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05-28-2014, 05:41 PM

We just got back from picking up the dogs from the groomer and going by Walmart. It is another hot day here in the ♥-Land with just a slight breeze and a sky full of beautiful fluffy white clouds. While we were at the store I opted to stay in the Jeep. Will was shopping for the dogs ~ time to give them tick and flee medicine. They are fresh from the groomer and a good time to administer it. Don’t want them getting any diseases from those biting critters. I sat there with windows down and enjoying the day talking to the folks who walked by and telling to have a wonderful day. I like doing that for it puts a nice smile on their faces and a pep in their walk. Will also bought me time for my “throw away” phone. It can even take pictures! I dumped my Blackberry phone and this flip-phone is enough for me.

We also went by the farm implement place and were looking at the way a small chicken wire chicken cage is built. We can easily build one like it when we are in Texas. Our friend there will be happy to see they are cared for when we are out traveling. We plan on making a nice chicken wired lined picket fence to keep our animals safe and other animals out of our little yard. We also plan on container gardening while there and buy a calf or two to put in the pen with the ones our friend has and to butcher when the time comes to have some good home grown beef. I can see it all in my “minds eye” and container gardening will work well in that yard. Now I don’t know if we will have a pig wallow to run a couple of pigs in there but I bet we could make one easily enough in a corner of that pasture close to the barn.

DONNA FAYE We would like some more rain if you could please send it our way. I thing it very sad that they are closing the commissaries down.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-29-2014, 08:34 AM
Good morning everyone. It is muggy and sticky this morning with more rain predicted then a bit of sunshine tomorrow then rain again tomorrow evening. This all adds up to lots of mosquitos so I hope they get out and start spraying soon to keep them at bay.

Going to work on the downstairs today. I think I will hold off mopping until the rain moves through completely though as Jack tracks in stuff all the time.

I strung Kelly's necklace yesterday, attached the lobster clasp, went to do the jump ring and discovered she never gave me a jump ring so it will have to sit until I can get somewhere and get one for it. I am pretty peeved about it and don't plan on driving across town to buy a 25 cent jump ring. I will go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby or someplace and get them. It took me awhile to do as I had to separate all the different components, count them all and then figure out how to pattern them. I also had to make sure they were even since I had to "anchor" beads so it had to be equal on each side.

I am up a couple lbs, but considering I am going through this female stuff again it is no surprise. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Maggie: You can have my rain if I could ship it. :lol: I read an article the other day about a lot of people in town raising chickens! I doubt the home owners association would approve of us having chickens! :lol:

Everyone have a great Thursday!! Faye

05-29-2014, 07:03 PM

It is another hot day here in the ♥-Land. Will is at the museum and then when he gets home around 3 we will go out and about on our drive and pick up whatever we need at a store. Then he has a meeting of the board at the museum tonight. I have dinner planned for afterwards @ 7pm for I am going to make a pot of spaghetti with the leftover sauce I froze last week. It will be an easy meal to make and we can open a seedless watermelon which has been chilling in the fridge.

I don’t know if any of you use hand wipes but I just want to say I love having one of the Wet Ones® with me when we go out and about. They are individually wrapped wipes that kill 99.99% of germs. They have a nice citrus scent and are so handy to have along. I put one in my shirt pocket before I go out the door and also keep some in the glove box in the Jeep. They have come in handy so many times that I don’t want to be without one of them. :lol: A must use after using a public rest room for sure. I am glad to see that some of the restaurants are putting pump bottles of the liquid kind out for patrons to use as they come or go from the establishment.

It is time for me to go through the many cataloges I get and load up a trash bag with them. I am on lists of places that I never heard of. Some have interesting things in then that will work well in the MH so I put them aside.

DONNA FAYE We aren't allowed to have chickens in town here probably because folks would get a noisy rooster that would sound off early when the sun came up. :o Sounds like you are really getting involved in stringing beads.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-29-2014, 08:14 PM
Good Afternoon! It's been another nice day in my neighborhood but I haven't been home most of the day. Our crafty club went on a road trip to a little town not too far away. There were nine of us and we visited a nice home decorating store/flower shop, then an antique store, and finally had lunch in an old building that had been redone with the metal ceilings, woodwork, etc. The restroom has two big stalls, one is for handicapped and the other has a regular size toilet and a small child's toilet -- cute. The restaurant is called Tea with Lillian; Lillian is the owners' granddaughter. After lunch we headed down the highway to a quilt shop. Not being a quilter, I learned what a wood iron is. It was fun to look at all the fabric and quilt samples.

Maggie -- We've never had a garden where we live now even though we have a huge yard and plenty of room. We didn't have a garden when I was growing up whereas Bob did. He had his quota of garden work when he was a kid. We do Farmer's Market now. :D We always have Wet Ones in both vehicles. I don't use the antiseptic gel on the advice of the dermatologist when I was having so much trouble with eczema on my fingers.

