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03-31-2014, 05:11 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and the wind is blowing. Man, is it ever blowing! We are in a wind advisory until tomorrow. The thermometer says 73 but it sure doesn't feel like that to me. I think once the sun moves around to the west side of the house, the thermometer says it is warmer than it really is. There were only two of us counting this morning so it took longer. We did balance on the first try though. I took some magazines to my friend in the hospital. She has no feeling in one leg below the knee as a result of the muscles being cut during surgery. They have told her the feeling could come back in two days, two weeks, two months, or never. She has to have chemo and is dealing with a temporary bag, on top of the leg issue. Tough stuff. I've been to the bank with the gift shop money and now to get back to the afghan.

Maggie -- I have a Betty Crocker cookbook that I got for a shower gift; I use it often. :yes: I didn't know that you could buy license plates for a state you didn't live in at the time. I don't know about Iowa, but Nebraska gives a new resident 30 days to get new plates and then they fine you. That happened to Amanda before she and Jason were married.

"Gma" -- I'm so sorry the spotting and cramping have returned. :( Thomas is much braver than I to try new foods. Just the names sound icky to me. I hope the peace and quiet last next door. The pastor came in the office while I was still there this morning. He showed me his Cubs tie and said, "they're on top . . . alphabetically!" :lol:

I need to keep working on the afghan! Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

03-31-2014, 07:10 PM

It is another windy day here in the ♥-Land in the high 60◦ area. The animals are all inside here keeping me company. :lol: The wind is blowing hard today and carrying dust everywhere and making me sneeze.

YIPEKIO ~ I am back and showed a 3 pound loss at weigh in this morning. Hopefully now I can continue onward and downward on the road to thin.

We went and bought a new battery for the MH and will buy the other two which are deep cell ones soon. They run all the inside stiff and the one we got today is for the engine starting. We needed to get a battery so we can start it up and drive it to the HP office out in the country to have the VIN number checked by them for the tune of $50 to make sure it is really ours and we didn’t steal it. We have the papers from where we bought it and proof of insurance but that won’t do probably because then they wouldn’t get their $50 for doing the check. It’s a real “gotcha” and this isn’t the only state that does that. But fortunately once it is done we can get the license and don’t have to jump through their hoops anymore.

I found the solution for my jewelry since I don’t want to have the containers they presently reside in and it is a hanging 80 pocket jewelry accessories organizer which will hang nicely in my closet in the MH. I want to get one of the ones with the larger pockets made for shoes to store some of my cooking utensils in. There is a little closet in the kitchen area that is just about 8 inches wide that the one with the utensils would be handy hanging in. It is a floor to ceiling closet that was probably meant for formal wear to hang in or a broom closet. Who knows, but I can use it for what I want. :cp:

JEAN Full time travelers can choose where they want their vehicles registered as long as they have an address in that state and every state has re-mail box address places (some are at the UPS stores) and that is what is legally used ~ in fact you can have as many of these re-mail boxes you want to pay for. How they work is you give them a call and tell them what PO to send your mail to "general delivery" and you can pick it up there. We have now chosen to keep our KS plates for the meantime anyway which makes it the easier way right now for our address is here and we can get a "re-mail box" here or wherever we want when we go full timing. We may or may not change for to do that depends on the cost in a different state to get all the vehicle tags changed since we run personal plates on both vehicles. It is best to have your drivers license in the same state you have your vehicle tags. Mine is still good here for 2 years. :p Hope that explains it and I didn't muddy it up for you.

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-01-2014, 10:16 AM
Good morning girls! Going to be a gorgeous day today. It is already in the 60's. :carrot: I have my last surgical appt today at 11 AM then I should be done with that. I then don't have anything until May when I have a biopsy again with my gyn to make sure everything is still ok then back to regular dr in July. I do hope they get on the ball and send me my A1C results. She said they would, but they haven't so far or I would never have gotten into this diabetic mess in the first place.

On that issue I am doing great. Since we ate at a buffet on Sunday, I took my blood sugar 2 hours after eating there. A good diabetic number is below 180 after eating and a normal person should be below 120. I was 123 so I was really close and that was with eating at a buffet. I didn't have a bunch of desserts or anything, but I had some pasta salad, shrimp, a piece of fried chicken, a couple cubes of cheese, some olives, and a raspberry Danish.

I am hoping I like the scrunch flats and they fit nicely. I would like to have something to take on the trip that is lightweight if it rains or something where I shouldn't wear sandals. I bought a nude pair and a really cute navy and white striped pair, both on sale and I had a coupon for 25% off and free shipping too so saved about $30 on the deal. I also found a couple pairs of capris in colors I don't have and a couple tshirts at Walmart online. Don't know if I will like them or not, but we shall see.

Jean: Ya, and the Cubs lost in 10 innings yesterday as per usual. :lol: Please tell her from me that the ostomy bag does get better the more she gets used to it. Hopefully she is using Hollister supplies. I found them to be the best and they have an 800# you can call for help and they are really great. Please give her my email if she has questions about anything with regards to it. I would be glad to help if I can. We have had a lot of rain this spring already and looks like more to come. I know when we went grocery shopping the fields were soaked and I know they need to get out and plant and soon. Cotton has a long growing season from what I understand.

Maggie: Congrats on the loss, that's great. I imagine I put on a couple with the buffet thing.

Everyone have a great day. Time to zip around and get chores done and then get cleaned up and ready to go to the dr. Faye

04-01-2014, 06:39 PM
Good Afternoon! We started the day with sunshine, 15 degrees, and wind! The sun has disappeared, the wind has calmed down some, and it's 40 degrees. Snow is predicted for tonight and tomorrow. We left early this morning for Sioux City. I had a dermatologist appt., and Bob had a date with the Ford mechanic for an oil change, tire rotation, and to find a buzzing/humming noise. They were kind enough to give us a ride to the mall. I bought some birthday clothes for Kolby and Zowie, then we sat and watched the people go by. I should have taken my tennis shoes and we could have walked with the exercise walkers but never thought about it. The truck didn't do the buzzing/humming when they drove it so that didn't get fixed. It will most likely get worse.

