Support Groups - Okay - MAY, Time for Worldlies To Get Their Arses in Gear

04-30-2014, 05:20 PM
There you go, done.

May has arrived and with it a huge amount of work to do. I have three URGENT things on my desk which have a finish date of yesterday (of course)
So if I am a bit terse, sparse or completely missing, it's due to the avalanche of paperwork on my desk.
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04-30-2014, 06:34 PM
Shad - Thanks for starting the new thread. Now it's time for me to get my arse in gear. Just a few more hours until my advanced back exercise I know I'll give more core a good workout. Good luck with your time travel (so you can deliver the urgent tasks yesterday).

04-30-2014, 07:16 PM
Thanks Shad for setting up the new thread.

I'm so ready for these last couple of hours to end. I'm heading out the door in the morning around 10 a.m. to Branson and my friend cancelled her end. I'm free. Kind of figured she would do this and she told me that she would not plan any more vacations with me. I'm not even going to ask her. :dance:
Getting used to running the plant from the psi gauge still not sure how many feet is in there. And you know what I don't care if I run it over again. And I'm not sure whether or not it will be any time soon for them to get the replacement parts. !!!!!! !May be a good time to retire. hmmmmmmmmmm that sounds good.

I really need to get myself together and start at least strength training again. Put my hand on my bicep and nearly fainted. I have very little muscle. It's all gone to fat and I used to be solid there.

How is your dog?

Congrats on the weight loss. That's great.

I'm curious about the MRI also.

How are things moving at the thrift shop? Is it opening tomorrow?

Who knows the temp jobs could turn into a real one. That's a lot of fish.

Sorry your job is becoming more stressful. Hang in there.

Hello to the rest. I'll check in when I get to Branson

04-30-2014, 07:17 PM
I like the new thread title! It's going to be a challenge for me with my foot issue but I'm confident that I can come up with some sort of cardio workout to do. I've been looking at hand and foot exerciser. And of course I can do other upper body workouts with weights as well.

My MRI was LONG! I had to do it with and without contrast. I was there 2.5 hours! They had issues with trying to give me the shot with the contrast. They tried 4 times--finally they got into a vein (I have issues with this often). They blew 3 other veins trying to get one to work. I felt like crying as I was so worn out from it all.

Hopefully I will know something soon. Also, my Ortho wants to send me for a DXA scan to check my bone density. I feel like I'm falling apart! and I know that being overweight isn't helping.

So my arse has got to get in gear!

Terra: 12 lbs gone! GREAT job!

Annie: Good to see you here. I understand the 24/7 issue..especially when you are used to having your own routine.

Shad: Thanks for starting the new thread and be careful with that paperwork! I know how it is..I feel like I"m drowning in mine sometime.

I've got to get out of here and head home.

I hope to have more time tomorrow for personals.

04-30-2014, 08:29 PM
Ceejay - Yay!!! I'm SO happy that your pushy friend backed out!! You truly are free to enjoy your vacation with your family and high school friend!! :D ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!! :D :dance:

Susie - Wow! That is a long MRI!! And so exhausting!! Sending you hugs. :hug:

05-01-2014, 11:53 AM
Morning all. Chilly first of May. Not thrilled to be wearing a sweater and t-neck, as well as a scarf and gloves, but c'est la vie. Springtime in the Midwest. :shrug: :rain: :flow1:

Shad – Thanks for starting our new thread. Hope you’re digging out from under all that paperwork and avoiding papercuts, LOL.

Michelle – How was the advanced back exercise class? :exercise:

Ceejay – Safe travels! I’m glad your friend isn’t coming along with you – you don’t need the stress, you need a nice relaxing vacation!! Enjoy! :beach:

Susie – Sounds like the MRI was a real ordeal! :( I hope they find something helpful so they can get you going on your recovery. Our gym has one of those arm pedaling machines, noticed a guy using it last night.

Hellos to the rest of you!
I went to the gym with bf last night and bf’s friend also met us there. I did a total of 30 min cardio, split between elliptical, rowing machine and spin bike. After that I did a plank, two sets of pushups and a bit of ab work. It was hot in the gym, especially on the 2nd floor where the ellipticals and other cardio equipment is. I think that sapped some of my energy right from the get-go. At least I moved my arse. :D

Today I’m taking our admin out to lunch, just the two of us. Our boss has also invited us to department lunch tomorrow as a farewell. Neither of us are thrilled about it, but so be it. Tomorrow is the admin’s last day here. I bought her a card yesterday. We have two internal candidates for her job, and maybe an external one lined up. I’ll be busy after this week with covering some of the critical admin work and interviewing, on top of my own work.

Okay, gotta run. Everyone have a great day.

05-01-2014, 11:57 AM
Morning all,

Long day of hard work yesterday. Got all the new furniture and fixtures in at the shop - it's going to look GORGEOUS. Those poor guys (including DH) really worked HARD. He said this morning he has to do this more often because last night for the first time in a long time, he slept like a log :lol: Me too. Had a brief conversation with my Mom, she was snippy and I was very tired and losing my temper so I told her that I was just not up for having that conversation and I cut the call short. She is being very childish at the moment.

I am killing a few minutes while waiting for the museum to open - they are offering a yoga class by my favorite teacher and they just opened the schedule this morning so I want to sign up before it fills up. Then it's off to the shop again.

I apologize for no personals right now - DH is chomping at the bit to get going so I don't want to delay or spend all day there so I'm on my way.

Have a good day everyone, talk to you later.

05-01-2014, 01:06 PM
Good morning, ladies!!

So happy it's Thursday!! Dang, this week is going so slowly. It was super hot yesterday and will be again today. I really, really hope that we won't get too many days like this in the summer.

Quick check in for me...the advanced back class was tougher, but I made it through. We started with the basics that are the same as the Level 1 back class:

1. Engaging core muscles to create what they call the "ab brace"
2. While lying on our backs with knees bent, we were told to "march" pick up each foot a couple inches and then put it down and pick up the other one (all while doing the ab brace).
3. Continuing the marching, we added the arms, lifting overhead the arm opposite to the foot that is lifted up.
4. Then we did bridges, making sure to engage our abs and glutes.
5. Followed by Bridge marching, where you are in a bridge and you pick up the right foot and put it town, then pick up the left foot and put it down, then come out of the bridge by placing your butt back down on the mat and releasing the abs and glutes. We did at least 10 of those. When we do the marching, we have to concentrate to make sure not to drop our hips or pelvis when we pick up each foot.
6. Then we did the clamshell exercise, followed by something similar to clamshell except with the top leg extended and at an angle slightly behind the bottom leg, and making sure not to roll the top hip backward (if anything, it should roll slightly forward)
7. After that, it was planks: a 30 second traditional plank (I was on knees and forearms), followed by a 60 second traditional plank. Then a 30 second side plank on each side. While it's been a few weeks since I've done a regular plank, it had been several years since I'd done a side plank, and those were really tough. And since they are physical therapists, they are sticklers for correct form.
8. Then we moved on to working the oblique muscles. While we were lying on our backs with our knees bent either with feet on the floor or up at a 90 degree angle (thighs perpendicular to body, shins parallel to floor), we grabbed a resistance tube attached to the wall above our head and pulled it slowly in a diagonal motion toward the floor to the side of us, first one side then the other. Definitely works the obliques.
9. Then we did a similar movement standing with our side facing the wall, holding on to the resistance tubing that was attached to the wall, we turned from our torso (not just the arms) to pull the cable across our body toward the side opposite the wall. It's really easy to do if you let the arms/shoulders do most of the work. The key is to make your abs/obliques do the work.

I think that's all the exercises we did. If I remember any others, I'll add them. My abs were quite sore last night, but a good sore...not a sharp or stabbing back pain type sore.

Sadly next week's Back Exercise Level 2 class is full, so I'll have to skip a week. And my therapist said that I probably won't need too many Level 2 classes...I just have to do the exercises at home. And I will...daily.

Happy - Sorry to hear about your mom being snippy and childish. Good for you for cutting the call short, rather than losing your temper. I'd love to see photos of the new shop. When is it going to open? So good that you and your DH slept well after all that hard work. Sometimes we work so hard the pain is too intense to sleep despite being exhausted.

Laura - Sorry you're having crappy weather for the first of May. I hope it gets better because aren't all Chicago's famous festivals going to be starting up soon? Good for you for doing all that exercise. Enjoy your lunch today with the admin. I hope they can fill her position soon so you aren't overburdened.

Better sign off for now.

Much love and many hugs to all,

05-01-2014, 01:24 PM
Hello Everyone. What a difference a night of sleep makes! I was feeling pretty rough when I got home from work yesterday but I had a good nights sleep and I'm feeling better.

I am also working from home today. The treadmill is here! I hope it won't be long before I can use it. I did get on it a bit to test it while they were here. I'm going to love it when I can use it and I know DH will too.

I don't know what the scales will say tonight at TOPS. I haven't been focused this past week. I thought about skipping and waiting until next week, but I'm not going to do that. I'm going to go and it will be what it will be. Going and facing the music is part of my getting my "arse in gear!". Also I'm going to start push up challenge today. I can do them on my knees or using the wall.

I am also recommitting to MFP for the month...anyone else joining me?

Happy: How wonderful that all the furniture and fixtures are in the shop. I can tell you are excited about it. It will be a nice new place for you all.

It is very hard to confront people but I think it was a good thing that you opened that dialogue with your mom.

What did you think of the new yoga class?

Ceejay: We were typing over each other yesterday. I know you are going to enjoy your vacation for sure now! Have a wonderful time.

Laura: It is cool here today as well..but very sunny. Good for you for getting to the gym last night. I think you had a great workout! Be proud of yourself for doing what you did it.

How nice that you are taking the Admin out. As a Admin I can tell you that she will appreciate it very much. I hope that she is moving on to something that is wonderful for her and not just leaving to get away from something.

Sometimes Admin's are not appreciated and really it can be hurtful. A good Admin is the backbone and the pivot point for the Organization.

Michelle: Thank you for the hugs!

Hi to all the rest of you!

05-01-2014, 04:22 PM
Morning all,
Yesterday way solid slog. 7.00am meeting, and then on to some of the most urgent stuff - well it was apparently the day before yesterdays urgent, meeting at 12.30pm and then onto the other bits and pieces. I have some stuff on my desk today that is way out of left field and I am going to have to find someone to help (bribe with chocolate maybe?). When some one spoke to me I jumped about 6 feet in the air and discovered that it was going on for 6.00pm so time to go home. Come back again today to do it all over again.

Ceejay - have a great holiday. Get your body and soul back together and good luck with the 'bloke from high school'. Glad the friend is not going with you.

Susie - that was some MRI. Hope it gets good results for you. The treadmill has arrived - yee haaa. Time to march along on it. Lucky you working from home. I love doing that. Can't promise anything but I will try to get back to MFP. I will count the calories and forget the exercise bit. I have decided to measure instead of weigh. I never seem to lose anything, but my clothes are definitely loser on me. Stupid scale.

Laura - sounds like the arse was moved. Good for you. However all those lunches will need some working off.

Happy - sorry to hear that mum is being difficult. Wonder what's got her toga in a knot. Well done to you and the DH for the effort put in in the shop. Sounds like it will be nice. Maybe your DH can chop firewood for exercise - from some of the branches that have come down. Could be a source of income for you. :lol:

Michelle - sounds like a good work out in the back class. Well done. Hope you are not too sore this morning.

Right - Better go get on with the day. Try and make some sense of these documents. Get some things put up on the net. Beautiful sunrise this morning. Took some photos, well get round to showing them soon.

05-02-2014, 09:44 AM
Had a good trip to Branson and last night after my sister got off from work I took her out to dinner at Montana Mikes. It was good and I behaved myself food wise. Then went across the street to KMart. Haven't been in one of those stores in awhile.
Today bil is taking us out to lunch and tonight is the show that we are attending. My niece is also coming up tonight.

I'm glad that friend didn't come with me and then she was going trying to talk me out of going cause she was wanting to come down. I told her that my sister was taking off work Friday so we could be together. And also told her the security alarm was set. So she said that she would come on Thursday when I was off. I don't want her in my house alone any more.

I haven't heard from the high school friend, but that is just the way he's always been so I'm not fretting over it.

I had the similar experience when I had my MRI done last year.

I'll come back later getting ready to eat breakfast.

05-02-2014, 11:57 AM
Morning all. TGIF!!

Happy – Glad the new shop is looking good. People will want to come in and spend time and $$$ there. Nothing like hard physical work to help along a good night’s sleep. I also sleep well when I’ve spent a lot of time out in the fresh air. Sorry your mom’s being "difficult". :( Better to just cut the conversations short when they take a bad turn. Did you get a spot on the yoga class? Did you say it was in a museum??!!

Michelle – The advanced exercise class sounds challenging – especially the plank part. Good job!! I’ll have to give the oblique moves a try. I guess I could tie my resistance band to a column in the basement. Have the temps gone down a bit for you? That’s awfully warm for this time of year!

Susie – Yay for getting the treadmill! :woops: I hope you can use it soon – you have even more incentive now to get your bum foot walking ready! How did TOPS go? I definitely need to get back to tracking…maybe Monday. I know that sounds lame, but I have several meals out over the next few days and I just don’t want to get frustrated trying to track that…I’ll try to make good choices and control my portions instead.

Shad – That’s a long work day. But now it’s your weekend right? Enjoy. :D What’s planned? Yeh, Im doing way too much eating out lately, and the scale is showing it. Have to up the exercise and cut the volume of food! I’d love to see the sunrise photos. We’ve had mostly gloom and rain all week here. Bleh.

Ceejay – Glad your travel to Branson went well. Sounds like you’ll have some nice family time today. Enjoy yourself!!

Hi to the rest of ya’s!!
Lunch yesterday with the admin was nice. I’ll sure miss her, but wish her well. She’s pursuing work in her field of interest – social work. She doesn’t have experience, so she’s going to be searching for a paying job, of course, but has decided in the meantime to increase her volunteer work with the women’s organization for which she currently volunteers. Good for her. She has a husband and child, but juggled work, family, and getting a college degree, so I know she can make this happen for herself.

Today is the department farewell lunch for the admin. Tonight bf and I will likely watch the hockey game.

Tomorrow is Jazzercise, then lunch with bf’s mom at Cheesecake Factory. Tomorrow night is the dinner/auction for the lab rescue org from which we adopted Coal.

Nothing on Sunday I hope. :crossed:

Okay, meeting in 10 min to review the admin’s open items and processes…the boss sure waited til the last minute. :rolleyes:

05-02-2014, 12:49 PM
Ceejay ~ Thanks, I've tried really hard to get into the 280's

Susie ~ Thanks, I cant believe Im finally in the 280's

Im gonna walk for the 1st time today in 30 mins and then I'll walk again after dinner.

05-02-2014, 03:45 PM
Hi ladies,

I am so glad it's Friday! I am freakin' exhausted. I went to a yoga class at the gym yesterday. OMG! Talk about cardio yoga! Jump from down dog into forward bend, then go back to down dog and jump to a plank, and so on? WTH? Jumping in Yoga?! I did my best to keep up, but was usually about one or two moves behind because the instructor only stayed in each posture for one breath or maybe two. I left the class after about 45 minutes. My heart was pounding like crazy, and the unusual heatwave we had the past couple days (nearly 100 yesterday) didn't help any. I picked up Santa from day care, and even by the time we got home, ate, and I showered, my heart was still beating hard and fast. Finally after about an hour of watching TV, it calmed down.

This has happened to me before on extremely hot days, which is why I don't usually over-exert myself when temps are 95+. But I figured...I can do yoga...those moves are slow, controlled and gentle, right? NOT THIS YOGA! Maybe someday in the future, I'll be able to try this class again...but not for awhile and not on an extremely hot day.

I slept well, but woke up feeling physically exhausted. So I'm not going to my slow-paced, easy does it yoga class or to the poker game. If the poker game ended earlier than 11:30, I might try to go...but as tired as I am already, I can't stay up that late.

Tomorrow if I'm feeling better, I'm getting together with friends in the afternoon. Sunday's yoga class has been cancelled, so I might take Santa to the beach. Who knows, maybe I can even get D to go with us. So nice that he's not out of town this weekend. :D


Susie - I'm glad you got a good night's sleep. It is tough to function during the day when you don't sleep well. How did TOPS go?

Shad - I hope you're able to relax some this weekend.

Ceejay - Glad you are enjoying your time in Branson! Enjoy the show tonight. The nerve of your friend trying to talk you out of going on a trip that you've been eagerly looking forward to for a long time.

Laura - The temps are finally cooler today. Mid-80s. I can live with that, though I prefer mid-70s. That's why I'm thinking about a drive to the ocean on Sunday, it's always cooler over there. With all your lunches and luncheons, I think it makes sense to postpone tracking until Monday. Glad you had a nice lunch with the admin. I'm still following the NHL playoffs because I'm a Pittsburgh Penguins fan. But I know I won't be hearing much about hockey on the media here...not after the San Jose Sharks embarrassing Game 7 loss to the LA Kings. The hometown basketball team is playing their Game 7 tomorrow against an LA team. Hopefully they'll do better, though I don't follow the NBA much. So you're taking bf's mom to the Cheesecake Factory tomorrow? Is this an early Mother's Day celebration? Every time I think of the Cheesecake Factory, it reminds me of "The Big Bang Theory" because the character Penny worked at the Cheesecake Factory for many "seasons". :lol: Sounds like a really lovely day tomorrow with Jazzercise, the lunch and then the dinner/auction. I love supporting ALL rescue organizations. I hope you have a very nice and relaxing Sunday. :crossed:

Terra - Congrats on getting into the 280s! :bravo: You are inspiring me to walk more...and to try and find classes at the gym I can actually do without killing myself. I'm going to see if there's a water aerobics class on the weekends. If not, I'll do yoga at home or a workout DVD.

Happy - Were you able to reserve a spot in the yoga class? Have you ever had yoga classes where they literally "jump" from one move to another? I think that's just craziness!

Here's to a wonderful weekend for all of us!

Love and hugs,

05-02-2014, 06:42 PM
Getting ready to go to the concert tonight. It's down on the landing so we'll have to leave a bit early to park. I'll get to see the baby tomorrow.
This morning my sis and I walked a mile on a trail through the woods. I'm going to love it here. Just don't know how to drive. Sis wants me to wait till I'm 67 to retire but I said 65. That's my limit on going up and down those stairs and dealing with all the stress.

05-02-2014, 11:29 PM
Michelle ~ Im glad to know that Im inspiring you to walk more, Thats good that you'll either see if there is a aerobics class you can do on the weekends or you'll just do yoga at home or you'll do a workout dvd. Whatever you need up doing thats still a good plan.

I walked twice today, Im gonna try harder to walk 3 times tomorrow though.

05-03-2014, 01:02 PM
Hi all,

Sorry I've been absent - been very busy with the thrift shop. Then yesterday I went into the basement and noticed the carpet is all wet. Seems we might have a crack in the floor and with all the melting that's going on, water is coming in. Not pouring in, just creating puddles. Of course homeowners insurance will not pay for this. Today we will be moving things and DH has to rip out carpet. After working our butts off at the shop the last 3 days, we are not exactly up for another long day of hard work but what can you do? So... no personals today. Will be back soon.

05-04-2014, 06:36 AM
Sorry, MIA for the weekend. My cousins husband passed away on Friday and I have been busy trying to get information and trying to find flights for myself to Christchurch for Wednesdays funeral.

Will be back tomorrow with updates.

05-04-2014, 01:45 PM
Shad ~ Im sorry to hear about your cousin's husband's passing

Now that its summer I need to get up when it gets day light and walk and then walk while the sun is going down so that way its not that hot outside like it is during the day. Today is suppose to be 100

05-04-2014, 03:25 PM
Shad - My deepest sympathies to your cousin and to the whole family.

Happy - Wow, you and DH are certainly going above and beyond to get the thrift shop open. Are you planning on using the basement of the shop as an additional retail area or just for storage? the first place my ex and I lived in Milwaukee was a rental that didn't have proper drainage, so when the melting time came, the floor got quite wet. Luckily it wasn't carpeted. But we had to move everything up onto pallets, especially the stuff in boxes. The stuff in plastic bins were ok.

Terra - Wow, it's already getting hot in Kansas. Seems like you were just having winter temps not long ago. Good for you for committing to walking during the cooler times.

My weekend didn't go as planned, but it's been nice anyway. D had to go out of town at the last minute to officiate a volleyball tournament in Sacramento. He left early yesterday morning and will be back tonight. Yesterday, I took Santa to a groomer that is very good and very popular and extremely tough to get an appointment with. I booked with him about two months ago, and now we'll go every 7 weeks. He's a groomer that my ex and I used to use when we lived here before. Despite his exceptional talent, his prices are reasonable. Since I had a few hours to kill yesterday morning while Santa was getting his summer "hairdo", I ran some errands and then found a lovely park and sat on a bench and read.

Then Santa and I went to the dog park in the afternoon for nearly two hours. He was having a great time.

It was back to the dog park this morning, and now we're home relaxing for a bit. Not sure what we'll do this afternoon, but it's been a real treat to spend both days with Santa. Sometimes on the weekend, I'm doing other stuff, so he has to be in day care. He seems to be enjoying my company as well. :D

Well, I'd better get off here. It's gorgeous outside, so I don't want to spend this lovely weekend on the computer.

Love and hugs to all,

05-04-2014, 09:11 PM
Hi Everyone. Busy weekend here but had some fun too.

I had a gain at TOPS on Thursday. I was really down about that. I just don't get why I can't stay committed to me?! I am great at staying committed to everyone else. I am sure that is the problem but I don't know how to change it.

I have done better with the food this weekend. I also have gotten my pushups in. I really hope for a loss this coming Thursday.

Friday night we went with friends to the Cheesecake Factory. It's always yummy there. I had this wonderful eggplant sandwich and DH and I split a piece of cheesecake. It was a fun night

I got my hair done on Saturday--she cut it a bit shorter and stacked it in the back and then of course my color. It always feels good to get my hair done.
We went to a wedding for a co-worker of DH's. It was such a fun wedding and reception. I was able to wear a low heel and while I didn't get to dance like I usually do. I did dance one slow dance with my DH and one fast dance with the grooms father! This guy could dance and he was so fun!

There was also this group that sang acapella at the wedding reception and they were very entertaining. My DH is usually chopping at the bit to leave these things (and I love to stay), but he even said it was one of the most fun receptions we have been too.

Today was church, a nap and then cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, 2 loads of laundry (one more and it is done!) and dusted the living room.

It will be a busy week. One night we need to go for a funeral visitation after work so that makes it busier.

Shad: I'm sorry for your family's loss. You will be in my thoughts.

Terra: That is a smart idea to get up earlier to beat the heat and get your walk in.

Happy: You and DH are working very hard! I'm sorry to hear about the water issue. Is this happening at the thrift shop or at your house?

Michelle: Sounds like you had a nice day out in the fresh air. What are you reading?

Ceejay: What concert did you go see?

Laura: I'm going to start logging my food on Monday as I will be looking for you. (and Shad too when she can get there). How was the Cheesecake Factory. My DH is logging his food on MFP and he was shocked when he saw the calories for his meal! I am proud of him for putting it in.

Ok, pizza is on its way and I need to go make up the salad. Then it's an hour of TV and then to iron my clothes for tomorrow and get in bed by 10:30 p.m. This is going to happen! I am not going to go without sleep again. It's time to take care of me!

05-04-2014, 11:15 PM
Didn't really see a concert but saw John Hagee, a popular t.v. minister.

I have had a good but busy week end. My niece came up on Friday and then Saturday was a shopping day, and today was church and my great niece's birthday party. Her dad's birthday also.

Driving back home tomorrow.

05-05-2014, 08:56 AM
Michelle ~ Yeah I cant believe its already getting hot here in Kansas, Yeah we still had snow in March so it wasnt that long ago, Its crazy how fast the weather can change here in Kansas. Yeah I think its a good idea to get my walk in before it gets hot and before it gets dark.

Susie ~ Yeah I think its smart too so thats what Im gonna start doing starting today.

Im gonna walk here soon before it gets hot out and then I'll walk again before it gets dark

05-05-2014, 10:24 AM
Morning all.

Terra - My mom's in MO and it was very hot there too. Good idea to avoid walking during the hottest parts of the day.

Michelle- Your quick- moving yoga class doesn't sound relaxing at all. Definitely not my cup of tea. The one I take on the occasional Sunday moves along at a good clip, but there's no jumping. Your weekend sounds nice - enjoying the outdoors w/ Santa. :) Re the Cheesecake Factory, no special occasion. Bf's mom wanted to treat us & she had some gift cards, and bf & I also used a gift card we had. It was a nice lunch. She will be coming to our place for dinner on Mother's day.

Okay, gonna post this as my train is pulling into the station.

To be continued...

05-05-2014, 11:22 AM
Morning again.

Ceejay - Sounds like you're having a nice vacation. It'll be hard to go back to work after getting a mini taste of what your retirement home will be like. Have a safe drive home.

Susie - That wedding sounds fun! Okay, I'm back on MFP. See you there!

Shad - My condolences to you and your family for the passing of your cousin's husband. I hope you were able to make satisfactory travel arrangements.

Happy - Sorry about the water in the basement. :( What a lot of work to rip out wet carpeting. :(:( Are there cracks in the house's foundation that need to be sealed? Boo.

Hellos to jollygirl and Annie. :wave:


Nothing much to report. Saturday was everything I mentioned, plus a lot of laundry because I didn't do any the previous week.

The lab rescue auction/dinner was nice. It was a different venue than the previous several years, at Maggiano's (an Italian restaurant chain). The food was good. The area where the silent auction items were set up was a bit too tight, but otherwise it was a nice space. They raised a lot of money. I'm so happy, it's a great cause.

Yesterday was very lazy for half the day, then I got busy with more laundry and a dog walk. I watched a bit of each period of the hockey game and was happy the Hawks won both their games at home.

This week's movie night will be tonight, and the movie is "The Other Woman". I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Well, I better get busy. TTFN.

05-05-2014, 02:18 PM
Happy Monday ladies,

I didn't want to get out of bed today. But as they say, "I owe. I owe. So off to work I go." :rofl: Yesterday afternoon, Santa and I ended up going over to the coast. Being the early afternoon on a lovely day, parking was scarce at all of the beaches. But we managed to find a parking spot so we could walk along the shore for a little while. And then we went for a drive and found a lovely place to sit on a bench atop some cliffs and just enjoy the ocean views and sounds of the surf. We got home around 4:30, and I fed Santa an early dinner and then we went to the dog park for about an hour. I spent the evening relaxing. So nice. :D

I'm glad I decided to take the 45 minute drive each way to get to the ocean. I always feel so relaxed on "that side of the hills/mountains". I've been back in CA just over a year, and not a day goes by without me thinking at least 1/2 dozen times how GLAD and GRATEFUL I am to be back "home" in CA.

Susie - Like you, I also have a problem staying committed to me. But I try and make choices that may not be what I want short-term, but are better for me in the long run. I do this one choice at a time...and while I'm far from perfect, I am making healthier choices roughly 75?% of the time. Glad you had a nice time at the wedding/reception. So sorry to hear you have a funeral to go to this week. As to your question about what I'm reading. I tend to read mostly non-fiction. I just started reading the Gabriel Method (for weight loss).

Ceejay - I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time in Branson and that you got to see your niece and great-niece. Is your sister's condo (where you'll be retiring to) actually in Branson? Safe travels back to Arkansas.

Laura - So nice that bf's mom treated you and bf to the Cheesecake factory. I'm sure you'll have a lovely time with her on Mother's Day. I'm glad the Lab rescue auction/dinner was nice. I really like Maggiano's. As for the NHL playoffs, I'm rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins, who thankfully tied up their series with a win yesterday. I hope you enjoy "The Other Woman". Even though it has Cameron Diaz in it, and I usually like her...It hits a little too close to home for me so I'm going to pass. I want to see Divergent if it's still out in theaters, and also the new X-Men movie when it comes out.

:wave: to Happy, Shad, Annie, Jolly and Terra

Much love and many hugs,

05-05-2014, 04:34 PM
Morning all,
Made my arrangements to go south for Bills funeral. It's tomorrow so I have the day off. Which means I don't get paid, but that's okay. So I fly down in the morning and back late afternoon. Hopefully I will get to see some of the Kiwi family while I am there.

Fair amount of work to do today so I won't write a novella here.

I'll try for personals later in the day. When I need to come up for air.

We had a big wind storm last night with driving rain. The roof leaked again so I spent my evening dragging the mattress off the bed and putting it in the other room. Th maintenance man is coming to have a look at it today, but of course the wind has now died down and we have blue sky and sunshine but I have the feeling the rain will be back. What with Happy dealing with a basement and me deal with a leak in a place where nothing should leak, we lead an interesting life.

Okay, better go do something. Back later.

05-05-2014, 06:48 PM

My condolences on the loss of Bill. I hope you will carry fond memories of him and keep him alive in your heart. At least you will get to see some family.

Timer is about to go off for dinner, I was just reading - can't stay right now.

05-05-2014, 09:49 PM
Laura ~ Yeah its just a couple of days into summer and its already been very hot outside.

