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05-17-2014, 06:03 PM

It is another lovely day in the high 60˚s and just a breeze blowing. AH what a beautiful day. We were out and about and getting gassed up for our trip out of town where Will preaches once a month for those folks.

Not much going on today around here. We went out to the range and popped a few caps and hardly anyone else was there. Collage graduation was going on today so that may have had something to do with it.

Everyone have a lovely weekend and be safe.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-17-2014, 10:31 PM
Maggie -- Thanks for starting the new thread! :D It's graduation weekend here too,our high school as well as the Catholic high school, nearby smaller schools, and the college. Not too smart in the planning process imo. The grocery store was really busy this afternoon but it didn't take me long since I knew where everything I wanted was located.

05-18-2014, 09:41 AM
Good morning girls. Another :rain: here today. I hope it stops before we go out today. I need to go by the optometrist and pick up a pair of contacts in my old prescription. She said she would give me a free pair until I go in August and since it is only a couple months away thought I would go and get a pair so I can wear them when I go out at least.

The beading class had myself and one other woman who was an interior designer and left after an hour because she had a client. The owner led the class, but kept getting up and going out to customers the whole time even though her worker was out front. I won't be going back. I felt it was a rip off for the money she charges since she wasn't totally involved in the class, but gave us what she called a syllabus, which I found amusing. It was a handout basically about materials. I left my expensive wire so have to go back and pick it up, but am going to wait for a couple weeks until I go to get my hair done since it is in the general area and they are both clear across town. I picked all these beads out and had made the design before I even got there so I could bead them without a lot of deciding. I think it turned out great without her help about much of anything as far as the necklace placement and such went. The other lady did a necklace with all the same beads and since she is a repeat customer I felt got more attention than I did. She kept up a talk with her and didn't even respond when I talked about my hobby, though she went on and on about her going to design school and the other lady's business. She wasn't much help except to show us how to put the crimps on and such. Her stuff is way too expensive so if I am going to buy stuff for other necklaces I will go online to the place I have bought my ready made necklaces and earrings for vacation. I support small business shops, but her stuff seems really marked up and that class was more like $10 or $15 not $25. She just moved to a new place because of a parking issue where she was before and there is no parking available here either. The first time I was there was a weekday and I had to park way down the block at someone elses business and hoped I didn't get towed. There was one spot free when I got there yesterday. Maggie, she wants $75 and you buy the supplies for a beginning soldering class. I can learn to do soldering from Jack for nothing!!! I can do advanced classes at the same site I buy stuff for free and even learn how to make clay beads.

Jean: I think Thomas's last week of school was Friday, but it may be a couple days next week so I am sure graduation was either this weekend or next. I know my niece graduated from college in Arizona last Sunday. Another year of school gone. Does Ian start high school this fall or 8th grade?

Maggie: Hope you had good weather for your weekend trip.

Everyone have a great day. Weigh in tomorrow so hope it is good. Faye

05-18-2014, 12:44 PM
Good Morning! The sun is shining, the breeze has kicked in, and it's so-so chilly outside. Either the air was on at church, or the furnace fans circulating the air. I was cold and others said the same afterwards. Bob always thinks it is my imagination. :rolleyes: He is singing at second service so won't be home until probably close to one. We ran 15 minutes over and that service is always longer for some reason. The singing group is going out to eat tomorrow night, that's a first so will be interesting. Have no plans for the day except working on the afghan and maybe some laundry. I thought we had one more weekend before Memorial Day weekend, but noticed that it is next weekend, then another whole week of May. :twirly: I always thought of Memorial weekend as the end of the month.

"Gma" -- It's too bad your bead class didn't turn out better. :( At least you did learn how to do the crimps, whatever that is. You are creative enough to do your own designing! I like your necklace that you made! Ian will be in 6th grade next year, so not quite as old as Thomas. Their last day of school was Friday and I asked him if he passed. He gave me a puzzled look and said they don't find out until they register in the fall. I asked him if he was at all worried that he didn't pass (because academics aren't his main focus right now) and he assured me he would. He is such a schmoozer, very polite and always with a smile willing to help. I'm sure his lady teachers love him. He always greets us with a hug and a "thank you for coming" hug when we are there.

I need to change clothes and get potatoes and eggs cooking for a potato salad tomorrow. I hope you enjoy your day wherever you are and whatever you are doing! :wave:

05-19-2014, 08:42 AM
Good morning to you all. Summer has definitely arrived. It is going to be mid eighties into low 90's here this week. I hate the higher utility bills, but am ready for summer for sure. We are now only 18 weeks from vacation so we are getting excited.

If you like pepper steak, here is my recipe for it. We had it last night over rice and a salad and Jack just gushed about how much he liked it. High praise as he said it was better than the Chinese restaurant we would always get it from. Pts are 8 pts for 5 oz of meat, with sauce and veg. What I did was when it was finished, I took out the meat and weighed it because I started with a lb of sirloin and it cooked down to 10 oz.

Pepper Steak

Pam olive oil spray
1 medium onion, sliced in thin strips
2 large bell peppers, sliced into thin strips
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/3 cup soy sauce
1/3 cup honey
1/3 cup red wine vinegar
1 pound sirloin or flank steak, cut into thin strips
1 Tbl corn starch and 1 cup water mixed

After cutting peppers into strips, place in boiling water for 3 minutes to blanch for tender softer peppers or not if you want crisper peppers. Remove from pot of water and follow directions:
1. Spray skillet with olive oil spray over medium heat. Cook onion, bell peppers, and garlic in oil until tender-crisp, stirring frequently. Set aside in a bowl.

2.Using same skillet over medium-high heat. Pour soy sauce, honey, and red wine vinegar in pan and stir to mix, then add beef. Cook beef, stirring frequently, until done, about 10 to 15 minutes. Stir in cooked vegetables, and cook another 10 to 15 minutes. Mix corn starch and water and pour into mixture and cook until thickened. Serve over your favorite kind of rice.

