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04-01-2014, 06:01 AM
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The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

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04-01-2014, 06:02 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – First walk was under an umbrella, CREDIT moi. It's only slightly slower even though I feel like a Mallard waddling about on shore. The big compromise was to wear my waterproof hat that looks like a forest ranger instead of my comfortable canvas hat that absorbs water and, according to my DW, makes me look homeless and unattended. But boy, does it feel good on my head.

Second walk was with DW to the Japanese Sushi restaurant selected because of a Groupon. (Should there be anyone on the planet spared being in the know, this was a coupon for $21 off the first $42 of a meal for two, making it 'half-price' for the basics.) We both had miso soup then split one appetizer and two entrees. Wish I'd remember to have miso soup more often - it's so good, so filling, and so low calorie. (OK, and soooooo high in salt, LOL.) CREDIT moi for eating on plan for the day and Extra CREDIT moi for five months of contiguous days of no extra snacks.

beginnedagin (onebyone) – Super Kudos for starting yesterday instead of putting it off until the first day of the month. That's such a show of taking it seriously. Seems right to me to focus on the plan and to let your body do its thing - it'll get the message in its own good time.

nationalparker – Yay for weather warm enough to remove your shrubs. My take is that few folks can listen to any concern about weight without thinking it obsessive - unless they've signed up in a place designated for that, like 3FC or Weight Watchers or TOPS. People seem more open to hearing discussion about chasing all nutrition for the day or something like that.

ForMyGirls - It's neat that you can go a month staying mindful of your eating even if not closely monitoring. Kudos for getting back to "do I really need that."

Tricia (AZtricia) - Love the thought of you chasing your DS around the slides - can well understand why that's on your Advantages Response Card.

6crowsgold - Welcome temperature above 55 degrees. Kudos for a weekend on plan.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

You'll continue to plan and monitor your eating in writing every day for many weeks and months, possibly until you've lost all the weight you want - and maybe even beyond.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 135.

04-01-2014, 09:43 AM
Work day never seemed to end for me yesterday. Issues arose and I was on my computer until 9:30 last night. Ran a bath and went to bed. I was mentally tired. DH was irritated I was working so late. Or that is my perception. He even turned off the bedroom light before I even got in there. Hm. So I laid in bed, tossing and turning - or trying to - quitely. Worrying about my Dad, who starts his chemo today. I said I suspect he was laying awake as well - much like the night before he went to Viet Nam or shipped out on any of his other many deployments. The unknown.

I am very unsettled today. The only thing that's keeping me from taking a cookie that is in a box on a cabinet down the hall is that there are people there. If it was deserted, I'd sneak that for WHAT??? ARGH. Confession is good for the soul, though, I hear.

Bill, your walks sound wonderful - even in the rain. I appreciate your insight. I think some times I need to shut my trap - but often it's: Me: oh, no thank you - i've already had my snack. Him: It's only 200 calories! Me: 200 calories is a big chunk of my day. Him: You obsess on it.

I'm aiming to get out early today and spend some time with DH. Thought about sending him an edible fruit arrangement as a "thank you" for patience... but they're expensive for just us. Maybe I just come up with a plan for tonight and surprise him with something different for us...

04-01-2014, 05:02 PM
April Already!

Yesterday I went over my plan. At the end of the evening we got a dismal email from school about my son's behavior that day [he's a first grader] that upset the whole family. I had an off-plan serving of tortilla chips [I actually did measure them], then caught myself going for the flour tortillas [deadly temptation for me]. Partway through the tortilla I managed to put on the brakes by thinking about all the hard work I put in for my weight loss in March.

I logged my 281 calories over limit and went to bed, no further damage. The good part here is that I have been known to consume 8 of those yummy little beggars while in this same frame of mind. Last night was actually an improvement I can credit to Beck.

Today is my Tuesday fast. Very easy so far today. Ellipticated standing up for 20 min.

BBE I have a kayak hat that I love for rainy walks. It's bright, seafaring yellow and I love it.

AZTricia My 7yr old is also what motivates me to step up the pace. There are just times when I need to keep up with him physically.

nationalparker I often hear that "obsessive" term slung around. My answer to that is "I prefer to think of it as focus, as in focusing on a solution"!

Have a great evening, everyone!

04-01-2014, 09:09 PM
Hello Coaches,

Day 7 with no loss, but I can tell I'm still haning onto some water cause my ring is tighter than normal. Looking forward to the scale showing some results! Making whole wheat pasta with marinara, broccoli, and spiced grass fed beef (from our 1/2 cow) for dinner.

Today is OP for food and exercise.

BillBlueEyes Credit for walking in the rain, I can't imagine a soggy hat being comfortable or attractive so I would agree with your dw. :p Wow for five months!!! Huge kudos!! :D

nationalparker Bummer that you had such a late night. Hope your dad's first chemo day progresses well and with no issues. :hug: I think my response to your dh about the food thing would be, "Thanks for thinking of me, I appreciate you! I don't need one right now (smile). How about I join you with a cup of tea (water...)." He probably doesn't care if you have a cookie, but guys like "doing things" together and he'd likely appreciate your presence/attention. I do usually sit w/ dh while he eats/snacks he says he is energized by my presence...whatever works! :cool:

6crowsgold Just SO awesome that you managed to put on the brakes and make the wise choice to stop. :dancer: Even better is it has not de-railed you today. Keeping up with those kiddos is very motivating! My guys 15,13, & 8 go 100 mph!

04-01-2014, 10:45 PM

A successful day 1 yesterday and day 2 today. Ready to go to bed soon so I am checking in here. I had the choice to have a second(s) at dinner and Dh and I discussed that and we both decided to stick with the one thing. That was good. No exercise to report, but my 10 day reset will re-introduce that soon enough so I a not sweating it.

Off to bed. Need to make big progress tomorrow on my next print submission.

Have a good night.

04-01-2014, 11:52 PM
Still here coaches!

So my great 10 day burst of being on plan crashed and burned for a bit but am back at it as of yesterday. I am determined for April. What can I say? Maybe one day I will figure this out. Reading your posts always gives me hope. Thanks for that all of you.

Credit today for:
-checking in with my coaches
-reading advantage and response cards
-starting a new food journal and making a list of what I want to do most days (am not shooting for perfection)
-writing down food and calories as I ate them
-doing arm/shoulder exercises

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.

nationalparker- hope your dad did OK today and hope you get some rest tonight.

04-02-2014, 05:34 AM
Happy April Coaches

I got distracted last night and then it was too late to post - I had an over calorie day yesterday but it is what I had planned to eat - I just miscalculated. Steps yesterday were almost 10,000 and high active minutes. I was at the desk a lot but kept moving.

I have ordered Diet Fix from the Book Depository - not available anywhere in Australia. I heard that it has been shipped so should get it in a few days and I am keen to make time to read it. A bit of inspiration and further guidance will be good. Today is my first 'fast' day on the 5:2 diet. It has been interesting as very like the hunger experiment of Beck. It was quite freeing knowing that I had no choice - that I had to stick to what I had planned for the day. I even found myself telling myself that I could plan to have chips tomorrow if I wanted them so that was interesting. It will also help me tolerate hunger better. I don't know how 'no choice' is different here than as usual but I am grateful it is sinking in.

Nationalparker - I hope your father and you and your family are OK after the first day of chemotherapy. I hope things went to plan. The port will make it easier but it is a freaky time. Sorry you had to work late and your DH got irritated. Credit for resisting that cookie

6crowsgold - amazing success to nip the flour tortilla in the bud while you were actually eating. That is impressive. We are both fasting on the same time if not day

Tricia - sorry no loss this week! It will happen - I like your confidence in your plan. Dinner sounds delish

Onebyone - credit for 2 days on plan and for not sweating about introducing the plan over time

CeeJay - glad you are back on plan - quickly by the sound of it. Great list of credits

Credits today
Ate on plan today - Yes
Planned food for tomorrow - not yet
I logged food as I ate it - yes
I did planned exercises - walked 8500 and active minutes show that my stride rate is increasing
I didn't eat standing up - Check - except I just realised I was doing it as I was cooking :(
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 3 - and I am enjoying the weightloss hypnotherapy recording
Scheduled time for diet and exercise - gym tomorrow and will plan food in morning

04-02-2014, 07:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, included organic spinach with the cod fish and sweet potato DW served for dinner. DW is escalating the number of veggies that she buys labeled 'organic.' I'm not a believer that the label guarantees much more than a higher price. Veggies from our Farmers' Market are probably closer to organic because there are some local folks who watch the practices used by the farmers.

Standard walk, CREDIT moi. I ducked into a used stuff place; turned down The Final Days by Bernstein ( for 25 cents not wishing to relive those times. Was tempted by a neat red necktie with a pattern of white geese thinking that it'd be appreciated by my bird watching friends. Then remembered that I don't wear a tie while out birding so skipped that.

onebyone – Super start for your 30+1 days, "we both decided to stick with the one thing" - great that you have your DH on board.

CeeJay - Kudos for "starting a new food journal" - fresh starts renew the soul.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Interesting that "'no choice' is different here than as usual" - maybe there's some secret magic in this Beck stuff. Impressive that the Book Depository gets a book from the UK to Australia in just a few days. Thank you Wright brothers.

nationalparker – Hope chemo went OK with your dad yesterday; it's touching that you were able to put yourself into his thinking. Kudos for thinking of your DH's feelings even as you're deep into your own.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Continue to believe that grass fed makes a difference in beef - Kudos for making that investment as well as for OP for the day.

6crowsgold - Super Kudos for "I managed to put on the brakes" - such a good message to the brain that you're taking this seriously. Good luck dealing with your son's school. You've reminded me of the notorious day in my life when a note came from my DD's first grade copied to four sets of parents. Seems that my sweet, darling, innocent, precious DD was the gang leader. She's now in graduate school so know that awkward starts can work out.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

Okay, I can almost hear your sabotaging thoughts. Writing a plan and monitoring what you eat is the single task the people I've counseled have most often resisted. You might be thinking the same kinds of things they've said to me, such as:
I don't really have to do that, do I?
It's so much trouble. I don't want to do it.
That means I can't just eat whatever I feel like eating.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 135.

04-02-2014, 10:21 AM
Good Morning!

Yesterday my fast went exactly OP. My last meal was a half cup of black beans mixed into a big bowl of steamed broccoli. Sure tastes great when you're fasting! They get easier as I go.

Today I've already logged 10 min standing elliptication and there is a plan.

AZtricia: 7 days OP with no loss = Whoosh on it's way, hang on tight!

onebyone: Walking away from dinner#2 is a huge credit!

CeeJay: We figure it out as we go--your best move is getting back on track as soon as you could-Kudos!

GosfordGirl: I hope your fast went well. One thing I depend on now is the fact that the hunger sensation isn't permanent, it comes in waves then goes away whether you eat or not.

BBE: Thrift shops are a favorite hunting ground for DH, DS, and me. I would've grabbed the tie for my son!

Best wishes for an OP day!

04-02-2014, 12:17 PM
Plans are always changing these days. Dad's chemo wasn't able to take place as his lung had refilled with fluid, so they are inserting a catheter today to help that drain and will reschedule the chemo asap as soon as this is set. I feel so bad for him; my brother said Dad is being very stoic. Thankful I'll be there in just over two weeks to assist. Sister arrived yesterday there, along with her plans to return in June with a puppy she'll be getting. Yes, you read right. WHAT THE HE**? Why not just then add an infant to the mix as well. I will talk to her again, but that was her focus when she was talking to mom and my brother... She makes the most offbase decisions and I struggle with that. Brother was VERY hiked up over it, as I was. I said I'll deal with this one thing - he has everything else on his plate. I'll give it a few days for her to grasp the issues there and then talk with her to assume that she now realizes that is not a wise decision. And the bottom line is - she doesn't even HAVE THIS PUPPY YET.

Whew - can you tell that got me aggravated? Mom cannot get around without a walker, Dad is VERY weak. They love my dog, who is 5, and VERY calm (we're thinking of working through the process for her to be a therapy dog, but not adding that to the plate right now) ... but I even debated on bringing her with me next time because she just sits with them and they like that. No jumping, no peeing, no barking, no crazy puppy zooms (unless i bathe her or play wild with her and I wouldn't do that there)... but I decided that would not be the best choice, and will decide after this visit.

Okay, a long deep breath and that's out of my mind. :) Sorry for venting for so long here. DH and I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel and it was quirky/funny. Out to dinner to an Italian place and enjoyed it immensely. Did well, and DH is taking my leftovers today, so I was able to limit it to one meal. Um ... i just looked up the calories and I didn't do so well. Scale reverb expected in a day or so, I suspect. Hm.

Activity has just been nil lately. NIL.

My "lift" for the workday yesterday was that I received a thank you note for a thank you note I'd written/mailed. I'm the one who WILL write when I'm frustrated by service, but also, and more often, I write when I'm pleased with service, even if it's just steady good service and nothing out of the ordinary. A few years ago I received a rebate from my insurance company and called to thank them - it arrived at such a welcome time. They were shocked someone call to thank them. But heck - I WAS thankful! :)

04-02-2014, 06:56 PM

I realized today that I didn't complete day 2 so I have to take it back and do it over but I didn't do it so far today either so it'll be a day 2 again tomorrow. That's ok. I'll get it done and then on to day 3 and etc.

I've been coming up with potential ideas for my submission and I'm about 70% of the way there. My design is based on the horror/science fiction comics of the 40's and 50's and while they look familiar to me and I can see the major design elements, well creating one is another thing. I am sticking with it though cause it'll be great when I finish and whether the jury for this event accepts me or not I am using these designs for the coming year or so. It'd just be great to have a piece done at a public printmaking event vs. in the solitary space which is my studio. So, none of this work is lost or for nothing, it'll all be used but I still have a deadline to submit something good and I want to have that in on Friday aka early. My ceramic guild friend and I are driving to Waterloo on Saturday morning for an image transfer workshop! This is what I was going to teach at our ceramic guild so it'll be good to see how someone structures this event. I will be learning stuff I don't know so that's exciting and whatever is a refresher is welcome. I think I even know the teacher as I believe he taught the kids ceramics in the summer at the school of art when I was there. We'll see as I will definitely ask him.

And none of this is about Beck is it? Sorry. I *credit* checked in, tracked and planned my food-except for two snacks. Back on track for dinner though. I will visit my gym tonight and re-arrange my workouts re: the trainer, basically postponing them for a month or two. My next goal is to follow a rudimentary workout schedule that actually fits into my week.

nationalparker Sorry to read of the complications for your dad's treatment. Also sorry to read that your sister is complicating things. I know sisters who do that kind of thing as well. Wishing you success in your upcoming communications with her, and sending you a :hug: that you even have to do that at this time. You have a lot going on. You're doing really well. LOVE that you send thank you notes and that you spread cheer and good wishes into the world. You never know what this means to someone else. That is truly fantastic. I thank *you* for doing that.

04-02-2014, 10:55 PM
Hi everyone,

Taking some credit today for a few things:

-checking in with my coaches
-packing lunch and dinner for tomorrow (hotel night)
-making sure to eat protein with each meal and snack

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!


04-03-2014, 01:18 AM
Hello coaches,

Another OP day w/o loss. But I can only fail if I give up, so instead I walked 2 miles did my DVD, walked pup and stayed OP for food. Hoping for a friendly scale tomorrow. Oh, and we didn't have pizza today because ds wants it for his b-day party Saturday. I think next time we will just have it twice! Today was way more stressful than I needed it to be!

onebyone Hurray for two good days and flexibility to keep up. Kudos for visiting the gym and planning a schedule that works for you.

CeeJay Great job being "back at it" after a slip. Determined is good! I have to have protien with each meal too.

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Kudos for all those steps and movement. Hope that your day after fast is OP!

BillBlueEyes Mmmm, love sweet potato!

6crowsgold Thanks for the encouragement. Glad to hear your fasting is going well.

nationalparker Oh, how hard, to have to wait again. Your sister sounds very hard to deal with. I hope you persuade her to give up the puppy idea!

04-03-2014, 04:43 AM
Good evening coaches

Today has been a planned and on plan day. I went to gym as planned and I ate on plan. As it was the day after a fast day I wasn't sure if I would go off plan but I didn't. This morning my weight was way down (a bit under ticker) but I am sure it will be back up tomorrow after a normal day today.

I have organised the veggie drawer and organised that part of food. I tried ocean trout yesterday for the first time and it was fabulous (and healthy). Not sure why I haven't tried it before. It is on my list of go to food. I didn't want to go to gym today as it was an opportunity to get more work done but I made myself go and did a good work out

Credits today
Ate on plan today - Yes
Planned food for tomorrow - not yet
I logged food as I ate it - yes
I did planned exercises - walked 8100 so far with 12 active minutes. Gym doesn't seem to register on fitbit
I didn't eat standing up - 80%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 2 - haven't done the weight-loss hypnotherapy recording yet and forgot it last night
Scheduled time for diet and exercise - YES

BillBE - Cod, sweet potato and spinache sounds like my kind of meal. Farmers markets are great if the folk are trying to implement sustainable practices. Some of them don't know the provenance of their food though - not a good sign. Your tie could be shown off at 'bird watcher" afternoon teas perhaps?

6crowsgold - Credit for "exactly on plan". Your fast meal sounds great. I am off legumes or I would add it to the list of possible meals. Elliptication while working sounds great - what happens when you get too pooped to keep moving? I guess you can sit or stand?

Nationalparker - shame your dad didn't get to get-over the first treatment - put that behind him (and the rest of you). Your sister seems a little self-absorbed. Maybe she hasn't really thought of the implications of a zipping dog tripping up someone in a zimmer frame. If it is an unusual or popular breed she may already have ordered it and be waiting for it to be weened. It is terrific that you send thank you cards and that you appreciate good service - I am glad that they recognised that as unusual and sent you a thank you

Onebyone - YAY for one day done and I hope you successfully get through day 2 tomorrow. Sounds like your submission is shaping up. Credit for planning gym and making a schedule that fits your needs

Ceejay - wishing you a successful road trip and hotel stay - must be disrupting and disorganising to your plan. Have a great tomorrow yourself!

Tricia - I know what being on plan and not having a loss feels like so I truly empathise. I think you are fantastic to stay absolutely on plan under the circumstances. The fall will follow soon

04-03-2014, 06:42 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – At last the ground was thawed enough to pound in the stakes that hold the fence for our Sugar Snaps in our community garden a few blocks from home. CREDIT moi for the arm exercise of pounding. This is the moment where there's only hope. There's no green in any of the gardens except for four remarkably sturdy Curly Kale that survived the winter. We left them in place hoping for a few edible leaves before they start to bolt. Soon those who buy foot tall tomato plants will put them in to make the place look garden-ial.

Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, meant dinner done by 5:30 to leave time to walk to a presentation on the evolution of behavior in animals. The mind boggles at the research possible with cheap, rapid DNA sequencing. Walked home later in the dark. The city after dark continues to delight - particularly when walking past places providing fast food to students who are starting their evening as I walk home to end mine.

onebyone – Actually, Yes My take is that "this is about Beck" - every aspect of one foot in front of the other through life is part of our Cognitive Therapy strategies that scoop up eating and exercise. Without art submissions you'd never have a brain positioned for gym and sane eating. Kudos for your life plan.

CeeJay - Always inspired when you pack meals for your hotel nights.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Had to google your Ocean Trout ( to discover that it's what's called Rainbow Trout in North America. Neat to have another "go to food." Sounds like a stellar day - Kudos.

nationalparker – Ouch for having the emotions jerked around by schedule change in your dad's chemo. Double Ouch for family dynamics that make the difficult even more so. Kudos for taking time for yourself and your DH by taking in The Grand Budapest Hotel ( I watched the trailer and have to add it to my list.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Just what I need to hear - "so instead I walked 2 miles." Many of the times I'm stuck could be seen as invitations for a brisk walk to clear the mind.

6crowsgold - I could get into broccoli and black beans. Kudos for one more fasting day.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

Writing and monitoring are very important, and if you're like most of the people I've worked with, I think you'll find that the idea of doing them is much more burdensome than the reality.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 135.

04-03-2014, 09:31 AM

I went to the gym and post-poned my training sessions until June. Two months feels right. By coincidemce my trainer was there and the desk girl was alarmed by my request and had the trainer come out to talk to me. She assured me it was o when I told her what I wanted but then she wanted to make sure I was still exercising at home if 'm not making it in and I lied and could feel my face get hot and my voice kind of crack. When I feel guilty I don't convincing lie. But it's a lie for now as my 10 day re-set reintroduces a "toothbrush level" of exercise soon. For me this will be the 15min/1mile walk. I *do* feel much better about going to the gym since I said that though as it is the truth that I need to fit it into my ordinary life and I need to create the pattern where it works best.

Foodwise I started the more detailed journaling required of day#2 and the reason I felt I needed to re-do it. I need to note amt, time, how i feel, and the food should be home made. He mentions in the book those that used diaries as punishment/big clubs to beat themselves up with and i thought "I didn't do that" and there i was, entering light cream and coffee into the journal and i felt *pissed* that it "wasn't enough--i had to write the time and my feelings too:mad:" Seems I am one of the punishers so there we go, some new thing learned already. *credit!!*

Another sunny day out there. My subconscious must have truly believed it would never be nice weather again as I feel stunned:dizzy: these days by the sunshine and melting snow. I feel as though I could take a chair and sit in it, continually adjusting it to remain facing the sun until it sets. I don't think I can get enough of it right now.

Studio day for me! Very excited! DH added the crowning touch to my submission design and my day will be spent painting it on paper. Possibly life size-half size more likely though. :carrot: Yay! I'm attaching the images from my other successful series beginning--ceramic figures all wearing slippers. So far only these two are complete.I am aiming for 20 or so and a gallery show with them somewhere sometime ie. I'm not selling them at the upcoming potters' guild sale! Someone wanted to buy them and i told them no, to wait. i know thats nuts but I need them to bring the future ones into being... she does have dibs though!

Have a great day.

ps. the figure holding something has a cup in her left hand and a plate with a chocolate chip cookie on it in the other. We love what we love...

04-03-2014, 11:12 AM
Not my best effort yesterday. I also had a post going yesterday evening, but then bolted from the laptop when DH came home, and left it undone. I prepped Trader Joe's chicken potstickers and fried rice, both a realistic serving with reasonable calories for what they are ... but of course the high sodium in the rice (and the other? I didn't check) ... but since I've not changed habits, I STILL hopped on the scale today to SEE how much water I'm retaining with my tight fingers, etc. Not pretty. Soon I will break that habit.

There is all drama at home. I've edited that out and suffice it to say, I'm aggravated beyond what is probably appropriate. I get frustrated at drama/exaggeration and am typically very dismissive, but this time it's gnawing away at me.

I went for a quick walk around my department and found a counter of three boxes of various stores' donuts and one box of frosted easter cookies. I checked the calories (160) on the cookies, so skipped that and took a mini peppermint patty. I didn't need it but at least savored it. A piece of candy before 10 a.m. is not wise. My hands are shaking I'm still so bent out of shape.

Dad's chemo is now scheduled for the day she leaves. I'll be there about a week later, and have offered to come in earlier if it will be helpful, so my brother will let me know as things progress. He's so very reliable, helpful, calm and we get along superbly. I wish I could take some of the burden off him.

I'll be gone for easter and will prep a small easter basket for DH - he tried on and really liked a watch over the weekend and while it's a little splurge, I'll pick that up and put that in there. I will include two reese's eggs - his faves, but only a little candy. He's working nights all that weekend, so I don't know best how to do it - call him and tell him where it's hidden, I think :)

OneByOne - I like your idea of keeping the streak number increasing and not reverting to Day 1 each day that doesn't meet your plan. I will start with mine today since yesterday was not pretty with extra small snacks. I can live with the peppermint patty for 50 calories. Love the body language in your pieces! Wonderful!

Bill - Credits for getting the gardens started. I am filled with 101 ideas on what i want to make my patio/gardens look nice, but mine is all flowers/shrubs with only some containers for tomatoes and peppers. I came home with a book of gorgeous patio ideas and keep dreaming while I scour the pages for ideas. In my dream home :) I will have shelves and growlights and warmth for seed starting. I used to have that at home in Florida and found success with some and not others, learned along the way, and enjoyed the process. Perhaps I can just create that in one room in my home here on a stand. That's impervious to curious cats.

04-03-2014, 11:34 AM
I'm reading The Diet Fix and using it to help me get back to my best routines. I'll read Day 2, about journaling, tonight. Reading onebyone's report, I'm already resisting the detail that is more than what I've done in the past. But I'm going to consider it a worthy experiment.

WI: -0.45 kg, Exercise: +50 95/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-03-2014, 11:36 AM
Hi Coaches!

I finally found an "internet moment" and I am taking it to check in even though I have other very pressing tasks. Credit. I have been having a continual problem with my aolbrowser locking up and this morning I had time to try another browser. It seems to be working and I will see if I can try an AOL-update. ??.

Anyway, I have been reading posts many times daily but it's very difficult with limited time to post from my phone. I have been pretty consistent at posting my good mornings on the SBD thread. Credit. I have much going on and I am trying to be mindful of food choices and work hard at resistance. I weigh every day and although I'm up a bit from my low weight I'm still within my range and I'm grateful for that.

I've been trying to get lots of different things caught up as we are traveling to Southern Cal next Wednesday to visit with the dear friend who was paralyzed in the car accident 3 years ago. It's bringing lots of "stuff" up for my DH with his brain injury. He has not gone through the process of accepting his best friend unable to even feed himself, and I've been trying to sit down everyday and have a discussion with him....helping him prepare. It's time consuming and emotional.

I'm going to try and get back for personals later today. Getting this to post is my first task.

nationalparker, sending supportive thoughts your way. I empathize with all the family drama and figure it to be expected since siblings all tend to deal with situations quite differently. Glad you feel comfortable to come here and share your daily thoughts. It's a very positive thing and I'm glad you trust us with your thoughts and feelings. Take care. :hug:

I'll see if I can get back later....

04-03-2014, 02:55 PM
A Drive By Post Today!

Yesterday was OP and a wispy 5 calories under. Today is OP, but I must decide about dinner on the fly before the day goes much further or I'll get home late and be ravenous.

Plenty of us are navigating our own "white water" this week. I do send the very warmest and best wishes to everyone!

04-03-2014, 08:27 PM
Back again. I felt I warranted a second post as my 3rd submission has also gone in before the official deadline. This is unprecedented! I have to say I love not being behind the 8 ball.
What a load off. Credit for allowing myself to have some peace.

I love my submission. I hope I am chosen, but if not I am still making it. I feel I am onto something good. It's a great feeling.

Gardenerjoy: I have managed to keep up with the recording of my food so far today *credit* but there are places(Is. time/mood/hunger level/calories vs. just writing the amt.and what it was) where it does take more time and my resistance is quite high which tells me this really is something I need to do. Actually I can already tell you why--there is no room to zone out with food if I have to be so detailed. I still hide in my food and you can't hide and be aware at the same time--not completely anyway. I look forward to your reaction/insight very much.

04-03-2014, 09:31 PM
Hello Coaches.

Looking at my program, I think my weight loss has significantly reduced my metabolism. The exercise I did previously carrying the extra weight burned more calories, so even though I'm doing more now I'm burning fewer calories. I think I'm going to re-set Diet Power again and let it find my new metabolism rather than wait for it to keep decrasing my "budget" by 10 calories per day. I really don't want to add more exercise! Maybe I should look at the fast day?

I read this article:
and found:
"A lot of patients ask if increasing calorie expenditure through exercise is preferable to decreasing calories consumed, Hensrud explains. "What's interesting is that to keep weight off, the research shows that physical activity is more important for that phase," he says. "But to lose weight, calorie restriction is best.""

So I have to face it and just cut back some more! I'll re-set tomorrow so I don't start off negative.

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Kudos for going to the gym and OP eating! OP for me isn't working like I like so time to change the plan!

BillBlueEyes So great that you have a garden! LOL about students starting their evening when others are done for the day!

onebyone So what is in the cup? Is your fav milk w/ your cookies, coffee, tea??? :D Awesome job on submissions.

onebyone Very nice to prep a surprise for dh's Easter. I'm glad your brother is reliable help, sending e-patience for dealing with sis!!

gardenerjoy Kudos for sticking with an uncomfortable experiment.

Lexxiss Good to see you. I hope that you have a better than expected trip! Good to hear you are in a good range for you.

6crowsgold Good to see you. Kudos for OP!

04-03-2014, 09:59 PM
Hello All! Do you mind if I join you? I have the Beck diet Solution book and I have read through it/worked through it some years ago, but I am in Maintenance now, after losing over 70 lbs scince October 2013 and I would like to work through alot of the principles again...

I havent read the Complete Beck diet, but I just ordered one off of Amazon.

There is something that always stuck with me through the Years is Hunger is Never an Emergency

Just something from Judith Beck I never forgot!

Can you tell me how this forum works, do you work through the book over and over?

04-04-2014, 12:06 AM
Can you tell me how this forum works, do you work through the book over and over?

Hello ahna! Welcome to 3FC.
I'm sure the moderator and others will chime in to answer too, but we each work through the book at our own pace reporting progress (preferably daily) and acting as each others coaches/diet buddies. It is great to hear that the Beck principles have stuck with you and you've maintained! Looking forward to getting to know you!

04-04-2014, 05:16 AM
Hi Coaches

Today I walked the dogs, worked and went to a new acupuncture practitioner at the university's Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic - a lot cheaper and more accessible. I am trying to keep an open mind and quell my positivist, scientific mind set. I liked the practitioner I saw and we will have 4 sessions and reassess. I need something to reduce inflammation and pain and it might work or not.

Today was my second fast day. I have followed my plan so far and do find it easy to have no choices that won't totally wreck the day. I am enduring hunger by telling myself I can have it tomorrow if I plan for it

BillBE - Yay for spring and being able to work the soil. Hope it softens up more soon. I didn't realise that the US seasons followed the equinox and solstice for seasons - we follow the British system (months), which doesn't really work for our seasons. I have attached a diagram of what is proposed for Australia - and it more truly represents what we are experiencing now - very late summer. I like the idea of Sprinter (Winter and Spring) and Sprummer (Spring and Summer) and the longer summer which matches our experience

Onebyone - Credit for reorganising your PT sessions to something manageable. I am looking forward to getting the Diet Fix and I will know what 'reset' means! Love your ceramic figures. Huge credit for being ahead of the game with submissions of your work

Nationalparker - I am so happy that you come here and offload what is going on at the moment - it is a difficult situation to be in. Yay for skipping donuts and picking something more reasonable. My experience of chemo rooms is that they can only take so many people. It would be nice if someone can be there for his first session to take him there and home and sit with him but there is not a lot of room for a lot of people so don't feel bad if you are not there for a week. How often is he having chemo? Usually weekly or less often

Tricia - Good luck with tweaking your program. The link that 6crowsgold provided is interesting info on the science behind the 5:2 diet so maybe if you follow it up it will help you decide. I have read the info on intermittent fasting for some time but didn't realise it had such an impact on cholesterol, triglycerides and ldl. Worth looking at the recording ( Thanks for the link to the Huffington Post

Ate on plan today - Yes - stuck to fast day calories
Planned food for tomorrow - have in mind what I will write down
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed myself and logged it - yes - up .8 pound
Did planned exercises - Nothing planned - walked bit under 7000 with 17 active minutes.
I didn't eat standing up - 95%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 2 - Also did the weight loss session last night
Made time for diet and exercise - Gym planned for tomorrow.

04-04-2014, 07:57 AM
:welcome: ahna :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get this five years ago, :wel3fc:

How did you first find out about the book by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you wander over here to the Beck Forum?

04-04-2014, 08:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Did Amped Arms and Abs class at gym. CREDIT moi for doing more crunches that I'd ever do on my own. I follow more each class, but still don't do all of everything. Felt like I'd done enough muscle work to justify my protein shake afterward. Reminds me that when I started this journey eight years ago, I believed the tout that the routine I was doing would give me six-pack abs in eight weeks. Right! I still dream of those when I look in the mirror. Or at least for the muffin-top to deflate to absolutely zero like in the ads for magic muscle building stuff. Oh Well.

Food was on plan, CREDIT moi. No special challenges arose; wasn't unusually urged to visit the pantry. I'm out of the red Bell Peppers that usually go with lunch, so I'll get me to the store today to remedy that.

onebyone – LOL at a "toothbrush level" of exercise. Love the BIG VERB of your ceramic figures. Kudos for choosing to not sell then to build for a gallery show. And Kudos for giving yourself space by submitting before the official deadline.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for the vision of "back to my best routines." Hope the reported St. Louis tornadoes spared you.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Ouch for browser issues - they're supposed to be transparent and to make our lives easier. Sending supportive thoughts for dealing with your DH's friend and your DH's reaction.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Terrific Helpful Response to hunger, "I can have it tomorrow if I plan for it." I am mesmerized by your seasons diagram. Just love Entwisle's Sprummer and Sprinter. Added 'Gariwerd' to my vocabulary and Grampians National Park ( to my Bucket List. Looks like you guys get a whole lot of summer.

nationalparker – Sending soothing thoughts as you work to settle the drama that sits on top of the real family concerns. Ouch for donuts and cookies at work. Kudos for recognizing the single piece of candy and moving on.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Ouch for the reality that losing weight and getting in shape makes our bodies more efficient with exercise. I was soooo annoyed when I learned that - so unfair!

6crowsgold - Under is under, even if "wispy 5 calories under."

ahna - You're most welcome here. Love that you arrive already in full possession of "Hunger is Never an Emergency." My take is that the Beck strategies are just what we need for maintenance. Each poster uses this forum in their own way. The common thread is to hold ourselves accountable and to serve as Diet Coach/Buddy to each other. So we'll act in that role for you and ask you to do the same for us.

The quote at the end of my post does read through the books over and over, but the discussion offered by each is where we're each working at the moment. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

Planning what you eat is essential. It helps you to do the following:
Think about how you're going to get and prepare the food on your eating plan.
Remember what you're supposed to eat and when. If you don't plan ahead, you put yourself in the tougher situation of solving problems in the moment. When you feel hungry and look in your refrigerator for something to eat, you might not come up with a diet-friendly solution.
Eliminate spontaneous eating. Spontaneous eating - the little nibbles of snacks, leftover, and other food - is often what keeps dieters from losing weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 135.

04-04-2014, 11:06 AM
My response to The Diet Fix, chapter 2, about keeping a food diary was one long "NOOOOO." I didn't realize that tracking calories was going to be part of that. Am I really going to do that after losing 70 pounds without it? Well, yes, I am. Because I'm struggling to keep it off and I believe him that this will get easier and it will be only a couple of weeks of annoying fiddly computations before I get the pattern and have the data I need to record my normal meals in seconds.

WI: +0.1 kg, Exercise: +35 130/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, ahna! Many of us have worked through the books one or more times. Right now, a few of us are working through a new book with similar principles called The Diet Fix by Yoni Freedhoff. This group is especially good, though, when I'm not working through any book. It helps keep me on track and apply the principles of what I learned.

GosfordGirl: I didn't realize that the British and Australians used months instead of equinoxes / solstices to mark seasons. That clears up some confusion I've had in the past. I thought it was "by definition" that the seasons lined up with equinoxes and solstices.

BillBlueEyes: We did have an interesting 24 hours of weather, but didn't even end up in the basement, although the sirens went off a few times. The projected tracks of possible tornadoes weren't near us. We did have a piece of ceiling collapse over the steps in the middle of the night, but that doesn't appear to be the damage of just one storm -- a long-term leak that couldn't handle the several inches of rain we got. "Call the roofer" is on today's list.

04-04-2014, 11:25 AM
Hello Coaches,

I was sick this week, and out of commission. I missed exercising on two days. But I stayed OP. Friday weigh in result: down ½ pound. I am glad for this because I really needed the adjustment. You know how sometimes you know you’ve lost weight but the scale won’t budge? I had the opposite problem. I “lost” 5.5 pounds in the last two weeks but I know that the scale was ahead of where my body was really at. Anyway. This week I feel more securely in the 160s. Yay! Other major credit: today at work, talking with a colleague, who was eating the chocolate peanut butter girl scout cookies sitting on the conveniently place nearby ledge for public consumption. I didn’t even notice them until she asked if we could move away because she couldn’t stop eating them. They weren’t on my radar because I don’t eat snacks at all ever at work.

BBE: Heh. I’ve had to (am having to) adjust my expectations as well. I mentioned to my husband that when I am fat, as I have been for the last 15 years (by slow accumulation of 3-4 pounds per year), my figure is theoretically perfect. You know, the figure I enjoy imagining I would have if I lost weight. Possibly not so accurate. Happily, I’m more motivated by health and fitness concerns than anything else. My knees are already loads better, for example, and I can keep up (at least more so) with my girls.

Cheryl: I haven’t really looked, but I do believe there is actual medical-grade evidence for the efficacy of acupuncture. Evidence or no, all that matters is whether it works for you. I sure hope it does. For diet, I also really like having super bright lines – it helps.

Ahna: Welcome! It’s a great place. Glad to have you on board. Counting bites is a new one for me. Cool.

Tricia: Thanks for the link. The quoted part makes intuitive sense to me. Diet Power can find your metabolism?!

Onebyone: Congrats on getting it done ahead of schedule. Feels great.

6crowsgold: Well done being OP. Carry on.

Lexxiss: Glad to hear your update. It sounds like you’re in a good headspace despite some profound challenges. I hope your trip goes well.

Joy: I kind of want to read The Diet Fix. Will you give a re-cap of the advice when you have a chance. I was put off buying it because I couldn’t really figure out the direction it takes from the online reviews and samples.

Nationalparker: Well done being OP. Who cares about water retention? It’s random. I’m sorry for the drama at an already stressful time.

04-04-2014, 11:29 AM
Okay - this will be the last day (this month - my goal) of me coming here and saying I didn't make such great choices the previous day. However, I did make saving choices in the evening. With tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on the menu for the stormy night, I picked up a baguette of warm french bread at the market and decided we'd have the small sandwiches - thinly sliced and doable/enjoyable for something different. I then whipped off a hunk on the end, sliced it and put a slice of hot pepper american cheese in there for a 250 calorie meal BEFORE DINNER. Credit in that I just had one mini sandwich AT dinner and soup in a small bowl and less, so I didn't have as much as I could have, but I'm sabotaging myself daily here. Goal for tonight: Get home, feed pets, make cup of hot tea, and haul out my Beck book, blow the dust off the top, and let it open to a place that hopefully will help me. And then I need to help myself. I'm tired of feeling like a failure for battling these same pounds day in/week out/month in/year out. Sometimes I wonder if it'd be just easier to stop battling and let things go - but then I know I'd be up, up, up.

A rainy, dreary day here today. Weekend is full of chores/errand plans and early Easter dinner with DH's folks. DH is working tomorrow all day, as well.

04-04-2014, 12:17 PM
Just a quick "Hello Coaches" before a crazy day. I'll try to check in later, but I did re-set Diet Power and the calorie budget fell to 1500, which is reasonable but a couple hundred under where it has been recommending. The program is a bit like a non-portable fit bit where you enter your food and exercise and it gives a calorie budget for each day.
On day 10 OP with no response from my unfriendly scale, hopefully the lower calories will help! Actually with the re-set, I should start recounting my day 1 :dizzy:
I'll try to do personals later, but for now I'm off to shop for groceries, prep for a b-day party for ds tomorrow, straighten/clean for guests, then kiddos have student council, service project, & swim, then oldest is in a band at tonight's talent I might not see the computer again today!

04-04-2014, 12:45 PM
Thank you all for the welcome! I will introduce myself a bit more and say I am 31 years old, 5 feet 6.5 inches, I have 5 children ages 11 to 1 year old. We homeschool with a Video school program. I will put my link to my youtube channel up when I get 25 posts!

I first heard about Beck Diet Solution when we went to Barnes and Noble bookstore in 2007 I think. I got it and while I did lose weight, I haven't been able to stick with my eating plan this strict and lose 70+ pounds ever before in my life. Now that I am in maintenance, I think Beck's principles will help keep me on track

I am starting a Weight Maintenance Journal/Scrapbook/Collection of ideas/sayings/studies/stories to help encourage and motivate me in my Weight Maintenance Journey. IT is a little different than weight loss, but Like Beck says, the same things you did to lose weight, you have to do to Maintain that weight.