"Gma" -- I can imagine how frustrating, for you, to not have the parts you need to fix the necklace. It sounds like the so-called bead teacher wasn't very attentive. You will have the pounds gone along with some friends. You can do it! :cheer:

I need to dream up something for supper so better get to it! Enjoy your evening! :wave:

05-30-2014, 09:23 AM
Good morning to you all. We are in for a day full of rain and mugginess today. I have already had to turn on the AC because the house while not hot, was sticky.

I found a jump ring and finished Kelly's necklace. I hope she likes it. It is pretty simple and I don't know if I will continue to do bead stuff since I took the class specifically to learn so I could restring her necklace, but maybe.

Working some more on the house today. Our dining room is beginning to look like a hoarders only neater. Until we start the reno, I have no place to put stuff. We are going to start getting rid of stuff next year though and get some of the painting done at least to get a head start. We are also going to replace storm doors and maybe put this stuff on the deck with a roller that is permanent and we won't have to deal with staining or whatever anymore.

I am having a devil of a time finding wrinkle release spray so I decided just to buy it online. I went to Target, WM, Kroger, and the commissary and none of them have it. I found it online at a place called so will order it there and get more Bonine along with it for the trip.

Jean: Sounds like a fun trip. I would have enjoyed looking at all the stuff. I got my fill of garden stuff when I was a kid too. Every summer I got to look forward to snapping beans for canning, capping strawberries, steming cherries, and peeling tomatoes, peaches, pears, you name it. Both my grandmother and mother canned a lot and I got farmed out both places to help. :lol: We aren't talking containers, we are talking bushels of stuff. UGH!

Maggie: I carry wipes everywhere I go and carry a little hand wash bottle of the gel on my key ring. I don't like using sink facilities to wash my hands most places so I use my handy dandy hand wash. I use it at home all the time too. I know they say not to overdue the stuff as it kills good as well as bad bacteria, but for me, it works and I haven't been sick with cold or flu stuff for a long time even when Jack gets sick. I also use antibacterial dish soap, windex, and Lysol wipes and spray at home.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. We are going to miss working outside this weekend as everything is too wet to blow and rake and such. :( I want to get it cleaned up!!! Faye

05-31-2014, 01:34 AM
Good Evening! It has been a rather strange day here with sunshine, clouds, a cloud burst for about 15 minutes, more sunshine, and the humidity getting higher as the day went along. I had my nails done first thing this morning and then braved the grocery store. We headed to Sioux Falls for an early baseball game. We were about 20 minutes away when Jason called and said the game had been postponed because of rain. The sun was shining on us! So we met them at the Pizza Ranch for supper and a nice visit. They have a separate room for parties or larger families so we always go in there. Amanda's mom came shortly after we got there so spent a couple hour visiting and catching up. We gave the kids money to keep them busy in the game room. :D

"Gma" -- I, too, wish you could share your rain. We could use a day of gentle rain. I assume the wrinkle release spray must work. I've never see it around here. Whenever Bob buys new dress shirts he always makes a big deal about reading the tag saying "wrinkle free." Then he says to the clerk, "yep, the wrinkles sure are free!" I really like the necklace! You did a great job!

I am tired and heading to bed. Hope you all enjoy a nice weekend. :wave:

05-31-2014, 01:50 PM
Good Morning! A lazy day at this house! We got up to sunshine but it has disappeared. We are supposed to get rain this afternoon, tonight, and tomorrow. We need it. I have laundry going and need to check for lunch leftovers. Bob is making his Saturday morning rounds and will be home soon. Hope you all enjoy a nice day! :wave:

05-31-2014, 01:58 PM

It is another hot day here in the ♥-Land and the animals are snoozing outside in the shade. Will is down at the park where the Cub Scout jamboree is going on and entertaining those eager young Cub Scouts. That means that he will have to put on several demonstrations for there are quite a few different packs of the cubs. He is showing them how to stamp their initials and make their leather badges personal and letting them do the stamping. The badges are round and have long leather strips on which they get beads for things they have done to earn a bead to string on them. There are a lot of those little boys camping out there at the park.

This is the last day of May and June starts tomorrow (I typed "April" up at the top ~ I am still back there :lol:). This year is passing quite quickly I do believe. Maybe that is a sign that I am getting old. :lol:

I am gathering up the items we will be using in the MH and we will bring it over here next week to load what we have into it. My office is getting cluttered with the boxes of items that will go out there. I still have a few things on order that will have a home in the MH.

