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04-01-2014, 05:03 AM
There you go. Time is moving along. We are already in the 4th month of 2014

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Hope April brings spring flowers, sunshine, the big melt and a whole lot of good things your way.

04-01-2014, 11:48 AM
Morning all. Just a quick hello right now. :wave: I have a meeting in 45 min. and am finishing up my quarterly work. The meeting is in conflict with my WW meeting so I may skip WW today. My scale at home tells me I’m up TWO pounds. Yikes! :yikes: I need to get back on track pronto!!

Jeans days have ended (they were just for the first calendar quarter). Today I’m wearing a pair of pants with no pockets whatsoever. Grrr. My key card’s punched out hanging loop cracked and tore off, so I can no longer clip it to my waistband or hang it around my neck. I’ve decided to buy one of those wrist wallets for runners. I also think it’ll come in handy for anytime I don’t want to carry a purse. Looking at a brand called Sprigs Banjees.

Okay, off to get some work done before the meeting. I’ll try to get back here later.

04-01-2014, 01:08 PM
Good morning ladies,

Had a good day at physical therapy exercise class. One of the other participants grabbed the only recumbent bike before I could get there, so I warmed up on the elliptical for 15 minutes, which surprisingly didn't hurt my back or shoulder. After that, we moved to the floor for our exercises. I'm in the Back Exercise Level 1 class, and since some of the moves didn't seem challenging enough to me anymore, I asked if I could switch to the Level 2 class (which is more rigorous and more intense core work). The physical therapists said not just yet, but gave me some modifications to make the exercises tougher.

For example, instead of just the standard bridge exercise, they now have me adding "marching" which is essentially lifting one foot at a time off the mat. Here's a video ( The only thing is that the physical therapist told me to not lift my feet more than an inch or two off the mat, make sure that my hips don't move - which really works the core and glutes - and to just lift one time per foot, and then relax the bridge by bringing the butt back down. So after I'm stabilized in the bridge position, I lift my right foot an inch or two, then place it back down, then lift my left foot, then place it back down, then bring my butt down to the mat.

Another more challenging exercise they showed us is a variation of the clamshell (, but instead of keeping feet together, allow the feet to come apart, but still don't roll the hips/pelvis backward when lifting the upper part of the leg. I kept my hand on my hip to help be aware that I wanted the hips to stay stacked and not rotate them backwards.

The physical therapists said that while they don't feel any of us were ready for Level 2, we are most certainly doing Level 1.5, and they want us to continue to practice at home to strengthen our core, low back, glutes and other supporting muscles.

Sorry that we lost Pattience. Hopefully she'll come back.

Shad - Thanks for starting the new thread! Like you, I hope April brings good things to all of us.

Laura - I hate pants with no pockets. Thankfully the only "pants" I have like that are my yoga/workout pants but I'd still prefer if they had a pocket. I hope the meeting goes well.

A big :wave: and :hug: to all! I'll try and check in later.

Much love,

04-01-2014, 01:32 PM
Morning all,

Thanks for setting up the new thread Shad. Hard to believe we are in the 4th month already - time is really flying by. I suppose this means you are headed into autumn. Since it's cooler where you are, does this mean you will see some trees changing color? Or won't you be around long enough for that? Today I am getting some goodies - those cholesterol chews and for fun, I decided to splurge on a tin of Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey. They said this is far too nice for tea so I will have to figure out some way to 1) keep DH from dumping it into his tea cup and 2) highlight the taste in some way. Suggestions Shad? Not sure I'm the honey and toast kind of person.

Looks like we lost Pattience. Sorry things didn't work out - we can be a chatty lot - especially me. Thanks for telling us goodbye - many have popped in and disappeared as quickly as they showed up. Good luck going forward with your clothing business.

Laura - can't you just get a new keycard since the clip top snapped off? Or is it that you like the picture on it? :lol: I had several pairs of dress pants with no pocket and I really missed them too. Good for you for jumping back on plan again - I think that's the key - when the scale creeps up a few pounds, get cracking again. We talked about the difference between "new pounds" temporary and if you ignore them for too long they stick and adhere forever :lol:

Michelle - just checked back on the thread and see that you posted. Thanks for including the new physical therapy exercises. Sounds like you are doing well and building strength. Bummer that you missed the bike but that's good that the elliptical didn't bother you. I heard a long time ago that elipticals are basically made for someone around 5 foot 8 inches and anything above or below might stress joints and such. I was never comfortable on them.

It's snowing outside again. Large, fluffy flakes that blow in the wind gusts. Hopefully we won't get much in the way of accumulation. Friday is another chance for a big storm again but hopefully it will dissipate like the Monday one did :crossed: Not much else to say - might as well go find something useful to do.

Hellos to the rest of the ladies - have a good one. :wave:

04-01-2014, 03:11 PM
Afternoon all.

The meeting was alright – lots of “make nice” talk. Lunch was tuna on a deli thin spread with some miracle whip. Also had some cracker chips and baby carrots. And a tangelo. I can’t wait to get rid of this batch of the tangelos – way too tart for me. Maybe I’ll juice them just to be done with them.

Happy – Sorry you lost your post yesterday. I’m now in the habit of typing my posts on MS Word before I copy & paste them to the thread. Too frustrating to lose lengthy posts! How great of you to do short-term cat foster care. I wouldn’t think of doing it with Coal in the house, but I guess if the term is so brief you don’t even have to have the cats in the same space with your own, then it makes it more manageable. Re the Patterson books – I’m not sure if all of his books are of the creepy type, so don’t just go by what I say…Re my key card, no I’m not attached to the photo on my key card, I just don’t want to keep going through the whole cycle. And even when I have an intact card with one of those retractable clips, the clip ends up breaking. It's a PITA.

Pattience – In case you’re still lurking – it was good to “meet” you. Good luck to you with your clothing line.

Shad – Thanks for setting us up with a new thread. Hopefully there's no more cold stuff coming my way that will require melting! Our property was finally snow-free this past weekend. March sure went out like a lamb for us yesterday…but the lion isn’t completely gone.

Michelle – Sounds like a wonderful weekend. D’s work keeps him busy with interesting things. Good for him. I can see how your shoulder problem might keep you from your plank challenge. Just pick it back up when you can. Your PT exercise class is really going well – I’m glad to hear it. I hope you’ll be having much less or NO pain very soon!!

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies.

Our car's been pulling to the right for a while and bf took it in yesterday to the tire place. Turns out the tires were in really sorry shape and required replacing. They had ~35,000 miles on them and had a 45,000 mile warranty, so we got some of the cost covered by the warranty. Bf picked me up from the train having had the new tires already installed, then we went to another place to have the wheels aligned. Also had an oil change. A Goodwill store was a couple doors away, so we went there while we waited. Didn’t buy anything.

I ate my leftovers from lunch for dinner, a yummy chicken Panini. I’m current on my challenges.

Tonight I’ll go to the movies – we’re seeing “Grand Budapest Hotel”.

That’s about it for me! TTFN.

04-01-2014, 04:48 PM
Hello Ladies...

Why is it when they companies say we can offer between this and that amount and you pick the that higher amount, you don't hear from them again. Bleh What a bunch of BS. However, I do have an in person interview on Thursday with a very nice firm, out of the health care realm, that sounds promising, however money has not yet been discussed. Curtis said don't shoot for the higher amount, he can make up the difference, mainly the health benefits. He does not know how guilty that makes me feel to make him work even harder when he is already strung out. Between a rock and a hard place to say the least, please everyone cross everything you can....

Sissy is gaining confidence daily, I guess like Cecilia, haha. Anyway I spend only about 4 hours a day over there starting this week. She seems to be managing better. Zoloft does wonders, plus the lil babe is an excellent babe. Eats, sleeps, poops, sleeps, eats again, on and on, not really fussy ever and content. Thank you Jesus, seriously, I thank the MAN daily.

Today is 66 degress, the windows and doors came open once I got home. My bro and SIL are in the French Rivera visiting her momma. I am keeping tabs on the house and changing the position of his car in the drive every few days to look as if someone has been there.

Sassy is more spoiled than ever. She is loving her momma being home with her and going to sissy's every day with me. It will certainly be a shock to her system once I do go back to work. Maybe I should be a stay at home doggie mom. LOL. debunkle is always a PIA. C needs the oil changed in his truck and it looks as if I will be taking care of that one. I just hate going to the dealer to have that done (coupon for 26.00). It is waiting for it to be done. It is kind of like wasted time in life that cannot be retrieved. Oh well, if C is willing to work harder it is the least I can do. Right??? Thanks for the text check in with me today, it kind of reminds me to post here. I know I am bad about that with all that is going on, but no excuse to ignore my sweet, caring sisters. xoxo

HAPPY....hope you will soon get some warmer temps however we are just now getting a few with rain storms predicted the next 3 days, but 50's. I will take it. Are you having the blizzard conditions or just the usual snow crap, I know MN is getting wollopped.

CHELLE...glad you are enjoying your PT. It sounds like just the right type for you considering your back issues. Hope it keeps working for you...thank you for the text check in with me the other day. Hugs sweet sister.

SHADDIE...thanks for starting the new thread. What would I do without your techno knowledge and also your motherly advice. I appreciate you more than you know. Sometimes jerking a knot in my tail is what I need.

Hello to CEEG, SUSIE, and anyone else I may have missed, and sadly goodbye to Pattience.

I am trying, truly I am. Thank you for your patience with me.

Love and hugs

04-01-2014, 05:17 PM
Hi. I will come back later tonight and post and do personals.

I went to the old thread and put in the new link. I can't figure out how to close the old thread. Do we need to do that? and if so, how do I do it?

04-01-2014, 05:22 PM
Morning all,

Pattience - sorry to lose you from this thread. Need a bit of 'downunder' to balance out the 'Yanks'. If you feel like puttin in a word or two from time to time you'd be welcome. No pressure, don't have to reply to every thread, just let us know how you are doing. Your choice.

Happy - We have been in Autumn for a couple of weeks. There will be some colour change up in the Botanical Gardens, but for best show, go to Google, type in Arrowtown, NZ Autumn and select images. Back later. The world is falling in - according to an overactive 'droid down the hall.

04-01-2014, 07:04 PM
I walked three times today. Im gonna get weighed when I go see my doctor on the 15th, I hope I've loss more weight, I hope Im in the 280's by then.

04-01-2014, 10:51 PM
I'm still here just snowed under at work.

04-02-2014, 11:52 AM
Morning all. Happy Hump Day. :)

Annie – Good luck on your interview tomorrow!! Fingers :crossed: as well as legs, haha! So glad to hear Sissy's feeling better already and that baby R is a good baby. How’s big brother li’l J doing?? Yeh, Sassy is surely loving having his momma around so much. :love: Maybe in your job search you need to find a place with a “bring your dog to work” policy. :D I don’t do it much, but I don’t really mind waiting around to have work done on the car if I have something to keep me occupied - book, podcast, etc. Though I do have to say that some of those auto shop waiting areas are nasty. The place BF and I were waiting in the other night was dumpy and they had signs “pardon our construction – we’re remodeling”. We joked they probably just keep that sign up permanently, LOL. (Turns out they also had an architect rendering of the remodeled version titled "2014" on display, so I guess maybe they really are going to spiff the place up.)

Susie – I’m sure one of the 3fc administrators can close the thread if we can’t. I wouldn’t worry. If anyone stops by the old one, they can see it’s all done and where to go for the new one.

Shad – Hopefully we’ll get another non-Yank on the thread to balance things out a bit…Looked up Arrowtown NZ autumn photos – gorgeous!! What a lot of natural beauty NZ has!!

Terra – Great job on the walking. :bravo: Yeh, I have my annual physical on the 16th and would like to show my boss some continued weight loss progress.

Ceejay – Hope you aren’t literally snowed under at work, LOL!

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!!


I liked the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. It's a Wes Anderson-directed movie. He did “Moonrise Kingdom” and it was much like that – very fanciful in its settings and story, and it was just a funny, quirky movie. He also did “The Royal Tennenbaums”, which I also liked. I’m glad I went.

Car’s driving nicely with the new tires. Ho hum.

I forgot to do my challenges last night after the movie, so I’ll have to double up tonight.

Starting to monitor my blood pressure again in anticipation of my upcoming physical exam. This morning my bp reading was 106/70.

Nothing much else going on right now, so I’ll just stop rambling and get back to work.


04-02-2014, 01:31 PM
How to Close a Thread -
The only people who can close a thread are the site moderators and the person who started the thread in the first place. If that's you - scroll to the bottom of the page below where you can do the "quick entry post". At the bottom you'll see a section titled "Thread Tools and Posting Rules" on the left side. Across from that on the right side you'll see a section called MODERATION TOOLS. And it will say CLOSE THREAD. Click Go and it will close and lock the thread from any new posts. If you need to reopen the thread, you will have to contact a moderator. As Laura said - not so important to close the threads - the mods watch over that stuff. Some of us would close the thread in the beginning so that new people would not keep posting on the old threads. But we're all old hats at this now :D

Shad - I do feel bad that you lost a compadre in Pattience - someone who speaks your language for a change :lol: I got my Tasmanian Leatherwood honey yesterday. It is good and thick - not like our runny American stuff. I still don't have the developed palate to discern the different subtleties based on what the bees were eating. I'm like that with wine too - can't tell these "hints of peach or applewood or whatever they are talking about" it all tastes like wine to me :hat: I looked up Arrowtown too - VERY pretty area. I love the "tunnels" of trees with the colors. I can just hear the crunching of the leaves looking at those pictures. I think I love autumn the most of all the seasons.

Ceejay - sorry to hear you are inundated at work. What's going on that you are so busy now?

Annie - good luck with your interview tomorrow :crossed: Yes, it is VERY ANNOYING that salary is discussed when there is no effort for honest consideration. Companies want to find someone to work for the lowest possible amount (I know you might disagree Michelle but in today's world I think that is true). I would tell people when I was interviewing (on both sides of the table) that as the hiring manager I had a budget that I had to work with so their was a salary range and as an interviewee I needed to make an affordable wage so I would hope there was an acceptable amount for both of us. ;) I will send good wishes and all other sorts of happy dust your way tomorrow :hug: And that is very sweet of C to comfort you - that's what partners are all about - working together to make things happen, isn't it? He's a good guy but you already know that. Thank goodness R is a good baby - sure helps as things stabilize with Sissy and Lil Man. I am envious of your 65 degrees - I am dreaming of that day here :lol: We have the potential to get wolluped Thursday into Friday - 8 inches in a narrow band. I hope it avoids us :crossed: Today is sunny and it's 40 already - looks like a nice day ahead. Bears will be waking up soon if this keeps up.

Laura - glad you liked the movie - I will put it on the watch list. We have only been to Toyota dealers to get our cars worked on and I guess we are lucky that so far, they have all been ok waiting rooms - not real fancy but clean. Some even had water, juice and snacks or Wi-Fi. The important thing to us was to get things done quickly and efficiently and we were happy with that. Remains to be seen how the new Toyota place will work out. We were happy with the service in Duluth but bought the new car from a different dealership. They actually have the nicest waiting room of all - a big, open area overlooking Lake Superior - should be quite pretty when the lake is not frozen over :lol: Your blood pressure number is really good. I think it's a good incentive to stay clean for the next 3 weeks until your physical. Just keep that in mind when you are tempted to do otherwise ;) Sorry you had to put so much out on the car but welcome to spring in Chicago - time to get the car realigned from dodging potholes! Actually after this rough winter up here, our typically pretty good roads are looking in need of repair too. Winter's been hard on everyone.

Terra - if you walk 3 times a day you will probably guarantee a loss by the time you see your doctor. Keep it up!

Hi Susie and Michelle :wave:

Today I have the yoga class I really like this afternoon. I really REALLY have to focus on doing it at least twice a week on my own. I have good intentions and then I don't know where the day goes. Tomorrow will be quite a busy day starting early with physical therapy so I will have to give myself a ZQuill or Benadryl coma to get to sleep early as I will have to get up around 6am. I've been going to bed around 2ish and then the cats start a commotion in the bedroom which keeps me up until after 3am. Meadow is looking to spend more time with us - particulary DH and the little one Nina does not like sharing at all. Meadow is starting to stand her ground as if to say - I have a right to be here too - but occasionally Nina runs her off and then I go chasing her. :rolleyes: Anyway as spring moves in and we will have days to spend outside, I need to get to bed earlier to wake earlier anyway. :^:

Happy Humpday everyone.

04-02-2014, 02:30 PM
Hi. I didn't make it back last night--time got away from me.

We had beautiful weather in Ohio yesterday. It was 77 degrees! Today is cool and overcast, at least the morning was but I see a little blue sky out there now. Maybe the evening will improve.

DH and I took a stroll last night. It wasn't a walk, but a stroll. It was nice to just be outside and moving. DH asked if we could take a walk in the neighbor hood and I was so happy that he wanted to get out and move so I was ok with whatever pace we were going.

Things are coming along with cleanout in the room that will be converted to the fitness room. This conversion takes place on April 17 and 18. Also, I'm having the home office painted so I'm purging in there as well.

Terra--you are doing great! Keep it up; you will show a good loss when you go to the doctor.

Annie: Good luck on Thursday with the interview. Salary is such a hard thing to dicuss. When people ask me what pay range I'm looking for and its early in the interview process this is what I would say-- "For me salary is a combination of hourly wage and benefits. Without knowing the benefits and what they entail, such as how much are the montly preimums for insurance and the details of the coverage it is hard for me to put a number to it. I am sure that your company has a fair wage in mind for this poistion and the skills that it takes. Could you share with me some more details about what the whole compensation package would be".

Happy: I saw you asked about the composite decking. The composite decking that I am familar with is Timbertech. You can google them and see the product. Composite decking is more expensive than traditional but is much more low maintence. What other questions does your DH have that I could try to answer?

I'm going to have to come back to you all later. I was reading at lunch time and posting and I have ran out of time.

04-02-2014, 02:33 PM
Good morning ladies,

Had a relaxing evening yesterday. I had my book club meeting via telephone with my Wisconsin friends. Then I watched "The Voice". I really like that show much more than American Idol. After that, I watched a DVR recording of Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson. I really enjoyed the original Cosmos series with Carl Sagan, and I like this current version too. I like that Neil deGrasse Tyson can explain the science in a way that makes it relatable and easily understood without dumbing it down.

Tonight, I'll be going to the gym after work to ride the recumbent bike. Then I'll come home and do my PT exercises like I do every night. My shoulder is occasionally twingey but hopefully good enough so I can start the plank challenge.


Happy - Before Monday, I hadn't used an elliptical in a few years, as my former PT said that it might cause me to arch my back in a bad way. But I was able to keep my core engaged, so I didn't hurt anything. I can't believe you're still getting snow. I hope it didn't accumulate. Geez, 8" MORE SNOW possibly on the way. :faint: This most recent rain in the Bay Area brought a few inches of snow to the mountains that surround Silicon Valley (including Mt. Hamilton which is the one I drove up a couple weeks ago). I totally agree with you that companies want to find someone to work for the lowest amount. When I was looking most recently, I had a lot of companies looking to pay a salary lower than I would've accepted in they were WELL BELOW the market range here. Have fun at yoga. I need to get in the habit of doing the poses on my own too. For me, it takes nearly all my discipline to do my PT exercises daily. I hope PT goes well for you tomorrow.

Laura - What a very healthy lunch you had. Like you, I type out my posts in Word or Notepad before copying them into the website. What a PITA about the key card. I got a chuckle when you referred to March as going out like a lamb, but the lion isn't completely gone. I'm glad your bf was able to get a discount on the new tires thanks to the warranty. So glad you liked the movie. That's one I'd like to see. Wow, your bp was really good this morning.

Annie - Best of luck and success with the interview tomorrow!! I know you'll do great. And I'm crossing everything for you. When I was looking for work, one of the tips that sticks with me from the book "60 Seconds and You're Hired" is that typically whoever mentions a pay range first loses. Meaning, if a potential employer asks for your salary requirement try and be as vague as you can. What I used to say was, that I would consider the whole package (meaning salary + benefits, plus challenging/interesting work). Or I would say, I made xyz at my former employer (and I'd always round up) so I would ideally like something in that range; however, that might be negotiable depending upon the benefits. I'm so glad that Sam is doing better. So good that Royce is being a good baby. I hope when you do go back to work, Sassy doesn't express her feelings by leaving messes around.

Shad - I checked out Arrowtown NZ Autumn...absolutely gorgeous! Reminds me so much of autumn in New England (or Wisconsin for that matter). I also happened to watch an episode of Top Gear (the BBC program about all things cars), and two of the hosts had a competition to see if it's faster to sail or drive somewhere. This episode was a race from the northern tip of the Coromandel Peninsula to the northern tip of the North Island (220 miles by sea versus 410 miles by land). The person sailing was on the Oracle Team USA Americas Cup sailboat/catamaran, and the person driving was driving a Toyota hatchback. The person sailing won...but just barely, and the person driving had a much more pleasant drive. Anyway, I thought of you as they were showing how lovely New Zealand is, and I also remembered that The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies were filmed in NZ. I hope that the overactive 'droid was incorrect about the world falling in.

Terra - Good for you for getting all your walking in! Are you walking outdoors yet?

Ceejay - Sending you hugs. I hope your day gets better.

Hi Susie! :wave:

Much love to all,

04-02-2014, 03:13 PM
Happy, Susie & Laura ~ Thanks ladies for commenting on my walking, I've been working really hard at it

Michelle ~ Yeah I've been walking outside since Spring started

I havent walked today yet because Im not home right now but when I get home I'll be sure to walk twice if not three times today again

04-02-2014, 04:16 PM
Morning all,
Well the 'droid was just about right, but the biggest hurdle was that I landed up with his 'sky is falling problem' So it was a 12 hour day yesterday and looks like another today. Life goes on - just count me out till Saturday. If you don't hear from me, I probably in the same position as Ceejay.

Right better get back to it.

04-02-2014, 07:22 PM
Oh, so sorry to hear Shad is inundated just like Ceejay.

I just learned that a woman in my online writing/creativity group has created a photography blog called "Meet Sydney" ( as in Sydney Australia. She's just starting it, so she's focusing on the town where she lives which is a suburb of Sydney. I'm sure (or at least I hope) it will expand to include more interesting towns/villages and of course Sydney itself. I think it's pretty cute, so I'm sharing it with you. She created it as a birthday gift for a friend who is homebound.

04-02-2014, 07:53 PM finish the personals for today.

Ceejay and Shad: I know what what it is like to work those long hours...take care of yourself and I hope that you get a lot accomplished.

Michelle: I love using the recumbent bike at my work gym. I really want one in my fitness room before the end of the year.

Laura: Your blood pressure is great! It means you are doing something right...good for you!

Ladies: I haven't been focused at all this week with weightloss and I know it is going to show tomorrow. I have no idea why I can't stay focused. I did so well last week...and now this. I'll get it turned around.

I have been using the shakes a day here and a day there. They are good and I like that it is easy to change the flavor by adding fruit to them, or extract flavoring, or pudding mixes and jello mixes. I haven't gotten any of that stuff yet. I did use a banana one time and berries another time.

I will see you all tomorrow.

04-03-2014, 08:45 AM
Morning all,

Woke up last night in really bad pain. I switched beds but could not get comfortable. Before I knew it, the alarm was going off. Early start today as I have an early morning physical therapy appointment. I think I may skip the 2nd yoga class today if I'm not feeling better as that is a far more strenuous class. Then I have an all afternoon meeting with the Thrift shop so we'll see how that goes.

I am wondering if my super achy body is the result of the next bad storm that is due this afternoon. It's going to start snowing about the time the meeting starts and will get really heavy once it lets out. Supposed to snow heavy all night long - anywhere from 8 to possibly 15 inches if one is unlucky enough to be in the narrow band of intense snowfall. Oh brother, no one wants this!

Sorry no personals right now as I have to jump in the shower and get ready. Have a good day everyone.

04-03-2014, 11:41 AM
Morning all. Rainy morning. I guess that's very spring-like. Maybe we’ll get some green around here. I do have some flowers in the backyard flower beds starting to peek out.

Happy – Sorry you woke up in pain and are short on sleep today. :( I hope the PT goes well for you. Sorry you’ll miss your other yoga class. Our car dealer has a very nice waiting area, but no lake view, LOL. I could very easily see myself becoming a night owl in retirement and staying up late reading and watching tv, but those early AM appointments sure would be a bear! Ugh, sure hope you don’t get too much snow. Enough already!!

Susie – Glad the cleanout is going well. A stroll on a pleasant spring night sounds so nice. Glad you both enjoyed it. Re my BP, what I’m doing right is taking my bp med, LOL. I’m on the lowest dosage and would love to get off it someday. Even when I get to my goal weight, I don’t know if that’ll be possible, but we’ll see. PS - I like your new avatar!! :)

Michelle – You’re really keeping busy with your PT exercises, the PT class, the yoga class and the gym visits. Bravo to you! :bravo: I meant to get to one gym class during the week…hasn’t happened so far. Maybe tonight. I took a quick look at the link you posted – I’ll have to get back there, it looks like a fun tour through that town. What a nice gift for the creator’s friend!!

Hi to Terra, Ceejay & Annie!!

Shad – Happy Friday to you!
Nothing much to report. I tweaked my goals and got them into the proper format yesterday. Now to meet again about them this morning.

I have a lunchtime webinar today. The new boss is also doing this one, but I hope he doesn’t want us to participate together. I just feel like sitting at my desk today.

Tonight is up in the air. I really should go to a class at the gym, but other possibilities include making the pork tenderloin recipe I found yesterday while catching up on a Parade magazine from a couple weeks ago, and going w/ bf to test drive the car he thinks should be our next car. Since we plan to buy a "pre-driven" car hopefully from a private party, he doesn't want to waste a dealer's time on the weekend when we have no intention of buying from them.

That’s about it for me. TTFN!

04-03-2014, 12:46 PM
Laura ~ Hi to you also

Im about to walk for the first time today and then I walk again after dinner tonight.

04-03-2014, 01:11 PM
My company, friend left this morning to go back to her home. She collected some more payments. Not sure she will get all of them or not but she's trying. She may have to garnish some pay checks. She has a doctor's appointment in Memphis next week so she'll be staying with me again. She's no trouble.

Made reservations this morning for a show in Branson for May. My favorite television minister will be there. It will be my short week end so I'm taking off Sunday and Monday. Hopefully my niece will have delivered her baby too. She's due April 26. Oh and by the my step niece has a baby girl last week end.

Running one tank has really been stressful with all the air that got into the pipes. I don't remember that happening last year. But I do remember us having to watch the tank indicator/level instead of the monitors. My first mistake was to listen to the bosses. Will not do that next year. I'll do it my way. They told me wrong. I'm both mentally and physically exhausted from this. My lower back had been painful this past work week and had been taking Tylenol arthritis strength but that didn't phase it. I took a Mobic last night and it's a lot better. I got my exercise running up and down the stairs and out to the tank this week. 14,000 steps per day this week.

I'll come back later as I need to run some errands that I need to get done as we'll probably be under a tornado watch later this afternoon. It's already in western Arkansas.

04-03-2014, 01:28 PM
Good morning ladies,

Well, I didn't get to the gym yesterday as planned. My oil light came on, and since I needed an oil change anyway, I went to a Jiffy Lube and had them change the oil and check all the car's fluids.

Santa and I did go for a walk last night and I did my PT exercises, so at least I got a bit of activity.

This morning I woke up at 4:30. Not sure why. Then I couldn't fall back asleep. I finally got up at 6:00 and decided to go into work early. My boss said she had some Word docs that she needed transformed into marketing brochures/datasheets. She was just waiting to get them back from the copy editor. I knew she had a tight deadline, she wanted to get the brochures to the printer by 10 or 11 this morning. But when I got to work, she still hadn't received the copy editor's changes.

I'm planning to go to the gym after work. I really need to get and stay focused.


Susie - I'm having trouble focusing too. Thanks for the info on the shakes.

Happy - Sorry you're having so much pain. I noticed that my back pain got worse with the cold/damp weather we had here a couple days ago. I hope the PT session helps with the pain. Be careful driving in the snowstorm.

Laura - I'm with you on not being sure what I want to do. I should go to the gym, and there's a workshop on goal setting/achieving that I'd like to attend. We'll see.

Terra - Good for you for getting two walks in today. If my workload isn't too crazy today, maybe I can get a short walk in at lunch time.

Ceejay - I'm glad you're friend is no trouble. Is this the same friend who was annoying you or a different person? So nice that you're making plans for Branson! Definitely good to have something fun to look forward to. Wow you're really getting a lot of steps in. Sorry that work has been so stressful...and it's no wonder your lower back is hurting. I'm glad the Mobic is helping. Are you off work today? If so, I hope you get to relax a bit after your stressful week. And I hope the tornadoes don't get near you.

Annie - I've been sending you lots of good vibes and positive energy and prayers for your interview today.

:wave: to Shad!

Well, gotta get back to it.

Much love,

04-03-2014, 06:46 PM
This is the same friend. Think she learned her lesson from the last time. I'm not looking forward to the stormy season at all this year. We had some heavy lightening last night before I came home from work. I think the last lightning strike hit something. We heard something sizzle.

I can't believe that Wisconsin is getting more snow. I thought about you today when I saw the tulip tree in bloom. Have fun at Yoga.
And every thing is turning green. Some one mowed the front lawn last week but not the back. I may do that next week end.

It would be great to walk outside but the wind is really blowing to hard for me today. Today is going to be a rest day. Would you send me the information on the shakes. Thanks.

Good for you in getting your walks in.

Think we are all anxiously waiting news about the interview.

04-04-2014, 11:31 AM
Morning all. Happy Friday. :carrot:

Ceejay Ė Glad your friend has been a good houseguest this time around. Glad youíve got your plans started for May. It would be nice if your nieceís baby arrives before your visit, and then you can see two babies?? :bb: Sorry workís been so stressful for you lately!! :( I hope your back pain eases up. Thatís a lot of steps youíve been getting!! I hope you donít get any severe weather in your area.

Michelle ĖDid you get to the gym last night?? I didnít go. The 7 pm class was cardio kickboxing. When my core was really strong from taking Pilates and barre classes, I felt more confident doing that class, but now it seems like it might be too much for me. Thereís a Mat Pilates class at 8 pm, but Iíve never done late classes Ė by the time I get home and shower, it would be late. Excuses, excuses! Now why should an 8 pm class be a problem?? I go out to the movies and get home late from those sometimes, and at home afterwards, I stay up late trying to wind down. How would an 8 pm exercise class be any different?! The only real issue might be eating before classÖI could probably get away with eating something light as soon as I get home from work. I'll have to give that a try.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies! :wave:
Nothing much to report. I was supposed to have my mammo appointment tomorrow morning, but now thereís a conflict because bf needs the car to get to a funeral. Iíll have to reschedule.

I guess itís a good thing I already had planned to skip my Jazzercise class tomorrow morning because I wouldnít have been able to go to that either. The class was moved to a different location (just for tomorrow morningís class) in which I donít want to go. The location isnít much further away, but itís got a linoleum floor (probably concrete underneath), not wood, so that would be hard on the feet/joints.

Tomorrow afternoon Iím going to take the train out to my friend Dís place and stay overnight. Weíll probably share our cruise photos, but Iím not sure what else is on tap. And Iím not sure about which train Iíll get. Bf has the funeral and the luncheon afterwards, so I donít know when heíll get home. I suppose I could walk over to the train station instead of getting dropped off, but Iíll have an overnight bag and probably my laptop as well Ė no fun dragging all that for 5 blocks. This is when having one car between two people is no fun.

Okay, enough of my whining. Back to work. Everyone have a good weekend.

04-04-2014, 01:54 PM
Morning all,

Woke up to a foot of new snow this morning. We all were hoping it would pass us by but this storm was too big. It's still snowing and I think it will continue until mid afternoon. DH went out to feed the turkeys in the yard and said it was quite deep. Last night he counted 27 - yes 27 deer in the yard. That's a bit much, even for us. We have a momma and her 2 babies - one a year old the other a 2 year old. They are regulars and the one year old is the one who is least afraid of DH and actually follows him around. DH said it looks as if momma is getting thick in the middle which means she is pregnant. Guess we will be seeing some little spotted fawns again early this summer.

I went to physical therapy yesterday - he worked on my back and spine. My neck was bothering me too. I didn't feel well enough to hit up the Thursday yoga class (which is more intensive) so I skipped it for a nap as pain kept me up a good part of the night before. I then went to the Thrift shop meeting. They narrowed it down to 4 possibilities. One nice big place was ruled out as it was expensive with the rent and sort of off the beaten path with regards to main street traffic. One lady said that location was the "kiss of death" for 2 recent businesses - not enough retail in that location to get the foot traffic up that way from casual walkers. Another place looked nice but the building was up for sale - not cost effective to rebuilt (especially to a specific space) and then possibly have to spend more to relocate if the place gets sold. Another nice option was located outside of town near to the casino - again rejected as it's too far out of town. We all agreed that while we have some loyal regulars who come into the shop when they are in town, we rely on the casual tourists of summer for a bulk of our sales. Having a place you have to specifically drive to would just not bring in enough business. That leaves one place in town that has a couple of issues to be resolved. We took a vote and they are going to do more research. We also attempted to do an inventory of the thrift items for the insurance adjuster. 2 guys took pictures of the shop's interior and we worked in a panorama view of shots. I did the front desk with another guy from memory. It was really sad to see the pictures - there was tremendous damage - some of the shelves you could not even tell what was on them. Apparently there was fire in more than the ceiling as plastic items like the kitty litter scoops and food can lids and Frisbees melted. We had a big rack of hooded and crew neck logo sweatshirts - they can't sell them new but might be able to salvage them as thrift items. I don't know. I took a piece of paper - yes paper - in order to reproduce a form and that paper smelled so bad of smoke - reminded me of a smoked ham it was that strong. I'm not sure you can salvage anything from the store. People will have to get cracking if they want to reopen May 1 - whatever retail space we get will have to be cleaned up, probably painted for a fresh look and shelving will have to be ordered or built. The good news is that there is an army of people, all willing to help. They also had a wine/beer/cheese/sweets fundraiser on Sunday that was very successful.

I'm just glad we don't have to go out today. We're going to wait until the snow subsides before we start the big clean up. Last night I watched the movie Kramer vs Kramer with a very young Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman. Good movie - thinking about how much family dynamics have changed in today's society - it's interesting to remember when that movie came out how much of a villain Meryl was for the part she played in the movie.

Laura - an 8pm class? Even for a night owl like me, that would be kind of late. Maybe if it was hatha relaxing yoga but then you run the risk of falling asleep on the mat at the relaxation point at the end :lol: When I would get home from work, I'd start to unwind and then I'd have to fight myself to drag myself to the gym at that time. And Pilates is a rather strenuous class too - you would not want to eat a substantial meal and then tighten everything up for "the 100" ;) So I don't know - depends on how much gumption you have. I wouldn't do anything later than 7 but that's just me. As for eating, I guess on class days you could have a bigger lunch (and risk the 2 o'clock pasta coma :yawn: ) and then have a Lean Cuisine type meal or wrap at 6pm which would give you enough time to digest before your 8pm class. Certainly easier to do as we approach the warmer months. Sounds like you could also use one of those wheelie type bags to stow your laptop and overnight belongings for your walk to the train station. That's where having a tablet computer would come in handy!

Ceejay - what's a lawn??? :?: :lol3: I see you got some weather yourself yesterday. Must be spring, pollen in the air, tornadoes in the forecast :yikes: Glad you were able to come to an agreement with your friend who is staying with you. Much easier that way, isn't it? Glad the Mobic is helping - I took that for a while - it really helped a lot with relieving the pain - much better than over the counter stuff.

Michelle - was probably a good thing you got to work early. Did you get the brochures converted? I know what you mean about motivation and focus - not sure what the hang up is (other than 12 inches of fresh snow) - but I agree with you. We just have to pull together and get it done. I'm trying to eat more mindfully also - get this weight off if we have to beat if off :lol: I hope you can make it to the gym. Nice that you were able to finally spend some time with D. Thank you for the link to your friend's blog. Very interesting...

Hi Shad buried under her work - hope by now it's the weekend and you are able to escape for a bit and not have to work extra overtime. :(

Hi Annie - how did the interview go?

:wave: Terra

Susie - I find that sometimes when there is too much going on in life, it's easy to drift and flit from thing to thing. You have a VERY busy life and demanding work schedule - so you will probably have to work extra hard to keep your focus. As for the shakes, while they do sound like a good idea and heaven knows they are convienient - sometimes you just don't feel like having a shake as a meal. I guess it takes a lot of discipline. It is nice that you can switch things up and change flavors and such. I guess make a commitment for 3 days a week to start -go slow and build up momentum. Whatever you do, don't get down on yourself as that does no good. Just tell yourself - time to get back on track again. I find that as the day goes by, I will ask myself - is this the best decision I can make for the moment? Sometimes I change my mind, sometimes I just agree that yes, for the moment I'm going to skip yoga class and not chastise myself for it. ;) As for the composite decking - I'm sort of wondering what are the cons about it - I generally like to know the bad stuff when I make a decision - the good stuff is obvious but often times it's the bad stuff that one never knew about or considered that made the difference between happy and sorry I made a bad decision.

It looks like we are going to get weather in the 50's next week. I am really nervous about the basement once this snow starts melting in earnest so one of the things I am going to focus on this weekend is cleaning up my hobby room as well as the storage shelving and pantry in the utility room just so that I have as much as possible off the floor. Just in case...

And with that I'm off to get some lunch and get busy. Have a good weekend all - it's snowing harder than it was this morning :( :shocksn:

04-04-2014, 02:26 PM
Happy Friday!!

I didn't get to the gym yesterday...but I did my PT exercises. By the time I left work, my back muscles were in spasm, though I'm not sure why, unless it was due to a stressful day at work. I spent the morning rushing to get two brochures created so they could go to the printer. They were based on existing brochures, but we didn't get the content from the copywriter/editor until the last minute (of course). My boss was pleased that I got my part done so quickly and she was able to get them to the printer on time.

Last night, I did my stretches and core exercises which helped my back loosen up. Tonight is the poker game and it's my turn to purchase the snacks, so that's what I'll be doing after work.

So tomorrow's plans are up in the air. I'm supposed to go whale watching with some friends, but with the storm front that moved in last night and this morning, that may mean for rough seas tomorrow. The whale watching charter boat company sent out an email that if the conditions are deemed to be unsafe, the whale watching trip will be cancelled. I hope it's not cancelled...I'm really looking forward to it. But if the seas are really rough, I'd rather postpone. Keeping my fingers crossed :crossed: for calm seas and good weather.

Sunday I'm meeting up with some friends at a dog park in the morning, and then doing a yoga class in the afternoon.


Ceejay - So nice that you're friend is being a better houseguest this time around. I heard about all the severe weather the south was getting. Stay safe. A tulip tree? I've never heard of that, so I had to Google it. So lovely! Is your back doing better?

Susie - In case I didn't thank you before, thanks for the shake info. I'm going to look at it this weekend, specifically to see how many carbs per serving.

