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06-17-2014, 11:05 PM
Starting a new thread!

Nothing but weather warnings on the three network channels tonight; so far it's just for Nebraska and imagine they are a bit spooky after last night. :^:

06-18-2014, 09:49 AM
Good Morning! It's cloudy and humid in my neighborhood this morning. I woke up to lightning during the night, got up to check the weather because we were in a tornado warning coming in from Nebraska. We never did get any rain so that was good. "My" Little Kitty deck cat showed up last night with four kittens! We didn't even know she was pregnant; she really surprised us. :D Bob had put the live trap out for the raccoon and Little Kitty went in. That's the second time she's gone in it. Ian has a late game tonight so we are going to go if the weather holds. Will have to take a longer route through Sioux City because all the others, over back roads, are flooded and bridges closed.

I need to get dressed and vacuum the fur bunnies. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

06-18-2014, 10:15 AM
Good morning to you all. Hot and humid is the forcast for today again.

Thanks for starting a new thread Jean. I was going to do it this morning if no one had.

Paid bills and read emails, did a load of laundry and ate breakfast. I need to start on the downstairs today, but it is pretty hot so don't know. It isn't filthy so it can wait if need be. I am starting T's socks over as my original gauge seemed off and a bit big and it was. Since they have no leg, just a cuff, it was easy and quick to just tear it out and start over. I was just at the heel.

Got an email from a guy we cruised with last year. I had sent them a couple emails and a Christmas card and never heard from them so figured that was the end of that, but he emailed this morning and said he posted on cruise critic to Jack.

Jean: Looks like the rain is going backwards instead of east. :lol: Hopefully it has moved out of your area. We will start again tomorrow afternoon then supposed to rain for a week so I guess that is what you have been getting. I am sick of rain. Hope you can make it to the game ok.

Everyone have a great day today. Faye

06-18-2014, 12:46 PM
Good morning, ladies! Another day in the high 90s with humidity to match. Ugh!

I had bee last night and then tonight is the library applique bee. Fun! Saturday we are going to a quilt show so more fun on tape.

My retirement has been postponed a little. My boss came in with a big list of things that need to be done before I can go and I agreed to do them so maybe another month.

Faye, I can't imagine you house ever being dirty! You have the best cleaning schedule. Isn't is nice to make new friends while vacationing.

Jean, you are going to become the cat lady! I'll bet the kittens are cute.

Hi, Maggie!

Have a wonderful day!

06-19-2014, 10:22 AM
Good morning to you all. It is really sticky this morning and the temps are already mid 80's so going to be a hot one today. I am heading out in about an hour or so to run some errands and get my nails and toes done. This is commissary weekend and Jack wants to get a haircut on Saturday besides he said he would take me to see the Jersey Boys movie on Saturday afternoon so am excited about that.

I had the absolute worst headache last night. It came on all of a sudden around 2 and by the time Jack got home it was awful. I took some Aleve and it didn't help, took some allergy med in case it was that as I have had a bad runny nose the last few days and that didn't help either. I hung on as long as I could then said to heck with it and took one of Jack's pain pills from his shoulder injury and that did the trick. For one thing it made me sleepy, but I guess it relaxed me enough that it went away. I am wondering if it is diabetes meds again and I will have to lower it some more. I have to go see her next month so maybe she will lower it or remove me altogether from part of it.

I am having to ship back an Ipad usb cord we just bought a month ago. They have a lifetime warranty and the thing just quit charging for some reason. Hopefully they will just send me a new one or at least fix this one as it is practically brand new.

Susan: I hope you can wrap things up for him asap and then get your retirement underway. He seems bent on trying to get you to stay I think. You sound like you are having the same weather we are. Typical for this part of the country for sure.

Everyone have a great day!! Faye

06-19-2014, 11:32 AM
Good Morning! It's cloudy and humid this morning with a few rain drops falling. It was midnight when we got home last night and probably close to an hour later when I went to bed. I have NO ambition this morning! I have no plans for today except to sort through a closet, and get back to the afghan. I keep hoping for a phone call that my cupboard is done and ready to be installed. They've had it two weeks tomorrow, and "are working on it" when Bob checked with them on Monday. I did find a "smart" microwave but I wanted white so they had to order one.

"Gma," you are our "Queen of Clean" so I doubt your house is all that dirty. ;) We drove home in a tornado watch last night; it was supposed to be raining when we left Sioux Falls night around 9, rain in Sioux City at 10, and rain here at 11. We never did drive in rain. :rolleyes: I saw where a little town west of SF got it by a tornado last night. People around here are really spooked. I'm glad your headache is gone. Sometimes Bob's iPad doesn't charge but he uses a loose outlet so I thought maybe the plug wasn't all the way in. Maybe it's time for new cord for him.

