Weight Loss Surgery - Gastric Bypass Surgeon Prescribes Hydroxicut Hardcore

03-24-2014, 07:23 PM
hi everyone it's Monica how are you in the recent post I have said that I had gained some weight and now I weigh 225 lbs... my gastric bypass surgeons in India has asked me to use Hydroxycut Hardcore. I just started this morning with one capsule and it has given me a big boost and energy and I feel hyper which is very good for me because I am very lazy. Anyway this morning I weighed in at 225 lbs. As of this afternoon I weigh 221 lbs. the pills make me feel great but a little bit anxious a little bit nervous and a little bit moody. I have also use the bathroom twice today number 2. are there any other gastric bypass patients out there who have used Hydroxycut to lose some weight regain? I also need to say that my hunger has diminished I was hungry all the time and that's why I was eating and eating and I gain the weight over the winter. I am NOT hungry I am forcing myself to eat a little bit here and there. I am a very big coffee fan so I have already had 3 24 ounce cups of coffee today...I know I should not be drinking caffeinated drinks because the pill has already made me energetic and hyper. Again my question is how many of you out there have use Hydroxycut for weight loss after weight regain after gastric bypass surgery? I was very happy when I was exactly 202 lbs. after gastric bypass I have been 179 lbs..and then I made it back to 194 lbs. But I am i happiest when I am exactly 202 lbs. - so I guess I am about 17 pounds away from my goal weight I would really like to make it back to 194 but one goal at a time! :-). Pray for me that I can do this because summer is coming and I want to live better. I'm going to start going to the gym and working out at least one hour 3 or 4 times a week.

03-24-2014, 11:44 PM
Monica - while I'm glad that someone is paying attention to your needs, i'm really concerned about the hydroxycut - i've heard unpleasant things about it. And what happens when you stop taking it? what are the side effects? how long does the doc say you should stay on this?

please PLEASE be careful!!!

03-25-2014, 08:15 PM
I really like Hydroxycut it makes me feel very energetic and it curbs my appetite which is exactly what I wanted. I don't feel as hungry as I did but I am eating very small small things just to keep going throughout the day but I feel pretty good. I already lost 6 pounds already since yesterday morning. Dr says just to take it until I drop the 25 pounds and I'm trying to drop initially I'm down 6 pounds so I guess I have 19 pounds to go. And then when I stop taking it I'm just going to eat properly and hopefully everything will be ok.