Laura - I'm with you when it comes to late classes. I don't even like 7 pm classes (I prefer classes that start at 6:30 or earlier). When there's not a class I like at a convenient time for me, I sometimes go just to ride the bike. Eating something like would be a good idea before a late class, and then maybe eating a healthy snack after, some kind of fruit or veg and some protein. So sad that your bf has to go to a funeral tomorrow. I hope you're able to get a convenient time for the mammo. I know what you mean about the different between linoleum/concrete flooring versus wood. Is the Jazzercise class high impact, or mostly low impact moves? Getting together with your friend D sounds like a great time! In my household (D's house) we have 3 cars for 3 people, which is great, except when it comes to parking. Our driveway is 1 car wide. And since I tend to get home earliest (and also have to leave the earliest), we're always moving cars around. And since we're near a university, on-street parking is difficult to find, so my roommates and I park on the street when we can. Last night, my roommate still wasn't home by 10 pm, and I wanted to go to sleep. I didn't want to get blocked in the driveway, but didn't want to be woken up to rearrange cars. Luckily, there was a spot on the street, so I moved my car there.

Happy - A foot of new snow?! :yikes: Ugh! And it's still coming down? Yuck! I definitely picked the right year to move back to CA. 27 deer in the yard?! They're so beautiful! Were you or your DH able to get photos? I'm glad that PT is helping, and I'll bet the nap did you a lot of good. Bummer that so the majority of the available locations for the thrift store aren't ideal. It's amazing how much damage fire can do. Years ago, I helped a friend try and salvage and clean items from her apartment after there was a fire a different apartment. She didn't have any burned items, just melted candles and everything covered in soot. It's good you have a whole lot of people ready and willing to help. Oooh, I'd forgotten about the Pilates "100"; made my abs hurt just thinking about it. :rofl: Good for you for cleaning out your hobby room and the shelves/pantry. Two really good projects! I hope you don't have any problems in the basement once the snow melts. :crossed:

Shad - I hope you're able to get a little bit of relaxing in for the weekend.

Annie - Sending you lots of love, sista. I hope you're and your family are doing well and that your interview went well. :hug:

My project for the day is to figure out the video webinars we need to have on the site aren't appearing on the page when I put the code in place, yet I can put other video URL code in the same location and it plays just fine. :tantrum:

That's today's blood pressure raising frustration. :lol3:

Much love to all,

04-05-2014, 08:21 PM
Hi all,

Quick check in for me. I spent the entire day (about 8 hours longer than I thought it would take) pricing out the inventory from the thrift shop fire. Boy was that an ordeal. Sad also to see the pictures of the burned and ruined interior. DH has been working hard all day long (and not done yet) to get our battery back up sump pump installed as the big melt is about to happen. They are warning people to take precautions against flooded basements. I was just about to shut the computer down and get a late supper started. Figured I'd pop in and say hello. :wave:

04-05-2014, 11:21 PM
Just a brief one for me. It's been a long day. I did take a much needed 2 hour nap this afternoon. Lunch with my uncles was good. Still haven't heard back from my sister, but she has a busy schedule. My uncle who had knee surgery was there today. He was using a cane, but doing very good. Thought he would have been on a walker. I was impressed with his cane. Some one of his friends made one in the shape of a hand saw.
Not much else is going on.

04-06-2014, 04:31 AM
Morning all,
Was not feeling at all well yesterday, so apart from a couple of chores spent most of the day on the couch. It's my own fault. I have not been eating enough veges and fibre and it eventually catches up. Also not enough water being drunk or any fluid being drunk for that matter. Have to do better otherwise the plumbing gets sluggish and blocks - sorry if that is TMI. I really need to do better. Might have to get Susie to wield the virtual cattle prod and get me back on track with MFP. As a consequence I ate little yesterday - that won't do any harm, but exercise was lacking and to a minimum.
I'm a bit more with it today, but as I have visitors for dinner tonight I figured that I better get on with life again. Think I might need to have some vegetarian days as well as fish, chicken or meat.

Well I seem not to have posted this and it is getting late, time for bed. So I will be back (from work again) tomorrow

04-06-2014, 10:04 AM
Morning all. At my friend's house where I stayed overnight.

Yesterday I lazed around most of the morning, reading & watching a couple of mad men episodes on netflix. Also started a load of laundry & the dishwasher.

Walked doggy & threw some things in a bag & bf got home in time to drop me at the train.

D, her sis & I just hung out , went out for a pizza dinner (malnati's) & hung out some more.

Relaxing w coffee/tea right now talking about vacations.

Supposed to be nice weather today. We'll see if I feel like raking more leaves when I get home...

04-06-2014, 03:28 PM
Hello Ladies.....

Sorry to keep you all hanging as far as the interview. It went very well and I feel very positive about it. There are a total of 8 candidates. It will be narrowed down to 2 by the end of next week then another round of interviewing before the final decision is made. I am on the fence if I really want it or not. This is a very intense, deadline (a lot) driven position and frankly I don't know if I want to use up all my energy on that type of position. C says to take my time and find the job I really want. We will see. I do feel like a big bump on a log. Going into week 4, enough already.

C is taking his usual Sunday afternoon nap. If we have things planned, he doesn't take a nap, but if we are just hangin around the house, he tends to get a nap in. I cannot sleep during the day, heck I can't sleep much ever. lol

LAURA...I have lounged around all I want for a while. But it does sound like fun visiting with friends. Kudos to you for keeping up on your exercising.

CEEG..glad you had some company that you enjoyed for a change. Bout time.

SHADDIE....hope you are feeling better by now.

HAPPY...sorry your sleep was uncomfortable. Mostly why I watch Golden Girls all night

CHELLE..thanks for the good vibes. Saw on FB that the whale watching trip went great. It sounds very relaxing and interesting. Hope you back is better. I think I will get that book for interviewing.

SUSIE...great advice on the compensation portion of the interview. Thanks

Hi TERRA how's the walking coming along? I need to get my bunz in gear and do some walking also. We are supposed to have nice weather starting around Thursday this week, good time to start.

Bout does it for me, think I will get my bird feeders out.


04-06-2014, 06:29 PM
Morning all,
Foggy day in old Wellington this morning. We are due for a royal visit (from Prince William and Kate and baby George). This is known as royal weather. Everywhere the Queen goes, the rain comes. She could have made a fortune in Umbrella fashion after all these years on the throne (so to speak).
Anyway due to the weather, half of the work force who went home for the weekend will not arrive until it lifts.

Feeling much better today as I took steps to 'remove' the problem over the weekend and consequently have a much brighter outlook on life.

Dinner last night was good. We had a fish pie (uggghhh I can hear some of you say) but it really was quite nice - not quite seasoned enough but that's probably because I don't put salt in a lot of things. The baby is growing like a weed and the DNIL was grumpy since he had to work all weekend. Dniece was grumpy because she got left at home holding the baby with no car so couldn't go anywhere, which is why I invited her into town and she came in on the train. She had made a feijoa cake. Now you might have to look up feijoa to see what it is. So that became desert with some cream and extra feijoas.

Daylight saving time finished Saturday night and I forgot to put the clocks back. So I ended up down at the markets in the half light at 6.15 instead of 7.15 - silly me. Which reminds me, I need to go to the breadshop today to get some more bread. It wasn't even open on Sunday morning and they are usually open early.

Happy - hope you are not buried under all that snow. It must be a pain in the neck by now. The yard is overrun by deer? Better than bears I suppose. Hope the thaw is starting soon.

Michelle - the problem will be simple in the end. Why didn't I think of that before - smacks head - moves code around type of simple. I have had similar sort of things with hyperlinking in the past. Grrrrr.

Laura - glad to hear you are having a good weekend with the friends. Always good to have time away from the mundane household stuff.

Ceejay - nice to have lunch with the family once in a while. Glad to hear that the Uncle with the knee surgery is doing well.

Annie - Bird feeders??? are you declaring winter closed??? Has Spring struck at your place????

Hope all the others are doing okay with the walking, challenges and exercises. I'm up to day six of the push-up challenge (2nd time around) and day 6 of the ABS challenge although I am only doing the crunches and leg raises. The rest is too much for one round. I will do them maybe next time - although the plank and the push-ups are similar in content. The biceps are getting stronger, wish I could say the same for the triceps and the abdomen.
Anyway, better get off here and go do some work. It's check out day on the latest documentation. Bah humbug. Lots of work to do.

04-06-2014, 07:09 PM
Michelle ~ Thanks for commenting on my walking. I hope you were able to go on your short walk on your lunch break

Ceejay ~ Thanks for commenting on my walking.

Happy ~ H-~I~ back Happy

Annie ~ My walking is coming along well. Im glad to hear that the weather is going to be nice on Thursday so you'll be able to get out and do some walking outside.

I havent walked today but I walked around the mall for 3 hours with Scott yesterday so I think that makes up for not walking today but I'll be sure to walk again tomorrow.

04-06-2014, 08:21 PM
My sister called today and we verified my plans to come May 1-4. She wants me to come up on May 1 and she will take off on May 2 and go to the show with us. And then spend time together on Saturday and Sunday.
Got two small cabinets clean out and reorganized.

That's the kind of week end I would like to have.

Not much else going on. Have to get ready for work tomorrow.

04-06-2014, 08:39 PM
Hello Everyone--sorry I have been MIA. I would log in and read and think I had a minute to post and then I would run out of time.

The weekend has flown by quickly. I got my hair cut and colored yesterday and then we went to a wedding for a friend of mine whose son got married. It was a very nice wedding. He is a Marine so a lot of military influx but it was beautiful and those men look so handsome in uniform!

I did have a gain at TOPS on Thursday but I'm already working hard to get that off this week. We also started at 12 week challenge and a fund raiser with it where we asked people to sponsor us.

For the next 12 weeks we are focusing on losing every week..doesn't have to be a certain number but a loss. We all need to become more consistent with it. Most people are pledging me $1 a week for a loss. I do have some at $2.00 a week and one with $5.00. I told them that I would be accountable to them each week and let them know my progress. With my pledges there is a potential that I could make almost $200 for my chapter. We are trying to build up our treasury this year so that next year if we have Division Winners and they want to go to IRD we can help with the cost.

Today I had a lot to do around the house and I just felt overwhelmed so I decided to stay home from church and just work on getting things cleaned and in order. DH went to the grocery and we are now finished and in for the night and plan to watch some episodes of Nashville and Revenge that we have DVRd.

Happy: Has all that new snow started to melt? I hope you don't have any issues with your basement but I think it is a really good idea to get what you can off the floor.

As for the composite issues, it really could vary by brand, but some of the issues that I know that seem to be common is making sure that it is installed correctly. One of the boards that we offered was an interlocking system and we clearly stated that it had to have one side open and so much clearance of the ground so that air flow was there. People would ignore that.

The other is was that it does need to be cleaned every once in awhile or it can have mildew spots on it. Usually a good idea to clean it after the trees pollenate and get that off the deck even if you can't see it. People would see that mildew spots and freak out thinking it was mold. They seemed to not understand that the product is a composite and does has wood in it so, yes you do need to clean it. It is easier to clean it than cleaning a traditional deck and once a year is usually all it needs unless you are dropping food and things on the deck. I can't tell you how many people would say to me, this is no maintenance and I would say, it says low maintenance and it doesn't way you never need to clean it. Your kitchen floor is also low maintenance but you do clean it sometimes right? or even your car? I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Shad: A royal visit! Will you get to see them at all? Yeah for you for doing a push up challenge and an ab challenge. I am doing a push up challenge--a little different than the one Laura had. This time I'm doing them on the wall and next time I will go to the floor. Trying to build up my upper body strength. There is nothing wrong in modifying for your fitness level. We all have to start somewhere!

I have been amiss on MFP as well, but starting tomorrow I'm back to logging. Please join me! I'll be looking for you there.

Annie: Fingers crossed for the interview. I would love to see you get an offer--I know it would help you feel better about things. Did you get your bird feeders out?

Ceejay: I love naps! and I see you do too. That is good news about your Uncle's knee surgery.

Laura: I loved your lazy Saturday. Mad Men is one of my favorite shows and I can't wait for it to come back on. DH keeps track of when that is.

Terra: Walking around the mall for 3 hours counts as walking! ;) You are doing GREAT with keeping your walking going.

Michelle: What did you end up doing this weekend?

04-07-2014, 12:20 AM
Susie ~ Im glad walking around the mall for 3 hours counts as walking. Thanks for commenting on my walking.

04-07-2014, 12:45 PM
Hi Ladies -

Sorry I didn't post over the weekend. My weekend was super busy and so fun! I played poker with my friends until around midnight on Friday. Didn't fall asleep until nearly 2. Got up at 6 am to meet up with some friends to go whale watching, which was AMAZING! We saw two groups of whales, lots of dolphins, sea lions and otters too! Got home Saturday and watched a bit of a Wayne Dyer program that I'd recorded from about a month ago, then fell asleep.

Sunday I met up with some friends at the dog park, and then dropped Santa at day care for a couple hours while I went to yoga. My back was bothering me from trying to stay balanced on the boat while it was rocking and rolling in the surf.

Today is physical therapy and I'm hoping that in a week or two I'll be able to graduate to the more advanced class. :crossed:

My shoulder is still bothering me a bit, so no plank or pushup challenge for me yet.

I've got lots of work to get done, but I'll try and check in later.

Much love to all,

04-07-2014, 12:49 PM
Morning all. Happy Monday!!

Happy Ė Wow, you got a lot of snow!! I hope the temps are getting milder and a (gradual) meltdown is happening in your area. Did dh get the back-up sump pump installed? Good thinking to get stuff off the floors just in case. My gosh thatís a lot of deer! Poor things are probably hurting (and hunting) for food. Good of you and your hub to provide some. :yes: Re the shop Ė what a shame about the damage to the building and inventory. I hope that a nice in-town location is found to help with the success of re-starting the shop. How long had the shop been open, and was it always in the same location? I did end up using my wheelie backpack when I went out to Dís. But I didnít end up using the laptop at all Ė I had all my photos on cdís, and some on my phone. And we never did get to the point of exchanging photos Ėwe just looked at them.

Michelle Ė Iím glad you got the brochures ready for printing, but too bad about your back spasms. You must have felt better - your weekend sounded wonderful. Saw on FB you got to do your whale watching expedition Ė sounded amazing. We did one in Hawaii and it was very nice, but I donítí think it was all that long, and surely didn't experience nearly as much activity as you. How long was the trip?? Also saw you got in the dog park and yoga class yesterday Ė great job! Re Jazzercise, it can be high or low impact, however you want. I find the moves easily modifiable. If you go low impact, you can use your arms more to keep the cardio intense.

Ceejay Ė Nice you got in a nap. Itís good you can see your family regularly. Even if itís not next door, you can get there somewhat frequently. Good to hear your uncleís recovery is going well. Yay that your plans have been firmed up with your sis. Sounds like itíll be nice visit!!

Shad Ė Glad youíre feeling better now. Sounds like a nice time w/ the niece/NIL. I looked up feijoa Ė guava pineapple. Sounds tasty. I see thereís already a controversy with the royal visit Ė the type of baby car seat they chose, lol. Speaking of little George Ė pretty cute little guy. So do you give a fig whether NZ remains a monarchy or becomes a republic??

Annie Ė Glad the interview went well. Sounds like the hiring process will go on for a bit longer. Good luck to you, if you want the challenge this job seems to present!! I know youíre jittery about being out of work this long Ė not many workers take more than 2 or 3 solid weeks off work at a stretch outside of unemployment/illness/retirement so it much be an odd feeling of being at loose ends. I've had a job since age 14 and I'm pretty certain I've never had more than 3 weeks off, voluntarily or not!! Anyway, I agree with C - try to be patient and wait for the right position for YOU to come along. I thought birdfeeders go out during the winter when food is scarce and go away once spring comes and natural food sources are once again more plentiful. Huh. My neighbors have birdfeeders. Iíll have to pay attention when I get home tonight to see if theyíve emptied theirís for the season yet.

Terra Ė Three hours at the mall!!! I canít recall the last time Iíve spent any time to speak of in a mall or on a focused shopping trip. (I'm not fond of shopping.) Did you spot anything you wanted to buy Ė and did you buy anything?

Susie Ė Iím glad you enjoyed the wedding. All it takes is one big thing Ė a social event, project, outing, etc Ė to eat up a big chunk of the weekend and then it feels like itís gone by in a blink of the eye. Good luck with your TOPS fundraising. I missed my ww meeting last week due to a meeting conflict at work, but I plan to go to tomorrowís meeting. My weight is up on my home scale and Iím not happy about that at all. I canít stand that all I want lately is junk and to not have to control and monitor everything I eat. Iím just not in a good place right now as far as this is concerned. In one blog I read, the writer said she was just striving to at least ďbe thereĒ in April. For her that meant at least trying, doing little things like parking further away, watching portions, taking the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator, etc. My little thing today is when I eat my snacks, Iíll eat the fruit before the other items.

My weekend was pleasant but not very productive. Oh well. What else is new, LOL.

My visit with my friend D was nice. Her sister lives with her and right before D & I left Sunday to drop me at the train, the two sisters got into an argument about the dayís plans. They are really close, which is wonderful, but it can also have its problems Ė too much togetherness in this case.

Back at home, I took doggy for a walk, then bf and I went to lunch. Shrimp and wings at Hooters. Usually I get the fish sandwich, but not yesterday. Iíve now fulfilled my annual Hooters obligation, lol. I donít hate the place, but itís always loud and with the servers wearing those ridiculous uniforms, itís just not my kind of place. What I find really funny is that the one we went to always has a lot of families with young kids in there. Bf said itís a great place for them Ė very casual and noisy. They canít really disturb anyone, LOL.

After lunch, bf hijacked me over to a car dealership to look at the next car he thinks we should buy. Dealerships are closed here on Sundays, so itís a good time to just look at whatís on the lot without interruption. In this case, itís the Ford Edge SUV we were looking at. I asked bf why he isnít interested in the Ford Escape, a smaller SUV. He thinks itís too small. Huh. I guess since I donít drive all that much, Iím sort of indifferent to what we get as long as it has a sunroof , heated seats and enough engine power. Oh, and a backup camera would be nice too. Obviously I donít want it to be one big money suck.

I suppose I should be concerned about how I like driving it. The last big vehicle we owned was a minivan. I don't recall too much trouble maneuvering it, but it's been a while since I drove a large vehicle. I believe we'll try to do a test drive sometime this week.

I'm caught up on my challenges. I missed Saturday, so I did a double challenge yesterday. I'm happy to say I can do more standard pushups - one day last week, I managed to eke out 8 of them with bf's encouragement. The last few days of the plank have been 90 seconds in length and today is 120 - which is the longest length I've done (when I did the ab challenge). From here forward it's really going to be tough going. Wish me luck.

Nothing much else to report. Going to post this before yet another interruption. TTFN!

04-07-2014, 01:15 PM
Hi Everyone, I am gloomy today. I think it is the weather. I was contemplatng skipping my lunch time workout..but I really didn't want to..I NEED to get into this habit again.

So I came here to get some motivation. Laura: Your post was helpful. I don't want to go , but I'm going to go, because I don't want to gain any more weight. I'm tired....all the time and it is because I am so overweight. And only I can change that. So I'm off to the gym. Will do the bike today...30 min.

Be back later.....

04-07-2014, 01:21 PM
Another quick post just to share that I haven't been this happy in a long time. My relationship with D is going great...and as much as I wish our schedules allowed us to spend more time together, it's actually nice because I can use the times when he's working or out of town to really focus on what I need and want to do (exercising, writing, workshops, etc.).

To answer Laura's question, the whale watching tour was 4 hours.

04-07-2014, 07:02 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

I'm going to try and catch up on personals. D called me awhile ago and said that our TV, Internet and house phone were all out (he called me using his cell phone). So I contacted Comcast since the account is in my name...and I got instructions on how to reset the modem. I walked D through that and then he still couldn't connect to the internet. So, me being the techie, I walked him through that too. It was nice to be able to do something nice for him for a change after all the wonderful things he does for me and Santa. :D :love:

Happy - Wow, that really sounds like a sad task to price out the inventory that was lost. :-( Is the big melt happening and is your basement staying dry?

Ceejay - Glad to hear your uncle is doing well after his knee surgery. So nice that in less than a month you'll get to see your sister! I plan to get to Southern CA in August to see my family down there.

Shad - I hope you're feeling better than you were over the weekend and not having any more internal plumbing issues. That must be some serious rain if it's keeping folks at home.

Laura - Sounds like you had a nice relaxing time with your friend. As for going to yoga class yesterday...I almost didn't. D was getting back into town and getting together with a friend who was just in town for a day or two. D asked if I wanted to go. I really wanted to..but it would've meant missing yoga. And my back was bothering me from the rocking and rolling boat ride, so I really felt like I had to go to yoga. I'm glad I did. I felt much better afterwards, and D totally understood. I'm at the point too where all I want is junk. I just feel compelled to eat sweets. And then I feel bad afterwards because it's certainly not helping my diabetes. I've commmitted myself to eating fruit or yogurt whenever I feel the need for something sweet...and to REALLY limit my carbs. How fun that you and bf are going car shopping. The Edge SUV is nice. I've been thinking about my next car as well, even though the purchase won't happen for several months. I'd like to get either a Toyota Prius or a Toyota Rav 4...but after comparing the costs and how much my car insurance will go up, I'll probably end up with either a Corolla or a Yaris. I've had great luck with my current car which is a 1999 Toyota Corolla that I bought brand new. It's got nearly 200K miles and is still going strong. Good for you for doing standard pushups!! That's wonderful! I asked my PT if we are going to start doing planks, and they said that's in the advanced class. Then they were surprised to learn that I preferred planks on my toes rather than on my knees because I find it harder to have correct back form when I do planks on my butt always sticks up. :rofl:

Annie - I'm glad to hear the interview went well. Even if you don't want a particular job or don't get a particular job, interviewing (even phone interviews) is great practice. After the interview, try and replay the interview in your head and figure out how you might answer a particular question better next time it comes up. As for feeling like a bump on a know you're needed the time to help Sissy through stuff. The right job will come along soon, the thing you have to remember is that things happen according to His plan. Keep the faith, sista. The whale watching trip was wonderful, even if I did get a little queasy with seasickness and had to stay seated and focus on the horizon for about 1/2 hour. The book 60 Seconds and You're Hired is FABULOUS!! I especially liked the audio book and would listen to it in my car on the way to interviews.

Susie - What a great idea to have the extra incentive of people pledging for you to to lose each week! You're absolutely right about there being nothing wrong with modifying exercises. My physical therapists and yoga instructor are focusing on how the moves we want to do can be modified so that we get stronger with less chance for injury. I logged on MFP today, and plan to stick with it for the week. Sorry to hear you're gloomy. I hope you find something to brighten your mood. :hug: You and Laura are definitely motivating me to get more exercise in. Thank you!

Now I'd better get back to it.

Much love to all,

04-07-2014, 07:21 PM
Caught up with the week's paper work. Mr. know it all has been busy today. And I told myself if he's going to be around in my way he's doing part of the work. Think the bosses have caught him on camera. He's mentioned the fact that some one must have told on him.
Called the land lord this morning about a couple of other issues, one the running faucet outside and the toilet was running when I got home yesterday. I told them I couldn't cut off the water supply to the toilet. I couldn't turn it. Hopefully things will be fixed when I get home. The other two things were mentioned when I paid my rent.

Are you a TOP'S leader?

Wow that's a lot of deer in the yard. And I do believe that spread the word.

I can see from your posts that you are very happy, and more involved. That's what life is about.

Terra and Annie :wave:

04-07-2014, 11:58 PM
Laura ~ I bought an A Nightmare On Elm St. Metal Sign, Im a huge Nightmare On Elm St. fan, A fan of the original movies.

04-08-2014, 09:58 AM
Good Morning...

Will be a busy day. So IN unemployment has loaded 3 weeks of unemployment on my "debit card" that they issue. HOWEVER I have not received the said debit card. Today will be tromping off to the unemployment line to see about said debit card. Would be nice to have it and pay some bills. Not in trouble yet with bills but would like to at least have the debit card.

I have another interview on Thursday with another company. American Life Ins. Not sure how I feel about working for another insurance company but at least going to interview and see what it is about. Benefits Coordinator. They searched me out with my resume being posted on Career Builders.

A couple of friends of mine had their babies in the past couple of days. Both named Paisley Rose the other Celaire Olivia. Sometimes I wonder where these names come from or how they dream them up. Oh well to each their own. lol.

CHELLE...why do they ask, What task did you not like about your last job. In my mind I think, working period. haha. I really couldn't answer that one right off the top of my head, I just said that any negative attitudes in the office were really not acceptable in my mind. What a boof I am. are you feeling? Still working the Thrift Store? I don't see how you can with hip and feet pain...Poor kiddo. How are the lil meows doing?

LAURA...You are one busy person. I think when you do not have kids life is more free to do the things you want to do. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't live without my kiddos and grand kiddos, but sometimes....

SUSIE...ahhhh, color and cut, nice. That always makes me feel glamorous. Sissy colors then I go to my cutter a couple of days later. Sis could cut my hair, but I like how this lady does my hair and has cut my hair since before Sissy ever had her license.

CEEG...wonderful a 4 day vacay with sis and going to Branson. Jealous. I called BF in St. Louis about a visit but she said her mom is their for two more weeks. Don't want to interfere with their visit. Maybe in May I will go.

SHADDIE....hope they are not working you to hard and that you are feeling much better by now. You might need some R&R to get your health and strength back, my sister.

TERRA...yes, walking is the best exercise and looking forward to better weather. Good for you on walking.

Could everyone please PM me your birthdays, I kind of know the months but not the days. It was on my calendar at work and seem to not have that info now.

Have a great Tuesday all....


04-08-2014, 12:05 PM
Morning all.

Susie – I understand feeling gloomy. The weather can do that – cloudy, overcast days make me feel crummy. Sunny days really lift my spirits. :sunny: Did you do your lunchtime workout?? I keep meaning to make use of the building’s fitness center before they close it for renovation & conversion to a fully-staffed facility. I guess I’m slacking on that because I’m not sure what I would do in there if I don’t do a cardio machine. Guess I just have to go and figure it out.

Michelle – I’m so glad you’re feeling so happy these days!! :) It’s great that you have a lot of your own free time. Nice you were able to put your tech expertise to help to get the tv/internet/phone back up and running. Good for you committing to fruit/yogurt when you want something sweet. I’ll have to try harder replacing the junk with more natural snacks. The sweets and salty snacks are not only calorie dense, but processed with a bunch of chemicals. Not a great thing to do to our bodies. I’m not sure I consider car shopping fun…cars can really be expensive and a lot of trouble. If money were no object, it would be a whole ‘nother matter, lol. I’d probably just lease a car for three years, turn it in and get another one and always have a new car with no/few maintenance issues. Sure, I say that, but honestly, to pay all that money and not have anything at the end of a lease – that would not sit well with me. I prefer the idea of keeping a car as long as possible (i.e., until it starts to cost a lot in repairs/maint.) Anyway, I’m impressed that your Corolla is still going strong at 200k miles. Our current car is a 9-year old Acura and bf thinks we put a lot of money into maintenance/repairs and would like to go with a domestic model this time. I’m willing to do that. Good of you to remind me of the impact of a different car on insurance rates. Once we narrow down options, I will be checking on the insurance. Do you do your planks on your forearms or in pushup position?

Ceejay – It’s a relief to get the monthly paperwork done. I just submitted my input for our March department report yesterday. Hope the landlord fixes the problems. I sure hope he fixes the water supply shutoff valve – scary to think you couldn’t turn it off if you really needed to!! :yikes:

Terra – So are you a fan of horror films in general or just Nightmare on Elm St?? :fr:

Annie – Hope you straighten out the debit card issue today. Good luck with your next interview! Even if it’s not something you think you might be interested in, you never know once you learn more about it. Or you’ll just get more skilled with interviewing – learning how to best answer all the questions they throw at you. BTW, I like your response – it’s not tasks I don’t like, it’s a negative environment. Good answer girl. As for the baby names…I like the middle names more than the first ones. Though I do like a good paisley pattern on fabric, LOL. :D

Hellos to Happy, Shad & Susie. :)
Did a whole lot of nothing after work. I did my 2 min. plank challenge. Happily, it was a rest day for the pushup challenge. I’m glad to be walking more and more for my work commute (vs. getting rides to/from the train). Soon I’ll be riding my bike instead – whoo! :bike2:

Scale at home was down a couple pounds this morning. Not surprised – felt like I’d retained a lot of water the past several days and it finally decided it wanted out, LOL. Still, I anticipate a gain at WW today due to all my poor eating choices lately. I wonder if the WW leaders ask themselves why some members even bother...

Okay, tonight’s gym class is Body Works Plus Abs. (There’s no movie night this week.) I should plan to get to the class, and then there’s some leftover shredded chicken/black bean taco filling for some soft tacos that I can heat up for dinner afterwards.

Okay, better make myself useful. Cheers!

Oh, here's a photo of a bloom (the only bloom so far) in our backyard that I discovered on Sunday after walking the dog. I think it's a snowdrop?? Seems like every year something I've never seen before pops up. (

04-08-2014, 01:04 PM
Good morning ladies,

It was so hot last night that I didn't sleep well. It got up to near 80 and the bedroom just didn't cool off. It's supposed to be hotter today up to the mid-80s, so either I'm going to open more windows or see if D or his brother can do it.

I heard from my step-brother in Belize. He's doing very well and acclimating to the slow-paced island lifestyle. He doesn't have to work much to pay for his apartment, so he spends a lot of time swimming, kayaking and hiking. He said the temps are around 100 day and night right now as this is their hot time of year. I definitely couldn't deal with continuous hot and muggy weather, but he's very happy.

PT was really good yesterday. After 15 minutes on the elliptical, the group did our exercises and then stretches. I am able to keep my back aligned in the neutral spine position for longer...of course during the day I do catch myself out of alignment, but as long as I can catch myself, I can realign quickly. :D

I have my conference call book club tonight. It's always nice to chat with my friends back in WI.


Ceejay - Good that Mr. Know It All got caught so that now he'll start earning his pay. I hope the landlord can fix the running faucet and toilet quickly. Do you pay for the water bill or does the landlord?

Terra - Of all the scary movies, I liked Nightmare on Elm Street and the Halloween series better than Friday the 13th. I don't watch scary movies that often though.

Annie - I hope you can get your debit card quickly. As for working for life insurance at least that's probably a fairly stable industry. I mean, people can't live forever, and they want their loved ones to not be burdened with expenses when they go. Is the interview on Thursday in-person? Keeping my fingers crossed for you, and sending good vibes and prayers. I think a good answer for what task did you not like would be, "I enjoyed all the tasks and responsibilities in my previous position. A few co-workers had negative attitudes and the negativity can spread - I am a very positive person with a can-do attitude, but I didn't enjoy how a few poor attitudes spread to much of the office. As Laura said, interviewing is ALWAYS good practice, and you can interview them as well to learn more about the job...maybe it would be something that would interest you. Those are unusual baby names. Like Laura, I prefer the middle names to the first names.

Susie - I am long overdue for a cut and color. I last got mine done around the first of the year, and the gray hairs are coming out in force.

Laura - What a beautiful flower!! I'm not familiar with snowdrops. It looks like a crocus to me. I just found some freeze dried fruit snacks at Costco, that are don't have any added sugar, so they're low in carbs. They aren't as good as a brownie or even fresh fruit...but since I haven't gone to the grocery store yet this week, they'll do in a pinch. I'm with you on leasing versus purchasing a car. My older sister used to lease cars all the time, but she was always worried about putting too many miles on it and having to pay extra, and eventually she realized that she was always shelling out to for the lease and at least when you buy a car you eventually pay it off. I'm not sure about Hondas or Acuras, but many Toyotas are actually built in the U.S. My dad was always a "Buy American" kind of guy and always had GM vehicles. When he learned I bought a Toyota, I was quick to tell him it was built in CA, and my ex-DH's 4-Runner was built in TN. I tend to do pushups on my forearms becuase in a pushup position my wrists give out before the rest of me does. A 2 minute plank? I'm so impressed girlfriend!! Wow! Good luck with your weigh in. Body Works plus abs...sounds intense...good stuff.

:wave: to Happy and Shad!

Much love and many hugs to all,

04-08-2014, 01:24 PM
Morning chicks,

Sorry I didn't get in yesterday. I started to post and then DH thought it best we leave for errands before the rains set in. We got them done, and then it rained for 5 minutes straight. :lol: Things are melting, slowly as they should. It was a wonderful day yesterday - almost 60 degrees. Ahhhhhh. Face in the sun, arms spread wide, twirling on the deck. Think Julie Andrews in the opening scene of Sound of Music. Twirling at least until I upset the crystals in the ears and vertigo sets in. Good thing I have sturdy porch railings and a private deck :lol3:

One of my errands was to drop off my section of the inventory at the Thrift Shop. The owner was at her business shop and happened to be working there when I walked in. She took me and DH down the street and showed us the storefront they are considering renting for the new location. It's a primo location - across from a very busy gas station that everyone frequents and has parking too. Lots of natural light, office space broken into several rooms so we could organize and separate stuff a bit better. I really like it - has lots of possibilities. I hope it works out. We picked up everything we needed, including some late lunch, ate and then took a nap when it got all gray and rainy looking outside. Had a couple of phone calls, tidied up a bit and cleaned up after the cats and the night was done. Physical therapy today - I have 2 more sessions left. Seriously it is hard to tell if it's actually helping. I know that if I do certain things like sit too long or lean on my neck, it's going to hurt. The other day I walked in the laundry room to drop some things in the recycle bin - was feeling fine and all of a sudden I turned my knee and CRUNCH - white hot pain so bad I could not stand on my leg. It was sore for a couple of hours and then eased up. Next day, no crunching. WTH????? So ... I am convinced that you just have to either fix things yourself or learn to live with them. The knee thing I am worried about is if I go for a walk and it pops - I am in trouble. DH cannot carry me, best he could do is lay me on the ground and roll me down the road. :(

I see that we are all have pretty much fallen off the good eating, body moving wagon. Me too. Let's all pull each other up and get engaged again because let's face it, we feel better when we do. Instead of the pressure of doing things perfectly, let's just agree to give some thought to everything we do and make good choices, if not perfect ones. Which still leaves room for a bit of slack but makes things overall doable. ;)

Annie - good luck tracking down your money. It's yours - you paid into it, take it. As for the jobs - remember the old saying "marry in haste, repent in leisure". Not about marrying per se, but I understand (been there) that you want to get back to work quickly - those paychecks earned sure come in handy - but don't rush into something that doesn't feel quite right just to have something. The job's not always fun and if you don't even get the chance to enjoy the "honeymoon" phase where you're excited and enthusiastic - run, baby, run. :lol: I think we all can come up with a story of "be careful what you ask for". In the interim, enjoy your time off - you probably won't get a vacation this year once you start working again (and you WILL get a job) so while money is tight, try to work in a little Annie time while you still can :hug: And no, I'm not working at the Thrift Store - it burned down, remember :flame: Actually I am missing the structure of having something to do - I am slowly falling back into "drifting". Need to womp my butt into gear and get organized. Soon I'll be "working" again and I really need to take care of some things around the house here while I have the time. As for the pain, I just work through it like everyone else does. At least I don't have to deal with cramps anymore :lol: My birthday is April 27 but I'm not sure I'm having one this year ;)

Ceejay - that's funny that Mr. KnowItAll thinks someone is spying on him :rofl: It's about time - usually those kinds of people get away with it much to our frustration. Did your plumbing issues get fixed at home? Sounds like they do a decent if not perfect job of keeping the apartments maintained. Is everything in bloom by you? Our neighbors had a tulip tree just over the fence. I used to admire it in the spring.

Michelle - the big melt has started but with so much snow yet (piles are still at least 5 feet high), it's keeping the ground underneath frozen. Our sump pump catches the water near the foundation at least 8 feet down so for the moment, the ground is not thawed enough for the water to seep in there. Which is good because the sump pump pushes water out in the back yard and that line is also buried under the snow right now. It's just comforting to know we are ready, because once the ground starts oozing water, the pump will run non stop for a couple of weeks. It's that every 30 seconds, non stop that is the worrysome thing. :^: I'm glad to hear that things are going well with D - sounds like you have just the right enough of him and me time - you are both busy, don't have a lot of time to spend together (or get on each other's nerves :D ) and enjoy the time you do have. The whale watching trip sounded really like a lot of fun, even if you were running low on sleep that day. How nice to be able to take advantage of the good things out your way - often we get very wrapped up in working, everyday life and forget to have a little fun unless of course, we have guests. :lol: When you do planks on your toes do you have shoes on? That would KILL me with the arthritis :yikes:

Susie - I hope you found your motivation again. I think of those things too - yoga is hard lifting my body weight - would be easier if I lost some of it - won't happen unless I push through the toughness and get stronger ;) Just tell yourself - 10 minutes, I'll just do 10 minutes. Often that helps the kickstart and you can get your time in. Another thing I would do is that I worked in a large warehouse at my last job. The circumference of the building was a half mile. So I'd walk to the far end of the building to go to the toilet just to get extra steps in. Sometimes I'd have to walk FAST if I waited too long - an extra bonus :rofl: That's a wonderful incentive with the TOPS pledges. I hope you do well. Thank you for the info on the decking - that is the sort of stuff I wanted to know - things to watch out for.

Laura - to answer your questions - yes, DH got the sump pump installed - battery is charging and we are ready to go. As for the Thrift Shop they started about 4 years ago as a trial renting a small space in a multi vendor building. It was successful and when the Humane Society president's tenant moved out of her building, they decided to expand the shop. It was at it's present location for about 3 years I'm told. D was saying yesterday that the outpouring of support and donations has been rather overwhelming. I said (with teary eyes too) that many times, it takes a crisis for people to come together but we are especially lucky that so many people are committed to the animals. We love our fur babies. I really like what you wrote about "being there" from that woman's blog. Sometimes I get annoyed at having to be such a tyrant about the food and exercise and it's very demotivating. "Being there" is a good way to kick start things than to fall into total ruin. :lol:

04-08-2014, 01:31 PM
Laura - gorgeous flower! is that a snowdrop???

Sorry I have to get ready for PT so I'll break for now. Back later to catch up...

04-08-2014, 03:57 PM
Feeling much better today. The sun is out and I got some extra sleep last night--I went to bed at 9:30 p.m and feel right to sleep.

I did make it to the gym yesterday and did 30 min on the bike. The food was not good yesterday, not all that bad but not good. I MUST get back to logging on MFP no mater how it looks. So, look for me there and call me out if you haven't seen me.

Happy: The potentail new location for the shelter sounds very nice. I am so glad to hear that you havee 60 degree weather and are twilring on your deck! I hope it doesn't upset those ear crystals. :dizzy::dizzy:

I have a lot of issues with my left knee and have to be very careful when walking. I'm can't "pound" and that means I have to go a little slower than I like to but I figure walking longer is really even better for me. Do you know why your knee is giving you such issues? I had mine looked at over a year ago and had a MRI. We thought it was a torn minicus (sp?) but it turns out I have osteoarthritis in my knee! I'm not even 50 yet!!--but my knee feels 80.

I like your suggestion to pull each other up and get engagged again. I'm in! who else is in? What about for the rest of this month we post our food here (and still use MFP as well). I think seeing it in the posts will be helpful. I am going to committ to that for the rest of this month.

Michelle: I am grinning from ear to ear to see your post about how happy you are! I remember when I joined you gals you were struggling with so much. But you pushed on and now you are doing things to make you feel better and be healthier and it is paying off. :hug: :D I am happy for you.

Annie: I hope you get that debit card stuff straightend out. Good luck on the interview. I bet you are going to end up with several offers to choose from. I LOVED the answer you gave them in the interview about the tasks you didn't like. You think fast on your feet..that is a great skill!

As for the baby names, I sort of like Paisley. and I LOVED the name Olivia for a long time.