JEAN Sounds like you had a wonderful visit and meal at that Pizza Ranch. Good idea to let the kids play games wile the older folks gabbed. :cool:

DONNA FAYE I think it is nice that they have that hand sanitizer in all sizes and those Wet Ones singles are so easy to have one along. I remember my nephew when he was just a little tyke asking if I had any of that ~ he was rubbing his hands together.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-31-2014, 03:07 PM
Good afternoon. Short post as we have big plumbing issues at the moment and the plumbers are here working at the moment. Hopefully they can fix it. Both the downstairs and upstairs toilets are clogged and the upstairs one when you flush it backs up into the tub, EUWWW! He said that doesn't make sense as the one downstairs should be the one one. I said it was totally clogged and the upstairs one flushes and doesn't overflow but it does come up a bit into the tub, not the whole tank full but some. It is a mess and having them here on Saturday is going to cost a bundle. Jack ended up going out into the garage and peeing and I have been taking a large trash bag, putting it over the toilet and going then dumping it. It is gross, but you have to go if you have to go. Say a prayer that their snake can get at the problem out front and clean it out and that it is the problem.

I will post to you all tomorrow. I am a wreck thinking about what ifs and not having the money for anything major at the moment. faye

06-01-2014, 01:20 PM
Good morning, Ladies! It's been a little cooler the last few days, in the low 70s but it'll be in the 90s by Wednesday.

Today begins hurricane season and I have checked my tub for candles, matches, batteries, cat litter, first aid supplies, a small charcoal grill and cooking utensils, paper plates and cups. I have 2 cases of water in the pantry as well as food for a week that I can eat without cooking. So I am prepared. They are calling for a light season, but all it takes is one!

Faye, they have started aerial mosquito spraying here and the ground spray will be coming sometime this month. The paper had an article and they said the ground spraying only kills 15% but the aerial is near 95%. The necklace is very pretty. You did a great job. So sorry about your plumbing woes! I hope its an easy and cheap fix.

Jean, it sounds like you had a really lovely day with your crafty club.

Maggie, have you ever lived near a pig wallow? I grew up on a farm and pigs stink really, really bad. All those antibacterial sprays, wipes and hand sanitizers are contributing to the development of super bugs. They are not necessary. Good old soap and water still works just fine and is safer for us and the environment. How are the buffalo doing?

Have a wonderful day!

06-01-2014, 06:32 PM
Good Afternoon! We had sunshine this morning but the dark clouds rolled in after lunch. It has lightened up so no rain so far. Both Amanda and Beth had to work today plus the weatherman predicted rain for the lake area, so opted to stay home this weekend. We went to church, mainly because my bell choir director was playing the organ and she makes it "rock" compared to the regular organist. We have one service during the summer and it always runs over an hour; I get antsy sometimes. Today was communion so will have the Friendship Fund money to count tomorrow. I've read the paper and done a couple loads of laundry, trying to second guess what we might pack for MN.

Maggie, Will working with the scouts reminded me of a story. Bob's farmer friend's grandson asked his grandpa to help with the fishing badge for scouts. He was supposed to get the pole ready, put the bait on, catch the fish, take the fish off, clean it, and eat it. He got all set up but grandpa caught the first fish and they had to quit before the scout caught his fish. Grandpa thought he would demonstrate the cleaning process whereby the scout announced he didn't think he would do the fishing badge but find something else. :lol: You will have fun arranging everything in the motor home.

"Gma," I sure hope your plumbing mess is fixed! I sure feel for you and Jack! :hug:

Susan, I will send positive vibes that there are no hurricanes near you! :yes: I just read about what to pack in an emergency kit for a cat, a couple things I hadn't thought of. With two big cats, there is no way they would both fit in one carrier. I'd say it is a toss up between pigs and turkeys as to the smell. When they pump the pits and spray the fields, it's really gross.

The dryer should be done so need to fold towels and get the next load going. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

06-02-2014, 01:00 AM

Nothing much unusual happening this nice rainey Sunday. We were planning on bringing the MH home to load some stuff in it tomorrow but we may get more rain so will wait. No hurry on that for we won’t be going anywhere in it for a few months yet.

Since June has started and my weigh day is tomorrow I am going to have a NEW start on my weight loss. I plan to give it a good go and try to stick with it for I still have a ways to go before I reach goal. I like a new month to make a fresh start and this will be it. I quit my walking program awhile back and have got to get back to it. Here are the 3 goals I have set for myself. ~
1. Get serious about losing weight ~ Write what I bite ~ everything
2. Do a walking & “heavy hands” program at least 3 days a week to start with 5 minutes and adding minutes to my sessions each day.
3. Make more meals to eat at home.

JEAN That is a cute scout fish story! Will had one of the little cubs look up at him and say, "I know you! You work at the museum." That little guy remembered him from a trip the tribe made awhile back. He also remembered what Will had told the group back then.

SUSAN I use the hand wipes or the bottle kind when there isn't any water around to wash up with soap. It is so handy to keep clean with. There are still just the two little girl buffalo this year so I don't think the other two females will get PG for it is getting late in the year for an more births.

