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07-20-2003, 07:11 PM
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Young Grasshopper
07-20-2003, 07:36 PM
Hi Chickies!

What a weekend!!!!!!!!!! Glad it's over!! Didn't do much but read...trying to prep for school in Sept. Read "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair.....good way to gross yourself out so much you won't eat! (This book later helped to create the USDA)

Anyway, that was my weekend excitement. Think I need to play Scrabble!

Deb :strong:

07-20-2003, 07:51 PM
Well, I did this great post with all sorts of personal replies, but the posting pixies came along and ate it. :lol: So I get to do it again. I started a new thread to boot. I know I have to post a reply or the posting police-aka Sandy or Peek will come get me. :lol: So anyway, things are okay. Nothing exciting really. Procrastinating housework, as usual. I need to get my butt in gear for the September move. I also need to bake some cookies for hubby's lunches this week. :yes: I will eat some, but I will try to limit myself.

Let me try this again:

Lori-Sounds like you had a blast. Congrats on the $100. Hope you use it for something fun!!! I agree with Terri-gay guys are generally great company. :cheers:

Deb-I'm sorry you had family issues. Sometimes it is difficult because our eating isn't about just nourishing our bodies, it is so emotional too. Probably almost all of us here have that problem. We can beat it though. :sumo:

JoeAnne-I bet the exercise really helped your blood glucose levels. We all test our limits some time. :shrug:

Terri-I hope you have a great time at the lake. :sunny: Allergies shouldn't be that bad out there I wouldn't think. ;)

Jen-What a nightmare you had. :fr: Hope you get to go home soon and that all works out with your car. :crossed:

Sandy-What can I say? I :love: ya!!!

2Cute-Boy, I'm tired just reading your post about moving and painting. That wallpaper removal sounded like a :censored:!!! I'll be doing it all over the next month and in September.

Adrian-Hey good job on 6 days OP!!! Husbands can be a pain sometimes. Just :rollpin: him in shape.

Natalie-Hope you are having a good "me" day. (They need a smilie in a bubble bath.) :bubbles:

Pam-Hope you are having a great day!!!:D You are doing such a great job!

Mary and Lucky-Your posts were too short for me to have a reply. Hope you are doing well!!!:wave:

To all those that are on vacation or out of town hope you are having fun and staying safe. :angel:

To all those working hope you are getting it all accomplished.

To everyone else who is MIA :drill: GET YOUR BUTTS IN HERE AND POST!!!!

07-20-2003, 07:55 PM
Hi Ladies!
We'll, we are back from our weekend getaway in Atlantic City. We had a good time and hubby manged to win a little bit of money playing blackjack. When we go down to AC for we don't spend all our time together because DH likes to spend most of his time at the Blackjack tables and I like to wander the boardwalk. So, I spend Fri & Sat afternoons walking up the boardwalk. Good exercise and fun to watch people and go into the little stores. All in all it was a good time, but now that we are home I am in a horrible mood and being so mean to DH --- not sure what is going on with me. I know I didn't get nearly enouch sleep last night so I hope it's just that I am tired. I hate to be mean to him, but sometimes my *****y-ness just comes out of me without meaning it! :rollpin: Oh - and when I was unpacking I realized I left my bathroom bag hanging on the door in the hotel. Luckily it was nothing that I can't replace, but I am going to call and see if they will send it to me.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I've browed through all the posts, but I will need to go back and catch myself up on everything!!!

For now I need to eat dinner and get some rest.

Talk to you later!

07-20-2003, 09:35 PM
Ok Ok I know I have been one of the MIA Amanda mentioned! She made me feel guilty!

I'm not gonna be able to post indidvidual tonight...have to give the crabby boy and bath and get a shower myself! Its back to work tomorrow!

Anyways...I do wanna ask Barb if she wants to meet next Sunday....since I couldn't seem to get Tina to make any kind of commitment to meet all of us here in the Philadelphia area...PM me and let me know !!

And to all the newbies...Welcome!!

OK gotta get going!

TTFN Michelle

07-20-2003, 09:42 PM
Happy Sunday to all of you
Food is terrible I have fallen off the wagon big time:sorry: :shrug:
Hubby took me out yesterday after work and we went to Macaroni Grill I had a small cesear salad, a chicken ceaser calzonetta(I only ate 3 peices of it) and a belini coctail. plus the bread they have.
I ate a low calorie ice cream bar last night.

