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05-07-2014, 09:14 AM
Good morning ladies. It is warm this morning. I don't have the ac on, but it won't be long and I will have to turn it on. We went pretty much from chilly to hot weather and left out spring weather altogether. :lol:

My little table that sits next to my end of the recliner crashed this morning. What a mess that was to clean up. The grommet is gone and it looks like it can't be fixed so out it goes I guess. I brought in another little table I used to use for an end table and it should work okay until we buy new tables for the living room next year.

Looks like my Croc sandals have a holdup being delivered. There was some truck breakdown so they are stuck in Nashville until they can get them shipped out then they have to go through the postal system so I hope I get them before the weekend, but who knows.

I have started the boys birthday presents, at least Jackson's. He desperately wanted an Emmitt Lego Watch so I bought him one and he wanted a soccer goal so I bought him one and a new soccer ball. Haven't heard from Thomas what he wants for his birthday. It is kind of nice to have them both in the same month, but stretches the budget more. :lol: I can't believe Thomas is going to be 14 and going into high school in the fall. Alicia said Jackson is all excited to be 7. I guess that is going from little kid to big kid. :lol:

Still working on the mitten. I was going to start another project and decided not to so I hope I can get it done today or tomorrow and get them washed and ready.

I need to wrap my bff's birthday knitting and get it ready to ship out on Friday for her. Her birthday is a week from Friday, but I like to surprise her so every year I move around when I am going to ship it out so she doesn't know when she will get something. I hope they like Applebees as that is where I got her a gift card this year along with a scarf, hat, and the footies.

Jean: I am not sure there is enough room in our laundry room to put the large front loaders. I would love to have a pair of them, but the area is just not wide enough, but the ones I have work perfectly well and I don't need to replace them. I really love my Maytag dryer. It doesn't have a steam setting, but it does have something similar that freshens up things. My washer works really well but the darn thing is noisier than the devil. It clicks and clacks through cycles.

Maggie: Glad you have something you can take. Kelly takes something that starts with an "L" I think for her migraines. Poor thing has an autoimmune disease that was in remission and not is coming back. It is a skin disease which causes peeling of the skin and blisters and awful painful stuff. I feel so sorry for her when she goes through this and it takes time for it to regress again. They can't decide whether this disease is genetic or not. I carry the gene for vitiligo, but neither I nor my kids have it nor do my grandchildren. My mother had it moderately badly as did my grandfather. I don't know if any of my cousins have it, but I know none of my siblings, their kids or grandkids have it.

Well girls, time to get breakfast, take meds and get the day started. Have a good middle of the week. Faye

05-07-2014, 09:23 AM
Good Morning! It's a sunny, breezy morning and supposed to be a hot 87 degrees this afternoon. Crazy! We are waiting for Beth to get here and we are heading to the cabin to clean and get it ready for the summer. It seems like we just closed it for the winter.

"Gma" -- I'm sorry about your little table! What a surprise and a nuisance to boot! I use my squirrel food bucket by my chair; it's just big enough for a cup, the remote, and the phone. :lol: You might want to do some measuring if and when you have to replace your washer and dryer. My new machines are each 2" narrower than my old machines. Bob measured thinking he might have to take the basement door off. I feel for Kelly after the short lived episode I had this winter. It's a mystery for sure.

I need to get dressed so I'm ready to go when Beth gets here. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

05-07-2014, 11:30 AM
Good morning, ladies! Heading for 70 degrees this day and overcast. It's supposed to be 90 on Friday.

Nothing happening today.

Faye, I feel bad for Kelly. I've been broken out in hives for the last 10 days and they are so itchy. I went to the doc yesterday and he thinks its allergy related. I'm allergic to trees and grass and both are rampant now. I'm going to go the allergy doc on Friday and get tested again. Sorry about the mess from your table breaking. I have 2 end tables by my chair - one for me and one for Casper. He's not spoiled!

Jean, I'd like to get a front loader next time. I don't see why they would have to be on a cement floor but I'll check it out. Seems to me they would have to tell you before you bought it. I actually want a smaller washer and drier, but I hope the ones I have last a lot longer!

Maggie, migraine = big hurt. So sorry you are afflicted with them. Glory has them so bad I've had to take her to the ER because she couldn't stop vomiting. She's on some prescription stuff now that has helped a lot. I have storage containers shaped like tomato, green pepper, onion, garlic, celery, lettuce, and lemon. I love them because they close tightly but I can tell what's in them without having to open a bunch of containers.

Have a wonderful day.

05-08-2014, 08:37 AM
Good morning to you gals. It didn't cool off a whole lot last night so upstairs and downstairs fans and ac units ran last night. Hey, it has moved into summer and I am all for that so I can't complain about it getting hot!

Sat and paid all the bills, ordered Jackson's soccer goal and a cute Lego movie tshirt for him and had them shipped, (mom said to just ship them and it was ok for him to get an early birthday surprise so I did,) ordered a bunch of the Joy Mangano flocked hangers, which I love and had them shipped to me,worked on the mitten some already this morning and am going to use the other skein and make her a scarf to go with the hat and mittens. I already picked out an old style feather and fan pattern with no purling, which I love.

I love the hangers I bought as I have a lot of them already. They are very thin so they can break easier, but you can put more clothing in your closet on them, they hold my stuff on instead of it falling off too. We take a bunch with us on the cruise because they never have enough hangers and they use the big clunky wooden ones anyway so you can't get all your clothes in the teeny tiny clothes closet if you had enough to hang all your clothes up. They end up being just a little under a $1 apiece, but well worth it. I bought 48, 24 shirt style and 24 pants style. I finally convinced Jack to start using them instead of the big fat plastic ones. I need to look at Target to see if they have the suit hangers of the same brand as they showed them online as only being in stores.

