Weight Loss Support - 300+ and Ready to Try Again... #377

07-24-2003, 10:32 PM
God Bless America!

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

We chat on Wed and Saturday evenings too. :)

07-24-2003, 10:40 PM
Oh tina.... you have had a day from **** !! :devil:
I hope you get feeling better real soon. Be sure to drink TONS of water... it will help. Cranberry juice too... no cocktail. :grouphug:

Well ladies... my carpet looks great !!! :D
You never really know how those little samples will look it your house.
The painter said he is going to finish tonight if it takes him all night too. :)
Tomorrow the movers come and load what I have packed and all the furniture. I think if I stay up late tonight.. I can have it all ready. Well... except for my husbands stuff in the garage and shed. He never did get any of it ready. Maybe he is just going to get rid of most of it. ????

Well... I have tons of more to do. Hopefully tomorrow night I will be sleeping in my new home. :D (not new... but new to me)

07-24-2003, 10:55 PM
Good Evening Chicklets!

Tried to post this morning, and couldnt! web site was acting all weird! anyway glad to see that it appears back in working order! wanted to share my weigh in news:

drum roll pleeeeeeaz! I lost another 9.5 lbs since July 3rd, for a total now of 19.5 since June 5th!:lol: :dizzy: :strong: :jig: :cp: :cb: cant believe it, but I know I feel wonderful!!!! guess all that watp really paid off and food has been really good. (went to dinner last night) had one Tblsp of mac & cheese!!! what a treat! thought I deserved it, cheese has been the most difficult food for me to do without, some of the low fat products are pretty good, but I am a cheese-a-holic!! from way back!! just wanted to get this in here before the cyberspace gremlins ate it up!!

I will read all the posts and catch up later, you ladies have really been posting away. Check in with you in soon!

.....thanks so much to all of you who cheered me on, and continue to do so, your support and encouragement mean more to me than you will ever know!! I am most grateful! Together we are UNSTOPPABLE!:dance:

07-25-2003, 12:11 AM
Finally, I get some time to post. A busy one today indeed.

Today I took a break from running; I needed to do my inside windows and wash my curtains, and I figured what the heck, I may as well do the laundry and get the rest of the house cleaned while I am at it (it's exercise, right?). I got a 30-minute workout in between that.

Bri's got an appointment to look at a place tomorrow that is $550 a month, utilities included. I hope for his sake it isn't another "roach motel." More good news--he has an interview in Pittsburgh with one of the pharmacies on Monday!!!! :cb: (It's for an assistant's position, but hey, he's gotta start somewhere)

Tina: Ew. A day from :devil: ! I would go to bed and say the :censored: with it too. I just went through one of those last week.

2Cute: Oh, you are too good! Yes, my cat brats ARE male, as a matter of fact :lol:

PJ: Congrats on your loss! :bravo: :balloons:

Hope everyone is having a great evening! :dance:

07-25-2003, 12:14 AM

What a great bunch you are! Thanks for all the welcomes. I feel silly :o telling you this, but I had visions that I would check to see if I got any response and there would be nothing. Everyone would ignore me. Thanks for proving me wrong, you have made me feel very special today. :hat:

I am trying, everyday to get back "on the wagon" but I keep seeming to have a pretty good day up until the end, then I blow it. Mostly by eating carbs when I shouldn't be. Maybe low carb is not for me, I really miss them (especially potatoes). I just want to get with a plan that I can enjoy. Cutting out the junk food has been the hardest part - but, for the most part, I seem to be conquering that. :spin: Any suggestions out there - sorry, I can't remember who said it, but someone mentioned in thread 376 about a modified low carb. Could you tell me about it?

2 cute: Congratulations on all the progress you have made. Sounds very exciting! We live in a condo (apartment) and I can't wait until I get my first house.

pjk: Good work. Keep it up, you can do it! :dance:

Tina: I hope tomorrow is better. By the sounds of it, it couldn't get much worse. Once antibiotics kick in you will feel 100% better. :grouphug:

Tomorrow I start again! I look forward to chatting with all of you again.


Stepping Out
07-25-2003, 01:09 AM
:D Welcome Lola! This is a great site, and this thread is the best I've found-you'll get plenty of support here!

Tina: WOW-sounds like :devil: is on the loose today! Drink plenty of water and c.j. for your UTI. If you're having pain, try AZO. It's an over the counter med, and it's not too expensive (been there, done that; got one now as a matter of fact!) I hope your car probs will be resolved soon. And I'd get on your bosses to cut your checks PRONTO!

Pam: :D Great job on your loss!

