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04-07-2014, 11:38 PM
Please note: I copied all of this from the original thread starter Jacqui. These are her words not mine ....

Welcome! Whether you are doing the actual Tim Ferriss The Four-Hour Body Slow Carb Diet or a modified version, you are welcome to post your progress here!

I have not read The Four-Hour Body nor do I plan to since I'm happy doing a modified version of the Slow Carb Diet. However, there are others on this thread who have read the book or are in the process of reading it, so if you are following the book diet to a tee, they may be able to answer any book-specific questions you have and/or discuss book details with you. I learned about the Slow Carb Diet after reading an article about it on Huffington Post and then doing some research online. I'm so glad I decided to give it a try because it works for me!

I am carb-sensitive, and on the Slow Carb Diet, I never feel "starved" (as I always have while dieting in the past) because my blood sugar no longer spikes and drops daily. I also never feel deprived because this diet includes a cheat day when I can eat any foods I want. Also, I'm not much of an exerciser, but I try to walk for 20-30 minutes each day, and that's perfectly fine. Although exercise is recommended, it is not required. The Slow Carb Diet is not for everyone though. Some people don't do well going low-carb. Others don't do well having a cheat day. Everybody's different!

The gist of the Slow Carb Diet is: For 6 days of the week, eat lean (preferably organic) meats and fish/seafood, eggs, legumes, and non-starchy veggies. (Sugar-free Jello, 16 oz. of diet soda per day, and 1-2 glasses of red wine per day are also allowed.) On these 6 days, avoid breads/grains, dairy (except for cottage cheese), pasta, fruits (except for tomatoes and avocados), sweets, and starchy vegetables. The 7th day of the week (you choose the day) is a "cheat day," when you can eat anything at all as much as you want, including anything on the forbidden list. The cheat day is recommended to keep you from feeling deprived so you'll stay on the diet and to shake up your metabolism each week to keep it from stalling. Ferriss recommends eating 20 grams of protein with each meal, eating 30-60 minutes within waking up in the morning, eating the same meals over and over, having five low-carb days before taking a cheat day, and some other fine details, which I don't really know because I haven't read the book, lol!

I am a big believer in doing what works for you (as long as it DOES work), so modifying the diet to your own specifications is perfectly acceptable here! My personalized plan looks like this:

For 6 days of the week, I eat
--meat (and not necessarily lean or organic)
--legumes (including baked beans)
--non-potato veggies
--veggie-like fruits (like tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, etc.)
--nuts and seeds in moderation (a handful)
--peanut butter in moderation (not natural, just regular Jif)
--cottage cheese
--black and green olives
--condiments and sauces (including ketchup and honey bbq sauce)
--full-fat salad dressings (usually ranch)
--a sprinkle of shredded cheese on my salads or omelets
--Sugar-free Jello
--breaded convenience/fast food meats like chicken tenders (It's too much trouble to try to peel the breading off, so I just allow it since I don't eat these foods very often.)

and I drink
--Six to eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day, often flavored with Mio Liquid Water Enhancer
--Diet Dr. Pepper
--Green tea, sweetened with Splenda

For these 6 days, I avoid
--breads and grains (including corn)
--dairy (other than cottage cheese and a sprinkle of shredded cheese)
--fruits (except veggie-like fruits)

I count no calories. I count no carbs. I count no grams. I don't eat within 30-60 minutes of waking up. I don't eat every 4 hours. I don't pay attention to numbers at all. I don't eat the same meals over and over. I eat when I'm hungry. I stop when I'm full, and I try not to eat late at night, although if I'm hungry, I will.

The 7th day of the week (I've chosen Saturday, although I'll move it for a special occasion) is Cheat Day! Woohoo! I eat WHATEVER I want as much as I want, but again, I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. I do gain between .5 and 2.5 lbs the day after cheat day, but it's just water weight and it usually falls back off in the next couple of days while I continue to lose fat. It's all figured into the plan, so I don't worry about it.

A helpful site that will tell you if a food is allowed on the book diet is http://www.eslowcarbdiet.com/.

If you are interested in reading our 1st Slow Carb Diet thread, it is here: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/other-reduced-carb-diets/285287-slow-carb-diet.html.

Here is the second http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/other-reduced-carb-diets/291912-slow-carb-diet-thread-2-a.html

If you are already doing the Slow Carb Diet or if you want to give it a try, I hope you'll join us! Post as often or as little as you like. Weigh when you want to or don't weigh at all. Post your meals and exercise if you're so inclined or you don't have to. Good luck!

04-07-2014, 11:59 PM
Rennie have you tried making your own refried beans? I make them in the crock and freeze them. It's pretty easy and I think they are better or comparable to canned, and cheaper.

Shannon please share your recipe, I'd love to make them :) Thanks

Well it's okay. Keep trying. I lose my motivation every few days and binge eat and drink alcohol. Something i'm working on as well.

dt, I am so trying not to go back, to the old me. I am only 3 pound less than when I gave up in 2010. I don't want to throw in the towel now. I know I can do it. I just don't know what trigger is in my brain that has food (the wrong food calling my name) and today has got to be one of the worse I've had in a long long time. Jacqui would be proud of me :) We will get through this :hug:

Rennie - still here! Think I'm down almost 3 lbs, but have WW weigh-in on Wed to know for sure. Having trouble sticking to slow carb. Been obsessed with my cookbook, but need to add some recipes that are not so decadent. I do LOVE to cook!!!! :) I am really too excited about this cookbook project!!! Very new for me. Have always been an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and good cook, but never combined them. Is soooooo much fun!!!!!!

