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04-21-2014, 05:36 PM
Alright so maybe this is a no brainer but I'm a little confused.

My peak pant size was a 26W and I now fit into a 18W. Yay! Right?

I guess I've been so used to picking out pants in the plus size section with the "W" at the end I never stopped to think about the difference at all. So, I went to target and picked up some 18W's and was curious because in the regular section they have 18's so I napped a few of those to try them on, too.

What is the difference between the 18 and the 18W because sure enough the 18's did NOT fit. In any brand.. and 18W is the last "W" size. So.. Do I have to get down to a normal 18 before I can hop pant sizes again?

04-22-2014, 12:38 AM
When I worked in clothing retail, it was our understanding that the plus sizes picked up where the misses sizes stopped. So depending on the brand a 18W could be considered 20 or 22 if misses went past 18. I am sure things have changed in the years since I worked in clothing, and brands all have big differences, but I would think you can still look at it that way. How much smaller were the misses 18 compared to the 18W? I am finding that even in plus sizes, there are some brands I fit into the 18W and others I am still wearing 20W.