2 Cute: :goodvibes Sounds like your house is coming together nicely. I'm sure you can't wait to move in.

Lori: Good luck to Brian on the apartment/job hunting :crossed:

I'm thankful for: God's love which is unconditional!
My husband and my son
My crazy dog!
All the wonderful people on this site, and the 3
sisters for coming up with a great idea

Good night all! :moo:

07-25-2003, 08:03 AM
Hello Ladies
I am very new to this site and hope I'm doing this right. I sure someone will tell me if I'm not. I was invited by thinthinker to this thread. I hope that's what it is called.
Anyway here is a little about myself. I am 49years old. I will have been married to the same lovely man for 31 years next Tuesday. and have 3 kids. And 5 grand sons. And of course i'm overweight and not very happy with myself because i am getting to the stage where I think I will never lose any of it. I hope to lose at least 12kilos There is 2lb 2ozs to a kilo. I am 5ft tall so don't carry the extra weight well. I weighed myself yesterday and was 72kilos. i also started a new eating plan yesterday and will not be weighing in again until next wednesday.
I am looking forward to getting to know you all. Hope to speak to you soon.
regards 2big. :) 2big=pam

Terri in MO
07-25-2003, 08:29 AM
Hi ladies,

Friday! I'm glad even if I only worked three days this week. I'll probably have to work some tomorrow to get caught up and so I can take another day next week. We've been in the throes of refinancing the house. Long story, but I did all the work last time and it was too traumatic so when DH kept talking about it, I siad, then find what you want done and tell me what paperwork to provide and I will. Otherwise, I'm not doing all the work again. He actually came through and may be saving us $150 a month. He did make a comment about "should have done this sooner" and my response was when - seven month ago I was dealing with my dad's death and my mom and since April I have been dealing with his mother after her husband passed away. He shut up then.

Its going to be a hot weekend here. We've had a brief relief from the heat and its been wonderful.

2Cute - Your DH is not unusual. My DH did not pack one box during our last move. I did it all until it got down to the stuff after the movers. And it was in July and a 100 :censored: degrees. He complained the whole time about all the stuff in the garage. Not that he did anything about it. He told people later that the next time we move, he's paying someone to pack everything and move everything because it was too much work. He acted like he did everything. Men are just stupid sometimes. Sounds like you're making great progress. Enjoy your new home!

PJ Pam - :bravo: on your great loss! Keep it up!

Lola - Welcome to the group!

2B Pam - Welcome as well! You need a granddaughter!

I haven't read everything to get caught up. Hello to all and its the start of a weekend which are always difficult. Let's do our best to not sabotage ourselves. Have a great Friday!

07-25-2003, 09:00 AM
Good Morning Gals!
I will come back later to catch up on everything and post replies, but in the meantime I just wanted to tell you that I lost 2 pounds this week!!! Which brings me to a total of 40! I love hitting those 10 pound increments!!!
:cb: :cp: :cb: :cp: :cb: :cp:
I'll be back later!
Hugs to All!

2Big - Welcome to the group!!! It's great to have you here! :)

07-25-2003, 09:49 AM
Hello chicklets
Today is a new day and I will strive to stay op. I exercised yesterday and will today too.

Welcome 2big you'll love it here. I am a working wife and mother of one son. I am 51 years old. I have lost 60 lbs so far and want to lose 20 more to be at my goal.

So far today I have cleaned out my fish tank. I haven't eatten yet but I need to.
Catch all of you later

07-25-2003, 10:15 AM
Hey everyone :)

Iíve decided that sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh. By the end of the day yesterday, I wasnít OP, butÖ it was because I had an extra serving of broccoli and cauliflower as well as Ĺ cup of carrots! Guess what. Iím not going to count that against myself!

Yesterday was a state holiday here. Pioneer day is almost as big as the 4th of July. Everyone is out doing family stuff. There are parades, barbecues, dutch oven dinners, fireworks, you name it. Well, I avoided the potato chips, I avoided the chocolate, but I couldnít keep myself away from those extra veggies. The thought that I should have still has me laughing. Who ever thought Iíd be off plan because I am a veggie fiend! The day was great, though, and the time with family was well spent.

Barb, way to go! 40 lbs. down is amazing!!!

PJ Pam, 9.5 this month?!! You are the incredible shrinking woman!

Welcome to 2b Pam and Lola. It will be great having you with us.

D H just got home from work. Iím not feeling well at all this morning, so I think Iíll head to bed for a cuddle with him and see if that will cure things.


07-25-2003, 11:39 AM
Good morning ladies. It is the second day into my vaca and things are not at all going as planned. The only treat I've had so far is that the scale showed another 3 pounds gone. I've got 15 to go until I'm under 200, I can not wait for that day. Yesterday I ate like crap and didn't get a chance to workout. I paid for it last night big time cause I spent most of it in the bathroom. Unhealthy food just does not work for me anymore. It makes me completely sick. So hopefully today will be better. I've got to run some errands and then I'm headed to the pool for the rest of the afternoon. DB has left me alone with his sister and nephew which means I have to entertain them all day. UGH, so I'm taking them to the pool. Right now they are watching a movie but I swear I am not spending the rest of my day inside watching TV! No way!
Alright, I'm done complaining. Replies will cheer me up;

I was hysterical reading your post about the veggies. It's funny how we beat ourselves up over things. I'm glad you've decided not to do that.

