout of vertigo. :( How awful to go through that for any length of time! And you had to reschedule your dental appointment! :( I hope it’s all passed now and you’re feeling 100%. How was the pot roast?? Sounds wonderful. :hun:

Shad – Down to 1 day now!!! That was a long assignment – it’ll be great for you to have a nice break now. :carrot: I hope the packing works out and you achieve your two suitcase goal. Sounds like your crab lunch was fun and tasty – I love crab cakes!!! :hun:

Hi Terra! :running:

Hellos to Ceejay, Susie, & Annie. :wave:
Nothing much to report. I’ve been eating horribly the past several days and I know I will pay the price at the WW scale today. Bleh. I have to get back on track, and I have to get exercising. I will do SOMETHING tonight. :yes:

07-10-2014, 11:17 AM
Here is a pic of Samantha's family and baby Royce taken last month.

Shaddie....your wee one is just gorgeous.

Chelle...hope you are feeling a little less dizzy....

Post more in a minute.

07-10-2014, 11:28 AM
Awww, great pics Annie. Thanks for posting them.

07-10-2014, 11:40 AM
Laura...sometimes the season of the year gets me off track or if it has been more than a week of being good. I just don't do long term on weightloss much. Good luck at WW.

Happy...I have been volunteering at the women's shelter once a week serving meals. Not much to connect with job wise, but it sure makes me feel blessed. I have also figured out on the job search that there are 5 million people applying for one position.

Terra...I have WATP dvds but have not even broken the plastic on the case. lol. Good for you on walking Rick Springfield. You lucky duck!

Shaddie...hope you are feeling better today!

CEEG...glad your procedure went well with no polyps...YEAH!

Nuttin much here, did have a phone interview yesterday that went well, however he did say there are many people applying for the position. It will be two weeks before they get back to me due to vacations. He did say before we hung up that he was sure to be talking to me again. Not getting excited about it, as I am over all of the crap.

May ask the kids to come over this evening for a cookout. Just to keep me busy.

Everyone make it a great day!

love and hugs

07-10-2014, 12:22 PM
Good morning ladies,

Well, the head moving exercises my doctor told me to do seem to have cleared up the dizziness. I did them a couple times at work yesterday afternoon, and I felt much better afterward. No dizziness this morning, just woke with a headache. I've been trying to not take any aspirin or advil (because after surgery I'll only be able to take Tylenol and other meds that aren't harsh on the stomach), but this morning I just had to take an Excedrin migraine. Hopefully it will kick in soon so I can get on with my day.

I'm planning to go to another support group tonight. I learned about it last night at the water aerobics class. Just before class as I was getting in the pool, I got to talking with a woman. She mentioned she'd had surgery 5 weeks ago, but I didn't press for information. Then she mentioned it was gastric bypass surgery. She seemed to want to tell me all about it, and I was eager to listen. We chatted during the entire class, so I got a great workout and lots of good information. It was amazing serendipity that I happened to meet and start up a conversation with a woman who just happened to have had recent bypass surgery.


Shad - Sounds like a lovely lunch with your co-workers. When do you leave for the south island? I hope the apartment owner gets the washing machine fixed soon. And I hope you get over your cold quickly so it doesn't spoil your travels. I'm not a big fan of fish, but I do enjoy crab cakes. I love shrimp too...just never had them in the crab cakes. Sounds delicious though.

Happy - Wow, that's awful you've had vertigo for so long. Thanks for the suggestion about finding a PT who treats BPPV. My doctor gave me a print out of the Epley Procedure...but I tried the basic head moving exercises first, and it seems to have helped. Hopefully the crystals will stay in their proper place. I hope you're doing better with the vertigo and sinuses today. :hug:

Laura - I was VERY relieved that my doc gave me the okay to do some exercise. She was aware that I had gone through the orientations for both the Opti-Fast program and the weight loss surgery. She's pleased that I chose weight loss surgery and am moving forward with losing the initial pre-surgery weight. She is convinved that my health will greatly improve with weight loss. Going to the support groups is really helpful. I can see why so many bariatric programs require attendance. I've learned lots from the people who recently had the surgery, and I get inspiration and affirmation from people who had surgery years ago (thanks Annie). Good luck at the weigh in. Just view the number as feedback...and get back on track. I find what gets me off track the most is my addiction to sugar, and I'm really trying to fight that because once I give in...I just keep on craving it. I was talking to my friend B yesterday about my addiction to sugar and mentioned that I can't have sugar for at least awhile after surgery and some bariatric patients have to go off sugar for the rest of their lives. He was shocked. "Nothing with sugar? Not even a small candy?" I replied a sugar free candy maybe. He said, "Not even ice cream?" I said probably not...unless I find a sugar-free, fat-free ice cream that won't make me dump. I am a sugar addict, and I actually hope that it doesn't agree with me after the surgery. Are you going to the gym tonight, or do a Body Electric workout? Are you biking to and from the train station now that summer is here?

Annie - Thanks again for all your help, advice and info. :hug: I'm so glad you posted the photos! What a lovely family photo! Sam looks so happy, and the boys and Ainsley are adorable! I love Royce's smile in the other picture. I hope you're spending lots of time with the boys because they grow up so fast. :hug: I'm so proud of you for volunteering at the women's shelter. There may be 5 million people applying for one position, but you will be hired for the right position. In the meantime, enjoy your children and grandchildren, cherish every moment with them, and continue helping out your community. Your phone interview sounds like it went well since he was sure to be talking to you again. I hope the kids come by for the cookout...sounds like really great quality family time. :hug:

Hi to Susie and Terra!

Much love and many hugs to all,

07-10-2014, 01:45 PM
Morning all,

A bright and sunny day out there. It was so chilly last night that I was freezing in bed - 2 light blankets and when I got up for a potty run, I grabbed a heavier blanket. One should not have 3 blankets on the bed in July! It's nice days - in the 70's / low 80's (F) perfect for anything except swimming although nothing seems to deter the kids. The nights are quite chilly tho - it's gotten to the upper 40's several nights. Good sleeping weather. I wish I had found some more mature sugar snap pea plants - they would have done well in this weather. DH said the cucumbers he planted are doing nicely. I am avoiding the garden - there is a lot of weeding of the unused bed to be done :o

We are going to see some friends for pizza today. Her DH is an avid shooter / hunter so the boys will be doing some target practice and DH is looking forward to that. J has embraced the country life - she has a huge garden, cans a lot (perhaps I can learn some things) and she has chickens :chicken::chicken::chicken::chicken::chicken: - she said she'd give me one or two if I wanted but I said no. We have enough critters to support as it is now. And we also have enough predators that I'd be devastated if something got at the flock.

I thought the dizziness was at bay but today when I looked down to put my feet in slippers I got dizzy and when I put the folded blankets back in the closet on the floor I got so dizzy I had to grab the door. Prior to this it was a side to side motion that got to me, today it's up and down motions. The vertigo was so bad it brought on another wave of nausea. I did my Epley and will try and keep my head straight for the next 2 days. Like you Michelle I also have a headache.

Glad you are feeling better Michelle and that the head exercises seem to have helped. Ugh on Tylenol only post surgery. Tylenol never did a thing to me for pain relief. How nice that you were able to get some information from the lady in your class about surgery. Big changes in your life post surgery. I have to say, I am not sure I could deal with giving up sugar to the extent that you have to. I have lessened my sweet tooth but swung the other way wanting savory. And it's very true about the whole "sugar begets more sugar" compulsion. I honestly don't know if I could live on a strict regiment for the rest of my life. I guess it's like they say - you have to get your mind in the place where you are willing to do what you need to in order to make changes going forward. I'm glad that you are asking lots of questions, doing research and preparing yourself ahead of time. :hug:

Annie - what an adorable family picture!! Thanks for sharing. Good for you volunteering at the shelter. It does give one some perspective. Sorry the job struggle is so hard on you. I see an article online that jobless claims are at the lowest they have been in 7 years. I think it's more people have run out of unemployment. I just don't see the jobs happening. Even up this way although our work is seasonal - cleaning cabins, waiting tables, etc. All for minimum wage or lower and you can expect to get cut when the tourists leave. Very frustrating. Keep your spirits up and like they said - enjoy those little grandbabies while you have time now, especially over the summer when you can run and play in the sprinkler :rofl:

Laura - they screwed up Excel when they came out with the 2010 version and it's never worked properly since. :rolleyes: The pot roast came out ok, it took over 6 hours to pan simmer - I should have put it in the crock pot. DH said he liked it - I thought it could have benefited from a mushroom gravy (which DH HATES :p :p :p ) Hope you can find the motivation to get back on track again. It's always tough to get going once you've derailed but it only takes a day or two to get back in the groove again.

Maybe we need to move the compound to New England where we can go crabbing in the morning and have fresh fish cakes for lunch! Yum - I'm in for that :hungry: Speaking of which I have a container of crab in the fridge I need to use up - that's too pricy to let spoil and crabcakes are rather easy to make.

Hello to the rest of the chicks - the buzzer just went off on the dry - better go fold before everything gets wrinkled. Have a good day all.

07-10-2014, 01:59 PM
Happy - The past couple nights it's been getting down to the low 50s, excellent sleeping weather! Glad to hear your cukes are doing nicely. Raising chickens is very popular here, even in the city of San Jose. We have neighbors down the road who raise chickens. I can hear them clucking as I walk Santa. And my good friends who also live downtown have 6 chickens. When one of the baby chicks turned out to be a rooster, they had to give it to a rescue organization who relocated it to a farm in a rural community to the south. Roosters (and their crowing) is NOT allowed in the city limits. I hope you have fun with your friend. I hope your vertigo and your headache ease up quickly. Tylenol doesn't help my pain relief either. I'm also allowed Vicodin and other pain meds, along with muscle relaxers,...just no NSAIDs due to how rough they can be on the stomach. I wish my sweet tooth would switch to savory. I heard that about the unemployment reaching a 7 year low. Thankfully, the economy and the job market here are improving. Hopefully these improvements will make their way east soon. My favorite recipe for pot roast is to put the roast and veggies in the crock pot with a package of McCormick crock pot pot roast seasoning and a package of Lipton Beefy Onion Soup mix and 1.5 cups of water. Lots of sodium, but the roast always comes out so delicious, flavorful and tender.

07-10-2014, 06:57 PM
Morning all,
Last day, last day, last day. No more alarm clocks for a while, but what is the betting that I wake up early anyway?

I have a rotten headcold. You know the one - I hab a gold in my dose! And it is very annoying. I might have picked it up in Aus as those 3 have had colds and flu and seem to be re-infecting each other. Little Miss S got bronchitis for her birthday!

Happy - there are always weight restrictions on travel. Some airlines offer seat only (with carryon) for a cheaper fare. Some give you a seat price and add extra for baggage but whichever way you go, you can't take on more than 23KG (about your 50lb mark) unless like me you are in Gold Class frequent flyers when you can take as many suitcases as you like, but you pay for every kg over 32kg. I may come close to my quota going home. Of course if you are flying overseas, it doesn't pay to go in that direction - a: because you are carrying them yourself, and b: because other countries have different rules.

Michelle - keep going on the sugar. Hard at first, but eventually if you don't give in, then it will happen. You have to want it enough to do it.

Annie - lovely pictures. Glad you made it back.

Laura - hope you got the exercise in last night. My eating is a bit weird at the moment, but my excuse is the lack of stuff in the cupboards. It will get back on track again.

Okay better go look for something to do, someone to annoy, some one to chat to. Catch you all later.

07-10-2014, 10:13 PM
There was a knock at the door this afternoon and it was the land lord. He said he got the message about me needing some things. He took measurements for the floor and told me he would replace the fridge and stove. I'm in shock. He said I'd lived here long enough to get some thing new. He's going to try to get to it next week. I will not know how to act.
I've really enjoyed my time off this week.
Finally got outside and got the bushes trimmed and shaped. They were out of control.

Thanks for the pictures. You have a beautiful family. And it's not a bad idea to volunteer. Keeps you busy.

Ouch on the vertigo. Hope you feel better soon. From what my regular doctor told me this morning the "osis" is the disease. And it's normal for people my age to get this. Yep sticking to the diet is going to be the main thing to keep this under control.

I'm impressed that you are taking the initiative to find out all the information you can and going to the support meetings is a informative thing to do. Congrats on the pounds lost.

I'm jealous of you getting to see Bruce Springstein. I like all his songs.

So you are finished with this job. I don't envy you packing. Sorry you have a cold. Feel better soon.

I do my book work in Excel but don't have to transport anything. Glad you solved the problem.

How much of your quilt do you have completed?

07-11-2014, 11:29 AM
CJ ~ Sadly not that much, I have 6 t-shirts Im gonna sew for the quilt and I have only sewed two of them so I have a feeling its gonna be a slow progress but Im sure it will turn out great when its all done

07-11-2014, 11:47 AM
Quick check in for me....The support group meeting last night was interesting. I keep learning more and more. :D D is having cataract surgery on his other eye today. The last one went so well, I hope this one does also.

Shad - I really hope you feel better soon. Traveling with a cold is miserable.

Terra - You're already 1/3 of the way on your quilt. I'd say you're doing well.

Ceejay - Glad you enjoyed your time off. Nice of your landlord to finally replace your frig and stove. :D

A big :wave: to Happy, Laura, Annie and Susie!

Much love to all,

07-11-2014, 01:06 PM
Morning all. Happy Friday. :sunny:

Annie – Nice you’re volunteering at a shelter – there are a lot of people out there that are in dire circumstances and really need the help. LOL, give those WATP dvds a try sister!! :running: Saw on fb you had the family over for a cookout – nice.

Michelle – Glad you’re feeling better. Interesting coincidence re meeting someone who’s had gastric bypass surgery in your aqua aerobics class. The more you learn the better prepared you'll be!! Re sugar – that's certainly one of my huge issues – I just love it all. I do agree that when I try to avoid sweets, after a while it becomes easier. But right now it’s a habit of mine ranging from just needing a little something sweet after dinner to out-and-out sugar overload. I’m not one to ban myself from foods, but it would be ideal for me to treat sugary treats as an infrequent indulgence. Okay, you’ve mentioned dumping a couple times now, but I’m not even gonna look it up, LOL. Last night I ended up not doing any exercise (more on that later). I've been riding my bike to and from the train station since spring. It’s a very short trip, but I like it better than walking because it’s quicker and cooler. Good luck to D with his cataract surgery today.

Happy – Love cool nights – so good for sleeping. I usually end up wearing socks to bed – my feet have a tendency to get cold. No biggie re weeds in the unused garden bed…but you should just cover it with weed cloth and be done with it. How was the pizza with friends? Re the pot roast – yeh, mushroom gravy would have been delicious. I remember when I was a kid, I hated mushrooms. And the reason why is that my sole exposure to mushrooms during my early years was that disgusting condensed cream of mushroom soup. If mushrooms were those tiny slimey bits found in the soup, forget it. Only when I finally ate fresh mushrooms did I realize they were tasty. :D

Shad – Whoohoo – all done with this assignment. On to a nice break in the south island. Yes, I’m sure you’ll be waking up early for a while – your body clock is set. :D I hope you’re feeling better soon – being sick with a cold is not a good way to start a vacation.

Ceejay – New appliances – nice!!! How long have you lived where you live? I think your landlord definitely owes you for when you mow the lawn and trim the bushes!! (Or is that part of your duties as a tenant?)

Terra – Are you sewing your quilt by hand? I’m not skilled at hand stitching at all, but I manage to repair hems and sew on buttons. I use a sewing machine for some simple projects. I’m looking forward to seeing a photo of your quilt when it’s done. :)

Hi Susie! :wave:

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. :)
I didn’t exercise last night. Partially because I forgot. Partially because we were dealing with a plumbing issue.

Our kitchen sink has been draining slower and slower for a while now. Bf used an auger/snake on it a few weeks ago and it didn’t do anything to improve it, but he said he might not have gone far enough with it, so he said he’d do it again. But he hadn’t gotten around to it yet... Yesterday the drain totally stopped. I tried to plunge it, but it didn’t work. Bf used the snake again and went as far as the 25 feet of snake would allow (he’s got one that he attaches to a power drill). Well, it got really difficult and we thought the snake might have just gotten hung up on itself in the pipe. Finally bf managed to work the snake back out again, bringing with it the cause for why it was so hard to maneuver – a bunch of disgusting stringy debris wrapped around it. Ick! We figured this probably cleared the blockage, but we're wondering where the stringy stuff came from. I'm puzzled - the snake is 25 feet long, but surely that's not long enough to get to a sewer pipe outdoors that might have roots growing into what was that??? :?:

Our relief that the problem was resolved was short-lived, however. When bf was putting the pipe back together under the sink, he over-torqued with the pipe wrench and actually broke a section of PVC pipe!! And it was in the worst possible spot too, so he’s going to have to basically reconfigure nearly all the plumbing under the kitchen sink since a lot of the stuff is glued together. Aaargh. I’m fortunate he can do this kind of work and save us a lot of money, but getting to the finish line isn’t painless…it would be nice if he could get it done before I get home, lol. And I sure hope that if he runs into problems beyond his capabilities he calls a plumber right away. I don't want to be going into Monday with this problem. Fingers crossed! :crossed:

Tomorrow I will be going to Jazzercise class in the morning. It will be good to get back there. In the afternoon we have a graduation party for the daughter of bf's friend, and then a 50th bday party for the husband of a HS friend. We need to get out and buy gifts - maybe tonight??

It's supposed to be a rainy weekend...too bad, the parties will likely be indoors.

Nothing planned for Sunday. Maybe a yoga class at the gym?

07-11-2014, 01:12 PM
Morning ladies,

Happy Friday to you.

Had a nice day yesterday. Went over to a new friend's house. She has 110 acres - lots of open land. Now THAT's what you make ATV trails from. :lol: The 2 DHs went riding and then did some shooting. She gave me a tour of the house and we sat and chatted. They have a very interesting layout. A small house - 2 bedrooms which they are in the process of remodeling. But the interesting thing is that they have a lot of "out" buildings on their property - separate small spaces. They have a hot tub enclosure, she has a wonderful office space that she uses for her jewelry making and furniture refinishing, he has a separate "man cave" with a weight room and gym. They also have a bunk house with guest beds, 2 garages and a big utility barn for the toys and tools. It's the perfect set up for retirees - you can be together or be by yourself. And with having the extra space cut up into different buildings, you save on heating and cooling as you are only conditioning to spaces you are actively using. Only thing is that they are a 40 minute ride from town which isn't bad now but when gasoline goes over 4 bucks a gallon and the bitter winter snows blow through, being closer to town like we are is a definite benefit. We went for pizza for dinner - it was really good. Definitely we will go back.

Today is rather gloomy - storms are predicted later. And the polar vortex is coming to town. Next Monday our temperatures will struggle to get to 60 degrees. They were right about their earlier predictions, it has been a chilly summer for us. Pleasant but chilly if you are doing water activities. Speaking of which, we have a pontoon boat rental coupon I purchased that we have to use up before I leave in August. You have to make reservations ahead of time and that's a tricky thing because the weather is so finicky - oftentimes they aren't even correct on the daily forecast. :dizzy:

Thank goodness my vertigo is not bothering me much today - and I also noticed that the headache and sinus stuffiness I had before have diminished also. Crazy.

Michelle - hope all goes well for D's eye surgery today. :crossed: Thanks for the recommendation on the pot roast. That is how I am used to making it also - was trying to eliminate some of the sodium in the packaged mix by using fresh onions and jarred seasoning but I guess I did myself no favors by using the beef stock concentrate! (I still think I needed the mushrooms no matter how loud DH protests :rofl: ) That's so interesting that they allow chickens in the city limits. That was a big no no in Tennessee and I don't think Chicago allows it either. I would love the fresh eggs but could never bring myself to kill the chicken and eat it :yikes:

Terra - it's ok that you are taking your time on the quilt - just get it done in time for the cold weather when you'll need it :lol:

Ceejay - how nice that you are finally getting some new appliances! About time, you have been a long term renter forever, haven't you? It's nice that the landlord seems to care about his building - many do not.

Shad - hope the head is feeling a bit better today. Pity that S is prone to bronchitis at such an early age - she will no doubt suffer with it for most of her life. Are you dancing your way out of the office today? :dance: What's done is done and what ain't is someone else's problem :lol3:

Hello Laura, Annie, Susie :wave:

I guess I should pop a quick lunch in my tummy and get ready for my afternoon shift at the shop. Have a good weekend ladies.

07-11-2014, 01:27 PM
Hi Laura,

I see we were typing over each other again. Sorry to hear about your plumbing woes. When we remodeled our kitchen in AH, they removed the sink and cabinet and the pipe at the wall leading downwards to the main sewer line was about 80 percent closed with yucky sludge. We would have eventually had problems too. No stringy stuff tho - hair from the former homeowner? Corn silk from corn on the cob? :shrug: Whatever it was, it sure wasn't something that would eventually rot. DH said depending on the plumbing configuration at the house -there's at least 17 feet of pipe before you get to the main drain so doubtful that was tree roots. I hope BF doesn't have too hard a time getting things back together again. DH has busted a pipe like that and I just ran and hid under the bed until the cussing was over. :yikes: :running:

Laughed at your mention of cream of mushroom soup. Still one of my favorites. But yes, even though I like mushrooms, I don't like the slimy canned ones - although I still eat the soup. I always feel cheated when a pizza place uses those instead of chopping up a few fresh ones - I mean like really, it doesn't take a dozen mushrooms to be on a pizza. :rolleyes:

My cousin has a big graduation party planned tomorrow for her daughter. My sister said the forecast is for big storms so boo on it raining on all the party people this weekend. :( Hope you have fun anyway - as long as the food doesn't get wet!

07-11-2014, 06:22 PM
just lost my post.
I've got the box in the shed done and cut back an over grown bush.

I've been renting from this land lord for over 20 years. Finally am getting some things done. I'm mainly doing this for next year when I pull up roots.

07-12-2014, 11:24 AM
Morning all,

We are off shortly to go and rebuild the computer at the Thrift Shop. It's a wonky set up and is temperamental. Actually DH is rebuilding the machine, I will probably do some cleaning or tidying up - there's a lot that needs to be straightened on the shelves but we've been very busy and there hasn't been a lot of time to do anything other than working the sales desk.

Looks like it's going to be a nice weekend - DH and I should plan something for tomorrow. Maybe an ATV ride as we have not taken that out at all this year what with the mosquitoes. I also don't like to ride on summer weekends - there's a lot of seasonal people who don't pay attention to safety rules. We were out last year on a beautiful trail with barely enough room for 2 vehicles to pass each other in opposite directions. There are a lot of blind curves and we got ran off the trail twice by idiots barreling too fast in the middle of the trail. Weekend warriors. :rolleyes: They are even worse on the snowmobiles but I don't do those.