For me to lose weight,

-I counted my bites,
-I tracked my bites on an app,
now I am writing them down also,
- I exercise every day (starting about halfway through my weight loss journey and I have only missed one day)

-I participated in online forums and got accountability and support.

-I filled out Stickk dot com Weight Loss Contracts, and put real money on the line, Now I am filling out Stickk Weight Maintenance Contracts and again put real money on the line

So the same things I done above I need to Continue doing as she said. Its a LifeLong Commitment, day in and day out!

I highly recommend the Stickk dot com for extra Accountability and Motivation to stick with the plan It has made all the difference for me! It made me stick with my exercise plan and my eating plan day in and day out and even when I didn't/don't feel like it! Just another tool! I put 18 dollars on every week, and I use it for housework and all kinds of stuff. Our house is much cleaner and my body is much smaller scince starting Stickk in October!

Quote from Beck diet solution facebook page...

It tends to only be when dieters are off track and struggling that they wonder, “Is it worth it to keep putting in the effort?” When they’re on track and feeling in control, they don’t struggle with this question. If you’re asking yourself, “Is it worth it?” remind yourself that once you’re back on track and feeling great, the answer is always YES!

This is something I tell myself! Even though I don't feel like it or it doesn't seem worth it now, it always will later or tommaorw morning! So worth it just to plow through and then we are glad we did!

Credits to myself today for:
-Going ahead and exercising even though I did NOT feel like it:)

Can you all share some ideas on your reasons for what you put on your Advantages of Losing/Maintaining Weight Response Card? I need to be doing that soon

I downloaded The Beck Diet Solution on my iphone and on our home computer so I will be trying to listen to a bit of it each day/often.

I will do Personals a little later.

Thanks again for the welcome! :hug:

04-04-2014, 12:49 PM
I went to the store for "something for dinner". I actually do quite well at the store. I enjoy watching other people and their choices, I like reading labels and I'm not super spontaneous and grabby about off plan foods. I did pick out a healthy dinner….organic beef for a meatloaf and a frozen veggie medley. I passed on potatoes and garlic bread credit and used several thin "heels" of sourdough for a homemade treat with far less calories. Credit moi.
I forgot to mention that yesterday and today I spent some time trying on clothes for our upcoming trip. I have many choices that I've most recently fit back into which is nice, but I did catch myself with some sabotaging thoughts….I had to remind myself that I've lost 100# since I last saw these folks and no one is going to think I'm fat lol and that's not what the trip is about anyway. Crazy how the brain works!

BBE, yay for a fence for the sugar peas! A noble start to the gardening season. PS. I planted my sweet peas on SPD...noticed you mentioned it, too. I guess it's not just my grandmothers idea...

onebyone, kudos again, for an early submission! A memory box worthy event……..It's great that you are persisting with some difficult tasks, knowing your resistance indicates you ought to do it. No choice! Great! Glad to hear, too, that you had a discussion with the trainer.

6crowsgold, credit for knowing you need to plan your dinner before you are ravenous. You discussed age/weightloss awhile back. I am 56. For years I thought I couldn't lose. I've also been wanting to mention I lived in a crow rookery in Alaska. Fascinating! They are so wonderful in their natural habitat, especially as they rear their young.

Gardenerjoy, credit for getting a new book to spur on your enthusiasm. Nice you and onebyone can share insights. I occasionally "count" and always find several easy fixes. Kudos for being open to trying!

flnu, glad you are feeling better and didn't use being sick as a excuse to head off plan and gain back any weight.

Nationalparker, good for you making a plan "One day at a time".

Cheryl(GosfordGirl), I've noticed you're still working at those Essentials! Kudos to you for many credits posted each and every day!

Aztricia, a change in WOE as a long term plan has many long term benefits, not just on the scale. Best wishes with your most current calorie resit. Kudos to you for noticing those other things and thanks for sharing that chard has potassium. I didn't know.

CeeJay, credit for posting and packing food!

MaryAnn, I read "VirginDiet"...had it downloaded to my Ipad. It was very interesting and had me thinking lots.

04-04-2014, 05:12 PM
Happy Friday!

Today is a 500 cal Fast Day, so far so good! 30 Min. upright "ellipticating" done today. Weigh-In tomorrow.

onebyone I hope you get chosen too!

AZtricia Credit for the calorie intervention, man I hope that scale starts behaving!!!

GosfordGirl Way to go with the fasting! I find that, even when I promise myself something the next day, I often don't want it....

BBE "Or at least for the muffin-top to deflate to absolutely zero"--The Grail, in my world!

gardenerjoy Best of luck with your "New Math"!

flnu "I don’t eat snacks at all ever at work" --I strive for this, thanks for demonstrating it can be done!

nationalparker Every saving choice is a WIN in this battle, hang in there!

ahna Welcome! What an awesome weight loss achievement--everyone here will be cheering you on for maintenance!

Lexxiss I am absoluteley fascinated by Crows! Was that a rookery established by a people group or by the crows themselves?

Have a great weekend!

04-04-2014, 05:14 PM

I successfully completed Day 2 yesterday and am half way through day 3. Day 4, tomorrow, will prove challenging as I will be leaving home at 7am to go to a ceramics workshop 2ish hrs away which ends at 4, then home, then off to a 9:30pm movie which has, get this: reserved seating, valet parking and your food order is taken at your theatre seat and delivered to you. Oh, and it's like 5x as expensive as the cheap Tuesday movie, where this one will be next week. DH had sticker shock but it's too late now. we're going with two guys he works with. I'm curious about it but doubt it will become part of our routine. So, it will be a long, pleasant, day tomorrow without the *credit* burden of knowing my submission isn;t done because IT IS:dancer: STILL jazzed about this Coaches, it's that rare!

Today's exercise is to prevent hunger from ever arising. To do this you need to eat protein at every meal and he gives ou a minimum amt and a min amt of calories for your meal and snacks. Eat every 2.5-3.5 hrs. record it all like yesterday. You agree to eat even if you're not hungry. And... I wasn't in the morning. And wasn't at lunch but found myself yearning for a fruit, so I added it to my lunch. It wasn't hunger though. It was a "feeling" intuition, something, that I could "use" a fruit. The recording of calories is to make sure you eat enough and nevermind about the rest. We're not supposed to beat ourselves up about it and so I will take the good Dr. at his word. In this way it is very Beck-like. Plus it's day 3 of 10 so we're laying groundwork. I'm not going to second guess. I'm giving myself to the program to see what it has to offer. I am anxious to get through it already though. Oh well. 30% reset at the end of today. I look forward to it.

*credits: posting, tracking, journaling, pos. affirmations listened to, planned food, cooked from scratch, following diet fix program vs. fighting it

04-04-2014, 08:14 PM
Hi Coaches!

Sitting at Costco enjoying a .49 cent diet soda. I left DH with DD at the mall and am enjoying a rare moment on my own. On the way in I realized I used to resist the free samples and now I could really care less. BDS at work for sure!

Mom needed stuff at WF and I didn't buy one thing for me nor did I taste the free vegan raw bars. They could actually work for my plan but at $2.50 ea I knew I wouldn't buy them so no reason to taste either.

It's why I keep working at this. I enjoy the easy moments though I still have many difficult times, too.

6crowsgold, my home was on the shoreline ofsouthcentral Alaska...natural rookery. My hubby occasionally had a pet crow-when a baby fell out of the nest. I loved when they fed the babies...I can still hear the gurgling noises. I miss them!

Ok off to retrieve DH.

04-04-2014, 08:27 PM
Good Afternoon, Coaches.

Great to catch up on the posts. Extra work has kept me off the "net" but I am proud to say this is day four 100% OP.

Thoroughly appreciate the posts from Ahna and gardenerjoy regarding maintenance. Always a shock to me that I have to be just as disciplined, honest and willing when I am three pounds from goal as I was 20 pounds from goal or 50 pounds from goal. I never would have believed that.

My latest recommitment is a surrender that I am powerless over sugar. I do not eat for fuel, I eat for the high. I knew a gal who was bi polar and she struggled taking her medication because she didn't want to give up the manic part of her moods swings. In a small way, I completely understand.

This is day four of restricting carbs from anything but veggies. I have absolutely no hunger but I grieve the sweet taste in my mouth. I grieve the little "sugar vacation" I was constantly searching for at work last week. The food I am eating is delicious but it will never replace sweet. Can I find joy and peace without sugar highs? My faith wavers. I found peace without alcohol 26 years ago and peace without smoking 14 years ago. I must be willing to believe there is life without sugar addiction. It just doesn't feel that way right now.

04-05-2014, 12:49 AM
Quick good night as I turn off the pc. Today was OP for the new lower calorie level...see y'all tomorrow.

04-05-2014, 01:39 AM

Back from overnight trip. So happy I have been 100% on plan for 2 days back to back. Looking forward to cooking some healthy dinners this weekend. I am finding it an interesting challenge to eat protein with every meal and snack. Mostly I have been able to do this and am not hungry. Not hungry does not mean not craving though. I am fighting through the cravings with the help of good old "no choice".

Have a great weekend!

04-05-2014, 07:52 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, despite three dumb challenges. First, I sat through a two hour meeting with Oreo cookies on a tray and had none. Oreo's used to be my go-to cookie - easily half of the 81 pounds I'd accumulated were shaped like Oreo's. They still have a special draw, not for a single one but for a nice stack of five. Second, a friend brought DW a container of homemade cookies - chocolate cookies with chocolate chips. So far, I've just ignored them. The final was an abundant spread of snack foods during the evening. A bowl of nuts looked particularly good since Brazil nuts were visible on top. Yay for a good day in the presence of the tempting.

The standard walk and folk dancing were the exercise, CREDIT moi. Weight lifting came from removing an unassembled 114 pound entertainment center from the trunk of the car. DW talked me out of trying to carry it inside in the whole carton unpacked. She was smart. We razored open the end and slid out one piece at a time. Easy peasy. Today's challenge is to assemble it with all the wooden dowels and screws. Looks simple enough.

onebyone – Yay for reaping the joy of a task done ahead of time. Looking forward to hearing about your upscale movie experience - I didn't know such thing existed.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – You've convinced me; I did my library 'one click' to order The Diet Fix (, despite hearing your "NOOOOO" all the way out here.

CeeJay - Interesting that "Not hungry does not mean not craving." Kudos for two days 100% on plan.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Drooling for "heels" of sourdough - two favorites. Kudos for getting your head straight to appreciate your 100 pounds gone. Monster Kudos for ignoring FREE samples at Costco - from an addict.

maryann - Count me as one of those who's grown to believe that sugar is evil. When I stopped popping cookies continuously, I found the natural sweet taste in many foods that had been masked when my sugar standard was cookie-candy-high. Kudos for "day four 100% OP."

nationalparker – Sometimes a "A rainy, dreary day" can lead to dreary thoughts. Kudos for seeing that you don't want to stop staying your path.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Happy Birthday to your DS. What does it mean for home schooled kids to have student council?

flnu - Ouch for being sick for a week - wish you a full rebound. Super good to hear "I didn't even notice" the Girl Scout cookies - Kudos for getting your head to that place. [Love the thought of a "theoretically perfect" body when it's hidden by extra fat. Despite my complaining of a muffin top, DW spontaneously noticed that I'm looking "trimmer."]

6crowsgold - Congrats for making it through one more fast day.

ahna - Congratulations for grabbing The Beck Diet Solution in 2007 - its publication year. Extra Kudos for exercising "even though I did NOT feel like it."

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

Planning what you eat is essential. It helps you to do the following . . .:
Tolerate occasional hunger and cravings and learn that you can withstand them.
Make decisions about eating before you encounter triggers. Let's say some friends invite you to dinner. They offer you some tempting dessert. The decision is already made; no. The dessert isn't on your plan, so you don't eat it. You don't have to weigh the pros and cons. You just stick to your plan. This eliminates the tension and struggle.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 135.

04-05-2014, 11:08 AM
Hello, all! I had one day OP ... and reading everyone's posts of two, four, etc. days OP has me excited to feel that way, too. Challenge today is that I'll be home alone, but with much to do, as well as errands. Will try to prep some small meals for DH for the freezer and will leave him a list of ideas as I might be leaving this week instead of next to care for folks as Dad is not doing well and they need someone with them. Situation will be assessed this weekend by my brother and his wife (a nurse) who are less prone to drama.

Tomorrow we're taking DH's folks to Buca de Beppo for an early Easter dinner, so know that dinner there and dessert at our home will be more than typical but if I can have that one meal be my splurge for the week, I will be doing well. We don't go there often, but thought they'd like to go (not often being three times in 12 years :)) and were right. So today will be a lighter day to compensate a bit in theory. Goal is to have regular meals and skip snacking. Thanks, Bill, for the Plan for Tomorrow note for today! Good luck assembling that project. I'm always excited to add in a new piece of furniture that I picture will transform a room. Kudos for standing down, among everything else, the Oreos. Oldest temptations are most often the hardest for me.

Certainly thought the scale karma gods would have been kind this morning since I skipped the Friday donut day at work, too. Not even a BITE of those bakery donuts. Scale finally under 170. I made a good dinner - a resolution this year was to let less food go to waste. Goal is NONE but ... anyway DH had grilled chicken tenders a few nights ago that I forgot about, so added two red peppers on their way out, and an onion, and we had chicken fajitas with low carb tortillas I'd found awhile back on major sale. I was like, "score!" :) We have ample for one more meal, too.

For those reading, "The Diet Fix" - would you recommend it as a book to buy or to check out from the library? Will it be one you'll refer back to now and again, similar to the BDS?

Surprised DH with an early Easter basket last night - we each took a bit of cash from our tax refund to spend and I got him a watch he'd tried on and really liked a while back... he was very surprised and happy, so that made me very happy. I did include two of his biggest treats, Reese's eggs, along with some 100 cal packs of almonds, and healthier snacks.

Thank you all for the positive thoughts on my folks. Off to ring my mom right now and see how she's hanging in there.

04-05-2014, 12:25 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Day 5 OP and large hurray :) - Weight was on ticker. It has taken me a month to lose the weight gained through indulgence on my Sedona girl's trip. I am resolved to try and remember that month when I give myself a FREE pass on a special occasion. Maybe I will keep to only rare and unusual foods and not "well it is next to the rare and unusual food and doesn't it look festive."

Congrats to all OPs for the day.

Ceejay: I have super increased my protein right now and find myself not hungry in the least. It is my mind that thinks about the sweets.

BBE: Knowing you and your wife's background, that entertainment center doesn't stand a chance. It will be perfectly assembled in a heartbeat. Unlike a engineering job attempted in this household. Now if you need to teach 30 twelve year olds about coordinative conjunctions. I am your gal.

04-05-2014, 02:17 PM
One of the reasons that I resisted calorie-counting in the past was I was afraid of awakening a perfectionist tendency that I would be unable to sustain in the long term. So, it turned out that yesterday’s annoyance at the whole thing worked well. I was able to play the annoyance off the perfectionism and end up with some very workable compromises.

For example, instead of figuring out the calories in my homemade bread, I used Calorie King’s information for an ounce of average whole wheat bread. Close enough and a lot easier.

Speaking of ounces, the digital kitchen scale (which I already owned but previously called a ‘postal scale’), turned out to be a terrific tool. I was able to weigh the whole amount of stuffing that I made (and expect to eat for the next week), and use that to determine the number of calories per ounce. Much more accurate and easier than trying to measure how many cups the recipe produced.

Another compromise – rounding ingredients off to the nearest 5 calories and dishes off to the nearest 10 calories. According to Marion Nestle, you can’t get closer than that even in the lab so there’s no way I’m going to be more accurate in my kitchen. Math is much easier in 5s and 10s.

WI: -0.35 kg, Exercise: +50 180/1500 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

ahna: I have one advantage to losing right now -- I want to look as good as possible for a family wedding at the end of the month! Normally, I go for longer term things like, "I feel pain so seldom now" and "I love and celebrate and delight in my new lifestyle and way of eating."

nationalparker: I got The Diet Fix from the library and I think that's going to be enough. But, then, while I own the pink book, I keep checking out the green book from the library as if I haven't done it enough to justify owning it by now.

04-05-2014, 06:46 PM
DH is taking me out to a Steakhouse for supper. I ate 2 small meals today, a 7 bite breakfast and an 8 bite lunch so that I could enjoy a 40 bite delicious eating out supper of whatever I want!

Saturdays and Sundays I eat more planned food, that is how my meal plan works (NO S diet)

Im getting a little burnt out with my exercise. I like leslie Sansone but I like her older videos better almost and I don't like to do too much the same thing over and over. I got a dvd from the library to change things up next week

gardenerjoy It sounds like you have come up with a very workable plan for figuring out/tracking your food plan.... Some people wonder about me tracking/counting bites for lifetime, probably, but I just think/say if people can track calories ect forever, then I can track bites :) Its all about doing what works best for each individual person :D

Maryann good job getting the weight off this month!

nationalparker kudos on the scale being under 170!

BillBlueEyes Oreos...mmm...I used to be able to eat many more than one myself! Good job on ignoring your friends cookies!

CeeJay good for you being on plan 2 days in a row! Always feels good to get back on track!

LexxissI realized I used to resist the free samples and now I could really care less. BDS at work for sure!

my DH and kids stop in Walmart to get the latest samples and I pass on by them :)

onebyone I eat 3 meals a day and I try to eat peanut butter at each meal sometimes or foods that help keep me going from meal to meal. Prunes are another good thing that holds over. You mentioned protein, Ive noticed and read that eggs are good too. Its all about Satiety When we are satisfied, Losing and Maintaining our weight becomes much less of a struggle!

04-05-2014, 10:19 PM
Happy Saturday Coaches,

Today we celebrated ds's birthday with pizza and ice cream "bar". A variety of toppings were available for the ice cream including the old favorites of hot fudge and caramel. I had one slice of pizza and some un-sugared strawberries (taken before they were mixed for the ice cream topping). I am full and OP for the day. Not having ice cream is a bit disappointing, but I "finally" lost a pound today and am hoping for a bit more progress sticking to the new lower calorie level. The ice cream we purchased was the "super premium" kind with a zillion calories per half cup and is not an item that I'll never see none for me today.

Ds had a great time and was so pleased to get a mini pinata from grandma. He was asking for a pinata to bash, but decided on the inflatable slide play place instead. Thanks to grandma he had both. It was adorable, only about the size of my hand.

ahna It is good you have found a plan that has allowed you to loose and will work for you long term. Wishing you a wonderful evening out! Hope you are able to find something fun to switch up your exercise. Thanks for the stickk site recommendations.

gardenerjoy Rounding and estimating are great solutions to not get bogged down in details or perfectionism. I like the idea of weighing at the beginning of the week to figure servings.

maryann A huge kudos to you for being back at maintaining! A pound a week is reasonable and healthy loss, it is a bummer that it is so much faster to gain when indulging. You are a great example to me though, by not ignoring it and going right to work at getting back to where you wanted to be. I totally get the sugar thing. Now that my gut is back in balance from good bacteria supplements, it does not have the same affect or pull.

nationalparker Hope you enjoy your "Easter" dinner! Wishing you a safe journey to your parents. So glad your dh enjoyed his surprise.

BillBlueEyes Home school student council plans the monthly social events and community service projects for the 200+ youth/students in middle school and high school for our group. They have officers and lead committees for each event as well as take care of publicity, snacks, games and whatever other coordination is needed. I always enjoy hearing about your dancing exercise. Hope new entertainment center assembled easily.

CeeJay Hurray for OP even during a trip! Awesome job building your resistance muscle by ignoring those cravings.

Lexxiss So awesome that free samples no longer have power over you. Great job nipping those sabotaging thoughts!

onebyone Interesting description of your plan. It is very like what I am doing, protein every meal, eat the meal on time even if I'm not hungry (because by then it is too late!). Which book was that from? I'd like to look at it.

6crowsgold Love your new verb. Thanks for the encouragement!

flnu Great job sticking to your plan even when you were sick. So awesome that cookies are not on your radar! Diet power tracks my calories and exercise to give a budget based on what it calculates for my metabolism. It had my metabolic rate in the 2400's for calories (with a few days above 2500!) which I felt was too high, so I reset to default for my age/height/weight which is 2200. It then gives a calorie daily budget based on how much you wish to loose in a period of time. For instance to loose 1.25 lb/wk it recommends 600 cal/day under metabolic rate as the daily calorie budget. It compares how fast you loose to what it expects and adjusts the metabolic rate and daily budget.

GosfordGirl/Cheryl I need to take pup out! With the party prep and company we have not been out yet, this is the first time since I've had him that I've not taken him out 3-4X/day! I guess I'm off to the park before it gets dark so we both move some today. I'm glad to hear the fast is working for you so far. Wishing you a great weekend!

04-05-2014, 10:45 PM
Happy Saturday!

Happy to report a beautiful warm sunny day here. Finally! Spent lots of time outside which was lovely. BillBlueEyes- so far we have our Canadian Geese back and also saw an eagle and a few seagulls today. And a Junco.

I continue to be inspired by The Diet Fix. I am doing the 10 days of steps again and I think actually I might just keep doing them over and over. I need to just keep focusing on these skills. I am eating a healthy, protein filled diet at a calorie range that is doable for me. I am not weighing myself until the end of 10 days. Daily weighing just was not working for me- too much focus on numbers and too much disappointment. I am also trying to practice Beck skills and the combination of these approaches seems to be working. I am so grateful for that because those of you who have been here awhile know that I have not been able to maintain any weight loss. The Diet Fix talks about traumatic dieting and that is for sure what I have been experiencing. Right now I feel calm about food. This calmness is a feeling I am pretty sure I have not experienced at least not in my adult life.


04-05-2014, 11:11 PM
Hi Coaches

I actually posted last night but must not have hit submit? Anyway it is gone - which is a good thing because it wasn't such a good day or evening the night before. Today is shaping up better. I went to gym yesterday and credit that I have been keeping up the 3 days a week - I have scheduled 3 times for next week. I have also scheduled 2 acupuncture sessions. My two 500 cal fast days last week were manageable and my weight is creeping down

Our clocks switched last night so another hour in the day today which is terrific - the other end makes me jet lagged. Nice to get up just before light instead of in total blackness from now. This is a week of hope - the seasons are turning, it is cool and rainy today, it is the last week of work madness and then I have and Easter break to look forward to.

Hopefully the Diet Fix will arrive early in the week and after the workfest is over I can give it some time over Easter

BillBE - did you see the seasons in the Geriwerd ( as used by the indigenous people there - the season of the honey bees (Autumn), cockatoos (June to July) etc. They are the pictures across the top of Entwistle's proposed seasons.


Ate on plan today - so far
Planned food for tomorrow - half the day
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed myself and logged it - yes - up 1.2 pound
Did planned exercises - Nothing planned - will be lucky to make 5000
I didn't eat standing up - yesterday 40% today 70%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 2
Made time for diet and exercise - Gym planned for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - think I will give Tai Chi a try (to improve my terrible balance issues.

04-06-2014, 06:53 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – We did assemble the entertainment center - CREDIT moi for doing the necessary. "Light Assemble Required" leaves out that the back is secured with self-taping wood screws that are best driven by an electric drill. Easy for us since we own one and had it out already. The larger issue is that it doesn't automatically come together square and true. The trick is to partially screw stuff together and then, using a LARGE square, have two people torque the whole piece until true and then screw tight. The square back, screwed in place, holds the true shape. To our surprise, the remainder of the instructions, just drawings without words, were thorough and correct.

The other exercise was the gym class, Pure Muscle Tone, CREDIT moi. That evil Plank exercise continues to remind me that I'm not Atlas. I despise it. Oh Well.

Food was on plan, CREDIT moi. At the movies last night it seemed that half the couples in the audience were sharing a HUGE popcorn bucket for each. Lots of popcorn going down, thankfully not by us.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Good demo of reducing calorie counting to a doable chore. My mouth waters every time I'm reminded that you always provide fresh bread.

CeeJay - Kudos for making the decision to change your weighing schedule to seek one that works for you. Glad that warmth finally found Canada. Junkos are leaving here - glad to hear they're arriving there. Jealous of the Bald Eagle. You're welcome to all our Canada Geese, LOL.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Kudos for consistently keeping up your three gym visits per week. Love the seasons of the Geriwerd - thanks for that link. By the by, is your news dominated by flight MH370? It dominates 24/7 around here.

maryann - LOL at "well it is next to the rare and unusual food and doesn't it look festive." Congrats on your consistent month letting Sedona go. [The thought of facing 30 twelve year olds terrifies me - and I've stood in front of powerful and assertive adult audiences without flinching.]

nationalparker – Neat that you made your DH an Easter basket before you leave to be with your folks. Hope your SIL gives you a calming evaluation of their situation. DW and I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel ( last night and laughed ourselves silly. Thanks for recommending it. (We didn't recognize Bill Murray until we looked closely at the poster afterward.)

Tricia (AZtricia) - Congrats to your scale for finally catching on that you've been on plan for a while now. Kudos for ignoring ice cream of "the "super premium" kind with a zillion calories per half cup." [Thanks reminding me that home schooled kids have their own community.]

ahna - Seems like a good idea to switch to a new exercise before burnout robs you of your drive. Kudos for so casually skipping the FREE samples at Walmart.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow
. . . Plan and monitor your
eating in writing every day.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 135.

04-06-2014, 09:21 AM
Hello, coaches! Flight has been rescheduled to head home on Wednesday, and Dad's chemo is still set for then. We'll see how things go preceding that, if it stays as planned. Busy, busy day yesterday and proud to note that I stayed OP ... even though I wanted to stray a bit. Unable to sleep much last night and up early. Issues with work not working correctly, snitty coworkers and just some bs on my mind.

Bill - Kudos for setting up that entertainment center. I don't realize things should be halfway secured until I've all-the-way secured them and have a lopsided bookshelf or whatever I've put together :) Now DH handles that to my relief. My job is now to keep our dog from annoying him when he's working on the floor. Glad you enjoyed the movie! If you see Tim's Vermeer, fill us in. I want to see it but think I'll miss it in theatre.

Maryann - Major credits to you for being right back at maintenance. I always know you can and will do it.

AZTricia - Great job at the celebration yesterday! I am impressed! :)

GardenerJoy and CeeJay - Thank you for the info on The Diet Fix - I'm tempting myself with buying the book, but I'm such a library fan, that I'll see how long it takes for it to come in. And then I might just it :)

GosfordGirl - Nice list of credits! I am going to try to focus on that - I keep thinking I'm so far off track because I'm not losing but I bet when I'm able and willing to throw activity in the mix, I'll be better off. Now you have me thinking I should just buy the book myself! ha ha

04-06-2014, 04:44 PM
I'm re-doing Day 3 of The Diet Fix today so I'm using this mantra from the book: don't spend even a moment beating yourself up about it--life happens.

Life, yesterday, presented an opportunity to hear a presentation and get a guided tour by a photography curator of the new exhibit at the Art Museum. It's a French Impressionism exhibit, but it includes lots of contemporaneous photographs as well. Very cool to see the same subjects done in the different mediums and what that had to say about the state of French nationhood and art in the 19th century.

I followed that up with a long walk in Forest Park. So, I didn't get the timing of my snacks right according to this plan. Today isn't looking good, either, but I learned things both days that will make tomorrow a better opportunity to meet the guidelines. I'm with CeeJay, though, on the impulse to repeat the 10 days. It's going to take at least that long before I feel like I'm doing this as well as I'm capable of with more advance planning and experimentation.

WI: -0.05 kg, Exercise: +75 255/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-06-2014, 09:55 PM
Hello Coaches,

Second full day on the new lower calorie level. Expectations take adjusting and my "standard" meals all need modifications so it is more work than I am accustomed to doing. The loss of one pound yesterday stuck despite a salty slice of pizza, hurray! I took a nice nap today recovering from the last couple crazy days...and I almost never nap.

We are entering the final few weeks of schooling for the year with lots of projects and testing winding up in the next few weeks. Oldest is working on a music video spoof that he has to create 100% digitally animated and prepping for 2 AP exams along with a huge report/essay due soon. Middle woke up with a migraine after all of yesterday's excitement and junk food. We are still waiting for an appointment with the dyslexia specialist for youngest.

CeeJay Yeah for sunny days! Glad you are inspired by the Diet Fix!

GosfordGirl/Cheryl Kudos for going to the gym & OP. So glad you are nearing the end of the difficult time at work.

BillBlueEyes Hurray for a smooth assembly. I will have to look up plank, but can guess it will be awful. Kudos for resisting the movie popcorn while so many others indulged.

nationalparker Awesome for staying OP during stress and busyness. Sorry your coworkers are not being pleasant.

gardenerjoy Oh, Forest Park sounds like a great place to walk.

04-06-2014, 10:20 PM
Hello Beckers:

Another on plan day today. I am on the 2nd round of the Diet Fix and just finished day 5 again. Tomorrow is exercise and I need to decide how I am going to fit in riding the exercise bike more often than I am. I am pretty steady with the arm/shoulder weights every 2nd day but am hot and cold about the bike. I would much rather walk but too much knee/ankle/foot/leg pain to do much of that. Man do I hope weight loss helps with that problem.

Credits today are:
-ate on plan healthy meals and snacks with lots of protein
-logged all food as I ate it
-packed up lunch for tomorrow
-planned dinner for tomorrow
-did arm/shoulder exercises
-read advantage and response cards
-checked in with my coaches
-listened to motivation app

GosfordGirl- hope today went well. Really great that you are keeping up with the gym. Interested to know how Tai Chi goes for you.

BillBlueEyes- we saw 8 eagles today over our house. So nice to see them back. My hubby was putting together shelving this weekend from Ikea- also instructions with no words- it all came together.

nationalparker-wishing you and your dad the very best this week. Hope all goes as well as it can.

gardenerjoy- glad to be doing the Diet Fix steps with you and onebyone. It's more "fun" that way. :D:D:D

AZtricia- yay for another pound gone!!!


04-06-2014, 11:13 PM
Quick fly by...

Have not moved on to day 4 of diet fix yet as it is cook from scratch and plan the week's meals. I don't recall the day to day Beck tasks being this detailed. I am glad I've been following hers for years off and on as I'd be tempted to abandon the whole thing but I totally know it's worth the work and so I am seeing it through but slowly. Lots to pay attention to.

Better hit the hay.

Have a good night.

04-07-2014, 12:50 AM
Been Surfing "The Diet Fix" authors blog and found this article he links:
which recommends 25-30% of your intake be protein (amino acids) for optimal weight loss. His blog, Weighty Matters, also has great videos.

04-07-2014, 12:53 AM
Winding down the weekend...

Weigh-in results=down 1 more pound! Did not allow myself to have extra calories just because it was the weekend and stayed OP all through.

Inspired to set a butter carton on my dresser so I can look at the pound of fat I just lost in concrete form.

Stayed busy with errands, laundry, and wrote 8 letters to pen pals with a new pen.

Best to all for a great week ahead of us!

04-07-2014, 06:21 AM
Hi coaches

An onplan day today and I have met my walking and activity goals so it is all good. Down a few pounds and under ticker (for the moment)

BillBE - great popcorn resistance in an environment where it is the done thing. Not sure I would try anything called Pure Muscle Tone - tend to agree about the dread plank. Yes - nothing else is happening in the world other than the disappearance of flight MH370

Nationalparker - hope the trip home goes well. Sympathies for difficult coworkers - they can make life a mysery. Credit for onplan in the midst of all this

Gardenerjoy - I wish my book would arrive - your discussion intrigued me! And I am looking forward to joining the group who are "doing" the program. Forest Park sounds great

Tricia - the new calorie level seems to be doing the job. Shame you have to adjust your usual meals but you are making progress! You have a very full life - makes me feel like a wimp being overwhelmed with my load! Thanks for the links - I have started to look at them

CeeJay - Credit for yet another day on plan - I am looking forward to seeing how the program works. Obviously I will need to think about my exercise of choice? I totally identify with leg/knee/foot pain. Do you use anti-inflammatories (not aspirin or panadol but prescription drugs)? I still wouldn't walk well without them and at this stage movement is the top priority. When (not if :) ) I lose weight I will reconsider them. But they help enormously. Great list of credits

6crowsgold - like the idea of the butter on the dresser - maybe I need a pictorial incentive! Credit for 1 pound down and resistance to extra calories over the weekend

Ate on plan today - Yes
Planned food for tomorrow - not yet - in the morning
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed myself and logged it - yes - down 1 pound
Did planned exercises - walking and made 10,000 plus 16 active minutes
I didn't eat standing up - today 60%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 2
Made time for diet and exercise - Gym planned for tomorrow

04-07-2014, 06:54 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walked, CREDIT moi, to the mailbox to make my peace with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue - even though it's not April 15th yet. Actually, I just returned two forms to our accountant who'll file electronically.

It was a double down arts day on Sunday. I couldn't figure out how to have lunch between a noon Art display opening and a 2 pm concert at the Museum of Fine Arts. So I planned to make lunch from the snacks that would be set out at the Art display opening - with backup of a banana and some nuts in the car in case only desserts were offered. It was an iffy plan. As is obvious to me now, it didn't really have boundaries. I ate more humus, guacamole, and Brie all with bread than I needed, then ate the banana and nuts as we drove to the concert. Ouch. Not the world’s worst day, but a lesson to remember that a weak plan might just get a weak response.

onebyone – "Cook from scratch" sounds good.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thanks for "don't spend even a moment beating yourself up about it--life happens." Your guided tour sounds fun.

CeeJay - Always Kudos for another on-plan day. [Jealous of your eight eagles - we never see that many in one place around here.]

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – "Under ticker" is just so satisfying. Kudos for making those 10,000 steps.

nationalparker – Ouch for work having tensions when you've already got a plate full to worry about. Super Kudos for staying on-plan despite it all.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Hurray! indeed for the pound that stuck as well as the nap. When I become czar, naps will be mandatory.

6crowsgold - LOL at your butter carton to see a pound of fat. What a neat idea. I like being reminded that a pound is a serious volume of me gone.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

How to Plan

Even if you're following a set meal plan that prescribes what to eat in detail, I still want you to take a few moments now to record your plan for tomorrow. Using your diet notebook, a piece of paper, a notecard, your PDA, or your appointment boo, write down what you'll eat, how much you'll eat, and when you'll eat it.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 136.

04-07-2014, 09:03 AM

Woke up at 2am with a seriously sore throat. I had suspected it would make an appearance after noticing I had a bit of irritation swallowing yesterday. Drats. Of course the next few days are jam-packed. I'll be drinking lots of fluids today, which is good cause it's cooking day in the diet fix format and I have a chicken thawing for chicken soup this afternoon. It's nice when things work out nicely. I'm resisting weighing in today. I've already had 2cups of tea so it's not a good idea anyway but I really want to know if I have gained weight. See? I don't believe I have lost weight since I stopped stepping on the scale everyday, but gained. Note to self: If stepping on scales lost weight none of us would be here and I could retire today from the wealth of riches I would receive after writing the "Weigh the Weight Away" diet book.

Better go. I need to focus to make my more-detailed-than-I-like plan for the day. Oh Well.

Bye for now.

BillBlueEyes On my facebook page I see a few friends are doing this: They are grumbling about it but feel righteous in their attempt and willingness to try.

04-07-2014, 09:45 AM
Monday. Day off!

Working up a plan for the day before I dive into a precious day off by myself with my dogs.

Will dip in and out of the forum today to keep myself on track, since this free time could turn into a free for all in the pantry if I don't stay focused!

04-07-2014, 11:27 AM
...I'll dip in and out of the forum today to keep myself on track, since this free time could turn into a free for all in the pantry if I don't stay focused!

Great idea. Wishing you a relaxing but OP day! :D

04-07-2014, 12:49 PM
I'm on my third attempt to get Day 3 of The Diet Fix done reasonably well. I'm ready to move on because this is going to take some time to find fully workable solutions. I can improve on the next round.

WI: +0.4 kg, Exercise: +50 305/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

AZtricia: I'm experiencing the same thing -- a tweak in the way I eat is providing more work than expected in planning, redesigning my meals, and food prep. It will get better! My favorite video on the Weighty Matters site is the one where he takes on Nutella's implication of being a healthy breakfast food:

CeeJay: I hoped, too, that weight loss would improve pain. And I've been pleasantly surprised, even shocked, at how big the improvement is. I used to experience pain most days. Now, I rarely do. In fact, it's my favorite Advantage to maintaining my weight loss -- "I feel pain so seldom now."

onebyone: I keep thinking how difficult The Diet Fix would be to someone who had little experience with dieting and limited skills. I like it a lot, but I think he's oversold the ease of the program. It's not really a 10-Day Plan if most people have to repeat days to get them right. In Beck's style of doing things, Days 2 and 3 would have stretched out for a couple of weeks, I think.

BillBlueEyes and GosfordGirl: my cynical theory is that the Russians took out MH370 because they knew the Western media couldn't resist a lost plane mystery, forgetting about the news story that involves redrawing the world map.

BillBlueEyes: we've got the forms to send to the accountant for electronic filing. It's not quite got the same satisfaction as mailing the actual tax returns.

04-07-2014, 12:51 PM
Back to work after a night of three hours' sleep. I don't feel wiped out yet after two little-sleep nights ... I am one who gets cranky when I'm tired (or overly hungry) - so I'll be on the alert for that with DH tonight, so he doesn't have to bear the brunt of that.

Credits from yesterday - light lunch and did better than anticipated with dinner. Enjoyed a little bit of a few things, but very small portions. I surprised myself. Easier when I don't LOVE something, to have only a few pieces of ziti, etc. Scale was kind this morning, despite the restaurant meal, and I'm hoping to continue that trend.

Sister-in-law (a nurse) called last night to bring me up to date, and now mom might be going into the hospital today due to infection. I was reeling a bit from that last night, and the news that my dad most likely will continue to decline, rather than rebound at any point from the chemo if they're able to administer. So I'm just going to go there with the goal of doing all I can for them and comfort is key. I hope to check in here instead of eat my stress. Sorry to keep unloading here!! I think it is a bit cathartic though. However you spell that.

04-07-2014, 10:21 PM
Hi Beck Friends:

onebyone- you are worth the work. We are fabulous. :D

AZtricia- thanks for the link about protein. That was really interesting. Will also check out the blog.

6crowsgold- yay for 1 more pound gone. LOL about staring at the butter for a visual of what you lost.

GosfordGirl- what a great list of credits. I am using one aleave in the morning and when it is bad I am taking extra strength Tylenol for arthritis. I know both knees and ankles are arthritic so am hoping weight loss will help. I am sick of hurting!!! I am trying not to take any more medication.

BillBlueEyes- thanks for "weak plan might get weak response." Love that.

gardenerjoy- thank you, thank you, thank you for the encouraging words about pain. I have a hard time not beating myself up for getting myself into this situation by putting so much strain on my knees, legs and feet for so many years. It is good to know that there is a chance I could feel better.

nationalparker-no need to feel you are unloading too much here. We are here for each other. My favourite aunt has cancer and my uncle is being tested so I can really relate to what you are going through. Sending hugs.

For me- another day on plan. Man I love typing that. I am really pleased today that I rode the exercise bike after dinner. I don't know why I resist it so much- it is not really a big deal and I do feel good when I am done. I am trying to make 15 minutes on the bike after dinner my minimum amount of exercise for the day and build from there. We will see.


04-07-2014, 10:28 PM
hello Beck Coaches... I have been a bit down mentally, hopefully I will be back on top soon! Im still exercising and counting my bites, :) I am not sure if my sleep loss is making me feel down or not?

I started my Weight Maintenance Scrapbook. I found some good articles and blogs online. Im putting some quotes and articles by Judith Beck in there too.