Today started out soso. I ate 2 strips turkey bacon and a bagel with lite cream cheese and skim milk.

Thats when the day fell apart food wise. I decided it was time I went to see mother at the nursing home. My son and I went and he decided he wanted to buy mom lunch so we stopped at a truck stop and what did I order?
A cheese burger and fries. :cheese: :burger: It was good.
We went on to the nursing home and say mother. My brother sent her some photos of the baby. She was thrilled.
Afterwards son wanted to go to a mall he had never been to so we went and walked.
On the way home there is a baskin robbins store so we stopped and I got a large capachinno blast. So you see I have fallen and I can't get up. HELP

I am trying not to eat any thing else today but a peanutbutter sand is calling to me. I can hear it now.:D

well I've bent you ears enough so I'll go and try to be strong.:rollpin:

07-20-2003, 10:22 PM
Evening chicklets,

All is good here. Food is a little too good (which means it is BAD!!) Acutally just today really, kids and I went to McDonalds for breakfast, then we ordered chinese for supper....way over limits. Tomorrow is a new day thank goodness.

Michelle: It's nice to see you post.....how is the boy anyway?

Mary: Tomorrow is another day in Mississippi too ;)...lol...keep your chin up....you can do it.

Barb: Glad you had a wonderful weekend and hubby won. He won last time too didnt he? What luck. Sorry you left your bag, maybe they will ship it to you.

Amanda: are you suggesting I would repremand you for starting a new thread and not posting? LOL....I havn't done that to anyone in ages....:lol:

Deb: Sounds like some heavy reading you did. Is it a book for school? I love scrabble...lol

Okay night all, Im headed to bed so I can start that new day all refreashed.


07-20-2003, 10:53 PM
I don't really have anything new to say, but I wanted to get a jump on replies. This way I won't miss anyone and I won't have to write a book to catch up. ;)

Deb-We posted at the same time-that sounds like quite the book. I haven't read it. Maybe that is a good thing? :p

Barb-Welcome back. Sounds like you had a good weekend. Your hubby sure does have the luck. :lucky: Sorry you are having a crabby day.

Michelle-I'm glad I made you feel guilty. Welcome back. :mag: Good to see you.

Mary-What are we going to have to do with you? Glue your bare bottom to the wagon seat with super glue? Seriously, sorry you fell off the wagon. :stars: I'm sure you'll climb back on soon.

Sandy-Yes you would come to get me if I hadn't posted. :lol: You and I know you would and know that you know how to find me. The only reason you haven't said anything to anyone in a long while is that no one has given you cause. :sssh: See you have scared everyone into submission.

That is all for now folks. :bubbles:

07-21-2003, 12:04 AM
Hi everyone! :wave: I'm baaaack! :D Felt really bad about not getting to Curves on Friday before we left, but as it was, I wasn't packed by the time honey got home from work so we didn't leave until after 6:00. :(

We had a very nice weekend at my BIL and SIL's cabin in the woods. The guys took the guns up and did some target practice...."some" is the operative word here since that is ALL they did ALL day Saturday! :eek: My SIL and I went out, shot once and said "ok, did that. What's the big deal?" and went back to the cabin. :lol: Guess it's a GUY thing!!!! :yes:

They have a couple of ATV's so we went 4 wheeling on the property. That was alot of fun. :D The guys went fishing for a little bit today before we left to come home and SIL and I went rock hunting while they were gone. And the best part of the weekend?????? There wasn't much traffic coming home!!!! WooHoo!!!

I've read everybody's stuff, but am just going to start over from here, I think, rather than try to catch up with everyone. CONGRATS to all who deserve it!
Tomorrow is a NEW day for everyone that needs that message.

Jen: What a horrible experience!!! :o I'm so glad that you made it out of there alive!!! OMG!!! I can see why you're anxious to get back home. Please join us often. We've really missed you when you've been gone.

Lori: Aren't you sorta doing what you accused him of doing??? I'm not seeing where that's right either. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you're having a good time, at home, with guys you can actually have a relationship with. But isn't your problem with Brian his lies and possible infidelity???? * BTW, what happened to the movie deal. Wasn't that supposed to start sometime this month????

Mary: Not sure what to tell you about your high school friend. I had some temptation many years ago, and really had to think it through before anything became of it and decided what I had was too good to louse up. Just be sure you know what you're doing, cuz playing with fire....you could get burned. [[[hugs]]]

Ok, it's not that I don't love :love: you all, but I just got in from driving 5 hours and I'm beat. Gotta snooze! :yawn: Tomorrow is WW and Curves. Catch ya'll later.