Michelle ~:wave: back at ya

Im gonna go walk for the last time today as soon as I post this message. Good Evening everyone, I hope everyone had a nice day today.

05-05-2014, 10:34 PM
Hi. The day flew by. I just finished working from home for 2 hours to get things done that I couldn't get to today. A lot of " I need" requests today and it is was mostly with calendars and moving meetings around. That takes up a lot of time.

Tomorrow I"m out of the office for an offsite meeting that will be very interesting (I am hoping). It is titled " Build your brash, bold beauty confidence" It is for our *** Women's network in beauty care. The topics are: Find your Inner Sass, Confidence Conversation, Technology Trends to transform Beauty Consumer Experiences, Beauty Industry Influencers, Perceptions and Power--Your professional presence.

I think it is going to be a great day and I'm looking forward to it.

I will find out Thursday the results of my MRI. They had an appointment available tomorrow or Thursday and I couldn't do tomorrow so I took Thursday. I feel nervous about it and I am not sure why.

Laura: I can't wait to see if you enjoyed The Other Woman. My friend and I found it really funny at times. I logged my food on MFP. I will be looking for you there.

Shad: Ugh about the leak and the wet mattress! Again, I'm sorry for your loss. I hope being with your family will bring comfort to you all during this time.

Michelle: I'm envious...walking along the shore.

Terra: Did you get your walks in?

Happy: What did you make for dinner?

Ceejay: My dad used to watch John Hagee. I'm glad you had such a nice trip.

Hi Annie! Hi Jolly!

05-06-2014, 12:19 AM
I'm back home and believe it or not I'm ready to go back to work. I really enjoyed my time there but it was hectic. My sister said she wanted me to work till I was 67 to get all the benefits that I had earned. I told her NO, I'm retiring at 65. Think she was shocked that I said that. People still do not realize what kind of job I have. It's not easy. I'm going to have to think more on this retirement move. This is precautionary on my part. And from this week end I'm not sure if she really wants me there. So I may be back to square one. But you know that is okay too. I've taken care of myself this far I can upon retirement also. Not to sure I'd be happy there either. But I need to be near family. My nephew's and niece want me there. Enough of that, things will work out some how.
I'm thinking more in the way of my own apartment. I want my things around me.

Things are more flooded than they were last week end in certain area's.

My friend is coming tomorrow, and I did tell her the apt was going to be secured and I don't get off work till 7 p.m. She can come after that.

I'm envious of the walk on the beach and the peaceful sounds of the surf.

My condolences also for the loss of Bill.

I've always wanted to go to the Cheesecake factory.

More later. It's getting late.

05-06-2014, 12:06 PM
Morning all.

Michelle – Yes, Maggiano’s was a pretty good choice for the auction location. One thing that was odd was they were serving hors d'oeuvres (yes I had to look up the spelling, lol), but they were really large – not just a bite or two. I guess they were just serving a couple varieties of their usual restaurant appetizers (stuffed mushrooms and toasted ravioli). Bf and I noticed a bit later that they were cutting them in half… I can understand why the movie “The Other Woman” would not appeal to you.

Shad – I hope your travels are going smoothly today. Sorry your place leaked again. I sure hope the maintenance man can finally get that leak fixed!!

Terra - :wave:

Susie – I hope you enjoy your offsite meeting today - it sounds fun! In general I liked “The Other Woman” and found it very entertaining. There were a few spots that I didn’t care for, or they went on a bit too far/too long, but there were some really funny parts that had me rolling. I’m not a huge fan of Cameron Diaz, but she and Leslie Mann were good together. I didn’t know Don Johnson was in it…he’s still looking pretty good. :D

Ceejay – Your vacations sounds like it was very enjoyable. It’s good you had a bit of a “test run” with your sister, and have some more food for thought about living with her upon your retirement. It’s nice you have plenty of time to research and plan – you can visit some more and see what other living options you’d have in that area. There’s a lot going on there – there’s probably plenty of housing alternatives, you certainly wouldn’t be bored, and best of all is that you’d be close to family. Hope your first day back at work is going well and better than before you went on vacation!!

Annie, Happy – Hang in there ladies! :hug:

Hi jollygirl!


Nothing much to report. Bf finally sanded and painted the little square of living room wall near the ceiling where - who knows how long ago - he’d begun a surround sound install before thinking better of it. Glad that’s done.

Today’s an interview with an internal applicant. I’m probably skipping the WW meeting today. I just don’t want to go to these meetings with my co-workers. I will, however, go to an offsite WW meeting tomorrow or Thursday. Here downtown there’s a WW center just a couple blocks away with a lot of meeting options and I’d rather go there. This session goes through 6/10 so that’s 6 more sessions. Hopefully I can pull myself out of this funk and get back to work on weight loss.

I’d like to get some exercise in tonight. I might just do a Body Electric workout in the basement. By the way, my new dumbbell stand is assembled and at the ready. :lifter:

I also want to add some air to my commuter bike tires and have it ready for my train station commute tomorrow, weather permitting.

I’ll also be watching at least part of the hockey game.

That’s it for me. Everyone have a great day.


05-06-2014, 12:20 PM
Good morning ladies,

I didn't do much for Cinco de Mayo yesterday, and surprisingly, even though I live in a mostly Hispanic neighborhood, the entire weekend was pretty quiet in my neighborhood. No loud parties/music. I'm grateful for that. I saw on the news that most of the parties and festivals were more in the center of downtown, and my good friends who live a couple miles away on the other side of downtown had difficulty getting to the grocery store over the weekend because streets were closed off for the parade.

I'm debating whether or not to go to yoga class tonight. Tuesday's classes are from 7:30 to 8:45 and roughly 15-20 miles away. I might just choose to do the yoga moves on my own at home. My back has been bothering me as I did a lot of standing and more walking than usual over the weekend.


Shad - I hope the maintenance man can fix the leak. It's awful that you can't even sleep in bed when it rains.

Susie - I hope your managers/directors realize how dedicated you are to work from home as much as you do. Have a great time building your brash, bold beauty confidence today!

Ceejay - I can understand your sister's suggestion of retirement age, so you can get all the benefits you're entitled to; however, only you can make that decision. You're job is very stressful and can be quite physical with all the stairs, etc. It's good you were able to "try out" living with your sister. I'm pretty sure I couldn't live with my sister. She's wound pretty tight all the time. Maybe you can find a nice affordable apartment near where your sister and bil live and near your niece and nephews. Good for you on setting ground rules with your friend that she can arrive after you get home from work. :cp: :cp:

Jolly - How are you and the doggies? Are you still getting to the gym?

Happy - I hope one of these days you get some time to relax after all the long hard days of physical labor getting the shop ready.

Annie - How's it going, sista? I saw on FB what you fixed for dinner last night. :drool:

Laura - Too funny about your bf finally painting the living room wall. I hate to make generalizations, but it's been my experience that men do tend to put things off for a long time. Good luck at weigh in (whether it's today or Thursday). Good for you for committing to exercising tonight. So nice that the dumbbell stand is ready. You're motivating me to do some kind of exercise tonight.

Terra - Good for you for walking last night. Are you going to get in two walks today?

Love and hugs to all,

05-06-2014, 08:05 PM
A little more insight on the situation concerning my sister. I knew she was controlling but she has my niece on pins and needles most of the time. I had to smile when she told me that my niece was high maintenance and I said so were you. I'm tired of people trying to control my life. It's mine and I've taken charge whether people like it or not. And believe me I saw enough this week end to know that if I depended on her that she would do me the same way. Not going there. There are a lot of options. I'm thinking Nixa is sounding better to me. My nephew lives there. I like going to Branson but I don't think I could live there permanently.

Don't blame you for driving that far for a Yoga class. I really need some motivation for exercise. Just don't know how to get started again.
Thank you for those comments. I'm going to remind my sister of the things you mentioned but she doesn't understand. If I had a desk job it would be different.

Have you and DH gotten any rest. Are you still in the basement ripping up the flooring/carpet!!

Don't blame you for going to an off sight WW meeting.

It's getting close to time to go home.

05-06-2014, 10:42 PM
Susie & Michelle ~ Yeah I got my walks in today

Laura ~ :wave:'s Back

05-07-2014, 10:48 AM
Good Morning Ladies....

Babysat Monday and Tuesday for the boys. Sissy had doc appts. Her BP is still on the high side so they switched up her meds in hopes of getting it under control.

Sassy is spoiled as ever since I have been home with her. Then last week she had C and I here to bow to her every need. lol

SHAD...sincere sympathy with the death in your family.

CHELLE...I didn't Cinco di Mayo either. I started feeling sickly on Monday and now have a full blown sinus/cold/sore throat thing going on. Bleh

LAURA...yum I love Maggiano's. Used to go there once every 3 months or so for lunch when I worked on the north side.

HAPPY...hope the basement issues get resolved soon. We had our plumbing in the basement bath burst when I was married to xh. I know what a mess that can be. May the force be with you sister. need for controlling people to make our lives miserable. At least you have time to decide where you want to end up.

TERRA...good job on walking and getting in the 80's. was your meeting? The subjects sounded interesting.

Make it a great day...Hugs

05-07-2014, 11:04 AM
Hi ladies,

Long and hectic week. I am the official punching bag of the two most offensive old biddies of the lot. Had it out with one of them, trying hard to remember that I am there for the animals and after this week I will not have to deal with the other two monsters. Things are shaping up, we got a ton on nice new stuff which I'm sure will not continue. Will be a culture shock dealing with the regular thrift items soon enough. Everyone has an opinion, everyone is doing their own thing. It's like high school, kindergarten, mission impossible, mean girls (the movie), an a rewarding retreat with Mother Theresa all rolled up into one. Details later.

DH ripped out the rug in our basement - well at least a big section of it. I'm thinking this was just a fluke with extra water because of all the snow we had. Still we had to rip out rugs, rip out shelving, move stuff quickly. TOTAL MESS. :(

Ceejay - my advice to you - retire when you want to as long as you can support yourself if you need to. You will find that stress from the job takes such a physical toll on you (besides the obvious physical requirements), that you will wish you did it earlier. Believe me. Also I understand the need to be near family but don't count on them to be around you all the time. You will have to be in a spot where you can make your own life with occasional family interaction. And as you have found, perhaps it's best to count on getting your own place instead of sharing space with your sister. Finally count on things not working like you thought and being flexible enough to change. Sample as much as you can ahead of time so that you can make a better informed decision.

Laura - thanks for the info on the movie. I wanted to see it also but my cousin is very sick (I'd go see it with her) and I think it is only running here until Friday and right now I'm too busy. I don't understand the fuss over Kate Upton but I like Leslie and Cameron. Glad BF finished the painting. Perhaps he can come here and help DH who has painted 3 of the 4 walls in the basement ;) ;) See - they are all alike. :D Spring must be here, she's got the commuter bike air'd up and ready to go. :bike:

Shad - hope you are having a decent trip with the rellies and a nice service for the cousin.

Susie - how was your seminar? Sounds quite interesting.

Annie - GET BACK IN HERE AND POST. PLEASE. :^: Inquiring minds want to know what's going on. We worry about you. :hug:

Michelle - from what I understand, the white people make a bigger deal about Cinco De Mayo than the Mexican community does - more of a bar celebration than a tribute thing. :shrug: I do envy your ability to go down to the beach and have a walk along the ocean shore. We have a thousand lakes here but it's just not the same. I'd live on the sand on the beach if I could. :lol: And what a nice walk for Santa too.

Hi Terra - keep up that walking girl!

Hi Jolly :wave:

Well I have to get ready to head out for the day. Today I WILL make my afternoon yoga session.

Be good all...

05-07-2014, 11:05 AM
Thanks for checking in Annie. :hug:

05-07-2014, 11:48 AM
Morning all.

Happy – Sorry to hear about the mess in the basement. :( And the battles with the shop biddies/monsters. ;( All you can do is know you’re doing it for the animals, and that those horrible women must also be doing at least a speck of it for the animals as well. Hang in there!

Michelle – That would be a long drive to go to a yoga class. I hope you just did the moves at home, or took a rest day. I guess my commitment to exercise last night wasn’t very strong because I ended up skipping it. Once I got settled on the sofa, that was the end of that.

Ceejay – You’re a grown-up who’s been on your own and responsible for yourself for a long time – no way are you going to be happy having someone trying to control you. Good you’ve learned a lot just from that one trip, about the area itself and your sister. More time to figure out what suits you best.

Terra – Are your walks in a suburban subdivision setting, or more urban or rural? Anything interesting that you see on your walks? Right now I like to see one house's beautiful and spreading lily-of-the-valley flowers in bloom. I still haven't worked up the nerve to ask them if they wouldn't mind me digging up some for my own garden.

Annie – Well, if Sassy had a vote, she’d sure want you to stay home as a full-time dog mommy. :D

Hi Shad, Susie & Jollygirl!!

As Annie said – everyone make it a great day!

Not much time, have to get more done before the interview at 10 and there’s another one at 3 pm as well. Just when my busy time is starting up…the timing isn’t great to be spending time on interviews and then the regrouping afterwards to discuss our thoughts about candidates. And next week I signed on for a class that’ll take up two half-days. Duh. But I will attend because it’ll be helpful.

No exercise last night, but I did air up my bike tires. BF also adjusted the brakes and tightened up the handlebars and crank shaft. Grumbling all the while… Because he was having trouble getting the brakes adjusted, he was again ranting that I should get a newer, better bike. Then he managed to adjust the brakes to his satisfaction and all was well again. Sigh.

Before the hockey game came on, we were watching a new (to bf and I anyway) channel on tv that has a lot of old tv shows. Never having watched a full episode of “Lassie”, I watched one that was about halfway through, only because there were puppies in the storyline, lol. Wow, the dialog and acting were really lame. My understanding is that the show was on for many years – I sure hope it got better as it went along.

Rode my bike to the train this morning. Forgot to wear the strap around my ankle/pant leg, but managed to make it to the station without my hem getting caught and munched in the chain. Now to actually remember that I rode my bike today when I get off the train. Yes, I have forgotten that once or twice. :D :dizzy:

That’s about it for me. TTFN!

05-07-2014, 12:31 PM
Happy Hump Day!

Had to work a little late yesterday to make changes to a brochure that had to be printed so it could be handed out at a trade show today. I received the edits at lunch time yesterday, but I was so "heads down" in the website programming that I didn't notice the email amidst all the spam. So when my manager asked at 4 pm if I'd finished making the changes, my heart sank. Thankfully, I got the changes done by 5:15 and sent the brochure for final review/approval. A couple quick changes later and it was ready to go to the printer. :D

I got home in time to phone into my Wisconsin book club, and after that I did my PT exercises, followed by some nice relaxing.

We're having a nice week in terms of weather, with blissfully cool nights for sleeping, and the highs in the mid to upper 70s. They're predicting 80s and 90s by Mother's Day and early next week. For me, anywhere from upper 60s to mid 80s are perfect temps.

Yesterday, I went to a chiropractor. A friend of mine recommended them, and while I don't have chiropractic covered by my insurance, the prices were quite reasonable. It's a monthly membership (month-to-month basis and I can cancel whenever) where you pay $50/month and get 4 visits. If you need more than 4 (which I likely will at first), it's just $12 for each additional visit. My back feels better after the first adjustment, though I know it will likely take several visits to correct this issue I've been having for years. But if I can get things back in alignment, maybe it would allow me to walk (or even hike) longer. :crossed:


Ceejay - Now I understand the reluctance to moving in with your sister. When you move in with soemone, it's definitely an adjustment for everyone involved. And I totally agree with everything Happy said about making decisions about your retirement.

Terra - Glad you got your walks in. Is it still super hot in Kansas? I was just thinking...if it's already in the 100s and it's only May, how hot does it get in July and August? :yikes:

Annie - So good to hear from you sweet sista! How nice that you're able to take care of the boys while your daughter has doctor appointments. I hope she's able to get her BP under control. I had to laugh at Sassy being spoiled with you and C at home last week. So sorry you've caught yourself a cold. I hope you get over it very soon.

Happy - That really sucks that after all you (and your DH) are taking on to help the shop get ready to open, you should not be ANYONE's punching bag. I'm glad you stood up to one of the biddies. As for Cinco de Mayo, I think your comment is probably true in most areas of the country, but definitely not in the very Mexican San Jose. All weekend I saw many cars driving around with Mexican flags flying. I say...good for them. It's great to have pride in your culture. I am a blend of 5 different nationalities, though predominantly British Isles. As for the beach...yes, it's wonderful that I live less than an hour from the ocean and roughly 30-45 minutes from coastal mountains with amazing redwood forests. The roads to get to the coast are kind of "daunting" (as in curvy, mountainous and high speed), but I just need to remind myself that the way I feel once I'm by the ocean is worth the drive. And if I ever want to "visit" the snow in the winter, it's just a 4 hour drive away.

Laura - It is difficult to pry myself off the sofa to do yoga or PT exercises. But I managed to do my PT exercises during commercials. I absolutely love lillies of the valley. We don't see too much of those around here. Good for you (and bf) for getting your commuter bike ready and for taking it to work today. I would like to get my bike "tuned up" - adjust the gears, etc. Not sure how much that costs.

Shad - Safe travels to the south island. Sorry that you're getting together with family under such sad circumstances, but good to see them nonetheless. :hug:

Susie - I hope you're work week is going well. :hug:

Well, I'd better get back to it.

Much love to all,

05-07-2014, 04:57 PM
Morning all,

Have a lovely day (sort of) yesterday catching up with people I haven't seen in forever (the longest of which was when I was 12) and meeting some of the sons and daughters and grandchildren of cousins. The service was nice, and very crowded. Bill's family have lived in the district for close on 150 years. They had a farm which was passed from father to son for 4 generations and now S the son currently farming the land, has put it on the market since the whole area is being taken over for dairying - sad when the Canterbury area was always well known for sheep and wheat and some beef cattle. Bill was a member of farming clubs and parties, fishing clubs, rifle clubs (the sort where you shoot at inanimate targets on a rifle range instead of down the local mall or school) (sorry sarcasm here) and of course he loved his sport - specifically rugby and went to as many games as he could possibly fit in. So he was well known and well liked around the area. The weather stayed fine throughout the drive into the country and there were some beautiful colours in some of the trees around the place. I wanted to go to where my grandmothers place used to be, but unfortunately it is now no longer and even the 120 year old macrocarpa hedge has been taken away. Sad end of an era. There are now lifestyle blocks on her, and many others farmland. However in developing the estate, there are now streets named after many old families who once lived there and so we have a Simms Lane in West Melton.
My cousin took me for a guided tour through Christchurch - which as you may remember had two horrendous earthquakes back in 2010, 2011. You'd think it was a war zone. Crumbling buildings, piles of rubble, empty blocks, buildings which are zoned off because they are so unstable. Sadly a lot of the beautiful old buildings built by the English settlers back in 1850/60's can not be saved including the cathedral which was partially built by an ancestor of mine. I'd love to think that they could save a wall or archway which could be preserved as the English did with Coventry cathedral which was bombed during WW11, but I don't think it will happen.
I flew back to Wellington in the afternoon, braved the traffic jam in a cab and got back to the apartment. Raised a glass to our Bill and went to bed. So here I am back at work again.

Sorry no time for personals right now. Back to work with a vengence

05-07-2014, 10:33 PM
Annie & Happy ~ Thanks, Im gonna definitely keep up on my walking so I can keep dropping the pounds

Laura ~ Its a suburban subdivision setting. Nope I sadly dont see anything interest when I walk.

Michelle ~ Yeah its still super hot in Kansas right now and yeah its only May, I hope this weather this month isnt what's to come for the rest of the summer but then again I bet it is.

I got my walks in today, I hope to see a nice loss when I get weighed at the doctor's on Tues.

05-07-2014, 10:58 PM
Yeah, three days off. Most every thing at work is back on line.
so it's been easy these past couple of days.

I'll be back later.

05-08-2014, 01:10 PM
Morning all.

Ceejay – Enjoy your weekend!! I’m glad your return to work was easy.

Terra – I’m in a suburban setting as well. I think I might be bored with my walks if I didn’t have the dog with me! When I used to walk by myself for exercise, I had to listen to music to entertain myself. It would be nice to be close to a forest preserve or other hiking trails.

Shad – What a history with that branch of your family in that community! Sad about the changes in the area though. And sad about Christchurch and the loss of those old buildings. Time, “civilization” and Mother Nature sure take their toll. What a whirlwind day for you, and now back to the whirlwind of work. Hang in there – TGIF for you!!

Michelle – I hope the chiropractor visits will be a help to you. Together with your PT exercises and yoga, I hope it gets you pain free and allows you to do the physical activities you want to do. Every spring when Coal & I walk by that house and see those lilies of the valley, they’ve spread even more. I might just have to drop the homeowner a note to ask them if they could spare some of them. I’d love to plant some somewhere on our property. I don’t think they are safe for dogs, however, so I’d have to plant them somewhere out front. I hope it doesn’t cost you too much to get your bike tuned up, but it’s definitely a needed task.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!

It didn’t get quite as warm as they forecast yesterday, but today is starting off wonderfully, so I think those 80’s will be here today. I don’t have any other work meetings scheduled, so today I’ll get to a WW meeting and at least I’ll get outside for a mini-walk.

That’s it for me. Back to work.

05-08-2014, 01:43 PM
Quick check in for me today. My work computer is being "wonky". I think I have some deeply rooted malware. I've tried everything short of a complete wipe clean...hoping I don't have to do that as I'd hate to install all that software again.

I've got a chiropractor appointment at lunchtime and then a doctor appointment after work to look at a cyst I have on my back. It's on the shoulder blade muscle, so everything I move my arm, it hurts like heck. To say nothing of when I roll over in bed or accidentally hit it with my purse strap. Very annoying. Thankfully at least it's not near my bra strap.

Shad - glad you got to see family. Such a great family history! Sad that the ranching land is now being sold. And so sad that Christchurch still has lots of rubble from the earthquakes, and that so many of the buildings can't be rebuilt and have been declared unsafe.

Laura - Good for you for planning your day to allow for a walk and a WW meeting. I believe you are right about lilies of the valley not being safe for dogs, so if the homeowner lets you have some, it's probably best to plant then where Coal can't get them.

Terra - We're supposed to have temps up near 100 next week (I hope that the prediction is wrong).

Big :wave: and :hug: to all!

05-08-2014, 03:37 PM
I love to see family history go way back and so sad to hear that the family farm is being sold.

I hope you gave those biddies a piece of your mind. How dare they. And I like your input on the retirement and move. Thank you.

I feel your pain with the cyst. The doctor called mine a lesion because it really grew. but it was painful. I may look into the chiropractor's around the area and see what their prices are. I'd love to have my spine checked out to see if any more bone spurs are present.

What is your food plan? I'm glad that you are doing so well with keeping up your walks.

Hope you find the right person to fill the position. We have been having beautiful weather with high's of low 80's and 60's for low at night. I'm loving it. My peonies have bloomed.

How is your foot.

Hello to the rest :wave:

My friend is back but she's been really calm. She's been cleaning at the store and packing some more of her things. I need to go down to the store to get my shed key off the key ring so I can get started mowing in the yard.
Supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow

05-08-2014, 04:39 PM
Morning all,
Friday already. How time does fly, especially if you have Wednesday off. I could really live with this. But however it will not last. I am back at work and there is a bit of it hanging about. Last night we went to a farewell party for our Training manager. She flies back to Melbourne today and will not be back in Wellington. The last 2 weeks of her contract will be spent working from home and from a sister company in Melbourne. She is a good boss, I have worked with her several times, but she can be a bit dragonish from time to time. One treads fairly carefully at times. Two more members of the team move off over this week. One goes home to Nelson, the other to the UK.

I'm off to some baby class :rofl: on Saturday with my niece and little Peanut. Have no idea what it is all about but she asked me to go and I said I would, so that's that. I have no idea whether the grandparents will be going.

Terra - will be interesting to see how much you have lost after you have been to the doctor. Are you doing anything special in the way of diet and food as well as the walking?

Ceejay - nice that the plant got up and going while you were away. Sure must have been some smash to keep it partially offline all that time.

Laura - yes it was sad to see all those buildings gone. Even worse we were actually driving in a street where I worked many years ago, and I didn't even recognise it. No landmarks left. Apart from the street signs you have no idea where you are. In the old days (1850/60's) they didn't build for earthquakes. There were few city ordinances or building codes. Many of those old buildings - including the cathedral - had no footings. The marble flooring in many of them kept the walls straight and stopped the stones from moving too much. The mortar between the stones was made of a sort of lime render glue. Much of it had to be redone every couple of years or so. One would expect damage to a certain extent. However what I didn't expect was that the newer buildings - 1980's onwards - would collapse. Earthquake codes came in around 1936-1930 and just about all of those buildings from those years on are damaged but salvageable. From the end of the war years, codes were enforced and further code came into being. All of those building apart from windows etc are pretty much okay. Two of the buildings that completely collapsed and killed people were built after the codes were relaxed - this is never going to happen syndrome and it costs too much - indeed it did, 192 lives.
Hope you can get some of that lily of the valley. It is a lovely spring plant. Not much use in Brisbane, but would work over here.
Glad to hear the temps are moving up over there.

Michelle - hope the cyst is now lanced and patched. My dad always used to say to eat dried fruit to keep those boils and cysts away. Presume there is some truth in that rumour but I really don't know.

Hiya to Happy and Annie and Susie. :wave: :wave: :wave: Nice to see you back Annie.
Happy give the old biddies a hard time. They deserve it. Were they around when the shop was being set up, were they around helping with the cleaning and sorting? Probably not, but now they want their place in the sun.

Gotta go.

05-08-2014, 10:26 PM
Laura ~ I get bored with what there is to see on my walks but my music helps with the boredom.

Michelle ~ Yeah, Im not sure but I think we've already had temps in the 100's here in Wichita :(

Ceejay ~ I dont have a food plan Im just staying under my 1200 calorie limit. Thanks for commenting on my walks.

Shad ~ Yeah I hope I see a good loss on Tues., Nope Im not doing anything special in the way of diet and food, Im just staying under my 1200 calorie limit.

I was sure to get my walks in today and I stayed under my calories

05-09-2014, 02:13 AM
Well my friends I am still going full tilt on getting the new shop set up. Had 2 big blow up fights with the worst of the bullies - just not taking any more undeserved disrespect and guff. Opening day on Monday. I am working the afternoon shift because no one signed up. Still really busy. Getting stupid tired. Finally had a day off today but I still wound up doing work via email. I am working tomorrow through Tuesday every day. After next week things should calm down - at least I sincerely hope so. Can't keep up this pace much longer. So glad I'm retired. Are you sure you want a job Annie? :lol:

Love to the chicks - sorry for no personals right now. I am reading as much as I can here and there. Happy Mother's Day on Sunday to all you lovely Mums of the World.

05-09-2014, 12:01 PM
Good morning ladies,

And TGIF!! I'm so glad it's Friday. With D leaving today to officiate a volleyball tournament in Reno all weekend, I might get together with some friends this evening. No plans for the weekend, other than a visit to the Minor Injury clinic tomorrow morning to get the dressing changed on my back (where my cyst used to be) and a chiropractic appointment on Sunday. And I'll be taking Santa to the dog park both days.

As I just more cyst. I went to the doc yesterday and after several shots of a numbing agent, the doc lanced the cyst. The shots hurt like :censored: but thankfully the lancing of the cyst did not. And the doc put me on a strong antibiotic to get the infection out of my system.


Ceejay - As for seeing a chiropractor to determine if you have any more bone might be better off just asking your doc to have an x-ray of your back. Chiropractors mainly check alignment to make sure everything is in the right place, and they usually do that by feel. I'm not sure if they could detect bone spurs unless they were big and pushing things out of place and you were actually having a lot of pain. But then again, I'm not a doctor or what do I know. :dunno:

Shad - I'm glad your week flew by. The last two weeks have dragged on for me. I did not know that about dried fruit. Goodness knows I eat a fair bit of raisins and dried cranberries. With so many people rolling off your project, does that mean your time is coming to a close too? The baby class with your niece and the baby sounds lovely. Do please tell us how it was. I understand how sad it is to not see familiar landmarks. One of the things I enjoy about the midwest and the east coast is all the old buildings from the 17th, 18th and 19th century. Not many older buildings here in CA. In fact, it's rare to find any built before the 1930s, and most are built after the 1970s. And yes, sadly, even buildings built to earthquake code sometimes collapse. The way they explain it here is that buildings are built to withstand an earthquake of a certain magnitude...but sometimes it's too expensive to build them to withstand the rare and really big earthquakes. It is sad that the codes are relaxed because of cost...makes one think that human lives aren't worth the extra money.

Happy - I'm sorry that the bullies are causing so much grief, but I applaud you for standing up to them! I hope you get at least a little time to relax over the weekend, but as the shop opens on Monday, you probably won't. :hug:

Annie - I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. :hug:

Terra - Are you doing anything special for your mom on Mother's Day?

:wave: to Susie and Laura.

I'll try and check back in later.