Terra: I can't watch horror movies..they freak me out! My BF loves them but I couldn't get into them...because I'm a scardy cat!

Laura: What a beautiful flower! How did the WW weigh-in go?

Ceejay: I hope the issue with the running water is fixed soon. If you are paying for the water, be sure to take something off your rent bill.

I am not a TOPS leader but I am the Secretary. At one time I was a Area Captain. I LOVED it but it takes a lot of time and I just don't have that now. One day I will again and I hope to be an Area Captain again..and be at goal and to inspire others to obtain their goal weight dream.

I'm going to try and get a walk in the neighborhood in tonight. I had a lunch meeting so I couldn't get to the gym today.

I better get back to work. It was nice to take a break with you ladies.

04-08-2014, 04:11 PM
It is a Crocus I think. Snowdrops are tiny white things.

Gotta run. Another day of meltdowns, anger, angst, and frustration looms. Yesterday I was ready to push someone out of the window. Pity they don't open!!!! :rofl: I had a list of names.Then some fiend like me wanted to insert some of her hated crims in my list. Roll on Thursday when I get to leave early to catch a flight to normality.

04-08-2014, 05:41 PM
I just got back from a lunchtime walk. I walked for 16 minutes...8 minutes one direction and 8 minutes back. I know it's not a lot, but it was just about all my back could take as it started spasming just before I made it back to the office.

So I'll keep doing it...every day....and gradually increase by a couple minutes per day (as tolerated of course).

I made a promise to a "coach" that I check in with once a month, that I would exercise and meditate (not at the same time - LOL) at least 4 days per week at least 3 of the next 4 weeks, and I'm going to eliminate certain carbs (white flour, sugar) at least Monday through Friday, choosing options like Greek yogurt with Splenda and fresh fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth - although I am allowing myself the freeze dried fruit pouches I found at Costco which are low cal and low carb and no sugar (except for the natural fructose).


Happy - I can totally picture you twirling around in the sun! I remember how wonderful the first 50/60 degree days are! Ahhhh. I'm glad the knee pain eased up. I am finding that not only do I have to hold my core in place while doing pretty much EVERYTHING, I also have to avoid twisting at the waist, hips or any other place unless it's a very controlled or deliverate motion. Do you have reasonably good cell phone signal when you take your walks? I pretty much never walk without my cell phone, especially since I tripped and fell while walking the dog a couple months ago. I was fine and able to walk home, thank goodness. To answer your question, yes, when I do planks on my toes, I do better if I have my walking/running shoes on. You're right about some moves would be easier if we lost some weight, and I know my back would do better. The possible new location for the thrift store sounds really good. I hope that the cost is within the Humane Society's budget.

Susie - I'm going to have to go back and find the "being there" comment from the woman's blog. I'm glad you got some good sleep. So cool that you are (and have been) so involved in TOPS. I tried TOPS several years ago, but it wasn't a good group for me, so I stopped going. Good for you for getting back on the bike. I'm going to do that tomorrow. I was thinking about going today, but I find if I go two days in a row my derriere gets sore, so I walked today at lunch and I'll walk Santa after work. I so wish I could take longer walks so I could hike. There aren't many hikes that are just 15 minutes in length, but I am looking online for some places nearby that have shorter trails (like in the redwood forests). I'm also "in" for pulling each other up and getting engaged again. I'll post my food and exercise here as well as MFP. Thank you for the kind words about how much better I'm doing since you first joined us. And when I think about how much happier I am than I was 18 months ago (which was when my 23 year relationship with my husband abruptly ended) it's just a miracle! I seriously thought I'd never be happy again. And I am so grateful to my amazing family and friends, including the Wonderful Worldly Chicks, for helping me get through such a difficult time in my life. :grouphug:

Shad - I hope that either your day improves or you figure out how to open the windows without smashing them...but then again, smashing them while throwing a bloke out would release a fair amount of frustration and angst, right? :rofl:

Well, lunch break is over...time to get back to making WordPress play nice with a Flash movie. :faint: WordPress is great in general...but if you want to do lots of cool stuff, it can be quite persnickety.

Hugs to all,

04-08-2014, 07:26 PM
They have Mr. know it all out in the chemical room painting. At least he's out of my hair for the time being.
Not sure whether or not the land lord has fixed things. I hope so cause my company has made it to town. She was down at her store earlier. Not sure what to fix for dinner. I know what I want but not what she want's.
Made an appointment this morning with a doctor I used to go to in Jonesboro. My regular doctor is on vacation this week. My allergies seem better today but my lower back is still giving me problems.
Thanks for giving us a little nudge. I've been trying but not hard enough. I just need to realize that I need to do this for myself AND not listen to any criticism. I've found out through trial and error that I do better with pairing a carb and a protein. Some of my favorite things even fruit do set me into a down ward spiral and I try not to eat them. And I'm restricted as to what foods I can eat due to the diverticulitis. I want to keep it at bay so to speak.
Since we have been operating the plant from one tank, I've been getting in 14 to 15,000 steps per day and I'm bushed when I get home. I did complete a Peggy Cappy Yoga DVD for Heart Health but it's basically the same thing as the other DVD's except it moves faster.
Yes, things are in bloom.

Don't over do with the walking. Can you go 5 minutes then increase? Don't want you to be in pain. How are you going to meditate?

I'd be looking for that debit card also. Maybe it will be in the mail tomorrow.

I looked up the crocus flower on the internet and that's what your picture looks like to me. It's a beautiful flower. I wish I had the energy to go to an exercise class. And I may get on the floor tonight and do some lower back exercises to see if this will help.

I know how you feel. There have been times here that I'd like to send some people over board. Hang in there the week end will be here soon.

Susie and Terra; Hope you are both doing well.

04-08-2014, 09:31 PM
I just lost all of my personals I had typed for a 2nd time. Im not having a good day today :( Let's try this one more time, 3rd times a charm I guess LOL

Laura ~ I forgot to say good luck at your doctor's appt. next Wed. I go to see my doctor next Tuesday. I like horror movies in general but Nightmare On Elm St. is my favorite horror movie series.

Annie ~ Yeah I agree that walking is the best work out a person can do

Michelle ~ Thats cool that you like Nightmare On Elm St and The Halloween movies better then the Friday The 13th movies, I like all 3.

Susie ~ Yeah, Not everyone can stand to watch horror movies so I understand but thats cool that your boyfriend likes watching horror movies.

Ceejay ~ Im doing good, I hope your doing good too.

I walked 3 times total, 2 regular walks and one long distant walk 4 or 5 blocks.

04-09-2014, 10:21 AM
Good Morning All...

LAURA....the flower pic is very uplifting and pretty. Good on ya for doing your challenges. Hope the scales at WW were kind to you as your home scales.

HAPPY...I must admit when I was going through my funk when I lost my job, I missed a lot in posts. Sorry about the thrift shop burning down. ah warmer temps makes my day brighter also, dancing right along with you!!

CHELLE....I am going to go by the bookstore today and get the 60 seconds book. Good for you on walking at lunch and refocusing on eating healthy.

CEEG...what goes around comes around and glad to see your new co-worker is getting his dues. Glad you allergies are better but boo on your back, hope the doc can help you. know what to get you for Christmas...a fire extinguisher to help put out all the fires around you. lol. You are right on the bird feeders and winter, but I only put out hummingbird feeders. Summer time feeders only.

TERRA...get to walking girl and walk off those lbs.

SUSIE...glad you are feeling better and good on ya for getting to the gym. Hey even if you have to walk slow, that is ok. Any movement is better than none. YGG

The birds are singing and the sun is shining. What a wonderful day in the neighborhood

Today is hump day which means it is also Cs day off. We are leaving here in a bit to hit the BMV to get plates for his work box truck. That is another 270.00 out the door. Then taking his personal truck to the dealer to get the oil changed. Have a coupon for 26.00 for oil change and tire rotation.

Taxes were not as bad as we thought. Originally 5000 now down to 2900 for last year. Thank God I had taxes taken out of my check and also for starting the Roth IRAs helped. Going to rollover my 401K into a plain IRA which will be tax deductible for 2014 taxes. Yeah

That is about all for me for now, gotta hop in the shower and get ready to roll.


04-09-2014, 12:10 PM
Good morning ladies,

Not much news to report...except that for the past two nights, it's been too hot to sleep. Monday the high was in the upper 80s and it took forever for our 2nd floor bedroom to cool down; yesterday it was even hotter. Unfortunately, D's house doesn't have air I'm hoping for a mild summer. I can deal with a little heat, but poor Santa was panting. I'm going to have to get him one of those doggie pillows that are cooling. Maybe I'll get one for me too. :rofl: I feel a little guilty complaining about heat when many of you are just barely experiencing spring and were in the deep freeze not too long ago.


Ceejay - Glad the guy is out of your hair. Sorry to hear about the back pain. Try some very gentle stretching, and don't stretch or exercise to the point of pain. To answer your question about meditation, we do a bit of meditation at the end of yoga class (so that's at least once a week), and I've got several meditation CDS. Plus Oprah and Deepak Chopra have a 21 day meditation program (that's free) coming up, so I can listen to that online (or one of the thousands of other meditations that can be found on YouTube. I just have to be disciplined enough to do it. Yes, I probably should've just walked for 5 minutes in each direction to start out, then I might not have had pain. Truth is, I am impatient for being able to hike, so I was striving for a 20 minute walk (10 minutes out and 10 min. back). Good for you for getting all those steps in! That's impressive!! And doing the yoga DVD too! Well done! :bravo:

Terra - Well done on all the walking! :cp:

Annie - I hope you're able to find the book. I found it really helpful. Nice that you get to spend the day with C, even if it is running errands.

:wave: to Shad, Happy and Susie!

Time for this chick to learn more ways to manipulate WordPress into doing what I want. Wish me luck! :crossed:

Love and hugs,

04-09-2014, 12:14 PM
Morning all.

Annie – It’s so good to have a sunny day. :sunny: Still a bit chilly up here this morning, but it’s gonna warm up nicely today - low 60’s I believe. I’ll make a point of getting out of the office for a quick jaunt this afternoon. Glad you like the flower pic. Nice you can spend the day with C on his day off, even if it’s just doing errands together. Glad taxes weren’t so bad for you this year, and good for you getting yourselves set for 2014 taxes. Oh, didn’t know spring/summer was the season for hummingbirds. Learn something new every day...

Shad – Speaking of learning…the bf and I were watching a reality show last night that had a trivia question about a country that only does April Fool’s Day pranks until noon. Turns out it’s Australia. What’s up with that?? Sorry you’re dealing with the usual project frustrations – does that mostly happen when go-live is so close, or is it par for the course on these projects at any stage? Yeh, I took a quick look online at a snowdrop photo and my flower did not look like it. I agree, must be a crocus.

Michelle – Yes, it’s finally getting mild enough that we can think of opening the bedroom windows a bit overnight to get some fresh air while sleeping. :)Glad to hear your brother’s doing well down in Belize. His lifestyle sounds very carefree! :beach: Goodonya (as Shad would say) for the PT class and the walking. You’ll gradually build up your strength and stamina. Please don't overdo it and risk a setback!! I’m sure you can find some great shorter hikes. Aren’t they really only as long as you choose to make them? Unless of course it takes a bit of distance to get to the interesting stuff, LOL.

Happy – Yeh, this year everyone who survived the difficult winter is going to rejoice in the milder weather. :D Doggy is really enjoying being out in the backyard more and laying on the grass (and rolling around on it). Sorry the PT isn’t helping you in a major way. That crunch in your knee sounds awful! I’m glad the pain eased up. Don’t worry about dh rolling you down the road – I’m sure he’d go home and come back with the ATV. :D I hope the primo location is a strong possibility for the shop - this is an opportunity to make it even better than before! Thank you for encouraging us to get engaged again with healthy eating. I think being all or nothing is unrealistic – maybe shooting for 80% will be sufficient, and even when we’re not feeling up for being on track, we don’t completely bail out on everything.

Susie – Nothing like a good night’s sleep to wake up feeling 100% better. ;) Good job getting on the bike! :ebike: You’re right about logging – when I don’t, I sometimes try to think back on the day and believe I didn’t do too badly and then I have to remember this, that and the other thing that didn’t quite add up to “on track” eating. Much better to have it in black and white/on the monitor in front of me.

Ceejay – Sorry your back is still giving you trouble. :( Do you have to do a lot of bending or lifting at work?? Or maybe it’s all that walking you’re doing? I hope the doc can help you. How hard it would be to do a workout when you’ve been on your feet so much during your long workdays!! But I do agree that maybe getting on the floor and doing some bridges for your back will bring you some relief. Glad mr. know it all is out of your hair for the time being. Sounds like work is challenging enough for you at the moment without him butting in.

Terra – It is soooo frustrating to lose a post you’ve spent time typing!!! :mad: A lot of us have learned the hard way that we're safer typing the post in Word or some other separate software and then copying and pasting it into 3fc. Thank you for wishing me luck at my dr appointment next week – same to you!!! I like scary movies, but not the gory slasher kind..Okay girl, keep on walking! The weather’s making it much more pleasant to be outside! :running:

Well, I went to the “Body Works plus Abs” class last night at the gym. Or shall we say “Non-stop squats & lunges”. :exercise: My quads were very tired after that and soreness is taking hold today. I’m going to try and keep moving regularly in hopes it helps with that.

But…I was too whooped to want to do my challenges last night, so I will try to catch up today. I really should try to keep up now because I’m at the point where these challenges are getting tough.

Definitely not doing a gym class tonight, and Thurs. is kickbox cardio. Doubt I’ll feel like doing that. I might try for some Margaret Richard/Body Electric workouts the rest of the week (no legs though!!), plus my challenges.

I'm probably going to order a rack for my dumbbells from Walmart and have it delivered to the store by us so I can save shipping costs by picking it up there. I'm tired of my weights being on the floor.

Nothing else going on. Oh, forgot about WW - I had a gain of a pound, which I expected. Yesterday's meeting was discussing "is this food worth it?". Good topic. We had a sub leader, and I like her better than our regular one. Sigh.

Better get cranking. TTFN!
:flow1: :flow1: :flow1:

04-09-2014, 12:18 PM
I just got some awful of my former co-workers, a brilliant, amazing, fun woman, passed away suddenly on Monday night. She was only 48. The word is she had a heart attack. She was overweight, but athletic.

D***, just reminds me that every day is a gift, and I've got to do a better job of taking care of this body of mine if I want to stick around on this earth for a long time.

04-09-2014, 01:42 PM
Annie ~ Yeah, Im trying to walk off those pounds lol

Michelle ~ Thanks, I've been working hard at my walking

Laura ~ Yeah I'll take your advice on the posts. Thats cool that you like scary movies just not the slasher kind. I agree the weather is making it more pleasant to be outside.

04-09-2014, 02:18 PM
Morning all,

Had a good talk with the physical therapist yesterday. He did the roll procedure for the vertigo and boy were my eyes whipping around! We waited 10 minutes and repeated it just to see if things were where they should be and I got no vertigo response at all - which is good. As for my knee, he said I could have a random piece of cartilage floating in there which sometimes causes the sudden knee pain. Suggested getting a walking stick so if I popped something, I'd have something to lean on while DH went back to get the car. Michelle - I appreciate the cell phone advice but we have spotty service here. This time of year also not a good idea to walk alone as the bears will be waking up. PT said to keep walking - just don't do any marathons - more important to build strength in the knee and he is not a fan of braces either. I have one more follow up visit next week. I was very happy with his advice - there are some things I will just have to deal with and I'm ok with that.

It's a nice day out there - I have my OMG I love it yoga class that I have to get ready for soon. Hoping to catch tomorrow's class at the senior center too. And I have to plan a pool day - unless I go early in the morning I'd rather avoid the weekend and the chance of wasting a pass punch only to find the pool filled with little kids.

It looks like they are going to go forward with a new home for the thrift shop. It's in a good location with a lot of traffic about 3 blocks from where we were formerly located. I saw the space and it's divided into a bunch of rooms which will be nice for organizing things. I think it will work out nicely.

Michelle - I am very sorry to hear of your co-worker friend. These sorts of things remind me too as D said that you need to cherish your time here instead of worrying it away. No one ever knows when their time is coming to a close. And the more we can keep ourselves healthy and self sufficient, the better. :D Ugh on being warm and no air conditioning. We have central air in this house and I'm really glad - we actually use it. In August. For about 5 days. :lol: I'm ok with daytime fans but can't sleep if it's too warm and stuffy. Poor Santa - hope he finds a cool spot on the tile. Even in a temperate climate like yours, one still needs the occasion boost of warmth and coolness I imagine.

Laura - I think you are right - that's a crocus. Very pretty. I'm sure Coal is happy to see spring and the end of snow. When we walked over to see the new thrift shop space, D brought her dog - a cute setter mix and that pup was having all kinds of fun rolling in the remaining snow banks. I forget that dogs can just bring all sorts of smiles to you. Bummer that you liked the substitute WW leader better - I have had that happen a lot - in regular meetings and with WW at Work. I guess it's like having a personal trainer - needs are individualized and I think the leader HAS to really be motivating to make it work. Some people just aren't good teachers. You are doing REALLY well on the physical exercise :high:

Annie - sounds like things are looking a bit better for you. Glad to hear that. Especially if the tax bite isn't as bad as anticipated - that's always a pleasant surprise. Please share the recipe for the Hawaiian chicken you made yesterday. That sounded so yummy and I don't even know what's in it but if you made it, it must be good! And I agree with you about the crazy baby names - I think a name does not make you unique - your personality does. People are over infatuated with pregnancies and their babies more and more. :rolleyes: I hate those crazy interview questions - sometimes I just want to be a smarty pants. I think real interviews don't ask that dumb stuff because after all, are you going to answer bad stuff?????

Terra - horror movies scare me, especially when I go to bed and it's all quiet except for those creepy house noises :yikes: :lol: Keep up with the walking - I may join you in spirit!

Shad - why is everything so chaotic? Is it the typical near to cutover and everyone is going bonkers from too many things needed to be done and too little time? I hope they don't run into Typhoon Shad and her trusty :rollpin: :lol: Thank you for the card - came today with the envelope ripped to shreds so I'm thinking the million dollar check you enclosed is lost forever :lol3: Thank you for thinking of me - I MIGHT wear that pin. Under my jacket because after all, it's still cool out you know. :lol:

Ceejay - I wouldn't worry too much about cooking for your friend - as my dear grandma would say "you can eat it or you can STARVE" :lol: As long as it's something a person isn't allergic to or have a sensitivity - like diverticulitis or hot spicy food on a sensitive tummy or gluten intolerance - I say - enjoy someone else's cooking for a change. If not, she can offer to make part of the meal in exchange for hospitality shown. As for your eating - just eat what works best for you. I'm at my best with plain, fresh foods. I get into trouble when I try to use up things from the freezer - I don't always incorporate salads and things that I need to be eating. Just have to make a better effort without going crazy, right?

Susie - I think it's great that you want to be a Tops leader again. With your organization skills that would be such a good fit. Sounds like you have a bubbly personality also. And when you get to retire - it would seem that after a lifetime of run, run, run that you'd want some time to rest the reality of it is that after 30 days you'll be bored silly and be looking for something to do. So there you are - all planned out for you. ;) Going for a walk in the neighborhood sounds nice - things are drying up enough here so I hope to do that also soon.

Time to jump in the shower. Have a good one everybody. Do something a little extra (besides eat more ;) )

04-09-2014, 04:13 PM
Few words here and there - that's me.

We are getting very close to go live and there are so many things that haven't been done. Yours truly is very unpopular at this time since I asked a question yesterday and suddenly there was silence! Oh dear - he thought that the other bloke was doing it, and the other bloke thought he was doing it so no one has done it, and I am supposed to document it. I can bedazzle you with my brilliance, and I can bewilder you with my bullsh*t, but for the life of me, I can not document what is not there! Even I am not that good. As I keep reminding them, the urgent and important I can do straight away. Miracles take a little longer. The other little bombshell that was dropped at that time was that they have not documented their config of the system very well if at all. This will be interesting when they come to upgrade.
Today I am off to the land of Oz. Leaving here around 13.45 and flying at 16.15. Trying to figure out what I left behind. Sure there is something.

Laura - April Fools day, black Friday, any of those strange days only last until midday both here in NZ and in Aus. Not sure exactly where the thought came from, but I have an idea that back in the good ol' days, the pubs didn't open until 1.00pm and shut at 6.00pm. One did not play tricks on a mates drinks - terribly passe. It may also be that it is a British thing as well since we were both colonised (moderately successfully) by the Brits. They sent the crims to Aus and the colonials to NZ - which is why the Kiwis are more civilised than the Aussies. Whoops - might be an avalanche of Aussies in here now.

Anyway, time being what it is, I had better get on with my day. I will try to get personals done at the airport this afternoon. We will see how that goes.

04-09-2014, 08:13 PM
Nothing new today. I'm so ready for my three day week end. Thursday I'll be going to the doctor in Jonesboro and afterwards will be meeting up with some cousins in Paragould, one cousin from Lubbock, Texas is in town.

Think all this walking and going up and down the stairs is causing the back pain. Or it could be the weather. Today it's not to bad.
Not sure how long my guest is going to stay. But that's okay. She's had some minor plastic surgery done. and some cyst's removed from her ear lobes. Hate to tell her this but those wrinkles will come back. But it's her money.

Hugs, Don't know how you deal with all this.

I'll look at those web sights.

Did the debit card make it?

More later. Almost going home time

04-09-2014, 08:34 PM
Happy ~ Im sorry to hear scary movies scare you espeically when you go to bed and its quite and you hear all those creepy house noises. I know what you mean. Thanks for commenting on my walking. Thanks for joining me in spirit.

I walked once today and I'll walk again tomorrow but Friday,Saturday and Sunday I'll do better though cause I'll be home all day those days so I have time to walk more then just once.

04-10-2014, 12:06 PM
Morning all. Quiet here - the admin's on vacation today, tomorrow and Monday. Then the boss is out starting Monday. Looking forward to it. :D

Michelle Ė So sorry to hear about the colleague passing away. So young. What a tragedy. :( Yes, it really makes you realize anything can happen and that we shouldnít waste the time we have. Sorry itís been too uncomfortably hot for you to sleep. Was last night any better??

Terra Ė You said in your post youíre ďtrying to walk off those poundsĒ and it made me think of a workout video called ďWalk Away the PoundsĒ. I donít have it, but I believe itís pretty popular Ė a walking workout in front of your tv. Can anyone else here tell Terra about it? It might be another exercise alternative when the weather is bad.

Happy Ė Glad the PT addressed the vertigo. Donít like the idea of a random piece of cartilage interfering with your knee and causing such pain! I was told I have some sort of tissue in my right knee joint that gets hung up in there sometimes. Thankfully itís not painful and only happens when Iím in a very specific position Ė when my knees are completely bent underneath me, such as in childís pose, but more when Iím upright in the knees bent underneath position when more weight is on it. Re walks Ė the idea of the bear is certainly more frightful than the possible knee issue. Of course in combination itís the worst scenario possible!!! Howís that for a horror story!! :yikes: How was your yoga class? Yeh, youíll have to be smart when scheduling those pool days - a crowded pool would not be the ideal. Re dogs Ė theyíre always doing something cute. Bf and I joke that Coal has his cutie poses perfected.

Shad Ė I love your comment ďmiracles take a little longerĒ. :lol: Iím sorry your travels (as per FB) have been so frustrating as well. I sure hope you have some time left of your weekend at home by the time you finally get there!!! Whateverís left, hope you can enjoy it. I knew Oz started as a criminal colony, didnít know NZ was a colonial settlement. Well, I guess I know next to nothing about NZ except that itís stunningly beautiful. Anyway Ė interesting theories re things ending midday.

Ceejay Ė Enjoy that 3-day weekend and your time w/ the cousins. As usual I'm jealous. :rolleyes:

Annie Ė Good luck on the interview today!! :goodluck: What did you learn about the debit card?? Hope itís in your hands now!!

Hi Susie!! :wave:


Well, Iím more sore than I was yesterday this time. Ugh. Doing the Frankenstein walk. I think if I donít figure out a way to do that class without days of soreness afterwards, I just canít do it anymore. I skipped another day of my challenges, so now Iím two days behind. Iím not going to try and catch up, Iím just going to pick up where I left off.

Funny story (now) is that I did try to do a 2 min. plank last night and I had the timer on my smartphone all set, got it going, and then in plank position I went to FB on my phone to distract myself during the 2 min. So Iím a good ways through it and decide to look back at the timer and it turns out I hadnít started it!!! I had no idea how long Iíd gone! Very frustrated at the time, and I just gave up.

Spent most of the evening in the bedroom flipping tv channels and reading. Oh, and I had a crappy frozen lasagna entree for dinner in which the microwave instructions were just plain wrong. I made two trips back to the microwave to heat it up some more. So not worth the trouble. Bleh.

Anyway, back to that body works class (feel free to skip my thought process)Ė I donít know if I need to not use the weights while doing the moves, or just do a lot fewer reps of the squat, lunge and pliť moves. I donít think not using weights will work because the moves quickly flow right from lower body to upper body, and both upper and lower body are done at the same time as well at times, so it would be impossible to keep putting down & picking up weights. In fact, I was using the lowest weight dumbbells (2.5 pounds each) and it wasnít really enough weight for the upper body moves. Huh. So I guess that leaves me with cutting back drastically on the lower body reps.

I think thatís it for me today. Mild day today. I brought my lunch from home, but Iíll try to get out to run an errand this afternoon just to get outside again. I went for a short walk yesterday. Nice to be out in a sweater and not risking frostbite!!


04-10-2014, 12:55 PM
Good morning ladies,

I slept well last night but I'm still tired. The Nutrition for Weight Management class was good, and I actually learned a few things. I'm hoping to review/type up my notes in the next couple days and I'll share the key points with you all.

Ceejay - I hope your doctor appointment goes well. Enjoy the time with your cousins. I'm glad your back pain has eased up a bit. Here is the link to the Oprah & Deepak 21 Day Meditation Experience. It's free to sign up and it starts on Monday.

Happy - I kinda figured you'd probably have spotty cell phone service. I had forgotten about the bears you might encounter. So good that your PT took care of your vertigo. And your PT gave you some good advice about the walking stick. My PTs suggested that for me as well to ease some of the weight-bearingness of walking. It's been my experience that most PTs aren't fond of braces (either back or knee)...because as you said, it's more important to build up the surrounding muscles, and yoga is a great way to do that! I'm glad that the Thrift Shop is moving forward with the new location. Any idea when it will be opening up? I loved what you said about dogs bringing all sorts of smiles to people. It's so true. Cats do too, especially when they are kittens. :D

Shad - Wow, this close to go live and there was a misunderstanding about who was doing what? That is stressful! I hope you're able to relax in Oz this weekend.

Terra - The workout DVD that Laura is referring to is "Walk Away the Pounds" by Leslie Sansone. She has several DVDs out in a variety of "distances", but they're all done in front of your TV. I haven't used them, but I've heard good things about them.

Laura - A little quiet in the workplace is a good thing. I find I can get so much done. To answer your question, while last night was still warm, it was cooler and I slept better. I woke up still feeling like I wanted to sleep for a few more hours. Thankfully, our temps are getting cooler for the rest of the week with highs in the mid to upper 70s, right where I like 'em. I'm going to purchase a fan or possibly a one room air conditioner this weekend. You're right about dogs always doing something cute. And your Coal certainly is a cutie. I'm sorry, but I got a laugh out of your 2 min. plank last night. I hadn't thought about logging in to FB as a distraction. Bummer that you're so sore from Body works class. Enjoy your walk today. I'll probably go for a short walk at lunchtime since it's cooler today.

Annie - Sending you lots of luck, strength, confidence, good vibes and prayers for your interview today.

:wave: to Susie

So I've got most of my company's webinars on the new website finally. Now I have to create a couple more forms for the website and then get all the forms integrated into SalesForce, which is a Customer (or contact) Relationship Management software.

Lots to do, but I'm getting there. :dancer:

Much love,

04-10-2014, 03:13 PM
Hi Ladies,

You probably heard yesterday about a nasty computer bug/virus. It's called the Heartbleed Bug, and it's a flaw in the way some websites encrypt your login information.

I would recommend changing your passwords on any of the affected websites that are listed in this article (

I know it's a pain in the a**, especially if you FINALLY have set yourself up with passwords you can remember (like I have). But it's better to be safe than sorry.


04-10-2014, 03:48 PM
Michelle - Glad you got a better night's sleep. Hope you get all caught up tonight. Yes, a fan would be nice, and an AC unit would be even better (especially if allergies are an issue at times). I like our ceiling fan.

I'm thinking I'll tag along w/ bf to the gym tonight - I'm going to sit in the jacuzzi.

Thanks for letting us know about that bug!! But oh what a PITA to change all those passwords!!! :tantrum: I just tried to change my pw in fb and when I finally found where to do it, it wouldn't let me use two of new pw's ones I tried. I give up for now. I have work to do!!

04-10-2014, 04:25 PM
Laura - Good idea to treat your sore muscles to a soak in the jacuzzi!

I just got back from a 15 minute walk, and my back didn't start yelling at me until about minute 14. After work, my plan is to do 20-30 minutes on the recumbent bike. Tomorrow is Yoga after work. Not sure what my plans are for Saturday.

I'm going to the SF Zoo with a friend on Sunday, and I warned her that I need to sit or lean against something every 15-20 minutes. She is a volunteer docent at the zoo, so she didn't mind that at all. I'm looking forward to spending a few hours with her and getting a guided tour of the zoo by an experienced docent! :D

04-11-2014, 09:40 AM
TGIF sorry to hear of your friend's passing. Hugs sister. Glad you finally got some sleep. Have fun at the zoo and say hello to all my relatives. haha

LAURA...I like to take Epsom salt baths when my body is aching. You might try that too. Altho the Jacuzzi sounds like a better time.

CEEG...enjoy your 3 day weekend, try to relax a bit too.

TERRA...good job on your walking.

SHADDIE...way to call the blokes out on not getting their job done. You are my hero!

HAPPY...I will try to post the recipe in the next couple of days. Hope the vertigo stays away. That must be awful, heck you can't do anything when you have that. Floating cartilage in your knee, just great and what we need, body parts floating around in our body. Bleh

HI SUSIE..hope things are good in your world.

The debit card....yes, finally got it yesterday and low and behold it is under my old last name. I still have my drivers license from the old name so I am going to go with it. I do not want to wait another two weeks for a new card.

The interview yesterday was good. I have a third interview on Monday. They called me yesterday afternoon to set it up. It is a sales job, but no cold calling or supplying your own calls. They are all given to you. I think I am going to try it. I need a change. It may involve evenings and weekends, but what the heck. It is insurance specialty benefits. The company is American Income Life. Google it to get a better understanding.

Today is babysitting Jacob while Sissy takes Royce for his one month check up, can you believe it, a month old already. Yikes, I want him to stay little cause Sissy is not having anymore and DS is not having much luck with it.

Ainsley's first communion is May 3rd at their church. She doesn't act very excited about it, but hey I don't remember being excited about it either when I had mine. lol

Guess I better make some coffee and jump in the shower.

Make it a great day everyone.


04-11-2014, 11:17 AM
My niece's dad worked with that company for years. Glad the debit card finally made it. Wish my insurance cards would arrive

Glad that HS decided on a new location. I know you will be anxious to get back to volunteering.

This time of the year I don't know whether or not to have the air or heat on. I did turn the air on yesterday afternoon to cool things down. It didn't come on last night that I heard. and I use my ceiling fan.
Thanks for the information on the meditation information.

I like it when there are no bosses around but they usually don't bother me unless I need them. I agree with the cute dog poses. I actually think of them as little people. They can make you understand what they want but can't speak the way we do.

Hello's to all the others.
Dr. visit went well. I went for the allergy and back. And actually my ear drum was infection, so he gave me an injection and antibiotics plus pain meds for the back.
Visit with the cousins was very good. No uncles or aunts around to interfere.
Would you believe she drove all the way from Midland,Texas to Arkansas by her herself. But I drove to Pigeon Forge last year by myself.
Nothing else is new. Didn't exercise yesterday. Told my cousin's it was a free day.

04-11-2014, 01:10 PM
Morning all. TGIF!!

Michelle Ė Good for you getting the walk in yesterday. The zoo sounds wonderful, especially having a docent show you around. I bet youíll learn a lot! I love the zoo. We have two very nice zoos here, but this year I want to get to the one in Chicago proper since it's been a long time since I was there. It's also right next to a conservatory, so it's always fun to stop there and see the plants and flowers.

Annie Ė I do have some Epsom salts at home, I suppose I should try a soak. I honestly don't use our tub much for soaking - not enough room to straighten my legs out all the way. Yay for finally getting the debit card. As long as it works in your old name, youíre good to go. Iím glad the interview went well, and they must be quite interested in you if youíre in for a 3rd one. Fingers :crossed: Wow the month went fast Ė happy one month birthday to Royce!! :hb: No, I donít recall being excited about making my first communion. But then again, my family never threw parties for that kind of stuff, LOL.

Ceejay Ė Yup, dogs certainly have a way of communicating with us. They definitely respond to our emotions/tone of speaking, etc. I agree with you about running the furnace at this time of year. Itís still rather chilly overnight by us (30ís), but the daytime temps have gotten in the 60ís. Weíve had the windows open during the day, but boy it doesnít take long for it to get too cool once the sun goes down, and then we close most of them. We're not turning off the furnace just yet.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. :wave: Hope all is well in your corners of the world. Have a great day and a great weekend.


I didnít go to the gym to soak in the Jacuzzi last night. Bf was meeting his friend earlier than I thought, so I really had no time to get myself swimsuit ready Ė i.e., shave my legs, LOL. But Iím still sore today, and now I am ready for the pool & jacuzzi, so Iíll try to get over there tonight.

I sure hope I feel up for Jazzercise tomorrow. This soreness is nuts. And the scale went up several pounds because my leg muscles are holding a lot of water because of that soreness. Itís really getting old by now.

I have Jazzercise tomorrow morning, as well as a hair appointment. I also have a brow wax appointment that I need to reschedule, since I made it before I went back to Jazzercise and now there's a conflict. I have book club Saturday night. Have no idea what I want to bring for a snack. Something salty I think. Last time I brought brownies.

Nothing much else planned. I do want to repot a houseplant this weekend. I bought it last summer in a tiny pot and put that pot into a ceramic pot, but the inner pot is so small, it really dries out quickly. I might plant it directly in the ceramic pot, except that pot has no drainage hole...oy, no wonder I've been putting it off.

Then there are still leaves all over the yard and the front of the house too, so weather permitting, I should get out and rake some more. There's never nothing to do around the house, that's for sure.

:spin: :spin: :spin:

04-11-2014, 01:11 PM
Happy Friday ladies,

I went to the gym last night and did 30 minutes on the bike and 5 minutes on the elliptical. For some reason, I can do 15 minutes on the elliptical at PT, but I was pooped after 5 minutes at the gym.

Today is yoga class after work, followed by getting together with some girlfriends. Not sure if I mentioned this but D is out of town this weekend to ref at a volleyball tournament in Reno. Tomorrow, I'm going to drive B around on some errands, and then we'll get a bite to eat.

I'm looking forward to Sunday at the Zoo. It should be cool in San Francisco, but perfect weather for walking around.

Shad - I hope you the land of Oz. I used to love traveling...but it has gotten a lot less fun to travel by plane. I'm looking forward to my road-trip through Oregon and to Washington State in September. :D

Annie - I think you will do well in sales because you're a naturally outgoing and friendly person with a wonderful personality. I will definitely say hi to your relatives at the zoo, and I'll try and take their pictures! Have a wonderful time babysitting...I know you will. Glad you finally got your debit card, and that you still have ID in your old last name. I keep my old driver's license around just in case I ever need proof of my former last name, and I have needed such proof occasionally.

Ceejay - I wish we had a ceiling fan in the bedroom. Perhaps D and I can add that to the list of things to purchase for the house. I'm glad your doctor visit went well, and that you had a nice visit with your cousins. I miss my cousins, most of them live either in San Diego or on the East Coast, at least I can keep in touch with them by Facebook. I looked on Google Maps and Midland, TX to Arkansas is a long drive. That's impressive she drove that distance by herself.

Lots to get done today so I don't have to work on the website over the weekend.

Much love and many hugs to all,

04-11-2014, 01:19 PM
Laura - You were typing over my head. I've never been to the Lincoln Park Zoo, but the Brookfield Zoo is absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to go back there someday. I'm considering making a trip to the midwest in a couple years to see some friends in WI (and IL and IN). I hope you're able to get to the jacuzzi tonight. Can you do some gentle stretching of your sore muscles. I hope you're feeling better so you can do Jazzercise. You've got a busy day tomorrow! I really need to schedule a hair appointment - the gray hairs are coming in with a vengeance. I'm just putting it off because I got so sunburn last weekend on the whale watching trip, that my forehead and scalp have been peeling all week...and I don't like the though of hair coloring chemicals on my freshly exposed skin. :yikes: I need to repot a houseplant too. And I'd like to get some plants for the front porch.

04-11-2014, 01:37 PM
Good morning ladies,

Ahhhh it's soooo wonderful out here - we still have 4 foot snowbanks and there are tiny lakes everywhere but the sun is shining bright and it's close to 60 degrees and it's just INVIGORATING!!!!

Got an email to check out another location for the new Thrift Shop - this one would be better than the one we are considering and is within budget. :crossed:

I thought they fixed the vertigo but yesterday I was folding laundry - sitting on a vanity bench with the laundry basket on the floor and I reached down and whoooooop - got so dizzy - it lasted for a while. Boy this is frustrating. :mad: Always something. :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy: Not much I can do about it but deal with it. Rocky seas ahead matey ;)

Laura - if you do get to LP, please check out the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum - it's right across the street from the zoo and conservatory. They have a live butterfly room / exhibit which is fabulous. A bit humid, but one of our most favorite places. DH has taken some spectacular close ups. Not sure if we took Shaddie there on her first visit. I so had to laugh about you getting "swimsuit ready" :lol: - I was going to head over to take a swim and stopped and realized that I was not fit to appear in public quite yet. I also had to check and see if the swimsuit elastic had dry rotted which happens from the chlorine. But just the idea of doing some "landscaping" had me giggling at your comment. :yes: As for your bookclub snack - if you want salty - Rotel Tomatoes and some Velveeta cheese cubes with Tostitos Scoops chips. You can bring the cubes in a microwave crock, dump the tomatoes in when you get to the meeting - zap it and stir. Easy peasy. I also like adding a can of no bean chili too sometimes to switch it up. And for your soreness after class - have you considered a bath soak that evening using Epsom salts? The magnesium helps with aches and pains. Also the next morning I do about 10 minutes of gentle stretches to pull things out. I find that for some reason after my favorite yoga class I am kinda sore the next day or two which I don't understand because we do the gentlest of movements. But those 2 things help get the kinks out.