Steph great job on the 3lbs down :high: I long to be 3, 2, 1lb down :) I think at this point if I could see the 150's maybe I will be more motivated :) I need something to keep me going and that magic number 5 may just do it :) I'm looking forward to your book coming out. I'm having trouble also, but I think I'd be having trouble all around no matter what plan I'm trying to follow. We'll get through this stage in our journey. We have to :hug: Don't forget to let us know on Wednesday, we're rooting for ya :crossed: I think I have watched Chopped before but maybe not all the way through just like flipping through and something caught my eye :) Your avatar photo is inspiring, if I knew I was going to a beach that would inspire me to eat better so that I wouldn't embarrass my family in my swim suit :D

Well I made it to the gym did 4.14 miles (hey my bday ;)) 65 minutes and burned 514 calories. Don't know what the scale will say since it says 165 now, I will probably not have much of a loss unless I happen to get a whoosh which I have yet to see

04-08-2014, 12:13 PM

1 lb dried pinto beans, rinsed and picked over
1 c chopped onion
2 tsp chopped garlic
1 tbsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper

Put beans in pot or bowl, cover with water by 2 inches, soak 6 hours or overnight. Drain and rinse. Put in slow cooker. Add onion, garlic and enough water to cover by 1 inch. Cook on low 6-8 hrs. Drain, leaving a small amt of water. Season with salt and pepper. Mash. To get a smoother consistency use an immersion blender with a little more water left in pot. (if freezing, let cool and chill in fridge to bring temp down. Then freeze in 2 cup increments, the size of canned beans). Can be thawed or reheated from frozen. (You could cut recipe in half if you didn't want as much)

04-08-2014, 12:38 PM
Thanks Shannon, I will surely give it a shot :) sounds good to add some cheese on top of with salsa :drool:

04-08-2014, 01:51 PM
Well Rennie I don't want to go backwards either! I ate like a pig last night with no regrets. Today is a new day! One day at a time! Lol at least your still here and trying!

04-08-2014, 03:32 PM
Thanks dt :hug: Yes definitely one day at a time. :)

Tomorrow I am doing a meat and egg day that another 3FCer spoke about except I'm adding cheese to my eggs. It doesn't sound like a lot of food but it is very low carb and hopefully it will kick start my losses again. I am tired of 162 point anything but I don't want it to go up of course :D

B ~ 3 eggs with a slice of American & a ľ cup of cheddar
L ~ canned salmon with an egg to mix, green pepper and onion
D ~ ribeye steak with onion

... it is adds up to =
1149 calories
17 carbs
59 fat
127 protein
2763 sodium <--- I will definitely get my water in :)

the only drawback is no fiber at all ...

I am drinking water with cucumber, lime and lemon. I thought I would need to add honey to sweeten but the cucumber took over so no tart taste at all, who knew?

04-09-2014, 12:38 AM
Had to share this with you. I saw it on Facebook and had a great laugh.

A man asked a young lady what she had for breakfast?
She replied, "Eggs"
He then asked if the were fried or scrambled?
To which she said, "Cadbury."

For those of you who know me, Cadbury are my favorite "eggs", too!;)

Still need to lose...up a pound vacationing with the family last week, but I am back on schedule once again!

B~ egg omelet with all the veggies
No snack
L~ 2 med sliced of pepperoni pizza
D~ beef hot dog, salad and yummy fresh fruit!
S~ Nothing but water, water, water

Thanks for starting the new thread, lovetobe

Good to see more of you on here with us!:carrot:

04-09-2014, 12:07 PM
Cindi, that funny was right up your alley ;) Only a pound up after fun in the sun is worth it :) It'll be gone in no time, just stay away from the eggs :D

I'm up .6 this morning. My stomach is bloated and I think it's from all of the cucumber citrus water I drank yesterday, so today is all clear water :)

04-09-2014, 06:05 PM
dt I think I may have taken a few steps back these last few evenings :(

I had a bad bad afternoon :( so I'm admitting


How on earth do you blow your own birthday present? Tell me that isn't just plain stupid :mad: I am so disappointed in myself. :( I think I am actually losing control of the late afternoon/evenings, smh.

04-09-2014, 09:03 PM
Iím Ali, and this is my first post! I started slow-carbing on Monday at 244.6 pounds (or maybe it was 246.4? Canít rememberÖ) and as of this morning, was down to 240 even. I know itís just water weight, but itís cool nonetheless.

Some history: I did slow-carb the first time in late 2012. At that time, I weighed around 250 lbs. Over the next 10 months or so, I lost around 20 pounds - to a low of 230 - and then gradually started to gain it back.

I decided that it would be a good idea to get back to what was working for me before in order to return to losing weight. Problem was - I kept bouncing from plan to plan both during both my trip down to 230 and my trip back up to 244. In addition to slow-carb, I tried leangains, paleo, JUDDD, the overnight diet, the 5/2 diet, eat-stop-eat, and probably a few others that Iím forgetting. I have no idea exactly what worked and what didnít! So, I decided to go back to the plan that made the most sense to me, and stick with it. Slow-carb it is.

So far this week, Iíve eaten pretty much the same thing every day:

B - egg/egg white omlette with veggies and ham; small bowl of pinto beans
S - green smoothie (all veggies, no fruit - not for the faint of heart, lol) with casein protein powder
L - salad bar salad with meat, veggies, black beans, oil & vinegar
S - bag of cashews
D - grilled or stir fried meat (salmon, chicken or steak) with pinto beans and veggies

I do cheat and put a little cheese on my morning eggs and a little on my salad, but itís probably only around Ĺ ounce total. I actually measure my ďegg cheeseĒ to make sure that itís ľ ounce exactly. Also - I did some random snacking on mixed nuts. That needs to stop.

I enjoyed reading about everyoneís journey(s) in the previous thread, and look forward to hearing of your (and mine too, hopefully!) continued progress in this one. My goal is to hit my 50th birthday next January at under 200 lbs; letís see if I can get there this time.

04-09-2014, 10:58 PM
Hi Trixlebing :wel3fc: and to the thread :) Good job on your weight loss so far :high: I sure wish the original two people that started the thread would come back, they were a load of information. I know what you mean by bouncing from plan to plan. I think that is and has been my problem. I believe all of us have added a little cheese and it didn't impact our losses. How are you doing with so many beans through out the day everyday?

I need to get back to basics and follow some plan consistently or I am never going to reach my goal. Best of luck to you on your goals. I definitely believe that Onederland is doable by January. My best advice is to keep posting even when you have a bad day. :)

04-10-2014, 12:05 AM
:welcome2:Ali! It's good to have you. Together, we will reach our goals. I'm trying to get back into the Slow Carb routine, but I sometimes eat the wrong thing. Don't let that discourage you, because it doesn't me. As long as the scale continues to move down, I am happy!:carrot:

Please Rennie, don't be so hard on yourself. it just makes it harder on your plan. It's called "sabotage" and I know you will get to your goal. Slow and steady is better than hurry up and keep stumbling! Okay? Okay!

