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03-22-2014, 06:37 AM
Morning, Everyone!

I'm writing to check-in with my mini-goal this month. I wanted to lose 9lbs. So far, I'm down 4lbs, with 5 to go and 11 days left. I haven't been perfect this month and I know that's why I'm not seeing better results.

I just started SB this month, but as I only have about 20lbs to lose, decided to start on phase 1.5 instead of 1. I eat one serving of fruit daily (berries with my LF greek yogurt) but no grains or other carbs. I have beans and legumes 2-3 times a week, cheese about the same, and lots of veggies and proteins.

I know that this diet/lifestyle advocates for lf spreads (ie I Can't believe it's not butter) and processed oils (corn, rapeseed, etc) but I don't agree with this and only use coconut oil based on the research I've done. Sometimes, I use butter, which I also know isn't 'allowed' but again, I think butter is a better choice than an unnatural oil.

I don't eat many nuts, maybe once a week, snacks are always raw vegetables, no dip. I also use protein powder to bulk things out.

How is everyone else doing this month? any struggles? Successes? Meals that went well?

03-22-2014, 08:39 PM
My goal was to lose 5 lbs. I'm down 1 pound so far this month. I'm ok with that.