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04-25-2014, 08:34 AM
Good morning gals. Had a thunderboomer and rain last evening, but it is all quiet and peaceful so far this morning. Seems to have dried out to so it didn't last long.

Jack had no problem yesterday morning. Said we had a leak and they fixed it no charge and he was home within the hour. I then went and got my nails done and the man who owns the place did them and hit my cuticles with the file and so they are all red and itching since yesterday. I put cuticle salve on them but it didn't help so took my extra strength foot cream and rubbed into them and they stopped for awhile, but they are itching again. :(

I have part of the hat done for my stylist and love the colors and the pattern but the yarn has a lot of wool and hasn't helped with the itching either. I want to get it done and make her a pair of mittens to go with it. I think if I have a full skein left I will use it to make socks.

Maggie: Hope your jeep repairs are horrendous. Cars sure are expensive to operate and in this day and age you pretty much have to have one unless you live someplace like New York city.

Jean: I hope they can find a way to help the friend with the tumor. Is it causing him trouble physically like memory or attitude change or physically getting around? Jack puts away dishes the same way. He usually knows the general area I keep stuff, but stuff will come up missing because he can't remember where he put it and we don't have that many cupboards! :lol: One thing that drives me nuts is he won't put things inside things like mixing bowls. He just sets the big ones on top of the little ones or puts the bigger skillets on top of the smaller ones. Not worth getting in an argument about so I just fix it.

You gals have a great weekend. It is commissary weekend oh joy! Jack is going to go and get his hair cut in the morning, but that is all of the plans for tomorrow. Faye[/COLOR]

04-26-2014, 01:38 AM

We went to the store and bought fresh parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and chives and my keepers arrived today. I had them in a little water in the fridge to keep them fresh. It was interesting to find that there were recipes on the packaging they were wrapped in. The containers fit nicely in the fridge that is in the kitchen on a shelf. I didn’t put the chives in one but wrapped them in a wet paper towel and put them in a zip lock bag. They seem to keep quite well that way as that is how I have kept them for a long while. I know I will be quite pleased with the keepers and will transfer the chives into one when there is room. :cp: The parsley took up all the room in the larger keeper and I didn’t want to crowd any of them for they stay fresher with room in the containers.

I know I will be up several times tonight because I have been drinking more ice water than usual but I felt I needed to drink lots of it so drank it and it was so good. Some packaged food I ate today must have had a lot of sodium in it.

What they did to the Jeep didn’t fix the problem so now they are going to put in a new radiator. We just had a new one installed 2 years ago but they aren’t made of metal anymore but some type of plastic. They are at least going to not charge us for the labor ~ just the parts which will be a great saving for us. After all they are the folks that did all the work on the Jeep two years ago. Plus they gave us a decent car to drive in the meantime.

DONNA FAYE I got a chuckle when I read your post when you said that you hoped that the repairs were horrendous. I take you just didn't type in the word "not" in that statement. :lol:

JEAN Hope all you planned to do today got done and you are a happy person.

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-26-2014, 08:28 AM
Good morning to you all. It is clear and chilly this morning. Jack just left to run a small errand then will go and get his hair cut around 7:30. They open early on Saturday and he hates going so much he likes to be the first one there when they open the doors.

Not much going on today. I put in a load of laundry and will also do sheets today and work on the hat. It is coming along nicely and I love the pattern and color.

Maggie: Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. :lol: Obviously I meant I hope the charges were NOT horrendous. You would think parts would have better warranties. Nothing lasts anymore sad to say.

You all have a nice Saturday. Going to sit here and make out a menu and make grocery list for tomorrow's commissary run. Faye

04-26-2014, 01:07 PM
Good morning, ladies. Nice day in the high 70s. I love it.

My friend's daughter called and said she is going to put her into the same nursing home as her father. I'm kind of sad but Janice will at least be cared for and we will be sure one or two of us visit every day.

I'm catching up on my housework today. No fun there.

Faye, I need to plan next week's menus today, too. I try to get to the grocery store on Tuesday when they have senior discount. I saw in the paper this morning the commissary isn't going to save but about 10% on groceries beginning next year. The storms you had made it to us yesterday evening. Much thunder and lightening and a tornado touched down.

Maggie, I love fresh herbs. The taste is so much better. I have a window box with them in it. Those electrical problems can surely be horrendous. I had similar problems with a car I had and after they had replaced about everything on it, I ended up trading it in for the problem persisted.

Hi, Jean.

Enjoy your day!

04-26-2014, 06:55 PM
Good Afternoon! We are having strong winds today and it's not all that warm outside. There was a funeral at church this morning. The lady always sat in the pew behind us on Sunday mornings. She would spend winters in FL with her daughter and died down there in January. The "lunch" was broasted chicken, ham, green beans, cheesy potatoes, and rolls catered. The church ladies provided several different salads and cake for dessert. We just got home and I left again for the bridal shower. We had a "follow me" car going into town while goofballs tried to fill cracks in the pavement with tar. The shower was in a little town not far away so Bob's secretary and I went together. They had all kinds of fancy hot and cold dips with different kinds of chips, cheese and crackers, a veggie and fruit platter, smokies, lemonade or coffee, plus a Bloody Mary drink with dill pickles, asparagus spears, celery, and olives, mini cupcakes, and mints. I could have had another whole meal!

Maggie -- I hope the mechanics can find and fix the problem on your Jeep. I'm convinced my car is "clunking" again. :mad: Bob will have to drive it. I know you will enjoy using your new herb containers.