Ceejay - it's good to begin to make plans, even if you have some time to go before retirement. Makes it a little easier on the pocketbook and gives you time to wait for others to get things done if you need to wait on them.

Hope the rest of you have a good weekend. Catch up later :wave:

07-12-2014, 12:13 PM
Hi! Going back to work on Thursday and Friday just about killed me! I will be working some hours this weekend too. Good news is that my Director is on vacation next week so that will help with getting things to a manageable place.

The thing that really gets me backed up at work is the calendar support. When one meeting moves, it has a ripple effect. I deal with that for 2 people who have very busy calendars. I bet at least 80% of my day is calendar work and making it all come together..and then the next day, it moves again.

Looking over my work plan document (and they had some things they wanted changed, just to streamline it a bit) both managers said to me "We appreciate all your hard work and looking at your work plan and all you are doing we see why you have all the overtime" They also said they don't know what we can do about it as we can't hire anymore people, but we might have found a way. We don't think that when we have a co-op they count against our headcount numbers. I'm looking into this and if that is the case we might be able to get a co-op. They usually stay for a year and then graduate and then you get another one. Another Business Unit has two and so I'm talking with them all about this.

I had a 1 lb loss at TOPS on Thursday :D

Laura: While I'm having losses and gains, I keep losing the same 5-7 lbs so I need to get my head back on straight and not just try at this thing but DO!

I hope the plumbing issue is fixed. My DH won't even attempt things like that. He doesn't like to do that sort of work and that is why I have a "Contractor" sheet of people I use--it's costly sometimes but what other choice do I have?

I have also learned over the years that I do some maintenance up front. I will have my drains snaked at least once a year even if I don't have a plumbing issue just to be proactive. Things will always build up in the pipes. So I do this and because I'm not having to call a plumber in an emergency they will give me a break on the fee. I've been doing this sort of thing all 26 years of my marriage to DH.

I have also learned that because I do some of this maintenance type of thing that when I do have a issue, I am given priority for the call and can usually get someone here that day to work on it.

Michelle: I hope you can get the vertigo taken care of. Thanks for sharing all you are learning about the weight-loss surgery. I will be interested to hear what you learn about how to deal with the emotional eating issue. That is for sure my problem. I feel that it is a shame that this isn't looked at more and supported by insurance. It is a "mental" issue and should be addressed as serious as others are.

Congratulations on the loss you had!

Shad: I hope your cold gets better soon. At least you have some down time to rest.

Annie: What a beautiful family you have! I am also very proud of you for your volunteer work. To do that and realize that while your situation is not ideal there are others worse off than you and you are giving of yourself to help them. Bless you! :hug:

Happy: I feel so badly for you with this vertigo! I hope it goes away soon.

Hi Ceejay and Terra!

DH and I slept in today and he just said that brunch is ready (he made it and I paid bills) so I must go. Have a good day everyone and I will see you tomorrow!)

07-12-2014, 01:16 PM
Michelle ~ Thats cool, I didnt know how much of it I have done already not in measurements anyway

Laura ~ Oh heavens no Im not doing it by hand, Im using my sewing machine, It would take forever if I did it by hand.

Happy ~ Yeah thats true, It should be done before winter gets here

Susie ~ Hi, How are you doing today? How has your weekend been going?

I got up at 8:30 AM and I let Clyde outside and I took my pills and now Im eating breakfast, I have one more day to get my room cleaned so I will make sure I do it tonight before I do my work out dvd. I dont have any plans for today but just do my work out dvd twice today and get my room cleaned and maybe fold the towels before mom gets home at 2 pm or maybe I'll have Scott fold the towels, I dont know yet LOL. Anyway those are all of my plans for today.

07-12-2014, 08:14 PM
Morning all,
Been a busy weekend with packing and sorting and throwing etc. Just about got the clothes packed (would you believe the washer broke down on Thursday) but I think I might have to post a parcel of my shirts, blouses and tees over before I go. I suspect I won't be able to fit the remainder of my stuff in the two cases I have but I will check it out for the next couple of days. There is a lot of odd stuff left to pack and a few clothes to wash when the man fixes the machine on Monday.

My cold is getting better - still blocked up - but improving. Seems like I have infected the rest of the family from afar as well since my niece, her husband and baby have all had or have a cold and my sister is coming down with it too. Wonder who else I could infect if I put my mind to it.

Ceejay - Nice to get new stuff that you didn't have to pay for and you didn't expect.

Annie - nice pictures of the family. Bub is really growing up

Michelle - hope this vertigo gets a move along shortly. Not much fun. Lucky you should meet up with someone at the pool who has just had surgery like you are looking at. Congrats on the weight loss by the way.

Susie - Congrats to you on the weight loss as well. It's so hard to keep going and going and going only to find that for each pound off, it comes back from time to time. Good on the DH for cooking the meal.

Laura - back on the bike I see. I'm sure the calories burn just as well on the bike as walking. Sorry about the plumbing fiasco. It happens from time to time. I put a whole vanity unit in once before I realised I hadn't glued the pipes underneath. Swear, curse.

Happy - lucky DH knows about computers. The thrift shop is lucky to have you both. You do put in some hours there. The pups and kittens will appreciate it I'm sure. Seems like you have had a lousy summer and we have had a very mild winter. Although it seems to be making up for that this weekend. Raining again.

Bit more sorting to do now and then I think I might go have a nanna nap. My head is starting to ache again, I'm on my 2nd lemon drink of the day. Might go for cocoa next. Out of coffee. Got some tea left, got some lemons and a few other things I might just get through before I leave.

And I suppose I had better figure out where I am going and when as well. Otherwise I must just be sleeping under a bridge in the snow.

07-12-2014, 11:23 PM
I'm in my room at my uncles. Think they both have gone to bed.
Was late coming over today cause I looked at the clock wrong. But that's okay. I had lunch and got to visit.
Not much else going on.
Went through the box of Mom's stuff but it mainly consisted of my things but I did find some of our baby stuff. The baby dresses were deteriorated but there were 3 hand crocheted baby sweaters. I'm not sure who they belonged too but I'm keeping those. They are still in good shape. I found my baby picture mom had made when I was six months old. And the shoes I wore in that picture. The shoes have really deteriorated also but I kept them. And my baby quilt. And two hand crocheted shawls that mom made one pink and one white.

Glad to hear that your cold is getting better.

That's a smart thing to do for the plumbing. I try to do that also. I'm lucky that the sewer crew will come do that for me. Things seem to get stuck at the very end of the line that goes into the city part of the sewer.

You and DH are doing your fair share of the work for the Thrift store. They should be very pleased with DH for rebuilding the computer. How's your vertigo?

I love to hear about all the things you are learning for the surgery.

Hello to the rest. It's my bed time.

07-13-2014, 06:43 PM
It's been a busier Sunday than I like for Sunday's to be. We did some cleaning yesterday but didn't get it all done and I only did one load of laundry yesterday so today has been finishing all that.

I'm sorry to say that I'm about to put in a couple of hours finishing a powerpoint presentation that is needed for a meeting on Tuesday afternoon. Thank goodness DH likes to go to the grocery.

We did have fun yesterday going to the mall and out to eat Cheese Cake Factory. I bought a Fitbit! I have been wanting one for a long time and I have been saving some of my OT towards it. I decided to not get it right away but to work and save for it and make sure I really, really wanted it. I did and I have it. I'm trying to learn to use it and pairing it with MyFitness Pal. I also had some JC Penny reward points and so I bought a couple pair of sandals to put back for next year. You know that you always need black and brown sandals every year! DH picked up a couple pair of dressier shorts and 3 new polo type shirts. We did well on all our purchases. I'm a "saver" or at least a bargain hunter. ;)

Happy: Did the computer at the Thrift Shop get fixed?

Ceejay: Isn't it fun to find things from your childhood?

Terra: I see you are making good use of your WATP DVD....good for you! Did you have Scott fold the towels? I think it was a good idea! lol

Shad: I hope the washer gets fixed and I'm glad to hear that your cold is a bit better. Good idea to make use of those lemons especially with your cold.

Hi Annie, Laura and Michelle.

Ok..need to get this powerpoint done. I will have completely made up the time I took for vacation days this week...oh well, it's a good thing to save them back I guess. Maybe I'll have a lot of days to take off at Christmas time.

See you all tomorrow.

07-13-2014, 09:42 PM
Been back home for awhile. I have the hallway cleared but still need do some more things. I just don't have the gusto to do it. I'm going to do one more thing and call it quits. If they come tomorrow they will have to move some things around to suit themselves. And I'll deal with it. I really don't know where else to put things. Think I'm going to ask around at work to see if anyone needs a chest of drawers and a chair. I'll give them away if they will take it off my hands.

Hope every one is having a good week end.

07-14-2014, 11:02 AM
Susie ~ Yeah Im making good use of my WATP's dvd, No, I went ahead and folded the towels myself, I had nothing else to do so it was okay.

I got up at 7:00 AM and like always I let Clyde outside, Gave him fresh food and took my pills and now Im eating breakfast, My only plans for today is to do my work out dvd after breakfast and again later on tonight and I might do some sewing tonight as well and those are all of my plans for today.

07-14-2014, 12:17 PM
Morning all.

My weekend was pretty good. I went to my Jazzercise class Saturday morning. It was tough after missing at least 2 Saturdays of it, but in a strange way it’s good to feel soreness in the day or two after a workout – at least I know I still have some muscle under the flab, LOL. It was pouring rain when I left class, but had stopped by the time I got back home. It came down so quickly, I took a detour home to avoid an underpass that’s notorious for getting flooded.

By the time of the graduation party, the weather was breezy and partly cloudy, so it was rather pleasant until the wind died and the bugs began to pester us. We went on to the birthday party after that, but it was muggy out, so after sitting outside for a while (and two games of baggo), we went indoors to escape the humidity and bugs. I thought the birthday party would be a small-ish gathering, but nope. Tons of my friend’s family were there, which is sort of funny because it was her husband’s birthday, not hers, LOL. In fact he has a very small family. Oh well, it was crowded and noisy – c’est la vie. What was nice was seeing another HS friend I haven’t seen since maybe a year or two after HS graduation – we had a nice time catching up. Bf and I left before 9:30 and were home before 10. We were both tired and went to bed right away.

Yesterday was lazy – I did a couple loads of laundry, changed a lightbulb…that was about it, LOL. Okay, that’s not true. I also read my book and the newspaper, and we did some grocery shopping and took doggy to the dog park and later on we brushed him. It was a much nicer day for weather, but it did get a bit warm. The AC was running all weekend, but I think it’ll get a break for a few days this week – I believe a few days are forecast for highs in the high 70’s and lows in the high 50’s. Aaahhh.
Happy – Wow – your friend with all the acreage has a nice setup with the hottub, office space, man-cave, gym…nice. Glad you enjoyed your day with them. I hope you can time your pontoon rental just right so the weather is nice. What would be better than a peaceful, sunny day floating around on a lake?? About when are you going to be leaving for the visit with your mom?? Re the plumbing – the stringy stuff didn’t seem at all like hair or corn silk…who knows. Apparently we’ve never had the entire house’s plumbing rodded out, maybe just the kitchen. LOL re your comment that you ran and hid under the bed ‘til the cussing was over. Yup, that’s about the jist of it. Did the thrift shop computer cooperate with the rebuilding? The humane society is lucky to have you and hubby as volunteers. Did you get to do an ATV ride over the weekend??

Ceejay – Your landlord has been fortunate to have a good tenant for over 20 years. I’m glad you’ll have some new appliances to enjoy until you relocate after your retirement. Hope you have the space cleared out sufficiently so the installations can go smoothly. Must have been something looking at the stuff in that box of your mom’s!! Nice to have the baby photo of yourself, and it’s cool that you also have the shoes you were wearing in it.

Susie – I absolutely hate taking a day or two off when it falls during the workweek – just hate having to go back to work. Don’t know why it makes such a difference, but I much prefer tacking days onto the beginning or end of the week. So is a co-oop like an intern, or is it a permanent resource whose cost is shared with other departments/units?? I hope you get one so you can ease up on the OT. On the other hand…nice to have the extra money for things like that new Fitbit! :D I thought I might want to get one, but honestly, it sometimes it feels like everything we do is tracked or monitored. I suppose this would be different, right? I mean, all you have to do is wear it and beyond uploading the data, it does the work for you, correct? (unlike tracking your eating) Be sure to let us know how you like it once you’ve gotten the hang of it. Congrats on your loss last Thursday!!

Re the plumbing - I’m fortunate to have a very handy bf, because having all that stuff contracted out does cost a lot of moola. But you’re certainly right about the snaking of the pipes – why go through what we did for the past 4 days if we could have avoided it??!! Not only did bf have to snake a giant bunch of stringy gunk that was blocking the pipe, but he also had to re-install almost all the plumbing under the sink when he broke one of the pvc pipes AND redo the one sink’s drain fitting because the putty seal broke when I put pressure on it while using the plunger on it. I’m happy to say that after some tweaking, everything seems to be resolved now, fingers crossed. :crossed: Bf was telling our tale of woe to our neighbor yesterday and he agreed that once you start working on one plumbing thing, it seems to set off a chain reaction of issues. I’ll say! Anyway, preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid this stuff and we'll be setting up reminders in our phone calendars to do monthly drain treatments with some kind of enzyme powder we were told is helpful in keeping the pipes clear. And investing in pipe snaking every couple years.

Terra – Haha, yeh, I suppose hand quilting is for people with a lot of time and patience! :lol:

Shad – I hope the washer’s been repaired by now and you’re through with your packing. Will you be going straight to the South Island from Wellington, or will you be going home first? Seems a shame to be taking all the suitcases with you if it’s the former – I imagine you don’t need everything for your vacation. Glad the cold is improving. Re the bike vs. walking – given equal distance traveled, I actually think walking burns more calories – it sure feels like it, LOL.

Hi Michelle!! Hi Annie!!
Bf’s basic riding course began today and by the end of this week he should hopefully have his motorcycle license. My class isn’t until the last weekend of July.

I think that’s about it for me. TTFN!

07-14-2014, 12:26 PM
Morning everyone,

The sun is playing peek-a-boo today. It's quite cool out - in the 50's right now and not warming up much more than that. I decided to skip yoga this morning :( due to some residual issues with the vertigo and knowing that lying on my back for some postures seems to "jazz up the ear crystals". I am looking forward to this afternoon - there is a fruit vendor that sells off the truck and they are coming to town for their once a year stop. Georgia peaches and Michigan blueberries. We are the last stop of the day and I am hoping they are not going to be sold out. I don't feel like dragging DH out to some of their earlier stops more than an hour's ride away. I'm not so concerned about the blueberries as we have several "you pick 'em" farms up north of here - although I will be away when they are just ready for the picking. Raspberries should be ready to pick the end of the week and while I like them, I don't in such abundance as the blueberries. I am looking forward to the peaches though. The ones we've had from the store this year have been really, really good. They said conditions this year for the peach crop have been almost perfect. The last 2 years they looked pretty from the outside but were either bland or mealy. Anyway :crossed: that they have a box each left for me. I will no doubt have to do a bit of freezing as we won't be able to eat 25 pounds of peaches before I leave. :lol:

DH got the computer at the thrift shop rebuilt. As a thank you the president is taking us for a boat ride later this week on the lake she lives on. She knows about DH's love of photography and he's been jonesing for some eagle pictures. There is a family of eagles in a nest along the shoreline so that will be a special treat. It's going to be a busy week for us, every day we have something going on. In between I am trying to clear out some of the clutter and finally get a box or two of things out of here and over to the thrift shop. I wound up working in the garage yesterday - the pleasantly cool weather we have been having yesterday and today make it ideal to do that sort of thing. Also reminds me that by the time I come back from Chicago, September will be right around the corner and it will quickly become too chilly to work very long outside - so get it together girlfriend :lol:

I am down 10 pounds today. :yay: :goodscale It has been an extremely slow journey and I am probably eating far too few calories but it seems that's the only way I can make the scale go down. In fact they had a set of toddler's dishes at the thrift shop - divided plate, 1/2 cup container, drinking cup and 1/4 cup container. I debated about buying it as that is about the size of the portions I should be eating. But I decided against it in the end. I should use my new walking stick and go for a walk but with the bear out in the day time, DH said that's not really a good idea. In fact, when I was in the garage yesterday (the door faces the wooded part of the grounds), he said it would be better not to use my iPOD and instead keep a background ear for noises - no peeking in the door Mr. Bear :lol: I have cut out evening snacks, generally don't eat before 2pm - light lunch and a reasonable dinner and I try to eat as much fresh and unprocessed as possible. If I could give up the white sugar / simple carb stuff I'd be better off but one thing at a time. ;)

Terra - sounds like you're an early riser. Do you take Clyde for walks sometimes as part of your workout? Sometimes a dog makes you quicken up the pace :D

Ceejay - are you rearranging things to make room for the appliance replacement? Amazing how quickly things fill up a home. I could never live in one of those "tiny" houses that seem to be the rage right now. Might as well live in my camping tent :lol: Sometimes the thrift stores take furniture and will pick it up from your place. Salvation Army does up this way but they have paid young hunky guys ;) to do the heavy lifting. Sounds like you got a couple of nice things from Mom's drawer. Just enough for a small box with nice tissue paper. Hard to believe as a grownup we were once a tiny baby!

Susie - this is the time of year to combine sales and coupons and get some bargains. I gave up on wearing sandals, I need something that supports my feet a bit better. Found a brand new pair of Ecco's sandals in one of the boxes yesterday - expensive shoes that should have been returned because they just aggravate my foot. :( Please let us know how you like the Fitbit. My sister just got one and she likes hers although she said it can register false steps if it jiggles a bit (she wears hers clipped to her bra strap). It sounds like you are really committing to the weight loss - good for you!!! Sorry you had to lose some of your time off to get the presentations together. I do hope that the time you worked goes back on your vacation clock and that you were quickly able to get done what you needed to.

Shad - glad to hear you are feeling a bit better - sorry to hear you have infected everyone within breathing distance of you but that's how it is out this way. The virus or whatever is very contagious - as my sister said "nobody wants your plague" :rofl: Did you get all the washing sorted out and the packing done? I hate travelling in the winter weather - the warmer clothes take up so much more room.

I guess I'll post now and catch up with the rest of you later. Have a good Monday!

07-14-2014, 12:47 PM
Hi Laura,

I see we are typing over each other again :comp: you have picked up where Mel left off - we were always doing that to each other. I'm glad you got the plumbing issues fixed - I think you are right about compound problems - at least it seems that way. I agree that you are lucky with BF being handy - not only does it save money BUT you know the quality of the work that is being done. My Mom is always getting ripped off by people who charge a lot and do a half *bazzed* job of things. :o

I am coming in to town August 7 and leaving August 29. Will probably spend a week with Mom in the city, go to my sister's for some sanity relief :dizzy: for a week or so and then back to Mom's again. I'm trying to figure out some way we can meet. Sister is in Orland - far south. My Mom is not in the best neighborhood - I am not opposed to taking the Orange line to downtown but I sure don't want to take it back in the evening so trying to meet after work for dinner one night is probably not a good idea. Maybe we could meet for lunch downtown on a Saturday? I haven't been downtown in over 10 years so I don't even know where to suggest. My Mom lives about 8 miles from Midway and there's no place really to meet in her area. Hopefully we can figure something out - would be nice to spend some face time with you. Ooh... just thought about it - maybe we can meet at Oakbrook. I don't think my sister would have a problem driving over there. Think about it. I would be totally freaked out renting a car and driving in city traffic and expressways again. :yikes: Yes, you can call me a whussy. :lol:

That's great that you and BF are taking safety classes for the motorcycle. Just in time to enjoy some nice autumn rides through the countryside. :moped:

I'd better get off the computer before I spend the whole day here. :wave:

07-14-2014, 12:49 PM
Oh and speaking of quilting, as I was going through boxes yesterday I came across a pot holder / hot pad that I had picked up for Mel years ago when I was visiting the Ozark area. It's hand quilted and has frogs all over it. This amazing woman who had to be in her 80's had a shop with the most incredible hand quilted items. I was fascinated watching her. Just makes me sad that I misplaced the hot pad and never got it to Mel :(

07-14-2014, 12:57 PM
Happy Monday ladies -

The weekend went by too quickly as usual. D's cataract surgery went well. Today, he leaves to drive to Vegas to work at a bridge tournament there for two weeks. The doctor said he'd be okay to drive the day after surgery, and he did fine over the weekend. Friday night, we went out to dinner and then I took Santa to the dog park. Saturday, D had to work, and Santa had obedience training. After that, I dropped Santa off at day care, then went to the gym and did 40 minutes on the bike. My step-mom called me. She just got back from a trip to Italy with a friend, so I went over to visit her and help her organize her trip photos. Saturday was a quiet evening at home, other than a trip to the dog park. On Sunday, Santa and I met up with some Westie friends at a dog park we used to frequent. Then after dropping him at day care, I went to the gym for 40 minutes on the bike, then to yoga class, an early dinner with my friend B, then you guessed it...back to the dog park.

I guess I lead a boring life...going to the dog park so often...but I find it lots of fun, great entertainment (some of the dogs are so funny), and relaxing. :D

Tonight is water aerobics, and since it's going to be a hot one today, a workout in the pool will feel great!

My eating was not great over the weekend. It wasn't outrageously bad...meaning my meals were quite healthy...but I did indulge in ice cream a couple times. Thankfully, with D out of the house for two weeks, I will have total control of what's in the frig. Our other roommates have been away for several weeks and probably won't be home for a couple more. Our disabled roommate is still in the convalescent hospital for at least another week or two. They're trying to get his COPD under control. And D's brother has been in North Carolina since the end of May and returns Aug. 1. It's been nice having the place to ourselves, even if D and I do work opposite shifts so we don't see each other much.

It's going to be weird having the place to myself for two weeks...but I've got a good companion/guard dog in Santa. :D


Laura - Sorry to hear about your plumbing problems. It is good your bf is handy and was able to fix it. My bf is handy with some household repairs. Good on ya' for doing the Jazzercise class. Like you, I kind of like the soreness after a not as isn't too bad. And I love the endorphins! If I skip several days or weeks of exercise, it's tough to get back in the groove. I just have to remember how good it feels after. Glad you had fun at both parties!