"When opportunity knocks at the door, most people are out in the backyard looking for four-leaf clovers."

07-21-2003, 01:00 AM
Originally posted by thinthinker

Lori: Aren't you sorta doing what you accused him of doing??? I'm not seeing where that's right either. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you're having a good time, at home, with guys you can actually have a relationship with. But isn't your problem with Brian his lies and possible infidelity???? * BTW, what happened to the movie deal. Wasn't that supposed to start sometime this month????

Uh...:no: Not going to one blind date lunch with a lawyer that lasted less than an hour and to karaoke with two gay guys (like that relationship would go anywhere :lol: ). The rest of the time I've either spent with A.) My girlfriends B) The cat brats C) ME Plus...I didn't go through their pockets and break into their cell phone voice mails :s: .....Anyhoo, moving along:

About the film, in all the chaos about :censored:head Brian, I'd forgotten to mention that production had been delayed till fall. Something to do with script changes and location problems in Atlanta. Kevin is supposed to let me know when things are back on track. Hopefully by then I will be even skinnier.

Today, DID I REALLY BREAK OUT! I went out to do my power walk and something inside me just told me to try to go a little faster. Now mind you, I have arthritis in my knees, so I am not usually keen on doing this, but today, I thought to myself, "You know what, Lori? THE HECK WITH IT! JUST TRY! Next thing I know....


Do you know how many years it has been since I did that? And I wasn't even huffing and puffing that much afterwards! My lung capacity must be building up big time....:cb:

Maybe in a couple years I could do the Pittsburgh Marathon :D Just a thought.

07-21-2003, 01:56 AM
HI guys... don't know if I can get to everyone who has posted since my last post... but I will try.

Natalie... I LOVE scrabble !!! One of my most exciting days was when I found the "Deluxe" model at a garage sale for $1.00 :lol: I am too cheap to pay full price for it. LOL

Andria.. 6 days on program !!!!! I am sooo proud. :smug:
Where do you get those Birks.... maybe I should try them too.

Pam... Ahhh.. a day of rest. :) I think your body will respond to exercise better if you give it a day off now and then.

Lori... I started reading at 11pm and see you posted at 11pm my time. This is tooooo weird. LOL
Congratulations on RUNNING !!! What progress you are making.

Terri.... did you have fun at the lake??? We used to go all the time... but not this year. In fact.. my husband has a fising boat and he has not even taken it out in a year. :rolleyes:

Amanda... I love your new photo !!! You are a smart woman to be preparing to move NOW !!! Don't put it off. There is soooo much involved... after you think you have thought of it all. LOL

Deb.. You mentioned starting school... I have forgotten what you will be taking and where... if you told us. Fill us in again please.

Barb.. You sound like you are having one of my old mood swings. Not knowing exactly why you are upset... but upset just the same. Hang in there... and try to remember to not be too hard on DH.

Michelle... HI :wave: BYE :wave: LOL Need more to work with here. LOL

Mary... Temptation.... it is the devils advocate... be it food, money or men. LOL
Just remember... the grass is always greener on the other side.... but once you get there... the grass is always greener on the other side. LOL ;)

Sandy... You and Mary both can start anew Monday morning with a fresh start.

Thin... glad to see you had a good time. We used to have 2 ATV's and they were a blast !!! Back then... where we live was more country than city... we could go everywhere.... now the city is trying to take over all around us. Get a good nights rest.

Okay... to everyone... I have mislead you by mistake.
I am not actually "doing" the painting or wall paper stripping. :no:
I am packing... and running boxes back and forth .... and trying to close and fix up the old house and redecorate the new. I am working hard at "supervising" the work. LOL I am also getting a lot of exercise swimming too. I am being totally active all day .... everyday !!! That is a big change from my former days of sitting and hating myself for doing nothing. :yes:

Oh by the way... my bedroom turned out BEAUTIFUL !!! My living looks GREAT too. I was soooooo worried I was going to think it was too dark. I have lived in an all creme colored house for sooo many years. I think I am really going to like living in colored rooms again. :D
Okay... it is almost midnight now. It took me an entire HOUR to catch up. :yikes:
I sure hope I did not miss anyone who posted since my last post. :crossed:Sorry if I did.
Good night sweet ladies. Zzzzzzz