"Gma" -- Bob finally heard my washer making all the noise when it spins. His solution is to call the repairman! :rolleyes: Ya think? Wish I could send a grocery list, for the things I forgot yesterday, with you!

Susan -- It is sad about your friend going to the nursing home. It might perk her up to be with her husband and around other people though. I'm sure she will appreciate your visits. :D

Now I need to change clothes and clear off the counter plus do a couple loads of laundry. However, I'm on the iPad instead. ;) Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

04-26-2014, 07:53 PM

It is HOT here in the ♥-Land in the 91˚+ area with a low of 58˚ for the night and just a pettily bit of a 20% chance of rain. We won’t be able to get our Jeep back till next week sometime and it is sure weird driving around in this car for it sits so low to the ground but has plenty of leg room so we aren’t complaining. The radiator they ordered is plastic and probably next year we will get a metal one and have it installed along with replacing all the plastic stuff under the hood with metal pieces also. If those plastic ones aren’t built to last more than 2 years we surely don’t want another. Right now we don’t have a choice since they don’t order from the company that makes the metal ones and they can get the Jeep ready to drive more quickly than it would take for us to order a metal radiator and get it delivered and installed. We are kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place on that one. If we had known they don’t last very long when we had it installed two years ago then we would have had it replaced before now with a metal one.

I got a lovely bag of Clementine’s at the market today and have them in the fridge to get nice and cool. We plan on cutting into the round seedless watermelon we got yesterday which has been in there cooling all night.

I am making pork chops, potatoes and asparagus for dinner this day. I just started to do that when Will announced he was getting into the shower so I came in here to post. When I run water in the kitchen it draws it from his shower downstairs for some reason and I sure would hate to scald him. He will be out soon and I can get dinner started.

We went out to the range this afternoon and did some shooting and did pretty good. The wind wasn’t blowing but we had a slight breeze so it was quite pleasant out there. Hope it is as nice next week so we can go back.

JEAN You can have that strong wind for awhile for we are tired of it here. That luncheon sounds like it was a yummy one for that departed soul.

SUSAN The nice thing is that your friend can be where her husband is and that you gals will continue to visit her. We would rather our Jeep be fixed up than buy a new one which would cost twice as much as we paid for ours and not have all the "stuff" that is on it. Paid for has such a nice ring to it.

DONNA FAYE No harm, no foul for I knew what you meant and were absolutely not being mean. I heard today that commissary prices won't be any better than places like Walmart and other such markets. I find it a shame that things for those who have served our country are being scaled back.

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-27-2014, 02:00 PM
Good Morning! It's another gloomy, very windy day in my corner of the world. The rain sprinkles have begun to fall and there is rain predicted for the next few days. We've been to early church, a roast is cooking for dinner, potatoes and green beans ready when it's time, and a cucumber sliced and waiting. Plan to do some cleaning in the laundry room after we eat so the washer repairman won't have to wear a dust mask and duck under the cobwebs! :o

Maggie -- Too hot at your house yesterday! When we were at SAMs last week, they had a watermelon slicer that looked like an apple cutter only much bigger. It would slice the melon into 12 slices and core the middle at the same time. I never buy a whole melon but wondered if I would even be able to "work" the thing. :lol: I found it interesting that you can replace the plastic Jeep parts with metal ones. "They" sure don't make things to last like in the "old" days. :(

I need to check the dryer and fold a load of towels. Hope you all are enjoying a warm sunny day! :wave:

04-27-2014, 03:45 PM
Good afternoon. Crazy weather for the next few days. It is thundering and lightening and raining hard and we are supposed to get several inches of rain in the next couple days so it is going to get ugly as we always have flooding around Memphis besides my garage flooding because they need to redo the concrete around the bottom and won't spend the money. :(

We splurged and had pizza after commissary shopping. It was totally nuts there today. It was crowded and people were being rude. We had to stand in line to check out forever too. It is all done now and put away so we have a reprieve for a couple weeks again.

I have the laundry all done but need to go upstairs and make the bed since I washed sheets today. Other than that I need to do up the few dishes and go back to knitting the hat.

Susan: I am so very sorry they are going to have to put your friend in a nursing home, but maybe she will feel better being closer to her husband. I am sure with her illness she wasn't getting to visit him much. I will pray for their family and for you too as I am sure this is very difficult for you. I found a pork tenderloin today that was already spiced and such so I hope it is good. Tenderloin is great because it is so low in fat. I got the mesquite one so hope we like it. Maybe make it with some nice new potatoes and some baby carrots.

Maggie: It irks me that they are taking potshots at the retired veterans so they can finance other crap. This administration is the worst our country has ever had to deal with so I am definitely not going to be sorry when his behind is out of office. Wow, it got warm at your house. We were in the 80's yesterday and it was quite lovely. It is really sticky today so I had to turn on the ac. The floors are even sort of sticky from the awful humidity today but that's what you get living in the south. I always think of you when I see the beautiful red buds. Everything bloomed late this year because of the crazy winter so we just recently had bloomed dogwoods and red buds and such.