Since I have osteoporosis, it is best to lose gradually, so I do not cause bone loss, too.

Okay, here is my day...

B~ protein shake with chia seed and extra fiber
L~ left over shrimp/scallop pasta (just one of my incorrect meals :D
S~ chocolate
D~ chicken, grilled with green beans and fresh fruit
S~ think I'll pass and have decaf tea

Please pray that we will hear soon about our sale on the retreat. It is due to close June 1st, but the bank has not approved the buyer's loan yet. Seems very hard to get a commercial loan here in FL.

Gave blood on Monday and will get my cholesterol reading tomorrow! Hoping it is going down, too so I might be able to get off the statins! Blood pressure was great!

Have a great night!

04-10-2014, 09:09 PM
Need your prayers and support. The bank loan officer wants to do a walk through our retreat. Seems the bank has never made a commercial loan on a retreat facility before. Sooooo, I would pray for favor and no critical spirit as he takes his pictures during his visit to Surfside. This is so very important as the buyer has been approved on his part. Now the bank wants to decide if this loan is too risky.

I know I'm off subject, but tomorrow I will be so tempted to eat fattening "comfort" food! So for me it is related!

Thank you ALL so much!

04-10-2014, 10:05 PM
Hey all -

Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Here's an update:

Wednesday was just like my first 2 days, although I did have a couple of glasses of red wine in the evening. Not gonna beat myself up too bad over that, as it's "legal."

Today (Thursday) was a little different, partly because there was a going away party after work for a departing coworker. Of course - I indulged in the festivities because I have no discipline. My day went like:

B - leftover rotisserie chicken and pinto beans
S - Atkins shake
L - leftover rotisserie chicken, pinto beans, buttered broccoli
S - snack bag of cashews
D - beer, wine, "bar food," and some ice cream :(

I don't think I'll have any problem getting back on track on Friday, but Saturday might present a challenge. I'm going to visit a terminally ill family member, possibly for the last time. I'm sure the last thing I'll be thinking about is my diet. I'll just have to cut myself some slack and get back to business on Sunday.

Rennie - I'm doing fine with the beans so far. The beans in the salad at lunch are sort of optional - it depends on how hungry I am. In Ferris' book, he relays an anecdote about a woman who'd stopped losing weight and was feeling cranky while on the program. The solution? More beans! Worked like a charm. So, I'm trying not to be afraid to eat a lot of them (unless you were referring to the Flatulence Factor, which is a whole different subject...).

Cindi - Thanks for the encouragement. I'm sure I'll falter often because I love food (and beer - let's not forget the beer!), but I just have to remember to get back on the program and to not let myself get discouraged. Sending good vibes your way for the speedy sale of your property, and hoping all goes well for the walk-thru.

I was going to post a link to the pinto bean recipe I used, but I'm not allowed to post links yet. If you go to the Eating Well website and search for Pinto Bean & Andouille Sausage Stew, you'll find it. I'll probably make it again, but leave out the meat. I do love my smoky pork products, but they probably aren't doing me any good.


04-10-2014, 10:55 PM

1 lb dried pinto beans, rinsed and picked over
1 c chopped onion
2 tsp chopped garlic
1 tbsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper

Put beans in pot or bowl, cover with water by 2 inches, soak 6 hours or overnight. Drain and rinse. Put in slow cooker. Add onion, garlic and enough water to cover by 1 inch. Cook on low 6-8 hrs. Drain, leaving a small amt of water. Season with salt and pepper. Mash. To get a smoother consistency use an immersion blender with a little more water left in pot. (if freezing, let cool and chill in fridge to bring temp down. Then freeze in 2 cup increments, the size of canned beans). Can be thawed or reheated from frozen. (You could cut recipe in half if you didn't want as much)

Shannon I'm making these tomorrow the beans will soak tonight :) Thank you :hug:

Cindi, I pray and know that all will go well with the bank. You have to remove all doubt this you know (I know that you do) but it's always good to have someone put that little note in your ear. I had a worldly person tell me recently to thank God for even the small things because I had said something that was totally out of my character which sounded to her as if I had no faith and I will be honest, to hear her say that to me was a shock but I thanked God for whispering in my ear at that moment because I needed to hear that. Everything is a go. It is so :hug:

Ali, I think you did well. (I like hors d'oeuvres) appetizers whatever you want to call them and I am a sampler :D. tomorrow is a new day and just like I started all over so will you :hug: Use Saturday as your early cheat day and enjoy the time with your family member. Sunday is the start of the new week and you have a chance do get it all right :) Yeah the flatulence factor ... I have that without beans since being on this journey and it seems to be getting worse :( However, I'm going to make pinto beans tomorrow, only because I want refried beans and the canned ones are too salty for me.

I dusted off and had a good day. Hoping tomorrow will be the same :)

04-10-2014, 11:20 PM
Hello slow carb peoples!

Allergies and sore throat here in Beautiful pollen rich Kentucky

Been doing a Library conference, and not had time to check in much..

Also not having enough time to work as thoroughly on the mental work, such as affirmations, and self-talk... Been skimping on that, and skimping on one thing always makes me nervous that it will collapse like a House of Cards this early in.

Did a Bellydance class Wednesday,
Lifted today

Didn't eat the conference food, snuck out to Kentucky Fried Chicken and had their roast chicken, and Wendy's and had their chili..
Hadn't been getting as much vegetables as when I prepare my own food, so except for breakfast and dinner, which I do at home, just little bits of vegetables with the chili..

I am sure it will just get better and better, Rennie

Cindy, I'm send you Energy!

04-10-2014, 11:32 PM
Thanks Jane I hope you feel better soon and get some relief from the allergies :hug: I think you did well at the conference :high: Way to go :)

04-12-2014, 12:53 PM
161.2 this morning :)

04-12-2014, 05:50 PM
Yea, Rennie! You are doing it!

