Low Carb Frequently Asked Questions - Hello everyone..It's nice to be here!

07-23-2003, 07:07 AM
Hello! I am from Trinidad and Tobago and I am for the first time publicly announcing that I am addicted to this site! I have been logging on at least twice a day since I discovered this site sometime last week...it's wonderful! :)
I am 28 years old, newly married and I want to lose about 50 pounds.
I started the Atkins Diet on Monday so this is my third day. I have not bought the books yet but I have gathered info online that I am using.
Hey keeping my carbs under 20grams is hard!!!!!!! I never knew how much sugar I was geting just from eating fruits!
Can anyone give me some advice about the induction phase. I have not weighed myself today but I think I am losing a little.
I am currently on Hydroxycut but I find my energy has dropped since starting this diet. Any comments? Also I am trying to get pregnant. How safe is the Atkins before and during pregnancy?
Congratulations to all those who have lost weight and continue to inspire others to be fit and healthy!
Bye for now. Luv y'all!

07-23-2003, 10:50 AM
I'm pretty sure the Atkins site says that Atkins is not suitable for pregnant women or bfing mothers. Have you checked there?

Also, I had a little energy drag in the middle of the first week, but I kept making CERTAIN I was getting plenty of water and ALL the salad and I felt fine by the fifth day or so and have felt great ever since.

If you haven't yet, check out www.atkins.com for more spicific info - esp if you haven't read the book. The website does a great job of organizing and presenting the info.

Best of luck to you!

07-24-2003, 05:19 PM
I think you can do a "modified" Atkins while pregnant...actually I think it is the "maintenance" plan that some pregnant women have mentioned.

Other sites with lots of low carb info include: www.lowcarber.org (click on support forum, upper right for boards and one specifically for Atkins users).

Also check out: www.atkinsdietbulletinboard.com - lots of good info and recipes there as well.

If you are not using fitday (www.fitday.com) you may want to register for a free account to log your foods so you can count carbs (fibre), fat and protein and make sure your percentages are on target (65% fat, 30% protein and 5% carbs).

Good luck!


07-24-2003, 06:23 PM
Thanks so much for the advice.....is there any one out there who has not seen much of a weight loss in the induction phase of Atkins? I think I may have lost about 2 pounds this first week..yet I keep hearing about others who have lost 10 and more.

07-24-2003, 07:41 PM
Hi Longing,

Check the Atkins sight for information about pregnancy. However, I would be more concerned about the Hydroxycut while ttc or while pregnant. Its a pretty serious stimulant. You will find when you are on Atkins for about a week, your have more energy than you know what to do with. Try it without the drugs first pls.

Just my opinion

07-24-2003, 11:21 PM
In relation to induction weight loss....sometimes it does take a while to kick in...and your 2nd week loss may make a big differenece so hang in there!

You don't mention your stats: how much weight do you want to lose? and how heavy are you? Those with more weight to lose generally lose more in the first two weeks. You can generally expect to lost about 10% of the amount you want to lose in the first two weeks. (e.g. if you are hoping to lose about 50 lbs you should lose about 5 lbs in the first two weeks - anything else is bonus!):)


07-25-2003, 08:50 PM
Please if you are trying to get preggers do stop the hydroxycut. that could cause problems!!!

the energy level will kick in about week 2-3 so hang in there and make sure you take good vits with some potassium as a supplemnt

07-27-2003, 04:05 PM
Thanks for the responses. Froufy, you were right.I didn't mention my statistics, so here goes....I am 202 currently. My highest weight was 250 and my goal weight would be about 140. I am 5 feet 6 .
I have been on Hydroxcut for two weeks and I am a bit worried that this or prior fat burners I have taken may cause complications with either me GETTING preggers or WITH any posssible pregnancies. Is it advisable to do a cleansing program before or during pregnancy?
By the way, I tried the cheese crackers (cheese nuked) and I loved them so much!!!!
Any other favourite foods out there?