Jean: I had to laugh at Bob thinking the solution to fixing your washer was to have someone come and fix your washer! :lol: Sounds like what Jack would day. Usually his comment when I ask him about a problem is, "I don't know, I'm not a plumber or I'm not a mechanic, or I'm not a whatever." Well frankly, I know that! :lol: Do you guys have a buick? Which one did you buy? We aren't buying a new car until December of 2015 but I have been looking at the Buick Lacrosse and really like it, but then I really like the look of the Ford Taurus too. I will not buy foreign under any circumstances. It is pretty breezy here too. I wore a summer scarf this morning and the darn thing kept trying to unwrap so I was fighting it and trying to walk with my cane and it wasn't going very well. :lol:

Well gals, I am going to go upstairs and make the bed. Have a great afternoon all. Faye

04-28-2014, 09:11 AM
Good morning. We are in the midst of some very ugly weather at the moment. We have thunderstorm warnings and some places have tornado warnings. It is heavy winds and rain, thunder mostly right where I am, but Jack said it is bad out at the plant. So far we haven't lost power.

Down 3 lbs

Hopefully all of you came through any nasty weather ok.

Better get off the computer. You all have a nice day today. Faye

04-28-2014, 01:30 PM
Good Morning! It's raining again today and I won't complain because we need it. Church counting went quickly as most of the money was cash; lots of visitors for Confirmation yesterday. The gift shop money was skimpy this week and has been deposited. After lunch we are heading to Sioux Falls for Ian' band concert tonight. We will meet them for supper first. Hard to believe it's almost May Basket Day!

"Gma" -- We have a Buick Enclave and really like it. We test drove a comparable Ford (can't remember the name) and it didn't have nearly as much leg room in the front nor back. We have the third seat which is nice for hauling things. We drive when we go to Maui since we can get four large suitcases, and three smaller ones in the space. I like the fact it sits up higher, but not as high as the pickup. :congrat: on losing another 3#s! We had strong winds Saturday and Sunday but the really bad weather bypassed us. Hope you stay safe too!

I need to wrap Amanda's birthday gift -- she asked for a new mixer! We always give the kids money but like to wrap something too. Hope you all enjoy a marvelous Monday! :wave: :rain:

04-29-2014, 08:16 AM
Good morning gals. It is chilly and more rain and nasty weather expected today for us then clearing out and by the weekend lots of sun and 80+ degree temps for next week.

Finished the hat for my stylist. The color isn't very accurate here. I worked at it for about half an hour, but couldn't get it to come out right. It is bright oranges and pinks. I looked for a pattern that used sock yarn and the hats I found were either too involved or plain so I took a plain watch cap sock yarn pattern so I knew how many stitches to cast on then found a worsted weight pattern that had a nice pattern repeat that matched the number of stitches so it is actually a combination of the two.

I doubt I knit today. This rain is wreaking havoc with the ole bones so my hands a really sore as well as my left shoulder which acts up from time to time if I have been knitting a lot as I tend to lean forward just a bit when I knit and it strains the muscle right in my left shoulder blade.

I was going to do sweeping and mopping today but am going to wait now with the rain until tomorrow. No use in doing it twice and Jack tracks in when he comes in from work. So just daily chores for me today I guess.

Jean: We looked at the Edge/MKX, but it was smaller than the Mariner in room so we went with it. I really like the look of the Enclave a lot, but we are going to get a sedan because it is becoming increasingly hard for me to step up into the Mariner or into Kelly's van or anything where I have to step up into a vehicle. I got a real giggle as you said you drive when you go to Maui. :o That must be a wet ride. n:lol:

Hello to Susan and Maggie! Have a great day all. Faye

04-29-2014, 10:25 AM
Good Morning! Rain, rain, and more rain! I'm just thankful the storms haven't been close to us. I don't think there is any chance for soccer games tonight. We drove in rain both coming and going yesterday. Ian looked so grown up in his shirt and tie -- very handsome young man if I do say so myself. I am always amazed at how some people act at concerts, gatherings, etc. The combined bands played the Star Spangled Banner and some grubby looking guys didn't even remove their caps. The vets presented the flags and some people just kept talking. Makes me mad they don't show respect! :tantrum:

"Gma" -- The hat is so cute! I really like the colors and pattern! I'm impressed that you can figure out how the colors and pattern will work. :cp: Greek to me! Hope your hands and shoulder feel better soon. Bob's secretary drives a Cadillac similar to my car. I picked her up for for the shower and she commented how much easier it was for her to get in and out of mine. Her's doesn't have as much door space as I do; she has a new knee and the swelling from neurothopy (sp?) in her whole leg. Cars are sure different! There is nothing graceful about me getting in and out of Bob's pickup. :lol:

I need to get my day going. First thing on my agenda is to call the appliance store and line up a washer repairman. I see $$$ coming! Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave: :rain:

04-29-2014, 02:13 PM

It is in the high 50˚s as I sit here and I can hear the wind blowing. As long as it continues to blow so hard like it is they can’t drive our Jeep to test it to see if what they have done to it so far has fixed the problem. They need a day when it is rather still to do the testing. So in the meantime we have this car which my only complaint with is that it is hard for me to get into for I have to rather fall down onto the seat. I would much rather climb up into my Jeep. :lol: The dogs haven’t been going for a ride with us for we don’t want them in that car.

I was busy yesterday typing up “The History Of Duelling”, using an old English font. There are 10 rules that the combatants had to adhere to. Will is giving a speech on the subject and so I made the handouts for him to give one set of rules to each person in the audience. Dueling originated in France. I printed the rules out on very old parchment looking paper and rolled them up into a scroll and tied them with a bow of thistle string. He went by the gun shop where a set of dueling pistols belonging to the museum is on display to pick up one of the guns for his “show and tell” talk. The talk and demonstration is for a group here in town that each year gives a hefty donation to the museum. A courtesy talk, so to speak, as a “thank you” for their generosity.