Hello, have fun working on the fishies.

Great work on the loss! 40 pounds is such a great accomplishment. We are all so proud of you!

I know, money sucks. Wouldn't it be great if we could use fat as money.

Welcome 2big!
It's always great to have newcomers. My name is Natalie, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

Hello Homebound!

Low carb was never for me. I could never seem to get the hang of it. I feel that as long as we make healthy choices and workout we'll lose weight. Can't help you with suggestions on low carb but I hope you find something that works for you.

Looks like your "honey" is really serious. I'm so happy that the two of you worked it out. Won't it be nice to have him near you?

Congratulations on the loss, that is awesome! 20 pounds is fantastic!

Great news, you are almost done! YAY!

You need a big hug ((((((((hug)))))))))

07-25-2003, 11:46 AM

Good day here so far, just got my exercise in, and plan on walking at the fitness park if it is not too warm when I get off wrk this evening at 8p

I dont think I could ever catch up on all of yesterdays postings, didnt have much luck getting webpage to respond, may have just been my server! who knows. so I will get back on track with today's postings I hope.

Andria, sneak those veggies in whatever way you can! you deserve them! even though you may not savor the taste!
:dizzy: thanks for the cheering on! I appreciate it!

Barb....you are the tops!!!:bravo: on your recent loss, and 40 lbs is AMAZING!!:cp: :hat: :goodvibes

Grannie: you are so right, today is a new day, yet another opportunity to choose to take care of ourselves! you can do it!


Lola, so glad to see you posting again, this will be addicting (in a positive way of course), it is a marvelous start and end to your day, and is here for you just when you need a little "pick me up"...

Homebound: loved your entry on gratitude, I am most thankful to call you all my friends, it brightens my day so!! Cant wait to meet you!! Hope 2cute is ready for us. Her town will never be the same after we hit it next Spring look out!:lol:

which brings me to 2 cute: you are getting closer and closer! I am so proud for you, hope you enjoy your new home!!

Tina, I second that on the uti's, taking antibiotics now-3rd round, hope this one knocks it out!! take care, and feel better soon!

Ladies time to get a move on, have errands to run before I go into work at noon, so better shake a leg.

sw 356 June 5th/348.8 June 24th
cw 336.5 yippppeee!! as of yesterday - down 19.5 lbs!
next goal: 10 more lbs by August 31st
next goal: 50 lbs
final goal: 130

***good book - Write it Down Make It Happen!, can't remember author's name at the moment, it has all kinds of success stories in it, about everything in general but applicable to those of us dealing with food (or any other addiction), great tips on setting goals and following through, staying on track, just wanted to pass it along to you...it is why this website is so healthy for me, I get a chance to be heard, and it is meeting a tremendous need for me!!-okay, take care girlies....later

07-25-2003, 04:58 PM

Where is everyone today? It's been a pretty good day here so far. It's a hot :flame: one! We are having a poker party tonight so I ran out at lunch to buy some goodies. I tried not to buy a lot of junk - got some fresh fruit and veggies and dip and am going to make a batch of cookies. The guys usually like to order pizza as well. At least if there is any leftover food it won't be too bad because of the fruit. I'll just send the bad stuff home with everyone else. :cbg: I'm looking forward to tonight. We do this every month or so with 7 or 8 friends that come over and we eat, drink and play poker most of the night. :jeno:

I am going to splurge a little tonight, but try not to go overboard and get back to it first thing in the morning. I haven't had a margarita in soooo long. I think I may make one. :) I was so happy this morning to have hit my 40 pound mark - now I am working towards 50!!!

Thin - I am so glad you popped back in and gave us and update! I hope you are in a better mood! GOOD JOB on your hard work at Curves!!!

Sandy - Loved the car picture! What else is going on with you?

Tina - oh girl, I don't know what to say, but things have to start looking up for you!!! I hope you are feeling better!!! :^:

Deb - So, it wasn't a good week. No biggie - get yourself feeling better and get back to it. You can do it!!! The past is the past! Start again from here.

2Cute - I imagine you are up to your ears in boxes and chaos right now. I hope the move went well.

Pam/pjk - WOOHOOO!!!! "Weigh" to go!!! Congrats on the loss!

Lori - Wow! Brian is serious about moving out there - apt and job hunting! Good for you both!!! Hope it all works out the way you want it to! :flow1: Good job on the running!!! Every now and then I'll jog a little on the treadmill, but I'm not quite ready for that yet. One of these days....