I want to share my youtube Channel with you all. Here it is. My baby is in most of the videos too! :D

Credits today

-I tracked my food, exercise in my journal, marked it off
-I weighed today and my weight was within my 5 lb Maintenance Range
-I exercised 4 miles and did 4 minutes HeavyHands
-I printed off several pages for my Weight Maintenance Scrapbook
-I felt like overeating and binging today, but I just thought about it instead and moved on, :D They say if you think about eating the food, and go through the process in your head, it takes some of the craving/desire to actually do it away. I think it helps!

nationalparker wow, 3 hours sleep? How do you do it?

gardnerjoy do you agree with all the principles of The Diet Fix ?
Im wondering if I could adapt it to fit what I am doing. I am not counting calories per say really, I am counting my bites. And I do strictly track them, but I wonder if I could "adapt" his principles to fit what I do that works for me personally?

onebyone Feel better soon! Being sick is no fun!

04-08-2014, 12:07 AM
Hello Coaches

Had a dentist appointment today and the hygienist scraped my teeth for a full 30 minutes (after saying they looked pretty good!) so they must be super clean now. Helped ds with editing his huge paper instead of doing my dvd, but I did walk 3 miles on the treadmill while the boys swam. OP today for food and exercise but I am still hungry after dinner, ignoring it and having a nice cup of tea. I lost another pound today, so that makes up for the plateau and averages to one a week. Planning on my dvd tomorrow instead. Finally have an appointment at the end of the month for ds's dyslexia.

CeeJay I agree that I hope weight loss reduces pain. I can only walk up to a certain speed before I am in too much pain to continue and have to back off. Kudos for your second round of Diet Fix! I was surprised to see the range of 25-30% protein I usually do reach 25%, but it would be a complete change to add that extra 5%. Glad you enjoyed the link.

onebyone Kudos for 5 of 10 and sticking with the detailed plan. Sorry you are not feeling well. LOL about your new diet book! :lol:

6crowsgold Hurray for one more pound lost! You write an amazing number of letters! The butter is a fun idea :) Enjoy your pups!

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Kudos for OP and down a few pounds. You are not a wimp!! I am in a crazy faze of life but homeschooling is my full time job and the end of the school year is just a bit crazier than the rest.

BillBlueEyes Yikes for IRS. Bummer for the disappointing Sunday. I vote for you for czar :D

gardenerjoy I agree that the Nutella video was great. He has a wonderful sense of humor and I enjoyed watching him. Sort of disgusting that chocolate icing is "healthier" than Nutella.

nationalparker HUGE kudos for checking in here instead of medicating stress with food. So glad that it is helpful for you during this traumatic time. I was sad to hear about your mom.

ahna Thanks for sharing your link. Awesome that you are staying in your maintenance range.

04-08-2014, 12:26 AM
'Round Midnight.

Spent the day hand wiring a rosary for DH's birthday coming up later this month. Lovely custom carved beads in tiger eye. I was so engrossed in getting it just right, I ended up with less than the allowed calories for the day.

So let's hear it for distraction as a weight loss technique!

Tomorrow is another 500 cal Fast day. My best to all and to all a Good Night!

04-08-2014, 06:38 AM
Hi coaches

I made it to the gym on the way home and I also did 8000 steps - most of which don't show up at the gym. I keep looking at the TRX straps at the gym and wanting to have a go - I asked the PT to show me and we had a quick session 2 weeks ago but I am not confident. So today they had small group training on them. So I went and joined the group. They were all young and buff and all that, and I thought d**n it - I want to try. It was fun and nearly killed me. I reckon they need to develop rountines that can run alongside for the more enfeebled paying customers - but the trainer more or less looked after me. In all likelihood I wont be able to walk tomorrow :)

BillBE - You did well to plan at all in the midst of competing engagements

Onebyone - Hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to see what the plan is

6crowsgold - Credit for a plan to keep you on plan - I notice you checked in later and all was well - more credit. Hand wiring a rosary sounds committed - tiger eye beads are beautiful - I was involved in handwiring a mala using them once and it was special

Gardenerjoy - Good attitude to use well enough for the first attempt at the Diet Fix plan. Great antidote to perfectionism. I like your theory about MH370 because it has certainly diverted attention from something (many things) way more important. Really LOVED the video on Nutella - scary

Nationalparker - hope you remained calm though tired. Supportive thoughts about your father and credit for realising it is a danger time for stress eating. Unload away - the better alternative

CeeJay - LOL for "Man I love typing that" - I love reading it too. Credit for riding your bike even though you resisted it. I am really hoping / wishing / believing that losing weight = less pain so I am with you on that

ahna - a great list of credits which hopefull will lift your mood. You are doing well with your goals

Tricia - it is great to have squeaky clean teeth. Credit for having tea to deal with hunger and cravings - small comfort but a good strategy. Yay for continued weight loss

Ate on plan today - Yes but the plan was a touch generous
Planned food for tomorrow - easy - my 500 cal fast day. Sure beats having to plan lunch
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed myself and logged it - yes - up 1.4 pound
Did planned exercises - Gym, 8,000 steps plus 14 active minutes outside gym
I didn't eat standing up - today 80%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - not yet
Made time for diet and exercise - Gym for thursday and saturday

04-08-2014, 08:28 AM
Hi Coaches!

I work today and we leave for California very early tomorrow morning. I have gratefully packed my warm weather clothes. I feel comfortable at my current weight and recognize that in order to maintain/weigh less that I need to always be mindful of healthy food choices. That said, I can absolutely control 1 "food" item on this short trip-my morning smoothie. VitaMix will travel in my carry on and I've located the nearest WFoods and a Thursday farmers market for fresh produce. Credit. I also recognize that with our friends' situation that any controlling of my food will be at a minimum. Our hostess will plan all menus and any eating out will be on their terms. I can make my best choices, plan for some extra eating and can also say NO CHOICE to many food items that are just not included in my agenda any more. BDS gives me freedom and flexibility in that sometimes not being able to plan (when I think it out ahead of time) IS a plan. Credit.

I wish you all the best and will check in soon.

:hug: to nationalparker and get well wishes to onebyone!

Will just comment (on the fly) that losing weight has taken away so much pain for me. The knee surgery I used to think I needed hasn't been necessary and I can get up and down off the floor whenever necessary. I used to require assistance. It has been a great reward for persistence and is a great reminder and motivator to keep going.

:wave: I look forward to heading to a warmer climate, even if for just a few days!

04-08-2014, 08:43 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Dinner was leftovers quickly from the fridge even as DW was cooking a dinner that wouldn't be ready in time before I left for an evening thing. Leftovers has the challenge of serving myself from containers that always make it desirable to serve more. I left enough in each of three containers to make another meal, CREDIT moi, especially since it was a favorite combination of taco burger, black beans, and yellow rice that I've been known to pile high on my plate. Finishing off the leftovers in a container is one strong urge. There is both personal satisfaction and points from DW for emptying a container taking up space in the fridge.

Three different walks, CREDIT moi. Turned down an offered ride home in the evening to enjoy both the exercise and walking the city at night, with the satisfaction of hearing, "I knew you'd probably want to walk" from my friend. From the library's 24-hour-layover-shelf, I picked up The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History ( by Elizabeth Kolbert. Not sure why I want to read a book that'll make me sad.

onebyone – Enclosed in my check for a copy of "Weigh the Weight Away" diet book - I so want that. Be sure that you have a chapter that covers how to weigh yourself several times in a row and believe the lowest reading. [Thanks for the Plank challenge link. They make it look so easy to advance. I'm tempted.]

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Useful advice in many situations, "I can improve on the next round." Was slapped upside the head by the Nutella video. Long after I stopped putting chocolate in my DD's Christmas stocking, I was putting Nutella. Duh! That's over. (Clever Russians - it's embarrassing how easily our media is diverted.)

CeeJay - Another Kudos for another day on plan. "Man I love typing that." It is a big deal each time you mount that exercise bike and worthy of taking Credit.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Bringing your VitaMix is worthy of Kudos for the control of that part of your food choices that you can. In California the Farmers' Markets might well be local food already - a thought that's hard to imagine from all of the places that get winter.

nationalparker – Sending supportive thoughts as you're facing the news about your mom and dad. I'm so glad that you're almost on your way down there.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Congrats to your scale for finally getting the message that a pound a week has been leaving the scene. Kudos for "a nice cup of tea" when feeling hungry.

GosfordGirl - Another new book, The Rosary Diet - I'm in for a copy although my patience with small crafts is below minimum. Kudos for doing the TRX straps ( class. I can't help but notice that all the images google provides are of svelte folks.

ahna - Thanks for sharing your YouTube channel - neat to watch your DS moving constantly. Kudos for choosing a Helpful Response strategy to that desire to binge, "if you think about eating the food, and go through the process in your head, it takes some of the craving/desire to actually do it away."

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

How to Plan

Once you've written your plan, make sure you have the food or the ingredients to made the food. Is there anything you can do today to make tomorrow go more smoothly, such as cutting up vegetables for tomorrow's dinner? Make tomorrow's lunch? Now figure out how you're going to keep your written plan with you throughout the day.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 137.

04-08-2014, 11:41 AM
I completed Day 3 of The Diet Fix yesterday as well as I’m capable of at the moment. I’m eating more calories than I really want in order to get the protein that the plan demands. I was wondering if there was some high protein flour or something I could sneak into my recipes that would increase the protein without increasing the calories too much.

I turned to the back of the book for inspiration in the recipes and discovered that he does, indeed, use a magic powder – whey isolate protein powder. Sigh. That doesn’t sound very natural to me. The bedrock of my healthy eating style has been “natural.” I’m afraid that if I use whey powder that my brain is going to think that the ingredient list of a candy bar doesn’t look so bad after all.

WI: +0.2 kg, Exercise: +50 355/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

ahna: loved seeing your baby in the videos! To fully follow The Diet Fix definitely requires counting calories. There are helpful hints for anyone, though, about how to avoid hunger and cravings -- it's in the timing of the meals and snacks and in the protein content. I'm still keeping an open mind about this, but I'm struggling with how to get more protein without bumping my meat consumption up considerably when I had that at a level I was comfortable with.

04-08-2014, 12:33 PM
I completed Day 3 of The Diet Fix yesterday as well as I’m capable of at the moment. I’m eating more calories than I really want in order to get the protein that the plan demands. I was wondering if there was some high protein flour or something I could sneak into my recipes that would increase the protein without increasing the calories too much.

I turned to the back of the book for inspiration in the recipes and discovered that he does, indeed, use a magic powder – whey isolate protein powder. Sigh. That doesn’t sound very natural to me. The bedrock of my healthy eating style has been “natural.” I’m afraid that if I use whey powder that my brain is going to think that the ingredient list of a candy bar doesn’t look so bad after all....

gardenerjoy In my quest to have at least 25% protein in my day, there are a few things I've found that help. Egg whites have 5 g of protein for only 25 calories, Wallaby Organic Greek Fat Free Yogurt has 23 g of protein in 1 cup, Ezekiel 4:9 cereal is satisfying as a carb and has 8g/serving, and Hake fish (which I can get frozen at Costco) is high protein but low cal and on the 'safe' list. More than anything what has helped is to have only one carb serving per meal and use those calories for protein instead. Also, having only whole grains (or fruit) for my carbs adds to the protein and the fiber is filling.

04-08-2014, 03:25 PM
Tuesday, Fast Day.

Feeling lousy, not sure what's going on. OP so far.


Um, BBE, what's a TRX Strap?

04-08-2014, 04:55 PM
Hello! Trying to get things wrapped up at work and at home to prep for heading out tomorrow. I met DH for lunch today and apparently him saying how serious this is with my Dad is an effective food limitation tool, because then I was afraid I'd get sick if I ate any more. Walked back in to work, thinking, I need a piece of chocolate (and that's never my "go to" treat, it's typically savory or baguette-ish) ... so went to the vending machines and came away with a bottle of diet tea. Minor success - but frustrated at the thought process that took me there.

I haven't trolled through the rest of 3fc in a while ... and for who knows what reason, I popped into two posts today and was so aggravated that I just zipped back out. I "knew" who one was by from the snarky title and STILL ventured in, and another - the same. I felt so tempted to echo what another member wrote in criticism and then just thought that will lead nowhere I want to go, and *credit* haha. This made me oh SO VERY appreciative for all the supportive thoughts and comments in this forum. No one smacking me down for eating bread or pizza or something that I truly enjoy and think, I don't want to go years until I enjoy X. :)

Bill - Yesterday I forgot to say that I loved: a weak plan might just get a weak response.Thank you for that line. I like it much better than failing to plan is planning to fail. Seems less harsh.

Will have to check out the Nutella video :) or as we call it, candy bar in a jar. Or does everyone call it that? :)

04-08-2014, 06:27 PM

I'm sitting here feeling like I may be on the other side of the fastest moving cold I have ever had. *credit* for currently sitting upright.

I am fuzzy-headed and have a bit of a sore throat and slight sniffles but I'm really not too bad. If I had a retail job to go to I would make it through the day.

However, I woke up feeling crummy and all I wanted to do was weigh myself and so...I did. BIG MISTAKE. My fuzzy head did not recognize this for the :devil: sabotaging thought that it was.

So, since weighing last 8 days ago (my wii fit tells me when/how long it's been-it's actually quite a passive/aggressive scale) I am EXACTLY the same. Like down to the tenth of a lb exact. I had to laugh, at first, then all the feelings of being a failure and "this doesn't work, I'm doing it wrong" and etc. flooded me. I didn't track this morning but I wasn't totally sure I would given how crummy I am feeling. I ate like a free-for-all though but I ate my soup, orange juice, nuts, yogurt, cottage cheese, garlic toast with cheese... breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks with the extra being the OJ and the timing and the tracking non-existant. Although I guess I did sort of just track with you just now so *credit*. Anyway that's where I am at. No more weighing in now until May. It looks like I am all or nothing with the scale. I am truly ok with the daily weigh in, caused there are just so many numbers so often it really does take their power away. And with the never weigh in until a month has passed, well nothing to do with the scale for a month. Nothing to fuss about for a month, except the 3 days leading up to the scale reading I will fuss, or stew, a bit. Anyway, this is another change from Beck vs. Dr. Fix It. I'll read day 5 today and give it a whirl tomorrow. I will also go enter my food that I have had so far today. Right back on track.

gardenerjoy I'm having the same issues you mentioned. I too feel I am over-eating to get the protein and am becoming critical of my food choices-like overly critical. I know self-scrutiny is necessary at the beginning and that change needs extra focus/vigilance but you are so right. Beck would have made each of his one days into 2 or 3. I don't ever recall feeling so pressed to do so much so quickly. What's up with that? Being a traumatized dieter, I am easily waylaid by not meeting the perceived expectations of my new diet plan and I feel discouraged really easily. It is hard for me to say "Oh well, next time round," and to keep the faith that I am indeed doing enough. But that is also a function of perfectionism and all or nothing. Wonder if he addresses that, and when? Maybe it is on day 5! I can hope. I am going to see it through and 3 times over I will see it through, but it may be a case of the old overeaters anonymous saying "take what you want and leave the rest". Glad you and Ceejay are on this trip too... looking forward to seeing what the others think as they try it as well. so far, no one has been able to unseat Dr. Beck in terms of solid usable real-world applicable weightloss guidelines. My admiration for her steadily grows.

nationalparker And my admiration of you grows daily as well. credit for not over eating in what continues to be a very stressful time. SO SORRY to hear of your mother's issues now as well. You are doing what you can. You will do what you can. Trust yourself and your choices. Don't fog up your senses with excess food. Glad you are here.:hug:

6crowsgold Maybe you're already feeling better?? I hope so!

AZtricia Thank you for posting that very helpful response to gardenerjoy. It was exactly what I needed as well.

BillBlueEyes I checked the link to The Sixth Extinction, this after having watched an episode last night of VICE (do you watch this? If not, you must.) about rhino horn and an unforgettable piece of video related to rhino horn hunting that I won't describe here :( Really it is all about how man is killing everything and then I also read an essay by Chris Hedges ( about over-population and how that is the source of all the killing cause we just want all the space in the world to be ours and so given this as I looked over the Amazon page for the book I read this quote by your Boston Globe:"Surprisingly breezy, entirely engrossing, and frequently entertaining... Kolbert is a masterful, thought-provoking reporter." —The Boston Globe Now if the book is about all that and she manages to make it seem "breezy" that is indeed a masterful writer. Makes me definitely want to read it too. Maybe you won't be *as* depressed afterwards as if, say, Chris Hedges had written it. BTW I have added a chapter to my Weigh the Weight Away diet describing the best type of floor surface on which to place your scale. I am currently making a video on how to incorporate exercise into your step onto the scale. It'll be on the Blue Ray version read by James Earl Jones.

04-08-2014, 06:54 PM
Onebyone, your video is going on my Christmas list! It'll probably go viral on YouTube, I should think.

I've looked at Diet Fix, hearing you all mention it, but it's too hard for me. And protein powder and me, well, we don't get along.

I do like some of Beck's approach but I can't take it all. I admire your ability, gardenerjoy, to rephrase and make it work for you. I can rephrase but can't get the original uncomfortable feeling out of my mind. Perhaps I should list what works - and leave the rest.

04-09-2014, 12:18 AM
Hi everyone,

Just a quick check in.

Re protein- I am trying my best to eat more protein and I find it is helping with hunger. I am eating lots of egg whites at breakfast, lower fat greek yogurt or cottage cheese for snacks, only whole grain carbs and tuna or salmon at lunch and chicken or lean beef mostly at dinner. I don't always make the 15 gram per meal and 10 gram per snack recommended in Diet Fix but am trying to mostly do it.

Credits today:
-listened to motivation app
-checked in with my coaches
-20 minutes on exercise bike tonight even though I didn't feel like it
-read advantage and response cards
-did strength exercises for arms/shoulders
-wrote down food as eaten

Not so good today but not beating myself up for:
-went off plan this morning with a small serving of cheese and crackers at staff meeting
-went major off plan with miniegg easter chocolates with candy on outside at 5:00. What lead to that- very stressful day and did not eat lunch until 1:15. Was not going to get home till 7:00 and had the sabotaging thoughts of thinking I messed up this morning so a bit more would not hurt. A bit was not a bit though- don't really know how many I ate but it was a lot. And I really don't want to be eating sugar. Then came home at 7:00 and ate a big plate of pasta instead of a small serving with veggies and salad as planned. Oh well, I am moving on right now.

Have a great day tomorrow everyone!

04-09-2014, 06:01 AM

Today was a 500 cal fast day and I have had a boiled egg so far - looking forward to dinner when I finish this. Went to work and did what I had to. No scheduled meetings for the next few days so I can actually get some work done for next week which is the last before an Easter break!

Debbie (Lexxiss) - hope the trip goes well. You sound organised.

BillBE - Credit for 3 different walks! And for not turning into a human disposal unit for the leftovers to make DW happy. The sixth extinction looks like something worthwhile to read. (LOL clever Russians and the media). The Beck excerpt yesterday is totally appropriate and what I always struggle with. Here I am with no food in the house except for tonight and tomorrow morning.

Gardenerjoy - how much protein is one supposed to have according to DF? I usually have no trouble hitting 100g because I restrict carbs but not vegetables (or chocolate :) )

6crowsgold - hope things have improved by now. You came back so maybe they have? The reference to TRX straps was from my post not yours. I think Bill had a cut and past issue. Follow the link in his comment to you, and you will see that they are a way of doing supported squats and planks and such like. And one can do far more athletic things with them as well. But I was proud to give them a go.

Nationalparker - Take care and thinking of you on your way back to your family

Onebyone - Credit for grappling with a new approach to food and diet and logging and weighing etc! I hope to join you all in a few days

Ceejay - Credit for moving on and keeping moving. So does that mean that one has 75 g of carb a day approx? Doesn't strike me as a lot - so wonder what I am doing wrong! Huge credit for getting yourself on the bike for 20 minutes! I last 10 maybe with a lot of pushing


Ate on plan today - So far - fast day food
Planned food for tomorrow - breakfast only - need to buy some after gym
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed myself and logged it - yes - up 1 pound
Did planned exercises - 9,000 steps plus 16 active minutes
I didn't eat standing up - today 90% (helps when you aren't really eating at all)
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes again - got a streak going here
Listened to motivation recording - once
Made time for diet and exercise - Gym tomorrow - PT

04-09-2014, 07:15 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – My walk, CREDIT moi, took me past a church thrift shop where two books walked out with me. Twenty-five cents a book ruins all other sales choices. Decided that if I had a fresh copy in my face, I'd read Dubliners by James Joyce, "There was no hope for him this time; it was the third stroke." Then plan a trip to Ireland to see all the places mentioned. The second was King Lear by Shakespeare, "Kent: I thought the King had more affected the Duke of Albany than Cornwall," because a friend is reading it to remind himself to treat his kids equally in his will despite their vast differences in financial need. And a flat wooden spoon made of exquisite walnut for 50 cents because the cooking utensils drawer is improved by lovely walnut. I'll take CREDIT moi for all the stuff I left behind.

Dinner included purple potatoes - seems they've become a staple around here. I love the feeling that a potato is healthy food. Maybe it is. Snacks on plan, CREDIT moi with the homemade double chocolate chip cookies still sitting on the kitchen counter barely concealed in their plastic container.

onebyone – Yay for a cold that leaves promptly. [Thanks for the Chris Hedges link - I'm already a believer that controlling the population explosion has to be the first step in preserving the planet's current eco-systems. Now I'm in for a dozen of your Weigh the Weight Away diet books with the Blue-ray disk with James Earl Jones.]

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I searched with no success to find the cricket flour that's listed as an ingredient in the cricket granola bars I mentioned a few weeks ago. No joy. Certainly it's for sale somewhere. Should have great protein density.

CeeJay - Seems to me that you're winning when you think, "but not beating myself up," and "Oh well, I am moving on right now."

silverbirch – LOL at "protein powder and me, well, we don't get along." Be well.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – I posted to you yesterday as 6crowsgold. Oh Well. I so appreciate the notion of a few days without meetings as a chance to get some work done.

nationalparker – Have a good flight to Florida. Kudos for choosing to avoid adding to negative chatter in the threads you read.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Think I'll try that Hake fish from Costco.

6crowsgold - Hope you're feeling better; Kudos for on-plan anyway. [Ooops . . . I posted a response to GosfordGirl after your name. She had taken the class using TRX Straps.]

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

Looking Ahead

Tomorrow will be your first official weigh-in. You'll step on the scale first thing in the morning and write your weight in your diet notebook. You'll need to refer to the number next week when you weight again and create a weight-loss graph to help you monitor your progress (page 174).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 137.

04-09-2014, 11:52 AM
Day 4 of The Diet Fix by Yoni Freedhoff is about making a menu for the week and a grocery list. Not too difficult, most of the time, but I'm having a slippery sort of week so I struggled some. Not really The Diet Fix's fault, but grumbling at it made me feel better. Thanks to AZTricia for the tips about adding protein -- that really helped the process!

I read Day 5 last night and laughed at this summary of what we've done so far: "These may seem like small steps, but after decades of walking on unsteady ground, small steps are a great plan." I agree with the statement, but not with the notion that what we did in the first four days were small steps.

When I try to get people to work through one of Beck's books, I get the response that it's too harsh or too dogmatic or there are too many rules. The Diet Fix seemed like a good antidote. But, I think that people are going to find Days 2 and 3 of The Diet Fix more difficult than advertised and get discouraged. Beck presents the picture as more bleak than it really is and Freedhoff presents it as easier than it really is. The two together may be bringing me to a happy medium.

A major tension for me in The Diet Fix is that on Day 2, we were promised that we only had to calculate the calories at the end of the day. And yet, on Day 3, we're expected to be able to come up with a whole day's meals and snacks with minimum calories and grams of protein at each meal. And, then, on Day 4, we're expected to come up with a whole week's worth. Well, if I'm computing only at the end of the day, it will take at least a week to have enough data to plan meals well. And, since many of my meals and snacks are proving to be inadequate, it will take another week or more of tweaking to get them right. I'm holding him to the promise of Day 2 and that's why I'm willing to accept a lot of mistakes right now. It will get better when I have more data.

WI: -0.25 kg, Exercise: +30 385/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

GosfordGirl: The Diet Fix wants 20 grams of protein per meal and 10 grams per snack. He wants us eating every 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours, so that's 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks. You won't have any trouble if you're getting 100 grams. I've always been more of a low fat dieter than a low carb dieter, so this is a struggle for me.

BillBlueEyes: I read Dubliners before our trip to Ireland a couple of years ago and surprised myself by liking it. It helped that I read the annotated version, annotations by the brother of the President of the Missouri Botanical Garden who led our tour. Here was my review (no spoilers!): I did get a kick out of walking around Dublin in the same places that the characters did. Another book I recommend for that purpose is The Insurrection in Dublin by James Stephens (
I enjoyed King Lear sometime in the last year or two, too, but didn't manage a review. Treating children equally is one good message. Another is to not trust flattery and a third is to not try to pass off the burdens of life to the next generation. A play that stands up quite well in modern times.
LOL at cricket flour. Did I mention that I'm now the proud owner of a grain mill? I don't need to buy cricket flour -- I just need to catch a lot of crickets!

04-09-2014, 01:05 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

I have been working so much I get a comp day on Wednesday at Starbucks. I have only spilled coffee on my computer twice :( My sleep has not been great and I am counteracting it with a Venti Americano. A little jittery.

Heaven, though, to have time to catch up on posts, update my technology, people watch.

Proud to say this is day 9 OP. My plan has been very rigid - still a smoothie and salad everyday but carbs are only coming carbs and nuts. The protein requirement is huge!! So I have enjoyed hearing everybody weighing in on the subject.

Smiling to myself as I have read. I have created The World According to Mary Ann:

No whey or soy protein ( Finally discovered the soy and artificial sweeteners were making me sick. I use pea protein with a little stevia)

No James Joyce - Ever (BBE; how can a confirmed non fiction aficionado find a plot?)

No sleepless nights ( nationalparker: my sponsor told me no one ever died of lack of sleep but I am wondering if perimeter family members accidentaly did :(

Best to all.

04-09-2014, 02:01 PM

Still feeling very off. Dizzy and slow; possibly medication related.

I went 180 calories over on my fast yesterday to have some cottage cheese that seemed like it might help. Puts me to 680 cal total for the day, so the damage is slight.

OP today, trying to go home early and sleep some more. My best wishes to all.

04-09-2014, 06:08 PM

I'm still a lump. This cold has morphed but it's still with me. My ceramic friend is coming to get me in the morning and I am going to try to make things tomorrow. We'll see how far I get with that.

I overate last night, after I checked in here. I am back on track today though. *credit* I'm holding at day 4 though until this cold passes. After my weigh-in a friend mentioned that the diet fix 10 day reset is not about the lbs lost but about setting into place the means and method to stay on track. Indeed Dr. Yoni doesn't prescribe to the fast weightloss plan and I need to accept that. what is causing me to think otherwise is an upcoming tv appearance for the potters' guild on May 1st. It's just cable tv so very few people will see it, and it is a short segment of 7min max, and I am comfortable with the whole process but, as usual, and as has been the case for decades now, I just wish I was better looking in front of the camera. My *secret fear* ie. sabotaging thought:devil: is this "those days are gone now. even if you lost weight you would look old and your skin all saggy. You squandered your natural beauty being fat." There it is. Harsh, eh? Like I would ever say that to anyone else ever? No. But I say it to myself and it is a new spin on the old self loathing that came with the bump up in years this past birthday. I would like to know that I am wrong about that. I am often wrong about these "predictions" based only on my emotional state.

Anyway, whatever. I have a nice outfit I like, and I just need to deal with my hair which I have neglected and then I will be good to go. I am doing the segment on tv with my friend who makes me laugh and if the host is at all any good, we should make for entertaining tv.

Going now. Wishing everyone a good rest of he day or night, whatever time it is when you read this.

silverbirch You will get an advanced copy of the blue ray in a format compatible with the UK. I anticipate making so much $ from having solved the dieter's dilemma as to be able to purchase You Tube. That will certainly help my video go viral. ;)

Ceejay Yay for keeping on. Me too. We certainly are fabulous.

6crowsgold oh! sorry you're still feeling off. Hopefully some extra rest will help. Take care:hug:

maryann Hello. I too eschew soy protein and I only want protein from whole foods though if I have to I will search for the pea protein. Glad you have some time and people watching is a great artistic pass time. What are the kids wearing where you are? is what is on my mind to ask you as well as wondering if anyone is sporting a monocle which according to this ( is the new fashion trend! So far not de rigeur in the suburbs of Toronto North.

gardenerjoy yep, right on the money re: diet fix challenges. I am glad you are persevering as well. As for crickets, you can get them at any pet store. They are sold as food for reptiles. I also think you can order them online--well maybe not crickets. Maybe just ladybugs....

BillBlueEyes I love wooden spoons. My friend once made me a book words and collaged images, called Ode to a Wooden Spoon. Despite my love of the wooden spoon, DH doesn't share this, and so over the years I haven't used them much until I found bamboo utensils at the dollar store! Now I am hooked again and have replaced a couple of worn out ickky cheapy plastic ones with the bamboo version. I do hope you use your utensil and not just admire it for it's walnuttiness.

GosfordGirl Many and varied credits on your list! Kudos to you! Cannot wait until you join us on DF to see what your observations are. I look forward to it.

Must go. Sniffly. Sigh.

04-09-2014, 10:02 PM
Hi everyone

ahna- amazed by your huge weight loss- 70 pounds in 19 weeks. How did you manage that? Would love to hear any advice you have.

Lexxiss- hello to you. Miss reading posts from you- you are always such an inspiration for me. Enjoy California!

AZtricia- great job with 3 miles on the treadmill and ignoring hunger after dinner.

nationalparker-fantastic job not eating over the huge stress in your life.

silverbirch-waving hello. I agree we can take what works for us out of what is advised by Beck and leave the rest. For me I have found daily weighing makes me crazy. For others it probably works.

GosfordGirl- gym + 8000 steps= huge success!!! I think the Diet Fix recommends an amount of protein per day but not carbs. I am not having trouble getting in the total protein so far. Really nice list of credits!!!

BillBlueEyes-love bargains on books. A trip to Ireland would be fantastic. I have not seen purple potatoes up here but I am going to look. BTW- saw first robins of the year today.

gardenerjoy-really great reading your comments on the Diet Fix. I agree that day 1-4 are certainly not small steps. In fact they are huge, at least for me. I think Beck is a bit dogmatic too but then again the things I have put in place suggested by her have helped me a lot and I have been able to stick with them, even when I am not eating well.

maryann-nice to see you. Congratulation on 9 days OP.

6crowsgold- hope you are feeling better. Yay for an OP day today.

onebyone- hope you are feeling better soon. I totally understand what you said about worrying that when we lose weight we may be old looking with baggy skin. You know what- if the trade off is feeling better, living longer and being able to do more in life- it will be well worth it! We will always be beautiful to the people who love us. :)

For me- back on plan today. So grateful for that. Two days on the exercise bike resulted in a huge flare up of pain in my good knee. Geesh I am ticked off about that. So icing and resting today and then taking smaller steps. So frustrating.

Off to the hotel tomorrow with a plan and food packed.

Check back in on Friday.

Take care everyone

04-09-2014, 11:51 PM
Hello Coaches,

Today was pizza day again here. I choose not to participate and made a salmon salad. Unfortunately I still feel hungry. I have reached the pre-exercise calorie budget and prefer to stop and let those "burned" calories hopefully burn some fat! So I'm coming here to report in and also making some cinnamon tea instead of eating more. An interesting note, I average 120 g of protein daily. Most of the protein is egg/meat/yogurt but some is nuts or even veggies (broccoli is 36% protein!).

Food OP
Exercise OP

And I was able to walk a bit faster on the treadmill today without pain! Previously 3.3-3.4 mph was my best and I was up to 3.7 today.

CeeJay Kudos for back OP, hope your ouch knee feels better tomorrow. See you Friday.

onebyone Sorry you are not feeling well. It is very interesting that you will be on TV! How fun that it is with a good friend. Kudos for recognizing sabotaging thoughts!

6crowsgold Sorry you are still not well. Wishing you a better day tomorrow!

maryann Kudos for day 9 OP! Soy & whey don't agree with me either, where do you find pea protein?

gardenerjoy Thanks for sharing your progress and opinions in using The Diet Fix. Sounds like you are doing lots of planning and calculating-yikes!

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Kudos for your strength on your fast day, 9000 steps, and planning the gym tomorrow.

nationalparker Hoping you had a safe trip.

BillBlueEyes Potatoes have lots of potassium and the purple ones can apparently reduce blood pressure!

Lexxiss Wishing you a wonderful visit to CA and safe travel.

Now that I'm done I'm no longer hungry - thanks coaches!!

04-10-2014, 12:34 AM
Long day going on 20 hours and im ready for bed. Food was ok, so credit for that... frustration with sis/drama... dad did have chemo and he was feeling ok and had appetite so thats great. Keeping my fingers crossed he does well tomorrow. Credits were good salad from panera for lunch, light dinner and few snacks.

Busy morning tomorrow and then hope to settle down with office work tomorrow afternoon when they're resting.

Dad is down 40 pounds and very thin and frail now. Hard to see, but harder for him. He didnt have that to lose. At all.

Goal for tomorrow is to check in with another op day and drink more water.

Maryann .. what isbyour best treatment for sleepless, tossing, mind running on warp speed nights? I go thru all the b/w tv shows I can name, tben every car that starts with a certain letter, then names od aircraft, then dh wakes up and asks why cant I just turn my brainnoff... haha if only.

04-10-2014, 06:11 AM

A desk day today after I went for PT at the gym this morning. Because I did a hard work out 2 days ago in the TRX class all my muscles were tired so I was a bit incapable today. But I made it through the session. I hate it when he wants me to do floor/core work - I feel vulnerable on the floor because I am less mobile and clumsy (beached whale is what it feels like). I think I will refuse to do it for a while until I get more mobile.

My Diet Fix has arrived - international shopping is getting very speedy. I have had to resist looking at it because I have a couple of days work that I can't ignore - sigh

BillBE - Purple potatoes sound good - in Australia there was recently a furore because of a new very purple plum which reduces all sorts of health parameters. I love Autumn because I notice the Magpies carolling or warbling ( or whatever - I never hear it at other times of year, not sure if it is seasonal, but when I walk the dogs early or at dusk I get their song which is special. I know Autumn has arrived

Gardenerjoy - It does sound like an awful lot of planning and doing to fit into a few days. Can't wait to find out. There is an awful lot of protein in a 80g can of red salmon (18g), or in chicken breast. And fresh salmon is really high. I am always surprised by how much - and good fats

Maryann - yay for 9 OP days - fantastic

6crowsgold - hope things improve, and that you adjust if it is about a medication change.

Onebyone - Your television spot sounds really exciting and you sound all prepped for it - credit to you. I hope you shake this cold soon and feel more energised. I like your incredibly "rational" analysis of your sabotaging thoughts - and CeeJays rebuttal.

CeeJay - Credit for back on plan - I like to read that. Gee that is irritating that even the bike irritates your knee :( Hope RICE helps and I totally understand why you would be ticked off. You are only doing it alternate days aren't you? I need a rest day between.

Tricia - credit for dealing with hunger with cinnamon tea. I get 100 g of broccoli as only having 3 g of protein (3% w/w) in MFP? If it really is 36% I am having a lot of protein. Glad your pain is improving and you can speed up your pace rate. I am slowly getting faster too and it feels good

Nationalparker - thinking of you at your family home. No suggestions for sleeplessness - when I wake in the middle of the night in a panic state I just read or do sudoku. Not the best solution


Ate on plan today - Yes
Planned food for tomorrow - fast day tomorrow
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed myself and logged it - yes - down 1.6 pound
Did planned exercises - Gym plus 8,000 steps plus 9 active minutes (why doesn't gym register - only rapid walking)
I didn't eat standing up - today 70%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - while I am doing this!
Made time for diet and exercise - Gym Saturday

04-10-2014, 06:54 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Did Pure Muscle Tone class at the gym, CREDIT moi. I left the class worn out, but further humbled that during the two minute break to get water, the instructor did two minutes of outrageous step-body-movement just to amuse herself. She's one solid toned body. Fortunately, the woman next to me was four months pregnant so there was someone I could out-perform. Don't compare. Don't compare. Don't compare.

Food was on plan, CREDIT moi. Dinner was the spicy chickpea dish that DW made on Monday night when I had to leave before it was ready. Served with a pumpkin seed bread and a green leaf veggie. Made it a vegetarian day for me. After dinner walked to get Diet Fix ( by Yoni Freedhoff from the library so I can understand what all this fuss is about. Of the ten copies in the Middlesex Library System, only two are available. On Amazon, 'new' copies are being offered starting at $2.95 plus $3.99 shipping. Seems like mixed reviews.

onebyone – Yep, any thought that begins "You squandered" is a Sabotaging Thought. Neat clue to recognize that you'd never say that to another person - so you can start designing Helpful Responses to be kind to yourself. Every human being is stuck with that bummer of looking in the mirror and seeing our bodies age. 'Tis bummer enough without adding negative evaluations of lives that could have been. I know very few full time artists; you're making it along a most challenging path. Perhaps you can solicit a friend to repeatedly remind you that onebyone is one of life's winners. [Yay for wooden cooking utensils. Let them out to do their magic.]

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for "grumbling at it made me feel better" - so very Cognitive Therapy to do what it takes. [Thanks for the links to your book reviews. Each thing I read reinforces the notion that I might just plan this trip to Ireland. (Diligently collecting Massachusetts crickets to ship to St. Louis to help with your diet.)]

CeeJay - Ouch for pain in the knee with Kudos for making a plan to go forward in smaller steps. So inspiring to read, "Off to the hotel tomorrow with a plan and food packed."

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – I know that difficulty of bouncing up and down from the floor. My gym class had one exercise where we had to do that repeatedly to position ourselves for the exercise. For me, that itself was the challenge. Kudos for making choices to fit your needs at your own Physical Therapy. [Love the Magpies singing - not a local bird here.]

maryann - Nine Kudos for nine days on-plan. If Venti Americano is what it takes, so be it. LMAO at "No James Joyce" - I'll let you know when/if I find the plots. Does literature have the equivalent of Jackson Pollock that I'm not educated to?

nationalparker – Glad you've made it to Florida. It's tough to see you dad losing weight he doesn't have to spare. Kudos for remaining clear about eating despite the other challenges you're facing.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Super Kudos for reporting here and drinking cinnamon tea as a Strategy to counter hunger. 120 grams of protein a day is a goodly amount. You might want to verify the protein in broccoli - there are some sources that give it a more modest value. [Thanks for the link to Purple Potatoes - I'm even happier eating them now.]

6crowsgold - Yep, 180 calories is slight; Kudos for continuing on your plan. Yay for sufficient sleep.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

Looking Ahead

Follow these pointers:
Try to wear same-weight clothing for all your weigh-ins.
Step on the scale only once. Don't weigh yourself a second time, hoping for a lower weight. It doesn't really matter, and it'll only make you obsessive.
Don't think of your weight as a catastrophe or criticize yourself. It doesn't matter if you weigh 125, 150, 250, or 350 pounds tomorrow. Whether you have a little or a lot to lose, you're going to use the skills you're learning in this book for your whole life. It doesn't matter if it takes you four weeks or four years to reach your goal. You're going to be doing the same things for a very long time.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 137.

04-10-2014, 12:23 PM
Day 6 of The Diet Fix is exercise. That's easy enough for me. I agree with his approach -- it's how I got started.

I had a hungry day yesterday. That's not supposed to happen on this plan. But, I'm supposed to eat if I get hungry and I didn't. On the surface, eating when I'm hungry seems like a reasonable enough response. At this point, though, I trust "hunger is not an emergency" more than I trust that I can control myself if I have unplanned food when I'm hungry. I can see that might be a good skill to develop, but it's not one that I have in my toolkit right now.

As AZTricia and GosfordGirl pointed out, I'm doing a lot of math on this plan. Fortunately, my math phobia begins somewhere in the mid-semester of college calculus and I don't need that level of math. I am using ratios a lot. So, I'm wondering how other people cope with the math in The Diet Fix or other plans. My mother-in-law doesn't do numbers. She won't even try Sudoku. Every one she knows is convinced she'd love that type of puzzle and points out that the numbers are just symbols, but she won't go for it. The Diet Fix might be a good fit for her, but she wouldn't be willing to do as much math as I'm doing.