Susan, nice to see you again yesterday! Maybe your boss would like you to be "on call" instead of retiring. ;) Bob is working on a deal where he can retire out of the office but still do the federal crop and BCBS since none of the other agents are licensed for crop and/or don't like doing it. It involves chasing down farmers, sometimes riding in the fields with them, to get their figures and signatures. Now there are five kittens! Little Kitty came with a different one this morning, and it is gray. We try to watch when she leaves to see where she goes. She is smart and goes a different direction each time. :yes: I know you are looking forward to Saturday!

I need to get a move on and accomplish something this morning. Hope you all enjoy a terrificThursday! :wave:

06-20-2014, 08:35 AM
Good morning to you all. It looks a little overcast this morning but hard to tell from looking out our back window. With the tree and the garages and condos on the other side of the street, you only have a peek of sky so I may be dead wrong.

I ran errands and got my nails done yesterday. He talked me into rounded nails instead of square. Not sure I like them and I had him cut them too short. I like them longer because they make my hands look better. Ahh well, there is always next time. It is easier to type with them shorter though. :D

I need to tackle downstairs today I think. I do want to work on Thomas's socks today since I got them back on the needles and I have a load of laundry in at the moment. If I get up early and do housework, I seem to procrastinate less about it then if I leave it until later in the day. Jack comes home from work so early I feel the day has slipped away before I get anything done.

I hope to get Jackson's yarn today. If not today, then tomorrow. I will probably take it with me on the cruise to work on and then I can have them both finished early this year.

Tomorrow Jack is getting up and getting a haircut early then in the afternoon we are going to the movies to see, "Jersey Boys." I missed the broadway play when it came through town and none of the permanent troupes are near enough for us to go see so am looking forward to going to the movie.

Jean: We started our summer out rough weatherwise it looks like. There have been lots of tornados and such it seems. The friends that are going with us on the cruise live in Kansas City and she said they have gotten a lot of rain lately too. I would check his cord on another plug and see if it charges before spending the money on a new one. It seems I am the one that always needs a new cord. I do something to it at home, I have no idea what. I just ordered another one and a "kit" from Target. Jack says our current cigarette usb chargers aren't powerful enough to charge my Ipad so I bought one to Jack's specifics so it would charge properly. I haven't ever used it on a long trip before as I didn't have it last year before the cruise. We shall see. One of the problems is we have too much electronic junk for the car. We have to put the seats down in the back to all our big bags to fit and when you do that you can't use the back cigarette plug. Our usb plug for back there is flush, but then the cord sticks out from the plug and the seats put down come flush to the front seat. I am trying to cut out a couple bags this year to see if we can then just put one seat down. Since we drive and don't fly I can take as much as I want as Royal Caribbean has no limits on baggage so I take a ton of sandals to match outfits and a ton of clothing. At least this year I won't be peeing through all my clothes like last year. What a nightmare that was little did I know the cause exactly. It will be good to be down in weight and not taking meds that cause diahrrea, not having the female issues and not wetting or having to go to the bathroom constantly. :^: I think Jack would like to put 20 years in with the city so he gets 50% of his yearly income. It all depends if the knees can hold out. As long as he gets to take cruises, he is ok staying working. :lol:

You all have a great weekend. Faye

06-20-2014, 03:08 PM
Happy Friday! The sun is shining and it's another humid day in my corner of the world. I worked in the gift shop this morning so have no ambition to start any projects this afternoon. I cleaned up the kitchen before I left this morning, so that may be my effort for the day! :dancer:

"Gma," I wear my nails rounded. Don't you catch yarn on the square corners? I'm sure you will enjoy Jersey Boys, or at least I hope so. My phone recharges twice as fast in the car, but it doesn't last as long. Some of the newer cars will only charge when the car is running. One of my lunch bunch friends found that out the hard way, and called the dealership. Do you have access to washers and dryers on the ship? I packed less this time but had to do laundry while we were gone. That's a toss up for sure. Since the machines were in the condo we could take advantage of them at night while we slept. :)

I need to change clothes and figure out what comes next in my afternoon. Hope you all enjoy a nice day! :wave:

06-20-2014, 05:04 PM

Last Wednesday evening after mid week Bible study we went for a drive about. The sky was covered with rain clouds but the edges were clear and the sun was bright which caused the most beautiful vibrantly colored rainbow and we could see both ends of and the whole arch overhead. We havenít seen a rainbow like it since the one that we saw in Casper WY years ago. One end of it touched down on us as we were standing in a parking lot. It was so weird standing in a rainbow ~ wonder how many people have gotten to do that.