DONNA FAYE Yikes! What a smelly mess you have in your house. Hopefully it won't cost you an arm and a leg to get it all fixed up to be usable once again.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

06-02-2014, 09:53 AM
Good morning girls! What a mess at our condo. We had the plumber come out and he tried to clean out the front sewer cut out, but he found that it is in more than one and needs a commercial clean out. The stupid one man management company we have now went to Puerto Rico and left no one in charge. We spent hours to find someone to help and finally got the number of the association president and called him. In the meantime we went to a hotel for the weekend and spent money we shouldn't have. We are back home waiting for the management company maintenance guy to show up so Jack can show him the problem and they can get this fixed. We can't go to the bathroom, shower, do dishes, run any water, nothing!!! I am a mess from the stress of it all. We also had to pay for a weekend service call from our plumber though they graciously didn't charge us for the work they tried to do just for coming out. We are sitting waiting for the guy right now and Jack had to take the day off, but he will have to go back to work tomorrow. We could use prayers about this. It is 10:30 now and he was supposed to be here at 8. I am literally sick sitting here worrying about this as we can't even go to the bathroom. I made do by putting a trash bag inside the toilet and then putting the seat down over it so I could go! My blood sugar and blood pressure is up because of this and we have no idea when they will fix this. We can't continue to stay in a hotel and Jack has to go back to work tomorrow regardless.

I will try and talk to you all later, but right now I am so stressed out I can't think straight.

06-02-2014, 05:18 PM

I am a happy camper this day for sure. Will bought the small sized Can Cooker today and it is so trick and it came with a nice storage bag. It is designed to cook great tasting food fast on any heat surface. We got the “Junior” model that is the compact size, cooks enough food for 1 to 6 people. It holds 2 gallons and has a two piece stainless steel rack that holds the food off the bottom. It is 7” tall & 10” in diameter, & weighs 3#. It is a quick, convenient healthy way to cook. I am so looking forward to using it here in the back yard before putting it in the MH. They also make a larger model that is the 4 gallon capacity one for a large crowd. If you want a look see about it you can go to

This is my weigh day and I am amazedly down a pound. :cp: I am jazzed about that for sure. While we were out and about I had a Subway® sandwich which cost me a whopping 4 points+. It was turkey and I had them put lots of veggies on it. Yummy. So far this day I am back on track. In a bit when I finish here I am going to once again start a walking program. No day like today to get a fresh start on my program.

Nothing much going on here this day. The buffalo were all laying down chewing their cuds and the little ones were stretched out in the sun by their mom’s. There was a pick-up truck in the field next door where the male is kept and it was dragging the field. The rain softened it up enough that now when it rains again the new grass will grow up nicely with all that fertilizer which has been spread.

DONNA FAYE :hug: Girlfriend you are in a stinky mess. I certainly hope they can get your plumbing woes fixed and spread the cost around to your neighbors that are hooked up to the same system. Each condo should be independent but that isn't always the case. Any chance you could stay with your daughter while this is being sorted out?

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

06-02-2014, 07:35 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun is shining and the wind has been blowing hard all day. Our regular church bank "balancer" gal was gone today and will be for the next three Mondays. Don't know what she was doing but the secretary couldn't get it to balance this morning. We counted, counted, and double checked the checks against the envelopes twice. I finally told her to make a blank copy of the final report and fill in the blanks from the different sorted piles of money. WA LA -- we balanced! We didn't have much to count so it was very frustrating! My part went smoothly once the computer cooperated getting me to where I needed to go. I picked up the gift shop money which wasn't much since it was closed for Memorial Day. By then it was time for lunch; next I headed to a P.E.O. meeting which was a couple hours. A portion of the street going in to town is blocked off for repaving so that will be a pain for awhile. It has to be done when school starts in August so hope the weather cooperates.

Maggie, I know you will have fun with the can cooker! :D Do you have the larger one? I did see an ad for one in a catalog that Bob got in the mail. :congrat: on losing another pound gone forever!

"Gma," I can't imagine what you must be going though! :no: I wish there was something I could do to help you. :hug:

Bob has a board meeting so I'm hoping he will get fed there. I had cookies and coffee at the meeting so I'm not hungry right now. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

06-02-2014, 10:21 PM

JEAN :lol: if you re-read my earlier post you will see that we bought the smaller “Can Cook Jr” which is half the size of its bigger brother. We certainly don’t have a need for the larger model. :nono: Since it will work on any cook surface I imagine it will become quite popular with the backyard cooking crowd, besides the fishing, hunting, and camping crowd.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

06-02-2014, 10:29 PM
Maggie, for some reason thought you had already purchased a can cooker when you described it one other time. :twirly:

