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07-22-2003, 10:09 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Time to get the coffee brewing.... I'll be back later.

Hugs ;)

07-22-2003, 10:33 AM
Good Morning..

I just finished eating breakfast with the children, and they are now watching Seseme Street while I check my morning is down for a brief morning siesta. Seems that this morning is off to a good relaxing start.

I will check in later; it is neat that you guys have daily threads such as this.

I hope that everyone is doing well today.


PS..How do I change my sig line as I lose weight??

07-22-2003, 11:08 AM
Good Morning Chickadees!

Leenie, I'm drinking my 2nd cup of coffee right now! I love my coffee in the mornings. I see you went over on the amount of calories you want to eat yesterday, but at least you stuck with your program - that is really good! Have you noticed that some days we are just hungrier then others? I know about 3 or 5 days before that time of the month I could eat everything in sight.

Jenni, I soooooo remember watching Sesame Street with my boys. Brings back good memories! :-) But my boys are teenagers now, 19 and 15, and Sesame Street is no more *sigh* Live goes on and the years fly by!

My youngest son did get his permit yesterday so he was HAPPY! So funny how much easier things are with the 2nd one! ;-)

I got up early this morning and exercised before getting ready for work! yea me! I always feel better when I get that done first thing in the morning.

What's the rest of the gang up to today?


07-22-2003, 11:16 AM
Hi Jenni and Cathy - early birds !

Jenni I still watch Sesame Street w/my almost 2 year old dd. I really like the new changes they have made, her favorite is Elmo, Ernie and BigBird. When she was about 7 months old, my hubby got her the movie Follow That Bird, do you know she would sit there and watch the entire movie at that age, glued to the set. Now she's into the Wiggles, Clifford, Teletubbies, Dora and a bunch others. By the way the 2 Wiggles (yellow and blue) are really cute, mama doesn't mind watching them jump about either... mmmmmm mmmmmmm ! ;) But since I work full time its kinda hard to see those programs anymore....... thank God for video :)

Hey Cathy, congratulate your son for me, thats a big step getting his permit.... must feel like a human now LOL. Yes I did stay OP thats for sure but went over in the calories. I'm not worried, those days come and go, just gotta control them. I sooo wanted to eat the entire jar of pnut butter....drool.

Well I'm gonna grab me some water and another cup of coffee....regular...makes yah poop ... regular GOOD STUFF !!! haaaaaaaaaa....

TTYL, Love Leenie

07-22-2003, 12:08 PM
Sorry I didn't check in yesterday. Don't yell at me to much K?

I was really busy at work. Since I am leaving again for vacation on Aug 2 I have lots to get done so that the owner doens't freak out to bad. We also have a huge street party in town on Aug 15 so we have to be stocked for that.

Cathy you must workout inside. :Lol: There is no breathing outside right now down here. It is always a shock when you first walk outside in the morning after being in your nice cool and de-humidified house.

Hi jenn :wave: I don't think we have met yet. I too am part of the looni bin. :dizzy:

I have been doing pretty well on BodyRx so I am happy about that. I have the beach to look forward to, so thatis keeping me going.

I really need to get back to work so I will be back later.

Hi to all of you that follow.

07-22-2003, 03:17 PM
Hi ; my morning has started off really slow. Its very dreary outside and all its been doing is storming.This really stinks because I am stuck in the house and thr frig is calling me.....Lynn oh Lynnnnnnn....
So here I am trying to ignore it *snickers* not doing to bad though.. :)

07-22-2003, 06:29 PM
Hi everyone

It is afternoon already.....after 2 P.M.....I was feeling a little down this morning.....still trying to get over the Effexor....withdrawal symptoms.

I didn't feel like dieting this morning....or weighing or measuring my food. I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast today with fresh blueberries....they were good.

So what did I eat for lunch today on my non diet day....leftover trout that my DH barbecued last night....then after that I had veggies & dip.

It is a real nice day here today....but it seems cooler than yesterday....there is a breeze today.

My DH is making a cobblestone sidewalk this week in the back of the house going to the shed....then on the side of the house. He has taken out most of the dirt already. He has a form that you put the cement in....then turn it 1/4 will look nice.
He always seems to have a project going either inside or outside of the house....he loves working outside.....we do save money by him doing this work.

I should stop rambling & get something reorganizing another kitchen shelf.

Hi Jenni & Lynnie


07-22-2003, 06:35 PM
hiya april

07-23-2003, 12:19 AM

Hmmm, it is a little after 10...I wonder if I will be the last one to post for Tuesday??
Today was okay. Got out for a walk..didn't really lose my cool with the children..I did overeat/eat when I was not hungry..BUT I stopped before I hit major binge levels so that was good. Improvement...slowly but surely.
Dh and I watched another episode of CSI season 1..we caved and bought the set from Best Buy..along with some other dvd sets...ah..the joys of cable free living. LOL. It is nice to watch a show together that we can both groove on.
My weigh in for the week is on Thursday morning..I am thinking that I will definately show a loss again for the week..just wondering how much. I hope that I see the 170's by August or by the second week of August. eyelids are beginning to weigh heavily..time for shut eye..the baby will wake up to nurse soon.

Later gals,