Love and hugs,

05-09-2014, 12:10 PM
Morning all. TGIF. Rained like cats and dogs this morning on my walk to the train. Bleh. Still soggy. My backpack got soaked as well as the contents. A magazine got decimated and I tossed it. My library book has some wet corners, but it wasn’t in such great shape when I got it. A few other things also got wet and are laid about my work surfaces to dry out. As are my spring coat and the cardigan sweater, the socks I wore with my rubber boots, and of course, my umbrella.

Michelle – I hope you got your computer fixed without a major “start over from a clean slate” type of remedy. Ouch re the cyst! Glad the doc took care of it!

Ceejay – The weather sounds beautiful. Our daffodils, tulips and other spring bulbs are blooming, but the peonies are way behind. But with the warmth and the rain this week, it won’t be long. They’re my favorite.

Shad – I suppose I could get accustomed to Wednesday’s off too…but right now whenever I want to take a day off here and there for vacation, I usually make it a Friday or Monday. So does the departure of some of the project team members mean the project is winding down? How much longer will you have? What’s the deal about this baby class??? Is it just a playtime thing or something else? Sad about the destruction in Christchurch – awful to think the building industries lobbied for relaxing the codes and such tragedy occurred, and needlessly. There’s been another derailment of a crude oil train (Lynchburg, VA) within the past week and the industry and government transportation bodies are in the midst of making rule changes re the construction of the railcars – getting older, less safe cars off the tracks and upgrading/retrofitting the safety aspects of the cars. Naturally there’s a balance between safety and $$$. And there’s been such an increase in trains carrying oil from the fracking and oil sand operations in the US and Canada, this has become a huge issue. No one wants pipelines running through their areas, but what about the safety of the railcars, or heaven forbid, trucks carrying this stuff??!! Okay, I’ll get off my :soap: now. What do you have lined up for your weekend??

Terra – With the walking and keeping to the calorie limit, you should show some progress on the scale! Keep up the good work!

Happy – Good for you not putting up with the bullies! And bravo to you for putting so much time and energy into getting the shop up and running! :bravo: I hope the opening is a big success and that the new location draws a lot of people in the door. I hope you’re sleeping well at night so you have the energy to continue, it sounds like you’ll be pushing it for a while yet! Have a productive weekend!

Hellos to Susie, jollygirl and Annie! Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and a happy Mother’s Day.
I made it to a WW meeting yesterday. I was up 2.4 pounds, eek. Not surprised, since I’ve been weighing myself at home. I have been tracking my food all week, but also eating a huge amount of sweets. That has to stop. Also need to stop this habit of eating so many meals out or carrying them out. If I want to lose the weight, these behaviors need to stop, and I need to invest time in shopping and cooking. As usual, it’s not a matter of knowing what to do, it’s actually doing it!

Last night was a carryout dinner again, and a trip to the library. I had been reading a book in e-format on my phone, but this one is a biography and has photos, and I wanted to see them in a larger size. So I checked out the actual paper book at the library last night. Of course it got a bit wet in my backpack today… Anyway, I was looking back at the photos for the parts I’d already read and saw a map and a chart that weren’t in the e-book – those would have been nice to have while reading the book (I’m about halfway through it now). I read books on my phone in an E-PUB format. I wonder if the other electronic formats used to read books on Kindles and IPads, etc. are different…We have an iPad that bf uses almost exclusively, so I’ll have to ask him about that. By the way, the book is “Unbroken” and it’s about a WWII air force bomber crewman’s experiences.

This weekend will be busy. I have my Jazzercise class Saturday morning as usual, then a dentist appointment at 11. After that is lunch nearby with a friend. In the afternoon, bf wants to work on the garage project. The house needs a good cleaning so I don’t know if the garage project will happen…

On Sunday, we’re having bf’s mom over for dinner.

That’s it for me. TTFN!

05-09-2014, 12:32 PM
Hi all,

Quick check in for me. I have to head out to the shop shortly.

Michelle and Laura - I really enjoyed the book Unbroken. Have not read much on my Kindle - mostly I borrow books from the library but that's an interesting point about the e-versions perhaps being different than paper. :chin: When I lived in TN, we were about 1/4 mile from active train tracks that carried freight from New Orleans north. My BIL works for the railroad and he said you'd be horrified if you knew the cargo they carried. When I was occasionally stopped by the trains, I started to read the tank cars as they rolled by. :yikes: Lots LOTS of hazardous stuff. I used to pray at night there would never be a derailment close by. And Memphis is a when, not if situation for an earthquake. I worked in a 10 floor office building complex where only the newest building was built to earthquake code and like you say - even code is only for a certain magnitude. And then there's not one, but TWO tornado seasons with tornados on a regular basis. So I was most happy to run to the open area here away from all that and take my chances with a bear. ;) I also agree with you on the take out / restaurant food being easy fixes but deadly on the diet. I truly am grateful that we simply don't have much to pick from out this way. I'd be 400 pounds if I still lived in Arlington Heights with all those yummy take out places. You are right, you just have to set your mind on things or make a rule that you have to drink a 20 oz bottle of water before you can have a sweet.

Shad - I know what you mean about the sadness of looking at all the ruin in Christchurch. That had to be devastating. I am glad you got to see many of the family members though.

Hello to the rest of the chicks :wave: I have to get a reimbursement ready to fax out so I'd better say bye for now. And get ready to see who I'll do battle with at the store :boxing: actually I hope only the nice people are there today ;)

05-09-2014, 12:52 PM
quick comment about e-books. I read them on my phone and on my computer. I have an Android phone (and an android tablet that I don't use very often). i use the free Kindle app for e-books that i purchase, and the overdrive app for e-books from the library. and i go to "" to read e-books THAT i've purchased from amazon on my computer. i didn't realize about graphics not being included in e=books.

05-09-2014, 07:58 PM
Hi Everyone. I am alive and well. Things got really busy at work and with the funeral visitation one night (and we didn't get home from it until 9:30 p.m.!) and going into work at 7 a.m. (DH and I were both doing this) and working for a couple of hours after I got home the week got away from me.

I did read when I got the chance but couldn't even think straight to write a post.

So, I had a 1.5 lb loss at TOPS on Thursday. This was good as I got what I gained the last two weeks back off and also .25 lbs. So I'm happy about that. NOW, I need to keep it off and keep going down in those numbers!

As for my foot--the good news is my pinkie toe is healed. I can wear heels and wedges with no pain. I can't wear flat shoes of go barefooted to long without soreness and some pain. Not like it was, but really not normal yet.

The MRI didn't show anything wrong and so they don't know what to tell me. I asked if I needed orthotics when wearing flat shoes or a tennis shoe..she said not really. Maybe the tennis shoe to help keep pressure off the area that hurts. She said they will check with my insurance. If they take as long as they did to schedule my MRI (If I hadn't made them call to see why I wasn't hearing from the MRI place I would still be waiting), I will have them by Christmas!

As you can tell, I wasn't happy and was even less happy that she has no idea what to do. She told me to wear shoes that felt comfortable, give it more time, wear the boot if I feel I need it and come see her again if it flares up like it did.

DH went with me and when I walked out, he said "you aren't ever going back are you". He knows me well. I have asked people I work with about other podiatrists and I have been given the same name by 10 people now, so I will see him. I'm going to also see my orthopedist again after my DXA scan in June and see if anything is going on with my bones and also get his input on the MRI and then I will make an appointment with the guy everyone is recommending if I am still having the issues. At least I have all my x-rays, MRI disk and the report of the MRI so I won't have to go through it again.

She did tell me that I could try to start riding the exercise bike again and then if that was ok, try the elliptical. The treadmill is the last thing she wants me to use. I guess DH will get to use my new treadmill. :shrug:

A friend of mine was cleaning out her spare room and is giving away two big exercise balls...I'm going over to get them tonight. They will be helpful in my home strength workouts.

Annie: I'm sorry to hear that you have a cold/sinus/sore throat thing going on. It was really glad to hear from you. The offsite meeting I went to was very interesting and worth all the extra work I did to catch up from being out of the office at the meeting that day.

Shad: I'm glad you had a nice time visiting your family even though the circumstances where sad.

Terra: Fingers crossed for a good weight-loss at the doctors on Tuesday! You are doing great! I think the doctor will be pleased.

Ceejay: I hope your friend is on her best behavior this weekend and you can have a good time. Did you get your mowing done?

Michelle--I'm glad that cyst is gone! How are you feeling today after they took it out?

Happy: How exciting that the shop is opening on Monday! I am so glad to hear you set those nasty acting ladies straight!

Laura: I LOVE peonies. I keep saying I would like to plant them. Where my grandmother is buried there is a bush there (it is an old push). I might take a start from there and see how I do with it. I'm not one to grow anything, but I could try!

Ok, so you had a gain at can have a loss this week so throw those sweets in the trash and get you to where you can say "SWEET" when you step on the scales next week!

I actually do better when I eat out and carry in food. I think the reason is that when we do that (like this week as it was so busy), it is because once that is ate, there isn't much around to snack on. When we have weeks where we know we won't have time to cook and should eat out, we don't buy much at the grocery other than staples that we would need so it's "slim pickins'" for things to really eat.

I will be around this weekend and plan to pop in everyday. See you later!

05-10-2014, 12:47 AM
Michelle ~ I bought my mom a new electric skillet for mother's day cause thats what she said she wanted

Laura ~ Thanks, I sure hope I show some progress on the scale

Susie ~ Thanks, I hope she'll be pleased and I'll see a good loss Tuesday

I got my walks in today but I went way over my calorie limit today during dinner but tomorrow is another day and I'll do better tomorrow.

05-10-2014, 09:56 AM
Woke up to thunder this morning around 4 and it's doing it again. Hope it's not a complete wash out today. I'm going to get some things done in the shed,
Weigh in this morning was good. I'm striving to get out of the 190's. but weighed 193.8 this morning. I'm eating lighter for dinner. Also road the bike for 15 minutes.

Yes I barely got the lawn mowed before the rain came. My friend is still here. Think she's going to stay till Tuesday when the owner of the store building comes. So far she is on her best behavior. And I'm keeping my bed.

Thanks for stopping in. We miss you when you aren't around. How are the grand children.

That's terrible about the blow ups between co-workers. Hope they hold their peace from now own.

I'm curious too, is your job about finished especially with the others leaving.?

Sorry you were soaked to the bone on your walk to the train.

Thanks for the information concerning the chiropractor.

Jollygirl where are you?

Hello's to the rest.:wave:

05-10-2014, 01:22 PM
Ceejay ~ Hello back :wave:

05-11-2014, 11:19 AM
It's back to work for me. It hasn't been bad at all this week with my friend being there. She's been cleaning out the old store building. She found two dead cats in there this week end. Yuck what a stench that would have been.
Yesterday I washed the vehicle and got out two paint cans out of the shed. I'll save the rest for next week end. And road my stamina bike for 15 minutes. I'm still eating a light dinner.
Sent my Missouri sister a test stating that I really wanted my own apartment and told her why. And also told her that I could retire with full benefits at age 66 plus my RAV4 will be paid for in May of 2016. This makes sense to me. Only have to work a half a year in 2016 so hopefully I can do this, but I told her if my health goes down I'm taking it earlier. I told her the reason that I want my own apt is because I've been by myself all these years. Then she and her husband have date night on Friday and he comes to the condo. I don't want to be in the way. We're going to look at different options when I go back in August.
Also talked to my Texas sister Saturday as well. They are coming to Paragould the last week end in June for his 50th high school reunion. I can't wait to see them. Bil has been feeling really tired and when I talked to him he sounded like I did when I had the low b12 level. Hoping he feels better.

05-11-2014, 03:17 PM
I hope everyone is having a beautiful Mother's Day. I stay in on Mother's Day. It has always been a very difficult day for me. It's not as bad as it was the first 40 years of my life, but I still find it best for me to just keep to myself.

I've gotten a lot of housework done, but there is always more to do! I will need to work from home for about 2 hours today just to feel in a good place when I go in to work tomorrow. It is going to be a very busy week (more so than normal) and so I want to start of feeling in control. ;) I'm also paying bills today. Good lord the medical expenses we have had this year!

We had rain most of the day yesterday but the evening turned out really nice. We went out to dinner with some friends. It was nice to relax, eat good food (it is a home cooking style restaurant) and visiting with friends.

Today we have sun, and DH says it is warm outside. I am going to try and go for another gentle walk around the block this evening when that sun gets down...I think around 7 p.m. will be a good time..still light out but the sun not blazing down on me.

I have been doing a lot of stretching since I saw the foot doctor and it makes me feel better..even my foot isn't so sore. I looked up some stretches for the feet and am doing them.

Ceejay: It's nice that your friend is doing some cleaning for you. I think the email you sent to your sister sounds very thought out and well planned. You should be proud. Also, you should be proud for paying attention to your food and getting some exercise on the bike in.

Terra: A new electric skillet is a very nice gift for your mom. I know that when I get new things to replace some of the things I have had for a while or they quick working and I didn't replace them yet, I'm very excited to get them.
Don't be to hard on yourself for going over your calories a bit. Just do what you plan to go and that is to get back on plan. You are doing great! Keep it up.

I will see you all tomorrow. I'm getting hungry and I'm going to have one of my protein shakes for lunch. I'm putting orange jello in it--I've been told it makes them taste like a orange dream pop. Sounds yummy to me. We are having enchilada's (veggie ones for me) tonight so I thought I better keep it a bit light at lunch.

05-11-2014, 04:48 PM
Morning all,
Guess I didn't make it in over the weekend. Lots of things to do and see.

On Saturday, I did a bit of cleaning and then went out to see the niece and little peanut. There was a baby sensory class on that we took Peanut to. He really is a very organised baby, he wakes at 7.30am, has a feed and a play for a couple of hours then goes back to bed for his morning sleep. Wakes at 11.00am (on the dot), has a feed then they go out or play at home until 2.00 when he goes down again to wake at 4.00pm, has a feed and is up for another 3 hours or so, has a bath and goes to sleep until around 10.00 when he has his last feed and goes back to bed for the night. You can just about set the clock by him. Anyway we went off to the baby class at 1.00pm but for some reason Peanut was not impressed. He howled and roared until he fell asleep. That was the end of that. I went shopping for a few groceries and then went home. Worked on the boys stamps for a while and went to bed.
Sunday is Mothers Day. I had texts from both the boys. In the morning I went off down to the market for fruit and vegetables and flowers. It was an absolutely beautiful morning. Then later I went down to the wharf, hopped on an Easy/West ferry and went tramping out at Matiu/ Somes Island. There is a lot of history to that place. It started off as a human quarantine station. When the ships came out to Wellington in the 1840's they sometimes carried contagious diseases like cholera, measles, typhoid etc. They were obliged to stand out to sea and transfer the passengers out onto the Island where they either got better or passed away. There is a memorial on the island to those who passed away.
The small island off Matiu/ Somes (Mokopuna Island (grandchild in Maori)) became the leper colony but we never had too many of those and it gradually died out and became overgrown and neglected and regenerated back to native forest.
Then we interned enemy foreign nationals or New Zealand nationals with foreign names during the two world wars. Apparently many of them were not the enemy, but in those days there was much prejudice. There are plaques in the wee cemetery commemorating those who were there.
After the war, Matiu/ Somes became the animal quarantine station for NZ. When the animals arrived from whatever country, they were taken out there for six months. The quarantine officers had to go through 'air locks' to ensure they did not bring any hazardous material out on their boots or clothes. All droppings were put in the furnace and reduced to ash. Must have been a fairly hard and lonely life out there then.
Now the island has been given back to the Dept of Conservation and is in the process of regeneration native vegetation and birds etc. There are still some sheep on the island. They are the biggest sheep I think I have ever seen. You could ride those suckers. There is also a ram out there who is exceeding friendly until you stop patting him!!!!! Then he gets grumpy.
While out on the trails, tramping in my new boots, which by the way are extremely comfortable, I saw a fantail (bird) up close and personal. We had a conversation - they are real chatterboxes - and I took a couple of photos before it flew away. Then I saw a Kakariki - bright green parrot native to NZ - and a whole flock of nesting seagulls. There was also some kind of a raptor bird, maybe a sea eagle, although when I was speaking to a volunteer they said there wasn't any of those around.
All in all it was a great day. Not often you get to sit in the sun, eat your lunch with a view of a beautiful harbour and lots of sail boats and birds.
I took some photos and loaded them onto the computer this morning. I will probably put them in the dropbox as there are too many to put on the thread. I'll let you know when they are there.

Susie - such a shame that you feel like hiding on Mothers day. I can understand the reason though.
If you are putting jelly into your shake, is it the sugarless sort???

Ceejay - there is some good planning and decision making in your post. I know there is the real desire to retire at our age, but it really does need thinking about carefully. Being with family is good, but sometimes I think that those that leave all their friends behind to go to family in the later years are not doing themselves to many favours. I have some big decisions to make as well and being here in NZ has brought home a few facts and fantasies to my thinking.

Michelle - I have graphics on my Kindle. Sometimes maps, sometimes photos, sometime drawings or the written word. Depends on what I am reading. Sometimes the maps and handwritten stuff can be a bit hard to fathom out or the drawing is incomplete because it can't fit on the page.

For those who asked, yes my time here is coming to an end. We have all had our contracts extended to the end of July, however I really don't see most of us being here at that point. My guess for me would be middle to end of June at most. We know we have a job to the end of May. After that is anyones guess. I just wish they would give us some direction since many people will be looking for new work and they don't have an end date for this one yet. It can be annoying at this stage of the project.

And with that I better go find some work to do, or I might be out of the door tomorrow!

05-11-2014, 06:45 PM
Susie ~ Yeah I bet my mom will like her new electric skillet, I had it shipped to Walmart but it wont be ready until Friday which sucks I wish it was ready tomorrow when we go to Walmart but oh well I guess, The thing that matters is that she has a new electric skillet and She'll get to use it next Monday when we go shopping again.

stayed under my calories today but I have yet to walk, Its too hot right now to walk but Im gonna wait the sun starts going down to walk. I need to get in the habit of walking in the morning too and then walk when the sun starts going down.

05-12-2014, 09:39 AM
Morning all. Hope you all had a nice Mother's day. I have a half day class today, so I'm just popping in to say hello. Hope to check in this afternoon. TTFN!

05-12-2014, 09:54 AM
Morning all,

I thought for sure I posted the other day but I guess I didn't. Been working hard. Things are going well at the shop - everyone is getting along nicely which is good. Today is opening day. It's miserable and rainy. I'm glad this chaos is coming to an end - I'm quite tired, my house is a mess and the bursitis is starting again in my foot from so much standing. But it was a labor of love - very nice to be a part of such a good thing. I hope it does well. I have to go get dressed - ribbon cutting at 10 and I have another all day stint as well as working tomorrow morning.

Will be back soon. Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day.

05-12-2014, 01:00 PM
Super quick post...I hope everyone had a nice weekend, and that the Mom's all have a lovely day yesterday!

It is the week before "Go Live" and therefore very hectic at work.

Happy - Enjoy opening day!

I will try and check in later or tonight, but with the heatwave coming this week I may not want to do much of anything after work. I can't even go for a swim at the gym because of the open wound on my back where the cyst was.

Much love to all,

05-12-2014, 01:28 PM
Hi Everyone--it is about lunch time so I'm popping in for a quick post.

I didn't get my walk in last night as i started raining. It rained most of the weekend and also this morning, but now we have sunshine. I plan to do the walk when I get home from work, before I fix supper. DH has a meeting tonight so making dinner is up to me.

I know most of you are aware that DH has afib and we have been trying to make a decision as to if we do the ablation procedure. We have decided that we are going to try it. Hopefully he will stay in rhythm. Because it seems he can't stay on the blood thinners long term and I want to do all we can to ensure that he has a chance of living to a ripe old age (he is 10 years older than me and I don't want to be a young widow), we think this is a good decision. We called the cardiologist today and now are waiting for them to get back to us with the scheduled date. He will have to be on blood thinners a bit before the prodcedure (6 weeks usually) so we will not be doing it right away but we are headed that way.

Happy: I hope Opening Day was very successful--you have worked so hard to make this happen.

Terra: I am sure your mom will like her skillet whenever she gets to use it.

Laura: What sort of class did you have today?

Michelle: It's hard to think about heatwaves already but I see your weather and know you all have had plenty of them already. Stay as cool as you can.

Shad: Your day trip sounded very lovely. Your little Peanut sounds like the sort of baby I would have tried to have had I had children...I am a very scheduled person as well.

Hi to all the rest of the Wordlies... I must get back to work.

05-12-2014, 02:21 PM
Susie ~ Yeah Im sure she'll like her new skillet, She says that week when she gets it she's gonna make fried chicken

Im gonna be sure to walk before we go to Walmart and then I'll walk again after dinner.

05-12-2014, 04:51 PM
Morning all,
Didn't get the photos up on the dropbox last night. Had too much else to do. However I will do so tonight. Promise.

Other than that little is happening around here. They are endeavouring to keep me busy and not succeeding very well. I am packing up some of my stuff (summer stuff) to take home next time I go. And I am doing some deep cleaning at the apartment as well as still sorting the boys stamps.

Seems like most of us as in the busy cycle as well. I'm trying to get some help sorting out my taxes over here. The agency is not being very co-operative. and I am getting very annoyed with them. What is it about accountants and agencies these days.

I'll be back once I have handled these PDD's and sorted out a few problems.

05-12-2014, 05:12 PM
Afternoon all.

Happy – I belatedly discovered that my e-pub format book for Unbroken did have the map, and the photos, but they could not be zoomed/enlarged. It probably had the diagram of the airplane somewhere and I might have overlooked it, I dunno. Anyway, just the fact that I can’t enlarge the non-text items conveniently is a negative. But the 99.9% of all the other types of books I read without any of that are just fine in e-book format. Congrats on the grand opening of the shop! :carrot: I’m glad everything is going well and everyone’s been getting along (for a change). You must be so proud of what you’ve accomplished in such a short length of time!! :bravo:

Michelle – I have the overdrive app for reading e-books on my phone. Hope the heat this week doesn’t keep you from sleeping. Bf doesn’t want to turn on the AC yet because he’s having an HVAC guy out to give it a spring checkup and he’d rather wait until that’s done. I don’t mind, but doggy can no longer tolerate the heat very well. Yesterday he was really restless, poor guy.

Susie – Congrats on your loss! Glad your toe is healed, but too bad the podiatrist you have doesn’t seem all that helpful. At least you can get back to exercise, even if it’s not the treadmill. Good that the stretching seems to help it. Before you know it, your foot'll be feeling like new again. How was your walk last night? Did you pick up the exercise balls? I like my exercise ball – I enjoy doing crunches on it. Our Jazzercise class uses it for one or two routines per class, but honestly, it’s a PITA to drag it to class along with my hand weights, exercise mat, resistance band, shoes, towel and water bottle. Most other students don’t bother to bring it, and neither do I. It would be really nice if our Jazzercise instructor (who is the franchise owner) had her own permanent leased space so she could have some of the equipment onsite and we didn’t have to bring it ourselves. I have a feeling she deliberately rents her spots from the church and the school because those spaces have wooden floors – much kinder on our feet. I wonder if peonies grow from a cutting, or are you thinking of digging up a part of it with roots? I like your advice – give up the sweets so I can say “sweet!” at the scale! How was the protein shake with the orange jello? Bf had a giant container of protein powder sitting around for the longest time and we finally tossed it yesterday – he wasn’t using it, and when I finally asked him about it, he said he learned it had an ingredient in it that wasn’t safe and he wasn’t going to use it. And it was really old. I hope the ablation procedure resolves the afib problem for your dh.

Shad – Sorry peanut didn’t care for the sensory class. It’s good he’s on a good schedule, but if that’s not the kind of day you’re having, what then? Then again, I think people try to convince themselves babies won’t change anything and try to continue on with their lives in almost the same way. Adaptability is important, but babies still have their special needs and their own sense of timing! All coming from the non-parent expert, LOL. :D Your Sunday sounded wonderful – I bet the islands are nice now that some of them are being converted to conservation areas. I’ll have to get on dropbox when you’ve put those photos out there. Hard to plan your next move if you don’t know when the assignment will end…good luck!

Terra – The electric skillet sounds like a nice gift. I just love kitchen gadgets/equipment/accessories! I don't order from them much, but I like having items delivered to Walmart so I can save the shipping charges. I have one that’s only 2 miles from home, so it’s convenient for me to do it that way.

Ceejay – Glad your friend is being a good houseguest this time around. :crossing: my fingers it stays that way ‘til she leaves. Ick re the dead cats – how long has your friend’s store been closed?? Good text to your sister – at least she knows you’ve been thinking through your retirement plans carefully and aren’t just intent on retiring ASAP. I’m not an expert, but if your health suffers from the physical exertion of your work, you have to listen to your body. And I can’t see how the difference of a year would be that drastic in terms of your benefits. How great it’ll be to see your sister fromTX when they come to visit!

Hi Annie, hi jollygirl!
My weekend was fine. I ended up skipping Jazzercise on Saturday morning. I would have had to drive to the class, then back home to shower, then drive back to almost the same area for my dentist appointment and lunch date. Too much driving! Instead I did two BE workouts in the basement. The Body Electric series has been on my local PBS for a long time in reruns. Because they were made for and aired on PBS (a not-for-profit), they could use almost any music they wanted without concern for royalty issues. Unfortunately, the creator Margaret Richard couldn’t subsequently sell the older series' for profit because of those royalty issues. The last two series created were, however, produced so that they could be sold without the music tracks. The two workouts I did were from those “unplugged” series that I’d purchased. As I was doing the workouts, I realized it was nice and peaceful. The group fitness classes I go to all seem to have the music blaring so loud…I really enjoyed the quiet. Of course, I was doing strength workouts, so it’s different than doing dance-y cardio routines to music like I do in Zumba and Jazzercise.

The dentist appointment was fine and I enjoyed lunch with my friend. We sat outside and talked and talked and afterwards went to pick up a few things together at the nearby Trader Joe’s. What a nice day!

Mother’s Day dinner with bf's mom was nice and simple. Ham, homemade mac n cheese, fresh green beans. We also made a box mix of biscuits – the ones that are like the Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits. Very yummy, but I think they could be done without the mix. But we rarely make something like that, so the convenience was nice. Bf made homemade fresh strawberry ice cream for dessert – yum. No, I did NOT step on the scale this morning.

My class this morning was an intro to and analysis of my company’s financial statements. Most of this was a refresher for me because I have an accounting background, but it was interesting because it was customized to my company and its industry. Part two is on Wednesday.

The other two dept members are out for the afternoon at a seminar, so it’s nice and quiet here. Plenty to do and I better get back to it!! Have a good rest of the day!!

05-12-2014, 08:27 PM
I will retire if I have to before I'm 66. Don't blame you for skipping Jazzercise class. It always more fun to visit with a friend. I dug up a root from mom's peonies. Think they have finally gotten used to this gumbo soil. They were really pretty this year.

I'm sending good vibes that everything will go 100% on the launch of the system.

You have been putting in a lot of volunteer time at the thrift store. In fact I thought about you when I saw a Humane Society Thrift store in Branson.

Glad you and dh decided on the ablation procedure. Hope it resolves things.

Yum on the fried chicken in your mom's new electric skillet. I know she will enjoy it.

Where are you? Still enjoying staying at home with the babies?

My work day is about to close. I'm tolerating my house guest but am really ready for her to go home. She's been there since Tuesday. She said she got sick Saturday night but I'm not sure. She may have had the runs from the water melon. Surely I would have heard her throw up. She's back at the store cleaning today. IMHO she breathed to much bleach from cleaning and spraying bleach at the store. But she's blaming it on the watermelon. She can vouch for herself tonight food wise. I'm starting a 60 hour work week starting Saturday through next Wednesday and really don't want her there. I'm sending her vibes to go home tomorrow. She's wanting to talk to the man who owns the store building and he will be there tomorrow. fingers crossed that she will go home after that.
Been exercising for 15 minutes each night and going to bed around 9.30 p.m. and eating a light dinner. I stayed the same weight this morning.
This may be cruel but it was humid in the apartment last night so I told her I'm turning down the air to get the place cooled off so I can sleep. This morning I turned the a c up to 77, and I'll turn it down again when I get home.
And I cleaned the bathroom last night after she told me she was sick. I didn't want any germs in there. Tonight I'm cleaning my bedroom which doesn't need much, ride the bike and watch t v in my room.
Yeah, it's 6.30. I'm so ready for 7 p.m.

05-13-2014, 05:00 AM
Photo's are in the drop box. Under Mel's photo's > Matiu Somes. Have fun

05-13-2014, 08:48 AM
Laura ~ Our walmart is close by too

Ceejay ~ Yeah I bet she will too but we're both on a diet so we cant enjoy it too much lol

I already got one of my walks out of the way today and I'll walk again before we go eat dinner and I'll walk for the last time after dinner so I'll get 3 walks in today.

05-13-2014, 10:30 AM
Morning all,

We had a very successful first day opening - almost $2500 taken in which was great considering they put the wrong opening date in the paper, we didn't do much in the way of advertising we were open, tourists have not flooded into town yet and it was a cold and rainy day. 2 ladies stopped in - they are very active with the food shelf and said they didn't have enough free time to help us out so instead they dropped off a check for $1,000 from their own pockets. I was so overwhelmed with emotion I could not speak. There were a lot of great things to be had - everyone commented on how nice the store looks and what a great job we all did. Now we are inundated with donations - faster than we can keep up with them and have to figure out something for storage.