My convection/toaster oven comes today so will be interesting how much we like it. We don't have the room, but I move come counter stuff around to have a place for it. It looks like our microwave might be on the way out now too. {{{sigh}}} I know one thing when we put in new cabinets I am having a slide out spice cabinet put in next to the stove. I have my spices in the top cabinet next to the stove and it is stuffed and everything falls out all the time. The cabinet on the other side has stuff like brown sugar, syrups, bread crumbs stuff like that and it is stuffed too. Drives me nuts having to dig through stuff and having it all fall out on me.

Weigh day and I am down 3.4 lbs and Jack is down 1 lb. He has 7 lbs to go to get to his summer goal and 17 to get to his ultimate goal.

My grandson didn't finish his Olympic triathlon on Sunday. He finished his Saturday sprint triathlon, but it has been cool here for several days and raining and when he came out of the water from the swim part on Sunday he was blue so he was done. Mom took him back to the hotel and warmed him up. Dad was pretty cold when he came out too, but he kept going and finished I guess. Haven't heard from Kelly on his finish. I know Thomas has to be disappointed, but darn he can't put his health at risk.

I am supposed to go out this Wednesday with Kelly for lunch, but haven't heard anything more from her yet. I hope she picks someplace I can't get lower fat stuff.

I have a hair appt two weeks from Saturday and I am going to have her cut it really short. I am tired of dealing with my cowlick causing me problems a week after getting it cut so I am going to get it cut even shorter and spike it again.

Jean: How is the afghan coming? I am a good third of the way on the scarf being done. I need to rip out something I started and don't like the color combo so am going to do something else with all the yarn I bought for it. Thomas is kind of boring. We ask him about his grades and he has made straight A's since kindergarten so though it is fabulous, no excitement with his grades. I wonder how well he will do once he goes into the AP high school program. He is going to be with all kids his intelligence and I imagine he will have more competition then he ever had in elementary or middle school. He actually is taking geometry as a freshman because he took algebra this year I guess. He is going to take Spanish so that will make his aunt happy I imagine. The crimp is this tiny round tube that after you put on our last bead you slip it on then either the end that has the claso or the ring on the other end and thread the wire back so you have like a loop then you pinch the crimp across one way then across the other way then you put on a crimp cover to keep the wire from rubbing and wearing faster over the crimp and crimp it closed and feed the remaining wire back through the beads. It can be tough when you have acrylic nails. :lol: I had to use needle nose pliers to hold onto stuff that was tiny.

You girls have a great start to your week. Faye

05-19-2014, 11:22 AM
Good morning, ladies! A chilly 59 degrees right now and I had to put the heat on for a little while. It was just too cold in the house. It's back to the 80s by Wednesday, however.

This was a busy, fun weekend. The quilt show on Saturday was a lot of work and we were really tired when we got the last rack put back in the storage shed, but there was a turnout of several hundred, mostly senior, residents of the retirement community and surrounding town. We thought maybe we'd have 100 show up. We had a great lecture time in the afternoon where people brought family quilts and told the story of them. One lady had a quilt that was dated 1789! It's been in her family all that time. It will be going to the Colonial Williamsburg textile collection when she passes away for her children don't want "that old thing."

We have a new Paragon Movie Theater opening Memorial Day Weekend. Saturday they had free movies, small popcorn, candy, and small drink for those with military id. Quite a value these days. Yesterday it was open to the public with $1 movies. The movies were older ones, but Sandy and I hadn't seen them so we saw Frozen and American Hustle. The theater has all reclining big seats with trays for your stuff and cup holders. It was heavenly. We spent a total of $4 for the 2 movies, then had to pay $17.50 for a value-sized bag of popcorn and 2 value-sized drinks. One of our local country radio stations was broadcasting from the lobby and I was bold enough to ask if they had any freebies and I got a "The Other Woman" (very funny movie) mug that had a little red round case in it containing dental flossers, sewing kit, chap stick, emery board, bandaide, and wet wipe. We had an hour between movies so we walked around and looked into the shops. Coldwater creek is closing and they had some good bargains but since it was the first week of the going out of business sale I decided to take my chances and wait to closer to the actual closing date. I'm cheap.

Today I'm catching up on housewo0rk and then quilting.

Faye, congratulations on your weight loss. Your necklace is very pretty. Classes are expensive. Typical quilt classes start at $30 for half day and $50 for full day and go up. If I take a class at Mid-Atlantic it is $65 for a half day and $100 for a full day and those classes will have 25 people in them. Craft shops have to charge more than internet sites for they have the costs of the store front to pay. We had a unique situation here where a girl took college classes while still in pubic school (at age 12) and she just graduated from Hampton University at 16 with a BS in Physics and she will graduate from high school the first week in June. Her sister is following in her footsteps. She is now going on to get a MS and wants to work at Jefferson Labs or NASA when she has it. She also plans to keep going for her Ph.D and wants to have it by the time she is 19. What is even more amazing is this is a low income family living in subsidized housing.

Jean, I make a cauliflower salad that is the same as potato salad but no potatoes. I love it in the summer. Here in the south we use Duke's Mayonnaise and it is so good. I will make some this weekend for sure.

Maggie, what are you up to today?

Have a wonderful day, ladies!

05-19-2014, 01:54 PM
Good Morning! Another windy, cloudy, cool day in my neighborhood. We balanced at church on the first try and my computer posting did likewise. :cp: I stopped to pick up the gift shop money which was pretty skimpy again this week. Been to the bank to deposit that and now need to put the books and computer away. This afternoon I have an auxiliary board meeting to plan for the summer volunteer workshop we are hosting in June. Tonight we are going out to eat with Bob's singing group.

"Gma" -- I'm hoping for some warmer weather and the sooner the better! :congrat: to both you and Jack on your losses this week! Thanks for sharing your recipe, it sounds delicious! My spices are in/on a cupboard door. They are easy to grab, but the rack also takes up some of the shelf space. I admire Thomas for even competing in a triathlon! After ripping out several rows because of a missed stitch, I am back to where I was on the afghan. Will is 6'3" and wants it long enough to cover him. :rolleyes: I've got it about 2/3 done, I think.