07-21-2003, 02:25 AM
In my house growing up, we used to jokingly call Scrabble SQUABBLE. "That's NOT a word!" "Yes it is!" "UH UH!" "YES IT IS! LOOK IT UP :censored:HOLE!" And on and on....:lol:

07-21-2003, 02:28 AM
Hey everyone :)

I was seconds from finishing my post, and the power went out here! Short version was that I made the entire week OP, and I'm going to hurry and post this recipe because DH is home tonight and the kiddies are finally in bed. :love:

Parmesan Vegetable Stir-Fry

Prep time: 15 minutes (took me less than 5)

1 T olive oil
1/2 onion, thinly sliced
1 clove garlic, chopped (I pressed mine)
1/2 c. mushrooms, sliced
1 c. fresh spinach
1 T lemon juice
1/2 oz. (2 T) Parmesan cheese, shredded

Saute onion and garlic in olive oil until soft. Add mushrooms and cook until done. Add spinach, toss well and saute very briefly. Sprinkle on lemon juice and Parmesan cheese. Serve hot.

Makes 1 serving

(per serving) Calories 275, Carbohydrates 22 gm. Protein 8 gm, Fat 17 gm, Sat Fat 0 gm, Fiber 6 gm, Cholesterol 10 mg, Sodium 1189 mg

The recipe is especially cool on this diet, because 22 carbs are free foods as well as 100 calories. So, the entire thing is about a wash!

Going to post this really fast in case the power goes out again. :(


07-21-2003, 07:56 AM
Good Morning Chicks,
Humm, I read the message on the first page of forums? I'm either really really blonde or lost? Are we getting a new format for the threads too?

2cute: You may not be painting and wallpapering, but it sounds like you are really really busy and doing your part too. A new home will be so nice. Have fun...

Amanda: Love ya chicklet, what else can I say?

Andria: The recipe sounds yummy. My hubby loves Spinich, so this one may work. Thanks

Lori: I too, like Thin thought you were going out to dinner at some point with some man? The lawyer was supposed to be dinner wasn't it? But plans changed? Not that its really any of my business, but you did post about it, so I figured you wanted up to post about it too? Sorry to offend if I did. Good luck in what ever it is you decide to do.

Mary: Don't know what you sent to Thin, but if its what I think it is from her response, remember to think things all the way through. I still see a guy at the store once in a while that I was in lust with in high school, we dated a bit, but nothing major. He can still make my heart skip a beat, but I would not trade what I have now for anything in the world. Good luck to you.

Okay girls, today is a new day and I will meet it like it is the first day of plan, maybe then I will keep my a$$ up here on the wagon.


07-21-2003, 09:05 AM
Give me an L ...L
Give me an O...O
Give me an S ...S
Give me an E ...E
Give me an R ...R
Give me an S ...S

Put them all together and what do you have ???

SRESOL !!!!! SRESOL !!!! SRESOL !!!!


Brought to you by DAM ... Mothers Against Dyslexia :lol:

Let's do it Ladies..... lets all be BIG LOSERS !!!! :D

07-21-2003, 09:59 AM
Hi girls. Another Monday morning yuck. Thank God I have off this Thursday and Friday. I will be enjoying the mini-vacation. Especially since things are so negative here.

I don't have time to post individuals, just wanted to drop in and say Hi. I had a great time catching up on all your posts. Today is motivation monday, I think my biggest motivator right now is how wonderful I feel. I don't think I've ever felt this happy or healthy at once. Another motivator is seeing the muscles grow on my arms, What I have them? Woo Hoo.

Catch you all later.

07-21-2003, 10:02 AM
What is wrong with me??? I am in a major Funk! I am just in such a lousy mood! I was great over the weekend - I am sure because I was away from "real life", but now that I am home and back at work I just feel crummy!!! It's not the food or the exercise --- it's just a combo of everything....SORRY....I do not mean to be a big, whiney baby, just getting this off my chest before I snap at someone......Here's my morning so far....

Go to kiss hubby goodbye and his first comment to me is .... "are you happier today?". I know he just cares (or wanted warning if I was going to bite his head off). So that wasn't too bad. He followed it up with an "I love you".

Then....I get to work and my friend that sits next to me says, "good morning, how are you?" My response - "I'm good - how are you". She says "You don't look good". :( I guess she can just sense that I am stressed out. She is pretty in tune with me, but for that to be the first remark of the day --- UGH!