I have officially started my vacation list. We have 4 months to go! :lol: Right now my list consists of things to do, ie take suit and tux and shirts to cleaners, stop mail, etc, things that need to be done before we leave. Also, things I need to buy like more Lysol spray, more Bonine for my motion sickness, more of the footies I bought for Jack and black and colored dress socks he says he needs. I am waiting for the reservations for specialty restaurants to open up so I can reserve us a table at the steak house on the ship. It is our little gift to our friends.

My friend who is cruising with us sent me the cutest Mother's Day card. I just thought it was so sweet for her to think of me that way.

Do any of you have one of the portable style induction cooktops? We are thinking of buying a couple as they expend a lot less heat and energy we are told. I don't want a full stove with one, but would like to get some of the more portable style. I won't get them for awhile yet though as I have no place to store them. Right now my new blender, waffle iron and griddle are sitting on the dining room table as I have no where to put them. They sure didn't think about storage when they built these condos.

Jean: I am sure when we have to buy new washer and dryer we will measure first anyway. We want to get a new French door refrigerator when we renovate and it is going to be a tight fit no matter what we get. There is 35 inches of room the wall and cabinet and most of them are 37" and above. Jack really wants a bottom drawer freezer and double door fridge so we shall see when the time comes.

Susan: I can tell the tree pollen is really high around here. Like I said when I cleaned up stuff over the weekend, I came in sneezing, runny nose and itchy hands. Hope your hives clear up soon. I know they can be miserable. Kelly's disease can be quite horrible. It is called Epidermolysis bullosa Acquisita and at it's worse her skin peels right off and is very, very painful.

Guess I should get the day started. I want to clean upstairs today and get it done before it gets too hot. Have a great one today. Faye

05-08-2014, 02:00 PM
Good Morning! The sun is trying hard to peek out through the clouds. I'm hoping the wind will blow the storm clouds on by this afternoon. I made a grocery run for fresh veggies and fruit for lunch then stopped by the Hallmark store. There was a delicious smelling candle calling my name on my way out. It was tempting but I managed to keep on going. "Little Momma Kitty" is spending more 'n more time camped out on the deck. Sonny is just goofy over her.

Susan -- I hope you aren't allergic to Casper! When Bob had the hives, he didn't show a reaction to any of the allergy tests. The doctor told him to take generic Claritin if or when he would notice the beginning of a hive. So far, so good. I had to :D at Casper having his own table by your chair. I don't think my new washer and dryer vibrate any more than my old ones. I don't use the high spin though, as our clothes,etc., aren't that heavy.

"Gma" -- It hit 88 here yesterday and it was warm upstairs when I went up to bed. Guess I'd better dust my bedroom ceiling fan off before I start it again. :o I agree there never seems to be enough hangers wherever we stay. I didn't know there was a portable induction cooktop. Interesting. I really, really like my bottom freezer. We goofed and only allowed enough space in the cupboards for the fridge we had, so have to stick to that size unless I want to cut my cupboards down in size. Live and learn!

I need to clean strawberries so better get to them. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday! :wave:

05-08-2014, 04:13 PM

It is a beautiful day today in the high 70 degree area and all is well.

We were out and about yesterday and the temp on the sign was 105˚s which makes me wonder where Spring went. It must have come and gone in a second of time which I must have missed. At least the wind wasn’t blowing so I am thankful for that at least. Hopefully today will be as nice as it was then. My “head” didn’t let me sleep well last night. It didn’t hurt but was very busy. I finally got back to sleep after waking up in the night for a couple of hours though for it was too early to “get up.”

There is a trick thing that we are going to buy which is called a “CanCooker” which comes in a 2 gallon capacity and a 4 gallon. We, of course, want the smaller version since there are just the two of us. It is designed to cook abundant, great tasting food fast, on any heat source. It works like convection cooking which produces deep penetrating steam that cooks food to perfection. The local archery store sells them but if you want to take a peek at what I am talking about you can go to the cooker web site which is It will be a wonderful item to take along when camping. When my payday comes around I will get one for sure.

JEAN OH you are strong. How could you NOT buy that candle.

DONNA FAYE Are the red buds blooming. They are so pretty ~ so very pretty.

SUSAN Veggies last so much longer in those plastic containers. The ones I have work great. A cut onion one doesn't let the odor escape out of the container. :lol:

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-08-2014, 09:39 PM
I whimped out and came to the car with half of Maddy's soccer game left to play. When we left home it was 80 degrees and quite humid. It's now 57 degrees with a 25 mph wind. I at least wore jeans and had my nylon jacket plus wrapped up two blankets from the car. Kolby's game was first; we sat with our back to the wind which wasn't as bad. I gave Kolby my blankets when I gave up. Bob is snuggled up in a padded nylon stadium blanket so will stick it out. There are some adults here in shorts and sandals . . . . turning blue I might add! I wonder if this is the beginning of our crazy summer weather. We have been in a storm watch all afternoon but think we must just be getting the wind part.