Lola - You are special - we all are! Let's not forget that!!! :) It's great to have you here!!! I tried low-carb a couple years ago and it didn't work for me - I lost about 7 pounds and go tired of it and gave up. Back in Feb. I decided it was time for me not to just diet, but to make a change in my lifestyle! I am now living healthy. I am eating a balanced diet, exercising often and drinking lots of water!!! I spent so many years on this diet or that --- I finally just had to figure out what worked for me. I have discovered that counting calories and keeping a journal of everything I eat, drink and all my exercise helps me out. I also weigh myself once a week (well maybe more, but I only count Fri. morning as my official weight). I take my measurements once a month. I have lost 40 pounds by doing this. I am taking it slow - trying to lose 1-2 pounds a week. I still have fun. Last weekend we were out of town for 3 days. I ate what I wanted, just did so in moderation!!! I usually graze --- eating 3 small meals and snacking a few times during the day! This is a plan I can stick to for the rest of my life. Just take some time a figure out what works for you. You have to make it as much fun as possible. Hanging out here with all these wonderful people helps me as well! (sorry to ramble so much)

Homebound - Glad I am not the only one with a crazy dog. Actually 3 crazy ones! :p

2Big - Welcome again!! I am 33 years old, married for 9 years, we have 3 dogs, live just south of Philadelphia, PA, no children - yet! Love to travel --- can't wait for our cruise in October! :) Looking forward to seeing you around here.

Terri - We went through the same thing with the Re-fi. I am always the one trying to get everything together and hubby is so unorganized that it was a nightmare. Last time he wanted to do something I told him fine - as long as he does it ALL. And, I recall having the same packing/moving problem as you and 2cute! MEN!!! :smug:

Andria - Gosh - your eating is out of control with all those healthy veggies!!!! :lol: Good job staying away from the junk. I wish I liked more veggies - I eat a lot of carrots and green beans.

Natalie - I hope you are having a nice afternoon out by the pool. It's a great day for it!! I am so jealous!!! :cool:

Well, I am going to do a little more work and then call it a day and start preparing things for tonight!!! I'll talk to you all later!!!

Terri in MO
07-25-2003, 08:26 PM

Hi ladies,

This is a link to the new photo album I added to picturetrail for our trip to the lake. Just wanted to share for those interested!

Catch up later!

Stepping Out
07-25-2003, 08:34 PM
:flow2: Welcome 2Big/Pam. I'm glad you're here! I know you'll love this site and this thread.

Barb: :D WTG with your weight loss!

Natalie: :sunny: Hope the rest of your vacation is fun. The pool sounds great.

I mentioned that I was going to weigh myself at home, since I missed my TOPS meeting this week. I "turtled": stayed the same. My progress has been:snail: . I could blame my low thyroid, but the problems are 1. I'm not exercising; and 2. My only "plan" is portion control. If anyone out there is physically challenged, I'd appreciate advice on exercise. As for an eating plan, TOPS recommends a low fat exchange program like the ADA diet. I'm almost tempted to try a low carb program, but giving up carbs would be very hard, plus my Dr. wants me to watch my fat intake. Any advice you ladies could offer would be greatly appreciated! :grouphug:

My stats so far:

SW: 316
CW: 308
1st goal: below 300

:crossed: We'll see from there

See y'all soon!:comp:

07-25-2003, 11:11 PM
Hello ladies! I am lurking. Not much for talking right now though. I just wanted to pop in to congratulate everyone on their losses!!
Talk to ya later,

07-26-2003, 12:55 AM
Hi everyone! :wave: I figured I would drop by and post while it was FUN FRIDAY!!! For my fun today, I didn't work and I went to breakfast with my cousins. It was good to see them. Since my aunt died a couple of years ago, I don't get to see them as much as I used to. :( There are two guys and one girl cousin and the girl has to kind of keep the family going now that her mom's gone. She's the one that does all the calling and keeping in touch, etc. I guess that's the job of the females in a family. Of course the two brothers do talk all the time because they go up to a cabin up north that they share. So if she wants to see her brothers, she has to do the calling. Luckily, they include me too.

My second FUN thing for the day was grocery shopping. :o I'm now loaded down with blueberries, strawberries, 2 cantelopes, salad, grape tomatoes and a watermelon. Guess I'm ready to get this party started!!! :lol:

My third FUN thing was going to Curves. My third time this week. I'm doing pretty well at keeping up with the schedule. :D

I'm a 'showgirl' this weekend. Have four movies to do so I will be busy. Honey and #1 son are going to the airshow at the local Air National Guard Base, so I'll be alone doing my thing at the theatre. Oh well.

Tina: Sure hope you're feeling better.

2cute: Did you get the movers all together today??? I bet you're exhausted.

Sandy: I liked the pic of the car. Definitely had all the appropriate sponsors.

Deb: Sorry to hear the back is acting up again. I have back problems myself, but haven't had a bad bout in a couple of years. (knock on wood :rollpin: )

Pam: Congrats on the nice loss! Good for you!!! * The Kraft 2% cheese slices are really pretty good. And they melt too, which is more than I can say for their Fat Free line.

Lori: Sounds like you did some heavy duty cleaning. Good for you. My windows need to be done too. Wanna come by???? :s:

Lola: "Everyone would ignore me"???? Not here, honey. We don't ignore!!! ;) We're glad to have you around. Hope all is going well with you. * 2cute's the one that's doing the low carb. I'm sure she's just been real busy with the move and will get back to you with some hints if you remind her when she's in her new place.