WI: -0.35 kg, Exercise: +50 435/1500 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: I do look better in my clothes now that I've lost weight. Swimsuits are still utilitarian attire for me and I just don't think about it too much. Only one person sees me naked and he's never inclined to complain about that! I never expected weight loss would make me look 20 again, and it didn't, so that's good that I didn't expect it! I did hope that weight loss would reduce pain, get me off my blood pressure medicine, and make me look more professional and put-together in my clothes -- and it did!
Your TV spot sounds terrific. Good for you for taking on what life has to offer in this moment. I join BillBlueEyes in admiration of the way you've lived your life as an artist.

GosfordGirl: Thanks for the warbling magpie! We don't have them in Missouri. I've seen them in Utah. Wikipedia says they can be as far east as Iowa and Minnesota. They apparently don't like heat and humidity, so the east and south-east don't have them. We get crows, instead.

nationalparker: I had something of a break-through on sleep a few months ago when I realized that I do better when I go to bed earlier. I used to believe that staying up late would make me sleepier. But, it just made me more tense and made my nights even shorter. It's not a miracle cure to sleeplessness (especially with hot flashes), but it's been a definite improvement. Lately, I've had good luck thinking "cozy" thoughts when I'm awake in bed. After seeing the tiny hotel rooms in London designed for solo business travelers, I've been designing my own. Or, last night, someone had puppies on Facebook, so I thought about puppies and drifted off to sleep that way. During hot flashes, I get up for a few minutes, but sit on the floor next to the bed and read an e-book on my phone until it passes.

04-10-2014, 01:15 PM
Sorry about the broccoli confusion. Statistics!! I believe Diet power uses the USDA nutrient database: LINK to Broccoli (

And my intention was % of calories, not by weight. For instance, 100g of frozen cooked broccoli (from link above) has 28 calories and 3.1 g of protein. Protein is 4 cal/gram so nutritional % in that broccoli is actually about 44%, other ways of preparation suggest as low as 27%. Not sure why the variation?!?!

04-10-2014, 02:57 PM

Sicker, weird symptoms not drug related. Slogging it this week and dizzy enough I don't care if I eat or not, so OP. Um, credit?

Keep swimming.

04-10-2014, 04:58 PM
Hello all. It's been a good day so far. I'm keeping fingers crossed that the next few days are okay for my dad; that the chemo after-effects don't hammer him tomorrow. Skipped breakfast with my folks/their friends while running around to find the place I needed to pick up oxygen for him. Despite having lived here years ago, I couldn't find it even with GPS and calling them for directions (routed to call center elsewhere) :) finally another direction program worked. Thank goodness for some inventions that help us hugely directionally challenged people.

Have been able to get work done today and will work into the evening and try to get in a full day, even if not the traditional hours.

Again, I struggle with the skipped meal mentality I often employ and keep telling myself i don't need to catch up on calories :) Planning meals that are enticing to them, hopefully, but not ingredients I eat (ham, beef, pork) so need to come up with something that works for me to have separately as well or I'll keep thinking I deserve more. Mind games - argh.

6CrowsGold - Be careful; hopefully this will pass quickly and if not, I hope you're able to get it checked out.

04-10-2014, 06:53 PM
Quick checkin for my Friday weigh in accountability: up 1.5 lbs to 169.5. Could have stayed OP but I didn't. I'm on vacation until next Thursday so I don't know when I can check in again. I hope all is well for all of you.

04-10-2014, 11:03 PM
Hello Coaches,

Just returned from taking pup to the park. It gives me joy to see him so energetic. Running in circles, playing with kiddos, tongue hanging in a smile, he adores the grass (which we don't have in our yard). I was glad for a walk after dinner as I felt over full. Have not done that in a long time. Cooked tacos tonight and made my shells the Romain lettuce. Next time I'll have less even if it fits OP. I still feel very full.

nationalparker Glad to hear your dad is dealing well with chemo so far. Sorry your sis is still causing drama. Kudos for making good food choices. I'm glad you were able to find the equipment you needed.

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Kudos for doing your gym session even though you were tired. Hope you enjoy your new book.

BillBlueEyes Thanks for the reminder to not compare. I was watching all the joggers on the treadmills yesterday and my not yet aerobic pace did seem slow even though it was an improvement for me. Kudos for your veggie day. Thanks for today's Beck note, I really need to plan breakfast tomorrow before I go to bed!

6crowsgold Oh my, that is bad if you don't even feel hungry. Hope you feel MUCH better tomorrow! Make sure to take care of yourself.

flnu Wishing you a great vacation week and a better OP for the rest of it.

04-10-2014, 11:36 PM
Well I didn't get to the ceramic room afterall. I stayed in again with this cold. I felt good to go for about an hour then it passed. Headaches and tickly throat were the hallmarks of my common cold. I may have been a bit hot too. I didn't check. I will be out tomorrow as I have some duties to do but I think I'll be OK for a limited day. If not I just come home. I'll do what I can and really try not to overdo it.

Off to bed now. Food not great today. Being sick really throws me off.

Have a good night everyone.

National parker: when I'm stressed or just can't sleep I listen to podcasts in bed with headphones on. Usually I fall right asleep to them. I like BBC documentaries and a show called Witness. I'll also listen to the German Deutsch Welle and their program called Inside Europe. Super interesting stories you never hear over here. If you don't like current affairs there are old time radio shows! Love them. Gunsmoke is fabulous. It's way more than you think it was but my all time favorite show is a sci fi one called X-1 (x minus one). Fabulous writing but with your 50's ending. Some are spooky, some are funny, but they are all smart. I have only one I can't listen to: Perigi's Dolls. It just creeps me out! And that's what I do when I'm restless in bed.I listen to stuff and know that by lying there my body is recharging. It also distracts me from the "why aren't I sleeping" thoughts that only serve to keep me awake.

04-11-2014, 06:06 AM

I sent an email to my PT - will see how he reacts to my deciding not to do floor work! Worked at desk at home and went to acupuncture in the middle. The acupuncture guy has taken me on as a project I think - not sure if it will work but it is interesting to go there. It is going to rain (drizzle) for the next week. It is insanely humid. Today is fast day and I am REALLY hungry. I have prepared dinner but haven't cooked it yet - waiting with great anticipation

Well wishes to all who are sick or under the weather - sorry you are feeling off colour and hopefully it passes soon.

BillBE - LOL at feeling comfortable because you can "out-perform" a pregnant woman. It is difficult not to compare isn't it. Even with one's former self and capabilities. I love your response to onebyone - "every human is stuck with that bummer of looking in the mirror and seeing our bodies age". Ain't it a fact and I found that reality comforting

Gardenerjoy - I hope I cope with the maths when I read the book! I would like to give it a go

Tricia - It is all very confusing - whether one is talking about total protein grams or the proportion of calories that are protein (which is supposed to be about 33%). Credit for adapting dinner to suit your needs. It is indeed great to see the joy of the dogs when they can run free

6crowsgold - I hope you are thinking about seeing the doctor? You seem to have a virus or middle ear issue but the doctor can hopefully sort it out

Nationalparker - glad you are settling in. After about 2 or 3 days the chemo hits and one is tired - but it improves before the next round so I hope your dad picks up in a few days. Credit for surviving the chores you needed to do. Hope your food gets sorted out

flnu - enjoy your vacation - see you when you return

Onebyone - Rest up and take care of yourself. Hope you improve soon


Ate on plan today - Yes
Planned food for tomorrow - fast day
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed myself and logged it - yes - same
Did planned exercises - Only 6500 steps plus 15 active minutes
I didn't eat standing up - today 95% except at 2 grapes at sink
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - not yet
Made time for diet and exercise - Gym Saturday

04-11-2014, 06:42 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Caught DW just absorbing the sun in between futzing in the yard, "Making a little Vitamin D." The day was that pleasant. My walk included the library to pick up a book about city planning for a course I'm taking on climate change. Cities are a good place to start making changes. Today's the day to increment the counters in my signature, CREDIT moi. I've added back my weight under my avatar and will update it monthly when I increment my signature so I can be back to holding myself accountable.

Eating was on plan for the day until an early evening event got off track. I'd had a very light dinner and planned to finish dinner from the refreshments table at the in-home concert. It was the standard eat-standing-up-while-chatting kind of event. I had more than made sense. Ouch. Was back on track as soon as I got home. Looking back on it, the food wasn't unusual - all selections from Whole Foods attractively presented. The room had vast ceilings - a converted factory - that created interesting options for wall decoration. A fancy mirror was taller than 10 feet, the kind you'd expect to find in a theater. It was a fun evening.

onebyone – This cold business is spreading on this thread - Ouch for all the symptoms of misery.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ouch for, one more time, wrestling the tension between "hunger is not an emergency" and the more Intuitive Eating response to hunger. I, too, long for the day when my 'hunger' comes only from signals from my gut to serve me rather than from emotions to lead me astray.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Yay for rain, Ouch for humid. I wish the rain would more evenly distribute itself about the globe. May your fast day come to an end taking the hunger with it.

nationalparker – Yay for GPS mapping software to help us get from here to there with confidence. Kudos for staying clear enough that you're being that helpful and still got in a day's work at you day job. Hope the chemo response goes well with your dad.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Fun to be reminded that, because there are so few calories in broccoli, its protein is a large portion. Romaine Lettuce is just the best substitute for bread and tacos. Yay for a happy puppy.

flnu - Happy Vacation - hope you're doing something new and fun.

6crowsgold - Ouch for feeling sicker. But absolutely, Yes, Kudos for not eating anyway. Hope this passes soon.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

what are you thinking?
Does the idea of planning seem unfair, punitive, or too regimented? I can tell you from experience that there just isn't another way. You're right in a certain sense that it is unfair to have to plan. After all, many people who aren't dieting don't have to plan like this. They can stand in front of the refrigerator and think, What do I feel like eating tonight? People who want to lose weight, however, just can't have that luxury. Even if you can make good choices now, the time will come (in a few days or weeks) when allowing yourself to make spontaneous decisions will lead to gaining weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 138.

04-11-2014, 09:47 AM
Friday--Up and at it again! Feeling much better. Today is a 500 calorie fast with Weigh-In on Saturday to spur me on.

No exercise this week because of the dizzy thing, but at least OP.

To all: Thanks for the kind words. Working full time and having a 7yr all but preclude visits to the doctor, but I think it's sorting itself out now.

onebyone: I have the same faulty math when I'm sick where sick = chips for dinner. What is that???

04-11-2014, 12:22 PM
Day 7 of The Diet Fix is Indulge! Well, this should be fun.

He makes an interesting distinction between primary and secondary binge eaters. Secondary binge eaters struggle only at particular times of the day while primary binge eaters can binge at any time of the day. According to Freedhoff, secondary binge eaters respond remarkably well to planned eating while primary binge eaters sometimes need some extra help from psychology. I was definitely a secondary binge eater (afternoons) and this was true for me: "With regular meals and snacks ensuring enough calories and enough protein, suddenly, almost magically, the drive to binge disappears, or at the very least markedly dissipates."

Of course, I already got that magic from Beck. But that helps explain why Beck worked for me when nothing else did. And may explain why my evangelism of Beck isn't always that effective -- not everyone I meet is a binge eater (he says only 30% of those seeking help with weight loss are binge eaters) and, those that are, aren't always secondary binge eaters.

His indulgence philosophy is to do it thoughtfully. I think his approach would be excellent when encountering an unexpected indulgence, but I really don't feel deprived following Beck's method of planning it ahead of time and dealing with most unexpected indulgences with "I can plan to have this tomorrow."

In other news, I ate breakfast this morning standing up. DH wanted to tell me all about the new Michael Lewis book that he started reading this morning. I paid attention to my food as well as the conversation and I'm pledging, here, to not make a habit of that!

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +50 485/1500 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

6crowsgold: do you live in an area with allergens? My doctor says that allergies are systemic, so they can have all kinds of symptoms. My worst symptom is malaise -- which pretty much means I just don't feel good. Another couple of weeks and the worst of the allergens for the season should be done for me until late July and August when the mold spores spike. I need to figure out a way to live at a breezy beach in March and in the mountains in August to reduce my symptoms!

04-11-2014, 01:53 PM
Another gorgeous weather day here, so that makes things seem cheerier. Dad is so frustrated with the side effects of the strong pain meds (mainly severe constipation despite using diff products) that he went w/o pain meds last night and we had a small encounter over it. I let slide the irritation he voiced when I questioned that and just kept silent. This morning, before he even said good morning, he said he did a stupid thing last night by doing that. I just said, well, let's keep looking at ways to lessen this side effect. Today is not as good, but we did get him out to the base for a haircut. I still like to see the gate guards salute my father. It tears at my heartstrings a bit because now he looks so worn.

Yesterday food was OP and did very well. I'm proud of that because I am a stress eater extraordinaire. Stress and joy. :) Which covers a on their scale this morning, which reads differently from ours, and just want to be down a bit on this one by the time I leave. I will hit the market later today and pick up some food that works well within my meal plan.

Will get out and do some yardwork on the weekend here. It's not blazing hot yet at all, so good timing.

04-11-2014, 11:19 PM
Good Evening, Caoches.

Big event at work successful but Oh! am I wiped from worry, planning and implementation. The big news is I didn't celebrate its finish with food. I know mentally this is huge but I feel empty and sad to not have my celebration partner with me. Oh Well. I will go to sleep and hopeful FEEL my achievement tomorrow.

OP for Day 11. Wow! and a new short hair cut. I haven't had my hair short since I was 20. Lots of bad memories of bad cuts and powerless over learning how to be a girl. I always wanted a stylish "doo." I made a breakthrough a couple of days ago. I told myself I was fifty, could pay for a good cut and go into the salon to get it done once a week. I love it. Three cheers for taking care of myself and refusing to be bound to the fears of the past.

onebyone: No monocles yet. My students are very low income so they don't have the very hottest trends. Let's see, today was spring pictures. The girls wore asymetrical summer skirts or strange "poodle skirts" that were cut mini. The rebel boys are still trying to sag with the pants. I wonder when that will finally run its course. Its been twenty years now :(

AZTricia: Pea protein is at the "Whole Foods" type store we have here or you can buy it at Vitacost online. I get most of my supplements and stuff from them.

Ceejay: regarding knee pain. I don't know anything more frustrating than trying to exercise and being stopped by injuries. So unfair!

nationalparker: I am not the best one to ask about sleep. The things that work best are exercising during the day, a hot bath before going to sleep and I absolutely can't have caffeine in the afternoon. But still I struggle - doc says that is what the beginning of menopause is. She gave me a prescription of Lunesta which I am suppose to take if I have gone two nights with bad sleep and need to put in a full day the next day. I am no thrilled with having to take it but it works. I am VERY carefully to only use it sparingly. I have heard some bad stories about dependency.

BBE: I think the equivalent to Pollock is Faulkner's Sound and the Fury - stream of consciousness narration through the mind of a cognitively disabled man. Of course, no one will agree with me that it is is not a masterpiece. Give me Virginia Woolf anyday.

gardenerjoy: regarding math. I am on a percentage, counting type of plan. MyFitPal does everything for me - circle graphs with percentages. Don't know if that will help.

GosfordGirl: The best exercise is the one you will do.

04-11-2014, 11:47 PM
Quick check-in to report an OP day with a pound lost :D
I'm tired and still have a bunch of chores before g'nite all!

04-12-2014, 01:16 AM

Finally I felt OK enough and I got out of the house. :carrot:

I did really well and made what I needed to for tomorrow. It's exciting having plans. :carrot:

A very interesting opportunity came via email today. It's a mentorship program in my area. They take 14 students and they must be serious about their work and want to set goals and see their work stretch in new directions. I'm there. That's my plan for the next two years. My only concern is the program is given via a ceramic organization and the bulk of my serious work is in printmaking but the mentor is very interdisciplinary as am I so it may not be as big a deal. I have until the end of August to apply. By then I should have new work that I can use for my submission showing a clay/print crossover. It's an exciting unexpected thing to be pondering. I just love that.:carrot:

Food wise back at it tomorrow=day 5. I kind of lost it these past 3 or 4 days. I should care more but I don't. I'm just ready to move ahead on all fronts again. My sister will be visiting again.I sure hope she holds off until May sometime. I need time to settle into a real routine again.

Need to get some sleep now. Have a great night everyone.

04-12-2014, 05:42 AM
Hi Coaches

A cool rainy day (much preferred to a hot, sunny day) today. I foolishly agreed to hand out "how to vote" cards at the local Mayoral elections for a candidate from my political party (leftist) in the right wing heartland on north shore in Sydney. I was outnumbered, out postered and just generally out. Plus it was rainy and windy and cold. I ended up in agony as I hadn't realised my joints really do hurt more when it is cold. Anyway I did my 3 hours and then went off to find warmth and food. Which unfortunately meant I had a sausage roll - not intrinsically bad but all that wheat in the pastry didn't sit well with my digestion. And it wasn't on plan - mainly because I didn't really have one - first mistake of course. I shopped, bought some meat and now I can plan around it. I was trying to finish work today so I could have a break day on Sunday (tomorrow) but it won't happen. But Easter break is coming!

BillBE - Percy Lavon Julian [Medical Professional, Academic, Civil Rights Activist, Chemist, Scientist (1899–1975)] sounds like an interesting sort of guy - especially for an African American grandson of former slaves and with no high school education. Thanks for that. Plus a new word "futzing" usually accompanied by "around".

6crowsgold - glad you are feeling a lot better. Credit for getting back on plan

Gardenerjoy - thanks for the outline of D7 of the book - I will have to think about whether I am a binge eater. I think I am probably a secondary binge eater -when I am hungry I go over the top. Credit for pledging not to eat standing up.

Nationalparker - credit for on-plan eating under these circumstances - you are maintaining control

Maryann - great hairdo - and credit for 11 days OP

Tricia - fabulous - 1 pound down!

Onebyone - have a good day 5 tomorrow


Ate on plan today - No - didn't have a plan but I do have a plan for dinner
Planned food for tomorrow - not finished yet
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed myself and logged it - yes - down 1 pound
Did planned exercises - barely 5000 steps but lots of standing and no moving. Didn't get to gym as planned
I didn't eat standing up - today 95%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - once so far
Made time for diet and exercise - missed gym - will see if I get time tomorrow

04-12-2014, 06:45 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walked, CREDIT moi, to a presentation to learn the distinction between Philosophical Libertarianism and Consequential Libertarianism. Straightened out my head that a Libertarian doesn't deny that some problems are terrible, he just believes that any action by government will make it worse. It was helpful to unravel why I was confused that Libertarians seemed to come down on both classical Liberal and Conservative sides of different issues.

I did get the chance to make a wise food choice for lunch. I had a window for lunch so chose a place I really wanted to try. Had a BBQ seitan sandwich on pita bread. CREDIT moi for not also choosing the house specialty of Marjoram flavored French fries. The evening at dancing allowed me to ignore a table of snacks - all factory made. So CREDIT moi for a day on plan in the face of opportunities to do otherwise.

onebyone – It's exciting that you see yourself as open to see your work stretch in new directions. Yay for getting out of the house.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thanks for the distinction between primary and secondary binge eaters. The word 'binge' is parked outside of useful for me since I use it only for eating the equivalent of a whole gallon of ice cream. If I rethought that I might, perhaps, get a useful word back.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Kudos for being a political activist - especially when it's "rainy and windy and cold" and in an area where the crowd is on the other side. Yep, not having a plan is the easiest way to be off it. (Although I've tried to argue with myself that when I don't have a plan, by definition I can't be off it, but that notion wanders into justification.)

maryann - Kudos for celebrating without using food. [Count me as a believer that Faulkner's Sound and the Fury is a masterpiece. I've happily read it at least three times and still marvel. By-the-by, I've reported to Tech Support that some young thing has hi-jacked your Avatar.]

nationalparker – Sounds like you're finding your way helping your dad through those choices where neither one is really 'right.' Super Kudos for an on plan day despite the stress.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Goodbye pound. Kudos for an on plan day.

6crowsgold - Kudos for on plan despite the dizzy thing. Hope this clears up soon.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

what are you thinking?
So, if you think, I don't have to do this part of the program, Acknowledge that the reality is probably, I don't want to do this part of the program. For just one week, commit to writing down everything you're going to eat the next day. At the end of the week, decide whether to commit to another week. Committing to one week at a time is easier than saying you're going to do this for life - especially since you probably won't need to! Some people find that recording what they eat for a few weeks or months is enough. Can't commit to a full week? Then at leat commit to today and tomorrow!

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 138.

04-12-2014, 10:10 AM
Staurday Weigh-In = down another pound. Another butter box on the counter.

The plan is working, albeit slowly. For 8 pounds down, I thought I'd notice some change by now in appearance. But then I imagine that pound of butter melted and poured over me and see how thinly the pounds must be spread. The muffin-top [really repulsive term] is alive and well!

A great day to all!

04-12-2014, 10:51 AM
Day 8 of The Diet Fix is eating out. I liked his philosophy of doing it rarely (maybe once or twice a week), but enjoying it. He advocates researching meals ahead of time (but adding 20% to 40% to posted calories to account for larger servings), eating normally rather than under-eating during the rest of the day so that we're in a good emotional and hunger space for making decisions (it makes no sense to fast during the day and eat 4000 calories at supper when normal eating would have made you willing to eat 1000 calories or less at supper), and refusing the pre-dinner drink (since alcohol effects decision-making, order a drink after all the decisions have been made and drink it with supper instead of before).

This was a tip I may ignore, "Skip the Doggy Bag." Since restaurant meals tend to have more calories than home-cooked ones, he says don't take it home and eat all those calories a second time for lunch -- unless the food is really great. No reason to take that calorie hit twice for mediocre food. Which is a good point. But the doggy bag option is the one that keeps me from eating the whole thing (mediocre or not) at the restaurant, so I tend to think that over the years, doggy bags have served me well. Although, I have used doggy bags less and less as I got better at ordering smaller portions, splitting things with DH, and picking out the vegetables and meat while leaving behind most of the carbs in pasta dishes and stir-fries.

WI: -0.1kg, Exercise: +50 485/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: I love your hair-do. It's so springy and it makes you look energetic and purposeful -- it manages to be both professional and pretty.
It was a big break-through for me a few years ago when I decided that I could go to a curly-hair specialist and pay to get a really great cut that worked with my hair instead of against it. I was surprised how much confidence that inspired in me (and told the inner critic who judged that as shallow to go jump in a lake).

BillBlueEyes: My brother (Libertarian) and me (bleeding-heart liberal) have had some terrific discussions in recent years. We get the biggest kick out of reaching a small place of agreement in a conversation where we started very far apart.

04-12-2014, 08:34 PM
Walked around today's airshow at the base. My feet are sore and nose stuffy from all the junk the high wind picked up. We did not see anything flying because the wind stayed too high once we'd arrived. Otherwise a fine day: groceries collected and OP.

04-12-2014, 09:43 PM
Hello Beck Friends,

Had an absolutely terrible day with food yesterday. Thursday was fine. I ate all my planned food and stayed on track. I did not have a plan for Friday except to start the day with breakfast in a restaurant, which is one of the steps in the Diet Fix. Shouda had a plan. :doh: I ordered 2 poached eggs and 2 pancakes. I thought that was manageable- not the lowest calorie but not out of control either. Next thing you know I was going out to lunch (chicken fingers, fries and gravy- groan). Which led to chocolate at work in the afternoon and lots of chips on the ride home and pizza for dinner. I felt bloated and ill all night. What was that??? I just totally lost focus and went into a bunch of sabotaging thoughts like- "today I don't care", "I will stop tomorrow", "I don't care" and "I deserve this". Ya right!!!

Today happy to say I am eating 100% on plan so far and am moving on.

Check in tomorrow.

04-13-2014, 12:12 AM
Long day - but actually, despite the stress, notched a few credits. I ordered thai dinner to get something different in, and will get three meals from the one dinner. Typically the takeout meal is able to be split in two solid meals, so credit for reducing portions a bit more. Didn't snack - despite desire to, so taking a credit there.

My dad is struggling today - and I'm finding it hard to walk the line between not angering him with checking if he took pain meds, etc., and urging him to do so. I don't want to rock the boat when I still have nearly two weeks here. This will be the longest I've ever been back at their home :) Got all my office work done a few minutes ago for tonight, so that's good. Will have the same tomorrow afternoon and night, so I'll be in good shape on Monday.

Maryann - Love the new 'do! I like your way of thinking - these are the things you deserve!

6CrowsGold - Congrats on the loss - you're chugging right along. Pass me the key to your success :)

CeeJay - Great job moving on - that's in the past and glad to hear today went well.

GardenerJoy - I'm right there with you on the doggy bags - I think sometimes taking the best parts of different ways of approaching successful eating plans is what will work for us. I am one who doesn't want to throw out food I've paid for, especially meat, ethically I think that's wrong. But sometimes we completely stretch out the leftovers, adding vegetables, etc., and it's worked out well.

AZTricia - Oh, I envy you the airshow. I LOVE airshows and the static displays. While growing up my dad would have me look up in the sky to ID planes :) Oh, a C-141 ... F-16 ... that's a C-5, etc. But more importantly, I'm so excited for you as you're hitting that midway mark here soon close to 50 pounds down- look at you and the progress you've made - phenomenol!

Bill - Your interests run such a gamut - impressive. Wondered if you'd ever read, "Galileo's Daughter" by Dava Sobel ... I enjoyed her book, "Longitude" - quick read on a topic that I never really thought about, prior to selecting it. Now I keep encouraging DH to read it, he let it sleep on his nightstand, untouched, for too long for me to admit to, before I finally reshelved it.

04-13-2014, 12:24 AM

Tonight I have a glorious facial sunburn and forearm burn (both minor but I am red and can feel it). We actually had enough sun that I got that today as I sat outside on a town-owned picnic table beside the guild sign I made with the members last summer, which survived all the mess of the trees cracking and breaking and landing on stuff, but missing the sign (thank goodness). I marveled that the sign survived the freeze, thaw, ice, wind and snow we had. I felt sure we did do a great job! And so I thought on all these things as I soaked up the rays while I coloured my pots with underglaze to finish them off in the kiln later this week. I still need to coat them in clear glaze to give them, some of them, a shiny surface. I'll be back there early tomorrow before anyone else shows up to do that.

2 interesting things came up though while I sat outside baking in the sun. 1) my guild friend who always stops by to pick me up and who has indeed become a good friend who I can easily laugh with (so rare and so very important to me) listened as I read her the description of the mentorship opportunity and she, without hestitation, offered to be what in other circles would be termed "an assistant". She said she'd help me fire my work, and help me solve problems with the construction, just basically be along for the ride. Such an offer of total support. I was very grateful.

And then 2) another guild member who had taken up my challenge of making something out of 1lb of clay during one of our community demos (he throws clay on the wheel. I don't and don't really care too--except in the idea that I *should* be able to do everything/have a minimal amt of competence in everything related to the fields I work in) saw that I was working on the surface of the small vase I asked him to make. He also made a tall cup and a pasta bowl, all from 1lb of white clay all within 10 minutes for each object, all while I dictated the form and he sought to make it. I was amazed that he would even listen to me let alone try it! So I ended up with all three things that he made at my direction and today he suggested that we truly collaborate. He is happy to make the forms if I want to finish them/work their surfaces. I was stunned as he is someone who is kind of a loner and kind of a hard a*s sort of, well not really that but he has a reputation as being sort of fussy, but he sees us as having very different skill sets so we bring different things to the table. He likes my loose approach and my willingness to be experimental and to "just try it". While I admire his throwing and appreciate it, I truly don't desire to work that way. I like rough edges, stuff that might cut you, I want to see the material I am working with. I just like that. So working on his stuff which is very fine, very smooth, very even, very clean and neat, is interesting and a real blank canvas for anything. Anyway, that was today as I sat in the sun on the picnic table getting a sunburn. Very interesting what can come up sometimes.

So foodwise I didn't make a plan for today. I did eat breakfast, but completely missed lunch, working through it and not even thinking about food until I had to drive afterwards. It was DH who when I called to say I was coming home asked for me to bring some lunch as he was starving. Oh, me too I guess. So then I chose poorly (fast food) over ate, but skipped dinner. Truly not hungry. Tomorrow I must do better.

Yesterday I bought a skipping rope though. I had an urge to just try it out back during the day when no one is home. I tried it once about 10 years ago and it was shocking how few jumps I could do. Wow. I just think it would be fun and would feel a little silly and make me feel "young" or adventurous or something. Anyway I'm going to try it. I got a lime green rope with sparkles. 7feet in length. $1.25 so I can't go wrong really.

That's it. My coughing has amped up again. It comes and goes but when it shows up it won't stop so I need to go rest. I am 80% back to normal, though people are telling me the cough lasts and lasts and lasts.... we'll see.

Bye for now.

04-13-2014, 06:07 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Encountered a legitimate rare and unusual food opportunity at Whole Foods. Ana Sortum, herself, was serving samples of her Bulgur Pilaf with Turkish Spices & Pistachio Chef Set ( Ana owns and chefs at Oleana ( one of the best restaurants around. Just blown away. Naturally, I bought three each of two different ones for the Easter Baskets for my two kids and us. She so liked my description of making Easter Baskets with fruits and veggies instead of candy that she autographed the packages with "Happy Easter! Ana." So much fun for only the food intake of my allocated afternoon snack. I completed my shopping at Whole Foods without touching any other FREE sample. CREDIT moi for enjoying food and enjoying life while staying my path.

Sky was clear and weather warm enough for a delightful bird walk with 30 species including our first warbles of the season - some three Palm Warblers, always the first to arrive. My exercise walk, CREDIT moi, included the expected brief stop at Whole Foods where I encountered Ana and her Chef Sets.

onebyone – Just terrific that the sun has found Canada sufficiently for you to feel some burn. Love the range of your interests in creating art. Your $1.25 skipping rope is just the best investment in home gym. LMAO at "lime green with sparkles" - the visual always matters.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I'm with you on using the Doggie Bag as a strategy to bound eating at a restaurant. My take on the distinction is that a Philosophical Libertarian would refuse the Doggie Bag because all high caloric meals are bad while a Consequential Libertarian would be willing to compromise because the good of bounded eating at the restaurant outweighs the bad of high calorie food. [Monster Kudos to you and your brother, both, for being able to have political discussions with a family member.]

CeeJay - Ouch for the raft of Sabotaging Thoughts hitting you at once with Kudos for recognizing them for what they were. Double Ouch for fries and gravy (poutine?) setting you off. Kudos for the recovery, "on plan so far and am moving on."

Debbie (Lexxiss) and maryann – There's a Vitamix ( 3FC Thread in the "Does it Work" area - wondering if it's worth 400 Quid.

nationalparker – Three meals from one Thai order is super use of takeout. Kudos for staying focused on your eating even while you're working hard to help your father. [Loved Dava Sobel's Longitude, so Galileo's Daughter ( goes on the list.]

Tricia (AZtricia) - Yay for the exercise of stomping around an air base. It's on my Bucket List to see the boneyard of planes you guys keep out there in your dry air.

6crowsgold - Congrats on another butter box gone forever. Thanks for the reminder that a pound of butter, however large, when melted spreads thinly over the entire body. I'm so ready for my muffin-top to disappear.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

what are you thinking?
Let's say you give it a try for a day, a week, or many months. How do you know when you can stop? When you find that you're using the tools in this book consistently - and consistently losing weight - stop planning and see what happens. If you can follow your diet conscientiously, that's great. If not, go back to writing and monitoring for a while.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 138.

04-13-2014, 12:44 PM
Day 9 of The Diet Fix is setting goals. I like his visualization exercise which is a bit more stream-lined and efficient than anything else I've seen. And, I've always loved SMART goals but have rarely applied them to my healthy lifestyle so that was good motivation! I'm setting up both SMART goals and visualization to continue tracking calories for the rest of April because I can already feel my energy lagging and I don't think that I've yet got the full benefit from the process.

WI: -0.15kg, Exercise: +90 635/1500 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Sending supportive thoughts to nationalparker -- sounds like you are being thoughtful and careful with relationships and food. Good for you!
My DH read Longitude and it's currently on my stack. That book is largely why we're planning a trip to England this fall. We're lucky to have it correspond with a new exhibit on longitude at the Greenwich Observatory. DH just bought Galileo's Daughter -- that will be next after he finishes devouring Michael Lewis' new book.

onebyone: love reading about your artistic adventures and collaborations. Contemplating that maybe if I actually work on my stuff that there might be similar help that would show up for me.

BillBlueEyes: what a great story to go along with your Easter Basket surprises!

04-13-2014, 08:25 PM
Hello Coaches

Happy Sunday :)

I'm feeling toasted as dh and I went to remove the last few weeds (all giants hidden inside spiky landscape) and it is in the upper 80s with bright sunshine. Probably should have waited for evening! Rotisserie-ing two chickens. It is quiet because the boys went to play at the park.


gardenerjoy Kudos for getting your goals done and working toward receiving the full benefit from your program.

BillBlueEyes Thanks for posting about tracking. I'm hoping eventually I won't have to track every day, but that is a ways off. Awesome food opportunity. Your Easter Baskets sound amazing. My favorite birds here right now are the hummingbirds, they are hilarious in their chasing and yelling at each other and such a variety of beautiful colors. BTW, marjoram fries sound delicious (and dangerous!) hope you enjoyed!

onebyone Awesome sounding Saturday. Hope your burn heals quickly and you enjoy your new partners and mentoring program.

nationalparker Thanks for the encouragement. I hope you are able to find a good balance with your dad. It is so hard for everyone when parents need extra care. My family is still not letting grandma stay alone after her fall and they found part of the cause was she was not taking one of her medications right...but she doesn't want anyone taking care and asking either.

CeeJay Kudos for back on plan and moving on.

6crowsgold Hurray for one more pound gone!

GosfordGirl Cool is wonderful, but standing so long in the rain - ouch! Hope you are feeling better today.

maryann Love the new haircut, fun and flattering.

04-13-2014, 11:41 PM
I wrote and deleted a note that was just griping about my sister butting into how I am doing things here (even to the point of her arguing with my mom about WHERE I PARKED WHEN I TOOK MOM TO CHURCH - Why I parked where I did and she's complaining from the other side of the country now). I cannot handle that and am extremely aggravated. But I know if I say something now to my sister, I will regret it at some point.

Light meals so far this trip. Did meal #2 from the thai order and have tomorrow's lunch left. I could eat more but this was sufficient. What a realization.

04-14-2014, 06:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Indulged in a morning snack which I'd have normally skipped. A platter of HUGE fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate appeared. They just looked more luscious than my desire to skip my snack so I had one. Thank goodness that I do portion control on my snacks since I don't want to even guess how many calories. It was good enough to be worth it - and I still stay on plan for the day, CREDIT moi.

The rain stopped so I got to walk, CREDIT moi. Went past a Goodwill that had 50% off all 'yellow tag' items. Apparently, the masses beat me to it because I saw only red, orange, and blue tags left. Fortunate, because I didn't really need anything. I did pass a fast food place that sells falafel sandwiches with a bar of a zillion topping by the pound; gotta get back there.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Kudos for responding to "energy lagging" with a plan rather than resignation.

nationalparker – Smart move to complain here about your sister to keep the stress level low as possible around your parents. There's no doubt that they already understand her role. And no doubt in my mind that they appreciate that you're not falling for the bait. It might help to pretend that it's a stranger talking to you so that you can just let it pass over - like you'd do if a stranger insisted that the sun went around the earth. Continue to send supportive thoughts. And Continued Kudos for getting three meals from that one Thai Restaurant order.

Tricia (AZtricia) - LOL at the interpretation that arises from reading your (condensed) post: "I'm feeling toasted ... dh and I ... in the upper 80s with bright sunshine ... Rotisserie-ing two chickens." Kudos for on-plan. [I'm so jealous of your hummingbirds. We have exactly one, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird.]

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

what are you thinking?

If you're having sabotaging thoughts, get ready to write your Response Cards.

Sabotaging Thought: I don't want to write anything down.
Helpful Response: Which is stronger: wanting to lose weight or not wanting to be inconvenienced? Since I do want to lose weight, I'm going to start writing. It'll probably take only five minutes. I have a choice. I can listen to the resistant part of my mind, or I can firmly and decisively decide to do the writing, even though I feel resistant. It's great practice to ignore my resistant feeling because they'll come up again and again when I don't feel like following my eating plan.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 138.

04-14-2014, 06:16 AM

I am checking in before it gets late and I don't do it! So it is a fly-by. It took a while to recover from Saturday in the rain etc - I was really uncomfortable and couldn't do gym Saturday nor did I have time on Sunday. The body is feeling a bit better today. AND I have completed my last lecture/tutorial preparation for 5 weeks so I get to catch up on work and keep my weekends for myself! And I get to read Diet Fix over Easter :cp:. Plus the garden needs some serious attention.

This list below shows a bit of a theme - not a lot of credits happening today or yesterday


Ate on plan today - Yes - had a plan for lunch and breakfast and dinner seems in order
Planned food for tomorrow - not yet
I logged food as I ate it - no
Weighed myself and logged it - no - need to do that
Did planned exercises - 9800 (should run up the street) and 23 active minutes - highest number so far. Didn't get to gym as planned
I didn't eat standing up - who knows - :shrug: - oblivious today
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - not yet
Made time for diet and exercise - missed gym - scheduled for tomorrow along with acupuncture

04-14-2014, 12:11 PM
Just a quick check in to say, YEAH one more pound gone! I'm only 3 pounds from 1/2 way done, so I'm going to see if I can do it by the end of the month.

GosfordGirl Hurray for caught up and prepared. Hope you enjoy your book.

nationalparker So sorry you have to deal with sis drama. Kudos for light meals.

BillBlueEyes LOL at your response. If I'd been out any longer, grilled pink would be a reality. The sun is intense enough here to fry eggs on the sidewalk in the summer and at least two friends have solar power ovens (that work well!) using the sun's heat not solar panels.

Common Hummingbirds here:
Annas (
Black Chinned (
Costas (
Broad-billed ( **my favorite :)
Broad-tailed (
Rufous (
with another 10 types rarer, or not often seen in the city.

04-14-2014, 02:41 PM

OP entirely on Sunday despite some real drama and difficulties over something concerning my son. Held on tightly through the evening.

Today received good news regarding DS's school, but still no resolution to Sunday's problem.

Having to sternly say to myself that "I wouldn't paste a strip of bacon on my hand if I cut it, so food won't fix this problem either!" Silly, but thinking food will solve this dilemma--just as unrealistic.

CeeJay : Kudos for picking yourself up and dusting yourself off!

BBE: Yes! on Easter baskets of fruit!

gardenerjoy : My son gets the doggy bags for lunch--no sweat as he is underweight and we're always pressed for quick meals for him.

nationalparker: When I was 25, I was my Dad's sole caregiver the year he died. Hands down it was the hardest time of my life. Kudos to you for even getting through the day!

onebyone: Kudos for knowing you need the plan!

GosfordGirl: Hooray for "Catching Up!"

AZtricia: I'm right there with you. Two pounds from being halfway and hoping to even make that point by the end of April!

Best to all!

04-14-2014, 05:53 PM
Late and short today. I haven't even read Day 10 of The Diet Fix so I can't report on that. Maybe tomorrow!

WI: +0.1 kg, Exercise: +40 675/1500 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-14-2014, 10:01 PM
I accidentally did who knows what and lost my post, so this will be brief. (Quell the hurrahs...) :) ... Very light food day today and I'm hungry now - will make toast or something because my stomach is growling. I went with small meals and no snacking because it was a busy day. Got in a full 9+hour workday in between everything else, getting started very early, and was able to work remotely with no issue, so that's a relief. Mondays are the busiest. I have felt so hungry the last few days, I feel like my jeans should be sliding down my legs. Alas, not the case...

6CrowsGold - any suggestions for encouraging him to take medicine that they need, but really don't want to take? His pain meds need to be in his system continuous, but he fights it and then suffers greatly later and it takes ages to get it settled back down. If I come on too strong, he will push back stronger.

Bill - Who do I need to talk to in order to have a plate of chocolate covered strawberries appear here for me? :) Sounds lucious!