As for the meeting with the bank person~ it went better than expected! Very positive and we are encouraged that this loan will go through. Time will tell. Thank ALL of you for your prayers!

Haven't gained anymore! Put the skids to the eating so much. Had a wonderful breakfast date with my Hubby. Not snacking...plenty of tea and water. Having Mexican for supper.

See you later!

04-13-2014, 05:04 PM
Thanks Cindi, and that's great to hear :carrot:

I had Mexican for lunch yesterday and fries for dinner with a slice of my daughters pizza so I am up 1.6lbs to 162.8. No birthday goal present for me. But I will be back on the wagon on Tuesday :)

04-14-2014, 03:38 PM
Easy to lose weight today! On a clear liquid diet in preparation for my colonoscopy tomorrow morning! Thanking you for your prayers in advance!

I did weigh in at 152, so I'm back where I was before the vacation with family!!!:dance:

Worked out at the fitness center and got in 10 minutes on the Oscillator. It helps to build bone and tone your body. After a couple of months, I think it is helping my overall muscle tone.

Have a great day everyone!

OK Lizzy
04-15-2014, 01:19 PM
Hello, Slow Carbers! I am trying to get back on the wagon -- I know this works, but then late in the evening, some evil person who lives in my head whispers that there is ice cream in the freezer -- :(
Hey, I have a question which I didn't take the time to attempt to research from the original "4-Hour Body" book. Does anyone know why we are to eat beans or some other lentil twice a day? What does that do exactly to our metabolism, anyone know? The book was GREAT -- but was so huge. Naturally, I just skimmed the diet section itself, plus the before and after photos before returning to the library, lol.

04-15-2014, 08:11 PM
Hi OK Lizzy -

I happened to have the book handy. Here's what he says:

"Most people who go on 'low-carb' diets complain of low energy and quit because they consume insufficient calories...Vegetables are not calorically dense, so it is critical that you add legumes for caloric load."

I seem to also recall seeing something about beans not provoking the same insulin response as other carbs, but I can't find anything about that. Not sure where I read it.

Hope everyone is doing well. Here's a question for the group: Has anyone tried the PAGG stack? If so, did you see any benefit?


04-16-2014, 12:28 AM
Hello, Ladies and :welcome2:, Lizzy!

It has been some day, medically speaking. The test went well without even a hiccup! And I got a good report! :carrot: Still have to go for this every 5 years.

Because of the liquid/fasting diet, I actually saw 150 on the scales this morning!

Maybe, I can keep up the lighter meals and reach my goal of 145 sooner, rather than later.

I can testify that the 4-hourplan works, but so does any weight loss plan, if you keep to it. We are all so different and there are just some plans that work better for us, as individuals than others. Low carb, modified works best for me!

Like you Lizzy, the night time monster, whispers in my ear, too. I can do great all day, but when my "wind-down" time comes, so does the urge to eat.

Beans also, have good protein and lots of fiber which subtracted from the carbohydrates makes it a good food (1/2 cup for a serving, though) just like Ali said. My DD lost 60 pounds and eats 1-2 servings of beans a day and did really well. She says it filled her up and she didn't get as hungry as she did on the days she skipped them.

Wishing you all well on this journey!


04-16-2014, 11:34 PM
Cindi, which clear liquids are you having? I need to detox badly. I am up 4lbs from my bday goal and 2.6lbs from what I actually weighed on my bday. So I need to reel it back in before I go too far :) Glad the colonoscopy went well :hug:

Hello, Slow Carbers! I am trying to get back on the wagon -- I know this works, but then late in the evening, some evil person who lives in my head whispers that there is ice cream in the freezer -- :(

Lizzy, this is me here lately but it's not just in the evening. The kids are on break and that evil person is whispering to me constantly throughout the day :( I can't help you on the beans question but I'm sure someone on here will. I personally don't eat two many. They always make me gain :(

Ali what is PAGG?

04-17-2014, 02:37 AM
Oh, Rennie I don't know if you would really want to what I did, but here is the list:
Green decaf tea
Reg decaf tea
Low sodium chicken or beef broth
I'm sure if you want to detox there are better way to do it, but all of them take determination and discipline!!!!

Today went well eating:
B~ Greek nonfat yogurt, chia and ground flax seed, 1/2 mashed ripe banana, 1 tsp crunchy peanut butter stirred really well. (You could make a smoothie)
L~ 1/2 small sweet potato, pulled pork w/a bit of BBQ sauce and a sliced uncooked zucchini, yellow squash, tomato salad sprinkled with raspberry vinaigrette
D~ small crock of French onion soup w side of Caesar salad and 1 Tbs dressing
S~ string cheese, a few sliced almonds with a few carrot sticks

Trying to eat a bit healthier, but it is hard! It's simple carbs that mess me up, so I am going complex. Allowing some cheeses, 2 slices of wheat bread or 1 flatbread/low carb tortilla and must have the Greek yogurt for the probiotics and calcium.

Went to Zumba, but it was a bit much after yesterday.

Nite, Ladies!

04-17-2014, 05:08 PM
Thanks Cindi, I can do the low sodium broth with spinach in it. I've done it with cabbage before and it does help. And I also do the green tea. I can't drink black coffee, makes me gag :) I'm sure Zumba would be hard after a liquid diet. So bravo to you for even trying :high:

Today has been good so far, hope I can keep it up :crossed:

04-18-2014, 10:38 PM
Hi, Ladies!

Rennie, I can't stand coffee either! But love tea! But if I drink regular, I will be up half the night!:dizzy:

Still holding at 150!

B~ Egg/veggie/ham omelet, 1 sl sour dough toast
L~ Grilled chicken on bed of lettuce w/tomatoes/carrots and splash of vinaigrette.
D~ Greek yogurt w/ chia seed & Flax seed, extra fiber,1/2 mashed banana, 1 tsp peanut butter.
S~ pumpkin/sunflower seeds

Staying away from he chocolate is really hard for me...tomorrow I will have another Cadbury egg! Also, on Sunday and then no more until next March!!!!;)

Shalom, my friends!

