Metabolic Research Center - Vegetarian and whey/soy protein sensitive

06-07-2014, 02:33 PM
I really want to do MRC, I went to the center for my consultation all ready to sign up but there were a lot of snags. I am a nurse and I'm in my early 30's I have some food sensitivities and was raised vegetarian and maintain so with a few breaks here and there. My counselor wanted to have me do the metaslim and I wanted the balance (of course now I have forgotten the difference). But she was not very knowledgable about vegetarian options, also I wanted to know the protein source b/c I get violently ill with whey and bound up with soy (I don't even use soy as a protein source) she said she couldn't tell me and that next time I came, after I paid, she would have a better menu plan b/c she had to call another center.
My center is in the Villages and it is a senior community of 100,000 residents. I work at their hospital and this is why I am going to their center, even though a lot of patients will see me there (I am in charge of the observation unit and determine medical and medicare necessity for stay, needless to say sometimes I am not very popular).
Does anyone have any advice??? Would love any help I can get, I really want this but I also want it to work for me

06-11-2014, 06:18 PM
I don't know the different menus, but the protein source for most of the High Nutrition Shakes is Gelatin. I imagine it's most likely pig or cow derived.

These HNS are drunk at every meal and for extra snacks depending on the plan (mine is 3-5 a day). I think any of the other protein items I saw were whey and/or soy.

You can go to wwwdot weightlossmrc dot Com to look at ingredients.

I'm on MetaSlim level 2.

If they have a vegetarian plan I imagine it would rely heavily on whey/soy.