04-14-2014, 10:03 PM
Hi Beck Friends,

Off to hotels for 2 nights tomorrow. I will be so happy for a 4 day weekend at the end of this week.

Struggling over food much more than I want to be. Yesterday and today were not stellar. I know what needs to be done- slow down, make a plan, and think things through.

Hoping to report in on Thursday that the rest of this week went better than the first part!


04-15-2014, 12:24 AM

After the receptionist at my dentist's office finally caught me on the phone last week (I ducked her for 2 YEARS) I was in their office today for a cleaning and a checkup. Good=no cavities. Bad=bone loss, teeth "tipping":?: periodontal disease and no plan of action for me other than 3x a year check ups, get a waterpick, and floss and brush and keep up the routine at home and maybe, but it will be unlikely, that my teeth will remain with me if I live another 40 years.

It was an odd visit as last time I was there they were pushing several options at me. This time, with a new dentist, who didn't even introduce himself, and a new hygienist who I liked way more than the other one-part of the avoidance of going there-they were like "oh well. Nothing can be done. We just hope to keep the status quo but don't expect you/it will happen." (BTW not what they said but how it felt). DH said it reminded him of the time he went to the big medical clinic when he got diagnosed with diabetes and he felt like everyone just wrote him off with a "here's a big fat guy and he's not going to change or do anything about his health-don't bother." I never knew he felt like that. I did feel like that at the dentist and I guess I deserve some of that, I guess, but the receptionist urged me to get a 2nd opinion and she said she would if she was me. So I probably will. Anyway all this to tell you that with my newly cleaned teeth and alarming prognosis I was very wary of what I would eat once I got home. It became clear to me, again, that sugar = poison and it just turns to acid asap and with my deep receptive pockets around my teeth it's just fuel for the acids down there that I can't reach and all that "food", all that crap food I eat, fuels all that acid that's eating my bone and what do I get out of it? Nothing. It is empty of nourishment. It gives my body nothing and in fact helps remove bone from me. Has been slowly doing that for years. So at least if this process is going to happen, no mater if I slow it down or not, at least I can choose to at least nourish. It's sort of a no brainer. And I should not be consuming out and out sugar ever. That's so very bad for me it's so obvious that I have no defense for doing that. Perhaps finally the consequences have finally piled high enough that I can't ignore it anymore. That would be a good thing and I would welcome it.

Better go. Have a good night.

04-15-2014, 06:58 AM

I have had a bits and pieces day. Had to take the car for a service and sit and wait while they did it. Was going to read work but decided to start reading the Diet Fix which filled the time nicely - still not at the "Fix" section. Then worked some, then to the acupuncture session, then came home to work in the rain. Pleasant to avoid the office. Will be there tomorrow for my long, late day. Think I will take leave on Thursday to add to the Easter weekend. I am seeing the dragon lady Rheumatologist on Thursday and had blood tests done. Not sure what the results are because my copy hasn't arrived yet. I hope my inflammatory indicators are OK and I don't need to go back on steroids etc. Then we have the whole bisphosphonate issue to fight about - I really want to avoid it but have done nothing to find a counter argument yet - no time really. I am cobbling together meals this week - just hanging on for a break and some quality planning time.

BillBE - we crossed in the ether last night. Strawberries and chocolate are pretty luscious. And very Spring. Love the idea of Easter Baskets with fruit and healthy offerings. Those products look really yummy (and very unavailable here)

Tricia - One more pound - they are flying off. You are doing well and positive thoughts that you will reach that goal in the next 15 days.

6crowsgold - Sorry for dramas re DS - hope they resolve. But you did really well to stay OP. LOL at the truth of "I wouldn't paste a strip of bacon on my hand if I cut it, so food won't fix this problem either!" I have to remember that.

Gardenerjoy - Waiting for Day 10 with bated breath

Nationalparker - you are right - your father needs to maintain stable blood levels to achieve good pain relief. Not sure how healthcare works in the States but someone on the palliative or pain management team needs to give him a talking to. Too difficult for family to draw the line. Men are so difficult with "pills". If they cloud his consciousness I understand his reluctance. He wants to be with you for as long as possible. But if they don't he needs to suck it up and take them. Not sure how you achieve that.

CeeJay - sending good thoughts that you will have a few good days on plan while you travel. Looking forward to hear from you on Thursday

Onebyone - dentists do like to catastrophise. But whatever it takes to keep you away from sugar - if that works grab it with both hands. Interesting that your DH disclosed how he felt at the hands of the medical profession. It is shameful that they are so stigmatising of groups of individuals.

Ate on plan today - Yes
Planned food for tomorrow - somewhat - still deciding what to take for lunch
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed myself and logged it - yes
Did planned exercises - ~8000 and 18 active minutes
I didn't eat standing up - 90%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes
Made time for diet and exercise - missed gym again today. Don't feel well and had acupuncture so came home to enjoy the rain

04-15-2014, 07:22 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Set my alarm to watch the "Blood Red Moon" peak this morning at 3:00 am EDT - only to see a cloud cover. Drat. Fortunately, there'll be two more within a year or so. Hope the rest of you had better weather. (Sorry Australia, the sun was on your side of the globe for this particular dance.)

Learned, perhaps once again, that I'm perfectly capable of self-delusion. Felt terrific all day that my pants felt loose - even though the scale isn't falling all that rapidly. 'Twas a wonderful feeling; walked with my chest out a bit and a touch of smug in my attitude. The waist is the true measure of the body's response to sane eating. I supposed it was due to my diligence in exercise - even though, according to my records, I'm only doing that good enough. Thought maybe my body was just catching up. Alas, turned out that I'd put on a pair of larger size pants - of course they felt loose. CREDIT moi for thoroughly enjoying the feeling all day.

onebyone – Ouch for the reality of aging teeth. Kudos for facing it since diligence now has benefits despite previous history. My dentist has me using Clinpro 5000 ( tooth paste for the evening brushing. It has extra Fluoride but also Tri-Calcium Phosphate to help the enamel. I pay him $25 for the 4 ounce tube, but see it on line for less (despite "Prescription required").

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Early and short response, LOL.

CeeJay - Beck, herself, couldn't have written it better, "slow down, make a plan, and think things through." Kudos for keeping perspective.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Yay for 5 weeks without having to prepare classes. Kudos for 9800 steps - I couldn't go to bed with that number without pacing out the next 200 somewhere, LOL.

nationalparker – A full workday on top of everything else is amazing focus. Kudos for all you're doing with a "Very light food day" included.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Congrats on yet another pound gone forever. Thanks for the links to pictures of your common hummingbirds. It's easy to like the curve in the bill of the Broad-billed.

6crowsgold - LOL at, "I wouldn't paste a strip of bacon on my hand if I cut it, so food won't fix this problem either!" - that's a new perspective for me. Gonna steal that one. Sending supportive thoughts for the whole cycle of drama, difficultly, good news, and no resolution with Kudos for not using food to avoid feeling it all. LOL at "dragon lady Rheumatologist" - what a great visual.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

what are you thinking?

If you're having sabotaging thoughts, get ready to write your Response Cards.

Sabotaging Thought: I can follow a diet without having to do this.
Helpful Response: That might be true - at first - but why not maximize my chances?

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 138.

04-15-2014, 08:05 AM
Hi Coaches!

I returned from our trip Sunday evening to snow and ice with a tweaked back. I managed to get to work yesterday morning *credit* yet we had hostess/waitress who was more than willing to let me go home. I visited my chiro and feel better today. Food was ok during our trip but more than usual. I got right back to my strict regime yesterday and will continue one day at a time.

My newest task that DH finally wants to become techno friendly so he can email his buddy we just got back from visiting. It's been occupying my internet time. It's the first year since we sold our businesses that I haven't had my taxes done so I'll drop a check in the mail with an extension today.

onebyone, my DH and I have both made big dental turnarounds. I found the waterpick to be extremely helpful....much easier than flossing. Routines are helpful and I found the "teeth" one to be helpful, too.

Gotta is in 25 minutes.

04-15-2014, 12:16 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

I am struggling with Ceejay with food. It is so disappointing to me that I went 11 days OP, overate at a couple of family dinners, and am now two pounds heavier than when I started the month. My mind is screaming UNFAIR (and whispering "What's the use. Eat what you want.")

The healthy way to look at it is that the new food plan I was trying out was too restrictive and my body jumped way back that other way. Good. I learned something.

I must still find a food plan that is comfortable for maintenance. I am going to investigate the new Weight Watcher's plan this morning. I am technically a lifetime member so it won't be much upfront capital to check things out.

gardenerjoy: Just finished Galileo's Daughter. The biggest impact for me was how constrained her whole life was - cloistered at ten years old and yet she had the same range of emotional experiences as any of us. I take my freedom for granted.

nationalparker: It is tough when great emotional weights come out in petty grievances.

6crowsgold: cute about pasting a piece of bacon on your wound - although I wouldn't put it past my son to do anything with bacon.

GosFordGirl: Good luck with your tests.

Welcome back, Lexxiss.

BBE: Lol with the pants shenanigans.

04-15-2014, 01:18 PM
Still not making it to Day 10 of The Diet Fix. In the meantime, some of you may appreciate the photo of the new garden tractor with mower, tiller, and snow plow blade. This will, one day, result in a larger vegetable garden so it has something to do with my healthy eating.

WI: -0.4 kg, Exercise: +30 705/1500 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-15-2014, 05:33 PM
Fast Day Tuesday.

OP so far but real stinkin' hungry!

CeeJay : Hotels and meal plans are always tough for me!

BBE: Yes, the "Super Size My Pants" feel good technique always works as a nice pick-me-up!

gardenerjoy : If it counts, I just transplanted my basil seedlings--it's my "crop" this year!

nationalparker: My Dad was very much his own man during those months; I'd offer a suggestion and wait for him, never pushed. My dilemma was trying to keep his weight from dropping and I had to hide fat in everything and hope he'd eat it.

onebyone: Sugar is worth shaking. I wish I could (!)

GosfordGirl: Sounds like the weekend will be a good time to regroup and re-plan. Sometimes I just look through my food journal...

Lexxiss: Super kudos for food being better than usual on a trip. Trips are a huge challenge for me.

maryann: That's what I like about Beck, being able to look at a plan that's not working and tweak.

Best to everyone!

04-15-2014, 09:35 PM
Hello, coaches! I feel like I've been taking and not giving on this site here lately. I appreciate the good vibes and have had another OP day. Dad had a bad night last night - I thought at one point he's slipped into a coma and was scared. Able to rouse him and today has been better. I aggravate him by focusing on his meds/times and he says that bothers him to see me worried, so I say, well, take your meds! :) He pushed back today and I said, oh, I know you'll do this because you LOVE ME and smooched him all over his head and he ended up half-smiling and shaking his head like, what a goofball she is. But I don't want these weeks/months to be confrontational and even more stressful for us. We'll see. It's early yet in my visit - just going on the end of the first week.

I truly have been feeling as if my eating light (!!) here should have resulted in me dropping major pounds, but I suspect that's not the case. WHY does it come on so dang quickly and take forever to disappear? :) And I'm sure we've all wished worry would burn more calories, right? ha ha

Able to get in another full day of work, but tomorrow will be dicey. I'll track it. I think I'll be taking some sick time tomorrow as we have a lot of appointments at dr. offices and some coming to the home.

Loved the loose pants with puffed chest, Bill. Funny!

Maryann - I'm with you on the "it's not fair!" thoughts - it ISN'T. And...well, why bother is typically my next thought, as well.

Gosford Girl - Thank you for the insight; I don't understand pain control and am frustrated by his dismissal of it, to the point of being intelligible and confused. I hope the dr. tomorrow stresses the importance of keeping the chemicals in his system without missing doses. He's on morphine and his eyes look haunted when it's wearing off/worn off.

04-16-2014, 01:33 AM
Hello Coaches,

Today was a hungry day. I ended up using some of yesterday's neglected calories, which I hate doing. We are heading into the summer swim season and need to make some decisions this week about teams and competing. Everyone is tired here from rising in the middle of the night to see the red moon. Still have to go take pup out for his last walk of the day, then off to bed. Personals tomorrow.

04-16-2014, 06:56 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Grilled salmon steaks for dinner initiated our new small Weber grill. It worked as advertised. We grilled on 'High' then had to put them back to adjust the raw remaining inside. Turns out that there's an instruction card that suggests 'Middle' for all fish - in fact for almost everything except steaks. Certainly was easy. DW served dark green Kale and purple potatoes with it, making a visually appealing presentation. CREDIT moi for an on plan day as well. My Beck moment came when I'd served my planned three dried figs in my breakfast fruit bowl and there was only one left in the package. Every fiber yelled take that one, too. Figs are sugar bombs, however useful their role as fruit. I left it in the package, CREDIT moi, with the thought one extra being OK supports the thought that two extra would also be OK. And so on. Can't wait until peaches and blueberries arrive so that I switch away from my winter dried fruit.

Walked, CREDIT moi, despite wind and threatened rain. Wind blew strong enough to warrant using the chin strap on my hat. Was surprised when it got lifted off my head anyway; the strap did keep it around my neck. I made it home before the rains started seriously. Then it rained all afternoon, even lightly while using the grill on the patio before dinner.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Super toy! Do you get your turn to drive? Why, Yes, it's a medical expense toward healthy eating - tax deductible for sure just like medical insurance.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Ouch for a tweaked back. I'd guess that it wasn't worse because you're such an active person.

maryann - Shuddering at "What's the use. Eat what you want." - I recognized that one. Kudos for responding with a re-evaluation of your food plan. And by the by, Congrats for being a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member - that's a major achievement.

nationalparker – My admiration for working so hard to find the spoonful of sugar approach to encourage your dad to take his meds. Kudos for "eating light (!!)" - your scale will get the message in its own good time.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Yay for getting to see the Blood Red Moon. Averaging your calories over a week doesn't seem so awful to me.

6crowsgold - Double Kudos for OP when "real stinkin' hungry!" LOL at "Super Size My Pants" feel good technique - should be a standard technique in any Feel Good About Yourself book.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

what are you thinking?

If you're having sabotaging thoughts, get ready to write your Response Cards.

Sabotaging Thought: Writing a food plan won't make me lose weight.
Helpful Response: If the program only consisted of writing food plans, it wouldn't work. In this program, however, writing a plan is just one strategy. In any case, I won't know if I'll be successful until I try it. I may as well do everything in my power that I can because I really want to lose weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 138.

04-16-2014, 07:04 AM
Hi Coaches

This is a very quick check in and tomorrow I will switch to the morning

It was easy to plan lunch - because there was none - it was a fast day and I had forgotten. I did stick with it today and had a small Japanese meal tonight but the salt may well get me on the scales tomorrow

I am planning gym tomorrow as I am feeling a bit better - will go before or after the doctor appointment. Looking forward to buying some fish and getting organised for the weekend. Steps not bad (8000), food not bad (a few off plan sultanas tonight)

Will check in tomorrow. Have a good day coaches

04-16-2014, 10:34 AM

Yesterday's fast got completed and then I proceeded to eat another 250 calories. I made myself write down the three junk food servings that made up the cheat and am sitting here looking at it and reminding myself how badly I want to see a good weigh-in Saturday.

Back at it today, but what a hungry week I'm having!

04-16-2014, 11:44 AM
I went to a cooking class last night called "Strange Name, Great Taste" taught by a caterer from England. We had Toad in a Hole and Spotted Dick. They were tasty! I got thrown off my routine, but I just wrote a plan for today that looks doable.

Still not getting back to my book. Soon.

WI: -0.45 kg, Exercise: +30 735/1500 minutes for April, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: I did drive the tractor! One of the things DH liked about it was a normal steering wheel. The driving lawn mower he had before was steered with levers on each side and I was afraid to touch it. There are times when it will be useful for me to drive the tractor while he's doing something else so it will be handy to have me reasonably comfortable. It's still not the same as a car though! There's one pedal for forward and a separate pedal for reverse. There's a brake, but in practice you just take your foot off the pedal and it stops -- kind of like a bike. The brake pedal is more like a parking brake.

04-16-2014, 12:43 PM
Hello to all, just a wave to let you know that I am back from vacation. I did pretty well with food and very well with exercise while on vacation. I ran on both days that a treadmill was available, which makes me awesome, and did vacation-type exercise the other days -- loads of walking, some hiking, and even a few hours of sea-kayaking (although my kayak was the equivalent of the pony ride at the horse farm). My before-Friday-weigh-in-so-it-doesn't-count looks promising. As long as things don't go south tomorrow (and I don't see why they would), Friday should see me back on track after my 1.5 pound gain heading into vacation. One of my goals for this coming week is to post consistently so I hope to see you all soon. Warmest wishes for all you lovely people.

04-16-2014, 04:29 PM
Hello coaches,

Wednesday, pizza day, here again. I think I'll pack something else again. I need to run errands part of the time the boys swim as the pet store was out of the type of dog food we normally used last time I stopped by. Need to do my DVD this afternoon.

6crowsgold Kudos for being so close to half way! Bummer for a hungry week.

nationalparker Wishing you the best as you work with your dad on his meds.

CeeJay Hoping you've had a good week and been able to plan/follow through.

onebyone Bummer about the dentist with bad bedside manner. I've been looking into "tooth soap" lately. The theory being that if you get your teeth "really clean" and don't rub away the enamel with abrasives that your saliva has enough minerals to fix your teeth on it's own (even make cavities go away). LINK (

GosfordGirl Looking forward to hearing good news about your inflammatory indicators and the helpfulness of acupuncture. Kudos for a good fast day.

BillBlueEyes LOL @ your pants story. Good endorphins for the day :) I agree about the summer fruits, so looking forward to them!

Lexxiss Ouch for an injured back, so glad you are feeling better. I agree that a water pic is easier and better than floss.

maryann Hoping WW does the trick for you.

gardenerjoy Awesome new tractor. Had to look up your strange foods. Glad you enjoyed them.

flnu :wave: welcome back and great job on good vacation food choices.

04-16-2014, 06:19 PM
Still Wednesday.

I have a 4 day weekend coming up for Easter. Everyone will be home and Big Events abound, so my posting may get random. Reminding myself I need a plan for non-routine days!

Happy Easter/ Passover!

04-17-2014, 12:03 AM
Hello! Not a good day here for my dad, I was hoping that yesterday he was on the upswing, I guess it'll be like a pendulum - some up, some down. Only was able to get in a half day of work today; thankful I've built up a lot of sick time over the years. More confrontation as he gets more frustrated with the pain, his body breaking down, and me hovering, trying to assist. He is skeletal now. His shoulder bones are poking up sharply through his jacket. I feel almost guilty for being overweight while he's struggling to get anything down.

I'm not eating enough during the day/evening and finding myself HUNGRY about 10 or so. I will snack on some 35 cal/cup popcorn and relax in a bit.

Credit: Picked up a bag of Sonic's ice (tiny balls) for my dad; thought it'd be easier to let melt in his mouth ... and passed up everything else on the menu. Tater tots were calling to me... "You've done light this past week ... deserve it..." and I disregarded their siren call.

DH keeps telling me how terrible the longterm statistics are for my dad's cancer. Last night I had had it and just said I don't want to hear this anymore because I KNOW it and it does nothing for me. It's not denial - it's just that I don't want to be dragged down every time we talk. He understood. Credits to him for humoring me.

04-17-2014, 05:19 AM

Really tired tonight - I am sure it is a response to eating rubbish today. I had lunch at a favourite dumpling place (Din Tai Fung - they are everywhere) because one opened at the mall near the Rheumatologist. I was irritated after I saw her. But I went to gym nearby as I had planned. And after that I went to eat dumplings. That wasn't so bad but then as I was shopping I had more off plan food. All of this stuff was full of carbs and wheat and now I could go to sleep face down on the keyboard. Moving on - I went to Tai Chi today for the first time and it was pretty hard work. I didn't have a clue what the patterns were but tried to follow. I think it will e.v.e.n.t.u.a.l.l.y help with the balance and leg weakness issue because that is the focus - but it won't be over night. I am not the most patient person but I need to give it a go

The Rheumatologist has put me back on steroids, higher dose than usual, for the joint swelling and pain - oh well - it will be nice to be more comfortable. I also let myself be convinced to go on IV bisphosphonates for osteoporosis (it is only once a year) but they make me nervous. And I will be joining the parade going to the dentist. You have to get things in order before starting the therapy and get the all clear

BillBE - LOL for pants story. We missed the "blood red moon" too because of clouds in the east as the moon rose at dusk. I love my weber grill. I think I need to take cooking lessons from your wife. Credit for leaving that forbidden fig fruit

Maryann - hope you are having less of a struggle with food - credit for not translating unfair as a license to eat. Hope you find that food plan

Gardenerjoy - hope you make it to day 10 eventually! I need to see what it is about - and it is the last day of the fix isn't it. Love the tractor! And it is great that you will be able to drive it. Your cooking class sound fun

6crowsgold - the fasts do seem to get harder over time don't they - unless I am busy I am suffering through them and sometimes snack in the evening on the rebound. I too am REALLY looking forward to my 4 days off starting tomorrow - Friday

Nationalparker - I am sorry to read of your father's increasing frailty. Credit for doing what family does for each other and bearing witness. Being able to playfully cajole your father to do what he needs to do is a credit. Hope the pounds drop but as usual they will do as they will!

flnu - welcome back. Your time away seems pretty on track so hope your Friday weigh-in cooperates

Tricia - sympathies for a hungry day - a few of mine lately have been like that. That dog sure gets a lot of walking. I love that he is like your little diet pal - that you actually got him as a walking partner. That seems to be working!

Ate on plan today - not at all
Planned food for tomorrow - No - was going to buy fish today but could not park! Will find something for tomorrow
I logged food as I ate it - no
Weighed myself and logged it - yes
Did planned exercises - ~8500 and 17 active minutes
I didn't eat standing up - 50% - ate something in the car - not technically standing up but...
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes
Made time for diet and exercise - gym - check; tomorrow - nothing planned beyond dog walk

04-17-2014, 08:14 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Two walking excursions, CREDIT moi, including walking home after dark - always wearing my winter coat. After a couple of warm days, even mildly cold needs the winter coat. Came across a FREE box of partially used legal pads on the curb as we do in my neighborhood. I immediately took them home; took a few for my own doodling; let the two kids next door take as many as their father would allow them; then let the mother of two across the street take the rest. Warm feeling for getting usable paper into the hands of kids who have an infinite need.

On plan eating, CREDIT moi. During my evening with friends, I sat before a coffee table for two hours with dried nuts, figs, and cranberry bread that's crisp like biscotti. I took none, being aware that this is a biweekly affair and it's useful for me to just stick to my plan for 'none.' No one notices that I don't eat. This always surprises me since it's a regular Sabotaging Thought that folks will think it odd that I'm not keeping up.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – You made me google both Toad in a Hole and Spotted Dick. Gotta love the splendid British names for food. Congrats for training as a tractor driver. There's travel money to be made by plowing your neighbors' driveways after you're done with your own. (I just looked up 'biweekly' because I can never remember whether it means twice a week or every two weeks. Good grief! Why do we use the same word for both? How does one distinguish?)

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Kudos for taking up something new, Tai Chi, to make working balance fun. Ouch for your "dragon lady Rheumatologist" pushing drugs even when they're what your body needs.

nationalparker – Kudos to you and your DH for working through the difficult feelings of dealing with the present without ignoring the tough thoughts about the future. Supportive thoughts to your dad to find a balance using his meds that works for him.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Seems sane to avoid the temptation for too much pizza. I recently saw a picture of 'pizza' make on a slice of zucchini. Looked good - but there was enough cheese melted on top to balance any calories saved from the skipped crust.

flnu - Yep, you're "awesome" for that much exercise during vacation. Were you in a one-person sea kayak?

6crowsgold - And Happy Easter / Passover to you. May you have good weather for your many events.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

what are you thinking?

If you're having sabotaging thoughts, get ready to write your Response Cards.

Sabotaging Thought: I'll write it down later.
Helpful Response: I may not get to it later. I have to make this a priority right now.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 138.

04-17-2014, 12:11 PM
From the Beck FB page today:
Think Thin Thursday Tip: If you were driving on the highway and missed your exit, would you say, “Forget it, I’ve really blown it now” and keep driving in the wrong direction? No! You’d get off at the very next exit and turn around. If you make a mistake, immediately turn yourself around and get right back on track.

04-17-2014, 12:32 PM
Today's interesting event is shopping for clothes for a wedding next week. I thought I had clothes, but nothing really worked when I tried stuff on, so we'll see if I can do better at Nordstrom's. I've been working with the same personal shopper there since early in my weight loss journey so she's pretty experienced with dressing me at all sizes. The tricky part about a wedding is that a dress might be most appropriate, but my body shape works best with separates (size 10 on top, size 14 on bottom). We'll see.

I have a good plan with good foods for today so I won't be tempted to overeat over dressing room trauma.

WI: +0.1 kg, Exercise: +50 785/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: I love that you give paper to kids! That's such a great gift. When I encounter children at a stage where they enjoy drawing, I always try to get some paper into their hands because it seems there's never enough at a time when an abundance is what is called for. One of those "children" is finishing up his graphic design degree at college this semester.

Hugs for nationalparker and family!

04-17-2014, 01:03 PM
Good morning, Coaches.

Traveling in San Francisco - past BBE's Redwoods. Taking the boys to Stinson Beach. Tracking with W W and it is going ok not great. We'll see. Best to all. Loved AZTricia's Quote.

04-18-2014, 12:13 AM
Hello. Ate on plan today - continuing my streak since I've been at my folks. In fact, I had a good week before coming here as well. Ate a larger lunch and think that helped as my small dinner was sufficient and I'm not hungry going into night.

Days have been busy with appointments and scheduling stuff, quick marketing runs for this and that to see if Dad will be able to eat stuff, and tonight I ran out to see if I could find him some smaller sweatpants - his fall off him and I completely lucked out with two great pair very inexpensive. I hope they work out and are comfortable. I thought he'd get mad, and told Mom I could just return them, but I think he will try them. He doesn't want a "fuss" made. But he's so uncomfortable with everything.

I tried on a few pair of capris while out, and at least nothing was too tight, but was disappointed that I don't look like Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing. To me, that's what capris should look like. But that will never be the case, and I'd better get used to that. GardenerJoy, I hope you had more luck with your shopping. I have never used a personal shopper. Do you ever feel that they're urging you to purchase something you might not otherwise? How does that work?

Bill - Love the sharing of the legal pads. Clever and they'll remember your kindness down the line, too.

Safe travels to those who are on the road!

04-18-2014, 12:17 AM

You gotta wonder what Google assumes about you when the ad on top is natural gastric bypass $480 and then Smokey the Bear "get your smokey on!" Whatever that's supposed to mean.
So I finished up at the dentist. My teeth routine has tripled in length. Thankfully I love the water pick but was told I still have to I had that hygienist I didn't like before but in the two years since I've been there she's developed a personality. Credit Her. She was quite funny. She confirmed my top right molar at the back is loose but no predicting when/if it'll drop out or get infected so it has to come out.she said I could even just swallow it one day as I am eating and not even know it. I challenged that but she assured me it's happened, mostly with kids and baby teeth and frantic visits by parents wondering what to do (nothing. It passes or gets reabsorbed). And every once in a while a grown up does the same thing. Now I don't want to be one of them.

Foodwise I am getting nowhere fast. Cannot get regrouped and back into the steps. Will keep trying to work it out. MIL wants us over for Easter Sunday dinner. Well bring my mom and the visit will be shorter. She wants me to bring dessert. Another day to avoid food pushing and the temptation of stupid easter bunnies everywhere. Can't tell you the gauntlet I have run the last few days. It feels like there is more of that stuff out there this year than ever.

Will check in in the a.m. I send best wishes out to all who read this.

BBE: found out I was not chosen for the art event near Boston. Sad about this for sure but there's always next year and there's always another equally interesting thing to do.I would have enjoyed the opportunity of a face to face Beck hello though.Oh well, eh....

LEXXISS: I tweaked my back as I held lightweight ceramic pot with one hand and twisted around to get a decent photo of it with the other hand. I'm way better now and hope you are too.

NATIONAL PARKER: Kudos for time spent at your parents trying to figure out how to help them. My thoughts are with you. Please take good care.

GARDENERJOY: It was when you said your tractor had a plow attachment that I LOLed out loud (that's redundant isn't it? LOL). All I pictured was an impatient gardener pushing the snow out of the way so she/he could get started already. If your plow could actually get spring underway just by plowing you'd be richer than Croesus.

04-18-2014, 02:04 AM
Quick check in today before I walk pup again and head to bed. I'm disappointed because this is my first off plan day since the beginning of the year. I will be on track tomorrow with the lesson that trying to rush weight loss is just not going to work. I need to NOT be hungry which means eating a reasonable amount of calories (for me) and not trying to exercise away extra pounds because it just makes me hungry. Lesson learned...back on track for tomorrow.

04-18-2014, 05:18 AM
Coaches - I tried to get on top of some chores today but still have more to go. I also went and bought more food. I love the few religious holidays where normally the world stops - everything is closed. It is an opportunity to just stop - and do whatever without the pressure of errands and shopping etc. Not so any more - my local vegetable and fish market were open. Good thing since I had no fish but sad.

Had a rudimentary plan today that didn't include hot cross buns - which I bought at the market and ate (only 2 and threw out the other 4). Hopefully reading the Diet Fix this weekend, when I finish the chores, will put me back on track. I feel a bit lacklustre at the moment about it all

Tricia - great quote from Beck Facebook. Thanks for sharing it. Credit for lessons learned and plans made. I am getting the idea that the Diet Fix is pretty strong on not getting hungry ( - hence snacks and high protein. Will get to that part eventually...

Gardenerjoy - enjoy your shopping trip. I don't think separates are a problem but I find most dress code rules highly mysterious.

Nationalparker - know exactly what you mean about capris. Reminds me of Gidget but perhaps before your time :) Credit for taking so much effort to work out what works best for you dad - hope he likes his new pants

Onebyone - LOL at gastric bypass and Smokey the Bear - I am always interested by the ads that stalk me around the internet. Teeth do fall out - a few of mine did because of problems like you seem to have. But they have firmed up now with care. Some people are genetically predisposed to have "issues". Hope things get back on track for you with your plan.

04-18-2014, 06:53 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Gym session was Amped Arms and Abs, CREDIT moi. Wish the intersection of my schedule and the gym's allowed this three times a week. I sure could use it. But accept that it's progress. Walked to the library to return four items early to admit to myself that I wasn't going to read them; they will so kindly keep them on their shelves should I change my mind. It remains a challenge for me to not-read-a-book once I've touched it.

Got skewered for dinner. I'd planned to stop at some favorite local restaurant after an evening lecture that we'd attend after we visited the new exhibit at a favorite museum. We timed our visit to the hour before the nearby lecture - an efficient and clever use of our time. Neither bothered to notice that the museum wasn't open that hour. Drat. Ended up using the suddenly-available hour to get dinner together at a students' cafeteria. Portions were monstrous! We split one clam shell of food yet I had more than needed for a meal. I'm still struggling to leave restaurant food. I'll take CREDIT moi for the split and for the reasonable choice of a chicken dish despite being surrounded with fried everything else. And JOY moi for taking DW out to dinner for $5.95 total, LOL. I'm not cheap - the plastic utensils were of the better kind.

onebyone – Share your consternation over the "stupid easter bunnies everywhere." Is fruit salad an acceptable dessert to bring to Easter Sunday dinner? With biscotti or cookies for the others that you could skip? Yep, "keep trying" is the way forward. [Drat for the lost opportunity for a Boston meet-up.]

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I'm impressed. I'll register it as super self confidence to employ a personal shopper. Kudos for that and for recognizing that you can prepare yourself for the "dressing room trauma."

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – I, too, miss that life used to have moments that stopped. Ouch for hot cross buns with Kudos for tossing the remaining four. I lust for those every year and have to remind myself that my childhood joy eating them doesn't happen as an adult; there're just sweet rolls with sugar on top.

maryann - Wave to my Redwoods as you pass Muir Woods. In just a few more miles north you could wave to Point Reyes that so completely won my heart. Hope WW works well for you.

nationalparker – Doesn't matter - I'll adopt my mental image of you as "Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing" since it's useful to me to visualize who I'm writing to. Seems that most men, particularly military men, have this thing about "fuss" made. Kudos for taking the risk to make him more comfortable. And continued Kudos for keeping your eating plan in mind.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Thanks for the Beck quote about the missed highway exit. Super Kudos for lesson learned "that trying to rush weight loss is just not going to work." In other threads it's been pointed out that the Bikini push before summer begins is a great setup for failure.

Readers - day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

...Once I accept the fact that I have to
write a food plan every evening for the day, dieting will be easier.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 139.

04-18-2014, 10:25 AM
Hello to all,

Friday weigh-in joy: down five pounds. So bizarre. I know I did not eat less or exercise more while on vacation. Last Friday's gain must have just been to fake me out. Or maybe today's loss is. Now I'm all...hey...ate more, exercised less, lost five pounds. That's a strategy I can get behind. Followed by, oh no, I'm losing weight faster than recommended (I'm not when I look at the average loss per week), I *need* to eat a lot more. I have equally sabotaging thoughts when I gain weight. Feh. No exercise today.

Joy: Oooh. I've been planning on hitting up Nordstroms when I'm back in the States, and at a lower weight to boot. My current pants look like cartoon hobo pants tied with rope because I have to cinch 'em down with a belt to keep them on. (Yay!) Anyway, I've alwasy been curious about the Nordstrom personal shopping service. Are they on commission? When they work with you, do you feel pressure or guilt if you don't buy? Do they respect your comfort zone for price? Also, how much tailoring can you get for free...hems, sure, but can the tailor take-in a too big waist for example? I'm glad you've got a good plan with good foods; you will rock the wedding outfit.

Maryann: I love Stinson beach, so pretty and it makes me feel very small (in a good way). When I first got back from vacation, I mistook you for a new member. Then I read your posts and you still have the same voice. Lovely pic, by the way.

Nationalparker: I'm impressed that you are still posting, let alone OP, along with everything else going on. Kudos for both.

Onebyone: Credit for the attitude of "I'll keep working on it."

Tricia: this is my first off plan day since the beginning of the year. Whoa! THAT is a huge success! 100+ days OP!

Cheryl: Credit for throwing out two. Missed your exit, but got right back to it. I've never seen a hot crossed bun. Delicious? I'll go google next.

BBE: It was a kayak built for two and so totally untippable that I put my three year old in the front seat by herself. High class plastic--hey, big spender.

G'night, all. Sweet dreams.

04-18-2014, 11:29 AM

So I'm making breakfast for us. DH has a holiday today. The traffic nearby is very very light. Makes me want to take the car and go for a long drive. What I will do instead is take the car and drive to my studio and begin work carving a large woodblock. Being newly rejected for a large woodblock idea made me wonder if I should *really* be doing this idea and then I thought naaaaah. juries, events, organizers, they all have their agendas... just keep moving forward. What is the key here is *I* have an idea that motivates*me* what becomes of it/where it goes is besides the point. My *joy* is in the making it. The rest is all fluff. When it rises above that I get confused and pessimistic and this helps me not.

Today I am tracking my food which I haven't done in a while. Its cause I started tracking differently with the Diet Fix and then I stopped. I am going back to my fitbit tracking which correlates to the fitbit data I get from the fitbit band on my wrist. THIS is what I need to work into THAT diet fix plan, not the other way around BECAUSE THE FITBIT WAS WORKING FOR ME and as soon as I put that aside I got lost again and ate off plan again and got confused again. I'm a simple human and I need a simple plan. Will still go forward with Day 5 Diet Fix today. Will adapt what works today but keep fitbit data, which is bodily reality, in mind.

I'll check in later with you guys. Bye for now.

04-18-2014, 12:01 PM
Super quick post here to say the joys of a sibling you get along wonderfully with - miscommunication with my brother on who was picking up my father after a treatment today. He took him, and I took mom to dialysis and then went basically next door to the cancer facility ... and checked in to wait an hour+ for Dad. Called my brother to check on the oxygen level of his portable canister because I brain cramped and didn't and then he asked why I was there - to get him. But I'm doing that. Oh, okay - I thought i was since it was so close. End of story. No regurgitation of every spoken word about who/when on the pickups, no guilt of bad memory, no implied lack of accountability. It's just that there are daily appointments and we got signals crossed. He mixes me up with his wife as far as conversations now and then, and I have not had the greatest memory myself. So seconds later, we're all good. With my sister, it would still be an issue, referred to repeatedly and would be relayed to many others. I am so thankful for my relationship with my brother and our agreement on everything that comes up with our parents' care.

I did have my planned snack this morning instead of this evening - my treat was a 120 calorie coconut chocolate treat. I'm not beating myself up - I left the cancer facility and cried when I got to the car for how tiny and frail he looks, and then sucked it up and realized he might not be strong in body, but he's strong in spirit and fortitude. But then the treat was a comfort food, entirely. I am okay with it as it was limited and savored. (am i making excuses?) oh well ...

Another problem solved (in theory) as there was an issue with meds taken or not this morning. So I thought, we'll use military time. Then no issue if he notes on the chart that it was 5:15 - we'll know that's a.m. and 17:15 will be p.m. He's used to that and I'll be the one counting on my fingers, despite hearing it my whole life! :) Silly how such easy solutions don't come at first now and then. And I'm sure many of you are going, "well, no kidding that is what you're SUPPOSED to do..." ha ha - eh, it's a learning curve for me.

04-18-2014, 12:09 PM
I wrote about the Strange Names, Great Taste class on my blog today -- you can see photos of Toad in the Hole, Bubble and Squeak, and Spotted Dick here:

The wedding outfit will be black palazzo pants that I already owned with a green cardigan and tee that works wonderfully with one of the silk scarves I brought back from Paris. It's all very springy and dressy and fluid and I feel good wearing it. Credit for bringing the pants and scarves with me to the store so I could find things that worked with what I already owned and felt good about.

I finally read Day 10 of The Diet Fix. Basically, go forth and sin no more. My worry is that all this measuring, weighing, and calculating is another point where things could break down. If I get fed up with it, will that drag me off plan completely? He didn't address that general sort of resistance in this chapter, but he did address "too busy" and some of that applies to my worry.

Often the folks who report they're too busy to record are the folks who are having the most difficult time letting go of the notion that there food diaries are judges and juries. Always keep in mind that the record is there simply to guide future dietary decisions, not to judge those that are past, and that your food diary, like mine, definitely won't be full of perfect choices. p. 159

I have to admit that, in practice, the few times I've been unwilling to weigh and measure has been related to judging what I'm eating. And, that I've been able to get right on track with the next meal by weighing and measuring when I'm in a less resistant and judgmental place -- which has been an aid to keeping on track most of the time.

There's more to the book, so we'll see what else he has to say after the 10 Day Reset.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +30 815/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

nationalparker and flnu: the nice part about making an appointment with a personal shopper is that there are garments waiting in the dressing room when I arrive, and they just keep coming as we work out that I might want a different size in this top or a different color for that one or maybe another brand of slacks would fit better. The personal shopper does all the running about the store and she's much more efficient than I could ever be.
There's absolutely no pressure to buy anything I don't want. She's even good about saying, "that color just doesn't work on you, does it?" One of the reasons I work with her is that I trust her taste and eye more than my own.
On the other hand, I often end up buying more than I originally intended. Like yesterday, I bought an outfit for the wedding, but there was a jacket that looked great on me so I got it, too. It will be perfect for slightly less dressy events and business meetings. It's difficult not to buy everything that looks good just because that's still a new experience for me. But it's not hard at all to turn down the many things that don't look good. I seem to need to try on a lot of clothes to get a good fit, so I reject way more things than I keep.
Alterations are one of the reasons I shop at Nordstrom's. Hems are free. Taking in the waist (which I almost always need on slacks) isn't free, but most slacks don't work at all on me without that and it's cheaper and more convenient to use Nordstrom's tailors than find one on my own. We recently got a Nordstrom's card and we get a certain number of free alterations with that.
The personal shopper is on commission, I'm sure, but I think she looks at her clients as long-term customers. She'd rather I come back again and again than sell me something I don't like and have me go elsewhere next time.

onebyone: LOL at your unique image of precisely how a snow plow on a garden tractor aids in garden work.