I don’t like the wind. Have I said that before? Probably a hundred or so times I am sure. We will have that nice teen boy back, when the wind stops, to pick up trash that has been deposited in the back yard during these windy days. I wish the shops around the corner would hook the lids down on their trash bins. The wind just lifts it up and brings it around the corner down the alley to our yard. We can tell where it comes from by the type of trash it is.

I haven’t yet decided what it is that I will fix for dinner this day and will probably wait until my main squeeze gets home and ask if there is anything in particular he wants me to make. He will be back in time for whatever meat he chooses will get thawed in time for the fixing. AH, but I love that feature on my microwave oven that enables me to thaw things out quickly.

JEAN Nut mich rain in all this wind we are having. Sorry if the rain there does cancel the soccer game tonight. Kids do grow up too fast don't they. That is a real shame that folks can't be more respectful.

DONNA FAYE We would love to have some of your rain. Perhaps we could make a trade ~ our wind for your rain. :yes: That is a lovely hat and I am sure it will put a nice smile on your friends face when she sees it. :cp

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-30-2014, 09:34 AM
Good morning to you all. It is going to stay around 60 today for a high but looks like a nice sunny day for several days now and looking forward to a nice warm weekend. We are going out this weekend and replace Jack's droopy drawer swimsuits before they get picked over and get him some ankle socks to wear with his New Balance for the cruise. He says this pair don't hit him as high on the ankle so he can wear the footie style socks like I wear around the house. In fact, he can buy the same ones as I buy mens' to wear because I have such big feet! :^:

I think I am going to start the mittens today. Again the pattern is for dk weight but all I have to do is go up a size or two on the needle and do a gauge swatch to make sure it is to gauge and then I am good.

Jack met the lady who lives next door now. She was pulling out of her garage and stopped and introduced herself and shockingly said she had a teenage daughter and if her music ever got too loud to just come over and let them know and they would make her turn it down. Jack said she was really nice and I noticed they are really quiet. Yippeee, maybe we finally have decent neighbors. :carrot:

I need to call the dr office and schedule a gyn appt for another biopsy and I am stalling. I am so tired of going through all that stuff, but it needs to be done one last time I guess so I should get on it today. It will probably be 6 weeks before I can get in to see him anyway as he is always booked solid.

I bought a coral scarf that is called a bead scarf because it has end caps on each end that you attach a line of beads or whatever to it. I bought beads for it, but the head pins are too short and too thin that I bought so I went and did something kooky. I ordered two key chains each one has a picture of each grandson on it. I am going to take the little square picture and put it on the end cap. I wear it and can have my grandsons along for the ride! :lol:

Jean: I get really peeved at people who don't show respect too. Seems like it is mostly younger people who don't really care. I guess because most of them never went through war for one thing. I mean we are still the generation of the draft notice and forced military service besides our parents going through WW2 instilling respect in us for patriotism and such. Well you figure in our day they burned the flag and now they refuse to salute it in any way, we burned our bras and nowadays they not only don't wear one, but show their boobs to the world on a daily basis, we had free love, but now free love is sadly considered the norm and those that wait are considered freaks, our parents smoked and drank and ate what they wanted and died young a lot of time. We now have no smoking everywhere, drinking has risen to way about a social drink at dinner and everyone is on some diet or other. Freedom was the norm and now little by little we are becoming a nation of socialists who allow our government to tell us what to do in every aspect of our lives. So though we have technology, better medicines, hospitals drs and such to save more lives, and other things, I sometimes wonder if it has all been worth it. For the most part gone are the days of parades downtown, sodas at the soda fountains, all day Saturday movies for one price, playing outside at night let alone daytime, and traveling with your family anywhere without being strip searched.

Maggie: On the menu tonight is cold shrimp for me and crab cakes for Jack. He hasn't decided what he wants to go with it yet. He will be home early today as he has a dr appt this afternoon and is leaving work at 11. Hope you can get your Jeep back soon. I have just the opposite problem. Because my knee doesn't bend well and is my right knee, stepping up into the SUV is really getting difficult as I have to put all my weight on the bad knee getting into the passenger's side.

Well gals, need to fix my meds and get me some breakfast. Have a great middle of the week. Sure hope they pick up my trash today as we have a lot since they missed us last week. Faye

04-30-2014, 12:27 PM
Good Morning! It's another cool, windy, wet morning in my neighborhood. I am waiting for the washer repairman to call if he can work me into his schedule today -- sometime between 9 and 4. Bob helped me do some power cleaning in the basement last night. I would be embarrassed :o to have anyone pull my washer and dryer out let alone wade through the scattered kitty litter, dust, and cobwebs! I could live without a basement that seems to collect stuff that should be out the door -- except for the litter boxes. ;)

Maggie -- I bet Will's talk on dueling will be interesting. People who enjoy history have a way of making it interesting to others. I am sick of wind too! I hate having my hair just the way I like it and then have to go outside only to have the wind rearrange it. :hyper: Soccer was postponed last night. If it is the first game, they don't make it up but will after that. We may have games after school is out! This weather has just been nuts. The soccer fields are next to the interstate which have been under construction for a couple years. It's been a challenge to keep up with "how to get there." Beth has to travel that way for work so let's us know in advance which exit to take.