We just got back from a trip to Wall*Mart to pick up a bag of kitty litter to put out in the yard for Cecil. He rarely ever uses the inside butt hut anymore but I do keep it in good shape just in case he does. He is an outside cat for the most part but loves his people so comes in periodically and greets us and is inside to sleep in the night.

The buffalo babies all look healthy and are growing by leaps and bounds. It is fun to watch them frolic about. Their mothers are never far away and ole Ferdinand is still kept away from them in the nearby fenced in area.

Last evening while we had a respite from the ever present wind, which wasnít blowing, we were able to BBQ some steaks outside. Tonight for dinner I am going to slice thin what was left of the meat and make some toasted Panini sandwiches and serve them with fresh pineapple spears..

Of all things Will is out mowing the lawn. That rain we had this past week sure made the grass grow quickly and everything perk up and beautiful around the area.

JEAN You sound like me in the ambition department. I don't want to do a thing but must. I'll be glad when we get the MH moved over here and load the things we have purchased for it to get them out of my office. :yes:

DONNA FAYE I file my nails flat with the corners rounded off and they work for me. I am fortunate to grow my own and not have to mess with the fillers and such. :cp: That is a great idea to think ahead and take along a project that you enjoying doing with you on the cruise.

Have a great afternoon ~ evening Magnolias.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

06-21-2014, 07:35 AM
Good morning everyone. They are calling for rain, but who knows anymore. :lol:

Jack should be up soon as he wants to be at the hair cutting place as soon as they open at 8 AM. He hates getting a haircut and I suspect it is why he went to get it buzzed so to speak. He doesn't like talking with the stylist, he doesn't like waiting, he is an old grouch about it. So, he gets there before they open and waits for them to open the doors so he can be first. Doesn't always work out for him that way though. :lol:

I have a good start on Thomas's first sock. I am finishing up the heel and will be starting the foot soon. I hope they fit properly and he likes them. I need to find out from Alicia what size shoes Jackson wears now to make his socks.

Maggie: I will be glad in more than one reason to get things packed up. That room is a mess. :lol: His clothes, my clothes, my shoes, hygiene stuff I have bought, suitcases, the garment bag is hanging over the door and on and on.

Jean: Jack said the phones don't really need to be charging when we are in the car they will hold a charge. I told him he could turn his off while we are driving as the kids and family always call my phone anyway and that would be the only people would be concerned about. We shall see. We are working out everything as we don't have huge amounts of room to take all our bags anyway. I take about 10 prs of shoes with me! :lol: You never know when you might need a good pair of purple sandals.......:D

Everyone have a good weekend. Faye

06-21-2014, 10:43 AM
Good Morning! The sun is shining and it has cooled off. So far no wind which is a nice treat. No real plans for the day except laundry and more sorting. I can't believe all the "stuff" stashed away in this house! I also need to brush cats then vacuum again. Wish that machine could be a part of my downstairs decor :) so I wouldn't have to carry it up and down the stairs.

Maggie, how interesting about the rainbow. We don't see them very often around here. People have been sending storm pictures to the tv stations, and there have been some angry looking/strange cloud formations I have never ever seen. They opened the interstate yesterday and are removing sandbags around homes along the SD side. More rain is predicted so I'm hoping they won't have to redo them. That's a lot or work! :eek: I think Bob will be mowing again today. Our bare spots are finally filling in and the yard is looking better.

"Gma," I had to giggle about Jack getting his haircut. The gal who does our hair, called Bob while he was out in the boat fishing. She was checking on his secretary and wanted to send a card. Bob never told her what he was doing. :lol: She is a personal friend since we've been going to her for 35 years. I started shortly after Beth was born so that's how I can remember. I will elect you our Queen of Shoes! I usually just take an couple pair of sandals and call it good.

I need to get dressed and get my day going. Hope you all enjoy a super Saturday! :wave:

06-22-2014, 09:10 AM
Good Morning! It is raining here this morning and the gauge shows 3/4" already. We don't need any more right now! We are heading to church this morning and then to Sioux City to pick up Beth and the kids for Ian's game at 5:30. The weather map shows Sioux Falls as being dry with no rain in sight. We'll see what the day brings. :twirly:

Hope you all enjoy a nice relaxing day! :wave:

06-22-2014, 03:31 PM
Good afternoon all. We had commissary shopping early this morning so I never did get in here earlier. We went and got a bite to eat after shopping and coming home and putting it all away. We are home for the day now. I decided to wait until next weekend to go to the movies. I am having a bout of female stuff and sitting for 2.5 hours in a theater is not in the cards today. I had trouble sitting at the restaurant.

I have started a new sleeveless tunic in a couple sizes smaller for next summer. I figure it will give me something to shoot for. :lol: It is going to be this lovely deep shade of purple.