Then...My other girlfriend, who has been great through my journey of ups an downs asked how my Friday weigh-in was. I share this with her every week. I said I was down one pound and her comment...."ONLY ONE"???? I could have smacked her!!! She back peddled, but still!!! I know she didn't mean any harm, but it wasn't a good start to the day......

Now I look at my calendar and realize I have tons of meetings over the next 2 days that I need to prepare for!

Lord, help me get my emotions back in order and be strong enough to deal with this week!!!

Thanks for listening. Again, sorry to be so whiny --- I'll come back later today with more positive comments. Or at least I promise to try!!!

Have a good Monday!
I love you guys! Thanks for being here!!

07-21-2003, 10:45 AM
Okay, I guess I had the typical Monday too. :o I burned hubby's breakfast. Of course it wouldn't have happened if he didn't just sit there like a king waiting to be served. Granted he had to fill out this bill I need to send today, but I've been bugging him since Friday about it. Why do I have to pick up the slack when he procrastinates? :mad: Drives me nuts. So I told him that next time when he can see I'm running around like crazy trying to pack his lunch and make his breakfast he can check on breakfast himself. :rollpin:

Okay, got that off my chest. :lol: Well, I have a bunch of baking to do today. First off is banana bran muffins. (Before the bananas grow legs and run away. :cb: Eek!!) Then on to bread. Want to get started before it starts getting hot. Right now I'm still cold because we got the house so chilly last night. Good jump on keeping the house cool for the day though.

Barb-Sorry you had such a hard start to your day. Things will look up. :sunny:

Natalie-Sorry you are having a "Monday" too. :balloons:

2Cute-What can I say? Your second post although brief was 2Cute. And it sounds like you are plenty busy even if you aren't painting and stripping wallpaper. :dizzy:

Sandy-Back at ya!! :love:

Andria-That recipe sounds :T yummy!!!

Lori-Way to go on the running!!

Thin-Welcome back. Missed you!! Sounds like you had a blast! :)

That is all so far today. Still a lot missing. Do I have to get out the :drill: today????

07-21-2003, 11:21 AM
Good Morning Chickees!

Having a good one so far...any morning I dont have to be at work at 7 is a great one!! off for the next two days, a little mini vacation in store. I am going to visit my mom, sister and neices. Look out wonderful water pressure, here I come!! I always get so revived when I go over there. They are all very supportive and are eating healthfully too...my oldest neice (21) has lost 45 lbs on the la weight loss program, and man does she look fabulous!! I am so proud of her. She is becoming quite the social butterfly now, dating, and getting out more! before (she weighed over 200) she only had 2 dates, prom and one other, now her confidence is amazing! My sister is walking and eating healthier too, she has lost around 20 lbs. sooo food is good when I go visit there, exercise too, we all do it together!:jig: :cb:

Amanda thanks for being the :drill: we all need to be each ohter's :drill: and each other's :angel: as you are mine! I am so grateful for your constant companionship! It makes my day!

Barb...don't you just hate it when day starts off like that! careful, take it easy, you don't want to start:cbg:, that is what happens to me when emotions start running amuck that is the first thing I want to do:hun: , fortunately I have been able to refrain..you can do it...we know you can!!:grouphug: :stars:

Natalie, I am ecstatic that you are feeling good about yourself, you are doing soooo well, keep up the good work!:cp: :bravo:

Andria, thanks for the recipe looks yummy...thin welcome back!
2 cute I like that...you are the supervisor!! you go girl!

Mary...I'm with you lady!! you stay strong, I know it can get too challenging sometimes!! you can do it, you deserve it!

to all the rest of you gals...take care and I'll be cheering you on...till next time.........toodles

sw 356/June 5th/June 24 348.8
cw 346--next weigh in 3 days!!! counting em down!!
first goal:lose 10 more lbs by August 31st
next goal: lose 10 lbs
next: lose 50 lbs, got to whip this big ole butt into shape, I am getting on that airplane and coming to Oklahoma!!! look out 2 cute
final goal: 130

07-21-2003, 12:23 PM
Hellllo Again!