Homebound: "this thread is the best I've found" WOW, how nice is that???? Thanks, nice compliment.

2Big: Welcome. I'm glad you found your way over here. I'm sure you'll enjoy getting to know the group. We're pretty harmles....most of the time! :lol: I'm going to stick with your alias, if you don't mind so that I don't mix up our two Pams. * I'm 49 also, been married 27 years, but been with my honey for 32. I have two sons, 24 and 22 who I lovingly refer to as #1 son and "the baby". :eek:

Terri: I see you're the one doing all the "grunt work" for your refinance too. ARGH..... We just did ours, got 4.25 for the first 3 years and then it's adjustable after that. We don't want to stay here more than 3 years so we figured it was a good deal....we'll either move or refinance again in 3 years. Ours was a no cost loan so it was pretty painless. * Loved the pics. I swear, that one pic of your hubby in the hat sitting in the lake, could be my honey. Little greying goatee, yup. Then I saw the other one down further, mine has longer hair and no tatt. But that first one, oh my!!!!

Barb: Good for you and your 2 pounds! You go girl! * Hope you're winning!!! :crossed:

Mary: Cleaning a fish tank was never one of my favorite things to do. Hope you had fun. :lol:

Andria: "I wasnít OP, butÖ it was because I had an extra serving of broccoli and cauliflower as well as Ĺ cup of carrots" WHAT????? If those were the things that I ate over my program guidelines.......I would be thrilled!!! You're right, I had to laugh at that one! :lol:

Justme: Another 3 pounds is WONDERFUL!!! * I don't think I'd want to be stuck entertaining.....the pool sounded like a nice diversion.

Jen: I hope your "not much for talking" was just that, not that you're having a bad time of it. [[[hugs]]] Are you still in the states??? I'm sure it's frustrating being at the mercy of your mom. I'm sure she's a nice person, but I couldn't live with my mom for more than 48 hours without pulling my hair out.....or killing someone! :eek:

Well girls, I think I'm caught up. Not sure how much I'll be around tomorrow given I'm doing my 'showgirl' routine by myself. I'll try to make chat, but I'm not guaranteeing anything. Love :love: you all!!!

Oh, BTW, only 5 more months until Christmas!!!! :D

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." - Albert Einstein

Young Grasshopper
07-26-2003, 01:41 AM
Hiya Chickies!

Had a productive day today :). Had put off making a ton of phone calls and zipped through them in two hours!!!!!!! I was laid off in May and I've been floundering...don't know what to do...go back to school or go to back to work. Job is giving me money for school...who can turn that down?! Just have to choose.

Welcome to the group 2Big!!! Great goup here....just come everyday or you'll fall behind!!!!!!! lol.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay cool!


07-26-2003, 02:43 AM
Hey everyone :)

Today turned out to be a really decent day. I'm still OP! Two more days of the tight carbs and then I get to eat some bread again. How sad is it that I'm actually considering what kind to try first? If nothing else, this two weeks has been amazing at getting my sugar cravings down. I think it will also help with portion control on my carbs as those are reintroduced.

Today's fun was to watch the Child's Play Theatre production this evening. My oldest daughter had a role in each of the two plays, and they were really fun to watch. Some incredible uber women in the neighborhood put these on every summer to keep our children occupied in a healthy manner. Between the two play dates, about half the town shows up to watch. It is really fun for everyone. :) And yes, I really do live in a town that small!

Tomorrow I get to drive up to Salt Lake with my dad to visit my grandparents. Grandpa has Alzheimer's and he gets agitated after about a half hour, so the visit will probably be short. Grandma would rather we spent the entire day there. :) She doesn't email and I'm horrid at snail mail, so I've printed off all my opinion columns for her and will be carrying them up with us.

The only thing I've been worried about with the drive is that it is 5 hours each way, and I was afraid about keeping my diet. I got thinking about it though, and every fast food place offers decent salads now. If the dressing it too high carb, I can eat mine without. I'd rather taste my vegetables anyway. Grandma will more than likely try to feed us, and that is a bit tougher... Ok, if my grandmother sits me down and has made dinner, I am not going to turn it down. I will practice portion control so there isn't any damage to be made up later. The only truly hard thing is going to be if she offers her fruitcake. It isn't that nasty hard kind. This stuff is really, really good! I'd better stop thinking along those lines!

I'd also better get my happy backside off to bed.

Almost forgot to share two more cool things that happened today! One, the town council is holding an executive meeting next week to interview me for the town clerk position. The job would be sooooo perfect for me! It is also two doors up the street. Nothing like a short commute. ;) Second, one of the other places I dropped off a resume to called me back and wants to interview me! They are looking for someone to fill in a part-time position right now and later someone who can run the office. I would have to become licensed to sell insurance, but that wouldn't be too big a deal. I have great feelings about both of these. Wish me luck!


