Weight Watchers - Lifetime Member over goal- going back?

Leah IL
06-01-2014, 10:21 PM
Hi everyone. I lost 70 lbs on WW and achieved Lifetime status about two years ago. I continued to attend meetings for about a year until the powers-that-be walked into my wonderful weekly meeting and announced they were shutting it down due to our low attendance numbers :?: I was surprised at how much this bothered me!! Anyway, I never switched over to a new meeting. The old one was right around the corner and I loved my leader and group....just didn't want to start over with new people. So I quit going.

Long story short, I am now 25 lbs over goal :P I feel like....what the heck happened?! Anyway, I want to go back to meetings. I know I need to pay for one meeting a month until I get back to goal. Do I pay for every meeting? Like, what if I want to weigh in once a week- do I have to pay every week? Also, since I've been away so long, are they going to make me pay for meetings I didn't go to? I have not been to any meeting in over a year.

Thanks! I look forward to chatting with you all as I make my way back. I know I can do it, it's just so frustrating to have to do it all again!!

06-03-2014, 08:25 AM
Leah, :welcome2: Fantastic that you lost all that weight and achieved life-time membership. My advice: GO BACK to a MEETING! I lost about 40 lbs 20 years ago and reached lifetime. Long story short, stuff happens, your metabolism changes whatever. . . Instead of keeping up with it. . .I totally fell off the wagon, regained ALL the weight plus much more. Very hard to get it off to keep it off.

You had a relapse. Learn from your mistakes and work it girl. You can do it.

06-04-2014, 03:19 AM
As a lifetime member more than 2 pounds over goal you have to pay for any meeting that you attend. If you go to 1 meeting in a month, you pay for one. If you go to 4, then you pay for 4. You do not, however, have to pay for missed meetings. You only pay for the meetings you attend.

I am lifetime over goal. In my case, I planned to attend weekly so it was cheaper for me to pay for a monthly pass. If I wasn't going to go to a meeting every week it would have been cheaper to pay by the meeting.

06-04-2014, 05:15 PM
Holy cow, I could have written your post myself! *L* I'm in the same situation as you, and I'm really debating as to whether I'm going to go back. I mean, I know I should, and I want to. I'm *going* to; I just need to figure out how to arrange it. Now that I'm over goal, I'd need to pay for every meeting I attend, and $20 a week is a big deal when you're only working part time. :/ I'm thinking about the Monthly Pass now, because even though it's a big chunk of money at once, it's less than what I'd be paying if I paid week by week.

I just need a kick in the butt to get me going. I've tried calorie counting (again and again and again) and it just isn't my thing. I wish it was, but it apparently really isn't. :/ WW is the only thing that's ever worked for me.

I hope you go back! If you do, it might give me some motivation! :D

Leah IL
06-12-2014, 09:01 PM
Thanks so much for the replies! I think I saw somewhere that they are having a special right now- if you pay for 3 months of monthly pass it's 50% off- so it's like 65 bucks for 3 months! That's a great deal, I will probably do it.

I started this Dr. Oz two week thing today, just to give myself a boost. I like it- I'm going to do the 2 weeks and then switch right over to WW when I'm done.

06-24-2014, 01:04 PM
I am so glad I popped in here for the first time in over a year. I have the same issue....I chose to go back to discover that they were eliminating my meeting time and leader! Our meeting was the largest (even at the time of eliminating it) and they gave our leader no reason what-so-ever. I'm searching for a new meeting and leader....but it's hard. In the meantime I'm trying to do it myself!