Maggie -- :congrat: on the three pound loss! You have the scale going your way now! What will you have on your license plate? My car has the U. S. Flag with 59OUT. I've had lots of people ask the significance of it. We didn't choose the numbers or letters, just luck of the draw.

"Gma" -- I hope your doctor's appt. went ok and with no glitches. I did a quick look through the clothes at Penneys but didn't see anything I couldn't live without. :( I need something new for casual and a wedding this summer. The farmers are getting antsy to get in the fields but we really need the rain first.

I need to pick up the clutter and vacuum the dust/fur bunnies. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

04-02-2014, 02:35 AM

Thank goodness the wind has abated. It is said to get into the low 70˚s today and it did and was quite a lovely day. :cp:

I made a breakfast type meal for dinner using my waffle plates that fit in my Cuisinart Griddler®. I have some great tasting sugar free syrup and a lightened version of waffles. I also had some fresh strawberries I sliced up and sweetened slightly with some Splenda® and a sprinkle of Balsamic Vinegar. They are so yummy that way.

Tomorrow is supposed to be as lovely as today and Will is planning on taking the MH for its inspection of vin numbers to ascertain if it was stolen so we can then order the personal plates for it. He got the new battery installed today. I will be glad when we can get the license plates and then can bring it over here and get some things loaded in it.

Tomorrow I am planning to mix up a recipe of “Nutty Toasted Snack Mix” so Will can take the most of it to the museum for his fellow workers to enjoy.

JEAN The personal plate on the MH will be J BAR 33 which is our brand and on the Jeep we have AU DUST which the AU is the chemical symbol for Gold. :cp: The picture in the background on the plates is the sun setting on a farm scene. I prefer the old ones we had that had a buffalo in the background but they didn't ask my opinion when they made the change. There are other things to choose from for the background but we liked the farm scene best.

DONNA FAYE Hopefully your doc appointments went well. You sound like you are getting your outfits all ordered for your trip. Won't it be a relief to get them all packed and ready to go.

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-02-2014, 07:08 AM
Good morning ladies. The birds are singing full tilt this morning. We are supposed to get rain, but it didn't rain last night like they said so who knows? It is going to be near 80 again today so that is great. I actually had the fans on all night last night an didn't get cold.

I finally got my backordered bra yesterday. Don't like the Playtex 18 hour as much as the Glamorize bras, but they are half the price too. I bought 2 glamorize, but it was a buy one get one so couldn't go wrong on that.

Dr released me and said it looked good. She told the resident who was in the room with us that I never let anything bother me. She said we have some who everything bothers them, but not this lady. She always has a smile on her face and a good attitude. :lol: She then gave me a big hug and that was it.

Jean: Hope you didn't get snow. Isn't that always the way it is. You have a noise in your car or it is acting up and when you take it in, it quits. We think we may have a tire pressure sensor on the fritz, but we don't know. Before we go on vacation we will have it checked for sure, but it will come on, stay for a day or two then go off and not come back on again for months. Jack always checks the tires when it comes on, but they are never low.

Maggie: Our license plate is a retired Navy one. It has the Navy seal with retired on it and we are 2M 200. Glad you are finding everything to replace your bigger and heavier stuff.

Well I hear Jack getting dressed for work so I should go so he can play Freecell while he is eating breakfast. Have a good middle of the week. Faye

04-02-2014, 11:33 AM
Good Morning! It's another gloomy, 25 degree, breezy morning in my neighborhood. Snow has been taken out of the forecast but have rain drops for 3-4 days. We do need the rain but wish it could rain while the sun shines. There was a big raccoon in the live trap this morning. He evidently had a rough night as the cage was moved from where Bob put it, and poop all around, and in, the cage. I did feel sorry for him. When I turned the light on to feed Black Cat, who wasn't here, the raccoon was curled up in a ball sleeping. I need to run some errands this morning and have bell practice later this afternoon.

Maggie -- You were up bright and early this morning to post. ;) What all do you put in your snack mix? I like to have something like that for the kids to munch on at the lake. Your license plates are unique for sure. I/we would like the farm background too. There are lots of Iowa and Iowa State plates around here. Most have letters and numbers to make some sort of message. I don't even try to decipher them.

"Gma" -- What does 80 feel like, I've forgotten. :lol: Do you order the same size bra for both brands? Playtex quit making the style I wore for years and I don't especially like the one I bought. My tire warning comes on when the temperature warms up. I get a monthly diagnostic email detailing the different mechanical things that might need attention. Unfortunately there isn't anything for clunk noises. I like the military license plates and there are a few here in town.

I need to get busy and make my errand list. I'm driving a different car while mine is in the shop; makes me a little nervous. Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy! :wave:

04-02-2014, 07:37 PM

When Will took the MH to get the VIN number verified that the rig wasn’t stolen and in fact it belongs to us the man said he had just bought a new MH and now can’t afford to go anywhere using it because of the price of gas. Well no wonder, since he has that huge payment on a brand new rig and has that payment to make and who knows what else he is paying for. We don’t owe anyone anything for we are totally debt free and paid cash for the MH so we are able to travel. :cp:

I now have the latest Spring addition of the WW recipe format booklet. It is called “Weight Watchers best Italian Recipes” which is the Spring 2014 publication sold in the magazine section. I am going to have fun with this collection of Italian goodies and deciding which of the entrees to make first.

The weather here in the ♥-Land is a lovely 60 with just a nice breeze blowing softly. Our animals are happy to be outside. Beanie is playing with his ball and Ragg Mopp and Cecil are snoozing. Beanie has a soft ball of 6 inch diameter that appeared in our yard some time back and he just loves it. He will roll it to my feed so I will kick it way across the yard and he can chase it joyfully. He talks to it even.