"Gma" -- I hope Jack can find a swimsuit that fits. I still have a dumb phone but thanks for the information on the food diary app. It sounds like you have lucked out on nice neighbors this time. :cp: Be sure to share a picture of your scarf when you get the pictures on it. Cute idea! Good luck with the doctor appt. I don't like those either.

I need to sort through the paper pile so best keep going. We have a dinner at the hospital tonight for being "life saver" donors. The chef is good so the food will be delicious. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

04-30-2014, 12:36 PM
Good morning, ladies! 72 degrees heading for 80 with rain -forecast is for 2-4 inches of rain, huge hailstones and storms beginning around noon. I'd gladly send some to you, Maggie, but you can keep the wind.

I probably told you before but Sandy and I are doing a small (30 quilts) quilt show for Windsor Meade Retirement Center where our friend moved with her husband. Very upscale there! We went last night and checked out the ballroom where it will hang so we can plan where each quilt will go. They are very cooperative there and are sending a truck to get the quilt rack from PPQG storage shed, putting them up and hanging the quilts. They don't want us on ladders. I'm very happy with that. We though we were going to have to do it all.

Thursday evening is First Thursday Bee. We're having more of a party for one of our members has sold her house and is moving to Oklahoma. We all made quilt blocks for here (Road to Oklahoma pattern) and another member embroidered our name on the one we made so she will have a nice rememberance of us. She's a very prolific quilter and I am sorry to see her go.

I think I just saw some lightening, so time to shut down the computer. More later!

05-01-2014, 01:10 PM
Good Morning! Weather report is SSDD! Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer with hit and miss sunshine. I've been to get my nails done and need to declutter the counter then file way too many papers that have accumulated. The washer repairman came just before lunch yesterday. I was happy because I had visions of him not coming until today. The verdict was new seals, a new bearing, and a new computer part. Probably would cost around $400, give or take, for a 6 year old machine. I opted for a new front load machine instead. As we visited, I shared what I didn't like about my machine -- everything coming out in a wad. He agreed and said this machine was noted for that. He also mentioned farm wives didn't think it got the dirtier farmer clothes clean. When Bob and I went to the store, I told the salesman I really needed a new microwave. We did look at them and now that is presenting a problem. The new models are 17", top to bottom, where mine is 15". When we decide to buy I will have to have my cupboard cut to fit -- more $$$.

Susan -- I'd love to see 80 degrees one of these days! The quilt project for the retirement home is really a nice idea. The home where my "mom" lives changes quilts hanging in their dining room on a regular basis. The memento quilt for your friend moving to OK will be a treasure for her.

I need to get busy! Hope you all enjoy a terrific Thursday! :wave:

05-02-2014, 07:10 AM
Good morning gals. Jack is up and showering to get ready for work and I woke up at 4:30 having to go to the bathroom so just stayed up and did some work on the computer. I am finally supposed to get my dress today ( they screwed it up and made it to short so I sent it back then didn't ship it and lost it so sent out another one that is supposed to be here today, but I got an email in my name with my order number of the dress and the same tracking number for a bunch of stuff I didn't order.) I sent them an email and said they either needed new employees or needed to get on the ball and if this stuff showed up I wasn't paying to have it shipped back so we shall see.

I found a pair of multi colored croc sandals and ordered them. I like my clunky old black ones as they are comfortable so we shall see whether I like the sandals or not. I will let you know.

I have a good start on the first mitten, but what a headache. The pattern I wanted to use was again a different yarn weight and gauge and so I found a plain mitten fingering pattern for cast on then used this other pattern to put a pattern on the mitten, but I kept goofing it up. I have it right now, but spent hours getting it going correctly.

We love the new ap for WW pts and such.

Susan: I hope you have a lot of success with your quilt show. I think it is wonderful to have it at a retirement center. Glad things are going ok with you.

Jean: I figured you would buy a new one instead of having the old one fixed. We have replaced ours once and the dryer twice mainly because it costs almost more to have them fixed than to just buy another one, which is plain sad. I have a large microwave, but it sits on something separate now installed or on the countertop. I always buy Kenmore microwaves because they seem to last a long time. Hope your weather is improving and you are getting some warmer stuff your way.

Have a wonderful weekend all!! Faye

05-02-2014, 10:56 AM
Good morning, ladies! Sunny day today but a bit cooler in the lower 70s. At least we are in the 70s all next week.

I have a lot of clothes that are too big so today I'm trying everything on and will decide if it goes to the thrift store or I will alter it (only 2-5 things I really love. Then I can decide what I need to fill in, if anything. I have too many clothes as it is since I'm usually in jeans in the winter and capris/shorts in the summer and t-shirts.

I know I do this all the time, but I'm thinking about rearranging furniture yet again. Someday I might get it right and then I can leave it that way.

Faye, that program will be stopped by WW. It's copyright infringement to use their formula for figuring points and they are vigalent about prosecuting. I hope you get the right dress this time.

Jean, appliances sure don't last long. Hopefully my washer and dryer will keep on for a while longer. Both are over 10 years old but I don't do but 3 loads of laundry a week.

Maggie, how are things in the heartland?

Have a wonderful day.