AZtricia: not allowing oneself to get hungry is the major tenet of The Diet Fix.

04-18-2014, 01:19 PM
Hmmm. That wouldn't work for me. I really enjoy eating when I am hungry. I enjoy eating when I'm not hungry too, of course, but the lack of hunger is a burr.

04-18-2014, 07:53 PM

AZtricia, that quote about missing the exit was pure genius!

OP for Thursday. Fasting today; a busy day at Church and an easy fasting day. Hanging on for tomorrow's weigh in.

Have begun moving toward a "Unified Field Plan" for exercise instead of hit and miss. Planning seems to work for food so it should work for exercise too, right?

Best to all!

04-19-2014, 12:02 AM
Hello Coaches,
Quick check in. Doing better today. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. I may not be able to check in as we've lots on the schedule.

04-19-2014, 05:31 AM

I had a plan for food today and that made life easy - but there were no real challenges today. I was busy doing chores the whole day and have now prepped dinner ready to cook a casserole for a few meals. I didn't do any exercise beyond heavy cleaning - will finish chores tomorrow and go to the gym for a rest. I have had no time this semester to stay up with garden and house chores so it is good to catch up - even the dogs gots a bath (not that they were too impressed with that). Will repot a few things tomorrow and get a few new seedlings to fill the gaps

CeeJay - hope your 2 nights in the hotel went OK and that you are enjoying Easter. I am glad you introduced us to the Diet Fix - I like how he holds retail food providers accountable for their ingredients and calories, all despite their claims of being healthy. And the book is good too :) - will get to the Fix tomorrow and hopefully start in the next few days

BillBE - Your evening out makes enjoyable reading - and the message that learning to not overeat is important and to be prepared for changes in plans

flnu - Yay for 5 pounds down - amazing. LOL about a strategy you can get behind that has less exercise and more food - I'd quite like that - and identify with the sabotaging thoughts. Hot crossed buns - not so delicious but comfort food with history

Onebyone - Credit for making choices about what motivates and interests you, and about how to best track your food and calories. I use the fitbit AND My Fitness Pal - and they work well together. Not sure yet what the Fix will ask of me. Hope you made it to Day 5

Nationalparker - you are doing well to move on from your treat. You have been on plan during some pretty difficult time so glad you enjoyed your treat and moved on. Happy that you and your brother are in synch.

Gardenerjoy - liked the cooking blog post. These are familiar foods here - Bubble and Squeak takes many favourite forms (not all with mashed potato - sometimes with roast veggies). Terrific wedding outfit by the sound of it. I now want my own personal shopper but think only the REALLY high end shops have them here. Out of my grasp. Thanks for getting to Day 10 - I know what I am in for

6crowsgold - I forgot to fast on Friday! Not sure I can fit it in this weekend now - drat.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Glad things are better - have a wonderful weekend

04-19-2014, 06:59 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Becoming annoyed with this cold weather after such a splendid week of believing that Spring was here. Walked, CREDIT moi, bundled up. Perhaps I should feel gratitude that walking was possible since it wasn't a blizzard. Dancing was the evening's exercise.

Eating ran into a problem in the afternoon. Unexpectedly, I spent a couple of hours in a club situation with open dishes of nuts and other snacks. I seriously overdid my allocated afternoon snack. It wasn't even good stuff - it was unexpected stuff. I was so caught off-guard that I didn't even have the wisp of a plan. Will try to work that one better. Dinner, on the other hand, was a joy. We had the other half of the grilled salmon steaks. DW popped outside to our new gas Weber to grill the asparagus. What a treat - grilled veggies are just the best. CREDIT moi for eating well when I'm in my grove.

onebyone – Makes sense to track the way that works for you. Kudos for recognizing that your artistic merit doesn't flow from this week's jury.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thanks for the link to your blog describing the British foods. My take is that I'm seriously pleased that you weren't able to find the equivalent of British breakfast sausage. When we did B&B's in England for a week we started asking the hostess to skip the sausages; they aren't to my liking. Bratwurst, on the other hand, is killer good. I'll ponder that thought that resistance to measuring is resistance to judging.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Yay for "a casserole for a few meals." DW suggests that we need a new word to replace 'left overs' for food that was cooked to serve several meals. 'Left overs' should apply to food unintentionally not eaten at a prior meal. Kudos for cleaning hard enough that going to the gym was a rest.

nationalparker – Terrific reminder from your story of the mix-up with your brother about how we work with sane folks both grounded in reality. Kudos to you both for staying focused on what's important. Choosing a comfort food for your day's planned snack doesn't need justification. Kudos for recognizing what you needed and what would work. You could have dug into a stack of cookies and had to double down since when they didn't do what you needed.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Have a happy busy schedule.

flnu - Savor it - five pounds lost on a vacation that neither ate less nor moved more. Savor it; patent it; publish it. You'll make enough in the first week for both daughters' full college expenses, LOL. Kudos for being mindful enough for that to happen however it did. LOL at the hobo image. And LMAO at "I enjoy eating when I'm not hungry too."

6crowsgold - Good luck designing your "Unified Field Plan" for exercise - whatever umbrella encourages the exercise is the way to go.

Readers - chapter 7 Week 3 Go: Start Your Diet

It doesn't matter if you're starting a diet for the second time or the twentieth time. The knowledge you've gained and the practice you've put in for the past two weeks make you more equipped than you've ever been to:
Plan what you're going to eat.
Eat in a healthy way.
Resist hunger and cravings.
Respond to sabotaging thoughts that lead to unplanned eating.
Give yourself credit and build your confidence that this time you can succeed.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 140.

04-19-2014, 11:18 AM
I finished The Diet Fix last night except for the recipes (which I glanced at before and was unimpressed). One chapter fulfills the promise of the subtitle to "get the best out of any diet," although I laughed a bit that he bent them all in his direction. So, his version of Paleo allows a grain here and there and his version of low-fat, isn't any more. Really, his plan reminds me most of the one in The Complete Beck Diet for Life -- it's not low-carb enough to be low-carb and not low-fat enough to be low-fat. Philosophically, I like this middle of the road approach, even if I'm finding it somewhat difficult to get there from my low-fat mindset. I think I would find the Beck plan much easier now and I may try that next. I remember that I liked the way it combined exchange-plan style dieting (my preferred form) with calorie counting.

He had some great tips in the travel section. Did you know this?

Most hotels will be happy to empty your mini-bar before you arrive if you call ahead to request it. Not only will it remove the temptation of overpriced snacks, it will also give you a place where you can store some actual groceries. (p. 186)

He also said that hotels that don't have mini-bars often have mini-fridges that they can bring to the room. They have them because some travelers need them for their medications. And some hotels even have mini-microwaves available for request. I never thought to request those things in rooms that don't have them.

The material in the back motivated me to repeat the 10 days again and do it better this time. I was so flummoxed by the protein requirement and the calorie-counting that I never really managed to embrace the other thought and behavior habits that I think will be most helpful.

I tend to compare every book to Beck and this one stacks up pretty well. It's missing the emphasis on a Diet Buddy or Coach which, obviously, I consider vital to my success. Most doctors don't seem to recognize how much their mere presence helps their clients in structure and support and so they forget to write that into their books. Kudos to Beck for being able to step back and see that.

I'm still puzzling over some of the concepts.

I'm worried that the positive emphasis on enjoying life could trigger an unhelpful part of myself that says "hey! I enjoy eating junk food in the car!" His requirement to keep a food diary would counter that, but I fear that I might ditch that while taking "permission" to enjoy myself. Still, it hasn't happened yet.

I wonder if I would have found his notion that I can eat anything as useful to me as going cold-turkey on junk foods was. It's too late to test that now, because I'm sure not going to reintroduce the foods that caused me problems just to see.

I'm still mostly convinced that "hunger is not an emergency" is a more helpful guideline to me than "eat when you're hungry." But I have rarely been hungry when I meet the timing and protein requirements of his plan, so it's mostly a moot point.

WI: +0.5 kg, Exercise: +90 905/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

GosfordGirl: Your day of chores sounds plenty challenging to me. Credit to you for making and sticking to a food plan while doing them.

04-19-2014, 01:39 PM

I get lost in the all or nothingness of everything and in a tendency to both procrastinate and to embrace perfectionism. These two are the flip sides of the same coin. So after having two kinda horrendous food days, triggered by struggles with the Diet Fix format (timing of food/lots more tracking/no upper limits) and when I struggle or get confused I don't stop eating, I eat, more, over the emotion of feeling confused. And as usually happens my body reaches some point where nothing seems to fit, again, and I think wow what am I doing and I though look, just use the parts that work, do what WAS working that I threw out cause it wasn't the same as this week's food expert suggests. I think, given the state of me, in which I am an expert, my recovery from excess food is shaky at best and it has not taken hold except for limited amount of time. I think whatever I have discovered that works for me I should keep on doing no matter what/who suggests some other path. This is all keeping with the theme of Diet Fix day 5: Think. I am thinking. Thinking about what worked for me and what I dropped. What worked was tracking=same as diet fix.
what worked was knowing there are foods that are terrible eating triggers for me and it is best for me to avoid. Diet Fix says I shouldn't avoid them but try to work them in. I don;t think I can do that and not trigger a binge. DF would say that's cause I am restricting. I think that's cause I am respecting that those foods over the course of my while life, not just now, have proven themselves to be gateways to unrestricted eating and I am simply more sane without them *for now*. There have been times when I am going along great and foods that would be triggers now are manageable then (but how much are they really cause that's how I get back to where I am right now). Anyway, basically I need a flexible program and saying "I can't ever have this" to "I must have this" or "can't say I won't have this", it's not good for my mental balance. If all food is open to me and I start to choose sweets or junky-ish stuff, I don't choose veggies and I eat less fruit. I just do that incrementally until I am off plan and binge eating.

Geez, just looked at the time. I have to go. Will continue later.

04-19-2014, 02:10 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Back from holiday just in time to clean and shop for the Easter Hunt/Brunch I am hosting at our ranch. I am struggling with this commitment every year. I hate throwing parties. I become perfectionistic and obsessed. But DS loves them and he will only be a little for so long. Trying not to get feelings hurt with waves of cancellations from other commitments or better offers. Attendance is an all time low of 18 with five baskets to make. At one time I was making 25 baskets. I am trying to reframe the scenario:

I am not upset about the attendance, I am mourning the fact that all my nieces and nephews are growing up which means (I hate to say it) so is my little boy. Everything changes. I am thankful for the memories I do have. There is something new around the corner and I am excited to see what happens next. A good example is my nephew is bringing four Ukranians (on internship with his ag company.) How interesting to talk to them!

The food is bought and I plan to track. I have lost a little of the encroaching weight. 3 pounds from ticker. It might be more tomorrow since it seems I have a bug with cramps and other nasty symptoms. I will sit quietly while the eggs cool for dying and maybe look at pictures of hunts from the past ten years.

onebyone: Congrats on the idea of moving forward with what motivates you - not what others think. I need a few lessons in this.

nationalparker: Super credit on "limited and savored" during an emotional time.

gardenerjoy: You know I love a good wardrobe story. One of the key motivations for me right now as I struggle to put OP days together is that I don't want to give up my carefully assembled new wardrobe. Thanks for the tip on Nordstrom alterations.

04-19-2014, 04:25 PM
Well, my morning treat expanded into more unplanned, not the healthiest eating of this trip. I stressed about it, then regrouped and reframed it and have moved on. Mom was ok with a jr arby roast beef and I chose a kids turkey sandwich - I don't choose fast food often, but things ran late and that was a sandwich she typically can get part of it down. Added in a treat of small french fries and had a 550 calorie dinner that was not at all like the picture on the menu.

Regrouped today with healthy breakfast and lunch.

I'll second GardenerJoy's notes about fridges in hotels. We requested them for years for my mom so she had storage for insulin and juice if needed, along with healthy food. A stocked minibar has never held an iota of temptation for me, since i'm way too cheap to pay those prices! :) If the peanut M&Ms were FREE, that'd be a whole 'nother issue!

Niece is running the Boston Marathon again this year - she ran and finished before the bombs went off last year. She's dedicated this year's race to my dad/her grandpa, which made my mom cry.

In talking with my brother last night, he broke down for the first time with me, which is hard to take. After we'd ended the call, I came back out to sit with my dad while he tried to eat. An hour and a half to get in a few ounces of a smoothie-type. I went into my room and took a piece of chocolate covered popcorn (about 2"x2" piece) that I was taking home to DH. If he can't get in calories, I am?? Is that how my dumb mind is working.

04-19-2014, 04:34 PM

Weigh-In = Down 1 pound. 9 pounds down in total, only one to go to get to the Half Way point.


04-19-2014, 11:55 PM

Well I have returned. I did better today foodwise but didn't fully plan the day and I also ate, I want to say off plan but if I didn't plan am I off plan? More precisely I ate "food": fake man made treats that stuck to my long suffering teeth. Not a wise choice. I did also eat a veg before it went bad but I also overate at dinner. Then while watching TV I found myself chewing my nails. It's tomorrow's dinner at MIL's house with my mom as well. I am stressing over it and I just heard a msg on my phone from MIL reminding me to bring containers for leftovers. Sigh. There will be a lot of food to navigate. And then it will be over with the next family holiday mother's day I suppose and then thanksgiving I guess. Some BBQ during the summer. Anyway waywayway ahead of myself. I will take a few credits for checking in and tracking and thinking. Bye for now.

04-20-2014, 05:22 AM
Hi coaches

I had a non-stop day and Ihave now completed my Autumn clean. I have also sorted out the garden and pruned and settled things for the winter growing season (and got rid of a lot of green caterpillars that were ravaging my mint amongst other things). Tomorrow I might stick in some seeds of things that grow well in Autumn - rocket (arugula), coriander, spinache, lettuce - to keep up the supply. Otherwise I have crossed off everything on my ToDo list. Still want to spend time on the budgetting program but that might be next weekend. I need my world in order to stay in synch with food and planning and it hasn't been good enough.

Tomorrow I will have another go at making sauerkraut. This time I have bought an organic cabbage and I will use a starter culture. Also the temperature not likely to go much over 25 (78 - 80) which is the best temp - I tried to make it in summer without a cellar so will see how this goes. My kefirs are now routine and always in production and the beet kvass is straightforward and delicious.

Still no progress with Diet Fix but maybe tonight and tomorrow. I read an interesting article / discussion at Mark's Daily Apple yesterday that is consistent with what DF is on about - the article was titled "You are what you (think you) eat" and was discussing the placebo effect with food. The premise (research supported) was that if you thought something was nutrient dense you have a ghrelin response (drop) as if you had indulged (ghrelin tells you that you are hungry). The woman doing the research is a clinical psychologist who is interested in placebo-generated outcomes. This seems consistent with the view that if you go of track, don't angst about it, enjoy it, and just move on. And the idea of DF that one should enjoy one's food not feel totally constrained all the time.

Mark notes ( that he "think(s) of the power of mindset as what must be the subtle and (so far) under-researched physiological impact of our assumptions about the foods we eat. What does a chocolate donut do to us? Well, we pretty well know that in general. However, what if we ate that chocolate donut with full caution-to-the-wind, basking-in-luxury abandon versus if we ate it beleaguered by shame and self-recrimination?". It is an interesting idea

Anyway on that note I have just ordered takeaway for dinner because I don't want to mess up the house cooking and because I deserve it. I think I made relatively wise choices but I will enjoy it and not beat myself up. I hope you are all enjoying a good weekend - not sure how much holidays you USians get

04-20-2014, 07:36 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – The morning newspaper was late; I gabbed with DW over breakfast; then realized that the gym class I wanted to do started in 15 minutes with a ten minute walk to get there. Too bad that I had to miss it. Enough brain was awake to recognized that as a Sabotaging Thought. Helpful Response: Since I don't shower before gym, rush, rush, rush; accept that the leader will be annoyed if you're a tad late; and do the class. I did, CREDIT moi. A better reason to want to miss it is that it pushes me with the planks and crunches. After class I drank a protein shake to replenish the torn muscles (counted as morning snack). That shake makes me feel like I'm making progress since that's what the muscle guys drink. Talk about using the placebo effect, LOL.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi. Dinner was the third planned meal from the pot of bean soup DW made a week ago. Perhaps that's responsible for the return of late winter since bean soup is just the best when it's cold outside. My major success was to plan to have no snacks at an event where the table held: three choice cheeses, three types of crackers, open bowl of mixed nuts, specialty cashews, dried figs, stuffed grape leaves, and clementines. CREDIT moi since I could have planned to take a modest portion of some good stuff, but I wanted to exercise my resistance muscle that had wandered off path the day before. (Taking careful inventory of the snacks offered seemed to help me reduce them from an infinite spread to just a dozen items.)

onebyone – Seems like the key, "I think whatever I have discovered that works for me I should keep on doing no matter what/who suggests some other path." Sending supportive thoughts for your lunch today with both mothers. Kudos for spotting that fretting about Thanksgiving is some long range projecting, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Neat tips to get a mini-fridge or to have the mini-bar version emptied. I enjoy coffee earlier than is often available in the lobby and the in-room coffee maker always supplies powered white stuff made with trans-fat. A container of milk in a mini-fridge makes me so happy. I look forward to the day when I can "eat when you're hungry" - my 'hungry' still needs some training to avoid responding to the site of any food, anytime.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Love being reminded of all the fermenting going on in your house. I need to get sauerkraut into my diet - either because it's good for my gut or because it's good for me to believe that. I'm a serious believer in the placebo effect so I'm inclined to believe that my attitude toward the food I eat can reduce physical hunger.

maryann - It makes me so happy when you step back and see that what you're losing with your DS is his transition in life - that will bring its own set of joys. Congrats on those three pounds from ticker.

nationalparker – LOL at Arby's "not at all like the picture on the menu" - I'll remember that next time I'm feeling seduced by those pictures. Super Kudos for making yourself safe and available for your brother. I'll cheer from here for your niece running the Boston Marathon and think about your dad. (I'll use the image of him being saluted by the guards as you drove him through the gate.)

6crowsgold - Congrats on another pound gone. Half Way point is so close.

Readers - chapter 7 Week 3 Go: Start Your Diet

These are all life changes that will become a part of your new mindset as you continue to practice your skills every day. Are you surprised by how much you've learned? If you're starting your diet this week (or if you started it a while ago), don't you feel better prepared? For example, you now know two crucially important things about hunger and craving. The first is that you can tolerate these uncomfortable sensations no matter what and that if you don't give in to them then they'll pass. The second is that you can make them pass much faster by using your anti-craving techniques, changing your mindset, and engaging in helpful behaviors. Now, you'll know what to do for the rest of your life.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 140.

04-20-2014, 10:06 AM
Hi Coaches!

I've noticed my posts these days always begin with, "I finally found an internet moment…", and rings true again today. I looked back and I did post after returning from our trip. This week I finished my taxes as I (mentally) had said I would but won't push the button until my check clears the bank. Credit. I mention that because I eat over procrastination. My back is better but not 100%. I went over to my pool home on Wednesday and got lots of exercise and saw my favorite chiro, which really helped. Food has had some ups and downs this past week...but I ALWAYS keep trying. Credit. Scale is up today and I considered not checking (post travel) but did anyway. Credit. Upon wakening I realized I had forgotten the entire bag of veggies for my smoothies and since I have to work today I got in the car and drove 20 min. each way to buy organic stuff so I could stay my smoothie course. Yay! Well, that's about all I have time for. I'm grateful for all of you and am also happy with myself for accepting imperfect posting. Hi Ho It's off to work I go!

BBE, great that you just jumped up and got to class AND skipped all the snacks at your event. It's certainly a great strategy for you since you seem to have so many of them.

Cheryl(GosfordGirl), my you are getting quite organised! Credit! Very interesting about the studies on the placebo effect of food. Thank you for taking the time to share it.

Onebyone, sending you support as you deal with both mothers at Easter dinner, and with all the associated foods.

6crowsgold, yay for more pound down and a step closer to your 1/2 way point.

Nationalparker, I'm so glad you continue to post and check in with us. It's such a difficult time for your family and saying hello helps us all.

Maryann, kudos for walking through all your feelings about your event today. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Gardenerjoy, thanks for the literary review of DS! Will we read this one on your blog?

Aztricia, I was most impressed by your one off plan day! Kudos to you for such a dedicated streak!

Flnu, credit for staying the course while on vacation! It's always great to hear from you!

04-20-2014, 10:31 AM
Hello Beck friends,

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend in whatever way suits you!

I have had a most miserable time food-(un)wise this week. I need to figure out/face what happened. To start with: the usual combination of overwork, hotels, lack of planning and a huge dose of "I don't care" and "I will eat everything now before I start again". And I think the biggest contributor to all of this is that whatever happened with my knee 2 weeks ago I think must have been some sort of injury as opposed to arthritis because it is still really bad. Can arthritis go to tolerable to intolerable overnight? If things don't turn around soon I guess I will need to go to doctor. So that is depressing me for sure. The ironic thing is that the ONLY thing I can do to help this problem is lose weight and this problem is using so much energy just to get through the day that there seems to be nothing left and to lose weight I need to be in a strong, motivated state of mind. I do not feel strong and thinking this way is making me feel like a total wimp.

I need to find the strength to regroup for the millionth time. I think that I need to accept that for now restaurants are too much to deal with and sugar has to stop. Today I am not eating sugar. No matter what.

Thanks for listening.


04-20-2014, 05:09 PM
Happy Easter, if you celebrate and happy Sunday to all! We made a visit to the one good seafood market in St. Louis yesterday so we're celebrating with food, but healthy food. I haven't got a plan and I'm not tracking because this is all requiring much more marital cooperation than our normal eating day and that doesn't respond well to a plan. But, I'm being careful and I'll consider that good enough for one holiday.

onebyone: I agree with your skepticism that Freedhoff too easily embraces the notion that one should feel free to eat anything. I read his section on addiction and didn't understand what he was getting at. I find it so helpful to think of my binge eating as addictive behavior. Organized eating, as he advocates, helps. But so does staying away from the foods and situations that I associate with binge eating. He does require that we assess the food we're going to eat, figure out the calories, and ask ourselves what's the smallest amount that would be satisfying. If I go through all of that, it might have the same effect, but I fear the day that I decide to skip the assessment phase. I think I'm better off arranging my life so that those sorts of foods make as few appearances in my brain and in my environment as possible.

04-21-2014, 12:15 AM
Hello, all! Seems like I was on the go the entire day. Just finished up my "work" work for the weekend. A sense of relief with that. Tomorrow will be a very busy day. Trying to work in an urgent appointment for my father, along with everything else. He has been through the wringer and I cannot imagine how he feels. He's been lucid and interactive today, a major relief, despite the intense mouth pain now.

Food was good today - not sure why/how, but made smart choices despite wanting to eat more. Almost afraid that when I return home next weekend, I'll go off the wagon with the food. DH will be working, I think. Need to set a plan in place on my flight home, but don't want to think of leaving yet.

It will be easier to leave at the end of this week, saying, I'll be back in a few weeks.

The guilty feeling of being able to eat still is present, while folks are unable to eat much (mom) or anything (dad).

04-21-2014, 06:24 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was the normal walking, CREDIT moi, in the morning and a bush moving in the afternoon. I'm married to that type of gardener who rearranges plants to their advantage with the frequency that some folks rearrange furniture (which we never do). My jobs were to dig the new hole, jointly dig up the old bush, and to hold up the bush as DW shoved dirt under it until it was at the right height and level. You'd think she was building a cabinet, LOL.

Registered a morning snack that fit my plan but wasn't necessary. A fancy presentation had been constructed of milk chocolate covered pretzels to look like a bird's nest with colorful candies in it representing eggs. Despite being so Martha Steward, it was appealing enough that I split one with DW. It was no better than its components sound - a waste of consumed calories. I watched folks trying to figure out how to eat a loaf of bread with eggs-in-the-shell woven into the top. The eggs were just pushed out of the way. I'm left wondering how it was supposed to be eaten. On plan for the day anyway, CREDIT moi. Chicken breasts grilled on our new Weber propane grill were juicier than the way DW normally does them. The grill is a keeper.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – LOL at the "marital cooperation" required for some meal planning. When we were in California, we encountered fish being sold from a fishing boat at the pier. That just reeked of fresh. Turns out that the boat no longer went to sea; it was just a great place to sell fish.

CeeJay - Kudos for adding another reason to your Advantages List. Dropping sugar from your life sounds like a good change to shake thing up. Keep the faith - all efforts to stay the course are making you stronger.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Glad to hear that the back is on the way to recovery. Kudos for that much driving to get your organics for smoothies.

nationalparker – Continue to send supportive thoughts to all your family in Florida even as I cheer for your niece running the Boston Marathon today. I appreciate the deep feelings when it's not possible to solve your parents' eating. Kudos for "made smart choices despite wanting to eat more."

Readers - chapter 7 Week 3 Go: Start Your Diet

This week, you'll learn additional Cognitive Therapy techniques to greatly strengthen your resistance muscle and be better able to reject tempting food - even if it's right in front of you. If you struggle with dieting because of the characteristics I described in Chapter 3 (pages 33-43), you'll take big steps this week toward changing your mindset. You'll start to evolve from someone who struggles with dieting to someone who thinks like a thin person.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 140.

04-21-2014, 09:58 AM
Today I am tackling Day 6 of Diet Fix which I believe is setting your "toothbrush level" of exercise. Since my "toothbrush levels" have recently quadrupled I need to be mindful as I make my decisions! :lol:

And for those of you who wished me well with MIL and MOTHER yesterday, thanks. It helped. All went smoothly. My mother was in an improved physical state. She had more energy and walked better but I discovered her second toe on one foot curved over top her big toe and it presses right down on the big toenail and geez it looks like it hurts a lot. She admitted it was sore. She NEVER talks about things hurting. The reason I saw this was the residence asked me to get her some thin socks as her feet are swelling a bit and the thick socks and her shoes are cutting off circulation. So MIL had socks to spare and I chose 5 pairs for my mom. She felt immediate relief when we changed them out. Anyway she ate well, we got along just fine and even though my mother was convinced we were going the wrong way and we were lost and we would never get her home again and when at the front door of her residence she insisted I was wrong and she didn't live there and I got her to trust me as we walked in and she was a little bit surer that maybe she lived there and as we rounded the corner and opened the door to her room she looked at me and said "how did you do that? How did you get me here?" I asked her quietly "you were really scared weren't you?" She said yes and clutched her gut. Like she was down deep scared. It tears me apart that level of fear. Makes me not want to take her out--like if she's feeling THAT is it a good thing? But, of course it is. Until she totally freaks out and I can't cope/deal with her I'll be taking her out, even if the trips away are under an hour. The whole process, while tiring, is worth it.

Anyway off to the guild to load/unload the kiln. I was scheduled to peacefully do it alone but H, who was supposed to have done it yesterday, is showing up to "help"me. She's not so much helping me as making sure her work gets into the kiln this time round. That's why she wanted to load the kiln on Sunday, when she was there but whatever happened and she was delayed. H is not a helpful person, not normally anyway. Oh well. Maybe she does want to help. I am so suspicious sometimes... Other things on the agenda: a return to decluttering and some editing of photos for art projects.

A good kind of day!

Bye for now.

04-21-2014, 10:37 AM
Hello Coaches,

Sadly, I was not OP today. Note to self: Do the thing that works; don't do the thing that does not work. Tomorrow I will be back OP. I did do my 5k though, so that's something. I was looking at my weight loss graph and there is a clear monthly pattern: weeks 1 and 2, lose 1-1.5 pounds; week 3, gain .5 pounds; week 4, 3.5-5.5 pound loss. The cycles repeats over and over. Good to know.

BBE: Enjoy your grill. Ouch for be mislead into a squandered eating opportunity.

Nationalparker: I never do this but...hugs.

Joy: Happy Easter to you as well. I hope you had a wonderful feast.

Ceejay: So sorry to hear about your rough patch. And you are absolutely right that getting up for the first time or the millionth is the most important thing.

Lexxiss: Super extra credit for your smoothie streak. Well done!

See you tomorrow, all.

04-21-2014, 11:55 AM
I just wrote a plan so that I could write here: I have a plan for today.

Contemplating the good argument in The Diet Fix for enjoying food compared to another good argument in Never Say Diet by Chantel Hobbs that says "make food boring." Her point is that overeaters tend to make food our major entertainment when, really, there are more fulfilling (and less caloric) ways to entertain oneself. I realize that even though those seem like contradictory bits of advice, they are both true and helpful to me at different moments. Walt Whitman may be the most helpful here:

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

WI: -0.1 kg, Exercise: +30 980/1500 minutes for April, Food: NAop, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-21-2014, 12:06 PM
From Beck FB page:
Monday Motivation: Remember, you can’t change what has happened in the past, you can only control what happens in the future. Whether or not you got off track this weekend, you can start being on track RIGHT NOW and feel good about your eating all week long.

Hello Coaches,
Quick check in (personal's later) to say this weekend "worked" for me. With my hunger level and the holiday I decided to eat at maintenance calorie level for a few days. Using what I've learned from y'all about Diet Fix, food is also for celebrations and I feel good about my choice. I did maintain the same weight and I did enjoy the holiday without feeling deprived, though I'm still struggling with crazy hunger levels or could it just be constant cravings??? Don't know what is up with that. I think I'll do one more maintenance day today then back to weight loss levels tomorrow.

Wishing my buddies/coaches an OP and healthy week!

04-21-2014, 12:48 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Easter Brunch went very well. A sunny 75 degrees with eleven to thirty year olds laughing about not finding eggs. The Ukrainians were enthralled. They have been in the country a week. They do not hunt eggs there. They smash two hard boil eggs together and whichever egg sustains the least damage proves luck for the owner for the year. They were impressed with our life - the land, the produce ( they told us the 15 orange trees would make us rich in the Ukraine), the freedom. I have to remember I am wealthy in the eyes of the rest of the world. Credit for embracing change and being rewarded by a new perspective. DS loved talking to them and played his violin for all. I was filled up with life's abundance and didn't need to use food as a solution.

Tracked/planned food today, sat while eating, and weighed three pounds from ticker.

Lexxiss: Remind me again what you put in your smoothies.

CeeJay: I am so sorry to hear your frustration with food. I have been there a million times before. When modifying my food seems completely out of control, I go back to the first two weeks of Beck and just work on behavior. It really isn't about what I binge on, it is the behavior around it. When I modify that, I eventually stop the binging.

AZTricia: Congrats on on a successful holiday and onebyone for weekend visiting.

GosfordGirl: Interesting info on the theory about how you "feel" about what you eat actually affects the body physically. I have to ponder. I also understand gardenerjoy's "Make food boring." When I get off sugar I tell myself "You have used up all your E-Tickets for food pleasure. Food is just fuel now."

flnu: Super congrats on the 5k.

04-21-2014, 01:59 PM

OP throughout the weekend. Huge, eventful weekend, I might add. None of the treats available even looked worth it to me so I watched my son enjoy his Big Day. Even under on calories Sunday.

I've planned out an addition of "real" exercise to my week. Until I see myself at least have one successful week at it, I'll wait to say more. Could be a bust, but DH is on board with helping me carve out the time.

OP today and best vibes to all!

04-22-2014, 12:33 AM
I'm weary of writing "tough day" and I know you're weary of reading it. I am hoping that my father can turn a corner here soon. Long day. Long days and short nights lately.

Niece did well in the marathon, improved her time from last year, and was excited to call and let us know how she did. She'll be able to vist them next week, so that's good.

Bill - thank you for cheering her on! She's been looking forward to this for a long while. An ultra runner, she does 100 mile runs, etc. Who DOES that, I think?

Food was okay today - not the most nutritious, but not a lot of food, either. I'll be heading back home on Friday evening and it'll be hard to leave. Sister comes in the day I leave, and then I'll return in a few weeks. THankful that DH is understanding and urging me to spend the time I can. Also thankful that work is understanding. I have had a hard time at work the past couple of years and think this is the payoff - the trust in me on their end, and concern for my family.

Maryann - loved your full day - full of so much to be thankful for. Thank you for posting.

flunu - LOVE "do the thing that works." Simple is best and I needed that reminder. Thank you for your concern, as well. I sabotage myself too often, and need to just follow your advice. :)

04-22-2014, 06:01 AM
Hi Becksters

I didn't make it online last night as it got so late. Sometimes it gets difficult to know what to cover - I have been immersed in thinking about food and diets and weight the last few days and it is a complex area as you are all discussing. I made a large batch of water kefir and a new batch of sauerkraut on Monday (yesterday) so now have to wait 10 days for it to ferment and about 6-8 weeks for it to cure. But I am feeling more positive about this batch. I finished the Diet Fix up to the end of Day 1 - and given I have been "doing" Beck that was fine - I am moving on to Day 2 tomorrow. I agree with Gardenerjoy and Onebyone that there are some foods that cause problems and might lead to problematic or "binge" eating. Today I went out for breakfast with a friend and had something on toast. I don't usually eat wheat or too many carbs and there is a real temptation to continue in that vein for the day. I was going to buy a toasted sandwich for lunch - something I would never do as it causes GIT problems. So while I acknowledge the premise in DF that one should be able to eat anything there are definitely some things that trigger problems. I am looking forward to reaching those sections

I do like the fact that he (Yoni Freedhoff) is a food activist. The various food companies and government agencies have a lot to answer for and he puts pressure on them which I enjoy and support. I am waiting to see what else I could embrace.

I need to finish cooking dinner and move on coaches - take care

Debbie (Lexxiss) - glad your back is recovered and credit for making the extra effort to get your organic veggies for your smoothy

CeeJay - I am sorry you are feeling miserable about your food for the past week. It is no easy or straight forward matter. Sending you strength to regroup and get back at it! I find restaurants a total challenge so your business trips would be my worst nightmares. Credit for usually having a plan for these trips. Not eating sugar and staying out of restaurants sounds like a plan so credit!

Onebyone - It seems like the lunch with the two mothers was a success so I am really happy for you. Glad to be joining you all on the Diet Fix - it will be interesting to see how/whether it adds value to Beck for my style of dieting

Tricia (AZtricia) - Thanks for the Beck FB quotes - it has been a while since I have gone there regularly. Credit for making a decision about maintenance calorie levels to meet your holiday weekend needs. Awful when the hunger hits so sympathies

Maryann - thanks for your message of gratitude - there is much to be thankful for

Nationalparker - Sorry that all your days at the moment are tough. Hope you get some rest soon. You are doing well to be more-or-less on plan - don't stress - you have a lot to deal with. I am sorry that you all have to deal with mucositis - not easy

04-22-2014, 06:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – 'Twas a most normal day. CREDIT moi since normal is better than the bad alternatives. Normal walking, CREDIT moi. Celebrated with all of Boston that the Boston Marathon went off without a hitch. The whole town collectively held its breath.

Ate on plan, CREDIT moi, without unusual temptations. Dinner was DW's lentil specialty so that meant I was vegetarian for the day. I continue to make myself a large salad for dinner - about twice the size that DW eats. That works for me, perhaps because it delays finishing dinner until more satiety settles in. We always eat salad after dinner. According to this site ( it's more common in America to eat salad before dinner. Does everybody else have theirs before?

onebyone – It's a bit freighting to realize the fear that comes with loss of control of our lives. A friend had to move to a new condo with his partner who had dementia; it was tough on the partner who had diminished ability to absorb new stuff. I wish you well in your continued thoughtfulness working with your mother.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for using reporting to your Diet Coaches to tease yourself into writing a plan for the day. Thanks for Walt Whitman's permission to contradict myself. Think I'll memorize that for the next time my kids call me on it.

maryann - Love the thought of your DS learning to bash hard boiled eggs together. Kudos for opening your life to those four Ukrainian visitors. Such a happy thought, "I was filled up with life's abundance and didn't need to use food as a solution."

nationalparker – My take is that this is just the place for you to write "tough day" every day when it is. It's real-life friends who might get embarrassed hearing it. Congrats to your niece for finishing the Boston Marathon.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Enjoying "the holiday without feeling deprived" seems like a big success to me; Kudos.

flnu - Just what I needed today, "Do the thing that works; don't do the thing that does not work." I like the absurdly simple. Congrats on your 5K. When you get back to the States will you be doing the Boston Marathon?

6crowsgold - Yay for a full week of planned exercise.

Readers - chapter 7 Week 3 Go: Start Your Diet...........Give yourself credit and
build your confidence that this time can succeed.Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 141.

04-22-2014, 08:38 AM
Hi Coaches!

I wrote a post yesterday AM but the internet didn't cooperate before work called. credit anyway. Yesterday was a good and planned day. I've made my plan for today, too. It's much simpler while DH is away and I'm enjoying that. Nothing too exciting here....I just looked out and am waiting for the time it's light enough to get in the yard for 20 min. before work.

BBE, I watched the news last eve and was happy for your city to reclaim it's marathon. Yay. Kudos for being that human hole digger as your DW moves plants. I find I'm that way, too. Still watching for those sweet peas to pop out of the ground.

maryann, my smoothie always has kale, ginger root, celery, parsley, beet, carrot and apple. Fruit additions include banana, strawberry, raspberries, pineapple (whatever needs to be used first). Veggie additions include cabbage (I prefer purple) and add quite often. I also use stems from broccoli and cauliflower. I add both a greens and protein powder. I now mix my protein powder myself using equal portions of chia seed, flax seed (ground) and hemp seed.

nationalparker, I am not tired of hearing from you. I send you cyber hugs and really feel it helps to be able to check in here and tell it like it is. I've found the need in "real life" to cheer others, be super positive and share all the bright side of life. Here I can let out more of my true feelings about events in my life, which I do feel helps with my food situation. It's the one thing I can do for me when it seems I spend so much time caring for others.

Take care everyone. Work time is rapidly approaching.

04-22-2014, 09:40 AM
Good morning:

Will be checking back in tonight to see if I could do this today:

-listen to motivation app done
-read advantage and response cards done
-check back in with my coaches tonight forgot but am doing now
-get outside for some fresh air done
-do arm/shoulder strengthening exercises done
-work on writing some goals (Diet Fix Day ?) done
-eat NO sugar done
Food Plan stayed on plan!
-egg whites and oatmeal
-salad, turkey soup
-yogourt and berries
-turkey, potato, veggies
-cottage cheese and mandarins

Hope everyone has a great day!!

04-22-2014, 10:22 AM
I didn't feel like weighing and measuring yesterday, so I didn't. That led to feeling "off plan" which led to a super-sized snack. Then, when I had to run an unexpected errand to an unexpected place with an unexpected chocolate selection...well. I did enjoy my treat, though, so if there's anything to that, I'm in good shape.

I feel a bit like I was set up. Except that I saw it coming a mile away and could have stopped it if I wanted.

So, a part of me would just like to go off track for a few days. DH's nephew is getting married on Friday (with reception dinner) and we're also invited to the rehearsal dinner on Thursday. The saboteur whispers that if I stay off track than I "get" to eat whatever I want at those two events. But, I've been at this long enough to know that I'll enjoy the events more if I go in with a plan.

I trust my Beck-style pre-plan more than The Diet Fix's approach to these sorts of events. My plan will be "focus on the veggies and eat tiny servings of anything else I want to taste, including dessert."

For the rest of this week, I'm going back to a more Beck way of doing things, but I am going to plan foods that are easy to measure and I'm going to work on timing meals to reduce hunger.

This incident reminds me of one of my skepticisms of all plans that claim to reduce hunger. The vast majority of my excess calories weren't consumed when I was hungry. It's helpful to reduce hunger, of course, but I'll never succeed if that's my only tool. There are other tools in The Diet Fix -- I'll see if I can pick them up in my next round through the 10 days, but not until after the wedding.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +30 1110/1500 minutes for April, Food: 70% op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

nationalparker: I'm not tired of reading your posts. I feel honored that you let us walk beside you on this journey.

BillBlueEyes: I normally serve salad alongside dinner, but then I eat mine after since I like my hot food to be hot. DH eats his more at the same time, going back and forth.

04-22-2014, 10:27 AM

Yesterday was OP. Today is already a tough Fast day. There will be treats all week at work for National Lab Week. Today is the Pizza Party. Tonight is my second workout of my week's planned set of 3-60 min workouts. And my mind is already suggesting I should carbo-load on the pizza so I can survive the workout....(!)