JEAN :lol: Actually I was up late for I don't usually get to bed much before 2 these days. Here is the recipe for the mix:

1 cup whole natural almonds
1 1/2 cups small pretzels
1 cup sesame sticks
1/4 cup butter, melted
2 cups wheat, rice or corn squares cereal
1 cup toasted oat cereal (Cheereos)
2 tsp garlic powder

Spread almonds i a single layer in a shallow pan.
Place in a cold oven, toast at 350 degree, 8-12 minutes
stirring occasionally until lightly toasted.
Remove from pan to cool.
Toss together all ingredients except butter.
Drizzle with butter and toss to coat evenly.
Spread mixture in a shallow pan and bake at 350 degrees 10 minutes
Stir occasionally until lightly toasted.
Cool, store in airtight containers.

Servings 12
Yield: 6 1/2 cups

Amount Per Serving
Calories, 334
Total Fat 16.21g
Dietary Fiber 2.65g
Protein 7.83g
Cholesterol 10.17mg
Sodium 536.96mg
Potassium 167.84mg
Sugar 0.90g
Net Carbohydrates 39.07g

DONNA FAYE I have yet to understand why a company doesn't still sell a bra that has been made for years and just add another one to the mix with improvements they see fit. Everyone doesn't want any changes to a tried and true product. Hopefully you have found some that will work for you.

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-03-2014, 08:01 AM
Good morning gals. We had the fans on all night last night as it didn't dip below 70 and it is supposed to be around 81 today, which I will gladly take. It was supposed to rain and it hasn't yet. They kept pushing up the time for the thunderstorms, but they haven't happened so who knows whether it is going to rain or not.

My meds and my shoes should come today and my clothing tomorrow if the post office doesn't screw it up. They sent my meds ups air 2 day probably because of the insulin pens which have to be refrigerated. I hope I like these shoes, but if I don't I can take them back to a Payless here and return them and not have to ship them back. It is the same with anything from Target or Walmart online.

Last work day this week for Jack. He gets tomorrow off because the city employees get the day MLK was shot off. They keep talking about reducing their holidays, but I guarantee they would take Christmas off the table before they take this away from them even though they already get MLK bday off. Ridiculous. He is going to go and get the oil changed in the morning. We have that automated thing in our car, but he usually goes when it is about 20% or so and is trying to calculate it for the cruise driving as the last two years the auto thingy came on while we were driving back home and the dang thing drives you nuts dinging. You can reset, but then when you turn the car off and back on then it starts dinging for awhile again.

Maggie: Thanks for the recipe. It is sort of like the cereal snack mix without the Worcestershire sauce. I would substitute as I am not a fan of almonds. I had a friend when I worked at the law firm who made this stuff up for her card club. It had popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, candy corn and something else in it. It was sure addicting. I just hate paying $50 for a darn bra that doesn't feel comfortable.

Jean: I can't believe you haven't started warming up at all. I guess 25 is warmer than 0 though, huh? They put "intelligent" meters on last month for the electric and just got the first bill last night and it was $289 and we barely used the furnace. It supposedly reads it total usage instead of estimating when it is read by a meter reader. They don't use meter readers and of course, we are one of the areas that got the new things. We shall see. We may be sitting in the dark and in the heat! :lol:

You all have a great day! Faye

04-03-2014, 12:38 PM

It is drizzling here in the ♥-Land with temps to be a 43˚s high and 28˚s low. The cat came in and gave me the weather report of the drizzle. :lol: When it drizzles it chills me to the bones. The heater is going in this house even as I type.

Quite awhile back I received a neat recipe from a friend that is called “Overnight Cherry Almond Oatmeal” and is to be cooked in a crock pot overnight. I plan on making it tonight and having it tomorrow. The note I have beside the recipe in my Breakfast binder is that I got it from Jean. It is really yummy and good for you.

I think I have a rack of ribs in the freezer that are pre-cooked and just need to be warmed up in the oven and that is what we will have for dinner. If that rack isn’t there (I may have cooked it already) when I go out and look then I know there is one that needs to be cooked and there is time to do that before dinner for sure.

I am not sure if any of you have this list but in case you don’t you might find it helpful. It consists of “10 snacks with a PointsPlus value of 4 or less.


Spread 1 Tbsp low-fat peanut butter on ½ whole wheat matzo.
Top with ¼ thinly sliced small apple and ½ tsp honey.
MAKES 1 Crisp PointsPlus value: 4

Top 6 dried apricot halves evenly with 1 Tbsp crumbled blue cheese and 1 tsp finely chopped pistachio nuts.
MAKES 6 Bites. PointsPlus value: 3

Fill 1 large celery stalk with 2 Tbsp low-calorie garlic-and-herb cheese
(such as Boursin). MAKES 1 Filled Stalk. PointsPlus value: 1

Wrap (¼ -oz) slice prosciutto around 1 stick part –skim string cheese.
Serve with olives.
MAKES 1 Cheese stick with 3 small olives. PointsPlus value: 4

Mix 2 Tbsp whipped cream cheese, 1 Tbsp chopped roasted red peppers, and pinch cayenne in bowl. Spread on 4 slices Melba toast.
MAKES 4 Toasts PointsPllus value: 4

Mix 1½ tsp light butter, melted; ⅛ tsp fat-free cream cheese, ¼ tsp green pepper sauce; and pinch chili powder in bowl. Add 1 ½ C plain air-popped popcorn and 1 Tbsp chopped low –fat honey-roasted peanuts; toss.
MAKES 1½ cups. PointsPlus value: 3

Mix ¼ C drained canned salmon, 1 tsp fat-free cream cheese, ¼ tsp creamy horseradish in bowl; spread on 1 whole wheat tortilla. Roll up.
MAKES 1 Roll. PointsPlus value: 4

Mix 1 oz flaked smoked whitefish, 3 Tbsp fat-free ricotta, juice ¼ lemon, 1 T minced celery, and 1 tsp minced red onion in bowl. Serve with whole wheat bagel chips.
MAKES ⅓ cup Dip with 4 Bagel Chips. PointsPlus value: 3