Maggie -- I hope you sleep good tonight! I know what you meant when you said your head was busy. It seems like the harder I try to fall asleep, the wider awake I am. :mad: You find the most interesting gadgets to cook with! Let us know how you like the can cooker. I have way too many candles now! I'm still thinking about going back and getting it though; it's the flavor of the month so "on sale." ;)

05-09-2014, 02:00 PM
Happy Friday! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's a spring jacket kind of day. I ran a couple errands this morning and caught up on some ironing. Today is my "mom's" 88th birthday and we are invited to my "sister's" for supper. We usually get together on Saturday but they have a wedding tomorrow. I kid my "mom" that it's too bad her birthday and Mother's Day are so close together. Bob will be home for lunch in a few minutes so I need to get a salad put together. Enjoy your day today! :twirly:

05-09-2014, 03:26 PM
Good afternoon gals. I have to head out in about 45 minutes to go get Jack from work. I kept the car today to do some things.

I signed up for a beginner bead class, which is way down in midtown, in other words on the other side of town from where I live. It is in a really dicey part of town too and her shop has no ac so it should be nice and steamy a week from tomorrow during the class. I also had to buy the stuff to make the necklace and that cost me another $40 so after the discount it still cost me $60! I don't plan on taking anymore though she said I would fall in love with it and want to do more. I am only taking it so I can learn what I need to restring the necklace I bought in Jamaica for Kelly that tore all apart. She said after the first class I could easily do it. I bought enough stringing wire to make the new one and restring hers. Her beads are really really tiny and will take a long time I imagine. I bought orange beads and these vintage green white and orange glass beads from India, some copper medallions that have dragons on them and then some finishing beads in copper. I think she was surprised how well I could pick out color combinations because she said most people just come in and pick out a bunch of stuff because they like it, but it doesn't go together but that I have an "eye" for it.

I also got my nail and toenails done, did a bit of shopping at Walmarts, went to the post office and dropped of the package of stuff for my bff's bday next week and picked up a container of chili from Wendys. 7 pts and I love to put lots of hot sauce in it with some crackers.

I got my shoe thingy to take on the cruise to hang on the door and put hygiene and meds stuff in. I think it will do great. It has three hooks on the top so it will hang well and hold weight.

Jean: Your weather is still all over the place. It is in the mid 70's here right now but it is incredibly humid. I was sweating up a storm in the bead shop. Did he win his game last night? Thomas had his band banquet last night and won for the third year in a row their Most Outstanding award. I just wish they wouldn't grow up so fast.

Well gals, you all have a nice weekend. We have commissary shopping this weekend whooppeee! :lol: Faye

05-09-2014, 05:52 PM

This is one of those days when I am sneezing and having a runny nose. The cotton wood trees are distributing all their seeds into the air and the breeze brings them whirling around. I guess that is what I am allergic to but this will pass. They say we will be having a 73˚ day and I will find out if that is a fact when we go out and about in a bit.

Last evening we had a yummy dinner. What I did was mix a packet of dry onion soup with 2 Ĺ pounds of lean hamburger and made patties. We have some for later in the freezer now. I served them with asparagus and some of my rice mix. Fresh cut strawberries are so good with some Splindaģ and Balsamic vinegar on them. Tonight we are grilling pork chops and having them with green beans and potato salad.

Well we are back from town and the temp is 85˚ with a nice breeze. We found a couple packs of extra lean burger patties, 8 in all that I now have in the freezer. Another day we will be enjoying a good burger done on the Barbie.

DONNA FAYE What fun! A beading class which you will probably just love. How neat that you will be able to put your daughters beading back for her.

JEAN Did you go back and get that candle. I imagine it smells so good. We sure like the ones that we have.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-10-2014, 09:12 AM
Good Morning! Doesn't look like it's going to be a sunny day in my neighborhood today. :( We had the 10:00 news and weather on last night, but must admit I wasn't paying attention. We had a nice visit with my family yesterday afternoon. They live in a woodsy area by a creek, and have all different kinds of birds including eagles. It's relaxing to just sit and watch the wild life. The squirrels and bunnies give their dog his exercise.

"Gma" -- The bead class sounds like fun! I bet you will find more that you like and can create some unique pieces after you fix Kelly's necklace. ;) You were on the move yesterday! Kolby's team hasn't won a game yet. His head coach manages a Red Robin restaurant so their practices have been limited and he misses a lot of the games. The assistant is really good, played soccer himself and has two older boys who play now. He makes it to the games but for some reason doesn't set up practices for the boys. Beth is the assistant for Maddy and they have at least one practice a week after the games start, and several before the season starts. There is a traveling team for Maddy's age, and they travel all over the Midwest for weekend games. I think I am finally thawed out from Thursday night. Congratulate Thomas on his band award!

Maggie -- Your weather is confused just like our's! :twirly: I'm not ready for 90 degree days but a bit warmer would be nice. I haven't been back to see if the candle is still there. I need to pick up my jacket at the cleaners so I have it for church tomorrow. When I took it in, to have the sleeves shortened, I picked up my winter jacket to the tune of $15 for cleaning. My car gets so dirty and I brush up against it in the garage even though I try to be careful. Every time I pay for something, it seems like the cost went up.

I hear Bob moving around so will get the coffee going. Hope you all enjoy a nice Saturday, with sunshine! :wave:

05-10-2014, 07:25 PM

It was 89˚ when we were out and about today. Thank goodness we have a good air condition unit in the Jeep. :cp: We enjoyed driving about town and in the country seeing what beautiful trees that have bloomed colorful flowers and vibrant leaves.