Susan -- My furnace is running this morning too. :( It's great your quilt show was a huge success! The movies sound like a nice treat for you to enjoy. What all do you put in your salad! Sounds interesting! :T

Bob will be home soon for lunch so need to put my gift shop stuff away. Hope you all enjoy a marvelous Monday! :wave:

05-19-2014, 06:47 PM

It is another lovely day in the 100˚s and just a breeze blowing. AH what a beautiful hot day. We were out and about and got the ingredients for some spaghetti for dinner. I always make enough to freeze :lol: a meal. Plus I like to cook enough of the spaghetti noodles to make a nice pasta salad which I will do tomorrow.

We went out to the shooting range today to test some of the reloads and then we can make some adjustments if need be.

I am down a pound and slowly getting back to where I was when I gained some. Hopefully I can keep from doing that again. :cp:

Not much going on around here except trying to stay cool.

JEAN What fun for you balancing the books. Hope you will be going out ot eat at a yummy place with that group.

SUSAN I can imagine what a nice time you had at that new theater. I can't remember when it was the last time I was in a theater for a movie.

Donna Faye Did you get the Cuisinart convection toaster oven with the side water compartment for steaming? I love mine and it is my main oven now days. Congrats on that weight loss.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-20-2014, 08:46 AM
Good morning all. It is going to be a hot one today I imagine. Going to get upstairs early and get my cleaning done before it gets too hot.

I am working on another cowl for fall. It is yellow and purple. I hated the colors of the one I started a few months back so ripped it all out and will use the yarn in other ways. I am still working on the scarf.

Jack is having to fix an electrical issue in our house that could have caused a big fire. We have been having some issues and didn't know why, but we found out last night when I had the microwave going and Jack was plugging in the convection oven on the one socket. It had been covered up by the ice tea maker and that's when we saw the socket was burned and I hurried and turned off the microwave because it was glowing red hot behind the socket. This condo has all aluminum wiring and a few years back we paid $1000 to have it pigtailed, but he didn't do the sockets. On top of that, the morons who built this place put all but one socket on the side the stove is on in the kitchen all one one circuit. That means 4 sockets plus the fridge plus the light above the sink all on one circuit. My kitchen is a mess because Jack took the socket apart last night and turned off the power on that side of the room. He found the sockets are all aluminum wired too and combine that with the over wattage and it made for a big mess. We had to move the freezer into the other room, unplug the microwave and all the little appliances and I put my kitchen aid on the table in the dining room so I could plug in the convection oven on the side the stove it on so I could use it this morning. We have a suspicion that is why the toaster was acting up too. Jack is going to start pigtailing all the sockets in the house, which will make them all safe then as we can't afford to completely rewire the whole house. The first of the year we are having a friend from work who is a licensed electrician replace the big breaker box outside. That will cost us another $1000 but it is going to have to be done. In the mean time, we are going to reduce the electrical pull on that side of the kitchen. Jack turned the breaker off to that last night since the socket is hanging out of the wall, but I went to get in the fridge this morning to get the chicken to put in the crockpot and the fridge was dark. That is how we discovered it was all on one circuit. My kitchen looks like a disaster area. I had to put the crockpot on the freezer in the dining room so I could use it today. :(:(:( When we do the renovations we may have to spend the money and rewire everything. :mad:

Maggie: No, I bought a West Bend platinum convection oven. Congrats on the loss. :carrot:

Susan: I saw you posting on FB about it and went and looked at the link. It looks like a really nice movie theater. How did you like Frozen? I took Jackson to see it last time he was down here.

Jean: Can you weave a dropped stitch in crochet? Unless it is a really complicated pattern, I can usually weave the dropped stitch up the rows and not have to tear it back. Hope you are warming up. It is already in the upper 70's in the house this morning.

You all have a great day. I am going to go take my meds, take my fiber, and get some breakfast. Faye

05-20-2014, 10:23 AM
Good Morning! The sun is shining, no wind (yet), and it's warm enough to have the sliding doors open! A beautiful morning in my corner of the world! :cheer: I have nothing going on today except to work on laundry and get back to the sorting and pitching. Oh, and the afghan is waiting too. I finally am back to the spot where I had to rip out several rows because I missed a stitch. I will be glad when this one is done!

Maggie -- Wow! Your temperatures have really warmed up! :congrat: on another pound gone forever! We ate at a new sports bar last night; the food was good, it was busy with a "younger" crowd, but wouldn't be my choice of places to go. The place was a steak house years ago with a bar in the back half. Over the years it has been a pizza place, and then bought by a local family who turned the bar area into a meeting room and a bit larger room with longer tables to accommodate larger family get togethers, plus a regular restaurant in the front part. Groups would meet, in the smaller areas, to play cards in the afternoon. The sports bar has remodeled in the back two rooms; the restaurant part closes at 2 with the sports bar opening at 4. I am a bit unhappy with the 2:00 closing because this is where I went for coffee with my friends. We need to find a new place.

"Gma" -- I'm sorry about your electrical challenges! It's scary to think how shoddy construction can be, especially when electrical and could cause a fire. We had to update our electrical box when we added on years ago, but the wiring in the walls is still the original. Hope you like your new oven! :yes: The missed stitch is obvious because the row is vertical; if there is a way to fix it I don't know how. It's caught in the next row, so won't unravel, but noticeable to me.

I need to get dressed and get busy! Enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

05-20-2014, 07:40 PM

It is another hot day here in the ♥-Land with 84˚s at this time which is 5:15 pm. We were out about and that new born buffalo girl is sure growing visibly already.

We went to our favorite place to have things done to the Jeep which called Xibit Customs. They always do a great work for us. Sometimes they tell us we can get the articles cheaper elsewhere and they will install them for us which is a great service. What we want now is a metal radiator to replace the newly installed plastic one that the dealer put in recently. Our last plastic one barely lasted 2 years and that is unacceptable. Along with the new metal radiator we want installed an electric fan which improves the working of it plus a noticeable difference and improvement in the running of the engine.

I did get the spaghetti sauce with meat balls all packaged up and in the freezer now which will be for two more future meals. I made a pasta salad with the leftover noodles which we will have for dinner tonight with some ham which is being thawed out as I type and some yummy asparagus.

