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07-23-2003, 11:01 PM
Hey people, i just joined the board today and i already like it a lot!! good information and seems like anyone is welcome. so i say thankyou..

now on to what i need to say and ask

Ok, i been working out since jan 2003 and just wasn't getting fit like i wanted. i then looked into more research and realized i need to diet also and eat right, so i been doing that for about 2months now..I did weigh 220lbs, now im down to 203lbs in 5weeks. so i was happy about that, but im still not as big as i want to be and i want my abs to show through.

So my question is. should i still not take in a lot of carbs? i take in less then 100 a day and i eat 200+g of protein daily. and i work out three days a week and do cardio 5days a week for an hour a day, in the morning before my first meal.

Is that good? I really want to gain some muscle, like i got muscle. but i want to get bigger, but my friend is saying im gonna lose muscle if i work out cardio for an hour and do this diet. but i just dont think he's right. thats why im asking you guys.

please help me out. i hope you understand what im saying. I really just wanna get bigger, and i been dieting right and what not and working out correctly, i just dont wanna be losing muscle and not fat you know? please help !! thanks


i'll post pictures soon of what i look like, so you guys can get an idea. thanks again!

07-26-2003, 08:51 PM
of course you're not building muscle!! you need to be lifting more than cardio!! all that cardio is breaking down the muscle you're trying to build...could you give me an example of what you eat all day and your exercise sched?? the more i know, the better i can help =)