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06-11-2014, 11:11 PM
Hello ladies! I was very active on here for awhile and lost over 50 pounds in 2013. In April my husband and I started seeing an RE and I've been taking tons of medications for infertility. I was aware that I was putting on a little weight between the hormones and the exercise restriction and the lax eating, but I wasn't really paying attention to how out of control things were getting - long story short, I've put on 40 pounds since April! :o I'm now at 264, almost back up to my high weight, bummer!

Anyway, if anyone has any tips on keeping weight down while on fertility meds, I'm all ears! Right now I'll be focusing on eating moderate-to-low carb paleo while counting calories and getting in even more walks (I've still been walking at least 4 miles a day) since I'm prohibited from doing moderate to intense exercise right now, ugh.