Yesterday was a long day - I didn't get out of there until almost 7pm and I have to work a half day today. I am sticking to my guns on the half day part. Holler at me if I don't. ;) Always something to do.

Tomorrow I will have plenty of time to relax with my coffee and catch up with everyone. Love to the chicks. ♥

05-13-2014, 11:54 AM
Good morning ladies -

It got into the low 90s here yesterday, and today it will be mid to upper 90s and tomorrow low 100s. I don't like the heat, but I prefer it to the snow, especially after seeing parts of Colorado get hit with over a foot of wet heavy snow. It was a busy day at work yesterday, and likely will be busy all week. People are still working on content changes, and I've got to go in and update all the links and references from our development environment to our live production environment.

I had a sandwich for dinner last night. I just couldn't bear the thought of eating anything hot. I'll probably do the same tonight and tomorrow night.

No time for personals other than....

Happy - Wow! A $1,000 personal donation from the two women! That's wonderful!! So nice that you are getting so many donations of sellable items as well as cash. I hope you only put in 1/2 day today.

Big :wave: and :hug: to all! I've really gotta get back to it.


05-13-2014, 12:56 PM
A quick one for me. My friend stayed at the store last night. I was glad to have some me time. I texted her that I left the alarm off and hopefully she will bring the key back that way.
It's raining off and on today probably the rest of the week.
Rode the bike last night for 15 minutes again. Then this morning I woke up with a painful leg and foot cramp. It's sore today.

That's so sweet of the lady who brought in the $1000 dollar check.

Hello's to the rest. I'll be back later. :wave:

05-13-2014, 03:09 PM
Quick pop in to say hello. Getting very busy, and I will be for the next month. It doesn't help that I have to take care of some of the admin duties that can't wait until someone new is hired. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Back to it.

05-13-2014, 11:42 PM
Quick check-in for me as well. I am getting ready to go to bed.

This week I decided that I would work from home 2-3 hours every night to get my work email in folders and categorized and cleaned up so that I feel I know what needs to be done and also have the back up info I need for all the projects I lead.

Tonight I got my inbox down to 2 unread emails and I will process those tomorrow and also everything is in folders for reference and in my inbox if there is action I need to take. I feel great!

Our fiscal year ends in June and I have another project that I will lead for my Director. This has to do with our enrollment for the Org and I have to run reports and analyis them (pivot tables..and I am not good at them) and they will be given to my Director and VP. The lady who does them now (is in Finance) is taking a new role and they aren't replacing her so I get this part of her work. I have this month and the next to learn her processes so I can execute them. Did I mention she is in England so this will be done over email and phone calls and maybe some Skype.

I really wonder how much more I can take on....but I know I need my job so I will do it and do it well so that come fall and ratings time my work shows I should be 1 rated-only 20% of the company gets this rating--I have had it every year in all my roles.

Happy--Congratulations on such a succesful Grand Opening.

I will do more personals tomorrow.

Good night everyone.

05-14-2014, 11:17 AM
~Hi Everyone~

I changed my S/C and My sig. to what the doctor's scale said yesterday, I could of swore my scale said I got down to 288 but maybe I was wrong, I have a habit of holding onto the wall when I first step on the scale so I dont fall and maybe I forgot to let go of the wall.

05-14-2014, 12:07 PM
Good morning all,

I think I survived the tsunami that has been my chaotic life the last 3 weeks. We had a great opening day at the thrift shop and yesterday wasn't too bad either. It's still a bit crazy there - everyone will drift to do their own thing - it's a shame we can't have consistency but I have had to work hard to let that part of me go. I will run the store the way I feel best on my 2 shifts and the rest of the time, it's someone else's turn to captain the ship. It will be good to get back to my regular life again. Lots to be done here around the house.

Spring is officially here. We have a medium sized young black bear that comes just about every night - he comes when it's dark so we can't really get a picture of him. We set the hummingbird feeder out today and within 5 minutes DH said a hummingbird flew to it. We have several colorful birds - red grosbeak, yellow goldfinch, red cardinal and today for the first time in his life - DH saw and orange Oriole on the feeder. Today is a bright and sunny day - I hope it stays that way for a while - we are saturated with water - have to pull up the rest of the carpet in the basement - I just hope the seepage cracks are not too bad and this will not be an expensive repair. DH is already fretting about the amount of money we have laid out this year. Which can be a problem when you have just a tiny pension. And there are all these animals that come to our house looking for food. Even the hummingbird was staring at DH at the glass patio door this morning.

So let me try and catch up on personals...

Terra - sorry your weight didn't come out to what you thought. Just keep plugging away like you are and it will happen for you. I can't believe how hot it is by you. Whew!!! I'd be taking evening walks just like you to escape the sun.

Susie - good idea to try and get organized so you can stay on top of things. That's really hard especially when a big component of your job is unexpected things tossed at you with short deadlines. Gee I wish I could help you with pivot tables. I was intimidated by them but then I got very, very good with them on my last job. Unfortunately this is a case of use it or lose it and I was amazed at how much I forgot not dealing with it any more. Same thing happened to me when I was creating forms for the Thrift Shop using Word. This time around, whether they want it or not, I am going to be doing some data gathering from the sales and will run some analytics on it (mostly for my own benefit) so perhaps I might be able to help you once it comes back to me. I'm sure you will pick up on it as you seem very smart and capable of anything they toss at you. :D Glad DH decided on the ablation. It took a while afterwards until things stabilized for my DH - I think because you have to wait for the scar tissue to form and do it's intended work - but I hope that will work out for him. I also hope you can get some relief for your foot - definitely find another doctor!

Laura - I guess will hand off the busy baton to you and Susie for the next few weeks. I was very surprised when my Mom told me how you guys were bumping up into some rather hot weather so soon. Sure seems erratic. 90 one day - cool and 50's another. Regarding your comment about the protein powder - that wasn't Whey brand protein - was it? In the summer we often make breakfast smoothies with yogurt, fruit and protein powder. What is the "bad" ingredient? Don't need any of that :yikes: Thanks for commenting on the Cheddar Bay biscuits - that reminded me I have 2 boxes I was eager to try. Hope you get some good info from your class today.

Ceejay- I think after your experience your friend would be better off finding other arrangements when she comes into town. I know after working a 60 hour week as you do, I would not be in the mood to share my house with someone else. Now that retirement is getting closer for you, I think you can start to take a closer look at many situations and give some thought as to what will and will not work for you. Good job keeping up with the bike!

Shad - thanks for including the photos - I will look at them tonight. Geez with the taxes - I know it's sometimes complicated working among several states here - I gave no thought to working in 2 different COUNTRIES :yikes: Although it seems like many Kiwis and Aussies work together so I guess they have the specifics nailed down fairly well. Talk about a complicated life! So your contract will be winding down. Will you look for other work or take a break for a while?

Annie - haven't heard from you. I'm taking it that you are still job searching. Still sending pleads to the big guy on your behalf each night. I hope you are keeping yourself busy and making good work of your free time right now. :hug:

Michelle - yikes you are getting the heat also. Yuck. I have to say I have never been a fan of the heat myself. And that's a bummer that you can't even get in a refreshing dip in the pool with your incision healing. I hope you are keeping your head above water on go live!

I really should get off the computer and get busy. I have a lot to get done and there is my yoga class at 2pm. Have a good day everyone. :wave:

05-14-2014, 12:31 PM
Quick post for now...Might be able to check in later with personals. It was 75 when I left the house at 7:30 this morning. Those who know me know that mid-70s is my PERFECT temperature, but I couldn't even enjoy it much this morning as I was dreading the low 100s that we'll be feeling later today.

Santa and I were really struggling to stay cool yesterday after I picked him up from day care. Today, I've decided that I'm going out to eat and either to a movie or the library (somewhere air conditioned) until at least 8 or 8:30. The day care stays fairly cool, and I've asked them to give him a bath in the late afternoon (which he will hate but it will cool him down).

Today, I overslept because the fan cooling the room overnight was on full blast and was so loud I didn't hear the alarm. :yikes: Luckily, I managed to get to work only a little bit later than usual and still before most people.

Lots to get done I'd better get to it.

Much love,

05-14-2014, 03:04 PM
Another quick hello from me.

Ceejay - Your friend stayed overnight at the store??? Isn't that where she found the two dead cats? :eek:

Shad - Lovely photos of your weekend exploring. Thanks for posting them. Dunno why I thought the island would be further away from Wellington. How long is the ferry ride to get there? Now I know what a flax plant looks like!

Happy - Congrats on the successful opening. What a very nice donation from the two women! It might be harder for you to back off how the shop is run since you were so heavily involved in getting it re-started! Good luck!! I'll check the particulars about the protein powder. It was bf's, so I didn't know anything about it. (Though I do recall a bad "digestive reaction" to a whey protein bar I once ate. After that, I didn't want to supplement my food/diet like that anymore, LOL. Vitamins are about it for me.)

Michelle - Wow, that is HOT weather you're getting! :flame: Good keep-cool strategies for you and Santa. If our temps hadn't gone back down again, I would have insisted we turn on the AC, checkup done or not! Good luck with your "go-live drive".

Susie - My email inbox is getting out of hand and I will probably have to spend some time getting it under control. I don't have time during regular work hours, so I will also probably have to sacrifice some personal time to do that. But it'll be worth it.

Terra - You will get there if you keep plugging along! :yes:

Have we lost jollygirl?? :?:

Hi Annie!! Hope all is well with you and the family!
Nothing much to report. I had an important meeting to attend this morning, so I missed part two of the class today. Darn.

Busy as heck and then there's also another interview tomorrow with an admin asst applicant.

Looking forward to Friday - the boss is taking a day off and I hope I can hunker down and crank through some work. Meetings really throw me off and there've been a lot of them lately. Crud, I have another one at 2 pm today. Sigh.

Okay, my lunch is about over now, time to get back to work. TTFN!

05-14-2014, 04:50 PM
It was safe for her to stay there. She's still cleaning things up so the store can sell!!!!!!! Better luck with that with the real estate market around here.
She still has a key to the apt but I'm picking it up tomorrow. She really doesn't have need of it any more.

Yes, I'm doing my own thing and I'm not letting any one run over me any more. I'm tired of it. Good idea on operating the store the way you want to when you are there, let the others do the same.

I'm taking a short break. Wish that the maintenance man could do his maintenance but it's been raining all morning. but he's studying right now.
Need to go. I'll check back tomorrow.

05-14-2014, 04:55 PM
Morning all,

Another day, another $$ or three. Not sure what I will be doing today. They can't seem to keep me busy for very long these days. I had a visit from the training head dude yesterday saying that the project boss wanted to keep as many of us as possible until the end of July. I have said that I would be prepared to stay but not if there is nothing much to do. So unless they can keep me occupied, the middle of June is go home time. I have decided I will have a bit of a break and a holiday in NZ before I fly to Adelaide for Miss S's birthday (not that I have had an invite or anything) stay there a couple of days and then go back to Brisbane. That's the plan at this stage anyway.

It's very cool here today. grey clouds and some drizzly rain expected. I suppose we should expect it as winter is practically here.

Happy - Glad to hear that the shop is ticking over well. The unexpected donation must have been a big bonus in your day. Nice ladies.
Taxes are relatively straight forward in NZ as long as you know where you are at. The tax that I pay over here will be taken into account in Australia so I should have to pay too much over there and my well get a refund once the deductions take effect. I must say it is much easier to deal with the IRD in NZ than the ATO in Australia.

Susie - it is good to be busy since it makes the day go past very quickly, however it seems that you have so much stuff on your plate and they keep piling on more. There has to be a limit somewhere surely.
Hope the DH has his procedure soon and that all works out well.

Terra - disappointing about the misread on the scale, but you may also find measuring helps. I am now working towards measurements rather than weight since the scale is very rarely my friend.

Laura - Ferry out to Somes is only about 30 minutes or so. It's a nice trip on a good day. Not sure if I would like to be in that little boat when the weather is rough though.
Hope they get a new admin soon for you. It's not a lot of fun having to pick up anothers work when your own is still there.

Michelle - one thing about living south (or in your case north) but close to the tropic line is that you are going to get heat. You will have to acclimatise. Dogs do pretty well with that since they like to nap in the shade and as long as they have plenty of water they generally do okay. It's us humans that suffer because we insist on air con and heating and don't live with the seasons.

Ceejay - hoping that you and the friend have come to an arrangement as far as keys, alarms and accommodation goes. You need your own space. It is so hard to share when you are used to being on your own.

Guess that is about it. Coffee, breakfast and news are done. Time for some work for which I get paid.

05-14-2014, 05:07 PM
Shad - I wouldn't complain so much about the heat...but it's really early for these super hot temps. Normally the SF Bay Area doesn't see heat like this until July or August, and last year we didn't see temps this high at all.

05-14-2014, 07:46 PM
I feel for you in those high temperatures. I dread summer because of this. Keep cool.

Don't blame you for not wanting to stick around if you don't have anything to do. But hey, I call that easy money.

Sorry to be complaining so much about my friend. I think it's just me and being single all these years and having someone come in and actually take over things is not my cup of tea. I will be getting my key back and saying no to the rest of her visits. She just texted me to see if I had the alarm on. Told her I'd be home around 7.30 She's asked again and I've told her the same thing. I don't want her in there by herself.

05-14-2014, 09:25 PM
Happy ~ Yeah its been really hot here.

Laura ~ Yeah I'll be sure to get plugging along

Shad ~ Yeah I'll switch to measuring instead of weighing, Good Idea

05-14-2014, 11:47 PM
Can one you computer savy people tell me how to save or send a text message from cell phone to computer. I want to save the text message she and I had to put in my journal.

05-15-2014, 11:56 AM
Morning all. Okay, the weather is crazy right now – we started the week with temps in the 80’s, and now it’s in the 40’s , blustery and rainy. :rain: But…I’m still glad it’s not winter! :D I wore my long trench coat this morning, with a scarf and gloves. I have my headband with me too, but didn’t put it on. I probably should have. Glad bf gave me a ride to the train.

Ceejay – Sorry things aren’t working out with your friend as a houseguest. If she needs to spend so much time here, it seems she needs to make different living arrangements?? She must feel like she’s imposing now that she’s been staying so frequently - I know I would. And isn’t the store’s landlord getting impatient for the store to finally be cleaned out so he can sell the building??! Re savings texts: I noted that I could hold my finger on a single text message and copy the words only to the clipboard and then paste it to an e-mail…not ideal – you don’t see the text message as it looks on the screen with date and time. I also did a quick google to see how to save text messages, but it looked like it required the download of some sort of app that would be used to back them up to gmail. I’m not that savvy, so it looked sort of involved to me. :doh:

Michelle – Sorry the heat is so bad for you at the moment. I hope it eases up soon!! Did you go to the library last night? I actually wouldn't mind an excuse to hang around the library for a couple hours, but not because the heat was keeping me from my home! :(

Shad – It would be really boring to not have enough to keep you busy, but it sounds like they are willing to pay you just to be available…like Ceejay said – easy money. On the other hand, a holiday before returning home sounds wonderful.

Happy – The protein powder we tossed was whey protein powder. I asked bf what the problem with it was, and he said that in general it could cause kidney function problems because of all the protein?? He has a brother with kidney issues, so he’s a bit wary now.

Hi Terra!! :wave:

Hellos to everyone else!
This past weekend I bought some freeze-dried banana slices (Trader Joe’s) and they are not my cup of tea. The flavor isn’t banana-y enough, and they leave bits stuck to my teeth and they also leave a funny taste in my mouth. I’m ready to leave the rest of the bag on the coffee room counter. Yuck. I’ll just eat fresh bananas.

Nothing much else to report. We have another interview this morning. That’s about it. Back to the grind.

05-15-2014, 12:14 PM
Another quick check will be a little cooler today...only up into the low to mid-90s. I'm meeting up with a friend from high school after work. She and I got together a couple weeks ago, but we still have a lot more catching up to do. :D It's great to reconnect with her.

Last night, I got a better off than going to a movie. D didn't have to work, so he and I went to dinner and a movie. We saw "Divergent", which I've been wanting to see for awhile. Now I want to read the book series. I really liked it. In some ways, it's kind of similar to "The Hunger Games", which I also liked. I'm sure it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I thought it was good.

Today will be spent editing a lot of images that reference our former company name. So much to do and so little time, so I'd better get to it.

Laura - I know that high amounts of protein can be hard on the kidneys, and I would guess that if you have a family history of kidney issues, it is probably best to not overdo the protein. With diabetes, I have to maintain a fine balance of eating enough protein throughout the day (especially when I eat carbs) to minimize blood sugar spikes, and yet not too much protein.

Much love to all,

05-15-2014, 12:38 PM
Good morning all,

Guys are outside digging up the concrete slab outside of the garage. The guy who patched it 2 years ago and guaranteed it would hold - didn't. So it's a complete dig up and new concrete. Ka-ching! - lots of money flying out of our wallets. Deck is falling apart and needs to be redone - and it covers 2/3 of our house. Ka-ching, ka-ching! The guy digging up the concrete lives just down the road and said he remembers this house being built. They built the basement too deep and had to put in special drain tiles around the foundation. DH said the cement in the basement floor is not how you'd normally do things when pouring a foundation so that explains that. Which means we probably need MORE drain tiles ka-ching, ka-ching, KA-CHING!!! And we will need a new roof within 3 years. DH is bummed. We are trying to figure out how we can spread out the repairs. Also gives some credence to the argument that you don't put basements into this area unless you have a lot of sandy soil which drains easily. But then again sandy soil shifts easily too so that leads to more "settling" type problems.

It's cool and overcast today - we have a chance of rain each day so that probably means not much in the way of drying sunshine which we need. I think they said the farmers almanac was predicting a cooler summer for us - much like last year. Considering the difference in our temps (even accounting for us being more north) compared with what some of the rest of you are experiencing right now that may very well be true. Although I will take rain over drought and 60's over 100's in the temp range any day.

Dryer buzzer just went off - let me get that before the clothes wrinkle. Be back shortly.

05-15-2014, 03:01 PM
Thanks for the information. I may go to Verizon tomorrow to see if they can help.

Wow that's a lot of repairs.

I went to the doctor this morning. I'd been having some more intestinal problems so this time he's sending me to Jonesboro for a colonoscopy. It's really past time for one but I keep putting things off. It's scheduled for July 8th. I will get my aunt and uncle to go with me. Talk about ka-ching. That's going to hurt the pocket book. I'll have to call the insurance company to find out about this. I hope it will not all go toward deductible.
My friend was more than pss'd. There is definitely one thing for sure I can't live with any one. Too set in my ways and want my own personal space to myself. She's supposed to bring my key back today.
I want to get out and mow the lawn. I just hope that it will be dry enough.
And by the way, I lost 5 pounds since the last drs. visit.

05-15-2014, 03:26 PM
Ok, I'm back. Made a few phone calls, did a few things and made a list of stuff that I need to do tomorrow.

Ceejay - sorry I could not help with your question on the text - I don't do texting - my phone is simple like me. I agree with what the others said about your friend staying at your place perhaps a bit too often and for too long. Time to finish up or make other arrangements. Congrats on the weight loss. I don't know insurance but I would think the colonoscopy counts towards preventive procedures so hopefully it does not go against your deductible. Make sure they put you under completely for the test and make sure you are schedule to be off work the day before for the awful prep - which is probably the worst of the test.

Michelle - glad to hear it's cooling off a bit but the 90's is still too warm to sleep comfortably at night. Sounds like you have 3 months worth of work to keep you busy with them changing the company name. And after it's all said and done, you'll still probably find a piece that got missed. At least it makes the day go by quickly. I'm glad you are happy with the job. As for cooling - we got a Lasko circular wind machine fan - it's a large floor fan, works much better than the square box fans. Since both of us get all achy from having the ceiling fan blow on us, we direct this one at the ceiling and let the air bounce over to us. Just enough circulation to keep the air cool and moving. And it's not so loud it will drown out your alarm :lol:

Laura - thanks for the info on the protein. I looked it up and I certainly agree if your kidneys are compromised I wouldn't use it. But for an occasional smoothie like we have, I guess we will be ok, especially since I can't do soy protein. But since bodybuilders use and people who have had gastric surgery, it's a good warning to heed. I don't like the freeze dried fruit either - the chips were in a trail mix we used to buy and they got tossed out. Nice crunch, terrible flavor. Yuck. That's a bummer that you have to pick up the extra work from the admin - wish they could hire Annie but that's too long of a commute for her. :^: Hopefully they will find someone soon and Annie will meet a match also. :crossed:

Shad - tis a pity that you are not officially invited to S's birthday party. But by now I'm sure you have figured out that you are just going to have to be grandma on your own terms. I hope the next one is not that complicated. :rolleyes: Knowing you I can see where you'd rather leave early than sit there and get paid to do nothing. You are not a sitter. I hope they can come to a compromise. At least this time around you got to see some family - seems like it's been a long while since you were able to do so.

Hi Annie, Terra and Susie :wave:

It does feel good to get back to my own routine and take care of things. I ordered 2 books from the library and returned both of them having read only a few pages. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day but I have plans to work inside over the weekend. DH is building me a herb growing table for outside so that will be nice. I am debating about the garden - think I'm going to do a few tomatoes, a few cucumbers, some sugar snap peas and maybe some carrots since those came out good last year. And some arugula which I hope will grow back on it's own from last year. Not as expansive a garden this year. We have 2 hummingbirds now. So spring is springing along.

Guess I'd better go find some lunch. Have a good day all.

05-15-2014, 11:11 PM
Afternoon all,
Quick drop in and out. I'm leaving work early today. The family are going to Otaki Beach for the weekend and I am invited. So I will have to get my A into G to get myself home shortly and packed and ready to go. The niece is to pick me up at 4 o'clock and I have to get to the bank and home and packed and ready to go on THE DOT. I will not be taking the computer with me so you'll not hear from me probably until Sunday afternoon.

Work is slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. Just like the dance. It's the contracting world equivalent of the army's 'hurry up and wait'. Still the weather is delightful today and the sun is streaming into the office and cooking my feet.

I'll be back after the weekend. Be good or be careful until then.

Annie - about time you poked your nose in again. Jump to it.

05-16-2014, 10:53 AM
I agree that my friend was staying a bit to long. She was a bit in a tiff when I told her I needed my space. But so be it. She also brought the key back yesterday afternoon. I'm thankful for that. I was trimming the bushes and thanked her. She immediately got back in her Enclcave and left. I honestly think she was trying to move in on me.
I'm going to Verizon today in Blytheville to have them show me how to get the text printed off.
Re-colonoscopy. I'm thinking about taking three days off for the procedure.
I slept most of the day after on the last one. I was hoping they could make it on my days off but it's on a Tuesday.

Are the wild fires in CA any where near you?

Sounds like you are going to have fun this week end.

May be they should have promoted you to administrator position.

Hello's to Annie, Terra and Susie. By the way where are you Susie?

Yesterday I mowed the lawn and as I put up the lawn mower it came a good shower. More rain today and tomorrow.
Not much else to report. Need to pick up my pay check in a few minutes.

05-16-2014, 11:47 AM
Happy & Ceejay ~ HELLO :wave:

I already went on my morning walk and I'll walk again after dinner

05-16-2014, 12:51 PM
Hi Everyone..I have come up for air! I hate to say it but I think that as long as I am supporting this Director, this is my new normal. Work, work, work...caught up for 24 hours..then working like crazy again. I'll just have to learn how to balance it all and when I need to just say, it will have to wait.

I make double what my DH makes and so I have to do a good job. At one time it wasn't like that but when the company he worked 17 years for had a fire 5 years ago, when the economy was going bad, the pay scale or him changed. I had the opportunity, working for this great company that I get to work for, to step up my game. I like my work, and I like the pay, I would like just a little more balance. I will figure it out. It helps to know that you all are here supporting me.

I have some good news with my foot..I actually had no pain or sensation in it this morning when I got up! I'm doing daily stretches and strenght buidling exercises that I found on the web for feet and it seems to be helping.

As for DH's ablation. He will have a loop recorder put in on June 3. That info will be checked on June 9 and then they will schedule the ablation and get the blood thinners started. Depending on his levels and also the surgeons schedule the procedure won't be until after July 29. That is how far out they are booked for "routine" ablations. It blows my mind they think of them as "routine".

Terra: Sorry that the scales didn't say what you thouht, but you had a loss and I'm sure all this walking is making you smaller. It's a good idea to do measurements as well as weigh-in. I bet you have lost a lot of inches and are building muscle (walking tones the entire body), and muscle weighs more than fat. So that is why the scales might not have shown more of a loss. So take measurements about every 6 weeks so you can see how your hard work is paying off..I bet you feel it in your clothes!

Happy: That is awful about the basement repairs. I would be in a panic...bu then, what good does that do right?

Thank you for the info on the scar tissue and having some issues afterwards until that scare tissue helped. I am going to talk this with the doctor so that we are prepared. I'm trying to get DH in the best possible frame of mind, and spirit and physical shape that we can before the procedure.

Laura: My bosses are out today too and I'm gettting so much done! I hope you are too!

Ceejay: I do the same thing that Laura told you to do when I want to send my text as a email. Let us know what you find out.

Shad: Enjoy that weekend beach trip!

Hi Annie and Jolly...and Patience--have you all been checking in? You are missed!

Ok..back to work for me. I'll be around some this weekend. We have friends of friends in from Missiouri this weekend and have dinner planned one night and a movie (Spiderman) planned another night. That with the regular weekend chores is going to make for a busy weekend.


05-16-2014, 01:08 PM
Morning all. TGIF! Another rainy, chilly day. Oh well, it’ll dry out eventually. In the meantime, the grass in our backyard is the longest I’ve ever seen it. I have no idea how bf will deal with that.

Michelle – Hope you enjoyed your get together with your HS friend. Glad you liked Divergent. I might have to give one of the books in that series or the Hunger Games series a try to see if it sparks my interest. Looks like it might “only” be in the 80’s in your area today? Hope so, those 90’s and 100’s sure would be hard to deal with long term.

Happy – Wow, that’s a lot of BIG home projects coming up! Is the guy who previously patched the slab gonna make good on his guarantee?? It’s a shame you have to replace the entire thing – concrete is so expensive! We’d like to replace a lot of our concrete, but have done nothing. Our tiny stoop at the front door is getting bad the past year or so and I sure wish bf had not attacked it so viciously with the ice chopper all those years ago…the sidewalk running alongside our garage is tilted to one side, the driveway is okay except for one long crack straight across it…I don’t think I’d have an issue with actually getting it all replaced at some point if I thought it would last. Honestly, I don’t know what materials they’re using in concrete these days, but it just doesn’t impress me at all. And I sure don’t recall it ever being so bright white, even when it was new. Gosh, the deck – they are so nice to have, but boy do they ever cause a lot of work in maintaining them. I hope you can find a way to stretch out all the expenses and ease the pain to your wallet. Re the weather – I agree with you. I would much prefer a cooler summer to a hotter one. Fingers :crossed: Probably a silly question, but are the homegrown carrots a lot better tasting than the store’s? :carrot:

Shad – Enjoy your weekend with the family!!! :)

Ceejay – I hope you get the help needed at Verizon. If this is the friend who moved out of town to work at another store…guess it’s not working out in the other town? That’s a shame, but it’s kind of crummy of her to try and worm her way into a spot in your home!! I’m glad you told her you needed your space!! People will only go as far as you let them!!! Not jealous of your upcoming colonoscopy. Thankfully I have a bit of time before having one of those. Re the admin position…I’m just a worker bee in my department, but my position is a higher paying one than the admin position, and I like my work a lot better!! :D

Hi Terra!!!


Quiet here at work today. The boss is out. No meetings – whoohoo!!
Last night I had my brows shaped, and the night before I had my hair color touched up. My salon person K is off on maternity leave – she’s not due til the 20th, but I guess being on her feet became too much for her (lots of swelling). I had someone else and she’s fine. She has K’s color formulas, so no problem. I think I’ll skip haircuts for a while – just try to hang on until K returns to work. Anyway…it’ll be good to just go home after work tonight and not have an appointment.

Tomorrow I’ll skip Jazzercise (again) because we’re driving out to a state park about 100 miles west of the Chicago area. We’ll spend the day and stay overnight with a group of people, one of whom likes to celebrate his birthday each year with little getaways like this. Some years i go with bf, some years I don't. I think this will be nice because bf and I will have our own little cabin on the grounds of the park and there are hiking trails right there. I hope the weather cooperates. Even if it doesn’t, I'll dress appropriately and enjoy getting out in nature.

That’s about it for me. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!!


05-16-2014, 04:20 PM
Hello Ladies.

I am just not feeling chatty at all, must be the depression setting in. I did sign up with a temp agency this past Monday, but nothing yet. Since I don't want to work downtown, jobs are few in my salary range. We will see. C did let his extra help go, which means a bit more work for him, but really he can do it and while I am off I can help, that in itself will save us $760.00 a month. We shall see.

I was inducted into the Kiwanas this past Wednesday night. It was rather nice. It was a the headquarters for all nationwide kiwanas here in Indy. Who knew? I went to a grade school to help out with the K kids club which is the juniors of Kiwanas. Too cute.

