100 lb. Club - Has anyone had a hernia repair surgery? Insight/what to expect?

05-08-2014, 09:57 AM
I have what appears to be a hernia and have had it for like 4 years. Aside from a little pain every once in a while it didn't really bother me but I had a really bad episode of pain and found out quite suddenly that I need to get it repaired asap, like within the next few days! :eek:
I want to know what I can expect from anyone who has been through one in terms of recovery, scarring, future weight loss and so on and on.
I have read that its best to do it when you have already lost some weight but I have not been given that option and am in 220s!! I am worried that my outcome wont be good? Not to mention I have an infant I am caring for and I seem to be using my ab muscles constantly, whether at night or during day.
The hernia is right above my belly button and I understand they will make an incision right above.
I wonder if there are other options and their pros/cons and am just wondering if there is anything I *should* know. Anyone been through this?