04-18-2014, 10:57 PM
Cindi, :bravo: ... change that ticker lady :cp: You have passed goal :carrot: I can't wait to get there :)

I loss 1.4lbs of water weight down to 162.6. I so want to see my low of 161.2 again and then beyond of course.

I was doing really well today and then my son made biscuits. I was only gonna eat the top off one biscuit (which I did cut the thin layer off) because I like the hard tops. Then my other son dropped the top to his biscuit in a pot of baked beans and he doesn't eat beans so I ate it. No I didn't have to but too late I did so now I have to add that to my calorie/carb count :(

04-19-2014, 12:01 PM
Hi everybody -

Checking in on my 2nd cheat day since starting SC. As of this morning, I was still holding at 240 - which is where I was when I first posted 1.5 weeks ago. I've been pretty much "on plan," except for a few indiscretions involving too much red wine and too many nuts. Also, it's my TOM, which might have something to do with the lack of weight loss. Anyway - I'm going to keep at it and see if I can make some progress. I really need to get rid of the nuts, though - they're like crack.

Rennie - PAGG is a supplement stack that Tim Ferris recommends in his book. It stands for Polycosanol, Alpha-lipoic acid, Green tea flavanols, and Garlic extract. I was thinking about giving it a shot, but it's not cheap (between $60 and $100/month, depending on how you buy it).

Cindi - I hear you about the chocolate. Gonna try to get mine in today on my cheat day so that I can resist it tomorrow. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone! (and Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it.) - Ali

04-19-2014, 02:30 PM
Thanks Ali I skimmed through the book while I had it. :) The nuts are great but they do weigh you down literally ;). I have found that with pb and popcorn also. PB is just heavy IMO and popcorn is the water bearer. Everytime I eat it the scale is up, smh. I know you aren't supposed to count calories on SC but what about posting your meals to help see where you could use a little help, idk. The people that were on the thread that were really diligent with it aren't posting any longer. I can't give you much advice since I barely follow it myself. I just speak about what I do and I've experienced. To you log your meals on MFP, FitDay, FatSecret or LoseIt? they may help with a little clarity also ... I hope the scale moves for you soon :hug: what about measurements? How are your clothes fitting? The inches usually go before you notice it on the scale.

Today was the day for the 5K walk in memory of a student (scholar). I haven't walked a trail in forever. Oh my goodness, the hills tore my thighs up, smh. My son kept saying let's sprint. I'm thinking do you want me to have a heart attack? He's telling me breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth. I'm thinking shut up, lol. But he does lift and condition and train for football, but he's 16. My thighs were killing me by the time I got out of the shower so I took some ibuprofen. OK I'm finished. Today's gonna be a good day :)

04-19-2014, 02:44 PM

Just updated the tracker! Going for 140! This sure is a lot of work, determination and rewards!

Having to get a few new clothes...thrift stores and garage sales, here I come.

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Have a great day!

04-19-2014, 05:54 PM
Cindi Happy Resurrection Sunday to you also :hug: God Bless. I love thrift store shopping :)

04-19-2014, 07:34 PM
Off topic....I am making resurrection rolls with my 3.5 yr old tonight.....messiest thing ever!

04-19-2014, 09:20 PM
Recipe please Ms. Shannon :) ... nothing is off topic, we talk about everything, that's what keeps us going. :)

I ate two cup cakes (wanted something) and two biscuits. <-- not slow carb at all :)

04-19-2014, 09:54 PM
Recipe please Ms. Shannon :) ... nothing is off topic, we talk about everything, that's what keeps us going. :)

I ate two cup cakes (wanted something) and two biscuits. <-- not slow carb at all :)

Here you go

04-19-2014, 10:42 PM
Thanks Shannon, Rissa and I will do this tomorrow after church. :) She likes cooking/baking with Mommy :)

Happy Easter to you and yours :hug:

04-20-2014, 08:59 PM
Rennie and Shannon, the hot rolls sound delish, but unfortunately I was up a pound from my celebrating the risen LORD!

Not complaining, but not celebrating with food any more! (Well not until the next time of celebrating something important!:D

Will be reporting my meals once again starting tomorrow. I know that it helps me stay accountable, thanks to all of you!

Have a great night!:hug:

04-21-2014, 01:01 AM
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter ... we did! God is Great! We didn't do much just spent the day doing what we normally do after church which is fine with me. All of the kids will be in school tomorrow so back to the routine of running around :).

Shannon I didn't stop at the store so we didn't make the rolls. But we will, I told the two youngest about it and they are interested. The oldest boy didn't like the idea of marshmallows and neither do I but since the melt we won't know :D and I believe they will all be pretty amazed at how the scriptures coincide with the baking. In January I gave up all bread (including healthy low carb) pasta, rice, potatoes, sweets, chips, popcorn. I will be doing that again for the next 20 days. I want to see how much weight I can drop. I did it for 32 days in January loss 10.2lbs. I consider it a complete detox because it rids my body of all things that trigger totally bad eating. I would love to come visit one Saturday. But not until after I get through this :) NO temptations :)

Cindi, I will be here reporting with you, starting weight and meals. We WILL do this :)

04-21-2014, 10:31 PM
Hi, Ladies!

Had a great day today! Went clothes hunting! Got my first pair of size 10 dress pants! Yippee!!!! Of course it did have an elastic waist!

I'm cutting my simple carbs back, starting today!!!!!! Oh, I was 150 today, too! I'm back on way down.....

Breakfast~ Protein shake with chia seed and extra fiber
Lunch~ 1/2 turkey & cheese sandwich and 1/2 serving of fresh fruit.
Dinner~ Home cooked ham and beans w/1 piece of buttermilk cornbread.
Snack~ pumpkin/ sunflower seeds to equal 1/4 c without shells

Going to spend some time with Hubby...

See you later!