Happy - Wow, that's quite a lot of land your friend has! And with all the out buildings, that does sound like the perfect set up for retirees, where each person can have their own space. And on 110 acres, that's plenty of space! LOL Bummer you're experiencing the polar vortex in July. I wish I could send you 20 degrees from here. As for my friends' chickens, they are used solely for eggs, not meat. Wow, down 10 lbs! That's fantastic!! Good for you!!! That toddler plate set is a great idea! Even though even those small portions may be took big for me after surgery. I'm still trying to give up the sugar/simple carbs too.

Shad - I feel so bad that S is prone to bronchitis so early on. My lung issues (asthma, bronchitis, occasionaly pneumonia) didn't kick in until my late teens/early 20s (coincidentally that was when I started smoking). That was one of the best "gifts" my ex gave me, giving me an ultimatum to quit smoking because he wouldn't date a smoker.

Susie - I don't envy you the calendar support you do in your job. I used to hate trying to schedule meetings with executives (even though I didn't manage their calendar per se). Their availability was always a moving target...very subject to change and something would always come up and then they couldn't attend the meeting where their approval/buy-off/input on a project was required. :tantrum: Thankfully, I work in a small enough company now that doesn't come up. The execs still have their meetings, but I can usually catch them walking past my cube and ask for a quick approval or comments. Congrats on the weight loss! What is a co-op? Is it like an intern? or is it a consultant/contractor? So cool that you bought a Fitbit. I've been thinking of getting something like that, but since nearly 50% of my exercise is done in the water, I was wondering if I could get a waterproof one (not just water resistant) as my hands are frequently submerged in water aerobics class.

Ceejay - So nice to look through old photos and baby stuff from years ago. I love family heirlooms. My older sister isn't into heirlooms, so I have them. And then when I'm no longer around, I'm going to pass them down to my nieces and nephews.

Terra - Keep up the great work on using the WATP DVD!! :bravo:

Annie - I hope you had a great weekend! Sending you lots of :goodvibes:

Much love and many hugs to all,

07-14-2014, 03:49 PM
Happy – Congrats on the weight loss!! Now I know where my extra pounds have come from, hahaha. The toddler-sized dinnerware is a good idea. Portion control is a huge key to not overeating! Bummer about having the bear around and keeping you from taking a walk through the woods. It sure would be nice to be out walking in nature, enjoying the peace and beauty. Too bad you missed the yoga class today, but I understand not wanting to risk bringing on another bout of vertigo! Yum, the fruit sounds good. I hope they aren’t sold out when you go there to buy it. We just bought some tasty cherries yesterday. Nice thank you from the president for rebuilding the computer – should be a fun outing. That’ll be a good long trip back home. Meeting in Oakbrook would be just fine with me – it’s a straight shot south for me. So will the week of 8/18 be the week you’re staying by your sis? Let’s try and nail down a date/time.

Michelle – Sounds like a nice weekend with plenty of exercise. Re the dog park – I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Coal tires out rather quickly now, but still enjoys it a lot. He was really tired out after our visit yesterday. I was tired and my muscles were sore yesterday, so it was nice to skip the walk and just sit at a picnic table and watch all the dogs romp around….but I did feel lazy for not walking, lol.

Nice that you and Santa have the house to yourselves for a bit, and it will be easier to control your eating with only you to prepare meals for. Enjoy your water aerobics class tonight!
Bf told me about his first riding course session today while he was driving home – he found it very interesting and informative. Sounds like walk-in students are allowed in spite of the registration process…I might try to get into this weekend’s class instead of the following one. We’ll see.

07-14-2014, 04:05 PM
Happy - Very nice of the humane society president to take you and DH on a boat ride! Can't wait to see his eagle photos!

Laura - Glad you and Coal enjoyed your time at the dog park. After a day at day care, often Santa is pretty low key at the dog park. But he still enjoys greeting the other dogs, and especially greeting all the other people from whom he demands their undivided attention! :rofl: I enjoy petting the other dogs, when Santa allows me to. :lol3: And the other doggie "parents" are so nice. I meet the nicest people at the dog park. I think it's because you have to be a pretty nice person to love your animal enough to take him to a dog park. I hope you're able to get into the riding class this weekend.

07-14-2014, 06:49 PM
We are fixing to get bombarded with rain and maybe some wind. My nerves are on edge.

Congratulations on the pounds lost.

07-14-2014, 06:58 PM
Ceejay - Sending :goodvibes: to you, hoping that the storms aren't as bad as they predict. Breathe deep, my friend.

07-14-2014, 11:02 PM
Hi everyone--I just checked in and read the posts. I will have to do personals's late.

I do want to congratulate Happy on the 10 lb loss!!!

I'll write more tomorrow.

07-15-2014, 10:54 AM
Good morning all,

Thanks for the congrats - the first 10 were hard, the next 10 will be even harder to get off. But we keep plugging away. There is a produce company that picks up fruit from around the country and delivers it here in the Midwest. They only come up this way once a year and yesterday was the day. We pulled into the parking lot and there were lots of people sitting in cars and waiting. It was a rainy, drizzly day so not the best weather out there. They had Michigan blueberries and Georgia peaches. We got some of each. The blueberries are the hugest things I ever saw - they are good, not over the top sweet and I would say our blueberries north of here from the u pick 'em farms are actually better if not as big. The peaches are hard as rocks which is good for transport and should ripen in a few days. They look quite gorgeous and my friends who have gotten them before said they are fantastic.

Off to the shop shortly for my shift for the day and then back home to work on the garage cleaning a bit more.

Ceejay - I hope your storms weren't too bad. We've been getting some hard rains lately.

Michelle - I would have to agree with you - people at the bark park seem to always be sociable and in a good mood. :D Maybe because dogs bring that out in us.

Laura - glad that BF found the class interesting. I am a big supporter of safety education like that although there are a lot of people who poo poo it.

Gotta run and get ready for work now. Hellos to the rest of you chicks, will stop back later.

07-15-2014, 11:20 AM
Morning all.

Happy – Hope you enjoy the blueberries and peaches. I’m tempted to buy some blueberries just to make some muffins that actually have enough blueberries in them! I suppose it’s a good thing that I’m almost always disappointed in the muffins I’ve occasionally bought – I rarely bother with them. Have a good shift at the shop.

Hi Susie!

Michelle – You’re right – it’s nice to meet other “dog parents” at the dog park. :)

Ceejay – Hope the rain/wind wasn’t a big deal.

Hellos to Shad and Annie. :wave:
Nothing much to report. I didn’t exercise last night. Bf and I watched a DVD from the library - “The World’s End”. It’s one of those Simon Pegg movies that starts off as a straight comedy and end up as a crazy zombie movie. We really enjoyed it.

Tonight I’ll probably go to the movies with the girls. The movie “Begin Again” was chosen. I did a quick lookup on it, but I can’t remember anything about it except that Mark Ruffalo is in it, and that’s enough for me, LOL. :D

Back to it. TTFN.

07-15-2014, 11:53 AM
Good Morning ladies,

Had a great time at water aerobics class last night! Then I picked Santa up and took him to the dog park for a little while. Despite being quite tired when I got home, I didn't fall asleep until nearly midnight, probably because I was waiting for D's phone call that he arrived in Vegas after a long drive. Once he called, we talked briefly and then I went right to sleep.

Tonight is a conference call bookclub with some friends in Wisconsin. I haven't finished the reading. I'll do that on my lunch hour. I'm planning to go to the gym to ride the bike for 1/2 hour before the phone call.


Happy - The fruit sounds delicious. You're right about just never know about the ones in the store. Last year, I remember my step-mom and I buying them by the case from Costco, and they were so good for weeks, until toward the end of the season when the quality declined. I purchased some peaches at the grocery store yesterday, along with some Envy Apples. Both are sitting on my desk at work, and I'll be enjoying the apples while I wait for the peaches to ripen. I like having a lot of healthy snack options at work (fruit, string cheese, yogurt, sugar free pudding) to keep me away from the vending machine (it works about 99% of the time).

Laura - D and I saw "The World's End" when it was out in the theater. We thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy "Begin Again". I still want to see "The Fault In Our Stars", though I know that will be a tear jerker. I also want to see "Life Itself" about Roger Ebert, which will also be a tear jerker.

Ceejay - I hope the storms weren't too bad and didn't cause too much anxiety. :hug:

:wave: to Annie, Susie, Shad and Terra!

Much love to all,

07-15-2014, 06:28 PM
Laura ~ LOL,Although I do have the time but I dont have the patience to make a t-shirt quilt by hand

Happy ~ Yeah Im a early riser, I've tried taking Clyde with me on my walks but he doesnt walk, He will take a step and then stop and he does it until we come back home so I usually have to carry him back home, I think he's just too old to go for walks anymore but your right dogs usually make you pick up your pace, I would love if Clyde could walk like that in a fast pace but its okay I understand its his age.

Michelle ~ Thanks, Im loving the WATP's DVD, Im gonna do it tonight, I didnt have time to do it this morning but I'll be sure to do it tonight and then I'll be sure to do it Friday morning but I'll still walk tomorrow night and Thurs. night.

Scott and I woke up at 8:30 this morning and my mom,Scott and I went to Dillions to get Scott's med's and while he was getting his med's Mom and I both bought a book of stamps and then we came back home and cleaned house and then we went to walmart to get money put back on my card for an item I ordered off of and then we went to Free Birds Burrito's to get dinner and then we came back home and ate dinner and we've been home since, Im gonna do my work out dvd tonight after my mom goes to bed and thats all of my plans for today. Today I also let Clyde outside and gave him fresh food and I took my pills like I always do.

07-15-2014, 07:26 PM
Have you ever been in the mood not to do anything? That's me today. I procrastinate until the last minute and then can get things done in 10 minutes that usually take me an hour.
I'm hoping that J, my co-worker, will come by Thursday and look at these pieces of furniture that I want to get rid of and take them off my hands. I'm sure I could sell them but I'd rather give things away. And he says he could use them. He's young, 21, and struggling, but trying. Sure will give me a lot more room.
No sign of the land lord's crew yesterday. But this will give me a bit more time to get things more organized. It feels as though I'm packing to move. And my goal is to get things narrowed down to only a few main items.
Had my spare bedroom all nice and clean but not any more. SIGH, a never ending cycle.

I'm proud of you for exercising.

I love peaches. Can't wait for the local peaches to get ripe. These in the grocery stores don't look appealing to me.

07-16-2014, 11:51 AM
Morning all. Hump Day already!

Ceejay – Yeh, I haven’t been in the mood to do much of anything this week. There’s plenty to do, but only one thing is really time-sensitive at the moment. I hope your co-worker will take the extra furniture off your hands and clear up some space in your apartment. Yeh, cleaning never ends. Bleh.

Terra – Too bad Clyde can’t help you with your walks. Our dog Coal loves his walks, but it’s not as if we get to walk at a steady, rapid pace – there’s all the stopping, sniffing, marking, etc. But the dog walks are for Coal, not for me, so I have to get other exercise on my own. Yummm – burritos. Love ‘em!

Michelle – Good job with the exercise!! I need to get back to it, so tonight I think I’ll try to get to the Zumba class at the gym. I heard “The Fault in our Stars” was really good, but definitely a tear jerker. Yeh, I bet the Roger Ebert movie would be good. Between last week and this one, I’ve seen several trailers for movies that sound like they’ll be really good.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies! Hope you’re all having a great week!
I’ve decided not to try and do the rider course on a walk-in basis this weekend – the first session would be Thursday night and I already have a brow appointment that night. And Saturday I’m finally getting my hair cut. My stylist was out on maternity leave since May and I think my last cut was in April – my hair needs a cut really badly! :eek:

So I will hold off until next weekend and go to the class sessions I originally registered for. BF started his class on Monday. Yesterday was the first day of hands-on riding. He wore his new helmet for nearly 2 hours and concluded that it was too small for him. He has a narrow head, but it’s long from front to back, so he went to the local cycle shop and determined he needs to go up not one, but two sizes. I tried on his helmet and it’s good for me. Based on the sizing chart on the site he bought from, I would have needed a medium, but the size large helmet feels snug and it doesn’t move around, so I’ll keep the size large for myself. I still need to get some gloves.

Last night’s movie, “Begin Again” was good. It stars Mark Ruffalo as a washed-up music producer who gets fired and Keira Knightly (sp?) as a songwriter-singer. The cast also included Adam Levine, Celo Green and Mos Def. It had a lot of music and it was entertaining. I finally went to the $5 theater (Tuesdays only) that the other movie gals have been going to occasionally. It’s a nice theater, but a bit of a drive for me, half of which is on a main road with a good number of traffic lights. But I guess I’d pick that theater occasionally. Right now I’m only going to the movies on Tuesdays about once or twice a month, so it’s not a big deal to drive there. Especially in good weather.

Weighed myself this morning at home - up another pound. I've been trying to track my food on both MFP and WW eTools and have been doing that, but my eating has still been atrocious. Last week I had a gain at WW of 1.8. :( At some point I will get back in the groove and stop the gains.

Today I'm having lunch with a work buddy. Usually I really enjoy it, but she's been mentioning my brother's death every time we run into each other and I just hope we don't spend the entire lunch on that topic. Or maybe I really should talk about it. I haven't really spent much time talking to anyone about it (other than my bf and immediate family) so this might be a good thing for me.

Well, that’s it for me. TTFN.

07-16-2014, 12:02 PM
Laura ~ Yeah I wish Clyde could go on walks but oh well I guess, He cant help it that he's old now, I love burrito's too, They are so yummy.

My alarm went off at 8:00 AM but I slept for 10 mins after it went off so then I got up at 8:10 AM and got ready to go to school. Got to school around 9:00 AM and I dont have anything to do until 10:30 AM, I have a training at 10:30 AM and then at 11:30 AM I have a meeting and then I have a meeting at 1:00 PM and another one at 2:00 PM and then at 3:00 PM I'll go back home but while I was still at home I took my pills and gave Clyde fresh food and I let him outside. My only plans for today are the same plans I have every day which is to do my 2 mile walk work out dvd tonight. If I have places to go in the morning I dont work out but I make sure I still work out in the evening even if I dont work out in the morning so I wont work out in the morning until Friday but like I said I'll still do my evening work out.

07-16-2014, 02:17 PM
Good morning ladies,

Exciting news! I'm a great aunt again! My eldest niece gave birth to her first baby, a girl named Audrey Kate who weighed 6lbs 3 oz, not sure of the length. I just got a text around 11:30 pm. My niece's "fluid was low" (not sure what that means), so they induced her, but the induction stressed the baby, so she had an emergency c-section. As of last night, my niece and her baby girl are doing fine. :D I will check in with my niece (or my sister) shortly to see how they're doing today.

I went to the gym after work yesterday and did 1/2 hour on the bike. Today, I have a weight loss surgery support group at 6:15, so I'll be able to get to the gym and ride the bike for 30-40 minutes before the meeting. It's nice that this particular group meeting is located near the gym and also near several restaurants so I have dinner options.

Also, when I met with the bariatric nutritionist a few weeks ago, she gave me a list of the best choices at several fast food restaurants, which is quite helpful since sometimes I eat meals "on the go".


Terra - Poor wee Clyde. Some dogs when they get up in years don't like going for walks much anymore. Do you have any dog parks near you? He might like that because then he can interact with other doggies or people. Some days Santa prefers interacting with the dogs, but mostly he loves getting lovin' from all the other doggie "parents". Bravo on doing WATP!! Good for you for doing the 2 mile walk each time! What classes are you taking at school?

Ceejay - I hope work is going better today, and that your co-worker picks up the furniture. Good for you for cleaning and sorting.

Laura - I'd love to try a Zumba class again. Hopefully with all the exercise I'm doing, I'll be in good enough shape to last more than 10 minutes! :rofl: Good for you and your bf for getting all your necessary gear for riding. Glad you liked "Begin Again". How was Adam Levine's acting? I really like his music and I like his personality on "The Voice". I hope that your lunch today goes well. Sending you lots of hugs. :hug: :hug:

:wave: to Shad, Happy, Susie and Annie!

I'd better sign off for now.

Much love and many hugs to all,

07-16-2014, 06:28 PM
Today is my Friday. It's my 3 day week end and I'm ready to stay at home. As a matter of fact I cancelled a doctor's appointment in Jonesboro just to stay at home. It was a follow up anyway.
I'll do more later.

It's nice to have the class near the gym. I'm also glad to hear that the nutritionist gave you restaurant options.

07-16-2014, 08:20 PM
Morning all,
Sorry to be absent but I have been extremely busy. What with tidying up bank accounts and cleaning the apartment and saying goodbye to family and friends it's been hectic.

I've still got a bit to do and the landlady is coming over for an inspection tomorrow. She brought in a prospective tenant today. I did warn her that cleaning was in progress. The prospective tenant was okay with it I think. So saying that, I had better get back to it. Two more days before I board the ferry for the South Island and pick up my car and go for a long drive. I will try to get back later for personals but don't hold your breath.

07-16-2014, 09:49 PM
Michelle ~ Nope there isnt any dog parks near me but Clyde doesnt like other dogs at least he didnt when he could see them I dont know how he would act towards them when he cant sleep them, We could try and see how it goes one of these Tuesday's when mom is off of work. The class I take at school is a cooking class and school isnt a real school, Its just a place I call school cause I learn alot every time I go there, I also go to meetings there, I go to the DA4A Meeting,Publicity for DA4A meeting, Legislative Committee meeting and the fundrasing committee which every committee has to do with DA4A, DA4A stands for Disability Advocates 4 Action

07-16-2014, 11:17 PM
Hi Everyone. I have been lurking..reading the posts when DH is driving to work in the morning. I keep thinking I will have some time in the evening or even at lunch to post and then something comes up.

I have been working long hours this week because my Director is gone and I have a chance to work on all those "little" things that I never seem to get to. I've made some inroads. I haven't worked out this week at all because of working so late, but I have been trying to get up about every two hours and do a lap around the floor.

My Fitbit is letting me know that I am very sedentary and I don't like I'm trying to move more! I told myself I will get back to the treadmill and WATP dvd this weekend and follow through during the week.

I didn't work late tonight or at home; we went to dinner with some friends which was a nice break in the week.

Terra: That is cool that you are taking a cooking class. What sort of things are you learning there?

Michelle: Look at you riding that bike and making your water aerobic classes! :bravo:
Also congratulations on your new grand-niece :)

Shad: Just a few more days and you are off to write the next chapter of your life. I think it would feel very adventurous!

Ceejay: Whoo Hoo!!! It's your weekend! How nice to have 3 days off. Sometimes it is good to just stay home and do nothing. enjoy yourself.

Laura: Sorry to hear about the gain. You have been under a lot of stress with your brother's unexpected death and I think you should be kind to yourself, exercise lightly, drink a lot of water, get a lot of sleep and relaxation and feed yourself well...not overeat but have good food..that helps restore you. The weight will come off.

Hi Happy and Annie!

07-17-2014, 08:44 AM
Good Morning Sisters....

Not much of nothing going on. Had a couple of phone interviews this week, hopefully I will get the call back for an in person interview. I feel both went very well. Fingers crossed.

My ankle is giving me fits and making it h*ll to walk. Cannot really do anything about it as the insurance with Obamacare does not cover it. Bleh. I just rub my ankle with stinky stuff at night and pray for the best.

Tomorrow Sam and I are gong to take Jacob to see the new Disney movie Planes: Fire and Resue or something like that. He just loves those types of movies and we think he will be good during it.

My brother, Michael, with the cancer had some really good news. His doctor had just gotten back from a forum that introduced a new treatment for his type of cancer. The treatment was after a 10 year study and can add up to 17 months to his life whatever it was going to be without the treatment. So far his numbers are great and he feels no pain, yet.

No personals today, sorry.

Have a marvelous day all.


07-17-2014, 12:06 PM
Good morning ladies,

I went to the gym yesterday after work and rode the bike for 45 minutes. After that, I went to the Weight Loss Surgery support group, which was really good. It's so helpful hearing from people so you know what to expect and hear what challenges they are having (right after surgery or several months or years post-op). One man I met in a support group last week, is just 5 lbs away from his pre-surgery goal, so he will no doubt be having surgery in the next month or two. One woman at the support group is having surgery next week. She's excited and a little nervous. Another woman lost 110 lbs since her surgery in January. She looks amazing!

Tonight is the book club, followed by yoga. I may hit the gym and ride the bike for 20-30 minutes prior to book club. Since book club is over the phone, it won't matter how sweaty I am. :rofl:

Ceejay - I hope you have a very relaxing 3 day weekend!

Shad - I can only imagine how hectic things have been. I hope the apartment inspection goes well.

Terra - I guess I'd forgotten that Clyde doesn't see well. In that case, maybe it's best not to take him to the dog park. He probably wouldn't deal with the other dogs running all around and running up to him. That is way cool that you're taking a cooking class. That's great you're so involved with DA4A (thanks for explaining what DA4A stands for, I didn't know).

Susie - It's tough to find the time, energy and motivation to work out when you have to work long hours. In the past, a lot of my weight gains were at times when I was working 50+ hours per week. I know with the economy the way it is, you want to keep your bosses happy, just be sure to make yourself and your health a priority too.

Annie - I hope the phone interviews turn into in person interviews and then turn into great job offers! :crossed: I'm keeping my fingers crossed, saying prayers and sending you lots of good vibes. :goodvibes: As for your ankle, have you tried using an ankle brace or ACE bandage? That is good news for your brother! Hope you enjoy the movie tomorrow. Who is going to watch Royce while you're at the movie?

:wave: to Laura and Happy!

Much love,

07-17-2014, 12:49 PM
Morning all.

Terra – You could always take Clyde with you on your walks – in a stroller, LOL. I don’t think I knew he was blind. We just met a couple at a party last weekend that has a dog that went blind. In his own home he does well enough, but not outside of it. How does Clyde do? You sound busy with all the DA4A meetings. Good for you doing the WATP video. :yes: :running: Ooh, cooking class. Sounds fun. Do you like it? :chef:

Michelle – Congrats on being an aunty again! :bb: And congrats to your niece. :bb: I’m glad everything worked out well with the birth. :bb: Good job doing your exercise! You’re in the groove girl! I’m sure you’ll be back at Zumba sometime in the future. :yes: Re Adam Levine’s acting in “Begin Again” – it was fine, meaning it wasn’t noticeably bad.

Ceejay – Yay for your Friday and double yay for a 3-day weekend!!! :carrot: Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing time. :beach:

Shad – You sound busy, but I’m sure the prospect of your trip to the South Island is keeping you going. Hope the inspection goes well and you get the security deposit back!!