Here we are less than three months to the trip and Jack springs it on me he needs a snorkeling vest and anti fog spray for his goggles. I asked him how long he has known this and he said the guy at the place he took his lesson told him he should get them. {{{sigh}}} Men, why he didn't tell me way back when and I could have ordered him one. Ahh well, I found them at Amazon the cheapest so will get him the stuff there so I can get free shipping.

Jean: Hope the weather is better for the game now. We are supposed to get rain today and clear through next week but so far not a drop. I did notice it was clouding up though. I do have quite a few pairs of sandals especially. I have outgrown my shoe rack stuff and my handbag holders so everything is either on the floor in the spare room or in one of those huge Rubbermaid containers. I have all my sandals in it. I bought these rubber shoes last year I never did wear as I never went into the ocean. I hope I can use them this year. I don't do lakes and oceans bare feet. Gives me as the English say, "the collywobbles." :lol:

Well girls, off to finish listening to me audio book. I just finished the latest Janet Evanovich book and it was pretty funny. Have a great rest of the weekend. Faye

06-23-2014, 08:11 AM
Good morning all. It is already warm here this morning and predicting rain though we didn't get any yesterday at all and we were supposed to.

Jack's sister and husband and son will be here sometime Wednesday evening. They are just passing through on their way to W VA. I hope they don't get in too late as Jack has to get up at 5 AM the next morning and go to work.

I am going to tackle the downstairs today and try to get in a few minutes on the treadmill. We will see how that goes. I haven't been on it or out in the neighborhood in a long time and I don't know how my knee will do walking without the cane. We shall see.

Hope everyone has a great start to their week. Faye

06-23-2014, 01:40 PM
Good Morning! This is the beginning of a busy week for us. :dizzy: Counted money from both places and balanced first time. Needless to say, there wasn't much in either place. Bob has to coral Ernie after lunch, and I will take him in for his yearly shots and ear cleaning. He has the dirtiest ears I've ever seen on a cat. Doc even asked if he went outside. Bob' AZ brother is flying into Sioux Falls sometime today and will work his MN, ND, and SD territory. The MT brother will meet up with him on Wed. And head to the cabin. If MT sister-in-law comes, I will have to go with them for a surprise visit to the 97 year old aunt. If she doesn't come, I'll send the guys; that trip pretty much shoots a day. It's supposed to rain off and on while they are here, but Bob is hoping to get the trim painted on the cabin. They all leave next Monday. In the mix is a funeral for the 85 year old lady across the street. She died from acute pancreatitis, which probably was caused by too much alcohol. We could have another ball game if Ian wins tonight.

"Gma," I hope you do get to spend some time with Jack's sister and family. I don't like the sea weed in the lake, so I don't go out very far. The cabin lake water is clear so you can see your feet, our lake here is not. Bob says the fish and critters are just as afraid of me as I am of them. :lol:

I need to clear the table off and dream up something for lunch. Hope you all enjoy a marvelous Monday! :wave:

06-23-2014, 02:44 PM

This is my weigh day and I stayed the same which I guess is a good thing for I didnít show a gain. We BBQed a piece of meat last Saturday and had Paniniís that were scrumptious. I am going to make a re-run of that meal this evening since we have some of the meat left and I need to use it up. All this moisture we have been having is bringing more mosquitoes than we are used to having.

Not much happening here this day ~ dogs are currently at the groomer and we will go get them later and take a ride out and visit the buffalo again. We were out there awhile ago and Ferdinand was running around in his pen ~ he is still being kept separate from the females and babies. When the little ones get a bit older then they will let Ferdinand back in the pen with his family. Then some time later the owner will sell off the young ones.

JEAN Sounds like you may or may not be going to the cabin. Whichever it is hopefully you have a great day.

DONNA FAYE We had some rain during the night but it didn't amount to much at all. Hope you have time to have a nice visit with Jacks sister and family.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

06-23-2014, 10:54 PM
Maggie, good for you on the maintain! :cheer: That is better than a gain any day! I ran errands this afternoon. With the main street construction, going into downtown, it's like an obstacle course trying to get from here to there. I forgot a couple things so will need to go back in a day or two. The trip I'm debating on is a 2 1/2 hour ride to see Bob's aunt. She is a sweetie, I just don't like the ride. :o

06-24-2014, 09:08 AM
Good Morning! The sun is shining, NO wind is blowing, the birds are chirping, and it's a beautiful morning in my neighborhood. :cp: I need to run a couple errands I didn't finish yesterday, and maybe have a pedicure. I also need to think about food for visits to the lake while the relatives are there. Rain is predicted for every day for the rest of the week including the weekend, so that may take care of any painting plans for the cabin. Ian's team lost last night, so baseball season is over for us. The funeral for the lady across the street is set for Friday which is the day we planned to visit Bob's aunt. Our option is the visitation the night before. It seems like everything seems to happen in a short amount of time, and then nothing for several days. Crazy.