04-21-2014, 10:42 PM
Cindi:woohoo: on the 10's I bought two pair for my birthday also. Feels good doesn't it :) enjoy your evening :)

weight up .8 this morning to 163.8

B ~ 2 eggs, with cheddar and real bacon bits
L ~ spinach
S ~ homemade salmon burger no bread crumbs
D ~ green beans cooked in l/s chicken broth. slice of turkey, carb master pumpkin pie yogurt

water 64ozs tea cups of green tea

04-21-2014, 10:47 PM
Fresh New Start

04/21 ~ 163.8 (+0.8)
04/22 ~
04/23 ~
04/24 ~
04/25 ~
04/26 ~
04/27 ~
04/28 ~
04/29 ~
04/30 ~

Goal 160.0

04-21-2014, 11:09 PM
Size 10.....awww, that's awesome! I am just happy right now that all my clothes (sizes 18/20 and 2X) are fitting so much better. No seeing all my rolls and barely able to sit in my pants, lol!

04-21-2014, 11:28 PM
Thanks Shannon and that is where it starts feeling comfortable in the clothes you have and your wedding rings fitting better. Our stats are about the same. I remember my 18/20 and 2X's feeling better and being able to sit down without my stomach hurting, then I stopped paying attention. I had to go some place once (I don't remember if it was with my oldest or not) but she said, "Are you going to wear that?" I thought and said yeah these are my favorite jeans and I liked the top I had on. She said, "Mom look in the mirror they are too big." I thought wow. Keep paying attention to the inches, they go before that stubborn scale changes sometimes. I still have my back rolls and my belly is just, ew :) but after 5 children I don't expect it to be great :)

04-22-2014, 11:04 PM
Hi...Just reporting in!

B~ egg omelet, cheese, tomato and kale
L~ sirloin hamburger with wheat flat bread, mustard and pickles, a few homebaked fries
D~ veggie plate-carrots, asparagus, spinach and 1/2 egg deviled
S~ Pumpkin/sunflower seeds

Didn't weigh in this morning. Will post tomorrow.

Have a great night!

04-23-2014, 01:57 PM
:wave: Cindi


B ~ Greenbeans cooked in l/s chicken broth, h/m salmon burger no bread crumbs
L ~ tuna with onion & gp, 2 slices of provolone
D ~ 2 skinless chicken thighs, corn, 2 grapefruit
S ~ pretzel sticks and prune juice

Fresh New Start

04/21 ~ 163.8 (+0.8)
04/22 ~ 163.0 (-0.8)
04/23 ~ 162.0 (-1.0)
04/24 ~
04/25 ~
04/26 ~
04/27 ~
04/28 ~
04/29 ~
04/30 ~ Goal 160.0

04-24-2014, 09:51 PM
Hi, Ladies!

Rennie you are on your way down...and I just went up!

B~ eggs, bacon toast
L~ chicken, wheat noodles (homemade) green beans
D~ Nothing, yet
S~ maybe nothing...

The sale on the retreat is looking better. Will keep you posted...

04-24-2014, 10:10 PM
Go Rennie!!!

04-26-2014, 12:54 AM
Thanks Cindi and Shannon :hug:, I was doing ok but as usual I blew it.

Cindi, glad things are looking better on the sale of the retreat :high:

Fresh New Start

04/21 ~ 163.8 (+0.8)
04/22 ~ 163.0 (-0.8)
04/23 ~ 162.0 (-1.0)
04/24 ~ 162.6 (+0.6)
04/25 ~ 162.8 (+0.2)
04/26 ~
04/27 ~
04/28 ~
04/29 ~
04/30 ~ Goal 160.0

04-27-2014, 10:12 AM
Hey, slow-carb folks - checking in:

I weighed myself Saturday morning (the morning of my cheat day) and was down 2 pounds for the week at 238. Not spectacular, but I'll take it.

I stuck with the plan pretty good except for some indiscretions with red wine and nuts - in other words, my usual weaknesses. I also had 2 glasses of champagne at my neighbor's family Easter brunch last weekend.

My goals for this week are to not have any wine and to only have 1 snack-sized bag of nuts a day, if that. I can't buy multi-serving sized containers of nuts any more because I can't be trusted. Also - and I think this will be hardest of all - I want to try to minimize the artificial sweeteners. We'll see how it goes.

Rennie - looks like you're within spitting distance of your goal. You'll be there in no time!

Cindi - congrats on the new pants size! I need to go clothes shopping. It's always tempting to buy smaller sizes when "planning" to lose weight, but that never works out for me, lol.

Have a good week, everybody. - Ali

04-27-2014, 02:39 PM
Thanks Trixlebing, good job on the 2lbs down :high: I hadn't updated that so I'm back to square one ...

I've had a gain everyday since the 24th. I am up 2.6lbs total but I am gonna do the 5:2 diet today and see if I can get the scale to move down. :) Hope it works so I can see a loss by the end of April :crossed:

Fresh New Start

04/21 ~ 163.8 (+0.8)
04/22 ~ 163.0 (-0.8)
04/23 ~ 162.0 (-1.0)
04/24 ~ 162.6 (+0.6)
04/25 ~ 162.8 (+0.2)
04/26 ~ 163.6 (+0.8)
04/27 ~ 164.6 (+1.0)
04/28 ~
04/29 ~
04/30 ~ Goal 160.0

04-28-2014, 08:34 PM
yesterday's eating plan and treadmill time helped

Fresh New Start

04/21 ~ 163.8 (+0.8)
04/22 ~ 163.0 (-0.8)
04/23 ~ 162.0 (-1.0)
04/24 ~ 162.6 (+0.6)
04/25 ~ 162.8 (+0.2)
04/26 ~ 163.6 (+0.8)
04/27 ~ 164.6 (+1.0)
04/28 ~ 162.0 (-2.6)
04/29 ~
04/30 ~ Goal 160.0

04-29-2014, 12:22 AM
Rennie and Ali congrats on the 2 lb loss!:hug::hug::hug:

I am back at 150, too and doing better!

Meals for today:
B~ 2 eggs, bacon and wheat toast
L~ leftovers w/peas
D~ Grilled chicken a few fries
S~ pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Tomorrow I have painting to do, so I will be too busy to be thinking about food!

How are you doing, Shannon?

Praying you all are safe and not in the tornado areas! the weather man just said we would be waking up to an elevated risk of tornadoes here in the panhandle of FL...

