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05-04-2014, 12:18 AM
Is it okay to use the ticker from MFP on this forum?



05-05-2014, 04:16 AM
I believe it is. Many people, myself included, use tickers from other sites.

By the way, congrats on your loss! Impressive.

Suzanne 3FC
05-06-2014, 05:07 PM
That's fine, and congratulations!!!

05-06-2014, 05:42 PM
Awesome. Thank you very much.

07-24-2014, 09:52 AM
I am using a ticker from Ticker Factory but don't know how to change the weight when I lose weight. Can someone help please? Thanks.

07-24-2014, 01:04 PM
You would go to the url created for your ticker and edit your weight there. It will then reflect the change on the forums you have the ticker displayed.

Below is the url that was created for your ticker. You will go there to edit/update any changes using the PIN you created at registration.