Spending a lot of time with the grandbabes. I am so attached that going back to work will be hard on me. If that ever happens. Royce was two months old this week and weighs 12 lbs already. Growing like a weed as is Jacob. That kid at two waffles, container of yogurt, graham crackers, kid size ham and cheese sandwich and a couple of animal crackers, all before 1:00 pm today. Heck he didn't even get up until 9. Sheesh.

I did find a church that I like and have been going for about 8 weeks. C has even been going with me and he actually wants to go with me. I don't even have to ask or beg him to. lol

The garden is finally all in. Pretty much the same things as last year. Tomatos, cukes, zucchini and yellow squash, chives, red peppers, jalapenos, green peppers. That is about it. Was going to try potatos, not too late and may still put some out.

Well need to unload my aldi's groceries before that rot in the car. haha. It is only 48 and no sun here today. No worries. Oh, one more thing then dad's house will probably go on the market. I don't know what my bro and sil will do or where they will live.

Hope everyone is doing great. Thank you Chelle for the card. The cards do cheer me up and give me strength.

Love and Hugs.

05-17-2014, 10:00 AM
You don't have to be chatty cathy. Just drop in. Sounds lie you will be having a good garden crop this year. And couldn't blame if you wanted to stay home the GB.

You have a lot of responsibility. Glad you like your job. and things will fall into place.

I did try your method of sending the text to email. But the text was too long. Verizon said they couldn't help. So I just deleted it. It was no big deal. She knew she overstayed her welcome. She just wasn't expecting a no.

Starting my 60 hour week today. It's been drizzling rain. And more to come.

05-17-2014, 12:52 PM
Susie ~ Okay I'll start measuring every 6 weeks but first I have to find my tape measure lol.

I walked already this morning and I'll walk again after dinner

05-17-2014, 01:22 PM
Super quick post...

I'm at work today and may have to work a little tomorrow. I still haven't received all the content I was promised to have over a week ago, and yet....somehow...lack of preparation on their part DOES create an emergency on my part as it has to be on the website before Tuesday morning's launch.

Hopefully I'll get to check in later.

Have a great weekend.

Love and hugs,

05-18-2014, 09:39 AM
I'm at work too.

Yesterday was fairly quiet. I had a few calls concerning the music fest. Not sure how the turn out was but I could hear the music at my house across town.
I was extremely tired last night. Went to bed early too. I'm still a bit tired but getting my strength back. Think this last ordeal with the friend took it's toll.
More later.

05-18-2014, 02:39 PM
Morning all,

I went to the shop yesterday to help out a newer volunteer get through her shift with the new register and closing. The store is too big and there is too much going on for one person to be alone. I felt bad about another woman being by herself today but it is Sunday and it should be quiet and she is very confident so I just left my number in case she had questions. Our take this week was unusually high - I hope we have replaced the funds lost while the store was closed for 8 weeks - I think we did. I was in a tizzy yesterday - trying to take in donations and clean (the place sure did get dusty in one week), and price incoming stock and restock shelves and help with register questions. We could have used 4 more people. I was torn about going in today and the guilt of neglecting DH all week so DH won out. The weather is getting nice and sunny and warm and I will enjoy some outside time. The garden center is open but I think it still might be a bit early for planting the garden. The other night it got down to 35 degrees, even though the days are warming up.

Ceejay - hope you got a good rest last night. Must have been nice to hear the strains of the music down the road. Hope you can hold up with the long work schedule ahead. Not much time to do much more than eat and sleep and work. :(

Michelle - hope things go well at work and you get what you need SOON. I hate having to work under such tight deadlines. If you can identify what you need so when they finally get it to you, you can jump on it that might help a bit. Leaves no time for glitches and there's always glitches...

Hi Terra :wave: Good advice from the others on taking measurements to keep you motivated.

Thanks for checking in Annie. I'm sorry you are still waiting on hold. At least you get to spend time with the grandkids. Maybe you should open a daycare as you are so good at snuggling :D (although too much liability with today's tiger moms I think). And you are getting to help out C. I'm glad you found a church that you like. Take whatever strength you can get to see you through this wherever you can find it. :hug: I sure could use you up here to start my garden. Can't pay you much but I have lots of hugs and wine to go around :lol:

Shad - I hope you have a great weekend with the family. Sounds like fun. Get in as much time as you can, never sure if and when you get back again.

Susie - I'm happy to hear that your foot is feeling much better. Just keep in mind that if the exercises are contributing, you have to keep up with them to keep feeling ok. I tend to get neglectful once I am doing ok and then one morning - bam - I'm in pain again because I haven't been doing what I should. :^: I totally get you with the all consuming job. Especially when you are the very responsible type. I am falling in the same trap with the thrift shop - DH is gently reminding me that it's not all up to ME to handle. I am just trying to be helpful and if I step in all the time, it's easy for other people to step away because someone else is handling it. The important thing as you say is that when your personal life is compromised - you HAVE to put the brakes on things. Tell DH the good thing about ablations being "routine" is that they have done so many that they have a lot of experience which is always a good thing. And believe it or not, it IS a very safe method considering what they are doing up inside there on a very important organ. ;)

Laura - to your questions. I actually did NOT like the homegrown carrots believe it or not - I thought they had a bitter outside. However, DH said to him they tasted just like a carrot SHOULD taste and he really enjoyed them so I will grow them for him if I decide to do it again. As for the concrete, yes - the guy who originally did the patch said if it didn't hold, he'd apply what we paid for the patch job to the cost of digging up and relaying new concrete. Still cost us a lot but DH said he lost money on the job. However, he was the one who told us the patch would hold in the first place and that's his livelihood so we took his word for it. I was a bit concerned about how well a job would be done after the first go round, but DH is happy with how things look so far. :crossed: We had problems with our back walk tilted in AH. We had one of those things where they pump up the concrete from underneath to stabilize the dirt shifting (and the sidewalk tilting). What a waste of money that was. Eventually the sidewalk tilted so badly that we just covered the whole thing over in dirt and put in a gravel path instead. There was just a lot of shifting going on with the ground, especially after the spring rains. I hope you have a nice time with your weekend getaway and that the weather cooperates for a weekend of outside time. We used to go to some cabins in the LaSalle Peru area for a quiet getaway and I just loved the break from the hustle bustle of city living. All you need is a campfire to sit around at night. Nice too to be outide before the bugs come. Ticks are already out and about here so be careful.

We have some glorious colorful birds this spring. We have our first black and orange Baltimore Oriole. DH made a feeder with a plank, a nail and half a fresh orange and he is really going to town on it. It's just that he's shy and if we open the door to snap a picture even though he's clear across the yard, he flies off. So pictures are limited to through the patio door right now.

It's nice to be over winter at last! Time for me to get ready - we might go for a drive today - it's really a nice day out there. Hope you all enjoy your Sunday. :wave:

05-18-2014, 05:03 PM
Morning all,
I am back, full of fresh sea air and too much food. We went to Otaki -pronounced sort of a cross between o-tar-key and o-tack-e - and hired a house right on the beach. As beaches go, this is not the most exciting beach but there is lots of sand, bit of surf and long flat surfaces. There's a river delta at the north end, lots of seagulls, lots of flax plants and beautiful sunsets. The house was nice, had plenty of room and my nephew-in-laws family had it full to overflowing most of the time. I will put the photo's on dropbox if I have time tonight otherwise tomorrow.

So it is back to work for another week. This week we are mostly without bosses. The main one is working from Australia, the next one down is being transferred gradually to his new job once the project is done and is only here two or three days of the week - you pick which days - the next one down is one of us chickens and won't be in until later this morning as he goes home for the weekend and has to catch a plane back on Monday morning, however I have just remembered he is having Monday off and will be back Tuesday. So if I run out of work, it will be interesting this week. Still as Ceejay says, easy (if boring) money.

Weather has been wonderful this weekend. Hard to believe we are getting into the 'real' winter weather. Seasons are certainly changing somewhat.

Ceejay - good timing on the lawn mowing. Just get it cut and down comes the rain. It will be growing again fast as ever. Glad you have seen the last of the 'friend'. She needs to be taught never to assume that someone will be happy to have her move in. Asking is the normal thing to do. And I agree, it is very hard to have someone stay when you are used to being on your own.

Susie - Sometimes you have to be a bit brutal about the amount of work you have. I remember one job where I made a list of all the jobs I had to get done before the go-live date and the man hours required for them. Then when someone wanted me to do something for them, I told the to put it on the bottom of the list. I would get to it when I got to it. There is only so long that you can work between 12 and 14 hours a day before something gives.

Laura - SNAP, my hairdresser K has gone off on maternity leave. Her baby is due around middle of June and she has left all the different treatments with the other owner and another hairdresser as well. Unfortunately I will not be able to go 4 months without a haircut so I will have to trust. Since K & K (the other owner) went to the same hairdressing school and are both really popular with their clients, I reckon I will do okay.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend away as much as I did.

Annie - thanks for dropping in. It's good to hear from you. I'm glad that you can go and help C with his run. It's good just to get out of the house once in a while. Maybe you could volunteer at a local child care centre for a while. Won't pay anything but will help with the depression and the 'suburban neurosis' syndrome.

Michelle - I thought you would have realised by now that no matter how slack people are about giving you material to load on the web, or to write or whatever, you are supposed to pluck this out of their heads by osmosis or divine intervention or just good ol' guessing by psychic means and have it up on the web before they have even thought about it. It's what we who are in the writing/ learning/ website initiatives learn in 'The psychic mentality of projects 101'.

Happy - It's good to have an exciting interest and the means to be able to do it. It keeps us happy, involved, and keeps the brain ticking over. To a certain extent DH is right, you don't have to do it all on your own. And quite frankly since you are not being paid for this, you don't need to be there all the time. You could end up like one of those cranky old biddies who think that 'their stuff' should be in the front of the shop and you should be the one to take home the cash register at night. However I applaud your zeal.

And that's about it from me. I've drunk my coffee - don't really remember doing that, but it is gone. I'd best go check the news, eat breakfast and get on with the glories of manually replacing meter (technical installations in SAP) . Riveting stuff.

05-19-2014, 11:14 AM
Good morning ladies,

No time for personals today. We launch the new website in less than 24 hours, so today we be dotting the i's and crossing the t's, and thanks to some procrastinating perfectionistic folks...adding NEW content. :tantrum: Oh well, I do love my job, and this is ALWAYS how it is right before a new website launches.

Shad - To answer your comment...yes, I do know there are always last-minute Larry's, and others that expect you to be psychic. And I always have to suppress laughter when content providers invariably ask me "what's the absolute deadline for me to get content to you for the website?". I usually give them a date of 7-10 days prior to launch...knowing that very few will abide by it. I always fantasize that this launch could be perfectly coordinated, deadlines would be adhered to, and there wouldn't be the last minute stress. Oh well, a girl can dream, can't she? :rofl:

Love and hugs to all,

05-19-2014, 11:58 AM
Good morning all,

Ahhh back to regular life again. :^: You are right Shad, I tend to throw myself into projects like the Thrift Shop - perhaps because it's more fun than ripping out wet carpet and cleaning out boxes. Went out for a burger and a few drinks with DH and the cousins yesterday. Had a good time - DH struck up a conversation with some strangers and we wound up staying longer than we thought we would have. It was a nice night out. More on the money woes - I went to the dentist Friday because my front tooth has become ultra sensitive to hot stuff and it turns out I need yet another root canal. :( And yesterday when we were driving home the check engine light came on in the car as well as the lights for the vehicle skid control and traction system. And the car brakes are squeeking. Oh come on, I've just done a good deed, can't we catch a break here? Oh and younger kitty goes to the vet for her annual check up - with shots and such there goes a couple of hundred dollars. I hope this money pit ends soon. DH is going to be none too happy either as I clean out the refrigerator and have to toss a fair amount of food that went unused since I was out of the house and working long hours the last 2 weeks. :o

I am also recommitting to getting back on a diet plan again. My picture (with several others) was on the front page of our newspaper last week for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Just reminded me again of how I MUST lose some weight. I haven't been on MFP for almost a month. Got some new magazines - Cooking Light and Kraft Food and Family with some great lighter summer recipes. Food planning will be a must and now that it's nicer out, I need to incorporate some more exercise and walking. Just not in the grasses as the ticks are out in droves already. My bursitis is acting up in my right foot again so I will have to be mindful of not overextending the standing on my feet for 6 to 8 hours at a crack either. Despite this all I am in good spirits and looking forward to a nice summer.

Michelle - good luck with your new launch. I'm sure it must be frustrating for everyone to squeeze you to the wall when you already have set deadlines but at least you are prepared for it. I hope they don't mess you up too badly and that you are able to pull a miracle out the hat and catch everything that needs to be changed. Has it cooled off a bit so that you are able to get a good night's sleep at least?

05-19-2014, 12:06 PM
Well I don't know what happened but the screen changed and my partial post posted. At least I didn't lose it :lol:

Shad - what a wonderful beach weekend you had! Looking forward to the pictures. We were laughing yesterday - the bartender is an Aussie girl although she has lived here in the states for over 20 years - we were laughing about you and her giving old cousin S a run for his money when you double teamed him and set him straight. He said he is looking forward to it :D ;) Thank you for the reminder that I don't need to do it all at the shop - after all I am not the coordinator, nor do I wish to be. I was just trying to help out some others who have businesses of their own that they need to get geared up for the summer season also. I intend to get back to my own obligations this week. How much longer do you think this contract will stretch out?

I don't see any of the other chicks on here so I guess I will get off the computer and go make myself useful. There is laundry and cleaning to be done and I need to have a peek at the garden plot - probably should get my sugar snap peas in before the weather warms up too much. Have a good one ladies.

05-19-2014, 12:17 PM
Happy ~ Yeah it was good advice

I got my walks in yesterday like usual and I got my morning walk in already and I'll walk again after dinner before it gets dark

05-19-2014, 01:14 PM
Susie – Wow, that’s a busy job! I guess you get used to it, but I wouldn’t like to always be having to work all those extra hours just to stay caught up. Glad you foot’s feeling better.

Annie – Don’t worry about not being chatty, we understand. Hope something comes through with the temp agency. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the time w/ the grandkids, the garden, the Kiwani’s club, and your new church.

Ceejay – How’s the 60-hour week going so far? That’s a long (and tiring) stretch. Hope it goes by quickly for you.

Terra – I took my measurements a couple months ago. I’ll have to take them again, not that my progress is good progress lately... And maybe photos?

Michelle – Good luck getting everything done before the launch!! Boo re the last minute new content!!

Happy – The shop being busy is a good thing. The newness will die down, so appreciate this time now. So good to possibly have made up the lost business when you were closed!! Glad you at least got a credit for the previous concrete work. Hope the new slab works out well. I thought homegrown carrots might be sweeter…Bummer on the additional money outflow. Just hate when food goes bad before it gets eaten. I had a Healthy 8 chopped veggie mix from Traders Joe’s that I needed to eat and I was glad that bf’s mom ate it all while she dogsat Coal over the weekend. She ate it by itself with dressing as a salad and apparently liked it. Good for her. I was using it as a salad add-in and it would have taken me much longer to use up, and I wasn’t that thrilled when I realized it had celery in it (not a fan). That ended well.

Shad – Sounds like a nice weekend away at the beach. Looking forward to the photos. Your hairdresser took her maternity leave early! Must be nice. How much time do people in Oz get for maternity leave? I think our company allows 6 weeks. Hope you’re keeping busy or out of trouble at work…

Greetings to anyone I missed!!
My weekend was nice. Both bf and I were up early on Saturday and decided to go out to our new favorite little greasy spoon for breakfast. After that we got our packing done and some cleaning around the house. We got out to the state park around 2-ish, and did some hanging out and playing the bean bag game outside our cabins. Very pretty area where the cabins are situated. I have a couple photos to post when I get a chance. A bit later bf and I and another couple walked a couple of the hiking trails. It wasn’t wet, so it was a nice walk. The weather cooperated nicely, thought it got cold (40’s) after sunset. We went to an Italian restaurant in town for dinner and had an outdoor campfire back by the cabins. The firewood we bought at the park gift shop wasn’t seasoned enough and it was tough getting a fire going, but eventually we succeeded. I was still cold in my lower half…I hung in until the firewood was used up and the fire was dwindling – about midnight. The cabin was nice – cute rustic décor, but it had nice indoor plumbing and hvac.

BF and I were up early on Sunday and having had a big breakfast the day before, we decided to skip breakfast with the group and leave early for home. We stopped at McD’s for a quick breakfast sandwich and made nice time getting back home. After unpacking and relaxing a bit, we ate lunch at the new middle eastern fast food place (what we had was tasty, but it does NOT replace our old favorite place), and did some shopping at Walmart afterwards. After that, I took doggy for a walk, did a load of laundry, read my book, watched the last period of the hockey game, dozed a bit on the sofa and watched some more telly and read some more.

That’s about it for me. TTFN!

05-19-2014, 04:40 PM
Morning all,

Not much to report around here. Slow going on the work and I have to state that I am pissed off with the Indian accent. I am so over it.

Yesterday I posted a parcel to little Miss S. I wait to see whether the hand made Maori doll will end up in the same place as most of the other things my friends have given her. The queue at the Post Office was almost out the door and only two tellers serving. Bah humbug. Anyway someone must have said something because two more came to the rescue at that time. I handed over my parcel eventually and filled in the customs declaration when the lady behind the counter said it would cost $20. WHAT!!!! Oh sorry, it's $7.99. That's a bit better. Postage probably cost more than the contents.
Then when I went home, my Aussie phone bill had arrived. $404.00 please!!! WHAT!!!! I know it is expensive using your cell phone when overseas but this is ridiculous. So I went into the website and opened the bill. I knew that 203.00 was my phone rental, pay tv. and broadband, but where did the other stuff come from - my mobile phone. The outgoing calls were fine, nothing there that I couldn't identify, but the incoming overseas stuff was 99.00. Considering that I only turn my phone on twice a day, this was beyond the pale. I couldn't identify the numbers either and one of them was for a 43 minute conversation. I knew I had had a long conversation with a cousin when B died but it wasn't on that phone. So I went to the Telstra chat room and when I finally got hold of a person, I told her the story and at first I thought I wasn't getting anywhere, however she then said that she would give me a credit on half of the incoming calls and so I got 49.50 wiped off the bill. I asked if she could tell me who belonged to the phones that rang me, but she said that she couldn't because they were overseas numbers. They are all very close in number range and I have checked all my contacts, but no-one has those numbers.
So now the phone is turned off. I will only turn it on twice a day and if I see any further communication on my bill I will take the battery out and/or have roaming taken away.

You may have seen some of my sunset photos on facebook last night, however I will load them onto the dropbox tonight along with some photos of the Peanut and his Dad. Peanut had his first taste of solid food over the weekend. They mashed some avocado and gave it to him. The look on his face was priceless. R took a video of the proceedings which had us all in fits.

Michelle - aaah yes a girl can dream. My fantasy is of a defect free project where the business can spare enough people to give information and learn the system, enough top class consultants who know their stuff (and their worth), enough training material and training clients and time for the particpants to practice what the top class trainer has told them. Yep, we can dream.

Happy - this isn't the new car is it? I certainly hope not. As for cousin S - what does he know? Huntin', shootin' and fishin' by the sound of it. Tell the Aussie barmaid to give him plenty of stick. Now I don't know how you Americans are going to take that one - gotta to admit it has strange connotations looking at it written down. But the Aussie will understand I think.

Laura - here in NZ, they get 14 weeks paid parental leave. That can apply to either the Mum or the Dad. There is talk of upping it to 26 weeks. It's much the same in Aussie. After that time they can still stay at home and their job is safe for a year. After the year they will still have a job but it may not be the same as the one they left. I think after two years the company has the right to make them redundant.
I'm sure measuring is the way for me to go. Losing weight is a never ending battle and one that I am particularly tired of.

Okay - coffee time. And some work time. Catch you later.

05-19-2014, 06:48 PM
Need to make a couple of phone calls.
Saturday was a long day. I was sleepy and tired. Sunday and today have gone by much faster.
I've been on a binge the past couple of days but I know why so it ends now. Got back on the bike last night which felt good. Tomorrow will be better.
Still haven't heard from the so called friend. But that's okay too.

I would have passed out with that phone bill. Glad they took some of it off for you. I'll check out your sunsets.

I'm glad to hear that the Thrift Store is doing so well. And it was nice of you to help out the new volunteer.

Time to come up for air and take another break.

Hello's to the rest.

05-19-2014, 11:33 PM
Hi Everyone. The weekend was busy but I didn't look once at my work computer and we spent a lot of time with our friends from Missiouri

I paid for it was totally MAD when I got to work and I felt like I might cry as I was so overwhelmed. Just reworking calendars and such before any work on the things I need to also be working on could happen. I worked tonight at home from 7:30-10 p.m.

I'm getting ready to head to bed but I wanted to check in. I have read your posts. You are all giving me such good advice as to the amount of work I can keep doin--I just don't know how to get them to understand.

I also have been taking care of so much at home. DH fights depression badly and so I try to not ask a lot of him, but tonight, I had a very 30 min heart to heart talk with him. We didn't really put a plan in motion but I asked him to think about where he can start stepping up so that I can feel like I am not just telling him what to do all the time if I need something done. It is time he engages back in this relationship and home.

I might not be back posting until Thursday...we are getting all Innovation materials togther and have until Thursday noon to get it set the way the VP's want it, box it up,and send to the downtown offices. This is of course in addition to my regular work.

Annie: It is good to hear from you. I know this isn't a fun time for you at all, but I think you are doing a wonderful job of managing what you can control.

Love to all the rest of you. If I can't post I hope to at least be able to read a bit...I'll most likely check back in on Friday. I'll miss you all until then.

05-20-2014, 09:42 AM
Laura ~ Thats good that you took measurements a few months ago so you have to take measurements again, Im sorry to hear your progress hasnt been good lately. We would love to see photos though. Im a goof ball I should of took a photo of what I looked like in the beginning of my weight loss journey and then take photos going onward but oh well I guess.

In 13 mins Im gonna go on my morning walk and then after Im done Im gonna clean the bathroom and then when my boyfriend wakes up I'll vaccum my room.

05-20-2014, 11:41 AM
Went to sleep around 8:30 last night....had to be in the office by 4:45 to be ready to flip the switch for the new website by 5 am (our press release announcing our new company name hit the wires at 8 am Eastern/5 am Pacific). The website launched mostly without a hitch...though if you type in our old website address, some people are getting a Page Not Found error and others are seeing the old site, when really what we'd like to happen is to be redirected to the new that's a glitch I'm working on now.

There's still lots more to be done...but thankfully these are things that didn't have to be done pre-launch so I only had to stay at work until 7 pm.

I'm very mentally tired...and the fatigue is creeping in too. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up with personals tomorrow.

Love and hugs to all,

05-20-2014, 11:44 AM
Morning all.

Shad – What an unpleasant surprise with the phone bill!! And what a PITA to get it straightened out. :mad: At least you got some of it wiped out! These phones may be the best thing since sliced bread, but boy can they be complicated when you have to figure out the services and billing. They make our lives easier and harder at the same time!! I hope your parcels get where they’re going without mishap. Love the fb photos of Otaki!! Wow, that’s a lot of time for maternity leave! Nice.

Ceejay – At least a couple of the days have gone by quickly for you. Good job getting back on the bike!! :) I feel sluggish lately and really need to get back to exercising.

Susie – Sounds like a heavy load both at work and home. :( I hope you find some balance soon. :hug: That’s a lot on your shoulders!! With his job and health concerns, it’ll probably do your dh good to take on more at home and know he’s making a difference for you.

Terra – I like your new avatar photo! Enjoy your walks today.

Hellos to everyone else! :wave:


Nothing much to report. I'm skipping an industry event this afternoon, feel like I have to try and crank out some work on my latest project. With all the meetings & interviews lately and some of the admin stuff, I just get so distracted, I really have trouble getting into a groove and being productive. At this point I can’t afford to lose a huge chunk of an afternoon. However, the boss and sr mgr are going to go – better for me since it’ll be quiet.

Skipping my WW meeting today. Maybe I’ll go to another off-site one on Thursday. I'm tracking on MFP, but not on the weekends. I've been thinking I should maybe get back to tracking on the WW site to help me immerse myself back in the program.


05-20-2014, 11:48 AM
Hi Michelle - You were typing over my head! :comp: Glad the switchover was mostly hitch-free. Hope you take care of that glitch and can get back to the rest of the work. What an early start for you!! Hope you get to leave work at a reasonable time today and get some R&R tonight. :hug:

05-20-2014, 01:26 PM
Eating lunch at my desk..have a meeting in 15 min.

Michelle: :hug: it is a lot of work to launch a new website and when it comes down to the wire it is very mentally and physically exhausting...a lot of hours at work and a lot of time thinking about it other times.

Shad: Yikes with that phone bill! I don't think you should have to pay for them if you don't know the number. It's not like you talked to them. I say the phone company should have to check them out. I would dispute the entire charge.

Laura: I hope you can get a lot done by skipping that meeting and having some time to think and focus. I know what it feels like to have the distractions..hence why I work from home after work hours. to go....important meeting!

Hi to Happy, and Ceejay, and Annie and Terra!

05-20-2014, 07:48 PM
Morning all,

Welcome to Frustrationville. My whole working life seems to be full of frustrations at the moment. Work to do but can't do it because no one is giving me advice and information on the areas that I am working in. Apparently as soon as one comes through the doors, one is supposed to instantly absorb information in 5 foreign languages and understand by osmosis what is to be done. Bah humbug.

Sorry, I didn't get the sunset photos on the dropbox yet. I went out last night to a Pub in town which has Trivia nights on Tuesdays. We didn't win but I thought of you all when one of the questions came up about a special day in America at the end of May. One of you must have whispered 'Memorial Day' into my psychedelic mind because it was right and I was the only one in our group that knew what it was. I will however do it tonight. Nothing happening tonight as far as I know.

As for the phone bill. Unfortunately I can't prove that I didn't take the call even though I can't see it in the log. I can see other calls for those days - one of them was my birthday, but not those. Also unfortunately, my Australian provider can not without legal authorisation go into another country's data bases and find information. It's one the joys of working overseas. So I am happy with my 49.50 discount. However I will be keeping a close eye on the bill from now on.

Okay - gotta go for the time being. I've got an appointment in 15mins that I'd better keep. I'll be back later.

05-20-2014, 08:38 PM
This has been a some what busy day. The guy who works on the electronics was here today. It was good to see him again. They kept me busy here while they went out to the water towers. I was pulling and plugging in phone lines.
At the end of the day, the Fire department calls to tell me we have a huge fire and they need one of the lineman with a bucket truck. I just had to turn on a third service pump. The fire fighters are using a lot of water.
Day 3 out of 5 almost done.
Your job sounds very overwhelming. I know mine gets that way at times.

Yeah for knowing our national holiday in May. Talking about sunsets we sure had a pretty one last night. Maybe you should hire a telepathic to help you figure out what they want.

Hope you get a lot done today.

Sending you good vibes to get things done today.

05-21-2014, 10:45 AM
Good Morning Ladies.....

LAURA...when I read your post to me, I thought wow I do have a lot of blessing in my life at the moment....helping C, grandkids, Kiwanana, new church, garden and low and behold....sleeping through the night for 11 days straight. AMEN. Do try to hit another WW meeting somewhere just to keep you on track....Sorry you are so busy at work, hopefully you will find the right admin very quick.

CEEG...never thought about the fire department using a lot of the water you are responsible for, duh, just more things to keep track of for you. Hope things slow down and you get some days off.

SHADDIE...sounds like you need to put on your super SHAD suit and be the most powerful OZ at work. How can you do a job when you don't know what the H you are supposed to be doing. What you are not quint-lingual? Hmmm.

CHELLE...hope your web launch went smoothly. Saw on FB you needed feedback but others had already beat me to it. Let us know how marvelous you are and how it all went.

SUSIE...sorry work is overwhelming you. Remember to take deep breathes and also I have learned to go to a private spot (bathroom maybe) and shake your arms and legs for a few seconds. It actually resets your body to a nice calm.

HAPPY, HAPPY...I would love nothing more than to come and get your garden pay necessary, just to work in the dirt and plant is payment enough....C and I planted an apple Anna tree just past my back fence. Didn't know that was the name of the tree until we were planting it. My back yard extends another 10 feet past the fence (HOA rules on the fence line) bleh! So we planted the tree there. I would love to volunteer in the thrift shop also. You could stock and run the register, I could clean and mingle with the customers....or something like that.

Terra....enjoy your walk, try to look around and find something you have not noticed on the past walks, it might keep it a little bit more pleasureable on your walks...not that is it not pleasant now!

Had a great interview with a great company yesterday for an Office Manager. It sounds very positive. Great pay and bennies also. They called me late yesterday afternoon and asked me to go to their downtown office to take an Achievers test (personality test). I guess that is a good sign. I even sat witht he current OM who is retiring for about 15 minutes and when we were done she said, you will be great at this position.....hmmmm, good sign. I go tomorrow to take my personality test. Well YES, I have a personality...hahahahha

Friday I will be babysitting my little men from 6:30 am till who knows when. The kids are going to carb day at the Indy 500 track. They do not even have carbs on the cars anymore but still have carb day...practice day etc. Then I will have the lil men again on Sunday while the kids go to the race. I truly enjoy my time with the babes and so does C. He is excited about Sunday as I am. He will miss out on Friday due to work.