Awhile back I got an offer of buy one and get one free for bath mats which are super absorbent for the MH. They are a beige color and will go fine with the décor. I have had good success finding just the right things to put in that rig. One of these fine days we will bring it over here and park it out front so we can load the things we have purchased for it in their proper places and get them out of the house. :cp:

JEAN I certainly do hope that you find a nice suitable place to have your meeting with friends for your gab fest. Changes, there are always changes aren't there.

DONNA FAYE Ouch! Those electric woes can sure cause a crimp in ones budget for sure. Such a good thing you discovered the burn area before it caused havoc with your place. Jack can sure save you some money by doing the fix it work himself since he is so handy with that stuff. :D To be safe you will probably decide to rewire everything.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-21-2014, 09:46 AM
Good morning to you all. Upper 70's already and the house is warming up quickly because I have the dryer going.

All is well with the electrical problem, thank goodness. My toaster works fine now as does my microwave and no expensive fix as it was the plug next to the sink that was faulty and not the breaker switches. Jack put pigtailed the aluminum wire with copper and capped it then put in a new socket with a breaker built into it so it will pop off if overloaded. We moved stuff around to distribute the electrical current and moved the freezer into the dining area, which will eventually become the pantry anyway and would have to be moved.

I am having lunch with my dd today at 11. I went to their website and found a turkey sandwich with veggies on it and a small side salad with ff tomato basil dressing so should be good to go that way. We are having pork chops with cornbread stuffing and salad for dinner tonight. Salad is one way I can get Jack to eat some veggies so we have been having it a lot. Breakfast for me today is strawberry whole grain eggos with sf syrup, fresh strawberries and bacon. I buy the precooked bacon as it has more of the fat cooked off and it is thin sliced too so I cook it in microwave and blot any fat that may be on it when it comes out. I like it crisp and not all limp.

I am 2/3 done with the cowl, but ripped out the purple as I didn't like it so it is all a bright sort of yield sign yellow. I need to order the yarn for T's socks while they still have it as I am going to take it on vaca with me.

Jean: I think Jack is going to put breaker sockets in all the outlets plus do the pigtail copper. He explained to me what it does and it makes it safe that way without having to totally rip out all the electrical. I guess back in the 70's aluminum wiring was legal and cheap so they used it, but they have found because it is soft, it is a potential fire hazard. Most homes 40 years ago have the aluminum in them. Glad you were able to fix the afghan and keep on going! :lol:

Maggie: I have a group on my FB page that is Amish recipes. It has a database of something like 1800 recipes. I was looking through them last night and found some great ones my grandma used to make and I never got the recipe from her before she passed away. I am German descent and grew up eating sauerkraut, sauerbraten, german potato salad, etc.

Well breakfast is waiting. Have a great day all. Faye

05-21-2014, 11:22 AM
Good Morning! The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. My black squirrel flew across the deck this morning with a red squirrel right behind him. We hadn't seen him for a few days so I was afraid something might have happened to him. I have potatoes and eggs boiling for a potato salad later. I need to take checks to the hospital, put my sweatshirts away, and work on the afghan. Kolby has a game tomorrow night but it's supposed to rain so will play that by ear.

Maggie -- It seems like you were just checking on buffalo babies. :) Time flies by too fast! I brought bath mats home from the cabin, and decided after looking at them, to pitch them. I know they were old and the pile was a longer fuzzy kind. I was afraid they might fall apart in my washer or worse yet, plug up the sump pump. I think our coffee group is too busy to meet in May. Graduations, showers, and weddings seem to be in abundance this year.

"Gma" -- It's great that Jack could fix the wiring! When we ate at Perkins, after soccer a couple weeks ago, Bob ordered breakfast. The bacon was wonderful -- the whole strip was crispy well done. I usually end up picking mine apart and don't eat what's not crispy. I buy the precooked bacon too. I've never had it but there is a church lady who makes warm German potato salad. Everyone raves about it and she won't share her "family" recipe. Her family doesn't live anywhere around here. :rolleyes:

Bob is cleaning the boat and asked if I will go get more "green" cleaner. I can do that! Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

05-21-2014, 06:47 PM

It’s another very warm day here in the ♥-Land up in the 90˚ area. Since it is Wednesday and we have mid week Bible study we will be going out to eat at I-Hop afterwards. I have learned what to eat and what to “stay away from” on their menu. If I want boiled eggs they are kind enough to accommodate me and boil them to my satisfaction. :yes:

There is still only one little buffalo but a couple of the other females look like they may have one soon.

I am so sleepy this afternoon and I did have a good nights sleep. Must be the heat but it isn’t hot in this house. Maybe I had better get up and move around some. I have been doing work on this computer for awhile and need a break. :yes:

JEAN That is so neat that you saw the black squirrel and nothing had happened to him. We have been seeing more squirrels lately gathering up "stuff" to eat. I'm sure they fill their cheeks with the seeds we put out for the birds which get dropped on the ground. The birds love those black sunflower seeds.

DONNA FAYE How nice that Jack was able to fix that wiring problem and now you can breathe a sigh that it is fixed with not much of a money outlay. How nice you found a place where you can get those treasured recipes. I also have Germans in my family tree which goes back to the the 1600'ds. They were quite a fierce and hardy bunch. :p

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-22-2014, 10:31 AM
Good morning gals. Hot and beautiful this morning. I am going out around 9 and head over to Walmart to get my nails and toes done, then get a couple more things I didn't get yesterday and come home. I have been having trouble sleeping as my hips have been achy at night and I can't get to sleep so I might try and sneak in a nap after I get back before I have to go get Jack.

I have decided when I go to get my hair colored in 2 weeks to tell her to chop it all off pixy type short. I have too much trouble with it once it grows out a bit and it is too hot for me so off it comes. I am going to get her to spike it I think and if I can talk her into it maybe get funky tips on the spikes. Wouldn't Jack love pink in my hair? :lol:

Went out to lunch with Kelly yesterday and that was nice. She didn't have a lot of time so we only had about half an hour or so. She told me the lake water was 68 degrees and the air temp was in the 50's when Thomas got out from the swim part so that is why they had him stop. He must have been freezing to death without a wet suit on. He "graduates" from 8th grade tomorrow then he will be a high schooler.

