100 lb. Club - Have any of you had a week off-plan and managed to get right back on?

06-14-2014, 05:05 PM
I could really use some advice on this, I have a friend coming over for a week and I will basically be on vacation. Which I know there is no way I can stay on plan for as everything is kinda spur of the moment and nutritional info will be hard to come by, if I'm lucky I can find calories on a few things, but thats about it. Then I will be driving back home for a few days which I will be able to stay on plan for. Have any of you dealt with a similar situation? I just hope to manage to maintain that week, and get right back on plan but from past experiences this could make me go off track completely.

06-14-2014, 05:24 PM
I just spent a week out of town, and managed to lose a couple pounds in the process!

All it took was being conscious of the food choices I was making, and logging what I could, and guessing at the rest using MFPs food data base to get some kind of idea about where my calories sat for the day. Over the last 5 weeks I've had several graduation parties, my husband's included, as well as graduation day itself and all the snacking involved with that, my anniversary, and my husband's birthday and their various celebratory food events, and other social obligations. (I picked a heck of a time to come back, right?) And I still managed to lose weight for the month, just by being conscious and aware of portions and food choices. There have been days that I just said "eff it!" and ate the bad foods and the cakes and stuff, then got right back to it. I've still managed to see a loss each week.

A few years ago, I had lost several pounds (over 30) before I got married, went away on my honeymoon and gained 7 pounds, then just got right back to it, and had no problems. I just told myself to enjoy my honeymoon, and as soon as I was at home, it's back to eating properly.

I think that's why I do okay, actually... I only go "off plan" if I'm not in my home. Eating out with family and friends and such, I will fall off, but as soon as I'm home again, I know I'm back at it. Probably because of the absence of junk food and the food scale sitting on the counter.

I hope you have fun with your friend, and don't let your weight loss get in the way of making memories and having a great time! Put something up on your refrigerator door to remind you when you're done with your vacation time to get back to business. :)

06-14-2014, 05:31 PM
Thanks, I may try looking at it like that because normally I only go off plan when I'm not at home for an extended period. So, maybe just being a little conscious of what I'm eating may help with the idea of as soon as I'm back home it's back to business.