Note to Self: We know any pizza intake will cause Terminal Bloat that will never be gone by Saturday's critical [maybe halfway point] Weigh-In. This is a "No Choice".


04-22-2014, 12:29 PM
Diet Power FB page:
Tuesday Reality Check: If you think, “I’m going to eat this because I just don’t care,” remind yourself that while it’s true you may not care right at that moment, you are going to care A LOT a few minutes from now (or the next time you get on the scale) if you jeopardize your weight loss. Don’t let one moment of not caring influence how you act!

And Dr. Yani (Diet Fix) Debunks Cheat Days: Link to his blog (

Had a strange weigh in this morning! Down two pounds? Not sure I believe it. After struggling with several hungry days and eating at maintenance for the last 5 I'm wondering what is up. I do feel better today and found breakfast filling, so that is good and I'm ready to aim for 1 lb/wk loss again. Set my calorie levels back down this morning.

6crowsgold Sending lots of thoughts your direction for strong resistance to the pizza call!

gardenerjoy Loved reading about your wise decision to do what works for you - Beck - during the wedding. Hope you have a wonderful social time!

CeeJay :wave: I do better with no sugar too. Good to "see" you!

Lexxiss Kudos for OP and hoping you enjoy your relaxing day.

BillBlueEyes A normal day is good since your normal is healthy choices! It is an awesome place to be! As for salad, we prefer it with the meal...bite of this, bite of that...just as if it were a cooked veggie side dish. Though some of my kiddos eat only one thing at a time.

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Mmmmm ferments :) My pickles are gone and today is coop order due...might have to order more!

nationalparker (((HUGS))) Thanks for being real and sharing what is on your heart. We are not tired of you, but I'll bet you are tired of the stress and heartache. I know I would not wish your dad's situation on anyone.

maryann So glad your Easter celebration went well and that you enjoyed the new perspective. Always nice to bless others!

flnu So good to be back to what works. Wishing you an OP day.

onebyone Now you've got me really curious! What is a toothbrush level of exercise. Waiting impatiently for my library reserve of DF to arrive :) So glad your weekend was better than expected.

04-22-2014, 04:18 PM
Checking in on this tough day:

Now past the Pizza Temptation. Stuck with my Soy Protein Shake and stayed OP--No Choice!

Still a lot of day left in this fast.

04-22-2014, 04:45 PM

I had the same experience with Diet Fix as gardenerjoy wrote about today. I didn't do all that tracking and so I felt off-plan. I'm going to fix the diet fix to work for me by tracking *in the way that works for me* echoing the wisdom of flnu, "Do the thing that works; don't do the thing that does not work." Thank you coaches for your help. Specifically, whatever Dr. Yoni says regarding tracking I am subsituting the tracking that most recently worked for me that I abandoned when I started reading his book. He's got other ideas beyond the tracking that I can focus on and that's what I'll do.

I'm going to set my toothbrush level at 5min-15min/1mile WATP workout. Or 5 min of calisthenics-jogging on the spot, jumping jacks, whatever I feel like doing. That'll be my daily minimum.

BTW the ice cream truck is driving around the neighbourhood RIGHT NOW. ARGH! He has the "music" blasting to get our attention--though it makes me laugh: an electronic version of La Cucaracha! This is the first time I've seen him all year. Last week we had a knife/scissor sharpener guy drive around the block too. Weird. Can the milkman make a comeback I wonder?? Bet the breadman could.

I'm checking back in later. Bye for now.

OK. I am calling day 6 done and heading to day 7. It's about indulging. I've done enough of that lately. It's not something that I can do in moderation. I'll see what I can glean from the good doctor on this topic...

04-23-2014, 12:08 AM
Only three more days here and then I return home to DH and the pet crew. Despite sleeping only a few hours each night, I'll find it hard to leave. I'm wiped out now. Busy day and did half day's work this afternoon and then added more tonight. I am thankful that i've not fallen behind, but did remove myself from a project for the first time ever at work. My supervisors had reached out several times to stress that I should spend the time I can with my family, and they had someone willing to assist, so that was a major relief.

Now have three more meds to add to my dad's mix, along with a mouth rinse. I've clearly turned into Nurse Ratchett (sp?) ... but so far, my dad has finally given in. My next "threat" will be to serenade him until he takes his meds ... and as I can't carry a tune in a bucket, as he's said, he should be forced to get them down to end the torture. :) ... was to ensure he had meds at 3 a.m. and that's HARD ... so went to bed at 1 after he'd taken one dose of something, up at 2:20 and then again at 3, and finally back to sleep around 4:30.

Have not eaten enough, nor particularly nutritionally today. Nothing bad, just nothing with many nutrients. I weighed myself this morning on one scale here and am up a few pounds and on the other scale and am down a few pounds, so a range of 4.5 pounds between the two scales. Which set me thinking, Hmmm... I want to buy a Taylor scale because that one is reading low. HA. And I'm kinda not really kidding...

Goal when I get home - and I might need reminding of this - is to walk on Saturday and Sunday with the pooch if the weather permits. While I've been on my feet most of the days, and doing chores and this & that, I've not done any longer walks at all. I have a feeling that I'll get home and just want to sleep and cuddle with the pets as DH is working this weekend.

I decided that no matter what the scale reads at home, I'm not coming down hard on myself like I often do. I have passed up eating from stress quite often these past two weeks, and that alone has been difficult. I was so upset talking to my brother the other night, at how guilty I felt being able to eat easily while my father and mother can barely choke down food or fluids some days.

04-23-2014, 05:33 AM

Today was Day 2 of Diet Fix (DF) and a fast day for the 5:2 diet. This is quite convenient because there is not a lot to log on the "Diarize day". I think I will try to diarise for a while. I currently put all my food into MFP and will continue to record calories and macronutrients, but it will also be useful to jot down the other aspects discussed in DF - the time, when I exercised, what was the hunger like when I ate etc, triggers identifiable, DDD score ("day's degree of difficulty") - it will be useful for me to know this information and it is very BECK like. I do agree that the progress through these days is a bit speedy but will see how I go.

I am getting distracted by long weekends and plaintive student emails and diaries and yesterday totally forgot that it was a gym evening - didn't even cross my mind and I came straight home and back to work after acupuncture. This morning I realised! Anyway I go to PT tomorrow morning. I can't do the 11.30 Tai Chi class - might try the Saturday class (if I remember of course). The acupuncture practitioner does Kung Fu and said his wife does Tai Chi and he agreed it might be useful. I won't progress with acupuncture unless I get something acute from now but it was helpful

BillBE - I eat salad with dinner or lunch or it is the meal itself. I am missing lentils because as a (previous 15yr) vegetarian I ate them regularly but as a follower of Paleo / Primal type diet they are more or less taboo. (unless soaked and prepared etc etc). Maybe DF will change my mind on that

Debbie (Lexxiss) - credit for getting up so early to do what you need to do. Glad you are enjoying a bit of solitude. Your smoothy sounds spectacular - do you juice or blend the veggies?

CeeJay - credit for checking in and having a plan - hope it all went to plan today

Gardenerjoy - I know what you mean - but I am used to weighing and tracking in MFP or I am out of control. Glad you relished your treat. Credit for seeing the saboteur on the horizon. I would love to be able to take on your special event plan but I tend to see them as an opportunity to go totally "off plan" - but I have very rare "events"

6crowsgold - Yay for staying OP in the face of much temptation! Hope you survived the rest of the fast day

Tricia (AZtricia) - I have been following following Dr Yoni's blog where he goes through each of his myths - good stuff. I have to say I like the image (and its title "fork you") for the previous day "You can't outrun your fork". Have attached. Hope the weight shift is "real" - that would be great after all your hungry days

Onebyone - Can't wait to see what "toothbrush" level of exercise in DF means - but it sounds like you have a plan

Nationalparker - amazing that you are keeping up with your work commitments while taking such good care of your parents. Huge that you are getting up through the night to give meds, and LOL at tormenting your father into taking treatment. The scale will do what the scale does - you deserve huge credit regardless

Credits (I hijacked CeeJay's list and changed it - neat)
- listen to motivation app
- read advantage and response cards
- check in with coaches
- logged food
- did fast day
- weighed myself and logged it
- ate on plan

04-23-2014, 07:14 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – As I was walking, CREDIT moi, to Whole Foods to buy dinner, I planned how I would deal with FREE samples. It's not hard if I want to avoid them. I entered by their door near the hot foods section, did my shopping, and left without passing by the offerings. CREDIT moi for using basic Beck strategies for the obvious. (Un-CREDIT moi for taking a moment to beat up on myself because I don't do this every time.)

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including the dinner that I brought home from Whole Foods: white fish cooked with green herbs, Cole slaw with kale, ginger sweet potato latkes. The fish and Cole slaw were good but the sweet potato latkes were to-die-for. Volume estimation is a challenge for me at the store so I got four latkes and a quart of Cole slaw. For dinner I plated one latke each and half the Cole slaw. It's so neat to have the remainder for another meal. I got assigned procuring dinner because DW fell into an over packed day and wasn't going to make it home until 7:30 - and then exhausted. Worked out well.

onebyone – Those ice cream truck sounds send me right back to childhood feelings.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yep, three unexpected's in one sentence can surely lead to an expected. Kudos for being aware of what you need and want at the upcoming wedding - at which you'll feel so good about yourself because you thoughtfully designed what you're wearing.

CeeJay - Good plan for the day.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yay for those of us who get up before the sun is ready for us to go outside. [Our sugar snaps have stuck out their two starter leaves.]

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – I join you feeling gratitude that there are food activists tweaking the system. Ouch for being so busy that a gym class can be forgotten.

nationalparker – Hang in there - you're doing well in the most difficult of circumstances. LOL at using your "I can't carry a tune in a bucket" as a motivational strategy.

6crowsgold - Ouch for a tough fast day - hope it improves. Kudos for doing your shake instead of pizza.

Readers - day 15 Monitor Your Eating

Even if you're already following a diet, don't skip today's task. It's essential! If you're starting your diet today, let me start by congratulating you. Today marks an important change in your life. Give yourself credit for getting this far.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 141.

04-23-2014, 09:44 AM
Good morning everyone!

So excited that I stayed on plan yesterday. Best of all I was able to beat back all sugar cravings. What is with the sugar? Before I hit 50 I could have cared less, now I am really having to battle it.

Plan for the day:
-listen to motivation app done
-read advantage and response cards done
-check back in with my coaches tonight done
-get outside for some fresh air done
-do arm/shoulder strengthening exercises done
-eat NO sugar done
Food Plandone
-egg whites and oatmeal
-chicken and rice and veggies
-chili and salad
-cottage cheese and mandarins

One of my favourite pieces of Beck's advice is that staying on plan is not always hard and that staying on plan can mean less of a struggle. I find that so true for me. But on plan seems to flick on and off so often that I am constantly in either an "elevated, all-is-possible" frame of mind or a "I can't do it -game over" frame of mind. This is not great mental health and I need to stop it.


04-23-2014, 10:51 AM
I was thinking, "hey - everyone on here is reading The Diet Fix but me ... I'm running behind!" ... then I received an alert from my library that it's now in and waiting for me when I get back. Good timing.

Has anyone seen any movies that are recommendable lately? When I get home, I want to do some things with DH that will be treats for us both. He's been working hard to hold down the homestead with all the pets (been eye-opening for him, I think) and I appreciate his understanding of my return here in a few weeks. I'd like to see "The Lunch Box" but it might be one for me and not him :) I missed the run of "Bad Words" - it ends tomorrow ... but hadn't heard anyone say they had seen it...

04-23-2014, 04:30 PM
Hurray, "The Diet Fix" is on its way to my library :)

Pizza day, but I am rotisserie-ing two chickens and will have some of that instead. I wasn't still 2 pounds down today, but I expect that one of those was probably real and will show tomorrow.

FB Beck:
Sabotaging Thought: I’m so stressed, I just want to eat to relax.

Response: It’s true eating is relaxing and calming, but only in the short term! Ultimately it only makes me feel worse – if not in the moment, then the next time I get on the scale. Go do something else (drink hot tea, take a walk, listen to music, deep breathing). While these things may not be quite as effective as eating, they don’t come with ANY negative consequences.

04-23-2014, 05:36 PM

OP through Fast Day and OP so far today.

Work is chaotic, gotta go--all the best to y'all!

04-23-2014, 06:07 PM
Thank you, AZTricia! I needed that Beck Thought for today ... that addresses my fear of what I'll do all day on Saturday when I'm back home!

04-23-2014, 11:20 PM
I also want to thank AZTricia for that response to stress eating. So many opportunities to practice that. :devil:

Today was just great, grateful for that. Off to the hotel tomorrow but have my food packed up and ready to go. I am taking my Diet Fix book to read a bit more and to refine the goals I have written.

Feeling strong and hopeful. Off to watch Survivor and then straight to bed. I do find being in bed by 10 really helps with the night time eating.


04-24-2014, 12:38 AM

Since getting my teeth cleaned they've been acting up. They hurt here and there and in places they never did before. I have taken more care of them this past week than in months--which is why I am in this boat. Oh well. However, I am into accepting my reality these days and my reality is that on Day 7 Dr. Yoni says to indulge in some chocolate-but just the 100 calorie kind -unless you can't do that, then have more, but not too much... and it's ok if you overindulge just get right back on track. He also gives the example of buying a cookie, just one, and really enjoy it so you know it's not forbidden, just don't get the whole bag, and if you find you get the whole bag, well it's cause you do think they are forbidden and you have restricted your food and then you will binge eat. As gardenerjoy mentioned before he says there are primary and secondary bingers. I am a primary binge eater and with that I may need more help. Like from a professional. Not a Dr. like him. A psychologist type.


This is what I know is true for me today: no foods are forbidden but I have chosen to not eat sugar for many rational logical well thought out reasons, including seeing what it does to me/my behaviour, predictably I might add, over the many years I have been trying to control it. To add to the growing list of reasons not to eat it is the newest being the state of my teeth and gums and the state of my overall health. I am not in a position mentally to be able to cope with that stuff and with another binge or going offplan or feeling "less than" right now. A treat of chocolate or a cookie is just not very desirable.

I did decide to indulge by buying a Canadian Gardening magazine with articles on growing citrus trees in pots (I have a suffering Meyer Lemon.) and suggestions for container gardens which is what I will be doing this year. No community garden this time. So credit for modifying; bonus credit for indulging other interests besides food.

Tomorrow's task is to eat dinner out. Maybe. I really just want to stay home though. Maybe I'll switch days, make it Friday night, do Day 9 tomorrow if it makes sense. I didn't do my toothbrush level of exercise but I am not re-doing day 7. Onward.

-read arcs
-posted here
-tracked my food
-made a plan and stuck to it
-focused on day 7 in DF and modified to suit my life
-did not eat over annoyance
-reached out for extra support
-had no sugar NO CHOICE
-cooked from scratch
-cooking ahead overnight in crockpot - turkey stock
-formulating a plan to automate meals
-did 15 min decluttering
-completed full new dental care routine

toothbrush level of exercise consistency

04-24-2014, 05:45 AM

I did personal training at gym today so credit for working hard and letting my PT know what I needed. I am still on day 2 of Diet plan - haven't had time to move to Day 3. I logged food and drinks today and am waiting to see if there is a pattern. But for the past 3 days I have reduced calories so maybe tracking and diarising makes a difference. The last 2 days I have dropped about 2 pounds and am under 190 for the first time in a long time. But not sure if it will be there tomorrow :(

I am trying to clear the decks so I can have a long weekend again. But I will have to do one document over the next 3 days to stay on top of things. My sister is coming up to Sydney tomorrow and will be here for 4 days so hopefully I get to see her a couple of times

Plan is to go to gym on Saturday and what ever day out of Fri, Sat, or Sunday is not full of family food will be my second fast day. Will try for tomorrow but not sure

-listened to motivation app
-checked in with coaches
-logged food and diarised circumstances
-planned and bought food for today
-weighed myself and logged it
-ate on plan
-ate sitting down (99%)

04-24-2014, 06:15 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – An over packed day. I left to look for early migrating warblers before eating breakfast! It's been years since I've left home without eating. They're not here yet - only saw one Palm Warbler and an Eastern Towhee. (Actually, I used to leave for work without breakfast and eat a big grilled muffin at the cafeteria. Stopped that nonsense some eight years ago when I started my journey.) Had teeth cleaned and the yearly exam plus the five year new x-rays. All good enough with a warning that two teeth will need to be capped someday. Then a health fair to learn how to take care of the elderly (MIL is 95) where there were offerings of candy at every table. I grabbed a 100 calorie pack of Lorne Dunes and one of almonds for breakfast. Not up to snuff, but I felt self-righteous that I wasn't gobbling the chocolates. Then a grand opening of a Korean grocery store where I (as planned against morning snack) accepted the FREE samples of stuff I'd never had before. For lunch I bought a package of sushi rolls. Then a pot luck for dinner with my book club where I did good enough. CREDIT moi for doing 'good enough' through an unusual food day. Now I have to figure out how to cook the Korean sliced beef that I bought that was their super special.

Exercise was the walk to the library, CREDIT moi. Extra CREDIT moi for not bringing home any books since my stack is larger than any rational amount of reading time. At the health fair I took a test where I had to stand up from a chair as many times as I could in 30 seconds. The nurse was impressed that my performance put me in the 75th percentile for my age group. I, of course, was disappointed that I wasn't at least in the 90th, LOL.

onebyone – Now this is the kind of indulgence to strive for, "I did decide to indulge by buying a Canadian Gardening magazine."

CeeJay - Yep, the old flipping in and out of being on plan is a challenge to get past. I experience that, also. When the scale is singing for me, I find it easy to stay my path. When the scale is snorting, I want to walk away. Kudos for confronting sugar.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) - Hope you get in a nice visit with your sister. Congrats for dropping into the 180's.

nationalparker – No movie suggestions - we're still talking about Particle Fever even though that's old hat now.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Thanks for Beck's reminder that the comfort from eating will be short lived.

6crowsgold - On plan despite chaotic is good; Kudos.

Readers - day 15 Monitor Your Eating

The first thing you're going to do is weigh yourself. If you wear clothes when you weigh yourself, wear about the same weight clothing each morning that you get on the sale. Mark down your weight in your diet notebook.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 141.

04-24-2014, 07:56 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was a good Beck day, although it involved a spontaneous change in lunch plan when mom and I found ourselves in Denver longer than originally expected. I chose my automatic option at the Credit. I did have a sample at Costco….the vitamix guy was there and it was a small and frosty mix of banana/strawberry/coconut milk. I never make anything frosty in mine. It was yum and the guy went into his hard sell. I told him I already had two and had no room for another. Lol.

Planned exercise was in the yard, and planned. I had several jubilant moments. The first was getting the tiller tines off my mini tiller and replacing with edger tines. Major credit moi! It was barely light and a single hummingbird zoomed around, the first of the year, attracted to the bright red of the machine. I got my feeder out, weeded the new raspberry patch and edged the sidewalk. Whew it had been 3 years since I last accomplished that and it was quite worthy of exercise credits. My final joy was packing up the tools for the evening and seeing the little guy at the feeder. Credit!

BBE, I'm intrigued by the chair challenge….I may try later. Lol Kudos for being in the 75th percentile. Credit for good food choices during an over packed day!

Cheryl(GosfordGirl), yay for getting to the gym! You remembered lol! Kudos for under 190! I love the breakthroughs even though I often bounce in and out for awhile.

onebyone, great credits! Kudos for deciding not to eat the chocolate even though Dr. says eat. Even now, I still notice how a small bite of some stuff really turns the sugar craving back on. I hope you find a solution for your Meyer lemon!

CeeJay, "Today was just great, grateful for that." Credit! PS I recorded Survivor last night….will watch later today.

nationalparker, kudos for thinking ahead for your return home. I know for me, the "afterwards" is my most difficult food time. No movie suggestions, either.

6crowsgold, yay for OP during chaotic work days!

Aztricia, rotisserie chickens sounded way better than pizza. Credit for a better choice!( Perhaps it's that I'm coming out of hibernation and thinking of grill food.) Thanks for the FB Beck!

04-24-2014, 10:40 AM
I didn't do well yesterday. Apparently, I find weddings stressful because I didn't do that well before the last one. I was starting to worry that I've lost all sense of romance. But it's not marriage that I'm cynical about, it's religion. Oh well. It will be over tomorrow night and even I can survive one mass every couple of years. It's worse for DH who is a lapsed Catholic (he did some research with his angst, lapsed Catholic is the third largest "religion" in the US behind Catholic and Baptist).

onebyone: buying a gardening magazine is a brilliant response to the indulgence chapter. That's exactly what I'm going to do when I get to Day 7 on my next round.

AZtricia: I printed that FB Beck quote -- I need to see that every day.

nationalparker: all my movie suggestions are on DVD -- Frozen (visually stunning and not your typical Disney princess story -- I liked it but DH fell asleep), Saving Mr. Banks, and Philomena were our winners of the recent releases. We also liked some older movies in the last few weeks: A Night at the Opera (Marx Brothers), She Done Him Wrong (Mae West), and Alice Adams (Katharine Hepburn). We've been exploring the Pre-Code era.

04-24-2014, 09:16 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

I am way out of sorts tonite. I am running on empty right now. I am an introvert. I recharge when I am alone. I have not been alone for long enough periods to fill up. Things like the Easter party, sponsoring woman in my AA meetings, my work as an intervention teacher for literacy in my poverty school all take a great tole on me because I am not very efficient screening out emotions. I actually screen out almost nothing. I joke I am a radio tower which picks up everybody's emotional signals. That is why I am a god teacher. I instantly understand what is going on inside kids. But it is bad because I accept excessive responsibility for things that are none of my business. This is especially difficult when I am tired or have not filled up with quiet.

I have a pretty big commitment in an hour in my AA meeting. It is only a big deal because I am overwhelmed. I am desperate for 8:15 to come because then I will be almost free. 1 more day at school (I usually don't work Fridays but I have to tomorrow) and maybe I can find some space for me. I have tracked my WW food - even the sugar I keep running toward to keep going. Still I am three pounds from ticker.

I hate this but it will pass. I hope I don't take it out on my loved ones. I am disappointed in myself and my inability to take care of myself.

What resonates with me from the posts I was reading to calm myself are AZtricia's stress eating "I will care tomorrow" and gardenerjoy's talking about the desire to give herself a free pass for eating during the wedding. This blog is always so helpful.

04-24-2014, 10:05 PM
Today seemed like it was just busy from the get-go - appointments and "office" work and last-minute new appt from one doc for mom to get xrayed to check for fracture because of severe back/hip pain today ... I leave tomorrow and didn't get some things done that I wanted to. Funny thing is, mom keeps reminding me to do things that are completely unnecessary at this point ... like buying a spare flag because I"m going to use the last one to put out a fresh one on the flagpole. A spare flag? Not a critical errand now when I'm not wanting to leave dad home alone. I had to bite my tongue and just say, that'll wait until I'm back in a few weeks, not needed tomorrow morning.

Food has been okay today - a bigger lunch and smaller dinner, and I recognize that I always feel guilty about a larger meal.

Tomorrow night will start my challenge of staying on track when the trip is over. And then again on Saturday when I'm alone.

Thanks for the movie suggestions! I'm thinking of treating myself to one that appeals more to me on Saturday, while DH is working. To do NOTHING and just relax with the pets for two hours.

04-24-2014, 11:16 PM
Hello Coaches!

Almost Friday :D
Enjoying the chicken still today and I did loose a pound, which was surprising since I ate at maintenance levels for 5 days. I think that either the crazy hunger faze is gone, or that upping my protein to 30% from 25% is helping tremendously. Anyway, I wasn't hungry except for meals today and no cravings - a HUGE relief! I actually had lowered my exercise to just walking Teddy to help with see if that was part of the problem (I think overexercising triggered it!) but today I added back in my exercise DVD and feel great. It wasn't difficult even after a week away, so that is nice :)

Had under 1800 cal today, so OP and back to "loose 1 lb/wk" levels. Exercise OP

nationalparker Wishing you safe travel tomorrow and a release of stress unrelated to food!

maryann So understand the introvert needing space/time alone - me too. Sympathising and sending you :dust: for dealing with life.

gardenerjoy I'm loving the Beck Facebook page. I subscribed a while ago, but someone is posting daily for the last week or so and they are great reminders. Sorry that the wedding was stressful.

Lexxiss LOL for two vitamixs derailing the salesman :) Kudos for good choices when your plan had to change. Hurray for hummingbirds! They are fewer here now that it is so hot, probably all moving north.

BillBlueEyes Hope you enjoyed your sushi. Kudos for being better at exercise than 75% of your group, that is Awesome!

GosfordGirl Great job for training at the gym and under 190! Hope it sticks for you :D

onebyone Ouch for sore teeth :( Hope they heal up soon. I am choosing no sugar also. My body doesn't need it, it is not healthy, and I feel better without it. (though I do eat 1 piece/day of very dark chocolate).

CeeJay Kudos for a great day. Great job with realizing on time to bed makes such a difference for you.

6crowsgold Hope your fast day went well.

04-25-2014, 12:13 AM

Hi. I spent the day furthering my experiments with my print materials. I'm making good progress. Credit for taking the time to lay the groundwork carefully.

Today was a good all round day. I got my exercise in and thensome walking the aisles of the Pacific Mall. It's supposed to be just like a mall in Asia. I find it confusing, interesting, odd and I can't help but think all the stores with all the glass look like aquariums to me.

Anyway we did eat out so I completed Day8-eat out. It wasn't so much that my food choices were brilliant. They were average given where we went.What was kudos worthy was the decisions made over and over after dinner as we walked the mall NOT to get sweet anything and not to buy/bring home "the meal I really wanted" as I had planned to eat some weird thing at the mall. We ate beforehand as DH was very hungry and he isn't into weird food like me so his choices at the mall are super limited.

Anyway a on plan and an active day as well.

Have a good night.

04-25-2014, 04:36 AM
Quick check in coaches - I am waiting for a grocery delivery which I had booked 3 to 6pm and of course I was hoping before 5 pm. Well it is now 5.30 and not here yet. I am meeting my sister for dinner and I was going to leave at 5pm - not now

I go out rarely so won't be too constrained in what I eat. But I am hoping that DF premise that one shouldn't get hungry is correct and that as I am not hungry I won't gorge on soup dumplings! It will be sad if I had all those calories as well as a huge dinner. Today I have finished Day 3 (Banish Hunger) and have read Day 4 (Cook!) for tomorrow - but given I usually make food from scratch and because of Beck try to have a plan / menu it shouldn't be too unfamiliar.

My weight went down a further .2 pound to stay under 190 so even if it goes up because of food and Asian salt tonight I can live with it

I finished the paper project of the weekend so that is all done! Today was a public holiday so no office which means no interferences to work sadly

The food just arrived and I have put away the perishables and get out of here. Have a good Friday coaches

04-25-2014, 06:23 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – I'm ready to get back to mundane eating. For lunch I finished the pack of sushi roll from the Korean grocery store. Day-after sushi roll isn't my first recommendation, but I'm loathe to toss food. Dinner was the reception after a memorial event for a friend who died in January. Bad news is that the food included asparagus - that must be good for me. Each one was wrapped in filo crust - still not so bad. But seemed to contain uber oil. Unfortunately, killer good. Ouch for having more 'healthy' asparagus than I needed to fuel my day. CREDIT moi for avoiding the dessert table entirely since it contained an array as if designed for carb loading for the Boston Marathon. There were still some shortbread cookies dipped in dark chocolate left as we were walking out the door and my little brain wondered if anyone would notice if I just stuck a handful in my jacket pocket. Hard to believe such thoughts arrive in my brain that have to be fought. Fortunately the you-would-be-embarrassed-to-tears-if-caught part of my brain was still operating. I'm embarrassed here to write that I have to stoop to that level of defense to achieve normal socialized behavior in the face of food.

Amped Arms and Abs at the gym, CREDIT moi, worked me well. The plank position continues to be a challenge as the leader counts to fifty sooooo slowly. He does plank on each side that does have the benefit that one leg can drop for a semi-plank kind of pose that I use when I can't continue. Yay for being pushed.

onebyone – Had to google for pictures of a Pacific Mall ( - most of the pictures were of food! Kudos for a sane tour without getting sucked in.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – LOL at "I've lost all sense of romance." I share the aversion to "The happiest day in your life" syndrome - as if childbirth was one's happiest day as a parent. May you both survive without significant increase in cynicism.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – My take is that sampling a Vitamix demo at Costco is required for someone as dedicated to their Vitamix as you are. Love the hummingbird feeder success story.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Hat off in respect for Anzac Day in Australia ( Kudos for planning to not "gorge on soup dumplings" at dinner.

maryann - Ouch for over busy. I identify with the need for a buffer time between events for my brain to process what's happened and what's coming. May your feelings of self-disappointment also pass as you accept that you are taking care of yourself.

nationalparker – My mind boggles at the suggestion of buying a spare flag when you're full time busy chasing all that reality. Have a good flight home.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Yay for no cravings. Beck promises that they'll decrease - but it's always a surprise when they do.

Readers - day 15 Monitor Your Eating

Next do the following:
Follow your food plan. Eat only what's on the plan you wrote for yourself last night. Eat everything on the plan, unless you become overly full before you've finished, and don't skip a meal.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 141.

04-25-2014, 10:37 AM
After down 5.5 lbs last week, I am up 4 today. I prefer to think of it as losing .75 lbs each week. More distressingly, my behaviors have not bee stellar. So I am starting a 7 day exercise & op streak. Sat - Fri. And I will read my car daily and check in daily. Thank you for being here.

04-25-2014, 02:47 PM
Happy Friday Coaches!

Doing well so far today, need to get dinner out of the freezer. The boys are going to airsoft tonight to shoot at their friends instead of swimming. Feeling much better still at 30% protein and lost another pound. Only 1 pound till halfway! Walked pup and did my DVD.

Update: Good OP day with fish for dinner, picked up Diet Fix at the library and scanned it. Lots of quotables which I'll have to take down before I return it (or buy my own!). I like his long term focus. The 10 day re-set is INTENSE and I could not do it in 10 days. I still think Beck is better in an overall get-you-going and in a weight loss readiness way. But I agree with Dr. Yani that there are times to thoughtfully indulge and at those times it is good to choose to eat at maintenance vs weight loss calories (or even above!) and just to keep those times both thoughtful and rare. Long term suffering and hardship will not lead to long term weight loss, but healthy liveable changes will get you to your goal and keep you there.

Today's Beck Facebook:
Friday Weekend Warm-up: If you encounter food pushers this weekend, remind yourself, “It’s NOT my responsibility to make my friends/family feel good about what they eat and drink, but it IS my responsibility to make healthy choices for me that make me feel good. When I give in to a food pusher, I don’t enjoy the food or drink that they push on me anyway because I feel really angry with myself (and them) for giving in--so it’s really not worth it, anyway.”

flnu Best wishes for your streak!

BillBlueEyes Kudos for gym workout and LOL "the you-would-be-embarrassed-to-tears-if-caught part of my brain was still operating." :D

GosfordGirl Hope you had a wonderful dinner with sis.

onebyone Great job for an OP and active day.

04-25-2014, 05:58 PM
Finally Friday!

Yesterday did the 2nd workout of 3 for the week. Tonight I hope to finish #3.
Yesterday = OP
Today = Fast Day, OP so far. Wondering how a workout and a Fast Day will go together.

Tomorrow is Weigh-In! Lots of incentive to stay OP and maybe hit the Half-Way point tomorrow.

everybody: Kudos for posting and continuing with the Beck Plan!

04-26-2014, 12:21 AM

I'm doing ok, choosing well, eating less. I feel good about it all tonight as I head off to bed. The dental stuff gives me that tiny space to stop and think about what I am going to eat. Honestly, I dislike my new dental routine so much that I don't want my teeth to be that dirty when I have to deal with them and so I am eating less, let alone choosing what goes in my mouth. Weird, but often my best most successful "runs" with changing my food have come in exactly this way: unexpected or anticipated and from a direction I could never have planned. So kudos to the universe for helping me out this time round.

I completed my one small decluttering task today and will add to it before the weekend is out. That makes me feel good and makes me want to do more. My routine is returning finally after being knocked off course St Patty's Day. 6 weeks. It takes me 6 weeks to come round but I *do* come round.

I did not even crack the Diet Fix open today so did not do Day 9 which I believe is Visualize. I will also complete the 10 day reset by the end of the month as well. I believe I can and will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff in that book for me. It's been helpful but not as much as I had hoped except, again unexpected, to give me a new respect for Beck. I may honestly take a look at doing her days once more as a refresher. We'll see.

Anyway a slow day today. Looks like tomorrow I get to go on a car ride (YAY!) with DH to the art gallery that accepted me to do the steam roller printing event in August. I got an email telling me my wood was ready to be picked up and asking that I drop off my signed contract to them. Looks good to go. Exciting. I will take all of you with me so I can flex that resistance muscle in good company.

Have a fine evening.

04-26-2014, 05:50 AM
I was down another .2 pound this morning so what is going on! Maybe the planets aligned correctly - it certainly wasn't the restraint I demonstrated at dinner last night

I found day 3 interesting (Banish Hunger) - I don't have difficulty usually having the required amount of protein over a day - I have more in fact because I restrict carbs. But I found it hard to have snacks - I don't snack, I just eat meals and I don't tend to be hungry in between. But trying to spread my protein and calories over 6 events is difficult without adding in extra carbs (or living on processed meat). I have found a few 10g protein snacks to give it a go because maybe it is the problem I am having. 60g of cooked peeled prawns has only 51 calories and 12 g protein - snack done. Cottage cheese is a good one - 100 g has 107 calories and 11 g protein - so with half a piece of fruit snack done. I need to retire to do this I think :(

Today is Day 4 - Cook - so I am making chicken stock to make soup in case the weather actually does cool down as it threatens to (has been in mid to high 80s). Also freezing chicken breasts for quick meals and organising snacks. Tomorrow is Day 5 - Think: I haven't read that yet so who knows

Dinner with my sister was interesting as always - I totally identify with Maryann - I have always said I need to have at least one day a week of total solitude, and I really only like social events one-on-one. Hate dealing with multiple conversations bigtime especially with my family. It was difficult when my parents were alive but the tradition goes on. So last night with my sister, her 30 year old son and his partner was interesting. The food was fabulous but the conversation made me crazy. (They are extroverts BTW) They enjoyed it so that is all that matters - doesn't seem to bother them that no one listens/hears and that everyone keeps interrupting each other - I suppose that is social intercourse but I am totally ill equipped for it. I know it is me who is the social cripple but I don't need to be confronted by it too often

BillBE's story about biscuits in pockets reminded me that I try to think of how others react when they see a "fat" woman (me) eating "that" (whatever it is). Not a pretty picture and decidedly fatist on their imagined part - but it sometimes puts the brakes on. Whatever works and it makes me think about who I really want to be

BillBE - You seem to have so many social events to negotiate foodwise. You are a great source of useful tips. LOL at being worrying about being caught with pilfered biscuits in your pocket

Tricia (from AZ) - Yay for only 1 pound to go to reach a milestone.

6crowsgold - "Wondering how a workout and a Fast Day will go together". Me too! I am thinking it could be a problem so would love to hear how it goes

Onebyone - Congrats on your new project - it sounds amazing and I am looking forward to seeing the result. Glad you are more at peace with your plan

04-26-2014, 06:56 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Rendezvoused with a friend in the Boston Public Garden to see a lone Hooded Warbler that had lingered for some five days. It was so easy - it stayed in the same pine tree for hours - that a couple of less-nimble birders arrived with their portable chairs to sit and watch it for a spell. It wasn't crowded because everyone in the state had already trekked over to see it. A White-throated Sparrow appeared just for joy.

Dinner included Spicy Korean Pork (Daeji Bulgogi) ( that was special because we'd never had it at home before and because I cooked it, CREDIT moi. Not bad for a non-chef. However, amazingly simple because I'd bought a package of marinated sliced pork at the Grand Opening of the Korean grocery store a few days ago. I paired it with the sweet potato latkes and kale Cole slaw left overs as well as Korean kimchi also from the Korean store. The kimchi was tasty but, unfortunately, too spicy for DW so I have the whole jar to finish. CREDIT moi for serving myself only a reasonable portion of the Bulgogi since it was outstanding. Leftovers for another day.

onebyone – I'm uber excited to attend your "steam roller printing event" but confess to some trepidation out of ignorance. What is it? Is there a real steam roller involved? Wlll I get to drive it? I've always wanted to drive a steam roller, if not to own one outright. This sounds good to me, "It takes me 6 weeks to come round but I *do* come round."

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Neat that your thinking of snacks can conjure up prawns (shrimp around here) for a low calorie high protein food. I'm reminded that shrimp are a fine food for a buffet or for walking appetizers if I avoid the high-sugar 'shrimp sauce' that's offered. Kudos for surviving dinner with fast talking relatives. (The kimchi is my response to being reminded by you that fermented foods are good for the digestive track.)

Tricia (AZtricia) - Kudos for accepting with equanimity that your boys are headed out to "to shoot at their friends instead of swimming." A friend recently asked the manager of a public space why he'd marked trees in one area with large white circles. After a puzzling conversation since he hadn't marked any trees, he finally realized that she'd seen paint-ball blotches on the trees from kids out shooting where they shouldn't be.

flnu - Ouch for the realities of scale jitter with Kudos for responding with a plan rather than with discouragement. I'm Internet-interpreting your posted "read my car daily" as auto-corrected from 'ARC' (Advantages Response Card). Have you added new Advantages from your perspective from abroad?

6crowsgold - Yay for using weigh-in as incentive.

Readers - day 15 Monitor Your Eating

Next do the following:
Monitor your eating immediately after finishing each meal and snack by noting what you ate on your food plan.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 141.

04-26-2014, 10:24 AM
Saturday Weigh-In Shocker: Down 3 pounds for the week, but calling it 2.5.

This inexplicable weigh-in blew me past my halfway point, I'm 12.5 pounds down since March 1st. No idea as to why. The only thing I did differently were my 3 newly added workouts, consisting of 30 min Interval Training on the bike and 30 min weight lifting using high enough weights to fail at the last set.

As Gosford Girl said, perhaps the planets aligned just so. The thing I don't like is that this often means an uptick at the next weigh-in.

Proud to have reached the last card in mywirebound index card tracker, time for a new one today (it's the little things). I'd bought an extra one as an act of faith in myself that I'd get this far. NowI can look back at 50 days' food recording and see that perhaps it's time to review what I'm eating in addition to how much I'm eating.

GosfordGirl: Fast Day + Workout went just fine, didn't seem to change my hunger levels, I exercised after my last meal of the day in the evening. I have the same thing with those chaotic conversations at our Sunday after Mass gatherings. I tend to stick with just coffee because it's so confusing to me and I can eat donuts mindlessly when I'm that distracted!

BBE: A pen pal sent me a great photo of a hooded crow. You just don't get to see them here in the States.

maryanne: I completely hear you. Sometimes it is exhausting for me, after a day of people at work to even converse with my DH. Sometimes I have to go take 15 min. and lie down in silence right when I get home, then get up and continue the evening. I'm an "Adult Child of an AA member" and that makes me co-dependent. I have to use all the energy I have to protect those weak boundaries. It has been a lifelong struggle. Solitude is Heaven for me.

nationalparker: "Relaxing with the pets for two hours"---Yes!!!

AZtricia: I do hope the "crazy hunger phase" is over for you, that's such a white knuckle place to be. I can see my 7yr old someday loving paint guns!

All the best to all the Beckers!

04-26-2014, 12:18 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Thank goodness I am sitting on my couch staring out to my beautiful backyard with NOTHING planned for the next two days. I made it through the rest of the work week but I am sad to say I used sugar shamelessly as I army-crawled the last few hours. Credit for continuing to track most of what I ate. Credit for having a food plan for the day. Credit for weighing when I did not want to weigh. 3 pounds from maintenance and some exercise set up for the weekend.

GosfordGirl: Great high protein snack ideas. Do you cook a batch of shrimp and keep them for three or four days?

onebyone: Good luck with decluttering. I have a bag going to the Goodwill today. It makes me feel so accomplished.