Susie – Sorry you’ve been working long hours again, but I agree - it does feel good to finally get to those little things. Good for the fitbit reminding you that you’re being sedentary and good for you getting up and moving every so often. :running: I find myself staying put at my desk a lot, except for bathroom breaks. And occasionally I’ll print something to a printer other than the one at my desk and it forces me to get up. I should probably work in more deliberate movement – like walking up the stairs to another floor, walking around the office and then back down again. And we have 4 floors, so I could do more… Yeh, things have been stressful lately, but it’s time for me to get back in the exercise groove and stop with the junky snacking. I hate when I fall back into the habit of snacking at work.

Annie – Fingers crossed that the phone interviews result in call-backs. :crossed: Sorry your ankle is giving you problems. That sucks. Is there some sort of waiting period you have to get past before O-care will cover it?? I hope you enjoy the movie w/ S & J tomorrow. Good news re your brother’s new treatment option!!! Take it easy.

Hi Happy!!
I went to Zumba class last night. It was alright. I was way in back and couldn’t see for much of the time, but it was fun. I didn’t get quite the workout I could have, but it was something.

My other two co-workers are back in the office today, so it won’t be as quiet. My WW meeting is later this morning, so I skipped breakfast. The scale at home was back down a pound this morning, so we’ll see how my WW weigh-in goes.

Tonight I have my brow appointment, and I also have to remember to pick up my contact lenses from Costco. If I go by myself, I might take the time to browse around Costco and see what looks interesting. The only problem is the product sizes – most of it’s too much for a 2-person household, unless it’s something non-perishable.

I think that’s about it. TTFN. ;)

07-17-2014, 01:30 PM
Morning all,

Yesterday turned into a busier day that we had planned. We went up to Duluth for a couple of things. Went to Home Depot, DH got some stuff for a yard project. They have really nice Anderson patio doors. There is one I would love which is a single entry door and it has wide side panel skylights which are actually doors about a foot wide and they have screens on them. I told DH this would be PERFECT as I can open the side doors to get my air flow, kitties could look outside and the door is much more sturdy than the open French doors we have now. Watch... our doorway is probably not the right size for this. :(

We had lunch and then headed over to a lovely park on the lakefront. They have a beautiful rose and peony garden - all the while I thought of you Shad and how much you would enjoy this. DH took LOTS of pictures. The frustrating part was that you can't get any information online about the state of the blooming flowers. There's some old websites about the location but that's about it. We went up there about 3 weeks ago and the roses were not even budding and the peonies were barely pushing a bloom. Went there yesterday and it looks like we missed the peak bloom by about a week. Which means they probably pop around 4th of July week which is insanely busy with people - not good for taking pictures. It was a gorgeous day weather wise and we had a such a nice day. Of course in Duluth we always make a stop for my Sushi! :hungry: This time we picked up a couple of the raw version for our favorite Australian bartender. "A" was thrilled to bits - kind of like I was when I saw the advertisement the first time around. She said back in Australia she had sushi every day and sure did miss it. I hope she likes the selection we picked - I am a cooked sushi person - no raw for me thank you very much. I also stocked up on fresh crab cakes and got a lovely piece of Alaskan salmon - I'll be eating that for 3 days. I'd better check myself for fins and gills by the weekend. ;) We had just the nicest day even if it was busy and a lot of driving. Today we are supposed to go for a pontoon ride and hopefully will catch some eagle shots as there are at least 3 nests along the lake where we will be going. We have something to do for the next 5 days straight and I still have to try and squeeze in some time to make phone calls to solicit some more people for our summer fundraiser as well as take a few things back to Kohls (an hour's ride from here) and finish what I started cleaning the garage.

Annie - thanks for checking in. I'm glad to hear that there is some favorable treatment for your brother. I think the important part is to make the most of what we have - there are so many ways a life can be cut short, we just never know. I try to remember that when my mood turns dark - not worth fretting or wasting time on people and things that don't deserve it. I'm also sorry to hear about your ankle. What is wrong with it? Can you tape it up to support it - sometimes that helps too. Welcome to the age of immobilization :(

Susie - I know what you mean about satisfaction in sometimes getting to fixing the "loose ends" at work. Bummer that work is interfering with your better life but I think taking a break every hour or so helps. When I was in the office I'd walk to the restrooms at the far end of the building just to get a bit more movement into the day. My sister said the same thing you did about the Fitbit pointing out how sedentary one can be. :o I hope the Fitbit is a friendly reminder, not a nag :nono:

Terra - great attitude about school and anyplace is a place to learn. I really enjoyed taking some cooking classes, I hope you do too.

Shad - I miscalculated and thought you were already signed off from the job and on your way to the south island. Get out of there already! Happy travels and onward to better things. I did stick my nose in several of the roses at the gardens, I can understand better how you talk about fragrances. One visitor was telling me that the hybrid roses are pretty but they have mostly bred the smell right out of them. It's not as pretty a place as Butchart or the Chicago botanical gardens, but you'd enjoy it none the less.

Ceejay - you've been a busy lady lately - I think a 3 day "veg out" weekend is just in order for you. Relax and enjoy! Very nice of you to help out your co-worker with extra furniture and things you are ready to part with. I'm sure the favor will come back to you and more.

Michelle - congrats on a new wee one in your life :bb: I hope she's close enough where you get to visit and snuggle up. Hopefully you will get to Zumba'ing again. With time. How is your back holding up? Can you walk short distances?

Laura - it's good that you could repurpose BF's helmet for you. DH has a giant big head and always had a problem getting helmets to fit so that's why he finally gave up his Harley. I hope this works well for you. Probably better that you stuck with the original class plan. After waiting so long for a haircut, I can see why you'd be eager to get back in the chair again. Hope you had a nice lunch with your work buddy. Did you have a nice chat? Death and loss are tough things to deal with, not an easy thing for me - that's why no one is allowed to die before me ;) However, if you needed to talk, I hope you had a good chat with them. I had to smile about your comment with us passing pounds around to each other. I think Michelle lost some weight and I caught it. Now I lost it and honestly, did not intend for anyone else to find it :D

My condolences to you Java Turtle on the loss of your brother :hug:

Hellos to lurkers and those I have missed. I need to get something to eat before it's too late. Don't want to eat just before I have to go out on the boat although she hasn't returned my call so I don't know if we are still on for this afternoon.

Later chicks :wave:

07-17-2014, 10:00 PM
Susie ~ I've learned how to be an advocate for myself as well as for others, I learned that when I first started going to school back in 05.

Michelle ~ Yeah your right it probably wouldnt be a good idea to take Clyde to the dog park, Yeah DA4A is a great group, I've been involved with the group since 05.

Laura ~ Clyde does good inside and we have a fenced in yard so he does good outside too. Yeah the DA4A meetings defintely keep me busy. Yeah Im really enjoying the WATP's dvd. Yep I like the cooking class

Happy ~ You've taken cooking classes too? Thats cool. Yeah I like the cooking class Im in.

I woke up at 7:00 AM so I decided to get up at that time even though I had an hour left to sleep,My alarm wasnt gonna go off for another hour but oh well anyway I got up and got ready for school and after I got ready I let Clyde outside and took my pills and gave Clyde fresh food and I ate breakfast, Now its almost time for me to watch for my bus, Im going to school for cooking class and peer support today, Im also going to school an hour early today so I can get help with a job application. My other plans for today is to get my 2 mile walk in this evening and thats it, Maybe I'll do a little sewing tonight too.

07-17-2014, 11:56 PM
You are a busy young lady. I had to go back to see what the DA4A was. I've never heard of it.

Wish I had some of your motivation. I've lost interest again. Maybe tomorrow I can get it back. And take some time to go to the gym myself.

Sounds like you and DH had a good trip. I want to hear about your pontoon trip. Hope the weather is nice.

Good to hear from you. Sorry the ankle is giving you troubles again. Hope the interviews go well.

How did the chat with your friend go?

It finally happened. The land lord has put down new flooring in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom. It's tile linoleum. I like it and a brand new fridge and stove out of the box. I've been in hog heaven today.
Had a call from a friend. She sounded depressed. So I'll have to get with her sometime next week. I'm hungry but don't know what to eat and it's getting to late to eat a big meal.
The house is full of mosquitoes. The window screen have holes in them but I had to have some fresh air because of the glue that the guys used on the flooring.
The guy from work didn't come today but that's okay. He couldn't of gotten inside. Too much going on. I'll call him tomorrow to remind him.

07-18-2014, 09:55 AM
Morning girls,

Just a quick drive by for me today. I have to get ready to go to the dentist shortly. Still dealing with the bad tooth. And then I am off to my shift at the shop. Will probably go in early as it won't make sense to come home for an hour or so and then go all the way back again.

The pontoon trip was really, really nice. DH took a lot of pictures but the water was a bit choppy so most of them are shaky.

I'll be back later. Have a good Friday everyone.

07-18-2014, 11:55 AM
CJ ~ Yes I've been a very busy lady. Yeah I think DA4A is only known here in Wichita

07-18-2014, 12:06 PM
Morning all. Happy Friday!!!:D

Happy – Sounds like a nice trip to Duluth. I’m glad you had a nice pontoon ride yesterday. I never think of having a rough ride on those kinds of boats…Sorry the tooth is still a problem. :( I hope the dentist can take care of it once and for all today.

Terra – It’s good to have a meaningful cause in your life for which you can fight for the benefits of yourself and others. I’m glad Clyde does well in the house and yard in spite of his lack of vision.

Ceejay – Wow, new flooring too! :) How nice to have fresh flooring as well as new fridge & stove. Don’t the new appliances just make you want to buy good food and do some cooking?? :D Ugh re the mosquitos in the house!! We have a couple windows in our living room that my bf insists on having open from the bottom. Since they are low enough for the dog to have his front paws on the window ledge, one of the screens has a smallish tear from the dog getting too excited when the mailman came. We just taped over it. It does the job, but it doesn’t look so great. Thankfully there’s been no further damage. Not sure I care much about getting new screen cloth for it even though it’s in a rather visible spot near the front door…Anyway – I hope the glue smell goes away soon. In the meantime – keep the fly swatter handy!!

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. I hope everyone has or is already having a great weekend. :)

Lunch with my work buddy the other day was fine. We didn’t talk much about my brother’s death, but we did talk about wanting to be in good health as we age. Losing one’s ability to live independently is a fear of most people I should think.

I lost 1.6 pounds at my WW weigh-in yesterday. Keeping my weekday eating more regimented – i.e, bringing my lunch and snacks to work with me - really helps.

After work I walked the dog and then went to my brow appointment. The downtown area of the suburb where the salon’s at was very congested and it took me forever to finally give up on finding a street spot and park in the garage. Even though it was just in the next block, I was annoyed about that, especially since my appointment only takes five minutes. Now I know that in the summer I have to avoid scheduling on the days when there’s a concert in the square. Or just plan on parking in the garage right off the bat instead of driving around looking for a spot.

After that I went to Costco to buy gas and pick up my contact lenses. Pretty ho-hum evening.

Nothing planned for tonight.

Tomorrow I have Jazzercise class and my hair appointment in the morning. Nothing planned for the rest of the weekend. I have plenty of house and yard work to keep me busy, as usual.

Well, that’s it for me. TTFN! :wave:

07-18-2014, 12:34 PM
Happy Friday everyone!

TGIF for sure! Yesterday after work, I rode the bike for 1/2 hour at the gym, then went to Chipotle for their steak salad - so yummy! After that was my conference call book club with my Wisconsin friends, followed by an hour of yoga. By the time I picked Santa up it was a little after 9, so it was just shower and bed for me. :cloud9:

I have to leave work a bit early today for an acupuncture appointment, so I'm hoping I'll still be able to make it to water aerobics.


Laura - Thanks for your review of Adam Levine's acting. I wouldn't expect it to be Oscar worthy, but it's good that it wasn't too bad. Glad you had a nice lunch/chat with your work buddy. Congrats on the great loss!! :bravo: Like you, I find it helpful if I bring healthy lunches and snacks. Have fun at Jazzercise tomorrow. Will we get to see photos of your new haircut?

Happy - Your day in Duluth sounded lovely as does your pontoon trip. I hope your doorway can accommodate the door you liked. I look forward to seeing your DH's photos of the flowers and the pontoon trip. Glad you got your sushi and seafood, and so nice of you to get up some sushi for your bartender friend. Your life sounds so much busier now that you're retired, but at least it's all stuff you enjoy! As for my new great-niece, I'll post photos a little later. Sadly she lives an 8 hour drive away. I am going to visit in mid-September, and I'm so looking forward to that. :D My back is doing ok. I can stand for a little longer, and walk a little longer. Now that the issue with my spine seems to be relieved a bit, I can feel all the places in my back where I have arthritis. You're so right about making the most of each day. I heard on the news today about an accident. From the sketchy reports, it sounds like two couples went out to celebrate the birthday for one of the men. From the police report, they all must've had a lot to drink because the accident scene reeked of alcohol. Anyway, the man whose birthday it was was the driver. He hit the curb on a freeway exit ramp and flipped the car. Everyone was ejected, and the driver's wife was killed. So tragic to lose your wife on your birthday, especially to an accident that could've been avoided if they hadn't tried to drive drunk. Well, enough sadness...good luck at the dentist today.

Terra - Did you go to school today too? Good for you for getting your workouts in.

Ceejay - So nice that your landlord put down new flooring and installed the new fridge and stove!! :woohoo: I'm sorry to hear about your friend being depressed.

Shad - Are you in South Island yet? How did the inspection go?

:wave: to Susie and Annie.

I've got to get back to it. Countin' down to the weekend. :yes:

Much love and many hugs,

07-18-2014, 12:51 PM
Michelle - What a busy evening for you! :faint: Another great exercise day. Keep it up! :cheer3: I'm no acting expert, but if I don't notice anything obviously lacking, I consider it adequate. :D Re my haircut - it won't be anything different than "the usual" for me. And since I have no plans other than to go home right afterwards (okay, I might hit the thrift store on the way home), eat lunch and do yard work, I won't pay extra to have it styled. Which means it'll just get dried enough to take the wetness out, which means, no photo. I'm very much a scaredy cat and rarely try anything new in cut or color. :shrug: Who knows, maybe when I'm 60 I'll give up my color and let myself go gray. Or decide to color my hair on my own. :yikes:

Have fun being a pincushion, LOL.

07-18-2014, 12:59 PM
Laura - You're too funny. I chuckled about the no styling, no photo and being a scaredy cat. I tend to go with the same hairstyle too. And now that I have tried strawberry blonde for a color, I usually go with that. Then the strawberry fades in a few weeks and I'm back to blonde. On the weight loss surgery boards, a few people have said that when they reach goal (or lose a significant amount), they'll dye part of their hair purple or do something equally outrageous. I'm not sure what I'll do. BTW, thanks for the pincushion remark. Very funny. :rofl:

07-18-2014, 05:52 PM
Morning all,
I'm in the good ship Kaitaki and sailing away. She is just backing out of the berth now and then we will be sailing for the Wellington Harbour Heads and out to sea. Journey should take 3 hours and a bit. I'll go out on deck later to take some photos but it is a pretty grey looking day so they won't be spectacular.
Landlady was very impressed with the cleanliness of the apartment. She is looking for a long term tenant this time round. I pointed out where she needs to get some maintenance done and she is happy with that. Had a night out with the guys from work on Thursday and spent the day on Friday with the niece and the great nephew. It was very nice.
But goodbye Wellington, hello South Island and a journey to Christchurch. Hopefully the weather will clear soon. It's not great at the moment and whether or not I get to Tekapo depends on the weather.

Happy - glad you had a good trip to Duluth. And you bought Sushi for the Australian bartender!!!!! :woohoo:
You are right, I would have loved to see the roses and peonies. When buying roses, I always look at the label. If it says lightly perfumed or faint perfume, then I don't buy it. If it says long fragrance, fruity fragrance, highly fragrant, then I just might buy it. I tend to get quite a few oldEnglish (David Austin) roses. They usually have a wonderful perfume.
Well done on the weight loss by the way.

Annie - pleased to hear that the brother is doing well and is taking all the right stuff and looking after himself. No matter how much longer he has, there is life there yet, and we should be grateful for that. Hope you enjoy the movie.

Laura - nice loss . Darn sight better than a gain. Hope all the plumbing woes are now all fixed.

Susie - still working all hours I see. Take it easy girlfriend.

Ceejay - new floors and new appliances. You won't know yourself.

Michelle - You seem very busy these days and sound happy and content. Well done.

Okay, we are ell under way now and I should probably go and see what there is to eat. Food has been sparse this week, not that I see to have lost much weight over it tho' although I haven't weighed myself lately and probably won't until I get home. Speaking of which I might be lucky to get away with a bit of overweight luggage there too. I had some trouble closing the suitcases this morning. I will have to repack later and see if I can ditch some more, or post some more home or something. I never have this much luggage!!!!!!

07-18-2014, 07:13 PM
Oh well, lost my post again. I'm taking some meds back to the pharmacy tomorrow. Wrong doctor wrong med for me that is. I'm upset about this big time.

Enjoy the three hour tour. Hope it doesn't end up like Gilligan's Island. lol

07-19-2014, 01:15 AM
Hi there M'dears,

One more stab at the dentist today. I saw the partner whom I was just about to ask for considering I have not had success to date. He is older, really explains what he's doing and I liked him a lot. He gave me 3 shots of novocaine - the first 2 made my eyes tear like a good sad movie and the third shot he said would make me not too happy to see him that day. He was right. But darn if he didn't know his stuff - while the shots were painful, I didn't feel a thing with what he had to do (will spare you the details). And usually after being numbed up my lip, tongue and mouth are all numb making it difficult to talk, eat or sometimes breathe up front. This numbed the teeth and that was it. And a bit of my nose. He said sometimes when they leave the root uncapped, it makes the tooth ultra sensitive so he packed and closed up the canal. He gave me some pain meds and an antibiotic and said as a precaution, he recommends an antibiotic shot in the bum. I was actually grateful about that as I was starting to wonder if this tooth has residual infection. He said no - a bit of inflammation but no infection. I started my antibiotic meds and will get the shot on Monday.

I went to try and get the broken nosepad in my glasses repaired at the doctor's office. Got there at 1:10, waited patiently while the woman finished with the customer she was helping. Just as she was finishing up, another lady walked in and sat down at 1:25. The clerk asked me what I needed, I told her and as she was walking back to fix my glasses, she asked the other woman what she needed. She said she came to pick up her glasses and she was in a hurry as she had to start work at 1:30. So why come in at 1:25 then? :s: :shrug: The clerk asked if she could take this lady ahead of me and I said not really as my shift started at 1:30 and I would be a bit late. So she goes and unscrews my glasses and then pops her head around and says I'll just let the other lady try her glasses on. She unwraps the glasses, gives them to the woman and then takes the paperwork and starts to ring up the sale. The lady said he needed an extra case for her glasses and the woman starts rummaging around for a case. I throw my hands up in the air - what about me??? I ask her for my glasses back and say I have to leave as she has chosen to wait on this woman who came in well after me. (No appointments were involved in this fracas). She said well I already unscrewed the piece and can't find the screw and handed me back my glasses. I walked out steaming. Got to the thrift shop about 8 minutes late - apologized to my coworkers and they all said they quit going to that doctor. Same bad service, same high priced glasses complaints.

I sometimes wonder if I get treated badly because I am overweight. I always try to be nice - please and thank you, smile - act nice and people look through me or are rude. My sister said I have to be major "witchy with a b". She said she found the nicer you are, the more rude the clerks are and if you act the B thing, then they smile and are nice. What's with that? :dunno: I would find it hard to test that theory out. So now my glasses are really cockeyed. Maybe I'll send DH in there on Monday.

The peaches we got from the truck on Monday are starting to ripen and they are very delicious. By Monday I will have to start canning or freezing except my freezer is quite jammed packed at the moment. I had better make a menu to use up a lot of stuff by the time I leave in 3 weeks.

Ceejay - sorry you lost your post, hope you are enjoying your new appliances. I hope you can return the medications - I got some stuff at Target once, read the info page on the way to the car, decided the side effects were not worth the risk and returned back to return the $40 pills. The pharmacist apologized profusely but said state law prevented them from taking back any meds once you walk away from the counter - even if you only walk 10 feet away. I hope you have more success. Bummer on the mosquitoes - I guess you have to ask the landlord if he can squeeze in one more improvement. :o

Terra - I hope everything went well for you today with your job applications and classes. I guess I had forgotten that poor Clyde is blind too - no wonder he is afraid to walk around. I like the idea of getting him a red wagon or something where he can ride around like the parade grand marshall as long as he is not afraid!

Shad - happy sailing. I have no doubt that you are a favorite tenant and always leave the place in better shape than you found it. Is the weather lifting a bit or are you still in the throws of winter? I did do a fair amount of rose sniffing this time around but I must say that some of them were a bit too perfumed for me. I liked the ones with a delicate scent - like a whiff in the air. Do you think the heavily perfumed ones are more delicate or prone to diseases? I'm thinking when they bred out the problems, they also bred out the scent. Do you have more luggage this time around because it's colder and you have warmer clothes? I hope you sneak past the roving eyes of the scale monsters!

Michelle - that's unfortunate the niece is such a long drive away - I hope you get a chance to see the baby before she walks. How did the acupuncture go? Congrats on the 9 pounds down - it's happening slow but sure - that must be very encouraging to you. :D Sounds like you are getting a nice mix of exercise lately. I'm sure that's helping with the weight loss efforts too. Good job!

Laura - good going on the weight loss - see you can get back on track again. What a pain to find parking for a 5 minute procedure. Perhaps you can flag them down on the street and just hang out the window next time :D It's funny that you stick with the same haircut - I have had all shapes and sizes and colors. Heck, it's just hair! I just find it fun to switch things up sometimes although I am painfully aware of my age and I don't go too wild. Of course you can do less with a brunette shade - some beautiful chocolate colors or maybe a bit of auburn if you are feeling flirty - pity that the red fades quickly tho. Do you do highlights? I laughed at your pincushion / acupuncture comment - VERY clever :rofl: I agree that losing your mind and independence is a very real fear for most of us as we age. Was just talking about that with my thrift shop partner today. She has a family history of bad hearts and valves - she is so afraid of a debilitating stroke. All the more reason as Shad said to enjoy every day we wake up and ease ourselves out of bed.

Annie - how did the movie go - was Lil Man interested? I hope everything goes well with the interviews. I say prayers for you each night. It's so hard to be patient and trust that there are plans for you but do not give up hope. I imagine you are getting quite inventive with the money budgeting. How is C doing? Do you get to spend any time together or is that reserved for the weekend?