I have towels in the dryer to fold so better get that done. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

06-24-2014, 03:28 PM
Good afternoon gals. I was sure I came in here and posted this morning but I guess not.

My daughter texted me from the ER this morning wanting to know if I had kept the car, which I hadn't. Come to find out she fell and hit her head on Friday and didn't do anything about it until this morning. She has a skull fracture, concussion, some bleeding on the brain that has stopped and a couple hematomas. When she does something she does it up right. She is home now and her son is there so I told her just to take it easy now and to let me know if she needed us for anything.

I got the downstairs cleaned except mopping, which I will do tomorrow and have a load of laundry in the washer to do up and put in the dryer then I am done for the day. I washed a bunch of ears of corn and baggied them up, washed capped and sliced 3 cartons of strawberries and washed blueberries so we are all ready with out fruits and veg again. I sure am going to miss fresh summer fruits. I bought a cantaloupe, but it is not very ripe even thought the outside looked great. I will cut it up and eat it anyway. Jack doesn't like melon at all.

Tonight is crab cakes for Jack, cold shrimp for me, an ear of corn and a nice salad. I had a WW mac and cheese with a slice of crumbled bacon in it for lunch and fresh blueberries. I like the Lean Cuisine Mac and Cheese better, but I had a couple free WW coupons to use up and the commissary didn't have any LC mac and cheese anyway. A few weeks back I won a WW prize and like I told you before the prize was 7 free coupons for frozen meals. Whooopeeee!!! I don't care for most of the WW entrees and snacks. I like LC much better.

I have a good start on my sleeveless tunic sweater for 2016 cruise. It is an easy knit and I am going to make it two sizes smaller and a couple inches longer as I want it to cover my saggy belly. :lol: I am working on Thomas's socks and have to finish my hair stylists scarf too so I have plenty to keep me busy. I am relistening to an audio book I listened to several years ago and enjoyed. It is all about rich New Yorkers. She wrote three great books that are very interesting.

Maggie: Keep plugging along it will come off.

Jean: We had a gullywasher yesterday afternoon then it rained overnight. We are dreary today again and supposed to get more rain. Ick, I can't wait for sunny tropical skies even if I have to wear 10000 SPF sunscreen, hat, sunglasses you name it. I am ready for sun and fun. We only booked one excursion to a resort that includes lunch has a beach and several pools, water slides, etc. Jack and Tom are going to go snorkeling and Liz and I are going to sit under umbrellas by the pool and have little umbrella drinks.

Well better go see if the clothes are ready to put in the dryer. Have a nice Tuesday all. Faye

06-25-2014, 08:21 AM
Good morning to you all. It is cooler this morning, in the low 70's which is nice. I can turn off the ac for awhile. It is supposed to be sunny all day today so we shall see.

Wishing a Happy Birthday to Thomas today. He is 14 years old. I can't believe it. I told Jack this morning it won't be long and he will be college bound. He wants to go to Yale I believe. Big dreams, but he is sure smart enough to go there. With all his charitable efforts and his grades he should be able to get in for sure if he wants to go there. Long way from home though.

I sure hope Jack's sister and family get into town at a reasonable hour. Poor Jack gets up at 5 AM so he is not going to want to be out and about at 10 PM at night. I think they are deluded at how long it will take to get here. I am not their biggest fan. I tolerate her and her husband is an alcoholic and hasn't grown up frankly. We haven't seen them since I had my last colon surgery, which is 2007 so it has been a long while. I don't know if they are going to want to repeat it coming back or not, but I hope not unless it is a weekend day. It is just too tough on Jack to be out so late then try and get up and get going for work the next day.

Today I tackle the sweeping and mopping then tomorrow it is the upstairs again. I just keep thinking for every week I have cleaning to do, it makes it one week closer to vacation. At least Jack has a 3 day weekend over the fourth. We don't go out, but he is going to do some grilling on the 4th for us as he had me buy a rack of ribs.

Well girls, you all have a good middle of the week. I am going to sit and knit for awhile then will get up and get some breakfast and get the day started. Have a good one! Faye

06-25-2014, 06:23 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun is shining, again NO wind, low humidity, and it's a beautiful day in my neighborhood. This was my morning to work in the gift shop. Bob met me for lunch in the coffee shop and I stayed later to visit with a couple gals. A nap sounds inviting right now!

"Gma," how is Kelly feeling? How scary for her! Your too small tunic sounds like a good incentive to stay on your weight loss plan. :hb: to Thomas! I have no doubt Thomas will reach his goal of attending Yale! :cp: Have you heard from Jacks's sister yet? I will send positive vibes for an early visit.