Got that mile in...feeling :strong: :cool:

Hope all of you have a terrific day, gotta hit that shower now!! put on that bath and body works, great smelling stuff it is called warm vanilla sugar...if I cant have a dessert, might as well smell like one!!:D :bubbles:

check in this evening..going to :comp:

07-21-2003, 01:13 PM
Morning, ladies! :wave: Not staying to post, but I just heard a commercial for Oprah and it's "Great Weightloss Stories". I have no idea if it's a repeat or something new, just thought I'd mention it in case anyone cares.

joe anne
07-21-2003, 02:11 PM
Reporting my Miles and Minutes for the week of:
14.25 miles
325.41 minutes

joe anne
07-21-2003, 02:29 PM
Lori HERE is your cheering wave. (messed up on the PM sorry)

07-21-2003, 03:09 PM
Joe--thanks for the PM and the kind words!

Barb--Sorry about your funk. I've been there. :drill: BACK AWAY FROM THE FRIDGE! :drill:

Wow, it is windy today! I went out for a run earlier and thought I was going to get blown across town :lol:! You know I am feeling energetic when I am up and running at 6AM for no good reason. Some people say they feel like they are going downhill in their 40s...for some strange reason, I feel like I'm headed UPhill! :shrug: No complaints here, though....:lol:

07-21-2003, 03:22 PM
News FLASH #2: There will be a Birkenstock 6th anniversary special on QVC tonight at 11:00 EST. The Today's Special Value was a sandal. Anyhow, just thought I'd let you know since some of you were talking about Birkies. :)

07-21-2003, 05:11 PM
Good afternoon ladies -
Just popped in to say hello! I have almost made it through the work day and haven't bitten anyone's head off! :p Actually, I am starting to feel a little better. I just need to take control of my emotions instead of letting them get me depressed! One of my biggest challenges right now is my hubby --- I really want him to start getting healthy with me. I get so frustrated when I am running around the house doing everything, working out, running errands and he is at home playing computer games. He works very hard and makes a good living for us, and I am very understanding and know that the computer is his way of blowing off steam after a long day at work. But I wish he would make some time to take care of himself and do some little things around the house. I need to have a good heart to heart with him. :love: I have tried to be patient and let him come around in due time, but the time is here for me to push gently. I knew this was nagging at me, but I realized today while I was talking to a friend at work that I may need to do something about it.

Phew...I got that off my chest. I am yet again being whiney to you! Thanks for listening (reading)! Anyone with a lazy husband have any advice?

I'll try to be back later with more positive responses to all!
Barb :encore:

07-21-2003, 06:24 PM
I'm sitting here re-reading some of you ladies' messages about your men...ARE ALL MEN ON MALE PMS RECENTLY?!!! :lol:

Anyway, just got back from my evening walk and wanted to check in before having my Monday evening coffee (more like a lemonade) klatch with the girls. Cya tonight! :wave:

07-21-2003, 07:50 PM
Hey guys! SO good to be back home! I am exhausted and have only skimmed over the last 7-8 threads, so I'm not making individual replies at this time. I would like to respond to Michelle's comment: since I couldn't seem to get Tina to make any kind of commitment to meet all of us here in the Philadelphia area...

The reason I didn't make a firm committment is because this vacation was not just for me and Ron....it was entertwined with other people as well and I didn't know exactly where I would be or at what time things were happening. I didn't want to make definite plans and then have them spoiled and have hurt feelings. It was never an issue of not wanting to meet up with you, it was an issue of how could we all work it out? There were only a few things that were in ink. Also, I couldn't seem to find a day that all of us could meet. Either one day would be great for one of you but not good for another, or another day was good for one but terrible for the other. I took both yours and Kat's numbers with me hoping we could work something out. If I hurt your feelings in any way, I apologize. It was not my intention and I think you know that. ;)

The *plan* was that I would meet Kat at the hotel I was staying at in CT....but unfortunately, plans changed.

First off, the car was acting up something horrible. We've had a small oil leak for awhile and it decided it would turn into a BIG oil leak. :yikes: To be perfectly honest, the entire time we were gone, we put a total of 56 quarts of oil in the car. NO, that is not a typo. It is a 5 and a 6. We put in 3 cases, 3 - 5 quart jugs and 3 quarts. It was a mess. We left here on Sunday for Maryland, and what was supposed to be a 10 hour trip turned into a 14 hour trip. :eek:

The next day, my friend Irene and I left in her car and drove to Jersey Shore, PA to pick up our other friend, Kim. We left around 11:15am that morning and didn't get back till around 9:30pm.

The next day, (Tuesday) Ron, me, Trey and Kim loaded up in my car and we were following our friends...Irene, Jay and Alex. We were all heading up to CT.