06-03-2014, 08:27 AM
Good morning to you all. Everything is right in the Wilkinsons' world once again. The guy showed up about 10:30, though come to find out the moron that is now the manager didn't bother to tell us the guy had a job before ours! Anyway, he walked the front with Jack and they talked and Jack plugged him into our house. He pulled off the cap at the end and out poured tons of mud. When he started cleaning it out Jack set it was a mess with grease and normal toilet stuff and condoms. No wonder it was a mess. I still don't get why the people to the north of us weren't completely stopped up and complaining. We have lived here 13 years with no problems so hopefully none for another long time to come, but at least we will know what to look for. Best of all, Jack found out this is totally the associations bill nothing for us. Too bad we had to pay almost $400 before we found out that part. It amazes me the shortcuts they took when they built these things. I am pretty much done with problems this year between the plumbing, the dishwasher, the ac, the dryer vent mess, I am ready for a vacation! :lol:

I cleaned house and did up all the laundry including three loads of towels we had used to keep toilet overflow from becoming a mess. So, this morning I am free as a bird to relax and relax I am going to do now that the stress is all gone.

Took me over an hour of searching, but finally found white 50/50 bamboo/cotton fingering yarn to make Thomas his ankle socks for Christmas. He can wear them riding his bike or running as this is what is recommended by Runners World magazine and what they actually sell. I did have to order it from England though and paid more for shipping than the yarn. Hey, love the grandson what can I say? :lol:

Maggie: Congrats on the loss. I am up some more, but no surprise considering we had to eat out for three days and try to do it on the cheap. :lol: We are back on firm ground now though so will push ahead. Jack only has 5 lbs to go to vacation goal. He even got into some 36 shorts the other day and hasn't been able to do that in a long time. Enjoy your cooking thingy. I know nothing about camping stuff at all. I haven't been camping or even in a cabin or such in 50 years.

Jean: You're a sweetheart for wishing you could help. I was a total mess for sure. I was to the point where if they didn't get it fixed by today I was going to have Jack go out and buy a portable john so we could at least go to the bathroom. Glad the money finally came out a-ok. Do you leave next week for MN? Hope you have great weather. We are going to rain here all week and the humidity is unbelievable already.

You all have a nice Tuesday! faye

06-03-2014, 04:12 PM
Good Afternoon! Just got home from my stint at the hospital. We hosted other volunteers from around the area, and my day started at 5:30, a few minutes before the tv was set to come on. I had to be there at 8 to help set up. Everyone started out together for a general over view of the break out session topics and schedule. That end of the hospital has several winding hallways so I ended up showing people where to go for whatever session they were looking for. We had a nice lunch of chicken salad, a bread stick, cantaloupe, and a lemon dessert. After lunch, session facilitators gave a short review of their topic. We gave 15% off coupons for the gift shop, and there was a coupon for a free cookie from the coffee shop so the ladies could stop there on their way out. Some of the downtown stores gave coupons too. We are supposed to get storms this afternoon so I'm not sure how many just headed home.

I'm waiting for Bob to come home so we can go vote. I need to start working on my list for MN. I hate thinking about food when I'm full, :hyper: nothing sounds good.

"Gma" -- I'm so glad your plumbing is working again! :cheer: Even better that the association has to foot the bill! I'd send them your $400 bill too! I'm sure Thomas will love his socks because they were made with love! ;) We are leaving for MN Saturday morning. I am so excited! NOT!!!

I need to do some paper sorting and check if the mail is here. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

06-03-2014, 05:05 PM
PS: Jack is on his way to buy a new tire for the car!! He found a nail in the same one he had repaired a month ago so I told him I wanted a new tire to go on vacation. We bought Affinity touring 70,000 miles, so.......$$$ to purchase one. June is shaping up to be a rotten month lol

06-03-2014, 06:31 PM

It is another warm (hot) day here in the ♥-Land and I got my hair cut this afternoon. It was getting to the point where it needed a trim so no time like today to get that done. Will also got his head shaved and his beard trimmed.

I stayed within my points allotment yesterday and did start my walking program once again. This week I plan on walking 3 days and working up to more time each week. I just had a couple chicken strips for lunch and will have some fruit this afternoon.

JEAN OH I am sorry for I didn’t realize I had regaled you with the information about that Can Cooker in a previous post way back when I was thinking of buying one. I was so jazzed when we finally bought it and my memory must be slipping as I get older. Hunters and fishermen are saying how much they like theirs. It would certainly depend on how big the group is to feed on what size one would want to have. :yes: It sure sounds like you already have had one busy day. Bet you sleep well tonight. :p

DONNA FAYE I was wondering how the condo place could charge you for the clean out since that was not exclusive to your unit and took sewage from elsewhere also. Too bad you had to be “out of the pocket” for that $400 though ~ surely there must be a way to get the condo folks to pay it since the guy was out of the area and not available for your emergency. Jack has been doing really good in his weight loss efforts. Give him a thumbs up for me please.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

06-04-2014, 08:46 AM
Good morning to you all. It is going to be hot, hot today in the 90's but no rain until tomorrow then it is supposed to rain for something like 5-6 days straight. I hope we don't get in another situation of flooding like we 3 or 4 years ago and Jack has to be working those 12 hours shifts.