We are planning on getting the MH out from its storage place and parking it out front so we can load the things we have so far bought for it. It will be fun to see what we have and where it will have a home. In my mindís eye I know pretty much what goes were though. I still have a few necessities to get to have out there but they will be bought eventually. Types of things to replace some of the items I have that are too big to put in the MH. There are several things I want to order from the Lehmanís ģ catalogue. They have lots of neat things that donít use electricity. I have a non electric drip coffee maker that makes excellent coffee from them. They have a square galvanized wash tub that will be great to wash the dogs in when we are out and about not near a groomer and they have gotten into something or other and need a bath. I can use that tub for hand washing also with one of those neat plungers that are made for that. They even sell LP gas refrigerators. Anyway they are a good source for non electric needful things. When the lights go out we have most things covered for we camp at times in places where there is no electricity provided. By the time we take our vacation in September we should be set up quite comfortably.

JEAN I imagine your family loves living there ~ I know I would. What fun to have those eagles close.

Time for me to get off this computer and get some dinner fixed.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-11-2014, 11:30 AM
Happy Mother's Day, ladies! Going to be in the middle 80s this day.

Yesterday was tea and that is always a good time.

Faye, I have taken some beading classes and it is addictive! My friend makes beautiful beaded items and teaches at the bead shop. We have several of them on the Peninsula and people really seem to love to do it.

Jean, I like to sit and watch the birds that are in the wetlands behind my house. We also have rabbits, possums, raccoons, and deer. The only bird I don't like is the seagull. They poop all over everything and make a huge mess.

Maggie, I know you are having the best time getting the things for the MH. I don't want your high temperatures!

Have a wonderful day.

05-11-2014, 01:41 PM
Happy Sunday and Mother's Day to all of you! We drove to and from church in the rain but the sun is peeking out now. The weatherman said rain and wind today and tomorrow. We have at least two new "residents" under our deck -- a momma mouse and a baby mouse. They kept Ernie and Sonny entertained all yesterday afternoon. Bob made a little trough for the squirrel food, and the squirrels aren't neat when they get in a hurry. The mice would scamper over to pick up a kernel of corn and run back to their hole with it. We need to figure out some sort of plan to get rid of them. The two tom cats haven't been around for a few days, or they could do the job for us.

Maggie -- I know you are having fun shopping for motor home items! :D Do you know where you will go in September, or do you just head out and wherever you end up is ok?

Susan -- We have pelicans stop here on their way north and they are always fun to watch. I don't know about the sea gulls but the geese sure make a mess! :( The walking path, along the lake, can be a challenge when the goslings are mobile. The parents can get mean and will chase people if they get too close.

"Gma" -- Hope your trip to the commissary was quick and easy today. Not a fun way to spend Mother's Day but guess you have to eat! ;)

Bob said dinner will be carry-out chicken dinners. Sounds good to me! Hope you all enjoy a nice day! :wave:

05-12-2014, 08:29 AM
Good morning to you ladies. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. We of course went to the commissary, but at least it didn't rain. It is hot and sticky here already this season so looks like it is going to be above normal temps just like it was below normal for winter temps this year.

Jay called yesterday morning and said Jackson got a goal at the end of the game on Saturday. He says he is struggling, but that is because most of the kids already have 2 years of soccer under their belt and this is Jackson's first year. I am hoping his soccer goal will help him practice at home. It should get there today so I hope he likes it. I didn't want to send it yet as his birthday is still a month away, but she said to go ahead and do it as he will love the early surprise so I did. His shirt will be there this week and his watch comes today and hopefully his gift card so I can send them both out later.

Kelly and I are going to have lunch on Wednesday for Mother's Day. The triathlon is this weekend for the guys so she is going to be busy as am I because of the bead class. I just hope it isn't too hot and humid on Saturday as this place doesn't have AC and it could be pretty miserable if it is.
I need a bigger fridge!! I bought a bunch of produce and have no where to stick it. My fridge is stuffed. Truth is though, we can only get one a bit bigger unless we can find one that is deeper. It would sit out into the kitchen more though so who knows. I am just going to have to deal with it the way it is for awhile yet.

Jack has lost a total of 13 lbs now! He only has 9 to go to be at goal. I only lost half lb this week, but then I had a hypoglycemic episode at the store yesterday and bought and ate chocolate to bring it back up so it doesn't surprise me. It will even out this week and I will lose more. I go back into see her and I am going to talk to her about whether I really need the insulin anymore. I took it a couple hours before we went shopping and had eggos and sf syrup for breakfast before we went.

Susan: I just wish there were a couple more bead shops so I could pay less. I saw a couple in Nashville that charge $20 a class and that includes supplies and like I said before I paid $25 and had to buy all my supplies. Once I have the basic info, I can do online stuff. I have a place I buy my necklaces and earrings that is actually a huge online beading place and I can get everything I need there and they have online classes too to learn other techniques and the stuff is much cheaper.

Jean: If you didn't live so far away I would invite you to go with me! :lol: It is always a lot more fun going with a friend I think. We had Canadian snow geese when we lived in Indiana and yuck is all I can say about the mess they made on the bank. We had a little lake behind our apartment and they would come all year long and the stuff was awful. Jay said Jackson wasn't as jazzed as Jay was about the goal because they lost the game. :lol:

Maggie: Hope everything fits nicely in the MH. I have to nix buying anymore gadgets until we can get the flooring in the dining room and I can buy shelving and stuff to make it a big pantry. I just have no storage for stuff.

Everyone have a great day. Faye

05-12-2014, 01:33 PM
Good Morning! It poured rain early this morning to the point where streets were flooding on my way to church. I just went to the bank with the gift shop deposit, and it is misting hard enough to turn the wipers on. I'm ready for some days full of sunshine! :yes: I have no plans for the day except to sort through the clutter on the island and work on the afghan. Ian has his first game tonight but Bob has practice for singing on Sunday. There is another game Friday night, soccer tomorrow or Thursday. With the rain, postponed games are really extending the soccer season.