Mix ¼ C hummus, 1 tsp chopped dry-packed sun-dried tomato, pinch cumin, and pinch allspice in bowl, Served with sliced cucumber.
MAKES ¼ Cup Hummus w/ ½ cup Cucumber. PointsPlus value: 3

THAI PINEAPPLE Mix ½ C diced pineapple, 1 Tbsp chopped cilantro, 1 Tbsp chopped mint, juice ¼ lime, pinch kosher salt, and pinch cayenne in bowl.
MAKES ⅔ C, PointsPlus value: 1

DONNA FAYE Your temps are high ~ looks like you have hopped right into summer there. I don't envy your humidity. :p There are so many variations of those "snack mixes" that a person can put what ever they like into them. You might like some of the recipes for snacks I posted above from WW.

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-04-2014, 09:22 AM
Good morning gals. Well we got our thunderstorms. They rolled in around 2 AM this morning and made a heck of a noise. Jack said he found the trash can out by the gate this morning so we must have had a lot of wind too. I know some people here in town lost power.

Jack took off about 6:15 to go get the oil change. His appt is for 7 AM, but he is there when the doors open so he can be first one done. He said he was going to run by Chick-fil-et and get a sausage biscuit and he took orange juice from here at home. He is treating me to a chicken bagel this morning. Rare treat because they aren't cheap in pts for sure.

Here is my openwork tank sweater. I finished it last evening and boy do my hands hurt this morning. I started on the finishing work around 6 AM yesterday and put it down and then picked it up, etc all throughout the day. I watched a video awhile back about putting in necklines and armholes and boy did it work well. I now have a bit more knitting knowledge than I did for sure. I gave you two views so you could see the pattern a bit better. It was actually a pretty easy and fun knit. I didn't get bored with it like I do when I do straight stockinette sweaters.

My meds came yesterday in a styrofoam container packed in ice. My Lantus has to be refrigerated so I guess that is why they shipped it in those ice packs. We kept them as they are reusable and will be great for traveling when we need something cold, but dry.

I got the nicest phone call yesterday from the hospital checking to make sure I was ok after my surgery. She said the hospital has a policy of not letting their patients feel they have been left alone after they have surgery so they always check up on them 2 months out to make sure they are doing ok. She was a nurse too not just some admin person. They certainly have it all over the other hospital for sure.

Maggie: Ooh thanks for those snack recipes. I get tired of the same stuff all the time and am always looking for things I can have for snacks.

Everyone have a great day and great weekend. I am going to run some errands when Jack gets back and have laundry to do then will tackle house cleaning this weekend. Faye

04-04-2014, 01:29 PM
Good Morning! We got up to 3+" of snow! It was icy underneath so area schools had a late start, even the locals started late and that is very unusual. It's cloudy and windy but supposed to be 45 this afternoon. I have a meatloaf dinner in the oven and a load of clothes in the washer. Yesterday I took three greeting cards containing gift cards to the po wanting to know if they needed to be hand stamped or could go through the machine. I was charged an additional 21 cents each, for handling! The trainee from church wasn't there and I asked about him. The clerk rolled her eyes and said he went to another po; I'm betting a teeny tiny one on the verge of closing.

Maggie -- I'm curious if you got some snow? I had to :lol: when I read about the oatmeal recipe thinking it sounded like mine. Thanks for sharing the toasted snack recipe plus all the other snack ideas and recipes. I see where the price of limes is going to sky rocket.

"Gma" -- It's nice Jack has the day off, even for a stupid reason. Just my opinion shared by many, many others! We have "smart" water meters. Our last bill just came and after being gone for two weeks, it was exactly the same as the previous month. :dunno: Your sweater turned out beautiful!

I need to switch laundry loads. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

04-04-2014, 08:16 PM

I had a wonderful night’s sleep and when I awoke I realized that I had breakfast waiting for me in the Crock Pot. Uuummmm ~ what a treat. Jean I lightened it a tad by using Splenda® brown and it worked out great. Have you made it using other dried fruit in place of the cherries? I imagine that dried apples or figs would be good. I can see myself making this often while on the road. Oatmeal is one of the things that is “so good for you.” Life is good.

We were out and about today just having a good time of it. Nothing much but enjoying each others company and the beautiful weather.

JEAN Thanks again for that recipe we really have enjoyed having it. You sent it to me a long time ago and I have enjoyed having it muchly. Nope, we didn't get any snow but did get a smattering of rain.

DONNA FAYE We have always had nice treatment like that whenever we had to do with any hospitals. I just figured they all operated like that. :D

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-05-2014, 01:35 PM
Good Morning! The sun is shining and it's 42 degrees outside. I am having a lazy morning while Bob is out on his Saturday rounds. I decided to give the washer one last try on the sheet cycle before I called the repairman. Wouldn't you know it worked perfectly this morning. *sigh* Since the sun is shining I can see all the dusty foot/paw prints, maybe I will mop later but then again maybe not. :dancer:

Maggie -- I haven't tried any other fruit in the oatmeal. In fact, I haven't made it for quite awhile. Someone on Facebook had the same recipe using whole milk instead of the almond milk. Someone else suggested using 1/2 and 1/2.

I need to feed the squirrels and birds. Yesterday there was a flock of black birds that kept swooping in to eat. The poor robins and Mr. Cardinal wouldn't land while they were here. I'd tap on the window and everyone would fly in up the tree. I see my doves are back again. Warmer weather has got to be getting closer!

I need to change laundry loads. Hope you all enjoy your day today! :wave:

04-05-2014, 06:48 PM

Here is a quote out of the latest WW mag that I really like since I absolutely love fruit:

Grapes may be even more potent in a fruit salad. Cornell University research found that a mixture of grapes, blueberries, oranges and apples produces a bigger antioxidant punch than the same amount of a single fruit.”