Oh, I bought a super looking pair of size 12 jeans 6 months ago for 50 cents and I an actually in them today!!!!! :carrot::carrot::carrot: That was the only item of clothing I allowed myself to buy, but for 50 cents I knew I could give them away IF I did not make my 150 goal. Now on to the 145 and then 140!

Let's go keep going. Ladies. Slow, but sure is my motto!:)

Night to ALL!

04-29-2014, 10:51 AM
Thanks Cindi, what a great NSV :high: The weather is really interesting right now, praying for all that may be in their path.

I hit a new low today. I really wish Jacqui, Missy, Pamela and TwoTots were here with us :grouphug:

Fresh New Start

04/21 ~ 163.8 (+0.8)
04/22 ~ 163.0 (-0.8)
04/23 ~ 162.0 (-1.0)
04/24 ~ 162.6 (+0.6)
04/25 ~ 162.8 (+0.2)
04/26 ~ 163.6 (+0.8)
04/27 ~ 164.6 (+1.0)
04/28 ~ 162.0 (-2.6)
04/29 ~ 161.6 (-0.4)
04/30 ~ Goal 160.0

04-30-2014, 11:31 PM
Ali, Cindi, Donna, Shannon, Sum hello :wave:

Fresh New Start

04/21 ~ 163.8 (+0.8)
04/22 ~ 163.0 (-0.8)
04/23 ~ 162.0 (-1.0)
04/24 ~ 162.6 (+0.6)
04/25 ~ 162.8 (+0.2)
04/26 ~ 163.6 (+0.8)
04/27 ~ 164.6 (+1.0)
04/28 ~ 162.0 (-2.6)
04/29 ~ 161.6 (-0.4)
04/30 ~ 160.8 (-0.8) almost

Goal 160.0

05-01-2014, 08:14 PM
Hi all! Doing well here! I'm getting closer to my 2nd mini goal and today I had my first occurrence of "have you lost weight?" :carrot:

05-01-2014, 10:17 PM
Shannon that is great :high: I'm sure you were shining and grinning from ear to ear :)

05-02-2014, 02:59 AM
:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot: Celebrating!!!!

I just went under my first goal! I am now at 149!

Looks like we are all doing well...

B~ eggs/kale/red peppers/turkey bacon
L~ fish, slaw salad and a few homemade potato chips
D~ Homemade beef veggie soup and about 6 saltines
S~ pumpkin/sunflower seeds and a handful of trail mix

Tomorrow we will be eating out with 2 other couples. We women are celebrating our May birthdays. Don't know where we are going, but it will not be easy to eat "clean"...

Plan to enjoy my time with my loved ones!:)

Have a great day tomorrow, Ladies!

05-02-2014, 12:48 PM
Cindi, :congrat: on the new decade of my goodness that makes me smile go you :high: Keep up the great work :)

05-03-2014, 09:47 PM
Okay... I gained 3 pounds with all the celebrating...back on the plan once again.

Have a great evening. my friends!

05-04-2014, 10:14 PM
Cindi I gained 2.2 :D

05-05-2014, 09:16 PM
Hi everyone!

I've been lurking around the thread the last month but I've still been reading and hoping everyone is doing well. I've been struggling the last month with staying on track especially since I was sick for two weeks but I've been better the last two week and I think I may finally have my diet working so I enjoy it and it feels sustainable. Exercise has been harder especially with a recent heat wave here but the weather's nice now so hoping to get back on my running and biking schedule. Right now I'm at 148 lb but I'm hoping that will go down soon, think I'm due for a whoosh. Nothing like it being May and almost summer to make me start wanting to get serious about losing these last 20 pounds or so. Here's my current schedule:

B: 2 eggs, 3 strips of bacon, cup of berries
L: Salad with lettuce, tomatoes, chicken, beans, handful of nuts, dressing
D: Chipotle salad with lettuce, black/pinto beans, pico, steak, guacamole, cheese (no dressing)

Rennie Thanks for keeping up the thread! Congrats on losing some weight since the beginning of the month :hug: Hope you start seeing those 50s soon!

Cindi Congrats on making it down to the 149! :carrot: That's awesome as is fitting into new pants. Celebrating is always fun!

Shannon Hi! Glad someone noticed and you're getting closer :)

Trixlebing Congrats on being down! Hope you're achieving your goals :)

Good luck this week everyone! :cheer2:

05-06-2014, 04:14 PM
Thanks Zucena :) Glad to see you back, sorry you weren't feeling well :hug: but glad to hear things are coming together for you :) I love your menu :)

I went to Carlie C's yesterday and they had fresh baked bread. a :nono: I know ... but it's so good :D ... up 2.8lbs from yesterday, weighing in at 164.0. I know it's water so I'm not worried. I am up 4.2lbs from my low still not worried. I have a better mindset for some reason this go around. ... With today included I have had four totally off plan days. My carbs have been really high. So once I get that under control I'll be fine. TOM showed up for one day and then gone. I am not understanding this stage of life with my body. But this happened last year in August so it is what it is :) maybe I'm about to go through menopause ;) I plan to go to the gym this afternoon to help with the up and start tomorrow fresh with low carb low cal :)

05-06-2014, 08:42 PM
made it to the gym burn 569, 4.11 miles ... scale looks good right now hope the morning brings a smile :D

05-10-2014, 03:44 AM
I'm here, but still not losing the 2.5 pounds! Ugh!

On a good note, the sale is just waiting for the appraisal to come through. Loans have been approved and closing should be right after Memorial Day!

Have a great day on Saturday!

05-12-2014, 12:19 AM
Happy Mother's Day to all of the MOMS :hug:

Cindi, that's great, what a blessing :hug:

I'm up two pounds to 161.4, tomorrow will be higher

05-13-2014, 01:25 AM
Well, I was up again. 153 lbs! Yuck! At least we do not have any more celebrations until the closing!

Like you Rennie, I plan to do better. I am going to work out 3 times a week. Got to get these extra pounds off!


05-13-2014, 07:05 PM
Cindi, I am doing horribly. I can't seem to get a grip on my eating and I am up to 168 today.

05-14-2014, 12:12 PM
Please Rennie, stay encouraged! After a 2 week battle, I am once again at 150! Those were the hardest 3 pounds...