"Gma" -- I find it interesting that neither the girls nor boys soccer teams broadcast their scores although the refs do write them down, as do the coaches. It's supposed to be all about learning the rules and lessons in good sportsmanship. The kids always ask the score at the end of the games. It would be nice if all the coaches showed the same amount of enthusiasm and effort put into coaching. Have you thought about investing in a small refrigerator for the garage? We have one that sits on Bob's work bench, bigger than the small square dorm ones but not full size. It has door shelves and a small freezer too. We got our's at SAMs but have seen them at WM too. :congrat: to both of you on losses this week!

I need to think about something for lunch. Hmmmmm . . . :dunno: Hope you all enjoy a marvelous Monday today! :rain: :wave:

05-12-2014, 07:15 PM

This is a chilly day in the 50˚s and it got over 100˚s yesterday. Yesterday was an air condition day and today the heater is on. We did get rain yesterday which was quite welcome and perked up all the greenery around. Hopefully now all the wheat wonít have to be plowed under. We do have a 30% chance of rain today which would be nice since all we got yesterday is probably soaked in by now.

I donít have a thing different on my ticket today that needs to be punched. I will do the regular house work which is always there to do over and over.

Those herb holders I got awhile back sure do their job great. When I changed the water that goes in the bottom and they were all perky and fresh as when I put them in the containers a week or so ago.

JEAN Our plan is to go to Yellowstone come September for school will be started and there wonít be an overabundance of vacationers there at that time. :cp: We donít enjoy being there when there is a huge number of people and it is a time before they shut down the roads to the interior of the park. Since we have lived at both ends of that park and gone in it several times we want to visit again these many years later.

DONNA FAYEToo bad that you didnít get into beading awhile back because I had some really good beading books that explained many patterns with pictures and explanations of patterns step by step and were top notch. They were placed in the sale bin at the local library and sold very quickly. I would have loved to have given them to you instead of the library sale bin.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-13-2014, 08:37 AM
Good morning to you all. It is going to be another hot one here then take a big dip for a couple days and only get into the 60's. Of course it is going to rain all day tomorrow when I go out to lunch with Kelly.

I decided to make my stylist a scarf to go with her hat and mittens so after many trial and errors with regards to patterns I liked, I finally found one she can wear in winter, but also in spring temps as it has an open weave. I have been looking for a bamboo/cotton sock yarn to make ankle socks for Thomas this year for Christmas. I looked up the top 10 running socks on the Runners World magazine website and number 3 are bamboo and cotton socks. I found what I want and though they don't have white I found a neon that would work I think and give him good moisture wicking so he doesn't get blisters. I would like to make Jackson a pair of socks with soccer balls, but am having trouble finding a pattern and I don't do pattern design as such.

I bought a pair of shoes on HSN yesterday that I hope will be good for excursion days to walk around a lot. They are Tony Little brand and supposed to be great for walking. They are slips ons, which are nice too. Though they had some cute colors, I went with just plain white until I see if I like them. They have a neoprene heel inside and a gel on the heel outside and have a great tread so we shall see. I got them at a great price and even saw a video from a podiatrist that recommends them.

Maggie: I hope I do like it as it would be a nice way to make things for family and friend gifts other than knitting. I have done a bit of beading on knitting and have a beading on knitting book, but never done actual jewelry beading. Hope you can take your trip out west in Sept. We will be going way south at that time. :lol:

Jean: I don't know why they do that with soccer either other than it hasn't been too many years that soccer has taken hold here so a lot of times they don't even have regulation soccer fields. I know they didn't with Thomas, just a big area marked off in sections for different games. Hope your rain has passed through. I wouldn't want to put a fridge out in the garage with the way it leaks. We can't get them to fix the concrete on any of them so most garages leak around the bottom and mini flood when we have heavy rains.

Well gals it is almost breakfast time. Have a great day today. I am going to tackle the downstairs today I think. Faye

05-13-2014, 10:43 AM
Good Morning! The sun is shining and it's a cold 40 degrees outside! Wind chill is anybody's guess. I have to sub in a skit practice this morning; our P.E.O. Chapter is in charge of the "entertainment" for a group meeting to be held while we are in MN. I'm glad I won't be here as acting in front of a group isn't my thing. This afternoon I need to make a grocery list and head to the store. We have a 6:30 soccer game tonight, for Kolby, and need to stop in a couple stores before. Another day where I won't get much done at home, but that's ok. :)

Maggie -- I would like to visit Yellowstone again. We were there in 1990 and I remember how the burned areas looked. It is beautiful country out there. :yes:

"Gma" -- The weather is just unpredictable all over! Believe me I am dressing much warmer for the game tonight! I figure I can always take the layers off! I found a missed stitch on my afghan and several rows back. :hyper: I finally cut the yarn and made a ball after having a tangled mess from what I ripped out. My biggest mistake was making the whole thing too wide and it barely fits on the needle so it's hard to check unless I do it after every looped row. Never again! Good luck with the socks for your grandsons! You could put a little fridge up on cement blocks or something as sturdy.