Here you go Jean if you want to try it. This is the official version as I know what my grandma put in it and my grandpa was German. I use the canned new potatoes as they stay firm and don't get mushy. I bought these new Airwick spray thingies that spritz fragrance into the air on a timer. They are battery operated so no outlet is needed. I got their newest fragrance, the baby magic baby smell and I love it. I bought three for the kitchen area, but since we have a semi open area it does put scent into the living area. I think I will get one for our bedroom and one for the hall downstairs. What is the green cleaner?

Hot German Potato Salad

7 - 8 medium round red or white potatoes
6 slices bacon, cut into 1-inch pieces
1 medium onion, chopped
2 tablespoon flour
2 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt, or to taste
1/4 teaspoon celery seed
Dash pepper
3/4 cup water
1/3 cup white or cider vinegar

Place potatoes in medium saucepan; add enough water just to cover potatoes. Cover; heat to boiling. Reduce heat to low. Cook covered 30 to 35 minutes or until potatoes are tender; drain. Let stand until cool enough to handle. Cut potatoes into 1/4-inch slices; set aside.

In a large skillet, cook bacon until crisp. Remove bacon; drain on paper towels. Do not discard bacon grease.

Cook onion in bacon grease in skillet over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until tender. Stir in flour, sugar, salt, celery seed and pepper. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until mixture is bubbly; remove from heat.

Stir water and vinegar into onion mixture. Heat to boiling, stirring constantly. Boil and stir 1 minute; remove from heat. Stir in potatoes and bacon. Heat over medium heat, stirring gently to coat potato slices, until hot and bubbly. Serve warm.

Maggie: I don't know if you use "starter" for breads, but if you join the amish recipe group on FB they have several different kinds of bread starters including the friendship, sourdough and regular bread.

Well girls, I need to go. Have a great day! Faye

05-22-2014, 11:34 AM
Good Morning! My days have been "mixed up" ever since I found out Memorial weekend was early this year. Today seems like Friday. :twirly: It is a cloudy morning with a breeze blowing. It's nice and quiet today! Yesterday a neighbor a couple houses away had their roof replaced; the guys started at 7:30 am and finally finished around 9 pm. It was warm enough to have the sliding doors open so listened to the air compressor and hammering all day. I need to wrap Zowie's birthday gifts and decide what food I will make and take to the lake, probably Saturday. Rain is predicted for the weekend for there and here too. Bob said the water is really really cold when he put his hand in yesterday. I was glad his farmer friend was able to help him get the hoist cover on and the boat "launched." Bob said it was so quiet, only three fishing boats out in both the east and west lakes when the guys went for a ride. I don't look for it to be busy since many schools are still in session.

Maggie -- I wonder if you will have an early fall since your weather has turned hot. :dunno: I keep reminding myself you are further south than we are. What do you like to eat at IHop? I always think "pancakes" because that is Kolby's favorite place to go for breakfast on the Saturdays Beth has to work. Will takes the kids and they take turns choosing where the go. Our oriole traffic has slowed down enough that Bob took one feeder down. They are pretty, but so scrappy and even try to run the hummingbirds off. I still have a robin eating cat food!

"Gma" -- Have you tried Tylenol for Arthritis? I buy the generic but it helps when my thumb aches or my lower back hurts when I've done something stupid. I had to laugh at your funky tips and spiked hair. I got a mental picture of metal tips all over your spikes! :lol3: Thanks for sharing your recipe, sounds good! I was surprised there is no mayonnaise or salad dressing in it. I don't suppose that would heat very well. Green cleaner is just environmentally friendly cleaner with natural ingredients. This one is "green works" by Clorox.

I need to get going on my food list. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Thursday! :wave:

05-22-2014, 07:50 PM

It is another day in the high 80˚s which is a tad bit warm when outside.

We are getting a new fridge with a side freezer the middle of next month. We will sell the recent one we got that has a top freezer for it makes it too difficult to keep it organized or get things out of the fridge part. We have someone who will take it middle of next month so it will all work out and we won’t have much left to pay o the new one. We will be taking the new one when we move stuff to our room in Texas that our friend is allowing us to use. The new one has an ice maker feature which we will get hooked up when we do get to Texas and not bother to hook it up in this house. We will take along one of our upright freezers and sell the other one. When we do go traveling we can leave our things in the fridge and freezer for they will be safe and be there when we return to that place. We will leave for the next person that lives here the nice side by side fridge with ice maker we bought a few years back to replace the old fridge that was in this house.

We have been out and about this day and Will has a meeting to attend at the museum tonight so I am on my own for dinner. I’m sure I can find something in the freezer that I can fix for myself for I do have several Schwans® individual dinners from which to choose one to have if I wish. I will make my decision closer to when I need to make my dinner. :lol: A chicken pot pie sure sounds good with a nice green salad.

JEAN It got hot early last year also and fall didn't come sooner but that may not be the case this year. Guess we just have to wait and see. At I-Hop I do like some of their sandwiches w/o mayo. The boiled eggs with one piece of sourdough toast and some fruit is good.

DONNA FAYE I certainly like my hair cut short because the wind would re-arrange any nice longer hairdo. That recipe sounds a lot like one I have from one of my aunts. We come from Germany, England, and Scotland.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-23-2014, 08:26 AM
Good morning all. We have had two days of 90+ temps and when the heat gets high in the afternoon our darn garage door won't go up. It does the same thing when winter temps get below 30 or so. It didn't used to do that, but it has for the past couple years now. Jack has to get out and manually pull up the door while you press the switch. Hopefully it won't happen this afternoon when he gets home or he will have to come in and get me because he has to use both hands to pull up the door. :(

Went and got my nails and toes done yesterday in a nice salmon pink. I told Jack I looked tropical, but I thought turquoise would be a nice color for the cruise. I did it just to see what he would say since he hated the one color I bought. He obviously had zoned me out because he said, "yes." :lol: I could show him by having them done that color next time. :D

I got a text from Kelly while I was in Walmart yesterday saying their cat was dying and that would be bringing her home from the vets over the weekend then she would be put to sleep on Tuesday. She is a bit older than Thomas so she must be over 14. I feel for them so much since they had to put Marty down a couple years ago and we are coming up on Fortune's anniversary in July. Pets are great, but they sure hurt when you have to put them to sleep.