I need to do some much needed picking up around here. My cupboard still isn't done and I am more than a little irritated. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the day! :wave:

06-26-2014, 08:17 AM
Good morning ladies. It is pretty humid this morning and we are supposed to get more rain. I am kind of tired this morning, but need to get up and around and get going.

Oooh his sister makes me sooooo mad. They were supposed to call us when the got to Little Rock, which is two hours from here so we knew about what time they would get in. Well she never called and I had Jack call her around 7 to find out what was going on as I was sure they left late which meant a late night for us and we were all dressed and stuff to go out. "Oh we are somewhere around Little Rock I was just about to call you...." Yeah sure she was. Well, after all that it was a no show as they got into a bunch of construction work and were going to be really late getting into Memphis. Now she wants us to wait until they come back through. I had him ask her what day they would be coming back through. "Oh we don't know that. I will call you when we come back it will probably be sometime over the weekend." I don't know how in the heck they are going to go to W VA to pick up this band equipment today, onto VA Beach to see his brother and back here by this weekend. That is a long way back and forth. So we are just supposed to sit here and wait on them I guess. I told Jack in no uncertain terms I do not want them coming to the house. My house is in an upheaval with us getting stuff together to get rid of to paint and stuff next year and our vacation stuff is all over the place, etc. They show up here without calling and I am going to be very, very mad.

It is upstairs bathrooms for me today. I finished up downstairs yesterday so that is all done for a few days except for daily stuff.

Jean: I checked on Kelly yesterday and she said she is ok except a headache, which is to be expected. The poor thing swallowed a crown last night so now she has that to deal with too. What's the holdup on your cabinet? I would be irked too. I told Jack we get back from vacation and I am sending him to Uhaul to buy some boxes so we can get all this stuff out of here and then can get to painting right after the first of the year. When spring rolls around so it is warmer I want the doors replaced and get that done and a couple other things to get the ball rolling on this condo a bit. I am sit of living like a hoarder here because I have no storage and what I do have leaks so you can't put stuff away. I checked and the garage is not big enough to put cars and pallets in it to put stuff on. It is all just a big pain in the butt.

You all have a good Thursday. I am off to do a bit of knitting on T's sock and the sweater this morning before going upstairs and knocking around. Faye

06-26-2014, 05:14 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun is shining, a breeze is blowing, and the humidity is rising. So far no rain, which is good. I spent the morning having coffee and "warming" a booth with my retired teacher friend. I stopped by WM and, of course, they didn't have the container I wanted for cat food. They had two a couple weeks ago and I should have picked one up then. This afternoon I decluttered the kitchen island . . . . again. Not so sure I would put one in again as it my favorite "park it" place on my way by. Bob will be home in awhile and we will go to the neighbor lady's visitation at the funeral home.

"Gma," I sympathize with you over Jack's sister! I don't like surprises like that either. I hope she will call ahead of time if she plans to stop. The place working on my cabinet does custom work for banks, private homes, businesses, or anyone wanting/needing shelves or cupboards. They are always busy and the designer told me they would work it in between "big" jobs. It's been three weeks today that Bob took it in. I bet they'll want paid asap. :rolleyes: I've got you beat at being a hoarder! One bedroom is my catch-all I'm sorry to say. The path through is pretty wide though. ;) The church is having a Relay for Life rummage sale in August. I plan to be a BIG contributor! :cp:

I can't believe how often this iPad changes spelling to make a word that makes absolutely NO sense! :tantrum:

Hope you all are enjoying a nice day wherever you are! :wave:

06-26-2014, 05:44 PM

It is another hot day here in the ♥-Land and we got some rain during the night along with a nice lightening show and thunder.

After Will gets back from the museum we will go on our daily drive and visit the buffalo then he has to go to a dinner business meeting later with that group.

I am excited to have found those tiny folding knives (I sent you gals an e-mail with the picture) for one will be great to have on my bracelet. On the page I was looking at on the internet there were several of that one inch size that would work and if the one I ordered was out of stock I would choose one of the other cute ones (I got the last ones in stock). My order comes with a guarantee that the knives work as they said so that is a good thing plus they are sending along a little sharpener which they will charge for in future orders. They will ship my order to me tomorrow which will take a few days to get here for it comes from out east and lots of the folks that work there are currently on vacation. They usually ship the next day.

JEAN Isn't it lovely when the wind doesn't blow but just a nice breeze is present. I know it is fun to visit with old friends like you do.

