Biggest Loser Challenges - Blue Team 2014 Spring Meltdown Chat Thread Week 4 (05/19-05/25)

05-19-2014, 02:07 AM
Hi team here we are week four:D:carrot:

You have all had some great results so far. Let's keep moving our numbers down.

I had a good loss this week again and it has me afraid it's wrong. I hope it stays though as my eating was pretty good and my exercise was great.


Bigmid (-3.4 lbs, -1.86%)
skittlesfirehawk (-3.0 lbs, -1.83%)
seaurchin (-3.0 lbs, -1.68%)
abetterme (-1.6 lbs, -0.80%)

05-19-2014, 08:11 AM
I'm so happy if all goes well this week I will be 159 and so close to my short term goal of being back where I stared at before I quit in early November at 152

05-19-2014, 06:01 PM
Congrats to all the losers!

I've been under the weather the past week. I'm slowly getting better, but it's frustrating to have no energy.

Here's to a good week.

05-19-2014, 09:17 PM
Congrats, everybody! I'm hoping to actually show a loss this week. I've got a nice week of workouts planned, as well as some tasty stuff for nice healthy meals.

05-19-2014, 10:42 PM
hello gals! I've started (slowely) waking again this week. I haven't walked for nearly two weeks due to the nasty cold. But managed three miles this evenig. I started eating more food, so I hope that i don't regain the weigh I lost on the soup and cracker diet. I hope you feel better soon Robot! Best wishes to everyone this week.

05-19-2014, 10:50 PM
Ate horrible yesterday for my moms birthday but I'm back on track today. I plan on running tonight. Fighting some allergies (or maybe a cold I can't really tell) but I'm trying to stay on top of it. Have a good week!

05-20-2014, 09:49 AM
Hey, is it just me or is the weekly results post all kinds of messed up this week? I wanna know who won, dammit!

05-20-2014, 11:13 AM
Good morning everyone, how was the long weekend for the Canadians. Not sure if you had a long weekend in the States or not. And for anyone who lives elsewhere do you get holiday weekends?
I worked the whole weekend it's so slow on holidays makes the days go by so slow.
Well I ate a bit more then I needed to yesterday and the gym was closed. I'm telling myself it will be okay as I usually get a day like that and it balances out by the end of the week.
I'm off soon to take my mom to her pre-op appt at the hospital this morning and that will be about 4hrs or so. Then she's been craving breakfast out so well go to one of the restaurants that serve all day and then hopefully I can get into the gym after the long weekend. May be booked already. Can't pre register as I don't know when I'll be home:(
Anyway enough rambling.

Anyone have a new plan there going to use this week or is the current one working great.

I will keep my exercise to 4-5 days and eating only when hungry (that part is harder than you would think) night munchies. Evil little things they are.

Have a great day everyone

05-20-2014, 02:22 PM
Well things have mixed up at our household for the rest of this month so my "new plan" is more due to my Granddaughter learning to drive than my making new plans. I've paid for her drivers safety course and Grandma needs to dart home from work and take her to class Mon-Thur ... Then wait for 2 hours since it would be silly to drive back home then come back to the school. The school is in another town just far enough to not make driving back and forth practical. The good news is I'm listening to a really great book series so I am really looking forward to the extra time to just lean the seat back, relax and ... crud, I just realized I could probably go get some exercise in while she's in class. Hmmmm. Wonder if I can join a local gym for 1 month. I WAS planning on just spending a little more time away from the table but now that you guys are making me think about it I could just probably hop over to a gym and make good use of the time. So much more relaxing with a really good book, darn it. Guess this evening I will just spend some time visiting the local gyms and see who has what to offer.

05-23-2014, 03:14 AM
Hi team hows it going? Can you believe we're already in the last couple days of the week. Where do the days go.
Well it's TOM and a busy week so no real formal exercise this week either. I hope I can still maintained last weeks loss.
The weather has been great the last few days so I'm hoping after work tomorrow I can get out for a nice walk. I love the sunshine:)
Well it's after midnight so I'd better get some sleep. Have an awesome Friday everyone.

05-24-2014, 11:26 AM
Heeey, people, how's it going? It's been hotter than hades here (no nice weather like bigmid!), but I've managed to get out for some nice runs despite it as well as getting in two weights workouts and an ab session. Eating has been on track too. So I'm feeling good! My weigh-in prospects are looking okay. I think I'll be good for a pound tomorrow, or hopefully a little more. Good luck, everybody!

05-25-2014, 02:29 AM
Hello sorry been MIA been busy this week and have lots of company this weekend. I had been good food wise all week except tonight. I think I blew the whole week with tonight alone....not good. Sadly or at least I hope it's TOM that had the influence this time and that all will be good again for next week.

I'm at school early tomorrow and then helping move stuff tomorrow night so I may not be back before putting up new threads.

So have a good night and a great WI day for everyone tomorrow.

05-25-2014, 11:45 AM
Hey team,
Not a lot going on with me at the moment. The weather has been really warm and I've been working out all the time and not over eating.
Don't know why my weight hasn't changed at all these past four weeks. But I'm going to keep pushing on. Hope you all have a good week.

05-25-2014, 08:36 PM
Hi everyone sorry but I just screwed us over this week with my gain. Not sure exactly why so much. All I can so is keep trying and hope for the best next week.
Just heading home now get dinner and do a workout and that my day. Hope you all had a good one.