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04-24-2014, 07:14 PM
Here I am trying this again!!

I used to LOVE this board back a few years ago! The friends I made, reached my goals, and just great support! So I am back! I haven't fallen off too far but would love to get back to the old "ME".

Slim, toned, a size 3/4 or weigh around 130 (mostly feeling CONFIDENT in ME - so not necessarily a size or weight - just where I am happy), waking up energized, full of life, and committed in healthier eating, working out A LOT more, and wanting to work out and being PRESENT for the workouts not just going through the motion!

So I am focusing on that the next couple weeks and will share May goals and join a challenge or 2 to help KEEP me on TRACK!!!


04-24-2014, 08:42 PM
Way to go coming back before you gained it all back (like me!). I second all the reasons you listed for motivation, plus really cute outfits! Best wishes for you on your journey.

04-25-2014, 01:04 AM
Thank you!! I am happy to be back!! Now to make it a habit again lol

And yes thankfully I haven't put too much of it back on I was up to over 190 pounds and a size 18 and I don't want to go down that road again.

And Yay for cute clothes!!! :carrot:

Are you in any challenges? What are your goals?

04-25-2014, 09:44 AM
Welcome back :) We got this!

04-25-2014, 02:18 PM
Thanks WE do!! Let's ROCK this out!!