Jean: I have green cleaner I used to clean the tile floor in the upstairs bathroom and I hate it. It stinks. It has this awful medicinal smell. The area where the toilet and tub are is so small I just clean the floor with a washcloth and some type of cleaner. I had a CLR one I liked, but they quit stocking it at the commissary so I bought this green stuff, but never again. The whole bathroom stinks like a hospital room for several days. Hope your temps get good and hot so the lake warms up.

Maggie: We will eventually get a French door fridge as that is what Jack wants with the pull out drawer and the freezer in the bottom. I am considering the one with the extra door in the top, but am waiting to see if down the road they drop the price a bit. Fridges cost what a car used to!

Well gals, need to type up my grocery list. This weekend is commissary weekend. Have a nice holiday! We are staying home all weekend and maybe work some on the deck cleaning. Faye

05-23-2014, 03:13 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day in my neighborhood. I think sandal weather has finally arrived :cheer: so I started my day with a pedicure, then stopped at WM and the grocery store. It seems like the prices take a jump every time I visit the grocery store. Too bad we have to eat. This afternoon I will be making a salad and baked beans for tomorrow. Have a recipe for hamburger mixed with Italian dressing and pepper jack cheese that Bob wants to try. It also called for onion but will slice that separate since some aren't onion fans. I have my fingers crossed that the rain holds off.

Maggie -- A new refrigerator will be fun to anticipate! :) It's nice you will be able to take it with you. I'm hoping Bob will take my cupboard down next week so I can shop for a new microwave.

"Gma" -- My garage door will act up every once in awhile. It doesn't go all the way up, and will hit the antenna on the top of the car. I remember to check it and it won't do it for a long time, forget and then it happens again. I feel sad for Kelly's family and their cat, :( never easy. Maybe the commissary will be quiet because people shopped early for the weekend.

Bob decided to mow before he eats lunch, and I just heard the mower shut off. Hope you all enjoy the day and long weekend! :wave:

05-24-2014, 08:01 AM
Good morning to you all. It is going to be a steamy day again today and we may get a bit of rain.

I got the mopping done yesterday and so am free today to do whatever I want. :lol:

Jean: Is the recipe made into patties or how is it served? I have seen several recipes where you use the dry ranch dressing to make pork chops. Jack might eat the Italian dressing hamburger and might even eat the pork chops if I didn't tell him! :lol: I get frustrated with him not being open to trying new things. Have you ever had Mexican corn on the cob? It sounds gross, but it is really delicious. You take an ear of cooked corn and spread mayonnaise on it and sprinkle chili powder on it. Now I like mayo, but not on corn. Kelly got me to try it and it is quite extraordinary.

Well girls, gonna take my blood sugar and get some breakfast. faye

05-24-2014, 06:25 PM

We went to the range to do some target shooting and glory be it started to sprinkle. We were thrilled to get what moisture that would help brake the humidity. However when we got to the Walmart parking lot we had a gulley washer. The temp today is in the high 80˚s so the rain helped it drop to the more comfortable 70˚s. What a joy to get the rain. Folks dashing to their cars were laughing and having a good time of it splashing in the water.

For dinner tonight we are having rotisserie chicken and potato salad with some toasted buns. We were going to make a rack of ribs but the rain came and changed our plans. This rain has put smiles on folk’s faces for sure. Good thing Will got the lawn mowed this morning. :yes:

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-24-2014, 06:38 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun is shining at the lake but the breeze is keeping it cool. Kids are in shorts and impatiently waiting for a boat ride. Jason is taking a nap so will go when he wakes up. Bob is drowning minnows, (Beth and Amanda are keeping him company), on the end of the dock while I am inside with the kids playing around me. A lazy day at the lake!

"Gma" -- Bob made seven bun sized patties from the pound and a half of hamburger. The adults thought they were good, the kids not so much. The cheese made the difference for them, I think, added a little kick to it. I've never tried Mexican corn before. I did notice corn in the meat counter this time, and it looked like it was sprinkled heavily with paprika or something similar, maybe chili powder. I just read a recipe adding one cup of milk and one stick of butter to boiling water for corn on the cob. I'm not too adventuresome in trying new food; I'm more likely to try something someone else makes rather than try to make it myself.

Looks like Bob gave up on the fishing and is getting the boat ready for a ride. Hope you all are enjoying the weekend. :wave:

05-24-2014, 07:39 PM
Good evening, ladies. We've had a lovely day in the 70s. We had a little rain last night. We've had so much rain they are saying we'll be having more mosquitos than ever so Langley AFB is going to spray for York County again. The aerial spraying is 95% effective and the spraying they do from the street is only 15%.

I went to lock in at Bella with Donna last night. Lots of fun and we got the first peak at the new things from Spring Quilt Market. They are lovely but so expensive. I already have too much fabric so won't be buying more.

I have all my housework done so this weekend will be for play...mostly quilting and getting together with friends for a Memorial Day cookout.

Faye, I love those French door refrigerators but they are really too big for me and the space I have. I have lavender toes at the moment...I think it'll be lime green next with some turquoise accents. I never polish my nails because it just doesn't last - too many needle scratches, etc. with the quilting. I steam clean my floors, tub tile, etc. I can't take the scents for they bring on asthma.

Jean, I heard on the news food prices will continue to rise because of the drought in many parts of the country, especially vegetables, fruit and beef. I rarely get any beef but hamburger anymore because of the cost. It's mainly chicken, pork chops, and whatever fresh fish is available.

Maggie, it's so nice you have that room waiting so will be able to travel without worries about all your stuff.

Have a wonderful evening and a blessed Sunday.

05-25-2014, 08:30 AM
Good morning all. It is going to be hot, hot today. I am hoping no rain, but only a small chance. I know the strawberries this year are the best they have been in a long, long time from the weather patterns and rain and such this spring.