BBE: i have to make some sweet potato latkes. I have only used white. I have bags of s. potatoes I baked, removed the skin and froze. This could be a great use for them.

6crowsgold: You have confirmed what I have been thinking. Within ten pounds of goal, it is going to be all about the exercise I do. This week has been nothing. Time for me to get on track. (Literally)

04-26-2014, 01:06 PM
Hello! A big thank you to all for your caring thoughts the past few weeks - checking in here kept me more on track than I would have been. Flight delays on the way home got me back hours later than planned, but all went smoothly, at least, getting home at midnight.

DH did well without me - I didn't have any fears about that, but interesting to see what he's bought for food, how he's rearranged a few cupboards (which I typically have a great deal of ownership toward), and initially thought, WHAT? Then looked at it and realized, hmm ... it's better. That was a big step for me, as the main dish washer, kitchen cleaner and meal preparer.

Scale read 164.2 this morning - first time I've been under 165 in years. Down 3+ pounds. I'm changing my ticker and not waiting to see it for days in a row ... enjoy it for a bit at least. I ate much less most days while at my folks, both smaller meals and fewer snacks.

Planning a day that only includes a bit of office work and unpacking/laundry. And pet smooching :)

04-26-2014, 03:03 PM
Hello to all,

Day 1 of 7.

Goal: Checkin/OP/Exercise/ReadARC

Credit: Yes/Yes/5K with new personal best/Yes

BBE: Being abroad has not brought new goals to my ARC. It does make me painfully aware how lucky I am to struggle with overnourishment rather than undernourishment.

Rock on, Coaches.

04-26-2014, 10:04 PM
Happy Saturday.

Groceries collected. Meals done for the day. Dough is rising for cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow.

Food OP
Exercise OP (but I'd like to still do my DVD before bed because I'm not sure if Teddy will walk again - 30+ mph winds today!)

Off to roll the dough! :chef:

04-26-2014, 11:55 PM
Hi all
Bill suggested I come over and introduce myself although I haven't actually started the BDS.
I am a 57 year old single woman from Ontario Canada.
I have lost a lot of weight over the past 7 years. Mostly starvation then binge, starvation then binge and repeat. Joined WW about 5 months back and really enjoy it and am still losing weight (although slowly) I still suffer from the occasional binge..
I have heard a bit about the BDS on several forums on here. I did CBT with success for my anxiety and hope that the book will help me and my relationship with food.
Will receive the book either Monday or Tuesday from and then I look forward to joining you and participating to the best of my ability.
Enjoy your weekend!

04-27-2014, 12:28 AM

I did get my car ride today. I did pick up my block of wood for the Quest Art Steamroller Printmaking Event in August. Here's a link to a picture of what that is:!quest-art-steamroller-print-event/zoom/c1ryf/image1ybp The image was taken at last year's event. I hope to be able to drive the steamroller over my inked-up block of wood with paper on top with protective blankets on top of that - so the steam roller only presses it down, not destroys the block or the print/paper! I saw the block and was ... disappointed. It's small! 18" x 40". I have one I just marked up to begin carving in the studio and it's 36" x 48". I thought, wow, how am I ever going to get what I wanted to get onto that surface? And so begins the artistic process. A teacher of mine once said "Artwork consists of solving problems." It's true. The wood is birch though and it is smooth smooth smooth. It will be a dream to carve. I heard when I was there that 3 proposals were approved. I feel fortunate.

I walked a lot today. I went out and took photos of two soon-to-be-destroyed er "developed" sites around here. I find all this "progress" dumb. And then I took pictures of a construction site which caused someone to ask me what I was doing. People don't like other people taking pictures. I said I was doing a construction project. The photography led to exploring on foot which led to a new way to get to Lake Wilcox (a kettle lake ( in behind the new community centre. I walked to the water's edge and saw some ducks, many robins, a red squirrel, and other birds, a sandpiper type was another one, and then I headed to the studio to get some stuff to work on that will now be shuffled back to the studio tomorrow morning, untouched. Tomorrow will be a full work day for me. I have two deadlines on the 30th. My work must be in the mail that day with the April 30th postmark on it. So all of this to say I did my toothbrush level of exercise ++ today.

Foodwise I did ok, sticking to my meals and when faced with a food challenge I did as Dr. Yoni suggested and had the most satisfying/least calorie laden one I could get and it was also the most healthy. I did abstain from sugar today again. I did not do Day 9 so will read it tonight and do it tomorrow. I loosely tracked and planned ahead as much as I good. It really was the Eating Out Day all over again.

My gums are all healed except for one small spot. I think it will also heal in time. I must be doing a good enough job. *credit* I'm overall feeling much better than I have in months. I'm relieved cause it felt like I was heading in the wrong direction for a bit there. I'm pretty sure I've turned the corner. *credit for hanging in there*

Have a good night.

projectjudi :welcome: to the group! Congratulations on your weightloss success and bravo for moving forward and using new tools to help you do that. I look forward to hearing from you as you go through the book. The CBT part of this program is what brought me here as well. I know it works.

04-27-2014, 06:04 AM

I was down another .2 pound again today - so am now sitting on 189 when I couldn't get back under 192. I expected to go up once I went back on prednisone. Perhaps my body hadn't caught up with going off it 2 months ago and is only now making an adjustment? Does that mean in 2 months it will react to being back on it by putting on weight? Mysterious. The only other thing to change is the 5:2 plan and restricting calories 2 days a week - maybe it works?? Since I started 5:2 on 2nd April I have gone from 195.4 to 189. I have lost 3 pound of it in the last week - no point overanalysing it but it would be good to know what is working for a change.

I bought some really comfortable gym/walking/active shoes yesterday. I have been trying to get some for a while and got lucky - they are not that expensive and fit really well - I am happy. Also bought some large T shirts that make me feel comfortable, and a new sports bag so I am all organised and comfortable. I hadn't actually meant to follow all of Diet Fix recommendations (Get geared up) but coincidentally I did. I have done day 5 - Think. I can relate to thinking about What can i do right now to be proud of"? and "What can I do right now that will help a little bit". I can use these ideas when I am going off the rails about food or relationships or whatever. Tomorrow is exercise.

I am taking tomorrow as leave because my sister is still in town and I will take her somewhere she doesn't usually go

For those interested in the importance of gut bacteria and fermented food (Tricia and perhaps BillBE and others?) etc here is an interesting link 7 Things You Had No Idea Gut Bacteria Could Do ( Has some really useful links in there as well

BillBE - sorry you got stuck with the kimchi. All those healthy Lactic acid bacteria will do the compost good so hurl them in. Credit for cooking Korean from scratch at home - I am impressed

6crowsgold - nice numbers and congrats on going past half way. A nice place to be and the planets do seem to be lining up for the both of us.

Maryann - hope you are enjoying your days of nothing planned - my perfect weekend. I buy the prawns cooked and shell them and bag them as snacks for a few days

Nationalparker - kiss the pets and enjoy their company. You did well with food while away - huge credit indeed

flnu - credit for checking in as you planned

Tricia - you sound on track! Hope you enjoyed the cinnamon rolls (yum!) or were you not having any?

projectjudi - Welcome - really impressive weight loss so you are a master in that regard. I hope you enjoy Beck

Onebyone - thanks for the links, your steamroller art project looks great!

04-27-2014, 06:18 AM
:welcome: Judi (projectjudi) :welcome:

And even though you've been here for four months already, :wel3fc:

Neat that you learned about the Beck Diet Solution from several forums here on 3FC.

04-27-2014, 06:30 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Out birding early, CREDIT moi, but the warblers still aren't here. I presume they're waiting for favorable southern winds. Birding isn't cardio exercise and, when done thoughtfully, can be little exercise at all. Oh Well, it's what I like to do.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi. One challenge was food offered by the artists at local open studios. It wasn't particularly tasty food - the standard manufactured stuff that doesn't cost much. But it does tempt me because it's FREE. One offering was a bowl of chocolate chips where a clue was my brain's desire for a whole hand full of them - not for a tasty few. Another challenge was dinner with friends where much food was available. I had the moderate portions that I'd planned to have, skipping the dish with potatoes drenched with butter despite the green beans stuck between them. Fresh fruit for dessert fits my food plan. Good enough to foreshadow today's Beck quote, "That's good! I ate what I was supposed to, and I'm taking the time to check it off."

onebyone – I can't believe that you actually get to drive the steam roller. I am SO JEALOUS. The woman in the picture you linked looks so determined. Kudos for wise food choices when bad ones were available.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Getting a comfortable set of exercise gear is a big deal - Kudos. Congrats for breaking into the 180's - it's a happy scale reading day here on the Beck Forum. "those healthy Lactic acid bacteria."]

maryann - Yep, Kudos deserved for "army-crawled the last few hours" - you got yourself there. Your post reminds me of DW sitting with a cup of tea just taking in our small city back yard.

nationalparker – Congrats for a scale that gives a rewarding feeling. Your DH is a braver man than I am to change something in the kitchen. Kudos for having remained mindful throughout your visit to your parents.

Tricia (AZtricia) - I join Teddy in reluctance to walk in "30+ mph winds." OP and OP is a good day.

flnu - Neat achievement, "5K with new personal best" - Kudos. Sobering reminder, "how lucky I am to struggle with overnourishment rather than undernourishment."

6crowsgold - Kudos for reaching "the last card in mywirebound index card tracker" - that's my type of milestone. You're marching forward. Congrats on passing the point halfway to your scale goal. [Love being reminded that the Hooded Crow is out there; I'll add it to my Bucket List.]

Judi (projectjudi) - Kudos for making progress with your Weight Watchers and for sticking with it. One of my favorite things about Beck is her acceptance of all of the reasonable diet plans out there. You start out with a big advantage by already knowing and appreciating Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - day 15 Monitor Your Eating

Next do the following:
Give yourself credit every single time you stick to your plan. Say to yourself, That's good! I ate what I was supposed to, and I'm taking the time to check it off.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 141.

04-27-2014, 10:30 AM
So thankful that I arrived home with two days to get things done around here, relax a bit, and switch out my spring/summer clothes and pack away most of the winter duds. Since I was alone, I was able to try on some of the clothes, and was happy to find that a few things that were unwearable last year fit at this point. I'm still a ways from where everything I have will fit (a lot of walking for toning and about 15 pounds). But a little progress is a welcome feeling.

Today I need to hit the market after making my menu for the week. Last night we enjoyed part of a small homemade lasagna in a loaf pan. Plenty left for two more meals. I brought home two cupcakes from a favorite market at home, and we each ate part of ours (mine-coconut, his-chocolate) ... nice treat. I was worried that I'd go off the deep end with food this weekend, but so far, so good with smaller portions.

Welcome, ProjectJudi! This is a great group of supportive coaches, and represent a diverse cross section of the world, so good ideas all around.

Bill - I'll echo GosfordGirl's comment that you successfully make your way through such a variety of social food challenges - major kudos to you.

GosfordGirl - Great progress this month! And how good does it feel to get geared up and be prepared for your activity! Great job! Enjoy your visit with your sister.

6CrowsGold - What a great week's reward for staying on plan! Congrats on moving right along on your goals!

04-27-2014, 11:39 AM
Lots of thoughts.

First off, the wedding service was truly lovely. I learned something about not fretting about stuff I can't control. I'm much better off with an optimistic attitude and the assumption that everything is going to be fine. Sure, I'll end up disappointed sometimes, but I deal better with disappointment than I do with stressing out about things that I can't do anything about.

The whole way-too extroverted aspect was the bigger problem (thanks to maryann and others here who helped remind me that I'm an introvert and this is normal for me). We've got time and space to recover so that's fine too.

I attached a photo of DH and me at the reception. My outfit worked out great. Very different from what others wore and yet still appropriate and well-suited to me.

I'll take a small credit for following my plan at the two eating events because I did. But it "helped" that I overate earlier in the day during my favorite binge time, so that was not great in the big picture.

Overeating makes me feel worse in a variety of ways -- bloatedness, other digestive tract sensations that don't feel right, disrupted sleep patterns, more hot flashes, increased thought activity but little ability to corral it into anything useful. I used to think that I didn't notice any difference in how I felt when I ate badly, but that's just because I didn't know what it felt like to eat really well. So that's good news to have actual evidence that healthy eating improves my physical and mental life.

Which makes it all the more crazy-making that I'm having a hard time stopping the overeating now.

So, I definitely need a reset. I've noticed that three of us who, so far, documented a pass through The Diet Fix all ended up with some problems and questioning our own mental health. For a book that's supposed to fix dieting trauma, it seemed to cause more trauma than I observe of people working through Beck.

On the other hand, I think Beck scares people off before they ever get started and we don't see that so much on this thread -- those are the people who never make it here or only post once or twice.

The Diet Fix feels like something that will be helpful if I give it enough energy. This feels like a bet I can win if double-down.

So here's my double-down plan:

1) Take my time. I'm going to give most of the "days" at least 4 or 5 days each. I think a lot of the trauma came from the speed.

2) Incorporate Day 5 (Think) and Day 9 (Set Goals) into all of the "days," especially Day 1.

3) Get a gadget. If I'm going to do this much tracking, then I want something fun to go along with it. I'm leaning toward the FitBit One.

4) Play with the plan in The Complete Beck Diet for Life. I remember that being difficult for me at the time, but I think it will be easier now and may work better for me than the plan in The Diet Fix.

5) Quit weighing myself until I've mastered Day 3. I think part of the trauma I've been inflicting on myself is that I'm going to all this effort and seeing little action on the scale. I need to give myself a little time to adjust to this new way of eating without expectations that I'm going to see results on the scale.

Okay. So, it's Day 1 (with big doses of Day 5 and Day 9) today and for the next few days. More thoughts tomorrow.

Welcome, projectjudi!

04-27-2014, 12:41 PM

Good morning. I am way behind schedule but maybe not. It took me much longer to navigate my printer than I thought it should have,but since this is always the case, maybe I need to budget 1-2 hrs to get images that are the right ones for working with? I am bad with time estimation and with spatial estimates. 3D throws me and I guess if Time is the 4th dimension, that's a problem too.

Anyway, DH is making breakfast and once I eat I am off to carve a lino to make an edition of 12 prints for the Brooklyn Art Library print exchange. I am 1 of 500 print makers submitting prints by April 30th. The deal is: I send 12 prints, all the same (ie. an edition of 12). They keep 2 prints: one for their archives and one to exhibit, and the other 10 are sent individually to 10 other printmakers involved in the exchange. So, in time, I will get 10 prints coming to me from strangers! This is a classic print exchange format. And so our topic is "Let This Be A Sign". I have two ideas. I'll only know what I am doing once I sit down and focus. And since I left it so late in the day, I may get to carve my linos in the sun!

Better go. Back later today.

04-27-2014, 06:10 PM
Hello Coaches, wishing you a wonderful Sunday!

Scale shows down a pound (which would be my 1/2 way point!) I'll believe it if it is still there tomorrow. Yes, I had cinnamon rolls :) - two. They were whole wheat/spelt/kamut with raisins, chia seed, and cinnamon. Not terribly sweet as I only put 1/4 c of sucanat rolled up in 2 lb of dough, then drizzled on a bit of maple syrup instead of any frosting. My calculations showed the rolls at just over 200 calories each. An indulgence, yes, but I make cinnamon rolls maybe once a year and my calorie level for the day will still be fine...just a much bigger breakfast than normal since I still had 30% protein.

I agree with Joy's evaluation of The Diet Fix. Lots of great stuff in there, but the 10-day thing HAS to be a marketing gimmick.

Dr. Yani acknowledges right in his checklists at the beginning and end of every "day" that if all the boxes are not checked - let yourself off the hook, don't feel bad, do the same day over. I know that he has helped me balance Beck. I do believe that eating healthfully requires that occasionally you ignore hunger(Beck), and it is a great skill to learn. Ignoring cravings and building that resistance muscle is probably even more important(Beck). But there is the reality of food being for comfort and for celebration (DF) and his point about the calorie levels of thoughtful indulgence is right. You aren't going to gain weight because of one celebration, but you might gain if you are unprepared or feel deprived and give up completely. But Beck makes it clearer that planning ahead is vital (DF does cover that you need to plan ahead).

I take away the reality that I need to have a eating and fitness plan that I personally can live with forever (DF), because the alternative is I will give up. Well, I can live with Beck's idea that sometimes I can wait for a meal...but use Dr. Yani's that when I eat enough calories and have a good balance of protein---I won't BE hungry.

04-28-2014, 05:23 AM

The losing weight genie has gone - my weight bounced up 1 pound - not too horrible but on the cusp of the 180s. My lunch with my sister today probably did some damage as well. Emotionally as well as calorically. "What could I do here to be proud of" or "to make it better" (DF) - a whole pile of stuff which is difficult to pull out in the heat of an insane verbal interchange. I tend towards rational but am always surprised how I get ambushed by the old patterns. Oh well - no real damage was done to the relationship but not a lot that was helpful either.

I took my sister to an irresistible spot on the harbour with a brilliantly situated coffee shop ( and we walked to the garden ( by Brett Whiteley's ( wife Wendy after Brett died - my sister had been to the Whiteley gallery the day before and the walk to the garden is lovely (past Luna Park and the North Sydney baths - I have attached a photo of the view from the baths where I also swim). I then took her to the Italian section of town to shop the delis which are better than where she lives in regional NSW. I am happy to be back home alone tonight

Tomorrow I am going to fast and go to the gym after work. Not sure how that will go. My stats for the week are: 117% on activity (walking over the target of 7000 steps per day) and 100% on sleep score - in bed by 9.30 and time in bed 8 hours. Useful that all sorts of programs synch with Fitbit - this info comes from Dan's Plan. Today I walked 12000 and had 26 active minutes! DF today was Day 6 - Exercise - which I think I have sorted - my toothbrush level is walk the dogs and make 7000 steps at least over the day. I will add to that, that if I am at the desk I will get up and move for 5 mins every 25 mins

BillBE - Birding sounds like a great retirement activity. I didn't have a plan for today except to survive it. Your plan (and Beck's) for eating out sounds far more sensible - "Kudos for wise food choices when bad ones were available"

Nationalparker - And in this hemisphere I put away the summer clothes and got out the only marginally warmer winter stuff (which is also getting a bit large!). Kudos for making your menus for the week and for staying sane with food portions.

Gardenerjoy - enjoyed your thoughtful and reflective post - and loved the wedding outfit! That scarf is something else. I liked my FitBit one before I killed it in the washing machine. Good = easy to tuck in bra; counted flights of stairs which made me climb stairs to be competitive. Bad = had to put in wrist strap at night, could leave in pocket and put in washing machine! The FB Flex - Good = at least always stays on your wrist and you can shower in it; don't need to change it at night. Bad = not that attractive on the wrist but don't care; doesn't measure flights of stairs. The FB Force solves the last problem but the recharge port is causing dermatitis until they fix it.

Tricia (in AZ) - :balloons: Congrats on half way! That's awsome. What a masterful summary of the relationship between Beck and Freedhoff - I totally agree with it all! I do like Freedhoff's emphasis on a diet and exercise regimen which is adaptable and able to be lived with forever - which is not punitive but recognises that one needs to find the minimal level at which one can survive but lose weight. I really like that food is not just about fuel (DF) - but that it has a social role related to celebration, culture, and ritual (like my family does the Christmas meal thing). I move to Day 7 tomorrow - not even sure yet what it is yet so had better go and read it as I am compartmentalising to deal with overwork issues

04-28-2014, 06:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Good hiking day, CREDIT moi, in the Massachusetts Berkshires with a group that DW likes that chases down wild flowers. My excuse for joining was to savor the stretch of the Appalachian Trail that we covered. We saw a Bald Eagle being chased by a pair of Crows - high drama since the eagle's talons would quickly terminate a crow who is depending on his superior aerobatic skills to stay alive.

It was easy to eat on plan, CREDIT moi, having lunch sitting on a log in the forest since the only food to eat was what I had packed. I was offered almonds but didn't take any. I was pleased that I didn't eat the granola bar that I'd brought along for a snack - but then gobbled it on the drive home when the munchies struck.

onebyone – Enjoyed seeing the prints from the 2013 Brooklyn Print Exchange ( - can't wait to see your submission in the 2014 group. Love the thought that my difficulties with time management is just a spatial problem in the fourth dimension - that doesn't sound as bad, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for sporting an outrageous scarf - thanks for the picture so we'll have an image of your DH as well. Yep, Double Kudos for navigating two wedding events per your plan. (MS Word spell check wanted me to change 'crow who' to 'crow that' - is it OK that I write about a crow more alive than a stone?)

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Ouch for the reality of relatives who help us bring up all the emotions from childhood. Kudos for "no real damage was done." And Kudos for notable stats for the week.

nationalparker – I'm impressed that facing two cupcakes, "we each ate part of ours" - impressed and Kudos worthy to leave a partial cupcake. Yay for the body fitting better in the clothes.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Kudos for selling cinnamon buns that contained more goodness than sugar. Clear vision this, "I need to have a eating and fitness plan that I personally can live with forever."

Readers - day 15 Monitor Your Eating

Next do the following:
Respond to sabotaging thoughts if you eat something you shouldn't. If you think, Why did I eat that? I didn't really even want it . . . I'm an idiot, counter it in a helpful way, such as, Okay, I ate something I hadn't planned . . . really good that I wrote it down.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 141.

04-28-2014, 01:42 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

An impromptu overnight to the mountains led to great quality time with the boys but not so great dinner. I feel I am slipping out of maintenance. I really don't want this to happen. I believe I can eat in a healthy manner with the WW plan but I know I won't lose the excess weight quickly especially if I start exercising again. I have decided to put short term panic on the back burner. Even If I don't lose the extra 4 pounds quickly, I will benefit long term.
Credit for food planned. Credit for a planned walk which will make three straight days of exercise. Credit for remembering to allow myself to have an empty stomach.

Gosford Girl: huge credit for investing in gym stuff. I treat myself to new outfits periodically, new shoes when necessary and splurge on special classes at times. It is a lot cheaper than the cost of medicine ( I rationalize to myself.)

Projectjudi: Welcome. I follow the Weight Watchers plan as well. I am just getting back into it after earning lifetime membership awhile back. I am focusing on the fruits and veggies and allowing myself to grieve processed foods.

nationalparker and AZtricia: Huge kudos for the weightloss. It is thrilling to watch you both go down the scale.

gardenerjoy: Thanks for reminding me that I have proof that eating healthy makes me happier. I forget when I am trying to convince myself to binge. This is not about vanity. It is about quality of life.

onebyone: The exchange is very interesting. It would be great to see your interpretation of "Let this be the sign."

BBE: Your bald eagle reminded me of my honeymoon in Alaska- a rare sight for native Californians.

04-28-2014, 03:32 PM
Made it through the weekend of being alone with my own pantry during the days. I didn't have a plan, other than "stay in control" and that worked. Scale was at 163.4 this morning. I made asian lettuce wraps for dinner and doubled the grated carrot the recipe called for, so bumped a little more veggie in there. I wonder if my LACK of focusing on food and lack of planning might have been what helped me with smaller meals and no snacking the past few weeks. I notice that today at work, I'm almost falling into the "lunch was puny ... I should have a little bit more" line of thinking. Which, of course, brings forth Maryann's frustrating discovery of how much less food we actually need as we age ... That, combined with Beck's "hunger is not an emergency" are my two thoughts for this week.

Thinking about getting away with DH for a day to just reconnect - we'll see how the week shapes up.

Dinner will be an easy prep tonight - leftover homemade lasagna and salad. Both of us working a long day today, so it'll be heat and eat. Success will be one reasonable serving and not skimping too much and letting going lighter get mental.

04-28-2014, 06:48 PM

Miraculously OP on Sunday even with lunch in an Italian restaurant and the FIL launching an unexpected and venomous personal attack at the outset in front of our 7 yr old. So I have never done this before in our entire marriage but-- I let fly and gave no quarter. He actually ended up apologizing.

Still managed to eat just 1/4 of the "personal size" pizza as we struggled through the rest of the outing. Just an awful day.

Came home and had a Rocky style workout to get the energy moved. Yuk.

Here at "half-way" I looked over my food journal since March 1st and realized that nearly every day I had "budgeted" a good 10% of my daily calories for candy or chips. Re-thinking this and decided to Change One Thing--my sugar intake--this week.

Welcome Projectjudi!

Best to all.

04-28-2014, 11:49 PM
Thank you all for the warm welcomes.
Just got back from the post office and got my book! Have just done a quick skim as it's 10:45. From what I see so far I think I will be a bit of a pain with questions.
I see there are lots of spots in the book to write things. Do use the book or buy something to write in? Any suggestions of what supplies I could use to simplify things. Are the cards you make up like recipe card size? What has helped you?
Keep in mind that I am not too computer savvy and don't have programs like word or excel so will be doing all the work manually.
Am excited to get started and get the supplies I need.
Look forward to get to know you all better.
Have a great night!

04-29-2014, 12:57 AM
Arrrg! Just clicked on the wrong thing and lost my whole post.

It has been a fine but high calorie day. Plenty of exercise. Gotta go get kiddos into bed, tomorrow is a busy day w/ dyslexia evaluation for littlest. I'll try again on personals tomorrow. :wave:

04-29-2014, 05:46 AM

I have rearranged today slightly. I will do gym tomorrow and as today is a Fast day on 5:2 I don't think that sits well with D7 on DF which is "Indulge". In fact I am not sure that doing the 5:2 diet as well as DF won't cause some sort of fatal cognitive dissonance. Anyway I am in a holding pattern and will decide after I have read D7 (Indulge) & D8 (Eating Out) which I will be doing tomorrow. I also moved gym to tomorrow as I have work deadlines that were moved from last week to Friday this week so I will clear the decks today and do gym on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday this week because I can (I really like going in on Sunday which I usually can't do but this week it works)

I have stuck to my fast plan so far today - but I am pretty hungry (I am doing really well!). I am distracting myself by posting here (credit me) before I have some chicken soup for dinner. My steps are in the right range to make 7000 at least. I have looked at my A&R cards. I have posted to my coaches. My weight is stable at around 190 and hasn't gone up further.

BillBE - the "Massachusett's Berkshires" and the "Appalachian Trail" sound very exotic over here.

Maryann - Credit for "three straight days of exercise" - that has to feel good. Accepting hunger is a skill - I am working on it now

Nationalparker - Credit for including sneaky vegetables. Hope you get away

6crowsgold - Credit for drawing the line and defending yourself. It is so hard to do so you did well. Sugar sure is sneaky. Huge credit for staying on plan for food and exercise given your day

Judi (projectjudi) - Yay for getting your book. I can see you are keen to get started. I tend to use technology but I have some paper based methods. I did write in my book in pencil so I could go back in the future and change things. It is useful to have a little book to plan meals in each day. It is useful to have 3x5 inch index cards for different helpful lists like advantages and responses (A&R). Beck gives clear guidelines for what would be useful supplies. But these are just guidelines. Maybe at first just an exercise book might be useful to record information. I used a page a day diary at first to record meals and weight before I moved to electronic. Plus I used a little notebook to carry A&R cards. Nice to see you are getting into it.

Tricia (in AZ) - Glad your day went well. Very annoying when you lose your post in one of the miriad ways it is possible

04-29-2014, 07:32 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Standard walking, CREDIT moi, bundled as if it were February. I'm a wimp when it's chilly after it's been warm. A greater exercise happened after dinner when I helped DW cut three foot sections from a roll of chicken wire to make cages to go around her plantings. These are required because the local rabbits are ferocious - they eat anything green. My right hand did the snipping with wire cutters; it got a good workout, LOL.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, with no challenges. I did lust after DW's dish of nuts and dried cherries that she always has with her cup of tea. I usually ignore that, but yesterday my hand kept wishing to reach over and grab one (actually wanted to grab a handful). What stopped me wasn't my superior Beck strategies, but knowing that DW gets testy when I take from her allocation when I'm perfectly welcome to serve myself whatever portion I wish from the container. Saved by marital dynamics, LOL.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Special Kudos for feeling hungry and posting rather than eating. Yay for the good feeling of stable weight.

maryann - Yay for quality time - especially the impromptu sort. Kudos for allowing yourself "to have an empty stomach" - so great to experience that it isn't an emergency.

nationalparker – LOL at the image of "alone with my own pantry." Interesting observation that your super busy time if Florida was less focused on food including eating less.

Tricia (AZtricia) - I wish you well with the dyslexia evaluation today. Ouch for the universe consuming a post; BTDT and HATE it.

6crowsgold - Ouch for the awful FIL explosion in front of your 7 year old. Kudos for finding your way through that without using food as a crutch.

Judi (projectjudi) - I am constitutionally unable to write in a book; so I've never written in my Beck books - even the workbook. I used Excel and MS Word, but actual 3x5 index cards appeal to me for the satisfying feel of flipping through them and letting my mind focus on exactly one thought at a time. Do ask lots of questions. It helps us all to revisit the basics.

Readers - day 15 Monitor Your Eating

At the end of the day, look at how you marked up your food plan. Give yourself credit for everything you did well. Did you eat anything you hadn't planned? If so, get into problem-solving mode and figure out what you need to do in the future to eliminate this king of eating. For example, if you get too hungry between meals, perhaps you need to plan heartier meals or to add in a snack. If you eat out of boredom, schedule your time differently. If you need help, call your diet coach.

Follow this sequence every day, for a long time to come.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 141.

04-29-2014, 09:55 AM

A very full day ahead so I can't stay long.

Foodwise, I need to be careful tonight when I have accomplished all my tasks and want to "relax" and "have a reward". I'll need to plan for that. Oh, I will have some of my watermelon. Ok. That works.

I am not sure if I will be home in time to make dinner so I need to be mindful of my choices.

I am completing my print submissions today and taking down the potters' guild library display. I may also be picking up prints for the potters' sale (this weekend). AND I may alos be discussing what the heck we are doing for 8min on local tv on May 1st! Yikes. Next week I am back to "normal"... I'll keep reminding myself of that.

And for those who are interested or just curious, I've attached a jpg of my print submission for the 2014 Brooklyn Art Library Print Exchange. The theme was "Let This Be a Sign". It's a 5" x 7" (paper size) linoleum relief carving printed on my small press with a hint of coloured pencil. The notation "A/P" on the bottom edge means "artist proof" meaning this is the first oen that the artist has deemed to be the standard for the series of prints and the prints must meet the look of this one. I did an edition of 12 prints for this exchange= 12 all about the same. A challenge indeed.

Better go. Have a great day.

04-29-2014, 10:24 AM
Hello Coaches,
I have been flagging the last two days, not building a streak at all. I don’t know what changed. But today my behaviors were what I wanted. And throughout I’ve been solid on my exercise routines. It really helps me that I don’t conceptualize my exercise and diet efforts as being related to each other. I broke down and bought The Diet Fix since all the cool kids are reading it. It doesn’t immediately resonate for me as well as the Beck book did, but I am trying to give it a chance. Exercise today was fast walking for 5k instead of running. I don’t like to run two days in a run on account of my knees. Also, I enjoy running a few times a week and would not enjoy running every day, so I’m trying not to spoil it for myself.

BBE: Saved by marital dynamics. That’s pretty funny. Along with blaming your hand. My three year old used to do this too: if it was something she wasn’t supposed to do/touch, she would just use my hand or a dolls hand to accomplish her goal. Maybe if you use your wife’s hand to get the nuts? Probably not.

Cheryl: Fatal cognitive dissonance. I am wondering this too about Beck and DF even though I’ve only read the first little bit of DF. So far it doesn’t seem very Beck-ish.

Hi, Tricia, glad to hear it’s going well for you. Good luck with your busy day tomorrow. And yay for lots of exercise.

ProjectJudi: Welcome! I don’t like writing in books, so I printed out PDFs from the internet for most of the exercises and wrote on those. I’m afraid I won’t be much help otherwise because I went the high tech route.

6crowsgold: I’m sorry your FIL was a pill especially in front of your kid. I guess “pill” is probably too weak a word. Credit for not using it as an excuse to overeat. I also don’t like it when my weight veers around and a big loss for me almost always means a gain later or sometimes before. I wish it would just be orderly.

Hi, nationalparker, sounds like it’s going well for you. I also think sometimes that not focusing helps me too.

Maryann: Maybe maintenance isn’t linear in the same way that losing isn’t? So you’re not slipping out of maintenance, it’s just a little up period? Congrats on the exercise – makes you feel good. Also, thanks for the reminder that it is truly not about vanity.

Sweet dreams, friends.

04-29-2014, 01:33 PM
It seems like it's Thursday, rather than Tuesday today - not sure what time warp my brain is in, but I think I'm looking forward to another weekend already. DH is on his last workday today for a few, and I deemed it pizza night, since I've been without for weeks now. He offered to pick one up at a local spot that is thin crust, non-greasy and just plain cheese. Bonus!

Stayed on track last night but now food seems so much more in my mind than the past few weeks. I have to pick up The Diet Fix at the library as it's on hold, but there's a part of me thinking, just let it go for right now and stick with the "eating less" plan that's worked here lately. Less focus and stress, keeping in mind the "hunger is not an emergency" line from Beck.

Interesting to read in the news today about the marginal performances of a number of the fitness devices worn on wrists. I wanted one initially for the "neat factor", but the pricetag made my decision for me, when I have a perfectly good pedometer in my drawer. Maybe I just need less analyzing and recording and more doing.

Will pop back in with personals if able to later, but 6CrowsGold - kudos to you for speaking your mind, but so sorry to hear about the incident. I know you've probably been rehashing it over and over, but feel good that you spoke up.

04-29-2014, 04:02 PM

Still OP today on Fast Day. Going to try to do workout #2 for the week tonight.

Not rehashing the FIL scene. It's not out of character and we can't "fix" what he objects to, which is actually about my son. I am sorry my son had to leave his chair and sit on my chair the rest of the meal because the whole thing made him so insecure. Expecting the next "scene" on Mother's Day...maybe my push-back will change it!

Now looking for ways to use olive oil and vegetables to replace those sugar calories; I have some a awesome olive oil on order from Italy--yum!

04-30-2014, 12:05 AM
Beck FB: Tuesday Reality Check: If you think, “It’s too hard to resist this craving,” remind yourself that there is a difference between things that are hard and things that are impossible. Just because it feels really hard to resist eating something, doesn’t mean you can’t. You’ve likely done many other hard things in your life and have resisted many hard cravings. It’s not always easy but it ALWAYS worth it once the craving has passed.

I should have read that one earlier today. Went off plan this afternoon and now I'm uncomfortable and overfull. :( Back to better tomorrow. Will walk pup once more before bed.

Youngest had his evaluation today with the developmental doctor. He is way advanced in many areas, but as I suspected is behind in directional understanding. He also has trouble paying attention to small changes in the little line that changes "o" to "a" in print. So reading is time consuming and stressful for him. She says it is an easy fix in therapy and a couple months should have him above grade level everywhere. We start after Memorial Day. Off to get kiddos into bed.

04-30-2014, 05:45 AM
Hi Coaches

A quick check in to cover my bases. I had an on plan with food day so far and have dinner sorted. My weight was a new number again this morning - 188.8 after my fast day which ended up being a bit up on calories (I had two lots of soup not one but not too big a hit). Still in a holding pattern with DF - can't do D7 Indulge or D8 Eat Out because no opportunity. Tomorrow I have to do 2 graduations and there will be finger food - a weakness of mine I try to stay away from but unavoidable. Maybe I should work out a way to indulge in it sensibly. Will work on that. Steps today nearly 10000 and have hit all my goals on fitbit so credit me! I bought a second pair of walking shoes so they can get wet walking the dogs and my OTHER pair can go to gym - I am getting so organised

flnu - keep at it - you are nearly at your next goal. LOL that the "cool kids" are reading DF (nice to be considered in with the cool) - but it is interesting and it isn't too disparate. It is however at odds with the 5:2 plan I am using ATM

Tricia - ouch for off plan and overfull. Credit for your "Back to better tomorrow".

Have a good day coaches

04-30-2014, 06:08 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating was sufficiently on plan, CREDIT moi. Only 'sufficiently' because we made dinner out of a reception in the evening - as planned. But I dawdled about talking with friends and didn't have the chicken skewers that would have served as protein, so I had chunks of cheese. Close enough.

Walked, CREDIT moi, as I do. I need to work on finding more scheduled gym classes since I've found that I do better in a class than on my own. On my own, I tend to detect that I've done enough sooner than I do in a class

onebyone – Introducing the notion "Artist Proof" sent me to discover that Rembrandt, who also used his own press to make his etchings, was a meticulous taker of proofs as he continued to re-work his plates. And that a limited number edition of a print does not count the artist proofs taken before the print run - some artists taking as many as 20. Your world never ceases to amaze. Kudos for being "careful" and "mindful" with your food choices in the midst of all this.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Yep, finger food is a challenge - Kudos for recognizing that before you get to the graduations. Sufficient dry walking shoes is such a good commitment to doing your exercise.

nationalparker – There's a lot of mileage to be had from the "hunger is not an emergency" line from Beck. It also helps me to remember that I've probably not been stomach hungry since childhood; my current hunger is longing for a different emotional state changing from the current boredom, anxiety, or tension.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Thanks for Beck's reminder of the "difference between things that are hard and things that are impossible." Your DS's challenge detecting the small differences in letters so reminds me how amazing it is that the brain can read at all.

flnu - Seems smart to stay mindful of your knees; they don't seem to get stronger with usage as do muscles. LOL at your 3 year old using a doll's hand to do the naughty. Perhaps I could convince my DW to pop a few nuts into my mouth so they wouldn't count.

6crowsgold - Super neat that you have "olive oil on order from Italy." I've avoided getting vested in the different olive oils since there seems to be no upper bound in their prices.

Readers - day 15 Monitor Your Eating

The Benefits of writing Down What You Eat

Several studies show that keeping a written record of what you eat increases the likihood that you'll lose weight and keep it off. One study conducted at St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois, found that dieters who kept detailed food logs were even able to lose weight over the winter holiday season. Dieters who didn't keep a log gained weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 142.

04-30-2014, 11:04 AM
Hello to all,

Another OP day here plus tennis lessons. I love tennis lessons so much. I hope I can find a way to continue. Diet Fix is not speaking to me so far. I don’t identify with the guilt and shame that he is going to help me overcome. I do very much agree with his premise that you need to enjoy life while dieting and it is a good reminder to do more tracking.

BBE: I like classes too. That’s one thing I’m looking forward to when I get back to the States. I hope step aerobics is still a thing.

Cheryl: Thanks for your encouragement. Getting organized is so helpful, so credit to you. I will think about what I can do to be more organized.

Tricia: Well done on getting your kid what he needs. Glad to hear that it is responsive to therapy – that’s great! Good on you for walking that pup. Here’s to a better tomorrow.

Nationalparker: Yay for an on track day. You sound relaxed, it’s nice to hear.

6crowsgold: Applause for rocking the fast.

04-30-2014, 01:17 PM
6crowsgold continues to shine a light on my bugaboos - of the 26 points I get in a day (W.W.) I am spending 12 on candy. This is embarrassing but the truth. True - fruits and veggies cost no points and I am really bulking up on those for which I give myself credit. It is protein that is suffering. I am making a list of sweet things that are better than candy that I can nibble on at work. I have some Kashi cereal and I will try that. I also have discovered a wonderful choc banana milkshake - frozen banana, cocoa powder ( unsweetened) 3 T. nonfat dry milk, 2 ice cubes, ice water and a little stevia. Vitamix it up. Yum!

onebyone: I love the print!

AZTricia: Wow! Needed to remember the difference between hard and impossible. I have yet to have a perfect OP day - meaning eating exactly what I planned. I can do this, it is just hard.

Credit for continuing to exercise more: step class, a thirty minute walk, a twenty minute walk. Credit for tracking my food.

A good day planned with errands including new glasses and maintaining some jewelry pieces. I was never a jewelry girl. Now I have a nice small collection of quality pieces that I actually wear and enjoy. Taking care of them and planning outfits takes up some of that time I used to spend thinking about food. Beck tells us to get a life outside of food and I think that is important.

05-01-2014, 06:25 AM
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