I think we are going to put the deposit down on the ship for our next cruise because we get $200 on board credit and only have to put down $200 instead of $900 if we do it online. Since we aren't going until April of 2016 we have a nice long time to pay it off. It will be an 11 day cruise going to islands we have never been to before, I think 6 islands.

I sure hope we have no more emergencies that cost us money for quite awhile. Sheesh all totaled it cost us almost $500 since Saturday.

Maggie: We are lucky if the association pays for lawn mowing anymore so no chance they would reimburse us. They used to have a whole company that managed us, but to save money they went with this jerk and he is a jerk. They have had the pool closed for around 6 years now and won't open it back up, cut out painting the condos almost completely and they used to do it every 3 years, almost all the condos need concrete fill ins around the garages because they leak and new roofs but they won't do any of that work either. We have so many people in arrears thousands for maintenance fees that the money isn't there I guess. It isn't fair to those of us who pay every month though as we get gypped out of everything too. Moving is out of the question because we would have to put so much money into this condo to move we would be in the hole so we might as well stay. We start preliminary renovations next year doing smaller stuff like replacing doors, buying some of the shelving for the new pantry and replacing AC unit then the following year do the floors then start on the kitchen and get it fixed up. Depending on how long Jack can stay working we may be able to replace the carpeting and do some work upstairs too, but that is last on the list.

Jean: I think the best chicken salad I have ever had is from Bob Evans. They put pecans and grapes in it and it is just delicious. I always order that in the summer if we eat there. I sure hope we can get the dems out of office and maybe get someone in there who can make some improvements to this country instead of just doing as he pleases and not following the law. Who knows what is going to happen?

Everyone have a great middle of the week. Faye

06-04-2014, 01:50 PM
Good Morning! The sun is shining, a slight breeze, and it's a beautiful day in my neighborhood. We got a much needed 1/2" of rain yesterday afternoon late. I am home for the day! Have laundry washing and drying, addressed church birthday cards for next week while we're gone, and balanced the gift shop checkbook. Have to decide if I want to do the grocery shopping on Friday or this afternoon. I am to plan two dinners and two suppers for next week. I have my "sister's" list of what she is making so will work around that. Bob took my microwave down last night and the cupboard will go today. I hate losing a shelf but it is what it is. Will have to do some rearranging in that cupboard and the one next to it. My kitchen looks like a disaster area with tools on the counter and dishes scattered around; I need to get a box and get them out of the way. I hope the guys can get the cupboard done while we are gone.

Maggie, good for you for staying within your points range and starting the walking plan yesterday! :cheer:

"Gma," The chicken salad yesterday had apple slices and celery in it, then dried cranberries and the green part of little onions sprinkled on top. It was served on top of a layer of fancy lettuce. :T Arby's makes a chicken salad sandwich with grapes and nuts that is really good. It's so big I usually bring half home.

I need to start on something for lunch. The dryer is buzzing so I'm off. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

06-04-2014, 05:37 PM

We have been out and about this day and all is well around the town this area. Aw, but we could really appreciate some more rain. I am sipping a sugar free, fat free vanilla latte and enjoying every drop. :lol: We went by our most favorite coffee store, that is owned by friends, to pick up some beans and had a nice chat with the owners. Always if I am waiting out in the Jeep she comes out for a chat for we have become good friends. She is the sister of our friend that is a manager at Applebee’s® who invites us over for holiday meals.

Oh what a bother ~ they painted the curb yellow right in front of our front walkway so that means we won’t be able to park the motor home there when loading things into it. Before it would have been a straight shot from our front door but now we will have to do some jockeying around. I guess the city thought they were doing us a favor to keep folks from parking in front of our front door.

DONNA FAYE Have you thought of this ~ since the owners are letting the condos run down and not fixing what they should just maybe they want them condemned ~ then wouldn’t you and all the other “owners” be out with nothing? Think about this before you pour more good money after bad. I have heard of this happening before so beware it could very well be happening to you. I sure hope it doesn’t but it would pay you to check it out for you don't want to lose all that money you sink into it to fix it up since it is all crumbling around you.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

06-05-2014, 10:09 AM
Good morning to you gals. It is going to be hot today and rain, rain, rain sometime today and then for most of the week and part of next week.

This weekend is commissary weekend and on Saturday I have a hair appt to get it colored and cut. I am going to change the style back to very short as I really like it better and I get so hot during the summer.