I have been enjoying my time at the library also. Got a couple of interviewing CDs and listened to them (thanks CHELLE), then also a few other fun things. Also enjoyed just being in the library around all those marvelous books and also watched a preschool group being read too. How cute and funny some are, most listened well, however there are the couple that have ADD. They were the cutest.

Better get busy, have not even showered yet this morning. C has to work on Weds mornings since letting his help go. Today is just filling in where people had purchased. Filling the shelf...he said he really didn't need me today...secretly...YEAH!! lol

Ladies...truly I thank you for all your love and support, encouragement. I am trying to not be Debbie Downer these days...Hey the bills are getting paid and I woke up this morning!! YEAH!

Lots of Hugs and Love to my sweet lady worldlies.

05-21-2014, 11:53 AM
After two 12 hour days (pre-launch and launch day) and a relaxing evening last night, I'm hitting the programming code again to make sure that any links from search engines that point to the old site will be redirected to the correct page on the new site.

Annie - I'll keep you in my prayers that you get a fabulous job offer soon (hopefully the Office Manager). Please keep us posted.

That's all the time I have for "personals"....sorry to keep it so short.

Sending lots of love and hugs to all,

05-21-2014, 11:56 AM
Good morning fine ladies of the world,

Some days get away from me. Yesterday was one of them. My SIL called on Monday - she and the grandkids had a great time here last year and would like to come visit again mid June. I am delighted they gave me 3 weeks notice as they are the kind to get it in their head the night before and take off. Which would have been a big no no had they done that. They are bringing Mom up who I hope can stay for an extended visit. Her side is hurting her - which of course Sis and I did not hear about until this trip came up. So she is going to the doctor on Thursday to get it checked out. We worry when she says stuff (casually of course) that it hurts for 10 to 12 hours when it acts up and she "probably" should have gotten it checked earlier in the year as it has been bothering her for almost a year now and growing in intensity :yikes: She is definitely getting more weak and frail. She received her belated Mother's Day box of goodies yesterday - stuffed with books by her favorite authors and some candy treats. She was all excited - said it was like Christmas.

I went into the shop to work yesterday. I am disappointed that it is starting to look like a junk store. There is just too much clutter as they are attempting to set out everything that comes in without and regard to rhyme or reason. I almost tripped 3 times on some displays and items set on the floor. Not much I can do about it because we have no consistency or leadership - everyone does their own thing. So I went back in the pricing room to try and learn how they do the pricing so I can help out there. Good thing as people are now starting to travel for summer and there will be no one to do pricing next week. That's kind of like not doing kitchen dishes for a week and just letting everything pile up in the sink. :eek: I wish it would stop raining already. We have so much water on the grounds. Hopefully it's supposed to be sunny and the 70s the rest of this week. :crossed:

Annie - it was good to hear from you - fingers, toes and boobs crossed that this job comes through for you. Will send good thoughts your way. I think you'd make a PERFECT office manager. Until then, enjoy your time off because once you start working again you won't have as much one on one with C and the babies. I think oftentimes we spend our time fretting and forget to sometimes count the blessings that are masked by the worrying. I also think you are the kind that has to constantly keep busy - sitting at home does not do you any good. It's good to hear that you have been out and about.

Ceejay - I agree that you have some unusually pretty sunsets down there - glad you got to see one. I never gave much thought either about the fire department using a lot of water when they are battling a blaze. And that WOULD be a lot of water at that! I don't envy you those long workdays - towards the end I don't know how you manage to stay awake!

Shad - I can't even start to imagine how difficult it can be trying to do the things that you do knowing how they cut your deadlines AND dealing with so many different languages at the same time. We have a lot of nationalities in the workplace but at least (broken) English is the common factor. Yay for knowing and American holiday - short of Anzac Day - I'm not sure I can name many of yours, particularly those that follow her majesty. Utility bills seem to plague you like a bad rash, don't they? Poor thing - you are always on the phone haggling with one or another. That is terrible about the cell phone though - pity you had to eat some of that cost.

Terra - I like your new avatar also!

Michelle - I hope you were able to hold it together at work. I know when you are busy, busy and running on adrenaline to keep up with the pace, when you finally get to stop for a second - it's like a balloon deflating and sometimes it's hard to get going for round 2. Glad you were able to catch all the snags - the others will work themselves out.

Laura - perhaps tracking on the WW website will help you stay closer to the program. I'm not sure MFP is all that accurate but at least it helps with thinking about the food we are eating. I can relate to your feeling of not being able to get focused. That happens when I have too many simultaneous things going on - and secretly avoiding dealing with some things I don't want to address so I find other things to distract me. Hopefully you were able to get some stuff done when the others were at their meetings. I hear the heat is moving into town already - seems like you will have a humid, warm summer ahead. Oh joys! :rolleyes:

Susie :hug: overwhelmed with all that's coming at you. I have found with DH's that I have to be VERY SPECIFIC in telling them what I want to have done. Just hoping they will pick it up by osmosis doesn't work. If I say I could use some help with the housework, he is likely to clean out the junk drawer because he thinks it is too full and ignore the carpet that obviously needs a vacumn or the dirty dishes in the sink. I tried to make a chore list when I was over the top busy at work but that didn't work out too well either :( Most women have this problem so you are in good company. The guys probably hate Annie's C who just seems to know the right thing to do ;) ;) As for work, I have found that there is a vast difference between what I feel is the right thing to do and what is necessary to be done. My gut feeling results in a lot more work, satisfaction of a job well done and how do I say this - a tremendous amount of things that tire me out and no one really cares about. It was extremely difficult and almost impossible for me to get my head around that a lot of what I fussed about to be "done right" didn't need to be done in the eyes of the people I worked with/for. I was more successful doing it their way but I felt I was doing a half "ash" job. Such is the way of the world today. I suspect you are in the same dither. Working like a mad woman, trying to get it all done and burning yourself out. It takes a lot of thinking to step back, filter through everything and pull out just the pieces that need doing. You have to be objective and ask - does this NEED to be done or am I doing it because I think it needs to be done? I had the same moment this week when I was trying to handle everything at the thrift shop, was ignoring things at home and then Shad commented that I didn't have to do it all. It reminded me that I was expending a lot of energy on things that the ladies who came to work the next day and the day after that would just undo. And that's my 2 cents on the subject. They will always push you as hard as they can to accomplish far more than you reasonably can. Sometimes you have to push back too and surprisingly you won't get fired for it. :D It's all in the wisdom to know the difference ;)

With that my soapbox is creaking so I'd better get off of it and finish up some things. I need to drop a few posts in the mail before I head off to yoga this afternoon - my last class for 3 weeks until I head to the next session with this instructor. Have a good hump day everyone.

05-21-2014, 12:16 PM
Laura ~ Thanks, I will be sure to enjoy my walk today

Annie ~ Thanks, I'll take your advice on how to make my walks more pleasureable

I slept in today but I'll get back to walking in the mornings on Friday, I think Im gonna start sleeping in Wed's and Thurs. and then going on my morning walks Mon.Tues,Fri.,Sat and Sun. Im still gonna get my evening walks in though

05-21-2014, 12:26 PM
Morning all.

Annie – You sound upbeat, so glad to see that. That position sounds great and promising for you – best of luck sistah!! I’m glad you’re counting your blessing. We have so many, and the one I think of first off is that all of us here are fortunate to have been born in a place and time where human rights are recognized and protected. Second is that we all have adequate food and shelter. Everything is just gravy, lol. Just kidding, but really once you start thinking about it, we have so much for which to be grateful. Keep it up girlfriend. ;)

Ceejay – Two more days – hang in there!!

Shad – Sorry work is so frustrating for you these days. Good job on the trivia!!

Susie – Hope your workweek is somewhat sane!!

Michelle - Glad you got to relax and recharge for more hunting of old links.

:wave: to Terra & Happy

We had strong storms in the area last night with a lot of thunder and lightning. Doggie was a bit anxious when we were all in the living room, but got much more frightened at bedtime when we were in the bedroom – shaking, panting, etc. Finally bf decided to give him a calming pill, and shortly after that I went out to the living room with doggie to see if that would help. It helped a LOT. As soon as we went in there, he plopped down on the area rug and was quiet. It seems to be quieter in there, and I guess the tv and ac coming through vents muffled the sound. I watched a bit of tv until the storm moved on, but it was after midnight by then. Dang, I was kind of getting into that 1997 episode of “Diagnosis Murder” (a detective show starring Dick Van Dyke), LOL. I should have dvr’d it, haha.

Anyway, I’ll probably be dragging later this afternoon due to the lost sleep, but I’ll get over it.

I thought bf and I would go to a local Lou Malnati’s tonight that’s participating in a fundraiser for the lab rescue organization from which we adopted our dog, however, the location is only delivery/carryout. That won’t work out that well for us, so I guess we’ll pass on that.

That’s about it. In addition to our annual goals exercise, we also have to do a career development plan. I have a meeting w/ the boss this morning. Bleh. I think he’s treating this more like a “check the box” sort of thing (doesn’t impact our bonus, lol), so that’s good. I’m sure he prefers I focus right now on my current project.
Okay, TTFN.

05-21-2014, 07:04 PM
Can I say 2.5 hours and counting down for my shift to end. I really shouldn't be complaining. My co-worker will be working 3 days for me and that will put her at least 72 hours. I wish that there was another way.
I thought I was getting out of a meeting this morning but the boss called to tell me be there. I did have to fill out a new beneficiary form.

You have to have exercise goals for work? You know what I may try my hand at a career development plan for myself.

Hope your mom's doctor's appointment goes well. The pain in my side is why I'm having the colonoscopy done.

Hello's to the rest . More later.

05-22-2014, 11:09 AM
It's good to have a day off and I'm not planning on doing anything for the rest of the morning.

More later.

05-22-2014, 11:15 AM
Hi Ceejay - No, I don't have exercise goals for work, I was just using that word to describe the process of doing my career development plant - something that has to be done, but might not have any real usefulness, i.e., exercise in futility. Enjoy your day off!!

05-22-2014, 11:50 AM
Happy ~ Thanks

Laura ~ :wave:

05-22-2014, 01:01 PM
Morning all. Lovely day outside, wish I was there instead of here.

I'm having issues with our payable group - all kinds of errors are coming out of the woodwork. If they were someone else's issues, it would be entertaining. Instead, it's a headache. And to think this is just our little department and our relatively low number of invoices to be paid. Can't imagine how other departments deal with this.

The good news is we made an offer to an internal applicant for our open admin asst position and she accepted. I don't know how soon she can start, but I'm just happy to know we have someone and we all feel she'll be a good fit.

Nothing much else to report. Today I can't make it to a WW meeting because I have a "lunch and learn" session to attend. Been tracking, but my calories are way too high. I'll keep tracking and trying.

Quiet here - hope everyone's having a good day!

05-22-2014, 01:02 PM
Hey Terra! :wave:

05-22-2014, 02:03 PM
Hi Everyone. I have almost made it to the end of this week and I will say that work wise I have accomplished a lot. Both my managers are out today (so I get a short break from lunch) and it is wonderful. I'm tying up loose ends.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming Memorial Day weekend! We have a family high school graduation and after party to attend on Saturday (in Columbus--about an hour away), Sunday is church (and another grad party we will be stopping by...good way to to have lunch after church as they are doing a cookout) and then our own cookout Sunday evening with about 30 of our friends and family. Monday, we have NOTHING on the schedule. DH said that we should work on getting our closets cleaned out and switched over to summer things as it is here and then take a nap in the afternoon. That sounds like an excellent day to me! We have been trying to clean the house and do laundry as we go, so that on Monday we can just give it a quick once over.

Annie: Prayers and everything crossed this Office Manager job works out for you. You have not been a downer at all! Losing a job is hard...and you have to work through it. You have done it very well. :hug:

Happy: I love the advice you give to me. It is helpful.
It sounds like you are going to be busy with the thrift shop and your company coming.

Ceejay: Enjoy your long work a lot!

Laura: Have you ever used one of those thunder jackets that they have for dogs? I have heard some people say they work well, but I know its not for every dog.

Your workplace sounds a lot like mine. In addition to our daily work, we have lunch and learns to attend, goal setting, achievements to write up. Sometimes I am ok with them and sometimes I feel like "are you kidding me..just let me work!"

Terra: I like your new plan to sleep in and still do walks.

Shad: How cool you were able to channel us for the trivia contest.

Michelle: 12 hour days are long...hopefully you can get some downtime now..we all need it!

Ok..back to work for me.

I think I will have a good loss at TOPS this week. My dinner most nights have been the protein shakes as I didn't eat unitl 8:30 or 9 p.m. and I thought that would be a good, lighter choice. The home scales this morning showed a good loss; we will see if a few hours.

See you all later!

05-22-2014, 04:54 PM
Morning all,
Came here yesterday all set to right when the world went haywire. Things coming out of the woodwork from all directions, so yesterday my day was busy and my brain got fried. Have a couple more things on the desk for today that should keep me going until home time and the weekend. Yeehaa. I've been looking forward to this day since Monday. For some reason or other I am feeling very tired and somewhat short of breath. It's probably all to do with the sinus's since they don't give up at all. Just enforces the thought that I will probably never come back to Wellington to live permanently. It is beautiful, but damp.

Happy - I hope that your Mum is okay. Does your sister go with her on visits to the doctor to ensure that she is saying the right things?? My mother used to whinge and moan about aches and pains but when she got to the doctor she would say she was fine, but her finger hurt or something else equally stupid.
Terra - I see you have lost some more weight. Well done. Nice going. Might seem slow, but it is good progress. When is your next visit to the weighing machine?

Annie - good to hear from you. Hope you enjoy your day/ weekend with the little ones. Nice to be able to help C out from time to time. Biggest problem with office workers (over here anyway) is that employers seem to think they don't do much and work short hours and produce little so they lay off admin staff and expect the others to pick up the work. Seems to me that it will bite them in the foot sometime or other because without them no money comes in, no bills get paid, sometimes people don't get paid for their labour. There used to be a slogan with the Clerical Workers Union (now defunct) that you can't make and sell a car without a clerical worker. Probably true since who else will do the paperwork involved.
Anyway, hope something comes your way soon. Your garden sounds nice.

Laura - poor old doggie. Hope he has gotten over it now. Our two used to be so different in their ways during a thunderstorm. The GSD would wimper and put his head in my lap and try to climb up there (42kilos of dog (about 90lbs) didn't really fit and Shad the dog would race around the house waiting for the next bolt of lightning to attack and barking at the thunder. Got plenty noisy in that house at times.

Susie - Busy Susie. Hope you can get some relief shortly. It's good that the DH made the suggestion for the Monday holiday otherwise you will be rushing around with family and friends and not getting any rest at all.

Ceejay - good to hear you are having a break.

Most of the languages around here are broken Engrish (spot the deliberate mistake). However the Indian dialects are really hitting the spot at the moment. If they would just slow down their speech it would make life easier all round. We would not have to ask twice for an explanation and make them repeat themselves (which only makes them talk louder and faster and get irritated). Then we have Germans (whose accent I find quite pleasant most of the time) Russian, a couple of South African and Zimbabweans, a Frenchman who does training and has most of the women swooning over the accent and the stylish man (who I have thought frequently bats for the other team) some English (who speak English worse than me) and a Czech or two, plus the different accents between Maori, Samoan and the Fijians (not many of those tho' (Fijians)). Sometimes when you are partly deaf, then it all just becomes a cacophony of sound. Give me a break willya :tantrum:

Okay - better get on with it. So looking forward to the weekend coming up and the one after where I get to go to Brisbane for my GNieces 5th birthday. J has warned me that there will be about 12 screaming little girls from school there so maybe come a little later (carrying a bottle of something bubbly). Better not take DS2 with me, they will all swoon over him and start weaving dreams. They always do. For that day at least :rofl:

Oh yeah - forgot. I put the photos on dropbox. They are in a folder called Otaki.

05-22-2014, 06:06 PM
I don't know how you deal with all the different people with the different languages, dialects. Have fun this week end.

Glad you got to come up for air. Sounds like you have an interesting week end coming up. Good for dh to suggest a nap on Monday. Hope your weigh in at the Tops meeting is a good one. I have been eating lighter for dinner and it does show up on the scales.

Good job on those losing those pounds. You are doing a great job.

Keep us informed.
I've had a relaxing day. Actually slept till 8.30 a.m. then washed and dried on load of laundry and cleaned up my bedroom. And took a nap. I've put a frozen lasagna in the oven for dinner.
I figured out that my binge last week was over guilt from not letting my friend stay with me. But I"ve told myself that if she doesn't contact me then it's for the best and that there was really no friendship there in the first place.

05-23-2014, 12:10 PM
Hi all,

Memorial Day weekend just sort of crept up on me. Besides honoring those who have served our country (a big thank you!) it is also the unofficial kick off to the summer season. :yay: The tourists and cabin dwellers are starting to pull into town - you can see an upsurge in the amount of people (and out of state license plates) already. Ran around yesterday, got some errands done. We were going to take a ride up north to a state park to catch the waterfalls while they are still full but the sunny day turned overcast and it was chilly and not the best conditions for a day trip.

Talked to Mom yesterday - she was concerned about coming to visit as she has been having pains in her side for a long time. Turns out the doctor said she has adhesions (scar tissue) from multiple abdominal surgeries over the years. That scar tissue tends to congregate around the intestines and when the intestines are full - the scar tissue can press and restrict the intenstines, causing discomfort. Once they clear, the pain goes away. As long as there is no fever, vomiting, growing intensity of the pain - she is doing fine and was given the all clear and doctor's blessing to travel. She did however chip a tooth on the cinnamon crisps I sent her. Was just a fluky thing - I told Sis I have the same problem having chipped teeth on things like pizza and toast myself. She probably has pressure points on her bite like I do which eventually cause a fracture in the teeth. Sis took her to the dentist and she is all good with that too. She sounds as if she is looking forward to visiting.

I'll be working this afternoon at the shop - going to go in a bit earlier and see if I can do some pricing of merchandise. We will be short of pricers due to travelling and some medical issues within the base group. Now that we are doing summer hours (staying open until 5pm) which means I rarely finish before 5:30 and we have the crowds coming into town, that will put a crimp on our usual go out to dinner Friday Fish fry as they places will start to fill just about the time I am getting ready to leave.

Ceejay - I hope you don't lose your friendship with that woman. Sometimes you can be friends but not in close quarters. Just like with a man - some are good for dating but not living with and marrying ;) Glad you had a relaxing day - after your long shift, I'm sure you could use it.

Shad - not good that you are short of breath - are you saying that the weather conditions in Wellington are giving you problems and you are better in the drier climate of Brissy? I find the humid, damp, high pollen conditions also cause the chest to ache a bit. You should be fine here - we are dry as a bone up this way. To your question, yes my sister does go with my Mom to the doctor - has for years now and my sister laughs because my Mum has become dependent on Sis listening to the doctor to the effect that Mum no longer listens and just looks at Sis to assess and question. :dizzy: But that is good because in the event something happens to Mum - she knows exactly what is going on and can speak to the doctors for her. Funny you should mention what you Mum did - mine is the same way - carrying on about something at home and then making light of it in the doctor's office. Her doctor is a fine old wise Indian chap - he really is a wonderful man and sometimes Mom tries to make a big deal of something and he is firm, but gentle with her. Just what she needs. Your comment about the girls chasing DS2 - doesn't he have a girlfriend or is the person he rehabs houses with just a good friend instead? I know what you mean about the fast talking Indians. I had to pay very close attention to be able to understand them. We were always asking them to slow down too. Hope you have a nice weekend ahead of you.

Susie - did I read correctly that you are hosting a picnic for 30 people???? Oh my - you sure do know how to live! I hope the weather holds up for you. Good thinking on DH's suggestion of a little bit of work and a lot of relaxing for you on Monday. Hope that comes to pass as I'm sure you can use a good rest. I think the idea of a meal substitution of the protein shake instead of a late night dinner is a good one. :crossed: that you have a nice weigh in and a big loss!

Annie - :crossed: and :angel: for the Office Manager position.

Laura - that's great that they found someone for the admin position. Now what will you do with your free time - oh wait, work on YOUR OWN projects, eh? :lol: I hate it when you feel like you are eating cleaner and the calories are still high. Ugh. What's going on with the A/P group? Someone dropping the ball or did they lose an important cog that held things together? Had to laugh at your comment about the TV show Diagnosis Murder - boy talk about an oldie :lol: Didn't that sort of spin off the one with Angela Lansbury? It's not my genre interest so I never watched the show but I know it was very popular.

How's the walking weather been Terra - cool off any?

Time for me to get going. Have a good weekend everyone.

05-23-2014, 12:23 PM
Laura ~ Hi Laura :wave:

Susie ~ Yeah I like my new plan too.

Shad ~ My next official weigh in is June 10th when I go to the doctor's again but I still sometimes jump on the home scale just to see where I am at. Thanks for commenting on my weight loss.

Ceejay ~ Thanks for commenting on my weight loss

05-23-2014, 12:45 PM
Morning all. TGIF.

Susie – Sounds like a fun weekend for you, but a lot of work for that big cookout you’re having. Your Monday nap plan sounds nice – and necessary! I think we might be getting rain in our area on Monday, so a nap might be in our plans too. We do have a thunder shirt for our dog, and it’s helped to a certain degree to calm him. It’s a bit of a PITA to get it on Coal, but he doesn’t seem to mind it once it’s on. I think the actual act of putting it on him might be more helpful with the anxiety than the shirt itself, if that makes sense… We actually thought he was doing better with the storms, but the big ones still cause problems. How did your TOPS meeting go??

Shad – I don’t do well with accents myself – takes me a while to figure them out, and then I do better. Not a big fan of the German or French languages, so the accents don’t do much for me either. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Next weekend sounds like a fun time, but I agree, getting there for the tail end of the bday party when the little (loud) ones are about to head home. Are you saying these little 5 year olds will immediately go boy crazy over your DS? :D :lol: Too cute.

Ceejay – Glad you had a somewhat relaxing day yesterday and hope today is more of the same. Don’t fret over your friend, I’m sure she’ll come around and see your side of the houseguest thing. If not, then so be it.

Happy – Glad your mom’s been cleared to travel. Just don’t let your mom eat too much at one time?? Hope the influx of summer folks helps the shop’s business. I think I’m going to get over to my local thrift shop this weekend. I don’t need much of anything, but I love to poke around in there. I’m not sure what the heck is going on with AP, but the past 6-8 months have been just awful. I think they’ve got at least a couple idiots working there now, if not three. As for Diagnosis Murder, I never watched it when it was in production/new, but the other night, it did follow an episode of Murder She Wrote, hehe. I actually have an affection for those old detective/cop shows. So unrealistic and fluffy, but I love them. Magnum PI, the James Garner one (what’s it called?), Remington Steele, Hart to Hart, etc. I guess that’s why I also liked Monk and Psych.

Hi Michelle – Hope you’re getting enough rest and stopping to take a deep breath every once in a while between all the launch work.

Annie – Good luck with the office manager job opportunity!! :gl:

Hi Terra!! :running:

No big plans for this long holiday weekend. At least none that bf has told me about, lol. One of the friends we went out of town with last weekend purchased a bunch of food for grilling at the state park, but when we found out there was no grilling allowed near the cabins, it was left at home. They might have a cookout to use up that food…but I haven’t heard anything yet. I’m kind of hoping they don’t. I’d rather just hang out around the house and be antisocial. ;)

Last weekend I asked bf if he wanted to go for a bike ride sometime this weekend and he was non-committal about it – his response was something like “we’ll see how these old knees feel.” So I think that’s his way of saying no. He has old (HS era) knee injuries that bug him occasionally, but I think his real reason is that he isn’t in shape right now and won’t be able to go very far on a ride. I told him that we could just go for a spin around the neighborhood…I dunno. We’ll see. Maybe we can do some canoeing instead. There are a couple places in the area to do that.

This weekend I will likely go to Jazzercise class on Saturday morning. There’s a special Monday morning Jazzercise class, but it’s at a location I don’t like (further drive), and it sounds like there will be a number of nearby streets in which parking will be restricted due to a parade starting later in the day. Sounds like a PITA to me, so I will skip it.

Of course we still have the garage project to tackle, and I wouldn’t mind picking up some annuals to plant in pots or a couple spots in the ground. And some veggie plants. We’ve got a LOT of the very common variety of hosta planted in a few spots and they are so big, they look like they’re on steroids!! On the one hand, I’m rather bored with them. On the other hand, they keep a lot of the weeds at bay and seem to survive anything. All the stuff that’s in our yard has to be able to survive anything and that’s why we have a lot of hosta, daylilies, and peonies. The daffodils, sedum and phlox do pretty well too.

Okay, enough rambling. Back to work. TTFN!

05-23-2014, 02:43 PM
Shad - Looked on dropbox and didn't see anything from Otaki. :?:

Which reminded me: A couple pics from last weekend at White Pines State Park in Ogle County, IL. Oops, pretty big. Hope they don't slow down the whole thread! ( (

05-23-2014, 02:58 PM
What awesome pictures and a nice place to retreat! I agree with you over the house guest thing. I'm through until she say's something. I'm not going to invite her back to stay with me.

Memorial day snuck up on me also. Hope the day goes well at the shop. I have to work Monday as it's my scheduled day. Maybe things will be quiet. As I told Laura I'm not going to fret over the friendship if it's lost. She thought she had me under her control but found out differently.
Cleaned out a couple of drawers this morning and am going to the shed to work there for a couple of hours. The grass needs to be mowed but I told my neighbor that when she gets some one to mow to mow mine. I'll pay for it. I need to rest.

05-24-2014, 02:11 AM
Sorry put the photos in the wrong place. They are now in Mel's Photos in a folder called Otaki.

05-24-2014, 09:49 AM
Hi Everyone. I've been up filing paperwork in my home office, DH went to get some breakfast, we have a few hours to do some things at home and then hit the road for the 1st Grad party.

When we come back early evening, DH is mowing the grass and I am going to clean the kitchen and bathroom and give the house a overall quick vacuum. With the cookout on Sunday (and we have perfect weather this weekend! No rain, not to hot, not to humid) people will be in and out of the house to use the bathroom so I'm not doing any deep cleaning until Monday and then I will run the sweeper really good on the floors and furniture and window sills and blinds and dust mop the wood floors and most likely mop the kitchen again.

My TOPS weigh in showed a loss but only .75lb. My home scale showed 2 lbs down..not sure why the difference. We have to move the TOPS scale every week (it's digital) so we get it out and then put it away. I am always wondering if it is calibrated correctly. At home I put a 1lb weight on my scale before I weigh to be sure that it is showing 1 lb and weighing correctly. I am going to start insisting that they do this at TOPS.

I have to share this with you all. As I was working on Friday, going through my email, that I had looked at but left it unread and working on the unread and unflagged email I suddenly came to the last unread, unflagged email and realized that I had ALL the email read and flagged and set up with reminders on when I needed to have it done or start working on it or printing and filing for later!

I left on Friday all caught up and everything else planned!!!!! :carrot::carrot::carrot:

I was so excited. I felt my anxiety go way down. Being an Admin and supporting upper management (or really any kind of Admin support) I don't always get to work on my projects right away. There are always meetings to rearrange (takes up lot of my days). Making sure the things I am copied on for my managers that they are aware of them (and sometimes I get pieces of their projects to work on to help them) and then their are my own things that I am responsible for, like all the HR things for the Department and meeting agendas and the SharePoint site. So sometimes I feel so out of control and I have to be sure I have it all covered and planned so things are running smoothly. It fries my brain! I worry that I'm missing something so it feels good to have it all under control.

DH just came back with breakfast so I need to finish up here quickly. some quick personals...I'll check in later tonight and do more.

Laura: I love the pictures you posted--it looks so beautiful there

Shad--I haven't been to the drop box yet but will try to get there and see the pictures. They sound lovely.

Ceejay: I hope you have a quiet Monday.

Happy: I am glad to hear that your mom is doing ok and that it sounds like things will be good when she comes to visit.

Hi Annie and Terra!

05-24-2014, 12:34 PM
Susie HELLO, I looked at your ticker is 280 your first big goal like mine is 250 but my over all goal is to get down to 150, What are you wanting to get down to?

05-24-2014, 01:09 PM
Good morning all,

Looks like it's going to be a beautiful weekend here. I hope it stays dry long enough for some of the ground water to recede. DH cut the lawn yesterday and said he couldn't go around parts of the grass because it's still all soggy.

I broke up my sleep yesterday trying to catch what they were billing as a once in a lifetime meteor event. It was one of those odd, one off things that if all things were favorable would be spectacular. Was supposed to peak between 2 and 4 am. So I took a nap from 10pm to 1 and got up and went outside each 30 minutes. Although the skies were clear around 2am the humidity went up so it was hazy out. Sad to say, nothing came of it. :( Went to bed at 4 - just as the skies were transitioning to first light of dawn.