07-26-2003, 02:49 AM
:smug: Thanks to everyone for the welcome. You all sound like great ladies. I really feel I am going to enjoy our time together. I am leaving on the 29th of August to visit England for a month. I came to Australia with my family in 1969. My mum moved back there 12 years ago after my dad died to live with my eldest sister who stayed in England when we left. I have not seen my mum in five years or my sister for 12. We hook up with camera on MSN a couple of times a week but it will be really great to be able to give them some hugs. I have also recently found some friends I use to go to school with and will be seeing them aswell. I will be able to stay in touch while I am away with my sister's computer.
The eating plan I am using is one where you lower your fat intake and increase the fibre one. I am taking one day at a time. And after 2 days already feel better for it. I have not been so bloated at night. I have been eating breakfast which is something I never do. That has not been to bad either. Anyway I hope everyone has a great weekend. Bye for now. 2b pam :)

07-26-2003, 04:02 AM
Well, it has been a little since I posted so I decided that I would post here tonight before I went off to bed. I have been really off program the last couple of days, but I should be back at it by Monday. :yes: So, things are just going here-nothing exciting. We did move our camper trailer over to our new place tonight and take a look at it again. Not the inside, just looked around outside and talked and planned. One thing that is nice is that it is just a few blocks from hubby's work. He'll be able to walk all the time. It will save us, although it isn't like he spends big bucks to get there in the first place. :shrug:

Well-I'm ready to tackle individual replies so here goes-

2Cute-I hope you aren't pulling your hair out. I understand completely about hubby not packing. My hubby have moved about 10 times in the not quite five years we've been together, and each and every time (even when I was pregnant) he did very little packing. Consequently I'm not expecting his help at all this trip.

Tina-We didn't hear from you today, so I hope that you are feeling better. (((((Tina)))))

Pam-Your continued positive attitude is a real boost for me. You go girl!!!! :love:

Lola-This isn't the thread to go to if you secretly want to be ignored. :lol: Never gonna happen around here. :no:

Homebound-Beautiful Thankful list!!! Also, on the exercise with health problems, someone on here mentioned doing a sitting Richard Simmons video. I don't recall who? Maybe try eBay. Or call a senior center or somewhere else where they have a lot of people with limited abilities and see if they know of some sort of video or modified exercise course you could take. Great exercise that is easy one the body is water aerobics and most places usually offer a modified course for those that have physical limitations.

2Big/Pam-I'm afraid the default for you will be 2Big since we already have another Pam-However let me just say Welcome!Welcome!Welcome!You will love it here.

Mary-I just have to ask, how did your day go? Did you stay OP? Great job on the exercise!!!

Andria-Went over on vegis? :lol: I didn't know that was possible. Sounds like you are getting into the habit of planning ahead-good for you!!!

Natalie-Sorry the vacation isn't going as planned. :(

Barb-Sounds like you have a fun poker night planned. Enjoy!!

Terri-I really enjoyed your pics. My dog is 1/2 rottweiller and she loves the water. She looks really stupid swimming, but she loves it so much. :lol:

Jen-Hello :wave:

Thin-Sounds like you truly had a "Fun Friday"!!!

Anyone I missed-Hope all is well with you and hope to hear from you soon.

07-26-2003, 09:44 AM
see you in chat tonight

joe anne
07-26-2003, 11:43 AM
Hi Friends
Sorry for my absence, but I got myself into some big trouble, naw just kidding. Really what I did was sell breakfast burritos to make some extra cash, and now I got people calling me everyday to make some more. I make my :chef: own flour tortillas. fresh daily, so this is what makes them goooood.:yes:
I usually sell about 20-25 burrito @ $2 a piece so it's a pretty good money maker, and fast. The only bad thing is, that I am not able to get out and do my early morning walk. In fact I went out late at about 8:30 and just about died from the heat and humidity. Also I missed yesterdays walk because I had to go to some appoinments early.
As for today, I had an order for 50 breakfast burritos so I am busy busy busy, so I'll be back later on after this event is over and to see how ya'll are doing.

:nono: Don't worry I don't eat any of my own tortilla's, unless I have any left and it's usually only a half of one.

07-26-2003, 02:54 PM
On to replies:

2cute: Congrats on the new house. I don't know if I've actually said that yet. :( I know this has been a very hectic time for you....but I'm sure, also very exciting.

Pam: I am MAJORLY proud of you for the 9.5 lbs. gone. You go girl!! :strong: (Pass some of that will power my way!) :^:

Lori: I love you girl....but sometimes your posts just wear me out. Where do you find the energy? :lol:

Lola: First off, let me apologize to you sweetie....for not introducing myself properly and not welcoming you. I have had a rough couple of days. You have chosen a super wonderful group of ladies here and we are VERY glad to have you here with us. My name is Tina, I live in Tennessee. I have been married almost 16 years and have two boys, Brian and Trey. I am also your resident Nascar expert. ;)

Joanne: Thank you so much for your kind words. They meant alot. The minute I felt the kidney infection coming on, I ran for the AZO, and I'm sure they helped...but this one had to be controlled by the big boys! :lol:

2big: Welcome to our little corner of 3FC. If I've not said it enough, I will say it again. The ladies here are wonderful and you are always amongst friends. We do a lot of gossiping, recipe sharing and tell great stories. Oh yeah....we talk about weight loss too. :lol: Just kidding. I don't know what I would do without my friends here.