Back at the fitness center,,,going to Zumba now.

Hang in there. Life happens. Praising God He's with us on this "health" journey, too!

Have a great day EVERYONE!

05-15-2014, 08:26 AM
Hello everyone. I have been reading this thread because I am eating low carb, but I heard about this slow carb somewhere else, and it was called something else. I tried it, with Easter being my first carb day and it was a disaster. It took me over a week to get back off carbs. I am diabetic and that just won't do!

I am not giving up on it completely. I went to the library and got the 4 Hour Body book. Whoever said it was huge wasn't lying! LOL The woman at the desk in the library said it could double as a weapon! I started looking through it last night but I didn't understand half of what they were talking about. Why is it called "4 Hour Body?"

I'm going to try reading it again today, while I'm more awake and my mind is fresh. Maybe it will make some sense.

05-16-2014, 10:49 AM
I started reading the 4 Hour Body book yesterday and did a lot of skipping around with it, yesterday and this morning. I think this book is geared toward male body builders, mainly. I didn't like the fact that it recommends a lot of supplements. I stay away from them because of all the meds I'm on. In the book there was actually a footnote that said to consult your doctor if you have heart disease, diabetes, etc and are on certain meds, which is me. So that reinforced my belief that the supplements aren't safe for me.

The book that I heard about before was called Carb Nite Solutions and I think that was geared more toward using slow-carb just for weight loss, without all the body building information. When I tried it, I didn't actually read the book. I just ate carbs one day. For me, it started a binge reaction and it was days before I could get myself back to low carb. I thought maybe this book, 4 Hour Body would give some insight as to how to do this without creating a binge. I didn't see that. Maybe in a perfect world this would work, but not for someone for whom carbs are a trigger that lead to binging. Also, I am diabetic, and there would be issues eating all those carbs on the carb day.

There was a lot of references to glucose control, but he is not diabetic, so his body would react differently to carbs than they would in a diabetic. It did give some information about cinnamon, vinegar and lemon juice to control glucose, and I am going to look into that further. I have tried all of these things but not for a long duration and probably not at the right times. They specify doing this before meals. Maybe he was referencing these things as tools to help control blood sugar on the day you are eating high carbs.

I am not saying this book isn't good, just not for me, and probably not anyone who tends to have binge disorder and/or diabetes.

I have this book out until June 4, so I will probably do some more reading. I just wanted to give my opinion thus far.

05-20-2014, 11:47 AM
:welcome2: wannabehealthy!

Sorry, we have been absent. We are usually busier at posting than this.

Yes this has lots of encouragement! Praying you will do will in your health journey with us.

Rennie, I'm down to 150 again!

Have a blessed day.

05-20-2014, 12:20 PM
Carol Sue I did slow carb for a bit, of course I had to tweak it for me and it did work. I found that I couldn't do the cheat day ... the triggers were too too great. I did lose weight and then Jacqui the originator of the thread left and I just forgot about everything. I don't go against any plan, what works for some may not work for all but I believe most plans have to be tweaked so I don't cancel any of them out.

Cindi great job on getting back down to 150 :high:

I'm in the mid 160's trying to work my way back down :)

05-23-2014, 09:14 AM
Rennie, the only reason I'm saying this plan is not for me is because I cannot do the carb day and get right back on low carb. I thought that was what this plan is about. I guess I didn't read enough into it to know that you could tweak the plan and not have the carb day.

05-24-2014, 10:32 PM
I always have carbs, everyday, but usually at one meal more than the others. I have taken the pounds off slowly and for me, that is the best.

:thanks:Remembering all the vets that have been in my life and praying for those still here with us. Thank you for your service!

Have a great evening!

05-31-2014, 10:44 PM
Carol Sue, LOL I tweak every plan. Like you I had to skip that cheat day because one day lead to three each time I tried it :) and we know where that gets me, smh :)

Cindi good to see you hope all is well. Are you still slow carbing? I'm not if you want some place to just check in to be accountable from time to time, I'll be here. I do a new thread each month. :)


11-01-2014, 01:18 AM
Hi there everyone,

I am brand new to the diet.....Just finishing up my 3rd week here and I've hit a bit of a plateau and reaching out for expert advice. I don't have the diet book but got the basics from my cousin who has lost about 30 pounds already. He gave me links to grocery lists etc. I have a goal of losing 50 pounds from my starting weight of 232. I am weighing myself every morning as soon as I get up after I empty my bladder. I have hit a bit of a plateau here at week 3 and wondering why.....I have not started exercising as I am nursing a healing foot injury but just about ready to. I don't cheat except on my cheat day where I have whatever I want until I'm full.....usually a few donuts, pizza, sodas, nothing super crazy or in excess. Just wondering why I have hit this point of not losing anymore and looking for tips. I tend to have 3-4 meals a day.....


Breakfast- 2 cucumbers small sized, 2 Hebrew National Hot Dogs and water to drink.

Lunch- Ranges....I do chili a lot it contains ground beef, beans, onions, tomato, salsa (No Sugar) I spice it with salt, black pepper and chili powder during prep.

Always a protein (Chicken breast, Chili etc.) I take veggies like carrots or sliced up peppers, sometimes a side salad (Small no dressing or anything nasty) and then nuts for a snack later on in the work day (Cashews, Almonds, Pistachios all lightly salted) Water to drink as well.

Dinner-Steak, Chicken, (Chili Sometimes), Sausage (1-2), Side salad or side dish (Lentils or mixed stir fried veggies). Water to drink

Snack-Usually nuts or a sliced veggie

I've been told all of these foods are approved and I have had moderate success so far......I'm between 8-10 pounds lost so far but not continuing to lose. Here is my calculator so far (Attached): Any tips would be greatly appreciated

Thank You,


11-15-2014, 06:54 PM
Hi is anyone still around doing slow carb? i'm doing my own version which is 6 low carb days (No beans etc but a bit of cheese). I'm also watching calories by aiming for 1400 a day average, I undereat on low carb quite a lot so whatever calories I have left over from the 6 days I have on my cheat day. wanted to see how everyone else was doing?