DONNA FAYE Hope your daughter gets back to exact soon from that accident. What a scarey moment for her. Ride with the tide and go with the flow when it comes to your sis-in-law. You will never change her ~ grin and bear it and you will get through it. They know you are planning a cruise and have to get things rounded up so don't worry about your house.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

06-27-2014, 08:52 AM
Good morning to you all. Another muggy day here in Elvisland. We are going to get more rain, UGH!!:mad: I am pretty fed up with no sunshine. I cannot gripe though as I said I wouldn't once we got out of that cold weather. :lol:

Really, really big scare here yesterday. Everything was fine all day yesterday. I was eating when I needed to eat, took my morning meds, washed a load of clothes and cleaned upstairs bathrooms, knitted, read, etc. At 2 PM I got up and got my insulin and took it. At around 3:05 I felt my blood sugar drop and it just kept getting worse. I called Jack as he had left to come home and was going to stop at the store for me and told him to buy a bag of m and m's or a couple candy bars because I was having a low blood sugar episode. I was shaking badly, sweating up a storm and my heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest. I have had several less serious low blood sugar episodes since last time I was at the doctor so have to speak to them about the insulin part because I am afraid I should be quitting it now. Well, as I was on the phone with him I knew I was in trouble and he said call 911 that he had to turn around as he was almost to the store and he was coming home. I told him I was going to get some of his oreos and oj and would keep monitoring. My blood sugar was 35! It is bad if it is below 70. I was scared to death, I had to go to the bathroom and I was shaking so bad I couldn't stand up but knew calling 911 here was a waste because they put you on hold all the time and I needed to fix it immediately. I forced myself up and with as much care and as fast as I could went straight to the pantry and got a package of his oreos, which is 6 to the pack. I went into the bathroom and plopped down on the toilet figuring I could at least sit there until Jack got home and I started shoveling oreos in as fast as I could. I wasn't feeling any better even worse so I forced myself up, got into the kitchen and almost kerplunked on the floor leaning over to get the oj out of the fridge because I was lightheaded. I got the biggest glass we had and poured it full and prayed I could get to the living room, which I did, but spilled a bunch on the kitchen floor because I was shaking so bad. I drank it as fast as I could and ate the rest of the cookies and took my b sugar 3 more times seeing it was gradually coming up. Jack got home and I had him get me another glass of oj and drank it down and did another test and by this time I had it over 70 and climbing so I knew I was going to be ok. I laughed and told him I was sorry but wouldn't be cooking dinner as after one of these I have residual effects. I had a horrible headache and the worst menstrual type cramps you can ever imagine and a horrible backache and felt like I was going to throw up from drinking so much oj and so fast. He hurried and got his clothes changed and went across the street and got bbq for dinner. I told him to get me a regular coke to drink figuring it wasn't going to hurt to put some extra sugar in me. We had dinner and I took my b sugar a couple more times and was back in the 80's but the headache and nausea stayed with me as well as the horrible cramping. I felt well enough by then to get up and moved around so took a dose of aleve and that helped some. I told Jack I had not skipped any meals in fact around 2 or so had had a serving of baked lays potato chips. I had slept the night before so wasn't sleep deprived and these are the two biggest reasons for low blood sugar, not eating or not sleeping. It had to be the insulin and for me my hormones jumping around like they do doesn't ever help. Jack went to work this morning and the last thing he said was for me to be careful. I told him I would and would texted him on and off to let him know I was ok. I am fine now except a bit of a headache still.

Today I am just taking it easy and doing nothing.

Jean: If I put in a kitchen island in my kitchen there would be no where to walk. :lol: Jack would fling things on it I am sure so I am glad for a galley style kitchen though I have very limited counter space and no where to add any. Like you the auto correct drives me nuts. I noticed in my last post several words that make no sense in the sentence and I make enough mistakes all by myself. :D Well, I sure hope you get your cabinet soon. How is your weekend shaping up? Are you going to the cabin this weekend? I think next year we are going to go up to Mall of America for a short vacation and to get things for the following year's long cruise. We go through Iowa according to the Yahoo maps so I thought wow maybe we could have dinner or whatever with you and Bob. Nope, you are 4 hours out of the way. :lol: Besides, Jack wants to take all interstate and the Yahoo directions have us taking US roads so he changed the route.

Maggie: Hope you like your knife for your bracelet. I am perfectly pleasant to her and her husband, but you know some people just rub you the wrong way and she did some pretty horrible things to us over the years. I always forgive if for no one else but myself, but I do not forget. I just don't enjoy their company much. She is a know it all and monopolizes any conversation she has with you. I imagine she is pretty insecure, which I can sympathize with, but she is awful petty too, which I can't stand. So hopefully she will just breeze through and her brother can see her for a couple hours and that will be that for awhile again.