Terri: Sometimes you have to put your dh's in their place, huh? :foot: Hope refinancing helps....we're thinking of doing that soon. By the way....LOVED the pics. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Barb: Congrats on the 2 lbs! :bravo: You have been a losing fool lately. I am SO proud of you!

Mary: Congrats on striving to stay OP. It's hard work and so is the exercise you've been doing. Keep up the good work.

Andria: This just cracked me up:
Iíve decided that sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh. By the end of the day yesterday, I wasnít OP, butÖ it was because I had an extra serving of broccoli and cauliflower as well as Ĺ cup of carrots! Guess what. Iím not going to count that against myself! Nope, :no: I guess I would definitely NOT count that against yourself. I'm proud of you for avoiding all the tempting treats. Also....I am sending you good vibes on the job. Hope you get the one you want and deserve.

Natalie: Good job on the 3 lbs. gone! Isn't vacation nice? I'm sorry to hear that you were sick though. Isn't it amazing that we put this crap in our bodies forever and even though it's dangerous and unhealthy, it's normal to us, then we actually start eating healthy and putting that crap in our bodies again makes us sick. We should really learn something there, shouldn't we? Thanks for the hug. I needed it.

Jen: Always nice to see you. Remember, we're always here if you need us.

Thin: Must have been really nice to get a chance to get together with your cousins. That is something that I haven't done in awhile and really need to. The last time I saw my cousin was when I accidently ran into her at Walmart. :sorry:
All that fruit sounds delicious!!

Deb: Good to see you back and posting. The school vs work thing is difficult. Seems like you have to do one to be able to do the other, huh? :lol:

Amanda: So what? You've had a bad couple of days....so have I. So have we all. I count on you for my inspiration girl. You can do this and so can I. We can do it together. :) So good to have you back with us. I've missed that smiling face. Sometimes, even if I don't have time to post, I always have time to read and I know when you're not here.

joe anne: You little money maker you! LOL Sounds like you've got a pretty good business going there for yourself. I bet they are delicious! :T

Ok...now on to ME:

I am doing a little better. It still has been pretty rough though. The infection is easing up some and is not as painful. I did have something else happen to me though that will blow your mind.

My cat ATTACKED ME! :yikes: No, I am not kidding. I am very upset about this and not sure what to do. I love her very much and have had her for three years and this behavior is VERY disturbing to me. Last night I was sitting in the living room and the only kitten we have left (Peanut)--(the one we're keeping) was running around in the living room playing and he jumped on the coffee table. Well, I don't mind if he gets on the furniture... but NOT on the tables. So I reached up and just picked him up under his back front legs and put him down on the floor. Well, of course....within 2 seconds, he was right back up there. Well, this time right as I was about to pick him up, he jumped forwards and I caught him up around his belly area and he made a little squealing noise. This was not an unusual noise and I have actually heard him make it several times. WELL....as I was sitting him down, all of a sudden, I felt like my right leg had been slashed with a peice of barbed wire. My cat, Emily had attacked it and was coming back to get me again!!! :eek: She was screeching and was bearing her fangs and it scared me to death. I screamed and threw the remote at her to get her away from me (it didn't hit her) and once it bounced off the floor, she started at me again and this time, I threw my water bottle at her (missed her again) and it scared her away. (I'm a terrible aim) Anyways, she really got me good. She dug in really deep into one part of my leg and then there are puncture wounds around the back part of it. I had blood pouring down my leg. It was very tramatic. The deep cut is now all purple around it and is very sore.

This is not the first time this has happened either. She did about the same thing to Trey less than a month ago. He went into Brian's room (where she stays most the time) to get a toy and she came out of nowhere and got him on the leg, but her and him don't get along very well, so I thought he might have just stepped on her or something like that. He wasn't even near one of her kittens. Now, this is the second episode. So, needless to say, it is very frightening. I love her still...but this is very confusing and I don't want it to happen again.

So, that's why I didn't post last night. This has been a week straight out of you know where and I am so ready for it to be over. :lol:

Keep me in your thoughts and I'll be back later. I love you all.