Susie, busy Susie - I hope you are not burning the candle on both ends and that you leave work and have a little time for yourself. How's the Fitbit working out for you? Maybe when you work from home you need to set a timer, get up, go outside and walk around your car 5 times and then come back in and sprint for a cold bottle of water or a potty run. It's hard to get a lot of steps in when you're at home most of the day but you will find a way I am sure.

My tooth is starting to ache a bit. I think I will call it an early night and break down and take a pain pill so I can sleep. Have a good night everyone.

07-19-2014, 09:51 AM
Hello to everyone! I am so glad it is the weekend. A bit of house cleaning this morning, a polish change for my toes and then dinner out tonight with some friends.

We usually go on vacation with these friends and in two weeks we will do a stay-cation with them this year. We have all had a lot of health costs this year and so we are going to stay close to home. At dinner tonight we are going to talk about what we plan to do. Some ideas on the list are a visit to a safari place that is about 3 hrs from us. I have heard great things about it it's called The Wilds. That will be a day trip. We are also going to go to a castle in Cincinnati and maybe take a Segway tour. One day we will go to a waterpark, and there is also a Sign museum in Cincinnati that I want to go to, we might do that and take in a Reds game. It will just be great to be off work and do what I want to do!

I stayed the same at TOPS on Thursday. I reviewed my fitbit tracker for the week and it's not as good as I want to get to but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I did have two days with very low activity and the rest were moderate. I have set some step goal and distance goals for myself to work to achieve this week. I waited to set my goals after the first week so I could see what a "normal" week looked like for me and then go from there. I'm tracking my sleep too.

Annie: I hope the interviews bring a job offer. Sorry to hear about the ankle. I think a ankle brace would be good to try. How did Jacob like the movie? I want to see that movie and take my nephews. We might try and do that in a week or two when we can get together with them for the weekend.

I am glad to hear about the treatment for your brother. At one time I worked in pharmaceuticals fro P&G and I took care of the paper work for trails. None of them were for cancer drugs but I was always reading the data for the trails and it is very interesting. Some of them would go 10 yrs + ,it takes that long to get a drug to market. When I would read how people who were in the trial were improving when they thought that nothing else would work it was amazing to me. I will say a prayer that he continues to do well on the meds.

Michelle: I have always been interested in acupuncture. Do you think it helps you?

Laura: GREAT job on the weight-loss! You are so right that being more regimented during the work week and bringing your lunch/snacks is a big help to keep the calories under control.

Happy: I am singing "Pontoon" by Little Big Town in my head. :D Did you get to see any eagles nests? How is the tooth feeling today? GRRRR about the eye glasses.

Ceejay: How exciting to have a new fridge, stove and flooring! It has to feel refreshing. Yikes about the wrong meds! That happened to me one time...I got home, opened the bag and saw they weren't mine. I knew the pharmacy was going to close in 10 minutes so called on my cell and started driving back. They told me that they were going to close and would have to take care of it the next day! I said, in my best controlled voice with authority, "I don't think so. I think you will wait on me to get there with these drugs and pick up mine. I want to remind you that I have someone else's drugs, with their name on it, that is a HIPPA violation, not to mention that you most likely gave my meds to someone else, another HIPPA violation, AND what about if I hadn't paid attention and took these meds?!" They waited and I called the FDA on them the next day as well. I don't get my meds there anymore!

Shad: Did you make it to South Island? What all are you doing there?

Terra: What job are you applying for? Did you make progress on your sewing?

Ok..time to get moving. Have a great day everyone.

07-19-2014, 02:44 PM
Laura ~ Yeah Im really glad I've found a group like DA4A, They (WE) do good work. Im glad Clyde goes okay in the house and outside even though he cant see that well.

Michelle ~ Yes I did go to school yesterday, I needed a help on a job application that was online

Happy ~ Thanks, Im glad everything went well with the job applications and classes. Yeah if I had a wagon I would definitely try it to see if Clyde would like it or if it would scare him.

Susie ~ Im applying for a Data Entry job. Im about to sew another shirt onto the quilt so I'll have 3 of the 6 t-shirts on the quilt.

I woke up at 7:00 AM, I wanted to sleep in today but my back was hurting when I woke up at 7 so I went ahead and got up. Since I've been up I've let Clyde outside and I gave him fresh food and I took my pills, Right now Im still eating breakfast even though its now noon lol, Soup takes a long time to eat at least it does when I eat it. I ordered another Walk Away The Pounds DVD cause I didnt know you could order a WATP's DVD that had up to 5 mile walks on it which is the most you can walk in the Walk Away The Pound DVD Series so Im gonna send my other WATP's dvd to my best friend because she's also trying to loose weight, I just wish I would of looked through all of the WATP's DVD's on Amazon before I ordered my first one, Oh well though. I'll get my new DVD Monday. Anyway Im gonna walk after I finish my soup and then I'll walk again tonight and I'll do the same thing tomorrow and so on.

07-19-2014, 06:17 PM
Morning all,
Picton is lovely. I decided to stay here overnight. I was going to Blenheim today to visit with a long lost cousin but I've decided to go to Nelson and then Blenheim on Monday. It'll give the cousin a better chance to get lost I guess. My nephew lives in Nelson, so hopefully we can get together for dinner or lunch or something.

I'll post some photos tonight, when I get to wherever I will stay overnight. Lets hope it isn't under a bridge!

Do personals then too.

07-20-2014, 10:51 AM
I got up at 7:00 AM, So far today I've let Clyde outside and gave Clyde fresh food, He already has fresh water and now Im eating breakfast, My plans for today is to get my evening 30 min walk in. As soon as I get my MP3 player Im gonna start walking outside in the morning with my MP3 player and I'll do my evening walk to the WATP's dvd. I also gonna take a shower later on today too. I cant wait until dinner though we're having steak,chicken and shrimp KaBob's

07-20-2014, 12:12 PM
Morning all,

Ugh day for me today - vertigo is really bothering me. Can't seem to calm it down and my tummy is upset too. I also have a headache which I'm not sure if this is contributing to it all.

We're supposed to go to a car show this afternoon but I really don't feel like going out at the moment. Maybe that will change in an hour or two.

Hope the rest of you are enjoying your weekend.

07-20-2014, 12:49 PM
Most everything is back in order from the guys doing the flooring etc. I am enjoying the newness of it. The guy still hasn't come to look at the furniture so I'm not saying anything else about it. I weed whacked yesterday. Felt good to get outside. Also took back those med's that were not mine and they refunded my money with out hesitation. From now on I will look to see if they are mine.

I like day vacations. I'm curious about the Fit Bit. Do you have to enter the results on a web sight?

Don't blame you for getting upset with the eye doctor. I did take back the rx's to the pharmacist. And with no hesitation they took them back. I told them I used Dr. L and when he was not available I used Dr. T. The pharmacists said that she reported the mistake. But I think I'm going to report it as well. This Is why I don't like the electronic part of it. One wrong number keyed in and it's in some one else's account.
Glad you are getting some relief on the root canal.

I wish I had the courage to do some of the things you do. Was talking to my sister in Dallas and we were making plans for me to come to my nephew's wedding in March of next year in Houston, TX. Maybe I'll get to go to the Gulf while there.

I'm like you I keep the same hair style.

Hello's to the rest. Need to get back to work.

07-20-2014, 12:51 PM
Morning all. Weekend's been lovely so far weather wise.

Friday night was just dinner & tv.

Yesterday started with Jazzercise class - good & sweaty. I rushed home to shower & then it was off to my hair appointment. It was good to see my regular salon gal again. I'd spent all my cash at the salon for tips, didn't have my debit card with me but I still ventured into the thrift shop with only a single and change. I found just what I was looking for - white ice cube trays. Not for making ice, but to store my earrings in. Idea came from pinterest or somewhere online. I was just going to get them from the dollar store, but these are nice Rubbermaid ones that I bought for 50 cents each, so probably a better deal. By the way another jewelry organizing idea I found online was reusing an old framed cork bulletin board I had sitting around & some pushpins to hang my necklaces on. I'm not much into jewelry & my "collection" is rather sorry, but at least it'll be organized now. I have several old watches I no longer wear with dead batteries...debating what to do with those. Probably should change out the batteries to make sure that's all it is, then go from there.

Back to my Saturday. When I got home, bf had started back on the mulching project again. I changed clothes and went out to help him. I mainly helped with partially digging out a drain pipe that goes from our downspout out into the lawn. In the spring, it had come apart from the downspout and was flooding the landscape with water from a heavy rainfall.

I tried to trim the shrubs but the trimmer's battery was low, so that idea was ditched. I let bf finish the mulching, showered again and waited for BF to be done. He came in & showered and we went to lunch at a restaurant with a nice outdoor patio. It was a beautiful day to sit and relax after our physical labors. Afterwards we went to the grocery to pick up a few things and then went back home. I took doggie for his walk by the creek and then later on that night we went to the classic car show at the train station parking lot. They sure don't make 'em like they used to. I love some of those cars from the 40's.

After that was leftovers for a late dinner, and it was bedtime for me - I was pooped.

Today's just been tea & reading so far. I'll try the trimmer again & do more yard work.

Gonna post before I lose this. Back for personals later. TTFN!

07-21-2014, 09:41 AM
I woke up at 6:00 AM but I stayed in bed trying to fall back asleep for 20 mins but when 6:20 came I thought I might as well get up cause I cant fall back to sleep, So far today I've done the usual every morning things which are let Clyde Outside,Give Clyde fresh food and water if he needs fresh water and I took my pills. Right now Im just posting on here and on two other message boards while eating breakfast. My plans for today are to get my walks in and to go to Walmart when mom gets home at 2 pm and thats it.

07-21-2014, 11:20 AM
Hi all,

Must have been the weekend for classic car shows. I did wind up going yesterday even though I didn't feel all that great. Ran into a couple of friends, we sat down and had some refreshments and enjoyed the afternoon. It was a really nice day out. Afterwards, DH and I went to our favorite bar for a burger, came home and I made a bunch of phone calls - some to try and persuade people to help our at our Humane Society fundraiser, some to friends trying to firm up plans for my Chicago visit and then wrapped it up with my usual call to Mom.

Today I overslept and missed yoga for the second week. :( Bad me. Only 2 more weeks left in this session. I have a lot to do this week - stop at the newspaper and the radio station to drop off copy for advertisements for our fundraiser in 2 weeks. Need to run down to Rice Lake to return some shoes and stuff at Kohls. My peaches have ripened and I have about 30 pounds of peaches to process and freeze and eat. They are juicy and delicious. I was slacking on the laundry because we've been out so that's piled up and I am about to head out shortly to get that antiobiotics shot and I will make another attempt at the eye doctor's office to see if they will repair the broken nose piece on my glasses. I hope that goof that was there on Friday is off today.

Terra - you should have called me if you were up at 6 - then I wouldn't have missed yoga :lol: You are doing well with the weight loss - keep up the good work!

Laura - when I was working I had a large corkboard mounted to the closet wall and I would pin all my necklaces on it. Made for easy finding and matching when getting ready in the morning. The ice cube trays for earrings are a great idea too. And you can't beat the price of 50 cents each! How great that you were down to basically change and still found something that works for you? Glad you're happy with the haircut. Better get the yard work tended to now, before we know it we'll be raking up leaves :rolleyes:

Ceejay- glad you had no problems returning the medications and getting a refund. Probably because they realized what a BIG mistake they made. Ooops. That's frustrating that the guy hasn't come about the furniture - wait too long and you may change your mind :shrug: I agree with you about Shad's adventuresome nature - she does things I'd sure be nervous about - navigating in new places all the time :yikes:

Shad - I hope you found a better place to sleep than under a bridge! And that you are enjoying this leg of your trip. Did you get the suitcases all packed?

Annie - good luck on the job hunt this week :crossed: Glad to hear that your brother has some options for treatment. Hope all goes well for him.

Susie - your staycation sounds like a lot of fun. There are always fun things to do in town that we often overlook because we are busy working. How nice that you have plans with friends to maximize your time off. The sign museum sounds quite interesting. Take pictures!! of all the places.

Michelle - hope you had a fun weekend and got some relaxing in. Did you get to spend any time with D or was he away?

I need to go get ready for the doctor's. Have a good day everyone.

07-21-2014, 12:44 PM
Good morning ladies,

I had a very nice weekend. D is out of town for work, but I was able to keep myself very occupied. Friday was acupuncture (which was okay, but I'm not noticing much improvement yet), followed by water aerobics then the dog park. Saturday morning was spent at the gym riding the bike for 1/2 hour then doing water aerobics. I went to a workshop Saturday afternoon on using meditation/guided visualization for pain relief, and it did help. The instructor is in the process of making an mp3 of the meditation so people can use it regularly. Saturday evening was spent at the dog park until dusk, then it was home to watch some tv.

The only downside to the weekend was Saturday night, my next door neighbors (college kids) threw a party. They must've had at least 50 young people there. The music wasn't loud, but about 20 of the "kids" were on the front porch and front lawn (very close to my bedroom window) and they were talking VERY loudly. Finally, at about 1 am, I took a Melatonin, moved the fan to right near my head to block out the sound and fell asleep.

Sunday morning I was up by 7:30 for an early support group meeting. I was going to go to the gym after, but I was tired so I skipped the gym and went grocery shopping instead. In the afternoon, I did a yoga class, then picked Santa up from day care and we relaxed a bit before heading to the dog park after dinner.

After work today, I'll either go to water aerobics or ride the bike.


Shad - I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of your trip so far. Did you get to see your nephew and cousin?

Ceejay - That's awful that the pharmacy gave you someone else's meds. Very scary.

Happy - So glad that the partner dentist knew his stuff, and that your tooth isn't infected. That is horrible customer service at the eye doctor. I hope your vertigo has eased up. As for my niece's baby, I'll be seeing her (and the rest of the family) on September 19. I'm flying down for the weekend.

Susie - So nice that you are doing a staycation with your friends. Your ideas sounds really fun. They have castles in Cincinnati? Do you live near Sandusky? When I lived in WI, a friend of mine took her family to the amusement park there. That's great that you set step and distance goals for yourself! To answer your question, I've used acupuncture before several times. It worked great for migraines and neck pain. As for helping my back pain, it's probably too soon to tell. Although in the past when I've done acupuncture, they want to see you 2 or 3 times per week, or at least once per week. This doctor schedules appointments every other week. Scary that the pharmacy gave you someone else's meds too.

Terra - Good luck on getting the Data Entry job. I'll bet the kabob's were delicious!

Annie - How was the movie with Lil Man? Did you have the kids over for the weekend?

Laura - What a great idea about using ice cube trays for earrings! I've seen the idea of a cork bulletin board to hang necklaces. You got a double workout on Saturday with Jazzercise followed by digging. I used to like going to car shows with my ex. He could identify each car by year, make and model. I love the cars from the 40s, 50s and 60s.

I've got to sign off for now.

Much love,

07-21-2014, 01:06 PM
Morning all.

Sounds like you had a nice Sunday. I’m glad you got out to enjoy the day, in spite of the vertigo issues. So have you had any success getting help with the Humane Society fundraiser event?? Bad girl missing yoga class!! :nono: Sounds like you’ll be busy today. I hope whatever the dentist did Friday & the antibiotic shot today puts an end to the root canal pain. What do you have to do with the peaches before freezing them? Bad experience with the eye doctor’s office – boo! I sure hope you don’t have to deal with the same employee you skirmished with last week. Re haircuts & color – yes, it’s just hair, but hair that has to be grown out if the cut or color isn’t right! I wouldn’t be happy facing my mistake in the mirror each day…

Terra – Lately I’ve stopped waking up before the alarm clock and I’m happy about that – I’d rather get enough sleep than trying to fall back asleep (which I usually can’t do) or getting up. If it had continued, I would have tried to do a workout in the morning, but since it’s not happening for the time being, so be it. So nice of you to give your friend your WATP dvd – I probably would have kept it so I could enjoy something different every once in a while.

Ceejay – Glad you’re enjoying your new floor & appliances. What a potential danger getting the incorrect drugs! If the pharmacy gave you the wrong ones, it sure is their problem and taking them back should not have been a doubt. I didn’t know this was something that the government requires reporting – though with HIPAA, it makes a lot of sense. You should definitely try to get to the Gulf next year when you go to that wedding. Way back when I started my first job out of college, they sent me to Houston for training and a group of us “new starts” went to Padre Island for the weekend. That was fun. I can’t believe I still have (and wear!) the t-shirt I got when I visited. Maybe I need to finally set it aside for a quilt, LOL.

Shad – Glad all went well with the landlady… I would have wanted some sort of sincere apology for the repeatedly leaking ceiling. Speaking of leaks – our plumbing woes are no more, thankfully. Did you get together with your cousin and your nephew? Looking forward to photos, when/if you get a chance to post them!

Susie – A staycation with friends sounds great. The water park and the Sign museum will be fun. You deserve some R&R time! Good for you with no gain at the TOPS meeting. Now that you have the fitbit nudging you to get more movement in your day, you can maintain that awareness. Otherwise it can be easy to forget our intentions when life gets in the way.

Michelle – I knew your weekend was busy - as usual. :D Are you enjoying having the house all to yourself?

Hi Annie – How was the movie with little J?
I got back outside for more yard work yesterday. I trimmed some shrubs out front since the shrub trimmer was recharged enough to do that. Then I went out back and finished cutting back the rest of the peonies in the long flower bed. At least that’s something I won’t have to do come fall. There’s tons more that needs doing out there, but all the yard waste cans were filled up, so I stopped. I suppose I could have used the yard waste bags, but I can only spend so much time doing that kind of work before I get sick of the dirt and sweat.
The rest of the day was ho hum. Went to lunch, then to Home Depot for a couple things, then home. Some tv, then walked doggy, then tv, reading and dinner. I was generally happy to hang out around the house because next weekend I will be gone for most of both days - all day - with my riding course.

That’s about it for me. Everyone have a great day.

(One of the cars I loved at the car show we went to on Saturday.) (

07-21-2014, 03:02 PM
Laura - You really went to town on the yard work! Good for you!! Thanks for sharing the car photos! I really love seeing older cars, especially all the attention to detail. A good friend of my ex shows his cars. His are from the 60s and early 70s.

07-22-2014, 02:54 AM
guess I didn't post this mornings effort. Ahhh well. Life is like that.

Today I drove from Blenheim to Hamner Springs. Shortly I am going up to have a sit in the hot pools, but thought I would post here first.

It was a long tiring drive. Over hills, mountain passes and riverbeds - lots of one way bridges and the odd cow or two on the road.

Here's some pictures.
1. Is a sign at a pub
2. NZ Fur Seals relaxing in the shingle and rocks
3. NZ Southern Alps from Clarence
4. NZ Southern Alps from the Waiau River
5. Not a bad view to wake up to, is it? This from my motel window.

07-22-2014, 09:56 AM
Happy ~ LOL, Seriously if you want me to PM your phone number and I will, I have free long distance. Anyway Im sorry you missed Yoga, That sucks.

Michelle ~ Thanks, I hope I get the Data Entry job. The kabob's were delicious

Laura ~ Yeah thats good that you havent been waking up before your alarm clock. Yeah I dont have any use for the other WATP's dvd because the same miles on the other dvd are on the 5 mile dvd too, The 5 mile one has 1,2,3,4, and 5 Miles on it.

I woke up at 6:00 AM again this morning cause my back was hurting again, Im gonna buy a mattress topper for my bed so maybe that will stop my back from hurting. Anyway so far today I've done the every morning stuff which is let Clyde outside,Gave him fresh food and water and Im about to take my pills, Mom and my brother Nathan are making breakfast this morning so we wont eat for awhile yet so for right now Im watching t.v while posting on 3 other forums including this one. The plans I have for today is to get my room ready for the bug person to come and spray, We have him come every summer cause thats when it seems like bugs come in the house the most, Im also gonna get my walk in today and we're gonna go out to dinner later on today and thats it. (

07-22-2014, 12:03 PM
Happy Tuesday,

By the time I got off work, I just didn't feel like driving the extra distance to go to the water aerobics class only to fight traffic on the way home. So instead I went to the close by gym and did 45 minutes on the bike. After that, I picked up Santa and took him to the dog park to play with his friends there.

Tonight is yoga and then the book club by phone with my Wisconsin friends.


Shad - Thanks for posting the photos. I loved the pub sign! The seals are so cute. Gorgeous view from your motel window! I can see why they call the mountains the Southern Alps. They're breathtaking. Looking at the mountains reminded me of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy of movies and I was about to post a question to you, was it filmed more on the North or South Island. Then I Googled my question and found these websites below. New Zealand has some magnificent scenery, but I guess I don't have to tell you that! :rofl: I hope you had a lovely sit in the hot pools.

Terra - Keep up the walking. Your quilt is coming right along.

:wave: to everyone!

I've got to sign off for now. I'll check back later.

Much love,

07-22-2014, 01:25 PM
Morning all.

Terra - Way to go on the quilt! Sorry your back is bothering you. I hope the mattress topper helps with that.

Shad - Thanks for the photos! Wow, beautiful scenery. LOL re the pub placard. Enjoy your sit in the hot pools. Sounds good right about now - I woke up with a sore left calf muscle yesterday and have no idea why it's sore, and it's still sore today. If it were sore from Jazzercise, I would have felt it on Sunday morning. It's almost like I had a leg cramp during the night. Very odd that it wouldn't have woken me up, if that's the case.

Michelle - Too bad it's so far to drive to the water aerobics class - the distance and traffic would definitely be a deterrant for me. :( Good for you that you did the bike for exercise instead. :yay:

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies.

Nothing much to report. My morning's been annoying. Hope the rest of the day is more productive.

No movie tonight - I think our leader is out of town. I ran into another movie club member at the Costco gas pumps last week and we decided not to do a movie this week.

I have a volunteer project tomorrow morning, so I won't be posting in the morning. Maybe in the afternoon.

That's it for me. TTFN. :wave:

07-22-2014, 04:31 PM
Laura - I hope your calf cramp eases up. :-( And I hope your afternoon is less annoying. :crossed:

07-22-2014, 05:28 PM
Ah yes Michelle.
Where I am now is close to the LOTR set and looking out the window could be a wonderful set for the movies. I doubt that I will go anywhere near the other places on this trip since I am not a snow driver and a lot of the white stuff has fallen lower down the Island.

There are some interesting signs about the place Laura, that was just one of them. The other side of the pub sign said "If you have an issue, take a tissue".

Terra - I gather that the picture is part of your quilt. Nice work.

Happy - sorry to hear that the vertigo is back and with a vengeance. Hope it all becomes better soon.

Susie - guess you are busy, busy again. Hope your vacation works out nicely for you. Sounds like some good plans for the time.

Annie ???? Wherefore art thou Annie. Enquiring minds need to know.