You all have a great weekend. I think we are going to try again to see the movie we didn't go to last weekend. Faye

06-27-2014, 07:32 PM

It is another hot one here in the ♥-Land and we have just gotten back from a drive about. The female buffalos were in the watering hole up past there tummies which was probably feeling good and getting rid of some biting flies. The three little girls were lying around the edge swishing their tails to beat the band. What was really neat was there was a bus load of disabled folks getting to see the buffalo today. There is a service in this town which will pick up the disabled and take them shopping mostly at Wal-Mart ģ and wait for them while they shop. I think it is so neat that the driver will take them out of town to see the buffalo for otherwise I guess they wouldnít get to see them.

DONNA FAYE Surely your doctor can adjust your meds so you donít have these episodes that are so scary. :hug: I canít imagine going through what you are going through nor do I have had any friends with diabetes that has. Something in your system is just not working properly it would seem since you have been eating properly to keep it in check.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

06-27-2014, 09:30 PM
Good Evening! It has been a rainy day but the sun has come out now. Bob's two brothers and sister-in-law came this morning and we made the two and a half hour drive to have lunch with Bob's 97 year old aunt. She is a hoot! Aunt Row needs new glasses but can't decide if she wants to spend the money at her age. She lives in an apartment which is in an independent, assisted living, health care complex, and has since before she retired at 88. Aunt Row cooks all her own meals, reads to the nursing home residents, calls numbers for Bingo, plays cards three times a week, uses an iPad, and memorizes jokes to tell during a lull when she is hosting a special event. We ate lunch at the Red Lobster which is her most favorite place to go. She even baked a cake which we brought home. She is a remarkable lady!

Maggie, what would you cut with such a tiny knife? :?: I grew up with a herd of buffalo and never thought much about them until you began writing about them. There is a herd not far from here that we visited a couple years ago. It's a nature center so have to get out of the cars and go to the look out deck to see them. They are not close and personal by the road. We saw some really big ones when we visited Yellowstone.

"Gma," I am so glad you are ok! What a scary thing, for you, and especially when you were home alone. :hyper: It's good you had oj and Oreos on hand. I would have to look at a map to see what connects with it, but interstate 35W goes north/south through Iowa. It might be easier to go around Chicago and connect with #90 in MN. Unless you have specific stores you want to shop in, the Mall of America is too big, imo, to just browse through. It could have changed a lot since it has been many years since we've been there.

I'm not sure if we will go to the lake tomorrow; I'm holding out for Sunday since we were all together today, and they are leaving Monday. Guess I should scrounge up something for supper. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

06-28-2014, 01:42 PM

We had a real gulley washer during the night and all the loud thunder and lightning kept most, if not all, of the neighborhood dogs joining in and needless to say we didn’t get a good night’s sleep. We have 100% chance of rain today so we are in for some more of it. This area of the ♥-land is behind on the moisture table so it is welcomed. We went several years without much rain at all here.

JEAN The fact that the knife has a little sharp folding blade doesn’t mean that I will have many uses for it. You can buy a lot of miniature things ~ even cuff link cigarette lighters that actually work. I have several charms that work but can’t be used for things like the knife, fork, & spoon are too small to eat with, the scale is too small to weigh food on, the bar bell too small to exercise with and so on. However all the charms represent something on my walk down this road to thin. The buffalo pen is double ~ meaning there is a fence then a few feet out there is another one with signs on it to not get in the pen for it is dangerous. Those buffalo can turn on a dime and run very fast. It is easy enough to get a good view of the animals and take pictures like some folks do. It is neat when the little girl buffalo come walk along the inner fence line for one can get a great look at them then. It is a very small herd of 4 females, one bull and now the 3 babies. They keep the bull in an adjacent fence as long as the little ones are still little so he won’t harm them. He is big and mighty looking ~ quite a nice looking buffalo.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

06-28-2014, 02:46 PM
Good Morning! The sun has been in and out, just a breeze, high humidity, and more rain in the forecast. I counted the gift shop money, paid their bills, and have laundry in both washer and dryer. Bob wants to go to the lake this afternoon; he needs to have a decision made with his brothers as to his sister's share of the cabin. That would be easier today than tomorrow with kids around to interrupt. Other than that, not much on the agenda in my world.

Maggie, sorry about your lack of sleep last night. :( Been there although not because of barking dogs. It's very humid here today. We sure don't need any more rain for awhile!

My dryer is buzzing! Enjoy your day! :wave:

06-29-2014, 05:25 PM
Good Afternoon! We are at the cabin and have had a variety of weather. It was very windy when we got here this morning, the wind switched directions several times, dark clouds, sunshine, and now there is no wind and puffy white clouds in a bright blue sky. The kids have been in and out of the water since they got here this morning. Some of the adults are visiting out in the yard while Amanda and I are holding down the fort inside. I am too lazy to drag another lawn chair out of the shed.

Grand kids are heading towards the cabin -- they must be hungry! :D. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

06-29-2014, 05:50 PM

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