Ceejay - I'm sorry to hear your allergies are bothering you but with everything in bloom it's no surprise. I found it more difficult each year to find something that actually brought relief. Kudos to brave souls like you who drive long distances - and it's a long ride to the Smokies from your place. I'd be too nervous although with our new car we have OnStar and that at least gives me a bit of comfort in case something happened. I guess some people are fearless :D

Annie - I'm glad you finally got the debit card straightened out. What a mess anything to do with the government becomes. It was eye rolling what I saw doing the Census - a wonder anything gets done at all. Our fire sign (address plaque) out front by our mailbox has completely peeled off so we have no address. If we have a substitute mail person, we don't get mail. Fortunately most delivery people are regulars and know our place. We went for the second time to the county office to ask about a replacement. The dude there Mr. Steppenfetchit was not very motivated to help even though he checked and saw our work request from the last time. We explained the problem including a potential safety hazard for emergency services not finding our house - and hopefully another guy persuaded him to put in an order already. They periodically have job listings there and I told DH as we walked out that I'm sure there was a good reason that I didn't hear back the 2 times I applied for jobs there - I'd be sooooooo angry working with worthless guys like the dude. I hope you have better luck landing a nice job with good benefits and most importantly - PEOPLE who are a good team since that's a huge part of the fun or aggravation on the job. I'm glad you are getting further interviews - that's a good sign. As for the sales job, if you enjoy that sort of thing and it's salary and not commission, you can make some really good money at it. I hope whatever is the best option comes to be :crossed: :angel: ;) I KNOW what you mean about babies staying little. Wish that was an option - can't believe Royce is a month old aready. Wow. Did you kiss all the red hair off that precious baby yet? :lol: Take a big sniff of clean baby for me. Ahhhhhh.

Michelle - good for you on the movement. Your zoo trip sounds like so much fun. And a personal guided tour too! Are you feeling any better with your back now that you are in better weather? Or are you like me and just have tender spots that you need to work out but treat kindly? I'm glad you are not in cane needing crippling pain like you were before. Thank you VERY much for the article you linked in about the virus. That was very informative. Darn, now I have to change those passwords. :(

Shad - I see on FB that your heck week has followed you back home in your travels. Hope once you got out of Sydney (which sounds like an awfully clogged airport) that you at least got some R&R time.

Hi Terra and Susie :wave:

I gotta get ready to head out. Have a good weekend.

04-11-2014, 01:41 PM
Michelle - EXCELLENT idea about avoiding the hair dye until your skin heals up. That stuff is really harsh and you don't need a chemical burn.

A suggestion about the ceiling fan. One of the things DH and I have noticed as we got older (and more achey) is that having the fan directly above the bed blowing on us (even at a slow rate), made us both hurt more. So now in our new house, we have a big circular fan we keep on the floor and point up to the ceiling to circulate the air and keep us cool in the summer. It's not blowing directly on us and seems to work out better. Just a suggestion...

04-12-2014, 12:30 AM
Laura and Michelle ~ Thanks for telling me about the DVD Walk Away The Pounds, I'll definitely check it out, Thanks again UPDATE: I just checked the dvd out on Amazon and they are alot of them so which one should I go with first, Is there like a beginner one or something?

Annie ~ Thanks for commenting on my walking

04-12-2014, 08:16 AM
Hi Everyone,

It has been busy for me. Thursday at work was crazy as I took a vacation day on Friday and all of a sudden so many things needed done. Also I wasn't feeling very well on Thursday and it turn out I had a uti which makes my IC go crazy. I got meds and I'm feeling better.

I did have a loss at TOPS on Thursday. 1/2 lb but I will take it

I also took off work an hour early to see a podiatrist about my foot. She said the slit under the toe was healed and I can get a pedicure--I have been dying to get's almost sandal weather! :D and she did a x-ray of my foot and my pinky toe has a fracture! Nothing I can do but tape it to the next toe for stability and ice it if it is swollen and give it time.

SRD was amazing yesterday and going back today. I am getting ready to leave in about 10 min. I have been having withdrawl from all of you, so I had to get on, read and post! I'm feeling better now.

Yesterday at SRD we had some great workshops (I will fill you in later--Michelle, there was one on diabetes and I learned so much). There was a "before and after parade" and that was very inspiring.

Today, all the awards will be given and our state Queen and King will be crowned (I REALLY want to be state Queen next year) and those who have reached goal will be in the KOPS ceremony, which is very touching and makes me cry--I can only imagine how amazing it is to reach your goal weight.

I'll do personals later--hopefully this evening.

Have a great day everyone!

Oh--have to tell you it is warm here and I'm wearing capris today! It's going to be 76! I am wearing little flat enclosed black shoes because I haven't gotten my toes done yet, but I am doing that on Monday after work. Can you tell that I'm excited it is spring?

04-12-2014, 02:13 PM
Hi Worldlies. Went in the Jacuzzi at the gym last night . It felt good but I'm still a bit sore. I skipped Jazzercise this morning. I think I'll finally start back to my challenges tomorrow.

Today started off crabby for me - bf complained I had the radio too loud, then I hit hand on the doorway & it hurt like the dickens. Grrr. Went to my brow appt, then to the market for my book club snack. Ended up with a pre - made layered taco dip & tortilla chips.

Went home & decided to rake more leaves before the rain comes. Finished a mug of tea & went to the thrift store before my hair appointment. I bought a top & some stone coasters. I hope the coasters are as absorbent as the ones we have now. I like them in the hot weather when cold drinks sweat a lot. We could use more of them & I think one of the ones from our set broke.

Waiting for my color to set right now & then I'll get my hair cut.

Tonight's book club. No plans for tomorrow night I should shop for my friend D's 50th b day gift- her dinner/ party is set for next weekend.

Okay I'll post this before I lose it & try to get back tomorrow for personals. Have a good day everyone! !

04-12-2014, 10:50 PM
Just a quick one for me. Got the lawn mowed yesterday and today. I'm tired but it's a good tired.
Want you to be proud of me. I started out on the twin bed and told myself no I'm taking my bedroom back. I did. Think I was making her to comfortable. She's here until at least the 24th. I have to work and need my bed. Her face from the plastic surgery is doing well. Her Dr.'s appointment is on the 24th.
Back to work tomorrow.

I have one of the WATP DVD It has a one, two or three mile walk. I can only do the 1 mile but working up to the 2 mile.

04-12-2014, 11:58 PM
At the airport on the way back to Wellington. Nice weekend. Raining now though. Will report on the very busy doings when I get myself organised.

Wonder what the weather is like in Wellington

04-13-2014, 12:04 AM
Hi everyone,

I was going to do personals tonight...but not feeling that great. I drove B around on some errands and then we got something to eat. An hour later after I dropped him off and went home, I started feeling weak, and queasy. I called B and he felt like that too.

I took a nap for a few hours, then fed Santa dinner and took him to the dog park. Now we're home and relaxing. :D

Tomorrow, I'll be getting up early to go to the zoo. I hope my stomach is doing better by then because I don't want to miss this. My yoga class yesterday focused on back stretches and exercises, and my instructor showed me some leg, hip and back stretches that may help me reduce my pain and increase my walking ability at the zoo tomorrow. :crossed:

Well, I'm fairly I'm going to back and lay down.

Love and hugs,

04-13-2014, 09:58 AM
Ceejay ~ Thanks for the tip on the DVD's of Walk Away The Pounds

04-13-2014, 12:27 PM
Morning every one
I'm not in the mood to work today.

Hope your tummy feels better today. I may do a Yoga DVD when I get home and meditate.

04-13-2014, 07:07 PM
Hi, I am back, but swamped again. If I stay awake long enough tonight, I'll be in to tell you about my weekend.

04-13-2014, 07:25 PM
Hi Everyone. It was a busy weekend with me being at SRD but I had a great time and feel so renewed and inspired.

Went to church this morning and then took a wonderful nap this afternoon. We have friends coming over tonight for dinner--we are just getting subs out and DH and his friend are hooking up our new 47 inch tv as the 32 inch one will be mounted in the fitness room this Thursday. I am really getting excited about getting that room done. But I'm sad to see the money leaving my savings account! ;)

Shad: I hope you get some downtime soon. I am looking forward to hearing about your weekend.

Terra: I have the same Walk away the pounds cd that Ceejay has. I get mine at Walmart.

Michelle: I hope you made it to the zoo today and that you are feeling better.

Laura: Sorry to hear that your day started off a bit crabby. Isn't it funny how other people can really affect our day? Did the hair color and cut make you feel better? I sure hope so.

Happy: When will you be checking out the location for the Thrift Shop. Fingers crossed here that it works out! Sorry to hear the vertigo is back. Hopefully it doesn't last long.

Annie: Congratulations on getting to the 3rd interview. I am praying they will make you a good offer. I think you said that you wanted to try this as it would be different?

Ceejay: Good for you for taking your bed back! I am proud of you.

I plan on getting back to MFP tomorrow and log my food but this is what I had yesterday and so far today

April 12 food:
B=breakfast bar and water
L=Vegetable plate at Crackerbarrell: mac and cheese, carrots, corn, garden salad with blue cheese dressing. water
D= 2 chili cheese sandwiches, black raspberry cobbler with scoop of ice cream water

April 13 food:
B=3 pancakes with syrup, scrambled egg, water
L=Herbal life protein shake with banana, water
D=I plan on a veggie sub, some chips, and a piece of apple pie with a scoop of ice cream

04-13-2014, 07:52 PM
Sounds like you had a good week end. My exercise bike is in my bedroom and if she's in there then I can't work out when I want to. So she got moved to the other room amongst other reasons. Think she stay's up half the night and then sleeps half the day. She got on my nerves yesterday but I walked away with out saying anything. But I may bring up the topic again that she was on yesterday to prove a point.

Tonight I'm going to do meditation/relaxation and then some yoga. Think lawn mowing this week end has tightened up my muscles. I'm sore.

04-14-2014, 11:52 AM
Morning all. Rainy & chilly here today. :rain: Itís AprilÖ

Michelle Ė Did you get to go to the zoo on Sunday? Hope you felt well enough to go.

Happy Ė Glad you had some milder temps in your neck of the woods. Whatís the progress on the melting of the snow?? I would love to get to the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum sometime Ė Iíve never been there and itís been open many years now. I like the rotel-velveeta dip you mentioned, but I prefer to bring a snack to the hostís house that doesn't need to be heated/cooked/assembled on site so I donít have to rely on her kitchen (or compete with someone else for the oven or microwave, lol).

Ceejay Ė Iím glad you took back your bedroom. Itís one thing to give up your usual bed for a short term guest, but if itís going to be a regular thing youíre doing as a favor to your friend, you really shouldnít have to have your whole routine (and comfort) disrupted. Thatís a pretty long stay for her.

Shad Ė Hope all is well and youíre maintaining your sanity this busy workweek.

Susie Ė Iím glad your uti and foot are better. I do like getting pedicures once the warm weather arrives! Enjoy yours tonight. Glad you enjoyed the TOPS events Ė we all need something to inspire us! Between SRD and your new fitness room, youíll be ready to go to town on your goals. ;)

Hellos to Annie & Terra!!
My crabbiness Saturday was mostly gone by the time I finished with my brow appointment, though I do feel sort of bad that I was rather unapproachable with the staff and it didnít help that I corrected one of them maybe three times for calling me ďLaurieĒ. I think they had some kind of scheduling snafu, so they were quite apologetic and gave me a little tube of body lotion to make up for it. Whatís so funny is that it was called ďstress-fixĒ, LOLOL. They must have thought I needed it!!

Book club was good. We go off on many tangents throughout the evening and they can be a lot of fun. Iím feeling really guilty about not hosting book club for the longest time. Iíll have to be sure to tell our organizer to put me on the list as host for whateverís open next. In the meantime, I really need to get kickiní with getting some projects done around the house, especially getting our powder room repainted.

I didnít do very much yesterday, just a couple loads of laundry and a dog walk. Otherwise it was just a lot of loafing around. Bf and I finally watched the one episode of The Good Wife that weíd only gotten 20 minutes of when we DVRd it a few weeks ago Ė we bought the episode & viewed it on Amazon. We still have one or two episodes to watch now to get caught up.

Speaking of catching up...I restarted my plank challenge yesterday. I intended to also get back to my pushups as well, but I didn't get them in. I think I'll double up on that tonight so I can be in sync on both of them.

Nothing much going on this week. The next couple days are supposed to be rather chilly. I might get my bike ready to start riding to the train station later this week, but itís not going to be any warmer than the mid-50ís, so maybe notÖ

Okay, off to earn my paycheck. TTFN!

04-14-2014, 01:34 PM
Morning ladies,

Sorry I didn't get in this weekend. My head is rushing with all sorts of lists and ideas and don't forgets to set up the new thrift shop location. And then this morning I started wondering why I am doing this because this will not be an open discussion among members, working together as a team to make this happen - no doubt a couple of people will decide everything. We don't really have a leader - that person is mega involved in volunteering at about 5 different organizations and I think he'd much rather be a worker bee than a leader. My DH said he was toying with the idea of stepping forward but I told him an emphatic NO. There's politics, there's favoritism and you can't afford to tick off the long time volunteers - they sort of know that and leverage it. It's a big headache. I'd do it if there was a more team based way of making it happen but that will never happen. Just found out I was invited to a luncheon today that they forgot to tell me about :lol: So it goes. :rolleyes: I keep reminding myself of what Laura said about doing this for the animals so I try and sneak under the rug to kind of make things happen without being too obvious. ;)

Spent most of the weekend on that. I am trying to use up things in the freezer so my food is tasty but not the best diet friendly food - ie. Italian sausage and peppers sandwiches with homemade coleslaw, yesterday was chicken kiev with frozen cheesy broccoli. So I have not been using MFP because I just fell hard off the wagon and I probably don't want to see the breakdown of what I'm eating. :^: I'm only eating one main meal a day so my weight is holding - just been a while since I had a piece of fruit. I think I'll stop by the store on the way home from lunch today - best time to go grocery shopping is after you ate.

Things are melting nicely here - the snowbanks are down considerably, most all of the snow is melted off the roofs. It's going slow which is good. Weather turned chilly last night and will stay barely above freezing for the bulk of the week ahead. They are talking some snow on Wednesday - hope not. Tonight is a lunar eclipse - going to happen between 2 and 3am CST - about the time all you working people will be rolling over for one last good snooze before the alarm goes off. I'm hoping the clouds will part and we'll get a shot at seeing something. I typically go to bed around that time, I'm betting tonight I will be dog tired and wanting to go to sleep at 1am :lol:

Laura - be forewarned with the Good Wife - I watch Amazing Race which preceeds it. Often CBS has some sporting event on in the afternoon which more than likely runs overtime and totally hoses up the recording of shows like 60 Minutes, Amazing Race and the Good Wife. In fact I have to record the Good Wife each week just to catch any spill over. If you have cable tv, can't you watch back episodes with the On Demand feature? Sometimes you can view them at the site too. Sorry they couldn't get your name right at the salon - I guess it's good to have a name that you can only pronounce one way. :lol: It's nice they gave you an apology gift. I remember you talking about your powder room - did you just get paint and then the project got stalled out?

Ceejay - I think now that you know better and you have the extra bed - guests should stay in the extra room. Only people older than you (like the uncles) should get the main bedroom. Hope your friend is out of there soon.

Terra - the walking away the pounds concept is pretty simple. Walk in front of the tv. She has turned this into a mega franchise and there are probably 50 versions of the WATP videos which basically vary in intensity and the use of props. I've had a few of her videos - they are good substitutes on crummy days when you can't get out. I'd suggest you look at getting a combo video for starters with a 1 mile (20 minutes) 2 mile (30 minutes) and 3 mile (45 minutes) session. This way like Ceejay says - you can start out slow and work your way up.

Susie - yes, sometimes it's hard to pull out the checkbook and pay the store, BUT you are making a very good investment in YOURSELF. I'm sure your fitness room will be great when you are done and if you've invested money in it you will probably be more inclined to use it and get your money out of it. How nice that you were able to sneak in a weekend nap - one of life's precious pleasures :D

Hi Shad - hope this week is not as hectic as last and that your trip back to Wellington was better than the start of it.

Michelle - hope you got some rest this weekend and are feeling better. Stomach bug or viral thing?

Annie - good luck with the interviews. Hope you get a call back with an encouraging offer this week. :crossed: Did you do an Easter basket for Lil Man?

I'd better hop in the shower and get decent looking. Have a good Monday chicks.

04-14-2014, 03:30 PM
Hi all. Do you have room for a bad penny to turn back up? I got sick last spring - nothing major, just an upper respiratory thing that lasted all summer. Then with the last semester of law school, I have really fallen far off the wagon. Enough is enough. Now it is time for lots of changes and new things, and I can use all the support and accountability I can get.


04-14-2014, 04:29 PM
Room for everyone here Jolly. Welcome back.

Still swamped with things that it is not my job to do - creating the blueprint for example, which should have been done 3 years ago by the consulting company and the business representatives. It's the sort of thing that gives SAP a bad name. But that's what I have on my plate, plus the legacy problems - ie. what happens when a customer rings up with a complaint about the last bill and you have to go back to the last correct reading and start again in the new system without causing problems in accounting and creating yet another service order for the service providers to go out and do it all again. That's the one where he said the other guy was doing it and the other guy said he was doing it and no one did anything. Third headache on my plate is to do with interactive letters - these are the mass produced letters begging, cajoling, or threatening if you don't pay the bill (among other sorts) and they wish to have the process documented. Problem is that I can't get any information out of the person who wants me to do it. Sweet, I may get hold of the cattle prod and give her a flick or two. I don't do osmosis, I am not psychic or even psychedelic. I am not telepathic or even telepathetic.

Anyway, time being what it is, I'd better get on with it. The Royals move on to Aus tomorrow - maybe the weather will clear up.

04-14-2014, 04:59 PM
Hi ladies -

I had a great day Sunday at the zoo. It was wonderful having a private tour by my docent friend. I got to see a baby gorilla, a baby giraffe and a yearling giraffe. I'll try and post photos later this week.

I'm kind of in a funk today. I'm finding it very difficult to maintain a positive attitude when it comes to losing weight. I'm considering Opti-Fast, so darn expensive though! But I think it would give me a great jumpstart especially since I hate to cook. I'm also toying with the idea of bariatric's worked for Annie and for my niece and for another dear friend...but everything I'm reading is minimum of 4 weeks before returning to "normal" activities and I'm wondering if that means 4 weeks off work?

Like I said...just sort of in a funk. But I'm not going to let it affect my eating. I did a very short 10 min. walk today, and am going to the Back Exercise class tonight at the medical clinic.

I'll try and get back for personals later.

Welcome back, Jolly!

Much love to all,

04-14-2014, 06:24 PM
Just as an aside to that. This is the outfit I wore to the wedding last weekend. Should be some photos of me around. If I ever get back to my computer I might find that someone has managed to share them with me.
Such a photographers dream - NOT! But the dress looked good on digital

04-14-2014, 06:25 PM
Hang in there. We all get in these "why do I care" when it comes to our weight. I'd almost given up myself last week. The trip to the zoo sounded like fun especially seeing the baby animals.

Yes, you do know me- re getting my bed back. I'd actually put her in the other room cause the land lord was coming to put a new lock on that window. She hasn't liked being in the other room either, but I kept hearing voices saying take back your bed. I didn't want her to take up permanent residence either. And I had to stand her down last night. I was tired an she was going off on a wild tangent in which I was extremely tired of dealing with so I politely but firmly said PLEEEASE don't start that again. Think it upset her but hey I really didn't care at the time. I usually do my exercise at 8.30 p.m. so I excused her to go do that. Think she thought I was upset with her. And I was but still needed to do my yoga. If she did that's okay too. She sent me a text today stating that she had thought about going home today but needed to stay till Wednesday. That's okay as long as she stays out of my immediate space. She'd criticized my neighbor right in front of her and I started to tell her to shut up then. But the neighbor saw that it was upsetting me and gave me a look not to. She will not be coming back. And if I say that she is--get the rolling pin after me.

I'll have to go back and read the other post. Kind of concerned about Shad. Read where that area had a big earthquake. Looking forward to the lunar eclipse tomorrow night or is it tonight. They are calling it a blood moon.

04-14-2014, 06:28 PM
Glad I saw your post. Did you feel the earthquake in that area?

04-14-2014, 07:33 PM
What earthquake? Nothing here. I think you are thinking of Vanuatu. They had a massive one if I remember rightly. So did somewhere in Chile.

Informative map on where the earthquakes are happening around the world. Michelle has had more than me. Mind you these are all over 2.5 on the scale. Don't feel anything less than that.

04-15-2014, 12:27 PM
Morning all. I have been doing better getting regular workouts in again. Including the dreaded weight training. The eating is not going so well. I'm ready to eat the legs off my desk!!!!

04-15-2014, 12:29 PM
And Shad, that dress looks very pretty!

04-15-2014, 12:31 PM
Morning all. Ho hum. Back to winter-like weather. It snowed yesterday and there was snow on the lawns this morning. I texted bf what train I was on yesterday and instead of bringing the car to pick me up, about a block away from the station he came walking with the dog. Oh well. We all got snowed on and the dog needed to be toweled off when we got home. I hope the sun melts the snow today. I bundled up for my walk to the train station today since it's rather chilly. Tomorrow it'll be back to seasonal temps. Yay for that.

Happy Ė It would be nice if the relocation of the thrift store was also a fresh start for it. Itís unfortunate that weak/lacking leadership and some bully volunteers make progress so difficult. I hope you can get some of your ideas in place without too much nastiness. Did you get a chance to see the lunar eclipse last night/early this morning Ė the blood moon? Re The Good Wife Ė bf is generally pretty good about also DVRíg the show following TGW Ė I think itís the Mentalist? Ė just so we get the entire episode, but not that time. For whatever reason, CBS doesnít do on-demand with our cable company. We get a lot of other channels via on demand, but not them. Re the powder room Ė I donít think we even got the paint.

Hi Jolly Ė Welcome. Iíve fallen off the wagon myself these past two months, so I understand wanting things to change. If youíre ready for change, thereís a lot of support to be had here!

Shad Ė LOL re telepathetic! Ugh, the job sounds like a permanent headache at the moment. Get that prod charged up and ready to use!! :D So did the rain go away along with the Royals?? Looking forward to photos from the wedding you went to.

Ceejay Ė Sounds like your friend has overstayed her welcome again. Hopefully sheíll be leaving soon and you can get some peace in your home. Is the yoga and meditation helping you at all?

Michelle Ė Sorry youíre in a funk. I find myself that way too as far as eating goes. I donít get what turns the switch from Ēupbeat and making the effortĒ to ďnegative and self-sabotagingĒ. I know I havenít been very gung ho on WW for quite a while. I never have liked counting points, but thereís really so much more to it thatís helpful. But right now I just donít want to face the scale and pretend to be engaged (i.e., going to meetings) when Iím not. I donít think Iíve ever done any type of jumpstart to get myself back in the groove. Have you ever done optifast? Honestly, Iíve always been so self-indulgent with my eating that the idea of doing shakes or a cleanse or fasting just doesnít appeal to me at all Ė deprivation doesnít work for me! What I do know is that youíve been in a really good groove with your physical activity level and have to give yourself props for that!!! I think we need to combat the negative self-talk with some positive messages about the good things we do for ourselves. Maybe we need to post that each day - here or in MFP.

Hellos to Terra, Susie & Annie. :wave:


Nothing much to report. I did a 2.5 minute plank last night. Wow, was it difficult! I also caught up on my pushup challenge, but decided not to try any standard pushups since I was doing two days worth of pushups. That 5-6 day break in the challenges when I was so sore has dampened my enthusiasm somewhat. However, I've been texting my friend B because sheís been doing challenges too and so we commiserate about it, LOL.

No movie tonight. Theyíre going to see "Divergent". I have no interest in it. Next week might be the new Captain America movie, which Iíd like to see.

Okay, better get back to biz. Oh, before I forgetÖSince Iím subscribed to this thread, when someone posts to it, I get an email link to bring me to the post. But lately, the link brings me to the thread, but not right to the most recent post, and sometimes it doesnít even seem like it brings me to the page of the most recent post. I donít understand that. Anyone else notice that? :?:

04-15-2014, 12:49 PM
Howdy kids,

Stayed up for the eclipse last night. Glad to see we finally had some clear sky conditions but it was COLD. I was sitting on the deck on a blanket, wrapped in a down comforter. I had to get a scarf because my nose was frozen but that of course just fogged up my glasses when I put the scarf on my face. It was very pretty - a bit over hyped with the blood red color talk - but quite pretty to see. The moon was framed by a couple of stars that made it look even nicer.

Had an impromptu lunch yesterday with one of the ladies who works at another big thrift store in town to pick her brain. Got some good info from her. Afterwards I hit the grocery store because we were running out of everything. Both tasks ran long and I burnt up the day. Ate a light dinner and we both took naps anticipating getting up in the middle of the night for the eclipse. It's hard photographing it - I posted one pic on Facebook. You must have a tripod because the shudder has to stay open longer in the low light so my handheld camera had more of a shakey "worm" than a picture of the moon.

Physical therapy today and another big snowstorm (8 to 10 inches) due in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. Supposed to snow from 4am until midnight the following day. So tired of this. Our sump pump finally started going off (it drains the water around the outside foundation of the house) so that means the frost line finally rose substantially.

Hi Jolly - welcome back. How is law school coming along?

Shad - love the dress - had to be a very pretty complimentary color on you also.

Ceejay - I think sometimes we try and do nice things for someone - like your friend - and it backfires and then maybe we were better off just being by ourselves. Hate to say it but...

Michelle - sorry you are feeling a bit down. It's so much harder now to get the weight off. Particularly if you don't like to cook. Another option - if you have room in the freezer - is WW or LC frozen meals. WW has a whole line of breakfasts - or you can do protein smoothies. Add some fresh vegetables (raw if you don't want to cook them) and a serving or two of fruit. I'm not so keen on all the packaged stuff but it does do portion control and variety. I myself am not keen on the Optifast plan simply because while it gets the weight off, everyone seems to have great difficulty maintaining the loss once they go back to real food. And I'm sure Annie and your friend can discuss the commitment to permanently changing your body with bariatric surgery. I wish there was a magic pill, I wish I had worked harder in my 40's. :^: I feel a kindred spirit with you in that we are both caught in a catch 22 of sorts - you have back issues, I have knee and hip issues - both would be helped by weight loss but the issues also complicate movement. We can only go forward. Small steps. Don't give up. :hug: Your zoo tour sounded amazing! What a great opportunity to see those baby animals.

I guess I beat the rest of the ladies in here. I need to hop in the shower and get ready for PT anyway. Catch up with you later.

04-15-2014, 12:56 PM
Laura - typing over me :wave: As to your question - I don't do email notifications - I just come to the thread and scroll so sorry - can't help out there. Wanted to ask if you saw August: Osage County? There are a few movies I wanted to see but when I read the reviews (which I know you have to take with a grain of salt) - I get turned off by them. Bummer that this latest challenge is making you so sore - I'm all for pushing a bit harder but not when you are left walking like Quasimodo the next day :rolleyes: It's good to have a friend to commiserate with. I find in the mornings I use my feet to sort of massage the sore backs of my knees - a bit of a movement from the yoga where we give ourselves a foot massage. It helps to work out the kinks - a little. Not as good as a full body massage by someone else but Helga has not magically shown up at my house yet. If she does, I will send her down your way. ;) Yuck on the snow - our neighbor in AH posted pictures on FB - at least it's not enough to have to shovel and hopefully will warm by Easter Sunday. It has been a crazy winter - even for you...

04-15-2014, 01:11 PM
Good morning ladies,

Did any of you see the lunar eclipse? I wanted to...and I was going to go to bed early and set my alarm to get up and watch...but it didn't work out that way. D called me at around 7 pm, which was when he should've been at least halfway home from Reno. He had severe leg cramps and difficulty walking and driving. The leg cramps were so bad that he went to the urgent care. I was really I stayed up later than expected waiting for his call (but not late enough for the eclipse). His blood work came back fine; just a bit that gave him some IV fluids. Rather than try and arrange for another night in a hotel in Reno, he stayed at his family's house in the Lake Tahoe area (about 40 minutes from Reno). He will drive the rest of the way home today.

Back exercise class was good, except for "warming up" someone else had already claimed the recumbent bike and the elliptical, so I did the treadmill. Not a good decision. My back started hurting somewhere between 5 or 10 minutes in. As is usually the case, once I sit down for a few minutes, I'm I did well with the core strengthening exercises and the stretches.

I may go to yoga tonight...I haven't decided for sure. It depends on when D gets home and how he's feeling.

I've started the Oprah and Deepak Chopra Finding Your Flow 21 day free meditation course. Yesterday was day 1 and meditating helped improve my mood.


Susie - What is SRD? I'd be interested in finding out what you learned there, especially regarding Diabetes.

Ceejay - Sorry that your friend is getting on your nerves, but I'm glad you put her in the guest room. Now that there's a bed in there, there is no reason to give up your own bed. Did the yoga help your sore lawn mowing muscles?

Laura - Good for you for starting the plank challenge! Wow!! A 2.5 minute plank? That's amazing! I'm so impressed!! Snowing again? Still? Y'all are having an awful winter. As for my mood, I was negative yesterday, but a little more optimistic today. I'm glad I didn't get into that self-sabotaging downward spiral though...yes, I felt blue...but I didn't try and "comfort myself" with food. No, I've never done Optifast. I'm just feeling a little more desperate now...and like even a 1 pound per week weight loss won't be "good enough" or "fast enough". Thanks for the kind words about my physical activity. :D

Happy - I think it's good that you told your DH not to step up and be the leader of the new Thrift Store project and its volunteers. It's wonderful you're so committed to helping the animals and relaunching the thrift store. I haven't been to FB yet today, and since I'm at work, I'll wait for my break to check out your eclipse photograph. I hope your PT goes well today. I can't believe you're still getting big snowstorms. Thanks for your kind suggestions about non-cooking options. I actually eat the Special K breakfast sandwiches and a Greek yogurt for breakfast, and a Healthy Choice, WW or LC meal for lunch, along with a salad and raw baby carrots. I wished I'd listened to people when I was in my 30s and they were telling me how much harder losing weight can be in your 40s and 50s.

Shad - Very pretty outfit! Sorry you're having such frustration and being dumped on at work. Hang in there.

Jolly - Good for you for getting in regular workouts. If the legs of your desk are made of wood, at least they'll be high in fiber. :rofl:

Annie - How you are you and C? How is DD and the boys?

Time to get back to website fine tuning. :D

Much love to all,

04-15-2014, 03:57 PM
I'm tired today. I did go to bed on time but got up in the middle of the night to see the ending of the lunar eclipse. Also got to see the constellation Virgo which is also my sign. It was cold last night too.
It's almost funny. Don't think my guest has slept in the guest room once. She's been on the couch since the t.v. is in there. I heard her get up this morning and go to the room when I got up to get ready for work. She doesn't like being in there. So be it, that's where she is staying. Don't think she's been eating anything even though there's food in the house. I'm not cooking every day while I'm working. I'm hoping she leaves tomorrow.
She's still talking of going to Branson with me. But there will be some rules for her to follow.

Yes, the yoga did help the sore muscles. In fact since I've been doing a lot of walking at work, I've been trying to get in some yoga at home. thanks for the reminder of the meditation.

I can't believe that your area is getting more snow. But it's cold enough here especially at night to do that.

How are you doing?

Susie, Shad and Terra Hello :wave:

Welcome back.

04-15-2014, 04:02 PM
Ceejay - I hope your guest leaves soon too. You know, you don't have to "let" her go to Branson with you. Weren't you going there with your sister? You could just say that you want some family time with your sister. Hang in there, my friend.

04-15-2014, 05:05 PM
Morning all,
Something must have pinged in my brain yesterday because I worked like a little demon. Got all but a one thing off my plate and am now casting around looking for more work. That doesn't mean I have gotten rid of all the stuff I was doing, just means that I have done all I can for now. Eventually, much of it will end up back at my desk.

Laura - the email thing has been doing that for ages for me anyway. Even before Mel passed, I would click on the link. It would take me to one of her posts but not the latest one.
One thing I have found during weight loss is that if at first you don't succeed, you get depressed about it. I was going along quite well, not losing anything but shaping up, but then it hit me that for all the effort I was putting in, nothing was happening. That's depressing. You have exercised long and hard, and you deserve the rewards, but our bodies seem to think otherwise. Damn it.

Happy - Can't imagine your DH being too happy with some of the dithering old volunteers there. 'But my stuff has always gone there' I can almost here him saying that because it has always happened doesn't mean it is always right and have you ever thought that the way it is displayed is why it doesn't sell?'
People hate change. I see it everyday in my job, where grown men have been known to crumple at the unknown 'change' coming.

Jolly - hope you have good teeth then. That wood will have been there for a while. Try bringing small snacks in with you. See if the 6 small meals a day will work for you. Same calorific value, just more often until you adjust. It's never worked for me, my brain has portion control missing from its calculations, but it may get you over the hump where you tummy is trying to rule the brain.

Ceejay - think I may have kicked the 'guest' out by now. It can't be doing your brain and/ or body any good to be in a constant state of flux especially as you have long hours of work on shifts to concentrate on.

Michelle - As you see from above, the more they give me to do, the better I work. Hate being idle at work. I have a few butts to kick today to get some feedback and to get things signed off, but it will happen. Sorry to hear that D has been unwell on a drive back to CA but at least he had the sense not to go any further. Hope he has now arrived safely home.

Susie - It will be great when you get your home gym set up. You wont know yourself. We will all have to come over and work out together! :lol3:

So who have I missed - Annie :wave: Terra :wave: Hope you are both doing okay.

So what else is happening. Thinking, thinking......
My right hearing aid went dead over the weekend. Had to take it in for repair yesterday, consequently I am not hearing people too well right now. Oh well.
The royals are in town today - it's still raining - so I think I might stay away from the civic centre, in fact I might just grab some lunch from the Boulangerie across the road and come back to work. Not that I have anything against the royals, I am a bit of a monarchist myself, and these two are a little more down to earth than the previous generations, but I don't like crowds of children, mums pushing strollers and office workers getting clucky. No doubt they will feature on the news tonight. See better from the comfort of my couch anyway.

Okay, it might be time for me to move along. There was something I was about to tell you all, but it has slipped my mind for a the time being (just like portion control) I'll be back when/ if I remember my important bit of gossip/ facts/ inspiration/ encouragement.

04-15-2014, 11:19 PM
Yesterday was a crazy day. I worked 11 hours and when I got home I crashed.

My Director's father passed away suddenly and he had to go to Texas for the week. I had a lot of work rearranging meetings and such, and then since I was out of the office last Friday I had a lot of emails to catch up and things to execute.

Today was a better day and I got 3 major things accomplished. I work tomorrow and then I'm taking a vacation day on Thursday and Friday is a paid holiday for us, it is for DH too.

We have everything ready for the painters to come. They have to work around some furniture in the office but it is what it is. I'll take the computer down on Wednesday morning. I might not be online until after Saturday after everything is painted and I can put the computer back. It will be the first thing that I put back in place.

My foot is hurting again. I am icing it when I get home. I think I will make an appointment to see my orthopedist. A co-worker told me that when she broke her toe, her foot hurt along the side and on he pad of her foot close to the toes, that is where mine hurts, and she had a shot of cortozone that helped as it healed. When I saw the podiatrist ,she acted like I just needed to give it time to heal. I can do that but having my foot hurt all the time is not going to work fo me. I need to see the orthopedist anyway. I could use a shot of cortozone in my knee. It has been a year and a half so I am due one.

I haven't seen the eclipse. My dad was always enthralled with that type of thing and always woke me and my brother to see those type of things. I remember one time he got us up at 3:00 a.m. to see a metor shower. Fond memories.

Shad: That dress is lovely. Very elegant and such a pretty color.

Happy: I saw August: Osage County and I liked it. It is not a "feel good" movie but it does make you relective and Meryl Strep is amazing! She is my favorite actress.

Laura: We had some snow today too. It was just on the grass and was gone this afternoon but it is chilly and we will have a hard freeze tonight.

You said you wanted to see Captain America..I do too! We are going to try and see it on Saturday.

I like your idea about posting movitational type things. I'll start looking for some. I have some on my pintrest account so I will log in and see what I gather there a while back.

Michelle: I understand the "funk". It just happens sometimes.
SRD is State Recogniation Days. At the end of the year when we send out weigh charts to headquarters they check them and then they know who has reached their goal weight, and who was a division winner in the state. TOPS breaks weight loss down by division on how much you weighed at the beginning of the year and where you ended up at the end of the year. That way you are being recognized for accomplishments that you competed with people in the same weight range you are in. Also, the is a State Queen and King that is declared overall again according to weight that was lost.

I will get my notes that i took on the diabeties talk and post them for you in a few days.

Ceejay: I think it is time for your company to go home. I am really proud of you for letting her know how yu are feeling. I remember the last time you just put up with it. You have come a long way! Good for you!

Hi Annie, Terra and Jolly.

Ok...time to get to bed. I hope to post tomorrow.

04-15-2014, 11:25 PM
Laura,Ceejay & Shad ~ HELLO

Jollygirl ~ Welcome to the thread

Susie ~ Okay I'll check and see if they have Walk Away The Pounds at our walmart, Thanks for the advice

Happy ~ Thanks for telling me more about WATP, I will get a combo dvd.

I walked twice today even though I am fighting a cold, I didnt want my cold to get in the way of my walking. I hope my cold passes soon though.

04-16-2014, 11:12 AM
Good Morning All...

I was offered the sales job for insurance however I declined it after finding out more about the company and their procedures. It just isn't me to push and prod people for sales. It is one of those when you visit someone to sell them the supplemental insurance, they have to decide that very minute and don't give them any time to think about it. To me that is BS, pushy and too much pressure on someone. I am not like that. I would not have succeeded. Back to the drawing board. bleh.

I told Curtis during my melt down last night that I feel pressured to find a decent job with insurance. He said well don't. What do you want to do? I said be a stay at home Nanna. He said so be one. Sweet but I think I would go stir crazy and feel like I am not contributing. So taking my time to figure it out. Man.

I will try to get back and do personals later this week or weekend. C is home today and we are going to the bank to see about maybe refinancing my house.

Love and Hugs

04-16-2014, 11:51 AM
Thank God and Greyhound she's gone. I'm ready for me to be alone in my own space again. She mentioned last night about if I were sleeping okay in my bed. I said yes I am. Then she wanted to turn the heat up, I said no. It's where I need it for my sinuses and I'm not budging. She wanted to know what I wanted for dinner. I said I'm eating a bowl of cereal--My stomach was bothering me.

I could say no to her not going to Branson. I'm just going to make some rules. Cause she is going to get a rude awakening when she meets my sister's children. They will not take anything off her. Plus she's already paid her part for the reservation. I could give it back.

I'll be back. Time for me to go downstairs for my 10 o'clock readings.

04-16-2014, 12:38 PM
Good morning ladies,

I'm making some good progress on the website, and even though I'm still doing testing and fine tuning, I sent the URL off to my manager for her and others to review. I still have plenty to keep me busy to get it all ready by the end of the month.

D arrived safely home yesterday and felt well enough to go to work last night. His leg pain had eased up substantially.

Yoga class got canceled at the last minute due to the instructor's husband having to go to the hospital. When I got the news, I had already driven the 15 miles to get to class in Palo Alto, and my teleconference book club with my Wisconsin friends was just about to start. When I go to yoga in Palo Alto on Tuesdays, I take my book club call in my car and then yoga is after book club. So at 6 pm, I learned no yoga. I decided to stay in Palo Alto and do the call from my car as usual rather than try and do the book club call while fighting traffic heading to San Jose. It worked out well. After the call was over the traffic heading to San Jose was very light. :D


Shad - Good on ya' for getting so much done! That's how my day was too. There were a couple fixes I had no idea how to accomplish, but with a few brief rounds of trial and error, I got them working. Like you, I expect that plenty of tasks will find their way back to my desk before go live. I agree with what you said to Laura, with all our hard work, you'd think we'd get more results. With all the butt kicking you're doing, maybe it's good that your hearing aid went dead...that way you don't have to listen to their whinging. I think it would be cool to see Will & Kate, but like you, I hate crowds of pushy people, especially pushy mums with strollers (they drive those things like a bulldozer).

