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04-06-2014, 05:09 AM
I'm a bit confused, which isn't unusual for me.:dizzy: Is this a thread for those who have lost 100lbs or want to lose 100lbs? I have quite a bit to get rid of, so not to get downhearted and feel daunted I am taking it 2 stones (28Lbs) at a time

04-06-2014, 09:40 AM
Good question. I've always assumed it was for people that needed to lose 100 lbs. I could be very wrong but most of the "getting out of the" threads here are 200 lbs + threads. :dunno:

04-06-2014, 09:57 AM
For those who need to lose 100. Even though I lost the weight, I still stick around here. This group was a huge support for me while losing, so I have a hard time leaving lol.

04-06-2014, 10:36 AM
I would say this section of the forum is for both those of us who have 100+ pounds to lose and those of us who have already lost 100+ pounds. The former group can work together and learn from people in the same boat, and the latter group can provide encouragement from the perspective of someone who has been there and knows it can be done. For me, the 100 club has been my "home" section ever since I joined 3FC, and even though it has been a long time since I had that much to lose, I still feel the most kinship with others who post here.


04-06-2014, 01:04 PM
Thanks for the replies ladies