We have commissary shopping today so will be going out in a few hours to get it done. I am hoping it is nice and quiet and they have the store stocked this weekend.

Susan: I saw this polish over the polish and it was pretty cool. You can buy different kinds and they have all kinds of shapes and such in it. It is some sort of gel that goes over a colored polish. They are pretty neat, but they can be pretty expensive, as in $12 a bottle! Next time I go to the salon it is time to have a new set put on. I only wear them for a couple months then have them replaced. It is just something fun.

Jean: A lot of places like at the fairs and such use the milk and butter dip for corn. I think the milk makes it stick better or something. Hope you have a nice weekend at the lake.

Maggie: I am a big fan of rotisserie chicken. I think it is about time to make another one. I don't make potato salad often because Jack doesn't like mayo. I may make myself some german potato salad though.

Everyone have a great day today. faye

05-25-2014, 01:04 PM
Good Morning! It's a cloudy cool day in my corner of the world -- breezy too. We slept in which is very rare. Guess it must be the fresh lake air yesterday caught up with us. I have laundry going and we are debating a trip to Scheels to price life jackets for the kids. The ones from last year look small and the water was too cold for the kids to test them.

Susan -- I haven't heard any mosquito reports, but our area has been pretty dry. I've heard the ticks are bad this year. Bob's farmer friend said he has picked more off this year than ever before, and they are in the grass. I always thought they fell from trees. Have fun this weekend since you have your chores done. Smart lady!

"Gma" -- Zowie got four different, bright, colors of nail polish for her birthday. Beth found a card of several different earrings in the same colors to go along with them. I found a bottle of polish that is sparkles to paint over the color of choice. When we left last night the girls were getting ready to paint nails! When my last set of acrylic nails were about grown out, the stylist started just putting the filler on my nails without gluing on a new nail. I don't wear my nails real long but it gives them enough stability they don't bend and peal. Hope the commissary was user friendly for you today.

Bob is grilling steaks later so guess I'd better get them out so they can thaw. Hope you all enjoy your day! :wave:

05-26-2014, 06:59 AM
Good morning ladies. We are expecting a lot of rain this week and hot temps in the 90's so it is going to be sticky here for sure.

I put a pork tenderloin in the crockpot and will make my bbq sauce later and then shred the pork and cook the sauce in. We are going to have pork bbq with corn on the cob and I might buy some slaw to go on mine as I like my sandwich with slaw on top and hot sauce. It is a southern thing I picked up years ago when I worked in a school cafeteria as their cashier.

We aren't doing anything today except picking us some stuff at Walmarts that the commissary didn't have. I do believe they are trying to drive the military away from shopping there so they can close them with an excuse and the best way is to keep the shelves not stocked and the meats down to bare minimum. When we were in the Navy we couldn't afford the commissary let alone a regular grocery store so they would sure be hurting active duty if they disregard retirees completely. It irks me that you stay in for 20+ years and then they start ripping the rug out from underneath you with cutting your retirement pay, not providing decent and safe health care at VA hospitals and closing commissaries, exchanges and such to save money to give to people to lazy to work.

Jean: My nails are about to that point and they need to be taken off and a new set put on. There is a lot less chance of fungal infection though they do a great job of preventing that by painting the grown out area with antifungal every time I go in to have them filled in. Jack wanted me to buy a tropical color, which I thought humorous, so I found a color called "in the cabana" and it was a light aqua color and one of the sparkle combos to go over it and he liked it so I ordered it. :lol: I told him sparkles only on the fingers no toes though just color!!! I am not walking around with my toes glittery! :D I have ugly feet so don't want to attract attention to them. I hope she had a nice birthday. Sounds like your grandkids are like mine, the birthdays all clumped together in the same part of the year.

You all have a nice holiday. Faye

05-26-2014, 10:53 AM
Good Morning! It's a cloudy morning but no wind . . . yet. The weatherman says rain is on the way, and we do need it. Not sure that I have any definite plans for the day. The next two weeks are busy ones and then we will be gone for a week for our fishing week in MN. My "mom" isn't going this year so I'm kind of hoping this will be the last year we go. :crossed:

"Gma" -- The humidity is moving in here even though the temperature isn't that hot yet. I keep hoping for some nice "spring" weather! Have you ever heard of Slawsa? :T Basically, it is cabbage, mustard, green pepper, onion, carrots, and spices -- looks like chunky mustard. Sounds kind of gross but it's so good on meat. A gal I know gives out samples at the grocery store meat counter and uses different marinades, toppings, etc. She's a wonderful cook so I usually sample anything she makes (except fish), and she served this on brats one day. Do you take your own nails off, or have the tech do it?

I need to get dressed and check the dirty laundry pile; I'm sure something needs washing. Hope you all enjoy a marvelous Monday, and remember why we honor those who served in the military. My dad and Bob's dad both served in WW II, and Bob was in Vietnam. :wave:

05-26-2014, 06:59 PM

We just got back from visiting the buffalo and there are still just two little female calves. Maybe that is all there will be but the other two females do look PG. It is hot up in the 90˚s today and they were all lazing around chewing their cuds except the little ones were frolicking about.

Will was really sweet and bought a rack of cooked ribs at the market so we don’t have to prepare one from the freezer after all.

I was so upset with myself after my weigh in this morning for I showed a 2 pound gain. Going in the wrong direction made me get back on program with a vengeance. I have been lax in writing what I bite lately and know I can’t lose if I don’t get it all written down. Shame on me for my not doing what I know I must do. I am being serious and this morning I fixed two cuties and some jerky in baggies to take along for lunch while Will ate his burger. I am going to do this more often than not. :yes: No time like today to get back on the wagon for I absolutely want to get to goal.

It is so nice to see so many flags blowing this Memorial Day ~ folks remembering the fallen & those who were fortunate to come home who served so bravely for this US-of-A. Have a wonderful time in what ever way you celebrate it.