Shad - I looked at all your pictures in the dropbox - I love the ones from Otaki - you got some interesting perspectives on some of them. Is that the peanut on the last picture? Love the baby slippers :D

Susie - how nice that you were able to leave work with "all your ducks lined up" that had to be a great feeling. I can't think of anything worse than trying to coordinate the schedules of not one, but 2 busy people. :dizzy: Yep, that ranks even above Shad's training time getting yanked short and Michelle's hanging out waiting on last minute content changes - but beat out just by a smidge of course ;) I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend and fun with all your outings.

Ceejay- hope your neighbor will help out with the mowing. Would be nice to be able to grab a restful weekend. Hope Monday is quiet for you - no fires, no excessive water usage!

Laura - gorgeous photos. That campground looks so nice and peaceful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE spring blooming purple flowered trees ♥ We had something called a redbud in the south that was so pretty. How are the mosquitos so far? Looks like you've had a lot of rain.

I think I'm hungry so going to go find something to eat. I bought lots of fresh fruit so I need to incorporate that into a meal. Had 2 waffles yesterday with some chopped peaches, blueberries and strawberries as well as a scrambled egg. Yum Yum. So tasty. Had a nice looking cantaloupe last week - looked good, smelled great and totally tasteless. Like it was gassed to ripeness. Tossed the entire thing out.

Anyway - have a good weekend everyone.

05-24-2014, 01:13 PM
I stay up till 1 a.m. then went to bed. We had cloud cover as usual. Should have taken our meteorologist advice stay in bed.

I slept late this morning. It felt good, but now half of the day is gone. Will be mowing the lawn today but if the neighbor volunteer's the rest of it I'm not going to say no. We have a 40% chance of rain today. Would like to get it done.

05-25-2014, 08:25 AM
Good Morning My Lovely Worldlie Ladies......

What a busy few days I have had.....

Friday...had the babes from 6:30 to 6:30 as the kiddos went to carb day at the track....long day...but a good one....lots of play time with Jacob and lovin time with Royce...both kids good as gold.

Saturday....had the babes from 3:00 to went to Jason Aldeen concert at the track. Free tickets how could they not go? Kiddos good as gold again...Jacob and I have so much fun when Royce is sleeping or just being good in the swing. Trains, Books, Swinging outside, riding his lil bike, both are such troopers.

Today....Sam is dropping kiddos off as they are going to the race. I told her to bring Jacobs swimming trunks and sunscreen, when it gets hotter later today me and Jacob are going to play in the sprinkler....what a scaring for life for my neighbors when they see me, but hey, I don't care. can bet I am NOT posting pictures from that event.

Going to post and come back my puter is acting silly.

05-25-2014, 08:57 AM
Part 2

Second interview and testing went fabulous. The interviewer thought maybe I had too much experience and would not be a good fit for the job... I assured her that I was not looking for as much responsibility as before. So I am not sure where this might go. Just waiting for a phone call with an offer. Truly I am not looking for gobs of money or challenges. I just want to go do my job and come home and be Nanna. We will see. Keep everything crosses and send up prayers to the MAN....

CEEG....I got my lawn mowed yesterday before I had the babes....sleeping in means sleeping till 8 am for me. haha. Much past that means I must be sick or something. I don't sleep much as it is.

HAPPY...I thought about setting my alarm to see the meteor shower then decided against it as it is usually not visible here. Low and behold....Indiana had a perfect view and all that saw it was amazed. Guess I will not see that again. haha. We are having a beautiful weekend here also. Rain is not to come in til Tuesday and out by Thursday. Maybe another great weekend in store next week. THANK YOU for the card....fits me perfectly. What a morale are such a sweet, caring sister....hugs

SUSIE...better a small loss than a are doing wonderful.....75 loss. That is 3 sticks of butter. Think of it that way. Good idea of making TOPS verifying the weight on the digital scale.

OOoo LAURA...the White Pines pictures are lovely. What a great place to walk, hike, picnic....I love love love parks and taking walks on the trails. Canoeing sounds like fun....especially on a really hot day and tip the canoe over and splash around in the creek.

SHADDIE....hope you get a peaceful weekend from all the work BS. How can you understand all the broken English stuff. I would be slow down, take a breath, I don't get what you are saying.

CHELLE...girl you are one busy, happy chick. It makes my heart smile that you are having a wonderful life....Sassy send kisses to Santa....

Terra....hope you are getting extra walks in on this long weekend.

That is about it for me. Happy memorial day to bro and I are going to my momma and dads grave site tomorrow to check on things and leave some pretty décor.

Hugs to all.

05-25-2014, 12:28 PM
Annie ~ Yes Im getting my walks in for this long weekend, I dont know if I'll get extra walks in but I'll be sure to get the same I always do.

Im about to go for my morning walk if its not still raining if it is I'll have to walk inside but thats okay if I have too, I still need to walk either way. Yesterday it was raining and the sun was out. Crazy Kansas weather

05-25-2014, 05:13 PM
Afternoon all. I’m waiting for bf to finish mowing the front lawn and then weedwacking and blowing clean the sidewalks. Oh, and then showering. After that will finally come lunch.

Ceejay – I hope your workday is going smoothly and is nice and quiet. Did your neighbor get the lawn mowed? Would have been nice for you not to have to do it.

Shad – Nice Otaki pics – love those sunsets!

Susie – Good job with the loss this week. Good idea to have the scale calibrated before the weigh-ins. It can be frustrating when the home scale doesn’t match up with the “official” one. Good for you getting yourself all set at work so you’re ready to go on Tuesday. Admin work is tough because so many things are time sensitive!

Hi Annie – Sounds like you’re having a ball with the grandkiddies this weekend. Oh how fun to run through the sprinkler!! Enjoy!! Fingers and toes and everything :crossed: that this job is offered to you!! Not sure we’ll get a canoe paddle in this weekend...but if we do, I sure hope we don’t tip over. I’d have to be pretty familiar with the body of water to think that a dip in it would be fun, especially if it were an unexpected one!!!

Terra – Good for you getting the walks in despite the rain. It has to be pretty bad weather for us not to take the dog out for his walk – he loves his walks too much. If anything, we would just take a shorter walk. Today will likely be a shorter walk later in the day since it’s rather hot and sunny.

Happy – Sorry you missed the meteor shower. Boo. Yes, the spring blooming trees are so pretty. Alas, our lilacs are finishing up and the blooms on the purpleleaf plum and the Korean spice viburnum are long gone. It’s so brief! Mosquitoes not bad yet. This morning I sat on the patio without any issues at all. Course that isn’t the time for them to be out because it wasn’t very early...Haven’t heard anything about them in the news either. Fingers :crossed: they aren’t bad this year. Re fresh fruit - I bought a cantaloupe yesterday and this morning when I walked into the kitchen I caught its scent – I think it’s gonna be a good one, so I guess I got lucky.

Weekend recap:
Friday night I think we just watched some telly. Yesterday I got to Jazzercise class first thing. Can’t believe how much fitness is lost after a month (since finishing my challenges). I think I missed 2 or three weeks of Saturday Jazzercise classes, and I haven’t been doing anything else for exercise, so I’m really noticing the loss of muscle and stamina. Back to it!!

After I showered and started a load of laundry, I got back out in the car for some shopping. I bought a lightweight nylon purse from the luggage outlet in our area, then went to the thrift store. Bought two pair of very nice like-new Ann Taylor Loft dress slacks for $1 each. Unfortunately, they don’t fit - yet. I’ll give myself some time to get back on track with my weight loss and hopefully it won’t be too long before I can wear them. I will use those slacks a motivator.

The rest of the day was the usual errands, lunch, chores and dog walk.

We also got the wall tracks mounted in the garage using a special type of anchor for concrete block. Whoo! In the evening we watched the hockey game.

After reading the paper for a bit this morning, I got busy in the garage while bf got going on the lawn. I put up all kinds of hooks that fit into the wall tracks. It’s so nice to have a spot for all the yard and garden tools! What a difference. We still have more organizing to do in the garage with some shelves and a shelving unit. Today after lunch we might buy some bins or baskets to fit on the shelves and corral some of the like items that get messy and scattered. I took measurements so we know what'll fit on the shelves.

Okay, better get this posted. Everyone have a nice Memorial Day.

05-25-2014, 06:20 PM
I'm having a good day despite being at work. At least I'm not home pondering over week end events. She finally answered back in an email but it was the same ole stuff so I told myself she is not going to win. So I wrote her an email back with responses. I know this is childish. After this I'm putting this to an end. I feel a weight lifted off my brain and shoulders. It's kinda funny she can dish it out but can't take criticism. She's deleted her FB account and closed her email account. That's fine. I've blocked her cell phone number and blocked her from my FB account. I will also block her from my email account.
Still didn't make it to the shed but I will do that next week end.
I did mow the lawn but it felt good to get to release some toxins.

So glad that you are having fun with the little ones. Wish I were close to my sister's little ones. I would love to baby sit with them. Both our babies are growing so fast.

Guess I should buy some of those pegs to hang things on in what little space I have in the shed. It rained here late yesterday afternoon. But this time I started in the yard a bit earlier. I love to be outside.

Thanks to you and Laura I remembered that I need to cut up a cantaloupe when I get home. I love fresh fruit and could live off of it. Almost makes one want to go vegetarian. But I would miss the meat.

My grandpa used to say that if the sun was shining when it was raining it would rain the next day at the same time. My apt. isn't big enough to walk in. Guess I could pace up and down the short hall way. But I'll stick to riding my bike.

05-26-2014, 01:03 AM
Quick in and out.

Annie good to hear from you, fingers and toes crossed for some sort of answer soon. It really bugs me when people tell me I am over qualified for the job - generally means they want to pay less money - however if I wasn't interested in doing the job - WTF am I doing applying for it?

Happy - yes that is little peanut. Not so little any more. He is a very serious lad and it is hard to get him to smile, but hey, he is a contented baby most of the time. You'd have died laughing at video where he got his first taste of solids - avocado. His face was a picture.

Ceejay - what a small minded person she really is. If I were you, I would leave all her accounts open and make sure that she gets info about the good life you are having. Don't let her drag you down to her level.

Laura - I finally finished my challenges - only 2 days late, but there you go. It certainly doesn't take too long for the muscles to go back to being lazy. Garage sounds like it is going to be good.

Susie - Glad to hear that you got caught up with the work that is 'yet to do' At least you started the ball rolling and now know what is what. I've just finished all the flagged items on my e-mail. There was enough of them. Apparently I am the 'go-to' girl when something needs being done in a hurry. Bah humbug.

Okay, gotta go sort out the rest of the workload for tomorrow. See ya later.

05-26-2014, 09:08 AM
Laura ~ Thats a bummer you and your dog cant go on a normal walk because of the hot weather but a short walk is better then not walking at all.

Ceejay ~ I've never heard of that. Yeah walking back and fourth in a small space would get boring fast so thats good your sticking with riding your bike.

05-26-2014, 09:44 AM
Morning, hope this will be a quiet day. But it's not 8 a.m. yet. Told myself that I would play secretary only today.

You know that is probably a good idea, but she vicious so I'm not giving her the chance to belittle me.

Rode the bike last night, finished some laundry and went to bed. Also watched a Memorial day special on WKNO.

Have a great day.

05-26-2014, 10:38 AM
Hello Everyone. DH is making breakfast this morning. Pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon. I am working on laundry and sitting down to catch up with my Worldlies. :D

We had a very successful cookout last night. I counted 27 people (not including DH and I). It was a beautiful evening to be outside. The kids played together in the yard. The adults sat and talked and every once in a while a kid would want to play checkers with one of us. So we would. It was nice and relaxing and everyone helped clean up before they left so this morning things are in pretty good shape.

DH and I are going to get our closets switched over to all our summer clothes. I pulled out a couple pair of shorts these past few days....they fit....but I don't feel comfortable in them. It is TIME to get my arse is gear again. DH already said we are going for a walk this evening.

I am a goal setter and I like to do that when I feel it's a "new" time. For me Memorial Day weekend is the start of summer and so that feels like I need to set some new goals for Summer 2014. For me that timing is Memorial Day through Labor Day.

I think I'm going to set 5 of them. 2 have to be related to weightloss and fitness and the rest can be anything. I'll be thinking about this today and get back to you with them tomorrow.

Does anyone want to join me on this?

Michelle: Where are you? I hope all is well with you and Santa.

Terra: My final goal is 180. I have pictures of myself when I weighed that about 10 years ago and I felt and looked great. I can't believe I allowed myself to gain all that weight back. :mad: This time I won't!

Keep up your are doing great! Do you also count calories or track your food?

Laura: Your garage sounds like it is shaping up nicely. I can totally agree with your comments about quickly losing a fitness level. I feel every muscle in my body this morning from carrying tables and chairs and food and such yesterday and playing with the kids at the cookout. But it is a good feeling.

Shad: You are my hero! Please tell me how you got all your flagged emails done?! I am the go to girl at work as well. In my role one expects that but I also get people coming to me that are "lower" levels in the Organization and I really try to help them when I can. I don't have to, I can push back but I figure that we are all working on the same goals and that is to deliver our business so that we can keep working so I will do what I can. Also, one never knows when they might be the next Director one day and I'm supporting them! ;)

Ceejay: You don't need that person in your life. I say be done with her and move on. Good for you for mowing the helped your physically and mentally.

Annie: What a good explanation you gave to the interviewer when she mentioned she thought you would be over qualified. Fingers still crossed and prayers being said that you get this offer. I think it sounds like a good job for you and it will still let you do what you really want to a Nana!

Have fun with the sprinkler!! I plan to do that with my nieces this summer at some point. It just sounds like fun!

Happy: I'm sorry you didn't get to see the meteor show. I tried to get up and see it (set the alarm) but I couldn't talk myself into getting out of that bed!

Sorry to hear that the cantaloupe had no taste. That is so disappointing. I hate when that happens.

05-26-2014, 11:17 AM
Morning all,

Today we celebrate Memorial Day - a time to thank our servicemen (and women!), particularly those who have given their lives in service to our country. They had a big display of American flags as we passed by the Legion Hall yesterday - it was quite patriotic!

We both got up early yesterday. DH went and moved some rocks he needs to clear to dig up a faulty drain outside and I stayed in and did some housework. He quit around noon we got cleaned up and went up to the bar and had a burger. The bartender by the way did not understand what you mean Shad by giving the cousin "some stick". We really should have both stayed home because we were both tired and didn't stay for very long at all.

Came home, watched some TV, talked to Mom for a while and went to bed earlier than usual. Got up early today (a habit I should transition to anyway) and I will hit the house for more deep cleaning again. I need to stop at Walmart and pick up a few things - I am hoping all the tourists got their groceries and are back at the cabins or out on the lake so I can shop in peace ;)

Ceejay - I hope you have a quiet day - no excessive water usage, no telephones ringing off the hook :lol: I feel the same as you - almost a vegetarian but would miss a few proteins a little too much :D How was the cantaloupe?

Shad - I probably made the same face the first time I tasted avocado also but it grew on me :D I love the faces the wee ones make when trying new foods - poor babies - their taste buds are still developing so I can only imagine what it must be like for them.

Annie - I also agree that it bugs me when people say one is over qualified for the job. For heaven's sake, especially in this economy when people are struggling to find work - why do they think people are applying? :rolleyes: The only time it really means anything is when people made the big bucks and think they will make the same at a less qualified job - but then again, that is generally not the case. Shut up and just offer me the job - can't you see I will be grateful and work very hard for you!!!!! :tantrum: Good to hear from you.

Laura - I can't believe the bargains you get at the thrift shop! Ann Taylor pants for a buck??? Wow. Is this a private shop or one that is charity based? The garage organizing sounds like a worthwhile project and once you set something up like that, it just encourages putting things away and keeping them tidy.

Hi Susie, Michelle and Terra :wave:

Guess I will go get some breakfast and get a start on the day's work. I am trying to refocus on getting back on track with MFP too. Have a good day!

05-26-2014, 02:04 PM
Good morning ladies,

Happy Memorial Day to all of us in the States. The website launch went well, and the rest of the week was hectic trying to create new graphics with our new logo.

Saturday, Santa and I went to obedience training...the first session of an 8 week course. Then we went to the dog park right after to meet up with some Westie friends. We came home so I could do things around the house and then after dinner we went to the dog park again. Needless to say, he was pretty tired out Saturday night.

Yesterday, I really had a yearning for a drive to the ocean, but because of the late start I got stuck in quite a bit of traffic. Since both freeways to the beach were packed, I ended up taking the very windy, yet beautifully scenic, two lane mountain road. Once I got over to the coastal towns, all the roads to the shore were packed with traffic, so I drove a bit south to a smaller town and was able to find a nice park on a cliff next to the ocean. There was a very steep trail that led down to the beach, but I wasn't sure if I, or Santa, could make it back up. So we enjoyed the ocean view and sounds of the waves from up high.

Today, I'm putting Santa in day care for a couple hours while I have lunch with B and go to the grocery store.

The incision where my cyst was drained is still healing slowly, and I still have to go to the doctor's office every day to get it thoroughly cleaned, and fresh "packing" put in and a new dressing. Luckily, there are departments at the medical clinic that are open on the weekends and holidays. D is able to help with everything but the packing, but he left yesterday to go out of town to run a week-long bridge tournament in Sacramento.


Annie - Sister, I so hope and pray you get that job. It sounds great. I'm so happy you got lots of nanna time in this weekend!!

Happy - I hope things are going well at the thrift shop. So now that the snow has melted your family will be coming to join you in your Northwoods paradise.

Susie - I too am setting goals for this summer. I will be hiking by Labor Day! Hopefully sooner.

Laura - The heat was the main reason I chose to take a drive to the coast. It's always at least 10-15 degrees cooler over there. And even the drive over wasn't too hot because the two lane mountain road winds through beautiful redwood forests. I've been falling off the fitness wagon. I'm kicking myself in the arse and getting back to it this week. Wow, you always get such great buys at the thrift shops. its so hard for me to find anything in my size....another reason to get back on track. Good on ya' for starting to organize the garage. The White Pines photos are lovely!!

Shad - I can relate to the cacophony of the various languages. At my work in the breakroom, the languages most often heard are Russian and either Mandarin or Cantonese.

Ceejay - Sorry you and your friend had a falling out. I'm glad you stood your ground.

Terra - Great job on keeping up with the walking. It is hard to time your walks between rain sometimes in the Midwest. On rainy days just get out when it's nice and be more flexible on the time. :bravo:

Gotta get on with the day.

Much love to all,

05-26-2014, 06:42 PM
Around 2.5 hours left to work and so far a very quiet day.

One of these day's I'm taking a drive to the gulf. Your drive sounds so peaceful but I'm not one that likes traffic jams. Glad you and Santa had a good time. As far as my ex friend goes it was a long time coming. My main mistake was ever letting her come to the house in the first place. After the first time things went down hill. I'm at peace with it.

Have you gotten the closets switched over? I still need to do bit in my closet. Sounds like your get together was a success.

Sending you good vibes that you get the job.

I think the summer water usage has begun. The plant has been running more but that's okay. It's been so quiet the last couple of day's I'm dreading every one coming back to work.

05-27-2014, 12:26 AM
Afternoon all,

I guess I am just bored (again). Got my ducks in a row and the computer is playing up. Got the computer fixed and an avalanche of work descended. Got that sorted and ready to work when they came and took it all away again. It is wrong. Guess today is just not my day.

Had a chat with the manager and it would seem that I will be moving along at about the beginning of July, so I will give my landlady lots of notice. I have to work out when the end of a rental cycle will be and still give me time to get to Adelaide for S's birthday. Not that I have been invited, but I will go anyway. Then I have to sort out the methods to get the money back to Aust and pay whatever taxes I have to pay and then no doubt get slugged some more by the ATO who don't miss you coming or going.
I guess at some stage I will need to put the outgoings, incomings and cost of living on paper so I can see what I can claim back.

Meantime, I am going home for the weekend on Thursday night. I didn't realise that it was a public holiday here next Monday so booked to come back on Sunday night. Now there are no plane seats available on the Monday. Except for the very early morning flights and that sort of defeats the purpose of staying another day. I shall have to consider it - since probably DS2 could take me to the airport for an early flight anyway. He starts at sparrow cackle in the morning.
Better go. Work is returning.

05-27-2014, 10:33 AM
Morning all,

Quick update for me - into the shop this morning and afterwards I have to get a root canal at the dentist. A fun day to be had by all! :yay: Dreary gray and rainy day today. Yesterday was rainy too and we went out to the store to pick up a few things. When we got back home DH pulled the truck into the garage and as I went around back to open the hatch to get the groceries, the car was covered by a ton of mosquitoes. DH had said they were bad but I didn't realize how many there are. They were all over, we were trying to hurry into the house with bags - I must have killed at least 20 in the house. Wretched. A price to be paid for all that standing water we had. I dread the idea of it because this will drive my Mom absolutely bonkers. She has macular degeneration and is literally blind in one eye but she has an eagle eye when it comes to bugs. She will be tearing my house apart flinging a rag or towel trying to kill them without any consideration of what else she might be knocking down in the process. She is supposed to stay for a month - Lord please give me strength - I am already clenching the teeth. Not that I'm not happy to see her, just will be a challenge. My sister is laughing.

Pardon my lack of personals - I had to spend 35 minutes on the phone this morning with my finances and I need to get ready to head out. Will try and get back later tonight.

05-27-2014, 03:01 PM
Susie ~ Thats great that you were 180 10 years ago and you looked and felt great. Im sure you can get there again, I also cant believe I've gained all the weight I have as well.

I was an hour late getting out to walk today, I'll do better tomorrow, I usually go for my walking in the morning at 11:00 am but today I didnt get out to walk until noon but like I said I'll do better tomorrow.

05-27-2014, 04:42 PM
Good Afternoon on this fine Tuesday before the rain comes in....

I must say after 3 days with my grandbabes, I missed them yesterday so much, however went to momma and daddy's grave site and place a beautiful wooden cross with pretty plastic pink flowers and a wooden praying hands with pretty plastic flowers on their site. Someone had placed 6 solar lights across the front of the grave that light up at night. One was praying hands. It was so beautiful and peaceful. REMARKABLY....I did not get emotional or cry. My brother Michael (cancer) went also. We had a great chat up, great lunch and great chat on the way back. Mostly about memories of childhood. We also went by my g-mas house in Marion, Ind and the guy that owned it was out so we stopped. Great 20 minute conversation with him. He has kept the upkeep on the ole homestead, even tho he owns it and we don't. He wondered if we could send him some pix of how the house used to look and wanted to know the history behind it. My bro told him that he was born in the front bedroom and their used to be 5 apple trees a peach tree and a cherry tree on the lot, but all were gone at this point. Not to include the several other trees that were cut down. Sad but also nice.

So after missing my babies yesterday, I went over to Sam's not only to visit with my lil men but to also get my hair colored. I just love how Jacob calls me MY NANNA, and not just Nanna. He will say, hey MY NANNA follow me, lets play cars. Man does my heart melt. If I knew how fun grandkids could be and how much I would love them, I would of had them first. lol

Oh, and the sprinkler was a bust....too funny....Jacob said after running through it twice...MY NANNA...da wader is too cold..not do dat no more. hahahha....I agree, even tho is was in the 80s the water was in the 20s. burr...instead we dug in the dirt, played ball and chased Sassy till she tuckered out. What fun we had.

OH record your momma swatting at the mesquitos. Send it to funniest home videos...JK. I pray the Lord does give you strength and keeps a seal over your mouth, cause I know how momma's want to make us shout. You are right. If I didn't want the job, I wouldn't of applied. I have turned down two jobs so far that offered more money and more tedious crap to deal with, frankly, I want this job you dingbats. Thank you. lol

SHADDIE...I don't blame you. I wouldn't miss Ss birthday either, invited or not. You know g-mas have that added privilege of coming and going and appearing when we want to, so deal with it. Altho that DIL you have is a little bit selfish.

CEEG....sorry you hand to work on the holiday. Thank you for the good vibes...I need all I can get at this point due to my "over qualified" status...Bleh.

CHELLE...didn't you already take Santa to obedience school?? I thought you did while in WI. Maybe my brain is foggy on that. Did he forget the rules? LOL....just kidding. I know Sassy would have to attend on a regular basis, on-going status. She is such a lover puppy but really she jumps on our legs when we come home and frankly we don't like it cause she has scratchy toe nails. Praying your cyst heals sooner rather than later. Hugs

SUSIE...your cookout sounded like a huge success and lots of clean up help. My daughter always asked my why I always clean prior to an occasion rather then let it go for the after clean up, killing two birds with one stone. WELL...I don't want anyone to think I live in squalor. She said my dirty house is cleaner then most other's clean house. LOL. Your goals sound amazing however I shall not join you as I cannot seem to keep them then feel extremely guilty later, therefore I refuse to put myself through that., you always sound so busy doing something either around the house, going to some exercise class, shopping in thrify areas or out to dinner, cooking at home...I cannot keep up with you.....kudos sister. Good luck on organizing the garage. C seems to keep up on that for us in the garage and shed.

TERRA...keep on walkin' sister!!

All for me for now, hope to come back with great work news.

Love and hugs to all, thank you so much for all your support.

PS...thank you HAPPY for the lovely card, they seem to arrive just as I am getting low on life. What a pump up...

05-27-2014, 06:21 PM
Afternoon all.

Ceejay – Sounds like you had good workdays on Sunday and Monday. I enjoy working when it’s quiet in the office. Good you’ve written off your (former) friend if she was making your life miserable. It’s just not worth trying to save a friendship if that’s the case. Re those pegs – yeh, we could probably use more of those for the pegboard we have by bf’s workbench, but there’s so much more on top of the workbench…it’s a mess. That’s another organization project sometime in the future… Good for you riding the bike after your long workdays!!

Susie – I’m glad your cookout was a success! Did you get the closets switched over yesterday? I do it on a more gradual basis – just a bunch of hangers at a time, since the closets are very close to each other. I like your idea to set new goals. I sure need to get back on the weight loss bandwagon, so my goals will have to do with eating and exercise. I’ll be particularly glad to get back to exercising. Last year around this time, I’d been taking pilates and kettlebell classes and I really noticed a difference in my body, and same for when I did some of the fitness challenges. I’ve always believed – and still do - that eating is a huge factor in weight loss, but what exercise does to your body in terms of strength, flexibility, stamina – it’s amazing. I’ll give my goals some thought and report them here so we can motivate each other.

Happy – Hope Walmart wasn’t too bad yesterday. The mosquitos sound awful!! I have to say that I couldn’t ignore skeeters in the house, and would be going after them as well…but maybe not as zealously as your mom…The thrift shop I shop at is charity based – it benefits the senior center next door. Re the clothing I find – it’s very much hit or miss and sometimes based on the selection, I think only the seniors are donating, LOL. I suppose I should take that back – I’ve found some nice items, and they’ve come in handy during my weight loss journey. When I went out at lunchtime today I realized both the top and the pants I’m wearing today are both finds from the thrift shop! Gosh, hope your root canal went as painlessly as possible today!

Shad – Yep, the garage is almost there and then it’ll be good. After it’s all organized, all it should need in the future is just cleaning. I’m so glad we don’t use it as a dumping ground. I don’t get people who put all their junk in their garage and keep their expensive cars on the driveway!! I think I need to stop sounding so self-righteous – we have our basement to use as our dumping ground, LOLOL. So about 5-6 more weeks left of this assignment? Sounds like you have a lot of work to do to get yourself moved back to Oz. I never thought about it much, but I suppose as an independent contractor/self-employed person you have to go through a lot of recordkeeping to make sure you stay on top of taxes, etc. Especially when you’re working outside the country. But it sounds like it’s been really nice for you to be back in NZ and seeing your family. Enjoy your weekend back home!! Safe travels!!

Terra – Yeh, a short walk is better than nothing, though I did take doggy for a longer walk than I thought I would yesterday. When we finally got home we went to the basement so he could cool off on the cool floor down there. I thought of waiting until later in the day, but I wanted to get the walk in before the forecast rain came along. Do you change your walking schedule when it starts to get really hot?

Michelle – You’re doing a good job tiring Santa out! Your drive to the ocean sounded both good and bad – bummer about the traffic, but the scenery along the way sounds wonderful. Nothing like the ocean sounds! Sorry the healing of that cyst is slow-going. Hope you’ll soon be done with all the stops at the doctor’s office. Your guy D has interesting work – does he enjoy running the tournaments? Does that work include the cooking, or is that a different line of work for him?
Not much to report. My Memorial Day was quiet. I woke up very early and ended up watching quite a bit of tv, then did some laundry, some kitchen tidying, the dog walk, and some reading. I took a pass, but bf went to the friend’s house for their cookout, but came home when the rain started.

I mentioned to Susie about wanting/NEEDING to get back to exercise and making it a beginning of the summer goal. One thing I’m thinking of trying to do is to wake up a bit earlier before work and do a Body Electric workout first thing. Even though they air on PBS without commercial breaks, when you count all the beginning and ending ads, they’re really only 20-25 minutes long, so it shouldn’t be too hard to try and fit them in. Lately it seems like I’m already awake at 5:30-5:45 – not sure what’s waking me up, but I might as well make good use of the time!