Susie - Sad news about the passing of your director's father. I'm sure he appreciates your rearranging his schedule. So nice that you get a 4 day weekend! I hope you're able to get in to see the orthopedist soon so you can get some pain relief. That's so nice that TOPS has so many recognitions.

Terra - I hope you're feeling better today.

Annie - I was wondering if the insurance sales would be high pressure. I think you're right in declining the offer. Is there any way you can find a happy medium so you don't have to completely give up stay at home Nanna. Maybe something part-time? Or something where you work from home? Have you checked I took a brief look and they seem to have a variety of jobs posted there. Good luck at the bank today. I hope you're able to refi.

Ceejay - Just make sure your friend/houseguest is FULLY aware of the "rules" before your trip. Remember this is YOUR vacation. YOU are going there to RELAX and ENJOY time with family. Honestly, if it were me, I'd give her the money back and say that I really want/need to spend quality family time with my sister and her family. But it's your decision, of course. I'd just hate to see her pushy-ness ruin your vacation.

:wave: to Laura!

Much love to all,

04-16-2014, 12:46 PM
Good morning everyone!

Michelle and Shad - fiber and good teeth, huh? Good ones! It really is a combo of PMS and just needing to get back in a routine. I'm all out of sync.

Happy - law school is done! That is part of the stress. Now I need to figure out how to be an attorney!!

Well, here's to better days. Have a good one, everyone!

04-16-2014, 01:05 PM
Jolly - I know that menopause has gotten a bad rap, and hot flashes are no fun...but, at least for me, one of the best parts of menopause is NO MORE PMS. I know that doesn't help you right now though. But I also know you well enough to be able to say that when you ARE in a can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. Just look how you got through law school! Jollygirl, you can totally ROCK this...just keep moving and work yourself back to healthy eating...and if you must munch, make healthier choices. Your dedication has inspired me for years!

04-16-2014, 01:30 PM
I just found out my treadmill will not be delivered until May 1 :mad::mad::cry::shrug::club::rollpin:

I am a bit ticked off! But I did get a 10% discount off, so it saves me $85.00.

Oh well..I will have the room done and the tv will be in there so I can do my DVD workouts in there and it is starting to get nice so DH and I can walk in the evening. This is for DH as much as me. I need to get that man moving!

I'll try to post personals tonight.

04-16-2014, 01:40 PM
Morning all. Happy Hump Day.

Jollygirl – Between eating and exercise, the eating part is harder for me. Sometimes I wonder if I’m too attached to snacks. Not the snacks themselves (because I love everything), but the concept of eating between meals. I know it’s good to keep the metabolism going, but the fact that I’m always eating - it’s always on my mind. Maybe just sticking with meals only would be easier...

Happy – Wish I’d seen the eclipse, or even just a clear dark sky in which to see some stars. I have to get away from the city sometime to do that. Gosh, I hope you didn’t get the snow you mentioned!!! Was it your last PT session yesterday? Are you able to do the movements to deal with the vertigo on your own? No, I didn’t see August: Osage County. It has a great cast, but like Susie commented – I heard it was not a “feel good” movie. I have to be in the mood for that type of thing. I think we have it on a dvd that I got from our movie group organizer. Dunno how she gets them, don’t want to know. Though some are screeners – “for your consideration” periodically scrolls across the screen. RE my challenges – it isn’t the challenges that made me so sore last week, it was the LA Fitness class I took – “Body Works plus Abs”. Tons and tons of squats, plies, & lunges. Yup, I skipped that class this week, haha.

Michelle – I’m glad D is feeling better and got back home just fine yesterday. How did he get so dehydrated? Sorry the treadmill walking did a job on your back. It would probably be a good thing to get to class early enough to get the elliptical or the bike. I realized I have to get to my classes at the gym earlier because when I end up on the sides of the room, it’s harder to see the instructor. Today’s day 20 of the plank challenge. From now on, it’s going to be sooo hard, but I’m going to try and just have the attitude that I’m just going to give it my all for that time. I’m glad you were feeling more optimistic yesterday and hope it continues. I think a jumpstart would be a motivator, but just being successful with one thing for a period of time could also be something that builds confidence. I’m going to try that with getting in my water.

Ceejay – I’m glad your friend went home today. Good for you standing up to her! I hope you don’t let her come along on your trip to Branson if that’s not what you really want – I say pay her back for the reservation. It would be worth it for your sanity and enjoyment of the trip.

Shad – If I were really giving both eating and exercise my “all” (or even “some”, LOL) and not experience progress, I would definitely be ticked off. Especially since I’ve experienced positive results from my efforts in the past. But lately I haven’t been doing well and I know it’s due to a lack of effort on my part. I know that and I think I’m finally ready to pull out of this funk I’m in. I hope you get your hearing aid back soon!!

Susie – How nice you have a long holiday weekend to enjoy! I hope the weather cooperates for you. You must be anxious to get the painting done and get on with the rest of your fitness room! Sorry to hear your foot is hurting you. Foot pain is definitely no fun. I had a bout of plantar fasciitis a couple years ago in my left foot and it took a while to resolve itself. Well, it didn’t resolve itself, I had a cortisone shot and that did the trick. In the meantime, my work commute was rather difficult because I normally walk part of it. On the positive side, I did take an aqua fitness class during this period and learned that that kind of class is a good workout! Anyway, I hope your doc can help you with both your foot and your knee. I look forward to hearing how you like Captain America.

Terra – I hope you find the WATP video at Walmart. If your area’s anything like mine, relying on decent weather for outdoor activities such as walking, cookouts, etc. can be hopeless. Better to have an alternate plan indoors.

Annie – Congrats on the job offer. Too bad it wasn’t anything you’d enjoy. But I’m sure you’ll find something more to your liking.:) Don’t despair!! In the meantime, try to enjoy the extra time you have, though I know you're likely filling it up very easily and are busy all the time!!! I hope a refi on your house will work out – saving money is always a good thing.

Just finished a useless meeting. Not sure why it was scheduled – the info was partially covered in a meeting last week, and the rest could have been added to a meeting we’re having next week. Sigh.

Last night was nothing special. We decided to grill some Italian sausage and I tried to watch bf so I can use the gas grill myself. I wasn’t too thrilled when the grill didn’t flame up right away but instead burst out after gas had apparently built up - yikes. Bf said it normally doesn’t do that…it was the first time using it since last fall…huh. Doesn’t make me enthusiastic to try that on my own.

Bf has been suffering a nasty chest cold with a lot of coughing. I think he’s slowly getting better, but now I have some crud in my throat. Bleh. Hope I don’t get it as severely as he did.

My dumbbell rack arrived at Walmart yesterday and bf picked it up. Maybe he’ll assemble it today. Hopefully before I get home, so I don’t have to hear cursing over the quality of the instructions or parts that don’t want to fit together easily, haha.

Leaving work a bit early today for my annual physical. I have my BP monitor's report printed and ready.

Okay, posting before any more interruptions!!! TTFN!

04-16-2014, 01:41 PM
Susie, bummer about the delay in receiving the treadmill!! :( Good you have alternate plans though. :yes:

04-16-2014, 02:22 PM
I've been contemplating about telling her my plans have changed. And they really have. Remember the guy from high school I've mentioned earlier. He's wanting to get together again. And I hate to leave her with my sister. I'd gladly give her the money back. And I'm going to also tell her that she will be responsible for her own snacks what not. I'm not paying for them and I'm not allowing my sis to do so. Snacks are one thing that sis doesn't have in the house

04-16-2014, 04:54 PM
Morning all,

Dull, bleak, grey and cool. That's been us for the past week or so and it doesn't look like getting any better any time soon. Thought it might have cleared up now that the Royals have gone.

Yesterday as I said, the work went fine. I fined tuned and crossed a couple of things off my list. Then it all came back to bite me again. Will I ever get rid of this legacy document. Will it ever be finished. Will I ever finish with the Planned Outage stuff or the Interactive correspondence stuff. Will I ever get anyone to sign off the Service Order overview. It's like a long running saga.

The hearing aid people rang yesterday, quote to fix the hearing aid is $200+. Geez man. Hope the bloody thing works just fine when I get it back.

I was planning on going to the South Island for Easter. The weather forecast is not good for the whole weekend. The rain doesn't stop me. Wind and rain would. If it is just raining and not blowing the Marlborough Sounds can look magnificent, but it won't be good walking on the trails, I won't get to Nelson or the West Coast or any of the other places I wanted to visit. So I may just have to stay home and visit the rellies. Suppose I should see what they are doing for the long weekend.

Michelle - It's so nice when the program begins to come together and you start to understand what goes where, what works, and what needs tweaking.
Glad to hear that D got home okay and is on the improve. It wasn't so much the pushy mums and strollers, although God forbid that they come into contact with my ankles, it's the fact that people were lining up from 6am in the one place where they would be able see them. And it was a small area. It seems Royal tours are no longer for the people, they are politically motivated and the timetables are set to the last 30secs. Heaven forbid that they be late to meet the next mayor, mayoral candidate or prime minister. This means there is very little time to meet and greet with HM's loyal subjects. This walkabout in Wellington was limited to 15 minutes, squashed in between the visit to the Police College where they met and cuddled some adorable puppies - bound for police dog duty and some fully functioning police dogs. They were actually there to honour those police who have given their lives in the line of duty - including a couple of dogs. However I think Kate would have preferred to stay cuddling the pups and scratching the head of Hero, the big police dog. Think his name was Hero. But I digress, between the Police College and the plane to take them to Australia, they had 15 minutes to greet and meet the locals. The same thing happened in Auckland and Christchurch - our three largest cities. The pollies hope they will drum up votes for them, the business people rub their hands with glee as the tills ring constantly when people come to see them. All charities hope to be on the list since it is a great way of getting attention for their work and the people miss out.

Jolly - PMS, well don't envy you that. All yours. Maybe the wood will help with the missing minerals or something.

Susie - You'll be busy redeploying the boss and his life. Sorry to hear that the treadmill won't arrive soon, but May is not that far off. It will arrive soon enough. Hope the foot comes right soon.
I saw a magnificent picture of the blood moon on facebook today. I will copy it tonight and share it on the thread. It's not my picture but I wish I had taken it.
Hope you foot stops hurting soon.

Ceejay - You really are too nice you know. Kick her to the curb. Give her her money back and go away and enjoy yourself with the family and the fella. Good luck with that by the way.

Laura - I've bummed out on the challenge, but intend to start again over the weekend, same as I intend to get back to MFP and log my food. I don't care about the exercise bit of it, since it seems to me to be all wrong. I just want to moderate the portions I am eating and get on with life.
Gas barbeques can be a bit like that. Hope B/F wasn't standing there holding a match to the gas spigot. Has he still got hair on his hands and head?

Annie - Take it quietly for a while and one day at a time. Something will give somewhere and you will find just the job that is waiting for you. Don't limit yourself to insurance, look around and think about what makes you happy. If you are happy in your work, then you never work a day in your life. It's all fun.

I think that is about it for today. Better go have some breakfast before the others arrive and it is time to get back on the adrenaline wagon. Such is life, everytime I think about retirement, someone somewhere raises the retirement age. To think that my Dad retired at 55, and lived a long and happy retirement. I need to work until I am at least 67 and be dead not long after. That's our new and 'improved' world for you.

04-16-2014, 07:22 PM
Hi all,

Been snowing all bloody day. Over a foot of snow they say. Good news is that it should be melted by the weekend. Just when things were starting to clear. Bad news is this is the wet, heavy stuff. I hope it's a sunny day tomorrow.

Yoga class was cancelled - I would not have ventured out in this anyhow. Had my last session with the physical therapist yesterday. One last adjustment for the vertigo - interestingly it was the other side that was the problem that I did not pick up on. We had a good conversation - I have some exercises to help things as much as they can be helped - not rushing into hip or knee surgery any time soon.

Shad - I hope you don't head into the winds and rain again - I remember from the last time it's quite blustery out your way. Might be Mary Poppins - see you come flying in on an umbrella doing a pliť. Good point about the royals being paraded around for publicity - a shame because they are very popular and good for some P.R. for the monarchy. I saw pictures of the police pups - at cute as they are. Don't blame you for not wanting to stand and wait in a crowd for them. Once I stood outside in the wee hours of a Chicago winter's morning to catch a glance at the pope. Did it more for my mate's mum but that was quite difficult even though I was young and at the top of my game. It was really bad as he drove past and all the latecomers pushed and surged forward - we had to lock arms and legs to protect mum from being crushed.

Ceejay - I agree with the others, probably best to refund your friend's money if you can and go to Branson with the family like you planned. She doesn't sound like a good travelling companion and who needs an outsider causing a ruckus?

Jolly - congrats on graduating law school. What is your specialty?

Laura - I hate when the grill won't light and it booms when the gas is built up. Scares me actually. Sometimes little spiders nest in the gas tubes - apparently they think the smell of propane is an aphrodisiac. We'd have to rod the tubes with a pipe cleaner at the start of the season. Till then, let BF man the grill :lol: A sure sign of spring is the throat crud and sneezing. Ugh. My sister said all of a sudden spring popped and even though they had snow the other day - trees are budding, grass is greening and I'm sure bulbs are pushing up out of the earth. Thanks for the comment on the movie - I'm debating about it.

Susie - bummer on the treadmill delay but it's just a couple of weeks - gives you time to put the finishing touches in the room. Are you building a platform for it or putting it on tile or carpet? I didn't realize that TOPS did so much in regards to people's weight loss. Would be nice to get national recognition. I hope you can convince DH to get moving with you. How is he doing health wise?

Michelle - that's a shame you drove out to find your yoga class was cancelled but at least you could take your call and got to wait out the heavier traffic. I'm glad your web renovations are coming along nicely. They sure got you working fast and hard quickly! As long as they don't dish it out faster than you can keep up with it - they everyone can do their job nicely! I'm glad you found a place you are happy with.

Annie - I'm sorry the job didn't work out. It sounds like something that would be very, VERY stressful. I don't like the put you on the spot decisions either. I think you were wise to say no. I think you'd be bored too very quickly as you are always doing something - I am reminded of you restocking CVS practically by yourself :lol: Just take your time - I know exactly how you feel - when I knew my job was going away - I had 6 months time to find something else but I felt enormously pressured and was hyper sensitive to anything that happened. It was awful. I think it's wonderful that C is supporting you and he's right - no matter what, you WILL find a way to make things happen. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes things have to occur which shape your decision. Just trust...

Terra - good for you for walking when you are feeling a bit sick. Sometimes the fresh air will clear up the stuffy nose. No excuses - we are proud of you. :D

Tomorrow morning is trash pick up - not sure it's worth trying to haul the bin to the end of the driveway. I'm sure we will get a call that they are delaying things one day although that call might not happen until tomorrow and pick up is around 6am. Usually when we get this much snow - as we did 2 weeks ago - everything is delayed.

In any event I should gather the trash just in case and figure out something for supper. Bye for now...

04-16-2014, 07:27 PM
Hey Annie
Just a thought but have you thought about filing insurance in say like a hospital, dr's office etc or even filing claims for those who've had wrecks etc. I know it would be a bit different. I would love to do that when I retire. But it's okay if you want to be a Nana. You deserve it.

Looks like things are coming together in the new exercise room. And after this work week you deserve the week end. Hope your foot feels better

I'm learning how to say no and not to be taken advantage of but it's been a long hard road. Hope work gets better.

I'm way behind on the challenges with the domineering/overbearing company. But the last couple of day's that she was there I held my own and at least did my yoga and slept in my bed. It felt good to stretch and have some ME time.

I can't believe that you have gotten more snow. Will they open the new thrift store soon?

Believe it or not I'm smelling paint which is a good sign for the progress of the tank. I'll be so glad to get back to normal.
Oh forgot to mention that my friend/boss told me today that he'd talked to the main person in charge of our license. I was really concerned about B not passing his test.
I'm going to work in the shed this week end and mow the lawn again. All this rain has really made it grow.

04-17-2014, 11:27 AM
Good morning all. I'm sitting here, feeling frustrated at work due to a high amount of unanswerable questions, and wanting to go get food. I know food won't fix it. But the urge is there.

I have found that the fabulous protein smoothie recipe Michelle gave me a while back, that mimics a frappe, does help with some of the cravings. Gotta just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

04-17-2014, 11:53 AM
Good morning ladies -

I'm going to have to keep this short and sweet (like me! LOL). Our webhost had an issue yesterday that brought them to their knees for several hours causing the millions of websites hosted there to be inaccessible from both the backend (developers could not work on them) and the front end (visitors couldn't access them). As it only affected a couple of website hosting companies, I wouldn't be surprised if none of you noticed, but I (and my bosses) sure did. And since I was not able to work on the website for over half of the work day yesterday, I've got a lot of catching up to do.

D, his brother and I went out for dinner last night and then D and I went for a walk. So nice to have him home. :)


Happy - I hope this is the last of the snow for you. I was talking with a friend of mine in WI, and she and I agreed...I did pick the right year to move to CA. I can't believe I've been here almost a year. :D

Annie - Happy Anniversary to you and C. I'm so glad you both found each other. You both deserve happiness and love, and you've found it with each other. :love:

Ceejay - I'm glad the tank is making progress. Good on ya for getting stuff done in your shed and yard.

Jolly - I totally understand the urge about turning to food due to frustration. I was so frustrated yesterday over not being able to do my work, that I did turn to one of those fun-size chocolate bars. And it didn't solve anything...or even relieve my frustration. Just made me more frustrated with myself. But I ate healthy last night and today is a new day and I can make better choices. I gave you a fabulous smoothie recipe?? Please share! I don't know if you know this, but I have C.R.S. (can't remember...excrement). I do not remember that smoothie recipe.

A big :wave: to all my lovely friends...I'll check back later or tonight.

Much love to all,

04-17-2014, 12:11 PM
Hi Everyone-the painters are here. They told me I don't need to unhook my computer set up. Yeah! They just pull the desk out and work around it.

I'm just relaxing, reading, on the computer. It feels good. I keep thinking I should work on the Org chart for work and organize my work email, it would take me about 4 hours but and then I would only have to take 1/2 a vacation day, but I just don't feel like it, so I won't.

I'm getting a pedicure this afternoon and I have TOPS tonight.

Annie: If the job didn't feel right then it was good you didn't take it. I think being "Just" a Nana would be good for you. Also, if you wanted to work part-time I bet with your insurance experience you could find a job very easy. I see a lot of part time jobs in that area when I look at career builder and monster.

If you don't mind my asking is it mainly not having health insurance that bothers you? Does your husband have insurance that you can get on?

Ceejay: I think I'm a bit behind on the guy from high school, but it sounds intriguing.

Michelle: How is your back feeling? Hopefully just a day of rest after the treadmill has helped.

Laura: Good luck at your annual physical.

Happy: BOO on all the snow you got. You HAVE to be ready for spring. I know I am! I haven't made it back to MFP, but I want to. I keep wondering why I just don't do it. :?:

Jolly: Yes, keep swimming! I am an emotional eater and so I understand wanting food and being frustrated and overwhelmed really brings it out in me. We must tell ourselves that eating will not make the problem go away or any better. It just dulls our senses..the same thing that happens when people drink problems away. Go for a walk instead of take a little break and come to the board or whatever you can do for about 10-15 minutes to refresh yourself.

Hi Terra! :wave:

04-17-2014, 01:04 PM
Morning all. Happy Thursday. This week seems to be going by quickly!

Shad Ė Happy Friday to you! Do you have the day off? Well, at least one day of your workweek went well. Sorry yesterday was back to the crumminess. :stress: Too bad it doesnít look the like the weather will cooperate with your plans for the South Island. To the rellies instead?? The bf and I are likely going to his brotherís place for Easter so he can see his nieces. That partís nice, but they usually have a big group and itís just sort of loud and chaotic. Awww, who wouldnít like cuddling with the pups and police dogs? :love: But too bad those two didnít have more face time with the public instead of all the government types. Bf actually gets his head practically shaved now, but regardless, the flameburst didnít burn or singe anything, thank goodness. I like to think if I could moderate my portions Iíd do okay with my weight, but I have a real problem with that when sweets and salty snacks are concerned. I try not to bring them into the house, but whoís to stop me when I purchase them during my workday?? Sigh.

Happy Ė Glad you didnít try to get out in the foot of snow to get to yoga. Bah humbug with this unending winter weather. I hope it all melts soon for you. Weíre getting enough mild temps for spring to do its thing around here, so yes, the grass is getting green and growing. Yikes! BF said he has to replace the rope on the mower yet again. WTH??!! Bulbs have been popping for a while, but I donít know if weíll have blooming daffodils by Easter Sunday. Some in the neighborhood do already. Yeh, bf was saying there might have been something in the gas line of the grill. Good idea to take a pipe cleaner to the pipe to clear it out.

Ceejay Ė Youíll be back to your routines soon enough, but Iím glad you were able to do your yoga and get your alone time. We all need that, especially when we have stressful workdaysÖand difficult houseguests.

Morning jollygirl. Sorry work is frustrating for you. And I totally get the urge to eat in response. Donít give in!!

Michelle Ė Sorry you couldnít get much done yesterday while the site was inaccessible. Your evening sounds nice though.:)

Susie Ė Just enjoy your day off Ė the whole thing! My former boss was a big believer in taking long vacations and is one of the few people I worked with who took very few single days off here and there Ė sheíd typically take a long vacation - 2 weeks minimum, sometimes 3. She thought it really helped to relax and re-energize and that you couldnít get that by just taking a day here and there. I like the idea, but the reality is that most people need to take single days here and there to take care of personal business. (Then again, her husband was semi-retired and could handle a lot of it.)

Hi Terra! I hope your cold is going away and youíre out walking in the sunshine! :sunny:

Hi Annie - Happy Anniversary to you & C!!! Hope you're doing something special today!


My physical yesterday went fine. The docís happy with my BP readings. I told her about my gyne prescribing the Vit. D. She didnít necessarily feel the whopper once-a-week pill was required (especially going into spring/summer when Iíll get more sun exposure), but advised me to take a daily supplement of at least 1,000 international units. So I guess since I already have 4 of the weekly D pills on hand, I will go ahead and take those just to use them up. And Iíll finally buy my multivitamins (I keep putting it off) as well as the separate Vit. D.

We talked about my exercise Ė told her Iím doing these challenges, but not really getting more than one cardio session per week and she advised me to up the cardio.

I got a tetanus shot since it had been over 10 years, but she doesnít normally give shingles shots to people under 50. Itís the people over 60 who are more likely to get shingles and have it more severely. And apparently insurance companies can give people problems if they get it before 60. Not surprised. Bf actually got one when he went to the ER when he sliced his finger on the mandolin a couple years ago and I donít recall any insurance snafus. Huh.

Okay, enough rambling. Back to work! Everyone have a great day - TTFN!!

04-17-2014, 01:06 PM
Michelle - CRS Syndrome. You kill me. I suffer from Oh Look a Squirrel!!

Blend one cup ice, one cup skim milk, one serving chocolate protein powder of choice, instant coffee as desired, and low sugar chocolate syrup to taste. You found that for me when I was complaining about my frappaccino addition. I like the lower sugar taste, and that the protein fills me up. Hard to get one in the middle of the work day, however.

04-17-2014, 02:02 PM
Good morning all,

13 inches of snow yesterday. BUT - after today the temps will climb quickly and this stuff should be melted by the weekend. We were watching the deer and turkeys tromp through the snow - felt so bad for them. The turkeys are BIG yet the snow was right up to their bellies. Poor guys looked like they were wearing snowshoes lifting their legs up and trying to walk along. And the deer have those spindly legs. Generally they make a path and walk in the narrow path. I'm sure they were happy when DH plowed the driveway and made it a bit easier for them.

What with the snow they rescheduled the thrift shop meeting to tomorrow and cancelled the Thursday yoga class I was attending. DH cleaned up enough to allow us to get around and we will let the rest just melt off. Hopefully we are DONE with snow for the season. :crossed:

Susie - enjoy your time off. High five on resisting the temptation to work instead - you just know once you started it would consume the day. Sometimes one just needs to sit back and let the batteries recharge. ;) And yes, I am ready for spring just like most of the country :lol:

Jolly - don't eat - drink instead - easier to hide vodka in your water bottle :lol: J/K ;)

Michelle - yarg on the website glitch. Hopefully you were able to catch up. Are you off tomorrow for Good Friday? Glad to hear you finally got to spend a little time with D. He has a crazy busy schedule it seems.

Happy Anniversary Annie - very hard to believe it's been a year already. Hope you have a chance to have some time together today to celebrate. I laughed at the person on FB who said does this mean C gets to go fishing :lol3:

Ceejay - good for you for keeping up with the yoga. As to your question, they are hoping to open the new thrift shop May 1 but that's only 2 weeks away and we have so much to do that I'm not sure about that... to my knowledge we don't even have shelving and displays that we need although donations are coming in which is great.

Shad - are you working today and having a 3 day Easter weekend? Will be good to get away from the chaos.

Laura - I'm sure by now you have typed over me so I will post, read and comment.

I picked up some chocolates at a local sweet shop to send to Mum and Sis. DH went rummaging in the bag when I was out and ate Sis' amaretto chocolate covered pecans instead of taking the box I bought for us/him. Oops. Will have to figure out how to repackage. :bunny2:

Ok, best get off the computer and do something productive, no? Talk to you later chicks.

04-17-2014, 02:09 PM
I knew you'd be there Laura - don't you just love it when the docs have conflicting advice? :dizzy: I do kind of agree though that I'd up the vit D in the winter months and make an effort to get some sun exposure (I think 10 minutes is all you need) once the weather warms up. I think they talked about the shingles vaccine to me to - I'm not a big vaccine person, can't remember if I said ok or not. Always SOMEthing to worry about, eh?

Jolly - I used a hand blender to mix up protein shakes at work but it doesn't do well with crushing ice. One guy actually brought a blender in when he was doing a crazy all shake diet but that sure is a mess to clean. AND NOISY to one's workmates as we were fond of telling him. ;)

04-18-2014, 12:06 AM
I got the lawn mowed one more time. I also noticed that my peonies are in bud. They sure have with stood some cold weather.

This is a guy I've know all through high school and found out last year that we only lived an hour's drive from each other. His wife died in the mean time with cancer and moved back to his home town in Carthage, MO. He asked when I was coming up to Branson and I told him the dates. He wants us to get together to talk over old times. It would be good to see him again.

Here I am mowing the lawn and you are still digging out from under snow. Did dh get a scolding for eating the chocolates? That reminds me I need to stop on the way to Branson to pick up some fudge for my bil. Hope things at the thrift shop goes well and opens on time.

Ouch bet that was a scary ordeal with the bbq grill. Guess that's one of the reason's I don't like to bbq. Good results at the doctor's office. I read somewhere that every one was low on vitamin D. One of my bosses mentioned he was low on vitamin D.

It's just hit me that I'm tired.

Jolly, Michelle, Shad, Terra and Annie :wave:

04-18-2014, 07:52 AM
Hello Ladies...

Firstly I want to thank you all for your support in my job search and my mental issues regarding my termoiled mind. Some days good, some days not so good. much as I do not like cutting the grass and our back grass thanks to Miss Sass needs cutting, it is too wet to cut. Wish we could cut grass. blen between a rock and a hard place.

HAPPY...holy crap, snow, I think I would just scream if we got 13 inches now. I am so over winter. The inch of snow we got on Tuesday about threw me over the top... DEF have to move our commune to a non snow area. Don't get to connected on your place The guy on FB is the guy across the pond between our houses. He and C go fishing nearly every night when the weather allows. He is a hoot. I actually met him through his son (19) when we worked at CVS. C and D have been friends through me. How cool is that?

LAURA...thank you for the H. A. wishes you texted and here. Regardless of my mental and job state, C and I are very happy, and he must love me so very much as he puts up with me. lol. He got me the best card and we went out to dinner on Wed nite instead of last night. We went to Fujiama Steakhouse, where the chop and grill in front of you. Very nice and another couple was celebrating their 32nd anniversary. Very nice! SO glad your physical went well and you are in good shape.. I agree about the shingles shot, my dad did not have the shot and got shingles in his 70s, so very painful. Of course your Dr suggests more exercise, they all do. Ask your doc how much he exercises. lol.

SUSIE....sometimes when you take a vacay day you just have to turn off all work related stuff to enjoy your day did the painting turn out? and did you really enjoy your day and you pedi?

Hello to all the rest of you lovely this page does not show anything else and if I go back I will lose this post.

Still job searching, visiting all my babies, Sissy included, and meeting C for lunch at least once a week, usually at a restaurant he services cause he gets a 25% discount on lunch. Brings our 15$ bill WAY down. Granted it is a mom and pops place that offer the same few things every day but all homemade and cooked. Today was meatloaf, greenbeans and cottage cheese. It tasted good and I am picky about my meatloaf. Could not eat it all cause the meatloaf slice was HUGE.

I fixed chicken and steak kabobs on the grill for dinner. I found making the veggie part on their own kabobs was much better. Meat and veggies need to cook for diff amount of time. I had marinated the meat in teriyaki sauce. Was all very yum. I half cooked the potatos in the micro before putting them on the grill. So it was mushrooms, potatos, onions and red bell peppers.

Cleaning house today for our Easter tomorrow evening so the kids can do their other side of family on Sunday. My bro Mike and wifey Pia are coming also...that is it. Nice, small gathering.

My SIL Pia (Norweigen) became an US citizen yesterday, so now I have a new American

Bout it for now.


Love and Hugs

04-18-2014, 08:01 AM
Went back to prior page.

SHADDIE...I am not limiting myself to insurance. However with my resume being posted on Career Builders, and working for Humana and having my Indiana producers license, I get lots of calls and emails to interview. REALLY, I do not want to work in the healthcare insurance field. Who knows where that will all go with the US in so much turmoil on coverage. bleh I thing the only thing that is for sure is to work at a funeral home, people are dying to get in there. lol.

CHELLE...thank you for the H,A. It was very nice and I feel very blessed with C considering I was in a 21 year miserable marriage prior. Only three good things came from that....Samantha, Tater and knowledge for me to know what I will NOT accept in the next relationship. And yes, you are short and very sweet. Thank you for all your support and you know I love ya. I am so happy for you and D and that you enjoy your time with him. hugs.

JOLLYGIRL...hope your frustration with work passes quickly. Keep your head up.

Hello to those I have missed.


04-18-2014, 11:58 AM
Morning all. Happy Friday to all, and to Shad – Happy Saturday. ;)

Happy – Sheesh, that’s a LOT of snow. I hope a lot of it’s melted by now and your sump pump is doing its job. Shame on the hubby for eating those chocos, hope you figured a way to work that out for mom and sis. Re the vaccines – shingles so sounds awfu - I hope when it’s time for me to get the shot they haven’t found any horrible side effects or anything... Re the tetanus shot – my doc said it wasn’t so much for risk of tetanus, but for the other part of what’s in it –the tdap prevents tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. The latter is also known as whooping cough and the doc told me it’s making a comeback worldwide! Who needs that??!! Like you said – always something to worry about. :rolleyes:

Ceejay – Good for you mowing the lawn – good exercise. :exercise: Love, love love peonies. :love: I have many of them in our backyard and they are just now starting to pop out of the ground. This seems very late to me. So nice you’ve reconnected with a high school friend. I hope your schedule allows you to see him and rehash old times. Yeh, it was scary when the gas grill suddenly burst into flame. Let’s say I feel much more comfortable with the charcoal grill – but we’ve really gotten spoiled with the quick heat-up of the gas one. :shrug:

Annie – Sounds like you had a wonderful ANNiversary dinner the other night. I’m glad you and C are so happy with each other. I’m sooo happy you’ve found a great guy to spend your life with.:) :) It’s nice that you’re meeting C for lunch – you have to take full advantage of this time off! Re exercise – you know what, I get the feeling my doc practices what she preaches. When I mentioned my plank challenge, she said she and her 17 yo son were doing that and she thought it was just too extreme, LOL. She cautioned me not to overdo it!! Have a lovely Easter dinner with your family. I know it’ll be tasty since you’re the hostess!!

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!! If I don’t get back in here, have a lovely weekend.


Last night we ended up not grilling the marinated chicken, so that’ll be tonight’s dinner. Instead we went to the local taqueria for tacos. Yum. After that we hit the big liquor store for a couple bottles of wine for my friend D. She’s recently started trying wine (before that she was a beer and cocktail drinker) and finds she likes sweet red wines. Right now she likes the Coopers Hawk version, but I thought it would be fun for her to try some others. An employee at Binny’s showed us a couple they sell a lot of. Anyway…that’ll be part of her birthday gift – she’s having a bday dinner on Saturday. Not sure what else to get her – I sort of wanted to find something special for her 50th, but I’m at a loss. I think we’ll get her a gift card to a restaurant she likes, and I might just have to give in to my urge to buy her a gag gift. Any ideas ladies??

Well, I’m still hanging in with my pushups and planks. I’ll get myself to the Jazzercise class tomorrow morning.

Weekend-wise, tonight will be my challenges and the grilled chicken for dinner. I’ll see if I can assemble my new dumbbell rack (or get bf to do it).

Saturday night is D’s bday dinner followed by whatever we choose to do afterwards. There’s been no luck finding a decent karaoke place in the area. If I thought anybody would want to go back to the house after dinner for drinks, I wouldn’t mind doing that. Unfortunately, almost everyone is coming from the far northwest ‘burbs and I’m even further east of the restaurant, so I doubt many will be up for that. We’ll see. I suppose I should go into a cleaning frenzy on Saturday if I decide to issue a spontaneous invitation for people to come back to the house with us.

Sunday we’ll likely be going to bf’s brother’s for Easter, provided bf’s recovered enough from his nasty chest cold. I’ve still got the crud in my throat, but it’s not horrible like his is.

That’s about it for me. TTFN!!

04-18-2014, 01:09 PM
Morning all,

Bright and sunny out there. I was hoping I'd wake up and all the white stuff would be melted but it was just above freezing yesterday so most of it's still there. 50 today I think, almost 60 the next few days so it will be nice and mushy for all the ladies in their cute, strappy Easter heels on Sunday. Of course up here dressing up takes a totally different tone.

They rescheduled the thrift shop planning meeting for this afternoon. I emailed a list of planning things and questions to the president for possible agenda topics - she said we are on the same page. I hope we can make quick work of things with the majority agreeing on what we need to do.

We're doing an Easter buffet on Sunday - looking forward to that even though we will be eating much earlier than I am used to. They are doing the buffets earlier this year for some reason and you have the choice of 1)go early while a lot of people are in church, 2) go around noon and fight the crowds and face the empty pans when the kitchen can't keep up with the number of people or 3) go in the last hour prior to close and risk that the kitchen has run out of the "good stuff" and is substituting food you can get any time of the year ie. nothing like the special dishes that interested you in the first place. We know this because we have experienced all 3 situations :lol: We generally eat one large and one light meal a day so I will have to figure out something for a light supper. DH wants ham and potato salad but I really don't care for ham and I certainly won't buy one of those little 3 pound rolled and formed things. Might get a ham slice and warm that up. I certainly don't mind making a small bowl of potato salad. They are talking about the potential for some freezing rain overnight and into the morning hours tomorrow so it would probably be best to pick up the Sunday groceries after the meeting today.

Laura - now that you mention it, the doctor told me the same thing about the combo shot - they were most interested in protecting people from the whooping cough. Interesting how some things make a comeback - not just fashion but disease too :dizzy: It's funny to hear you say people come from the distant NW suburbs - cripes you're already there - any farther and they are coming from Wisconsin :lol3: For your friend's birthday - get some cheap T-shirts and stamp on them D's 50 and We're NOT or get a nice one for her for a gag that says I'm 50 and They're Not. Actually nifty fifties was a pretty good decade, all in all. Hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy Easter dinner on Sunday.

Annie - you may not have to stick with insurance but I can see where people would tend to pigeon hole you in that area. I would think you'd be a fabulous asset in any office where things needed to happen. Just relax and let things flow as they need to. Every night I ask that you be offered a great job. ;) How nice that you and C get to have a lunch together - I'm sure it's the highlight of his day. Enjoy dinner with the family tomorrow. As for the snow, we were all bummed to see it too but no matter how we cussed, the stuff still fell from the sky - at least it will melt fast. I'm surprised to hear that you hate mowing - I thought you liked working outside but I guess that's the garden, huh?

Ceejay- will be nice to catch up with your high school friend. Just don't be too shocked that he looks like his dad :lol: Seriously, I hope you have a nice time catching up. Are you still working 12 hour shifts? Is it nice and quiet at home now?

Going to say quick hellos to everyone else now :wave: I should probably get some food in me and get my pants from the washer to the dryer if I intend to wear them to the meeting. Got these new Lee ultra soft comfort waist pants and I really like them.

Talk to you later...

04-18-2014, 01:09 PM
Good morning ladies,

Not many places in Secular Silicon Valley close (or even close early) for Good Friday. I'm not sure why that is...other than possibly because of a very diverse workforce of many ethnicities, cultures and religions.

Tonight is poker night. I suppose I could choose not to go due to it being Good Friday and all, but I think I'll go anyway. The other 6 people in the group (all male, most old enough to be my father) are all Jewish, so they already had their Passover Seder earlier in the week.

Tomorrow, I've got yoga in the morning, then getting the brakes done on my car, then D invited me to go with him (along with his dad, brothers, and his mom's side of the family) to his mom's grave site (she passed 2 years ago). On Sunday, D is fixing Easter brunch at his dad's, and then D has to work Sunday Santa and I will relax at home.

Susie - I hope you're enjoying your long weekend. How nice that the painters can work around your computer! Good on you for resisting the urge to do work on your time off.

Ceejay - So nice that you'll get to spend time with a high school friend while in Branson. I really hope you give your pushy friend her money back and as Shad said enjoy your vacation with just your family and the fella. I love peonies. My ex and I used to have some in our WI backyard (white and pink)...just gorgeous.

Jolly - Like you I'm an emotional eater, and boredom and frustration tend to really get me eating like crazy. Now I remember giving you the recipe. When you first mentioned it, I was trying to think of a recipe I might've used...and couldn't remember it (CRS). Now I remember that I just googled it or something like that.

Laura - I'm glad the flameburst didn't cause any damage. Glad your physical went well and the BP is in good range. I take 3000 IUs of Vit. D a day, combined with a multi-vitamin. I just got a tetanus shot last year...not because I cut myself or anything but because it had been over 10 years since my last one. I didn't know it also covered Diphteria and pertussis. With my asthmatic lungs, getting pertussis would be VERY bad for me. Funny that your doc thought the plank challenge was too extreme...and you're rocking the 2-3 minute planks!! You must have abs of steel by now. I'll try and think of some ideas for a gag gift. How cool you got a new dumbbell rack!

Happy - 13" of snow?! That's insane! I hope this is the last of it, and it melts quickly. We actually have two blenders here in our kitchen at work, so if I did choose the meal replacement shake routine, I could use those.

Annie - Glad you had a nice anniversary dinner on Wednesday. I love those types of Japanese restaurants. I think I should suggest to D that we go to one sometime. Your chicken and veggie kabobs sound so delicious! Congrats to your SIL on becoming a citizen. :bravo: I'm glad you're enjoying the time off by spending time with Sissy, the babes, and having lunch with C. I hope you have a lovely Easter tomorrow. Love you, sista.