I need to get dressed and ready to go. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

05-13-2014, 06:33 PM

It is a cloudy day here in the ♥-Land with a zero chance of rain. We don’t have any predicted in the near future either except maybe a 30% chance rain on Saturday. Things can always change though. While out and about I observed how the clouds are absolutely beautiful. Big and fluffy with gray bottoms and small spaces of sky blue in-between them. I would hope they would gather together and spill their water in nice drops. It is great to see the hay crops that survived the dry spell perk up. The ones that were too far gone have been plowed under.

Here is a myth that WW should heed: “Myth: You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. The eight-glasses-a-day myth came to life back in 1945 when the Food and Nutrition Board of National research Council said adults should take in about two-thirds of a gallon of water a day. What didn’t get reported in the papers is that they included the water inside your food as well, where MOST of your body’s water comes from. No need to carry around a gallon jug looks like we are not all walking around in a dehydrated state after all. Remember this “rule of thumb” if you’re thirsty – you’ve waited too long.” (Printed in a CCPOA publication.)

We just got word that our friends from Texas are coming for a visit in the middle of next month. It will be so nice to see them once again.

JEAN That is very nice of you to sub in that skit. We lived on one end of Yellowstone during their last big fire in 86 or 87 and got showered with some of it's ashes. They were having a "let it burn" policy in effect that year. They don't have that policy anymore ~ it burned way to much with that policy in effect. The forest takes quite a ling while to heal from a fire that large.

DONNA FAYE We plan on taking a trip one day down south to Ponca City where there is a great hamburger place the size of a small garage that makes the best ever hamburgers. No other reason to visit there but to have a great lunch. Our favorite places to eat are scattered throughout this country. I have some beautiful pieces of beaded jewelry that a friend made for me and I imagine yours will turn out as nice as these are. Take pictures and post them so we can see your handiwork please.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-14-2014, 09:44 AM
Good Morning! The sun is shining but it's another cold morning. I'm excited! The leaves have finally started to pop out on our trees. :cheer: On our way to Sioux City, yesterday, we noticed the corn is starting to come through the soil in spite of the cold weather. Kolby's team won their first game last night, and he made two goals! :cp: He was so tickled! It was cold and windy; I wore a turtleneck, sweatshirt, nylon jacket, and a lighter weight winter jacket, gloves, and had a blanket wrapped around my legs. I was warm! Again there were some dressed in shorts and sandals, but had hooded sweatshirts while they tried to keep warm. Dumb, and to think they are raising children!

Maggie -- I always had a hard time getting in the 8 glasses of water that WW recommended. I was glad when they included the amount of liquid in other beverages. Guess I'm just not much of a drinker, and need to work on that. I always think of the animals caught in forest fires. :(

Today is my lunch bunch and a stop at the Hallmark store for a couple of graduation cards. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

05-14-2014, 01:11 PM
Good morning, ladies. It's only 65 degrees now, after being 88 yesterday. We are still fogged in and it's nearly noon.

My allergy tests on Friday were all negative except for those I know about and they were still not testing much so she did a gluten sensitivity test and she called this morning and said it was positive for celiac disease. I am going to the dietician next week for gluten free diet advice.

Monday I went to applique at Bella Fabrics and last night was quilt guild meeting. Thursday is Ladies of the evening and Friday we get started on setting up for the Quilt Show on Saturday. I'll be glad when that is over.

Faye, those socks for Thomas sound great. I have some bamboo ones I wear to the gym because my feet sweat so much. They make bamboo quilt batting and it is a dream to hand quilt.

Jean, you are one devoted set of grandparents to brave the cold to watch a soccer game. I so hate to be cold.

Maggie, I always go by the color of my urine to judge if I'm getting enough liquids. As long as its a very pale yellow, I feel I'm good to go. That said, I do drink about 10 cups a day because my medications give me dry mouth.

05-14-2014, 04:26 PM
Good afternoon ladies. I came in here several hours ago and got called away and never remembered to come back in. It is rainy and cool today, but should turn around and be sunny again starting tomorrow.

I got the best strawberries at the commissary on Sunday, which is rare, but I looked on the plastic carton and they came from Mississippi so they were picked correctly. I hope they still have them next week when we shop as I plan to get more. Jack put them on lowfat ice cream last night and commented on how good they are. I love them just cut up with Truvia on them.

Finished my mittens and working now on the scarf full time. It is an easy lace pattern so shouldn't take too long to get it done. I will then have to figure out something to knit. :lol: My bff loved her footies and hat and scarf. She said they were all so soft. I told her they were all machine washable and dryable so she didn't have to hand wash anything. I was glad she like them and the purple went with her tan coat.

Tonight is hamburger gravy over potatoes and green beans. I haven't decided exactly what fruit I will have for dessert.

Jean: Congrats to Kolby on his win!!! Hope you had a nice time with your lunch bunch today. When my sister and her husband lived in Indiana when we did, her youngest son was in high school and we used to freeze to death going to his game every Friday night. Jay was never involved in sports past one year in little league so I never had to do that when he was growing up. We always had a fun time hanging with them though.

Susan: There are so many gluten free choices nowadays it makes it so much easier for people who have troubles. I thought Thomas could use the socks on daily runs or biking then use his expensive socks when he did marathons. My baby is doing a triathlon this weekend!!! I think his dad is doing it with him. Can't believe he is going to be 14 in a little more than a month.

Maggie: We were searching this morning for a restaurant to eat at on Saturday night in Fort Lauderdale. We finally found a nice family steak/seafood restaurant we are going to try. It is fun looking for new places you have never been.