05-02-2014, 03:33 PM
Good Afternoon! We had some sunshine this morning, but the wind blew the clouds in and it looks like it could rain . . . . . again. I braved WM this morning as well as the grocery store, fixed lunch, and now need to wash the pans. I may wash another load of clothes; the repairman told me to go ahead and use the washer. The worst that can happen is it will quit mid-cycle and I'll have to wring water out of the clothes. :rolleyes:

"Gma" -- I hope your dress arrives, fits and looks just the way you want it. :crossed: I am so amazed at how you can figure out how colors, pattern, and size will all come together on your knitting projects. Whirlpool used to make all of Sears appliances, but not any more. The appliances all seem so tinny and chintzy now -- cheaply made for sure. The sun is peeking out again.

Susan -- I tend to wear the same things all the time. :twirly: I should get rid of more clothes and then I would have more drawer space. I wondered how long it would take WW to put a stop to the app. I wish I could rearrange furniture, but between steps, picture window, and fireplace there is no wall space. My next living room will be square shaped and without a fireplace -- I hope! I would like a fireplace that is useable and placed where I could arrange furniture easily.

I plan to spend some time working on the afghan this afternoon and maybe chase fur bunnies with the vacuum. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the day and evening. :wave:

05-02-2014, 07:23 PM

Good afternoon ladies it is a beautiful 93˚ day here in the ♥-Land with just a bit of a nice breeze blowing. OH ~ so wonderful not having that wind blowing so hard this day. Nothing much out of the ordinary though going on this day. We finally got our Jeep back yesterday evening with a new radiator. We are soon going to order a metal one since our last one that was also plastic didn’t quite last for 2 years. We don’t want to take a chance of having this one do the same. Any other plastic parts on the Jeep we find will also be replaced by metal. Quadra Teck will install anything on it that we want even if they don’t sell the particular product. They will even tell us where we can buy something cheaper than they can sell it and they will install it. Those guys know what they are dong where the guys at the dealer aren’t so sharp which is sad to say.

I went to the dentist yesterday and had my 6 month check up and cleaning. I love getting them clean and getting some free samples of go between the teeth brushes. I would much rather use the little go between brushes than flossing and always keep a brush in my pocket.

I occasionally like flavors for my coffee and enjoy using the ones by Splenda® that are French Vanilla. That along with a container of fat free creamer sure makes a nice zero point latte. :cp: However right now I am sipping a nice cold diet Pepsi® over ice and thoroughly enjoying it. :lol: And BTW I am back on my program.

JEAN Sorry you are having washer woes. Wringing things out by hand can be quiet a job if it comes to that. Hope you get a new one delivered soon.

DONNA FAYE Yikes ` 4:40 is really early to get up for sure. Hope your dress comes today and it is what you wanted.

SUSAN I finally got rid of any good still clothes that were too big. I certainly don't plan on ballooning up again to fit into them. :nono: Have fun rearranging your furniture. Sounds like work to me. :p

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

05-03-2014, 11:28 AM
Good Morning! The sun is shining brightly and not a cloud in sight. We are supposed to be in the 70s this weekend so I'm hoping that happens. Bob just left for the farm to work on his tractor. The farm momma cat had 6 kittens in the shop and doesn't seem to mind the guys sharing her space. I might take a trip out to see them later. I'm hoping to get geraniums this afternoon; have five large pots we put out in place of the bushes that the snakes liked to hang in several years ago. The plane is waiting for take off in the basement. :lol:

Maggie -- It's a chilly 48 degrees and breezy here this morning. I'm glad you have your Jeep back until you can get the metal radiator. How much does your dentist charge for cleaning your teeth? My bill was $97; Bob went yesterday and he had two x-rays which I didn't, and his bill was $125. Guess preventive care is going up along with everything else. :rolleyes: My new washer and dryer are being delivered Monday. :congrat: on being OP once again! That's a never ending process for me!

I'm planning to repot my house plants today along with my regular Saturday chores, so better get moving. I hope you all enjoy a nice sunny Saturday! :wave:

05-03-2014, 07:42 PM

It is a beautiful day here in the ♥-Land with a slight breeze and the temperature up in the 90˚’s. One would think that summer has arrived. We are so happy to get our Jeep back.

It seems that every 12 months after I get my teeth cleaned twice and it is time for me to get a new brush for my electric brush ~ they don’t make that model anymore so of course they don’t sell the brushes. I think they have it planned that way because usually when I buy one they come with 3 brushes so that is 9 months worth. Then after a check up the 12th month then I have to buy a new whole tooth brush for I can’t get a replacement brush for my unit which still works properly but needs a new brush. The model I got today is the Oral-B Professional. I have 3 brushes for it and may just buy some more before the year is up because there were some coupons for some in the packaging. I think the extra heads came with it so more people could use the unit.

I think for dinner this day it will be mac and cheese with some lean burger in it along with a yummy bowl of fruit.

JEAN We have dental insurance that pays for us to have our teeth cleaned every 6 months. We also have a “Piggy Back” program that pays some of what the regular insurance doesn’t on “work.” It will come in real handy when Will gets his new anchor tooth. Piggy Back won’t pay all of what is left over on work like that but pays a big chunk of it so we will have some to pay but not much. Both dentists have it all figured out what we will need to pay and that is great for we can plan for it. Will may have already paid for his tooth for he is my accountant. :cp: I am sure you will be so happy to get a new washer and dryer and they will work great for you.

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

05-04-2014, 09:38 AM
Good morning all. Today is going to beautiful and hot later on so we are going out in a couple hours and do all the bush trimming and sweep the deck for now then in a couple weeks finish it up. Next weekend is commissary weekend so we never plan on anything that weekend if we can help it.