Shad - Did you end up at the South Island or with the relatives?

Terra - I hope you're feeling better today.

I've got to get back to it.

Much love and many hugs,

04-18-2014, 01:16 PM
Happy - You were typing above me. Your Easter buffet on Sunday sounds nice. Like you, I've experienced all three buffet scenarios. Great idea for Laura's friend's b'day gift. I love the Lee ultra soft comfort waist pants...definitely as comfortable as advertised. :D

04-18-2014, 05:07 PM
Morning all,
Sorry I didn't get in yesterday. The day sort of got away on me. I wasn't at work. 4 day break here over Easter, but the sun broke out of the appalling rain clouds and I took myself off outside and walked a couple of kilometres round to Wellingtons Oriental Bay - it's where the money lives around here - or at least one of the places. It's changed a lot since I last lived here and a lot of the gracious old houses have been replaced by high rise apartments. Only to be expected, but not really admired. The only thing going for that is that they will carefully take the old places apart and recycle just about everything so at least they won't die in a dumpster.
Then I started to clean up the flat. I had already done the bedroom, bathroom and computer room during the week, but not the lounge, dining area or the kitchen. I did most of that between naps. Yep had plenty of them during the day. The rain came back over night but is sort of clearing this morning. Good because today is shopping and maybe dinner at my nieces in-laws tonight.
The system goes live over the weekend. Who knows what will happen on Tuesday and Wednesday when it comes back up. I can't work because they have shut down all the clients. Not that I really wanted to do so anyway.

Annie - Glad you are looking outside the insurance world as well. Wish I could wave a magic wand and have all the troubles go away. So pleased that you had a great Anniversary dinner with C. Enjoy each one as it comes along and do all the things you love to do.

Happy - more snow? When is spring supposed to arrive? Hope the meeting went okay with the thrift shop and you got some of your ideas across. It's a tough thing dealing with those who do not like change. Enjoy the buffet. Hope you get it just right and find everything that you wanted on the menu and on the table.

Ceejay - half your luck mowing the lawn. I wish I had my lawn to mow and my garden to dig. Time is coming to go home.

Laura - I have started again with my challenges. Doing the push-ups, leg raises and crunches. It wasn't easy this morning but they are done. Not sure why I am so stiff this morning. Not as if I actually did that much exercise yesterday.

Michelle - enjoy your Easter break with D's family. Sounds like a good idea to relax on Sunday night. How is Santa's paw these days?

Jolly - emotional eating is a curse. It does no one any good. Try the old fashioned glass of water and then if you are still hungry 20 minutes later, then have a snack. That's one train of thought that must be derailed.

Anyway, while the sun is out, I need to go to the supermarket. I'll be back later maybe. Depends on what the family decides is on for the day. I bought a new pair of tramping boots on Friday. Now I need to get my feet used to them. Had to buy men's boots as women's were too narrow for my wide, flat feet. Ahh well.

04-18-2014, 06:52 PM
Reason--Branson and friend going with me. I am sending her a text next week stating that I will be meeting with the guy from high school. I am also going to ask my sister if we can stay in the condo for the week end and meet them for church Sunday morning. I really do want her to see where I will be living. And I'm also going to tell her when in Rome do as the Roman's do and to keep her mouth shut. I still haven't gotten the tickets to that show so I'm going to call tomorrow and ask if they can hold them for me at the ticket window. I've gotten a conformation number via email. I've also forgotten that it's my nephew's and his daughter's bd week end.
Didn't get a lot done today. Did wash the vehicle.

Sounds like you are staying busy which is a good thing. I'd just relax for a while. Congrats to you new American sil. Happy belated anniversary.

Good that the painters didn't have to have you disconnect the computer. You will be enjoying that room before long.

Enjoy the poker game tonight.

Terra, Jolly, Happy, Shad Hello

04-19-2014, 10:57 AM
Good morning. It's going to be 76 F here in Ohio today! and sunny! :D

The painting is done and I have the rooms swept, mopped, windows washed and furniture back in place. I do need to put books back on the bookshelf in the office, but other than that, all is in place.

Today, we are going to spring clean the living room and dinning room.

Tomorrow is church, then lunch with friends and my brother, his partner and my nephews. We might have a small Easter egg hunt for the nephews. When all that is done I plan to take a nap!

My foot is KILLING me. I have been goggling, "pain on outside of foot" and it all seems to be related to a broken pinkie toe or injury to the toe. Seems there is a tendon there that can get inflamed. I am trying to decide if I go back to the podiatrist or go see my orthopedist. I wasn't that impressed with the podiatrist. I really like my orthopedist so I think I will start there.

I found my ankle brace and have put it on today and plan to tape my little toe to the next toe and then ice throughout the day. I've got to figure this out and get back to where I can walk or bike for my cardio.

I did get a pedicure so at least my feet and toes are pretty! ;)

Ceejay: When is your trip to Branson?

Shad: I have wide feet too and it is so hard to find a pair of boots that fit.

Annie: Happy belated anniversary. Like Happy, I am praying for the best job for you to come soon and that during this time you can relax a bit, rejuvenate and enjoy this gift of some down time to do other things in your life. It is so hard to remember that work is just a part of us and most people will never say they wished they worked more in their lives. It's necessary as we need money to live but really that is it's place. Work to live, not live to work.

Laura: I like Happy's idea for the gag gift. I have also seen wine glasses with some of those sayings on them. I think I have seen them at Hallmark. That would compliment the gift card.

Happy: May 1 is coming up fast! Hopefully they will have the thrift shop ready to go. It will be nice for you to have it in a clean and brighter place and maybe more room to have it neatly organized and welcoming. It's great that the donations are coming in.

Are the Lee comfort pants jeans?

Hi to Terra (I hope you are over your cold and back to walking) and to Jolly :wave:

04-19-2014, 12:04 PM
Quickie for me - I have some things to do this morning.

Susie - you could have bursitis in your foot. The bursa sac is located in your foot below the little toe. That's what got badly inflamed for me when I was doing all that standing working at the popcorn shop. I had to have 2 cortisone injections to get the inflammation down. I would cold and hot soak my foot - nothing helped. A good podiatrist can feel your foot and tell right away if that's the issue. The pain was right below my little toe joint on the outside of my foot.

The Lee Comfort pants come in several colors - shades of brown, black, khaki - you could use them as work pants.

Gotta run now - back later...

04-19-2014, 08:05 PM
Hello worldlies.

I did another 3 min. plank yesterday but put my pushups off until this morning. I also went to Jazzercise class this morning. I came home, took a shower, got a load of laundry going and went out to buy the gift card for D's birthday and also to try and find a little gag type gift. All I ended up with was a button for her to wear during dinner. After I got back it was more laundry and some outdoor time with doggy in the yard. Later on I took him for a walk and then had a late lunch of a frozen entree. I do confess I've been snacking on and off all day long. Bah.

Not much more time until I have to get ready for tonight. Better get going. Not up for doing my plank today - might double up tomorrow. Yikes! I'm swapping my pushups out for tomorrow, which was supposed to be a rest day.

Off I go. Back tomorrow! :wave:

04-20-2014, 12:18 AM
I'm impressed with you 3 minute planks.

Glad you have alg back in place. My trip to Branson is May 1-5.

hope the donations start coming in for the Thrift store.
Guess I'm staying up later than I should, but it's only 10 p.m. Don't hear the uncles t.v. so they've gone to bed/asleep.
I'm still fretting over this trip with the friend. but I've made my bed so I'll have to deal with it. I need to confirm some information before I make final decisions.
nighty night. I'm sleepy

04-20-2014, 12:43 AM
Michelle ~ Yes Im feeling better today, Im not 100% yet but Im getting better with each passing day.

Laura ~ Yeah Im looking forward to buying WATP DVD at Walmart, Yeah if I cant walk outside then I make sure to walk inside., Yeah I've been walking in the sunshine.

Happy ~ I didnt know the air can clear up a stuffy nose, Thats neat.

Susie ~ HI

Ceejay ~ HELLO

I have been keeping up with my walking even with my cold so Im proud of myself

04-20-2014, 10:48 AM
It's 1.30am here and I can't sleep damn it all.

What's with that - dunno. Too much time on my hands maybe. Too much rest and relaxation maybe. Who knows.

Susie - sorry to hear about the foot. Sore feet are no joke. Hope you can find an answer soon.

Ceejay - hope you work out your dilemma shortly. Must be frazzling.

Laura - started my push up and abs challenges again. Now at the first rest day. You are doing well with the planks. 3 mins is a long time when you are holding your weight on your arms.

Terra glad to hear you are feeling better.

Guess I had better find something else to do. Not doing much for the insomnia sitting on this thing.

04-20-2014, 11:14 AM
Morning everyone,


I had a successful shopping trip yesterday. Our JC Penney store is closing and they are selling off their store fixtures so DH and I headed out to take a look. Bought a number of items, will have to pick them up in a week and get them to the new place (thrift shop). We also had a very successful planning meeting on Friday. Things are moving along.

We had a late lunch and brought home half of it so that made for our dinner snack. Last 2 days we have been eating light so I am totally ready for Easter brunch today. I have some potatoes baking in the oven now - will set them out to cool before we leave and I have a small ham to make later for a light supper. It's going to be 60 degrees today - not sure it will get that high - we still have lots of snow and the warm temps and snow combine to make foggy conditions. Sure is nice to see spring at last.

Today marks 10 years ago that I quit smoking. It's an important anniversary that I'm glad to see - means (hopefully) that my body has recovered a lot from the damage I did to it all those years ago and I am approaching medical stats comparable to someone who never smoked - although I'd be foolish to think that I'll ever be completely clean.

Terra - yep, for some reason the nose clears when you're outside, however it stuffs back up once you go back in the house. Hope you are feeling better!

Shad - nice to hear you have a welcome break from work. Certainly the days ahead will be chaotic with go live. :faint: Hope you can break in the new boots - don't care if they are mens or womens - as long as they are comfy especially for long treks. Womens boots are more fashionable, not so big on the comforts. Have a good time with the family - are you doing Easter dinner or just a get together? Brunch today is breakfast foods and light salads so no big danger in the calorie department - I hope. :lol:

Laura - a 3 minute plank???? I'm totally impressed!!!

Susie - hope your foot is feeling better - don't push it too hard if walking makes it worse. Find another podiatrist. Nice that the exercise room is all finished and ready for the last of the equipment.

Michelle - I had such a laugh when I read your post - have this vision of you sitting in a room with George Burns and Jack Benny playing poker with the guys. And just for fun Billy Crystal too. You certainly must be the odd (wo)man out :lol:

:wave: Annie and Jolly.

Guess I'd better go get prettied up (difficult task :lol: ) if I want brunch. Happy Easter ladies - have a great day.

04-20-2014, 11:15 AM
Shad - sorry to hear about the insomnia. I can totally see where someone who is always on the go like you would have trouble sitting still. Perhaps the naps the other day interfered with the sleep - hate when that happens. :mad:

04-20-2014, 01:29 PM
Morning all. Happy Easter.

Happy, I hope you and dh enjoy the buffet and your light dinner later. I wouldnít have minded having a quiet holiday today with just bf, but he hasnít seen his nieces for a while, so weíll be off to his brotherís house early this afternoon. Iím glad itís nice out Ė we plan to escape the chaos indoors and spend time outside on their deck. Great job getting some store fixtures from JCP Ė thatíll really help get the new shop location up and going. Thanks for the idea for the gag gifts. I ended up buying the button for D, but like an idiot, I forgot to even pin it on her when we got to the restaurant. Duh. I guess I can just return it. Big congrats and happy anniversary for your 10 years of non-smoking. :congrat: What a huge accomplishment given what a tough habit that is to quit. Awesome!!! :woohoo:

Michelle Ė We donít get a holiday for Good Friday in our US offices either. Because of the diversity here, we get two floating holidays per year to use however we wish. That said, the big boss did end up announcing Friday that we could leave at 3:00 pm to start our holiday. Usually we only do that before an actual company holiday like the Memorial or Labor Day weekends, etc. I hope you enjoyed your poker night Ė must be funny being the only female at the table! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Re the challenges Ė no abs of steel for me, but even not doing focused strength training on my core and thighs, I can definitely tell theyíre stronger/firmer just from the challenges. Not bad for something that only takes about 5 minutes per day(right now). Both the planks and the pushups force you to contract everything to keep proper form.

Shad Ė Itís probably almost your Monday now Ė hope the go live is going well over the long weekend. So nice you have a 4-day holiday. Iím sure not in the mood to go back to work tomorrow... Iím short on sleep right now and also a bit sore from Jazzercise yesterday. Re shoes Ė my mother wears menís sneakers to fit her wide feet, and I bought a pair of menís casual shoes not long ago. The extra width is needed, and sometimes I actually like some of the menís styles. How do the new boots feel, or havenít you had a chance to wear them yet? Good for you getting back to the challenges. I now find the plank challenge much more difficult than the pushup one now that the time is well over 2 min.

Ceejay Ė I hope your Branson plans work out nicely for you, even if your friend ultimately comes along with you. Are you working today??

Susie Ė Iím so sorry you foot is hurting you so much. :( In the past Iíve seen two podiatrists and neither have really impressed me. I sure hope I donít have to deal with more foot problems, but if I did Iíd probably seek out a different one. Though I do admit that my custom orthotics do provide good support for me.

Terra Ė Glad youíre feeling better each day. I am too, but Iím sure inadequate sleep the past several days isnít helping me any. Anyway Ė bravo to you for keeping up with your walking in spite of not being 100%!! :bravo:

Hi Annie!! Hope you're having a lovely Easter!

The bday dinner was nice. Bf and I both had steak sandwiches and enjoyed them, and we ended up taking home most of the homemade potato chips that came on the side. After the dinner, we went back to the hotel my friend D had booked for an overnight stay. We had bday cake in the breakfast area, then eight of us went up to her room and we played the game Catch Phrase, though we didn't keep score. That was fun. I didn't drink at all and bf had a couple beers, but that was it. I'm glad I didn't drink, I just feel better if I don't, especially if I were going to have more than 1 or 2 drinks.

I ended up doing my plank after we got home last night, just to get it out of the way. There's a longer one today. I'll tackle that later.

I woke up too early today after a late bedtime last night. I'm not in the mood to do a family Easter dinner, but I guess I better get myself washed and dressed. TTFN!

04-20-2014, 02:24 PM
Just a quick pop in to say Happy Easter to all my peeps! I hope you are all having a lovely day. I'll be back later in the afternoon to do personals.

Love and hugs to all,

04-20-2014, 04:14 PM
Happy Easter Day all. Hugs

04-20-2014, 08:36 PM
Happy Easter everyone. :easter3:

We had a lovely service at church this morning and then had lunch with my brother, his partner and my nephews. When I am with them I just feel so happy.

DH got me a small Easter Basket. I LOVE peeps and so he got me a package of them as well as an I tunes card so I can download new workout music.

I haven't been tempted by the peeps at all. I had two and told myself I can have 2 more after Thursday's weigh-in.

I can't remember if I mentioned that at TOPS weigh-in on Thursday I had a 2 lb loss.

Happy: Congratulations on your 10 year milestone of no smoking! That is really something! :bravo::bravo::cp::bravo: My brother was a smoker and said it was one of the hardest things he has ever done. You did something very, very good for yourself.

Thanks for sharing what your bursitis felt like. I'm sure going to try to get into my ortho and see what he says.

Annie: Happy Easter to you too! I hope you had a lovely day.

Michelle: Happy Easter to you too! I hope your day was also a lovely day!

Shad: Sorry to hear about the insomnia. Hopefully it is just an occasional thing and you are able to get a good nights sleep soon.

Terra: Good for you for keeping up with the walking. I have always heard it is ok to exercise if your symptoms are above the neck. Hope you are feeling 100% soon.

Laura: How did the Easter lunch go with DH's family?

Ceejay: don't fret over the trip. Just make up your mind to have a good time and not compromise on the things you want to do.

See you all tomorrow.

04-20-2014, 09:14 PM
I've asked my high school friend if it would be okay to bring along a friend and my sis. He knows my sis. I told him sis is my tour guide. If he says no then maybe he will come get me.
Had lunch with my aunt and uncle and one of my cousin's family. A very nice time.

My co-worker sent me a text this morning. Some man ran into a utility pole and it broke into this morning at 5 a.m. Transformer was dangling. He left the vehicle. The police had to be called to have the vehicle moved. He came back to get papers out of the vehicle and police arrested him. It was a rental car too. She made a picture of the pole. This happened in front of the water plant. Glad I wasn't at work.
At first I thought you were making purchase for yourself. But that's a good idea for the thrift store. Did you get any racks? I wonder if all the Penny's store's are going out of business.
Happy Anniversary on breaking the cig habit. That's a big deal.

Congrats on those pounds lost. For some reason I've lost my mojo again. And yes I am going to have a good time in Branson regardless of the circumstances. It's always good for me to be around family too on holiday's.

Hope the insomnia goes away.

Happy Easter to every one.

04-21-2014, 01:17 AM
Shad ~ Yeah Im glad Im finally feeling better

Happy ~ Yeah I found that out when I came back inside my nose got stuffed up again, Grrrr....Oh well though

Laura ~ Why are you having problems sleeping? Just curious, I hope your sleep gets better, Yeah I finally feel 100% better.

Susie ~ Yeah I agree that its okay to still work out if your symptoms are above the neck.

04-21-2014, 11:59 AM
Morning ladies. Monday is not starting out well at all. The admin asst just told me she’s handing in her 2-week notice today. Aaargh.

Terra – I don’t really have trouble sleeping, it’s just when I get up around 6 am during the workweek, it’s hard for me to sleep later on the weekends, even if I have a late night out. My body is just accustomed to getting up at the same time. Sometimes I try to “sleep in”, but I hate just lying in bed awake. Sometimes I do better if I go in the living room and watch some tv or read – after a while I might feel sleepy again and be able to nap for a bit.

Ceejay – Glad you had a nice time w/ the uncles and cousins. I know you’ll have a nice time on your vacation no matter how the arrangements work out – you seem very determined to do those things you want to do!!

Susie – I’m glad you had a nice Easter at church and with your brother & his family. Our Easter with bf’s brother & his wife, kids and the wife’s family was pretty nice. There were a few people missing, so it was less chaotic than usual. It was a beautiful day outside and the kids and others were out on the deck quite a bit, so it wasn’t packed inside the house. The meal was good and we went home with two ham bones that we will use to make soup. It’s not really soup weather anymore, but I love soup anytime really! Congrats on your weight loss!!! :whoo: And good for you not eating those peeps all at once.

Hi Annie – hope you had a lovely Easter. Did you get any outdoor time?

Michelle – How was your Sunday?

Hellos to Happy & Shad.
Nothing much to report. When we got home from bf’s brother’s place, I took doggy for a walk and talked to my mother. I did my plank challenge – 210 seconds, that’s 3.5 min. Still thinking the day 30 5 minute plank is just crazy, but we’ll see. I did not do my pushups, so I will have to double up tonight.

We absolutely have to do some shopping tonight after work. I can’t believe I’ve actually been out of foundation for about 3 days now, LOL. My face feels naked, haha. Hope I don’t scare anyone. :eek:

Okay, meeting now. Gotta run.

04-21-2014, 01:41 PM
Laura ~ My mom is the same way, Even though Tuesday's are her only day off she still cant sleep in pass 5 am, One time she was able to sleep until 8 but she was only able to do that once.

04-21-2014, 01:46 PM
Good morning ladies,

Kind of tired today...not sure why. I slept well. :dunno: I dropped my car off this morning to get the brakes done. I had taken it in on Saturday, and they ended up not having time to put on my tires AND install new brakes, and since I needed the tires more than the brakes they did those. D said he could pick me up after work and take me to get my car.

I had a lovely Easter weekend. Poker on Friday was fun. And it was nice meeting so many of D's cousins, aunts and uncles on Saturday. And yesterday, D made a lovely Easter lunch. Last night, D had to work, so Santa and I just relaxed at home.

Shad - I agree with what you said about "not admiring" the high rise apartments that replace gracious old houses. Sadly, that happens here too. Developers realize they can sell dozens of apartments on the same square footage of property where a single-family house once stood. Thanks for asking about Santa's's all healed. He doesn't even limp a little. And he's back to running around at the dog park. I hate insomnia. Sometimes Melatonin helps me, and sometimes not even that helps. I hope the "go-live" is going well and results in a smooth transition this week.

Susie - What lovely weather you had on Saturday. So nice that you've got everything back in place after the painters. I'm so sorry to hear about your foot pain. I hope that whichever doctor you choose to see can offer you something to ease the pain and speed the healing. My Lee Comfort pants are in black and I use them as work slacks. sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. How thoughtful of your DH to get you a small Easter basket. Congrats on the weight loss last week.

Laura - A 3.5 min. plank?! Girlfriend, how do you do that? Do you do the planks on your forearms or wrists? And on your knees or toes? When I do planks I do them on my forearms and toes. Sounds like a lovely b'day evening for your friend. I hope you had a nice Easter with bf's family.

Terra - Good for you for keeping up with walking despite your cold. I hope you're feeling closer to 100% with each day.

Happy - That's wonderful that you were able to purchase some store fixtures from the closing down JC Penney. I remember when you quit smoking! That's such a tremendous accomplishment, and I'm sure your lungs have healed a lot. I got such a laugh out of your description of the poker game. It's pretty close to that. I'm definitely the youngest and only woman. My friend B is the next oldest at 53, then there are two men in their late 50s, and the other 4 men are anywhere from 65-90. They are fun and funny. I hope you and your dh had a nice Easter brunch and dinner.

Annie - I hope you had a wonderful Easter Saturday with your kids, and a nice Sunday with C.

Ceejay - So scary about the utility pole accident, especially with the dangling transformer.

Jolly - From your FB posts, it sounds like you had a very nice Easter weekend. :D

Break time is over.

Here's to a wonderful day and week ahead.

Much love and many hugs,

04-21-2014, 02:02 PM
Quick hiyah from me :wave: Got a bunch of stuff I need to get done and when that happens, I tend to flit and not finish anything. So... take a breath, get organized and make some things happen. I'll be back later.

Glad to hear everyone had a nice weekend. Me too. Later chicks...

04-21-2014, 05:55 PM
Morning all,
Back at work on a Tuesday. Very short week this week as Anzac day falls on Friday (our Memorial day) and so another 3 day weekend.
Yesterday I went out into the sunshine - yep sunshine, kicked myself for not waking up earlier and seeing whether there was a ferry available to take to the South Island for the day. Would have been some wonderful scenery - and went out and bought myself a rain poncho and a small backpack. Now I can go tramping, take my lunch and a big water bottle, spare socks and shoes and not worry about rain. Bliss.
Weather has cleared remarkably, but there is more rain on the way. Supposed to be wet and windy for the Anzac parade. Still the men and women who went through it didn't have a choice about the weather, so why should I complain.
See I didn't post yesterday. Could have sworn that I did. I am losing my mind.
Slept like a log last night. The insomnia must have had something to do with the napping during the day time. Yesterday I exercised, walked, read, played with the sons' stamp albums getting them ready for sale. Found one stamp which in the catalogue retails for about $300. And did some housework. So by the time bedtime arrived, I was completely ready. Read for a short while, turned out the light and didn't move until the alarm went off this morning.
Speaking of exercise, I am back doing the pushup challenge and the crunches and leg raises part of the abs challenge I did last year.

Happy - guess you are busy soaking up the sunlight and vit D. Make a list. Cross it off as you go. Get a lot more completed that way.

Michelle - sounds like a fun poker game last week. Hope you can get the brakes done soon. Not a good look when they don't work.

Happy - 10 years of non smoking - well done. It's 25 years for me come August this year. But who is counting. Aside from the money I have saved, I wonder where the spare time I used to have when I gave up smoking went. Good shopping on the fixtures from Penney. Sad to see the store go, but department stores do not seem to be a way of life as they used to be.

Laura - I am in awe of the plank time you are doing. Might have to work on that one next time round. I think is was a two minute plank in the abs challenge at the end, which I managed okay. Haven't done it since tho'
I had to buy foundation for the wedding last week. Usually I just wear a tinted moisturiser with sunblock. I was appalled at the price of lipstick as well. Some people must spend an awful lot of money on their faces.

Susie - Good to have time with family and friends. Should be more of it. Hope the painting is going okay. Seems my son has been painting this weekend as well.

Hi's :wave: to Annie, Jolly, Ceejay and Terra.

The system is being brought up as I sit here. Apparently they are phasing it in for a week or so. Never had that before, but I guess it could make sense. Usually it is just and announcement that the system is now up - do your thing buddies.

Okay so I better go see what the Ginger Ninja wants me to do. Always something in this place. I have 5 things on my plate. This will be the 6th. They are all apparently urgent. Yeehaa.

See ya

04-21-2014, 06:26 PM
What a day! The person who took down the pole took about 4 more with that one. The electric crew has been busy all day long. We still don't have one of the water well's back up and running. And our spare water well has been giving me fits. The boss has to go tinker with it for it to come on. My boss told me to go down to one well if it happens again. And more than likely it will. I knew I should have stayed home today. And we're having storms tonight.

I'm curious as to how you are doing your planks too? That's awesome strength your building.

More later, My brain is tired.

04-22-2014, 01:13 AM
Michelle ~ Yeah Im definitely 100% better now, Thank Goodness

Shad ~ HELLO

I walked twice today and I'll walk twice tomorrow as well.

04-22-2014, 10:56 AM
Hello Ladies...

Did a big bunch of nothing on Sunday. It was beautiful tho. Went to church, had lunch and fellowship with some (C even went with me to church). Came home and vegged out with Sassapoo.

Yesterday was running errands with Sissy and the kids.

Everyone have a wonderful day


04-22-2014, 11:57 AM
Hello all! Sorry I'm not in here real regular yet. I haven't had a lot of computer time, and it is hard to type this all on the phone. But hello! Wishing everyone a beautiful day.

I made a good decision, and went out to jog AFTER I had talked myself out of it. Whew. I am really trying to drown out the negative and self sabotaging self talk. And, I realized I had a NSV. Somehow, some way, I now feel confie in my wardrobe choices. One small step towards loving myself no matter what.

Will try to get back in the habit of hitting the computer at night, and converse more. But for now, hope everyone has a FABULOUS day.

04-22-2014, 12:21 PM
Morning all. Have a pretty big project on my plate right now, so this will be a quick hello and that's about it.

Since a few of you asked, I do my planks on my forearms and toes. Because they are long now (I finished Day 25 yesterday!), I sometimes change it up during the plank time to make it through without going crazy. I will twist my hips out to each side, or I'll flex my feet more, or I'll move my feet to a wider stance and then back again. A couple times I've also gone briefly from my forearms up to my hands (pushup position) and then back down to my forearms.

Thankfully, today is a rest day for planks. Tomorrow's is 240 seconds! Anything over 2-2.5 min. has not been pretty. Lots of deep breathing, shakiness, and then at the end labored breathing and finally collapsing when my time is up. :D

04-22-2014, 01:17 PM
Good morning ladies,

Happy Earth Day! Get out and enjoy some nature today, if you can.

D picked me up after work and took me to the repair place so I could pick up my car (new rear brakes in addition to the 4 new tires I got on Saturday). Then I followed him home so he could drop off his brother's truck and I drove him to his mechanic's place so he could pick up his car. From there, I went to my physical therapy exercise class.

Starting next week, my physical therapists said I am ready to "graduate" to the Level 2 exercise class which does a lot of forward and side planks, bridges (with marching your feet), and other more advanced stuff. I'll still go to the Level 1 class on Monday, and then the Level 2 class is on Wednesday (a week from tomorrow).

It rained a little overnight, and if it's not raining at lunchtime, I'll probably go for a short walk. Tonight I have my Wisconsin Book Club phone call. I was going to go to the gym before the call, but in my not-quite-awake state when I left the house, I forgot my gym bag. I have to remember to put it in my car in the evening.


Happy - I hope you were able to accomplish what needed to be done yesterday.

Shad - How lovely to have two long weekends in a row. Nice that you've got yourself a rain poncho, especially since you may need it to watch the Anzac day parade. Good on ya for doing the pushups, crunches and leg raises. Always interesting to have a multitude of urgent tasks on your plate.

Laura - Your plank times are blowing me away! And I can totally relate to the labored breathing, shaking, etc. Right now, I do that after about 20-30 seconds. Not sure I'd have the strength to go up on my hands and move my hips around.

Ceejay - Sorry that the crazy driver took out 4 poles AND the electricity for a water well. I hope you and your boss were able to keep the spare water well operating. I hope the storms weren't too bad for you.

Terra - Glad you're feeling better. Good for you on your walking. I'm going to try and walk a little more...maybe if I engage my core for the entire walk, I'll be able to walk a little further.

Annie - Your Easter Saturday and Sunday sounds lovely! So nice that you were able to have a relaxing time. It's good that you're able to help Samantha so much. :D

Jolly - Good for you for going out for a jog. I'm glad you feel good about your wardrobe choices. :bravo:

Well, since I'm still not quite awake, I think I need another cup of coffee.

Much love to all,

04-22-2014, 01:47 PM
Morning all,

Easter was nice and quiet. We had a lovely brunch - I mostly ate breakfasty type foods and since we ate so early at 10:30 I had to have something for a light supper so I put a ham in the oven and made some homemade potato salad which turned out really well. The weather was a perfect 70 degrees and sunny. Seemed odd to sit on the deck in short sleeves looking at large piles of snow. DH went out for a walk and stepped off the deer path - they tromp down the snow and walk single file through the woods - and when he did that, he dropped thigh deep in the snow. Still pretty deep out there. We had a nice, relaxing day.

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day working on thrift shop stuff. Went to Walmart to pick up some things for me and scope out some prices for supplies. I'm going to pick up cleaning and paper goods supplies as well as what's needed to restock the sales area. Trying to make a list. I have some extra things here at home I can donate, making a list of other stuff. I will meet the shelter manager Thursday morning so she can use the non profit sales tax exemption which makes our precious dollars go a bit farther. It's going to be a busy week ahead - lunch plans with a friend and yoga tomorrow, shopping on Thursday as well as a meeting at the new space to determine the new floor layouts, hair appointment on Friday. I also need to run to the post office and get some belated cards in the mail (sorry Shad :( ) DH suggested going to Duluth to look at a new gas grill but he sort of sprung it on me last minute and I'm not quite ready for that. Too bad as that means I blow my chance at getting some sushi too :lol:

Laura - I am in awe of you on the plank challenge. Can totally relate to the shaky, deep breathing, jello like muscle wobbles. You are really pushing hard - good for you!!! Hope you were able to get some foundation - I find my face which is generally really dry - seems to get oily when I just go with bare skin. Glad you had a nice Easter - what sort of soup do you make with the ham bones - anything besides split pea? I guess you could freeze one of the bones for later but as the warmer weather approaches, I would like a thinner soup myself. I'll bet you could make something lovely with fresh spring peas. I'm trying to figure out some dishes to use up the boatload of ham I have here. Got some asparagus and some fresh mushrooms - those always go good with ham although DH would not touch that dish if he were starving :lol: Good luck with the big project.

Jolly - hope you have a good day too. That's great that you decided to jog - sometimes all it takes is a few steps and ignoring the inner couch potato voice to get moving.

Annie - use this time while you are off to get to some projects that you are too busy to do while working. It will also make you feel like you are accomplishing something. I know waiting out the job hunt is terribly stressing, especially when you look at the bills vs empty wallet but keep your spirits up. It is tremendously difficult to believe that things will get better before they do :hug: Just think of this as practice time for full time nanna'ing and see how you fill your day. Thank you for the birthday card - I very much appreciated it :hug:

Hi Terra - did you check out the WATP videos yet?

Ceejay - boy they sure make a heckova mess with that power stuff. Are you getting the spring rains yet? And storms? How have you been feeling?

Shad - I am totally impressed with you getting a poncho and backpack for walking. Now THAT is a person who is dedicated to their walks. I agree that naps, while nice - definitely interfere with the night time sleeping. That's a pretty good stamp that you found. I hope you or DS will have luck selling the catalogues. DH collected early on in our marriage and when it came time to sell, we found very little in interest. They say some stamps are pricey - and certainly to purchase for your collection, but not so much to sell back. Still it's a fun hobby they tell me. You ain't kidding about the price of makeup. Particularly with the young girls who use a lot more components than we do AND tend to use specific, pricey brands. Even my sister who is a minimalist in many things, loves a certain type of eye pencil. I almost fell over when I was visiting and she pulled out her "collection" of at least 30 Smashbox brand eye pencils in all colors. :yikes: I hope your go live works out well. My BIL is in the midst of a JD Edwards upgrade - they have let their versions lapse and are running on a version that is off support - about 17 years old so they are having just more fun than they deserve too. I told him what you said about your hassles and he nodded in agreement. Pass the headache powders. :rolleyes: Sad to see those old homes get taken out in favor of modern highrises but with more people, more places are needed to live. At least they are recycling the materials which in some cases is the new expensive, trendy thing.

Michelle - glad to hear you had a nice Easter with D and his family. I'll bet there was some good eating. It's also nice to hear that Santa's paw has finally healed. That took quite a while - I guess like us, as pups age, things take longer to mend also. :( Ouch - tires AND brakes - there goes the next paycheck :headache: But both are necessary so what can you do?

Susie - congrats on the weight loss for the week!!!! :yay: Sounds like you are definitely back on track again. When is the new treadmill coming in? Good job on portioning out the Peeps. I'm really glad they are too sweet for me because I hear they are irresistible!

Speaking of peeps - one of our stops yesterday was to the Farm and Fleet store and they have the spring chicks in. Live chicks - several varieties of chickens, turkeys and even some baby ducks. Lots of people out this way raise poultry. This batch looks better than last year - it's always sad to me to see some of them off to the side dying - but I guess not all hatched chicks make it :cry:

I do need to get back on the diet wagon again. Haven't been eating a lot in volume but more in salt - ham anyone??? so I have gained back 2 pounds that I had to work very hard to get off in the first place. Didn't even eat that much Easter candy because I didn't buy it in the first place. Anyway... time to get busy. Have a good day ladies.

04-22-2014, 03:30 PM
I'm glad you had a good day on Sunday. We all need those.

I'm feeling a whole lot better, especially about going to Branson. I told myself not to fret over things. My sister and bil will take care of her out burst.

I'm taking my vehicle in Thursday for an oil change. Getting things done for the trip to Branson.

Glad you are feeling better.

You have a busy schedule this week. Isn't yours and Shad's birthday this month. Oh my, with the dh dropping in the snow like that. Bet that was not fun. We have been lucky, no storms just rain.

How's the new home gym?

Glad you got the poncho and other things to go hiking. Enjoy your week end.

Things at work are going on. Wish they would hurry up and get me another well operable. The electric crew is still stringing wire from well 5 which is across the railroad tracks. They've been back up to this pole by the building and they are working on well 6. As long as we don't have a fire we'll be okay or if number 4 well goes, I'm going home. Yes, I'm down to one well.
Sent a message to my high school friend and he said that it would more than okay if I brought my friend and my sister. May even talk my bil into going. It would make the friend feel more at ease and me too for that matter.
My nephew's wife's due date is rapidly approaching and from pictures of her on FB she could deliver any day. She's due the 26th. Would you believe that at 39 weeks and still doing a downward dog!. She teaches yoga classes.
They promised me another well after lunch. Hey guys, it's almost 1.30 p.m. where is it.

04-22-2014, 07:36 PM
Morning all,

Ceejay - My birthday is next Friday and Happy's is 2 days later. We are both stubborn Taureans but I have 5 years experience on her.
Hope your wells are now operational. Long time to have a well down. Silly bugger, taking the poles down.

Happy - that ham and potato salad dinner sounds nice. Haven't had spud salad for a very long time. Seems to have gone out of fashion and out of sight, out of mind these days I am afraid.
If you are not careful, you will end up as Mrs Thrift Shop! Is anyone else doing anything for the refit? Or is it the case of 'although anybody could do something, everybody thought somebody else was doing it so in actual fact nobody did anything and one body got stuck with the lot' syndrome as per normal. Hope that made sense. Grammar looks awful.
Not to worry about the card, I won't be at home to pick it up anyway. So it will be there next time I go home for a break - or maybe forever.
I don't think that the boys will get a fortune for their stamp collections. But if they get a couple of $$$ bucks for something they no longer require then it is better in their pocket than someone elses.
Good luck to BIL for his upgrade. Hope they are doing some training for the users as well although JDE doesn't seem to change format that much. I will send over some get well pills for him. (SAP Suckers)

Michelle - good on you for the graduation to Level 2 :bravo: All urgent tasks done and basically I am now sitting here waiting for the sky to fall or some more work to do, whatever comes first.

Laura - not surprised you are collapsing when your time is up. I seem to remember the 2 min plank from the abs challenge and that was fairly shaky for me as well. A 4 minute plank might be the end of me I think.

Jolly - congrats on the NSV and on convincing yourself that the time has come to jog along. Sometimes that is the hardest thing. Getting to the action. Once the action starts, you realise it isn't that bad after all.

Annie - glad to see you are getting out and about. Have you mentioned at church that you are looking for work? Sometimes just word of mouth gets some amazing action. Many of the best jobs are not advertised.

Terra - good that you are getting the walking in. Well done.

Knew there was someone missing - :wave: Susie.

Well go-live is underway. The Customer Service people are now in the system. There are a few problems, but nothing spectacular at this time. It's very quiet around here and few people in the office. Not much for me to do at the moment either. Boring. I'd better go see what I can do - 'ask not what my company can do for me, ask what I can do for my company'. Apologies to Robert Kennedy or was it Teddy.
Anyway, I had better go sort out what it is that I can do, other than talk to you lot.

04-23-2014, 09:19 AM
Hello Ladies....

Good news on my brother's cancer. His PSA test came back 2.5 points less which is great the lower the better. The CAT scan and bone scan came back with a very small but successful shrinking of the cancer areas. NO NEW AREAS have been detected. He cried, his DS cried, I cried, Samantha cried the baby cried (dirty diaper) and Jacob cried (not getting his way and minor butt spanking). Anyway we are all greatful to the man above.

Me, however, am in a major funk. Every interview so far has been a decline, altho I didn't feel real confident when I left the interview. Granted I have only had two interviews, one hire that I quit, and a couple of phone interviews. WHY do I place so much significance in having a job and making me who I am? In my mind I have so many defeating thoughts and some very bad dark thought about life. I have so many blessing in my life and things to be living for and yet can only see the dark side and have mental negative thoughts. Outwardly I try to be positive, see the best in people, and make positive statements which right now are probably saving me. The math on bills and Cs income is not working out on paying bills, this really makes me worry all the time. Ok enough of this crazy talk.

I am also fighting with Humana and unemployment at the moment. Humana is trying to fight me being paid which I have not received benefits in two weeks. Humana is trying to pull some stuff and I keep proving them wrong to unemployment which is delaying payment. Back and forth. My turn is up again this morning on the rebuttal of their latest crap. I am sick of it and sick of fighting. About to just let it go. Major A$$holes.

Oh yeah, whoa is me, I know get over it. Sorry..... is the thrift shop coming along? What a great project to be a part of...I am very proud of you with all your efforts with the thrift shop. Wish I lived closer, I have a LOT of donations I could contribute. How weird and amazing to sit in 70 degree weather and look a deep snow. One of the worlds wonders.

Have to post, hear the trash man. Will come back and finish.