Hope the day is going well with you this beautiful sunny day ~ at least it is sunny here in the ♥-Land. I had another wonderful night of sleep and got up late this day. We went out for breakfast at noon and I chose “beaters” and ate sensibly. I am currently sipping on a sugar free, fat free vanilla latte which is yummy.

I have got to get one of my down filled pillows ready to go to the cleaners for they have a sign out they are going to be cleaning that type of pillows the middle of this month. I have one that I have had for years that needs cleaning and my new one doesn’t need it yet. I have the instructions on how to do it at home but prefer that they do it. :lol:

Nothing much out of the ordinary going on this day here in this berg.

JEAN I can see using regular milk in that recipe but 1/2 & 1/2 would seem to add more points I would want but it sure would be creamy. I think that using what it is called for is best because maybe whole milk or cream could spoil at that low temperature for as long as the recipe calls for it to be cooking that low. Those squirrels and birds can sure go through a bag of food quickly, at least here. :p

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-06-2014, 05:57 PM

It is a beautiful day in the high 60˚s here in the ♥-Land and I feel great. Spring is in the air.

There was a neat advertisement for Seasoned Rice Vinegar in the new WW magazine that caught my attention. Here is what it said about it: “Try Nakano® Seasoned Rice Vinegar and give any dish a healthy, flavor-filled boost. Marinade chicken, pork or beef before grilling for sizzling summer flavor. Or splash it on salads, veggies, potatoes, sandwiches, pasta and more for a great taste.” It comes in Natural, Original, and Roasted Garlic and I bought all three and am anxious to try them. They have no fat and are gluten free. We do a lot of outdoor cooking in the nice weather especially when living in a MH so these will probably be a staple in my cupboard.

Not much going on this day except the regular Sunday things we do. Hope all is well with all you Magnolias out there.

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-06-2014, 06:15 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun has been in and out all day; with the wind it looks warmer than it feels. We made a quick trip up to the cabin -- ice is still on the lake although there is some open water around the shoreline. It's still "quiet" up there and no signs of shops or restaurants opening any time soon. Another month will make a big difference providing the weather warms up. We stopped on the way to buy grass seed, fertilizer, and lime for the yard. We hardly ever sit on the deck but I always like to look at the furniture. We have toyed with the idea of a three season room but I'm afraid it would make my kitchen/tv area dark.

Maggie -- I like grapes but if they are in anything Bob always looks to see if they are peeled! :lol: I have a couple recipes that use rice vinegar. I should see if I can find them; not sure but think they are salads. My "mom" uses it on lettuce I think. Let us know how you like the different flavors.

Not much else newsy from my corner of the world. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

04-07-2014, 07:52 AM
Good morning to you gals. Jack and I ended up having slight colds all weekend and just lolled around doing nothing. I never realized I didn't even come in here all weekend. All I did was blow my nose all the time. I had a scratchy throat mostly and drank my sore throat drink and it went away after about a day. Jack always takes Nyquil and it knocks it right out of him pretty quickly too. I can't stand the stuff. I think it tastes like liquor and I don't take the gels either as I don't like how they make me feel. I never got congested, but when I do, I always take Mucinex and it seems to work well for me.

Today is downstairs cleaning day. I got the upstairs done on Saturday, but just felt too crummy to do anything yesterday. We had easy foods over the weekend so I am not even going to bother to weigh in as I am sure I will have gained some.

Jean: We have had nice temps for the most part though it was cooler yesterday and only supposed to get into higher 50's for today. We have had a lot of rain though and everything is soggy. Rice wine vinegar is nice in Asian salads I think. I doubt Bob eats many salads with grapes in them, huh? I don't know of anyone who will stand and peel grapes to put into a salad or something. :lol:

Maggie: Jack is deciding which suit he is going to take on the cruise and it and his tux will have to go to the cleaners along with his shirts. The cleaners last year flattened his tuxedo shirt collar instead of pressing it with the points up so I told him he will have to specify this year to make sure he gets it the way he wants it. Let us know what you think of the vinegars.

Everyone have a good start to the week. Jack isn't up quite yet as he has one last oji dr appt so that they can release him to full duty. Faye

04-07-2014, 05:15 PM

This is my weigh day and I didn’t do so good and am going to have to rethink what I need to do about it. Time to take better charge of my eating and tracking and such. Eating at home more and not going out to eat so much will definitely help.

It is raining and I am so happy to see it. We just picked up the dogs from the groomer and they smell and look so good from their hair cuts and bath. Cecil is happy to see his buddies once again also.

We saw the neatest new Case International tractor today ~ nothing like the kind my grand-father had or what Will drove as a young man. Cost is just about a million and has tracks instead of wheels. Gracious sakes it can go for miles and miles before it turns around. I don’t imagine in your soft dirt there in your state, Jean, that they use these kind. Or maybe they do, I don’t know.

DONNA FAYE There are so many over the counter things that folks can take for a cold now days. I prefer Cold-Eeze for it works best for me.:p Hope you are back to exact now.

JEAN I am anxious to give my new Rice Vinegars a try on the different ways they suggest using them. I have used rice vinegar on Panini sandwiches before and it is yummy that way. But never had any of these kind with seasonings in them and am going to make some this week and give the Roasted Garlic one a try.

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-07-2014, 06:47 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun is out and it would be warm if the breeze wasn't blowing. I just got home from a long P.E.O. meeting -- too long! Church money balanced this morning as did the gift shop money. I've changed into my comfy jeans and am parked in front of the tv. Bob just left for practice at church so I won't be seeing him for a couple hours. His group sings for the Maunday Thursday service at church.

"Gma" -- Hope both you and Jack are back to 100% soon! I think NyQuil tastes like licorice. I'd rather take the capsules than the liquid. If Bob happens to get a grape when we are in public, or at someone else's house, he will be polite and choke them down. I can tell they give him the shivers. :lol:

Maggie -- It rained a bit this morning on my way into town, enough to use the wipers. It was dry when I got to church. :rolleyes: Several farmers use the track tractors around here. There must be some advantage, or maybe just a new fad. Some farmers just lease their equipment and get new every year.