I'm going back to the pools this morning. I'll pack up here, have a stint in the pools and then get some food in me before I drive out of this place to Kaiapoi where my Dad was born. I'm hoping to pick up a historical society and possibly get some more info on my Great Great Grandad and Grandmother. Their refusal to come out of the closet leaves a bit to be desired. I then need to go back to the shipping records and see if I can flush them out of there as well. That is a long tedious boring job - reading the shipping lists.

Anyway, best go hit the shower, pack up my stuff again and head for the pools before the whole world decides to get there as well. It was fairly crowded last night. See you later.

07-22-2014, 06:21 PM

Love the pictures. I envy your trips. I love to hunt down ancestors from the past. I've found some of the great grand parents but haven't been to their grave sight. Good luck

You are making good progress on the quilt.

How are you doing today with the vertigo? Did you get your glasses repaired?

You were a busy girl in the yard this past week end. I love being outside.

I notice from your ticker that you've lost 10 pounds. Congrats. You have been working hard for that.

I'm with Shad where are you?

Not much going on in my neck of the woods.

07-22-2014, 10:12 PM
Hi! Busy here as I get ready to go on vacation AND my AD decided she is going to go to China in two weeks and I am trying to get her to make her flights so I can submit her Visa paperwork by Friday. :mad::mad: She knew 4 weeks ago they wanted her to come and I told her then we needed to look at flights and things.

I am about to head to bed. I have been burning the candle at both ends yesterday and today and my body says SLEEP!

I missed you guys and just had to check in. I hope to come back tomorrow and post personals.

Good night everyone!

07-23-2014, 10:26 AM
Michelle ~ Thanks for commenting on my quilt, I will keep walking.

Laura ~ Thanks for commenting on my quilt, I hope the mattress topper makes my back also.

Shad ~ Yes it is, Thanks for commenting on my quilt.

CJ ~ Thanks

I woke up at 6:00 AM, I hoped that my alarm would wake me up but I woke up before my alarm clock went off. Oh well I guess. So far today I've done my every morning stuff which is let Clyde outside and give him fresh food and water and take my pills. Right now Im posting on this forum along with another forum and browsing penpal ads while watching t.v. My plans for today is to go to my meeting and get my walk in tonight and thats it.

07-23-2014, 11:01 AM
Good morning! I thought I would try to post early before my work takes over my life! Also by coming early hopefully it will keep my “taking care of me, and get this weight off” thought process front and center with me.
I read through your posts and will now do personals.

Ceejay: How nice that you have everything back in place after the new flooring is now down. You asked about the fit bit and if I have to enter results. No, I don’t need to do that. When I download it, it goes right into my profile that I created on the fit bit site. I am able to link it to My Fitness pal so when I put my food in there, it takes it over to my fit bit page.

Laura: Loved the car picture. With all the yard work you are doing think of all the toning you are doing to your body! How did your volunteer project go? What was the project?
Terra: I was so excited to see the picture of the quilt and the progress that you have made. You mentioned that you are browsing pen pal ads. Are you looking for a pen pal?

Happy: How did things turn out with the eye doctor and the repair of your glasses?

Michelle: Yes, there is a castle in Cincinnati. It is called Loveland Castle. You can google it. I’m not near Sandusky—it’s about 3 hours away from me, more up in northern Ohio.

Shad: Thanks for the pictures…that is a great view from your hotel!

07-23-2014, 01:14 PM
Good morning girls,

Busy day yesterday. I went to the shop and had a meeting with the person I am co-chairing (tho I hate to use that phrase) the tag day with. She is really a funny person - I like her style. I spent most of my shift helping the pricing people looking up stuff, making signs and boy did I get an earful from several unhappy campers. Thing is, they expect ME to take their complaints to the people who don't want to hear about this in the first place. :dizzy: I'm just glad I am going to be away for a month. And you know, I agree with everything they are saying, I just have learned you "can't fight city hall" so I just have to turn a blind eye.

I bought some raspberries on Monday to make with my peaches and by Tuesday DH called me at the shop - the darn things were moldy already - and I checked them when I bought them! :mad: He came and got the receipt from me and took returned them and got a refund.

I came home and made a recipe with a peach marinade for the pork chops we had. It should have been quite flavorful but was just blah. We had fresh corn on the cob, a green salad and I made a batch of cranberry sauce with a bag of frozen cranberries I processes last fall. The sauce was yummy and smelled so good - all in all, dinner was good but it was one of those that took a few hours to put together. I then searched for some peach recipes as I have to do something with all these peaches (don't tell DH but I should not have bought 2 boxes :o - one would have done just fine as there are ALOT of peaches in a box. I found a recipe for peach nectar - made that - it's so easy - and DH said it was delicious. Like fresh squeezed orange juice, it uses a lot of fruit so :yay: drink up DH :carrot:

Today I have laundry (I got behind), some emails for the Tag Day event, more peach stuff to make and freeze and I want to go through my freezer and either incorporate some things into meals for the next 2 weeks before I leave or toss it if it's old or sounded like a good idea at the time and now has no appeal.

Susie - I think it was you that talked about the TV show Extreme Weightloss. I started watching it and find it very interesting - nothing like Biggest Loser. It's amazing how people can transform themselves. The only thing that bothers me is they all need skin removal surgery. I'm sure I'd have a poochy belly if I lost a substantial amount of weight and at this point in my life, I'd never be able to afford that. Of course, that's no reason to stay overweight either. ;) Have you figured a way to get more walking into your day so that your Fitbit is happy? I hope that you are still giving yourself the time you deserve each take to take care of Susie first :hug: And thank you AD for making your procrastination MY problem - :rolleyes: :p

Terra - your quilt is coming along nicely and looks good. Do you think this is a bigger project than you originally thought? How long does it take to do the 5 mile WATP video?

Hi Annie - I hope things are going well for you. :crossed: :hug: Is Royce growing big? Has Lil Man accepted that he's here to stay? :lol:

Hi Ceejay - yes, my glasses got fixed - I went back to the office and the NICE regular person was there. She fixed me up just fine. Vertigo is quiet for the moment as is the root canal. I was just a bit achy this morning because we had the fan blowing on us. Our two days of summer ;) were Monday and Tuesday and up in these parts 89 degrees is melting time. Thanks for asking. That's interesting you are looking up the relatives. With computers now it makes it easier. Also easier if you have a less common family name :lol: How is it with your boss friend being gone now? Quiet?

Shad - what a pretty country NZ is! I am glad you are enjoying your trip and keep the pictures coming. I love looking at them. Happy travels and good luck digging up the rellies! No literally of course :eek:

Yay for you Michelle on continuing to incorporate a lot of movement and exercise into your life. Very proud of you. Of course it helps when you don't have to work 80 hours a week on the job to keep on top of things. I'm glad to hear that the guided visualization helped with the pain relief. What an interesting concept. I hope they get that MP3 made quickly. Did you see on the news where that guy dug a 10 foot hole in the sand on the beach and it caved in on him? Why would you dig a hole that deep???? That had to be terrifying.

Laura - good luck with the volunteer project - hope it went well and was more fun than your annoying work day yesterday. Thanks for including the picture from the car show - I was looking at a few roadsters from the 40's at our car show and realized being short, I could not have driven those cars - can't see over the hood :lol: Where's the beef??? :rofl: But it's neat to look at those cars - what a labor of love for some of the restoration projects.

On with the day. I am making lists so that I make sure I get everything done that I needed to before I leave. I ordered a cooler bag that came today - it's the kind the flight crews use so I know it's the right dimensions for a carry on. It's quite big - will allow me to bring home DH's Italian sausage and maybe even a bit more Chicago food goodies :lol:

Anyway, have a good day all.

07-23-2014, 02:43 PM
Hello My Darling Sisters....

Didn't get to the movies with lil man until Monday. Things came up and was waiting til the kids had Ainsley so she could go with. He did fantastic at the movies, sat still on momma's lap and watched the entire movie. Baby Royce, of course laid in Nanna's arms sleeping through the entire movie. Ains sat between us enjoying the movie and two boxes of dollar candies I bought to take with us, which would have been 5 bucks each at the movies. Also took bottles of water for all. Not and treats for about 20 bucks.

Royce is 4 mos and looks like a 6 month old. He is only 10" shorter than Jacob. R is already on baby cereal and fruits. He is growing like a week and sooooooooooooo long. Jacob is almost too loving to Royce and tends to smother him with hugs and kisses. I do believe he has accepted R and loving him just fine. I will say J has completely come into the terrible twos and directly headed for the tirate threes. So defiant these days. Onery like his momma and Nanna. lol

My days have been filled with running here and there, the big interview with One America is this Friday the 25th. It is a 4 hour interview with 5 people and downtown. Even tho I don't like downtown this job would be more than worth it. The competition is stiff and supposedly there are a ton of candidates. Prayers and crossing of everything please. Wells Fargo has not gotten back with me yet on an in person interview....they will!!

Went to a retirement party last night for an old friend from RCA days. It was great. I got to see several people that I had not seen since I left in 2003. Many were older looking, fat, bald, so I felt just fine. lol.

Not much planned for the weekend. Babysitting on Saturday nite. J is much better and well behaved when momma and dad are not there. Trust me it is not because they do not discipline him. Sam is much like I was when raising my kiddos. Jerk a not in their tail and send them to their room to think about it. J just thinks everything is funny, I believe he will be a comedian, if he makes it past 4. lol.

Cannot remember if I told you all or not that I finally found a church that C and I both like. It is a non=denominational Christian church. My friend, Betty that I have known since 1981, invited us just before Easter and we have been going since. Only have missed two weekends. I really like it as does C.

That is about it for me, rain came in like a lion today and watered everything, will have to cut grass tomorrow. When the maters come ripe, it will be heck to keep up with them, wish you all lived close to take some off my hands.

HAPPY...another on-line friend that I met about 15 years ago and have actually met in person when she and her family were passing through Indy, lives near Rice Lake. She is a bus driver. What a ko winky dink. the pictures. You sure lead a very interesting travel life.

Hellos to all.

Loves and hugs.

07-23-2014, 03:30 PM
Afternoon all. I’m back from my volunteer project and eating the freebie lunch – a Potbelly sandwich. The potato salad is tasty. I had to stop myself from eating the entire container – that would equate to one giant scoop.

Happy – It’ll probably be nice to get a break from the thrift shop/H. Society duties. You’re putting a lot of time into it these days. Bummer about the raspberries going moldy so quickly. I’m sure peach nectar from fresh peaches is delicious. Be sure to let us know what other tasty peach recipes you make to use up all those peaches. Yeh, I love those big cars of the 40’s and 50’s, but I guess when it would come to actually driving one of those behemoths, that would be another matter.

Terra – I had pen pals as a teen – some were cabin mates from summer camp, but one was a girl in England – one of the teen magazines set that up. It was fun.

Susie – Good way to start the day – doing something just for yourself. The fitbit sounds easy enough to use. I’ll think some more about getting one, but right now I’ll just try to get myself back to using my pedometer. I sure would like to think that all the yard work does me physical good – a lot of bending and using muscles even just when I’m pulling weeds, let alone the digging. I’ll have to look up Loveland Castle to see what that’s all about. WTH is the matter with that AD and her last minute visa arrangements??!! I guess when she can foist the inconvenience of last minute arrangements on someone else it’s no big deal. Boo.

Ceejay - I love being outside too. I was glad the volunteer project was rescheduled, and the weather turned out to be perfect today.

Shad – What a wonderful place, so much beauty around you that all you have to look out the window to see it. I hope your genealogical hunts are successful.

Hi Annie, Hi Michelle!!
Since there was no movie night last night, bf suggested we go to one by ourselves. We saw “Chef”. It was more than a story about a chef who has a career crisis, it was also about his relationship with his young son. Bf and I both enjoyed it.

The volunteer project this morning was slightly different than the one originally scheduled for early June. The original one was planting trees, this one was mulching them. We spent the morning weeding around trees that had been planted last year, and then spreading mulch around them. While yesterday was really hot and humid, today was cool, sunny, and breezy - perfect. Since it was only a few hours in the morning, I’m glad it was cool and I didn’t get all sweaty – I would NOT have wanted to return to work if that was the case. We were also in a different location than I thought – instead of a nature center on the north side, we were at a large older park a few miles straight west (and slightly south) of downtown (Donna – it was Douglas Park). It’s a nice park with lagoons and paved trails throughout. Not as well-maintained as it could be, but still a nice place to see some green. When we left, there were many groups of daycampers present.

I’m sort of tired right now, and I’m glad I don’t have anything urgent to do at the moment. Nothing planned tonight either.

That’s about it for me. TTFN.

07-23-2014, 03:38 PM
Hi Annie - Good to see you here. The movie outing sounds like a big success. :) Glad to hear the grandbabies are doing well. LOL re J. - terrible two's! Watch out! Best of luck on the marathon interview on Friday. The one who makes it all four hours gets the job?? Or do they get to come back again for a day-long interview?? :faint: I'm glad both of you like your new church - good for the soul. I've only got two tomato plants this year - 1 plum, 1 cherry tomato. Lots of tomatoes, but nothing is ripe yet. I'm sure the homeless shelter or a foodbank will take your overflow, Ms. Green Thumb. :D

07-23-2014, 07:08 PM
Just a quick one for me. We are having rain that was behind a cold front that came through. I really need to get the plant back up and running but their was thunder a few minutes ago.

Thanks for the information on the Fit Bit. I will probably get one tomorrow. I'm curious as to how it will motivate me. I was hoping that it would do the calorie count too. Guess you can't have everything.

Thanks for checking in. Sound like a good time at the movies. I'm sending you good vibes for the long interview.

Pooh on the raspberries being moldy so soon. They would pair well with the peaches. I don't blame you for not stepping in as the spokes person. They always try to draft the new person.
Loose skin is always a concern of mine if and when I lose this weight.

Is the volunteer work due to the job or is it something you do for yourself.

Michelle and Terra Hello

I have the plant back in operation once again. This storm has done some minor damage in Paragould. So far nothing that I know of here.
I'm so glad that this is my last day to work this week. I'm thinking very seriously about not going to Paragould this week end. I want to get some more things done.
Oh and J did mention the furniture this week but doesn't have access to his truck so maybe he will come and get it this week end.

07-24-2014, 11:41 AM
Morning all.

Ceejay - The volunteer work is arranged by my employer. They offer several projects a year. Frequently the projects involve painting in schools, but earlier this year I did a school reading project, and just yesterday the tree mulching. I skipped the painting project - I've done the painting projects many times over the years and decided to focus on something different this time around.

I hope you're enjoying the start of your weekend. Did you decided to stay home all weekend?

Hellos to the rest of you. :wave:

Another lovely cool day today. My hands are a bit sore from pulling weeds yesterday - holding the tool and getting a good grip on the weeds to get them out by the root.

Today's my WW meeting. I don't think I'll have a loss. Tracking my eating, I know my calories have been too high to expect a loss, and my scale at home also told me that. It would be nice if I didn't show a gain. I'm so sick of going up and down like I have, but I know that my calories have still been too high and my exercise levels too low.

Tonight my basic (motorcycle) rider course begins, with the first session from 6-10 pm. I called to make sure I understood the class location and learned I should get there early because a walk-in could get my place! That's sort of crazy that I registered for this specific class in June and there's the potential to have my place taken if I were to be late. Whatever, I'll definitely get there early. I've already told my boss I need to leave an hour early today. Tonight's session will almost certainly be in the classroom, with Sat./Sun. out on the driving range.

That's about it for me. I'll get back later.

07-24-2014, 12:42 PM
Hi everyone -

Tuesday night I got hit hard with some kind of stomach bug that kept me up every hour from 11 pm until 4 am. I was still feeling lousy by the time my alarm went off yesterday, so I called in sick to work. I took Santa to day care because I didn't think I'd be able to walk him when he needed to do his business. Then I went home and slept the entire day. All I ate yesterday was a blueberry muffin for breakfast, a 1/2 turkey sandwich for dinner and 7up throughout the day.

Today, I'm at work, but not feeling all that great. My abs and my back hurt bad, and I'm being very careful about what I try and eat.

I got on the scale this morning and I was down 5 lbs, which is good because I thought that my scale might be "stuck" at 235 becuase it hadn't moved for days.

Obviously I didn't get to the gym yesterday and I won't today either. Everything hurts too much. I might do aqua aerobics tomorrow evening if I'm feeling better.

I'll catch up with personals later.

Much love and many hugs,

07-24-2014, 03:12 PM
Michelle - So sorry your not feeling well. I hope you're much better tomorrow. Glad the scale got unstuck!

I was up a pound at WW. Sigh. Not undeserved. I will keep plugging.

07-25-2014, 11:26 AM
Wow, quiet here. Hope everyone is off having a great Friday/Saturday.

I left work about an hour early and went to my basic rider course last night. It was 4 hours of going through questions and finding the answers in the course manual. It was a lot of information, that's for sure. I was glad when 10 pm came around.

We continue the course with full days tomorrow & Sunday, which will be spent almost entirely on the driving range. Should be fun, but we've been warned we'll be exhausted at the end of each day. I'm glad I'm taking Monday off work!

Anyway, I like the instructors, and I feel confident they can drill the correct use of the clutch, gearshift, throttle & brakes into my head over the next two days. But still, wish me luck! :moped:

Okay, back to work. TTFN.

07-25-2014, 11:52 AM
Susie ~ Im glad to know you were so excited to see the picture of my quilt and the progress I have made. Im always looking for more E-Mail Pals, I have 3 snail mail pals right now and Mom says the most I can have cause she doesnt want our address all over the internet and since Im living in her house, I have to go by her rules. Why did you ask? Were you offering to be a E-Mail Pal? Just wondering.

Happy ~ Thanks for commenting on my quilt, Yes its definitely a bigger project then I had thought at first, When my grandma and I made my quilt we had it done in a weekend but I dont think Im gonna be done that fast. I dont have the 5 mile dvd yet so Im not sure how long a 5 mile is but I will let you know as soon as I get it.

Laura ~ Yeah My first penpals in 97/98 were from a teen magazine, It was fun back then and it still is.

CJ ~ H~I~

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and of course I did my normal morning duties and now Im just eating breakfast while reading posts on facebook and posting on 2 other forums, About to start working out after I get done eating breakfast. I dont have any major plans for today just to get my 30 min walk in, I might do two 30 mins walks today, Depending on how Im feeling at 6 pm this evening when I would start working out for the 2nd time today. My mom and I are gonna go on a fast food run for dinner today too, We'll probably have Subway which I guess you could call it Healthy fast-food, Its healthy and its made fast so there you go lol.

07-25-2014, 11:55 AM
Hi ladies,

I'm still feeling a bit "off" today. I was planning on doing water aerobics tonight, but my tummy isn't too keen on the idea of bouncing/jumping around. Maybe I'll ride the bike. Not sure. Right now, I've got a little bit of a fever so unless that goes away, it will be a relaxing evening for me.

It's supposed to hit the 100 degree mark today, and be hot through the weekend. :faint: I have some website work to do and I want to do some sorting/organizing (probably in the early mornings before the heat kicks in).

Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend!

Love and hugs,

07-25-2014, 02:07 PM
Hi all,

Got up at 5 this morning so we could go way north and pick some fresh raspberries. They also had a magnificent flower garden at the farm and DH got some amazing flower pictures.

I have to grab something to eat and head off to my shift at the shop so this will be short. Sure do wish I could nap instead of working. It's the weekend of the lumberjack competition so it might be busy in town today.

Catch up later...

07-25-2014, 06:20 PM
Hi every one
I've been preoccupied with doing nothing. Sounds silly,
but I'm tired. Think I'll wait a few minutes to make sure that I don't want to go to Paragould this week end but the trip over there will be worth it just to buy gas. The price here has dropped to 3.29 so it's likely that it will be down over there too.

Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon.

Can't wait to see the pictures.

07-26-2014, 11:34 AM
Morning all,

What a long day yesterday was. I got up at 5 so that we could leave at 6:30 to go raspberry picking. DH posted a couple of shots on FB but none of what I considered the especially pretty flowers so I'll wait and see if he's still cleaning them up before I post them here. We got back home around 11 and I wanted to take an hour's nap before my shift at the thrift shop but that didn't happen. I got to the shop and the morning crew cheered me on - seems that my afternoon partner took ill and heaven forbid, the morning crew might have had to stay an extra 30 minutes had I been running late. :rolleyes: Reminder to me not to jump up and volunteer to cover for people who are not willing to do the same for you... S did call in - she has a bee's nest in her yard and she keeps trying to eliminate it and gets stung in the process. The bee stings aggravate other medical issues and this time around it landed her in the emergency room. She stopped in the shop to see me as she thought it would be the last time we were together before my vacation. I was glad she came in because I had some fresh raspberries and a few peaches for her. She was getting woozy from the medication they gave her and I was swamped with customers so we didn't get a chance to talk much. She left and it was crazy busy at the store. I did over $600 in sales by myself. Often I had people 5 deep in line. And of course they were buying things that needed to be wrapped rather than just tossed in a bag. There is a sweet lady who does the laundry at the shelter and she looks just like Jessica Tandy in the Fried Green Tomatoes movie. She was at the shop while I was especially busy and God love her, she just came behind the counter and started wrapping things for me. :hug: She even had her official Humane Society t-shirt on. :D She told me she just learned to drive when she turned 80! I guess she doesn't drive that well but what a trooper :lol:

Needless to say between getting up at 5, not enough sleep, standing at least 8 hours straight I was one tired puppy last night. Just made a quick and not very nutritious dinner. Today I am a bit stiff and sore but I have alot of housework to get done. One customer called the shop and asked if we'd ship a computer case he saw and decided he wanted after he got back home. This weekend is the lumberjack championships and town is crazy busy. I really don't want to go to town and fight the crowds to ship this and of course everyone looks to me to handle it. :rolleyes: I am mindful that I have 2 weeks before I leave so I am trying to make sure I am utilizing my time in the best way and getting things done that I need to.

Ceejay - your gas is much cheaper than ours. I'm not sure if it's because you are closer to the refineries but I was very surprised at the difference in price. We get gouged a few extra cents more in my town because it's a "resort" area so we fill up at the next towns over when we are travelling too. I hope you have a relaxing weekend. Did you catch up with the yard work?

Michelle - I hope you are feeling better today - sounds like you caught a bug of some sort. 100 degrees? I'd be sweltering. Is the fan going to be enough to keep you cool? Sounds like Santa would enjoy a dip in a kiddie pool himself. Good luck with the extra web work - a shame you have to spend your weekend on that but hopefully it will go quickly and smoothly.