04-23-2014, 09:28 AM
Good morning all. Annie, what a blessing for your brother. Good luck with the job situation. Never easy. Hang in there.

I did my yoga tape this morning. I wish I could be meditative, but my mind scatters too much - work things to do, is the dog behaving, how badly I need a pedicure, man do I need coffee.. .. At least I get a good stretch in.

Have a good day all!

04-23-2014, 09:36 AM
Finishing on posting..... glad you had a nice Easter with your brother and family. RE: Peeps...I am not a sweet eater and do not like marshmellows...I guess a good thing on eating bad stuff.

JOLLYGIRL...good job on the jogging!!

SHADDIE....Yeah for short work weeks! I would take a short work week right about now. Wonderful you finally had a great night of sleep. I don't take naps in the daytime and still cannot sleep. Thank GOD you do sleep when no naps are involved.

CHELLE...hopefully the car whoas are done for now and for a long time. WOW moving to level 2 of exercising is a major step for you considering you back issues and health. Good going girl...Probably do to your new life, new place you live and things going well for you...wonderful!!!

LAURA...You are my hero. I cannot believe all the plank and challenges you do and complete them. That in itself is great. I cannot seem to finish any exercise challenges. I guess I need to focus, get a positive mind thought and just do it.

CEEG...hope work is returning to a bit of normalcy. Did the other well get going? Is the new babe hear yet?

This is all for to look for more jobs to apply for.....may have to go to a temp agency, hate to cause I would rather a permanent position. Praying for GOD to intervene.

Love and hugs

04-23-2014, 10:03 AM
Michelle ~ Yeah Im glad Im finally feeling better, I hope your able to walk further too

Happy ~ I wont be able to check out the WATP videos until next Sat.

Ceejay ~ Yeah Im definitely glad Im feeling better now

Shad ~ Thanks for commenting on my walking

04-23-2014, 12:11 PM
Morning all.

Ceejay Ė Canít imagine how the driver took out 5 utility poles Ė did striking one mess up the wires for 5? I hope theyíve gotten another well up and running. Do they need to get electricity going to operate pumps on the wells?? Not long now for your nephewís wife. Amazing she can still teach yoga so far along in her pregnancy!!

Shad Ė Makes sense to sell the stamp collection if the boys are no longer interested in that hobby. Who knows what the values will do in the future, so why wait if you can put the $$ to good use now? SAP Suckers, LOL! :lol: Nice you got outdoors on the weekend. I think being out and about in rainy weather isnít such a bad thing if youíre dressed for it and you donít have to show up anywhere. Re makeup Ė youíre right about spending big bucks on it. I asked for a Sephora gift card thinking it might be fun to try some new makeup/beauty products but all it did was overwhelm me. And itís unbelievable the products that are out there that you donít even know exist that many women are convinced they need. All kinds of primers and serums, etc. My routine is very simple and likely lacking, but thatí okay. Iím not looking to try and pass myself off for a 30 year old or appear on the big screen. I think I'm good with what I can get at the drugstore.

Annie Ė Good news re your brother Ė no growing/spreading. Iím so sorry about the stress of being unemployed and the job hunting. Iím glad youíre able to recognize the blessings in your life. Please know that this is a temporary thing and you will get through it!! :hug: Your former employer is being a real jerk about the unemployment benefits. They owe you this, donít stop fighting for it when itís due to you. Re the challenges Ė there must be the tiniest bit of competition in me, not against someone else, but me vs. the challenge. Something that makes me want to do the challenges and to complete them successfully. I guess thatís a good thing, keeps me from spending every after-work minute on my arse on the sofa, lol.

Jollygirl Ė Good for you doing the jog the other day and yoga today Ė being flexible and maintaining good balance is so important. It must be tough setting aside the time to totally clear your mind and let the meditation do its work Ė it probably takes a lot of time just to clear it before getting to the helpful part. :yoga:

Terra Ė Good job walking further! Your body builds stamina and strength before you even realize it. Keep on walking! :running:

Michelle Ė Glad you got the brakes and tires done. I bet the difference is very noticeable. Yay for graduating to level 2 of the exercise class!! :yay: Re the planks Ė as your strength increases, youíll see your plank time increase Ė no doubt about it!! Did you get out for a walk at lunchtime yesterday??

Happy Ė Youíre sure keeping busy these days! Your Easter sounded lovely, in spite of the big piles of snow left on the ground. ;) So great youíre lending your efforts to the new shop in a big way. Iím interested in how itíll turn out Ė May is just around the corner!! Did DH get the new grill? How are the kitties?? Re the ham bones Ė bf likes navy bean soup a lot, so he wants to make a batch of that. I like it too, but I also like split pea. Otherwise, thatís about it for the soups using ham. Awww, live spring chicks. :)

Hi Susie!! :wave: Howís your week going??

Yesterday was okay. Boss asked for input on replacing our admin asst Ė if the job description still reflected the job, and what type of person we need. Also worked more on the yucko project. Some good-sized chunks are done for our dept Ė we passed a bunch of files along to the records group to get scanned. All this legacy stuff is a major PITA. Like my former boss always said to me Ė ďget your next job at a start-upĒ. LOL.

I was surprised my ww weigh-in yesterday showed the same as my last weigh-in two weeks ago. Based on my scale at home, I used to be able to gauge what the ww scale would show, but not anymore. I will definitely take a no gain result! :D My employer is about to offer a WW reimbursement benefit company-wide as part of its wellness initiative (right now itís just for WW at work in our office here). If I could get a reimbursement for going to a non work-site WW meeting, I might switch to that. Our WW at work group has dwindled somewhat now that weíre on session #4, and Iím not liking our meeting leader as much as some others weíve had in the past. And going through a personal period of ďwho caresĒ has made it a bit uncomfortable for me to go to the meetings with co-workers and act like Iím into it. If it makes me not want to go to a meeting, it's not a good thing. I think a WW day/time/location/leader of my choosing would work better for me.

I saw ďCaptain America: The Winter SoldierĒ last night and it was good. I learned right before the movie that it was over two hours long, but it didnít feel that way. The only thing is that it would have been nice to see Chris Evans shirtless, LOL. :drool: Oh well, canít have everything.

Kind of a late night for me last night, and then poor Coal woke us up around 2 AM in a major fright because the battery had gone out on the CO2 detector and it was emitting a beep. Poor baby. :( That all began a few years ago when we had a power outage during a huge thunderstorm and one of our detectors that was a plug-in variety that of course went out during the outage and it too had some sort of beep in spite of no power. Poor guy was panting and hovering by us even after we de-activated the CO2 unit. Bf ultimately got up and went with him into the living room so doggy could calm down a bit.

Okay, back to work. TTFN!

04-23-2014, 12:49 PM
Annie :hug:

I can totally relate to how you are feeling. Back in the 80's I had a great job. Then my boss got pushed out and I got put under a guy who was one of the biggest jerks in the company. We did not like each other and he did everything he could to undermine my work. I didn't hate my job, I hated him and I knew it was only a matter of time before he found a way to push me out too. In the interim the stock market crashed and our financial exchange fell on hard times. For the first time ever they were offering severance packages for people to willingly terminate. Since I hated my job, without discussing it with DH, I went in and took the package. I figured we could use the money to relocate to another city - something we casually talked about. A couple of weeks after I left, DH's back went out to the point that he was on the floor from pain for 4 months. We weren't going to move afterall. I searched in vain for a job with no luck. This was hard for me because up to this point I was sought after for jobs and never had a hard time finding work. Meanwhile we poured through the severance quickly partly because DH was on medical disability at the time at reduced pay. And we needed 2 pay checks. I can still remember sometimes hopping the train to go downtown to meet friends for lunch and networking and I was looking at everyone going here and there - it seemed that everyone had something to do BUT ME. I was stunned to realize that so much of my self worth was tied up in my career and without a job, I felt useless. The harder I tried, the more I got rejected. I remember going on an interview (I was an old lady of 35 at the time). It was a trendy loft space on the north side of the city - a place that would have required me to take a train, a bus and a long walk to get to. I was interviewed by 2 guys who were just out of college at 22. And they were sort of sneery and full of themselves and looked at me as if I were an old dinosaur. I walked out of that interview so ticked off. The whole summer and fall was like that - not much in the way of interviews and the ones I did get - either I was very qualified for them and didn't hear back or I started to be less picky about what I applied for - starting to get desperate. Each rejection or ignore I took very personally. It was hard to keep the spirits up And I was handling the bills so each month it became more of an effort to stretch the money and make ends meet. Christmas was going to be a bust because come January - I wouldn't have enough money to make the mortgage payment. In the end, I pushed hard for a job I had interviewed for in October and was very interested in. This was hard for me, I am not a self promoter and I don't like "putting myself out there" but I was desperate. I finally got the job December 28. But it was awful and I will never forget those feelings. I went through a similar version of that in Tennessee - I'm very grateful we were able to work things out for the early retirement as this would not have gone well otherwise. I had applied for an opening for a help desk manager - and I managed a help desk at 2 companies for over 12 years and I couldn't even get an interview at the company I was working for! (jobs went to people on the "A" list even if they were not qualified for them) So the point of my very long story was that in several times of hitting rock bottom, things did manage to turn around. Can't say if the timing had to be right or just that I opened myself up to different things as time went on. I think the feelings you are having are totally normal. Other than watching your child struggle at something, I can't think of anything harder than a job search. Just keep looking for opportunities - things should pick up as we edge into spring when budgets get approved and they are looking for more people. I am sorry that you are also fighting Humana with unemployment. DON'T GIVE UP - that's exactly what they want you to do. They opted to lay people off - then they have to pay unemployment - that's how that goes. Too bad, so sad. Keep the faith sister :hug:

I'm sorry that I don't have time to get to everyone else. I have to get ready to meet a friend for lunch - not too crazy about the place she picked. :( but it will be nice to spend some time with her. Then I have to go over to my yoga class. Will be back later tonight to catch up.

2 days until Shad's birthday. Well probably a day and a half if you factor in the time different since she lives in our future :lol:

04-23-2014, 01:00 PM
Quick post for now...

I didn't get to the gym last night. I was feeling exhausted all day yesterday and struggled to just stay awake at work. So after picking up Santa I went straight home, ate, showered and then chillaxed.

I went to bed earlier than usual and am doing a bit better because of it. I've got my gym bag in the car and am hoping and planning to go to the gym after work.

Annie - I'm so glad to hear your brother's PSA levels are doing better and that there hasn't been any growth or spreading of the cancer. :woohoo: I just sent you a rather long e-mail.

I'll be back later to do the rest of the personals.

Love and hugs,

04-23-2014, 05:57 PM
Quick fly by hi all. :wave: Getting stuff chiseled away. It's a good thing. Bike and weights tonight - my sister is coming over to do planks. Oh yeah.

have a good night all.

04-23-2014, 08:54 PM
Morning all,

Sailing along quietly with the job go-live. Getting all sorts of bits and pieces to do, and some of them are definitely not in my defined space or contract. Still it is all learning experience and I am getting a few more brain cells filled with data. Unfortunately I may have killed off some of yesterdays newly programmed cells with champagne last night. But then again - champagne, who cares?

Annie - can't say much since Happy has said it all and very succinctly too. However I do remember when I used to get extremely agitated if I didn't pick up a contract within a short space of time. Used to think that maybe I should have a second string to my bow and go and be a receptionist or something. I don't have a degree and there was a time when you just about had to have a degree to step on the training room floor. Luckily some companies saw sense after a period of time. There was also a time where you had to be 22, 9ft 12", blonde with legs up to the armpits to get a job training anything. Fortunately the miners themselves put the kibosh on that, they boycotted class unless they had a trainer that at least knew something more than a 1/2" bolt lived on a mine. I don't live in the States so I don't know how employers there think. Sometimes I wonder if they do actually do any thinking at all. Doesn't seem like it from the things I have heard on this thread over the years.
So delighted to hear that the brothers cancer is not spreading. One up to him. Whatever he is doing, tell him to double his efforts. He rocks.
Whatever else you do, keep fighting Humana. It is definitely not fair that they are trying to get away without paying you severance. You did a lot of work for them, they reaped the benefits from that. They made money out of everything that everyone of their employees did. DO NOT GIVE UP.

Jolly - my mind is never still when I do yoga classes or tapes. One of the Denise Austin dvds I have I am forever telling her to hurry up. This downdog is getting boring etc. etc. I know that slow stretching is what yoga is and does but it doesn't always fit with my lifestyle. I should just get on with it and just do it.
Bike, Weights and planks. You sure are moving it tonight.

Laura - When I did the entire training for a nickel plant, I had 450 trainees to cater for. When it came time for go-live, I requistioned 451 specimen jars from the store, created 451 labels that said:
SAP Soothers
Suck on these when you feel:
Then I filled the jars full of M&Ms

Then before they all got to work I stuck them on each desk or work station. They were a complete success. They guys loved them and it took away the newness and change stress. Unfortunately I wouldn't refill the jars for them. What did I do with the 451th one? Aaaah well I took it to the big boss. He did very little training saying that his secretary would do most of the work for him. He was a very hands on (person type) manager. He thought it was a real hoot and went around the plant talking to the guys and girls about the SAP soothers. He told me some years later that his soothers worked as he never opened SAP in his entire tenure as the CEO.
Well done on the no gain, but no loss. I'd take it. I am a perennial maintainer.

Happy - well said. Hope you enjoy the Yoga class and the lunch.

Michelle - hope you are feeling more rested today.

Well I got up and did the challenge exercises again this morning. Now up to rest day on Day8 tomorrow. That's 7 pushups and 20 leg raises and crunches. I actually do the pushups twice. Once in easy format - knees and arms and once in the hard format - arms and toes. So I guess you could say I have done 14 however I find the easy format too easy. I do it basically to warm up the shoulder muscles.

Anyway, I had better go find some more work to do - oh hang on, it's lunch time. Might be time for a long lunch.

04-24-2014, 12:08 PM
Lol, Shad. I used to have a direct report who, if she knew I was coming up and she had to give me some not pleasant news, would put M&Ms in a medicine cup first. I love it!!

Hi everyone else. Hope you are having a fabulous day. Started out 36į and raining this morning, so I did spin bike instead of outside jog. After all, tomorrow is another day!

04-24-2014, 01:12 PM
Good morning ladies!

Happy Birthday, Shad! And wishing you a good Anzac Day as well!

Yesterday after work, I did something I won't do again for awhile. I went to the gym and did 15 minutes on the recumbent bike to warm up before trying an hour long strength training class (which also incorporates A LOT of cardio). It wasn't the cardio that was the hard part. It was some of the other stuff. I've determined that my back is just not ready for squat thrusts and burpees (still not sure I know what the difference is, but the instructor said there is one). After about 35 minutes of intense strength training and during one of the sets of bench presses where we lay down on a step bench, I felt like I was going to pass out. Thankfully, I didn't. It wasn't that the bench presses were difficult because they weren't. I did fine with most of the strength training moves as long as I didn't do any of the high-impact jumping (or squat thrusts/burpees as I mentioned). I did modify the pushups to be wall pushups, and the tricep dips to be overhead tricep presses. I think the class and the pace of the class was just a bit more than I was ready for. Last night, I still had periods of dizziness that didn't subside until I was finally able to lie down and relax. Walking the dog and showering are not fun when you don't have equillibrium. I'm much, much better today. All back to "normal" (whatever that means).

At least for the foreseeable future until my back improves, I'll either do my strength training at home via the challenges (and either dumbells or exercise bands), or use the Nautilus machines at the gym.

Tonight, I'm going to do the yoga class at the gym. Hopefully, there won't be too many pretzel moves...or if there are, hopefully they can be modified.

Tomorrow after work, I'll go to the gym to ride the bike, and then am getting together with friends. Saturday, I'm taking Santa to a doggie get together with some of his West Highland White Terrier (Westie) friends, then dropping him off at daycare for the afternoon while I go to a workshop followed by yoga class. Not much planned for Sunday, other than an afternoon yoga class.

Shad - Hope you are having a lovely birthday! Since it's Anzac Day, does that mean you get the day off? BTW, the "ask not" quote was made by JFK. I loved the idea of the SAP Soothers. How creative! I totally get what you said about yoga moving so slow. My yoga instructor usually makes us hold poses for at least 2-3 minutes.

Laura - Too funny about your boss' suggestion on working at a start-up to avoid legacy system issues. Being in IT, I can certainly relate. Glad you enjoyed the new Captain movie. Did you see the first one? I haven't seen the first one yet. I liked him in The Avengers, but he wasn't my favorite Avenger...Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man is my fave. I'd kind of like to see Divergent, though I haven't read any of the books. Poor Coal with the beeping. Those things can be so loud even to us and with dogs' hearing being even more sensitive. So nice that your work is going to reimburse WW even outside of the "at-work" meetings! The right meeting and leader can make all the difference.

Happy - I hope lunch with your friend and your yoga class were both very enjoyable. I agree with all you said to Annie about job hunting and all the stress that goes with it.

Jolly - Wow! Bike, weights and planks! You go, girlfriend. I tried that combo (didn't even get to the planks) and nearly passed out. :faint: :rofl: That's smart of your direct report to sugar-coat the bad news with M&Ms. 36 degrees and raining? Oh well, at least you were able to spin bike to warm yourself up. Well done!

Big :wave: to Ceejay, Terra and Susie!

Much love and many hugs to all,

04-24-2014, 04:29 PM
Afternoon all.

Happy Ė Everybody experiences rough times in their worklife, with varying periods of unemployment. You certainly went through your share! Iím glad things are working out for you with early retirement. Iím another one of those folks whoís not a self-promoter, so it will be a rough go for me if/when I decide to make a move. I still donít know what I want to go after, so Iím certainly not going to change just for changeís sake! How was your lunch and yoga yesterday??

Michelle Ė Your workout sounds like it was very challenging! That class sounded like a bootcamp sort of class. Ugh, burpees, mountain climbers, squat thrusts Ė whatever, I hate all of those types of moves!! I hope youíre not in any severe pain today from all that. The yoga should feel good if you have some soreness. The yoga classes Iíve gone to donít hold the poses long like you said.

Jollygirl Ė Sounds like youíre keeping active Ė yay for you!! :yay:

Shad Ė Love the idea of the M&M jars you gave out to the trainees! :D I donít think Iíd do well doing contract jobs. I like the perception of security from a ďpermanentĒ job, lol. Good job on your challenge!! I see itís now Friday morning, so I can wish you a Happy Birthday!! :hb: Have a wonderful day and I hope you have a fabulous year to follow. :) :hug: And Happy Anzac Day too!

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies Ė hope everything is going well in your necks of the woods.

Workís keeping me busy and itís going to be like that for a while since the admin assistant is leaving. Weíll be busy with interviewing and then getting someone up to speed. In the meantime our busy time is getting started. Bad timing to be taking on a new person, especially with two other people in new roles as well. Oh the fun. I think Iíve got my part of that big ugly project done, and I have to make sure the admin is getting her part done as well.

I did my 4 min. plank last night and it was really really tough, and this time I felt it in my back, and itís even a bit sore today. Todayís day 28 - another 240 seconds, followed by 270 and 300 on days 29 & 30. Iím at the bitter end and itís not pretty. Ugh. I did day 26ís pushups yesterday on day 27, but didnít do day 27ís. Today is day 28 and a rest day, so I will get caught up. I havenít been doing any standard pushups the past few days. Because the plank challenge is now so hard, I try and get that out of the way first and do the pushups later, and by then I just donít want to work very hard. So Iíve been doing the knee version the past several days.

Tonight Iíll probably go through our vet file and pull together doggyís vet bills to submit to his pet insurance. BF wasnít keeping up with submitting them and I have a feeling weíve loss some possible reimbursements because of that. Iíll likely just do it myself going forward because bf will say that we only get a limit of so much per year for certain treatments (like Coalís monthly adequan shots for osteoarthritis), so why bother. All I know is if you donít ask, you donít get. :D Iím going to submit all the bills starting where we left off and be done with it. The current policy expires May 4th, so I want to get everything to them ASAP.

Thatís about it for me. TTFN!

04-24-2014, 08:45 PM
Hi Everyone. I have come to the site twice this week to post and I would get through reading and then my lunch would be interrupted with work--my manager was out two weeks for vacation, back a week and then out a week for his father's death and he had a lot of "I need" to give to me.

I got into the poditrist on Tuesday and she took more x-rays of my foot to see if anything else showed up. It didn't. She thinks it could be inflamed nerves from the broken toe and is going to send me for a MRI. I am waiting for them to call and set up that appointment. I checked today because I hadn't heard anything and the doctor's office said they sent the order to the MRI place and they should be calling me. The MRI place is most likely checking with my insurance.

In the meantime, they gave me a boot to wear. It's been two days and I wear it mostly at work (have to take it off to drive) and at home I am not on my feet a lot after work so I'm not putting it on then, but I can tell a BIG difference. That tells me it is something with the nerve along the foot for sure.

I'm going to have to find some new exercises to do until I get this foot problem cleared up and can get on the treadmill or bike or elliptical. It figures this would happen now that I have ordered a treadmill. It comes on May 1. DH is looking forward to it.

I had a small gain at my TOPS weigh-in tonight. I was disappointed because I really watched my food and thought I did ok. I'll just keep doing what I was doing and I'm sure next week I will have a loss.

Shad: Happy Birthday! :celebrate::bday2you::gift::balloons: I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Annie: Great news about your brother! I'm so sorry that this unemployment thing is going so hard for you. It is very hard to be out of work. The feelings you are having are normal. Things will turn around. I know they will.

It is hard to appear confident when you are wondering how you will pay the bills but really try to do something every day for yourself that makes you feel good so you can build the confidence and potential employers will pick up on that confidence and will look at you before the other candidates.

As for the fight for unemployement. That is yours and you must fight for it. Don't give in. Humana decided to lay you all as they were restructing and positions where elminated..not people but positions and so they must pay the unemployment.

To the rest of the Wordlies, I am sorry not to post individual posts but I need to go take care of my nieces. It' my "mommy" night and karatee and dance have ended.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

04-25-2014, 03:53 AM (

04-25-2014, 04:24 AM
Hi ladies,

Shad - a very happy birthday to you - it's still going on now so I hope it was a pleasant one for you even if you have to share yours on a rather somber day. Sounds like you attended an Anzac service as is your way of kicking off the day. Did you spend some time with the rellies or will you be making a 3 day weekend of it? I love the idea of softening the shock of conversion with some sweets - very thoughtful and fun!

Susie - that is a bummer on the foot but glad that the boot is helping. It's really tough to exercise with a foot boot BUT you don't want to hurt your foot any more than it is - not worth tripling the recovery time - still it will be frustrating to see DH break in the new treadmill. Good advice to Annie.

Laura - I'm sure we all have a war story on the job front - just seems so darn hard when we are facing things ourselves. I have taken my experiences and always tried to be kind to people I was interviewing myself - just because I knew what it was like on the other side of the desk. I think job hunting is much harder now than it was 20 years ago. They changed the rules when we weren't looking ;) Wow - you're going to be rock hard after all that arm and core work! I'm sure you can see improvements even if it is tough. Bummer on the pet insurance and lost claims. I would not let DH ever deal with that or we'd be missing out too because "it's too hard, it's too confusing, I forgot..." :lol: I hope you can find a WW leader now that you have other options. To me, a good leader is fundamental to the program.

Yikes Michelle - sounds like you stepped into a pretty intensive exercise class. I would not have been able to move today :yikes: Maybe it was a bit too much but at least you were able to tell for yourself. Sorry you got some bouts of dizziness. Sounds like you are really getting into the yoga :D

Hi Jolly, Annie, Ceejay :wave:

I had a nice lunch with my friend yesterday. Had an interesting sandwich. We met at a coffee shop which had wraps and sandwiches and some flatbread pizzas. I decided on a sandwich which was avocado spread on some marbled rye bread, sprinkled with toasted sunflower seeds and some raisins and topped with some greens and a piece of mild white cheese. It was surprisingly good. Creamy avocado, a bit of salt and crunch with the seeds and a touch of sweetness with the raisins. I might be trying that at home, especially when I have some avocados to use up. We had a nice opportunity to sit and chat quietly and she told me of her trip to Arizona over the winter. (I am trying to figure out how people up this way can afford to go to the sunbelt for 2 to 3 months over the winter). We chatted all the way until it was time to run off to yoga. I am disappointed that my teacher is taking the summer off - but she deserves it. Will be a mad scramble to get into her fall classes. After class I rushed back into town to get some netting to cover a few bushes we have. Now that they are sprouting they are too attractive to the deer who would rather nibble greens than corn. It appears that Mr. Bear has woken up from his long nap. One of our bird feeders is broken. DH has to use a pole to reach the thing and refill it so this may be one very tall bear :yikes: I woke up early today and ran off to Walmart to pick up cleaning and office supplies for the new shop. Then ran off to a meeting at the new place. Things are coming along, people have opinions but they are for the most part, getting along. I'm glad of it. We decided to rent a truck to pick up most of the store fixtures and living in the tiny town that we do, we can't get a very big truck. May mean 2 trips back and forth to the store which is an hour's drive from here. We are making progress - should be open for business again May 12. Yes, I am putting in a lot of time with this but the start up is exciting and there are some overburdened people who can use some relief from having most of the stuff stuck on them. So I don't mind. Once we get going again I can back off to my 2, four hour shifts a week. I'm toying with the idea of occasionally helping out at our little live theater in town, but still thinking about it. I need to get at the boxes in the garage for sure this year. Kind of glad they need donations at the thrift shop as that is motivation. My friend and I were bemoaning the fact that we both have not paid much attention to our crafting work - even over the long winter. We promised to nag each other along :lol: I have gotten away from my writing too...

It was raining all day today and several times it turned to a mushy snow but kept just a few degrees above freezing so it didn't stick. Thank goodness. I will go and get my hair done this afternoon. Not sure if I will get a cut or just a trim. I'm trying to grow my hair a bit longer from the short cut I had last year. Still too cold for a short cut.

And I will sign off now as my eyes are tearing from yawning and I should have been in bed an hour ago but I haven't posted much so I thought I'd at least show up to the party.

Happy birthday again Shad and a good night to the rest of you lot.

04-25-2014, 07:32 AM
Good morning all, and happy belated birthday Shad. Hope it was a good one.

:yawn: Don't know what all I will get done today. Got to bed late, due to book club, then got woken up when my younger dog had a seizure. He seems fine this morning, my other dog and I are zombies. LOL.

Will try to post later. Hope everyone has a good day. :wave:

04-25-2014, 11:34 AM
Morning all. Happy Friday!

Susie Ė Glad the boot helps a lot. If the MRI shows inflamed nerves, what would be the treatment Ė anti-inflammatories and time? The bike sounds like a good alternative exercise in the meantime. If youíve been watching your food intake, it was probably something else that caused the gain. In which case, youíll probably show the loss next week. Hang in there!

Happy Ė Not surprised to know Iím not the only one who has a significant other who canít/wonít deal with the insurance stuff Ė or canít be trusted to! :lol: When you think about it, even if you were to try and simplify your life, this part of it wouldnít go away Ė if you want to be insured, you have to deal with this stuff. Itís almost humorous how complicated it can be. Iím glad you enjoyed your lunch. That sammie you had sounds delicious. :hun: Yeh, if you learn how snowbirds can afford to be snowbirds, let me know. Otherwise, I will probably be splitting my retirement years shuttling between places that have nice weather, but living out of a pop-up camper in some cheesey campground, LOL. Itís great youíre helping out with getting the shop set up again Ė once itís up and running things will hopefully calm down again. This is a great time for you to go through those boxes in the garage and donate the excess/unwanted to the shop Ė kill two birds with one stone. I just had to look up an alternate quote - feed two birds with one scone. :D

Jollygirl Ė Itís hard to get through a day sometimes if youíve been shorted on sleep the night before. Good luck with that Ė keep your coffee mug filled! :coffee2: I hope your younger dog is okay after his seizure. Does he have them frequently?

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. Ceejay - whereíve you been? I hope all is well with you and the plant and that youíre now enjoying your weekend. :)
I started my long plank last night, but made the mistake of doing it in my stocking feet. Then the socks started slipping and bf decides heíll help hold my feet in place, lol. Then doggy decides to come over and visit bf and stepps over/on my legs trying to get there, LOL. That was it for me. I only finished about 2.5 min of that plank. Oh well. I decided to do a couple side planks Ė wow, were my arms shaking during those. I think I only managed about 30 seconds each side on those. Iím now caught up on pushups. Two more days of both challenges Ė whoo!

Nothing much else to report. Didnít tackle the vet bills for the insurance claim, so thatíll have to happen over the weekend. No firm weekend plans except Jazzercise Saturday morning and then my mammo appointment at noon. I'm glad for no social plans - there's plenty to do around the house Ė I suppose bf and I need to get the garage project done Ė no time like the present, especially now that itís warm enough to work out there.

Okay, back to the grind. TGIF. Yes itís worth saying again. :D Everyone have a great weekend.

04-25-2014, 01:07 PM
I'm here. Just needed some me time after an extremely stressful work week.

:hb::bday2you::woo: You've made it another year. Hope you are blessed to have many more.

In reference to your question about the utility poles-it was a mess for sure. When the person's 2014 Mustang hit the pole with such speed that it broke the pole, the wires that were attached to that pole were pulled down and the other poles and pulled down the wires The pole that was hit had such an impact it also pulled the wires that were attached to the water plant building and other wires for two city blocks. It took our electric crew until yesterday to get one of our wells back online. I'm still tired from all this mess And with the running on one ground storage tank is stressful in itself
I'm impressed with the time of your planks. A job well done.

I'm glad that the Thrift store has found a new location and that things are coming together. You sure are putting in some time.

Sorry to hear your foot is giving you trouble. Glad the boot is helping.

To the others :wave:

04-25-2014, 02:32 PM
Good morning ladies -

Happy Friday!! I was planning on doing yoga last night, but realized as I was leaving work that I left my gym bag at home. So instead, I went to the library and to the nursery to pick up some flowers. There's not really any place in front of the house to plant flowers, but I bought a few containers and planted petunias and alyssum, and I also bought some quart size pots of geraniums. Little by little, I'll add feminine touches here and there to this bachelor pad. :rofl:

I did some yoga stretches and PT exercises while watching TV last night.

Getting together with friends tonight, and I'm looking forward to that.


Shad - I hope you had a lovely birthday/Anzac Day.

Laura - The "strength training" class definitely felt like a bootcamp. While I was sore that evening, thankfully I felt better by morning. Glad you got your part of the project is done. 4 minute planks...that's just incredible! And a 5 minute plank coming up? :yikes: Please, please take care of your back. When you hold a plank for that long, it's so easy to get out of proper alignment. Good idea to submit the bills to the pet insurance. You're right...worst case is they say "no", and then you're no worse off than if you didn't ask. But at least if you ask, you stand the chance of them approving the reimbursements.

Susie - glad that the boot is helping your foot pain. I hope you get the MRI scheduled soon. Good attitude on the small weight gain. It could be just a blip. Keep doing well with food and do what you can when it comes to exercise. Great suggestions for Annie.

Happy - What a lovely butterfly Happy Birthday photo! I do enjoy the yoga, and my back feels MUCH better after doing I'm trying to at least do some moves nearly every day. Your sandwich sounds very "Californian"...very healthy, "hippy", "tree-hugger-y" (not that tree hugger is a bad thing).

Ceejay - I hope you're able to relax some today. Sending :hug:

Jolly - So sorry to hear about your dog having a seizure. Good that she's doing better. I hope you three get some rest and relaxation today.

Terra - Hope you're having a great day and getting some walking in.

A wonderful surprise! One of the people on my team brought their senior citizen dog into the office. Not sure why...but I don't care. I immediately volunteered to "dogsit". So I have a dear, sweet, senior Golden Retriever named Roxy laying down on the floor behind my chair...just chillin. Not quite as wonderful as if I had Santa in my cube with me...but since I just love being around all animals, especially dogs, it's almost as nice. I'm a happy camper (or coder, as in programmer - LOL).

Love to all,

04-26-2014, 05:20 AM
Dammit, just lost my post. Must have hit some keyboard combination that took me back to the last website on that tab.

To tired to carry on. Back tomorrow.

04-26-2014, 10:03 AM
I do that more than once.

I got outside and mowed most of the lawn yesterday. My mower quit with only 2 or 3 strips left to mow. It's still under warranty so I called them and now I am going to load it up in the Rav 4 and take it to Jonesboro today to Lowe's. It's not as powerful as I would like for it to be. It's electrical so I tried several different plug ins. It still didn't turn over. It has a lot of vibration in it.

04-26-2014, 10:15 AM
Hi all. I did get a workout in last evening, so that is good. Not off to a great start today. My dog had three more seizures since the first one. Will basically be spending the day keeping him under observation, and taking him in to the emergency clinic if he has another. Sigh. Not fun.

Hope everyone has a good day. Michelle, I am jealous. It will be a bit before I can safely plant up here. And I am jonesing for fresh tomatoes already!!!


04-26-2014, 11:23 AM
Good morning all,

Lots to do today so quick hellos.

Jolly - sorry to hear about your sick pup. Has it had seizures in the past?

Ceejay - don't you just hate it when the mower dies and you still have a bit of grass to cut? Couldn't it last just 10 more minutes????? :mad: We had a gas mower for the front and a smaller electric mower for the back to mow around the pool and such. I agree that the electric one is good for trimming - just slightly better than a weed whacker. Looks like there is some dangerous weather coming your way this weekend. Do be careful! Wow - that was some damage that dum dum did with his NEW car. Caused a lot of people grief too with the electrical poles.

Shad - hope you had a nice birthday - sounds like it. Congrats on not overindulging.

Michelle - how cool that you had a furry helper at work yesterday. Good job on the exercising.

Laura - 2 snowbirds told me that yes, it's expensive to maintain 2 homes and go to a warm place for an extended winter's stay - but they factored that into their lifestyle and they try to be cost effective and plan for the expense by cutting back on other things all year long.

Susie - hope the foot is doing better.

Hi Terra :wave:

On with the day... talk later.

04-26-2014, 04:23 PM
Laura ~ I will keep walking

Happy & Ceejay ~ HELLO

Shad ~ Happy Belated Birthday, I hope you had an awesome day on your birthday

Michelle ~ Yeah I've been getting my walks in and Im having a great day, I hope your having a great day also

04-26-2014, 07:53 PM
:celebrate: :bday2: :bday2you: :hb: :gift: :woo: :balloons: ( (

Back later for personals and other stuff

04-27-2014, 12:13 AM
Dumb me. I did take the mower back to Lowe's. They kept saying that it was two years old so I asked her to let me show her And showed her that it was purchased July 28th, 2013. They gave me my money back and bought the same mower only different color. It's looks purple to me. Was going to make a couple of phone calls and remembered that I left my phone on the changing table in the bath room at Ryan's restaurant. I used my neighbor's phone to call them to make sure it was there and it was so I got back in the car and went back to Jonesboro. It's the only phone I have. While at Lowe's my aunt phoned me to tell me that my cousin's son of 42 years of age died with a heart attack. We're all in shock. I text one sister about that and to find out how my nephew's wife was doing. She told me she thought it would be a couple of days, but about an hour later she text me back to tell me that my nephew was taking her to the hospital. Her water had broke. Today was her due date.

Shad is posting birthday wishes. I'm taking this to be for Happy.

04-27-2014, 12:17 AM

04-27-2014, 10:09 AM
last one out, first one in.

My nephew's baby was born last night around 10.40 p.m. weight was 6lbs 14 ounces and 21 inches long. Can't wait to see him next week end. His name is Charles William. Kinda sounds like a prince huh.

I did finish the lawn but really tired and didn't do to much else. Keep me in your thought as we're supposed to have severe weather today and tomorrow.

04-27-2014, 10:43 AM
Happy birthday Happy! !:hug:


04-27-2014, 01:52 PM
:thanks: for the birthday wishes everyone. Very festive!!! :D

It's a chilly, rainy, overcast day. Sort of matches my mood. I am so frustrated with myself because a few months back I set into place a simple plan to make some needed changes. And just like MFP - if you miss a day, it leads to 2 or 3 and next thing you know, the wheels have fallen off the track. I really need to get my head in the game and make a schedule and stick to it. I'm not sure we'll do much of anything today - it's rather lousy out there and we have at least one bear roaming the property so you have to be extra careful - even going from house to garage. Right now they are mostly foraging at night so you are pretty much ok during the day. And I hardly ever go on the back grounds, so I'm cautiously careful. Garbage cans are safely tucked into the garage and our bird feeders have been either swiped or broken so that's the end of that for a while. Move NORTH bears - go to the woods :lol:

Yesterday we we headed up north. Checked out some barbeque grills as well as stair railing for the new thrift shop - nothing is cheap it seems. Then since we were in town, we HAD to stop at my new favorite grocery store. I am stocked with my sushi fix and we also picked up some lovely fish and steaks. We then headed over to a casino we had never been to before and went deeper into the state of Minnesota than we had ever gone. It was a bit farther than I had thought it was, but it's a new place - light and air with high ceilings and thank goodness very few smokers. We had a nice play - even walked out a few bucks ahead. We were starving when we got there so we decided to try out the buffet. VERY NICE. They had some higher end entrťe selections including beef wellington, roast duck, a fancy stuffed pork roll and the usual carved meats. I tried the duck as I had never had it before. Not bad. Also not something I'd made as a regular menu item, thank you very much. Hard to eat duck when I drive down the road and the little mallards are starting to repopulate the small ponds out this way :cry: We had a really nice meal. Just a 2 hour ride one way is a long way to go unless you can bundle a few errands like we did. Since I have such great food at home right now and many of the nicer restaurants are still closed for the season until next week, I will probably whip up something here for dinner tonight. I'm thinking baked halibut.

Friday I had a hair appointment and just before I was about to leave, she called me and said she is running late. She is usually running late so I never hurry to get there early. But I was glad for the call and the extra 30 minutes to get some mail ready to post. So I came when she suggested and sure enough, she was still working on a client. I have to admit as 10 minutes waiting turned into 20, I was starting to get perturbed. She got out the chair at 20 minutes and then proceeded to talk to the hairdresser about her upcoming vacation and was dawdling about making her next appointment. All in all I had to wait 30 minutes more beyond the 30 minute extension she asked for. So when she came over all bubbly and chatty and asked what we were doing today, I could not help but look a bit miffed. She asked if I was mad, and I said I didn't mind her running 30 minutes behind - especially since she called me - but I really did mind waiting another 30 minutes beyond that. This set me back over an hour from my schedule for the day (not to mention that it pushed back all of her clients after me). I'm sure this was the result of "squeezing someone in" to a timeslot there clearly wasn't enough time for. And that's a peeve of mine - whether I am waiting for the doctor or the hairdresser. I come on time, I expect to be taken care of within 15 minutes of my appointment. What if I showed up 45 minutes late - oh sorry :^: Like I said, it was being an hour late that bugged me - guess my time isn't valuable either. And I wasn't mean or snippy - I was very calm - just wanted to get the point across that time management is important to everyone. Very often we stew about something and don't say anything. Her 2pm appointment walked in just as she finished washing my hair and she still had to cut, dry and style it. She said she was running late and that one of the other stylists would give her a free scalp and shoulder massage while she was waiting. So I think that client benefited because of me :D and she did remove the charge for a haircut as an apology so it was all good. Nice hair cut too although I have to work with the round brush a bit to get it to come out nice. We just colored it - current highlights are good and we talked a bit about trying to keep my head out of the pool as much as possible to keep from "going green" :p :lol:

I am planning on staying home today and I am committed to taking back some of the control I lost. Also need to sort out the bags of stuff I have sitting here for the thrift shop - new supplies and things like recycled grocery bags and newpaper for wrapping stuff. Need to pull together some donations also. Rummaging through boxes I also found the missing water reservoir for my beloved steam mop so I'm going to give the tile floors a good cleaning. And that's all the excitement I can stand. :dizzy:

Ceejay - I see that line of thunderstorms headed up your way. Hope the weather is not too severe. Please be careful when out and about and driving. I sure don't miss those scary spring tornado storms. :yikes: I'm glad they got the mower business straightened out. A new one is a fair trade I think. Congrats on the new great nephew? is it?? Sorry to hear about the cousin's son - that's far too young to die.