I finished one mitten and have started the second one. It was a bit more of a trial than the hat was, but I finally got it all down right and finished it fairly quickly. I guess when I get done I need to order yarn for the boys socks I do for their Christmas and start on those.

We made a trip to WM yesterday and besides a few fill in groceries, like produce I was out of, we bought Jack two great looking swimsuits, 2 tropical style button down shirts and a golf type shirt that looks sort of like denim. I had to laugh at him when he said that we spent all that money on him but none on me. I asked him if he was kidding as I had spent a lot on new clothing this year. I just bought a bunch of nail polish at Target and online so I could get OPI, which is my favorite brand.

Maggie: Glad you get a good deal with the dentistry stuff. Our dental insurance is pretty lousy and we have found most to be about the same. The last few years Jack was in the Navy they offered Delta Dental and we took it while the kids were still home so we could get their teeth fixed, but then dropped it afterwards because we just couldn't afford it. We have city insurance now for dental.

Jean: Hope you get your new washer and it does a spiffy job for you. I started using the flings laundry packets from Gain and really like them. No more spilling soap all over the place. I haven't used powdered soap in years, but I like just slinging a packet into the bottom of the washer and it seems to work just fine.

Susan: I am going to have the hang onto the clothes when they are way too big issue as I have some now that I probably should get rid of. Sooner or later I am going to have to clean out closets and I already have clothes in all three and Jack has just one side of our walk in.

You all have a wonderful day. Tomorrow is weigh in so we shall see. Faye

05-04-2014, 01:18 PM
Good Morning! I got up to wind, clouds, and raindrops with a cold 39 degrees; :brr: the sun has come out and it's "warmed" up to 45. Glad I wasn't planning a picnic today! I've got my last load of laundry in the washer before Bob takes the hoses off and cleans out the dryer vent. Other than that, I've read the paper and fed the birds and squirrels.

Maggie -- When the kids were still home we had dental insurance. For what little it covered Bob thought we were further ahead to drop it. There was a time limit on how many fillings, root canals, and crowns a family could accumulate. Kids had fillings and I had the rest! Hope you can find a new toothbrush or brushes you like. Maybe you should order more brushes next time; the handle part will quit working and you will have brushes left over. ;)

"Gma" -- It's great you figured out your mitten pattern! :cp: You are brave to go to WM on a Saturday! I don't know about washers but the dishwasher repairman told me not to use the soap "bubbles" things for the dw. He said the plastic doesn't always dissolve and clogs up the innards. :dunno: I've used liquid laundry detergent for years. Just so things get clean is what makes me happy.

We forgot to buy geraniums for the three pots that sit between the garage doors, so will make another trip to the nursery after lunch. Hope you all enjoy a relaxing Sunday! :wave:

05-04-2014, 06:00 PM

It is a beautiful breezy day with a temp of 85˚s as I type. What a wonderful day it is. We have been out and about buying vitamins were getting out of for our daily cocktail of good things for us. Stopped and got some coffee at our favorite place and on to the cheese cake store a good friend owns. She not only has fresh baked cheese cake but lots of neat kitchen gadgets. I have still not even tried the small bottle of the hottest hot sauce that is made that I got from her. It sits on a little shelf in the kitchen with small bottles of other stuff.

We had pot-luck for lunch after church in the basement kitchen and I ate very sparingly. We are going out for Chinese after evening services.

JEAN The new brush I got is loud but does a great job. The triple cleaning action sweeps away up to 100% more plaque* which is fine with me. I especially like the feature that it stops pulsating when brushing too hard. I was known to brush too hard when using a manual brush ~ so hard in fact I would cause the bristles to come out in my mouth and break the head. When I started using an electric brush that stopped but I may still be brushing too hard. This feature to stop the pulsating the new brush has when brushing too hard will be great for me. Since we kept the insurance I had when I was a Peace Officer we don't have much at all to pay each month. There are times when they don't charge us anything each month for I have what is called Safety Retirement. What we are charged must depend on how well their investments are doing also.

DONNA FAYE Each insurance company has different degrees of what they offer and charge folks depending on where they work etc. Which ever company gets the contract has to give me what I got from the former company which is one of the best policies they have. It all depends on what the powers that be who have employed you gets for you at the bargaining table. Since our union was run by rank and file employees (us) we the people got the best we could muster for our group. It took some doing and running the halls of the capital but we got it through many years ago and they can't take it away from us.

Not much else going on today so I will say audios amigos’.

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

05-05-2014, 08:35 AM
Good morning to you all. It is already near 70 this morning so going to be a nice day. It got up to almost 90 yesterday. We got out first thing in the morning and trimmed the bushes, one of which is a holly bush and the leaves are like stickers. We have a backyard full of stuff now as we can only put so much in the can as the lazy trash guys won't pick up piled up stuff so we will have do put it out a couple weeks in a row I guess. Holly branches don't do well in trash bags as they tend to rip them open so no use wasting them. I cleaned the deck and entranceway from the gate and bagged it, went in and washed my hands and face, but still ended up with sneezing, runny nose, rashed hands and pink face. It lasted a couple hours and always does, but what can you do? I have gardening gloves somewhere, but couldn't find them and the work needed to be done. Week after next we will tackle the old leaves and clean out around the garage. Eventually down the line I would like someone to tear out the old deck and put in one of the new ones that are like plastic, but it would be the last of the renovations to be worked on if money was left.