Laura - gee that wasn't the best area you were working on at the park for the community project :yikes: Glad it all worked out. Good luck with the motorcycle course - it sounds very involved but I'm sure it will be worth it for the education value it delivers. And that can only mean more safety for you and BF so good job! How hard it had to be to work all day and then attend a course until 10pm! Especially if you're an early to bed kind of person. I hope you do well and I know you will!

Terra - sounds like you have a fun but busy schedule for yourself. Any more work completed on the quilt?

Annie - good to hear from you. Funny that Royce sounds like he is ready to outpace his big brother in size. :lol: I'm glad to hear the kids are doing well. Good luck on your marathon interviews :crossed: oh boy what an ordeal - it should NOT be this complicated. Sending you good wishes and prayers and all good things for your success. Glad you found a church that you and DH like. It's good to have that spiritual comfort around, particularly when you feel like questioning why life goes the way it does. Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy also.

Shad - hoping that you are enjoying your vacation. The Kiwi's are in it for the lumberjack championships here. They were interviewing one very enthusiastic supporter who made the 30 hour flight to come here and support his favorite lumberjack! 30 hours on a plane :faint:

Hi Susie - hope you are getting some Susie time this weekend and not spending it catching up with work stuff!

I'd better get some things rolling here before I waste the day away too. I got up early just because and want to get alot done today. Those peaches and raspberries need to be worked on.

Have a good weekend everyone!

07-26-2014, 02:17 PM
On lunch break from the course. All morning on the range learning how to ride. I'm pooped mentally but have the afternoo. To gwt through. I will forge on!!!

07-26-2014, 11:11 PM
Good luck. I know you will do well.

You did have a good day at the shop. Good thing the other person helped you wrap the items. Did you get those peaches and raspberries worked up?

Not a lot going on. Didn't make it to eat lunch with the uncles today. Didn't really want to but my excuse was that the person that mowed the lawn didn't get there till 9.30. I got to Paragould around 3 and then I suggested that we go to Jonesboro to Shoe Carnival. I did buy a pair of sandals. and my aunt bought a pair of shoes. We got a good deal.
I'm not as tired either as I didn't have to rush to get up and over here by 11.30.

07-27-2014, 01:51 AM
Hi y'all
I'm in Tekapo. The place where you get the best views of the night skies. It should be a cracker tonight since there is not a cloud in the sky. I've posted some pics in facebook, but I will try to get some on the dropbox tonight. Need food.

Catch up again soon.

07-27-2014, 04:27 AM
Put some pics on the dropbox. Will get to naming them later.

07-27-2014, 01:23 PM
Happy ~ Nope I havent done anymore work on my quilt but I will

I woke up at 7:30 this morning. Its now in 11:00 AM and Im about to do my 2 mile morning walk, I already got my morning duties out of the way. After I get done walking I will get back to switching my youtube favorites playlist into MP3's so I can add them to my new MP3 Player. Of course I'll do my 2 mile Evening walk tonight after 6:30 pm and I might work on my t-shirt quilt a little before bed.

07-27-2014, 08:03 PM
Hi Everyone! I am officially on vacation and today I acted like it. After church we came home, had lunch and I took a 2 hour nap. It felt great!

I did get the Visa out the door for the AD before I left work on Friday--actually had it to shipping by noon so it will reach the China Consulate on Monday A.M. I told her since I was going to be OOO, she was the contact so she needed to be sure to check her VM and handed her a copy of what I sent and informed here that I talked to one of the other Admin's who said if there were questions to answer she would help her. It felt good to hand that off. :D I don't expect questions or anything as I feel I have done so many Chinese visas I could do them in my sleep, but you just never know.

I don't think I have posted since Wednesday. To catch things up I lost 1.4 lbs at TOPS on Thursday. Also, Thursday was our "Take our children to work day". It's a big event with classes in the labs and such. It really gets them interested in Science and things. I took my 4 nieces and we were all over that campus going to different events and my fit bit hit 11,824 steps! I was exhausted on Thursday night.

Yesterday we had DH's work cookout at his boss' house. They are a small company so it was pretty intimate. There are a couple of new people so it was nice to meet them and their spouses or significant other. It was HOT though. 90 degrees and 98% humidity. I stayed in the shade most of the time. I did play 2 rounds of corn you guys know that game?

DH and I are getting ready to get a bit at Friches Big Boy and then to WalMart for a few thing this week. I am also going to look at buying a new camera as my 10 yr old digital camera's internal battery won't charge anymore. I think I got my moneys worth out of it! ;)

Ceejay: Did you get your fit bit?

Happy: Your shop is very busy!! $600 in sales during your shift is amazing! I would say you have a well run shop and you can pat yourself on the back for being part of it.

I laughed when you asked if I was spending the weekend I am not, nor the week...I am truly on vacation!

Michelle: I hope you are feeling better and I'm glad those scales moved down for you.

Shad: I am going to try to remember how to get back to the dropbox (Michelle added me a long time ago) so I can check out the pictures.

Annie: I didn't know you had an interview on Friday but I've been praying about your job opportunities and I am praying hard about the interview that you just went on. When I got my job at P&G I had a 5 hour interview and it was intense so I know what you went through.

I'm sure you are sending "thank you" letters to those you interviewed with? I also did that and it seemed to always be something that they told me later help them to decided to pick me. :)

I am glad to hear you found a church that you enjoy attending.

Laura: After the motorcycle class will you then go take a test for your license? I think it is so cool that you are doing this!

Terra: I asked about your pen pal experience because I also have a pen pals. One I have had since we were both 14 yrs old! (we both are now in our late 40's!) She is from Denmark and we have met in person 3 times over all these years. She is a "friend" now and just not a pen pal. We still write letters from time to time and we Skype and also are friends on Facebook and we email.

I feel that this whole group are my "pen pals" as well! :) I'm glad you are here posting daily and that I am getting to know you as well as the rest of these ladies.

Ok..time for me to go if I want to get some dinner!

I'm not sure how much I will post this week as we will be off running around but I'll try to get here a few times..and I always try to read the post from my phone.

07-28-2014, 10:39 AM
Good Monday Morning All...

The interview went very well. My follow up questions were short so that was not in my favor. But I think I impressed them. I did sent an email to the HR lady with a few follow up questions. Hope that helps. I really really want this job and feel I have a good opportunity at getting it. Yes, I have this job, positive thinking all....

Babysat most of the weekend. Saturday night Sam and Chris had date night. C and I babysat at their house, easier for kiddos in their own beds. Then Sunday we kept the kiddos as the kids had free tickets to the Brickyard 400 here in Indy. Jeff Gordon won for the 5th time. He won the first year of the brickyard and then this year the 20th anniversary. He is not my favorite driver but happy for him. He seem sincere at his interview.

Today is more on line applying, which I just finished up on. Sassy was having a bit of eye swelling on Saturday but has seemed to clear up at now. I think maybe she got dirt in her eye while digging in MY FLOWERS....yes she got in trouble for that.

CHELLE....sure hope you are feeling better now. Bummer. Two steps forward one step back.

HAPPY...glad you have a vacation coming up to take a rest from the Thrift shop. Sounds like you are being relied on quite a bit. Saw DHs pix on FB, very nice. are always a busy bee. Can tell how tired you were from the seminar by the typos in your post. lol.

SHAD...glad you are enjoying your time and btw taking marvelous pictures, as always.

SUSIE...handing off important work/documents always made me nervous, I am one of those that likes to do it myself to be sure it is completed correctly. Glad you felt good about it and could enjoy your weekend.

CEEG...sometimes I just get tired of driving. Don't blame you on not wanting to go to the Uncles. Way to look out for yourself.

TERRA...I love Subway and it is usually my "go to" place for a halfway decent meal. I usually get the turkey chopped salad with all the veggie trimmings. Very tasty.

Sis and the boys are coming over in a bit to visit. Actually she forgot Rs breast milk and that is the main reason they are coming over, but oh well, I will take the visit in a good way. Love all my babies and I even think Ainsley will be with her. Yeah!

Make it a great Monday all. Hugs.

07-28-2014, 11:42 AM
Had a very relaxing weekend. It was hot both days, so Santa and I tried to stay cool. My step-mom invited us over for a swim in the pool. Well, Santa doesn't like water, but I dunked him in anyway just to cool him off. I could tell he felt better afterward. The rest of the weekend I did a whole lot of nothing other than trips to the dog park.

I'm feeling a little better today...but still a bit "off". I wish I could get over whatever this is. And I hope I feel better by 5 because I'm going to the gym to either ride the bike or do water aerobics. It's been a week since I've exercised and that's too long.

Annie - I'm praying for you for the interview. Sending you lots of positive energy and good vibes. So nice that you got to babysit the lil men. :D

Susie - Enjoy your vacation? I'm looking forward to hearing about all the fun things you're going to do!!

Terra - Good for you for doing so well with the walking!

Laura - So now after the class, do you feel comfortable riding/driving the motorcycle?

Happy - I hope the shop can survive without you when you're on vacation. Seriously, you do so much for them.

Shad - I'll look for the photos on DropBox.

Well, time to get back to programming.

Much love to all,

07-28-2014, 11:58 AM
Good morning. Checking in before we are off for the day to explore the castle and also spend some time at Newport on the Levee and The Banks. We will do a lot of walking today.

It cool here in Ohio today (I am grateful since we will be active today). High's in the 70's and the humidity is going away. I wanted to buy a camera for today and tomorrow but didn't make it to Target. I looked at Walmart but the selection was limited. I'm not looking for anything fancy just a point and shoot. I did some comparison on line last night so I hope we can stop at a Target today and I can get one for tomorrow.

Annie: I'm thinking good thoughts and saying prayers about this job.
I am like you that I don't like to hand things off but with going on vacation I had no choice and it did feel good because if she had gotten her act together 3 weeks ago when I started asking her for her travel plans so I could book the tickets as you must show your flights and hotel are booked in order to apply for the Visa (you can change it after you get it all in the mail if you want but you have to show it booked and paid for), I could have left it with her done and all in order. Her poor planning was not my fault.

I have never been to the Brickyard 400 in Indy. I'm really not that far from it--maybe a 2.5 hour drive. We talk about going and checking it out but haven't made it yet.

Michelle: Glad you are feeling a tad better. Be gentle with yourself going back to the gym. Just move..don't kill yourself..just do 30 min and move..remember you want to be able to go back tomorrow.

Hello to all the rest of the Wordlies! Got to get in the shower, our traveling companions will be here in a bit.

07-28-2014, 03:05 PM
Susie ~ Thats neat that you still have a penpal that you've had since you were 14.

Annie ~ Yeah like I said I love Subway, I get the Sweet Onion Chicken Teryaki on Italian herbs and cheese with shredded cheese and alot of pickles and alot of sauce and thats my sub sandwich.

Michelle ~ Thanks for commenting on my walking

I woke up at 8:00 AM this morning and its now 12:56 PM, As always I got my morning duties out of the way, I currently posting on here and on two other forums, Im about to do my first 2 miles walk of the day. My only plans for today is to get my 4 mile walk in and go to Walmart with my mom, Even though I dont have any money to spend at Walmart I still like going cause its gets me out of the house. Tonight I really need to do some sewing on my t-shirt quilt.

07-28-2014, 04:25 PM
Good morning chickie girlfriends,

Went to bed early last night - I purchased an album from ITunes called Liquid Mind III - Sleep. I listen to it on my Ipod in bed and don't get past the first 11 minute track before I am nodded out. It is different type of music, it reminds me of the sort of music one would hear if you were drifting up among the stars at night. Problem was that I woke up at 3:30 and was not able to fall asleep again. I must have dozed off around 4:30 just to have to alarm go off at 5. I didn't want to get up but I missed the last 2 yoga classes due to the vertigo and I felt that it would be better if I went so I dragged myself out of bed. Lots to do today and this week, I am writing notes so that I make sure I don't forget anything. I was annoyed because one of my former employers is offering a pension buyout. They never updated my address when I called after I moved here and then were supposed to send me a packet of information - the deadline is August 5 and I need to review the feasibility of it. I called 11 days ago - still no papers. They gave me another cheezy excuse when I called today and said it might come this week or MIGHT come next week. I said too bad - I am going out of town for an extended period and your problems with your vendor are not mine. So supposedly they are overnighting me the papers. We'll see. They were lying and said they missed a lot of addresses of people who moved but the coworker who alerted me to this has lived in the same house for the last 28 years and he didn't get the papers either. :mad: Some manager will probably get a big bonus for screwing this up so badly. :rolleyes:

Susie - I hope you have great weather and a wonderful time on your most well deserved vacation. Sounds like you will keep quite active on your days off - now just turn the corner FAST when you see corn dogs and sodas so you can build on your loss last week :yay: I do know what corn hole is - is that the bean bags in the hole toss thing? I'm glad you were able to get your work caught up before you left - very PROUD that you handed off the last of the emergencies too. Have fun!

Annie - I'm very glad to hear that the interview went well. Just keep plugging away. Things will turn up when they need to. I say this only because the waiting is so frustrating. I have everything crossed for you - it's a bit hard to breathe but you are worth it ;) Oh oh - I see you have a Digger in the family - Sassy Girl :o - not in Mom's gardens. :nono: Glad you got a chance to squeeze the youngin's. It's interesting that Royce is outpacing Lil Man. Maybe we need to stop calling J Lil Man :lol: Thank you for the compliment on DH's pics - he is having lots of fun taking them.

Michelle - OMG - I had such a mental picture of you dragging Santa into the pool. Just like getting a dirty 5 year old into the bath. No Mom NOOOOOOO. :lol: I'm happy to hear you are feeling a bit better. I think sometimes in the warmer climates things stick around a bit longer - even up this way with summer colds. I hope you are feeling up to going to the gym tonight - even if you don't get a full on workout in. Maybe some water aerobics and finish it with a nice soak in the hot tub or sauna. Regarding the thrift shop, I'm sure they will carry on without me just fine. It will go back to business as usual - will be interesting to see how the numbers hold up as that's our last big money making month for the year as summer comes to an end. But, it is what it is :shrug: I'm a bit perturbed that for all the extra shifts I cover over the winter for the snowbirds, no one is stepping up to fill in my days when I am gone in August :mad: I'm not going to cancel my vacation over it - Mom and Sis are looking forward to seeing me. :lol:

Terra - oohh a portable play list. I love listening to good music when I'm walking. Have fun loading up the MP3 player. Add some new stuff too.

Shad - are you enjoying the night skies? DH was wondering the other night if you saw the Milky Way galaxy down your way. I'm thinking not because you don't see the same constellations as we do up this way. Check it out in those dark skies for us. Your pictures are stunning - I hope you are enjoying yourself and getting to meet with good friends and family alike. Are you going to be off work for a while once you get back? Recharge the old batteries again and get ready for another round of madness.

Ceejay - nice that you had a relaxing trip and got some new shoes. Are they casual or for work? Do you have to wear safety shoes at the plant? Yes, I did get 4 bags of peaches frozen as well as 4 smaller bags of raspberries. It was too late to make a peach cake and while I got some wonderful recipes for pie crust for a cobbler, it did seem to be an awful lot of effort - especially if you want a light flaky crust so I put that off. I did make the raspberry puree and chilled peaches for peach melba for dessert last night. It was good but a waste to cover up some good vanilla ice cream in my opinion. :D I think I might have preferred the raspberry sauce drizzled over a small piece of pound or angel food cake with the sliced peaches. I sure won't be buying 50 pounds of peaches anymore - that's just too darn much work to process and store and I did lose about a dozen peaches to soft spots.

07-28-2014, 04:28 PM
Posted to see if Laura had been typing over my head as usual, but no. Hope you finished your class successfully. My sister said the weather is perfectly gorgeous so I hope you got some time to get out and ride a bit.

Terra - the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki is my favorite Subway sandwich too. With extra sauce because I can't get enough of it! :lol:

07-28-2014, 04:38 PM
Happy - That's a bummer that the pension buyout paperwork is turning into a fiasco. Good for you for standing up to them. I hope they do overnight the paperwork. As for getting Santa into the pool....nope, there was no dragging. Luckily since Santa is only 21 lbs, I can pick him up quite easily. So I held him in my arms and walked over to the steps in the shallow end of the pool. Once I was in the water and he realized he was hovering over the water, he started really squirming trying to get out of my arms. But I just sat down on the steps and put his body in the water and splashed water over the top of his back and head. Then I lifted him out of the pool and placed him on the ground. He ran off and rolled on the grass. He didn't enjoy the pool, but I know it cooled him off because he didn't pant after that. :D

07-28-2014, 06:36 PM
A cute story about Santa and the water.

I bought a pair of sandals. My aunt bought dress shoes. We got a good deal as they were having an in store promotion.

No I haven't bought the Fit Bit as of today. If I have enough energy I may go to Walmart after work tonight.

Sending you good vibes.

I'll look at the pictures in a bit.
Not much going on today. The day is going by fast but I'm in a mood not to be here.

07-28-2014, 11:20 PM

At the airport again. Ready to fly back to Brisbane today. Will be nice to be home for a while instead of living out of a suitcase. Life gets tedious don't it?

In answer to one question. The rest I will sort out at Sydney when I get back to a decent internet again. Yes we see the milky way down here. It is a phenomenal sight from Tekapo. Reach out and touch it almost.

I had better go check out the natives, the food trolley and the departure board. About an hour to go before liftoff.

Be seeing you on the other side of the ditch.

07-29-2014, 10:11 AM
Happy ~ Yeah I love listening to music when Im walking too. Thats cool that the Sweet Onion chicken teryaki is your favorite sub from subway also and that you also like alot of sauce just like me.

woke up at 4:00 AM this morning, Its now 8:00 AM, So far today I have done the usual morning duties and right now Im just posting on here and on two other forums while putting cd's on the computer so I can put them on my MP3 Player and thats all I've done for today. Im gonna get my 2 mile walk in after breakfast and then I'll get my evening walk in tonight.

07-29-2014, 10:28 AM
Good morning ladies,

Just time for a quick hi yah :wave: I have my morning shift at the shop and then it's off to the hairdresser for a touch up. I don't really need one that badly but I would look downright awful if I waited another 4 weeks until I'm back home again. I'll be back later tonight to catch up. Have a great Tuesday. :D

07-29-2014, 11:56 AM
Good morning ladies,

Still wasn't feeling up to par after work tummy still doing I passed on the gym. Santa and I had a relaxing evening at home (with a brief trip to the dog park so Santa and I could say hi to our canine and human friends).

Today, I'll be doing yoga after work.

Shad - I hope your trip home is a smooth journey, and that Miss Sunday isn't too miffed about you being gone so long.

Happy - Enjoy your shift and hair appointment today.

Terra - Good for you for having a routine down and making time for walking.

Ceejay - That's great you and your aunt were able to get shoes at a good price! well done.

A big :wave: to Annie, Laura and Susie!

Love and hugs,

07-29-2014, 01:01 PM
Morning all. Back at work today after a day off yesterday.

My weekend was…grueling. The basic rider course for motorcycles was Saturday and Sunday from 8-5. We ended at about 4:30 on Saturday and 4-ish on Sunday. It was hot and very humid on Saturday, but at least mostly cloudy. Still hot, but a wee bit less humid on Sunday, but sunny, offset by a good breeze. Certainly no fun to be out wearing long sleeves, long pants, boots, and a helmet on either day. We all drank a lot of water in between riding exercises. My hands and forearms were very sore from gripping the clutch and front brake controls for two days. (They’re still a bit sore even today.) I have multiple bruises on my legs from clumsily bumping into the foot pegs. We had to walk the motorcycles from the storage trailer area to the driving course – about a block or less in distance, but dang those bikes are heavy!! Overall, it was a good learning experience, but a rather stressful and uncomfortable for me. Mentally and physically tiring.

Unfortunately, I did not successfully complete the riding evaluation portion of the course. I pretty much choked enough to make mistakes on all 4 of the exercises, some of which cost me dearly in terms of points deductions. By the time the deductions were all added up, I had exceeded the allowed amount of deductions. I was pretty disappointed in myself. However, never having ridden a motorcycle (as a driver) before Saturday, I learned a LOT. And the instructors pointed out that several of us students had come from zero experience to riding around on a driving range and learning and performing certain skills (albeit marginally in some cases - my thought, not theirs), and that should be considered a big accomplishment. So I have to take some comfort in that.

When I’m ready to actually practice on our scooter, I know this course will have helped me immensely. That doesn’t change the fact that since I didn’t pass the evaluation, the state dmv motorcycle license test (road & written) cannot be waived for me. I can either take the course again and try to pass the evaluation, or take the license test at the dmv. At this point, I have not decided what I will do. For now, it’s good enough that bf will be getting his license and will use the scooter. If I never get my motorcycle license, that would be fine by me, because I did realize I would never actually want to go more than a few miles locally on the scooter. There are way too many distracted drivers out there for me to feel comfortable on the scooter in busy traffic. I'm just disappointed that I didn't pass because I'm accustomed to being a good student, LOL.

So many interruptions…I’m gonna post this and get back here later for personals.

07-29-2014, 01:22 PM
Laura - Bummer that you didn't pass the motorcycle course. In my late 20s/early 30s, I had a moped and I liked riding around on it. Thankfully, I didn't need a special license to drive it, and its top speed was 30 mph so I mostly rode on the side of the streets in the bike lane. I usually drove it to and from work (about 2 miles each way). Once I drove it 20+ miles on city streets to visit my then bf (now ex-h) at work. I just wanted to see if I could drive it that far. It took me nearly an hour each way, and it was an adventure. Drivers are more distracted nowadays, and there's a lot more traffic everywhere. Did you enjoy your day off yesterday?

07-29-2014, 02:00 PM
Back for personals!

Susie –Congrats on your loss!! Have a wonderful vacation week!! It sounds like it’s already off to a good start – nap, cookout…cornhole. (Yes, I’ve played that before – it’s fun.) Hope you found a nice camera for yourself. Do you have a camera on your mobile phone?? My digital camera is many years old now, so I think my cell phone’s camera just might be better than my digital one!

Annie – Glad the interview went well. Fingers crossed for you. :crossed:

Terra – A 4-mile walk each day is a great goal! Did you accomplish that yesterday? Nice that you’ll have your music on an mp3 player for your walks. It definitely makes the time go by more quickly, and it’s motivating.

Happy – Sounds like the shop has been really busy lately. Is the new location doing better than the old one? How frustrating about the pension paperwork! I hope you have the papers now – that deadline is coming up quickly! How was yoga yesterday? Probably not an easy thing after missing the previous two classes, even without vertigo kicking in.