I am leaving in an hour to go and get my nails and toes done and shop a bit at Walmart, go get the car washed, go to the library and get my card renewed and stop at Wendy's for chili. Then it is home for me and put things away, do up breakfast dishes and eat lunch.

Maggie: I would love to send you our rain. We are getting swamped and that means mosquitos and lots of them I imagine. Kind of strange to paint a no parking in a residential area that really doesn't need it. Is your street particularly narrow or something that they would only want parking on one side of the street?

Jean: I like the Arby chicken salad sandwiches too. Sounds like the stuff you had was yummy. Hope you can enjoy your trip this year and not be cooking all the time. I would sure make casseroles and such I could freeze than just pop them into the oven for dinner each night so you could just add a salad or veg or something. If you need a yummy dessert/snack to take here you go.

Amish Butterscotch Cookies
2 cups brown sugar
3 eggs
1 cup shortening or lard
4 cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. cream of tartar
1 cup nuts
Mix all ingredients but the nuts thoroughly in a mixer. Stir the nuts in by hand.
Roll the dough into ropes about 2 inches thick. Cut in thin slices. Cross-press with a fork to make a design.
Bake at 350* for 8-12 minutes.
Makes 7-8 dozen
There is no butterscotch chips in these as the ingredients give the butterscotch flavor.


½ CUP CINNAMON SUGAR (I just shook cinnamon in sugar and mixed until I got the consistency I wanted)

Everyone have a great day!! Faye

06-05-2014, 02:22 PM

Nothing different in the weather around here except last night we had wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour. That is blowing hard folks. We got some driven 1 1/2 inches of rain with it though which we are grateful for. Lots of rolling thunder which the ancient people called “the gods are bowling.” It is rather still this day.

For dinner tonight I am making Beef Enchiladas using a recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook, New Edition which is the same recipe my mother used to use. :cp: Two of them are great served with a nice tossed green salad. I once asked her for her recipe and she smiled and said, “You have it, for it is in that red cook book by Betty.” And so I do. She always doubled the recipe for we had a large family. The recipe makes 4 servings of 2 each so I will be freezing half of it, that is, unless Will wants to eat more than two ~ which will undoubtedly be the case. They are so good.

DONNA FAYE I was mistaken ~ they painted the curb yellow in front of the church walks not in front of our house. :cp: The street is a wide one though. I am sure you will enjoy having your hair short once again ~ especially during this summer-time heat. Sounds like you will be wearing bug repellent when you are out and about so those pesky mosquitoes don't get you.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

06-05-2014, 05:50 PM
Good Afternoon! It has turned cloudy although no rain is predicted. I spent the morning having coffee with a friend. The place we usually go is now closed in the afternoon so guess we will just go in the morning. We missed last month so had a lot of catching up to do. I will miss lunch bunch next week. :( I made a WM and bank run this afternoon. I need to start putting clothes together for next week.

Maggie, so glad the yellow curb isn't in front of your house! When I was little we lived with my grandparents and they had a coal furnace. When it would thunder real loud, my grandpa said it was God throwing coal in his furnace! :lol: Did you have any damage from the strong wind? We had tv news pictures from the wind and softball sized hail in NE. Scary!

"Gma," I just chuckled to myself. I never think about eating chili in the warmer weather. The guys cook bacon and eggs every day for their breakfast; I only have to plan for two dinners and two suppers. Connie and I eat lunch in town when we go to the mall and then we always go out to eat in a nice restaurant our last night there. Thanks for sharing the recipes, the both look hmm, hmm good! :T

I need to finish my food list for next week and start getting clothes together. We have to pack for warm and cold weather up there. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

06-06-2014, 10:54 AM
Good morning gals. It is supposed to rain again today, but the sun is shining at the moment. We had a real thunderboomer, wind and rain right when I went to pick up Jack yesterday. I got on the interstate and the wind was blowing the Mariner back and forth like a rocking chair. The rain was coming down so hard you couldn't see the cars in front of you and some nut case was going about 70 weaving in and out of traffic. The people drive like idiots here.

Went and did errands, nails and toes and came home. I decided the library to renew my card could wait and glad I didn't pay to have the car washed! :lol:

Tomorrow I get my hair cut and colored and can't wait for that as I said I am going to go pixie cut short. I printed out about 5 pictures of styles I like, one of my favorites is the way Jaime Lee Curtis wears her hair. So we shall see what I end up with.

We are having pepper steak with rice and a salad for dinner. I have the steak pounded and cut into strips as well as the onion and green pepper. I will blanch the pepper before cooking it with the sauce as we like our peppers soft not crunchy. Jack picks out all the peppers so I eat them! :lol: He likes the flavoring, but not the peppers themselves. I have a super easy recipe. The prepping takes longer than making the stuff itself.