Well girls, better go and get the hangers I ordered put away that came today. You all have a great afternoon. Faye

05-15-2014, 01:02 PM
Good Morning! We had sunshine for about an hour, now the clouds have rolled in. It was 32 degrees this morning and I saw a neighbor scraping frost from her windshield. This is just nuts! I've been to get my nails done and need to do some dusting, vacuuming, and sort through a pile of magazines. This afternoon I'm going to the bank! In 34 years, that I have had my own checking account, I have always balanced each month. This month I was off $145.10; I can't find it and neither can Bob. :hyper:

Susan -- You are one busy quilting bee! :D "Someone" decided to serve everyone gluten free bread at our Easter communion. It was the driest bread I've ever tasted! The biggest problem was that the pieces were cut too big and our cups too small to hold enough to wash anything down. I tore a little off mine, and stuck the rest in my purse. Usually we have a choice of gluten free wafers or regular bread cubes. I know bakeries in larger cities bake gluten free bread items and our local one will upon request.

"Gma" -- Good luck to Thomas and his dad this weekend! I guess the locals are planning one for here on the 4th of July. Our strawberries are beginning to look better each week. If I haven't cleaned them, Bob will do it. I saw a hint pushing a drinking straw up from the bottom. Supposedly the stem pops right out. I just cut mine. The hat and mittens turned out so cute! I love the bright colors. :yes:

I need to get busy! Hope you all enjoy a terrific Thursday! :wave:

05-15-2014, 05:41 PM
Good afternoon ladies. 84 degrees but I still haven't had to turn on the AC because the ceiling fans keep me cool enough. I'm always cold so now I feel just right.

I have been thinking about that Phillips activity monitor that I bought from WW and can't use now because you have to have a WW membership. I really liked it because I could wear it on a chain and it was water resistant. I was looking for a new water resistant one and Phillips came up in the search. Turns out they now have a program of their own you can subscribe to. I sent them an email to see if it is the same monitor but it looks exactly like it in the picture. It seems to me someone is missing out on a great opportunity if they don't have a program so you can continue to use these with a WW membership. There must be thousands out there.

Faye, I've been getting delicious strawberries at Kroger. Today I got blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, cherries, red grapes, a pineapple, and cherries. Yum!

Jean, gluten is what makes bread light so the gluten free tend to be heavier. I don't need bread. Doing low carb, I've already eliminated some of the problem foods. Gluten is in 90% of the foods in the grocery store! I hope you get your bank account balanced.

Hi, Maggie!

Have a wonderful day. Ladies of the Evening tonight.

05-15-2014, 07:41 PM

We stopped by the shop that our friend has that sells fresh baked cheesecake and other interesting things. I didn’t go in and when Will came out with 2 slices of cheesecake he had a surprise for me. Awhile back he bought me a 1.7 Fl. ounce small bottle of Mad Dog Revenge Habanero Chile Extract that has a heat level of Extreme. It came with a disclaimer list of 6 facts. Today he got me another couple more bottles of hot sauce. One is a 2 oz small bottle from Makers Mark with a heat level of 4. The other bottle is larger and is 5 oz and is from Dave’s Gorumet Insanity Sauce and is touted as “The Original Hottest Sauce in the Universe” with a heat level of 10+. You are instructed to use it a drop at a time keeping it away from eyes, pets, and children. He also bought me a package of microwave popcorn that is A** Kickn’ Habanero Kick Yo A** Hot! I am going to have to try these items with care. However, I do love “mo hotta, mo betta.” :cp:

We still have a nice cloud cover and got just a spit of rain. Maybe the clouds will let more rain out this evening.

We are going out to eat at our favorite Mexican place tonight and by now I know how to count my points there.

SUSAN It is best if you can get along without running an air conditioner. I love all the fresh fruit that Kroger gets. They have a wonderful buyer for that department.

JEAN That is a mystery in your account that I certainly hope the bank can figure out for you. I hope no one got in there and played games with your money.

DONNA FAYE Let us know how you like that restaurant. It is fun to try new places. Isn't that a good feeling that your friend liked the things you made for her. It is always nice to have your things appreciated by the receiver.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-16-2014, 10:45 AM
Good morning ladies. It is still cool here today and will be through the weekend then is going to really heat up. I will be glad for the 60 degree temp for tomorrow as the bead shop isn't air conditioned, which I find nuts in this part of the country. It was so bad when I went to pay my fee and get my beads that I was so and wet from sweat when I left and had to crank the ac down in the car to cool myself off.

My dil's sister had her new baby girl a few days ago so I made a sun hat for her yesterday and am making one exactly like it for her 5 year old sister. I went and found a pattern for 6-9 year olds for a regular stocking type hat that used the same yarn and needle size. I saw on the baby pattern that she cast on double the head size for the floppy brim so I just took the cast on number from the stocking cap and doubled it, knitted the brim then decreased back to the head size and I am about 1/3 way finished with the hat part so I should be able to finish today. I used some stash yarn in peony pink that I made my niece's hat and scarf with so it will only cost me for mailing.

I had to buy another ipad cord yesterday and the one I had wasn't very old. I don't know why it went kaputz so fast.

My "cheeky" shoes should be here today and I am anxious to see if they will work. I may wear them tomorrow to see how they do. I will be stuck with them if I wear them out so I may just wait and wear them around the house on the carpet to see how they feel and if they don't seem like I like them I will send them back.

