WW Food and Point Issues - Old Points System, want to try it......

05-16-2014, 01:22 PM
Hi - I have had HUGE success with the old way we calculated points. Obviously, since I'm back again, I didn't maintain. :cry: So I just finished my 6th week using the current system. I am SO disappointed!! I am good, I count all my points and even though I still can't wrap my head around a FREE banana, I have gone with it for 6 weeks. I have lost only 9 lbs which I know is something but nothing like what I lost the old way.......

That being said - I want to try the old way to count my points, just for a week, to see if it makes a difference. It may all be in my head but still, I want to try.

I still have my little slide ruler "thingy" to figure from nutrition info but I can't remember how to calculate how many points I get each day. Does anyone know how I can find my daily points? Also, I believe it was only 35 extra weekly allowance, not 49 but again, that's foggy too. LOL

Thanks for any info