Not much else newsy from here. Hope you all enjoy your evening. It will be basketball on tv here. :wave:

04-08-2014, 05:08 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun is shining again today; it would truly be a nicer day if the wind would quit blowing! I've been to WM twice today. *groan* I bought a new iPad cover and it didn't fit. It wasn't an Apple brand so maybe that's why. When I took it back the nice lady in customer service said they had had a lot of them returned. She put the credit back on my debit card which is a first for me. Have done some laundry and should vacuum, but the "boys" are napping and I don't want to wake them. Bob put the live trap out again last night hoping to catch another possum. Instead we caught the "little kitty" and she was one unhappy cat! He let her go and I said she'll never go near the trap again. She took off like a bullet across the yard. A little while later she was back for breakfast -- probably eating for 5! Hope you all are having a sunny nice day! :D

04-09-2014, 08:36 AM
Good morning to you all. Again I thought I had come in here and posted and nada so guess I didn't.

Jack went and paid for his snorkeling lesson so he is all set for that. He is going to go a week from Saturday. It is a 2 hour lesson so I hope he comes away confident and comfortable ready to go snorkeling in Sept.

I sat and paid some bills this AM and need to sweep and mop the downstairs today. They kept calling for rain so I held off, but we never did get rain.

We went to Thomas's spring concert. This will be the last one he does in Jr High School. He moves into what is called AP band come the fall when he goes to high school. I don't know how you can be in an advanced band, but there you go. Here is the boy playing last night. He is in jazz band, ensemble band, concert band, 8th grand band. He played a solo in the jazz band last night and did a great job. Notice how he is chatting up the gal trumpet player. He is a real ladies man! :lol:

Jean: I would imagine the kitty will steer clear of the trap from now on, which I guess is a good thing. I haven't seen our pesky squirrel this year. Our trees are still bare so maybe he has moved on to better territory. :lol: We can only hope. Looks like someone has moved into the condo next door so maybe all the racket they were making was their remodeling of their own home. I just hope it is someone who behaves themselves for once.

Well gals need to get the day going. Have a good start to the week. Faye

04-09-2014, 10:24 AM
Good Morning! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and the weatherman says we will have 80 degrees this afternoon. It was 32 when I came downstairs this morning, not sure if I believe him or not. I have lunch bunch this noon, and the last bell practice, until fall, later this afternoon. We play first service on Sunday, and imo need lots of practice before then! Tomorrow I start my day with the dentist, have a hospital auxiliary board meeting, and then head to Sioux City to finish some birthday shopping and then two soccer games.

"Gma" -- My one and only black squirrel has been busy making the back yard rounds this morning. It's almost like he's checking to see who might have the best food offering. We are the only ones who put out food in our neighboring yards. He's a scrappy little guy when the other brown squirrels show up. He doesn't share very well! I enjoyed seeing the band pictures on FB, and thought Thomas liked that he sits next to a girl. :D He is so grown up! I hope your new neighbors are quiet if nothing else.

I need to sort through the paper clutter before I leave later. It seems to multiply when I'm not looking! Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday today! :D

04-09-2014, 06:08 PM

95˚ at the time and temperature sign when we were out and about today. WOW we jumped right in to the high temps looks like the whole week is going to be like this slowly getting cooler each day.

While out and about we stopped by Wall*Mart and got another Dutch Oven in the size of 12” 6 qt size. We have the 12” deep one which holds 8 qts. When cooking in them we don’t fill them to the top and the 12” regular one is for bread items and the deep one is for soups and stews, beans and whole chickens and such. We also have an 8” one and e only other one we want now is the 10” one which holds 4 quarts. Having the 8” 2 qt., 10” 4qt, 12” 6qt, and 12” deep 8 qt ones will be quite enough for the two of us to have some well cooked outside meals. We won’t need the much larger ones that Lodge makes. Anything you can cook in your house oven can be cooked in a Dutch Oven outside with a few coals on the bottom and a few coals on top. Since they have legs you can even have them all in a stack with those top coals being the bottom coals for the one on top of it. I also got two new cast iron cook books that will be fun to go through.

JEAN I hope your lunch was good with your "lunch bunch." I wasn't much hungry today and the dogs shared half of my sandwich which was turkey and Swiss cheese. :p You are welcome to some of our heat. :D I love to share.

DONNA FAYE Your grandson is certainly a charming young man. Thanks for sharing that cute picture.

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-10-2014, 08:28 AM
Good morning to you all. Well they did it again. I went to my bank account like I do every morning and there sits a charge for $85 to Toys R Us or Babies Rus. She said they just keyed in the number, which means they hacked it online, which means more than likely they don't require that you put in your CVV number from the back of your card. So, they canceled my card again and overnighted me another one so I should have it tomorrow. Navy Federal is great about jumping on it right away. They even give you the money back right away without waiting for the authorization to clear. It is called a provisional credit and if the charge falls off, they just take the money back and if it goes through then the credit becomes permanent.

I am going to dust upstairs, doing a load of laundry then will drag it upstairs and put it away today. That's my chores for the day except for dishes. I plan on working on my wrap today as I am way behind getting it done for the cruise.

I ordered some cute earrings for the cruise yesterday. I got these cute bees with little peridot colored eyes, brown alligators, red lady bugs, brown and copper colored acorns and some cute pink and peach flowered earrings to go with a bead scarf I bought. I bought the head pins to finish the scarf, but thought they would come with the kit and they didn't so had to order them. If you have never seen a bead scarf, it is a scarf to wear around your neck but the bottom tips of the scarf have a metal end cap and you attach a line of beads to each one. Sort of my own chandelier of sorts. :lol: I bought a coral scarf and white and silver bead combo to put on each end. I had bought an open backed bangle bracelet for beads too and then bought a set of colored aluminum beads all different colors to go on it. It came with stoppers so the beads don't slide back and forth. I tend to forget to get stoppers when I order beads for a bracelet. I am pretty much done with that as I have every color imaginable now and a few besides like my holiday bracelet and my Harry Potter bracelet.

