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06-08-2014, 10:40 AM
OK, let me just preface this by saying: I know I should be getting my fibre through food. And I do try. But the thing is, I'm obviously not getting enough that way. :/

So I'm looking for recommendations on fibre supplements that are okay for daily use. I've been to the drugstore and Walmart and everywhere, but there are so many different options and I'm so bloody confused. So I figured I'd try to get some recommendations from people who might have used different products in the past.

Now, I've looked at Benefibre and I've heard that's pretty good. What I like most about that one is that apparently it dissolves completely in water and is tasteless, so I'd be able to mix it into anything. They also have chewable tablets, but it looks like I'd have to take, like, six tablets a day in order to get the right amount of fibre.

I definitely need to do something, because trying to go to the bathroom is frickin' hard work at this point. I mean, it's actually painful. There is nothing medically wrong with me; I've gotten a complete checkup from my doctor, and she did recommend that I start on a fibre supplement. She just didn't give me any specific recommendations other than telling me to stay away from actual laxatives (which I wouldn't take anyway, because I've seen what laxative dependence can do to a person.) I've also increased my water intake (from 8 glasses a day to 12, based on a couple of online "water intake calculators" I've seen online.)

So. Has anyone here taken a fibre supplement, and if so, what kind? What made you choose one over all the others? I'd really, really appreciate any advice anyone could give me. :) Thanks!