My younger sister who lives in Arizona told me her dh lost his job the end of March. The thing is they could be in real trouble for a variety of reasons. They live too high on the hog as my mom used to say, he has no college education at all, is almost 65 and is trained in electronics like Jack, but isn't a very good one and only wants management positions. They have no savings, their 401K's they borrow from so much there isn't money there to cash out if they need it and they live in an expensive area. They do not own their own home so can't see a home for money either. Like Jack said, he would never do the job Jack does and frankly is a lousy elec tech, even my bil says that about himself so couldn't do the job. He isn't your "get your hands dirty" kind of guy. She is a legal secretary, but it took her 3 years to find a job in Arizona and the one she has is about half what she was making at her other job. It is a family owned business and they pay crappy she says. It is going to be interesting. He is retired marines and is higher up the pay scale than Jack by a couple ranks, but that won't keep them afloat for sure. It is going to be interesting to see what happens. I feel for them, but frankly he knew this was coming a year ago when they were here in Memphis for some convention and he never started looking for another job after that.

Maggie: We bought the repellent you hang from your clothing for vacation so I hope it works. They are expecting a lot of insects this year in the tropics too I understand. I don't make enchiladas too much as they are pretty high in points and when I do, I usually make them casserole style by layering the tortillas, meat, sauce and cheese.

Jean: I know you must be busy getting ready for the trip up north. I hope you have a good time. Take a lot of books! :lol:

You gals have a nice weekend. Faye

06-06-2014, 07:23 PM

Not much happening around here this day. We have been out and about seeing the buffalo and the little gals are sure growing. I do believe that is all that will be this year is a couple of babies born. The other females don’t look PG ~ just big.

We are supposed to get a thunderstorm with rain late this afternoon which will be welcomed. The rain that we had last is just about all soaked in so another deluge won’t cause any flooding. :cp:

I am making some pork chops for dinner which taste real good with Panko on them, green beans and a nice green salad and watermelon cubes for later. Nothing out of the ordinary but exciting and yummy.

While out and about we got a call from the gun shop that the owners father was there with 3 wooden leather tools he had made for Will so we went by there and picked them up. That old gentleman can make some real neat items and Will drew up what he wanted and he did a perfect job of it. He charged Will a lot less for the three of them than Will could get just one from the leather factory.

I am sipping a sugar free fat free latte and enjoying every swallow of it. The manager of the coffee place makes the best!

DONNA FAYE I sure hope you will be satisfied with your hair cut and color. I sure like having mine short. :D Sounds to me like your sister and brother-in-law need to wake up to the reality of their situation and learn to live within their means. I am so thankful that both of our vehicles are paid for and we don't owe anything to anybody. It will make it so much better when we travel that we don't have any of those obligations.

JEAN No, thank goodness, we didn't have any damage from the wind. Around town and in the park some of the big trees did get a needed pruning. It is sure wonderful how nature comes along and tends to the trees. :carrot: We are said to be getting some more rain late this afternoon and night. When we were out and about the clouds were around the edges of the sky but by the time we got home they covered all the blue and were turning dark overhead. How quickly they do gather.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

06-06-2014, 09:19 PM
Good Evening! I've been doing last minute laundry and crossing things off my "to do" list as I go. It's been a nice sunny day and quite a lot warmer as the day went along. I braved the grocery store this morning as we try to take as much from here as possible. Bob went with me and was shocked by the total. :lol: Being a resort area the little town store is really expensive, the other choice is to drive 20 - 30 miles to the city. We got an email from the house owner saying the dock and beach were flooded. Options are to wear waders to get to the dock or trailer the boat a half mile away. It could be a long week! :rolleyes:

"Gma," what fun color did you choose for your nails? I may have mine done at the mall next week; I thought about getting a touch up today but just didn't have time. Pepper steak sounds good! We haven't had that in a long time. :( That is too bad about your sister and her hubby. We always either had the money or we didn't buy unless it was an emergency item. I did get three books from the library, am taking the dreaded afghan, and of course, my iPad. They have dish tv and I can never find what I'm looking for so don't even try.

Maggie, pork chops sound good too. :T We've had several groups or dark rain clouds headed our way in the last couple weeks. For some reason they split just west of us to go north and south leaving us with nothing. We need the rain!

I need to keep moving or I will fall asleep as I sit still for long. Hope you all have a great weekend! :wave:

06-07-2014, 12:00 PM
Good Morning! Another post went pzzzft. We are on the road -- a half hour later than planned and now I'm mentally wondering what I forgot. It's a cool cloudy morning so I went back and packed jeans and a sweatshirt. Supposedly it's supposed to be a nice week for weather in MN. We'll see.

I'm losing my signal. Hope you all have a great weekend! :wave:

06-07-2014, 04:24 PM
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