Tonight I might go to a class at the gym. At first I thought it was Monday, but nope, it’s Tuesday, so the 7 pm class is that crazy tough one, “Body Works plus Abs”. I simply won’t try to do everything, that’s all there is to it. I think there might be a different instructor tonight…that might be interesting.

Okay, better get this posted and get some more work done.

05-27-2014, 06:24 PM
I missed you Annie - sure sounds like you had a lovely weekend with the grandkids, and then stopping by your gram's house after going to the cemetary. Making memories and re-visiting them. :) :) :)

05-27-2014, 06:36 PM
Howdy folks,
You would not believe the good mood I'm in! But if it storms that may not last. sigh

Ouch on the root canal. Lucky for me I've never had one. Sending good vibes for fast healing. I like Annie's suggestion on the video of your mom swatting the mosquitos. Some of them have found their way to the south.

Your talk of the boys and seeing pictures of my sister's family on FB makes me long to be in Missouri. I need to put flowers on mom and dad's grave sight. Maybe this week end.

Shad, Susie, Terra, Laura
Hello I'll be back later.

05-27-2014, 10:04 PM
Afternoon all,
Not much doing here. I am tootling along at work and packing stuff at home so nothing exciting is happening over here.

Ceejay - Hope the good mood sticks around. Love it when people are happy :carrot:
While I'd like to have more interaction with my granddaughter there is no way any one will get me to move to SA.

Laura - I understand the need to set goals for exercise. It is the only way I can actually achieve them. However, life being what it is at the moment (cold and damp) I can't get the exercise out in the fresh air and I have definitely fallen out of love with the gym. I need to get back to it tho'.

Annie - sounds like you had a wonderful time with the grandies. Poor wee Sassy. She must have wondered what was going on. Good that she slept like a babe afterwards.
How nice to know that your grandma's house is still there. I was most upset when I found out that the 120yr old Macrocarpa hedge had been cut down from in front of my grandmothers farm. The old homestead burnt down a long time ago. Apparently the people who brought the farm (they owned the adjoining property) used the old homestead for a haybarn. Hope the man in the house can make the house look like it used to do. And maybe plant some fruit trees.
So good to hear from you sounding a little more upbeat.

Happy - hope that root canal went okay. Nasty thing to have to deal with and then go and stand in a draughty shop. Make sure the important and expensive items are out of reach of mother's tea towel. Do not clench the teeth. It will make them sore and maybe fracture a few. Buy a set of false teeth and clench them together.

Well that's about it for today. Keep hanging in there. Walk, talk, live, love and be happy.

05-27-2014, 10:37 PM
The day flew by today! I am happy to say that I left work again with all my email read and only had to tag 4 things to follow up on, otherwise I was able to execute what needed to be done. I'm still working on my other tagged emails. I'll get there.

I am also happy to report that I did 30 min of walking on my treadmill today. The first time I have been on it. I'm slowly trying to work myself back into walking at least 2 days a week before the end of summer. Two other days, I will use the bike or elliptical and I want to start some weight training or using exercise bands. Right now I'm only doing 30 min but I want to get to where I work out 5 days a week for 1 hr, cardio for 30 min and strength for 30 min. I also need to add in some good stretching each day, at least 15 min a day.

I haven't gotten all my goals worked out..still thinking, but I know that my ultimate goal is to be a more balanced person and in a healthy routine.

DH has been doing great on logging his food on MFP and he is becoming very aware of his calories and he came home tonight and got on the treadmill tonight when he came home from work, without me suggesting it.

This house is coming around to fit and healthy again!

We did get the closets all taken care of and had 3 bags of clothes to take to Goodwill. It feels good to have that done.

Happy: How did the root canal go? I hope it wasn't too bad.
How did the Walmart shopping go? When I go to Walmart I try to go early in the mornings or after 9 p.m. at night. I don't like it when it is crowded.

Did you make it to MFP today? I'm planning on doing my food after I get done here.

Annie: It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and your grandbabies sound adorable. I'm so glad you have been able to enjoy them during your time not working.

I'm still praying about that job and that a job offer will come through.

Laura: Did you make it to the class at the gym? It sounds like a tough class.

Ceejay: I hope the good mood stuck around today.

Terra: I think you should be very proud of yourself for going ahead and doing the walk even though you were a little late. It's so easy to not do it when out of our normal routine but you went ahead and did what you could.

Michelle: What a great goal you set for hiking by the end of the summer. Just think you can go back to that park and go down to the beach and back up. I know you can do it!

Shad: I think your "Walk, talk, live, love and be happy" just might be my motto for my summer goals. Very clever saying to wrap this up.

See you all tomorrow.

05-28-2014, 12:06 PM
Good morning all,

Busy day yesterday. I ended up working nearly 12 hours...from 7 am until 6:30pm. In the morning, I had to send out several email campaigns to our customers and contacts. Then in the afternoon, I had to create a graphic containing the new company logo and also encompassed all the industries in which our product is used. I really enjoy the variety in my job.

After work, I picked Santa up at day care and since it was a lovely evening, we went to the dog park for an hour.


Ceejay - I wouldn't say my drive over to the coast was entirely peaceful. It started out with major traffic jams on the freeways that head over to the coast. And the two-lane mountain road has lots of sharp turns so a driver has to stay alert, but the scenery on the mountain road was gorgeous, and once I got to see the beautiful Pacific Ocean, it was all worth it. Like you, I enjoy working when it's quiet in the office. That will be next week for me when my boss and her boss and the owner will be at the annual off-site sales meeting with all our sales people coming into the area from across the country and around the world.

Shad - So just another month on the project. I hadn't thought about all the details and records that have to be sorted when you work for so long outside the country where you reside. So nice that you're going to take a long weekend to go home for a bit. I had to laugh about your DS2 starting at sparrow cackle in the morning. Sometimes I think that's when I start work too. :D So good that you're going to go to Miss S's birthday with or without an invite. In a couple weeks, my great-nephew turns 1. I'd love to go to the party, but due to finances, I'm going to wait until after my other niece has her baby (due in early July though the OB said she could be late). I love your "walk, talk, live, love and be happy".

Happy - I hope that the root canal went well and you're not in too much pain. The one root canal I had actually hurt less than the tooth problem that precipitated it. As for the mosquitos, there's a product you can get here called a "mosquito dunk". It's a small disc about the size of an oreo cookie that people put in their fish ponds and other standing water that kill the mosquito larvae before they hatch, but they don't kill the fish (or presumably any creature that drinks from the pond). Might be something to consider if the standing water doesn't evaporate soon. When will your mom arrive? I'm sure it will be a challenge dealing with her quirks, but I know you treasure nearly every moment. Though you might want to hide everything breakable during her visit, lest it mistaken for a mosquito and be swatted to the ground.

Terra - Roughly 11 years ago, I weighed 160 and looked and felt really good! Then both my parents passed away, and I ate to comfort my grief and to comfort the stresses of work. My long-term goal is to get back down to that weight. Don't beat yourself up on going on your walks later than planned. What matters is that you get all your walks in.

Annie - So glad you are able to have lots of time with the Grandsons. I can see just see you and Sassy running around with Jacob. Your time with your brother at your parents' graves sounds very special too. What a neat chat with the owner of your grandmother's house. My cousin and I (and our husbands) got to do that several years ago when my ex and I went to Vermont for a vacation. We drove to the farm and farmhouse where my father and my cousin's mother grew up. We stopped to take pictures and the owner invited us in and we were able to see the interior of the house and even our parents' bedrooms. As for Santa's obedience school, yes Santa graduated from the beginner class about a year ago. This class really focuses on "heel" and some other things, and the price was so reasonable I couldn't pass it up. It's just $25 for an entire 8 week session. Saying lots of prayers for you and sending good vibes that you get the Office Manager job. Employers should realize that quality of life (and not having to take work or work stress home) is worth more than a few extra dollars.

Laura - I definitely need to get back on the weight loss bandwagon too. I've been slacking off when it comes to exercising. I stress out about sweating too much since I have to be careful not to get my back wet when showering due to the dressing covering the cyst incision. I've seen lots of kettlebell classes. I just don't know if I'd be able to swing them much without further injuring my back. As for D's work, yes, it's difficult to keep track of his schedule...he runs four different bridge games each week at local bridge clubs. For those, he does cook a nice meal for everyone. For the big bridge tournaments like the one this week in Sacramento...he leaves the cooking to the hotel. I give you kudos for wanting to exercise before work. I've never been good at morning exercise on work days.

Susie - Your suggestion of a goal for me to get in good enough shape to walk down the trail on the side of the cliff to get to the beach and then walking back's a fairly lofty goal...but who knows, maybe I can do it. Good for you for having such a productive day yesterday! Your goals sound great! Good for your DH for tracking his food and using the treadmill. So proud of you and your DH for making "fit and healthy" a priority...and for all the organization you're doing at home.

Well, time for another cup of coffee and get back to my projects.

Much love to all,

05-28-2014, 01:07 PM
Morning all. About an hour late to work today due to a pedestrian-train accident a couple stops up the line from my stop. Could have been much worse of a delay.

Just a quick pop-in. I'll try to get back later.

05-28-2014, 06:39 PM
I surely don't like traffic jams. The sound of the waves from the ocean would be so worth the trip. How long did it take you to get there?

Good luck with all the sorting. I'm no that much of talker so I'd just wan to live and be happy.

Hope no one was seriously injured during the train accident.

Glad that you and dh got the closets cleaned out. I am making it out to the shed this week end. I still need to get into that box of mom's stuff. It's been there since 1998. That's too long.

Hope you got some good pain meds for that root canal. Hope you are doing well.

I have a four day week end approaching and I'm going to relax, relax, and relax some more. I'll be going to my uncles on Saturday if it's not pouring down rain.
Nothing new here.

05-28-2014, 07:21 PM
Taking some time to post before I shut down the computer for the day.

Ceejay – Hope the storms stayed away and you’re still in a good mood. Tomorrow’s your Friday I think, beginning of a 4-day weekend - that should keep you in a REALLY good mood!! I haven’t checked the news today, but usually a pedestrian vs. train accident doesn’t end well – it’s usually a fatality. My bf always says the pedestrian is committing suicide. I don’t agree, sometimes I think someone’s just in a hurry or not paying attention. Very very sad regardless.

Shad – Let’s see…if I have the day and time right, you have about one more day til your long weekend back home. Safe travels and enjoy seeing your kitty again, and that 5 yo birthday party. :D Yeh, I’m not loving my gym so much at the moment – the exercise studio and 95% of the cardio equipment is on the 2nd level and it's always roasting temperature up there. If I wanted to sweat a lot before/without even exercising, I could use the sauna!

Susie – Glad you went home and didn’t do any job work…hope it can continue for a bit longer. Your exercise goals so far sound great. :) I was just listening to a podcast today in which the guest likened exercise to financial savings goals – you do the work now and reap the benefits later, i.e., better health so you can enjoy your life as you age. Good job getting rid of clothes and making a donation!

Michelle – Wow, long day’s work yesterday. I hope you get to have a shorter workday today. Nice that you have a lot of variety. When we were doing interviews in our search for a new admin asst, we were of course describing our department, the admin’s job and our jobs, and it made me realize that every day is something different for us. Even though there are projects that are repeated annually, even those are different each year due to changes in the company and market. I like that a lot. I can see how the cyst would keep you from exercising – that’s a bummer, especially if you can’t easily change the dressing yourself. Hopefully that doesn’t last much longer and you’ll be raring to go. For now, how about doing stretching sessions, or your PT exercises, but in very short time periods so you don’t start to work up a sweat?? What a deal you’re getting on Santa’s training! How’s he doing at that??

Happy - Hope the root canal went well and you're well-stocked with pain pills!!

Okay, ran out of time so I’ll get this posted lickety split. TTFN.

05-28-2014, 09:03 PM
Happy & Michelle ~ I just saw your posts for me, Sorry Im just now replying back to the both of you.

Happy ~ Hi :wave:

Michelle ~ Yeah your right it is hard to time your walks between rain. That is a good idea to walk when its nice outside and be more flexible with my walks. Im sorry to hear about your parents passing away, I would of masked my grief with food too, I also deal with stress with food as well so I understand why you gained your weight. Yeah I know I shouldnt beat myself up over being late getting out and walking, I agree what matters is that I got my walk in.

Annie ~ Thanks for commenting on my walking, I'll definitely keep it up

Ceejay ~ Hello :wave:

Laura ~ Yeah when its gets really hot out I walk in the early morning and before it gets dark in the evening. Thats good that you took your dog for a longer walk then you planned. Although I dont like the hot weather we are having today Im glad its not raining anymore, Last week I believe it rained all week.

Susie ~ Yeah I am proud of myself for going ahead and getting my walk in even when I was late getting out of the house to start my morning walk.
I should of gotten up earlier this morning to walk cause by the time I was gonna walk it had gotten too hot but Im gonna walk twice as much tonight to make up for not walking this morning

05-29-2014, 11:34 AM
Morning all.

Hi Terra. Good plan to make up the walking time!

Nothing much to report. On Tuesday night I went to the gym, but I didn't do the class. My right knee is feeling strained when I bend it, so that class with all the squats and lunges would not have been a good thing. Once I did a few squats during the warmup I realized I needed to change my plnas. I left class and instead I did 30 min. on the treadmill.

Tonight's a cardio kickboxing class. I might give that try. It's a pretty strenuous class, but I liked it the few times I've done it in the past.

Going to a WW meeting at lunchtime.

I hope it gets sunnier. The past couple days have been sort of chilly and damp - and gloomy. C'mon sun! :sunny:


05-29-2014, 12:46 PM
Hi all,

Computer is acting very wonky today and we are getting brown out power blips so I will be back later.

05-29-2014, 12:47 PM
Good morning ladies,

Last night, I returned to the Back Exercise Level 2 class. After going a couple weeks with little or no exercise, some of the moves were difficult (like planks and side planks), but I managed. After back class, I went to the chiropractor. After I picked up Santa from day care, we went to the dog park for about 1/2 hour.

I still have the dressing on my wound, but the past couple days the nurse has covered it with an almost waterproof covering called Tegraderm, which means, while I still have to avoid getting it wet, I don't have to stress out if it gets a little splashed while I wash my hair.

Ceejay - When traffic's not bad, the drive to the coast takes about 45 minutes. Last weekend, due to the gorgeous weather and the long holiday weekend traffic, it took between 1.5 and 2 hours. Thankfully, I left to come home before the traffic got bad. I hope you have a wonderful 4-day weekend, get what you want done, but also enjoy some well deserved relaxation. :D

Laura - When you said pedestrian vs. train...I immediately thought "that's not going to end well". I have a friend in Tokyo that I met through 3FC who has told me that many of the pedestrian vs. train accidents over there are deliberate...meaning suicide. But I imagine some are just due to carelessness or rushing around or a fall onto the tracks. Regardless it is so sad. I understand what you mean about not wanting to exercise in a hot room. That's the way I feel about trying bikram yoga also known as "hot" yoga where the room temp is intentionally set to 105 degrees. I don't even like it that hot when I'm doing nothing but sitting in the shade sipping a cold beverage, much less even consider moving around. A friend of mine does hot yoga at least once a week and LOVES the heat. thanks. :rofl: I like what you said about the podcast where exercise goals are similar to financial savings goals. Good thing to keep in mind. Santa is doing just okay with the training...but it's only been one week. Ouch on the knee! Good for you for taking a pass on the squats and lunges class. Enjoy cardio kickboxing and good luck at WW.

Shad - Safe travels back home. Enjoy the weekend!

Terra - Did you walk twice as much last night? I really enjoy evening walks and early morning walks when it's cooler.

Gotta get back to it. :wave: to Happy, Annie and Susie!

Much love and many hugs to all,

05-29-2014, 01:39 PM
Laura ~ Yup I think its a good plan too

Happy ~ Im sorry your having computer problems

Michelle ~ Yes I walked twice as much last night to make up for not walking yesterday morning. I enjoy walking in the early morning and before it gets dark in the evening when its nice and cool too.

05-29-2014, 03:45 PM
Went to AutoZone this morning and had new windshield wipers put on. They were damaged from last winter's weather. Also spent an a chunk of change buying 4 new tires. My co-worker told me last night that it looked like they were getting slick. So this morning I did the penny test and they failed. I should have new tires before I went to Missouri. Good thing today is payday.
Accepted and ab's challenge with my niece on FB last night. I didn't ride the bike last night because the calves of my legs were extremely sore. I will ride today.

Think I would go more often to the ocean if it were that close. I'm going to have to figure out how far it is to the Gulf But I'm putting that on list for this summer or early fall. Glad your cyst is healing.

How are you feeling today?

Keep walking. I'm going to exercise in a few minutes.

Annie, Laura and Susie Hello :wave:

05-29-2014, 05:03 PM
Ceejay - Sounds like a very productive day off!! Bummer about the expense of the new tires...I just had to replace all four of mine less than a month ago. Good on ya' for signing up for an abs challenge!

Terra - How's the weather today? Good walking weather?

I got great news at the doctor's office today. The nurse I saw today said that I can just use a band-aid to cover the incision wound from now on. No special packing, no special ointment and no special dressing. She said ideally, the band-aid should be changed daily, but if I don't have anyone to put a new band-aid on, then I can go without. Yay!! :woohoo:

05-29-2014, 08:17 PM
Hi ladies,
Let me try this again in Wordpad and see what happens. Sometimes I think my computer is possessed.

Root canal was not fun - are they ever? I get such a blinding headache from having to hold my mouth open. I have a very small mouth opening so dental work was never fun for me. And my tooth was sensitive from the top of my nose to a line all the way down to my front tooth - I'm not sure how far that darn root went but I think he dug up to my eyeball! It was really tender the last 2 days and I was afraid it was going to abscess. It finally quieted down about an hour ago. I still can't bite anything from the front but at least I can have something a bit more than soup or pasta tonight. Funny how you get hungry when you can't eat.

The mosquitoes are just absolutely horrific out there. I need one of Shad's hats to keep the bugs at bay. DH worked outside today and actually wore my netted bug jacket.

Michelle - glad to hear that your incision is finally healing up to the point you only need a band aid. That must have been a deep wound to take so long to heal. I certainly could never put up with that kind of gridlock traffic anymore - even if the end result was getting to the ocean :lol: Heck I'm mad because the tourists are in (maniac in a hurry drivers) and there's like 10 cars on the road :rofl: I dread the idea of heading to Chicago in summer construction season. I guess if you have good music and some cool drinks and some side roads where you can keep moving, even if it's slower, it's not bad. Thank you for the info about the mosquito dunk. Unfortunately we had lots of slow melting snow which created pockets of water in the back forests which probably were home to all that mosquito larve. I hope we get a good long stretch of dry weather now. The ground is quite sandy here so if we can stay without rain for a week, everything will dry up. Did you decide on a yoga class or are you still looking for one that works easier on the back? The yoga teacher I just had was really into pain free yoga. She said a lot of the postures are too hard on us older chicks - got to watch out for mini fractures. I'll take that wonderful relaxed Zen feeling over hot yoga any day. But I guess that's why there are all kinds of yoga for everyone's interests

Ceejay - with all the travelling you do, probably a good idea to have gotten new tires. You might not notice the difference now, but you will in rainy weather. It took us 6 hours to drive from Memphis to Gulf Shores, AL outside of Mobile if that's any reference for you. We went in early May before the rates went up and had a lovely house on the beach - it was a great time. Pretty area for doing some touring too.

Terra - do you walk the same path every time or do you switch it up sometimes for something different? Are the mosquitoes bad by you?

Laura - good idea on not stressing the tender knee in class. I think it's a great idea to get up a bit earlier and get your BE workout done first thing. It tends to energize you and it's such a great feeling to have that over and done with. I really have a hard time doing a strenuous class after work. Kick boxing is alot of fun and a great calorie burner. Hope you enjoyed the class. I'm glad you got an opportunity to step back and look at the job and find enjoyable things about it. That's one thing I liked about the help desk - always something different each day. Challenges keep you on your toes too!

Shad - I hope you have fun visiting S. It's unfortunate that baby momma has to be less than cordial but you have some rights to be a part of her life too. Just do what you need to and try and not let her ruin your enjoyment of DS and the baby.

Annie - must be so hard sitting and waiting each day for the phone to ring. I hate when they drag things out. Hope that call comes this week offering you that office manager job. :crossed:

Susie - glad to hear that DH is deciding on his own to try and improve his health. Maybe he will join you for a walk after dinner one day. That's great to hear you are back on the new treadmill. Have they resolved the issues with your feet? Forgive me if I had a forgetful moment and you already told us. I think your workout plan has a nice balance. Maybe you can even incorporate a few things at your desk at work. One friend brought in a dumbell and did arm lifts because her job kept her on the phone on conference calls for a good part of the day. If nothing else, you could get some good stretches in if you need both hands for the phone :lol: Nice job on getting the closets cleaned too! I think I'm going to give Mom one last opportunity to "shop in my closet" when she comes to visit. She told my sister she was really worried that I'd give all my stuff away without her getting a crack at it. Like she needs more clothes - especially dressy go to work clothes :lol:

Guess I should get off the computer and make dinner. DH is still hot from moving rocks outside. Since I can sort of chew, might do a chicken salad with grapes and some cut up strawberries and sliced cucumbers. Is that cold enough for you honey??? :lol:

I am going to go into the shop early tomorrow to get some pricing done before my floor shift starts so I probably won't post until later. Have a good weekend everyone.

05-29-2014, 08:27 PM
I just got back from TOPS and I had a 2.8! We had Welcome Carts for the new interns who started this week and they have all sorts of goodies on them and I purposely went a bit late to those welcomes because I knew I wouldn't get my treat after everyone else was already standing around with theirs...and it paid off on those scales.

I didn't post last night as I had a headache..could be a migraine as I had a smidge of it this morning when I woke up, so I worked from home and then this afternoon, I knocked of about 2 hours early and took a nap. I am feeling much better since I woke up from that.

Is anyone watching the new season of Extreme Weight Loss? I am. The first show was very motivating to me.

Michelle: I'm so happy for you about getting just a Band-Aid on the incision.
and you went back to your exercise class. Good for you!

Laura: You should be proud of yourself for trying that class and realizing that it was not a healthy thing for you to do at this time with your knee, and to find an alternative. That is living healthy and balanced.

Did you make it to kick boxing? I used to take a kick boxing class and it was the hardest workout I ever did but it sure was effective.

Terra: good job for going longer on the evening walk when you missed the morning walk. It is good to shake up the routine every so often so that your body doesn't get used to it. It helps us make progress when we throw those good changes at our bodies.

Ceejay: Now you can drive with confidence that you have good tires. I like your plan for your long weekend!

Happy: I hope that the brown outs aren't still happening.

Hi to Annie and Shad.

See you all tomorrow.

05-30-2014, 09:12 AM
Ceejay ~ Thanks for commenting on my walking, Im gonna walk in an hour.

Michelle ~ Yeah its good walking weather today

Happy ~ I walk the same path every time, Yeah the mosquitoes are out already at night but I havent had an encounter with them yet.

Susie ~ Thanks for commenting on my walking.

05-30-2014, 11:32 AM
Good morning ladies,

just a quick check in for me this morning. I'll try and get back later. I've got some brochures to finish and then create a report on the new website's visitor traffic since we launched last week.

Tonight is poker...I hope I can stay awake...I didn't sleep well last night.


05-30-2014, 01:03 PM
Morning all. Yesterday turned out to be a nice day and today is very nice as well. I hope the weekend shapes up just as nicely.

Michelle – Sorry you didn’t sleep well last night. I hope you can stay awake to enjoy your poker game!! Yay for just needing a bandage on the incision! Re the hot yoga – I thought I might want to try that sometime, but now that I think about it, meh.

Terra – Hope the mosquitos don’t bother you on your walks. This time of year, I pull out the bug spray, but I hate to apply it if I’m only outdoors for a short time. They’ve gotten better (less smelly) over the years, but I still don’t like them.

Susie – Wow, congrats on your big loss at TOPS! Good job! Great you avoided the goodies on the Welcome Carts. I think I caught part of that Extreme Weight Loss show while I was on the treadmill at the gym the other night. I only saw part of it, but it was interesting. I might have to see if the show is on our cable’s on-demand programming to catch the rest of the episode. Hope your headache is gone for good.

Happy – Sorry that the root canal was so painful. At least that’s over with now, until the bill arrives. Then there’s a new kind of pain, LOL.

Ceejay – Sounds like bf and I with our car – a couple months ago we bought new tires, and just last weekend we bought some new wiper blades. We’re also going to have a major servicing done soon – timing belt, water pump, etc. But we bought the parts ourselves and we’re having a private mechanic do it, not the dealership’s service department. We’ll save a lot of money that way.

Shad – Hope your travels have been hassle-free and you’re having a good weekend.

Annie – How’s it going sister? Is Sassy rested up after all that chasing you and little J did last weekend?? :D Still hoping upon hope for that job for you!! :crossed:

Nothing much to report.

I went to a WW meeting yesterday at lunch and had a 0.2 pound gain since I last weighed in 2 weeks ago. Not too horrible. I just have to get back to work so I can start seeing the scale go down again. Turns out the ww meeting leader for our ww at work program was the substitute leader for the meeting I attended at the ww center near the office. Bleh. I ran into a work buddy who’s also doing ww at work and she said she’s not going to sign up again after this ww session ends in two weeks. I told her the same – neither of us are all that fond of this leader. She’s alright, but just lacks that “something” that motivates me. I don’t know if I’ll register for WW meetings at a place of my choosing right after this session ends, but I won’t rule it out in the future. I’m going to keep up with my tracking and try to really hit the exercise.

That said, I slacked off and didn’t do the kickboxing class last night. What’s funny is bf’s friend phoned and bf decided to meet him at the gym at the last minute for a workout. I was already heating up some soup for my dinner, so I didn’t tag along. Oh well.

I ended up tackling part of the mail basket last night. Ugh, every time I fail to keep up with it, I really regret it when I’m going through a giant pile of mostly junk mail. When will I ever learn??!! :rolleyes: And I’m still not done yet. Boo.

That’s about it for me. This weekend will be quiet – just a Jazzercise class tomorrow morning and a friend and I are meeting for breakfast on Sunday morning. I’d like to go through the garage shelves some more, and do some yard work as well.

Have a great weekend Worldlies!!

05-30-2014, 02:22 PM
congrats on the loss. Makes me ashamed that I'm not even trying any more. Maybe this week will be better.

Sometimes it's best to rest our bodies,. Soup sounds good.
Going to check to see if the grass is dry enough to cut the lawn. I don't really want too so I may ask my neighbor. Think I'll get out in the shed instead.

05-30-2014, 05:34 PM
Laura ~ Im not sure if the mosquitos will mess with me cause I took last night off for walking but I'll find out tonight Im sure, Crossing my fingers I dont get bit when Im walking tonight.

I walked already today and I'll walk again before it gets dark tonight.

05-31-2014, 11:40 AM
Morning all,

Happy weekend. Talk about getting back in gear again. I must have had a lot of soda yesterday - mindless drinking :dizzy: Feeling especially achy today - I think too much sugar does that.

I'm in full on mode for getting ready for Mom and the visitors. We are desperately short of volunteers at the shop but I can't be there 40 hours a week so I just need to focus on what I am doing. Worked a full day there yesterday and it was too much - I was tired and my feet were really hurting. Kept getting called from the back to answer questions and make decisions too. Some people want to ring a sale and that is all.

We are killing mosquitoes like mad here. They are big suckers too (no pun intended... well just maybe :lol: )

I should give some effort to planting the garden IF I'm going to do it. :o

Susie - congrats on the pounds down AND avoiding those tempting carts. That's how it's done! Glad you are getting things together in work and home life. It's nice to feel on top of things - even if only for a while.

Laura - I hear you on the junk mail basket - I do the same. Don't blame you for hunting around for a new WW leader - I found that's the biggest problem with the program - the leaders. I guess it's like having a good doctor - you have to click!

Ceejay - enjoy your weekend - I see it's family time again.

Hi Terra :wave:

Shad - hope you are enjoying cuddling little S.

Annie - give the kids a hug for us :hug:

Michelle - did you stay awake for poker?

I guess I should get busy - nothing's getting done sitting here. Have a good weekend everyone.

05-31-2014, 03:56 PM
Hi Happy How are you doing today? Im doing awesome

05-31-2014, 09:27 PM
Hellos to the Worldlies. I went to Jazzercise class this morning and been doing things around the house the rest of the day. I repotted some house plants and separated one that had multiple plants in one pot and put them in a couple more planters. Took doggie for a walk, did a load of laundry, went through some more of the mail basket. Nothing special really. A bit of reading & tv.

Happy- Hope they get more volunteers in before your mom & guests arrive! Boo on the skeeters!

Terra - How'd the walks go today? Did you ever look into those Walk Away the Pounds videos? The heat & humidity are coming!

Hellos to the rest of you. Hope you're all having a great weekend. ;)

06-01-2014, 11:41 AM
Laura ~ My walks went good yesterday, Thanks for reminding me about Walk Away The Pounds videos, I forgot all about them. Yes its already been really hot here

Who's gonna start the June thread since today is June 1st? Just curious

06-01-2014, 08:39 PM
Time for a new thread. It's June already.

Go to the June thread. Click here