Michelle – I would have enjoyed a swim in the pool after my two hot days of wearing pants, long sleeves, helmet, boots, and gloves. Huh, I don’t think I mentioned the gloves in my previous post. Talk about sweat!! Anyway, I’m glad you had a relaxing weekend. Usually you’re just go-go-go! You probably needed the rest to get over that bug you had. Re the riding class – it was good, but practice & experience will make me more comfortable. I’m definitely not comfortable with the gear shifting stuff yet, so I’m really glad the scooter has an automatic transmission, LOL. Sorry you missed your water aerobics class. :( I hope you feel well enough for yoga tonight!!!

Ceejay – “I’m in a mood not to be here.” Amen to that! :lol: At least your day was going by fast. Nice when you can get a deal on shoes – they can be so expensive! I need to buy new workout shoes, but the ones I want are crazy expensive. I want to try them on somewhere locally and see if I can find them for less $$ online. But maybe it would be worth the extra $$ going to a specialty store that will take the time to observe my stride (on a treadmill) and make a suggestion re a shoe.

Shad – Checked out your photos in dropbox – how stunningly beautiful! So fortunate you were able to take that trip. An now you’re headed home. I hope your cat remembers you!! :D You’ll have an adjustment period…


I enjoyed my day off yesterday, but wasn’t very motivated to do anything. I really needed the rest. But I did have to do laundry. Somehow it snuck up on me and now I have a lot of laundry to do. Bleh. I did some reading, and bf and I went out for lunch, and bf’s mom took us out to dinner for my birthday gift. That was nice. Bf and I went to a couple thrift stores after lunch. At the one I usually go to, we found a vinyl rain suit (pants and jacket) for bf that he can keep in the storage compartment of the scooter to use if he gets caught in the rain. For just $5, he has it “just in case”. I’m sure he’ll probably buy a higher quality one down the road, but for now it’ll be better than nothing.

The movie selected for tonight (I didn’t get around to voting) is Planet of the Apes. I’ve never seen any of those movies, original or new versions. Not sure if I’m gonna go. Doggy needs a bath and I still have a lot of laundry to do, so I might just skip it.


07-29-2014, 06:38 PM
You can always take the course again. Don't blame you for taking a day off work.

Not much going on today.

07-29-2014, 10:32 PM
Michelle ~ Yeah Im glad I have a daily routine and that I make time for walking.

Laura ~ Yes I did my 4 mile walk yesterday, Im gonna aim for 5 miles starting tomorrow and for now on. Yeah I love that I have music on my MP3 Player, I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!

07-30-2014, 11:18 AM
Morning all. I skipped the movie last night but I still didn't do any laundry. I brushed doggy, but when we called petco, their grooming area was already closed. It sounds like when they aren't busy/have no appointments, they just close early. So we couldn't get doggy in to bathe him. We will try again tonight.

That's about it for me.

Terra - Whoo on the 4 mile walk!! :whoo: I bet the music will help you reach 5 miles today!!!

Ceejay - Yay for the quiet. Did your co-worker ever pick up the furniture you were trying to get rid of??

Shad - Are you home now? Must feel a bit strange after such a long time being away.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!!! :wave:


07-30-2014, 11:54 AM
Had a great yoga workout yesterday after work. D mentioned to me that tomorrow night he and I (and his brothers) are getting together with their dad and his fiancee as sort of a pre-wedding get together (D's dad and his fiancee are getting married Saturday). So since I won't be getting to the gym tomorrow evening, I'm going to ride the bike tonight.

Terra - Great job on walking 4 miles! :cp: :cp:

Laura - I have no desire to see Planet of the Apes. I saw the original one from the 60s or 70s with Charleton Heston and Roddy McDowell. It was good, but not a theme I'm particularly interested in.

:wave: and :hug: to all!

Much love,

07-30-2014, 04:13 PM
Morning all,

Boy I was achy yesterday from the yoga. Sometimes I wonder if this is the best thing for me even though the movements are not pretzel twisting - she holds poses for a long time. I am just weak and pathetic! :lol: The weather here is on the cooler side, particularly at night - in the 40's so some of the morning aches are from that too. Yesterday I had my shift at the shop and went and got my hair done. She trimmed it up and I'm not so sure I am liking this particular style but we'll see what it looks like after I try and arrange it. Afterwards I went back to the shop for the last hour of the day. The coordinator's wife was working and she just started so I was there to answer any questions or help with closing. I really like her - she is a lot of fun and I enjoyed chatting with her and getting to know her better. We have a lot in common. When we were getting ready to leave some heavy rainstorms blew in so we sat for an extra 40 minutes and waited out the storm. I did wind up getting home late - it was almost 7 when I walked in the door. Just warmed up some pulled pork I made the other day in the crockpot and we had bbq sandwiches and some chips. I was starving as I had not eaten anything all day. I brought yogurt with me to the shop and a protein bar but never got a chance to eat it.

My face has broken out into bumps that are really annoying. I have about 7 of them as well as a big red lump near my bra strap on my shoulder. When I went raspberry picking there were these small annoying flies that were all over me. I was wishing I had brought my netting hat with me. I had a t-shirt on as well as a fleece jacket so most of me was covered up. When I met up with DH he said I had a streak of blood on my chin as if I was bit by a mosquito but it didn't feel like a mosquito bite. And then within the next 24 hours these bumps appeared mostly on the left side of my face (which is the side I was facing the bushes with). I thought it might be the flies, but DH said I could have had a reaction to the chemical sprays they use for the berries - they have organic blueberries but I'm not sure about the raspberries and I definitely was in a non-organic patch. I feel like a zit faced teen!

I was supposed to get my pension paperwork today but they called yesterday and said that FedEx will not do an overnight to our area which is a bunch of total baloney. If you pay, FedEx will deliver. I don't live in outer Mongolia and I get deliveries from FedEx out of Minneapolis on a regular basis. This means the paperwork won't arrive until Friday, barely giving me any time to read it and I will probably be stuck picking up the cost of overnighting (oh WAIT = they don't overnight out of my area :p ) to get the papers back to them on time. Tell me this doesn't smack of a racket where they plan stuff so that you cannot take advantage of something they really didn't want to offer in the first place. :s:

Michelle - have a nice time at the prenuptials get together. Sounds like fun. I take it they are having a small wedding? Glad you had a good yoga workout. Is it more gentle or are you in the pretzel bending class? I hope the tummy has calmed down.

Laura - I am sorry to hear that after all that intense work you were not able to pass the class. Goes to show you that there's a lot of learning that goes into riding a motorcycle and I'm glad to hear that at least you felt the course was worthwhile and you learned a lot. I am big on safety education like that. I can see where you would not want to ride in traffic - with people driving the way they do and some admittedly gunning for people on motorbikes, I'd be a bit nervous myself. When DH had his Harley, he'd take the less travelled roads as much as he could. Of course he was going for pleasure rides, not to a specific destination. That is interesting about your arms hurting from gripping the handles, clutch and brakes. That's why I was not interested in my own ATV - I didn't think I could grip for an extended period and your comment makes me feel that would be true. I hope that you do get some use out of the scooter. Autumn is coming up - that would make for a wonderful ride through the forested areas. To your question, yes we are making lots more at the new thrift shop location. It's bigger, brighter and we have lots better stuff in it. The old one was tired and had things that should have been culled out long ago. We will have to see if this keeps up once September comes and the tourists begin to go home and the donations they bring up fall back too. I'm very surprised that you never saw any of the Planet of the Apes movies. I saw the first, perhaps 2 of them - like Michelle - not my cup of tea either. That's good to hear that your scooter is an automatic shift. One less thing to worry about but it was probably a good thing for you to train learning to shift manually. Crikey - sounds like you are almost better using your bike :lol: :moped: :?: :chin: :shrug: :bike2: :D

Terra - good for you for hitting 4 miles! I think trying to do the 5 miles at least once a day is a great goal. Just make sure you have a long enough music playlist.

Shad - welcome back home again. Hope you get a chance to settle in. Thanks for answering my question. DH said since we are surrounded by the Milky Way that you would be able to see it anywhere on earth. I guess it's different for the constellations because of the way the earth spins east to west on it's axis. So we see the Northern Cross and you see the Southern Cross and never shall we see each other's crosses unless we are visiting. ;)

Annie - hope your phone rings with a great job offer this week. :crossed: :hug:

Ceejay - sounds like you need a vacation and some time to recharge the batteries and find some happy again. Sounds like things are in a bit of a rut for you. Are you missing the old boss?

I guess I'd better get to finishing these emails. I got disrupted because I got a call this morning - I shipped a package out for a thrift shop customer who is staying with friends - or is about to. That has been a giant cluster. Something is off with the friend's address as UPS said it's undeliverable. I am glad I went UPS instead of the post office as they will hold it until the man straightens it out. There were some other thrift shop business that took up some of my time today but I was able to handle it and knock off a few things on my to-do list. The emails are the next critical task so off I go. Have a good day everyone.

07-30-2014, 06:13 PM
Happy - The yoga poses my teacher does are definitely not pretzel twisting. And we hold each pose for approximately 3-5 breaths (which can sometimes feel like forever). We start off with seated stretches, then stand up and do warm up breathing, and poses like Warrior 1 and Warrior 2. My favorite pose is folding forward bend because it's such a good stretch for my hamstrings and feels almost like traction on my back. So sorry to hear about your breakout. Can you take benedryl? If it's an allergic reaction to bites or chemicals, that should help. You're right about the pension stuff sounding pretty fishy.

Thankfully, my tummy has calmed down and I'm able to eat pretty much anything. Unfortunately, my appetite has picked up too. Oh well, those few days of not wanting to eat anything and being full after only a couple of bites gave me a nice preview of post-surgery. I was really enjoying that part of being ill. The only difference is that post-surgery I won't be able to have 7-up or Ginger Ale to calm my tummy. Can't have anything carbonated (the bubbles can cause pain). I've been on the WLS boards and folks there use Ginger Tea or Ginger pills to calm an upset tummy...but most of them don't get upset tummies much anymore. :crossed:

07-30-2014, 06:50 PM
I hate pop ups.

Pooh on the former employer saying that about Fed Ex will not ship over night. Hadn't thought about missing my old boss. That may be my problem, and missing the girls day out on Thursday. Contacted a couple of friends that said they could meet up on Saturday so I may do that very soon.

Good for you in getting in the bike ride.

Hope that you can get the doggie in for his bath today. No the co-worker still hasn't come to get the furniture. But he told me today that he and his live in girl friend were splitting up and that she was taking all the furniture. I told him I still had those pieces and I think he'll be by to get that as soon as she moves all her stuff out. He's a very mature/intelligent 21 year old man.

Not very talkative today.

07-30-2014, 07:48 PM
Laura ~ Yeah I bet my music will help me reach 5 miles today too.

Michelle & Happy ~ Thanks for commenting on my 4 mile walking. Yeah my playlist holds a thousand songs so I think thats definitely enough to last until my 5 mile walk is over.


I woke up at 9:00 am this morning and as I do every morning I got my morning duties done, and for most of the day I have been ripping cd's to the computer so I can put them on my MP3 player, Once all of my songs are on it I will finally walk outside in the mornings but until then I've still been walking inside to the Walk Away The Pounds dvd. By the way I dont know if I told you all this or not but I started a women's fitness group at my school, Its starts Aug. 7th, Im looking forward to the first day. As always Im gonna get my 5 mile walk in tonight.

07-31-2014, 11:56 AM
Morning all.

Michelle - Good for you getting yourself back in the exercise groove. Enjoy the pre-wedding gathering tonight. Are you back to feeling 100% after suffering from that stomach bug?

Happy –The breakout sounds awful. I hope the Benadryl helped. Scary if it was caused by the chemicals sprayed on the raspberries. That runaround with the pension paperwork is ridiculous. :mad: Re my arms/hands being sore from the rider class – I should think it wouldn’t be the norm on short trips, but perhaps it would be on longer trips, though you wouldn’t be using the clutch as much if you’re not doing a lot of stopping/going. Do the ATV’s operate with a manual transmission? If not, I should think only using your hands to operate the brakes and throttle might not be a big deal. LOL, I think I agree with your comment about being better off with the bicycle on short local trips. And my bike helmet is much more ventilated and cooler than the moto helmet! Good to hear that the thrift shop is doing better than ever in the new location. No surprise it’ll be much quieter after the summer tourist season ends though.

Ceejay – We weren’t able to get doggy in for a bath. It seems these pet supply stores with grooming facilities are no longer willing to open them up to people for do-it-yourself dog bathing – maybe it’s a liability issue. There’s a small private grooming shop near the house that we used for that once, so we’ll call them today (they were closed yesterday).

Terra – That’s a lot of songs on your mp3. I still have some CDs that I want to get onto the computer so I can get them on my cell phone’s mp3 player. Someday…. Enjoy your walks today! :running:

Hellos to Shad, Annie & Susie!! Hope you’re all having a good week! :yes:
The money pit strikes again. I didn’t mention back when this happened, but when we were reconnecting our downspout in the front landscape bed a couple weeks ago, I was stepping on the soil that we’d added to compress it, and when I stepped about a foot to the right of where the downspout is, my foot went down quite a ways. The soil underneath had given way, like a sinkhole. Bf and I both knew this was not a good sign. That’s the spot where one of our two sewer pipes exits the house.

So we had a plumber out to investigate yesterday. He couldn’t use the camera because there was too much water in the lines. We believe the pipe leaving the house has collapsed right at the foundation where the soil gave way. But I’m also thinking there are tree roots infiltrating the sewer line. The plumber pulled permits at the village and they had JULIE mark all the underground utilities yesterday. The plumber is back today digging to find out what’s really going on. In any event, we will have cleanout valves installed outside, since we had none and the plumber had to access the lines yesterday via the basement. We also will likely need to have the lines rodded. It would probably be a miracle if we don’t need any further line repair. We knew that we would eventually have to deal with this since all over the neighborhood we’d see people dealing with the same problem – collapsed, broken sewer lines. The lines installed in the 50’s (when our house was built) have clay sewer pipes that are not sturdy enough to withstand tree roots seeking a water source. Thank goodness we haven’t had the situation in which sewage is backing up into the house!!! In spite of this being an expensive project, I’m glad to finally be addressing it. When the plumber can finally get the camera down in the lines, it’ll be good to know what we’re dealing with.

Enough of that. Today is my WW meeting. I hope to have no gain. That’s the best I can hope for this week, as my eating has not been anywhere good enough for a loss. It would help if I got some exercise.

We also have my employer’s quarterly earnings call this morning, and a finance group meeting and outing this afternoon. I’m not up for the outing, which is just a happy hour at a bar/restaurant not all that close to the office, and not even that close to the train station.

That’s it for me. TTFN.

07-31-2014, 11:58 AM
Good morning ladies,

After work, I rode the bike at the gym for 45 minutes, which hopefully makes up for my poor eating yesterday. I just had one of those days when I felt hungry all day. :dunno:

Tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday will be gatherings with D's family. Should be lots of fun. D's dad, brothers and the dad's fiance and her family are all very nice.

Terra - Good for you on doing the women's fitness group! I'm so impressed by all your walking!

That's all for now. I'll check in later today if I can.

Much love,

07-31-2014, 12:03 PM
Laura - You were typing above me. Yes, my tummy is all back to normal. I'm able to exercise and also eat pretty much anything. I'm so sorry to hear about the sewer lines. I hope the expense is minimal. Good luck at weigh in, and I hope you enjoy the outing.

07-31-2014, 06:27 PM
Michelle - Good for you getting on the bike yesterday! :ebike: Three gatherings - sounds fun, but a challenge on the eating side of things. Enjoy and good luck!

Ugh, the sewer issue is turning out to be a major project. There's a catch basin in our system and it was full of 60 years' worth of gunk that needed to be pumped out of there. But that's not all, there's still the broken sewer pipes to deal with. I get to come home to the lawn being ripped up. Oh well, all I can do is be thankful we didn't wait until we had sewage backing up into the house!

I lost 0.8 pounds at my WW weigh-in today. At least that's something. I will try to get a downward trend going. i want to get back to losing, not gaining or just fluctuating.

Skipping the happy hour, but I'll take the next train earlier than I usually take. I tried to get the next train earlier than I usually take this morning, but the train arrived 2 minutes early and I was just locking my bike when the gates went down. Boo!

Tonight will be another load of laundry. I did two last night. I will catch up someday!

07-31-2014, 06:34 PM
Laura - Congrats on the weight loss. Bummer about the sewer issues, but you're right, at least it didn't back up into the house. It will be a challenge to eat right at all the get togethers, but at least the families are health conscious so there should be lean protein and lots of veggies.

I'm having to resist doing some emotional eating today. I've already "given in" once. Hopefully can hold out for the rest of the day. I've got to find a better way to cope with these kind of triggers because post-surgery I won't be able to comfort myself with food.

07-31-2014, 07:49 PM
Sorry to be missing in action. Just been very busy and very tired. Came home to find that the water pressure was so far down that I couldn't even shower properly. Seems there was some gunk in the pipes. DS2 came round and fixed it and it all seems okay now. Must remember that one.
The house is in need of a good clean - spring clean coming up. Lots of dust around and the floor needs a wash.
The garden is the worst part. However the tomato plants had self seeded and I have a couple of kilos of tomatoes to deal with. Yum. That won't take much dealing. I've pruned the roses and now will get the vege garden into order so I can plant some of the good stuff.
And I will need to use some round-up or similar to get rid of some of the worst weeds.

Having said all that. I should get going and do the physical for a while. When I get too hot or too tired of that, I'll be back for personals.

08-01-2014, 12:24 AM
I have had a wonderful vacation and can't believe that tomorrow is the last day!

We stayed home today and was lazy when we wanted and productive when we wanted. It was nice to have a down day and be at home.

Yesterday we went to brunch with my brother and his partner. We had borrowed their van so that we and our friends and granddaughter could all ride comfortably to the Wilds and back. It was a 2.5 hour trip one way. So, we returned the van and treated them to brunch (and refilled the gas tank) to thank them for letting us borrow the van.

After that we went to the movies and saw "And so it goes". It was really good and entertaining and left you feeling good..or at least I did.

We also went and got toes are pretty and I will now let my DH put his feet on me! lol He hasn't had a professional pedicure before but he loved it!

I finished reading the book I was reading which was a fiction book titles "The Matchmaker" by Elin Hilderbrand. I enjoyed the book.

Tomorrow we have an appointment to Dayton, OH (to the dealer) to get an oil change for our 2nd car and then we are going to try this Root Beer Stand called "Whata Dog"..they have car-hops!, and then we plan to see the new movie about James Brown.

Terra: How awesome that you started an exercise group!

Laura: YIKES on the plumbing issues. I hope it all is resolved soon and that they bill won't be to shocking. I am happy for you that you had a loss at WW. Tomorrow starts a new month...maybe a new challenge will help get you back to exercise? I need to get with it myself!

Shad: Glad to hear that your plumbing issues were easy to fix and that DS could do it. It sounds like you will be able to whip the other things in shape soon.

Michelle: Comfort eating is so very hard to overcome. It is what I struggle with the most. I wish I had some answers. Maybe coming to post when you feel that way would help? or journaling of some sort or moving away from the spot where you are experiencing the emotional feeling. I also have noticed that when people on those weight loss shows have an emotional eating temptation they work out..they still have to feel the feeling they are feeling but they get through it by being physical.

Happy: Hopefully the yoga aches are gone, and you received the pension papers. I also hope those bumps that showed up have gone away.

Ceejay: I agree with Happy that a vacation sounds like something you need to recharge your batteries. Do you have some time off scheduled soon?

Hi Annie: I'm still praying for that offer to come your way!

08-01-2014, 11:56 AM
Morning all. TGIF.

Susie - Glad you had a wonderful vacation - we all need to get away from the day-to-day routines and just have fun. I'm glad you liked the movie "And So it Goes". Maybe I'll see that when it comes out on dvd. That James Brown one looks good - the music alone makes me want to see it. You're right about getting my exercise kickstarted - a challenge would be a good thing for that.

Shad - Welcome home! Oy, another one of us having to deal with plumbing gunk!! Grrr. Glad yours has been remedied. How nice to have a harvest of tomatoes without having done any gardening labor! Enjoy!!! :hun:

Michelle - I hope you were able to avoid anymore emotional eating yesterday. It takes a lot of determination to change the behavior of automatically turning to food and substituting a non-food behavior in its place.

Hellos to the rest of ya's. :wave: Have a good weekend!!

Okay, so I told you I had a 0.8 loss at my ww weigh-in yesterday, but once I entered it into my own personal spreadsheet, I determined it was really 1.2 pounds. Whoo! (Of course I'd have been ticked if the error wasn't in my favor, LOL.) Kind of funny how those WW employees frequently goof up the math - I mean those people that weigh you and record your weight on your card and your own personal record folder should be able to do the math if that's their job, LOL. In this case, the location I go to now has been working out of a somewhat temporary space until their new space is finished being built out, so they don't have their computers hooked up. Usually they enter it into the computer and a little sticker spits out with the info. On the other hand, the ones who staff the WW at work meetings have to deal with manual entries all the time. Oh well. I'll keep doing my own math!

That's about it for me. The sewer project continues today. Other than that, all I have planned for this weekend is Jazzercise class on Saturday morning and then we're going to a cookout at my sister's Saturday afternoon.


Oh, attached photo is what our front lawn has become. Dirt piles, giant hole, and a backhoe. Sigh.

08-01-2014, 12:39 PM
Good morning ladies,

TGIFF! Thank God it's FINALLY Friday! It's going to be a busy weekend with D's dad's wedding and all. Last night, we had a lovely dinner at D's dad's and fiancee's house. Tonight, the families of the bride and groom are going out to a restaurant (kind of like a rehearsal dinner without the rehearsal - LOL). Tomorrow is the wedding, and Sunday the families are getting together for brunch.

I don't think I'll have much time for exercise tomorrow or Saturday, but I'm definitely hitting the gym and doing my yoga class on Sunday.

I was able to stop the emotional eating after a bag of shortbread cookies from the vending machine. But with all the eating that will be happening the next two to three days, I wish I had more time to workout.


Shad - So sorry to hear of your plumbing woes. Good that DS2 was able to fix it. Enjoy the tomatoes and the gardening!

Susie - Sounds like a great vacation/staycation! Nice of your brother to let you and your friends use his van. So cool that your DH got a pedicure and enjoyed it!

Laura - So glad that your weight loss was even better than the WW employee calculated! :bravo:

Not sure who is going to create the August thread...I can't think of a creative title.

Much love to all,

08-04-2014, 09:22 AM
Interview went well with One America however have not heard a word...bleh. Wells Fargo interview got moved to today at 11:00 from last Friday. I NEED A JOB!!!

08-04-2014, 12:08 PM
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