Saw these on Yahoo news this morning and thought you would get a kick out of it. This is just a couple of about 15 they had. Who wants to wear your eyes like this? :lol:

Got my pics today of the grandsons and I put my bead scarf together.

Working on the right glove this morning and cleaning the downstairs. I have to dust, sweep and mop and vacuum then I am done with it for awhile. I will go up and shower in a bit and bring down the basket of clothes and do a load of laundry too I guess. Sometimes I think nudists have it right! :lol: :o

Weigh in this morning and down another 3.4 lbs. Jack lost 5 and apologized saying men always lose faster. :lol: I told him how could I be upset as he lost and I lost and it was all good.

Jean: No one had ever told me that about dishwasher plastic packets and I used them all the time. Maybe that is what hinked up our dishwasher. I guess I will go back to the chunk style as I hate the pour style of dishwashing detergent. I know that yesterday my son and his family went to the baseball game and were wrapped up in coats and hats and such and it was in the 40's in Chicago for the ballgame last night. The north is sure taking it's time warming up this year. I have a knitting friend that lives in Fargo ND and she said they were gone all day yesterday and came home and their house was 59 degrees because they had the furnace off.

Maggie: The city insurance premiums for health are outrageous. We only took it one year before we signed onto Tricare and looks like they are going up again. They also ping overweight people and smokers and charge them more that the others.

Well gals the work isn't getting done sitting here. Have a great start to your week. faye

05-05-2014, 07:09 PM
Good afternoon! The sun is shining and it's been a beautiful day in my neighborhood today. I started my day with a brunch meeting which lasted until almost noon. I went to church after lunch to do my computer posting, and then stopped to pick up the gift shop money. I counted that and have it ready to deposit in the morning. My new washer and dryer were delivered this morning, and I've been reading the "how to do it" books. It said to run an empty cycle before washing clothes, so I worked on the afghan while the washer washed nothing.

Maggie -- Have fun with your new toothbrush! :D

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing 3.4 pounds last week! I can't imagine how long it would take to create the eye decorations! The scarf is cute with the boys' pictures!

Bob should be home soon so guess I should think about something for supper. Hope you all enjoy your evening! :wave:

05-06-2014, 06:46 AM
Good morning ladies. It is warm and muggy this morning and going to be a nice day today again.

I cast on a pair of newborn socks for my dil's sister's new baby. I had stash yarn left in the pink color so am using it since she is having a girl. I am going to make either a headband or hat to go with them I think depending on the pattern I can find. Still working on the other mitten too and it is coming along.

Jean: Hope you love your new washer and dryer. Did you get the front loader ones? I would think those gals would have a mess if it rained, the weather was hot and they sweated or it itched and they forgot. It would be a "destroyed" painting then. :lol:

Everyone have a lovely day today. Faye

05-06-2014, 03:25 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun is shining and the wind is blowing so it doesn't feel very warm outside. I made the bank deposit, washed a load of white undies for Bob, washed potatoes to bake for lunch, and made a lettuce salad. Bob grilled pork chops and now I need to make a WM run. My oj is almost $4 cheaper there and I can't justify passing that up. The guy who installed my washer told me to use only 1 Tbsp of detergent. The load is drying now so it will be interesting to see how clean they look.

"Gma" -- I did get the front loading machines. I/we were impressed with the machines that were in the Maui condo so that influenced my choice. The dryer has a steam feature which the salesman said is great for freshening pillows and not having them get lumpy from washing them. :dunno: Someone in my group, yesterday, mentioned front loading machines had to be on cement floors. Our condo was on the third floor so it will be interesting to see if the machines are still there in two years.

Not much newsy from my corner of the world today. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

05-06-2014, 05:36 PM

It is another very beautiful 85˚ day here in the ♥-Land and what a day to be having a migraine headache. Too many flashes of the sun hitting my eyes this past week for sure. Anyway the bad pain didn’t come when I popped a couple of my Vanquish® and I have no pain but just feel light headed now. I was talking about it with my hair dresser today when I was getting my hair cut and she said she hated her migraine medicine and told me how it made her feel. Well my prescription meds used to make me feel that way also and I discussed it with my doctor. He advised me to just find an over the counter med that would work for me and I did and have used it for years now. I keep a bottle in our glove box in the Jeep and gave her some to try when she has her next migraine. If it doesn’t work for her then she can find another over the counter brand that will. At least she won’t be out of pocket for the price of a bottle without trying it first. If she had to buy a bottle and it didn’t work for her I would have bought it from her though.

The mail brought me a couple of things that will be so great to use in the MH fridge. I have used a plastic onion keeper for years and now have a plastic keeper for a head of lettuce and one for a tomato. The tomato keeper is just a tad bit bigger than my onion keeper. They are made of hard plastic with a self hinged lid that fits down nice and tight. :cp:

We went out for lunch so I will make a light dinner for sure. Something OP for sure. The weather here is so delightful with temps in the 80˚s and just a slight breeze. It could stay this way all summer in my book.

I am not doing much this day ~ just lazing about and it feels great to not “have” to do something.

JEAN You can take your turn with the wind for we have had enough. I am sure you will enjoy your new washer and dryer. That is sure a saving on the amount of detergent you have to use in it.

DONNA FAYE Your knitting is coming right along and will be so appreciated by the recipient and you when you wear what you are making for yourself.

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

05-07-2014, 08:57 AM