JEAN Your "fishing week" sure seems like it came around quickly. Why quit going since you enjoy it so much. :lol:

DONNA FAYE Your menu for this day sounds quite good. We are having ribs, potato salad and garlic toasted buns. Watermelon for dessert. They have been talking years about closing down the commissaries and now they are doing it sneekily by limiting products. We never go to one for the nearest one is @ 225 miles from here and wouldn't pay for us to go shop there for the price of gas would eat up any savings. Wal*Mart has it's prices the same or lower than the commissary I have heard tell ~ plus they have lots of choices also. The only thing Wal*Mart doesn't have is the department where you can buy uniforms and gear. But if the commissaries do close down Wal*Mart just may open up a uniform & gear department ~ who knows.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-27-2014, 08:07 AM
Good morning to you all. It is warm and sticky this morning and supposed to be in the 90's with rain all week so we shall see. We want to get out and work some more on the deck if it doesn't rain this weekend.

Talked to the little guy over the weekend. He called about his birthday presents. He said he liked them all and we talked about what he was going to do this summer and how much time he had before he got out of school as Thomas got out last week. Jackson goes until June 10th. School around here doesn't seem to be a priority as they are off school almost more than on. No wonder these kids turn into bums and can't read and such. Thank goodness Thomas is smart. Anyway, Jackson and I had a nice talk before I got the standard, "Do you want to speak to your son?" :lol: Cracks me up he never asks me if I want to speak to his dad.

Jack is getting ready to leave for work in a minute. He is already counting time until his next 3 day weekend, which is the 4th. We didn't do anything except the commissary and we did tune into the Cubs game yesterday afternoon and they won, which was nice.

Jean: I take off my own nails soaking them in nail polish remover. I usually go without them for a couple weeks then go back in and get more put on. My dad and fil were both in WWII, dad was a cook and my fil was an airplane mechanic. Of course Jack spent 20 years all over the place, mostly on a darn ship though! :lol: Hope the weather is nice in MN this year. I saw a FB post from a friend about the ice flows still being right up to the beach on Lake Superior this year. Never heard of Slawsa. I saw a post recipe for something called a vegetable oyster called salsify on the Amish recipe website. I had never heard of such a thing until I googled it.

Maggie: Sorry last week didn't go so well. This week will be better and you will start losing again.

Everyone have a good week. I have bathrooms to clean today. Faye

05-27-2014, 04:42 PM
Good Afternoon! It's a bright sunny day here with just a breeze. Perfect for the last soccer game of the season! Not much to count at church this morning, stopped to get gift shop money, made that deposit, and headed for a haircut. Usual rerun comment about that! We are leaving soon for the soccer game -- we pick up the kids from the sitter on the east side and take them to the west side of town where they play. Beth works on the west side so it saves her a trip. The interstate is being widened so dodging travelers who don't know where they are going is a challenge.

Maggie -- You will have that gain gone next week! You have the tools and know what to do. You can do it! :cheer: When I have to cook and help in the kitchen, I don't consider it a vacation! ;)

"Gma" -- I saw the ice floating in the lake on the tv news! I can't imagine how cold that was! :brr: Sounds like Jack is going to like retirement! :D The commissary in Sioux City, was so small and never open when I could go, I rarely shopped there. I remember making special trips to buy cigarettes for Bob's dad. It's no longer there even though the base still is. I'm not sure there is even housing any more or full time military personnel. The Air Force Guard has refueling tankers that are based there.

Bob is ready to go so I'm off. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

05-28-2014, 06:52 AM
Good morning gals. It is supposed to rain again today all day so we shall see. I turned off the AC around midnight when I got to go to the bathroom and it is off now, but won't be long and it will have to go back on.

I have to get some work done today. The female stuff cropped back up a few days ago and I haven't felt the best, but I have to get stuff done today. I also need to work on my knitting as I haven't in a few days. I have been reading a lot.

Jean: Our Navy base used to be where all the guys and gals came through for electronic school, but that is up in Chicago I think now. The only thing at this base is records and there is some national guard I think. This commissary gets enough business to keep it open so I am hoping they don't close, but if they do it will probably be a combo of Walmart and Kroger and the budget will definitely have to go up another $50 or so. I spent $306 this commissary weekend plus another $47 at Walmart for the stuff the commissary didn't have. We are eating a lot of salad as it is the one thing I can get Jack to eat regularly veggie wise. He eats carrots, green beans, okra, which I won't fix as he only will eat it fried, asparagus once in a while, corn and potatos and he likes cucumbers but not pickles. He won't eat anything but the iceberg salad mix though, no greens with spinach leaf or arugula or anything like that. I will be sorry for the strawberries to quit as he will eat strawberries and blueberries and apples in pies and such and that is about the extent of his fruit eating. A section of what they call the "flyover" which is the main area of the interstate is being finished since they got their government money and wow what a mess that is. The exit only lane that goes to Nashville was closed, which cut down the through traffic lane from the direction the commissary is in so that slowed us down coming home and lanes are blocked and such with the widening they are doing for miles both directions on the interstate and will continue for a couple years. It is just a big mess, but is supposed to give us 4 lanes in each direction which hopefully will help with the work traffic being bumper to bumper.

You all have a nice day today. Faye

05-28-2014, 05:45 PM
Good Afternoon! It's another nice sunny day in my neighborhood. This was my morning to work in the gift shop and I even had some business for a change! I met Bob at the dealership where I get my oil changed before going to the hospital. He met me for lunch and then we went to pick up my car. They were working on an airbag recall, which I saw in the paper but haven't received any official notice, and had to pull the front seats. We also think it still makes more noise than it should. Bob switched from GM to Ford and told the guy that his pickup is quieter than my Buick! Anyhow, I'm home and should vacuum fur bunnies and declutter the "joint."

"Gma" -- Our upstairs was warm last night. I opened the window on the lakeside bedroom and a cool breeze blew through. As I compare prices between the two grocery stores and WM, I shop wherever I end up. I never buy anything that's not packaged at WM, in fact I only buy grocery items there if I happen to be there for something else. I hope you are feeling better today.

I need to get busy and get something done before Bob gets home. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

05-29-2014, 03:25 AM
Please go to the #81, Thanks Maggie