Jean: Boy it was cold at your house again. Your heating and cooling system is going to be all confused. I balance our accounts everyday especially since I have had my bank visa card hacked three times. Hope you can find where the money went. That is quite a bit not to be able to find out what it is or where it went. It sure is nice in this day and age to be able to get into your bank account without having to go to the bank and go through pages of stuff with a customer service person. We even applied for our car loan online and got an answer back in less then 60 seconds! :lol:

Susan: My daughter has to watch her carbs because of her autoimmune disease. One of the things it messes with is her intestines. She had to be careful with milk products and fat in her diet too when the stuff becomes active. It causes IBS and in severe cases Crohn's disease, which can be a killer. Hope you feel better with gluten free stuff. Jack is getting us more grapes, cucumber, salad fixings, strawberries, etc after work tonight. We went through the strawberries lickety-split since they were so good.

Maggie: I like sirrache chili hot sauce. Jack doesn't eat hot, but I like to put in it eggs and things sometimes.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Hopefully my beading class goes well! Faye

05-16-2014, 01:06 PM
Good Morning! Another cold, cloudy day in my corner of the world. It was 32 when I came downstairs and the birds were ice skating on the bird bath! Bob covered my flowers last night; I don't know why but last nights temperature of 32 was colder than the 32 degrees the previous night. The weatherman said so! I have a load of towels that should be dry and ready to fold. We are hoping to stop for a quick visit with our brain tumor friend on our way to Ian's game. He starts radiation and chemo together on Monday, every day, for six weeks. What a not-so-fun way to spend the summer! We have a funeral tomorrow morning and Bob sings at church on Sunday.

Susan -- It would be nice if you can use your activity monitor through a non-WW source. Either my taste buds have changed or bread makers are changing their recipes. Bread brands that I have bought over the years just doesn't taste the same as they used to.

Maggie -- Enjoy your new hot sauce! Just the name sounds way too hot for me! After spending time in AZ, Bob's parents started putting salsa on their food. I can do medium/mild and will pick out the jalapeŮos if I find any. Our kids like more spice than we do.

"Gma" -- I'm taking my winter coat to the game again tonight! I can always go sit in the car as a last resort. I hope it stays cool for your class tomorrow. I can't imagine the bead shop not having air. The hats sound cute! I'm anxious to see a picture when you are finished.

I need to get busy. Hope you all enjoy your day! :wave:

05-16-2014, 07:39 PM

It is a cooler day today in the high 60˚s and it sure feels good. We have been out and about and I had a nice conversation with a gentleman in Wal*Martís parking lot who stopped by the Jeep and to ask questions about it. Will came back and the conversation continued for quite awhile. The guy knew about a lot of the places we know in CA and some of the happenings. Will gets a kick out of it when he comes back to the Jeep and never knows who I will be talking to. Life is good.

We went by the Fort Hays Historical Building to get a list of Generals that were ever in charge of the fort throughout history. Will needs it for some historical research he is doing for the museum. It is interesting the vast historical western history this place has.

For dinner tonight I am thawing some of those yummy burger pillows I made awhile back and froze and some left over potatoes and gravy from the other night. The salad will be a new thing. :lol:

JEAN Now that is cold for this time of the year. Since I grew up in CA I had a lot of Mexican food and I always liked the hot chili peppers. These little bottles may never get opened for they are way hotter than I am used to enjoying. They sure look cute sitting on my little shelf in the kitchen. :lol:

DONNA FAYE Are you talking about the Sirrache chiles grown in Thailand and the sauce bottled in CA? What heat index does the kind you use have? Will can't eat hot stuff since he had his gall bladder out. Having mine out didn't affect me that way, thank goodness for I do like my chilies.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

05-17-2014, 12:43 PM
Good morning all. It has rained all morning and it is pretty cool so I am wearing jeans and tshirt to my bead class in a couple hours. Hopefully the shop is comfortable.

I finished the baby and her sister's hat. I think they came out cute. They only took me a couple days and I tore out the big sister's hat because to me it looked to big. I had it completely done, but thought it was too big for her so I hope it fits.

We have been watching the tree house show on animal planet and it is really interesting to see the houses he makes.

Jean: Hope you didn't freeze at the game. Tom and Thomas are doing a triathlon today and it is muddy and cold and wet so I am sure it isn't pleasant. Here's my boy on the bike race part. They did the sprint today and do the Olympic tomorrow, which I guess is longer and harder.

Maggie:Yes, the hot sauce is Thailand and it is hot. I love it when we go to Genghis Grill and I put low sodium soy and this hot sauce on it. Hope you are warming up a bit.

You gals have a nice day. Faye

05-17-2014, 03:49 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun is shining some of the time, but it's not all that warm outside. We went to a funeral this morning. We couldn't smell anything cooking, (sometimes can smell the coffee), during the service so decided to come home rather than wait for the family to come back from the cemetery to eat. I need to make a grocery list and head to the store; Bob wants to grill "something" tonight. I'm hungry for something and don't know what. I have laundry going and know there is ironing I could do.

Maggie -- It's just a tad warmer here today. I'll be glad if and when the weather settles down! I like "cute" little things to sit around. I have a tiny bag of flour, in a cloth bag, that was my mom's when she was a little girl. I don't have it sitting out any more because I'm afraid it will disintegrate if dropped. I have a space filler of three tiny shelves in my kitchen, and change stuff every once in awhile.

"Gma" -- The hats are just darling, so cute! I took my winter coat to the game last night but didn't need it. There were five hot air balloons that went up during the game and it was fun watching them. Ian's team lost by three, but Ian had some nice plays. I was surprised Thomas was riding barefoot! I hope they do well in the race.

I need to get my list done and head to the store. Hope you all are enjoying a nice day! :wave:

05-17-2014, 08:03 PM
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