Jean: Are your trees still bare? I noticed my azaleas have bloomed, but my tree is bare of leaves still except for a couple branches with teeny tiny starts on them. We get an awful lot of junk mail and I get catalogues almost every day. Once you order something, if they have catalogues you are sure to get one. I get the blasted Fingerhut catalogue all the time and the thing is huge. I never have used that company so they got my name from someone else for sure.

Maggie: Boy sure wish I lived in Kansas. I think I would come to your yard sale once you start selling off your bigger stuff. :lol: Thomas is a charmer for sure. He is such a sweet natured kid, but he has an ornery side with his wit and a bit of naughtiness when it comes to bugging his mother. Poor woman has to contend with both he and his father and they kind of gang up on her with teasing, which she just can't stand.

Well girls, the machine has turned off so need to put the load in the dryer and get some breakfast. Have a great day all. Faye

04-10-2014, 03:01 PM

It is another nice day here in the ♥-Land in the higher numbers again which suits me just fine. There are buds on both of the apple trees and looks like a lot of apples will come but we won’t be here to harvest them.

Will is at the museum today and when he gets home we will go for our ride about the area. I am here on my computer and sipping my morning coffee and think I have good sense. :lol: I saw the cutest wind chime to hang on the awning of our MH which is a KOI fish made of porcelain which would make a nice mellow tinkling sound. I think I “need” to buy it.

I have been having fun figuring the points+ values of the recipes that came with the Dutch Oven and figuring how to lighten some of them that sound yummy. I can use any of my WW recipes that are to be cooked in the oven in them for sure. Before we went out and about in our last MH I made myself a little 4” x 6½” spiral bound booklet that has 23 of our favorite recipes in it with pages to add more. The recipes contain breads, main meals, veggies and deserts. It will be critical to plan menus ahead when we live in the MH because of the freezer and fridge space. I am spoiled here in the house with two large upright freezers and a double door fridge. I can adapt.

The animals sure like these warmer days for they are all out back snoozing. What a life ~ lazing in the sun. I remember lazing in the sun on the sand at the beach when I was young. It was so cool living in CA just two blocks from the beach.

I need to finish here and do some housework this day. Just the regular stuff that comes around all the time begging to be swept or vacuumed or dusted. Life is good.

DONNA FAYE You sure have the jewelry to go with anything and everything. What fun to coordinate it with outfits on a cruise. :cool: We will be having a huge yard sale but our friend from Texas called and wants to buy all of Will's tools and he has a lot of them. What I think is that he has plans for Will to build him something when we go there and he will have the tools to do the job with. We can load all those tools in our trailer we got awhile back and take it to the ranch and leave it there. He can probably use it on the ranch some. They also want our large oak dining room table and chairs so he can use the trailer and come get that. I am going to give them the hand crochet table cloth I have for it. It would be nice if someone wanted to buy all my glass works but I won't know if it will sell until I put it out in a yard sale. :p

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-10-2014, 03:25 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun is shining, just a teeny breeze, and a beautiful day in my neighborhood. Maybe spring really has arrived! Been to the dentist -- a half hour check/cleaning/new toothbrush, and $92 please. Spent a little over an hour at the auxiliary board meeting. Among other business, the cat hating neighbor husband rounded the $490 memorials sent in his wife's name to $6000 for nursing scholarships! That is what she was in charge of for the auxiliary. We are hosting a volunteer workshop for NW Iowa in June, so will be working on that soon. Stopped to look for black polyester fabric for a new bell table cover; bought a piece but know it won't be big/long enough. I'm hoping we can cobble the rest together and get by for Sunday. Next on my agenda is to do some quick shopping in Sioux City and finish the day with two soccer games. Tomorrow is a much needed perm.

Maggie -- Wow! 95 is way TOO hot too soon. Thank you, but you don't have to share. I have both sliding doors open so each cat has his own space. Sonny lays across the track just in case I might want to close the door. The squirrels and birds seem to know he is harmless.

"Gma" -- It's good you check your online banking every day. I worry about using my debit card away from home. I rarely do but always cross my fingers and hope for the best. You are going to be one stylish lady on the cruise! No leaf buds on the trees yet. The daffodils are pushing through the dirt though. Bob said there are farmers in the fields today.

I need to change clothes and be ready to leave when Bob gets home. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday and enjoy! :wave:

04-11-2014, 03:19 PM
Good afternoon gals. I was up and out this morning as I took Jack to work and came home and cleaned up, had breakfast then out to get my nails done and run errands. I had a couple of things to get at Walmart, then off to get the car washed, then to the post office, picked up a chicken sandwich at Wendys and came home and unloaded and put stuff away and had lunch.

I have to leave in about an hour to go out and get Jack from work so have been running around almost all day today.

I got my new bank card today so now I can use it again. Luckily, I could keep the same pin so I don't have to think something up again that I can remember.

Jean: How'd things go in Sioux City? Did the kids win their games? I am wondering if Jackson will get involved in sports. He hasn't gotten into anything so far and should be able to go into Cub Scouts in about 6 months I think if he wants to. I know they lowered the age a bit and he will be 7 in June. I don't know whether he would like it or not. They are on vacation in the Smokey mountains this week as it was his spring break. Hope you can find something to rig your tablecloth together for your bells. Do you all quit playing over the summer months?

Maggie: I am sure all your glass work will be snapped right up when you sell it. It has to be a little sad to let things like that go. I am sure the animals are enjoying the warm weather. I know I am. I wore capris and sandals today and opened up the sunroof and the windows and cruised around town doing my errands.