Quite weekend as usual around here - hope you are all enjoying your Sunday. It's noon - time to go enjoy some sushi. :hungry:

04-27-2014, 03:18 PM
Happy Sunday ladies,

I had a very nice Friday and Saturday, and I'm battling a migraine this morning and I'm hoping it'll go away so I can go to yoga this afternoon and get together with my friend B later. But I wanted to check in and say:

Happy Birthday, Happy!!! I hope you're having a very nice day!

Hope everyone is having a nice day.

Love and hugs,

04-27-2014, 06:08 PM
Happy Birthday to you Happy! :bday2::hb::balloons::bday2you::celebrate::woo:
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Yesterday I cleaned house (wearing the foot boot). It was a little challenging and I almost broke my neck coming up the step in the garage into the house (I was getting the mop). I find it easy to walk in the boot, but steps...that is not easy. I didn't think about it until I stepped up on the step and was falling backwards. I was able to use the mop to stop myself, and get back vertical.

Yesterday evening, my best friend (for 35 years!) and I went out for drinks and appetizers and then to the movie. We saw "The Other Woman". It was pretty funny. Then we had dinner at a place we never tried before called "The Wild Mango" I had a sandwich similar to what Happy had. I LOVE finding these places because I am a vegetarian and it's nice to find something different and filling.

Today was church, napping, reading. And in just a bit we are headed to "The Root Beer Stand" in Cincinnati. My DH LOVES this place and it is only open from opening day for the Cincinnati Reds to Labor Day and he insists we go at least once a month. It's fun to go with him because he loves it so much and they make their own root beer (we LOVE root beer and search out different kinds all the time).

Happy: I would be terrified if I knew I had a bear around my house. Good for you for letting your hairdresser know that you weren't happy with the wait. I agree with you, I arrive on time and I expect the same consideration. I am glad that you like your hair--it always makes me feel better to have my hair done.

When you said you were "committed to taking back some of the control I lost". What are you doing to do that? I could use some starting points on that myself!

Michelle: How did the dog sitting go? You have such a heart for dogs. It's very, very sweet of you. How did the boyfriend like the plants? I only do plants in containers. For me it is to much time and commitment for me to work it in the ground.

Ceejay: Congratulations on Charles William! It's always fun to have a new baby in the family. I'm glad you got your lawn mover replaced.

Laura: I'm not sure what they will do if the MRI shows inflammation. I think they will give me cortisone shot for one thing. She said she can't do that until they do the MRI. She has to make sure what is going on. I had someone tell me they can snip the nerve or that they know someone that had something like this and they shaved the bone so that the nerve was pressing against the bone.
I'm trying to not worry about it. I'm a natural born worrier so it's not easy for me to not worry about. The fact that when I take the boot off my foot feels normal tells me that something with inflammation is going on.

Shad: Looking forward to hearing how your birthday weekend was.

Jolly: How is your dog doing? I hope the seizures have stopped. What workout did you do? I'm looking for ideas.

Hi Terra and Annie!

04-28-2014, 10:19 AM
Good morning all. Happy belated birthday Happy! And to everyone else, :wave:

I'm still trying to get recombobulated after this weekend's excitement. Sigh. Got cardio in this morning, but no weights. Need to not let this cause me a major setback.

Have a good day all!

04-28-2014, 12:05 PM
Morning all. Monday again! Very rainy day here. Doggy got soaked going out this morning, but there wasnít any choice. I wore my rubber boots to work. :rain:

Jollygirl Ė I like that word ďrecombobulatedĒ, lol. Howís your doggy doing? No further seizures I hope. :crossed:

Susie Ė Iím so glad you didnít fall Ė and backward sounds so scary!! I didnít know you were a vegetarian! Must be a challenge if your husband isnít one Ė is that the case? Sounds like a nice time with your friend. :) I donít know if I missed this Ė has your MRI been scheduled yet or are you still waiting to hear from the powers that be?

Michelle Ė So nice you got to dogsit at work on Friday! Goldens are typically so sweet Ė was Roxy a sweetie pie?? I hope your migraine eased up and you were able to go forward with your Sunday plans. So how do your roommates like the flowers?? :flow1:

Happy Ė I hope you had a lovely birthday. It sounds like you had a nice outing on Saturday, but too bad that MN casino is so far away. I suppose youíll get back there every so often, though itíll be a busier place during the warmer weather. Itís sort of funny that Iím concerned about running into a skunk and youíre worried about bears!! Iím sure our precautions differ, but letís both be very careful!! I would be mighty miffed if Iíd been kept waiting so long for an appointment Ė I just hate when people donít respect my time. :mad: At least she made up for it by not charging you for the haircut. Youíll have to buy a swimcap to protect your color!! :swim:

Ceejay Ė Congrats to your nephew on the birth of his son, and congrats to you, great auntie! So nice youíll get to see him this week!!! :bb: Yes, the name does have a royal sound to it. :D Iím glad they took the old mower back and you have a new one Ė is it more powerful? Good luck with it. Too bad about the extra drive back to Jíboro to get your phone, but at least they had it and you didnít have to pay up for a new one. But stillÖitís not like itís a short drive for you. Is everything back to normal at the plant after the utility pole/electric wire fiasco?? Youíre really going to enjoy your break from work after the stress of last week!

Hi Terra!!! :wave:

Shad Ė Howís it going in NZ?? :comp:

Hi Annie ĖHowís it going? I see youíre getting rain too, but itís gonna be warmer than we are here. Enjoy. :rain: I see more lawn mowing in your immediate future!

Letís seeÖ.Friday I did 4 min. plank and it was super difficult. Also did my pushups. Bf and I then watched the Hawks (hockey) game and ate dinner.

Saturday I went to Jazzercise class. :exercise: The format was called ďStrikeĒ and it had a lot of upper body boxing type moves. It really made me sore! As if I didnít have enough upper body exercise, I scrubbed down the tile in the tub area before I finally took a well-deserved shower. From there I went to my mammo appointment, then to the thrift shop. All I bought was a pair of nice capris for $2Ė those will come in handy.

I took doggy for his walk and then bf and I had a late afternoon lunch at our favorite middle eastern place. Thereís a new one that opened very close to the house that we noticed enroute to the other place. Weíll have to try that sometime. Much as we love the other place, it would be nice to have a place nearby.

I was sore and tired, so I blew off Day 30 of both my plank and pushup challenges. Iím totally over these super long planks, and I even googled the topic to learn that you donít get much more benefit doing a super long static plank than you do a couple minutes. Apparently, youíre better off doing the plank variations and even doing pushups, both of which engage more muscle groups. So Iím done with long planks! I do feel I will continue with pushups. I did make some progress this last round and would like to get even better with those.

On Sunday I lazed around until late morning with the paper and my e-book, then got out for some shopping. Okay, if I ever mention plans to go to any of those discount stores like Ross or Marshallís, remind me that I hate those places and regret having gone almost every time I leave one!! That said, I did buy a 5-pack of dish towels. Whoopee.

After that was a dog walk, and then another late lunch/early dinner. Then bf and I stopped at Ikea for a rubber bath mat and also ended up with a floor lamp. One of those with the crinkled lamp shades. It does throw off a nice golden glow. It was also our first purchase of LED light bulbs. I think weíll skip over the compact flourescents and go straight to the LEDs - they seem to have more benefits. But not all at once Ė those suckers are expensive! Anyone switching from the incandescents to any of the more energy efficient bulbs?

Okay, back to work. Iím soooo dreading the departure of the admin assistant this Friday. I have to make sure I determine the status of whatís on her plate and where sheís storing info so we can survive once sheís gone and get a replacement off to a good start. Sigh.

04-28-2014, 12:26 PM
Good morning ladies,

My headache yesterday went away so I was able to go to yoga and get together with B. D got home from his trip late last night. It was so good to see him. Tonight, D and I are getting together with a friend who moved with her husband up to Oregon last fall. Her husband couldn't make it this trip, but it will be nice to see her.

I had a busy, but fun weekend. Friday night, I got together with some new friends. Saturday morning, Santa and I met up with some Westie friends and their people. Then I went to a workshop. A very lovely weekend.

Well, a lovely weekend except that I've been feeling very frustrated. I'm so desperate to get the weight off and so afraid that I'll fail using conventional methods (calories in versus calories out), that I keep trying to find something, anything, innovative to try (hypnosis, EFT - Tapping) and more drastic measures like Optifast - which is actually calories in vs calories out, and bariatric surgery. I am so worried about my health and I'm afraid of failure but I keep flitting from one idea to another without fulling trying any of them...getting distracted super easily (...SQUIRREL!). So I'm not making any progress...well, other than getting my back and core stronger and more flexible through physical therapy and yoga.

When I hear about the appetite suppressants and stuff like that...I always say to myself, "Heck, that might work if I only ate when I was hungry." But SO dang often I eat for emotional reasons (stress, boredom, depressed). I'm not sure how to conquer the emotional eating.

I'd like to lose at least 25 lbs by the end of August. I'm going to a wedding of two dear friends in Washington state. Their wedding is going to be at a lovely resort in Leavenworth, WA called The Sleeping Lady ( I'm thrilled I was able to reserve a room for the night of the wedding...and they allow dogs in the room. I'll still have to find a place to keep him during the wedding and reception (hopefully there is a nearby doggie day care).

Ceejay - I heard about Arkansas having deadly tornadoes. So scary!! I hope they weren't close to you or your family. Glad you were able to get a new mower. Bummer about the extra trip to Jonesboro, but at least the restaurant had the phone. Congrats on the addition to the family. His name does wound like a prince. I'm so sorry to hear that your cousin's son passed away at such a young age. Sending my deepest sympathies to your family. Your Branson trip is coming up soon, isn't it?

Jolly - So sorry to hear about your dog's seizures. Is he doing better now?

Happy - So sorry to hear you're dealing with frustration too. I'm glad you and your DH are being cautious around the bears. Sorry to hear they damaged your bird feeders. How wonderful that you were able to stop at your favorite grocery store! It's so fun to find a new favorite place. How nice that they have good sushi, fish and steaks! Good to hear that there were few smokers at the new casino. Smoking is one reason I avoid casinos. Congrats on the winnings and the lovely dinner at the buffet! So frustrating at having to wait at the hair appointment. I tend to agree on the waiting being a pet peeve. At least you ended up with a good haircut and color.

Susie - Those foot boots were NOT made for stairs. Good thing you had the mop in hand. Since you love root beer, have you ever had Sprecher's? It's made in Milwaukee. It think it's awesome. There's also Point Brewery's Root Beer, made in Steven's Point, WI.

Annie - Hope you had a nice weekend. Sending you lots of love and hugs, sista.

Laura - Roxy is a sweetie pie. She's such a love. She's completely blind though, and it's been about 10 years since I've had a blind dog, so I'd forgotten that you have to catch them before they plow into walls, etc. Blind dogs can do great if they're in a place they know. My dog knew exactly when to step down/step up to get from one room to another in our split level. But this was a new place for Roxy and she didn't know the lay of the land. My roomates and D all really liked the flowers. They brighten up the front porch. Good on ya' for all the exercise. That's good to hear that super long planks don't benefit much more than 2 minute planks. At PT, when we do the bridge for example, they say it works the muscles more to hold the move for around 20 seconds then release and re-engage, than to hold it continuously. LED lights are expensive. I couldn't believe how much LED Christmas lights are compared to regular. (Sorry Shad for the mention of the "C" word).

Terra - :wave:

Gotta get back to it. I've got A LOT to get done.

Much love,

04-28-2014, 02:29 PM
Happy ~ I didnt know you had a birthday too. Well Happy Belated Birthday also. I hope you had a wonderful day on your birthday.

Jollygirl ~ I cant remember if I welcomed you to the thread but if I didnt, Welcome to the thread.

Laura & Michelle ~ Hi Ladies

Im about to go clean the bathroom and my room and then Im gonna go on my 1st walk of the day and then I'll walk again when we come back from dinner.

04-28-2014, 05:17 PM
Morning all,
Days have been getting away from me lately. It's all go at work and not much better at home. I'm sorting out the boys stamp collections with a view to selling them. Still going at it. Almost finished the NZ lot now and on to the Australian ones and then the odds and sods. Might have to check up on values of some of the European/ British ones. I doubt that those from places like the Maldives and Seychelles and some African places that either no longer exist or I have never heard of, are worth much money. Anyway, it is moving along. I hope to be over it in the next week or so.

Ceejay - glad they replaced your mower for you. Heck it should have lasted more than a year. No doubt well made in China (NOT).
So sorry to hear about the cousins son. But happy for the birth of a nephew. Charles William huh? He needs a few more names to be a royal. They always end up with around 5 names.

Jolly - hope the dog is doing okay. So hard when they have things go wrong. They can't tell you about them and so they probably suffer more than they should. Good going on the exercise

Happy - If I make some sort of written plan I find that I tend to stick to it better - where I can see the days marked off or the task achieved. I also find that to write it down makes me remember things better. Don't ask why, I guess I am a mental mess. CRAFT sets in and that's the end of that plan if I can't see where I am at.
I guess bears don't understand fences and there are too many people who make it easy for them to feed on rubbish and scraps and stuff. However they were there before you lot were, so maybe you and your fences are trespassing :rofl:
I like duck as well but it is very expensive over this way so I don't tend to eat it very often. I see you can now get some traditional duck recipes cooked and sealed in the packet from the freezer, but I always tend to think that mass produced like that doesn't taste as good and microwaving that plastic stuff can't be good for you.
Good on you too for standing up to the hairdresser. I hate that people don't seem to think my time is important. I generally now ring before I go and check at the doctors, dentist, hairdresser and any other appointment I might have. After all, if I am not at work, I don't get paid. End of story. I fail to see why they should get paid to keep me waiting. Of all of the above, my hairdresser is the most punctual. And she ensures that if for some reason I have to wait then I have a choice of another hairdresser or a discount haircut. I like my hairdresser and there is a reason why her salon comes out in the top 3 salons in Brisbane.

Michelle - glad the headache went away. You seem to be getting a few of these, maybe time for a health watch? Eyesight check etc. I find that when I start getting headaches (unusual, for there is little in it to ache) I have a need to go to the eye man or to the doctor for a sinus check or ear check. It's all relative.
The flowers sound nice. Always good for living up the place a bit.
As for the weight loss. If you stress and worry about it, you may find it a bit hard to lose the weight. Stress, lack of sleep, some medications, and lifestyle changes tend to cause strange patterns in the body. And I suspect that at some time in the last few months and years you have had all of those things thrust upon you. You need to have at least 2 or 3 months on a program which incorporates food, exercise, fluids, sleep and recreation before you see much in the way of results. It's not going to be easy, but it is doable to get those pounds off before August. You have 3 full months, 12 weeks, 90 days more or less. 2lb a week is tough but you can do it. YOU CAN DO IT.

Laura - Over in Aus you can no longer buy the incandescent light bulbs. You have to have fluro or LED or Halogen. I think there is one incandescent light bulb surviving in the house. When that goes, that will be it. Here in NZ, you can still buy them but it is discouraged. Yes the other variety are expensive, supposed to last longer etc. etc. but I so hate the fluros. Even tho' they now come in those little curly tubes and fit inside lightshades etc. I still hate them. All in all, I find it difficult to get a light bulb whose colour is warm, and it gives over enough light to actually read by. This apartment I am now in, the lighting is terrible - especially in the kitchen. Who ever invented pot lights should really be removed from society.

Terra - sounds like the walking is going well.

Okay - I had a nice birthday. I went off to Dawn Parade and then came home, had a snooze and got myself some breakfast. Then in the afternoon, I took the cable car up to the Botanical Gardens and met up with the sister, niece, nephew in law and baby I. We went on a guided walk of the gardens looking at the trees, shrubs and plants that come from the countries where NZ has had soldiers in theatres of War. The lone pine brought back from Turkey, cedars from Lebanon, poppies from France and Belgium etc. etc. and finished with the Peace rose and it's story of cultivation which is quite interesting. Later I went to the Old Time Music Concert where there was music from the wartime periods. I enjoyed it and there was plenty of old people there to whom that music meant a lot. They stamped, and clapped and warbled along with the tunes. Great to see.

And that is about it from me. I better get on with some work I guess. Came in late this morning only to find no one here and the place was completely deserted until a few minutes back. I was wondering if there was something going on that no one had told me about.

04-28-2014, 06:46 PM
Just to clarify for Jolly and Terra (and maybe Susie) since they may not have been here with us when CRAFT was first defined. It is essentially an advanced stage of CRS which is Can't Remember :censored: (rhymes with "hit"). CRAFT is Can't Remember A :censored: (rhymes with "ducking") thing.

Shad - you are so sweet. I really appreciate the pep talk. And you're right, with all the changes in my life over the last year or two, I'm sure the cortisol has been running pretty high in my body and is wanting to hold on for dear life to this excess weight. You're right...I can do this. I just have to make it happen. I just love your matter-of-fact, no holds barred advice. :hug: And actually, I'd like the pounds off by the end of August, so I have 4 full months and maybe I can even lose a bit more than 25 lbs. I have been getting headaches at the rate of about 1 a week, or maybe 1 every couple weeks. I think a lot of it is dehydration as they tend to happen on the weekend when I'm not so diligent about drinking water. So nice that you had a lovely b'day in the botanical gardens with family members. How fun that the seniors/veterans enjoyed the concert!

04-28-2014, 11:25 PM
Just in case you were interested, this is the story of "Peace" the rose.

04-29-2014, 12:39 PM
Morning all. Not raining at the moment, but there was fog. No complaints Ė just happy itís 54 degrees, not 4, 14, 24, or 34! ;)

Shad Ė Interesting story of the Peace rose Ė thanks for posting the link. Iím almost positive itís one of the roses my mother grew way back when in the yard of the house in which I grew up. Your birthday sounds like it was lovely. Nice to be able partake in some of the special holiday events. Yeh, the incandescents are being phased out in the US as well. We have a lot of recessed lights in our ceilings Ė what you called pot lights, I imagine. I like them a lot, but certainly not for task lighting. In the kitchen we have halogen strip lights under all the cabinets and over the sink and stove. With the recessed lights, we have a couple dark spots that are annoying me and Iíve been bugging bf for the past year or two to add two more "cans" for me. I will have to increase the level of nagging!! Re calling in advance of appointments to determine if they are running on timeÖI think it sounds good in theory, but when I occasionally do that, I get the impression I would be told they are running on time regardless of the truth, just so the doctor isnít kept waiting. Thankfully, I donít have any trouble with that with most of my doctors...except for the one really busy office where itís likely to happen (allergist). I always set up early morning appointments with them to avoid waits.

Michelle Ė I do get your frustration over the difficulty of weight loss. :hug: Iíve gained back several pounds now and Iím angry with myself that the numbers on the scale still havenít been enough of a wake-up call to get me back to making the effort. What I think really needs to happen Ė at least for me - is an all-out immersion in the activities that I know work for me, including tracking and having healthy work lunches and snacks on hand. For a start. We all know the advice Ė baby steps, establish one habit at a time, then add anotherÖIt works. Yes, I resent the amount of time I spend thinking about this, regardless of if Iím in a good groove or totally off track Ė but if thatís what it takes, so be it. We want to be healthy, it takes effort & time. As Shad said YOU CAN DO IT. We can do it!! ---Re Roxie Ė I guess it would be a new challenge for her every time her setting changes. Iím glad she had you looking after her that day. ---Re continually re-engaging the muscles Ė thatís precisely what I read.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. :wave:
Nothing much to report. The vet invoices & claim form I put together over the weekend got faxed yesterday.

No movie tonight Ė cancelled this week because I think our ďleaderĒ overbooked her schedule.

My challenges are over and I feel like I need a breather from them, but not from exercise! I do need to get back to exercise classes or a video during the workweek.

Thatís about it for me. Better get back to work now. TTFN!

04-29-2014, 12:55 PM
Happy Tuesday ladies -

For the second night in a row, I couldn't fall asleep until nearly midnight. So for the second morning in a row, the alarm went off way too early (at 6:15). I chalk it up to drinking way too many glasses of iced tea at dinner last night. Last night, D and I went out to dinner with B and a friend of ours who now lives in Oregon, but was in town for a few days. It was very nice to see her again.

Tonight, I'm getting together with a friend from high school who I recently ran into at an event, but haven't really had a chance to catch up with her. I'm looking forward to spending time with her.

It's supposed to be super hot the next three days with temps in the mid to upper 90s. :faint: I just hope it cools down enough for sleeping.


Shad - Thanks for the information on the Peace rose. That's an interesting story, and it's a lovely flower. :yes:

Laura - You're so right about recessed lights. They are lovely and have their aesthetic advantages, but definitely not for reading or other activities where lighting is necessary. You and Shad are right. You, me, we ALL can do it!! For me, I can slip so easily from being "focused" to being "desparate, panicky, and obsessed", and the latter is so detrimental. Good for you for completing all your challenges! I'm so proud of and inspired by you!

:wave: to all! I'll be back later (hopefully) to check on y'all.

Much love and many hugs,

04-29-2014, 04:09 PM
Morning all,

Sorry I didn't get in here - I sat down several times and started a post only to get distracted. We were supposed to take a ride yesterday to check out the store fixtures we are picking up this week but DH had a bad night with back pain so we stayed in and I got some housework done. It was really raining heavy yesterday - the yard's a mess and the sump pump is going off about every minute and a half from the drainage. This is the time of year my teeth are on edge! Mr. Bear is roaming around. He totally destroyed the tree branch where we hang our bird feeders :mad: Yesterday he took a walk about but didn't hang around. It just about killed us to look at the deer walking up to the house looking at the door with those big pleading brown eyes "feed me, FEED ME" and we had to ignore them. Turkeys too although the turkeys seem more content to peck, peck, peck at anything.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. We did more "celebrating" on Saturday. Sunday was actually quite boring. Got up, nothing planned, went and took a nap. DH just warmed up some leftover chicken (figured he wasn't making me fuss I guess). I took a moment to feel sorry for myself as I fixed my own birthday dinner - crabcakes and a side salad which were actually quite tasty. DH took his dinner into the basement to watch TV and as I sat there eating I figured instead of getting mad, I'd just tell him what I wanted. So we headed to the casino for a little while so I could play my free play money. I found a machine that actually paid off and I walked out of there $150 ahead which was unusual for that place - and the reason why I don't play much money there. We got out just before 10pm - missed hitting Dairy Queen for my slice of birthday ice cream cake but that was probably a good thing. I was also quite disappointed that my Mom did not call me to wish me a happy birthday - but oh the FIREWORKS that would happen if I did that to her. :nono::tantrum::bomb: And no, please spare me the "she's old, cherish her while you have her, cut her some slack" advice. She has done a good job of miffing me lately and I have about run out of patience for the moment. She didn't call me yesterday either.

I'm not sure what is worse - yesterday was all rainy and muddy and soggy - today it is snowing to beat the band. Heavy, accumulating wet snow. Tomorrow we have lots to do at the thrift shop - sure would be easier if it were dry out. I am trying to figure out how I can squeeze in my beloved yoga class tomorrow - it's not looking do-able at this point.

Michelle - sorry you are having problems getting to sleep - I hate that BUT I'd have to agree that the innocent iced tea could have contributed to the problem. I have to admit even though it's snowing here at the moment, I'll take that over temperatures in the 90's. Hope that doesn't interfere with your sleep tonight. Did you get a fan for your room? I hear you on the frustration with the weight loss. It seems if I am to loose even 2 ounces, I have to be so strict with everything and then like Laura said, after a while I begin to resent it. Not that I drown my sorrows in an ice cream sundae, but sometimes I do resent feeling guilty if I ate something that wasn't perfect, even if I did factor it into my meal plan. I would just echo what the others have said, don't let those self sabotage voices over come you. Since you have moved out west, it seems like you are able to do more in the way of exercising - at one point you were having such a hard time walking with your back - so please look at these little victories as gaining strength. I wish we could snap our fingers and boom - the weight goes off but it doesn't. Sensible eating and exercise do seem to be the way to victory. Consistently. So I guess we have to be the drill sergeant and pick better meals, pick better snacks and not give into temptation. :hug:

Laura - when I lived in AH we put under cabinet lighting in when we remodeled the kitchen. I loved it so much I'd often sit at the counter, turn all the lights off and just bask in the peaceful glow :lol: I'm trying to get DH to put them in here but I have a very small kitchen and we could probably only put them in along one wall which might not look too great. We have canned lights in the high ceiling over our dining and living room. When you turn them on, I think it distracts planes flying in the sky. DH sometimes uses them to read but I don't like to use them because they are 2 stories high and I have no idea how we'd ever change a burnt out light bulb :lol: Are you planning on seeing the movie "The Other Woman"? It's here now, I am torn about it, it's gotten mixed reviews both love it and hate it. I can see swapping out a challenge for a new class - something to mix things up and keep them interesting.

Shad - what a beautiful flower and interesting story. Thank you for providing the link. I thought it interesting that they feel many of today's modern rose's have some link back to Peace. As for the bear - most of us have no fences for trespassing - only those to keep the horses or cattle contained. And of course the requisite garden fencing to keep out the deer and rabbits. But bears are free to roam and they take advantage of the fact that most people out this way feed the deer and the birds. I always wondered why they woke up before the wild berries they love so much bloom. Sounds like you had quite a nice birthday - good food, good company and some nice surroundings. Glad to hear of it, nice to have a break from the craziness of work.

Just looked out the window. We have a blizzard going on out there. *sigh*

Terra - thank you for the birthday wishes!

Jolly - hope your doggie is doing better now.

Hi Annie :wave: get back in here and start typing!

Ceejay - are you holding your own down there in the storms?

Hi Susie - how's the foot doing?

Ok, time to go get something done. Won't be shoveling snow though ;)

04-29-2014, 04:37 PM
Morena, tena koutou katoa.

Guess what - another month is shot to **** and we have to think of another title for May. Tomorrow begins the new month over here. Think about it. Maybe we will lose some weight in May. Now wouldn't that be nice.

Happy - Mothers are put on this earth to hack us off when they get old. Your mum probably thinks it is still January. Sorry that the birthday wasn't as celebratory as normal, but it happens. We should have sprung you a surprise party, but it might have been a bit difficult getting there on time.
DS2 put in a 'rope' light in his kitchen under bench. It is LED I think and it has a remote control. You have it on with bright white light for cooking, cleaning and preparation, but you can also 'mood light' with it with several different colours or a fading of colours in and out. It's quite pretty and works because his kitchen/ dining/ lounge is all one room. I have under cabinet halogens under my kitchen benches which are good because it can get quite dark with the charcoal bench tops.

Michelle - sleepless in San Jose again. Not good, because the lack of sleep contributes towards those restless, vacillating feelings that you can't do it or it doesn't work. Whatever plan you decide to go with, make sure you can stick with it full time and it is habit forming rather than something that you take for a month, lose 5lbs but doesn't teach you how to eat sensibly. Here endeth the lesson for the day.

Laura - I think that the next time I redo the lounge room, I will not put ceiling lights in at all. I will put wall lights and floor lamps in instead and maybe some uplighting to show off the few good pictures/ paintings I have.
:rofl: on the level of nagging to be done.

And that is about it from me. Time to get moving on my day. I'm sure I will find something to do soon. Or someone else will! :lol3:

04-29-2014, 05:16 PM
Possible May thread titles:

Worldlies Are Motivated to Be Magnificent in May

Worldlies Are Making May Magical (or Magnificent)

May the Worldlies Be Successful in May

Those are the best my sleep deprived brain can come up with.

04-29-2014, 05:27 PM
Hi Everyone. Long day yesterday and I just didn't have it in me to post at 11:30 p.m.

I have my MRI tomorrow. It took so long to schedule it because they didn't have me on the call list! I was very, very upset with this as I had asked my doctors office to check on this and they kept insisting that Proscan would call me. I had a "hissy fit" with them on Monday and they finally called and guess what...not on the call list..someone at Proscan messed up but as far as I am concerned so did my doctors office.

I'm seeing my ortho doctor tomorrow too. He will get a copy of the MRI as well. They asked if I wanted to wait until I had the MRI done but I don't. I want to talk to him about the foot now and have him take a look and then he can also compare it what he thinks to the MRI. Also, I am going to ask for a shot of cortozone in my knee. It's almost been a year and it's time.

Happy: Sorry to hear that your mom didn't call on your birthday.

Michelle-I'm an emotional eater as well. I found an app called motivate me and I'm trying to use it when I want to eat for an emotional reason. Maybe give it a try. I find I just need to distract myself. This app asks me questions and I keep looking through them until I feel the urge leaving. At least that is what I try to do.

Thanks for clarifying the "CRAFT". :D

I'm running out of time...will try to come back and do more personals later.

04-29-2014, 06:04 PM
Shad ~ Yeah my walking is definitely paying off especially since Im now 288

Happy ~ Your welcome, What did you do for your birthday?

Michelle ~ I like all of the titles for May

I jumped on the scale today feeling scared cause I had Chinese last night for dinner but I was shocked when the scale said I was 288 so I've lost 12 pounds since I started my journey in Jan. of this year, Im so proud of myself!!!!!!!!!!!!

04-29-2014, 06:27 PM
Hello Worldlies. I hope you are all doing ok. I just saw your thread for the first time in the new posts and thought i'd pop in.

I hope you saw my apologies post on the last one. Telling you why i left - basically it was taking me too long to keep up with you all properly.

I did and do appreciate your kind welcome back then but i like to hop all over the joint.

I'm going well with diet but struggling with procrastination with my sewing.

Anyway hang in there all of you and take care.

04-29-2014, 06:31 PM
Ok, I must admit - I am not so fond of the touchy feel good Joel Osteen motivational stuff. Guess I am the :devil: :lol3:

My suggestions:

Man - It's MAY, Time for Worldlies To Get Their Arses in Gear
MAY Already and Some Worldlies Haven't Lost A Pound
MAYbe the Worldlies Got Something To Talk About

I actually have more success when we have wretched titles :D

04-29-2014, 06:41 PM
Ha ha Happy.

Patience, drop in whenever you feel motivated. Don't have to keep up. No one expects it. There are times when I don't refer back to all the posts, or do personals.

Terra - WEL DONE :bravo: on the weight loss.

04-29-2014, 07:09 PM
Lightening struck the water tower and the phone line is under water on the other water tower so now I'm operating off the psi gauge which has air in it. The part for the lightening struck water tower should be in tomorrow. I feel like some one is punishing me. Sunday it stormed all day. Talk about a nervous wreck, I was, but my blood pressure was normal. Kept repeating a mantra peace be still and I it worked. There were two streets that lost power, so I was blessed. Ran the water tower over yesterday but you know what I didn't care. They expect me to work miracles and I can't.
I'm really looking forward to my week end with sister and family.
Sorry that this post is short, but I just don't have it in me. Maybe later when I get home.

04-29-2014, 07:10 PM
I vote for the first one of Happy's list of titles.

04-29-2014, 11:38 PM
Shad ~ Thanks, I've been trying hard to get into the 280's

04-30-2014, 12:01 AM
Super early, super long and extra busy day tomorrow so I'll say hi now.

Terra - congrats on hitting a mini goal with your weight loss. Keep up the good work!

Ceejay- sounds pretty bad out your way. I know the tornadoes were in Little Rock but it sounds like you got some pretty bad stuff your way. Try not to get stressed, do what you can. Big responsibilities you have. :hug:

Hope no one takes offense to my title suggestions. I am serious about the more motivating the title, the more I fold under pressure. :o:^:

Pattience - feel free to drop in whenever you need a fix. Or someone to set the :rollpin: to you to get sewing again :D

Susie - good luck with the MRI tomorrow - how frustrating that they screwed up the appointment request. I hope they can find the underlying problem. I think you are wise to meet with the doctor right now.

Michelle - sweet dreams and fairy dust to you tonight so that you get a good rest. :wizard:

Shad - sounds like DS2 has a disco kitchen with colored flashing lights. You bring the music, I'll bring the tequila sunrises :lol: Actually it sounds quite lovely. I like the idea of combining mood lighting with showing off your artwork. Thank you Iin advance) for setting up the new thread.

Hello to the others - I have to dope myself up so I can get to sleep and get a few hours in before the alarm goes off. Nighty night all.

Oh and we got about 5 inches of heavy, wet snow. Just what we needed. Not. Going to be a messy day.

04-30-2014, 11:41 AM
Hello Ladies...

Not very motivated these days. C is on vacation this week and I must say this 24/7 thing is making me kind of lazy, crazy and unmotivated. We didn't go anywhere for vacay obviously due to more bills than income. Bleh. Not standing in the soup line yet. lol

I have been listening to 60 seconds and You're Hired. Thanks CHELLE for the suggestion and free advice which has helped a lot. I am thinking on going to a temp/contract agency. I have done that before when I temped at Eli Lilly for 9 months. back in 2004.

C has caught enough fish and cleaned them (filet, no bones) to feed an army. Actually about 6 meals. He has been fishing 4 times since last Wednesday. Still too cold in the early mornings for me to go. I don't like freezing my hands off while fishing.

I went to the movies by myself last Saturday and watched Heaven is for Real. It was a very good movie and could be believable. I like those kinds of movies so it is easy for me to believe. I also want to see The Other Woman, it looks hilarious. C wants to see Spiderman II, I could take or leave it. We rented Walking with Dinosaurs which was cute and also rented Labor Day, was an ok movie too.

CEEG....hope you are safe with all the storms in the south.

Better hop in the shower. Happy Hump Day All

04-30-2014, 12:16 PM
Good morning all,

I had such a lovely visit with my high school friend! We got caught up on all that has happened to each of us since high school. I brought over dinner...mostly noshing type food like fruit, veggies, cheese, bread, pita, hummus.

By 8:00, I was getting tired, so we agreed to continue this catching up again soon as she's leaving in early June to go to Mexico for 4 months.

As for thread titles, I like Happy's suggestions better than mine. I especially like "Man - It's MAY, Time for Worldlies To Get Their Arses in Gear". As I definitely do need to get my Arse in gear.

Happy - That sucks that you got more snow. Yesterday, I was talking with some friends who live just outside Milwaukee and they didn't want to hear about the temps in the low 90s as they were having a 40 degree rainy day. If only I could send 20 or so degrees a couple thousand miles to the east, then we'd all be happy. LOL It's supposed to be mid 90s here today and tomorrow, but they say the temps will be more moderate by the weekend. :D I hope your extra busy super long day goes well.

Annie - Thanks for posting and texting me. Sounds like C is having a great vacation with all the fishing he's doing. I'm glad you like the 60 Seconds book. I found it helped me A LOT.

Ceejay - Wow, lightning hit the water tower!! Sorry that all the stormy weather makes your job even more stressful. I like your mantra.

Pattience - Nice to "see" you again! Don't ever feel compelled to read everything or post personals. And feel free to hop in and out whenever you wish. I can't remember if you said you had a website for your clothing designs. If not, maybe you could post some photos. I'd love to see them. (BTW, if you have already posted photos...I apologize for not remembering.)

:wave: to all. I'll try and check in later.

Much love and many hugs,

04-30-2014, 12:39 PM
Hi all. Sorry I've been out of things. Still discombobulated from this weekend's excitement. :( Trying to get back on track, and yes, my arse in gear!!

Have a good day all. :wave:

04-30-2014, 12:49 PM
Happy ~ Thanks, I hope I just keep dropping the pounds

As soon as I wake up some Im gonna walk for the 1st time today and then I walk again after dinner and then I walk for the last time before it gets dark

04-30-2014, 12:50 PM
Morning all.

Happy Ė Hope you have a productive day with the shop work and are able to get to your yoga class as well. Wow, thatís a lot of snow. :( Iím sure itíll be gone quickly. Still - it puts a damper on enjoying spring. Sorry your mom didnít phone you on your bday. Was it forgetfulness? I donít want or need big celebrations or gifts for my bday, but just a special meal and a treat (of course) or even just being wished a happy birthday is nice. Some people insist itís just another day, but why not make it a little bit special?

Hi Annie. Too much togetherness for you? I get it. BF and I have experienced that on vacation when weíre in a car together, LOL. Good for C with the fish Ė you know where they came from and itís healthy for you. I believe my mom has requested the book Heaven is for Real from her library after seeing something on tv about it. Happy mentioned that movie The Other Woman to me too Ė Iíll have to see what thatís about. I don't even think I've seen a trailer or commercial for it yet. Yeh, I donít think Iíve ever seen a Spiderman movie and donít care if I ever do.

Shad Ė I like sound of DSís lights in the kitchen, esp. with the fading of one color into another. Sounds soothing. I do like decorative sconces Ė you donít see those much anymore. I still remember the old place we went for great hamburgers that was sort of a cross between a cave and a hunting lodge Ė how I loved the sconces that looked like flaming torches, LOL. We have a couple recessed ceiling fixtures by the fireplace that are different because they aim the bulb towards the artwork over the mantel. And all our recessed lighting is dimmable. I like that...except when I turn on the lights to look for something and bf has dimmed them so far down I canít see a thing and I have to move the teeny tiny slidey thing up to get them back to useful wattage.

Terra Ė I noticed your ticker yesterday but didn't want to say anything unless/until you did Ė congrats on the loss!! Good job Terra!! :bravo: The walking is paying off! :cp:

Ceejay Ė Oy, your job gets so much more difficult with the severe weather Ė things freezing up in the cold, frying out from lightning, floodingÖSorry you couldnít have a calm, easy week before your vacation. :hug: Iím glad you were handling it though! Wishing you a wonderful time with your family and friends on vacation in Branson!!! :)

Michelle Ė I hope you were able to get a good nightís sleep last night. Nice you caught up with the out of town friend, good you had a nice time with the hs friend last night. Gosh, how nice heís going to Mexico for an extended stay!

Susie Ė I hope the MRI goes well tomorrow Ė no more snafus! I sure hope you get your cortisone shot Ė you donít need knee and foot pain at the same time!

Hi Pattience Ė Drop in any time to give us an update!


Nothing much to report. We went to Costco last night in search of disposable gloves. They come in handy for food prep, and also for dog walks. We ended up having the big hot dogs they sell there for dinner. Meal of champions Ė not!

The admin had a going away type dinner with a vendor we work with and got some scoop on our new sr mgr. We are correct in our assessment of her. I wonít get into it, but I will say that I will need to watch my back around her. Part of my eating struggle more recently has been related to stress over the admin leaving and also the realization that this new sr mgr is making me not want to work in the department anymore.

Sorry to end on that depressing note, but thatís where my thoughts are at these days.:shrug: TTFN.

04-30-2014, 12:52 PM
:wave: jollygirl

04-30-2014, 01:13 PM
Terra - Congrats on the great weight loss! :woohoo:

Laura - Sorry that you're under so much stress at work. :hug:

Jolly - How is your doggie doing? Any more seizures? Sending you and your doggie hugs too. :hug:

04-30-2014, 05:22 PM

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