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07-22-2003, 11:22 AM
I had posted earlier about my unassisted homebirth of my youngest son, Jonathan, who was born in Janurary..2 days after my 22nd birthday.
The birth was short, as were my other births, and intense. (About 3 hours from first ctx. until I was holding and nursing my baby).
I think that we chose an unassisted birth because of the research that we did and felt like it was the safest choice for our family. We were able to assume full responsiblity for our birth and it was empowering...and yes, a little scary--but exilerating. I was the first one to touch my son's head as he emerged out of my body to his own independance. I was able to labor in our bathtub with my husband applying pressure on my lower back while I sprayed warm water on my abdomen to ease my discomfort. I labored on the toilet, on my bed...where ever I wanted. It was on my terms.. where as in a hospital it was always on their the name of "routine"..but I knew better in my heart and I was living it. I definately think that if we are blessed with another pregnancy that unassisted birth would be an option for us to consider again. ( medical peoples or midwife, just me and dh and maybe some women friends to get ice, water, etc. and clean up afterwords).

His fully detailed birth story is too long to post here but that is the gist of it. Unhindered birth..just doing what your body is telling you to do, not fighting it..just flowing with it. I am such a control freak normally that is was freeing to just let go and give birth. It is hard to explain but I found strength that I never knew I had..I hope that it will help me persevere through getting healthy again. I know that it has helped me be willing to take responsiblity for my choices in a way that I didn't fully do so before. Also, it helped me to appreciate my body. My overweight body, even....strong enough to carry a baby to term and give birth to it on its own doctors, knives, drugs..just raw me, (and the grace of God, I believe). Me...who can't run a mile..but can give birth to a new little human life!! Really, it is amazing when you think about it. Talk about inspiration..think of the possibilities when we get healthy enough to go at full capacity..I look forward to that day.

Till then...I will keep on keepin' on..
I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on this who wants to reply


07-22-2003, 11:52 AM
Just goes to show you, we are stronger then we think. The mind is a very powerful tool. We can use it to make our lives rich and we can use it to destroy ourselves......go figure.

Hugs !

07-22-2003, 01:00 PM
Hey Jenni,
cool story. I didn't realize you had an unassisted birth in your bathroom - I was picturing like the baby came to quick and you had the baby in the bathroom. lol It's nice to hear that you choose to have it that way.

You bring up a good point - it is truly amazing to think that we are able to give birth to a new little human being thru the Grace of God! That is a very empowering thought! How nice that we are given the blessing of that experience!

Thanks for sharing your story!


07-22-2003, 01:19 PM

Yes, the mind is powerful. The Bible even says that sin starts in our heart, (mind) before it becomes an action, (actual sin). To apply this to (over) eating and being overweight, (for myself), it would go like this...dwelling on food, obsessing on what I can or can't have, my problems, what *I* "deserve", etc. leads to depression, binge or emotional overeating, a bad/mean/nasty attitude towards my family, etc. which leads to guilt and more of the same..vicious cycle. I look at this as sin in my life because none of these things are of God. God is love...not self hate and self condemnation, guilt, etc. SO.... I know to apply it ALL the time, lol. It is weird to think that my being fat is just a manifestation of all sorts of other problems, sins, past issues, etc. and perhaps that to lose the weight for good I will have to peel away and examine some things...sort of like an onion, lol. Lots of cryin' involved. Anyways, something to think about.

Thanks for readin' and replying Ladies