Well gals, I need to go and work on my grocery list. It is commissary time again. I get so tired of trying to think of stuff to eat. :lol: Have a great weekend. Faye

04-11-2014, 07:43 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun has been shining brightly all day and it's been another nice day in my neighborhood, at least weather wise. I started my day with a perm, and glad that's done for another three months. We received some shocking news today. My friend from Bob's hometown called and her husband has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in a brain tumor. The good (?) news is that it is operable. He was in Bob's class and and she was a year behind them as well as Bob's neighbor growing up. I've known them almost as long as I've known Bob. Talk about scary! They are waiting for an appointment in Omaha with a specialist.

"Gma" -- You have been a busy gal today! ;) You got good service on your bank card! :cp: Maddy's team had a shut out game last night. I don't think the other team had practiced much. When they switched goal sides after the half, the other team kept kicking the ball towards their own goalie. Kolby's team lost with no score. They've only had one practice because of the weather. He was bummed. The problem, as I observed, is that when the boys aren't on the field they are screwing around rather than paying attention to the game. We don't play bells during the summer although we have played for a wedding and a funeral several years ago. We were asked to do a winter wedding in another church, out of town, and turned that one down. To haul the tables, foam pads, table clothes, music books, fix-it case, and multiple bell cases is no small fete. Kolby just joined Scouts and has really enjoyed it. Ian does too. Maddy is in Girl Scouts and told Beth she doesn't want to join next year because "the girls are getting mean, catty, and cliquy." That sounds like junior high, and she's in 4th grade! :lol:

I need to think about something for supper although nothing sounds very inviting right now. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

04-11-2014, 08:39 PM

It is another wonderful day here in the ♥-Land. Sunny an warm with just a breeze gently blowing. What a beautiful day to get out and about.

Since the wind isn’t blowing we hired a collage student we know to pick up the trash that the wind has deposited in our backyard and around the outside of our chain link fence. He is welcome to keep any paper money bills he finds. I have found a $10 bill out there. :cp: Thanks to the wind. He will come back anytime the wind decides to give him some more pick up work.

We went out to the range this afternoon and shot some for practice. Good too keep in practice. :yes: I got to try out my newly acquired ear muff looking ear protectors. They are designed to where you can hear people talking but block most of the sound out the bullets make leaving the gun. It’s said they work much better than those little things you stuff in your ears which I have used for years and “they” are right for I love them. :yes:

Will ordered the 10” 4qt Camp Dutch Oven by Lodge from the Wal*Mart distribution center to be delivered to this local store since they don’t carry anything but the 12” one locally. It should be here by next Wednesday “they say” and then we can go pick it up locally. Sure saves shipping charges if we had ordered it direct from Lodge ~ plus we are getting it from Wal*Mart for $20 less. If we ordered it direct from the company it would cost more plus we would have to pay shipping. Wal*Mart can lower the price because they buy in such a great volume at one time.

DONNA FATE I am planning on keeping a few of my glass houses and find a place to sit them secured on a shelf. The ones I want to keep are the church building, 3 story white with blue roof one, the barn, out house & little gazebo. I will sell off (or give away) all the rest of the buildings. Who knows, Will may make the shelf long enough for most or all of the buildings in the village. :p

JEAN Kids are a hoot in those games. When my nephew was in the outfield he was picking daisy's but when a ball came his way he was right on it.

Always remember ~ Never, ever, never give up

04-12-2014, 09:25 AM
Good morning gals. It is already beautiful outside. I took out some trash and unlocked the gate as I am expecting a package and don't know if they will actually get out of the truck or try to shove it into our little box.

I am still waiting to see if the fraud charge goes through. It is still sitting on my account as pending. I thought if it was going to go through it would have last night or dropped off, but it hasn't yet.

I'm getting a little nervous. I was sitting here typing and I smelled something burning. I thought maybe a bug got on the lamp, but it wasn't that and I went outside and the smell was stronger. I went out the gate and looked around, looked at the roofs of the condos on each side of me and my own, looked in the garage, which had no smell so I know it wasn't that and have found nothing. Living where you are connected with someone on both sides when you smell something like that is scary. I still don't know what it could be. It is too warm to be a fireplace and everything here is electric so it can't be a gas fire of some kind. I even looked through the fence next door to see if their loud ac was on fire and found out I think what is causing the noise. They put a heavy duty metal cage over their ac unit I guess so it can't be stolen.

Jean: I don't think I would want to drag all that stuff around to play for a wedding either. It is sad that kids are not just kids nowadays. There seems to be an agenda even with the younger ones. I think they get it from their parents and then grow up with it.

Maggie: Hope you have a great day today.

Everyone have a great day. Going to get some breakfast. Faye

04-12-2014, 10:48 AM
Good Morning! Just enjoying a beautiful sunny morning and waiting for my "mom" to call. My thermometer says it is 57 degrees already! Bob is at church and hopefully replacing spotlight fixtures so we will be able to see our music tomorrow morning. The guy "in charge" of that is having a "mad" and hasn't returned phone calls asking for his help. He's a college prof and dances to his own drum beat. I need to brush cats and vacuum fur bunnies this morning, do some laundry, and work on rummage sale sorting.

Maggie -- Hiring a college student to help clean up the yard clutter is a great idea. They are always looking for extra money. I hope you can keep your favorite glass buildings after all of your hard work in creating them.

"Gma" -- The burning smell would make me nervous too. Several homes around us have wood burning stoves and fireplaces. That is one of my favorite fall smells. I think some kids are involved in every activity possible. I know it keeps them busy, and out of "trouble" but it seems like kids just don't have time to be kids any more. Our grandkids play outside every chance they get and I am thankful for that. Kolby saw a boy from his class riding his bike in a busy street. He told Beth his parents must not love him to let him do that. He's a thinker for sure!

Susan -- You have been missed! Hope all is well and you are just busy.

I need to get busy! I hope you all enjoy a nice day wherever you are and whatever your plans are for the day. :wave:

04-13-2014, 07:54 AM