(I'd like to mention on a sidenote here, that once I got to Maryland....it was never just me, Ron and Trey. There was always someone else with us or following behind us. I would also like to mention that my phone was on "Extended Service" and I was not even able to dial out or receive calls for at least two days.)

We left very late on Tuesday (2:30pm---Irene's fault because she's slower than Christmas) and arrived in CT around 11:00 that night. The reason I cancelled the reservation at the hotel is because Jay's (Irene's hubby) parents invited us to stay with them in CT and that saved us around 200.00, not having to stay at a hotel and with using all the oil that I hadn't planned on, it certainly helped. I made several attempts to get in touch with Kat and my phone just wouldn't let me through. I had no service in CT at all. I do realize I could have used Jay's parents phone, but I didn't want to use their phone to make a long distance call.

Wednesday morning, we (me, Ron, Trey, Irene, Jay, Alex, Kim and Karen) all left for Thompson Speedway. (Karen, Irene, Kim and I were riding together and then the boys in Irene's car) We spent most the day there and saw Tony....it was awesome! I got some pretty good pics of him and he raced in the feature race as a surprise and won! It was awesome! :encore:

So Thursday rolls around and Ron, me, Trey, Kim and Karen head up to NH. This time I am riding with Ron and Trey, but we are following behind Karen and Kim because we have no clue where we are going.

This is the time I finally get some service on my phone and I get my messages from Kat. I am absolutely devastated that I didn't get to meet up with Kat. It was just a series of unplanned events, getting places too late, having to depend on other people as well as them depending on you and things like that. Don't get me wrong....I had a wonderful time and I loved the friends I met up with. It was just very difficult changing the hotel we were to stay at and having to depend on others. I spoke with Kat about the whole mess and she was very understanding. It made me feel even worse that I missed out on meeting with her. But you guys know us....we are road warriors and we will definitely be in that area again and we will make meeting up with you guys a priority!

Friday, we all headed up to NHIS to watch qualifying. (which got rained out--I might add) We did get to see a lot of drivers in their trailors though and got some pretty good pictures.

Saturday, (plans took another direction) we got up early and left and took Kim home. (the one who lives in PA) Even though it made us have a longer drive, I didn't mind because she is a very special person. It just threw our route a little off, but I'm not sure that I didn't like coming home from PA better. It is some beautiful country. We finally got her home around midnight and then we drove a little further and checked in somewhere on Hwy. 15 South.

Sunday....we got up and drove home. We had several bad experiences with the car, but we drove as fast as we could and tried to not waste any more time than we had to. I'll include a few pictures and will try to catch up with everyone else tomorrow.

I did allow myself to eat what I wanted, but I DID NOT overeat. Also, combining what I ate along with all the walking we did, I probably didn't do so bad after all.

I'm getting off this computer for now....I feel like I've been here forever. Hope you enjoy the photos:

Me and Ron

Me, Irene and Kim

The whole TSOT gang!


Karen actually took these pictures with her zoom lens and I thought you might like a gander of Tony in his firesuit...



Yes, I know ladies. :T But what can you do? :s:

Well, I'll not answer that question. :devil:

Have a wonderful evening. :grouphug: It's good to be back.

Stepping Out
07-21-2003, 08:06 PM
I think I need to change my name from "homebound" to "surfer girl". I've been doing a lot of crusin' around this site and others.

Thin-glad you're back. Hope you enjoyed the vacation.

Lori-Running :cb: Keep up the good work!

Joe anne: Good job with exercise for the week:barbell:

Barb: Some days are like that. I've been having funky fits lately too. Hope tomorrow will be better:goodvibes

Pheonix: Hope you're not mad at DH anymore:love:

I shouldn't have been AWOL this weekend. My eating was bad-too much :jeno: and:burger: I did find out some good news-my thyroid is o.k., but my TSH is LOW. The Dr. is putting me on Synthroid. Hopefully that will help with my weight loss and energy levels.

joe anne
07-21-2003, 08:26 PM
Hi Tina
Glad you are back, and that your ok. Good for you for not getting too stressed about your car troubles, and the sticking to your limits of eating.:cp:
I wish I could be like, but most times I just give in to emtions and eat whatever is nearest, anything thats sweet is even better.
Oh yes, you have very nice pictures, thanks for sharing them.

07-21-2003, 09:36 PM
Tina, thanks for the pics..I had missed not seeing Tony!:lol:

07-21-2003, 10:13 PM
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God Bless America!