07-26-2003, 04:20 PM
Hi Gals!
Just popping in for a minute to say HELLO to everyone! I am so tired today --- Our poker game was a lot of fun ---- until 3:00am!!! :faint: Way past my usual 11:00 bedtime. But, we really did have a great time - I haven't laughed that hard in months, our friends are so much fun to hang out with, it's just hard to get everyone together very often. I also won about $50! :D

This morning I had to get up early to drive over to the hospital for a some blood work. OB/GYN checking my progeserone levels. Then I went to the mall. There were some great sales - so I decided to try on some new clothes. I bought 2 pair of capri pants and 2 pair of shorts for $50!! They fit nicely and I know a few months ago I wouldn't have gotten them buttoned. :) I got stopped buy a vendor in the malling selling a nail care system. I agreed to let him show it to me and ended up buying it. It really is great - I just gave myself a manicure with it. It's got this great little block that has different sides - for getting rid of ridges, stimulating and buffing your nails. Along w/ cuticle oil and lotion. My nails look and feel great.....Then, it was off to my hairdresser for a 12:30 appt. I went in and told her it was time for a new short cut!!! My hair was down around my shoulders. Now it's up around the nape of my neck. It's a big change, but I love it! Jeff says it looks great on me!! Part of the reason I wanted to go short is that I plan on going to join the Y tomorrow so I can start swimming. Thought a short cut would be great. I'll post a picture when I have a chance to get a decent one.

Anyway, now we are out to have a late lunch/early dinner.

I know, I have babbled on about myself and not posted any replies, but I'll catch up with each of you personally later today or tomorrow!!!

See you later!
Love you guys!

P.S. Michelle --- are you out there??? Did you get my PM??? Let me know if we are on for tomorrow! :)

07-26-2003, 06:12 PM
Well-I don't really have anything new to say, just wanted to catch up with those that have posted. Especially Tina.

Tina-OMG, what an aweful time you have been having. ((((((((((Tina)))))))))) :goodvibes: I'm so sorry about your cat. I would take her to the vet and talk to them about it. Even for a cat with kittens that is not normal behaviour. I know how it is to love your pets (goodness, I should I have 5 of them) but also you have to protect your family. I don't know what I would do after 2 such attacks. How scarey!!! Thanks for the encouraging words, you are an inspiration to me too. :yes:

Joeanne-Sounds like you are doing good with those burritos. Sound yummy. :T I sure would love to try one.

Barb-Sounds like you had a great poker night. :)

Mary-Hope to make it to chat tonight!!! See ya there.

Bye all

07-26-2003, 06:16 PM
Welcome to the Weekend from :censored: , Live from Southwestern PA!

I'm surprised I'm still sane enough to post...:rolleyes:

Yesterday I go for a run and pull a tendon on the instep of my right foot. Yes, ouch. I can still walk, but it hurts like the :devil: to do so.

After I clean the cat box, I go to take out the trash and the bag explodes. The next 20 minutes is spent cleaning up dirty cat litter off the carpet and all the "goodies" that come with it :p

Brian throws a hissy fit because he wants to have relations and I'm having my TOM. Geez. Then he stomps out like he's three years old. Like I time these things deliberately :rolleyes:

7:30 AM this morning: Neighbor lady rings the doorbell 200 times like the place is on fire. (One time on the doorbell at a decent hour for this woman just to borrow something is NOT sufficient). Mind you, this would not normally bother me, since the cat brats have me up at nutty hours to feed them anyway, but four hours earlier, I get a phone call from the county jail......

BRIAN'S IN JAIL!!!:yikes:

Evidently, he'd gone out after our little tete a tete, gotten drunk and ended up in a fight with some guys in a pool game. Yours truly now has the task of calling Mommy in California to wire bail money for her sonny boy.:mad: ! If it were up to me, the you-know-what would have sat down there all weekend and rotted, but he has that job interview on Monday. Right now, I feel like telling him to just go :censored: himself and go back to California if he's going to act like a jack:censored: As we speak, he is sulking at the motel. He goes to court for a hearing Thursday.

Then I spent all afternoon at the ER with chest and upper back pain. On top of the TOM (which I think is almost over, thank goodness), I've got pleurisy, and had a GERD attack from :devil:
Back to the doctor on Monday....:rolleyes:

Please let Sunday be an improvement!

Terri in MO
07-26-2003, 06:18 PM
Hi ladies,

Sorry, I'm going to be lazy with a short post today. I worked today for almost 5 hours trying to get caught up and have some peace at work for a change. Then I got my nails done! They look great again. Hopefully, this place will work out. I'm trying to clean my desk and the downstairs. So, I'm not planning on staying at the computer long. Wow, my keyboard is kinda gross. :yikes:

Congratulations to everyone that has posted losses recently. You're fabulous!

Tina - Sorry to see about the kitty problem. I understand how distressful it is when a pet that you love dearly hurts you. I used to bawl everytime Bear would attack me before I got him broke of it. Its heartbreaking. Take care of the wound. Is this the only baby she has left at your place? I hope she settles down and no more attacks. Take care!

I better get going. I've been cleaning and typing but want to get this done.

later chicks!

Terri in MO
07-26-2003, 06:21 PM

We were posting at the same time. Geez, send his butt back to California! He sounds too volatile and immature to mess with.

Okay, shutting my mouth now!

Good luck!

07-26-2003, 06:35 PM
Stop!!! Don't post here. Come join us over on 300+ and Ready to try Again #378