Calorie Counters - Counting calories in mind using points..

06-23-2014, 10:59 AM
(Not WW, dont even know its details to be honest)..

I like counting calories because it keeps me on track, but I hate logging the food I eat all the time in the app I have.
So now I have started counting points . 100 cals ~ 1 point.
Then I add it up mentally through the day as I eat. My goal is 1400 calories so 14 points.

So breakfast with 2 eggs and milk is 2+1 = 3 points
Lunch could be a medium portion of pasta = 4 points , one tsp pesto sauce = 1 pt
1 fruit at 4 pm = 1 point
So at this point, I know I have 5 points left for dinner and I stick to it.

I find this works a lot better for me than logging(i get lazy, dont log, forget etc..)

1 slice bread = 1pt
1 tbsp oil = 1 pt
1 cornetto icecream = 3 pts
1 slice cheese = 1 pt
1 cup cooked chickpeas = 3 pts
10 almonds = 1 pt

I dont worry about the exact calories, but points give me the will power to stick to the big picture, and stops me from binging :carrot:

I have been counting points this way since last 4 months and losing my target 2pounds per week. :)

06-23-2014, 04:03 PM
Congratulations with weight loss! Great job! I do also do not count calories very strict;-) But i am only in the beginning of my long way to the perfect body;-) So i am only trying to get used to the new system

06-23-2014, 04:27 PM
Just an FYI, if you read the WW patent application, one of the reasons WW does points is that people find it easier to keep track of a 2 digit number. (A WW points plus usually works out to between 35-40 calories depending upon macros).

06-24-2014, 06:10 PM
I think you're on to something, and it's so much easier than counting calories.. I'm back on WW, but no way will I use their cumbersome points calculator! According to a Wikipedia article on WW, one point averages 40 cals. I round up or down to the nearest whole number. So if I look at a food label, and it has 100 calories, for me it's 3 points. I can't tell you how much easier this makes Weight Watchers for me. I can figure points in my head this way! Good for you for finding an easier way of calculating calories.

06-25-2014, 09:30 AM
But i would say if the food you posted above a is a typical day, you might not eating enough fruit and vegetables. Its recommended we eat 5 types of vegetables 2 types of fruit per day with a serving size of vegies being roughly half a cup and fruit being one medium size piece or two small for one serving. When you eat this much or more of fruit and vegetables your whole body functions better, its easier to lose weight and you find yourself with less cravings and interest in unhealthier foods. Or just with no room for them.

Thanks Patience for the link. I am looking at it right now..

Also, I do eat vegetables and fruits, because I am a vegetarian :). I count 1 point per fruit. I generally stir-fry veggies so I count 1 point for the 1 tsp of oil I use for it :) Besides I eat lentils, beans sprouts etc. The cornetto is for once a week when I eat my maintenance calories.

But I hate apples, only like the sweet fruits like pear, banana.. need to get better about that..!

What processed food do you avoid ? Is white rice considered a processed food ? I eat 1-2 slices of bread per day as well.

06-29-2014, 03:21 AM
How wonderful you found something that works for you! Everyone is unique so being creative and designing your plan around your needs is fantastic. Congrats!

06-29-2014, 03:36 AM
This is awesome and seems very reasonable. I just started counting calories and am learning as I go. I think it's great that you have figured out what works for your body. Congrats on the weightloss, too!

08-16-2014, 08:17 PM
OMG I love this idea!!! I am so going to do that!

08-16-2014, 09:04 PM
I have counted calories for the 6 months or so that I've been going at this and it has proved (time and time again) to be the best way for me to lose weight. It just REALLY works for me. That being said, I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to ween myself off of it, because I don't want to live the rest of my life with my phone attached to me and MFP open at the beginning of every meal. And trying to plan the day in advance doesn't always work...This might just work for me. So simple and yet such a great idea!!

08-16-2014, 11:00 PM
I am working on my own little calorie list. I have two ideas. Either I will get an address app that I will use to add my own "points" in order to learn them, i.e. "Apple" will be under A and have 1 point. Or I will add a notebook to evernote and keep one running list of foodpoints, also in alphabetical order.

I am soooo excited about this idea. :carrot: since calories are only estimates anyway I could stop stressing if a bagel has 270 or 290 calories and just go with 3 points.

I hate to count calories and ww poiints, but this could be the best of both worlds.

Now I only need to figure out how I want to track my daily intake...just add it up in my head, paper/pen or something on my phone

08-16-2014, 11:09 PM
How would you guys count veggies? I really loved about ww that I could throw all my veggies in a bowl, and only had to count the additional ingredients.